TOUR VIBE – On Hanging Out With Drake, Jasmine, and Having an Arm Immortalized



Your never know who you’re going to run into while waiting in line to use the restroom! This is how our own Glambs Fan Club Leader Kelly tells the story…

Kelly, who attended the Dallas concert, was standing in line at the “family” restroom area with her daughter, Shelby. Shelby spotted Drake first, and Kelly waved to him in what she describes as an “idiotic way” since she knew he didn’t know her. Kelly said hi and told him that he didn’t know her, but that she had friended him on facebook. Drake laughed and said if it was the PVT one, that was not really him. Kelly said they talked about the show, and he asked if they were enjoying it. Of course, Kelly and her daughter said yes! When Kelly asked if they could take photos with him, Drake responded over and over that “he was nobody.” Kelly assured him that he was indeed someone!

Drake asked for their names and where they were from and agreed to the photos. Kelly describes him like this: “he is so cute, he had on a tank top and jeans and boots…he is a tiny little thing. Tats on arm and chest. Very well groomed…sweet as could be and very gracious.” Kelly showed him her bracelet of Adam, and Drake asked where she got it. She told him ebay, and he jokingly replied that he was gonna sell Adam’s old bed, and did she want to bid on it! He added that she must be a big fan to go to ebay. Kelly said she hated to buy something that Adam did not profit from, but that she got it early on and wanted to show her support for him.

Kelly says that they did not discuss Adam specifically as she did not think it was appropriate, and that she was interested in talking to Drake about Drake. Kelly felt that Drake probably gets slammed with Adam questions all the time.

And finally, Kelly called a friend of hers to say that she’d met Drake, and Drake actually took the phone and talked to her, too! He asked her why she wasn’t at the show, and the friend told him it was because she was in Illinois. He told her she better be at the other one “be there or be square.” Kelly said that Drake then made a funny face as though he wondered why he had said that. Drake told the friend that he thought Kelly was funny and that he loved her.

All in all Kelly thought that Drake was sweet and humble, and from her descriptions, I would have to agree. I have to admit that I had seen some photos and videos that didn’t portray Drake in the best light, so I’m happy to hear that in person he comes off as funny and unassuming.

Kelly’s excellent adventure didn’t end with meeting Drake. She also met Jasmine Murray, who was at the concert with her mom. They all talked a while at the 7Club inside the venue. Jasmine was in town for the week working on getting a record done.

And finally, last, but best of all, Kelly had the supreme good luck to get an autograph from Adam at the Tulsa concert – not on a photo or magazine, but on her arm! Kelly says she’s not washing it, and will take showers from now on holding the arm up!

Way to go, Kelly!!! All of us thank you for sharing your experiences and photos with us. And thanks to Drake, for being as sweet as we were hoping he was, and to Adam, for, well…being Adam.

~~Jeanette, on behalf of Kelly


  1. How Lucky was that! Drake sure is a QT. Sounds like a nice guy also. Fun story, appreciate it! The pics are great. Thank you.

  2. What a lovely story. I’m glad Adam and Drake are together — if Drake is as sweet as he sounds they both belong together. Thanks for your story 🙂

  3. What a lovely story. I’m glad Adam and Drake are together — if Drake is as sweet as he sounds they both belong together. Thanks for your story 🙂

  4. I think Kelly should go to a tattoo shop and have them make Adam’s signature permanent !!! I know I would. What a lucky lady.

    • AdamAddict says:

      I thought the same thing before I read your comment.Kelly should think that seriously! 😀

      • speechless says:

        I had a friend who did that last year with David Cook. It turned out amazing!! I would do it if i was young.. 🙂

  5. Wow! Thats a relief to know that Drake is a sweet guy. I too had seen and heard some things that made him look not-so-nice. Well I guess I should have had more faith I mean we all know what fabulous taste Adam has in clothes, makeup, jewelry, and music. Of course he would have great taste in guys as well.

  6. I’m curious, did Drake have cajun accent? What an awesome story.

    • Kelly Craig says:

      We all sound the same in the south to me.. So I am not sure of the accent.. He was so sweet though. Very cute…. my daughter did get Adam’s signature on the tour book… mine was only on my arm LOL

      • Lisette here..thenks for sharing yur lovli storyregarde to meeting Drake an he soundes charmante.An how wonderful to meet an av Adam signe yur arme..oh,la,la very special indeed.An agree I’d av to hold arm away from watre an showering as longe as well possible.An very nice yur daughter got autographs too..Ah I do enjoie reading all thes lovli articles an tour encounters of meeting our beauhearte Adam.Thinq I’d be a bit starstruck an just seein him thet close I’d be al loss for words an just stare into his crystal/bleu eyes for sure I’d liv up to blonde haire colour then..Wel neverminde thet will not be for awhile sadly as I av miss seeing those westcoast/an s.west concertes due to illness,an do hope still to attend somehow flying to eastcoast ones.Thenks for sharing with all us glamb an Adam’s angels I like to thinq! As I av mention for me always feel he’s an angel of musique..having loss parentes to cancer so thinq they send him an too l’worlde to share his superbe gifte to singe,danse an be a legend of millenium an heartes evrywhere! hugs n luv Lisettexoxo

  7. Kelly Craig says:

    Just so we are clear, Drake was at the DALLAS show when I met him. I met Adam at the Tulsa show… which, by the way, was much better than Dallas… As far as the accent, I am from Texas so we all sound alike! 🙂

    • Jeanette says:

      I apologize for mixing up the cities…I have edited my article to make the correction. Thanks, Kelly!

  8. Awwww I LOVE YOUR ARM! Can I save a pic of your arm in my phone? So awesome. I love Adam very much.

  9. What a wonderful experience for you, Kelliy and Shelby… good for you!

    Re. accents, I realize the south has a general ‘ southern accent” but i lived in Austin, Tex and there was every sort of accent. My neighbour thought I had a British accent but I know I speak much like TV broadcasters and/or California/west coasters.

  10. Great story! I wanted to comment too, on a story currently on-line. If it’s true, Adam and Kris were chatting backstage, when a fan rushed over and grabbed Adam’s hand. He flipped out because his nails were wet and she smeared them. My question is, why was a fan backstage in the first place, and why did she think she could run up to a performer and grab him? Not only did she invade his space without invitation, she could have had hostile intent. I don’t blame Adam for his reaction. She should have known better. But I suppose the media will play this up as proof that Adam is a “diva.”

    • Apologies, everyone. On the Adam Lambert “Official” website, it says this never happened and Adam said it never happened. Would make sense–I’m sure fans don’t run willy nilly backstage. And polish doesn’t take that long to dry–why would he be standing around backstage talking to Kris and nails still be wet? Some “hater” starting another story to bring Adam down, but sorry, it doesn’t have a prayer in affecting his fan’s mad love!

      • adamtastic1877 says:

        actually just for the record, nail polish DOES take a long time to dry (at least for me) like at least 10 minutes if i smear it

      • This is such a load of crap. By all accounts I’ve seen, the only Idols who have ever talked with fans *before* the shows are Matt and Michael. Most of them, including Adam, sequester themselves to save their voices and energy for the performance. So I knew this “story” was just that the first time I saw anything about it. The same source that is propogating this on the internet ( also says “rumor has it Adam won’t be doing any more meet and greets for the remainder of the tour,” this after he’s done several since the Florida craziness.

        Another one bites the dust.

    • adamtastic1877 says:

      aww…thats was rude of her!

  11. THERESA, hey, Terry! I was re-reading over on the Memphis page, and saw your question to me about the watch that was given to Adam that WAS ELVIS’ watch. I saw it prfesented to him on tv, I think, but it was while he was on stage at the YHA ceremony. There was only one watch hand made for Elvis, and he was gifted Elvis’ watch, I’m guessing it came via Lisa Marie, eventho the presenter did not say or mention
    Lisa Marie or Priscilla, but did say that this fall there are going to be copies of the watch for retail! Adam put the watch on and was VERY somber and truly appreciative for the obviously Big Deal gift, since HE was actually given Elvis’ own personal piece of jewelry. I’m sure you know, Terry, w/o me saying anything what a VERY BIG DEAL that was!! After the ceremony, Adam was interviewed behind the curtains off stage, and you might find that interview or the whole ceremony on youtube. Just check out the YHA ceremony, as a matter of fact, if I’m not mistaken, I think Kara was present on stage! Anyway, hope I answered your question, and apologize for missing it on 7-27! It was really very moving!
    peace-love-light 2 Adam and all Glambs!

    • Yes, Cheryl I found it after asking you yesterday. It was backstage (saw the video). It had originally been made for Elvis, just the one watch, and it was new. Elvis never got it. Now they are making them but Adam got the first one.Not only was he appreciative but he seemed to think the design was awesome and very current. We’ve seen him in a watch with a black strap so maybe that’s the one.

      We are ‘dying’ here in Vancouver, even Tacoma was 100 deg today, you’d think we were in the east!! ha ha

      • THERESA, thanks for that update! You know, I just could not remember what they said about Elvis wearing that watch, and now I know why!! He didn’t wear it! But, yeah, I remember Adam commenting on how cool it was and how genuine he was. I’ll check out the watch he’s wearing, you know, I’ve not even noticed that!!! I’m getting slow, here!!

        What in the world are you all doing with 100 degrees!!!! Good nite! It has been in the high 70’s-low 80’s here all summer! This has been the nicest summer in a long time! I barely use my a/c! OMG, be careful in that kind of heat! When it’s THAT hot I refuse to be out in it. Just run to the car, and run into whatever bldg I need to, but spend as little time as possible actually in the heat!!! Just wait a few months! Winter will be here sooner than you think! Hahaha!

    • Lisette here..hi Cheryl an Theresa too,ah I luved seeing when beau Adam recive thes very speciale watch on utube thinq as I hed non seen on tv.An agree it must have meante so very much to Adam being it was made for Elvis an having quest piece of jewelry sure he’ll trasur for always!Agan I’ll always espress ther’s a very uncanny resemblance to a young Elvis speciale when he wear’s his hair back away from his classique hansome features,his bone structure,around l’eyes an even his lips shapes,an in ballads soundes lot like Elvis in some of his oldre songes ..In Ring of Fire something aboute his inflectiones an velvettones as I av seen in an old film an in comeback special Elvis an Adam wearing black sleek fitting pants,facial espressiones,an sensual moves..okay sorry to go on..I get carrie away.Thenks agan for sharing Luv to all ..bisous Lisette!

      • LISETTE, yes, I love Adam in those pants in Ring o’ Fire!!! Goodness sakes alive!! And Elvis, I was so lucky to see Elvis before he died. Of course, I’ve got the video of the 68 Comeback Special. Wasn’t he just a gorgeous man!!! He liked the black leather, and Adam knows how hot the black looks on him and with his hair so hot!!! It’s easy to see, that whether Adam realizes it or not, Elvis has influenced him in so many ways tha it is hard to ignore!
        peace to you, Lisette…………..!

  12. I am from Texas, Houston, and I have heard Drake speak, and I believe that he does have a slight cajun accent. There are some You Tube videos of him touring Europe with friends also.

    Adam was fantastic as always, even though he did seem a little tired, or “off” while in Dallas.

    I met him face to face and he is absolutely breathtaking! His eyes hypnotize you when he looks straight at you! He is very slim and tall.

  13. AdamAddict says:

    U very lucky! I’m so jealous and happy 4 U at the same time.Drake seems a nice person.Talked to U and talked to the person in the phone.That’s so sweet!He can just ignore you guys because like he said,he’s nobody.But not only he did talked,but taking picture as well!Awww,I fell in love with this guy.So,I approve him with Adam!Hahaha!Yeah,right why the hell he needs our approval?LOL!
    I like when you said you just talked but not about Adam because he probably got that a lot.How much he likes Adam but it’s annoying if people keep asking about him,how he suppose to answer if people ask about Adam.They probably paparazi or something,right?Next thing he knows,everything he said to “Adam’s fan” in TMZ!U respect him,that’s good!Smart!
    And I really want to know this,please answer.I saw he’s pictures and noticed he has this long curl eyelashes.So,is that real?Did you asked him if he wearing mascara or something?Seriously,I kill for that curl eyelashes!!Aaargh!!So pretty!!

  14. adamfancajungirl says:

    I am from Louisiana and I live in the deep southern part of the state. I am a pure cajun woman and I have a cajun accent. I also speak cajun french. I watched a video with Drake speaking in it and I did detect a cajun accent. The town where he lives is not very far from where I live. I would love to know more about him and his family. Drake seems to be a very good person and I’m sure he’s good to Adam. Adam is so special and deserves the best that life can offer. Wish I could have seen him on tour,but they didn’t come to Louisiana. Hopefully I’ll get to see him on his solo tour one day.

  15. You idiots are delusional.

  16. Just wanted to tell Lisette: I love reading your posts!!

  17. I was wondering where you know to wait for the bus that they are on??? My friend and me are going to the grand rapids,mi concert. I would give anything for a picture or an autograph. How early should we get there???

  18. Christy L. says:

    Hi…this is Drake’s mom. I just wanted to respond to Kelly’s meeting with Drake. He is exactly as she described! Drake is a sweetheart. And yes, he is also very silly! That’s my favorite thing about him!! He has kept us laughing for 24 years!! I’m so glad that people out there are getting to see who he is. The media can portray you in an awful manner…and Drake is truly an amazing person. To Drake all of this publicity is strange. When people see him or follow him or talk to him, it’s something new to him. When I hear or see negative things about him, it makes me sad, because that is so not who he is. Adam also is an amazing person. He’s kind and generous…and loves his fans. They are both very down to earth people. As for Drakes accent…he does have a cajun accent. He lived in South Louisiana most of his life…a cajun doesn’t get rid of that accent very easily! But it’s a very cute accent…very unique! 😉 Anyway, I just wanted to say thanks for sharing your story about meeting Drake. I laughed through it thinking…yep, that was Drake! Thanks…you made my day!!

    • Christy L… I’m so glad you found this post! We have also dismayed at how he has been portrayed and when someone in our group actually got to meet him we were thrilled to hear the “real” story. Although I didn’t get to personally meet Drake (dang-it), my hubby is from Texas and so I understand about the slight drawl… even after being away from it for over 15 years!

      Kudos to you for bringing another wonderful soul into our lives!

    • Jeanette says:

      Christy, thank you for your post and for the additional insight into your son! He sounds like such a fun person and yet very humble and sweet. I wish I could have been there with Kelly to meet him! We’re glad you liked the article and that it made you laugh!

    • Thanks so much, Christy L, for your wonderful comment!

      What makes this AI Tour so much more amazing than any other are the warm, personal touches shared by you, Kelly’s meet-up with Drake, and other up-close tour experiences….(and I suppose, my involvement as Glamb#9 admin of this site which I wouldn’t have ever thought to do before there was “Adam”)! These shared encounters are a gift to the rest of us who weren’t there, and yet can feel the reality of it through yours and their eyes.

      I’m involved because of Adam’s incredible talent and persona; Adam obviously saw something so very sweet in Drake; Kelly saw it too, and you added the best touch of all!

      Sans being there myself, it just doesn’t get any better! So, thanks tons, Christy! Your kind words made a difference!

    • AdamRocks! says:

      Christy, thanks so much for posting. . . how cool to hear from you! And thank you for raising such a wonderful young man. 🙂

      Cindy in MS

    • Christy, how nice of you to post here! You and Leila have done a wonderful job raising two lovely young men.

      I have a seven-year-old son who already loves to dance and sing (and he’s quite good at both, if I do say so myself, although he sure didn’t get it from me or his father).

      The most important thing we can do as parents is not to shape and mold our children into our own images or who we think they should be, but to stand back and give them room (and support) to grow into exactly the people they are. You’ve both obviously done that to glorious effect.

  19. Just like SO many others, I’m interested in everything Adam! You’re doing GREAT a job with this site….It’s now one of my favorites. Thank you for all of your effort! I really enjoyed reading the comments from Drake’s mom and also some that I’ve seen elsewhere from Adam’s mom. Having a grown son myself, I can easily identify with them. We’re witnessing the birth of a super-star. I wish Adam all the success he deserves.