TOUR VIBE – American Idol Summer Tour 2009 – Tour Wrap-Up

This is Jeanette, and I’m back!!! I got home last Sunday after vacationing in Arizona – it was a great trip, but I have to say that even the Grand Canyon was anti-climactic after Madison and Grand Rapids. The scenery I saw was spectacular, but rocks are just rocks, and Adam is a precious one-of-a-kind soul. I missed you guys, and it will take a while for me to get caught up on the website. Thanks to Sue for bringing you guys home with TOUR VIBES – she tells me she enjoyed it, so you guys must not have skered her too badly!

Now that the tour’s over, I thought it would be interesting to reflect back on the journey of the past two and a half months. I think many of us would agree that it’s been a life-changing experience, but what exactly happened? Did we see it coming? Just what was the big surprise, and where do we go from here?

For me, the tour began in a rather selfish, single-focus manner – it was me and Adam, and my one goal was to get the best ticket I could for the Milwaukee concert. I ordered on pre-sale day, got a floor ticket, and I was happy. I felt my goal had been accomplished. And after the tour started and the youtube videos and fan reviews revealed Adam’s incredible outfits and moves, my initial questions of how he would look and sound were answered. All I needed to do was sit tight and wait for August 28th to roll around.

But a very strange thing happened about 3 weeks after the tour started. In doing the TOUR VIBES and in reading the comments and reviews, suddenly my one small goal of seeing Adam in Milwaukee wasn’t enough. I wanted more of Adam, and it seemed the obvious way to do this was to attend more than one show. The idea of the multi-concert experience grabbed me, and I bought tickets for Madison and Grand Rapids. When I mentioned this in one of my articles, I think I helped to spread the idea, just as it had been spread to me. Adam was HOT HOT HOT, the notion of seeing Adam multiple times burned in us, and like a wildfire, the flames passed from Glamb to Glamb.

And another strange thing happened – the goal was no longer a self-centered one. We wanted to share the experience with each other. It wasn’t about “Adam and me” anymore, but “Adam and us.” I did my best to hook up with other Glambs for all my concerts, and I’m happy my efforts paid off. As incredible as Adam is, and as joyful as he makes me feel, in the end it was the sharing of the concerts with others that made the whole experience so memorable. I truly will never forget any of my 4 concerts or the new friends I met at each one.

This, for me, was the surprise of the tour – not how unbelievably beautiful and talented and sexy Adam is (I already knew all of that!) – but that my selfish goal of “me and Adam” could so thoroughly be transformed into a goal of fellowship and sharing. It is a tribute to Adam’s character as well as his talent that he can inspire this feeling in us. His appeal is universal, and he has proven this by uniting so many of us who never otherwise would have met.

For Adam’s future solo tour, I anticipate that multiple concerts and the sharing of the concert experience with other fans will be our mindset from day one. Certainly this will be my plan, and we here at Glambs Central will do all we can to make this happen for as many fans as possible.

To Adam and all the Idols – thank you for a fantastic tour! We appreciate your hard work and dedication, and we know you persevered through sickness and exhaustion to put on unforgettable shows for us. We know we went a little crazy (OK, a LOT crazy!), but thank you for remaining calm and positive and steadfast through the madness. You’ve set an example for all of us to follow by remaining so composed and centered, and we will all be better people because of you.

Adam, we love you, and we can’t wait to see you shine all on your own!!!!!

~~Jeanette, Glamb #5


  1. Bonsoir Jeanette! Welcome back macheramie..Hope yur trip was lovli an yes Sue did a splendide justice here to glambs site keping us all informed daily on latest eventes of AItour last concertes..Ah yes imagaine yu can always trasure those special eventes/concertes an seeing him in diffarante attire/an artistique way of his perfete outline crystal bleu eyes,elaborate leathre,an glamb ecoutrements with rhinestone an stud buckles,on his coats.An anticipation within evry citie to see him once agan on thet stage..An alonge with all his Idol mates,duets,every performance must av seem bettre then last,yes?!!An merci too for sharing such detailes with us made us feele as if we were alonge with yu somhow!..An yes it’s sad in way to see tour ende,but it will be just le commence of grande thinges for beau Adam..An has given him worlde acclaime,notoriete given glory of modern broadcaste via satellite,internet/youtube,blogs,fanpages,tv/radio interviews from Amer.Idol season 8 to now ontour.An Adam’s very original blendes’fusiones of musique in his CD..We can all await now with anticipatione an until know too Jeanette we have thes wondrful famille here of frends who adore Adam in all his artistry,his charmant personalitie,humilitie,humanitarian boncauses an of course his voix thet toches heartes everywhere all ages,sexes,races,nationalities shall do so for many generations to come! He’s truly blesse in all respectes..Take care an know all us glambs here wil always adore an luv him! Blessings Jeanettexoxo toi amie Lisette!

  2. Very well written! I cant wait to watch Adam’s career shoot up beyond the stars!! His solo tour is gona be sooooooooo AMAZING (thats an understatement lol)



    • Jeanette, could I please bother you for a c.d and pictures? I am very uncapable on the computer, i would really love it. I seen him in G.R and was so star struck all i could ask him was to sign my shirt, which i was wearing and he did.

  4. Jeanette,

    What a wonderful summary. Just joined twitter and so glad I did. The posts are wonderful. Adam is very lucky to have such great fans that support him and we are lucky to have such a wonderful performer, not just a singer. Was so disappointed that I wasen’t able to attend the concert but watched Adam on You Tube. The Videos were good and could just imagine what he sounded like in person. I will also enjoy watching Adam shine on his own also. He will rock the WORLD!!!

  5. jeanette, Welcome Back ! It so good to read your post and tell us about your trip and also about your jouney with Adam, I share many of the same feelings, just didn’t go to this many shows, sure wished that I had, won’t miss another one if it’s within driving distance. LOVE OUR MAN !

    • Since I am all alone my fanaticism for Adam, when the tour starts, I will be trying to hook up with SOMEONE to share the experience. I live in south Florida, but am working in another state now, but once the tour starts, I want to go to at least a few concerts………. I said that kiddingly to my son-in-law and he only half-laughed, because even though I may be “of a certain age” he knows I don’t always do the expected. So ladies, I hope when the time comes someone will let me be a hanger-on to your party. I was married to a musician until he died, and he would be laughing to know that “once a groupie, always a groupie,” even in a non-threatening sort of way!

      • Helen/Canada says:

        Oh Carrie, so glad you want to join the group of Adam concert goers. The more the merrier! Can’t wait until he announces concert dates. I’m hoping to get to lots and lots of them! Talk to you again!

  6. Welcome back Jeanette! Everything you said is how I feel. I just wished I could have gotten to see Adam just one time in person. My only chance was at the Dallas concert and I had tickets. For me and my hubby. He got called out of town the day of the concert. We live about 4 hours away from Dallas, and as I am new to Texas he did not want me going to this concert alone. Can you believe I could not find one person who I knew to go with me? I was so upset. I almost went against what my hubby wanted (my safety) and went alone. In the end I did what was right but not what I wanted. I sold my great seats to an elderly couple who were thrilled to get my tickets at a reduced price. 🙁 I just want you to know that without the people here , like you, who writes about the concerts, and if it weren’t for the youtube videos I would be lost. Thank you for all you do here and I have never told you but wanted you to know now. I don’t express myself well so pardon the mess.


    • Dianne Hill says:

      Trish, I thought you expressed yourself really well. I am so sorry that you could not find anyone to share the experience of Adam with but you did make an elderly couple very happy. I am sure you will get to see Adam when he does his solo tour, can you imagine, a whole concert of Adam, it is going to be a riot and fantastic.

      PS: Welcome back Jeanette, it is lovely to have you back, but Sue has done a marvellous job while you were away. I cannot wait to see the clips of the last concert. I have seen a couple of pictures of Adam and he looks absolutely incredible as always, but hotter, especially in that hat. Wow.

      • Dianne ty for your kind words. I notice that some of you here have meet up at some of Adam’s Idol concerts to see it together. I would travel to any distance to see Adam when he performs solo, and I was wondering if I cannot get anyone to go with me, would any of you here be willing to meet up again for a future concert of Adams? I would love to experience Adam live but would not like to do it alone. Noone I know loves Adam the way we do here, and so I find myself lonely with my love of Adam where I live. That is why I am so happy I have this place to share my love of Adam with others who understand.

        • YESSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I need an Adam family too!! I’ve had to get off of Facebook because NONE of my friends or family get it! Solo tourmates!! Let’s hookup!

          • Mary S,
            That’s true,when I open my FB, i’m not going to my wall but to Adam’s wall.All my friends don’t understand either! WUT??Boriiiing!!LOL! But only when this sites crashed but now it’s back,why I want to go there?Better talk to GLAMBS here. We are the Adam’s family, nothing better to do then discuss about our darling Adam here! 🙂

          • Hey Mary S. my friends and family get it. But, dont get it all the time, like I love it, all the time.
            We are a big Adams family here, so we all understand the One Love!

          • Mary count me in as part of your solo Adam family tourmate. I am game. Its nice to know I am not alone in this.

            • Hi AdamAddict, OFRA, Mary C and Trish. Thank you, beautiful Adam’s family! I’m in tears of appreciation for those who have responded with the knowing of the love I hold for this beautiful soul and his energy. Yay!! I have an Adam family!!!! I am complete.
              I am 59 years old, a former teacher and counselor, and Adam has reawakened something in me–and I’m enlivened by his journey. My children think I’m nuts; my husband thinks it’s kinda cute, but rolls his eyes. But I just bask in the joy of following Adam–loving his voice, his energy and his knowing. He is beautiful in all the ways that I am beautiful, and he reminds me to embrace it all. What a gift!!
              I want to quit posting stuff on Facebook because it’s simply not understood, and doesn’t mean anything to my Facebook “friends”. It is SO nice to be able to be a part of a family that understands my passion.
              I am so excited about Adam’s journey–just can’t hardly express it! And my goal is to simply enjoy it, all of it. It is so nice to be able to share that joy with fellow Adam lovers.
              Thank you all so much!!!

              • Helen/Canada says:

                Mary S
                We understand your passion Mary–we all have it. I’m with you, Adam has awakened the crazy, carefree teenager in me and I’m loving every minute of it. I don’t care anymore if people roll their eyes or look at me like I’ve totally lost it–I have–lost it -all for Adam. We’ll all enjoy the ride together and leave the others behind!

                • Hey Helennnnnnnn, U R back. Have u posted comments abt the NY show yet? I’ll go back and look . Cant wait.

                  • Helen/Canada says:

                    Hi Mary
                    I posted down at the bottom of this page. Thought this would be the most recent posts, so here I am!

              • Mary S. – Wow 59 and you dig Adam?? ….what, his looks, his body, his moves and all? What would a 50-niner want with a young guy like that? Don’t you think you are a little too old?
                Guess what? I’m 59 too and love the guy. Can’t get enough of him. Can’t wait until he goes solo on tour. The famous Mary C (my sister) and I will be touring right along with him. He reminds me so much of swivel hips Elvis that I can’t stand it.
                Welcome aboard!
                Sue AnnC

            • Trish, you are in with me. To next years tour!

      • dianne i am going crazy here my computer wont play the finale vids from manchester or let me vote. any ideas what could be going on at my end. its 8.ooam thurs same as you

        • Dianne Hill says:

          Hi Jan, I am at work now, couldn’t check this site earlier, but is lunchtime now. Sorry, I don’t know, have you tried a restart, that sometimes works for me. It is so frustrating when you can’t do what you want. Good luck, I have only had time to watch the David Bowie set which was fabulous and the DSB song and I can’t wait to get home to watch the rest (can’t do that at work). I will check back here after work so let me know how you get on.

    • Lisette here..pardon to interupt Dianne..just to say Trish compris how one I am one of few glambs in USA here thet has non seen any concert yet..but mine was due to illhealth..So sorry yu missed thet was a wondrful gesture to sell to elderly couple…sure they were forever gretful..Just know ther’ll be many othre events..even if it was non Adam’s first tour..It will be thet muche more enriched an special knowing will be Adam’s solotour,where it will be only his magnificente colletion of chansons..probable some from “Idol”,some new/’orginal compositione thinq Adam mentione of on interiews an possible some of his lovli theatre/caberet an bestarts songs..Whichevre he includes know we’ll all look forwarde to thes in future..Til then just enjoie thes lovli Adam tribute page..a place for all his frends,fans,glambs,angels qui adore et celebrate a beau l’homme ..Adam Lambert! j’etaime toujours!!..luv to all now swetdremes..dreme of nous ange here!oxoxo

    • Trish, don’t worry! I’m sure many of us, myself included, already have plans to do a lot of traveling for the solo tour. You won’t ever have to worry again about going to a concert alone. That goes for anyone else as well. We will make sure everyone is hooked up somehow!

      • Oh Jeanette, Next year cant come fast enough. Hooking up with so many other fans and now
        friends make the enjoyment so much fun.
        I am ever so glad you introduced yourself to Adam that night. He makes it so easy.

        • Lisette here..bonsoir Jeanette,Mary an lovli gals here!Aw lovli seeing yu here with us agan!An thet can be somthing wondreful to looke forward to yes?If many of glambs somhow can meet for Adam’s soloconcerts!!Agree Mary thes tribute page is like second home whenevre feling bleu..just a trip au deux a day to thes page..keeps l’doctor away!!Oh oui Jeanette sure Adam seeing yu al many concerts an interview on radio,Adam apreciates an will realize thes lovli site,an all yur dedication to keeping glambs gals/fellows tres contente reading toi posts/articles,linqs,concert esperiences,videos an like a CNN of Adam news here 24 heures..can counte on yu an many othre lovli glambs leadres/amies/angels for beau Adam..nous angel d’musique..a very sensual one(oops)..true yes?!! Luv to all always Lisettexoxo

  7. Hi Jeanette, I’m sooo happy to read your posts again! We may have never met in person but when you were away, I missed you so terribly! The Global Superstar Adam Lambert has surely inspired us to be transformed from mere fans to loving and caring global friends. I was very thrilled that through this fan site, I could communicate with other Glambs from other parts of the globe.
    Welcome back to our loving arms!

  8. JEANEEEEEEEEETE! ~hug and kiss~ miss you!!

  9. Welcome back Jeanette. I could not access this site for three days, the browser could not find the page, I thought someone hacked into the site, I am so pleased that I can now access the site, panic over.

    • Hi,Toni,I miss you!! Mwah!

      • Hi AdamAddict, I never thought I would miss this site so much, it is not so much the site but the fantastic people on this site, we are a family. By the way AdamAddict, I am still voting for Adam.

        • Same here,Toni! If the sites didn’t broken,I won’t know how much you guys means for me.I miss all of you here terribly!Scared the hell out of me thinking that’s a good bye! And I also voted, still voting!! The number is great now but I want Adam to win big!hahaha! Do U have twitter acc.? U think I can follow U?I’m skerd U guys just disappeard! 🙁

          • Hi AdamAddict, I am going to follow you on twitter, I started mine not long a go, my twitter name is toniUK, I have not made it bublic, only to people I give permision. We should not loose contact, I will be visinting this site ofter, everyday, how can we loose contact of AdamAddict, that is one of the main reasons I visit this site, you really cheer me up big time.

            • Yay, I found another glamb in my twitter! i’m happy.If you see who I follow,you can see cindy,sherry,lorrin,theresa,lisette too!How cool is that? yippie!!

              • Helen/Canada says:

                I’ve missed you girls! Was away for 2 days at the Syracuse concert, then when I came back, the site was down! I couldn’t believe it. I wanted so much to talk to everybody. Then I had to work today and our server won’t access this site. So good to be home now and talking with everyone again.

                • Lisette missing al yu I felte soo sad when thes belle Adam tributepage was out of commision for days..Thenkful it came back before finale of so we can share sentimentes over last nite!so everyone here is overjoie to now look ahead to Adam’s solo career..despite missing daily post/articles from anothre citie..but we av so many threads to visite of thos estraordinaire concerts..thenks to Jeanette,Dana,Carol,Sue an many of our glambs who attende AItour..I feel blesse to av founde thes site..An for sure is one of l’best on web!Othres arenon as user frendli an for me disorganize..least ones I av visited.So am a loyal glambs gal an wil reman so! hugs an luv Toni,Helen,Adam Addict,MaryC,MaryS.Lorrin,Theresa,Ingrid,
                  Cheryl,Ofra,an many more!! an our best vocaliste with beauface,hearte an voix…Adam! J’etaime Lisettexoxo

          • Hi AdamAddict/Toni
            Just wanted to say I’m back from my wonderful night in Syracuse. Will post my thoughts later and try to get caught up on all the posts I missed, but just wanted to mention if all of you saw the instructions on how to vote from the previous post.

            VOTING TIP: “The Drill”: For ease of voting, delete cookies, history, and temp files before voting each day. Alternative: Block Cookies! [Internet Explorer: click “Tools”; click “Internet Options”; click “Privacy” tab; move slider up to “Block all Cookies” : click “Apply”; click “O.K.”]

            I followed the Alternative method and it really works. I’m able to vote every few seconds after I refresh my page. Just wanted to make sure people saw this. Adam is winning but I want him to win by a landslide.

            Had an amazing concert experience in Syracuse. Will post later, but meanwhile I want to keep voting!!

  10. iluvadam4ever says:

    Welcome back Jeanette! I could not have said it any better! You summed it up beautifully. I had a great time meeting all of you in GR and sharing the impact Adam has had on all of us. Sue did a great job in your abscence. I am looking forward to his solo tour so we can all meet again and be Adamaniacs. Well, were that on a daily basis!!! Right? Kudos to you for all your hard work. Now that the AI tour is over, we can look forward to his single for 2012 and his album coming out in November. We definitely need to meet again. We just need to hold on to the memories until his solo tour.

    GLAMB #380

    • Sandy, glad u r back too. Meeting you and your family in GR was such a treat. You are all dolls!!

      • Helen/Canada says:

        Glad you are back Jeannette. It went by really fast. Sue did a great job and looking forward to hearing from both of you.

  11. Keep voting,I’ll try to put anything new here,if I can! 🙂

    • I guess all of the cheating by um well the other side didn’t work. I just voted and Adam is almost 10,000 votes ahead. I am not bragging, we are not like that here, I am just stating this because it is nice to know people can win something without any cheating involved like we do here. Honest fans of Adam Lambert, our NEW WORLD IDOL…………..IN ABOUT 19 HOURS.

      • Why we don’t want to brag??!! We should brag about it. We play fair and square and we still can win! We win with satisfaction! LOL!! I’m bragging for the whole week! LOL! It’s 6:10am now and there’s 5 hours and 50 mins left to vote.How I wish to keep voting,but if my parents know I didn’t get some sleep because want to vote, they will kill for sure! Life is just too awesome now, I don’t want to die just yet!LOL! I know,Adam lead but keep voting until he win,ok! AND SOMEONE PLEASE RECORD THE NUMBER WHEN IT’S OVER,OK? I don’t want around 172,000 whatever,NOPE!! I want the exact number of Adam and the other dude!I’m actually not that slee…zzzzz!!!

        • AdamAddict, I guess I meant to say we don’t have to brag, because we all know what we are, honest Adam fans. Hell I am PROUD TO BE THAT, AND I AM GETTING TIRED OF MY FAMILY AND FRIENDS NOT UNDERSTANDING. Sorry I yelled, I just get so frustrated with the people who are suppose to be my friend now look at me with pity. I lost a few because of the way I feel about Adam and they don’t understand. If not for all of you here I would have been committed to being alone in my love of Adam. Now I don’t have too and I have come to realize I shouldn’t have too. I am being made to feel like I am a drug Addict hiding my addiction. Is that crazy? You all here understand how I feel, why do others make how we feel about Adam dirty? My best, wait my ex best friend tried to make me look crazy……….well the end to that story is she is my ex best friend BUT………..she is now a fan of Adam’s. We may not get back our close relationship but I never thought I would see the day she would actually understand what I been talking about. She is a “newbie” Adam fan so she isn’t where WE are all here at yet, but I have faith she will be. Too bad she lives in another state. She could have been my concert buddy.

          Sorry for the story………..done now.

          Love to all the Glambs and to Adam.

          Glamb #451

          • Trish,
            Trust me on this one,I soooo understand!!How you wish to have 1 family member or 1 friend that are crazy like you too,huh? How I wish!! Nobody understand me.They think I’m too obsessed!It’s hard to explain!Actually, I did explain but they still don’t get it. IT IS FRUSTARATED!! Sorry for yelling,hahaha! See I told you I understand! 🙂

            And R U serious about your friend…wait your X friend?It’s over,done? Can’t you fix it?It’s just too sad to hear it!But me too,almost have a huge fight with my friend but we are okay now! I told her if she’s not a fan then don’t talk anything about him.Better say nothing than say something that not pleasant to hear.She’s not a fan,didn’t watched him perform,didn’t see his interview,make it simple,she knows nothing about him.So why must she give her opinion.That’s unfair ,right?But she did give me Adam’s pin button later.She post it to me.LOL!She lived in UK.We still keep in touch but never talk about Adam anymore. When I want to talk about Adam, I know where to go.I ‘ll look for my Glambs!My Adam’s family!No need to explain much,one simple word can explained it all!LOL!That’s why I love you guys so much!! Mwah!!

  12. Welcome back, Jeanette! And thanks so much to you, Sue and all the ladies who have kept us together the last few months. My life will never be the same! I have been a fan of other singers through the years, but this is so different! We are watching and supporting a star in the making, and no one deserves it more than our sweet, adorable Adam! Now we can all just sit back and wait (impatiently!) for Adam’s CD and solo tour to begin! This ride has been so much fun, and I look forward to the fun to continue! I have a question…does anyone know if there is a 2010 Adam Lambert calendar? I sure would love to have that hanging on the wall beside my desk at work (and a few more for my walls at home!).

    • I wouldnt be surprised if someone on eBay makes one for sale, they’re making everything else Adam!!

      • Lisette here..bonsoir Susan,an so wishe they’d av a calendre too an perhaps one from AItours now too..what yu thinq glambs?I imagaine thet wil be in ner future given Adam’s soon release of his magnificente CD!! Tune in for more news always here on glambs! hugs an luv Lisettexoox

  13. YAY!! Welcome back! Jeanette you are right, but now, we need to share him even more! 🙂 His album will be amazing. I am really excited for what is to come!

    Manda Glam #413

    TISH…where are you? IF anyone wants to meet….for Adam’s solo tour, Iam fairly centrally located in the US and plan on more than one concert! 🙂

  14. Welcome back Jeanette!

    Great post, how much sentiment in your words!

    I’m just sad now the tour is over, I’m already missing ADAM and all of you guys. I truly hope we all do not be apart of all these ADAM’s stuff.

    I’m tankful for all you shared with all of us, so generous of you, so kindly.

    I’m so grateful for my new life with ADAM and my GLAMBS friends in it that my gratitude goes to since ADAM’s existence to all your posts and comments about every great moment ADAM gave us and all joy we had here in our fansite.

    I know we all want and need more and more of ADAM and for us – international fans – it is difficult, almost impossible, be updated without the GLAMBS.

    Then, I BEG YOU MY DEAR:



    Best Regards.

    Evelize – GLAMB#80

    • I got panic attack when I can’t open this sites. I have few Glambs friends in my twitter and they all have the same problem They all panic as well!Life just won’t be the same without you guys,believe it or not,I miss all of you sooooo much! I’m afraid we lost contact just like that.

      I already said in thread(forgot which one) but I said again,GLAMBS have Facebook.Just search GLAMBS and you will find it.Just in case something like this happen again,we can hang out there.And my twitter is Emili0603,all GLAMBS are welcome!I only tweets to Adam(which he probably never see,awww!!lol) and my Glambs friends.That’s like my Adam’s Family twitter!! Seriously, I was freaked out and miss you guys so very much!
      P/s:twitter is free and easy to sign up.

      • Iyleneidol09 says:

        HI all,
        I am feeling sooo low, I am soo depressed. I can’t get myself to visit the site for a while. I suffered from a serious withdrawal syndrome. I tried to lighten the impact of what if? what if the site stop posting? What if the Glambs site post a farewell party!!??what if one by one each one stop visiting??? And then, one day, I got the courage to click and open the site and OHHHH! MY GODDDDD!!! I cannot open it. Internet Explorer is not responding!!! The server is not responding!!! Then I said, this is it… my fear has come true!!! The site disappeared and crashed!! What am I to do??? And then, the site is back!! This feeling reminded me of how I felt during my high school senior year. So excited to graduate, go to college, be an adult, face the big world, but then, everyone were going in different direction.We’re all going in separate direction. Just like the Idols, they were so excited to end the tour and see what will be next but then again, they will missed each other, because, the next day, will never be the same, its done, that’s it, can’t repeat the same fun and craziness. I keep on babbling here. I am skerrd of the pain of separation… I had a great time with all of you, with everyone’s unimaginable incredible hallucinations, illusions,and delusion of grandeur ( hahaha! do I have to mention names?) I really do not need my facebook and tweeterpage, this Glamb site is better than any other blog sites…I missed you all. I hope you forgive me, I didn’t abandon the site,my glamfriends and most of all, I did not abandon our Adam, because I kept on voting, the site is on my Favorites, so I just open it and vote umpteen times. I am ready to go to any Glamvention whereever it will be… I am going solo too and hopefully meet up with all of you…. or will tag along with Glambchop!!! the unofficial president of CT AL fanclub!!!Hahaha! you accepted your backing out..MWAH!!! to all

    • Lisette here..bonsoir how lovli thes post know we’l always be here for beau Adam in every future endeavor now an seein him in his magiqual journey from American Idol which wil never be same without him au Paula I beliv,summer AItour with such belmemories for all who av seen Adam,an those stil to maself.Yet felte blesse thru al videos people av shared here on glambs an youtube..was like being ther if just for a few momente,closing eyes an imagaine to be in thet audience..if only!!Wel we can look forward an know thes is only l’commence for Adam who is already reknowne aronde l’monde thru satellite tv/radio, many fansites,concerts,cd..He’ll av many doors opening for sure an beliv someday will see him on silver screen! Take care an keep adoring Adam all of yu here! Luv an blessings Lisettexoxo

      • Thanks my friend Lisette!

        Tank you for your words, for your support and love for ADAM.

        He must know how many people adore him, he must understand that he is not “only a person” as he said in an interview a couple of days.

        How grateful is coming here – “ADAM’s and our home” – and read the news and good things about ADAM and feel the sweet feelings all of us feel for him.

        How good is come here and read:

        Lisette here… (and your adorable french/english), and Cheryl Norman (and her total love for ADAM), and AdamAddict (and her frisson with ADAM stuff), and Mary C (and her incredible lucky) and Jeanette (and her excellent posts) and so many friends we have here – every one with the same feelings for ADAM and proposal to love and follow ADAM above all and everywhere he goes (and for sure he will performe in a lot of countries in different continents).

        We all have another thing in common:


        Best Regards dear Lisette!

        Peace and love to all my friends GLAMBS!

        Evelize – GLAMB #80

  15. DSB…the end of it!Awww,I feel sad and happy at the same time.Almost cry…ALMOST!! Look how pro Adam was, gather around and take a bow and group hug!Awww,~sniff~ He looks adorable with “spider web” around him!haha,trying to get loose but it keeps coming.The jacket was on Kris body,Kris looked shringking a bit in his jacket!LOL!Cute! Whoever went to last show must had a blast because you guys can see farewell moment! Adam threw his gloves and necklace,WUT?? Damn!! People went crazy when he took off his gloves.People must pushed hard to get that! Lucky Mary C wasn’t there,if not,I bet that belongs to her!! ~nodding~Too bad lots of you guys went to Grand Rapids,if not you guys can be like cheerleader or like those chinese acrobatic,you know?I’m on you,and others on me,try to grab it.If Adam threw it on different direction, then just threw me there and I will sommersault and still gonna grab it.I’m sooo gonna grab it!!All those will belongs to us,Glambs!How cool is that??!! I’ll take all those,the original ones,and I let you guys take picture of it and keep that pictures as souvenir! I miss Adam already.Look how he gave handshake to all workers!Awww!!I saw the last interview,I’ll look again for you afterwards,maybe you already watched yesterday,huh??!!But fYI,2012 sountrack won’t be in his debut album!!If that song will be in different CD,that means you have to buy 2 CDs in November if you like to collect all of Adam’s works!Here the vid(DSB)
    I don’t like his hair too much tho! Keep voting guys, just a little bit more.Hang on!Claymates can surprise us so keep voting,ok?I’m right here besides you.Mwah,miss you guys terribly!

    • AdamAddict, I am sad and happy at same time too. Adam is just so special. Still giving all
      of us his love, up to the end of the final show. OMG, he is just so awesomeeeeeeeeeeee.

      Next year all of us Glambs need to make arrangements to be at his final solo tour concert.
      God help us and him!!!!

      Thanks for sharing the vid.
      Can I come visit you in Malayshia?? You are so sweetttt…..

      • Are you serious? ~gulp~ How are we going to communicate?I can’t speak english fluently,Imma not kidding!!You learn Malaysian language first!! LOL!! 😛

        • AA, we will manage. Like I told Cheryl, where there is a will , there is a way. Positive…….

        • Dianne Hill says:

          Emili, we don’t believe a word of it. If your English is anything like your writing, then communication would be no problem at all. Anyway, you would be communicating about Adam – there are no language barriers where Adam is concerned, it is universal.

          I tell you one thing, if I win our Lotto here in Christchurch, New Zealand, one of the first things I’m going to do is fly to Malaysia and pick you up, then we are of to the United States to catch up with all our Glamb family and go to every concert of Adam’s all over the USA. Now that would be a dream come true. We would have a real Glamb convention then. Oh, and I would have to bring my mate Lisa, who I met on this site and who also lives in Christchurch. What a time we would have.

          • 1st of all,my writing is different from my speaking. use laptop is one way,LOL(that’s funny) but like you said,Dianne,if we meet,we all going to talk about Adam, so I guess Imma gonna very fluent at that!!Hahaha!! Is someone here related to Bill gates??!!Please sponsor whole Glambs to follow Adam when he make his solo tour,PLEASE! LOL! Ohh, that will be dream comes true! I live in Putrajaya,Malaysia.If anyone here going there,I will glad to see you!Maybe you need to be patient with me,I probably need 5 minutes just to complete 1! But it’s my pleasure to meet you guys! 🙂

          • And I would be so into that…. been a while since I dropped in folks…my apologies… too much downloading as Dianne knows….lol. Don’t forget my Adam too Dianne. He’d be terribly upset if he missed out on seeing “big” Adam…
            I’ve honestly had the thought of selling my house and travelling around following Adam but I wouldn’t want to be labelled a stalker… maybe just a mother figure… I wonder if he needs a personal cook…

        • Lisette here..thenks Emili for sharing too thet linq seeing all here is very precious seeing is last concert an truly thinq they av become bonamies(frends),An lot of hugging,affetion,playfulness an yes Adam so sweet throwing out his lovli necklaces to gals in audience..ah if only to be there!An apparent when he is close to audience they’re all chanting his nom as I beliv many of thos in audience will be attende Adam’s solotour withoute hesitation!!He’s a beau l’homme avec a couer d’or,face d’angeli an sensual yet boyish still!..So let’s hope he’ll have tours we acan all meet somewhere..Thinq aboute Nevada..j’reside nerby to citie thet never sleeps..alrite?!!! bienvenue now!
          Hugs An luv Lisettexoxo

      • Hi Mary C, what a great idea, we must all make the effort to be at is final solo tour concert, that would be awesome. Like you I am sad but at the same time very happy that Adam has come to realise his dreams, the door is now open for him, we still need to be supporting him further so that he really becomes established as a true legend.

        • Helen/Canada says:

          I too am so sad the tour is over. It was so fun to follow them from city to city. To see all the youtubes and interviews and follow the concert each night on the web. But I am going out of my mind with anticipation that Adam will be on his own and able to do things his way. Kris will still have AI obligations until the next idol is named but Adam will be able to flourish on his own and watch his career soar. Maybe things really do happen for a reason!

        • Toni, that will be the Real Glambvention!!!!!

    • i hope they wont find a way to have a last minute killer cheating attack. our guy is 7,335 votes ahead as of this time.ADAM SOLDIERS, ATTACK!!!!!!

      • U right,Perllee! They can be very tricky! I’m not falling for that! I’ll keep voting,just a little bit more! I can smell victory! yay!! Please tell me the number when they closing it ok? I want to know how many gap and how many votes Adam get!Please,please!!

        • sure Adam Addict, will report as soon as possible. Only 3 HOURS LEFT in our side. I am suppose to have our car checked today . Have it ready for our long weekend break, but I have to finish the voting first. More important ! LOL !!

          Welcome back Jeanette ! Wished Adam mailed you one of his necklaces. He knows you by now after that awesome interview with Barnaby.

        • ADAM WINS ! ! i posted the results in the newest thread.

        ADAM SOLDIERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • AdamAddict thanks for posting the video, I wish I was there, what an atomosphere. Adam was so energetic, he put his ALL to make his performance even better, he looked great. I also saw the video of the Bowie medley, the part where he puts the hat on, wow, his dancing even more sensual, his whole lotta love even better then any other performance, I will miss the daily reviews and post of videos. I really am looking forward to this solo tour, I am prepared to fly over to US to see him. I am still voting.

      • Helen/Canada says:

        Hi Toni
        I was there in person for that concert right in front!!!! OMG, it was wonderful when he put the hat on and to see his face right up close. He came right to the end of the stage where we were standing!!! And boy did he ever add some extra thrusts to his performance. He was on fire that night!!!

        • Helen, I was thinkin of ya, watching those videos and him doing all that thrusting, humping. Whoa and u were right in FRONT OF THAT. OMG, are you back down to
          earth Yet??

    • Emili… I know what your saying about Adams hair.. it is getting longer and longer.. it was so high in last nights show, he much be 6ft 8″… with all that hair built up.. I have the feeling that he is growing it out for a reason.. I bet you that he is coming up with a new hairdo soon.. maybe he wants it to look like that other artist in that HOTEL … band.. Can’t remember the whole name.. Remember the boy/girl looking lead singer that Adam was braggin about.. THe guy had a ton of long black hair. Adam is one of those guys that like to keep it fresh and new. I think we’re in for a new look on OUR Boy..

      • I know what U mean,Sherry! What is his name?Tokio hotel??!!His name??!!WUT?? Can’t remember and don’t care!Please don’t keep his hair long like that,maybe just a little bit long like “Aragorn”(LOTR) Oohh,~drooling~ After see the vid again,I think whoever set his hair,must be the same person who dress him with that Michellin costume!That’s the same hairstyle,right? LOL! Whatever,he’s too gorgeous,who cares is has bad hair day? 😛

        • Emili…. LOTR… LOL only you and i love those movies… 🙂

          • OH NO, Adamfan1, you two aren’t the only ones who love those movies….I was raised on the books, had to read them as required reading as a junior in high school, they were my favorite books in my younger years, and when the ‘The Fellowship Of The Ring’ came out, my youngest son and I went together, and loved it immensely. They are beautifully produced films, with beautiful people in them..

            • Lorrin,
              I read the book too!Gosh,it’s damn thick!But at that time I can’t wait to know what happen so I decided to read it anyway.I don’y like read books especially thicker than phonebook!!When I opened the page,I thought, whaaaat the heeeeell!! I’m book allergy,you see!Doctors orders to keep me away from books!LOL! But when you start,you can’t stop!At the end, proudly say I finished it!It’s a great book,great movie, and most of all, great ELF LEGOLAS!! 🙂

              • AdamAddict, I think the re-creation of Legolas is the single most beautifully reproduced mythological creature ever done from literature to the movie medium. Orlando Bloom, and all the ‘elves’ of Rivendell and Lothlorien were absolutely superb in their roles. It would be lovely if such beings actually existed, and J.R.R. Tolkein was a master storyteller..

                • Here’s one in Elvish for you, AdamAddict:

                  “Man lû vin achenitham? O man dôr túliel le? Melin ceni hin lîn síla i ‘eladhach!”

        • I think the hairstyle is for a reason, it maybe related to the album, maybe the album has a picture of Adam with the same hairstyle. Adam does things for a purpose. No matter what he still looked great, he really stands out from the rest.

          • The hair relates back to his Zodiac days… He wore it like that with the green sparkly tight outfit, with even tighter sparkly goldish pants… he also wore his rhinestones back then as well…
            There were a lot of request being put about one of the fansites of what people wanted to see, more thrusting, more pole dancing, come out in waistcoat and leather pants for a change (especially so that the media would get photos of him in them instead of all the media photos of him in the denim). Just quietly he made a comment ages ago how he likes to know what his fans want of him so it may just be that he reads these forums to find out what his fans want…
            Wouldn’t that be exciting….. imagine that… and just in case…… Hi ADAM I LOVE YOU

            • lisai, He loves to know what us fans want of him. Oh so wants to please us, doesnt he??
              The true soul that he is!

              • PS I’ve always thought he reads these forums. A true performer pleases his
                I would hope he gets many laughs here too!!

                • Helen/Canada says:

                  In that case, Adam I love you–more than anybody else in the world. TAKE ME, TAKE ME, PLEASE!

                  • Lisai, you are right, it is from the Zodiac days, and I remember in an interview he did say he does things to please his fans. He certainly did in all his performances.

    • I am still out on his hair for this last concert, but my favorite video of the last concert was the song between Adam and Allison, Slow Ride. Allison coming out in that thong over her black pants was funny. The look on Adam’s face was priceless. I loved how they held hands towards the last part and Adam kissed her hand. Best video of all times if you ask me. 😉

  16. Silvana/Argentina says:


    wellcome back, and thank you and all the people at Glambs Central for all your hard work.

    Also I would like to thank all the Glambs that had shared their experieces, photos and videos of the tour with us, the international fans. I have lived through all of you the Adam experience, and had been GREAT. I’ll miss all this…but we’ll have lot more to come….I’m thrilled.

    As Toni said, some posts above, I couldn’t acfcess the site since the weekend…..I was really skerd….Well, know I’m truelly relieved.


    • I miss you Silvana,~waving~ Mwah!

      • Silvana/Argentina says:

        And I misse3d you too, so much. ALL OF YOU:

        I’ve been around the site, reading everything I’ve missed. You had a great time, disputing Adam. Between you, Ingrid, Mary C., Helen and of course Cheryl….you worn him out. HAHAHAHA
        Hope something’s left for me…..

        By the way, I’ve been trying to vote todary and has been impossible. I click and click and nothing happens. I’ve been voting all these days and just did fine, but today …it’s been impossibel.


        Love, Silvana

        • Lisette here..bonosera bella Silvana..Lovli to see yu here too!Aw know we’ve all miss thos days when site was down!An noone wil wear out Adam non worries sure it’s what keeps his adrenaline pumping..As seeing al his concert he gives so much amour an so his fans reciprocate..Recal on interview back while ago,Adam say to interviewer..If only I can take home al lfans an have dinnre with them..I thout how charmant an sweet is thes l’homme as he meant humble,nevre assuming or conceited.Know he’ll always be so!Take care belamica! bonauguri a te Lisettexoxo

          • Silvana/Argentina says:

            thank you for your warm words.

            And truely adam is not conceited, so humble and charming… gracious. We all love him so much.

            love to you,

  17. Special note to Trish…what part of TX? My sister and I live down around Stafford and are CRAZY, CRAZY about Adam!!! Our vehicles won’t move until Adam’s voice is booming out of the CD player!!!!

    Warm Adam Fuzzies to you all!

    Deb – Glamb #381 (I think )

    • I live in a town called Sweetwater. It is about 3 and half hours from Dallas and one hour from Abilene. We are famous here for holding the Rattlesnake Roundup every year. You know where Sweetwater is? Have you heard about The Rattlesnake Round up?

  18. Hi Jeanette, Missed you and glad you are back. Thanks Sue for your hard work and dedication
    as well.
    Adam’s rise to fame has been so phenominal and will be ,here on out. The love and support we
    all have for ea other is just as phenominal! Meeting other fans and making new friendships thru all
    of this , has just been fantastic. We all share this One Love! The interview from Syracuse, Adam
    was saying how he just cant believe all of this love for him ” he is just person” Oh he is so much more than your everyday person. He is a light of hope and all that is good. That light in his eyes,
    and everyone who has experienced those eyes, know what I mean. You just cant help but have
    that feel good feeling go all thru your body.
    Here’s to all of you who make our fansite so wonderful and to the future of good things to come
    because of our Man Adam!
    Peace and Love Always!

    • Helen/Canada says:

      Hi Mary
      I’m back!! See my post below. It was wonderful, so amazing. Do you have the link for the interview from Syracuse. I would like to add it to my collection. Also, am trying to catch up on all the posts since I’ve been gone and since the site was down.

  19. The Last Tour:Manchester
    DSB(I already post it above)
    The hair is too high,it looks like Marge Simpson hair! 🙂 But still looks HOT!!

    • AA, thanks for posting these vids. from last show. Why am I so sad?? I know I will feel better
      once Adam starts bringing us new news about his album and soundtrack from movie and everything
      else he will be busy at. Its just that we have been following all the AI since Jan. and now
      that its coming to an end, you just dont want it to be over???

      You just have so many feelings for these young people and all the hard work they have been
      doing to make their dreams come true!

      Then on the inteview from NY, Adam says he really wont be going home to family (his dad is in
      San Diego, mom still in the Bay area, and brother Neil in NY), but he will be going home to his
      family of friends!!!!!!!!!!! Oh I wish it was me and you and all of us here at Glambsite!

      Love and Hugs!!!!!!!!!

      • It’s sad,isn’t it? I knew it,I just pretend cool,but IT IS SAD!! Maybe just for couple of days then when we hear his news again doing great stuff and look how happy he is with those beautiful smile…~sigh~ we won’t be sad again! We can find anything to talk about here.No topic??!! Don’t worry,we’ll find one. I mean it’s not it never happened before,right?The title is Tour vibe-(whatever) then we talking who’s going to sit beside Adam,who’s on lap,on face, on ~giggle~ don’t make me say it!!LOL! I miss you,Mary C…this can take forever, I miss all of you!! Mwah!!

        • OK AdamAddict, you made me smile. Especially the who’s going to sit where??
          I wont make you say it, but you know what I wanted and still want to sit on.

          Yeh, Adam will be back on track showing us his Smile and making us all feel soo good again.
          How can we not be excited just seeing him get excited, gets us excited.
          OK talked myself into it too.

          • AdamAddict and Mary C, I am dure we will be hearing from Adam in one or another, I don’t think he will want to loose contact with his fans, especially with his new CD. It could be more interviews, or radio shows, magazines, or even television interviews.
            His single is due out in October, he has to promote that, October is just round the corner, before we know it, it will be November, and then his tour. In the slow ride video with Alison, they were both very playful and very cude, I loved their performance, cannot believe that he just recovered from flue.

            • Yeh I know Toni, all of these concerts have been a blast and the best is yet to
              come. I’m feelin better, Thx.

              • Hi Mary C I am happy to know that you are feeling better, please look after yourself, remember that all the GLAMBS will meet on Adam’s tour, I am really looking forward to that.

          • WLL…I remembered when at the beginning I saw him molested that mic stand, I was thinking WLL gis etting better and better. and I thought what ‘s gonna happen when it comes to end! It must be sick and I was right! Look how he sexual harrass us with that move? That’s better than watching Chippendales dancers!! LOL!! Parents who brought their small kids must be surprised! poor them!How they gonna explain that to their kids? LOL! That must be hard,it’s like when their kids asked how they get born!! Haha! Lucky for single like me, i need no explaining to do. 😛

            • Helen/Canada says:

              I’m sad too Mary and AdamAddict. It’s so weird because I’m still on a high from the concert, everytime I think about it I laugh out loud and do a little dance! But at the same time I feel like crying. I can’t believe it’s over, not following him everyday and I feel so bad when he said his family is all over. I hope his mom is in LA to greet him and give him a big hug. He needs his mother! Anyway, on to positive things, I just have to keep thinking that all this good stuff will be happening soon and meanwhile we all have each other to have fun with!

        • I am sad I waited so long to post here. Been a member for a while, and just got my Glamb # (451) This is the only place I feel “normal” about the way I feel about Adam. Noone in my family, friends, noone understands my “OBESSION” if you will. You all here GET IT, because you all feel the same way. We are members of an exclusive club, almost like we all have gone through something together, well we have. Unless you feel like we do about Adam, I know we are seen as “weird”. My family thinks Iam, and so I keep quiet about my love of Adam. I am glad I don’t have to here.

      • yes that was so sad to think that adam can’t be with his family but with his surrogate family. can we apply as surrogates?

        • Perllee, I’ll be with ya there.

        • I will be right behind you Mary C. My last child just graduated from High School in May so I need another “son” to take care of. I am willing to be part of his surrogate family.

          • Alright Trish, My son is a sophmore this year and he just asked me to help him
            go thru family pictures for a project that is due. When is it due??? TOMORROW!

            Sooo I wont be posting to much tonight damm. Oh well first things first I guess.

            • Mary C I am happy that I am getting to know you and all of you on here. I don’t know why I was so shy about posting before. Now that I open the flood gates it seems ICAN”T STOP posting. lol Hope you all don’t get tired of me and my many many posts I am sure are soon to come. LOL

    • Lisette here…Thenks Emili for sharing above linqs always so kinde an was plasur to see,despite feling bleu thinqing ther’d be non more concerts aftre thes.But sure they’re all worn an ready to resume ther own careers..An we’ll looke forwarde to beau Adam’s superbe CD,an sure more tv/radio appearances soon too! hugs an luv Lisettexoxos

  20. Jeanette and all,

    Thanks for giving us a home base for Adam stuff :-). And for making sure we all knew about Adam’s project for the kids. I donated twice.

    For those who don’t follow the Idols on twitter, this is their last one as a group and it made me
    laugh out loud. Mattie G. posted it.

    One from the archives that we always wanted to tweet but never had the guts till now…enjoy –>

    This site and actually hearing from the Idols sometimes within minutes of a post made me feel that I was on the trip with them the whole time. The last thing to make this experience complete will be to find a review from the “Final night of the tour.” All I do is google “Adam Lambert on twitter” or “Matt Giuard on twitter” and their tweets come up.

    Two idols that didn’t post on twitter last night or yet this morning are Adam and Kris. Michael twittered right from the airport just about 10 minutes ago that he was on his way home. I’m sure Adam will be checking in soon. He only twitters when he really has something he wants to say (like sharing another artist’s music–the last one was Muse) or when he has something special to say to us, his fans.

    I also love it that the word is really out about how truthful and authentic and non-judgmental Adam is. Apparently, after the Kayne incident with Taylor Swift (rushing on stage during her acceptance speech to say that “he should have won it”) our Adam posted that basically Kayne should get real because it “ain’t that deep.” The press said “Even Adam Lambert, who is not inclined to criticize anyone had this to say……” Sorry I don’t have the exact quote but you can get it by googling Kayne or Adam and Kayne. My point: They are finally getting how real, unique, and gracious Adam is.

    Now I’m rambling so I’ll get going….. Thanks all and we have so much to look forward to with Adam.


    • Allegan, its ok to ramble.

    • Alle thank you for posting that Bubble Tweet. Loved it! Not to correct you but Kanye was stating that Beyonce should have won that adward for Single Ladies that Taylor won. But I loved how our Adam spoke out about this without being negative about it. That is our Adam, correct but polite.

  21. At last I found it again,gosh!! Ok,here it is,the last interview,I meant not last eveeeer,after the last tour ,DUH!! Adam like usual looking gorgeous! Whatever happen next,I hope it’s gonna be huge.We want everything best happen to our Adam!Wish him the best,God, how much I love him!Thank goodness,he came to our life, my life never been better after he showed up and after you Glambs become my friends! Luv U all, mwah!!Life is GREAT!

    • AA, ditto: he just gives us all a NEW GLOW!

    • Dianne Hill says:

      And with only 13 odd hours to go, he is going to win that Ultimate World Idol. We have all done well and should pat ourselves on the back – after the voting is over of course. I watched DSB that you posted Emili and I did have tears coming down my face when Kris pretended to throw his jacket to the audience you could hear Adam shout out “not the jacket” or something like that, and then when he was throwing his gloves and necklaces, awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww, he is such a sweetheart. I miss him already but at least I can download his songs and watch him forever and come to this site everyday. I couldn’t live without this site anymore, I was lost when it was down, didn’t know what to do. I will remember if it ever happens again to look for the Glambs on Facebook.

      • Dianne Hill says:

        I have just been back to vote before I have to go and get ready for work and it now says there is only 6hours 18 minutes to go, that was the quickest time has ever gone, the first time I voted this morning (17 September) here in Christchurch, New Zealand was 5.04am and now again at 5.41am, how can 6 hours go by so fast. Has Clay managed to speed up time as well. At least he was 7772 votes behind our darling Adam when I just voted. Yayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!!!

        Dianne Glamb #356.

        • Adam wants to put that jacket on auction for charity! WITHOUT cleaning it!! Hooray,I bet our lucky mary C will get it!LOL!! And Toni,”perhaps 1 day we all meet” I love it!! 🙂

          • AA, I better start emptying my piggy banks and start bidding on that uncleaned jacket.
            Yummy, Adams scent all over that leather coat.
            Can you imagine his adrenaline popping when Kris acted like he was going to toss that
            beloved jacket out there. Yikes!
            I was actually waiting for the Vest to go too!

      • Hey Diane, I was just over on ‘The Wall’ voting (I stayed up ’til way late last night encouraging the voters on Twitter), and Adam is now 8,245 votes ahead of the other person. Thanks to you, and everyone else voting on your side of the planet, we seem to be pulling away to victiory!

        • Dianne Hill says:

          It is brilliant isn’t it, I am so happy that Adam is going ahead in leaps and bounds. It can’t be too much longer before it is over – the voting that is. They better do a proper announcement of our boy as the winner.

          • Lisette here..bonsoir Lorrin hope yu reciv m’tweet cesoir..Aw yes regarde voting thinq al dedication to posting on yur twittre has helpe our beau Adam here..Bless yu always ma cheramie in lovli hills of California..J’espere unjour au incontrare possible for Adam’s solo tour so many othre lovli gals too! hugs an luv going to see if brothre has mange al icecreame now..just hearde loud crash in kitchen..oh boy! Luv Lisettexoxo p.s I can non wait for him to go!!

            • Lisette, how are you, my dear friend? Did you get my Tweets? Did you hear the voting is closed in the Eastern Hemisphere? We are still voting from here, and I am going to stay up and see what I can do there. I have received all of your lovely messages, and I will continue to write…love to you tonight from a very warm California!

    • AdamAddict you just managed to express all my feelings, I wish Adam all the best in his career, our lives will not be the same again, and if it was’nt for Adam I would not have such wonderful friends, I hope that through this site we carry on our friendship and perhaps one day we all meet. Much love to Adam and all my GLAMB friends.

    • OKay, I finally understand what Adam was getting at with “she’s not playin'” it was when the interviewer commented on the lovely “love’ necklace Adam got from someone named Chanel. He said “she’s lovely, she’s not playin'” meaning it was a pricey item and that lady/woman/girl was not fooling around, she is serious… about Adam??? Likely! Arent we all?

      • Terry, was her name Chanel, or I think the necklace is a Channel. Look at the CC’S on it.
        I bet it was pricey !

        • Whoa, may she be the one he gets curious with?? Adam did you get her # ???

          • We still talking about this. Why? You not agree with me? I already post it why I think Adam said that! But it’s ok,I can say it again,afterall,Imma gonna practice my english!! Channel is a brand,expensive ones! “She’s not playing” have the same meaning with “She’s not kidding around” what Adam trying to say is, She’s not kidding around when it comes to giving someone a present!! You know some people thing if it’s cheap,then better don’t give at all! She really generous! Kinda like that!!That’s what I think! Gosh, I sound stupid,typing and talking to myself loudly just to make my tongue not too stiff!LOL! this is ridiculous but Imma gonna continue.maybe it will improved my english when I’m talking.

            • I meant people think,not people thing!! Hee hee!! People “thing”??!! Thing is the same meaning with “treasure” so what I’m saying is people ‘thing” is cheap,don’t give it at all??!! Haha! Urgh,bad jokes!God,Imma must be really tired.But it’s ok,just a little bit more.Tomorrow,when I open this sites, I bet some of you already screaming,krumping celebrating Adam winning!! Yeah,ok, krumping without me,Imma gonna catch up with you soon. So,glad this voting is going to be over.Adam is leading,Imma happy.Whatever vote contest that coming, Imma gonna rest ,no more for me & some of us here.These soldiers need vacation!unless Clay also there,then I’m on!! But don’t talk bad about Clay,some here a fan of Adam and Clay.We don’t want argue with each other because of him do we?It’s not worth it.We can love anyone we like or a fan of any celebrity.So,let’s just talk about our darling Adam only…unless Kanye suddenly bash Adam then we …Ok,need to chill! HELEEEEN!!! 🙂

              • Helen/Canada says:

                I’m here AdamAddict! And you did very well in your explanation, BRAVO. Now just talk as you are writing and your English will be spot on perfect by the time we all meet for Adam’s tour. Love ya!

            • Your post made me laugh so hard I peed my pants. lol

            • Oops, mustuv missed that AA, SS!

    • Loved that necklace. He sure gets beautiful stuff. Does anyone know what happened to Adam’s coat he usually wore on his WLL song? I saw that Kris wore it when they came up on the stage for DSB and that Kris was teasing about throwing it into the crowd but didn’t see what happened to it after that. Did Kris actually throw it?

    • Helen/Canada says:

      Thanks for the link AdamAddict. I really wanted to see that one. I, too am grateful for this site and for all of you! MWAH!

    • AA, Thanks girl, he’s looking right at ME……… Ha so handsome. Looks so good in white shirt too.

      • Mary C,
        WUT??!! Who’s looking at you? ADAM? WHERE?WHEN? Grand rapids? come on now,that’s old news!You don’t have to keep bragging about it! I KNOW,I KNOW, WE ALL KNOOOOOW,for god sake!! You get to to go to A.I finale,get picture taken that close,CHEEK TO CHEEK!!Got sign on your ticket! Wait,imma not finish yet, you go to his tour concert,got sign AGAIN!! AGAIN!! AGAAAAAAIN!!!!!! But the BOOB SIGN??!! I CHOOSE NOT TO BELIEVE!! hahaha! Make me believe you!! I DON’T WANNA,DON’T MAKE MEEEE,ARGH,WAAAAA!! sob sob!
        Eeerrr,don’t tell me you get to see him again? Yeah right,you can’t be that lucky!Come on,haha,you can’t haha,no you can’t haha,that’s just impossible,you…you…you didn’t,right?You meant ,you watched the vid, Adam looked straight at the camera you hallucinate that he was talking to you,right? Like we all do??!!Pretend that he’s talking to u!When he said I love you to the camera, we all out here kinda nod and smile and say I love you more and look around and if nobody is there, you kiss the screen.Maybe pause a while so we can kiss a bit longer??!!hahaha,not that I did that! NOOOO! I just saying,you know! Eeerr,I….made a cookies today,yeah,hahaaha,yeah…okay…eerr..okay…this is me walking away…Ohh oh before i leave, when we all really going to see Adam’s tour next year,I wanna go with you…not that i believe that you are my lucky charm or something ~giggle~ no but you know Mary C,that “C” …eerr you think it shorts for charm?? Is your fullname Mary Charm??!! 🙂

        • AA, there u go cracking me up again. I love the Charm bit! Maybe thats part of the Karma??
          Hallucinations? Oh yea from those Coconut Ghosts………..
          Oh and I want you AA, to go with me to Adams tour. I want him to meet the Horney One!

  22. i missed your writing your letters always make my day.glad your back.

  23. Jeanette, welcome back—from a new voice here (though have been following for a while)

    Thank you for the experiences you are affording us all through this wonderful site.

    just watched the epic finale—many happy tears falling

  24. Welcome back Jeanette and thank you Sue.
    Love this site and love Adam.
    Thanks to everyone who posted throughout the tour.

  25. goatiegarden says:

    Welcome back, Jeanette!
    Sandra and Mary D here, from our hotel in Manchester. A spectacular night! Adam was in all his glittery alien glory! Generous spirit! Throwing his gloves and necklaces to the audience! So cute to see Kris in Adam’s coat, but kind of like a little boy wearing big daddy’s coat!! Melanchloic today, but what a journey we have all had! So wonderful to have connected with so many like-minded spirits, all in Adam’s name! WE’ll post more, have to go eat lobster!!!

    PS, We were up till 4 am watching Matt entertaining on the ivories of a grand piano in the Radisson lobby, with Danny, Anoop, and the SYTYCD crew, all gathered around the piano, singing and dancing. Anoop kicked it it up a little bit, then disappeared (back to his room, I assume, but no “goodnights” to anyone!), Danny flirting with the girls (cute), and Matt bringigng this wonderful energy to the whole group. Damn, he needs to be signed!

    More later! Love you all! Lobster awaits……

    • Mary D and Sandra, thanks for the recap of your ending to an already fabulous night I’m sure!!
      Hope one of you got the gloves or the necklaces……………
      Look out , there’s a lobster on the loose.

    • KO's smiling says:

      So great to meet you last night! Glad you ended the night on a high note! 🙂

      • KO’s there u r. Thanks again for sending over the video of Adam singing “Come Home”
        Loved it. AAAhhhhh sings with such Passion & Expression.

    • Goatie, thank you for sharing that with us. I bet that was a site to watch. Hoped you enjoyed your lobster and once again ty and I enjoyed your post.

  26. I, too was upset when I could not get into this site until later at night, but it must have been fate because someone gave the site to the live-cam on the IM and I was able to see the end of Adam’s set and the WILD finale. My family was sick of me saying–I WISH I WAS THERE! Leave it to our AWESOMELY GORGEOUS ADAM to be so generous and fan-pleasing!

    SUE–I know you live in a suburb of Chicago and so do I (remember–we were next to each other by the barracades at the Rosemont show). I dont write on this site all the time, but I look at it and all the comments several times a day. When Adam’s solo tour comes here, we have to meet up because I KNOW we will both be there. Just hope he doesn’t get SO famous, he needs to be at Soldier FIeld…….

  27. Just in case,U can’t open Matt bubbletweet in your twitter,because I can’t,took me long enough until I forget,so here in youtube:
    I’m so sad!! Waaa!! Seem like good bye,I hate good bye.Usually they said we’ll keep in touch but they always lied! Waaa! I want to see Adam with kris,Allison,matt.Because they seems so nice together.Even Michael!I kinda start to like that big dude.Not a fan but he treated Adam nice!Can’t wait November!I can’t wait some producer or movie director grab Adam.I want Adam to be a movie star as well!hahaha! I’m happy for nothing again! Why Pepsi don’t take him,coke doesn’t own Adam,does it?Then Adam in CM!!Wee pee!! I need to chill,sad a minute ago then happy now,there’s something seriously wrong with me,more than usuall I mean!! I’ll pay attention on voting then! 🙂

    • Helen/Canada says:

      Hi AdamAddict
      I’d like to see Kris, Allison and Adam together too. I hope they all keep in touch. And I’m with you, I really like Michael now. I wasn’t too sure of him at first, because I thought he’s a big tough oil man and didn’t think he’d be receptive to a gay man. Boy was I wrong, or Michael has grown a lot through his friendship with Adam. Michael too has a big heart and I think he’s really appreciative of this experience and all the love his fans have shown him. He knows he’s a lucky man. Throughout the tour I’ve seen Michael have only positive things to say about Adam. He spoke out against the people in KC who were picketing. In one interview when asked who his mentor was, he replied Adam. I think Adam has opened up his eyes and his mind to diversity in people and I for one, applaud him for it. It takes a very special man like Adam to have such an effect on peoples’ lives.

      • That’s right,Helen.I think whoever hates Adam should spend time with Adam! I think all they need is one day,just 1 day, their hates will change into love,right? If Adam really gonna do that kind of meeting, I’ll say I hate Adam! LOL!! Urgh, I can’t say that,I have a heartache right now!No can’t do, I LOVE ADAM!! 🙂

        • Helen/Canada says:

          You’re so right there AdamAddict. I never thought of that before, but I bet spending one day with Adam would change a lot of peoples minds and hearts. You’re a very smart girl.

  28. Hello to all and welcome back Jeanette.
    I am sitting here at my computer and I am looking for the right words to tell you that I was at last nights concert and it was……..oh gosh….JUST !UNBELIEVABLE! The first 6 Idols were ok. Michael has come a long way. Matt was really good. Lil, well not one of my favorites ruined “single ladies ” by Beyonce. So then the audience is getting tense. We know the top 4 just around the corner. Then the announcement, 20 minute break. O it was like almost getting the …well you know and not going over the edge. LOL. Lights dim, and here we go….Allison was great. Super female artist, gonna go places. Danny well kinda brought you down with bringing up his circumstances before being on idol. Nice message to the audience, but honestly only 1/2 listening. I and the rest of the Adam fans know whats next. The anticipation was almost too much. Restless, shaking , squirming, feeling heart pound out of my chest and in my ears. O dear God dont let me go deaf. And then there he was in all his glory. First thought….O damn hair up, but that thought went as quickly as it came. More glitter on face than I had seen before. Oh so hot. Whole lotta lovin brought me over the edge, finally. So worth waiting for! LOL Starlight was a perfect performance to catch your breath on. Never took my eyes off of the man. Adam was captivating. I was in an upper level from the floor, but I knew he was singing to just me. Bowie medley was superb. My 70 year old moms favorite part. The hip action, the body girations, the smiles and intense looks o dear God I was going to have another one…….Great humor with back up singer and rubber chicken. His duet with Allison was very playful. She had what I believe a jock in the front of her pants, or maybe it was colorful panties and in the back she had a black feather boa as a tail. It was one piece, He thought that was hysterical. Many things thrown to the stage and he was kind to hold up and play with before returning them to audience. The roses that he picked up and smelt was such a kind jesture. We had seen the woman who had brought them in and thought what a wonderful thing for her. To know they brought him joy for a small moment I was just wishing I was the roses. When the floor swallowed him up I felt empty. Ya know the way you feel afterwards….. Kris’ performance would have been my “cuddlin” time. He was just ok. Crowd reaction was ok. Im sure his fans would say differently but there was no reaction like when Adam was on. Hey Jude brought everyone back out, but I only had eyes for Adam. Just stared not knowing when I would see him live again. Mesmorizing and hypnotic.! Dont Stop brought down the house. Not much singing after the silly string was shot at them. Adam appeared to be a little distracted as he was peeling it from his face. I think he is a performer to the end and it really wasnt the end of the performance. Just my opinion. He had to struggle to get everyone arm in arm to take that final bow. But it was done and there was lots of hugs and kisses. I did not leave until he left the stage. Michael and Danny both threw their leather jackets. Adam picked people and pointed and threw them one glove at a time. Then the jewelry came off. O to be a distance from the stage really su**ed! But I am still with butterflies and feeling of complete satisfaction for seeing the most fantastic performance. I know there are other adjectives to describe what I saw but my mind still feels like a jumble. I cant wait for his solo tour and hopfully be able to see more than one.
    I have to tell you one last thing. When Adam said hello Manchester, he chuckled and reitterated Manchesta…….knowing that we in the north east do not prononce our “Rs”. So adorable!!!!!!


    • Super great personal account Jodi, brought tears to my eye again, as I had last night watching it live from the Pacific coast… Adam is a CLASS ACT all the way!!

    • Jodi, Thanks, what lovely comments. While reading, it was like I was right there with you.
      Loved how Adam pointed and then threw his gloves and jewelry. He’s so smart and articulate.
      Like he just didnt want people shoving and pushing, what a good way to express the toss.
      Manchesta? Love it! You captured it all, even the final bow moment. He is such a professional.

      • Mary what more can we say about “our” guy. I await with great anticipation of what is next. Can you imagine him getting better? Such a lovely human being.

        • AdamsGirl, I dont really know how Adam can get any better than he is now. If anyone can
          it would be Adam. You know him and his 1 million percentage.

          • 1/2 not paying attention when Gokey gave “lecture”??!! Awww,poor him!LOL!! If I was there I would the same too. I would scream Adam’s name,inside, i mean scream inside not loud,that’s rude,right? Then the time Gokey start leaving then I will scream my lungs out for Adam!Poor Gokey had to perform before Adam!Everybody will go take a leak or something before Adam come out! Awww!! BTW, I just need to know this, I know that Adam got a lot of stuff throwing at him when he was on stage, but how about the rest? Did anyone else get anything too? Just curious especially last night was the finale!! Anyone at all??!!

            • Helen/Canada says:

              That’s funny AdamAddict, that you would say you would “take a leak when Danny was on” That’s exactly what I did at both shows I was at!! Didn’t want to go at intermission, because the washrooms are too crowded, so waited until Danny was on, then I went!

  29. ALL RIGHT SHERRY S,THIS IS FOR YOU! THE PICTURE 2010!!! MOVE AWAY MONK,ADAM IS HERE!! lol! I can’t find it anywhere so this is the only way.This is not mine, I did not make it,I just gonna share with you guys what I found. I will delete it after few days!This is a briliiant job!
    ENJOY!! 🙂

    • oh my god, oh my god, oh my god!!!!!!!

      EMILI, you are such a DOLL!!!! I LUUUUUUUUVE IT!

      Dropped it straight into my i-photo. Going to have an 11″ X 14″ made!

      Thank you so, so much. It has the CD drop date, too—11/24! Clever!

      ALL the Glambs are gonna’ love this.

      per your comment on the obtuse Facebook boyfriend:
      too many men are homophobes—in reality, this fear makes them look weak, not manly
      (look how many straight women embrace Ellen—we are clearly the stronger of the sexes)

      on the, “She’s not playin”, comment about the necklace:
      you’re brilliant!
      Yes, he meant the necklace was expensive! Those are probably REAL DIAMONDS!

      Lots of love, and thanks, thanks again. sherry s.

      • thanks… lol from the other sherry

        • Wow, I have no idea I made you this happy! Just reading your post made me smile and glad I made you happy!haha! Glad I can help,Sherry! Sherry s not the other Sherry!LOL! Don’t mention it,no sweat at all!! Mwah! 🙂


            We are huge movie buffs in my family. My daughter is a cinematographer. Unfortunately, since I’m the only one who watched American Idol, I’m the only one who knows Adam. I expect that situation to change very soon. I have no doubt he’ll be on the BIG SCREEN soon.

        • Love the photo, and by the way, your niece is very cude, loved the other drawings.

      • Helen/Canada says:

        Oh AdamAddict, that poster is terrific—THANK YOU SO MUCH!!

    • My head hurts. I just fainted for a second after looking at that marvelous pic of the poster for 2010. Ty AdamAddict for that. Now I must go to the emergency room to have my head looked at. lol 😉

    • AA, You need another award for this one. thanks girl.

    • OH<THANK YOU, THANK YOU. How great is this poster !!!! Forever in your debt, AA, your wish , I”ll do ( Well, uuummhh, ??? )

      • I want to go to see Glambs and Adam in his tour next year,Sponsor me,Lee M!! LOL!! I know you regret asking now! hahaha!! 😛


  31. Yo Jeanette and welcome back! It seems that you enjoyed your sojourn but it is also evident that you missed home (site) even more!!!! Well, everyone behaved themselves as much as can be expected from them. Sue did a great job and the ‘Adam’s Family’ has Adam now well ahead of the packi n the Ultimate World Idol twitter competition , thanks to some vigorous clicking which included some careful co-ordination of day and night shifts.

    I loved your article and summary of your AI concerts. The pics from GR clearly show the camaraderie amongst the Glambs. For those of us who stayed behind, we accompanied you in spirit and although we were unable to see Adam, we look forward to rendezvous as a FAMILY at one of Adam’s solo concerts.

    I look forward to many meetings here at our favourite place. Mmmmmwah, Ingrid

    • Oh Ingrid, so looking forward to another big big rendezvous as a Glamb family.
      We are Family!

      • Mary C, so am I! We will OWN the place. Can you just imagine all of us wanting to speak at the same time. It will be the MOTHER of all gatherings! I am so comfortably with you I feel like I have known you for years! Love and to you and, naturally, mmmmmmmmmmwah!

        • Ingrid, we will Own the place. Likewise. That would be the best of times so many of us at
          one show. Oh Adam , then we can get a one on one with you afterwards.

          And I mean talking, dont go thinking naught thoughts. You can if you want too……

          • Can I feel like I too have known you for years but haven’t? The love here makes me smile and I feel all gooey inside.

          • Mary C, with regard to naughty thoughts, I don’t need a second invitation, I willing oblige! You are all such an awesome bunch, the salt of the earth!

            Trish, indeed, hear, hear!







  34. I cant wait to see whats Adam going to do next. I hope we’ll be hearing new details about the upcoming album!

  35. Welcome home, Jeannette! And many thanks to Sue for guiding us along the Adam Path for these last several days of the life-changing adventure we find ourselves on together. Can’t wait to see & hear what the future brings with our glorious Adam, but we all know it will be FIERCE & FABULOUS! For now, though, we have great vids of AI season 8 & tour performances to relive every day, as well as the comfort of our new “Glambily”. As much as I LOVE to watch Adam perform, I get such a warm, fuzzy feeling inside whenever I see or hear his interviews…those eyes, that smile, his adorable laugh….Make’s one feel that all’s truly right with the world. He is a gift to us all. Am I addicted??? YES!!! But, it seems I’m in good company with all of you here….Thanks to everyone…

    Candace in MS

  36. Candle Lovers: just ordered my Red Currant candle online. (votivo)
    Red Currant: Savory blend of tart red currants and golden fruit glaze ladled over vanilla bean ice
    cream served along side raspberry filled sugar cookies…………..
    Oh Adam!!!!!!

    • cheryl norman says:

      MARY,,,,, Now, do you really think a candle is going to do it for you????? Oh, my poor Mary!!!! Then again, maybe your hubby might have another thing to say about it all!!!! Afterall, after you close your eyes, turn upo some music, light some candle, and put a bag over hubby’s head, he COULD be ADAM!!!!!!

      Mary!!! You’re so smart!!!! Sorry I underestimated you!! Rock-On!!!

  37. Hi Jeannette. I am currently in Lake Havasu City in an internet cafe trying to catch up on my fix. I’ve been without a computer and missing all of you terribly. I never thought Arizona could be so lonely! Will be home soon to Seattle and my computer and any news of His Beautifulness.
    Where do we go from here lovies? Just holdin on till the next grand exhibit.

  38. cheryl norman says:

    JEANETTE, So glad you are back!!!!! Your vacation surely showed you much about your love for Adam, and now our love of our glamb family. We are the only ones who understand each other. Now, we NEED each other to keep us sane, and have a family always up in the day or night, ready to listen to our sensual, sexual loving horney thoughts and fantasies about Adam. And ONLY ADAM!!!

    I want to take a minute to say, I don’t think Adam wore underwear during his performances!!!! I don’t think there would be enough room in those pants for all he has, and when he grabs and gives his little big lambert a shake, he couldn’t be wearing underwear!!! He probable had a few ‘ejacs’ during some of those hand jives!!! Anyone agree????? Oh, yes…… that is the truth!!! On the last nite, he was so used to handling bras, I think as he spoke, he even forgot he had one twirling around his head with his ‘free’ hand.!

    I, too, am sad. I know he will bring us a lifetime of love, but he is no longer a virgin. He’s had many encounters with fans. But, then again, not with ONLY HIS FANS!!! Yes!!! He is still a virgin in that respect!!!!

    I cannot wait to see him in the tabloids with ‘dates’!!!!!! No Drake, no Cheeks, but someone who is as good enough as they can get to be with our SuperiorUniversalStarSex-0GodandRock-God. yes there are typos there. I dont care anymore. Well I really never did. But, now, after he settles somewhere we can all WRITE him!!!!!!

    Adam…………………………………………………………………… know not what you have done!

    • “No Drake, no Cheeks, but someone who is as good enough as they can get to be with our SuperiorUniversalStarSex-0GodandRock-God. ” I hope you don’t mean yourself??!! LOL!! I miss you so much,Cheryl!! Mwah!! 🙂 I keep saying that today! I guess I do miss you guys so much!EVERYONE,THIS WILL BE LAST TIME I SAID IT,I MISS YOU GUYS SOOOO MUCH!! EVERYONE OF YOU!!

      • cheryl norman says:

        AdamAddict, Wh Else would I be talking about little domedic!!??? Of course, I can fulfill so much of what he wants and needs. Now, I’m not sayin’ forever. But, as he considers who might be good enough, he needs some one to give him a qhysical outlet, why not ‘let it be me’????

        If you value your post do not tell me why! haha!

        LORRIN, did you ever really think he wore underwear???? Never! The sexiest boygriend I had never wore underwear when we were out together. Slow dancing was always a large problem!

        Any whoo, Adam needs to keep his jewels cool and aired out, so to speak. And when he grabs and holds onto baby Adam and shakes his at us, do you really think if he had on underwear he could get a hold of all that bulge? I say NO! And that’s all I ‘ve got to say about it………..4 now.

        • Whew, wow, O-KAY, Cheryl, you’re right, I’m sure… I was thinking that I had all the experience being the ‘California Girl’ and all, (you know ‘I Wish They All Could Be California Gir-r-r-r-r-rl-s), but hey, along came Copalee Cherry, and the ‘real deal’ finally emerges from the dim past, and I mean the DIM past….thank you for that, Cheryl, they don’t call you ‘Naughty Cheryl’ for nothing!


            • Ingrid, you know I was trying to remember those old ‘slow dances’ of the past….you know, everyone crowded together in the dark, the ceiling light flashing and dappling the dance floor, nestling your head on your guy’s shoulder, the great songs, the extra ‘touching’ here and there, the damn chaperones intruding rudely on your surreptitious lovemaking…..but even though I’ve tried and tried to remember, I do think all my boyfriends WERE wearing their underwear….that brazen hussy, Cheryl Winkie Norman!

              • Lorrin, yes I remember those times – kinda one body and two heads!!! Cheryl Winkie Norman probably told her boyfriends that a prerequisite was ‘no under wear’. Geez, brazen hussy sounds about right to me. Seems like ‘Brazen Cheryl’ went straight for ‘jewels’, nevermind the the jugular! Well, I was a late bloomer, but when I bloomed, I bloomed and blossomed all in one go … and this late bloomer is still blooming it up with the same bloomy lucky guy!!!! It is all good, I get to experiment with all things delicious I want to do with Adam and he is blossoming from my Adam fantasies!

                Yes Lorrin, you know how to get me going!!!! Love you! Mmmwah, Ingrid

                We best prepare ourselves for some serious tongue lashing!

                • Ingrid, read what I just horrendously wrote just 3 posts below here….ha ha ha, I know I’m going to go to the pokey for this one..

              • cheryl norman says:

                INGRID AND LORRIN, Well, I see you two have gotten your little heads together again just trying to make me sound a bit lide a sex maniac, which ai am NOT!!! Maybe just sexually playful, unique somewhat, adventureous at times, fun loving at times, shocking at times. but other than that, I am as normal as a llittle Amish girl living with mommy and daddy. It’s only when I leave the compounds of mommy and daddy do I turn into Brazen-Woman! Woman of delight and pleasure! Woman who will bring you the dreams you were always afraid to have and didn’t even know they existed! Yes! Brazen-Woman, and yet at times Hussy-Woman, and Wild-Woman, and Happy-Woman! Yes, I try to opossess them all, tho NOT at the same time. Now, what is wrong with THAT??? It’s just me being me, a bit country and a bit rock ‘n roll. Abit good and a bit naughty. A sexual being, a Mom, a Friend, a Relative (used to be) a Grammy, and all rolled into one. ME! Happy to be me! With all my faults too! For what good is life without some good faults to ponder? I do like me, more than most do!!! Don’t care either! So, you little birdies, try something new! Be me for a day! Then run for your life. So much love, Cheryl

                • Cheryl, Cheryl, Cheryl! We can’t take credit for making you sound like a sex maniac. My dear did that ALL BY YOURSELF! I’d say with all those roles you are like … hhmmm … multi-purpose Cherry! How’s that??? Lotsa love to you too, mmmmmwah, Ingrid

                  • “As normal as a little Amish girl living with mommy and daddy…..’ WHA-A-A-A-A-T-T? That particular Amish community will never recover from your presence among them, I’m sure, Cheryl, and I agree with Ingrid, we have never conspired to expose you for the sex maniac you undoubtedly are, all that we have to do is repeat what you have already said, it’s too easy, and entirely irresistible!

                    • Amish????? She’s lost it! She’s speaking in tongues again!!!!

                    • cheryl norman says:

                      LORRIN AND INGRID, I see I must talk to you both at the same time again!!!! You two just can’t try tearing me apart without the help of the other!!! Now, why is that???

                      Ok, ok, okay!!!!! I am not Amish!!! There! I said it!!! Are you happy NOW?? Is that what you want? Me to say I’m NOT Amish?! OKAY!

                      But the ‘sex’ thing you two can’t get your ‘heads around’? What is the problem here??? Now you want some ‘pointers’ from me??? ME??? Why, I never,,,………………..well…maybe i have…just ….a time………..or two or more……….but i can’t remember!!! BeSIDES, I ‘charge’ for that kind of info!!!

                      Get back to me on this!

            • I told yer!! I knew it!! We need no title thread to talk about or discuss about Adam! We can make our own topic. NOW WE DISCUSSING EITHER ADAM WEAR UNDERWEAR OR NOT??!! UNBELIAVABLE!! I say Adam wear T-Back,that’s why it can’t support the whole Adam’s “treasure” ~nodding~ 😛

              • i think he has.because of that kind of pants he is wearing that would be itchy if he didn’t

              • cheryl norman says:

                ADAMADDICK,,,,,,,would change the way I misspelled your name, but it’s too funny!!!!! hahahahahahahahahahaha!!!!! I’m sorry Emili, I just can’t stop laughing!!! hahahahahahahaahaa!!!! I now forgot what my point was! Something to do with a T-back? I dunno!!!! You made me laugh, now I cannot even keep my train of thought going! I’ll get back to you when my thoughts are not on a T-Back on Adam!!!! But, he wears no underwear at all! What is so hard for you to understand about that??? Never been out with a big guy not wearing underwear and then get up to slow dance, and wonder why his cell phone or small computer is in THAT pocket????? Emili!!!! Tell the truth!!! I think I understand you more than you realize. C’mon, it’s just me and you. You can tell me every little detail, and I won’t say a word! Luv ya, cheryl

        • Lorrin, help her! LMAO

          • cheryl norman says:

            MARY AND LORRIN!!!! aFTER READING YOUR REPLIES, TALK ABOUT LAUGHING!!!! And Emili!!!! Man you all are funny!!! I meran, I don’t think I have ever read so many funny things that make my body bounce up and down as when I started on this blog!!!!

            You are all nuts!!! Or is it me? NO! It’s all of you!!! Funny???? OMG!!! The only thing about my posting that makes me laugh are my enormous typos! Really!!!!

            I killed so many cancer cells reading all your comments! Why? You all KNOW I’m right! Surely you’re all think like me! I mean…………………….we are all adults, and if I’ve done things in my past that you haven’t, maybe we could all ‘share’, now.

            Nope! Think again. That’s not a good idea!!! I have been single for so long over 33 yrs of dating and learning – that is after 10 yrs of marriage, which I never knew at the time was so boring, I’m not sure any of you are ready to know some of my experiences, much less all of them. Actually nobody should ever know all of them. But, there was this one guy, when I was about 37, he was about 20, a go-like guy, he was so big ahem…. that I told him I felt very sorry for him that the best he could hope for was a very ‘used’ prostitute. He understood. He lived not far away. Was so worried his mother, a bit of a friend of mine might find out some day. But, once with him was far more than I ever wanted. His brother was another story, not. Goodnite!

            • Cheryl, I can actually do you one better….I knew this guy in college named D * * * *, who used to go around wearing slouchy hippie clothes, beads, and a cool old wide-brimmed hat. Actually, even though he wore hippie clothes, he looked very nice, had a great tan, a ‘leathered’ but very attractive face, thick, waving dark blonde hair and a huge blonde moustache. He had a wonderful deep voice, and a great laugh. He wasn’t enormously intelligent, but he was sincere and sharp in a more down-to-earth kind of way. He hung out with me for quite a long while. Well, he was the most well-endowed man on the planet, I kid you not. Very large cucumbers could not compare. Now, I am not 6′ tall like Ingrid thinks I am, but I’m about 5’8″ tall, and back then, I was the whole California package, and not a small girl in the least. But in very short order, not more than a couple of months, I’m sure, that was the end of D * * * *. Very large cucumbers gave way to something a little more ‘comfortable’ shall we say…..oh well, you know how ‘old people’ reminisce about the Good Old Days….but somehow, I don’t think our generation will EVER look back on the Good Old Days, we’re still too busy roaring through town with our black leather and nail pollish on…

              Now, Cheryl, I just want you to know that I will NEVER say anything like this ever again on this site….this is this the one and only time, and it’s all because of YOU, you brazen hussy! STOP all this underwear talk, you rotten little femme fatale, you’re upsetting my Glamberous composure!

              • CHERRYYYLLLLLLLLLL!!!!! Can you remember that guy that Lorrin went out with … the one that gave a serious case of tonsilitis!!!!!! … and why are you NOT ANSWERING MY POSTS DAMMIT!!!! Mmmmmwah to you, Lorrin & Cheryl!!

                • cheryl norman says:

                  INGRID, you, my dear are my Fingrid babycakes, honeybun! I admit I’ve been under par for this last week. I spend most of last week and the weekend in bed. Licking my emotions. I need to do that very seriously at times. But, WHAT posts are you talking about??? You haven’t been yourself lately either, sweetpea! Maybe it’s that life is aking some changes again. Adam is moving on and we are trying to figure out where we are now. Not sure. But haven’t seen any emails from you or Lorrin lately. Why? I’m thinking your job has you busy. Lorrin has been a busy beaver in her garden. I have been mopping. Now, I’m getting myself back up and about again. I’ve had to spill my heart out to the glambs and world about my inssatiable sove for Adam. Even to my kids some more! So, I’ve suffered a little bit with some deaths of important people in my family and deaths of some previously important relationships in my life. It does take some time to figure out where I am and sometimes ‘who’ I am now. No family. An orphan at my age! My daughter and hybby going to JAPAN FOR 2 YRS, is a really good thing FOR THEM, but, I am pretending and hoping that I will be JUST FINE with it. But, do I really feel that way today? NOPE! Not at all. Will I tell my kids that????? Absolutely….NOT! Now, my son is so busy being a great pastor, great college professor, at 2 colleges, a great football coach, a great father and husband and friend to many, that there’s not an hour a week for his mommy!!! And what new thing has he decided to do to fuill up any remaining min of his day????? Exercise, exercise, excercise!!!!! For what? Another triaathelon! Why? Who the hell knows!!! I am just exhausted just hearing him tell me why we can’t have a conversation lasting over 2 min. as he’s breathing so heavily, cuz God forbid he just talk and listen, he must do push-ups, sit-ups. run the treadmill or better yet,l run ‘in place’ as he talks or listens for the 2 in. Then get on his bike ride 10 miles and go to the pool for some light swimming!!!! I told him hie was either having a breakdown, or in a mid-life crisis early, or maybe, just maybe just trying to put his mother to shame cuz she won’t exercise!!! So! Fingrid, tell me a lot more of your goings on at home and in the business world!!! I am here. I need to know!!!You know I like to be ‘in the know’ about everything I’m interested in!!! C’mon, let’s hear more from you! I have been very disapopointed in you the last few days. I have not seen anything longer than a one or two sentencce post TO ME!!! Why, Fingrid??? Why? I look to you for advice, help, humor, naughtiness. Where have I gone wrong? Where have you been, lately??

                  I will expect a full reply from you honeybun, my rootbeerfloat! And where is Emili??? What has happened to everyone??? Is the voting that time consuming??? I guess so. ……………………..oh, dear what to do?

                  Lotsa Luv ‘n Lotsa luv……shake it shake it baby…shake it shake it….sex with me and I;ll set you free……shake it shake it baby……….hurry back Adam! This site cannot exist eithout your Hottness, Sir!

                  Luv you!!!!!!! Cheryl

                  • Cheryl, let’s just put a few things in perspective. Firstly, no more rubbish about being an orphan – WHAT THE HELL DO YOU CALL US!!!!

                    Secondly, you look to me for ‘naughtiness’! Cheryl, that is your speciality.

                    My sweetness and joy, my headaches and migraines, my thrills and my chills – I am very busy at the moment, but not too busy to send you a short email, which you obviously have not read.

                    We tend to take time out for different reasons. You should know that when I have’nt posted much on the site that my thoughts are still with you. Cut me some slack, okay! Mmmmmwah,

              • cheryl norman says:


                Auch a nice little bedtime story we can tell our grandchildren. They are so sick of Little Red Riding Hood. Of course, we musrt do some revisions!

                So, little Miss Femme Fatele, you want to blame that memory on ME??? Is that what I;, hearing????? Ohhhhh,,,,,nooooo, my little skank! You saw the cucumber and you didn’t run, but explore your new found ‘toy’! I see it now for what it is! Time for you to forgive yourself. Understand you were once and probably still are hot to trot when the desire hits you like Adam has reminded you of!!!!

                Now, Flaming fingers, why would you NOT EVER say anything LIKE this again??? Isn’t it nice reminicing this way? What are we, now anyway, just old relics not to be interesting not to educate, not to remember with lust in oour heart, is that what we have become????? I say NO!!! NO NONONONONONO!!! We are women! Good strong, wonderful wise, gorgeous, educated, funny, fun loving and expressive, so much more than the ‘women’ of today. We MUST GO OUT and TEACH!!! In the words of our great ADAM. “First I learn, Then I teach”!!! How does that not appoly to us!!! Huh? Tell me that does not apply to us, the women of the world! We have way too much knowledge and wisdom and empathy, love and caring to just sit with our mouths tight and never disclose all the fun we had a couple years ago, just cuz we have Medicare now. Who is smarter than WE? Those much younger without the life we’ve lived? Absolutely not!

                Now, Glambfingers, get yourself another cup of tea. Don’t look for ADAM today or tonite, for he’s busy with me helping him learn some of my experiences since you have decided to keep yours all to yourself. And when we die, who will know that we have lived, in the sincerest form of that word???? Tell me that! Aha! I thought so. You can’t! So sit down, with your tea, realize you are still a California girl hippie, only the dates of the years have changed. You, my dearest friend have not! Get over it and take your life back. Bring in those flowere from the garden, but then, put some Adam music on, light some candles, burn some incense, have a marijuana brownie, turn the lights waaaay down, and dance!!! Dance, dance dance!!!! Maybe even have a sip of white wine! But dance and live the life you have today!!!! Buy a card and send it to Adam, or another friend. Get up and breathe and live and dance!!! Even if you are sitting down you can still dance! I love you, my dearest wonderful adjective-filled friend! Cheryl

              • Lorrin Lorrin you you OMG, Cheryl brings out the best of you.
                Cucumbers????????? Hold on Nellie!

                • Mary C., ‘very large cucumbers’ are truly the best analogy I could think of, poor dear D * * * * *. Do you know I even dragged him to church with me one Sunday and we sat up in the balcony where all the dating kids used to hang out, and there he sat with his hippie shirt, his old jeans, his beads, and his leather hat sticking straight up in the air like some guy I found out on the street in Berkeley somewhere, which is almost the truth, he reminds me of that immortal guy from the ‘Hair’ song:

                  “I met a boy called Frank Mills on September 12th right here in front of the Waverly,
                  But unfortunately, I lost his address..
                  He was last seen with his friend, a drummer, he resembles George Harrison of the Beatles,
                  But he wears his hair down in a small bow at the back.

                  I love him, but it embarasses me, to walk down the street with him,
                  He lives in Brooklyn somewhere, and he wears his white crash helmet,
                  He has golden chains on his leather jacket
                  And on the back are written the names
                  And Mom,
                  And Hell’s Angels..

                  I would gratefully appreciate it, if you see him, tell him..
                  I’m in the park with my girlfriend and please,
                  Tell him Angela and I don’t want the two dollars back,
                  Just him…”

                  I used to sing that entire song almost in one breath for my little boys, and they just stared at me in total disbelief with their mouths wide open….makes me want to run out of the house and back down the road 39 years to my wonderful, happy, unbelievable, totally 60’s life among the hippies and students on Telegraph Avenue…what a time that was..

        • Cheryl my makeup is running down my face. Baby Adam! Underwear.

          • Baby Adam underwear? Inside joke or are there really those available? lol I feel like the “dumb” blond people accuse me of. No offense to Blonds, I am blond but get that sterotype all the time. Hey Mary C I love candles, is that kind you mention helping with you missing Adam? Just wondering…………..;)

            • cheryl norman says:

              TRISH, GO UP A BIT to 9-16 to where I posted to Jeanette. I just happened to mention some things about Adam’s underwear. But, I don’t want to spoil the surprise for you. Then go down and read these crazy women’s replies to me. It will all make sense, I promise!

        • Hey Cheryl…Maybe he ought to auction off the PANTS for charity…Bet they’d bring in more cash than the jacket, especially if your theory is true & he was goin commando for all these shows! But, then again, maybe they should save the entire outfit for the future “Adam Lambert, Rock God Of The Universe” Museum or the Smithsonian or something, cause he’s gonna be a LEGEND in the annals of Rock Music! What an amazing trip we’re all on…riding Adam’s Comet through the galaxy….Hot damn!

          • cheryl norman says:

            LibraLamb! What a pregnant thought!!! Those pants WOULD bring in a whole lot of money. But, money isn’t everything, I hope he keeps the jacket and pants for memories they would bring him when he becomes a grandpa!!!! hahaha!!??

    • OMG Cheryl, ROFLMAO!!!!!!!!!!!!!! No underwear? ejacs? Jesus.

      You are not right. Or you are So right. After those comments, I cant think again.

      Adam forgive her or let her have her way with you. Then she will settle down.

      • I told yer!! I knew it!! We need no title thread to talk about or discuss about Adam! We can make our own topic. NOW WE DISCUSSING EITHER ADAM WEAR UNDERWEAR OR NOT??!! UNBELIAVABLE!! I say Adam wear T-Back,that’s why it can’t support the whole Adam’s “treasure” ~nodding~

        • Oh sorry, I already post that one above, what happened, did I ….Is madbert contagious or something??!! Whatever!! ADAM WON,YAY!! 🙂

          • cheryl norman says:

            AdamAddict!!!!!! hahahahahahahahhahaha!!!!!!! Is MadBert contagious!!! hahahahahaha!!!!!!!! OMG You are giving me the giggles so hard I can’t even take a drink of water!!! Good grief!!!

            Mary, Emili, Ingrid, Lorrin, Toni and the rest of you wondrous hussys! You are too funny!!!

            Ingrid, so that is what I’m for, huh??? Ohhhh!!!!! I’m sorry, I didn’t know!!!! hahahahaha!!

            Yes, Lorrin loved that cucumber!!!! Check out her post above EVERYONE!!! SEE LORRIN’S POST ABOUT THE CUCUMBER ABOVE!!!!

            Any more stories, Lorrin? C’mon, I’m sorry………………………………..right!………………………… us some more!!!!! Pleeeezzze!!!!!!!!!!! Pleeeeeezzzzeee with cucumber salad on it??????????

            A whole Lotta Love to you all!!!! cheryl

            • Treasure,Jewel,Gun,now Cucumber??!! Okay gotcha!! Hahaha! What next? Brinjal??!! XD

            • Cheryl, I actually DO have some more stories of bygone days in dear old, 60’s Berkeley and in raucous, Wild-West Sacramento a few years later. I remember this one guy who used to live two stories down from me on the ground-floor of this apartment complex, and I used to wonder about him. He was quite a bit older than me, but that only intrigued me, I loved older men. Well, I kept looking down that way across the patio and he would look up my way on the veranda, and finally, I can’t remember how to this day, I found myself at his front door. He opened the door, I went in and stood in his foyer, and we began talking, a little get-to-know-you kind of thing, and I noticed hanging up behind his head in between the kitchen and living room areas, an entire Tiki-Bar rope contraption, complete with fishing floats and sea shells. Oh brother, I thought, it’s Moon Doggy’s shack from ‘Gidget’. Despite the ‘seductive set-up’, he was a doll of a guy, looked a little bit like Kevin Spacey and Bobby Darin put together, and he wore ‘older guy’ clothes, cool dark slacks and a nice shirt, a very sophisticated look. Well, to cut the story short and disappoint everybody, we both decided almost without any words being spoken, that we would remain ‘just friends’. I was going with someone else at the time. But he let me know that he was very sorry about it, and he was very gracious…and to this day, I have regretted never getting to know him better.

              Isn’t that a sad, wistful little story? But there has to be one of those stories in every repretoire, doesn’t there? Now, let me tell you about my steady boyfriend, J * * * *, and about his fraternity house in Berkeley, the madras bedspread, the marijuana plant on the desk, and the glass cup….

              • And by the way, Cheryl, I’m going to roast you over a slow fire for calling attention to my Cucumber story. Cucumbers happen to be a very healthful, desirable kind of vegetable to eat, and everyone should have more cucumbers in their diet. I will never forgive you for embarassing me and yelling at everybody to come read my ‘Cucumber Story’, Cheryl, you are truly shameless. I, however, have more dignity than that, and would never call attention to such a silly thing as a cucumber, even though the one in question was a very LARGE cucumber, and truly deserved a prize..

                • Sorry Lorrin, but I am with Cheryl on this one! You started the cucumber story so now that you have stimulated our curiosity, let’s have ALL the juicy tit-bits! The juicy cucumber was a very good start, so here we are, the WHOLE GLAMB FAM, ALL EARS!!! Bring it on sista!

                  • Ingrid dear, I would be arrested, or at the very least, kicked off the site, and I would miss you all so much..

              • Lorrin, I want to fly out to Calif. and have lunch with you and then we can go
                clubbing and you and I can tell tell our stories of the past. Is that a date?
                WE would have a jolly good time, I can tell. How did you find yourself at that
                mans door? You had an urge………..

                • Mary C., I must have floated down as if on a cloud, I truly have no idea how I ended up there, it just ‘happened’….and I would love ever so much to have you fly out and be with me, but I couldn’t go clubbing, my poor ears couldn’t take it, we could sit around on my patio, though….but hey, surely you and all the other beautiful Glambs have stories just like these, no?……well then, let me tell you about the night out at the levee, the beer keg, the cops and the oh-so-narrow escape…..or the one where we were all driving out on a country road late at night, the mist, the screams, and the cow…..or the night where all the boys were swarming in the bushes around my house, and my boyfriend ended up in my bedroom……and then, there’s the one about a boy, some bells, and a cucumber, did I already mention a cucumber?

                  • cheryl norman says:

                    LORRIN,L okay, so there was the madris plaid spread, and MoonDoggy! You been getting ahold of some of my diaries????? Huh????? Now, look what you’ve done, MadBert is back!!! Oh,
                    that’s great, just great!!!!

                    You lhave a ‘THING’ for BIG CUCUMBERS, AND YOU WANT EVERYONE TO EAT ONE EVERY DAY?????? nO, lORRIN. nO.

                    Look, you have your morales and I have none. So, would I eat a big cucumber EVERY day? No.

    • Cheryl Norman, now I know why you climbed over the chairs in Grand Rapids to get front stage. You wanted to get an up close encounter with Adams’s pouch. I bet you could smell it, you were so close. You probably saw moistness. You naughty woman. If you would’ve bent your head over as he approached your side of the stage, you could’ve tickled him with that ostrich feather sticking out of your head.
      Mary called me last night and was laughing so hard at your posts, she could hardly talk. Her husband thinks she’s nuts. I jsut got a chance to read them. Now I know why she was hysterical. You go girl. Can’t wait for a reunion.

      • SueAnn, I especially love it that you described Cheryl’s head band attachment as an ‘ostrich feather’… that is most certainly what she was really wearing..

      • Sue, you have me laughing againnnnnnnnnnn.

        • cheryl norman says:

          SUE ANN, LORRIN, AND MARY!!!! OMG!!! Talk about laughing!!!! My ribs are starting to hurt!! I do have a very keen sense of smell tho. hahahaahahaaahahahhahahaha!!!!!!!!!!!

          • I have no doubt that we would be kicked out of any restaurant in the country we happened to be in for lewd, loud, raucous, and lascivious behavior……I just have no idea how we all managed to get off on these wild bunny paths talking about Adam’s nether regions….does anyone else know?

  39. Helen/Canada says:

    The thing is you have to put your cookies back, or you’ll lose your info like I just did above. Hope this works now.

    • cheryl norman says:

      Helen, I don’t mean to ‘pry’ but WHAT ARE YOU TALKING ABOUT?? I mean, what are you talking about with the ‘cookie’ thing?

      • Helen/Canada says:

        Hey Cheryl
        Sorry, my previous post didn’t go through. That would have explained my comment about the cookies. And as I discovered you have to put your cookies back in order to post again. I was talking about being able to vote every few seconds. The instructions were on a previous post from I think Melody on what to do so that you didn’t have to wait 15 minutes to vote again.

        • cheryl norman says:

          HELEN!!! Thank you!!! I thought I was truly losing my mind. Maybe some alzheimer’s slipping in! hahaha!!!

          My mind is so preoccupied with Adam, his music and body, I can’t think clearly sometimes, esp now that the tour is over. I understand!

          • Cheryl, you KNOW….you have to put all your ‘cookies’ back in the package before they will let you see any more of Adam, and you’ve got to get ’em in there nice and straight, too, or no Adam for you…we’ve ALL learned how to do it…where have YOU been?

        • Helen, the only cookies Cheryl is thinking about are Adams in his pants with no
          underwear!!!!!!!!!! Still laughing.

          • Helen/Canada says:

            Mary, don’t encourage her!!!! LOL!

            • cheryl norman says:

              MARY, HELEN, LORRIN AND FELLOW GLAMMBS: I gave Adam all my cookies! Yes, I did and I have no regrets. He more than earned them the day he was conceived. (oh, perish that thought!) But I am but a mere female in the sunset yrs of her life. I have nothing of value to offer Adam, except my brain for examination. He has everything of me that is any good. I accept it if he chooses not to look to closely. I wouldn’t blame him at all. Afterall, he is not dumb, but extremely intelligent. Thank you, thank you very much (channeling Elvis)!!! PS Was Adam’s hair on the last nite looking like Elvis really took over his hair for sure!!!! Good grief, Charlie Brown, or should I say ‘Linus’? Who was Adam in that musical??? Who the f–k really cares tonite? Who is Adam WITH right now??? Probably Drake. So glad Drake can’t get preggers!!!! He can’t get Adam that way,l thank the Lord. And I hope Drake understands that Adam is only needing some ‘love’ right now, and Drake can’t give him that. No man can! hmmmmmmmmmmmmwhat does she mean, no ‘man’?

              • OMG your so freaking funny………… to change underwear and pants again from peeing them, thanks again for that………….I think I will design a plastic pair with Adam’s face on my um…………in that area. Wait, maybe depends can make a diaper like that………… they would sell out in a second……..hell I am not old enough or do I need depends but if they made one with Adam’s picture on it I will gladly make myself use them…………LOL

              • Hhhhmmmm! Yeah Cheryl, you have your cookies but you may be losing your marbles!! Just saying, possibly, probably?????

                • … meant to say you lost your cookies and your marbles!

                  • cheryl norman says:

                    MARY AND INGRID, “Preggers” means pregnant! I was saying that Drake can’t get ‘pregnant’!!!!!! OMG!!!! I can’t get away from here!!! This stuff is so funny, who could make it up???? We need to find us a directer and producer andmake us a bunch of money, honey! I mean to tell ya! We could give enough material with the rest of the Glambs to carry on a sitcom for decades, or until we all had alzheimers!!! OMG! We are too funny! Just when I’ve calmed down a bit and start to reply, I see the next post which is just as funny or more so, and my neighbors must think I’, a schizophrenic cuz I’m in my living room with no tv on and on my computer and laughing hysterically—-alone!!!!!

              • Cheryl, Honey girl, I knoooowww Exactly what you mean.
                No, no preggers going on right now in his career!! He is single, no baggage
                and can enjoy his Fame!

    • ha ha ha! thank you. i haven’t put my cookies back! ha ha ha!

  40. Cheryl, I hardly know how to follow you, I am absolutely speechless with your envisioning of Adam without his underwear and bras twirling around his head, what more can one say or add to that? But I do want to say, WELCOME BACK, Jeanette, it is so good to hear from you again! I had imagined you somewhere far away in even-sunnier-than-California Arizona, amongst the red rocks and scrub pines and hot air, and now that you are back, it seems our Glamb family is all snug and tight again. Having the site down is an exercise in supreme patience which finally gives way to full-blown anxiety as we all wonder if we are ever going to get back home! A few of us were over on Twitter keeping each other company through the whole thing, which was at least some comfort. But hurrah, the site is back, and you are back, and we are all getting settled in again, and looking forward to the next few months of seeing Adam begin the career that will astonish the world. Seeing the videos of the Manchester show were so poignant and wistfully sad, and Adam, as usual, was trying to unite everyone as a whole to take their last bow together, and then showing his wonderfully generous spirit, and his playfulness again by taking off ‘everything darling’ (except the vest, why not the vest?) and throwing them at his selected targets. His hair was something to behold, it was almost an architectural ‘9th Wonder of The Modern World’ all by itself, and it reminded me of something from some old underground film from the 40’s which I can’t remember, but it is so like him to go for the most outre ‘look’ imaginable on the last night of the show. Adam is a stylistic genius of the first order, and it will be wonderful to see what he comes up with as he truly begins the first part of his own career as a solo artist. Yes, it is sad to see this time end, it is as though we all went through it with them as they toughed it out from city to city, but it will soon give way to incredible joy and wonder as we see Adam take those first steps in his brilliant career. The 2012 single will probably be unforgettable, and what better way to start a career than to sing an unforgettable song connected to an iconic movie with earth-shaking significance? He will be forever connected with the world itself, a man as big as the whole planet in his greatness….the photoshopped poster itself already captures the vision of Adam’s iconic role in the world. I don’t know as there ever has been an artist in music history that has ever STARTED his career as an icon without ever having made an album….it is as though everyone around him knows ‘who’ he is, and is making way for his appearance on the world stage: the red carpet is being rolled out in front of him by invisible hands as he makes his every step.

    So, we are all back together in our Glambs home, our Jeanette has returned from the desert, Sue did a wonderful job being our leader for the end of the tour (thanks Sue!), the tour has ended, and now, the real fun begins….the one-and-only, never-before-seen rise of the greatest singer and performer in the new millenium and the entire world, Adam Lambert, has begun! And we are here, right at the beginning (and we have been here since before the beginning of the beginning), to see this time in history. We are poised on the brink of history, and Adam is going to make that history right before our very eyes. There are a few moments left where we can catch our breath and rest for a fraction of time, but within one short month, Adam will be back with his inspiring single, the movie will be next and the album after that…..and then, Adam will begin his trek across the world. Adam will begin his amazing, world-shattering rise to the top, and we will be right there with him as he goes, and we will see wonders as he makes music history. Aren’t you glad to be a witness to such a wonderful thing happening to such a beautiful man? — I am thrilled to even be a small part of the story of this new world superstar!

    Love to all you Glambs, and I am SO glad to be back with you all! Starlight is giving way to daybreak..

  41. Helen/Canada says:

    I’m back from my wonderful concert experience in Syracuse. It started out on a positive note with a beautifuly day for my 4 hour drive and a very nice customs officer who laughed at my enthusiasm when asked the purpose of my visit and I replied smiling ear to ear that I was going to see Adam Lambert with the American Idol tour.
    I arrived in Syracuse and quickly found the arena. Can you imagine, I was driving down the street looking for a parking spot and their buses were driving toward me on the opposite side of the street. OMG, I had to find a parking spot. This took quite some time as all the streets were one way! Finally got to the stage door area where the buses were parked and a small barricade was set up. There were only about 40 people there but it was a weird set up, so small that not everyone could get close to the front. People were going in and out of the buses for quite some time. Allison and Megan came over and signed and later Matt, then Kris for a very short time. The idols were in and out of the bus at various times. Allison’s mom was there and she was a real sweetie. But no Adam. People think he was either in the bus or already inside. I stood for about 2 hours, but no Adam, so went to my hotel to check in and freshen up since the sun was hot. When I came back before the concert, the same people were there. One of the ladies said that Adam came out to the bus to get some things, but just waved and said sorry folks but I’m so busy–have to pack too.
    I picked up my tickets at the Will Call and again was thrilled that I managed to get 2nd row at the last minute.
    Missed Gala/Vera outside, but once inside I asked the usher where the section was that I knew she was in and it was very close to me. So we met and got to talk and talked again during intermission. We made arrangement to run out to the barricades right after Adam’s set. Met a really nice Adam fanatic from Pennsylvania sitting next to me, so that was fun.

    Now, the concert. I really did enjoy it all. I was surprised at how much better everyone was from the first time I saw them, but maybe seat location has something to do with that.

    Now Adam—OMG, I’m still in an Adam daze. I could try to describe the experience, but those of you who have seen him live, will know what I mean. There are no words that will ever describe all that Adam is. When Danny finished his set, Darla and I (my new friend sitting next to me) made our way right up to the stage (in the darkness that ended Danny’s set), so we were right up front. OMG, I could see his beautiful face up so close. He is truly mesmerizing. And his body and his movements, OMG, again, I don’t know what to say. I was shaking, I was smiling, I was dancing and just basking in all the glory that Adam is. It went by so fast, when he sang Let’s Dance and then started to descend under the stage I couldn’t believe it–Adam don’t go, I’m not ready for you to go yet! I tried to take some pictures, but to tell you the truth I was shaking so much I didn’t think they would work. I managed to get two of Adam’s back–LOL, but then I thought, I just want to concentrate on him, I don’t want to lose a second of seeing him.
    After he finished, Vera, her friend and I ran out to the barricades. Oh my, we had the primo spot. Right in front of the door that they were coming out of. Kris was the first to come out, but went down the line really quickly and back, then Matt, then Danny. We waited but noone else came out. When all the police and security guards went back inside we knew it was over and we would not see Adam. It was disappointing, but I was in such a glow over Adam I don’t really think I realized what happened. At one point Kris was standing right in front of me. I think if that was Adam standing that close to me I probably woud have fainted and I’m not a fainting kinda gal. I did not want the evening to end, so walked back to the other side where the buses were. Vera and her friend stayed for a few minutes, then left, they had a long drive home. There were a handful of people left at the buses, the same ones I had talked with that afternoon. We stayed until the buses left and waved goodbye, maybe hoping that someone would stick their head out the window–LOL–. But really I just did not want the night to end. I stood talking with 2 other ladies, then we finally walked back to our cars together.
    Back in my hotel room I laid on the bed, closed my eyes, and just saw Adam. I thought about the night and what joy Adam had brought into my day and my life. In the morning it was another beautiful day for the drive home. I drove home all the way with Adam’s cd playing and reliving my concert experience, so happy in the thought that soon I would be seeing him live again when his solo tour started.

    • Oh Helen, this is wonderful….I am basking in the glow with you from your beautiful experience of Adam. It’s so interesting that in so many of these recountings of the ‘Adam Experience’, that so many things seem to work out so well, – the nice day, the friendly customs officer, the good trip down, finding a space to park, finding new friends or old ones, getting down front, seeing Adam Up Close, lying in the warm glow, getting up to another beautiful day, and a good trip home….so many of the Glambs report these same similar, wonderful experiences. It must be that Adam Lambert, there’s just ‘something’ about that guy..

    • Wow Helen, what a great experience you had. I hope and pray that once Adam is on his solo tour he will make more time to sign autographs. It will ONLY be him and he won’t be under Idol control so he could stay and do what he wanted.

      CAN’T WAIT…….

      • Helen, you go again? I think you also went to Grand Rapids,right? Did I confuse you with someone else? Or you did go again??!! 0_0

    • Helen, Thanks for your comments on the show. My Karma went right to you with the busses huh?
      You had one helluva show, with all those dance moves Adam was shaking up there.
      U were right down front too, good for you. I can feel your excitement.
      Glad u got to meet up with another Glamb. Bet you had an exotic dream about him once you
      were in bed. Those eyes, lips, neck, tongue, hands, d _ _ _ , legs, whole body experience!!

    • Helen, thank you for taking us with you on your AWESOME experience. Glamb girl, what a thrill it must be to see Adam in action. I so wish I was with you but my time will come with my Glamb family. Love to you, mmmmwah, Ingrid

    • Helen/Canada; What a great recount of your experience with Adam. I think that the last night on tour, Adam really did some xtra body moves, he turned it on, WOW, seeing those videos, they were wild.I inmagine that you can still see him even though he is not there,,,,or is he? We don’t know where he is for sure??? Hahaha.. You’ll never regret that you went !!

  42. It was a great summer . . . going to the concert and – like someone else said – watching all the other performances on You Tube (repeatedly). Do you all think ADAM WILL be a huge star or will his appeal be within a group of people/fans who are generally outside-the-box thinkers in their daily lives?


      • anne, When I started reading your Post, I was eating and I choaked on the food, please, don’t say things like that, you won’t have to wait long to see just how famous Adam will be, your questions will be answered. IT is an Old thing but never the less true, I knew where Adam was heading the first time I heard him sing. Consider this, the AI only gave the guys and gals 1&1/2 mins. to sing each night and Adam used his time to the fullness and right away the world was talking about him, wanting to know more about him and we just can’t get enough info about him….Come along with us, Adam’s Family, and enjoy the ride to Adam’s

  43. Lorrin, there is something about him, I agree. When I met him, I had feelings I could not explain. He just captivated me with his eyes, his smile, everything about him! But he also was down to earth, and just plain nice! I don’t know if he realizes what he does to us! But it sure does feel good! I can get through bad days at work, home, anything, because I just have to look at his picture, or listen to him singing, and I feel so much better!

    • How lovely, Susan, and how very true….Adam was born with the ability to even make each and every day brighter and easier for each of us..

  44. Seems the ambience is very lonely. Why dont you try to keep busy instead of thinking about him all the time.If you are tired of watching adam’s videos over and over again why don’t you watch other performers? Example, you can also enjoy watching clay aiken’s videos.

    • simply me, did you need some help finding directions? I think you might have wandered a little far afield here, we had a vote that closed last night and clay didn’t win….you might find him at another address, ’cause we only play Adam videos here…thanks for your thought, though…we’re always open to suggestions, just not that one..

  45. cheryl norman says:


    • Cheryl, sometimes I go back and read the posts on a thread. When we post at the same time it throws out the sequence and so one finds multiple conversations taking place. I wet my pants sometimes laughing at the posts! Love you! Mmmmmwah, Ingrid

  46. cheryl norman says:

    I mean I clicked on “submit comment”, not “send”. NOooooo! Nobody comment on this!

  47. Well, Cheryl, that explains it!!!!

  48. cheryl norman says:

    INGRID, You know you’re too much! Do you know that? You’re really tooooo much!!!(channeling Andy Griffith to Barney)

  49. cheryl norman says:

    INGRID, We are just toooooooooooooo funny!!! I do the same thing!!! Go back on a thread, start reading this and that, next thing, I’m responding AGAIN!! Laughing till I do something stupid like let MadBert make my new post magically disappear! But, we def could make money! We need to have these posts copyrighted!!!! MMMMMMMMMMmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmwah!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Back at ya!