TOUR VIBE: American Idol Summer Tour 2009 – Sacramento, Oakland, San Jose








All photos courtesy of Pineapple Luv




California – your first dates are here! Give us a shout out if you are planning to attend the American Idol Summer Concert in either:

Sacramento, California – July 10th @ ARCO Arena
Oakland, California – July 11th @ Oracle Arena
San Jose, California – July 12th @ HP Pavilion
(Remember, for safety, please do not leave any personal information in this post, including the location of your concert seats.)

After the concert, give us your review! Tell us everything! Feel free to leave links to your concert photos after uploading them to a photo-sharing service (like Photobucket or Flickr, etc.). We may be choosing additional, random concert photos to use in our birthday project.

Tell us which concert you attended and give us the details of your experience. Here are a few ideas for your concert post: What did you love? What didn’t you love? How did the crowd respond? What did you think about the song choices and how the idols performed? Did anything in the show surprise you? Were Adam’s spiked jacket as awesome and his performance as siiiick as we’re imagining them to be? Did you get a chance to meet Adam before or after the show or get an autograph? Did you see any other Glambs at the concert? Did the show as a whole meet or exceed your expectations?

Everyone’s experience will be unique, and it will be interesting to hear individual opinions on the concert. We expect Adam to steal the show in every way – from his vocals, to his performance, to his outfits. Not that Adam would intentionally try to outshine everyone else, but we think it’s likely!

Please remember that this posting is only for the concerts in Sacramento, Oakland, and San Jose. There will be separate postings for future concert dates. Watch for yours!

…and don’t forget, your “Happy GLAMBirthday” photos should be emailed no later than October 15, 2009. Email pics to

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  1. HEYYYYY! Don’t forget Vancouver! We’ll be enjoying him in just over an hour!!!

    How does a person twitter Adam? I have joined and am down as a follower but I don’t see any feature to email or twitter him. He has been communicating with others today on the tour bus as he’s bored. Does it have to be by phone?

    • theresa/canada, As you receive each of Adam’s updates, you will notice little icons to the right on each of the update boxes. As you scroll lightly over that area, you will see that one of the icons will say ‘reply to adam lambert’. Click on that icon, and a box will appear for you to write a reply directly to Adam. Write your question to Adam in that box, of 140 characters or less. Then click on ‘Reply’ just below the box you wrote in, and it will immediately send your message to Adam’s page. You will also be able to see what you wrote to him immediately on your home page. You have a chance that he may answer you directly, he has already answered one young female fan when she wrote from her Twitter home page, and she was thrilled. I noticed that Adam mentioned that some of the Twits he reads he calls ‘Twats’, meaning those are the more boring messages! Oh dear, I hope we’re not in that category. Hope this helps!

    • AdamAddict says:

      Hey,you go to vancouver tour?So,did you see the bra and panties incident while Adam & Allison performed “Slowride”? LOL!!Why they threw that stuff,be more creative for god sake! I’ll throw myself to Adam if I were there! LOL!!

  2. Lisette here,
    Sorry havnt been here in due to computer hardware problems…Am using sistre’s office pc..hopful she’ll let me continue to use..Til then I am sending bonwisheset bisous to Adam on his summer “Idol” concert tour..sure to be magnificente an l’best performances of the top 10!.Wish if only they had include Nevada thes yer..But will try best to attend nerby one,providing afordable seats are available..
    RegardesTheresa/Canada enjoie thes show tonite..I only hope yu post lovli photos too. An let us know details!As to above question am unsure as to how use twitter au communicate with beau Adam .If yu finde out plese let me know via thes site..Merci beaucoup..Many blessings for Adam sure yu’ll look tresbeau an debonnaire in distinctive couture,hairstyles,costume/suits thet are toi signature style ..innovative,sensual,an simply yours.Know yu’d make even an ordinaire denim attire be extraordinaire an have thet “Vogue” touch with all your ecoutrements ,makeup,adornments,for sure!! I have been very sad over passing of Michel Jackson an have found difficulte to even view l’Memorial yesterday..I pray for him to be at reste finalmente,an as his brothre put in “Staple Center televise special ..left alone now,in heaven..His musique,ingenuity,distinctive style,compassionate hearte an soul for so many world charities will be forever remembered for future generations to come..An I’m sure Adam yu too are missing he was one of toi beloved artistes yu admired. An sure yu’ll pay him a beautiful tribute in all yur concerts! May angels always garde over yu!
    J’adore et many bisous luv always Lisettexoxo

    • Lisette,, read Lorrin’s post above yours. We are limited in the number of words.

      • Ladies, please see the post at the bottom of this page, where I have put a ‘crash course’ about using Twitter. Hope it will help. D’amour a vous tous.

    • LISETTE – HEY! Even tho I have commented in the past that I couldn’t read your posts, I didn’t know at the time you are French! I hinted that you sounded lilke you may be French, and thus, the language difference. Just wanted to say that you’re MISSED on this site and hope you get your computer back-up real soon!!
      -PEACE-LOVE 4 ADAM, and 2 U 2 Lisette!
      Cheryl Glamb#334.



    I just got home from the Vancouver concert. Just so you know where I am coming from, I have downloaded amateur videos of both the Portland and Tacoma performances of Adam and played them often at home.

    First, the concert was very well run and there were a couple of surprises (for me). Anoop is very good, his voice is better than ever and he is very comfortable on the stage and with the audience. Danny, whom I was not fond of, has lost 20 lbs, looks great and his voice was very good.

    Of course Adam was A+ in every way. He has improved since Portland, each show he is more relaxed, limber, moves more and engages more with the audience.

    My complaint: AI has problems with their sound mixing. It is too loud for all oif the singers, even Adam has had to roar over the volume. And more serious is the treble (higher range) is set too high! Megan was right off the chart in pitch as she already has a high voice. The idols with deeper mellower voices sounded fairly good, like Alison, Anoop, Danny but Matt sounded screechier than usual (not his fault) and when I didn’t look at Adam he sounded like a woman.

    I know he often does, but this was a higher range of sound, not Adam’s fault… I have videos of the two prior concerts and except the the loud volume behind the singers, the high pitch isnt noticeable online.

    However, Adam was the consumate showman! I won’t give it away, but watch very closely as he sings “every inch of my love” , watch his hand. And keep your eyes pasted on him as he ends “Life on Mars” as he wil do a very nonidol thing and you’ll love it! He’ll add a few more nonidol moies during Fam and Lets Dance..

    Try to get a close look at his new leather jacket as I think it is “convertible” to other styles.

    • Oh yes, I got a load of those ‘nonidol’ moves from our Adam, yikes. I was absolutely blown away by his ‘Whole Lotta Love’ in both Portland and Tacoma on YouTube. I too noticed that he was looser and more fully confident in the second show, and his vocals were right on. And the volume of screaming was indescribable, I loved it! There were tidal waves of sheer wild joy reverberating through the stadiums at Adam. I hardly see how he can stand it. I also hope he can stand up to using that kind of power vocals and control for all those tour dates, many coming so close together without losing his voice. I feel like his fussy Mom. I’m thrilled so many Glambs got to go to the concerts, and I thank you all for reporting on them so descriptively. I can’t go to the Sacramento show on Friday, but I will be thinking of you all. NorCal and SoCal Glambs, outdo them all in your fierceness for Adam!

  4. I meant “nonidol moves” keys seem sticky at times.

  5. Forgot to say, the crowd went nuts (almost 10 000) even when a pic of Adam appeared on screen off and on during the concert. He is second last so be prepared to wait and enjoy the others. His spaceage pyrotechnics are awesome!

    I polled abut 25 people of all ages and all were there for Adam!

  6. Question about the Twitter….when you want to reply do you write it on your home page or on Adams? I’m confused

    • I started at Adam’s page and it opened a window for me to write. You have toibe signed in in order to see the little curved arrow which means “reply’

  7. Can you see what you wrote to Adam on his page on not?

    • I started at Adam’s page and it opened a window for me to write. You have toibe signed in in order to see the little curved arrow which means “reply’

      Lauren, NO, we can only see Adam’s tweets, unfortunately. It’s like hearing only half of a phone conversation.

      He just posted a 1/2 hour ago from the web, not his phone. Wonder if he is still here in Vancouver. I hope they spend the day sightseeing here, tempting him to come back! Wonder if their hotel is on the beach? Hmmm, should I drive over?

    • Lauren, here is the post I made just above on this page, and it should help you with writing to Adam on your Twitter page: As you receive each of Adam’s updates on your Twitter page, you will notice little icons to the right on each of the update boxes. As you scroll lightly over that area, you will see that one of the icons will say ‘reply to adam lambert’. Click on that icon, and a box will appear for you to write a reply directly to Adam. Write your question to Adam in that box, of 140 characters or less. Then click on ‘Reply’ just below the box you wrote in, and it will immediately send your message to Adam’s page. He will be able to read your message on his page. You will also be able to see what you wrote to him immediately on your home page. You have a chance that he may answer you directly, he has already answered one young female fan when she wrote from her Twitter home page, and she was thrilled. Hope this helps!

  8. hwiduri says:

    Wow girls, thanks for the review. And Theresa/Canada, after you said you have watch the amateur video of the concert, I search it right away. Damn, it’s very, very brilliant. Allison looked very comfortable in that performance, maybe because she’s duet with Adam, not with other, LOL!
    But they really looked comfortable each other. It’s like that was not their first duet (well, beside on last Rock Night on AI season 8).
    Adam, always Rocks!!!!!

  9. Patti Ross says:

    Do they allow small regular cameras or are we restricted to cell phones?

  10. IDOLize says:

    3 Days- then i’ll SEE HIM LIVE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Regarding Adams Twitter page- i read that he changed it from therealglambert to adamlambert
    there are adam_lambert ‘s and TheREALglamberts etc etc- how do we know which one is really him ???
    sorry but i’m an older generation and these things take longer to ‘click’
    thanks xx

    • sylverine says:

      IDOLize, @adamlambert is his ‘verified account’ you’ll see the note at the top right. All the rest are either fans or posers. You need to ‘follow’ him to get his tweets. You can reply to one of his tweets, or just send him one, but bear in mind he has nearly 91,000 followers, many of whom are probably sending him tweets – so quite difficult to get noticed I think! Use the Help menu to get tips on how to do things.

    • Please excuse me sylverine and IDOLize, for squishing myself in here between your two posts, but I will just give my little ‘crash’ Twitter course for all Glambs who want to follow Adam. I posted these directions on this site before Dreamsound had to change servers, and the whole article on using Twitter was lost. So, here is the little mini-course again: IDOLize, it sounds as though you have already successfully signed up on Twitter, and you have an account and a home page. If not, find the Twitter site by using Google, and then click on their ‘Let’s Get Started Box’ at the bottom of their sign-up page. You can also view a video by clicking on a red box at the top of that same page. Then follow their directions to join. After sign-up, you will then have a home page of your own, and you can find Adam. Click on the ‘Find People’ tab at the top right of your home page. Type in adam lambert in the box that comes up. You will then see dozens of Adam Lamberts come up, but only one is the real Adam. Adam is on the third page, and his Twitter name is adamlambert, all lower case, all strung together. Next to his name is a small aqua-blue circle with a white check in it, and it says ‘Verified’. You will also notice that he is the only Adam Lambert with 91,239 followers. Directly to the right of his name, you will see a small gray box that says ‘Follow’. Click on that box, and you will then be following Adam on your home page. This will be done automatically, and from then on, you will receive all of Adam’s news (called ‘updates’) that he posts on his Twitter page. His updates will now appear on your Twitter page without you having to do anything further. If you want to reply to one of his updates, scroll gently over the two little icons to the right on the update box you are replying to – one of those icons will say ‘reply to adamlambert’. Click on that icon, a box will appear, and you may then write a reply to him of 140 characters or less. Then click on the ‘reply’ button once you are finished, and your words will be sent to Adam’s Twitter. You will be able to read the comment you made to Adam immediately on your Twitter home page. Also, when you receive one of Adam’s updates, you may click on his name ‘adamlambert’ which appears with every update he makes, and you will then be taken to his Twitter home page. You can then look at all he’s got going there, which is fun. You will not, however, be able to read the comment you made to him on his home page, only he can see those. Once you’re finished looking at his home page, click on the ‘Home’ tab at the top of his page, and it will take you back to your home page. If you want to follow Adam’s fans, again click on ‘Find People’, type in adam lambert, all those other ‘fake Adams’ will appear, and you can choose to follow them, too. They are his fans, and they often have great news about Adam also. Anyway, I hope this will help in making it a little easier in navigating around the Twitter world. And please excuse me for writing a book about it, but it does take some explaining! And I do apologize for squeezing in my comments here, sylverine and IDOLize, but I hope they will be of help.

  11. Does anyone know if they allow real cameras and if adam will be doing any signing anywhere? I don’t care what location, I will travel anywhere to get him to sign my moms portrait that she is drawing of him

    • for adam fans: I went to the vancouver concert (AMAZINGADAM) and advice: If you want to see him after the concert make sure you find where they are setting up a fanced area for the idols and get out early and grab a section for yourselves. I unfortunately was a little late and saw him from afar but got a wave!!!!! He is awsome in the concert and everyone stood up for his whole performance.

    • Lots of cameras and phones were there, no problem. I’m not sure if they sign things before or after the shows. Ask the guys who are ushering you in if they know which area or gate.

  12. for adam fans: I went to the vancouver concert (AMAZINGADAM) and advice: If you want to see him after the concert make sure you find where they are setting up a fanced area for the idols and get out early and grab a section for yourselves. I unfortunately was a little late and saw him from afar but got a wave!!!!! He is awsome in the concert and everyone stood up for his whole performance.

  13. renogirl says:

    YES I WILL BE THERE IN SACRAMENTO. i TOTALLY JAZZED. I do have 4 tickets to sell because part of our group cancelled out. if interested I will make you a good deal. Check craigslist reno tahoe under tickets American Idol. to get further info. The seats face the stage but are in the lower part of second level. I can email you the tickets.

  14. Norcal2009 says:

    I will be in Sacramento. Yay!

  15. I imagine Adam and the other idols have probably already arrived in our hot valley by now and gotten settled in Sacramento. Yes, our famous farming valley is flatter, hotter and dryer than the pristine Northeast, but is still very lush with trees and beautiful waterways, and the weather has been much cooler this week than our normal July temperatures….to think that Adam is only a few short minutes away from me right now, or will be soon! But I can’t go to the concert, Arco Arena is too much for this old gal, that sheer mountain drop-off seating would do me in, and I really couldn’t see a thing the last time I went to a show there. But I know all of you younger Californians and Nevadans will love every minute of it. Scream like mad for me will you guys? Give all of our love to him in thunderous waves, and enoy this concert for all of us, and tell us how it all went when you get home! Hold up our part of the wave riding Adam to the top! Wish I were with you and have the best time of your lives!!!

  16. Anyone know which hotel Adam will stay after the Oakland and San Jose show? Pleeeeeeeeeease share…………..I’m die for to get a picture wit him~

  17. Rainbowgirly28 says:

    Just got back from Sacramento – Arco Arena Tour. Dude, so Adam was the only one that didn’t stop to sign autographs.That man is a mystery! I love him anyway. I think it would have got ambushed by the mob of fans…. not enough security at Arco. Dude, when we were listening to the music and all the people were chanting his name and stomping on the ground “ADAM ADAM ADAM” = freaking amazing! Then when he took that beautiful jacket off and wore that vest…OMG!!! I love you Adam!!!!!!!

    • DUDE!!! That’s awesome, crazy… WOW.

      • You are probably right, there was probably a very good reason why he didn’t stop to sign tonight. It may have been lack of security, or it may have been that he was exhausted. I saw the videos on YouTube of Adam signing autographs so graciously at the other venues, and being so smiling, kind, and patient. Surely he would not have skipped the Sacramento fans for any other than a good reason. But I am so sorry that happened, how disappointing for you. But hey, the concert and the fan response sounded fantastic! Can’t wait to see all the videos!

        • Rainbowgirly28 says:

          Yea, I was bummed that I didn’t get his signature, but man, just to be 20 feet away from him was neat enough. Everyone sounded good – I was impressed. Everyone else looked like the kid next door, but when Adam walked out he looked like a rock star! I can’t wait to see him again when he comes back this way. One girl I was standing next to said she scored front row tickets off of ebay the night before, so if you don’t have your tickets and want to go, check out other websites. How awesome would it be to score a front row seat to Adam? Oh, FLAME!

    • Rainbowgirly-Adam twittered that he loved Sacramento, and to forgive him for not signing autographs after the concert-he had a killer headache. Oh, I wish I was there to massage his temples! Or anything else…

      I get killer headaches, too, and can sympathize with him.

      • Rainbowgirly28 says:

        Oh, well thanks for letting me know. I thought there was a reason for him not signing… dude I had a hat I made and all too. Oh well. I’m sure I’ll see him again. Can’t wait!

      • AdamAddict says:

        Yeah,He had a killer headache and because of that he just waved and went in the bus! I’m sure he’s seriously in pain!I heard that there’s a 8 yr old girl wants to give him a letter but Adam wasn’t there.Somehow the letter fell on the ground & someone asked Matt if he can pick it up & give it to Adam as the girl wish but Matt said “I’m sorry,I’m not Adam’s messenger” and left.
        Maybe Matt thought it’s very low thing to do,pick the letter on the ground & have to pass to Adam.Maybe he feels like he become a servant or something,I don’t know.But if Matt think Adam as his friend,he should be no problem with pick that up.Adam probably wonder what the girl wrote him.Sure somebody told him about it by now.I think if the letter was passed by hand to hand,maybe Matt will help the girl out! Geez,I dunno,man!!

        • AdamAddict says:

          P/S:Let’s pray together for Adam’s condition.I pray he will get well soon! Poor Adam,I love you ,Adam darling! I hate headache,stomache and all.Even it’s a mini little thing but when you got it,it’s still frustarated!I’m sick of sick!!`Peace~

        • ADAMADDICT – Just read your ‘post’ and CANNOT believe what Matt said & did!!!!! WTF IS MATT’S PROBLEM?????? That is a SHOCK to me!!!! What a jealous a-hole!!!! I hope this gets out to the public!!!
          THEN we’ll see Matt pay for his obvious-ness as to what a JERK he really IS!!! SHOCKING!!! Really!
          Can ANYONE imagine Elvis, MJ, Elton McCartney, Lennon, any of the newest groups, Jagger, anyone
          w/a big name SAYING THAT?? Unbelievable. ADAM should know about that! He (Adam) would’nt con-
          sider saqying such a thing. Nor, I hope, would anyone else of any importance, and to an 8yr. old girl!
          Matt should be kicked off the tour for that! I believe that, sincerely! Unbelievable. -PEACE-LOVE-

  18. I can’t believe there are so many people who think Adam “owes” them an autograph or even a post-show appearance. Whether he has a “killer headache” or just needs to get some rest, his first priority should be his health – physical and mental – so if people think his performance wasn’t enough, they should check their own level of compassion and empathy. I also read that he’s been living on “water, greens and rice” trying to lose those 15 pounds that he never needed to lose in the first place. I was worried when he said he needed to lose weight, more worried when people were agreeing with him, and now… it would be no wonder if that contributed to his headache (not to mention the sheer waves of hysteria buffeting him every night). He needs a nutritionist working with him, protein, and rest…. Suggest we all send him love and light and healing – and again, respect his boundaries.


      • Cheryl, In what way was I attacking YOU? Or even coming down on anyone on this site? There are lots of posts around the internet where people are complaining that Adam didn’t force himself to show up, even after they heard he had a headache. I didn’t “insinuate” anything but merely expressed some concerns about what I’ve been reading. You’ve been free to air lots of your own opinions in big capital letters (that’s called “shouting” on the internet, and it’s not polite) at great length, including some quite personal things about his parents. Saying nasty things – using words like “insinuate,” “preposterous,””stupid” and “get a grip!” – and then adding PEACE-LOVE-HOPE-HAPPINESS 4 ADAM shows a real disconnection.

        And to all – Yes, I hope Adam does whatever it takes to stay healthy, and I hope people don’t crowd him and don’t complain if he doesn’t meet all their expectations. If I post about it, it’s because I’ve seen it from the other side. I was once in a relationship with an actor who had developed a fervent fan club, and I’ve seen him to push through exhaustion to be polite to hyperventilating women trying to get a piece of him, wanting his t-shirts (or to give him their underwear), giving him gifts he had no use for, turning hostile on a dime if he didn’t give back…. And his level of celebrity was one percent of Adam’s. I love that so many people love and appreciate Adam! But I do think my concerns are valid….

          GET A GRIP!
          PEACE-LOVE-HOPE-LIGHT-HAPPINESS- 4 ADAM and all Adamfans!

          • Peggy and Cheryl, as Adam would say “Chill, kiddies” LOL… You both are great posters, so lively and coherent (have you seen the posters on youtube? it could be worse on this site)

            Let’s say what we think and feel, sure, but as Adam has his Mars sign in Libra, fighting and conflict upsets those Librans… he is a trifle highstrung (so am I, takes one to know one) and remember when he said he would not have been able to handle all this had he become well known a few years ago? Well, I believe he got a bit too stressed out and he is spreading himself a little thin, working on an album simultaneously.

            Of all the idols I think he has had the most publicity and he most running around pre-tour, so he’s likely running on almost empty now… he’ll be back soon and chipper again.

            Keep on posting ladies, we love you here, so hugs all round, okay? PEACE!

            • AdamAddict says:

              Peggy and Cheryl,please don’t “argue”! You scaring me! I’m sure you both love Adam and have different point of view. So,please calm down! And don’t get mad at me now,okay!~peace~

              • AdamAddict – just caught your message! Sorry! Don’t be skerd!! Everything is cool! Why

                would anybody get ‘mad’ at you! Thanks for the carring! Where there’s a ‘Whole Lotta Love’

                there’s bound to be a lotta emotions, right? That’s all it is! PEACE 2 U!

                • AdamAddict says:

                  Don’t ever say WLL ever again ,That’s like a curse to me! WLL…adamgasm!! Hahaha! He’s sick! That’s so sexual harassment to me! LOL!! WLL…OMFG!!! HOT,HOT.HOT!!

    • I agree about respecting him and not expecting things from him. Unfortunately that is what ends up happening with “icons’, even neoicons as he is at this point.

      Two things: re Adam’s health, he admited in an interview the week after Idol ended, about his weight. If you look at photos of him taken over the past 8 years or so, his weight does fluctuate. He is likely one of those people who has to watch it, as many of us do…

      Now, re. his headache, first of all the noise (music, screaming) in those stadiums likely contributed some, maybe lack of sleep, tension/stress and if he is not eating much, that brings on a headache also. As many of us know, starving oneself does not work, and with the active performances, he is getting a workout.

      I agree about nutrition, it would serve him well to eat well as his stage workouts will take care of most of the weight.

      I think Adam is a little sensitive about his appearance (think MJ) as he struggled in high school. Have you seen his grad video? I just sincerely hope that doesn’t turn out to be his one weakness and lead him to making foolish choices.


        • You’re right, Cheryl, when in doubt, ……. don’t! He might as well start early on with taking care of himself.

          Actually, mentiioning the word ‘sick’ reminded me. A few of the idols sounded a bit scratchy and with them all living in each others’ pockets , I was thinking, what if a bad cold laryngitis or the flu goes around their group? Stress is the first thing to weaken one’s immune system, so Adam dear, take care!

          You need to last till the end of the tour!!

    • AdamRocks! says:

      Wonderful post Peggy!

      Cindy from MS

  19. Rainbowgirly28 says:

    To Peggy – I don’t think Adam owes anyone an autograph. We waited for 2 hours post show and all the top 10 made there rounds -Adam just went straight to his bus, so it all left us wondering. I just thought it was his rock star quality – keeping the mystery of Adam going. Either way, I am very grateful to have seen him!

    • AdamAddict says:

      I read somewhere,he witnessed that Adam waved at the crowds,blowing kisses and then went in the bus! He didn’t walked straight to the bus!
      As far as we know,Adam always treat his fans very well,tried very hard to please all his fans!That headache must be very horrible! Get well soon,Adam!!

  20. I’m sorry to hear Glambs arguing on this site, but I do want to also say that I’m worried about Adam’s health and stamina. When I first saw the tour had 50 venues, I was shocked (I’m sure all the AI tours are set up that way but I haven’t followed the others), and I truly wondered whether they could all stand up to travelling and singing in virtually back-to-back performances. Late last night on this site I saw that Adam had not signed autographs in Sacramento, and then on Twitter I read Adam’s sweet apology giving his love to Sacramento, and apologizing for not signing, saying he had a ‘killer headache’. (Adam was concerned enough about his absence that he Twittered immediately after the concert in the wee hours.) I thought, oh no, he’s beginning to have signs of exhaustion. Now that some of you are mentioning that he might be eating nothing but a severely restricted diet to lose the almost non-existent ‘extra pounds’, I am hoping that he does get the advice of a really good, sensible nutritionist soon. The thunderous screaming and stamping (which is so exciting for everyone else), the waves of emotion thrown at him non-stop, not to mention his own full-bore vocals reverberating in his head, and his own all-out stage presence and physicality, plus the lack of eating must be overwhelming him. I know exactly what it is to feel self-conscious about your size and weight (and I thought he looked darling in grade school and high school), and he has said that he ‘hates HD’ for all that it reveals, so I imagine he is trying to work on his appearance. But I think he is a beautiful man just as he is, and I would hate to see him overcompensate, and go the ultra-thin, ultra-muscled route. What a horrible thought. I love his natural big-man super-masculine presence without the Hollywood tomfoolery added on. I agree, let’s do send him healing light and love in case he is having some health concerns, and hope that he gets to feeling good and full of energy soon. Love to Adam and all you Glambs.

    • OH, aren’t we all precious? LOL We are so motherly to our boy… I noticed that early on, on this site and I think it’s wonderful!

      Amid all this craziness of the tour he has some good backing among us older ladies..

      • THERESA – SO RIGHT!!! GOOD GRIEF, I HOPE ADAM TAKES CARE OF HIMSELF!! I AQM SO CONCERNED. Life is so precious, but also can be so difficult! -PEACE-

        • Sorry, ladies, can’t help it, I AM a Mom of four boys, one of the (the youngest) is gay. They are scattered all over the place now, two in Alaska, one in Santa Cruz, one in heaven. Life has been a bit difficult for me, and I am the patient, stoic type. When Adam came along and I spotted him (and I’m a good spotter), the first clear thoughts I had of him were maternal. I saw that little-boy face he makes, that beautiful black, bushy hair, those penetrating blue eyes, and his innate kindness. I was reminded of my own darling, 6’4′ blue-eyed boy immediately. So, Adam became like another son to me, and I squished him in up here among my own chicks in my cozy nest. I have these strange feelings of fierce pride for him, and I find myself crying when he does something fabulous, or something works out for him, – and I’m a warm person, but not overly-emotional. This Adam kid is filling some kind of (dare I say it) NEED in all of us older gals. I don’t usually like to admit that kind of thing, but I think, oh, what the heck. I’m old, he’s young, I once was a golden-haired ‘California Girl’ and he’s now the black-haired King of Glam Rock, I’m over-the-far-hill and he’s just starting his triumphant climb up the side of Mt. Everest. I’m having FUN following Adam, I think it’s even good for me! I know it’s silly to be like the old mother-hen fussing and clucking over the young demi-god, Adam Lambert, but I guess I need to do that right now. Anyway, it’s also been fun meeting and talking to all of you, too. I just hope I don’t blather on too much, stop me if I do. Love all you Glambs..

            Know the feeling of how it ‘used to be’ for me, too! Boy, didn’t we think we were ‘all-that’?! Be happy
            that you’ve still ‘got it’ when it comes to spotting the unique, one-of-a kind, gorgeous soon-to-be-super
            stars of the world!! We may get older, but we don’t have to grow old! Keeping a free-spirited glow
            about you is so important!! We are wiser, and that’s partly why we are concerned and maternal
            towards Adam. BUT we’re not dead yet!! I see Adam, and think, ‘if only I were a 20-something gay
            male who could ‘get to him’!!! Kidding! Not kidding about thinking non-maternally about him, tho!!
            Just don’t be so hard on yourself! I am very sorry, tho, to hear you’ve got a son who’s already
            ‘passed’, very sad, sorry for your loss, sincerely. I haven’t had that horrible, horrible experience yet.
            Keep-on following Adam w/the rest of us! Maybe he’s doing more for his fans than even he will ever
            know!! Yeah? Yeah! Your ‘post’ was very heartfelt. Thank you for sharring such an important event
            in your life w/us. We love that black-haired King of Glam-Rock!!! ROCK-ON ADAM!!! -PEACE-LOVE-
            4 ADAM AND U, LORRIN!

            • Thank you, Cheryl, what a lovely response. I will cherish all that you said. And yes, I’m not thinking about him maternally ALL the time! Let’s see, how could I get to see Adam, or maybe at least get his authentic autograph? My son lives in Santa Cruz, Adam’s brother lives in Santa Cruz, hey….!

              • AdamAddict says:

                Hey,U know what Lorrin,that makes you got Adam’s…brother’s autograph! Hee hee! 🙂 Just joking! hee he,no I’m not! hahaha! I don’t think Adam’s brother(poor dude,can’t we just say Neil,4 god sake) will carry Adam’s autograph everywhere…he won’t,right? Or will he??!! Lorrin, start calling your son & look 4 Neil. Ask for 2,please! LOL!!

                • Ha, ha this is funny, AdamAddict, – what I meant was, I want to get my son to blaze around Santa Cruz and find Neil, and then have him sign my SON”S shirt. (You know, borrowed glory and all that). And yes, he just might have Adam’s stuff with him, and maybe even Adam with him, who knows. And knowing my son, he and Neil would have a blast yakking together since they are both so personable, and they might become friends, and then who knows, friends of the family after that? I’m just being silly, fantasizing a little yarn…but I am not fantasizing about my son’s ability to make unusual and fascinating friends and keep them. And since Santa Cruz is such a great and rather small beach town, and I go down there to see my son, well, hey, we could all meet at the Crow’s Nest and take off from there….sigh. Fun to think about, but not likely to happen! But if I ever really DO find out anything, I’ll let you know, ha ha!

                  • AdamAddict says:

                    I’ll be happy 4 U if your fantasy comes true,my friend!And yes please let me know if you or your son somehow get to meet Adam or Adam’s brother! 🙂

          • Love what you’ve said here, Lorrin, I also had two sons and lost one two years ago at age 41, it’s tough, and maybe we are feeliing caring toward Adam which is just okay, but personally I am also attracted to his sexiness. LOL

            I know it’s partly because I’ve been housebound off and on for months with pulled knee and foot tendons, and have watched more TV and been online much more than usual. We are great outdoors people up here, in summer as we get California weather so there’s been a need for at home mental/social stimulation. I guess that’s how the teens get soo involved online as well.

            For us, it’s a common interest ADAM! and if we feel motherly toward him, good for us!

            • Thank you, theresa/canada, I was hoping you would reply. I feel for the loss of your son, also, and it is very tough. I also share in your being housebound, I have a number of health problems that keep me at home for long periods of time, so I know what that is, too. Like you Canadians, we Californians are also lovers of the outdoors, and I miss that part of my life very much. I’m online alot, too, probably too much now that I’ve found the Land of Adam and all the villagers that live there! And I don’t stop at the maternal feelings I have for Adam, either, oh no…I’m out there with all the rest of you screaming for this rock and roll powerhouse. What makes Adam so much fun, I think, is the wonderful mixture he is of both impish boy and man, so there is always something new and fascinating about him to delight everyone, which he probably knows good and well, the saucy boy! But thanks very much for your comments..

              • AdamAddict says:

                Theresa,I’m sorry for your lost.Although It’s been 2 yrs ago,I hope it’s not to let to say may he rest in peace! Awww,I just can hear people lost someone like this,I’m going to cry now!
                For my entire life,I only experience once. I lost my grandmother.I’m not too close with her but still I cried like a baby. I can’t imagine if I lose any of my family members! Oh no,I don’t want to imagine! 🙁

          • All Star Me says:

            Aww….some of you feel like Adam is like a son to you, I feel like Adam is my boyfriend…you are all my mother-in-laws! haha =)

  21. And by the way on another subject: does anyone know why there are so few good ‘Adam’ videos from the Sacramento concert last night at Arco Arena? The other videos from Portland, Tacoma, and Vancouver were really good, many of them up-close and very personal, which was great, but no good ones yet out of Sacramento. Maybe security was extra tight, or maybe they all haven’t been posted yet. Just thought I’d ask..

    • Lorrin, I second what you said about Adam’s stamina. Adam’s performances are high-energy and certainly must be exhausting as he gives it his all. I would also like to see videos from Sacramento. The Glambs who attended the Sacramento concert may still be recuperating so I trust videos will still be forthcoming.

      • Oh, and Peggy, I appreciate and understand your concerns. Norcal2009, I hope that you get those tickets! Love to all you Glambs!

    • Lorrin, I noticed it takes a bit of time for the videos to appear, check online both Sat and Sun and try searching using different groups of words.

      • Thanks, theresa/canada, I will check for the next few days. I’ve gotten very good at word-combining to find those great videos. I usually just put in something like, ‘adam lambert sacramento’, or whichever city, and they all usualy come up. I’m sure I’m just being too eager!

  22. Hey Ingrid, I thought you might like to know (and also other Glambs might like to know) that Dreamsound and Jeanette have put that ‘All A-Twitter Over Adam’ article back up. I think, however, it is minus all the content it had in it before, but it is back up. If you will go to the black navigation bar up at the top of this page, click on ‘Categories’, when the box drops down, choose ‘Adam AFTER American Idol’. The Twitter article will be at the top of the page that comes up, click on it, and you will be there. Jeanette very kindly mentioned my little Twitter tutorials, and asked me to re-post them, so I did. If anyone needs to know exactly how to get on Twitter to follow Adam, you will find how to do that under my name (Lorrin) on the Twitter article page. Hope that helps!

    • Jeanette says:

      Thanks, Lorrin! I’m glad you found the new Twitter article. Yes, sadly, all the old comments were lost when the server went down. Thanks for adding the tutorials!

      • You’re very welcome, Jeanette, thank YOU for being a central part of this excellent website!

  23. HEY, THERESA! TRIED TO ‘REPLY’ TO YOUR COMMENT to Cheryl and Peggy, but my stulpid computer kept acting-up, so I will just do it here! After reading that, I got a big grin across my face that wouldn’t stop!! That was funny! Yeah, I can get rilled-up at times, but it is not my usual personality! FYI, I am a Taurean. Maybe you know something about them! ‘Severely loyal, salt-of-the earth, etc., but also stubborn to a fault! So, if I feel very stsrongly about something, I will, when I deem it necessary, speak my mind on issues that I normally wouldn’t. But, I have a feeling here that you are a ‘middle child’ – am I right? Only, b/c you seem to me to bes the ‘mediator’ type?! Every family needs one! It would probably surprise you to know that I am the ‘mediator’; in my family, and get ‘called-on’ to help w/friend’s family struggles. However, it’s not hard enough being a true-taurean, but a 1st born ‘type-A personalilty! Good lord life seems tough at times! Hahaha! Just givin’ ya a’shout-out’ for your comment w/a thanks for being around!


    • Nah, cheryl, just a peace lovin’ Pisces sun, but I worked with kids at risk, mostly teens, for years (young offenders etc) so to keep peace in the classroom one had to mediate a lot.

      I am the eldest, was a black sheep, paved the way for three more siblings.. (lots of Aquarius in me too). In fact I believe those of us who have signs like aquarius, gemini, libra, aries in our birthcharts tend to be more into the unusual, the wild and crazy… but also Taurus is a sign which usually loves pop culture, film, music.

      • Now ladies, I am a Sagittarius, natural leader, spiritual type, artistic, strong, decisive, etc., etc, and the first born, and I too, am a mediator, but a Fire sign. I did one whole lot of mediating when I was a bookstore manager for many years. I was the one who was something of a Flower Child and free spirit in the 60’s, completely uninvolved in popular culture while I was married for many years, and then only just recently rejoined the ‘scene’ with all the furor over Adam Lambert. Maybe you should lead some kind of discussion on this theresa/canada on a separate blog, as related to Adam or something, it would probably be very enlightening and fun!

  24. Hi theresa/canada, just wanted you to read my answering comments to you just below your post above where you mentioned the ‘maternal feelings’ we older gals have for Adam. I too, noticed this about all of us Adam-lovers here. Just go on up about 9 comments from this one, and you’ll spot it just under yours and cheryl norman’s posts. Just wanted you to know I heard you. Thanks..

  25. Hey everyone, check out the YouTube video entitled, Adam Lambert “bowie medley” idol tour 2009 sacramento ca FRONT ROW 🙂 – oh man, it’s Adam up close and personal at the Sacramento show, and it’s good. The person who took the video (spanisheyes21) is so close to Adam, she almost collides with the floor camera man. The best visuals I’ve seen so far on the tour!

  26. LORRIN – Please excuse the way in which my ‘reply’ is shown!! My computer has been acting-up like a spoiled computer for the last few days!! I didn’t type it in the way it looks. All the ‘typos’, however, I will accept full responsibility for! Plus, I never ‘edit’ myself! Something I had decided to NOT do when I write for social fun! I know, dumb!! Just needed to say I didn’t type in ‘that’ strange configuraqtion!! -PEACE-

    • cheryl norman, don’t worry, I don’t care about that! It just makes your posts more distinctive and fun, it’s your computer personality. I feel all your love and excitment for Adam when I read your posts. So bring on the typos and strange configurations, I love ’em!

  27. cheryl norman & all the Glambs! In our excitement we all tend to make typo errors. The messages you convey are crystal clear and that is what is important. Thanks Lorrin, I will check out the David Bowie medley. Just to let you know I enjoy all yr comments.

    • INGRID and LORRIN – Thank you, thank you, thank you!!! Ignoring all my typos takes a little pressure off when I post! If you all knew what I did for a living, you might not be so patient w/me! Hahaha! Also, I’m known to be a ‘perfectionist’, but you can’t tell it in my typing! Actually, it’s a kind of ‘therapy’ I adopted for myself. I do not ‘edit’, leave all mistakes in, and therefore, let myself see myself being – not so perfect – or not let myself be ‘better’ in my typing errors! –Don’t know if I said that correctly, but have a feeling you all know what I’m trying to say! Hahaha! THANKS TO YOU BOTH!! -peace-love-hope-happiness- 2 all.

      • How fascinating, cheryl norman. (Maybe someday you can share what you do for a living, but I will not pry). I think allowing yourself the freedom to make all kinds of typographical errors is very liberating. Here I am on the other hand, making this big effort to write as well and as perfectly as I can. Maybe I should try some of your ‘typo therapy’! But you know, the different way we all type is the hallmark of our personalities, and I love all the distinct differences…I can tell who you all are just by the way your text appears in the box. I think I like it that way. And don’t worry in the least about your errors, I still love ’em.

  28. The Oakland concert was awesome. The Oracle Arena was packed. The staging and light show were fabulous. Every Idol had adoring fans but the crowd roared at every hint of ADAM. Every time his face lit up the jumbo screens (even the Ford commercials) there was exuberant pandemonium. These kids just keep getting better and better.
    The first six performers did very well. They are comfortably easing themselves into a show routine. Michael spent a lot of time with fans outside before the concert and come on stage looking relaxed and obviously having a good time. Megan was a bit awkward but was beautiful. Lil has high energy and fun. Anoop has some retro Geek thing going that is absolutely charming. Scott looked and sounded good. Matt was brilliant on the piano.
    After intermittent Darling Allison slayed us with her guitar and danced and joked her way across the stage channeling Janice Joplin. Danny bored me to tears (I took the time to learn how to use my new cell phone camera). But his fans were politely and demurely applauding and smiling with approval. He unfortunately knocked over his mike stand right into the audience.
    AND THEN THE SHOW BEGAN. No one can strut and sing and be as gracious as Adam. He was one with the Arena. Both commanding and giving. Perfect timing and grace. He was flawless as usual. He even dodges the obligatory thrown bra without loosing a beat. During his Slow Ride duo with Allison someone had thrown liquid onto the stage. He pulled some cloth from somewhere and mopped it up so Allison wouldn’t slip on it. And he did it without missing a note or step. Unfortunately his set is to short. I could have watched him all night. It was also fun seeing him Mom in the audience.
    Oh yeah. Kris did a flawless set also. It doesn’t really seem fair for him to have to follow Adam.
    I am so looking forward to an all ADAM venue.

    • Excellent review, Medley, thank you!

    • Great one, Medley, and a little different from ours. So his mom was there. If you glambs havent seen it yet, there is a good interview with his mom, up at the top under “Categories”, “Friends and Family”.

      That’s where his mom lives just now,, San Fran (awesome city) but she says she might relocate to LA..

      So the bra-throwing continues! Super! And we mildmannered Canadians started it! ha ha

      But liquids etc… dangerous!

  29. Thanks Medley for an objective review. You are undoubtedly a Glamb and yet gracious enough to aplaud the efforts of the other Idols. I am saving all my pennies so that I can see Adam in concert, if not in my own country (South Africa) then anywhere else in the World. A girl has to do what a girl has to do and THIS GAL JUST HAS TO SEE ADAM. In the meantime I savour all your (Glambs)reviews.

    • Ingrid, if Adam decides to come back around sometime in the near future to the Sacramento area (I am right nearby), you may stay with me. The Sacramento airport is a few minutes away, and Arco Arena is only a few minutes away from the airport. We can zip across the causeway and be at the concert in a flash. We can then stay up all night and the next day talking, giggling, and screaming over Adam. Unless something unforseen comes up, you have an invitation. I would love to meet someone from your fair country. But of course, if you want to stay in one of the nice area hotels, that would be good too. Just so you know you will have a ‘home base’ if you decide on one of Adam’s West Coast venues in the next year or two. It would keep the cost down a little for you. If it doesn’t ever work out, ah well. But you’re my sister Glamb. We must stick together!

  30. Lorrin, you are the salt of the earth! The best hotel could not compare staying with you for a day or two and being able to Glamberize – thank you for the offer! Indeed, we are sister Glambs and stick together!

    • We must be Glamberous together!

      • Indeed, the way to go!

        • OH Ingrid, if you fly all the way over to N America you must include Vancouver, always a bed for you here. I can easily drive down to Sacramento or wherever, have done it a few times already. Lorrin, goes for you too! Or any of you ladies.

          How do we get to know each other except on this site as no personal info is allowed?

          • I’ve been thinking about that, theresa/canada, and when I hit on the solution I’ll let you know….in the meantime, thank you for your invitation to Vancouver. I would be thrilled to do something like that. Just to know you are up there is enough. Oh, and the answer to your Twitter question is on the “All A-Twitter’ article page for you to see. Love to you in beautiful Canada..

  31. Thank you Lorrin and Theresa for the Twitter info. I think I finally got it.

  32. AdamAddict says:

    I feel sad because I can’t go to the tour and for those who can’t go,watch this vid because everytime I feel sad or bored,this vid will cheer me up! Seriously!

  33. AdamAddict says:

    I watched WLL(Oakland) & think that’s the best version so far.And this time the way he teased us with that mic stand ~nosebleed~ gulp,seriously I need to see what the hell he’s going to do at the end of the tour! where is the last stop?Where’s next after San Jose?When? Let me know,al right because I just need 2 know.After watching him in youtube,then I can do my work!

    And I guess Adam is cool with Matt after the “love letter” from that little girl incident.Very good because I think matt is kinda nice person. Can’t judge him for that matters,can we? BTW,here bubbletweet from matt’s twitter.I won’t post here if Adam wasn’t there. Adam such a cutie after all the hotness! Here:

  34. Just FYI if you go to they have dozens and dozens of non american idol ADAM LAMBERT logos and designs for T shirts, mugs, even fridge magnets.

    I gave up looking after p 18 and there are 28 designs per page! They range from gorgeous to heavy metal designs and have several T shirt and tank tops as well. One in particular is Adams lovely dark eyes, eyebrows and a small thatch of black hair says “Oooooh those eyes”

    Do check them out, Iplan to order a couple of them.

  35. Guy guys guys! I’m sure Adam is fine! Where did all of this nonsense about not eating come from? Remember, he is a regular human being that gets headaches, as we do! It was probably just a long day for him. Her did an incredible job in Sacramento. That was truly HIS show.

  36. LOVE THE NEW PICS!!! I checked out the Arco concert on Youtube, but are there only 3 vids represented? I saw the Bowie, Slow-ride, and Whole Lotta Love! My god, he was unbelievable!!! Esp. w/the Bowie thing!!!!! I volunteer to ‘hold’ his ‘mic’……!!!! Hahaha! Good lord, Adam maybe better cool-down his set cuz he’s seriously getting too hottttt for the stage!!!!
    Anywho – does anybody know if those are the only vids available? Has anyone found more anywhere else?
    Also, what happened to Sacramento? I think I only saw 2 vids from that concert. OOOOooooohhhhh,,,,,,
    ‘got a whole lotta love’!!!!! Just finished watching that lilttle number again!!!! ROCK-ON-ADAM!!!!!!!!!!!

  37. LORRIN – Re what you said about ‘telling’ a lot about a person by the ‘way’ they type when communicating, I totally agree 100%!! As a child, 8-9 yrs & up, my grandmother used to write me several times a week. She was a 4’10”, 190lb SAINT! She ‘wrote’ EXACTLY as she spoke. When reading her letters, it was like she was talking to you at that very instant. I used to try to be so careful in my replys, still being in school and trying to make a good imprsession, and when she replied back, her letter writting was still the same, errors and all. I knew she was extremely intelligent, and always wondered why she didn’t try harder w/her writing skills. I eventually asked her and she said she wrote like she talked, and wasn’t trying to be something more than she was! THAT obviously stuck in my head, and eventually, I guess I sort of wanted to be like her! ANLYWAY, she was a real SAINT, had an opera voice that filled the church and everyone knew she loved the Lord! I spent 16 complete summers w/her and my grandfather (he was a Baptist preacher), and had lived a life few would know! I concede any ‘good’ qualities I have to the awesomeness of her. ………..and so it goes…….PEACE.

    • Oh, how beautiful, Cheryl, I can just see your little grandmother. What a good truth she conveyed to you, about being who you are, just as you are, and not being pretentious and putting on airs. I too, loved my paternal grandmother in the same way, and also had many wonderful years with her. In my family home though, my mother was the family leader, and she wanted a particular response from her two daughters (I being the oldest, of whom the most was expected). She was a wordsmith, and so am I. We used to have spelling games, to see who could spell the most obscure words, and she would most often be the winner. (But I eventually became more skilled). My Dad taught me to read phonetically before I was old enough for kindergarten, and I was always expected to excel in school, and I did. My Mom passed away last year, but her expectations are still around, I can assure you. I passed the love of words and reading to my sons, (but without the added tension my mother conveyed to me), who themselves also write very well. It’s amazing the strength of influence our families have on us as children, and then as adults.
      On a lighter note, I was telling my youngest son today (the one who lives down near Neil Lambert), that 45 years ago, in the very room which is now my cozy, pretty den, I first began to follow the Beatles, when I was 13 years old. Beatle posters were all over these same walls in the family home I now live in, where my bookcases and computer are now. And of course, on my computer screen (instead of my nice walls) I now have electronic ‘posters’ of Adam Lambert. That just boggles my mind. One of Adam’s ‘full-circle’ moments. This little adventure of following Adam has been a joy, hasn’t it? I’ll tell you one thing: I haven’t written this much since my last Art History exam for my finals at CCAC in 1969 when I was writing hell-bent-for-leather to get through three essays on Greek Architecture in one hour! I now have flaming fingers and I live in an electronic wonderland with Adam and his Glambs!

      • OH, LORRIN! How beautiful!! Love your writtings! I went thru a lot of the same ‘pressures’ to succeed in school and the world as being ‘the brightest'[ in the family. Altho, I have cousins who have far exceeded me insofar as the financial aspect goes!! Oh, well! I also lost my mother last year, Feb. 2008. Worst day of my life! -so far -..
        I ‘used’ to have many of my rock faves great pics all around my walls. I had a ‘huge’ blk&wht of Mick Jagger in mid-dance mode! There was an art store where you could purchase a piece, and if you ever wanted to, you could exchange it for one of same price for ‘life’! Had the Beatles, Elvis, John Lennon, Clapton, and a few others. After packing them away when I moved a few yrs ago, I just no longer have the room w/so many ‘family’ pictures, unfortunately!
        Your ‘notation’; on 1969’s essays are funny! Reminded me of all my pics I have of my son in Greece! In 1969 I could not have imagined I would have kids who would travel to places around the world I could only maybe, write essays about.
        I think you should change your name to “Flaming Glamfingers”!!! COOL! I like that!
        I’ll tell you one little story. One nite my son, who was in college in Europe at the time, called me and told me that he had a chance to go to a castle in England AND see the Rolling Stones in concert, outdoors on lthe 4th of July. His dillema, to him, was that he had a major exam that he REALLY SHOULD study for, and asked for advice. I think he KNEW what my advice would be!! So, he did go to the conceret, took pics for me, went to the castle, then saw Clapton at Royal Albert Hall-said he felt underdressed cuz most of the people had tuxes on-and spent the rest of his year doing the things that still amaze me! I also taught him the ‘love’ of words.
        Anyway, your note was so enjoyable!! I guess Adam has unknowingly shaken a lot of us into getting back in the social arena, even if it’s just a little!! GOOD FOR US!! -PEACE- 2 ADAM and U!

        • Cheryl, this is the best post! Your remarks are fascinating. We have much in common, even our rich and funny, (and some not-so-funny stories). Maybe we should collaborate on a book about the rocking years from the 50’s to Adam Lambert. I loved the colorful story at the end about your son’s three-way choice! Wasn’t he a clever lad! What a sweetheart, and a bit of a scamp, too, just like my son, who gets into the same kind of convolutions with school, work, and play, especially with the beach a block away. Have you noticed that almost imperceptibly, all of us Glambs have moved into a warmer, more ‘friendly’ zone, and are talking more freely? Maybe we all had to get up in the air over Adam and dust it up a bit before we could all become better friends. How neat, a naturally evolving website! And thanks for the sweet remarks at the bottom, too, with our new person, Tara. Love and peace to you tonight.

  38. There are several good videos of WLL but not from Sacramento. I found only one and Adam is ‘too small’ in it. What I do is collect a few videos and the delete the worst ones.

    However I found a short vid which captures the intro to Adam ad WLL with all the lights and techno wizardry, and here it is

    • THERESA – thanks for the info. that was the same as I found. what do you mean you ‘collect’ a few and ‘delete’ the worst? How do you do that? Remember I’m still fairly new at figuring my way around the computer! So how do I ‘collect’ and ‘delete’? I want to bse able to do that, too!! Haha!
      -PEACE-THANKS-4U Theresa! (by the way, my daughter’s name is Teresa)! So, naturaqlly I do love that name! Just spelled w/othe ‘h’!

  39. All Star Me says:

    I just read through EVERYONE’S replies and I have to say…Awwww! All of you are so cute! It’s funny but at the same time comforting to me to know that women older than myself are enjoying Adam’s amazingness as much as i do…sounds like more than me at times! haha I get ridiculed for watching my coveted Adam video collection at least once a day (ok…I lie, twice or more) by my family and friends. (I’m almost 25….I should be out…I don’t know…doing 25 year old things I guess according to them. haha!)You guys make me feel less crazy! There is something about that boy. I become insta-happy when I see him or hear someone talking about him. I feel so lucky to have been able to listen to Adam’s voice and feel even more lucky to have the chance to see him in September. I’m glad that he has a vast amount of good-hearted fans here to support him and follow him through his magical journey of certain greatness!
    <3 Tara

    • Tara, this is wonderful….a 25-year old, here, with us. Please feel welcome. We have a good time on this site, and you can certainly indulge in your love of Adam here with us, and share anything you want about him (and yourself). I hope you come back many times. – Lorrin/Glamb #102

      • All Star Me says:

        Thank you lorrin, cheryl and ingrid for the warm welcomes! I’ve lurked on this site for a while now and love it. So I guess it is time for mingling haha.


  40. TARA -Just want to give ya a shout-out and say ‘hey’! I see Lorrin welcomed you already! Great! Lorrin is so nice! She and Theresa and AdamAddict are so funny I think! We all get a bit ‘crazy’ in our joy and happiness welcomming and promotting Adam! Not that he needs us to do that, but we are totally ‘willing’ participants for sure!! I think we’re generally nicer than the many hard-asses on much of youtube! However, I’m there too! Got to set some of those people straight, hahaha!!! ADAM-ROCKS OUR WORLD-AND EVERYBODY ELSE WHO NEEDS THEIR WORLD ADAM-ROCKED!!!!

    PEACE-LOVE-4 ADAM and U!
    Cheryl Glamb #334

  41. Hey Tara, Welcome from me too and mwwwah and a huge South African Glamb hug! Lorrin, Theresa, Cheryl, AdamAddict, All star me says and all the Glambs (too many to mentioned but certainly acknowledged) who are fifty-something years ‘young’, it is great to ‘hear’ you reminiscing and I can so relate to it. When I turned fifty my nephew’s wife (who is a good vocalist and guitarist) asked if she could sing ‘forever young’ for me which was such a compliment. My love for music comes from my mother, who was a solo soprano but loved all genres. Back in the day she had the opportunity to go to Malan to further her singing career, an opportunity unheard of for a “coloured” at the time. She turned it down to look after her ailing mother but often sang on radio. I did not inherit her singing talent but definitely her love of music. I luuuuuuuuuuuuuuuv to dance and I don’t mean standing still, tapping my feet, I mean really doing my ‘thang’. Can still out-dance many of the young ones. My husband (68 years ‘young’) out-dances everyone. Sure gravity is slowly starting to play tricks and things are slowly (fortunately) moving ‘south’, but my spirit is young and I get that from you too. I think you are a fab bunch and really enjoy your stories. Do you also feel that your children keep you young? I think the fact that we believe that life is for living, is what also keeps us young. There are so many things I still want to do and meeting some of you is certainly right up there. Meeting you and seeing Adam would certainly rate a perfect 10 on the Richter scale of dynamic experiences, the ultimate in effervescent, exuberant, extravaganza-bonanza concerts.

    Tara, you are a sweetheart and I love that us Glambs are die-hard Adam fans of different ages who bond through our sheer love of Adam.

    Love, peace, good health and fulfilment to you all!

    • Oh wow, there are fireworks going off in the background of your wonderful post, Ingrid! Not only will we all be writing a book together, we will all be singing, dancing, and playing various instruments when we finally have our Glamb Fest on Mars, with Adam. I think we have scaled new heights of online writing yesterday and today, each and every one of us. All of you are a joy to know, truly! Thank you for all the time you devote to this website, and to these friendships! And thank you, Ingrid, for your beautiful reminiscences. Love to you all, – goodnight from Northern California and good morning from gorgeous South Africa!

    • sylverine says:

      Hi Ingrid, so nice to see someone from SA too! Where in SA are you? I’ve found a few people from SA so far – there are about 13 SA ‘Globerts’ (international fan list) listed on the adamofficial site, look for the Globerts thread under Community, Adam discussion.

      I’m outrageously (gulp) considering trying to get to one of the east coast shows later in August or September, as that’s the nearest for us flightwise. Though still seriously far away – don’t think we could be much further away down here LOL.

      I would stay in NYC for about a week (lots of window shopping!), haven’t been there since year 2000, and then get a train or short flight to whichever concert nearby. Maybe even two – once I’m all the way there, may as well make a meal or two out of it!

      ***Anyone here going to a concert sort of near NYC? Would be nice to meet up with someone equally Adam-obsessed and share WOO HOOS!

  42. Here are some fantastic HQ videos from the Oakland concert of Adam’s performances.. great closeups and sound quality.. enjoy!:

    Whole Lotta Love –

    Mad World –

    Slow Ride –

    Bowie Medley –

    • JUN – THANK, THANK, THANK YOU!!!! Oh mu god!!! Adam’s rendition of WLL in that video was wayyyy off the scale!!!! Did he ‘stroke’ that mic a little longer than he has before?!!!!! Oh, yeah, I think he did!!! He’s getting tired of doing that song exactly the same, and he NEEDS a change!!!! The pic quality was awesome! I don’t know why I couldn’t bring up that video myself. I typed in “adam lambert-san jose concert”, but I didn’t get THAT particular one…..? ANYWAY, the man is SUPERSUPREMESENSUALSEXUALINCREDIBLEPIECEOFGREATNESS……AND THEN SOME!!!!
      —peace-love-joy—4 ADAM!!!!…….and happiness for US!!!!!!!!

      • Cheryl, I love your superlatives. Would like to add … and definitely addictive!

        • INGRID – OH, YEAH!!!! ‘Addicitive’ – putting it ‘mildly’, eh? I think Adam has to ‘hold back’ a lot of what he’d like to be doing on stage now that he’s really so feeling the love from the audiance and his fans. Maybe that is contributing to his headaches? Then, again, maybe he ‘needs’ some ‘intimate alone time’ w/someone special. He oozes sexuality so much, I think he needs some of the ‘real stuff’!!!!! LOOK-OUT EVERYONE.
          he is really ‘gettin’ to me’! However, I think I might be right on spot!!! Poor Adam!!!! Today is their day-off
          maybe he’s got something ‘special’ planned! I hope so, for his sake! I feel, tho, that he’s one VERY particular man when it comes to sex! Remember he said he was a virgin until his 21st b’day when he got
          drunk and had his 1st experience and that it was NOT good! (will mention that it was w/a guy) I am so
          glad that he is that particular!!! Tells a lot about him!! That great hunk of supreme gloriousness!!! Get
          what you need, Adam, in whatever way you’re comfortable with!!!!! OH, HELP! I need to ldo some work
          and get myself calmed down, or I’m going to go too far here!! Hahaha!! – actually, it’s not that funny……!!
          …..kidding……! -peace-love- ADAM-ROCKS MY WORLD – THANX ADAM!!!!!

          • ….why is my typing coming out so different than the way I typed it??? I didn’t make all those para-
            graphs crazy like that!1 …hmmmmm……..who’s channeling me,,,,,and why?? ha!

            • AdamAddict says:

              Nobody channeling U,Cheryl! Your computer is sick! Sick in love with Adam!LOL!! Go get help! 🙂

  43. Here’s a great video of Adam’s Starlight performance with improved audio from the Portland show:

  44. Theresa, I only saw your invitation now – thanks, thanks a lot! I love the stories you share – doesn’t feel like I’m far from you Glambs. … and as for your telling it like it is, you go girl, speak your mind!

  45. Haven’t gone to bed yet, and oh my, look what I found on YouTube…..Adam in San Jose, and oh yeah, look at his beautiful hair, yeeowww! This is my favorite look for him, how fantastic that he changed it in mid-stream. But that’s Adam’s inventive intuitiveness. You can’t get any better than this. Here’s the link:

    • Lorrin, you are a legend! There is simply no end to Adam’s greatness. I am doubting where I should ever attend one of his concert’s, unless you Glambs promise to hold me up before I pass out. Adam keeps on changing the choreography and comes up with these sexy, sensual moves that sends me into …

      June, the videos you posted are faaaaaaaaaaaantastic! You, too, are a legend (a term we tend to use in this context).

  46. imane94 says:

    ADAM what can i say?? you definitley changed my life!! i am you’re biggest fan from morocco!!! i just want u to know that you ROCKS!!! and you are an international mégastar!!! LOVE YA !!!

  47. imane94 says:

    ADAM what can i say?? you defenitly changed my life!! i am you’re biggest fan from morocco!!! i just want u to know that you ROCKS!!! and you are an international mégastar!!! LOVE YA !!!

  48. RU kidding me? He is so beautiful. I’m seeing him in Atlantic City on August 7th, and he’s gonna be on Good Morning America at 8am that same day!! I hope he’s not too tired to perform! My daughter and I love him, and we cannot wait for his CD. Huge fans. Rock on, Adam!!!

  49. I have to agree with Medley’s account of the Oakland show. I went to the Arco Arena show in Sacto. It was quite an experience. The same pandemonium Medley described about the crowd erupting every time Adam’s picture came up is what we experienced. I kind of felt bad for the other idols…no one was screaming for them. Adam did put on a tremendous set. I too could really enjoy an “Adam only” show. But for the most part, I think it was well planned and performed by all. After the finale, Adam did literally bolt off the back of the stage before any of the other idols even moved. I guess that confirms the “headache” rumor. All in all, it was an amazing experience, that I am grateful to have been able to partake in.

  50. sylverine (my fellow South African). I am from the fairest Cape (Durbanville, Cape Town). I definitely want to attend one of Adam’s concerts in future. Thanks for telling me about the Globerts. I am so hooked to this site and have befriended a bunch of cool Glambs. Listen up sister Glamb, we seriously need to work on having more of Adam’s music aired in South Africa.

    I hope that you manage to get to one of the concerts. This year’s out for me (work commitments), but please keep me posted. Even if I won’t see Adam any time soon, I will be delighted if you do.

    By the way, welcome!

    • sylverine says:

      Thanks Ingrid! I wish we could get more of Adam’s music aired here. But I guess most of it is not available here yet. The iTunes store in South Africa has nothing (copyright issues apparently), and you have to have a US address and a US credit card to order from the US iTunes store.

      So thank heavens for YouTube! And YouGuys LOL!

  51. Erika_glambert says:

    hey does anyone know where i can find the tour shirts with out actually goin 2 one of the concerts???? im not gonna be able 2 go 2 any of them *tear* but i really want an adam shirt …..

    • There are lots of shirts were selling on the web site…you can google it.
      I went to the concer, there is only one kind of shirt for Adam from the AL tour 2009 which is in the olive/green/brown color. I don’t particular think the shirt is great. There are a lot more choice on line. I saw some fans were wearing some very Glambert sytle shirt, I believe those are either specially made or found somewhere on line.

  52. I was in the San Jose concert last night. He did Elvi’s hair. The best out of the Sacramento and Oakland. I hope someone has the pics can share with everyone~~

  53. San Jose tour concert Protest Story….

  54. with Adam’s hair like that in san jose, he looked at times like elvis! he’s so darn cute! personally, for me, for him, from me, to him,,,,,,,(haha), i love his hair in the ‘black or white’ performance, just a little longer, and lots of movement!!! he’s always perfect, tho, any and every style! oh, except for the way he had it at the young hollywood awards thing,,,,,,,somebody just did him ‘wrong’ that day!!! keep it cool baby!!!

    • AdamAddict says:

      I thought his hair in San jose same like the one he accepted young hollywood award?No??!!But yes for him,for me and to me and to him and me HE ALWAYS GORGEOUS,BEBEH!! 🙂

  55. Saw Adam in San Jose last night. He was FABULOUS!!! It was the Adam show plus 9 other singers. In order of my favorite, Adam, Danny, Matt, Anoop, Kris….. The crowd went wild for Adam. I lost my voice & I’m hoarse today. My daughter made him a sign that she waved frantically for him, but alas, he wouldn’t have been able to see it. I still can’t figure out how Kriss won AI. Adam is the consumate entertainer.

  56. Agent_Betty says:

    I just wanted to say that I was there at the Sacramento concert and believe it or not (all my friends thought I had gone off the deep end) I actually just went there to hopefully get pictures of or with Adam. I didn’t even have tickets to the concert. LOL I did attend their first concert in Portland though (in my defense), but missed my opportunity to “meet” Adam so my sister and I drove 5 hours just to hang out before and after the show. Anyways, for those that were talking about him not signing autographs, he did wave a lot to the croud and blow kisses as he walked to the tour bus. I know he must have felt bad about not going out and signing for fans. Everyone kept chanting and chanting hoping he’d come out. If he had, I wouldn’t have been surprised if all insanity broke lose. The crowd in Sac was nuts and even with just the other idols there, the crowd was getting a little out of control. I was at one of the gates and it was being held up by two security guards because people were pushing so much. All the Idols who were out there were very rushed though. They have such a tight schedule. And as far as video’s who know’s if maybe security was tighter, but from the scene after the concert, the security guys were not very nice. Disappointed I didn’t get to “meet” Adam, but hope that he does take care of himself. I know other people have said this, but knowing how famous he will becomes worries me. It is so much pressure. Love you Adam. =)

  57. Jeanette, the pics are awesome and so are you – thanks sister Glamb!

  58. Love all the pics,, great hair he has when it’s swept up, love his variety of looks.

  59. Anyone in the San Jose concert be able to meet with Adam in person? or to the back stages? I was so sad that my bf doesn’t taking me to get his picture after the show…but I’m happy he’s with me in the show and he loves Adam too. 🙂

  60. This is A Whole Lotta Love show in San Jose, from the front row angle. The audio is not the greatest, but you see Adam’s Elvi’s hair up close. His performance also seems much more relaxed in San Jose than Portland. 🙂