TOUR VIBE – American Idol Summer Tour 2009 – Tulsa, OK



















On Friday, July 24th, the tour bus pulls into the BOK Center in Tulsa, OK.

Our own Glambs Fan Club Leader Kelly is going to her second concert in two days, illustrating just one of the unique concert trends we’ve seen emerging this year – that of the multiple concert experience. Sure, there have always been concert groupies who’ve followed their favorite artist on tour from city to city, but this is American Idol – none of these people have released an album yet. I think it is just more proof, as if we needed it, that Adam is so very special in the way he connects with his fans. I myself, in addition to numerous Glambs, will be doing the multi-concert experience. Originally I was only going to the Milwaukee show on August 28th. Last night I bought a ticket to the Madison, WI show on Sept. 4th.

Another trend that has emerged thus far is that this is no mere concert that fans are attending – it is an EVENT. It’s not just getting into the car and driving to a venue, it’s all the preparation – planning our outfits, makeup, signs, and itinerarys. It is attending with family and friends and meeting many new friends along with way who know EXACTLY how we feel. It’s a kind of camaraderie amongst concert goers that I’ve never seen before.

And as an event, many show-goers are turning their concert into a mini-vacation. As we read with Dana’s Dallas post, she has a 12 hour round-trip drive. My second show to Madison, Wisconsin will be a mini-vacation for me as well. I will only have a 3 hour roundtrip drive, but I booked a hotel room for the night of the concert, and I plan to treat and indulge myself as I would on any vacation – sucking in every memorable moment and treasuring it as a once-in-a-lifetime experience.

Yet another trend I’ve seen is that people who have never even been to a single AI tour concert before are not only going this year, but going to multiple concerts. Again, I have to say I fall into this category. I’ve been watching the show religiously since Season 2, yet I’ve never gone to a tour show – until now.

Again, all of this is only because of Adam. He has inspired behavior in us that, for me, is as surprising as it is wonderful. In January, would any of us have believed it if you had told us we’d be compelled to act in such a fantard way to a young guy in makeup? I know I wouldn’t have believed it. I am still amazed by the phenomena that is Adam Lambert, and I think I will continue to be amazed as time goes on and Adam’s brilliance as a star grows and grows.

What do you guys think? Keep commenting with your thoughts! And if any of you are planning on attending the Tulsa concert, please share your unique experience.

For us to post your photos, please email then to If you have the photos in PhotoBucket or on another photo-sharing site, just email us the links to your photos. Otherwise, just attach your jpg photo files to your email. Please remember to include in the email which concert the photos were taken at.

~~Jeanette, Glamb #5


  1. Dianne Hill says:

    Wow, I have never been first to comment before. Oh how I wish, I wish, I wish, I wish with all my heart that I could go to even just one concert. Being on the other side of the world that’s a bit hard, plus (as usual) I am broke, so no, I cannot just hop on a plane and fly across the world, but I can dream and I can watch the videos that you all take. Can’t thank you all enough for that. I am more and more convinced that Adam is actually a wizard, probably from Planet Fierce and he has cast a spell over all of us, because we all feel exactly the same about him. That is rare to find that someone can do that to so many people.

    I am not your average young groupie, I am in my 50s, hate to admit that, but I just love music, always have and always will, it took my kids a long time to get used to the fact that I loved their music, well if you grow up with Led Zeppelin and Jim i Hendrix as your favourties then you are not going to start listening to middle of the road stuff are you. I adore rock music, and I adore absolutely anything that Adam sings. He is mesmerising.

    • Jeanette says:

      Hi Dianne, don’t feel bad – a LOT of us are not your average young groupies…that’s what is so strange to me. How did this young guy take such absolute control over my life??? Making me do things I’ve never done before???

      And yes, I feel very blessed to be able to attend not just one, but two concerts that are so close to where I live (I could actually attend 3 concerts, but I don’t want to deal with Chicago traffic!) This is why it’s so important for those of us who can go to the concerts to paint such vivid pictures for those of you who cannot attend.


        I FEEL THE SAME,,,,,,,I WANT MY LIFE BACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

        HAVE FAN


        • Tweeter says:

          At first I thought it was just me and thought I was insane enthralled with Adam. I have never had anyone effect me quite that way. I am ashamed to even let my husband know. I feel so much better knowing it is Adam that does this to just about everyone. He is sensational not only on the outside but inside as well.


        Wondering what I’m talking about? I just posted the definition on the Dallas thread. I believe Adam has just reached that very special place in popular culture CRITICAL MASS which means there is no going back.

        A ONE MINUTE STANDING OVATION IN DALLAS??? Doesn’t that tell you something? And as said above, people who never ever have gone to an AI concert are going, and going more than once! I haven’t been to a live concert for about 20 years, too cheap mainly ha ha but Adam drew me in.

        And the cult aspect, it’s a bit like the Rocky Horror Picture Show already, or like some of the sci-fi conventions where people dress as their favourite character. I would like to find a gay fansite now to see how the men are reacting to Adam. If any men are lurking about here please tell us what you think of all this.

        • GerryinNJ says:

          Theresa in Canada: In answer to your request, I’m an older gay man (in a monogamous relationship for 27 years) who is just as addicted to following Adam as anyone. My partner thinks I’m crazy. I have been swept up into the feeling of watching a star being born. Adam is indeed fantastic. His voice is phenomenal and makes me shiver. His theatricality is awesome! I can hardly wait to see the show in Philadelphia on August 20, and then to buy his records.

          • Oh, what joy to have you here with us…..welcome, GerryinNJ! My son, who is gay, and lives with his partner in Santa Cruz, California (in the same town as Neil Lambert, yes), is not nearly as taken with Adam as I am. Or maybe he is and just isn’t saying. At any rate, it is wonderful to have a man who loves Adam with us, I do hope you will post often!

            • GerryinNJ says:

              I have watched all the videos from every tour stop so far. Adam is always awesome. I was not surprised to see Kris get the loudest ovation in North Little Rock. I am from Arkansas and went to college in Conway, so I know those people. They are fanatics about ANYTHING from Arkansas, and were in heaven when Bill Clinton became something besides the Razorbacks to be proud of. I was rabid too and called the Hogs every chance I could get. (Whoooo Pig! Soooey!) But I’m now 71 years old and have lived in the North for 40 years. I’m beginning to get over the Hogs.

              My sister still lives in Arkansas and thought Adam was better than Kris, but loved both of them. Kris does hold his own on the tour, I think.

          • DianeK in New Jersey says:

            Hi Gerry:

            I wanted to go to Phila too, it is closer for me than Atlantic City, but I thought since Phila has a lot bigger stadium, it would be easier to go to AC. I know you will have fun because Phila has some “spirit” as witnessed by their response to the World Series win with the Phillies. I think you are in for a real treat that day. Glad that I am not the only one whose family thinks they are crazy.

          • Thanks Gerry, I’m Terry aka Theresa. Good to see a male face! ha ha and also good to hear your impression of our dear Adam. Many people on this site have partners, spouses, children or friends who just can’t figure out what the h — is going on!

            But we know!!! right??

        • theresa/canada, I just answered your ‘Critical Mass’ post on the Dallas page…..that was a great concept you had there. I am in total agreement with you!

    • Yes, Diane, we all do share the very same love for Adam Lambert, and yes, he is a wizard. There is something about him that I see more and more with every picture, every interview, and each performance that he makes. There is a kind of power in him and around him, which I think comes from the depths of his being and is projected out over all of us. He intends it to be there. Watching his beautiful face in close-up, his brow darkened by the stage lighting while singing Whole Lotta Love on tour, his whole countenance took on a brooding, smoky look. The inky darkness was impenetrable around his eyes, but as he raises his black head and looks upward, light flashes out of his eyes in the most uncanny way. When his face is in the full midnight-blue depths of the stage setting in some of his slower songs, out of the inky blue his eyes will suddenly cut to the camera, and we gradually relalize with a shiver that he is looking directly at us. Another uncanny effect. While singing ‘Beth’ with Kiss, his eyes rimmed with sparkling glitter, he raises a black eyebrow and his eye is full of mischief and magic, as if to say, ‘isn’t this fun, but soon we will be out in our own fields together to laugh and play’. His strength radiates throughout his entire body, and vibrates the air around him with such power that he seems to be shaking off sparks of light as he rises to pierce the air with his voice. His Voice alone singing the outrageous notes of his ethereal, impossible scales, enchant and hypnotize, bringing us all under the spell of his wizardry. The winking imp, the elven prince, the King of a vast, invisible Land, yes, Adam is a wizard lord from Planet Fierce.

      Diane, please forgive me, but your words were a perfect start for one of my ‘flights’. I truly am so glad you are with us, and that you love Adam as much as we do. Where on the other side of the world are you living? And I do hope one day you will have your dream come true, and will be able to go to the concert of your dreams when Adam finally becomes a solo artist. Many of us here on this site, especially the very happy U.S./S.A./CA/MY/IL coalition, are also all 55 years and older, and we too share your love of all the great music of the rock and roll era. I know all of us Glambs wish you all the best, and hope you will join us here as often as possible to celebrate that beautiful man and irresistible wizard of hearts, Adam Lambert.

      • Dianne Hill says:

        I love your words Lorrin, absolutely magical and you describe Adam to a “T”, he just bowls me over every time I see him on one of these clips either from the concerts or just on interviews, he draws you in, without any effort on his part, and like a spider catches his prey in its web we may struggle, but really none of us want to break free. I would happily stay there for the rest of my life. My sensible self tells me I am too old to feel like this but the truth is you are never too old for love and it is fun loving Adam, how could it not be.

        I am from Christchurch in the South Island of New Zealand – you may have heard of us – Lord of the Rings country – well I think those movies put us on the world stage really. We are a little country with a population of only 4 million but that suits me fine, except for when I want to go and see Adam in concert, but I really feel like he is going to be a world wide star and when he makes his way down to our corner of the world you can guarantee I am going to be first in line to see him.

        I have watched American Idol for quite a few years, but especially the last three. I loved David Cook who won last year, he is a rock singer and I really thought that they would never find anyone as good as he was, but from the moment I spotted Adam in the auditions I had a feeling that things were going to be shaken up and from the Hollywood week I had decided that I was watching the future winner of American Idol – well, he may have not won the title but I really don’t think that matters in the slightest. Adam is really the most lovable, down to earth future star that I have ever come across. I have a confession now, (I am divorced and do not have a partner, so don’t have anyone to answer to) I have put up all these pictures of Adam over my bedroom wall. I keep telling myself I should take them down, but I know that’s not going to happen. Talk about going back to my teenage years. I also have some pictures on my wall at work, people have got used to me now and don’t worry about it.

        I love this site, it is one of my favourites as it is so up to date on all things to do with Adam and I check it out every day.

        • Dear Diane,

          It is exactly 3 am in Northern California, and I am sitting at my computer in my cozy den, with a huge smile on my face, reading your lovely post. I too, have no one to answer to, so I can stay up and play as long as I like, but I do feel I probably should go on to bed now. But I will be back tomorrow to answer your post completely. Just know that in this pretty room where I’m sitting, 45 years ago I put up as many Beatles posters as my poor mother would allow! Of course, the posters are gone now, and I now live in my family’s ‘ancestral’ home and my parents are gone, but in the place of those posters on my computer screen, are the gorgeous living pictures of Adam Lambert. So don’t feel alone in your love of this beautiful, unbelievably charismatic young man. I have much more to say, but I must get to bed, thank you so much for writing such a wonderful reply, and I will talk to you again soon. I love your country, and I am a HUGE LOTR fan, and have been since 9th grade! Love to you a world away in New Zealand!

          • Dianne Hill says:

            Hi Lorrin

            Loved your last reply, I too used to have pictures all over my bedroom wall of the Beatles and the Monkees (how lame is that – the Monkees I mean), I was a young teen then and used to give John Lennon a “kiss” every night. Last year I had David Cook up on my wall, well he had to come down to make room for Adam and I have a poster of Bono, he is a hero of mine and I love U2, but Adam has definitely taken over, he is on my computer screen here at home and at work as well as on the wall at work, it is so lovely to be typing away and glance to my right and I can look at Adam staring at me with his lovely sexy eyes.

            • Mickey Dolenz was my favorite Monkee much like Adam Lambert is my favorite one and only idol. I went to the Ontario Ca concert along with my nineteen year old son, my twenty-one year old niece from Northern California, and my teenaged cousins from Ohio….and guess who wore an Adam Rocks t-shirt and was screaming the loudest???? Me….. and by the way…myself along with all the other “older gals” that were in neighboring seats put those “younguns” to shame. 😮 The photograph of Adam that I purchased at the concert is prominently displayed…secured to my refrigerator with an American Idol magnet. I really think that I have lost touch with reality….in a good way. 🙂 It’s very comforting to know that I am not alone!

          • adamtastic1877 says:

            3 am? try 5 am staying up watching and reading about nothing but adam. (i mean i’ve done that b4…recently…this week…) 😀

        • rhymingrealtor says:


          I am a married mother of two boys, as I sit at my computer here at home Adam is my wallpaper- and my screen saver. I have a computer armoire with a cork board to my left on which I have a picture of myself with my husband and myself with my kids and Adam. I made a custom made collage poster of all of my favorite pictures at snapfish and I just picked it up – it is absolutely beautiful and I am looking for a place for it – my bedroom is not out of the question! Adam also adorns my work computer as both my wallpaper and screensaver. I only work with 2 men who are in and out and they just look and wonder?? I feel no need to explain.Nothing beats the thrill I get when I shrink a window and he’s looking right at me (-:


          • Hi Karen, Terry here in Vancouver Can. I am taking advantage of this whole Adam phenom to learn more technologically. What is snapfish? I have also heard of photobucket, maybe I need to “graduate” from simple file folders collected online and stored in Pictures.???

            I was at over 400 pics of Adam et al so decided to start to subdivide them into:

            Adam/Elvis, childhood, friends family, young adult/friends, costumes, Adam Art (done by fans)

            My first folder has every shot of Adam where I detect a little Elvis in his look/demeanor, face, stance etc… how can you tell I have no life just now? ha ha

            Also where are you located? I am starting to write down names or ID and places, to keep my new online “friends” straight.

        • Lisa Imbruglia says:

          Oh Dianne.
          I am in Christchurch too. I know there are a few of us here although I haven’t met anyone yet.
          I also cant get enough of Adam. I am seriously looking at getting more broadband because I’ve just about run out again for this month looking at concert clips and watching the live ustream the other day.
          I have no partner but I do have a 12 year old son who has been getting upset with me. My friends are calling me obsessed. I have to be careful who I speak to of Adam because some of my friends are seriously concerned for me.
          I think that’s funny.
          And where I can usually put how I feel into words I find that young Adam floors me. It’s not sexual but it is. It’s his way and his manner. That one look that may come in a song just about knocks me out. And that voice. I dont have words to describe it.
          I think we need to meet and become friends because we have a common cause. Adaaaaam! I too saw his talent when I stumbled across Ring of Fire. Then I was lost to idol.
          I’ve only once before ever been to as many concerts for one person as possible and that was for Queen. I loved Freddie and I hung out the back just for a glimpse. I went 4 times. That was awesome.
          I am going to try to find you. There is only one of my name in the phone book so if you do read this please ring me and we can get together.
          So feeling really inarticulate at the moment as I am so happy to find a fellow Glamb in this area. Yippee.
          I’m heading for my 50th in 8 weeks and I feel like a teen. Nothing like being kept young.
          Contact me…..

          • Lisa..Lisette non matter of one’s age we all seeme like teenager when come to beau Adam.I am thirty something an proud to say I feel joie de vivre whenever Adam singes .From his first songe on Idol an even his interview with Judges I knew he’d be destine for grandeur an be a spectacular vocaliste/an artiste..Then in thet yes performance of “Ring of Fire” ah I thout he was so very sensual an had vocals thet were smooth,velvety an very special..simply his own style.So whenever an whoever is arounde me non worries I am silly an elated,an my younge nephew was visite say Aunt Lisette act yur age..I tolde him(he’s twentyone)..why when yu see Pamela Lee or Madonna yu go crazy oui?An theyre older..So we have perogative to adore Adam who keepes us young at hearte!An age is just a state of minde,my mama use to say yu’re as younge as yu feel..P.s. she was joliel her 70 yer,resembled actress Rene Russo or those gals old enough to know actresse Maureen O’hara. Mama was a model an younger fellows flirte with her. even til her there! Blessings to all ..Adam monbeau j’adore et j’etaime always Lisettexoxo

            • Lisette, bonjour! Where are you located?

              • Bonsoir now pardon Theresa for not replyin as I had left for work in am.Im in Nevada an whet parte of Canada are yu from?I av ementione in many of my poste but gather there’ too many to keep track given so many article/threads nerly every day voila anothre is added. An imagaine seeing beau Adam in person yu were swept away? I’d probable need some CPR if given seate close(he-he).Sure though I’d non wish to blinq an eye an simply adore to see him live..I do apreciate al l’lovli videos people have share with us.An perfecte claritie thet one can see his beautful azure eyes,beauface an voix thet meltes heartes as mine! Well hope to chat tomorow ..Hopful will be online al same teme.It plasur to chat an adore people here are very genial..As oppose to lot of negative an profanitie I av seen on utube al temes.Does Adam av accounte there..he never mentione in video just thet twitter was myspace?Oh well gather I was chattin to some imposter..I only wishe was way to send him note as other fans.As he mentiones of jewelry an poster an such he recives..Do yu know of?Yu seeme to be only person thet replie here! Blessings an luv Lisette.

                • I am in Vancouver, BC Lisette, but I lived in Quebec for about 10 years.

                  I just looked at a google map on another site which shows where Adam’s fans are located… all over the world!!

          • Lady Gray says:

            Hi Lisa and Diane,
            Another Kiwi here too! I think there are quite a lot of us Adam fans in Kiwiland ‘cos I read somewhere that Adam gets most ‘google’ searches from USA first, somewhere like Phillippines 2nd and NZ 3rd! So we must be everywhere in NZ…we have good taste. Isn’t he amazing…I was never an Idol fan til last year when I saw David Cook and thought he was great…then, saw Adam and was hooked straight away. Love the voice, love the looks, love the personality, and love the man. So hope he comes on tour downunder one day…

            • Dianne Hill says:

              Hi Lady Gray

              What part of NZ are you from? Adam is amazing, the most amazing young guy I have seen in a long time. I also watched Idol last year and fell in love with David Cook, I had said to some workmates that American Idol would never be able to find anyone as good as David – and then came Adam. I am sorry to say (I still love David) that David seems so second rate to Adam, sorry David.

              Adam just takes my breath away. There are a lot of Adam fans at my work, though not as obsessed as I am, and yes, I admit it, I am obsessed. What a lovely obsession to have. I could listen to him sing, dance and talk all day long. I have loved being able to see these clips of him in concert. I just adore the Bowie songs, fabulous.

              It would be great if we could have a New Zealand site devoted to Adam but I am afraid I am not savvy enough to even start one up. Hope you hear back from you, it is great to know we are not alone in our obsession.

        • DIANE AND OTHER OVERSES WOMEN: I am throwing out an open invitation to come and stay with me when Adam does a concert nearby. I am in Vancouver BC and can easily drive to Seattle, Tacoma, Portland, etc if he doesn’t do one here. That will make it easier to save your pennies for the flight and concert. I will feed you too, ha ha!

          In fact it would be fun. I live alone and my apartment is small but I can fit 4 to 6 women in here if you dont mind sharing a double bed.LOL

          • I mean OVERSEAS of course, ha ha

            • Ohhhh, a Sleepout! I’m coming if I have to sleep on the floor….but wait a minute, I’m sure Adam will be doing 4 or 5 venues in California, surely at least one a few minutes from where I live…, someone else can have my spot in Vancouver, and a bunch of Glambs can come and stay with me at my house in Northern California when he plays here. I’ve got many rooms, many places to sit, two pretty patios, and a BBQ! How about that, Glambs? We will have a bash. And Theresa, you MUST come, too. Bring your group down with you for a second show! (And SURE you meant ‘overseas’ women, not ‘overSES’ women, ha ha, that’s priceless!)

              • SHALOM LORRIN


                COOL GIRL

                SHABAT SHALOM


                • Boker Tov, Erev Tov, Achoti –

                  I will answer again dear Ofra, I just have to do a few weekend errands, and I will be back. Love to you tonight from California..

              • Sure would, Lorrin! Have car will travel and I know I-5 well now, and the PCH too. In fact I am hoping for a late fall trip to S Calif by car.

                So. ladies, just keep in touch on this site and when the concerts start coming, we will all find a way to get to one!

            • theresa/Canada aw thet’s sweet of yu an only wishe I’d can visite an meet other glambs..Ma health is so bad al momente long story be a book.It to do with respiratory an lung illness.I pray it can be treate now with meds,plus having CFS/fibromyalgia..If only a way I’d luv to meet.Perhaps someday god willing.!
              When is he schedule for Canada?I never see site of his tour schedule ..only once ad didnt write..Printer too repaires..whet else.Seemes Im out of commissione as poor only 2 day ago got hardrive sans computer/’twitter knowledge..Just amazing had phone an pony espress mail!..Okay sayin adieu to next time hugs Lisettexoxo

              • I am so sorry to hear of your ill health, Lisette. Perhaps Nevada’s dry air can be of some help. We will be thinking of you, and hoping for better days ahead. Love from California next door to you this evening!

              • Lisette, the Idol tour came to Vancouver, third concert as we are not too far from Tacoma, Seattle. Also they are going up near Toronto Ontario, to Hamilton as it is very close to the New York state venues. Those are the only 2.

                We used to have Canadian Idol for a few years but I guess we are just too small a country to justify the sponsorship/cost. We are only 33 million compared to the US appr 304 million.

                However I don’t think we can vote, because I tried and tried during the series and kept getting either a busy signal or a message saying “unable to complete your call”

                • Lorrin & Theresa, it is a given that I WILL MEET YOU at one of Adam’s concerts. Wild horses can’t keep me away! I don’t care where I sleep so long as I can have an ‘Adam experience’ with you all. It would not, could not be the same without my precious Glambs. Theresa, don’t worry about feeding us, we will just live on love (for Adam) and fresh air and IF we get hungry, we will all chip in. I feel like some of us go a long way back, like years. Now where is that Cheryl with her twopence????

                  Lisette, even if we have to wrap you in cotton wool, we will take good care of you.

                  • marlis hanson says:

                    so we are all ‘OVERSEXED’, huh? OH…..that was overseas!! Yes, my friends are concerned about me as well, so it is nice to have all us oversexed online friends–oops, I mean, overseas online friends, and state-side online friends as well, to chat with–Adam made us that way!

        • adamtastic1877 says:

          that’s funny. I have a a collage of adam pics also (9 pics so far) and i thought i was the only one that has that beside their bed!

      • adamtastic1877 says:

        someone should really make a t-shirt that says “Adam is a wizard lord from Planet Fierce” ! that’d be awesome!

    • hey , dont apologize that your in your fifties! so am i and its fine…i love adam too..he’s awesome…i’m fortunate that i will b going to the idols concert august 12, at the nassau coliseum, new york. i just hope i dont get a heart attack from screaming and jumping up and down wen i see him…

      • TexasWannaHold'Em says:

        Terri – the threat of a possible heart attack is very real! I just saw Adam (were there others?) last night in Dallas, and as Danny was wrapping up his set, I really thought my heart was going to explode! It was beating so fast, the adrenaline was pumping at an ungodly amount, and I could barely believe that I was about to see Adam! Also, I’ve watched Adam’s performances on YouTube from all of the prior concerts (don’t like surprises!) and there is NO COMPARISON to seeing him perform live. You are in for a performance of a lifetime. Also, I’m turning 50 in December and am so relieved to hear of others like me who have to be careful how many Adam-updates they treat their loved ones to each day! I have never fallen so completely under the spell of a performer in my entire life. He is our American ICON!

        • Hi,
          Attended a concert? I’m getting tickets for the Minneapolis Target Center for Sept. 1 and can get basically 3rd row tickets. Too close, wow factor, closer the better? What do you think? Or is a little distance and elevation better! Thanks!


        Hope this one is done right!! If not, s o r r y!

        peace……………………………………………………….4 ADAM

        • THANK YOU, CHERYL!! What a great impression of the whole Idol concert! I laughed when her 13 year old said she was scarred for life because of Adam gyrations. Hasnt she ever seen Michael Jackson dancing?

          Several people have noticed Danny Gokey’s more fit body and better over all look, and his copying Adam with the jacket removal. Hasnt anyone else noticed how so many of the Idols including Kris ended up with LEATHER JACKETS the last few weeks of the series? Manyi have also noticed Gokey’s kind of “preacher” chat with the audience.

          I identitied with her drive home with deer all over. I had the scariest trip alone one year going west in northern Michegan in spring with deer coming out at night. Why was I out? Because I underestimated how long it took to get to the next town, that is one long narrow creepy stretch in the dark.

          Back to the tour, it’s always good to get yet another impression of the performances. Interesting how the writer was so enthralled with Kris’s songs yet Adam left her cold.

          TO EACH HIS OWN, EH?

          • HI THERESA! Terry, I am having so many problems w/this comp tonite!!This my 3rd attempt at
            replying to you! No, it’s the 4th! My paragraphs are off, then I just lose the whole thing!!

            Anyway, I am so glad that you were able to find that site I tried to put the ‘link’ up for! Wasn’t that
            interesting and fun?! Yeah, Gokey ‘preaching’ on stage! He’s always trying to talk about ‘his founda-
            tion’ whenever he encounters a mic!!! It’s sooo annoying! Then, to start his ‘preaching’! What a
            turnoff!!! Remember when while on idol, he got into Adam’s face about Adam’s life and Adam had
            to put him in his place! Go Adam! Gokey is a judgmental ass, I think! I saw him as a jerk about half
            way thru idol. Anyway, I don’t like him at all!!! He tries to illicit sympathy and $$$ before his stage
            time is over!!

            i can surely identify with the their and your drive in Michigan. I liveda in Michigan for over 50 yrs.
            When I was 18, I was engaged to a guy who was in the air force stationed at KI Saywer in
            Upper Michigan. On weekends I used to make that drive at nite, over the bridge, all alone, too!!
            OMG! WHY did I do that? I know about the pitch black drive w/only forests on each side of the
            2-lane w/no towns for so long! Thank goodness we broke up in less than a year!! Dangerous!!
            jEven now, when I go up to Michigan every month or so, the deer are out in force! Almost everyone
            I know has had bad encounters w/the deer! It is scarey!

            I figured the writer was not going to have many good things to say about Adam, and almost
            couldn’t finish reading, but I did. I have to grow sstronger skin, as I guess EVERYBODY isn’t
            going to love him the way we all do! Don’t understand that, but I guess I’ll have to live w/it!

            Maybe you’ve seen my writing on MJ? But, I hope that the woman’s 13 yr old girl never saw
            MJ’s vullgarity!! I am definately not a prude!! He(MJ) was just given a ‘free pass’ to girate
            to all the young boys w/o having to take any responsibility or give an explanation for it.
            I never have understood that!

            Adam, however, is different. He’s just being sensual in a very contained way!! I expect he may
            go further after this idol tour and he has his own!! Then, anyone going to see him will have to
            decide if children should be going! Maybe?

            These must be new pics at the top!!! Last time I was on this site, I don’t remember seeing
            these pics!!!! I LOVE THESE PICS OF ADAM!!! Look at him in his capri’s!! Too cute!!!
            He is just so comfortable with himself!! He isn’t even tan, and he don’t care!! Look at Gene
            Simmons, and other rockers who live in the tanning booth! Adam is just too cool for this world!!
            Whatever he does is wonderful, wonderful!!! But no one else can get by with doing what he does
            and still be cool! Adam just IS!!

            peace-love-light-happiness 2 ADAM………and U!

      • Hi Terri, I’ m the other Terry, aka Theresa. There might even be a Teri on this site.

    • Linda Garrett says:

      …waited in line 2 hours for Adam’s autograph…but when he walked outside…the bus driver ( or someone) yelled at him to GO GET ON THE BUS…and he left…all of us 300 or so fans…so very sad, disappointed …and let down….
      All the other idols came outside the AAC and signed…and we were all screaming…ADAM…ADAM..ADAM…

      • How DARE anyone yell at Adam Lambert and tell him to ‘Get on the bus’! I am so sorry for your disappointment and that of the 300 other fans. And who has the power to yell at Adam like that, I wonder?

        • AdamAddict says:

          I saw 1 vid in youtube,it’s really short but I think I undersatnad what U meant Linda.I saw Adam signing autograph & then this guy like order him something while pointing somewher(probably the bus) because you said that stupid guy yelled at him to get on the bus!I didn’t hear what that idiot guy said because these girls were screaming calling his name begging to come to them.But after that moron guy pointing at the bus,Adam just leave the place following that order.1 of the girl said Adam kept apologizing to his fans while walking away! 🙁

          • This guy must have lost his sense of fear, shouting at his HH! AdamAddict, you were appointed the principal Glamb butt kicker when someone interferes with our Adam. Just let us know when to follow and let’s go and kick butt.

            Cheryl, you can add the necessary expletives, your forte!

    • Victoria says:

      I am a closet groupy and have never responded on a blog like this before; but… I have to laugh because I have been in love with Adam Lambert since Day 1. I am 56 and way too old to believe that I can be so taken by a performer but here I am admitting that I, too, think he’s the greatest find since Elvis. And, I was there for the Elvis mania too. I guess once every 50 years or so the world needs a Sexy Rock God 🙂

      I am totally entertained by the wide expanse of age groups this man has touched and seeing the blog from the other 50 year old caused me to respond.

      I have noticed on the latest videos that Adam is really starting to express himself on the American Idol stage more now that the competition is over and I LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!

      Keep Rocking Adam!

      • Jane416 says:

        Welcome, Victoria! I am 56 too! It is so great to be hearing from other older Adam fans on this site! And just to keep the international fanbase alive, I am from Toronto, Canada. Not sure why the AI Tour will not be stopping here – only in Hamilton about an hour away but a much smaller venue. (The organizers obviously didn’t now about Adam at the time the venue bookings were made! ;-} ) Sad to say that I will not be able to go as I have a family reunion that very weekend (August 14-15)! Disappointed yes, but I really only want to see Adam anyway so will be going to his concert no matter what!!!! That is why I so appreciate all the reviews, photos, information and stories about the shows being posted here. I don’t have anyone else in my circle of friends who shares my Adam craze and craves so thanks to everyone here for giving me the opportunity to feed my habit!

        Jane (Glamb #20)

        • AdamAddict says:

          Yell??!! Maybe the guy just say it in a very loud voice so that Adam can he hear him.I don’t think he has guts to do that to our Adam especially in front of his loyal fans who waited for him for 2 hours!Unless he’s very stupid and wish to die in a very horrible way!lol
          But usually they spent like 10 minutes to sign for their fans,so what happen this time?I feel sorry for you.2 hours waiting for nothing,huh?I’ll pissed if I were you.Somebody in Dallas got shirt sign!Imagine how you going to keep breathing on the way back?I probably die suffocate with that shirt sticking in my nose!Kiss,kiss,kiss,smell,smell because Adam touched that shirt and sign it!Aaaargh,I’m still jealous and that girl!!

        • HI Jane, I also lived in Toronto for many years before leaving the heat and humidity for the west coast. I think the tour organizers likely did not consider there being a ‘full house’ in Canada, based on earlier years.

          If Adam ends up commanding a larger venue I am sure next time Toronto will be on the tour list. For Van’s General Motors Centre, they shut down the higher balcony and it was still open for 10 000 or so and it was almost filled.


        • So am I, I’m 50 years old and cannot stop thinking about Adam, my husband is getting jealuos but he gave me an IPod just so I can put all Adam videos and songs in it and watch him everywhere and whenever I feel like it. I’m glad there are many like me taking by him!!
          Glamb #242

  2. adamtastic1877 says:

    YES!1st POST! um idk what to say. but Jeanette, wow, thank you for illustrating how adamcrazed we all are! you always write the greatest stuff on this site. wow! and i think everyone can agree about how this so much more than a mere concert- thx to adam! idk what else to say so i’ll just leave it at that

    -adamtastic1877- awaiting to recieve her glamb # !

    oh! btw, whenever i get my adam fan tshirt for the concert, and my glamb #, i am totally writing my # on the back of my shirt! thats gonna be my ways of spreading word around!

    • adamtastic1877 says:

      darn it! i DID not see the post above me! ok so im 2nd post

      • Jeanette says:

        Thank you for the compliment, Adamtastic, and you’re welcome! You guys are all great. Without all of you I would just be talking to myself, HAHA!

        • Thenks Jeanette for another lovli article above regarding thet yu’re seeing AIconcerte 2 fortunate an blesse yu are to see beau Adam in his passionate songes with his angelique an beautiful voice.An despite thet rare is when one replies to me..I do reply an enjoie many of the gals(glambs) thet share their esperiences of seeing such concertes.An I only wishe health had permitte me to attend westcoast or s.west town concertes. An perhap before l’end of AItour I can fly to anothre city if only health an time off from work permitte.An from the first songe thet I hearde Adam singe on “American Idol” knew he was destined to be a superbe vocaliste/entertaineur adored arounde l’monde an special in US. Enjoie also to read Lorrin,Cheryl,Theresa an many more of Adam’s adoring glambs/fans beautiful heartfelte sentimentes an esperiences now seeing his concertes! Adam do hope he can visite thes wonderful page dedicated to his god given talente..such a voix celestial,velvettones,smooth,sensual an truly in same class as legendes as I av say before as Elvis,Michel Jackson..As he is innovative,singes any musique genre an makes old songes his own as if recorde for firste time! I av seen videos of him singin David Bowie’s classique an exudes sensualalite,an agree his crystal bleu eyes sont hypnotique an mesmerize with his raise brow one must feele as if he’s giving a private seranade..he has this speciale somethinge thet not many artistes have..I av never been fortunate to see late Elvis being too younge,but I av seen tribute artiste here in Nevada..One particular reminde me of Adam meante as complemente truly ..An was with Legende in Concerte for many yers..thinq Adam resembles thes fellow,but Adam vocal ranges an perfecte angelique tones can never be matched.So I share same sentimentes here as many of the lovly gals who have posted.An I’ll continue to send Adam bonwishes an angels to garde over him ontour! An all his beautful fans thet will be here for many years,in many countries an know he’ll have future solo concertes,cds,dvd’s an can imagaine him as an actor in filmes..Starring with legendes an thinq as he say Leo DiCaprio woulde be flattered to play his life story..This is commence of grande thinges to come for beau hearte Adam! J’adore an bless him always Luv to all! Lisettexoxo

          • AdamRocks! says:

            Welcome back Lisette!

            Peace, Love, Adam <3

            Cindy in MS

            • Adam merci Lisette here despite bit later then yu..An yes I pray ma computer dosnon crash agan..As I always send blessings for all an Adam thinq I need an angel to garde over it non more costly repairs..I have miss postinge here an reading all lovli stories regarde to Adam ontour ..Only wishe I had non been ill too an misse Calif/an s.west tours.C’est lavie so gather just enjoie seeing all video glambs an other Adam fans share! Adam is tresbeau inward/outward an has a voix of an angel,one thet is sensual,sweet an singes with all his hearte an soul! I adore his D.Bowie songes..ooh,la,la is all I can say..Adam keep singin an danse very sensual..If only to see yu before tour is over…Reves for now! Bienvenue after Idol tour to Nevada..Our town can welcome yu..I av lot of frends an famille who adore yu…oui Let’s Danse,danse ,danse (opps I couldnon resist to say thes)!
              hugs n bisous Luv Lisette!

          • I was asking where you were living, Lisette but now I see it is in Nevada. Where are you from? A French country for sure, but there are so many where French is the main or second language.

            • theresa/canada Lisette here so sorry I didnon notice thes as I must av left before yu reply back an sometimes as yu have mentione our replies seem non to follow due to someone poste al same time..thenks for all yur kinde words always.An yes reside in Nevada an french/Italian heritage.Reside here most of my life. An few relatives still reman in Europe.Townes nerby to Abruzzese provence (Italy),Lugano Switzerland/where they speak Italian an francais.Actual am more Italian but provences where came from they spoke french.I understande Italian also.An as yu resided in Montreal as well,do yu understand french?I speak with little accente an much better then my grammar in writing..sorry!Take care an parle au doman.Im up late as having fibromyalgia get instead of tv I visite thes wonderful Adam tribute page as everyone here is so lovli an frendly us glambs,an thenks to dreamsounde an Jeanette for commence of such a page.Only wish Adam can have time to read our affectiones for him. J’adore an bisous Adam! An hugs for yu and all! LisetteM.xoxoxo

              • Anothre additone Theresa can I inquire,are yu of french extraction,not many people are,av seen some on utube as well as from Spanish,Asia,Israel,S.Africa gals truly Adam has touched so many deffarente cultures an nationalities,gather American Idol is seen via satellite now..unlike yers ago for legendes as Elvis,Sinatra..Although later yers they did such.Take care bisous agan Lisette!

  3. missmcglambert1982 says:

    Couldn’t agree more with every word from everybody! Everything that Adam does is an event and thank you everyone for posting vids, photos, reviews for all of us who can’t be there in person but we are with you in spirit! Yes, who would have thought that this beautiful man/boy would hold us all in his spell and here we are wondering what we did before Adam? Thank you Adam for just being you…

    • Jeanette, thank you ONCE AGAIN! In the absence of being able to attend one of the concerts, your threads are a consolation. Certainly hope I will meet you at one of Adam’s concerts. Indulge yourself, you’ve been indulging us so you certainly deserve it.

      Kelly, have a ball, fly the Glamb flag high! We look forward to your post on your return.

  4. ANOTHER REASON WHY ADAM’S CONCERTS ARE SO UNUSUALLY SPECIAL IS DUE TO THE INTERNET! IN THE PAST, the internet was not in every home and so available, like it is now. Without
    the internet we could not have seen so much of Adam and hear with our own ears what he says on tape!
    We can actually see him perform in concert very often in less than a day after the concert! He’s become
    a veryimportant person in my family!!! That has NEVER happened before! Not even with Elvis, cuz he
    was hidden so well by Col Parker, and manipulated! He never just walked to a restaurant or parking garage,
    or clothes shopping w/ papprazi in tow. Every little thing being publicized! And Adam grant interviews and is
    not afraid to speak about whatever he likes, plus, having the genuinely wonderful personality that he has!
    He’s made himself available to his fans, shows that his fans are important to him and that he appreciates
    them!! So often we’ll see ‘bands’ that just feed off of each other when they talk or joke around and just kind
    of ‘put on airs in a mini-show within an interview’. so the fans don’t ever see them as genuine people, just
    rock stars having fun, making money., Adam seem beyond all that immaturity. He needs and wants the
    money, but he says after that it’s not about money. It’s about the music, and he wants to make the music
    that his fans want. Not just what he wants! He genuinely ‘cares’ for his fans. He respects them, and we see that and we appreciate and respect him and resssspsect his great talent, then that moves us closer to
    him and we begin acting less like mere fans, but as truly caring and loving him for who he is and for what
    he gives to us. We feel it, like love, and therefore, we return love, then we are embedded and invested
    with Adam and Adam’s life and future. We believe we actually know him because our feelings are shared by him to us. It’s like a miracle! Adam was sent to us to change the world for the better with his music and
    his philosophy of life, Being loving rather than hating. Him nearly saying ‘if you want to hat, I have the
    shoulders to carry that for my fellow brother or sister’. Like the old song “He’s not heavy, he’s my brother”.
    And I think Adam is that way! :Come on people now, smile on your brother,,,,,,,,,,better love one another,
    right now”. Or “lean on me, when you’re not strong, and I’ll be your friend, I’ll help you carry on, no it won’t
    be long till you’re goin’ need somebody to lean on”. That’s the kind of man Adam is, I believe. A real,
    genuinem sincere, sensitive man, with incredible talents, persona, voice and gorgeous looks who loves
    his family, helps them, and even wants his mother as his ‘partner’ in his life, not on the outside looking in.
    He definately trusts her and her judgment. Doesn’t care what people might say, He’s his own man. An
    incrediblt strong sense of who he is and what he wants to do, and wants to try to do someday. He will put
    his own limits on himself. He’ll know when to say ‘no’ to something and ‘won’t apologize’ to anyone for it.
    He does not follow the trail, but walks where their is no path and leaves a trail. He makes us feel sensous
    toward him and motherly/or protective at the same time. Without doing anythin overtly, he has the ability
    to bring out the best in us. He makes us want to be better. He shows love and we give love, therefore. His
    talent goes beyond just the musical, his talent is in showing us his soul and being honest. He says,”I am
    what I am”. No big surprises. I am what I’ve always been. Just the guy nest door who happens to be a
    Rock-God, but a ‘nice’ Rock-God. Any mor words, and I’d just br ‘pilling on’, I’ve already pilled on all I’m
    going to for now. This book won’t be finished till long after I’m gone, and maybe Adam, himself. I want what
    everyone wants for Adam, a long happy, life full of love from all around him. Success and health and peace
    in his life and in his geart.

    • in his life and in his HEART,,,,,i meant to say.

    • Very nice, Cheryl, THANK YOU!

      • Cheryl, I left you a little good-night message over on the topic page labelled “Questions from the Fans…More things you may not have known about Adam!” There are two messages, one is #4 and the other is #16 from the bottom going up. Love you!

      • Please don’t the two of you start again! Lorrin, have you noticed Madbert is up to his old tricks again …. sigh!

        • I promise I won’t ‘start up’ again’; the only reason I ever ‘start up’ is because I want to be conscientious about answering questions people ask me, especially dear Cheryl. I don’t think I could answer that Elvis question now even if you asked me, I have a mental block, ha ha.

          • Ingrid and Lorrin, just reading your two’s back ‘n forth made me laugh out loud AGAIN!!! And yes,
            MadBert is up to his sh– AGAIN!!! hahaha! Man! He’s getting on my last raw nerve!!! But, you two
            go to the newest page where I posted a question for you!! Bu, Ingrid, how many cars did they get?!

            peace-love-my friends………………….!

            • Allright Cheryl, I’m off to the newest page, wherever that is. Talk to you in a bit!

    • Cheryl, I can’t figure out why your posts format so oddly. They are a bit hard to read as a result, although well worth reading and very enjoyable, to say the least. Are you only hitting enter when you want to start a new paragraph? That might help.

      Glamb #72

      • SONGWRITER4ADAM & LORRIN, I can’t figure out what the hell my computer, now known as MadBert. throws my sentences around like that either!! Sometimes he behaves good and sometimes he’s bad! It makes me so mad!!!
        Lorrin, if I’m not mistaken, I did post you comments there! I remember counting up from the bottom, but I’ll have to check that again!!! I just think of all the calories we’re burning up running back and forth trying to keep up w/each other’s posts and replies!!!!


        • I think it could be fixed, Cheryl. Do you have a computer savvy friend or relative?

          It has to do with the LENGTH OF THE LINE OF TYPE, in other words, how many characters per line.. what yours is doing, it is set LONG and it is wrapping around. Those little short lines are the rest of YOUR typed lines on your computer. So each line you type gets cut off and the rest of that line goes on the next line.

          • THERESA, Thanks a lot, Terry for that info.! I knew that it was not spacing my sentences correctly
            and they’d continue on the next line, but then they would be okay! -? I really don’t have anyone to
            sit down w/me and help me out. My son bought me this computer as a surprise, but didn’t think I
            really would get any benefit from it. He and my daufhter, who lives in Col, Springs, just are fascinated
            by how much I am into this wholle ‘internet’! I used to just play around and do some shopping. Then,
            after one of Adam’s performances one night I was ‘whinning’ to my son that I HAD to see more of
            Adam!!!! So, what does he do? Casually, he says, ‘mom, I know how you can find more info on
            Adam’!!!!!! I kind of ‘yelled’, HOW!!!??? He said to go on ‘youtube’. I did not know how or what that
            meant and MADE him show me IMMEDIATELY!!!! Since then, I found this site, and stumbling
            around looking for more Adam. When I ask my son to show me something, he’s so busy, it’s always
            not enough time, or ‘I’m not sure’!! But he knows! He just doesn’t want to take the time to show me
            this stuff. My son-in-law in Col. Sp. has called me to give me ‘lessons’ via phone, and basically, that’s
            where I’ve gotten all my info. However, if I tell my son, what’s going on lhere, and that someone on
            Adam’s site wants to know why doesn’t anyone show me what’s going on, I think I can ‘shame’ him
            into putting in a little more ltime w/Mom ‘while I’m still alive’!! Hahaha! he always laughs at that
            manipulation on my part, but I’ve noticed it eventually WORKS!! Hahaha! So I will re-read what
            you wrote, and play around w/it and then attack my son Sunday when he comes over to bring my
            6 and 2yr old grandkids!! But, thank you sooo much! I had no idea, really what I could do, or if I
            may be doing something wrong or touching a wrong button. -??

            • CHERYL, so now you are using YouTube?! Fabulous, now you can look at almost everything Adam is doing right now, see all his interviews, and enjoy all his performances as he makes his way across the country. If you want to view Adam, say from the concert in Texas, first locate the ‘search bar’ at the top of the YouTube home page. Type in ‘adam lambert dallas’, and it will take you to a whole page of choices of Adam singing in Dallas. You can then happily go down the line and click on as many of them as you wish. Do the same for any city you want to view for one of his perfomances. You can narrow it down by typing in the search bar the words ‘adam lambert starlight’, if you just want to see all the selections under that song. If you want to see everything featuring Adam Lambert, then just type in his name. Once you are on a page viewing one of his videos, if you will look down to the right below the video you are watching, you will see a line of even more videos, which are usually related somehow to the one you are watching. You can click on one of those, too, and just keep on going forever. You can’t mess up anything just by hitting the ‘wrong’ key, and even if you do hit the wrong key, there’s always a way to get back, even if you have to start all over. Finally, you will be able to finesse the computer. Also, if you want to actually join YouTube, click on the little blue words at the top right of their home page screen that say ‘Sign Up’, and it will take you through the process. Then you will be able to save videos to playlists. All you have to do then is sign in, click on the little blue words at the top where your username is displayed, a box will drop down that says ‘playlists’, click on that, and you will be taken to your saved videos. You can arrange them by subject name, and watch them at your convenience any time. It’s a lot like your ‘Favorites’ list, only a bit more sophisticated. And don’t forget when you’re watching videos of Adam to put them on ‘full screen’. First, find a video to watch. Then look at the bar along the bottom of each video on YouTube. The second icon in from the right looks like a little square inside a square as you scroll your mouse over it. Click on that little square, and voila, the video will expand to fill your whole screen! Now you can watch Adam up close! I hope this helps a little on your journeys into computerland. Ask me anything, I’ll try to help! Love from N.Cal!

              • Theresa & Lorrin, I think I figured out what Madbert needs … divine intervention!

                • THERESA, LORRIN, INGRID – Well, here goes nothing! Terry, my son said he did not
                  know how to fix it!!!! OH, THAT’S JUST GREAT!!!!
                  FlamingGlamFingers, I have been on ‘youtube’ since about Jan.09! I have an acct. there
                  and at 5-6 other places. Oh, I’ve been doing fine w/youtube for quite sometime!! I’ve
                  mentioned it quite a few times in my posts, but you must have MISSED THEM!! haha!
                  Baby Cakes, Oh, ‘divine intervention’ is what I REALLY NEED alright!!! haha!
                  Everyone, what is so strange about my paragraphs is that sometimes, they go fine, and
                  everything works correctly! WHY?? Is it ‘where’ my ‘reply’ or ‘comment’s’ left tab is at
                  whether it’s started on the inside or outside dotted outline? That’s what I kind of thought
                  but, really don’t know! Does ANYONE KNOW if I should do something to my ‘tab’
                  button, or any other button I could explore??? If any of you have any ideas, I’m definately
                  up for that!!!!! AAAAAAaaaahhhhhh!!! I’m starting to cry from total frustration!
                  PEACE-HELP-LOVE 2 ALL…………….!

                  • Hey Cheryl,

                    I’m very glad to hear you’re already an old pro at YouTube, sorry I missed seeing that on your other posts. But your computer paragraph formations….what kind of email system do you use? It almost sounds as though you’re sending from a WordPad page rather than traditional email. But how could that be? It is truly intriguing. Also, on some of your posts, the paragraph set-up looks perfectly normal and on others, it goes back to its old long-line, short-line look. Hmm. Well, perhaps we should have some divine intervention on it, as Ingrid said. A few lightning bolts here and there and voila, all fixed! But I really would miss seeing your dear old posts, wild type-set and all….it would really make looking for you a lot harder, your posts puncuate all the rest so nicely!

                    • LORRIN, I’VE GOT A REGULAR EMAIL, I THINK! This thing didn’t start
                      happening until a 2nd cousin ‘took a look’ at my computer when I was up
                      in Gd Rapids over a month ago! He fixed some things and maybe broke
                      something else! Also, the Minister of Music at my son’s church had to do
                      something to it, so, I’m at a loss! It bothers me the most b/c so many people
                      have posted me about it and say it makes for harder reading. Maybe, if I
                      try to watch my sentences and use the ‘enter’ key to try to do it manually on
                      the places where the left margin is set way in, like this one is, I can avoid
                      some of the messed up paragraphing. -??? I did that here, but I won’t know
                      if it worked until I hit ‘submit comment’. So, if this is a better looking bunch
                      of sentences, I’ll know. If it is all skrewed up when I hit the ‘submit’ key, I’ll
                      know I can’t control it that way either! Here goes!!!

                    • Hey Cheryl, there was no reply box under your most recent post here, so I’m replying under my post again. We’ll see where it ends up. The reason I asked about your email, you see, there should be NO worry about tabs and margins, etc., with email. The format used for email is already set, into a little box which you write in. You shouldn’t have to even be concerned with overlapping margins and strange strings of sentences. I’m not sure what is going on with your dear old computer, but oh well. It doesn’t bother me, and if you never get it fixed, we’ll just all live with it. I can read it just fine, and it always is a hoot to see it. MadBert lives!

  5. Manda_K says:

    I will be there tonight!!! I have never wanted to go before now, but Adam is so fabulous….HOW could I miss this???

  6. I absolutely hear you. I’ve never even thought of going to an AI show. But this year, I went to the one in LA, caught a rabid Adam fever, and ended up going to the concierge in my hotel and asking him to get me tickets to another concert, only an hour away in Ontario, Ca. Cost me a pretty penny, but it was so worth it.
    Next time, I’ll plan a whole week-long vacation of Adam concerts!!!! Can’t get enough!!! And it is going to be far too long to wait to his single tour!!
    Those of you who already have tickets, you’re going to have a great time!
    Those of you who are wavering about going, take my advice, you won’t regret going! Just go!!! If he was hot on Idol, he is mutiple times hotter in person!!!

    • Eowyn_of_Rohan says:

      I’m with you!
      First AI concert in San Jose. Didn’t even consider doing it before (although I really liked David Cook last year). The show in San Jose was so amazing, as was meeting Adam and talking with him…
      So, my friend and I decided to fly down to San Diego, bought front row seats (we were very lucky and got seats that were just “released” at the last minute), and did it all over again.
      No doubt about it – doing the multiple-concert thing again when Adam does his SOLO TOUR – can’t wait!

  7. dharmalati says:

    Hey… I am also 56….. a grandma with 2 grand sons… but I do love Adam.. I watched AI sometimes but in season 8 I’ve been watched it from the audition when I saw Adam, until the finale… I didn’t like rock so much, until Adam sang rock songs. Adam brings a lot of beautiful things in my life….

  8. Deemoonpie says:

    adamtastic1877, your idea of putting your Glamb# on the back of the shirt is brilliant!!!! My sister got me not one but two Adam Lambert shirts for my 53rd birthday in June so as soon as I get my Glamb#, I’m going to copy you!!! I absolutely love this website, Adam, and all of you! My day gets off to a great start as soon as Iog on and see email from dreamsound with the subject line of “ADAM LAMBERT!” Then I have to go to youtube and check out any new videos!!! I have made DVDs of all the videos I can find…my sister “goes to bed with Adam” every night…falling asleep on the couch with Adam on the DVD player! Unfortunately, my husband doesn’t quite “get it” so I can only watch Adam when he’s off to work…but that’s OK, he works over 8 hours a day so I can always work in a little Adam time!

    Warm fuzzies and bright lights to you all!

  9. Texasgirl7 says:

    I wish I would’ve thought to put my GLAMB# (352) on my shirt for tonight! Unfortunately, I have to work the concert in a concession stand. I have made Adam t-shirts for most of the entire 10 person crew, my nails are painted, my glitter spray ready… and I’m decorating our stand in blue and black! I’ll be able to sneak a break for the Adam songs and watch! I am so excited.

    I too am over 40 with children and its nice to see how Adam has touched so many of our hearts. I guess “touched our hearts” is a big understatement! I’m hoping Adam will hear about our stand of volunteers being decked out in Adam gear and maybe he’ll stop by before the concert since we’re there way before they even warm up! Stand 405 Adam!!! Come see us! We love you! We have one Kris shirt, one Sarver shirt, one Megan shirt… and the rest are ALL ADAM!!! Love & light, Kelly

  10. Shannon says:

    You think this is bad, wait until he does his own tour.

  11. Melissa in AR says:

    Hello! Is anyone going to the Little Rock concert this weekend? I realize that it is Kris Allen country, but surely there are more Adam fans in AR besides me.

  12. Wow, you know what, as much as I am in love with Adam (and that’s an understatement), I could not sit through another whole AI concert. Oh my God, Megan – painful, Gokey attempting the cha cha to Carlos Santana’s “Maria” – absolutely cringeworthy.

    No, I am much happier watching and rewatching over and over again on my big screen TV all of Adam’s performances on AI, which I TIVO’d and still have. My fave is still his performance of “Black and White” with all those cute-fierce, sexy dance moves he does.

    But I do treasure that moment when I could barely breathe waiting for Adam to come on stage for the first time. It was one of the most deliciously tense moments of my life!

    It’s Adam I want to see, period. I CANNOT WAIT UNTIL HE DOES HIS FIRST TOUR.

    • I thought that too, that I would just hate sitting through everyone else, but as it turned out it wasn’t so bad and I don’t regret going not for a minute. Adam made it all so worthwhile. And that’s an understatement.

  13. Hi everyone, I started following American Idol in February, thanks to my eldest daughter. I have never been an avid fan of AI until this year. My daughter works in the billing dept of a hospital, and she would call and tell me how the older ladies at her work were going crazy over this guy Adam, and she wanted me to check it out. I did, and I don’t know what happened , but I became addicted. I was so excited on Tuesdays waiting for the show to come on, my kids thought I was losing it. Before long my kids, my friends, and my family in Louisiana were caught up in the enthusiasm. They have bought me Adam Lambert shirts, magazines with stories about him, and I now have quite the collection.
    This young man makes you feel brave, and good about yourself, and also ageless!
    I will be attending the Idol show in Boston as I bought tickets during the presale, and I am thinking about doing the Manchester NH show at the Verizon center in Sept. as I am only 30 minutes away from both venues.
    I turned 62 in July, and am a grandmother, and great grandmother, and all the kids love Adam.

    Many thanks to Adam for the added excitement he has brought to my life. Rock on!

    • Welcome Thelma! We have quite a few sixty something ‘young’ Adam fans posting on this site. Isn’t it great how Adam liberates us and makes us free spirit. Enjoy Boston and please share your experience with us!

  14. Cathie Bair says:

    You are all getting me so wound up about Adams’s concert coming to my home town of Miami on the 29th….I want to go see him but cannot afford the good tickets and no one wants to go with me and sit in the back of the arena. So I will be online getting all the info from everyone who goes to any of the concerts and dreaming that I was there too!!!! That is the crazy effect and hold that Adam has on so many ……We lost a great entertainer in Michael Jackson but we have gained another bright and mystical star in Adam Lambert. Like all of you Glambs…..I cannot wait for his own concert tour..
    I am saving my money…I will get a great seat for this one……………..

    • Even seats toward the back aren’t bad. And watch Stub Hub just a few days before the concert. Ticket prices go way down.

    • And PS I went by myself and it was all good…

    • Texasgirl7 says:

      I’ve found floor tickets available to the Tulsa concert on today for $60, so maybe the day of the show you can find a bargain in your area!

    • Lisette here..Aw Cathie blair compris an imagaine how one feel regarde non having money an missing concerte with beau Adam.I too av miss beau Adam when he was in Calif. an swest due to health issues.So enjoie to read of all Adam fans/frends/glambs wonderful esperiences at AI best part of show is when Adam appear onstage with his sensual coiffed hair,crystal bleu eyes an superbe an artistique makeup an ecoutrementes thet only he can wear..tresbeau!I do pray an hope to see him al some pointe an agree re: Michel Jackson rest his soul..I adore him an his musique can live on for many generationes.An even Adam has say earlyon Idol after Simon an othre judges gave ovation for black n white performances an as innovative in his danse moves an so very sensual an so Adam pays sort of tribute in mode of Michel’s style just with toches too of beau Elvis ther’s thet smirk an hip gyratione an ethereal velvet tone in lot of his songes (one can see from utube) an even in “Ring of Fire” something there so reminde me of a yonge Elvis if ever av seen “Comeback Special” in black leathre..Adam an Elvis cheque out similar facial espressions,eyes an even lips..oops but Im allowe to feel thes way as we all do here!So we shall all share amour for him..He as espress he enjoies seein gals go crazy an even sharing kisses in past(see utube songes from “Wicked” when youngre..Interviewers av asked Adam seeing thet yu’ve made out with gals..He says why non it’s fun(in regardes to roles where he’s had romantique scenes kissing etc)An can see Adam doe enjoie thes momentes.An as othre glambs av posted we’re all free to let imaginatones take to anothre place re: Adam. None of the other Idol’s before him have thes effecte on their nonmattre bein gay he truly is adored by both us femmes an l’hommes..gals n fellows..Pardon to go on I just av read so many of above commentes feel as if I av been there spirite yet not bless to be in person..Adam someday monbeau I’ll be there as Michel’s song says.An I too agree Adam will be a grande star/artiste/danceur an actor adored here an internationale stages as well..I know thes as he has fans from everywhere thet will travel many miles to see an here his estraordinaire voix one very angelque,sensual an distinctively his! Thenks for all these lovli posts an poste photos an videos..I can close ma eyes an imagaine for some moments in time I am there with all Adam glambs,glamberts,angels,lamb whetever other fanclubs
      have forme ..we adore him..Adam tresbeau inward an outward plese reman thes way an stay forever humble,adorable,sensual an charmant as yu are!J’adore an blessings Lisette ..Luv to all!

  15. ravengirl says:

    It amazes me when I read letters on sites like this that the things other women my age (cough!52cough!) are saying is exactly what I feel as well. It’s as if Adam has hypnotized a whole generation of otherwise normal women who have lived good and fulfilling lives, done amazing things, have careers, children, husbands, partners, whatever, yet now find themselves back to being swooning 14-year-olds who are not understood by anyone in their immediate family or perhaps, as in my case, circle of friends.
    Thank heavens, then, for sites like these! Or I might otherwise think I truly have lost it.
    I went to the Glendale, AZ., concert earlier this week, which is more than a 600-mile drive from my home in NM. So it also became a minivacation and an event. I wrote about my experiences at mjsbigblog and MrLambertPress, if you are interested.
    It was an amazing show, and– I will use the word Adam uses– it was surreal when Adam came on. I will never forget it.
    I can’t help but wonder what it will be like when he launches his solo tour! How many concerts will I be able to go to then????!!!!

    • Jeanette says:

      Ravengirl, I read your excellent concert review on MJ and am so happy to have the opportunity to thank you! I loved your writing – reading your descriptions were not only entertaining but really made me feel I’d been there. And let me reiterate to you and everyone else here that all reviews are opinions, and no one should be criticized for giving their own opinions. (Not that anyone on THIS SITE would fault your Adam-bias!) Thank you, too, for posting the photos on MJ – your children are indeed beautiful, and your son – OMG – so adorable. He is destined to be a lady-killer. Thank you again!!!!!

  16. If you haven’t seen it and forget how good it was, here is “WE are the Champions” from the finale… Kris does have a bit of a “rock timbre” to his voice in this one. Check it out around 2:00 they do such a cute thing!

  17. Oh My favorite ladies here on this sight…. lol This is 57 yr old Sherry.. I enjoy nothing more than reading , You, my favorite fellow Adam lovers.. I’m in Utah and have a great guy that I have been dating for 1 1/2 years, and yet I couldn’t wait for him to bring me home after a nice dinner out tonight so I could see the Texas vid from last night and read the comments from all of you.. I smile every time I realize that we are all in the same boat with our feelings for Adam.. I love every minute of this journey we all are taking together.. Long last Adam and his future and long last this mutual enjoyment that he has brought to all of our lives.. ( smiling)

  18. Wicked Glitter says:

    I’m going to Adam Lambert’s concert at Auburn Hills in Michigan in August. I’m so excited! I bought tickets for my neice and daughter. I wish I would have bought more because my sisters want to go now too! Oh yeah my other neice wants to go also. When Adam does his solo concert half of the concert will be all of the women in my family. We are going to have so much fun .We love Adam so much. There’s another concert in Michigan in Grand Rapids in September. Maybe we can all go to that one(we want to sit together). I’m going to find out ! If I organize It , I’m sure they will all go. I can’t wait..

  19. I have just found an absolutely amazing video from the Dallas show. The person taking the video has caught Adam just as he begins the intro to ‘Let’s Dance’. I have never seen a man this beautiful in my life. His hair is styled back in that gorgeous pompadour and flows down like a black mane on the nape of his bare neck. He looks extremely fit and charged with energy. HIs V-necked black vest sparkles with flashes of light. His shoulders are to die for. He throws out his arms, throws back his head, and begins the lilting, rocking words of the intro, and then uncharacteristically jumps to backstage to take some water, not missing a beat, calling to everyone to get up and dance. But when he comes back to center stage, watch out. As if to compensate for that small lapse of having to show his mortality briefly by drinking a sip of water, he comes back with a vengeance to do the song. Driving and pumping his legs like a black 5-gaited horse, he gets into the beat. And when he gets to ‘Let’s sway…..sway through the crowd to an empty space’ his voice rockets into reverb on the mic. He jumps up to sing with his back-up singers, cuts his eyes and turns his face to the right with the sweetest expression ever given by a man, comes back down to center stage, and again brings down the house with his rocking wail, doing a little jump-skip, shaking it up while the amplifiers take his spectacular reverberating echo to the ceiling. And then at the finale, he throws up his arm in the rock salue and disappears into the floor while I and everyone else is screaming, ‘No, no, don’t go!’ The film quality is very clear and Adam looks startlingly close-up and real, and oh, so beautiful. I truly don’t know how much more we will be able to take of this man called Adam before we’re all dead on the floor. Here is the link, and I do apologize if someone else has already posted it:

  20. Another cute little interview… in LA with Jim Cantiello, while there, notice two other interviews, on in which he talks aobut the bra throwing etc…

    July 18, I think

  21. Jeanette, thanks for “leading the charge” with all these wonderful ideas for posts.

    • Jeanette says:

      Hi Songwriter4adam, thank you for your kind words!

      The upcoming weeks will be a collaboration between myself and other fan club leaders who will be attending the concerts. It should be very exciting, and I can’t wait!

  22. Being here on the ‘Tulsa Tour Vibe’ page reminds me of one of my favorite songs sung by one of my favorite artists (Dusty Springfield) of days gone by. And as it applies so perfectly to Adam Lambert and his heart-stealing ways, I include it here for old times sake, and for new times to come:

    “Dearest darlin’, I had to write to say that I won’t be home anymore,
    ‘Cause somethin’ happened to me while I was driving home
    And I’m not the same anymore
    Oh, I was only 24 hours from Tulsa
    Oh-oh-oh-oh, only one day away from your arms –
    I saw a welcoming light and stopped to rest for the night,
    And that is when I saw him,
    As I pulled in outside of a small motel
    He was there, and so I walked up to him
    Asked where I could get something to eat and he showed me where
    Oh, I was only 24 hours from Tulsa
    Oh-oh-oh-oh, only one day away from your arms!
    He took me to a cafe – I asked him if he would stay
    He said, – okay

    Oh I was only 24 hours from Tulsa
    Oh-oh-oh-oh, only one day away from your arms!
    Oh, the jukebox started to play
    And nightime turned into day, – as we were dancing closely
    All of a sudden I lost control as I held his charms
    And I caressed him, kissed him,
    Told him I’d die before I would let him out of my arms..

    Oh I was only 24 hours from Tulsa!
    Oh-oh-oh-oh, only one day away from your arms
    I hate to do this to you –
    But I found somebody new;
    What can I do?
    And I can never, never, never go home again

    (Slightly altered) by Gene Pitney

    • LORRIN, I totally remember this song!!! I loved Gene Pitney’s songs! Remember ‘Town Without Pity”? He used to remind me of Elvis’ voice bak in the ‘day’. Ooved remembering this song!!!! Nice,Lorrin!!!

      • He is online at Limewire and maybe youtube? Pitney I mean.

        • Got intimidated on limewire! Went to youtube, yep, it’s there!
          Anybody see Kelly Clarkson on SNL tonite? I think she gained about 75 lbs.! She can afford lipo.
          I’m not thin as I wanna be either, but I don’t have her money. If I did I’d def. get lipo, if it was medically

    • OMG Lorrin, I also remember that song! Love Gene Pitney!

      • This song always ‘gets’ me terribly…..I was thinking about those evening rides you all must make to get to the concerts over long distances, you ‘stop for the night’, and who should be there but….Adam,….and ‘something happens to you, and you will never be the same again’…

    • pLORRIN, but ‘he’ is really ‘she’. Is that what you meant by ‘slightly altered’?


      • Yes, dear Cheryl, but I also added hyphens and extended words and puncuation which would make the written lyrics ‘sound’ like the way the song is actually sung as you read it. But oh yes, the man waiting in the shadows in the dark outside the small cafe is Adam. (Just another of our romantic dream sequences involving our favorite man…)

        • …And of course, Dusty Springfield sang it with ‘he’, not ‘she’….

          • HEY, LORRIN! I don’t remember Dusty Springfield singing it. But, I never cared much for her anyway,
            so I’m not surprised about that! I’ll bet she didn’t do it justice! Gene Pitney has his own thing going
            w/the voice and all. Yes, I did get how you typed in a way showing the song’s flavor!!! I thought
            that was very, very nice!!!

  23. DianeK in New Jersey says:

    Hello everyone!

    I am 57 and I am totally mesmerized by this young man. I work at home on my computer typing and every two minutes instead of working, Iam doing what I am doing right now, googling Adam. Iam going to the concert in Atlantic City. Can’t get off from work to go to another. I only live about a half hour from AC but I am going with my grandaughter and staying overnight. He is just so handsome, and Tuesday nights on American Idol were my priority just to see what he was going to do next. I think that he is going to be one great superstar. My family calls me a stalker because I am always looking for news on him, but I am not really that. I just am so happy for him to be able to live his dream. He looks so happy and he really does know what the audience wants when he is on stage. I really cannot wait until I go on August 7 to see him but I can’t wait either for him to have his own concert and you can be sure that Iwill be at that one too. When they came down to the top 10 finalists, aside from Adam, I had a hard time deciding which one should be the next to go. I do think all of them are talented, but of course, Ido have my favorite which is this newborn star.

    • adam' eye of horus says:

      I am also going to the Atlantic Ciy Show. It is amazing to read all of these posts. I totally have the Adam Fever. Can not wait to see him live. I am also going to the Atlantic City and Philly show. Seeing him with my own eyes…..omg….too much to handle.

  24. Just what we need, another site on which to glean info on Adam:

    Go to gossip candy and over to page 3, a video of a fan named Patti who has written a hilarious account of her PANTY THOWING EXPERIENCE in Dallas, and what happened after that. There is a short video below it. I could not ifnd a link to bring over here.

    Very funny and cute, and yes….. fate stepped in re. her panties….!!

  25. I attented the concert last night in Tulsa. I have yet to stop thinking about the experience. It was amaaaazing! It doesn’t matter how many times you watch Adam’s performances on youtube, NOTHING PREPARES YOU FOR HIS ACTUAL PRESENCE! He is so freakishly beautiful, talented, and charismatic. He dominates the stage and the show. Oklahoma is a very conservative state and I was worried about his reception here. I went prepared for protesters and detractors, but didn’t see any. And, the crowd was his! Everyone was on their feet at the end of Gokey’s set, not for Gokey–but for Adam! You could feel the excitement and anticipation in the air–so much energy and love radiating from the crowd to the stage because the Rock God was about to appear in the flesh! The noise never abated, the crowd never sat down until his set was too quickly over. Every move he makes and note he sings is a delight to the senses. I couldn’t decide where to look. I could watch the sensual beauty of his face and expressions on the large screens on either side of the stage, but then I would miss the sensual movements of a rather large, bedazzled pie-plate-of-a-belt-buckle as he danced. It gyrated and swayed and sparkled like a jewel of a hypnotist! What is a girl to do? I went with the belt buckle. OMFG he can dance! He seems to have gotten more confidant with the routine and it will BURN YOUR EYEBALLS! I can only imagine how into it he will be down the road–he seems to like to improvise and change up steps and notes and phrasings in the songs. To my disappointment, he only mini-humped the mic stand. I read on another web page that there were complaints about the over-the-top sexuality of his movements and he was asked to tone it down. If this is true, I say: if you don’t like mic humping just close your eyes when you see him place the stand between his legs and DO NOT DEPRIVE THE DEPRAVED OF THEIR MIC HUMP! It is the closest thing to a honeymoon I will ever have again. (Don’t rain on my parade, Gokey fans.) He and Allison are awesome together and have so much fun kicking around the panties and bras that only get thrown at Adam. For someone whom, I assume, has little experience with bras, our boy can twirl them with the beat of the music and launch them with NASA precision back into the audience. Is there nothing he can’t do in a fabulous manner? Everything he does is so HHHOOOOTTTT! …Like pizza burn to your soul…The last note hits like a hammer, and the floor lift lowers him down and you can’t believe it is over. Nooooo…..come back……Excuse me, I suddenly feel the urge for a cold drink. I have more to share.

    • Oh!!!! WANNABETHESNAKE!!!!! EXCELLENT detailing of the show!!! So funny about the mic stand!! The
      comment about your second honeymoon hysterically funny!!! Can really twirl the bra, huh?!! OMG, I HAVE
      TO SEE HIM!!! I NEED HIM!!!!! I WANT HIM, I NEED HIM, I LOVE HIM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • Thank you Cheryl. I can tell by all the CAPS and exclamation marks you, as Adam would say,
        “got it”. Yes, a true Adam fan understands when another is willing to lose an eye from a hot pink, padded, push-up, elastic missile and consider it a badge of honor.

    • Wonderful, wonderful description wannabethesnake! The breathless excitement of the real concert is in every line. And I love that NASA-like precision our Adam has of launching those bras back into the audience, – outstanding! But more than anything I loved the fact that ‘so much energy and love were radiating from the crowd to the stage’ because he was about to appear in person. How I would love to see him. Thank you for sharing your great observations!

    • Loved this post! I see someone else besides myself is transfixed by the, uh, dazzling belt buckle. LOL!!!!

      Couldn’t agree more on how lame Gokey was, and also how much improved and fun Anoop was. Thanks for sharing.

  26. Ok…one ice cold Shiner Bock later…I have composed my thoughts. One could almost skip the first half of the concert. Michael Sarver is….ok. Megan Joy is….lovely to look at but painful to hear. Matt Geraud (sp?) is…just annoying. Lil is…boring. But, Scott touched my heart. I liked him alot. The biggest surprise though was ANOOP! He looked good. He sounded good. He had this swagger and soulful R&B thing going on with some pretty smooth moves. In my opinion he has improved the most since getting kicked off the show, and I would go see him again. I was that entertained by Anoop. Intermission. Tried to go pee. The lines are so long, I hear the beginning of Allison’s set and I have to leave before reaching a stall. I will not miss our Girl! She is so energetic and that 40 year old voice in a teenager’s body is captivating. She is playful and fun and does not disappoint. Then there is Gokey. Gokey is a really good singer. He looks good and is in shape now. Why can’t I like him? Could it be he is just such a poser? He brought up his dead wife. He preached although it wasn’t too long. (I wonder if he was made to shorten it because of all the complaints from mic-humping-loving-whores? Gotta keep things fair and balanced.) Or, is it because he keeps trying to be like Adam? (Remember “Scream On”?) Adam must have had a garage sale and Gokey cleaned it out. He was wearing Adam’s boots. He had Adam’s chains dangling from his hip. (UGH) He was wearing a quasi-military style jacket that he tries to sexily remove and dance! (CRINGE) And, he sported extremely spiked hair! WTF? I was too far away to notice any guyliner and didn’t want to waste the use of my binoculars. I can’t blame him for wanting to stir up a little heat. He just needs to find his own combustible material. Our boy has been flaming (no pun intended) since the beginning of AI with his own style. I know that imitation is the sincerest form of flattery but….I’m just sayin’….don’t…go…there…Gokey. Then, too few minutes of NIRVANA. The winner of American Idol! Woo! Woo! Then the guy that got the most votes. Kris. Pretty, sweet, funny little munchkin that Adam loves has the worst job in the world: following Adam. Jeez! Kris was really good, but it didn’t matter. We were all spent. Sweaty. Drained. We needed a smoke and cuddle time. I still had to pee. Others must have ,too, because people were streaming out of their seats and up the stairs. Surley, they weren’t leaving. Arkansas is right next door to Tulsa. This should be Kris Kountry. I admit it took several weeks and gallons of Chunky Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough to recover from Adam’s “loss” on AI, but I really felt for Kris. What an impossible predicament to be in. You won, but you didn’t. Kris has the title “American Idol”, but Adam is the “King of Hearts”. Fortunately, they both seem to genuinely care about each other (ok ladies–and gents– insert your favorite fantasy here) and have a great sense of humour about it all. I can live happily with that. Gotta get some sleep. In the morning, I will tell you how were were touched by the hand of God.

    • Hey wannabethesnake, I too dubbed Adam the ‘King of Hearts’ in one of my other posts. I think this is truly who he is…

  27. Good morning, Adam fans. The coffee is on and I want to explain how we approached The Adam Lambert Show (otherwise known to the ignorant as American Idol Live on Tour) with the precision of a military unit invading a small country. The morning the tickets went on sale, I sat poised over the computer with my credit card handy, and a steely sense of determination: I need to be close enough to see his sweat! Five…Four…Three…Two…One…GO! Many, many other Glambs and Glamberts and LambSkanks must have been doing the same thing. It seems like it took forever and the front, floor seats were already gone! How is that possible? Do they save them, or use them for promotion or what? Floor seats were available in the back, but I have learned from past concerts, that isn’t always the best for me. I am short. Highly excited people do not sit down. Adam fans never sit down. So, I got us very good seats on the next level, slightly left of stage. WhooHoo! I just spent the equivalent of next month’s mortgage, but SO WHAT! The tickets arrived quickly in the mail and we all squealed, and did our version of the happy dance making the neighbors think we won the lottery. Close. Next, where to keep the tickets to paradise. They must be kept safe from fire (My husband smokes in the bushes because he is not allowed to smoke in the house. He thinks we don’t know.), theft (Thank goodness, we have ADT), tornadoes (This is Oklahoma…)and my estrogen-starved brain/memory ( The real threat.). The safety deposit box at the bank! YES!
    Next, physical fitness. Diet and exercise. We must build our stamina, and fit into skinny jeans. (Never happened.) Next, t-shirts. ATTENTION ALL ADAM FANS: wear some kind of Adam Lambert clothing. Your fellow addicts will want to know you. You will make instant friends of all shapes, genders, and ages! You are part of a global family now. I bought black t-shirts with just Adam’s bangs and eyes on the front (looking “fierce”) from They have tons of great Adam merchandise, so check it out. Then my personal touch was added. Didn’t you just L.O.V.E. Adam’s…ummh…piece in Rolling Stone? It was so honest and candid and open and sexy. (And a little shocking. Yeah.) We finally got to glimpse his personality and what makes him so unique. My favorite line arrived when he was explaining how he went all out for the finale because the voting was over and he wanted to put on an amazing show. His attitude was, “I’m going to glue rhinestones on my eyelids, bitch!” Sweet freedom! Let that creative genius out of the cage! That is the quote I had imprinted on the back of our t-shirts in colors of silver and bluish-lavender. It turned out to be my own personal stroke of genius. (Stroke…mic stand…focus, focus…) Arrgh, the family is up. Why do they still expect meals, and clean clothes and towels and a path cleared through the house? I got automatic food and water dispensers for the pugs. Can’t they make automatic Captain Crunch and milk dispensers for humans? I’ll be back….

      What a WONDERFUL expose’ of events!!!!! DO YOU DO ‘STAND-UP’? Just wondering, cuz Adam could
      set you off w/a real career, and you could just talk about HIM!!! Then, you would most def. be given the
      chance of meeting HIM!!! YOUR DESCRIPTION OF ‘FAMILY LIFE’ IS HILARIOUS!!!! But your T-shirt was
      perfect!!! OMG!!!! I SIMPLY CAN’T STAND IT!!! I NEED ME SOME ADAM!!!! I know, so do millions of people, but I’m older than most!!! It’s only right that I go FIRST!!! I’m surprised you were so generous to Gokey!! Can’t stand that creep!!! He is a ‘back stabber’, ‘Adam basher’, then ‘Adam wannabe’! Plus, he continues to use his dead wife to gain attention and sympathy for himslef and “his foundation”!!! B.S.!!!!! How could he be so blantent about copying Adam???!! He could only make himself look more foolish than he does already, the idiot! I am surprised about Anoop, tho!!! I couldn’t have guessed that anyone would make that statement about ‘paying’ to see him! That blows my mind a little! haha! I looooved your rendition of the concert from beginning to end!!! It is priceless!!!!
      peace-love-thrill-joy-fun-4 Us Glambs……..PEACE-LOVE-LIGHT-HAPPINESS-LOVE-JOY…4 ADAM.

  28. Ok. It is time!!! The day is finally here!!!! Ladies this is the day to pamper yourself. Get your manicure and pedicure in glossy black polish. Eat. Breathe. Nap. You will need your strength. We loaded the trunk with our signs that said “God Hates Hate” and a rainbow balloon. We were prepared to go toe to toe with any protester that dared to show up and diss our boy! (Didn’t see any at our spot.) We applied lots of dark shadow and black eyeliner. We glued rhinestones on Adam’s eyes (oh, the dream…) on the shirt and our own eyes. I wore black jeans. Not skinny, but not relaxed either. Glittery platform sandals. My seventeen year old daughter wore a black mini skirt and studded, finger-less leather gloves. I tried them both and just looked stupid. Better stick with edgy with restraint. Next, another stroke of genius. We all want to meet Adam, right? Well we knew from constant youtube viewing that often the idols come out after the concert and sign autographs. They are usually rushed along by security quickly signing whatever is thrust out in front of them by tearful, screaming women. How to get Adam’s attention….Enter my daughter’s hot, twenty year old boyfriend, who has a killer sense of humour and sweet ability to make her happy. He is 6’1″, slender, slightly-curly-dark hair, green eyes and a mega-watt smile. We dressed him in a white shirt, opened at the neck and chest, sleeves rolled up, grey vest, “snug” jeans all from Express. (Because his gay friends at work shop there, Ok. This is Oklahoma, remember.) We applied guyliner and mascara and tada…ADAM BAIT! Oh, we are so clever! Now we are on our way. As we walk toward the BOK Center the shirts already cause a stir. You can hear people reading them and laughing as we pass. We get thumbs up from people in cars. Adam fans approach us and want to know where we got those shirts! Well we are geniuses…We created them…We are going to see Adam, wearing shirts with a dirty word, sporting an undercover gay boy…and we are feeling oh so naughty and a little subversive. HaHaHa. Then, joykill. We find our seats and the row behind us consists of GOKEY FANS! They are appalled by our shirts. They say they are very inappropriate and they do not want to sit behind us all night. Well good luck trying to find other seats, prudes. They instruct their tweens to avert their eyes from our shirts. You chose to bring them to a rock concert in a venue that sells liquor, so….I’m going to get a beer! Avert your eyes, kiddies! On my way back to my seat with a refreshing beverage, I meet an usher in a very usher-like red suit coat and he loves the shirts! He keeps coming back and talking and joking with us. What fun! He is 60-ish, theatrical (wink, wink) and tickled pink (wink, wink) at our audacity. He says he will try to find us some back stage passes for the formal meet and greet! OMG! Is this really happening??? It didn’t. They were all gone. But, he said to find him after the finale and he will show us the best place to go for autographs. I could not miss a single minute of the finale. I knew Adam was going to wear that bedazzled trucker cap and kill the high notes in “Don’t Stop Believing”, but my daughter, the minx, could. So, she takes ADAM BAIT and finds the usher. He points her to the door the idols will come out of and tells her to wait until she sees security setting up barricades and go to them and stick like glue by the door. She does. By the time we leave with the crowd and find her there is already a crowd there. FAN WARNING: Do not try to join family members by the barricade. It will result in loss of hair and rhinestones. Hundreds of women, whipped into a sexual frenzy by Adam’s perfomance, will not budge one inch. Forget sisterhood and good manners. It is every woman for herself. There was one redneck in my vacinity. He was scrawny, had a stubbly chin and missing teeth and a dirty trucker cap (ruined Adam’s vision for me). Yes, the stereotype prevails here somtimes. My sister asked him who his favorite Idol was and he said, “I’m here for that little Allison girl.” Made me glad Allison has her mother with her….The crowd kept growing and pressing and pushing. There was a little boy, about four, in front of me. I was afraid he was going to get crushed or smothered. I asked his mother if I could hold him up. She gave me a mind-your-own-business look, but finally put him on her shoulders. Security kept trying to push people back, but for each one of us that complied, three more pressed in. I was getting further back from my daughter and more than a little worried. I had visions of her impaled on the barricade because she was holding on to it like a tick. ADAM BAIT was using his body to push people back and shield her from some of the pressure. The crowd kept shouting Adam!…Adam!…Adam!…and finally after what I think was an hour the door opened and out came our Rock God in the flesh and all by himself!!! OMG!!! All I could see was the top of his spikey hair! Why am I a midget??? I can see ADAM BAIT and the spikey hair stops and stays there!!! FOREVER!!!! WAHHH. WAHHH. My daughter says Adam stopped to sign her program and photo and said “I like your shirt.” and the other girls around my daughter chant, “Read the back. Read the back.” So, he takes her by the shoulders and turns her around, moves her long blond hair back over her neck, pulls the t-shirt down at the waist, so he can read it and laughs out loud. “I haven’t seen this one before. I love saying that. It is one of my favorite things. Thank you. I’ll sign it for you” He signs the lavender part of his picture on front. Yes he touched her boob with a sharpie!!! OMFG!!! He makes eye contact with Adam Bait and signs another photo for him, then moves away. They leave the barricade and we find each other. These kids are elated! Adam was so sweet, and gracious, and kind. The minx says you can tell he is a strawberry blond by the downy hair on the back of his arms and the sweet freckles all over. The lips are full and soft and smile so easily and the teeth are perfect! But, the eyes…the blue/grey eyes pull you in and really seem to want to know you for that second. She says he has a small scar on his cheek and one on his elbow. Wish I knew those stories. Wish I had left the finale. We are framing the shirt and program. We will never forget this night, and Minx will always feel his touch of a rock god on her shoulder!

    • Brilliant! Envy you having this unforgettable Adam experience but thankful that you are sharing it with us.

    • WANNABETHESNAKE!!!!! UNBELIEVABLE!!!!! LUCKY, LUCKY GIRL!!!!What a memory!!!!!!1
      Yes,, too bad Gokey’s people had to even BE there!!! I saw Gokey pick up a bra – oh, is he nasty,
      or what?!!! Hahaha!!! Envy your whole trip! I would like to ‘sign’ something on Adam!!!!

      • Gokey touching a bra? eeewww… Someone explain to me how a gay man can transform bra twirling into breathless soft-porn, and a straight man just makes it….eeewww…

        • Because, dear wannabethesnake, as I’m sure you know, our Adam has been blessed with the build and facial beauty of a young Greek god and the physicality and supple movements of a black panther, a charging lion, or a strutting black stallion. He is sexiness personified. Poor Danny is just another regular, somewhat chubby guy with aspirations just a little over his head. The one can never be the other, no matter how he tries, and it is painful to see him try. Adam could twirl an egg-beater over his head, and the earth would move, the planets would cease in their orbit, and the stars would fall from the sky. That is why..

    • wiccagirl2009 says:

      What an experience. Good idea on the Adam bait. LOL! Thanks for sharing. 🙂

    • AdamRocks! says:

      wannbethesnake, THANK YOU for your posts! Absolutely LOVED them!

      Cindy in MS

  29. Oh my gosh! Someone has posted a picture of Adam above with a wisp of Minx’s blond hair and blessed shoulder to the right him. Thank you. Thank you. I was too far away to get a picture. It is now our screen saver.

    • Texasgirl7 says:

      Your posts are wonderfully entertaining! Nice to read well written posts. I work concessions at BOK to fund my daughters competitive cheerleading and we all wore Adam shirts I made from photos I lifted. They were all different. Yours sound so cute. We got lots of compliments, but the BOK made us change. Dorks. We were all decked out in glitter, black or navy nail polish and ready for action! A few of the moms don’t watch AI and had never heard of Adam. I took one out with me for Whole Lotta Love and she is now in love!

      I sent a few photos in to be posted on here. Your idea of Adam bait is priceless. I can’t wait until he has his own tour. I only got to watch a few songs of the concert, but I heard everyone felt sorry for Kris having to follow him… and I also heard apart from Adam, Alison was great, and Anoop was the big surprise. Good for him! My girlfriend had amazing seats and took photos. Hopefully they will post them on here.

      • Texasgirl7: Thank you and I’m sorry you had to take off you Adam shirts anddidn’t get to see the whole show. It was entertaining, even though Adam was all we went for. It was15 minutes of pure bliss and only a taste of what is to come in his own show. Hey, since you work at BOK, maybe we can plan an inside job on obtaining front row center seats and backstage passes…or a broom closet to hide in near the dressing rooms… You know….kinda like “Dirty Santa”. Start memorizing the lay-out…

        • Texasgirl7 says:

          Your posts are crackin my **** up! I just read your last one about “SHE”. Which sounds like me! ha ha I’m 46, raising 5 kids. Oldest 21, youngest nearly 15. They too, make fun of me for my “obsession”! Pretty much all of my friends are ribbing me! Loving Adam is fun and insightful. He was the only one I wanted to see as well.

          About the broom closet…. I’ll see what I can come up with. A friend’s husband bounces there often and his friends are regular bouncers, so we’ll see what we can come up with. We definitely need to get together and have a plan for his concert. Lots of times the company called I love all Access, buys up many of the primo seats, then sells packages including meet and greet, backstage and awesome seats. I did it for Van Halen and it was very much worth it. So… thats an idea as well. I’ll start befriending the bouncers!

        • Oops, I meant “Bad Santa”. Adam keeps me thinking dirty…

          • Texasgirl7: Let us keep in touch then, because women with our life experience and “skills” should be able to pull this off. Hhmmm. How to bribe the bouncers….

  30. I am lucky enough to see Adam in concert in Milwaukee on Aug. 28 with my 16 year old granddaughter and my younger daughter who is 24. I have been to alot of concerts in my life and this chance to see Adam perform live is going to give me alot of hot flashes!

  31. adam eye of horus says:

    Please send more comments!!!

  32. awakenfan says:

    I am also a 51 year old fan from the other side of the world. I can’t help but react to the articles of wannabethesnake. They are down right Hilarious, articulate, descriptive, everything a brilliant well written article should be. Adam SHOULD read this ! You people are so lucky to see Adam in person. I think it will really take awhile before he could visit the Philippines. He is soo in demand by fans all over the world. If he does come over, it will be my first time to buy concert tickets without even thinking of the price. Lady GaGa is coming over next month and I’m not watching because I found the ticket price kinda steep. But for Adam’s concert, Who gives a damn about prices ? Just good seats !

    I discovered Adam during his audition. I am not a true follower of AI. It so happened that my TV was on and AI was having an audition. When I glanced at the screen, I saw a young handsome man belting Bohemian Rhapsody. He immediately caught my attention. I also knew from his mannerism that he was gay, but I didn’t care ! From then on I followed his journey till the finals. I have a twin sister who was first rooting for Danny, bec. she said he looked like Robert Downy, Jr. But after the Mad World performance, she crossed over and she is now an avid Adam fan. The Rolling Stone magazine was like searching for the blue diamond. It was so rare that it didn’t even hit the news stands or any bookstore. It was truly frustrating ! I even e-mailed relatives in the U.S. to buy me a copy, but they too couldn’t find a single copy. So now, I am subscribing to Rolling Stone so I can follow Adam’s rise to fame.

    • Thank you awakenfan. It took me several weeks to discover Adam. I quit watching AI the year Chris Daughtry was voted off and Taylor Hicks won. What’s the point when America is that stupid? Anyway, my husband continued to watch the show and one evening I was on the internet looking up info on how to repair the ice maker in the fridge (my so-called life) and I hear these mystical, middle-eastern, beats and cymbals/bells or something other-worldly snaking their way into my ears and brain, slithering down my spine raising my heart rate and respiration, before coiling tightly in the vacinity of my practical underwear! I float to the living room like the cobra swaying to the flute of a snake charmer to gaze on this beautiful man wearing eyeliner and tight pants and gloves and jacket and shirt that flicks up to show a glimpse of skin and a lip that curls seductively and a tongue that licks said lip seductively and a voice that soars as if he is really feeling the burn of desire and HOLY MARY MOTHER OF GOD I FEEL THE HEAT AND SMELL THE SMOKE!!!! There was a stroke of lightening, a powerful jolt of electricity then–flip the switch and lower the platform, Igor, she is alive…HAHAHA…SHE IS ALIVE! nothing has been the same since. I am obsessed. Mentally and physically. My kids think it is gross that someone my age thinks of someone–anyone–naked. Or, that I would gleefully ponder the bulge in a young man’s pants even though the zipper is uncovered, exposed and hanging there shining like Christmas tree tinsel and I dare anyone to look away. It is not me I explain to them. It is SHE. SHE is my 25 year old self. SHE with firm, perky boobs and taunt abs and an ass that roundly filled out a pair of high-waisted bell-bottomed jeans with “bitch” stitched onto the back pocket in gold lame’ cursive writing. SHE wore a matching gold lame’ jacket and black glitter platform shoes and danced the night away at the disco beneath the spinning crystal ball. The BeeGees were gods and SHE could move to their music in ways that set men’s hearts on fire. With the flick of her long, dark hair and the crook of one finger SHE could get any man SHE wanted…95% of the time. SHE would enjoy the smell and taste of his body, and make him laugh, and learn his mind, and become a better person for it–and so would he. SHE was a college student with an academic scholorship and the world was her oyster. SHE marched for civil rights and the ERA and a woman’s right to choose. Surely, SHE would write a bestseller, star in a Broadway musical, paint a masterpiece, win an Oscar, travel the world. HE arrives at TU Law School on a motorcycle and wearing a black leather jacket. He is liberal,and wild and “a sweet-talking son of a preacher man” as Dusty Springfield sang. Soon a wedding. Soon a son; one year before Leila gave birth to the “alien from the planet Fierce”. Two little sisters. Diapers, schools, homework, science projects, sports, teachers meetings, trips to doctors, dogs and cats, trips to vets, PTA, mortgage, maintenance, family vacations, careers, production, profit, 401Ks, awards, broken hearts, drivers ed, graduation, military, Operation Anaconda in Afghanastan, Operation Iraqi Freedom, honors, now his wedding…Life. Age…Responsibilities…until SHE is released by a siren’s song. GRR. SHE will now download music and videos and watch youtube endlessly. SHE will make friends in chat rooms, and go to concerts, and wear clothes with bad words, and march in Gay Pride parades. SHE will shop for leopard print underwear at Fredericks and pretend her waist is an innie and not an outie. SHE, who could walk through the room wearing nothing but a smile and pasties, with a talking parrott on her head, and HE would never even look up from his “US News and World Report”, will now take said magazine from his hands and hit him with it. HE will go to the bedroom NOW and take his clothes off…(Oooohh, when did his chest hair get grey?) Never mind, SHE will turn of the light and think of a siren’s song from the planet Fierce and HE will like it! Just think where I would be if I found Adam on week one…

      • awakenfan says:

        OMG wannabethesnake ! That is one awesome piece of writing ! Imagine if you did meet Adam at that point, he may just become a straight guy. But his sexuality doesn’t really matter to us fans. He is a SEX GOD ! When he sang ROF that night, I thought Uh Oh, the judges may not like it and the viewers may find him weird. That was really a brave choice and it paid off. That was actually the launching pad of the Adam we now know and love.
        Its been several years that I haven’t been watching the Grammys or any Music awards coz I couldn’t relate to the artist or band. Now I’m very excited to see who are the nominees for new male vocal artist coz I’m sure he will be one of them. I hope his album will make it to the
        Grammy nominations as well.

        • awakenfan, that is so true about his sexuality. In his interview with 20/20, I believe, he said “sexy is sexy” and that is the simple, profound truth–as it pertains to Adam (in spades) and the rest of us, too. I’ve been married to the same man for almost 25 years! I’m use to having romantic fantasies about men I will never have. (Johnny Depp and Brad Pitt have supplied many hours of inspiration!) Adam is simply a beautiful man on the outside, and from all indications, on the inside, too. He seems to love to kiss and give great hugs in public, physical expressions of affection. One can only assume, (and, oh, I do) that his private love-making is just as sensual and tender and beautiful. Inspiring people to recognize—or rediscover— the beauty of physical love, whether you are young, or not so young, gay or straight, may be as big a gift to the world as his music will be.

          • awakenfan says:

            Your absolutely right wannabethesnake. Adam is so articulate and has the cunning ability to speak his mind. He can truly express his feelings without offending anyone. It’s the “Either you like me or you don’t” attitude that made fans respect him more for his honesty. Revealing his sexuality to the world without inhibitions and doing it amidst advice from co-artist not to be too open because it may turn off a lot of people and hurt his budding career. Well it looks like they were wrong ! His fan base has grown a million fold. He can now go about his business without having to worry about reports of his sexuality. Way to go Adam !

            By the way, I am also married to the same man for 29 years. My eldest son is 26 yrs old (just 1 year younger than Adam). My second son is 21 yrs. old & my youngest daughter , 19 yrs. old. My 3 children are well aware of my passion with Adam. They were all so concerned with me when Adam lost AI. Even the girlfriend of my eldest son asked him how I was doing after the AI finals. My husband on the other hand, is beginning to have the “jealous husband” syndrome. He gives me the “I know who you’re swooning at ” look every time he sees me with my computer. And he gets upset when I mention Adam’s name. I just tell him,” hey relax honey, Adam can never take your place. He is just an imagination, not real.” Of course… I lied ! hehehe

  33. OMG.! I Went To This Concert.! (: It Was Amazing! I Got 3rd Row.(: Adam Was The Best And So Was Allison. They Both Rocked The Show. (:

  34. Texasgirl7 says:

    I have a few good pics of the Tulsa concert, but I don’t know how to post them on here.


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