TOUR VIBE – American Idol Summer Tour 2009 – Washington, DC

***UDATED – VIDEOS ADDED & DC INTERVIEW (Reporter D-, Adam A+)*** The gang is in DC for a show on Tuesday, August 4th at the Verizon Center. Here are some notes from the road…

First things first! Michael tweets, “Guys we see doctors all the time. That is our way to stay healthy. Nothing is wrong with Adam. He is sitting here jamming to music.” I’m thinking this was in response to fans tweeting Michael asking about Adam. Adam’s fans do worry about him, and it seems that any time Adam does not sign after a show, speculation runs wild.

For those of you who want to see for yourself that Adam is well, check out this Bubble Tweet from Danny. It features Kradam and Manny (too funny!!!):

Matt also tweeted about being in DC. “We’re at a museum and this employee says ‘you look like that guy from AI’…I responded with ‘no but I get that all the time’ then left.” Matt followed up with this tweet: “Loving the museum. Even though we can’t stop referencing ‘Night At The Museum.’”

Matt left this Twitpic called “Attack of the Butterflies!!!!” It’s hilarious!

Dang, do I ever wish Adam’s twitter was working. It would be so nice to hear these kind of things from him!

I know from your comments that some of you will be attending the Washington and Baltimore shows. We hope you can share your thoughts on the shows later in the week. The Baltimore show will be Wednesday, August 5th, followed by an off-day on the 6th. The gang hits New Jersey for the weekend.

If you have photos and/or videos from either this concert or any of the past concerts, please email them to us! We never, ever tire of seeing Adam in action. Our email address is

~~Jeanette, Glamb #5


  1. I am still wondering if Adam is at least having some voice box troubles. He sang a few octives lower in Greensboro…he still sounded awsome…..but a lot lower and same for the vid heard of him doing Starlight. For his sake I hope he got a lot of rest today. I hope he doesn’t over do his voice in DC because I am going to see him in Baltimore.

  2. All Glambs make a note! I just happened to stumble upon this site called a few minutes ago. They sponsor a contest to win tickets to Adam’s concerts and also give away special BACKSTAGE PASSES after the show to one lucky winner. There is a donation of $1 for each entry. They use PayPal, and it looks entirely legit. The next contest ends on Aug. 4th for the Aug. 11th Nassau, NY concert. Maybe someone from among us will win! Here is the link:

    • Dear Jeanette and Dreamsound,

      Please release my comment above from moderation as soon as possible. It provides the link for a contest to win tickets to Adam’s Aug. 11th concert in Nassau Ny, and the give-away also includes backstage passes! The deadline for entering is Aug. 4th, just two days away. Thanks so much!

      • I also just noticed that the contest also will supply airline tickets and hotel costs, yikes! Somebody should try to win it from among us Glambs!

        • Oh nuts, Jeanette, it looks like the contest is over TOMORROW, sorry about that. I just did find their website myself about 45 minutes ago. But some of us still might be able to get in under the deadline. I do hope you see this note in time!

          • Also, Jeanette, I posted this same string of notes at the bottom of the three threads just behind this one, so disregard them, they have the same message as this one. I wanted to be sure they were seen. Thanks!

            • Jeanette says:

              Guys, this “contest” looks fishy to me. Any contest that asks for money to enter sounds like a scam to me, so I would not enter if I were you.

              • Marie/Toronto says:

                Agreed. Sounded strange from the first post I read about it. Don’t fall for it ladies.

              • Looking over their site again and delving into the background of the owners, the site does look a little off the wall. I looked at the profile of the owner, and even though a site promoting the best of the new gay artists is a worthy reason for a website, the rest of the profiles and blogs looked seamy. I didn’t think a $1 donation was very large especially since PayPal was being used, but of course, PayPal can be used for the wrong purposes too. There just wasn’t enough good information given about the contest, past winners, and futher contest details, etc. So, I do apologize to everybody, I was hoping it was for real, but on further close research, it looks very iffy as Jeanette wisely observed. Please ignore the contest. Thank you.

                • Jeanette, if it would be a good idea and you can do it from your end of it, go ahead and delete my posts concerning the ‘Adam Giveaway’ contest. I was really trying to be helpful to everyone, but I really picked the wrong thing to share with everybody. That site owner was fairly clever in the way he appropriated that ‘official-looking’ header, it was one of the things that fooled me into thinking the site was legitimate. You are obviously much more aware of these ploys than I am. Anyway, I am quite upset and embarassed, so if you want to delete all this, please do. Thanks so much.

                  • LORRIN, Hey, kiddo, you are always looking out for everyone!!! You had great
                    intentions, as usual!! Fo not, i repeat DO Not be upset! Man, you are just being
                    too nice – as usual!!!!! Good grief, Lorrin, FlamingGlambFinger’s for Adam!!!!
                    Hahaha!!! Just cool your tootsie, or I may have to hurt you!!! Haha! So, let’s see
                    that pretty nice little smile of yours, come-on, come-on,,,,,,,,now, that’s better!!
                    I would have hated to hurt our FlamingGlambFingers this early in our relationship!!
                    But, you know I would if I had to!
                    love&peace, Tootsie.

                    • I am in the DOGhouse, wail, wail! I will suffer past this little episode of my disgrace, and try to move onward….but thank you, Cheryl for your kind words and threats of whomping me a good one…especially when you say, ‘Fo not, Fo not’, that is so comforting…..

                  • Lorrin, I refuse to allow you to beat yourself like this! You make the rest of us feel more normal, though! You are such a perfectionist so this is funny and as always, YOUR INTENTION WAS TO OPEN UP AN FANTASTIC OPPORTUNITY FOR ALL GLAMBS! … and you went about it with your usual fervor … so our dear Lorrin, Lady Shakespeare, as your namesake would say, “To err is human, but to forgive is divine”, so forgive yourself, we have forgotten (there was nothing to forgive! “Thou lady, doth protest too much.”

                    See below, Cheryl feels the same! The Fo not, Fo not, is just another addition to Cheryl-speak.

                    • LORRIN AND INGRID, my dear editors!!!! Of cours, I HAD to make that little
                      skrew-up, didn’t I!!! When I saw your two little ‘sweet peas” comments, I knew
                      NOTHING HAS CHANGED!!!! I mean, cut me a break!!!!! Hahahaha!! You both
                      made me crack up – yet AGAIN!!! So, Lorrin, you’re in the ‘doghouse’, eh?
                      You still have those quick eyes, like Sherlock, and can pick up on any little
                      mistake, still!! Just tell me, when are you ever in the ‘doghouse’ bad enough
                      that you just don’t care enough about skrew-ups to mention them???!!!
                      Huh???? Can you answer me that???!!!! Well, can you????? You and Ingrid
                      do like to ‘gang up’ on me don’t ya? Does it give you two a little ‘head rush’???
                      Well, does it??? Huh??? Just answer me that!!! Yeah, just as I thought!!!!
                      you know “to err is human”. So every once in a while I ‘err’ TOTALLY ON
                      PURPOSE just to see if you two can catch it! Yeah, it’s really just a ‘test’ for you
                      both!! “I learn, then I teach”!!! See??? Trying to keep you both alert for your
                      own good! Well, I accomplished that task, now I’m off to bed for a few more
                      zzzzzzzs, then I’ll be at my best next time I sit down w/MadBddrt!!!

                    • Cheryl, this is actually in response to your post below!

                      What did you say, “once IN A WHILE you screw up”! Alright Cheryl, if you insist. We always cut you some slack, there’s no more elasticity left. Okay, here’s my screw-up for the day. To see or not to see, THAT IS THE QUESTION, CHERYL!

                      I know that you absolutely love it when we tease you and in fact, you not so subtly encourage it. Oh well, now fine, Cheryl – peace and love to you, Ma Cherie!

                    • INGRID, Well, my dear, I was going to say something really clever, but
                      unfortunately, I posted you a note way below, thinking I was responding to
                      you, but after I got done, I realized it was Lorrin – anyway, I don’t have a leg
                      to stand on now!!!!! No comments about this!!!! Now, I mean it!!!! I’ll just take
                      the 2 from you and Lorrin above and insert foot!


              • AdamAddict says:

                You right,Jeanette! No contest ask for money to enter.They using Adam’s name to get profit! But Lorrin thanks for thinking of us.So sweet of you. We all know you meant well.Nobody blaming you,I know I don’t! 🙂

                • Thank you, dear AdamAddict, it is so nice of you to say that. I really thought I had something pretty neat there for a few minutes! But I sure didn’t.

                • anyone who has not ‘clicked’ on LEIL’S LINKS below, please do your eyes and heart
                  a big favor and ‘CLICK ON’!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11111
                  OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I can’t tell if my heart is racing or slowing!!!!!!!!!!! OMG!!!!!!
                  I am speechless!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                  My favorite is the one where has on the silver PANTS!!!!!!!!!!! OMG!!!!!!

                  THANK YOU LEIL FOR THIS LINK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!

              • Lisette here..thenks agan Jeanette I just view site an althout person look legitimate with a lovli photo with Adam..I too av been conned an had credit card scam by donating for charitie non less an buyin merchandise online..Since only too use with toll free numbre,an not online..Residing in a town where highest for identitie careful agree! hugs Lisette

              • i concur. it’s a scam. Just think $1 from every Adam fan. They scoop up the money and run and no one ever knows who “won”. stinks.

            • LORRIN, as usual, Lorrin, yourd heart is in the right place, Flamin g Fingers!!! Tou tried, now get out there and win us some tickets!!! Win us some Adam, better yet!!!!! Come on, now you can do it!
              Thank you for looking after us Glambs! I’m going to check a few threads and go to bed. It is now
              9:00m tUES. MORN AND i HAVEN’T BEEN TO SLEEP YET, so I’m going to bed soon, and will talk back at ya, soon!
              peace-love-love,,,,4Adam………..and you.

  3. What I don’t understand is this….why doesn’t Adam comment on someone elses twitter? Even the Idoltour twitter, no one seems to comment on that one. last on on there was like july 17. I am just tired of having to check out everyone’s twitter to see little bits and pieces of Adam.

    • Irene, he actually did, in a way. If you log in and search for danny gokey there is a ‘bubbletweet’ with Adam talking to us. He says he will personally (bubbletweet) tell us when he is up and running again. I also read somewhere where he said he is not fond of posting all his doings but we do not need all the details, we just want a nice greeting now and then like Kris does,he doesn’t tell us much.

      In the meantime if you follow some of the others like Micheal and Scot, they tell us what the Idols are up to.

      • Iyleneidol09 says:

        I agree with Irene and Theresa. Why can’t Adam create a new twitter account and start all over again. I visited all 8 twitter sites to get a glimpse of Adam. I thnk it is Adam and Scott that does not have a twitter site. I think Adam is not the type to sit and type away. He has a little “ADD” (not criticizing my Adam) remember? So I don’t think he cannot stand just sitting still and do that. Probably, when he’s a big star already, he can hire his brother Neil, who loves blogging, to do it for Adam… I just can’t get enough of Adam to and would like more and more….can’t get enough of Adam…. that’s all.

      • THERESA, thank goodness someone in that bunch likes to talk!!! Here goes Adam being a little mysterious again! Love him for that! Love him for a lot more!!! He’s too cool to tweet!! Haha!
        He’s too sexy for his ‘tweet’!!!

  4. Thanks again, Jeanette, but I have had problems. Except for Scot’s pics on twitter I cannot see a photo when I click on those twitpic sites. I always sign in to twitter as well, still no pic? What am I doing I wonder? Would you know? I have no problem with the bubble tweets.

    • Jeanette says:

      If you click on the links in the article they should open for you. They’re working for me, so if they’re not working for you I don’t know what to tell you. To see the Bubble Tweet you could also just go to Danny’s twitter and click on the link there…the Bubble should open.

      • Lisette here..thenksJeanette for all yur updates an latest regardes to new tour date schedules..An regarde to above subject:twitter..unsure how to use.Can anyone assiste as I av other accounte myspace,utube,yet no twitter.. hugs for who ever can help me.
        Only way I view twitter bubble(whatever yu call),is when in utube account an see other;spost on ther page Im behind times.. hearde Whoppie Goldberg on View mentiones she too is,As other hosts tweet all time,Whoppie says give me old fashione phone, neverminde none of yu tweet me now(to Joy,Barbara, an Elizbeth..several month ago,funny! blessings an luv Lisette!

        • Lisette just type in “” and look up where it says “log in” or “create an account” on the home page.

          • Lisette here..thenks so much Theresa an just sign in agan late in day (aug.4th)..alrite then will let yu know how it goes! Luv an blessings Lisette!Hopful ther’ll be non glitches..An regardes to yur camera from other post dont worrie sure yur photos will be very memoirable an ones to it’s bit of Adam’s historie to becoming a legendary seein he’s still able to reach out to his fans..perhaps in future may non be same..As ther’s already been some aftre show non sad..Angel blessings for him! hugs Lisettexox

  5. HEY GLAMBS!!!

    Those who live in New York city. Try to find out if any of the idols will perform in Central Park on one of those days, Aug 6 or close by. It was in a concert list I saw a few days ago and I cant find it now.

    • Theresa
      The Good Morning America Concert series says:

      Friday, Aug. 7 — David Cook, Kris Allen and Adam Lambert.

      This is their link:

      I have my DVR set to record it. I have heard that the concert comes on at the end of the show but I don’t want to miss any of it.

    • THERESA, I remember heaqring this months ago!! I had told my son about it, so I’m sure of that!! But, now I don’t remember the details except that David Cook, Adam and Kris will all be headlining!! Since the Good Morning show is Aug. 6, I bet that is the date!! Maybe it will be on PBS? I’ve seen every Concert In The Park ever, but it was always on PBS, I think. – ? I’m sure someone will have the info soon!

    • Adam, Kris and David Cook will be performing in Central Park on Friday morning, August 7, as part of a series sponsored by Good Morning, America (ABC). Normally, their concerts are 8:30 a.m. to 9 a.m. Pacific Time (you can work it out for your time zone) which much promo-ing leading up to then. You should be able to find it easily – just find out when GMA is on in your time zone and watch the last half hour.

      • Lisette here..agan thenks all for above schedules of Adam’s tv appearances..I rarely here thes news as not awake early du to fibromyalgia..I ll reste to see beau Adam,as I av not yet seen his anything where he singes..lovli!! hugs an”Glamb gals”! xoxo Luv, Lisette

        • Me neither Lisette but some things rate setting the alarm clock!! ha ha

          • Lisette agan!Oh do so agree now just notice yur reply to me..Seconde thet emotion an will be retiring to bed early to ensure am up for beauhearte Adam..can never miss,unless perhaps ther was a blackout,earthquake,or othre disastre(even have to leavve dvd running if al work non mattre..It be like tryin to say non to a favorite patiserrie au gelato..vanilla an chocolatmint truffles in front of me..have to indulge!Oops pardon Adam yu’re bettre then dessert if ever to visite! Hugs an luv Lisettexoxo

      • Marie/Toronto says:

        Unless I’m confused, I think that it’s filmed live from New York, so that would be 8:30 -9:00 East Coast Time, and then shown in repeat for the other time zones.

        So, the other time zones also get it at 8:30-9:00, it just won’t be live for them.

  6. Can someone who’s seen the show tell me if Adam favors the right or left side of the stage (as you’re looking at it)?


    • After attending a show and looking at dozens of videos he favours the centre first of all, and it seems the right side when you are facing the stage seems to get more of Adam than the left does.

      • THERESA, THANK YOU!!!! My seat is facing the ‘right’ side as you face the stage!!!! Anyone hearing of
        an old woman laying in the isles at the VanAndel concert, ah, that would be me!

        • Cheryl, now who is old???? When this this happening? I need a blow by blow account after the concert!

          • Lisette here..visite as having bit of insomnia..Cheryl never minde noone is old..we’re all younge al hearte,seeing yu adore Adam an all,he makes everyone feel a joie de vivre
            never feel thes way now alrite?!!I’d always say thes when ma mama was with me seein many a concerte..She was a very younge an beautiful I say use to resemble actress Maureen O’hara an recall once standin online to see old 60’s duo of Righteous brothers here in town..We had seats toward mid to back,a manager notice non myself,but mama who had lovli figure for her 60 plus yers,was bending to place nice highheels(thes was in 90’s .I was just old enough to see them..all can say is we were al of sudden escorte to have vip seat in front(thes was before computer seleted seats an one can upgrade in s.west Nevada touriste area..Mama was very flattered as she always felte like yu say older..then feelin good Adam’s songe si va! Hugs Lisette!

            • LISETTE!!! What a beautiful thing to say! And your Mama sounds like a little ‘hot mama’ herself
              in her day!! How great a memory is that?!!!!! Well, thank you for the encouragement!!! It’s all
              ‘relative’, I guess!!! My Mother always thought I looked like Suzanne Pleshett, my sister says
              Liz Taylor!!! I say, myself!! But, I’m comfortable w/myself, today!!! I think I look better than some
              and not as good as some others!!! Blessings galore to you, Lisette!!

            • Yes Lisette, thank you for sharing the story about your Mom. Your mom would have loved adam! I agree with Cheryl – sounds like your Mama was quite a catch in her day! Love and hugs, Ingrid!

  7. Is anyone on this site a twitter expert? I am a twitter member but maybe something is wrong. I can see all the bubbletweets just fine. But when it is a twitpic and I click on it I get a page but no picture, all the other stuff is there. Only Scot’s picture came out when I clicked on one of his twitpics. It is not a major big deal but Id like to learn. Maybe I have to set something regarding photos?

    Maybe one of you young’uns can help me???

  8. So what is the latest with Adam’s Twitter account? I see no entries after July 15th. I thought it was fixed but did it get hacked again or something?

    Also, am I correct in understanding that I have to go to the Twitter site to see Adam’s twits (when they start again, that is)? Why can’t I get them on my cell phone? Is it because Adam turned off the device setting?

    Sorry – as you can see, I am new at Twitter. I joined solely to follow Adam.

    • Hi Songwriter4adam, – in looking at my Twitter tonight, I see that Adam has started posting again. You remember that his account is under the name adamlambert. Here is his latest Tweet: “Hey guys it’s Adam, I got my Twitter running back. I want to give a shout to for the support. Thank you guys, love you all.”

      It’s so good to hear he’s back again! And yes, his account was hacked, and I have no idea how they went about fixing it. I’m not sure why you’re not receiving on your cell phone, but I would venture to say it is only because he was off Twitter for that period of time. Check and see if he’s on there now. I hope this is helpful.

      • AdamAddict says:

        That’s not his latest tweets.That’s old one and it’s from the fake Adam! That’s on July15!Last 1 he post on July 12!”Dance with me…” also fake one! He’s twitter still not fix yet.I wonder how long it will takes.Adam said,when he got his twitter back he will say it from his own delicious mouth! I add the delicious part,of course! hee hee! Seriously,I don’t think anyone fix it for him,because it had been a very long time.Geez,WTH?
        But I see adam never write much before. I read somewhere,saying he doesn’t have to let everyone know what he’s doing now.That’s why he always write a short & simple statement,like “Portland Rock” That’s it! 2 words! LOL!!cute! He said to 1 of the interviewer”what else do you want,I can’t write everything I did” when asked about twitter.(something like that,but he said with a laugh not like seriously,U know)I guess he’s not creative like the rest.Matt really enjoying his twitter.I hope when Adam got his twitter back,he’ll share more with us but don’t expect much!LOL! Hey,I don’t care if he write “Hi,guys,love U all” and I’m jumping around like he was talking to me! 😛

        • How did you find that out AdamAddict? The Tweet came through on his own name, adamlambert, just like all his others. He even thanks the AINOW people for their support. Wow, that must be one slick hacker. Where is Adam going to announce that he’s back on Twitter once they get it fixed?

          • Lisette here..oh thenks agan I’d sure to beliv if seeing him on tweet video..boy how does thes poser do such thinges..They can be perfecte then in a new “Ocean 11” filme always a step ahead an bluffing to capture all our attentione..So gather why I av seen Adam on utube(of twitter videos looking quiet in backgrounde with Kris an Matt is joker.Well Adam non matter we adore yu even if yur tweeter is compromise..Let’s pray somehow it can be restored with assistance of some devine intervention..oui those Angels! Blessings an luv Lisettexox

            • AdamAddict says:

              I think the last time Adam tweet was July 12 before the “Dance with me,I’ll set U free” And then his twitter,facebook and Gmail were hacked! He said in Matt and Danny bubbletweet that all of that haven’t been fix yet.He used Danny bubbletweet saying he will tell us all from his own mouth if everything is fix.So far,not yet! A lot of Glambs here follow others just to know about Adam.He never said his twitter is running back so I’m sure it’s not fix just yet! Poor guy! Here a vid where you can see Adam in Matt bubbletweet
              And also Danny bubbletweet

              • Thanks, AdamAddict, yes, I was aware his Twitter site had been hacked, but I thought it had been hijacked after the ‘Dance’ comment. I thought the ‘I’m Back’ comment was the newest one. Thanks for setting me straight with the info and the vids!

      • LORRIN, hate to say this, but I got that exact message on my twitter acct saying it was from him, almost a month ago, and then was told that it was not him…….????

        • OK, I’m behind with everything. I’ll just erase everything I did over the last 24-hour period, and leave it to you other gals to let me know what’s going on. It’s just one of those days when I struck out with all my attempts at being helpful. Sorry, I probably need a few more sailing lessons to keep up with things.



  9. ATTENTION: UPDATE ON ADAM, KRIS & DAVID COOK!!! I just a while ago found ‘cles2009’ saying that on Aug 6th Adam will be on “The View”, and on Aug 7 on “Good Morning America”, and Central Park!!!
    So check your calendars!!!! You ‘snooze’ you ‘loze” (sp!)!!

    • Lisette here..bonmatin Cheryl..oh thenks for update. I was goin to set alarm Aug.6th for goodmorning am on abc?An so now it’s “the View”..tresbien thet’s later so ma fibromyalgia can permitte to very contente!.So next day wil set alarm..Two days of Adam ah so splendide,can forget of recente health tests..He does av thes effect to forget worries of le jour!
      bisous Lisette!

    • Thanks Cheryl for the update, I will check it out and set the DVR.



      • Lisette here..Oh thenks so much Sherry..plasur to see yur posts as I av notice in passe pages..An being Im a niteowl do so apreciate news as thes..So sorry to here his appearance on “View” was canceled?An where did yu find thes bubble tweet aside from aving account?Im stil havin troble setting one up..Hugs an bonwishes always Lisette!

        • Lisette, I follow both Matt and Danny on my twitter account. There have been roughly 3 or 4 bubble tweets from them that include Adam and some of the other idols. They have all been very funny bubble tweets, two of them with Adam looking at the camera upside down. They are a group of goof balls when they are together. Two of them were from Danny’s account. by the way, I only follow the other idols because they say things about Adam… MIchael has been very supportive to our Adam although I get the impression that he would like fans to ask more about himself then always asking about Adam. Which I understand.. Anyway anyone is welcome to follow or check my twitter account. I hardly ever make any comments, but the whole account is for following Adam. You can just visit my twitter page and click on the news without following me if you want to see some different news that you haven’t seen yet.. Love to you all. sherry.. oh, lol my twitter account is under Sherrylx.


  10. Marie/Toronto says:

    Hi, Dreamsound! I just wanted to know if I’m doing something wrong in my attempts to post here. Yesterday I posted 2 “replies” in this specific thread. Both said waiting for moderation, then just did not show up.

    I’m a long time fan of this site so it was sad to me that the first time I post I’m ignored. Please email me and let me know what to do so I can successfully post. Please and thanks.


    • Hi Marie! Once in a while a post or a poster get caught up on the spam folder. Once a week or so, I go on that folder and pull all the good ones out. Hopefully I can find yours.

  11. Hi, all!

    Just wanted to let you know that I read a post on another website yesterday that the View announced that Adam had cancelled his appearance on the show this week.

  12. There is a website called that you can enter over and over again for free to win Idol tickets – I don’t know if anyone had ever posted it in the past. I have entered many times.

    Also, my opinion the the twitter is that Adam just isn’t going to reactivate it right now – I am sure by this time, it definitely would have been fixed and up and running (maybe its just one of those extra things that he is cutting out right now because of so many obligations and such a hard concert date schedule or maybe he felt too much twittering and sepculation went on and caused more problems than needed (all the stuff with Danny back and forth) and with some of this protesting going on and stalker rumors – thoughts anyone? Just my opinion – but it would be nice to get a bubble tweet from someone else (Iam sure the idols are tired of everyone asking about him through their twitters

  13. Well, If Michael tweeted and said not to worry they see doctors all the time, then WHY?? didnt Adam come out. Michael said he was jamming to music,(while fans were lined up at the barricades outside chanting for him to come out.) ALL the Idols made an appearance after the show. I think Anoop popped out for a minute (but his family and friends were there so he had a good reason, and he did come out in the afternoon). The barricades may have only been three deep. We also would move aside and let others in to get signatures, it was a really nice group. He could of just signed and did no personal photo shots with fans. That would have worked great. He really let down a lot of fans. If he wasnt sick, then why not come out. I’m sure all the Idols were worn out, it’s a rough schedule for everyone of them. The concert was amazing and Adams performance was great, but he did let down a lot of fans.

    • As much as meeting him would be amazing, it’s still so thrilling to see him perform. If I had to trade meeting him out and about somewhere with never seeing him perform, I wouldn’t. Seeing and hearing him on that stage (in Sunrise, in my case) was like a religious experience.

      It seeems he’s quite lovely when he does come out at the meet and greets according to everyone’s accounts. And I’m sure it’s disappointing when he doesn’t, but at least he’s out there on stage most nights for us to enjoy.

      Not trying to be an a&&hole – just hoping to make everyone who wasn’t lucky enough to see him after the show feel a little better (I didn’t get to, either). There are all kinds of fans in other countries who don’t get to have the opportunity to see his performances except through youtube. Hopefully he’ll do some worldwide touring when he gets his own gig going so they can all share in the joy.

      • I know exactly how you feel. I have never cared about meeting anyone in my entire life. I went with my sister to the Tampa show. We were able to get front row seats so we saw him so close. He is even more beautiful/handsome in person. His voice was amazing -almost to much too much to take in. I wish he had been on longer.We went immediately to the meet & greet area and we had a great spot against the barricade right in the middle.We were so excited. After waiting over 2 hrs I finally asked Micheal about Adam. I am sure the other idols are really tired of being asked about Adam but we want to know what is going on. Micheal looked right at me and said Adam was not coming out because of security proplem I am glad Micheal was honest with us. The crowd had been chanting for Adam the entire time. We were pushed against the barricades. We were so disappointed we couldn’t sleep for a couple of nights. I don’t understand it It was like one of our great disappointments in life. It seems irrational but that exactly how we felt. Then we began checking if he came out in other concerts, I don’t know why. I do believe that the manager has the say when Adam or any of the others come out. The manager told Micheal and Matt let’s go and both stopped immediately and followed him in. We started thinking about getting tickets and flying to see him again at another concert but would really be upset if our luck was so bad he didn’t come out again.The most important thing is his safety. We are making ourselves happy reliving his performance. My sister is making a book and video we can cherish. We our now waiting for the solo tour and his cd.

    • Patrice80 says:

      I read on another site that he has a cold and was not feeling up to par that night.

    • AdamAddict says:

      When Micheal tweeted saying Adam now jaming to music,that’s not the time when everybody was out signing autograph.That’s not the time where everybody chanting his name! Michael didn’t tweet right away after finished the concert. Probably later on or the next day when Michael see a lot concern about Adam then he tweet telling all his fans that Adam is not sick & not to worry and now he’s jaming to music.
      At the time where everybody was out for autograph,and Adam didn’t,I dunno why. But like before where some of his fans pissed Adam didn’t show up,we found out he got threat! Who knows what’s up this time! I’m sorry you disapointed not able to see him,I totally understand.You want to see Adam and you get everyone else but not Adam.That’s sad but all I can say that Adam always try to please his fans.There’s a reason but we don’t know what!I saw 1 of the picture where Adam hold a pen ready to sign for his fans and the door still not open yet but he looked like he can’t wait to go outside to see his fans!That’s all I can say! I hope you will able to meet him someday!

  14. Deemoonpie says:

    I got all excited about just thinking about seeing Adam two days in a row and then my bubble was burst when I found this on the Internet from the Orlando Sentinel “The folks at “The View” have lined up a stellar list of guests next week. But ABC announced that “American Idol” runner-up Adam Lambert, who was announced for Thursday, won’t be on next week. Sorry about that, “Idol” fans.” Then I checked the official View website, no mention of Adam there either….Guess I’ll just have to record GMA on Friday and watch it over and over and over again!!!

  15. wondering bout the REAL Adam says:

    This is partially a reply to what Irene said about why Adam doesn’t twitter on someone else’s acct.
    I have been a fan, like the rest this whole entire year. And all along we all heard from him how much he appreciated the fans, the ones who were voting for him. Well if you ask me his actions are starting to speak louder than his words. Not only does he not want to mess with twitter, He Really is Not into the meet and greets and there seems to be excuse after excuse. No one else on this tour or other tours has been allowed to act this way?

    • I don’t know, wondering bout the REAL Adam, if Adam is showing a comprehensive reluctance to Twitter and to not attend the ‘meet and greet’ sessions. It may be that he has found out he’s not that into making little inane remarks about all the details of his day (as I think I remember hearing him mention), and he may just not have enough time for Twitter. Once he got into Twitter, he may have found it was just one more thing to fool with, even though it is fun, and he may have found it to not be quite his thing. I know it’s so much fun to have these little personal messages from him, and I do hope he continues with it, but it looks like he’s not in any hurry to get back to that form of communication. As for the after concert meet and greets, it may be that Adam is SELECTIVELY choosing not to do them for various good reasons. Many of us mentioned on another thread that we were all concerned for Adam’s overall health and safety, and I think he and his handlers together have probably determined certain venues were not the best choices for Adam to be exposed to the public. There was mention of stalkers and a presence of anti-gay groups that were of great concern. Rather than being opposed to meeting the fans on the autograph lines, I think Adam is just being cautious and careful of himself. In his unprecedented position as an openly gay rising star (probably the first gay star in history to be so honest about himself before his larger career begins), he cannot be too careful. Just seeing him walk the autograph line in Dallas after the show with his usual customary graciousness, patience, and good humor should be enough to show that he is very pleased and happy to ‘give back’ in this way to his fans, even after he has already given SO much to all of them just a few short minutes before on the concert stage. I truly believe Adam Lambert is who he says he is, and who he seems to be….a very self-aware, highly intelligent, good-hearted, well-intentioned, and truly kind and loving individual, who also just happens to be the next true mega-star of the new millenium, and AS the new superstar of his generation, he can choose to act in whatever way he determines is wisest for his own safety and welfare. Other than that, have no fear, Adam Lambert will give all he has back to his fans and more, he is well aware of the love and adoration being extended to him, and he will give it back in very powerful and meaningful ways as his fame increases, and he becomes an ever more brilliant star.

      • BRAVO!!!!! I cannot disagree with any of your thoughts, Infrid, and if true, I’d be so happy knowing that Adam IS tht self-reliant regarding himself!!! I ‘love’ that in a man!!!! I love the man!!!

        Did you say earlier, that your thought I ENCOURAGED this ‘teasing’ from you and Lorrin!!!!??????? How DARE you!!!!! Of cours, I do, silly!!!! Don’t we want to have as much fun as possible while we all ‘hang-out’ waiting to hear more and more about our Adam!!!? Why, of course!!!! However, there is one thing I want you to explain to me. You said yesterday, I think, that my kids must have the patience of Job! What made you say that?? No offense taken, just wondered why you thought that? Didn’t understand it, so now, little girl, you need to explain yourself!!! Ha!

        I’m glad to see you typing your little lheart out here again!!! You were missed, and it’s good that you understand your responsibilities here!!!I hope Lorrin is done w/her ‘pity party’!!!!1 LORRIN, don’t get upset!!!! I’m teasing you!!! Hahaha!!! See!!!??? Anyway, we want you back to your usual self, dear!!!!

        I skrewed up my comp. tonite, and couldn’t figure out what to do or how to do it for nearly 2 hrs!!! Finally, I’m back in the sadle again!!! (so to speak!)

        peace-love 2 U and all Glambs!

        • LORRIN!!!OMFG!!! IDID IT AGAIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! What is WRONG w/me lately?!!
          I wrote Ingrid instead of Lorrin, and thought you were Ingrid when I typed this!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
          I’m just NEVER going to face myself in the mirror again!!!! Can you believe this!!!! And you said YOU were in the ‘DOGhouse’?????!!! Well, then where the heck am I???!!! ——NO!!! Don’t anyone tell me!!

          • Now Cheryl, it’s even WORSE than you thought. You see, you wrote this post to BOTH of us….yes, yes, you did. You addressed Ingrid in the first lines, but it was actually me you were thinking of and answering. As you got to the second paragraph, you switched, and began asking Ingrid about how you encouraged our teasing, and asking her why she would say your kids ‘had the patience of Job’….and then you went back to addressing me in the third paragraph, ha ha ha, I can’t stand it, it’s just too much fun. How can we not tease you, Cheryl ? And don’t worry, I will recover. I have almost stopped walking around in a circle and muttering to myself over my stupidity thanks to you especially, and my other good friends here. I will emerge from the doghouse probably sometime tomorrow morning, and you can just step right in, it’s nice and cozy….just kidding, Cheryl, you know I love you!

            • Cheryl, see what I mean when I say your children have the patience of Job. I wouldn’t want you any other way. Lorrin and I love you just the way you are!

              • Cheryl, my apologies, I used an Afrikaans term and translated it directly. In Afrikaans, we would say, “Hy het die geduld van Job (biblical name). He has patience of Job (biblical). So your not understanding is not your fault! There is where I am supposed to have a little wobbly like you … IDID IT AGAIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! What is WRONG w/me lately?!! Love ya, ma cherie!

          • No Cheryl, you typed Infrid! I am speechless!

            • Oh my gosh, Ingrid, you found one I DIDN’T SEE! ‘Infrid’, ‘Infrid’ where art thou, ‘Infrid’?

              • HA HA HA HA ha ha ha!!!!! You two are ‘two’ much!!!!!! The way you tell each other about
                my errs is so funny!!! You think YOU laugh!!! I just couldn’t believe what Idid, and now Lorrin
                shows me that it was even more skrewed up than I originally thought!!!! You know there are
                times when you think that it is just better if you stayed in bed that day??? Well, I’m having
                more of those days than should be allowed anyone who has at least some sennse!!!!

                But, Ingrid, I don’t know the connection w/Job – ?? Really! I know it’s a joke, but since I don’t
                get it I feel a bit du–! Hahaha!!! Don’t even reply to my last sentence, either of you!!!!!!!
                peace-happiness-joy & love!

                • cheryl norman says:

                  Okay, my little ladies!!!! What do you mean, Ingrid??? Better, yet. LORRIN, what does
                  INGRID MEAN???? I NEED clarity my dears, CLARITY!! And Lorrin, you don’t HAVE to
                  tell her that SHE found ANOTHER ONE!!!!! My God, can’t a girl just type the same as
                  she talks?!! Hmmmmmmm,,,,,,,,,,,,,, no, do not answer that!!!

                  Check out my comments on one of the newer threads. Just sayin’,,,,,,,,,

                  love-peace 2 U both!!!

                • Now Ingrid, you better get in there and tell Cheryl exactly what you mean about her connection with the ‘patience of Job’….but wait a minute, just wait ’til I go hide over here first….OK, go ahead…

                  • Job is someone in the Bible who had lots of patience, so there you are Cheryl! Once again, if you now do not get it, YOU WILL NEVER GET IT! Love ya too, Ingrid!

                    • cheryl norman says:

                      Well, my dears, I give up!!! I know Job!! Sillies!!!! I know all about the patience
                      of Job! Just askin’ how my KIDS have Job’s patience!!! But, NEVER MIND!!!
                      UNCLE!!! And Lorrin, I see you over there!!! Come out of there, right now and
                      stand and be accountable and responsibile!!!! After,all, I did ask YOU, Lorrin,
                      to explain it to me, too!!! I think I see some magical ‘toying’ going on here!! Hey,
                      that’s okay, I can handle the both of you with one hand tied behind my back!!
                      Aha!! How do you like dem apples?! Eh?! Just as I thought, you’re both
                      speechless!!! However, I’m wondering IF either of you know the story of Job
                      from the NIV’s version? Guess not!!! My point has been made!!! Thank God!!!
                      I’m going back to bed!!! I can’t sleep, and can’t stay up!!! What to do??? I need
                      me some Adam RIGHT HERE, RIGHT NOW DAMN IT!!!! He gets me all
                      excited, and then just leaves me in this state!!! He’s a ‘man’ alright!! hahaha!
                      Later gators!

                    • Ha, you think I don’t know my Job, eh, Cheryl, from the NIV, NKJV, KJV, and whatever else version! Well, I do. And now that I’ve come out from behind my hiding place, I think I’ll go right back there again, ha ha ha! No seriously, OK, well,… it seems that Ingrid meant (and I have never heard so much double-speak come out of one woman as from out of that Ingrid on this subject!),….that Ingrid/Fingrid/Finfrid M-E-A-N-T that with all the funny little shenanigans you always pull that they would have to have the patience of Job to put up with it all! Allright, allright, I’m going, I’m going, I’m sorry I said anything….WHERE is that Ingrid when I need her?!!

  16. Shadiyah says:

    Countdown to DC show is 8 1/2 hours and counting! I’m so excited to see Adam!
    I wish I would have the luck to run into him while sightseeing in DC. Heaven knows it’s going to be over 90 today. Hot & humid, our normal August weather for DC.

    Hum, still trying to decide what to wear…

    • cheryl norman says:


  17. spinastory1 says:

    I actually don’t think its a good idea for adam to have a twitter account, I am sure 100,000 people tweeting you could be really annoying!!! Also he does’nt seem the type to want to share that much information… lol!!!!

  18. Just to clear up about Adam’s Twitter situation, he said in multiple interviews that when he has his twitter back under his control, he’ll BubbleTweet FROM HIM saying so. It’s terrible that someone did this, it gives us fans a bad name, making people think we’re ALL stalkers…

    • Jeanette says:

      Yes, Peaches, this is exactly right! To anyone else wondering about Adam’s twitter account, Adam has said that until you hear it “from this mouth” (Lord!) that it is up and running, consider his twitter account still compromised. He will let us know when it is fixed, and he will do so in a way that leaves NO DOUBT as to what’s going on.

  19. Until Adam personally does a bubble tweet, it is not him.
    He favors the right side of the stage(Your right side facing it).

    I notice as far back as our Dallas concert that his voice was strained and he was saving it from the higher notes. I can’t imagine that they have not even gotten halway through their tour. What a strain on mind, body and voice! Even as young as they are.

    I was lucky enough to get Adam’s autograph, face to face with him, in Dallas. It is a very rare opportunity to meet him and the other Idols after the show, but with all the craziness (stalkers, protesters) they have to do what they think is best.
    I truly believe that Adam’s fans are extremely important to him, and if he can’t be out there after the concert then there is a good reason!

    All these different climates, temperatures, seasonal allergies etc. can be very bad for anyone’s throat and voice! I hope all goes well to the end.

    • Good point, Linda. Yes, I’m sure there is always a very good reason when he can’t make it out there to meet fans.

      It’s cool to see he/they will be performing in my hometown of Rochester, NY later this month. I so wish I could get back up there to see him perform again, but I already made a trip up there for 4th of July weekend to see my family and can’t swing it a second time in so many months.

      I’m also really jazzed that he’ll be performing at the very venue in which I saw my first ever rock concert (I’d hate to say how many years ago that was, now…) – and it was Foghat, the highlight of the show being “Slow Ride.” 🙂

  20. As far as I am aware, PayPal investigates those using their service. After all, they have some liability if things are not legitimate. You might want to investigate this, Jeanette.





    • AdamAddict says:

      I saw the bubletweet from Gokey,Adam didn’t look like usual.Usually when Gokey or Matt bubbletweet ,he will playing around like go close up or something.This time,both Gokey & Matt bubletweet,he was sitting on couch lazily and looked damn tired! But Still when Gokey said “Hey everybody,say hi to Kradam” Adam gave the cutest and sweetest smile to us.But before he smile,he just stare at the camera looking tired! Poor my darling Adam!

      I know that everbody there also tired like he is,but different indivuals has different energy.Everybody was tired physically,Adam tired physically and mentally!He has too much too handle.Everybody like to attack him because he’s famous.Now I heard he got a stalker that always waited for him near the bus!So please fans,don’t get mad at him if he didn’t come out for autograph!Please understand him!He must have a reason for not coming out! I heard before,he should bear the pain for that 10 mins only if he’s sick but when I got sick,I’m too lazy to go to clinic that 10mins away.All I need to do is put my butt in the car & somebody else drive but still when U sick,U need to lie down imediately.That’s the best healing,rest! I feel bad for him when his fans pissed he’s not out for signing session! I know some of us thought he might be alien out of space because he’s too damn perfect,but in reality he’s still human! So,please understand him! ~peace & luv to all Glambs~

  22. Jane Parker says:

    You are the best!
    I wish we all had arranged a concert that we could have met up to go to. Lord knows I had an uphill battle at the Greensboro, NC concert. I have decided that that venue is the Red -Headed step child in N.C.
    I live in Raleigh, NC, and I do not know why they had the 2 concerts so close together. I got called down for video taping ADAM. So I do not have good footage of him and I did not get to see him after the concert, probably because that day was the 3rd concert in 3 days. That is very strenuous in our heat! I could have predicted that. So the concert was great but all in all I was disappointed. So I wish I could go all over again to a better venue.
    Anyway, thanks for all that you do here!!
    Maybe when Adam tours by himself we can get a tour together for GLAMBS to go to together. I am willing to travel to whereever I need to!!!

  23. Jane I brought up that topic on another thread. Yes, maybe in the future when his concert series is on a group of us can buy tickets and meet there in a nearby hotel etc… It will be pricey, sure, but I am flying east from Vancouver to see yet a second Idol concert, for Adam… (crazy but who cares?) I am 67 already and feel you only live once…

    If Glambs all save their ‘pennies’ in an Adam fund for their plane tickets it’s doable!!

    • Jane Parker says:

      Amen Sister! That sounds great!! Let’s keep each other posted.

    • Lisettte plz do read I’d so wishe to joine when an if Adam has solo concertes ..Soundes very lovli an thet many of Adam’s fans can meet rathre then just we all adore Adam so much! hugs an luv Lisette!

  24. LORRIN, where art thou, child???? I’m getting concerned, now!!! Where have you gone our ‘perky poet’??
    Are you having some ice-cream?! Huh?? Huh??? And, by the by, where’s INGRID, again!!! Maybe you need to watch some Adam to soothe the tugging heart? Does that make any sense to you? Uh, me neither. !

    • Hi dear Cheryl, actually I have been talking to Terry, and you have too, I hear. And also, I ‘ve been very upset with myself for all this business about that scammy website I was so eagerly trying to share with everybody. Not realizing it WAS scammy was very embarassing to me. So, I’m not the happiest right now. But I did make comments on all the little posts on the back three threads or so. I commented quite a BIT about your pending attendance at Adam’s concert in September, you brave girl you!

      • Hey, and Cheryl, I also just posted back on THE AMERICAN IDOL SUMMER TOUR – PHOTOS AND VIDEOS page where all of you are talking about REALLY actually doing this major Glamb’s bus tour to Adam’s concert thing. See you there.

        • And Ingrid, I left a post for you also back on the TOURING AND STAYING HEALTHY page. Your comment is #44, and my reply is #45, just below yours.

          • Ingrid, counting from the top down..

            • Thank you Lorrin, dearest! I am off to that thread now! Hugs & mwah

              • Lorrin, this is in response to your explanation re Job above. Thank you for trying to explain to Cheryl. We can but try! Ha, ha, enjoyed the Ingrid double-speak bit. I left post on the Baltimore, MD thread. One was a post addressed to Theresa, but I included a comment for you at the bottom. It was in response to Theresa’s post about her grandson!

                I hope your health is good at the moment, failing which I will have to resort to drastic measures and fly over to take care of you personally.

                I found another South African on this site so our numbers are growing, albeit slowly. Once Adam’s first album has been released, these radio stations will know who I am because I will be pestering them to play Adam’s music.

                Speak to you soon! Mwah, Ingrid

                • Ingrid, thank you so much for thinking of me and including me at the bottom of Theresa’s post. I will go over there and look in a few minutes. Also, you most definitely may come over here if everything falls completely apart, but so far, things are still going along fairly steadily. I’m so glad you’ve found more fellow countrymen…I haven’t heard from a one yet from my neck of the woods! And just between you and me, – I think Cheryl knew EXACTLY what you and I meant by ‘her kids must have the patience of Job’, what do you think? Yes, I thought so..

                  • Indeed, we have sassed her out! Like the Glamb/Glamberts, one car/two cars bit, she was just hell-bent are frustrating me again. I indulged her for a while and then thought, WHATEVER! It gives Cheryl great satisfaction to play these little games and from time to time, a play along!

        • Lisette here..bonmatin Lorrin..I too mentione of intereste an now Ingrid,Cheryl an Theresa all can luv thes be plasur to meet yu thinq thes is a wonderful future plan! To see beau Adam in his solo concerte..due to health I av misse seein him so despite seeing videos/photos an hering of esperiences..feel petit sad now..As tour is only for end of August/summer yes?Take care ma cherie too! hugs an luv Lisette!

          • It IS a wonderful future plan, isn’t it Lisette? I would love to see it become a reality. I hope we can all manage to make it through the year in one piece and in good health, and then we can all bundle ourselves up and head on out to the concert, wherever that’s going to be. It would be lovely to meet everyone face to face, and finally get to talk without having to wait for time zones and other interruptions, and then finally, to see Adam! But having this site is a wonderful substitute, and I have so enjoyed talking to everyone every day. I hope you are feeling as well as possible and are fast asleep this early Thursday morning next door in Nevada. Mai anges veillent sur vous, ce soir, et toujours…

            • Oh Lorrin, we must not forget the BANNER! How are you doing dearest Lorrin? I saw that you would be away for a day but do rush back so that we can continue glamberizing!

              Lisette, we will have an absolute ball! Can you imagine that chit-chat if we get together? All of us talking at the same time and having to deal with Cheryl hysterics! We will need all our strength. We need to meet before and after the concert – share a meal together, you know break bread together, sing, dance, glamberize, Adamize and just have a jolly good time! No time to sleep just enjoy being together and celebrating the moment.

              Well my friends, take care until next time… Ingrid

              • cheryl norman says:

                Ingrid, hey, watch how you ‘toss’ my name about w/Lorrin!!! Ha!! By the by, where is Lorrin
                these days???!! We need to up the chatter here!!! That means, of course, you need to
                love and peace and hope and light and joy and happiness and Adam and me w/him, and,
                a very good nite to all!!

                • Cheryl, I truly am going to tear my hair out! I AM here almost EVERY DAY, almost EVERY HOUR! Is it possible you are teasing ME? Yes, that’s IT, you’re teasing ME! I feel like a little hamster running and running and running to read and catch up, and I DO catch up, I think! Maybe not?

                  Oh, and HEY, I don’t mind if Ingrid tosses MY name around with YOURS! Hmmph. And also, wouldn’t that be ‘FINFRID’, not ‘FINGRID’….just asking…..

                  • cheryl norman says:

                    LORRIN, “every day/every hour”????? Now, now, Lorrin! no, sweetie, I am def. not kidding or teasing
                    you, are you teasing me? Well, maybe you haven’t noticed but I do ‘toss’ your name around!! ha! Now
                    you’re going to tell ME how I spell ‘Fingrid’??? You spelled it wrong, Lorrin, sweetpea!! Goodness, you
                    and Ingrid are hard to please tonite!!!! What is wrong w/you two tonite??? Ankle problems, back
                    problems, feet, hands?? What???? You both need some rest, more than I do, I think!!! Nitey nite!

                • Cheryl, breath and look at my post further up the thread. Now Cheryl, I hope we can put the “Job issue” to bed, ONCE AND FOR ALL! Mwah

                  • cheryl norman says:

                    INGRID, when you told me to breath, and look up….etc. I’m just wondering , did you mean ‘breathe’
                    and look up…….etc????? Huh??? Did you mean “breathe” Fingrid???? Did you??? OH, LORRIN,
                    OF LIKE YOU JUST DID!!!!! Uh, oh, Ingrid, dear!! Uh, oh!!!! ‘Boo-boo’ 4 U 2 Hey, kids, I just call
                    em as I see ’em. Don’t blame me, I’m just the messanger!! I mean……….., just sayin’……… two
                    need to slow down, breathe, and take your time while typing to me!!! I mean it’s harder to read when
                    you all are making so many ‘goof-ups’!! You know, with my intelligence and all,,,,,kind of hard trying
                    to figure out what you’re trying to tell me!!!! Lots of Love and Lotsa Love!!!!!

                    • Good gracious, Cheryl, you are feeling mighty sassy these days! But I must say, I truly DON’T know what has happened to Ingrid and myself, we seem to be wading through this fog which causes strange slips of the tongue and weird mental calisthenics, and then we lose where we were and how to spell things altogether…..and the fog seems to be emanating from YOUR posts, yes, yes, YOUR posts! Come over here, Ingrid, bring that spray bottle, we’ve got to do something about this NOW!

                  • cheryl norman says:

                    INGRID, “Mwah” ???????

                    • Cheryl, to err is human, to give is divine! I often make mistakes in my posts. With your …. WHAT .. intelligence!!! Has the meaning of intelligence been redefined. Oh, but of course, you are the intelligent version of Lucille Ball. I just realised that I breath-ed instead of breathe-d all over the place. I think I am losing it.

                      By the way, I said your children must have the patience of Job with a Mother like you. Ha, ha, you know I am only joking, ma cherie! Lotsaluv, hugs and mwah

                    • cheryl norman says:

                      LORRIN!!!! Too funny!!!! I was cackeling like a chicken with it’s head cut off!!! hahaha1 Blaming
                      me for your and Baby Cake’s errs is just below you!!! Because it is me that you are commenting
                      to when you make your goofs is really funny in itseslf!!! I’ve been making all these goofs of mine
                      since forever, you know I have filange problems!!! I’m getting ‘sassy’??? Why does art sayeth that?
                      I’m just trying to keep up w/you two pros, that’s all!!!! You want to ‘spray’ poor little me???? That’s
                      mean!!! Think again! I can be quick to get away, too!!! Well, that’s enough! I think you have learned
                      your lesson for today. Actually, it’s already tomorrow here, today or tonite, I mean. It is 1:01am!

                    • Cheryl, for heaven’s SAKE, not spray YOU, spray your POSTS! I saw Ingrid in my mind’s eye with a nice little spray bottle of water, and I just couldn’t resist, I HAD to say it. You know, spray a little water on all of that FOG emanating from over near MadBert there..

                    • cheryl norman says:

                      LORRIN, Oh, spray my POSTS!! hahahaha!!! Sorry! I misunderstood! While I’ve got you lhere
                      I need to tell you that the ‘reply’ column is gone on most of your posts below, and I’m having a
                      problem trying to find a place to say anything here!!! I have read all posts of 8-7, so when you
                      don’t see a reply from me, it’s that we are running out of space!!! Let’s end this thread today.
                      8-7! I think we did the same thing to anothere thread!! Going to bed, now! Will watch Adam a bit
                      in my besdroom! Wish I wasn’t just ‘watching’ him!!! Oh! haha!! You too, huh??!! Yeah, I know!!

              • Oh yes, my gosh, Ingrid, the BANNER! It will have to be pretty big and gorgeous to catch his eye! But of course, I guess if it’s too big, it will overwhelm US! And we cannot have ANYTHING which gets in the way of our actually seeing, speaking with, and perhaps touching (please God), our dear Adam. We will have to think what we want it to look like….you know, a lot of people are really, really talented with glitter art these days. Maybe we have one such glitter artist among US? And oh yes, when we all get together, it will be a non-stop event, I’m sure. There’s no time for things like sleeping, for heaven’s sake! It will be an unforgettable experience!

                • Indeed Lorrin, Amen!

                  • Ingrid, you are RIGHT behind me! As usual, we’re reading and answering posts at the same time. Listen, I just want you to know that I think you are a very intelligent, well-informed, and extremely thoughtful commentator. I read everything you write, especially your wise comments when we’re discussing more serious subjects. Thanks for your always insightful input with us here, Ingrid, and your good, ‘leavening’ influence. Oh, and go to the D.C. page, I’ve left some comments for you and Cheryl to read there! Love to you tonight from California!

                    • And completely disregard what I said at the bottom of the post above, especially before Cheryl gets here…..good gracious, this IS the D.C. page! Tell NO ONE. Anyway, all my little posts to you two are on THIS page, sheesh.

                    • cheryl norman says:

                      LORRIN!!!! OHHHH!!!! I caught your BIG BOO BOO!!!!!! oH, YES, iNDEEDY!!
                      ingrid, quick come look what lorrin did!!!!!! INGRID LOOK WHAT LORRIN DID!!
                      UH, OH!!!!! LORRIN MADE A BIG, BIG BOO BOO!!!!! OH, LOOK, SEE!!!!
                      Thank you very much my dear for sending me all over tarnation looking for
                      something that is RIGHT HERE!!!!? HERE????!!!!! OOOOooooohhhhh!!!

                      How do you like my intelligent, well informed and wise comments????? A little
                      wiser than your last one to me. huh????? Oh, yeah Baby!! Aha!!

                      I would add you to the list, dearests Lorrin, but, now after your big flub,,,,,I
                      think you need to reestablish yourself, for me, to you, to me, from you, to you.

                    • Ah, thanks Lorrin, now I am all teary-eyed! The typing and spelling is going down the tubes though.

                      I PROMISE TO SHEESH, but I think you have just anounced your booboo to all the Glambs! We promise to be discreet but watch Cheryl, she will come back to bite you … and indeed, she has – follow my eyes to the post below. I hope it stays below because the posts often reorganise themselves.

                      From the heart of Africa to Sunny California – Groete, liefde and baie dankie!

                    • I have cotton in my EARS, Cheryl, I can’t HEAR you!! What did you SAY? Would you LOOK at your ‘ha hahs’, they go clear off the PAGE! I have never been so humiliated, I will never live this down. Imagine that I would DO something so dumbellish, and then post it before I checked it, what an IDIOT! Ha ha ha ha ha ha…allright, I will admit to making ONE mistake, but that’s IT!

                    • Oh Ingrid, you were right, she DID find it, and she told everybody. I am so proud, ha ha ha. Ek sal nooit lewe dit af ..! I will never live it DOWN!

        • cheryl norman says:

          Lorrin, when I read this post earlier, I thought you meant ‘see you there’ as in the concert of Adam’s in the
          future!! haha! I didn’t know you meant you’ll see me at that thread! hahaha! Talk about running around like a hampster!!! Dear girl, you aren’t the only hampster in the race! I’m doing the same!! haha! Wish,
          instead of saying you posted on the 3 back threads, you’d give me a hint ‘which’ back 3!!! I seriously am
          not catching up and there are more new sites coming out all at once, it seems!!! Help!! Somebody help
          me!!! I’m finally able to say, “I’m getting lost” or ‘I am lost”!! Good grief!!I’m going hunting!!

          • Cheryl, suffice to say that you vacillate between the two, i.e. getting lost and being lost but after some hunting, you tend to find yourself! Nice, nice, veeeeeeerrrrrry nice Cheryl! Seek and thou shall find! I just wish you would’nt take us all on the trip with you! Ha, ha!

            As I have told you before, I love the fact that you can laugh at yourself and not take yourself too seriously! Sweet dreams (about Adam, naturally) and may you wake up to find another beautiful day. See you back here tomorrow!

            • Oh no, no, Ingrid, following Cheryl around is half the FUN! What would we do without all these little sidetracked bits of nonsense, ha ha ha. But I must say, I can hardly find all of these posts myself, phew, what a marathon to search through them all!

              • cheryl norman says:

                LORRIN, Thank you my little poetic pal!!! See, Ingrid, Lorrin’s having fun!!!
                But, Lorrin, you’re ‘correcto’ (that’s the extent of my foreign language wxpertise)!! Oh, and ‘audios amigos’!
                I’m so great I scare myself!!! (the last sentence is actually a magnet my Mom used to have on her frig. I now have it on mine)

            • cheryl norman says:

              Tomorrow!!! Tomorrow, you say?? Dear Ingrid, it’s still today, and I’m still here!!!
              Lorrin, keeps sending me around the web looking for posts that just seem to be anywher but where I’m looking!! And, lyes. Fingrid, if I look hard enough, I will find MYSELF!! And, now as far as ‘taking you all on the trip’ w/me, hey, you guys ‘can’t follow the leader all your lives!!’! (that was Dany’s line in Grease!!) ha ha!! I just have to say, tho, I think all 3 of us take the ‘leadership’ role off and on, eh?? I will say one thing on a serious note, having you both to hunt for or find is a treasure I’m very thankful to have.
              And, yes, I can laugh at myself, after all if I couldn’t, what a bummer life I would have! Right?? Right!
              See you both wherever the path leads!! Oh, I want to tell you about this placque my mother bought me years ago when I was still in my late 20’s. She has never given me anything like this, something to ‘hang’ on a wall, etc., but this is what it says.
              First off, it’s made out of wood, and there’s a small footprint on it, about the size of my foot, which is 6-1/2 to size 7. It reads,


              She said as soon as she read that she thought it was how she thought of me and my life!!! Is that not too cool?? That was in the 1976-77 time frame. You know, I really did not appreciate the love that my mother had for me when she gave me this. I realized it a lot further down my own life’s trail. Before she died, years before she died, but it is one of my most treasured gifts in my life from her.


              • VERY nice, Cheryl, I loved your story about the plaque, and I loved the message. I think our little ‘group’ here of Glambs probably all have a similar feeling about taking the path everyone else is following….we’re NOT going that way. We’re going the other, more expressive, freeing, and adventurous way. I have always said that I do not like ‘guided tours’. I will find my own way in and out of there, thank you. I probably would have worded your plaque to include one more line though:


                Love you, Cheryl!

                • cheryl norman says:

                  LORRIN!! That was sick, sick, sick!!!(that’s good) That would make for a great phrase, but, alas, it was
                  the way it was when she bought it. Yes, I’m sure our group are of similar humor, intelligence, and social justice and philosophy. That is WHY we are drawn to each other! Birds of a feather!

                  • Lorrin & Cheryl, this is awesome! Only now do I get the opportunity to post. Oh fog Lorrin, the fog coming from Cheryl’s way is affecting us. Cheryl said that she was going to retire to her BESDROOM to watch Adam?????? Incidentally, droom is the Afrikaans word for dream.

                    As for the plaque, I loved the quote and your version Lorrin (brilliant). Cheryl, I understand why your mother bought it for you. You leave a trail all over this website that sometimes leads into a maze.
                    So Lorrin, w.r.t. helping others to find the trail may not be completely true when it comes to Cheryl. More like … leaving other helpless and speechless in her trail. Ha, Ha! On a serious note, we must save your quote, Shakespeare!

                    Yes Cheryl, the chemistry between us is great and we feed off each other, all in the name of ADAM. Peace, hugs and mwah to you both, my darling friends!

                    • Ingrid, I scream with delight over your posts! Oh honestly, what would we DO without Cheryl? And imagine her traspositioning of the word ‘BEDROOM’ into its Afrikaans equivalent…perhaps we are all now ‘channeling’ each other as well as Adam! Now yes, about that FOG, for some reason I envision it as having a cherry red color, and it emanates off of old MadBert over there, and somehow, we’ve been getting whiffs of it now and then, which causes as you know, complete confusion and wildly mispelled words and gonzo sentence structure. So I suggested that you bring that little spray bottle of water you’ve got there and we’ll go over and get MadBert before Cheryl can find us. Does that sound like a plan?

                      Anyway, I can see we do the same thing every night, – you get to the same thread I’m on, and you start right up the page, and I’m behind you by 3 or 4 seconds, and by the time I’m through writing, I can’t find you anywhere. It’s a bit like a Twilight Zone episode…

                      I’ll stop writing now and go look to see where you’ve gone…

  25. Adam's apple says:

    Dear Adam fans,
    Have you any plans already for the Milwaukee concert? Let’s not forget this is Danny’s hometown and like Adam had thought that Danny’s votes must have swayed towards Kris when Danny got booted off, I’m afraid that Adam’s support here will be drowned. The whole state will most probably support both Danny and Kris. As a non-US avid Adam addict, I want Adam to maintain his no.1 popularity ratings, and it pains me to hear and read anything against him. I never read anything about the Arkansas session though I heard that it was the loudest ovation one has ever got, I have nothing against Kris, but I’m an obsessed Adam fan you see, I google him almost every hour for new updates, there is something mesmerizing about him, his journey, his personality his talent, honesty and modesty make me feel good. I’m old enough to be his mom, but knowing him and seeing him make me wish that he were one of my kids. I like the way he behaves on interviews, the eye contact and the confidence he possesses. I admire his intelligent answers and his being articulate and open minded. Like they say “the whole package”. Are the audience allowed to bring any noice enhancers to the concert? Whistles, horns, tamburines, to make sure that Adam’s support is very well highlighted and would match if not exceeds those of Danny’s and Kris’? Please think it over and please keep the support and love high and loud.

  26. Lorrin, you and Ingrid can email me, you know!! I’ve been looking for a note from either of you, but, nooooooooo, no email for me yet!! Okay, now I am really going back to bed!!! Catch up w the Glambs later today!!!! Love to you all!!!! ps I really like it when someone leaves a link! Makes it easier for me, anyway, to find info, that I might normally miss!!!!!! THANK YOU TO ALL WHO GIVE LINKS!!!!!

    • Cheryl, I will talk to you soon, I promise! I have to get ready to go uptown and do an errand today, but I’ll be back later. Love to you and I’ll post more comments soon!

      • Lorrin, you are welcome to email me – no pressure!

        • Yes, dear Ingrid, I will email you soon! I was telling Cheryl that all of this sitting and writing is a bit hard on me, and it’s been something else trying to keep up just on this website alone. But I will hopefully get something off to you soon. As I told Cheryl, look for my name on the title of the email I send you, that will be me! Love to you tonight from CA..

        • cheryl norman says:

          Lorrin, I totally understand about ‘sitting so much’ for the comp.! You just have to take big breaks. You have to! I do. Now, I’m actually having some rheumatoid pain that I haven’t had in years due to all the typing I’m doing, too. My back is a mess right now. We need to take care of ourselves, and send our ‘replies’ out as soon as we can and not before! I am going to do some serious resting Sat. My right elbow is ‘flaring’ as well as both ankles, one knee and my upper and lower back!!! I really can’t keep up. It’s such fun, and if I am not cking out this site, I’m doing emails and browsing the net. I don’t even have much tv time anymore!! hahaha! You both keep me entertained so much. I love it, and miss it if I’m not flying around cking to see if I’ve ‘replied’ to all posts in many threads. I don’t need to tell you tho, you’re doing the same!! Anyway you lboth know I’m shi–ing around all the time!! I get serious, and then I’m messing around!! I try to be ‘well rounded’ on here! Lotsa love!

          • Cheryl, I finally found you….thanks for the advice, yes, I will take it, I do need to take care of myself. Hey, just to let you know, I left a nice note for you on the GMA page below your post somewhere near the bottom. About Adam being ‘classy’, – yes! Love you tonight, sweet dreams..

      • cheryl norman says:

        LORRIN, REMEMBER THIS LITTLE PROMISE? I was referring to email!

        • OK my dear, I will try my best to do that this weekend! I sit for such long periods doing just this website that I’m afraid I have been neglecting my emails. I get a bit tired doing all this amazing writing and socializing we’ve been doing, but I will do my best to fire off some emails, too. Look for me soon, somewhere in the email title you will see my name! Love you..

    • Cheryl dearest, now where did I see your email address, which thread??? I know it was copalee… Please help and sure I will email you. Sweet dreams, ma cherie – love Ingrid

      • cheryl norman says:

        Oh, Fingrid, this is where you asked me for my email address!! Guess I’m a little late and a dollar short in
        answering you, now!!!!! S o r r y !! Everything’s good now!

        • Oh, and Cheryl, remember your comment about the diamond in the rough. I thought you would enjoy this. “Confucius say, “Better a diamond with a flaw than a pebble without!” Peace and love, Ingrid

          • cheryl norman says:

            Love it, Ingrid!! It is so true. It’s that kind of philosophy I try to live by! Thank you!