TOUR VIBE – American Idol Summer Tour 2009 – Wilkes-Barre, PA

A MAD WORLD: Choosing between Cruise Ships or Lambert’s Lips – A Glamb Fan’s Salty Saga

Nooo, — not just one, – but crazily, I bought TWO tickets to the same American Idol show coming up. It appears that Row M was only good enough until a seat opened up the next day a mere FOUR ROWS FROM THE STAGE where Adam would be singing on September 9th in Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania. The seat is so close that I should be able to see sweat glistening on his velvet eyeliner from there! I am PUMPED!


So, can you tell? I’m not just a fan, I’m also a “Glamb,” Glamb #9, to be sure, and seeing Adam perform in person is an incredible priveledge which I have been anxiously looking forward to for months!


Then, in an incredible twist of fate… I was offered an expense-paid cruise that directly overlaps the Sept 9th concert date. Hmmm. Did I mentioned the cruise was expense-paid? Did I mention my seat to see Adam Lambert is only FOUR teeny rows from the stage?? CAN YOU BEGIN TO FEEL MY DILEMMA???


I’M IN SHREDS over this! It’s not like I get to do either of these things very often – or ever. Suddenly I have two world-class things to do, but…. at the very same time… and I have to choose between them! If they were even just a few days more apart, I could do both. But they’re not. And all the rest of the year I’ll be sitting like a lump doing nothing, going nowhere. It IS a MAD WORLD!


It would be insane to turn down the cruise; but forfeiting this opportunity to see Adam makes me antsy because my last dream of seeing my long-time music hero, Paul Simon, in concert, took nearly 40 years. 40 YEARRRRS! I was 11, for goodness sake, when I first made that wish! I simply cannot wait another lifetime to see Adam! With that track record, it makes the choosing even tougher!



  • Ohhhh….I am so going to miss your moves and grooves and liner and glitter and sweat……ahem…oh, and your incredible voice!
  • You have some of the warmest, most giving and selfless fans behind you – some of which are my fellow Glambadministrators of this site who are taking up my share so that I can set out to sail the salty sea – as well as the AWESOME FANS dedicated to you and this site!
  • Thank you, Adam, for already making big dreams come true for your fans by reaching so many on your extensive tour! How fortunate are the fans who get to see you! They will be empowered with that memory the rest of their lives.

    As for me, sailing ships means losing Lambert’s lips, and I’ll have to flip the big Father Timer over again and hope that it’s not another 40 years before hearing my fav performer in person!



    How about throwing me and others who will miss the show a life saver and email your stories, pics, and references to videos of the Sept 9th concert to  so we can see what we’re missing, …p-l-e-a-s-e!    


  1. How far is Wilkes Barre, Pa from Columbus, OH?

    • Lisette here, thenks for yur post Oboat..sorry regarde yur serieux dilema an agree althout yu av cruiseline ticket booked,would selete to see beau Adam given thos seats in 4th row!An now plese dont feel alone..I reside in US here an am sad nevre seeing any citie tours..As I have doctor advise not to an ill health,have been saying from l’commence.So Im very thenkful for a place thet existes as Glambs site here..Adam’s best tribute page..One with lovli people sharing ther passione,adoration,jublilation in ther esperiences seeing a concerte thru ther magnificente stories! Also being gracious to share any photos au videos of our beau artiste,vocaliste an humanitarian with couer d’or(golde),celeste voix an face d’angeli..can go on for always.Thinq yu av seen passe poste.So m’amie it’s up to yu now..we can only suport whech event yu selecte..An very cute to sail ships au miss Adam’s luscious lips an all above! description for him too. Take care an know ther’ are many here from arounde l’world as well who av espress same given Adam has non yet been abroad..So let’s hope Adam’s solotour will be way before thos 40 yrs yu mentione.With that in minde yu can rest assure Adam shall have many tour before above mention amounte it took to see yur othre best artiste Paul Simon..There now do yu feel bettre! hugs from Lisette in S.west Nevada..non so far least non across l’mers now!!xoxo luv to all glambs gals an fellows! J’adore Adam..always Luv Lisettexoox

    • Shirlee, I know what you’re thinkin!! Go for it girl.

    • cheryl norman says:

      JEANETT E, Is your b’day Sept 1st ??? I read on this thread that someone thought it was your birthday!
      Think it was Emili.. If so; HAPPY BIRTHDAY JEANETTE!!!!

      If I’m wrong, never mind. (sigh) would feel stupid!

      HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU!! HOW OLD ARE YOU ?????? somnewhere around 29 ???


      • cheryl norman says:

        THERESA,, Who are you talking about??? Who is the author? Sell their tickets? Terry, for those of us who
        you did not type this to, and who are just nosey, what are you talking about?? Hahaha!!! Cherry

  2. LibraLamb7 says:

    Personally…I don’t see the dilemma here. No mere cruise, expenses-paid or not, would keep me from prostrating myself shamelessly at the feet of Mr Adam Lambert! FOUR rows from him!!! Are you kidding me??? I’d do anything to be there…SCREAMING my fool head off & DANCING along with him…Just to be breathing air in the same space with HIM would be heaven! Cruise ships will always be sailing, but when will you ever get this chance to see HIM up close & personal again? Maybe never! Even if he has future tours & concerts in your area, as big a STAR as our Adam is destined to become, this may be the last time he’ll be this accessible to his fans. Already he has stalkers & kooks who endanger his safety. I sure hope you’ve given your concert seat to someone who appreciates this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. Bon voyage!

    • AllaboutAdam says:

      I gotta agree – don’t want to “miss the boat” on seeing Adam – NO WAY. As one who has been there – just 3 rows from the stage…. it was WELL worth it….And I would give up anything to be there again.

      • I have to agree with the previous posts. It also matters what cruise line. Some I would pass on anyway. But to miss Adam row 4– I wouldn’t. I was in row 4 also.– Once in a lifetime experience for me.. A cruise is not. But everyone is different so make the right choice for you..

  3. AdamAddict says:

    Out of topic for a sec! IYLENEIDOL09, I don’t know what time is it there but in Malaysia it’s 12 am! That means now is SEPT 1st!! So,
    It’s your birthday,right? I think I read your post before and you said your birthday is on Sept 1st!! 🙂

    • cheryl norman says:

      IYLENEIDOL OH! SO IT’S YOUR BIRTHDAY!!! Let me add my Happy Birthday to you, too!!! How old are you, now? Oh, shouldn’t ask such a personal question? OK, sorry! Then just tell us about your most embarrassing moment in the last 75 years! Thank you Adamaddict for letting the whole world know!!!!
      Have a very good day, and eat some cake for me!!! Cheryl

      • Iylene, Happy Birthday to you. Hope you celebrate big time. I bet I know what your’re wishing for.
        I wont tell anyone. Hope you have a great day!

      • Helen/Canada says:

        Happy Birthday Iylene. Now close your eyes and make a wish……….

  4. AdamAddict says:

    Who is this dilemma person? Glamb#9!! I know everybody will choose Adam but expense paid cruise sound nice too,you know? Why must pick one while can pick both!! If I was her,hmm I’ll pick that paid cruise!!Let me finish…,I sell that Adam 4th row ticket!! Then, buy Adam ticket in his next performance,next city or next next city!! When someone get hurt because they can’t get a ticket,maybe they are blessed when this dilemma person sell the tickets to them! Miracle!! So, maybe that happens to this Glamb#9 too! When she frustarated she sold her 4th row tickets then somebody with urgent matters or got cruise offer or whatever, sell it to her??!! Maybe not 4th row but maybe front row!! I mean that happens a lot to Glambs,right?If not front rows,it’s still front enough to see Adam!! So, maybe this will happen to her too!! That way she can have both!! 😀

    • TheFeyNan(Nancy) says:

      Your heart, dear, is as endearing as your humor. Those are precious thoughts indeed. Grt Karma, you can’t beat it anywhere!!!! Waiting on mine for the tickets I gave…Blessings 2 all

      • AdamAddict says:

        Awww,thank you Nancy! That’s so sweet of you! I hope you will get the tickets!! Front row! 🙂

  5. Choosing between a cruise and Adam hmmmm-esp. with fourth row seats. I would check very carefully into the cruiseline that is offering this trip. Do they pay for air fare? Are you totally sure this is illigit? What kind of amminities are offered. A cruise can be pretty boring unless there are lots of things to do while you are sailing. Just asking. I wouldn’t want you to be disappointed in your choice. Check it out!!!!!!!!!!Good luck

  6. WOW….what a dilemma….I have 2nd row center seats for the Sept 9 show and I wouldn’t give them up for ANYTHING…..I went to the Aug 9 show in Newark and it was unbelievable….everyone says he put on the BEST show that night because he had his Mom and Dad there and lots of their friends and his friends….he was HOT, HOT, HOT !!!! I’m ready for Sept 9…..
    Have fun on your Cruise…..we’ll tell you all about Adam after we see him….

  7. AdamAddict says:

    Why there’s no more World Idol? I want World Idol!! I want Adam presenting America! Can runner up do that??!! I want to make my butt numb again by sitting for hours voting for Adam!! This time Adam wins!! But for now, let’s just vote this one!

    • AdamAddict thanks for the link, I have just voted for Adam.

      • AdamAddict says:

        I guess we have to vote over and over again! Clay suddenly become number 2 now!! Urgh!! Why??!! NO WORRIES,ADAM!! HERE COMES MY VOTES!!!!

        • Several times a day, how on earth did Clay there?

          • Clay is getting votes here, guys!! We don’t want Clay beats our Adam,do we??!! I won’t get any sleep for months if that happens!! VOTE ADAM!! 🙂

    • Helen/Canada says:

      How do you FIND these things??? But thanks, I just voted. He’s way ahead of everyone! Is that a surprise??—NOT!!!

      • AdamAddict says:

        Lots asked me before,it’s embarassing to answer this many times but for you let me embarass myself again! I HAVE NO LIIIIFEEEEE!!!! But please keep it between us this time,okay??!! All right, shhh!! 🙂

    • Helen/Canada says:

      Please repost the link on an updated post so more people will vote. I certainly don’t want that yucky Clay Aiken anywhere near our Adam!

  8. I think you’re doing the right thing. Adam is going to be around for a very, very long time and you will get many opportunities to see him when he tours; because he will tour. As much as I loved the AI summer tour the short time that Adam was on stage (as amazing as he is) is not worth missing a cruise over (did I say that out loud?). And I think Adam would agree, especially if you’ve never been on a cruise before, and hopefully you’re going somewhere exciting. Have a great time and Adam will be all the more sweet when you see him in full concert.

    • HI, how long will you be at the showhome by False Creek? I do want to drop in, Janet. I am off on Fri morning to Seattle to fly to Milwaukee, ,to drive to Grand Rapids to see our dear Adam yet again!!!

  9. Here’s my KC Concert write up – I didn’t take any pictures because I wanted to live in the moment per se and there is NO shortage of Adam pictures on here. The concert was @ The Sprint Center in downtown KCMO. It was PACKED. I could not believe the age range of people going into the concert. Remember how some people got upset when Adam told some crowds to “dance bitches” – they got upset because of children in the audience etc. In my opinion, children under about 15/16 were in the minority and I think most people that age or younger would have found the show kind of boring. Hey – it’s not exactly the Jonas Brothers or High School Musical. 🙂 I really thought all the idols did a fantastic job and I could see where the American Idol judges probably really affected the way some of them performed on the show. They were all relaxed and fun and interacted with the crowd. The ones who stood out for me, however, were Lil Rounds, Danny Gokey (he was outstanding), Allison, Kris ( he was amazing) and – of course – Adam. Lil Rounds was outstanding. I hope she is able to get a recording contract. When it was time for Adam’s set, EVERYONE stood up for his entire performance. He was, as usual, phenomenal. Since I’ve watched most of his tour performances on the internet, his set was somewhat anticlimactic for me from the standpoint that I knew what songs were coming. He introduced Allison as his “little sister” when it was time for their Foghat duet. Nobody threw bras onstage – just a white feather boa during “Slow Ride”. I wouldn’t expect bras/sex toys here though as Kansas tends to be a somewhat conservative state/state of mind. In summation, when it was time for Adam to come on stage, everyone stood up as i stated previously. I had two sixtysomething women sitting next to me. They stood up with the rest of us and the one said to me, “THIS is what we’ve all been waiting for!!!” LOL

  10. Isn’t the Reading show the night before??? I’m sure someone from that area would upgrade their seats and make an even trade.. Then you could do both 🙂 I wish i had Reading tickets to bargain with…


    • Adamfan1, sounds great.

    • I ordered one, too, but I don’t think I’ll get mine for a while yet. Good cause, plus gives me one more Adam thing to look forward to.


      • Thanks Theresa, I proudly wore it today to walmart… lol That doesn’t sound very classy I know, but you would have thought I was out on the town wearing diamonds.. I can’t help that I have to live in the real world, but I enjoyed every second of wearing this pendant around my neck knowing that Adam bares the same symbol on his inside wrist and has his signature stamped on the back. Just a silly little thing that made me smile all day.. And that was worth the price.. Makes me feel just a little piece closer to our boy.. Our sexy, hot and incredibly talented man.. I mean, ” our boy”… (fanning self)
        GLamb # 435 Adam fan # 1

        • Admfn, Oh, Iove you you described your feelings wearing your pendant. That made me feel
          warm and fuzzy, I want to order one . And that symbol will keep you safe, like he said , he
          liked the meaning of the eye symbol of safe keeping.

          • Admfn, I meant to say I love how you described your feelings. Geez.

            • AdamAddict says:

              Admfan1 woke up at 4am just to buy that pendant!! Everybody, let’s give her a standing ovation for that!! ~applause~ 🙂

  12. Dianne Hill says:

    You have to go on the cruise. Why!!! Well because it is all expenses paid and if you go to the Idol tour you only get to see – what half an hour of Adam. Go on the cruise, save up your money and when Adam’s album is released there will be a tour of him and him alone, then go to that. Just imagine a whole concert of just Adammmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm. Then you will have memories of both. Its a cruise, all expenses paid for god’s sake.

  13. Go on the cruise that is what you decided and its a good decision. Don’t know why good things come pouring down on some people until it almost knocks them out. But next year the Adam Lambert Glam-Tour starts and I already told my hubby I will be a Glam-Head. Take this opportunity to rest up for next year. Patience is a very good virture.

    Are you convinced now?

  14. Evette #419 says:

    I totally sympathize with you. This is the concert (W-B) that I have to miss as well. Can’t get the transportation there and back. I live in W-B……..its a looooooooooong and very boooooooooring story.
    Anyway, I’ll be sitting at home thinking of ADAM! Wish I had his CD now to cuddle with, I mean listen to. At least you have a cruise to go on! Choices are always difficult. I hope you made the right one for you. Anyway, ADAM will be touring with his new CD, I’m sure of it. And you, my dear, can be first in line!!!!! AdamAddict, thanks for the link, so cool I voted right away!!! You are so cool AdamAddict! You make me laugh every single day!!!!!!

  15. have a great show!!! the closer the better. I was in row 8. must say, tho, that the whole experience was so overwhelming i hardly remember it!!! kinda like a dream. im hopin $$$$$$ millions for adam…he deserves it. we all luv him sooooo much. can anyone b more beautiful???? think not!!!!

  16. hI! I have been on lots of cruises over the year to the Caribbean….well, yes, they are fun, but personally, I would not give up the opportunity to see Adam in person in the fourth row! Just my humble opinion.

    Take care and good luck!


  17. Sorry Dee, but I’m gonna have to say that Philly was the best show by far! I have 2 tickets Section 105 for Reading if you wanted to buy them – Iupgraded mine – not 4 rows back, but still an option!!!!!

  18. This is Debra aka Bunchito If I had a chance to see Adam again and in the 4th row no less versus going on a cruise, I would go for the heart[pounding, jaw-dropping experience of hearing that incredible voice and seeing those beautiful eyes and those mesmerizing hips.

    Sure a cruise is relaxing and healthy but seeing Adam that close would be akin to seeing a beautiful sunset, swimming in the glorious ocean and hang gliding all rolled into one!

    All the thrills and chills of an vacation adventure with great scenery! Lol I only saw him once in Albany NY and I really wish that I could see him again. I had one of the best times I’ve had in a long time.

  19. Hi Sue,
    I’ll have to check out the Philly videos….maybe I feel Newark on 8/9 was the best since I was there! lol…..I’m looking forward to 9/9 when I’ll see him again in Wilkes-Barre…..I can hardly stand it!!!