TOUR VIBE – American Idol Summer Tour 2009 – Tampa, FL

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On Tuesday, July 28th, the tour bus rolls into the St. Pete Times Forum in Tampa, FL. With apologies to the Florida fans, I’m on a bit of a rant today, so bear with me.

First, a question. If any of you can answer this, let us know, because a lot of us are wondering! If you went to the Memphis show, you know there was no meet and greet after the concert. The reason given was that the idols had a plane to catch so did not have the time. But, with an off-day before the Tampa show, why was there such a huge rush to get the idols to Florida? I’m sure there’s a reason – I just don’t know what it is!

Also to backtrack a little, the N. Little Rock, AR concert was Kris Allen’s “hometown” show. I didn’t mention this in the AR TOUR VIBE post, nor have I mentioned hometown shows at all. Frankly, I’ve been focused on Adam only and haven’t been paying any attention to the “9 not named Adam.” However, in the AR comments it was mentioned that some tweets were not kind to Adam in AR. I don’t know the details regarding this. If any of you do, can you please share with us? Now obviously Arkansas is a huge pro-Kris state, and Kris did win the voting competition, so it makes sense that Kris would be cheered at his hometown concert more than Adam was. Is this hometown bias for Kris only, due to the sheer number of Kris fans, or is there a hometown bias to a lesser extent for all the idols?

Has anyone noticed any hometown bias at all at any of the concerts that have already taken place? When we get to the Wisconsin shows, will the crowds be more pro-Danny than pro-Adam? I guess we won’t know until it happens, but since I’m going to both Wisconsin shows, this question is very much on my mind. Here are the top 10, their hometowns, and their “hometown” concerts:
Adam- Los Angeles, California… shows in San Diego, Ontario, Oakland, and Sacramento
Kris- Conway, Arkansas… show in N. Little Rock
Allison- Los Angeles, California… Same as Adam
Anoop- Chapel Hill, North Carolina… shows in Charlotte and Greensboro
Megan- Sandy, Utah… show in West Valley City
Danny- Milwaukee, Wisconsin… shows in Milwaukee and Madison
Lil- Memphis, Tennessee… show in Memphis
Matt- Kalamazoo, Michigan… shows in Grand Rapids and Auburn Hills
Michael- Jasper, Texas… show in Dallas
Scott- Scottsdale, Arizona… show in Glendale

Happily, Florida has no hometown idols, so the only thing shining through should be talent, and that means Adam should wow them!

If you’re going to the Tampa show, we want to hear from you! Comment below with your reactions, and if you have photos, email them to You can either email us links to photos you have on a photo-sharing site, or just email us your jpeg files as attachments.
~~Jeanette, Glamb #5


  1. Bonmatin Jeanette..Lisette here an unusal to be first..gather as Im up wee heures..fibromyalgia acts up so insted of tv here I am visite to see beau Adam an his glamb gals.Thenks for all yur lovli posts.An seeing above know concerte is today in Tampa an as yu mentione ther sholdnon be any bias.An so sorry to here thet about Arkansas concerte.An agree feel same being a grande Adam fan dont ever focus on othre 9 Idol mates ontour.Thenks agan for yur assistance re: glamb number just havnon reciv yet despite following Serene’s instructiones on anothre thread..gather must be patient.Wel just wish to have one for when an if Im in better health to attend summerIdol concerte.I av relatives in eastcoast.Take care now am going to av sweet dreams an view some of lovli videos posted by other glambs,best medicine is a dose of Adam before sleep! Hugs Lisette..Adam bonwishes for Tampa an special bisous too! J’adore Lisettexoxo

  2. ZoraLovesAdam says:

    I am going to the 2-nd show in Florida – the one in Sunrise on July 29-th. I personally know many people who adore Adam and I want to believe that Adam won Florida long time ago. After all, how can you not love Adam after you saw him singing once??????
    I am personaly prepared to show the world tomorrow that I am a die-hard, hard-core Adam Lambert fan, and I am going to the show just because of HIM. I don’t even think that I will be watching the other 9 contestants.
    Here I come Adam – so you better show me your best 🙂





    • Omgsh im goin to da sunrise show too!!! =D gaaah! Finally! Someone who actually mentions miami, well…sunrise is IN miami so yah! We never get mentioned lolz. I am so super exciteddd. I went to the AI tour show last year for archie…but this year, all my eyes are on adam, aaand allison too. More adam than allison tho..yew gotta give it to her, i mean…the girl can SING! And her pairing wit adam in the duet is phenomenal! They look adorable together!

      P.S- my makeup is gonna be totally glitterlicious…just like adam!

    • Zora, and other Fort Lauderdale-area concert goers,

      I’ll be there with bells on (almost literally) for Adam in Sunrise tomorrow night. Re-doing my black finger and toenail polish mid-day and sporting as much glitter as possible. I’m blonde, so I may apply a black streak to my hair for added effect.

      I think South Florida will show its true Adam colors tomorrow night, especially with the Fort Lauderdale and Palm Beach County (the two liberal bastions of what used to be but is thankfully no longer a red state). I’m looking almost as forward to seeing all the other Adam fans as I am to seeing Adam himself, and from the fifth row, thankyouverymuch.

      Bring it on, baby. I know you won’t disappoint. 🙂

  3. MaShaLa says:

    I was at Arkansas and I did not see or hear anything bad being said or done to Adan in fact He got a better recetion then I thought He would….actually I was dressed totaly in Adam stuff and I got and heard some snide remarks….But no one booed Adam that I heard and I was retty close.


  4. Just a quick comment on Meg coming with the group to HER home town of Salt Lake Utah.. Yes, they loved her and She seemed to be at her best with the show of love from her fans, friends, and family from this area.. but… When Adam came out, the whole crowd stood up and screamed beyond belief. Even in one article I read Adam saying that he was surprised to get so much support from even a conservative state like Utah. sherry

  5. IM GOING TO TAMPA! im so excited i getting ready now then going to go get my nails done (black =]) and from there im going to the concert!

  6. Jeanette, I like your question and I am particularly interested in the response to Adam in N.Little Rock. Was there evidence of Kris’ having the biggest fanbase in N.Little Rock or was Adam the overwhelming favourite as was the case at the other concerts?

    • Jeanette, I just went back to the N/Little Rock thread and there appears to be far fewer posts than on the other threads????

      • Jeanette says:

        Yes, Ingrid, I noticed that, too! And I wondered if it had anything to do with being in Arkansas.

  7. I’m going to the Tampa show tonight so i’ll be back here with my reviews. But Adam is amazing and i know he’ll wow us because from what i’ve seen he’s wowed everyone in every city so far.

  8. i cant wait to go I am leaving soon ((: thanks for this article

  9. I was at the Tulsa and N. Little Rock shows and Adam and Kris drew large crowd responses. Kris did get the biggest crowd reation probably of the whole tour but most fans were carrying adam pictures and other fan material. There were no negative responses to Adam in Little Rock. Just a whole bunch of Adam and Kris worshipers. By the way, Matt was better than on TV and Allison is on her way to becoming a powerhouse rock star also. I enjoyed Anoop immensely. He has what it takes also but isn’t letting go as much as he should.

  10. Samantha says:

    N.Little Rock was the hometown of Kristopher. He has lived in Conway for about 7 years. Yes, at the concert Kris received a very long standing O. Adam did also. I didn’t hear any bad remarks being made about Adam. In fact with Kris and Adams friendship it makes it very easy for Kris fans to be respectful to Adam. I think Adam as amazing talent at what he does, and I think Kris does also. They are on the same playing field they are just so very different. The little Rock concert sold out within a couple of hours. So yes, the majority of people were huge Kris fans. From what I’ve hear through the idols tweets and reviews Memphis was a bit of a different story.

    • I was in Memphis and the crowd went crazy when Adam came on and the entire time he was on stage. I saw signs , shirts and talked to many fans there for Adam. There was also a great reation when Kris came on, but It was much crazier over Adam.

      The crowd was very well behaved. Everyone seem to be having a good time. Being Lil’s hometown I expected a hugh response to her but I didn’t see it. I was siting close to the front on the floor and there were a goup of about 10 people really excited to see her and I’m sure others but that’s all I saw.

      Driving back to Louisiana an SUV passed me with Adam’s name on the side window and American Idol Memphis on the rear window.Believe me the Memphis show LOVED Adam.

  11. Rebecca says:

    I don’t have the answer to your questions, but I wanted to tell you I will also be at both Wisconsin shows and making sure Adam feels our love there!! I’ll cheer for Danny, too, albeit in a much quieter way.

    • Hey I just wanted to say I will also be going to the Madison,WI show…so excited!!! We should chat sometime, i am on twitter @alysha1922

      • Jeanette says:

        Rebecca and Alysha, I am going to Milwaukee, Madison, and Grand Rapids. I am on twitter @jroycraft

        I think it would be fun if some of us could hook up before or after the Madison show!

        • SUsan L says:

          I will also be at the Madison show! I get the feeling that Kris’s hometown reception was unique. I heard no such buzz for Lil, Scott, Megan or Michael. LA & San Diego showed a bit more Adam-love–but it’s hard to tell because he gets it in EVERY city, including what might be considered conservative places.

          I don’t really hew much to the red state/blue state divide idea. I think you have to look closer in at the map to try to determine where ideologies reside. I read many comments from people who call themselves conservatives who don’t seem to have much trouble loving Adam and his music.

          I am a proud liberal, living in a very blue city (Madison), and celebrate Adam’s uniqueness. However, I am happy to see that people coming from different backgrounds have also embraced him and his music. I am hopeful that he will be another healing bridge–and that fans will not continue to obsess on who “won” American Idol. That now seems like something from the distant past.

          Hmmmm, I didn’t mean to go on about this!

          • Oh, please DO go on about this, Susan L, we love it, it’s what we’re all about! Like you, I look for Adam to be a healing and unifying presence in the world, I think it is his true calling..

  12. AdamAddict says:

    Just sharing this new interview with Adam.This guy said people said he looks like Adam!Uweek!! I don’t know who said that to him.Scott? Urgh,please!But I believe he does look like “Lincoln Burrows” from Prison Break.LOL!!…with hair! Somebody play him Gokey song “DREAM ON” I dunno but to me,he looks like trying too hard to make Adam likes him!Hmm,whatever but this interviewer annoyed me a little.So, here the vid:

    • This is a great video! Thanks for sharing.
      Lee # 76

    • AdamAddict, I saw this video the other day, too. Did you notice that when that guy said he thought that they
      looked alike, Adam was kind of speechless for a second, and ‘knowing’ what a dork this guy was, said to
      him, “I take that as a compliment!”!! That guy looked like the fork he is! hahaha!!

      • ‘CORRECTION’! I MEANT TO SAAY that guy looked like the DORK he is, ,,,,not ‘fork’

        • I like ‘fork’ better, Cheryl. He is such a FORK! I love it, I love it. You know, I kind of liked the guy, he was cute in his way, and I enjoyed the interview (what I could hear of it). I know his attempt at comparison was dorky, but, oh well. I thought the interplay between the two guys was pleasant. I especially enjoyed the contrast between the two men. Of course, there is only ONE Adam. Every time I see Adam sitting casually in a chair or on a couch somewhere, wearing ‘civilian’ clothes, relaxing and chatting with someone or being interviewed in such a normal way, my mind’s eye immediately cuts to the vision of him on the stage, towering and thundering with his HUGE presence, rending the air and every ear with his Voice, commanding the screaming adulation of thousands. And then, I am suddenly back with Adam chatting away so happily with someone or other oblivious to everything else, and I have to shake my head. How does he do that? Adam Lambert, you are a Man of Magic.

          • Lisette here..Lorrin sorry am late agan,health issues,have troble sleping so here to see thes lovli Adam tribute thenks to dreamsound for originating it. place for all glambs/an Adam fans to share ther amour an esperiences in concerts/news an such..I too saw thes interview an agree l’host/interviewer seeme bit nerd/dork comparin himself to beau Adam..but as always Adam is sweet an natural in casual attire an humble just smiles an says after host says we resemble even our dark hair,etc..Adam says yeah sure take as complemente.If was somone else probable just smile with non reply,given ther’s non resemblance here at all. An funny I too founde my minde taking me to Adam being dresse in his best sensual hugging pantes,makeup,perfete coiffed hair an beauface onstage,an hering his celestial velvetsmooth vocals as he danses in only his owne sensual way…if only to see in person…pray so sometime soon before l’fin..An thinq of something deffarante to wear for thes very special jour to arrive..til then..ahhh I’ll just enjoie visualizing with all le wonderful postes an videos gals av included feel blesse to see them all! hugs an luv Lisettexoxxo

            • Lisette, I feel for you so much with your bouts of fibromyalgia and not being able to sleep, and staying up and posting in the early hours. I too, have constant pain and discomfort, and I am often up late at night until the wee hours. This group of friends here at our Glambs website has provided a warm fire of comfort and joy for us, hasn’t it? And your posts are always so beautifully written with your Anglicized French. You probably didn’t see my post awhile back, but I keep one of your earliest posts on my refrigerator so I can see it every day with its charming phrases and ‘bonwishes’ to Adam. I think of you in the evening since we often write about the same time, since we are ‘next-door neighbors’. I will be sending thoughts of healing and love for you as the days go by. Adam est de notre rêve…doux rêves et bonne nuit….vi hanno una salute migliore..

          • ALRIGHT LORRIN!!! You just made me spill water on myself with that little bit of
            FlamingGlambFinger humor!! Hahahaha!! Yes, inded, FORK! When I see Adam
            in that setting, I think to myself, I wonder who takes off their clothes first him or
            me? Then I am thrown back to realilty where I am back to my real age and real
            body! And ‘how does he do that’? “He’s a Magic Mann nnnn, he’s a Magic Man!”

            • Yes, I can’t help myself, Cheryl, I have to get those little subtle bits of wry humor in there now and then, it’s just so much FUN! I think I am your perfect ‘straight man’ in the comedy shtick we’ve got going. I’m having a great time with it. But, ahem, I noticed you went a mite further with your moment of envisioning Adam somewhere else than I did….but listen to these words from ‘Magic Man’ by Heart:

              Cold late night so long ago
              When I was not so strong you know
              A pretty man came to me
              Never seen eyes so blue
              I could not run away
              It seemed we’d seen each other in a dream
              It seemed like he knew me
              He looked right through me
              Come on home, girl he said with a smile
              You don’t have to love me yet
              Lets get high awhile
              But try to understand
              Try to understand
              Try try try to understand
              I’m a magic man.

              Our beguiling imp, our man-like boy, our boyish man, our darkling prince, our king of hearts, our beautiful dream, – our Magic Man.

              • LORRIN, I was trying to sound like ‘Heart’!!!! Hahaha! But have to admit, I’m multi-tasking
                reading on line and watching McEnroe and Borg from 1980 US Open in Flushing Meadows
                N.Y. I love Rafa Nadal, but unfortunately he’s injured, so I had to ‘jump on it’ when I saw
                Mac! I have my heroes in a few other venues, I guess! No need to say Adam is my main
                man, tho!!!!

                Yes, yes, Lorrin, our boyish-man, our darkling prince, our king of hearts, our beautiful
                dream, ,,,, our MAGIC MAAAAAAAN, oooooh!

                I hadn’t noticed that we had grown into a comedic duo, but we have, haven’t we?!!
                I so often, tho, felt like the ‘straight man’ being so computer illiterate!!! You and INGRID have
                both had your fun w/me!!!!! And it’s been all fun for me, too!

                There you go againw/song lyrics!!! This is getting good! Oh!! McEnroe just broke Borg!!
                Yes, I saw this ‘live’ in 1980, but it still gets me all crazy!! Sorry, I digress.

                I left you a message on the Memphis Page today. If you haven’t seen it, I just want to give
                you a ‘heads-up’, so to speak!

                I check out the dates on previous pages, so I can decide if I’m in the right territory! Got a
                glimpse of a note to me from you. I mean, you, for me dude, it’s just not right for you to me,
                and from me to you, but from you to me,,,,,,,,RANDY JACKSON! hahaha! I loved that!

                love-peace 2 our MAGIC MAN!!

                • MadBert at it again! Maybe he didn’t like the title ‘Magic Man’ we just gave to Adam!

                  • Good HEAVENS, Cheryl, I just re-read that last sentence of yours, what a hoot, I can’t make heads nor tails of it, ha ha ha!

                    • I mean, that last sentence in your larger post above, at 7:51 pm!

                      All that nonsense about from me to you, of for you to m or frm me to you,for me
                      to you,,,,,,dude, etc. That wea Randy the night of the ai finales when they were
                      showing “bloopers’, and they had Kara calling all the contestants “seetid’, ‘honey’
                      etc…………………now do you understand what I was trying to do??,,,,BE FUNNY!

          • Iyleneidol09 says:

            I also noticed that he acts and moved musculine when with other males. Do you think he is the “man” in the relationship? I am still hoping, one day, I’ll wake up reading a news that he was caught making out with a girl!!!!! just a fantasy, sisters, forgive your silly sistah! .LOL!! He is just so amazingly tantalizing and exudes with so much sex appeal!!! I will forgive him if he will go bi-

            • Iyeneidol09, Just to give you a little info that is not ‘news’, he ‘likes’ making-out w/girls, didn’t
              you see him say that on 20/20 onTV?!

      • AdamAddict says:

        I know,Cheryl!Adam probably like “whaaaat” well,he can’t say” no I disagree,dork” So he just said “I take that as a compliment” hahaha!He’s lying! Adam is lying right in front of that fork face!hahaha! That guy was like hoping so badly that Adam will say something nice to him,hoping to compliment him.”please say my hair is nice,Adam.please say my eyes are pretty,Adam! And when Adam said “I take that…” That fork probably jumping around and screaming like a little girl from inside!hahaha! “Adam remembers me!” Aargh,please,please,I can’t take it!I want to puke!

        • AdamAddict, CORRECTO! What a puke! Adam has a way of being nice while kind of making his point
          w/o the other person ‘knowing for sure’ whether he’s being truthful w/what he says or not! It’s actually
          a great art!! Lorrin said she kind of thought he was ok! Lorrin,,, you’re losing it!! hahaah! The guy is ugly
          sitting next to Adam!!! It’s not his fault, it’s just a fact! Good Lord, WHY did that idiot SAY that???!!
          You know what I mean? Only a dummie would say to the hottest man on the planet, ‘people say we look
          alike”, TO THE HOTTEST MAN ON THE PLANET!! Adam should have just given him a dose of reality
          right there!!!! Hahaha!

          • Yes, yes, I know, and I agree, I just had a moment of sympathy for the poor guy. I probably AM slipping, but oh well, I’m happy..


  14. I have been following a few idols,mainly to get info on Adam. None of the following: Alison, Danny, Michael, Kris said anything one way or the other. Michael tends to write the most and tweets about a half dozen times each dai, telling what they are doing . That is where I read about them having to catch that plane.

    Also Mike mentioned yesterday, they took a private plane to Fla, and then he told about 4 of them going out on skidoos in the ocean. Adam and Kris weren’t one of them. Maybe the plane was only available for a while and the AI folks felt the kids would enjoy a day by the ocean?

    I personally think each venue should have allowed time for meet and greets for all the idols.

    • Jeanette says:

      Thanks for the updates, Terry! It’s nice they can have a little down time between shows, but I agree – every venue should schedule time for meet and greets. I know we fans are paying for a concert and getting that, but it should be understood that for many fans, myself included, that we are going to a lot of expense to go to these concerts – driving for many hours, staying overnight in hotels, etc. for the added experience of meeting our favorites and getting an autograph. It’s part of the total package for us. We’re more than holding up our part of the bargain as fans, buying merchandise and supporting the tour. The powers that be need to make sure they hold up their end as well. Wow, I’m still ranting, aren’t I?

    • Lisette here..thenks Theresa for sharing always lovli things an updates regardes to beau Adam now thru other Idol’s twetter’s so sorry Adam accounte was compromise poor fellow,price of fame perhaps its non Adam’s thing to go on a skiddo although I must confess am imagaining him on one oh,la, bein he’s Aquarian sign of waterbearer one woulde thinq he’d like,but then agan Im same sign an am leary to go on them..has to be a grand enough boat too as am non a preficiente enough swimmer an mange for sharks,fall off!.Well back to Adam mabe he was reposing abit an also thinqing he’s so fair perhaps get nasty sunburnes..those babe freckles an red-hair complexiones..Ma grandmere was an recall she’d avoide burning like lobsters,hidinge under an umbrella(thes was before was spf an sunblock number 60 plus product an such. hugs Lisettexoxo

  15. OK Jeanette, I read 5 idols’ notes on twitter. They arrived late at night on the plane then had some down time. Most of them said they were tired. A few did the water thing, the rest must have rested as Kris mentioned a bit of sunburn. Earlier today they had to board their bus for the venue, so who knows where they spent that last day/night near the beach?

    • I read a bit more twitter…. apparently some of them, Adam included, went for a late swim in the dark… Kris got a sunburn, as did Scot. Alison and Danniy fell off their jetskis, while Alison was trying to make the figure LA in the water, and Danny lost his glasses… permanently.

      • Lisette agan..thenks for more info Theresa! Ahh just as I posted an now beliv Adam prefere to swim in dark as I mentione he probable avoids l’soleil speciale in Florida given his very fair natural strewberrieblonde complexiones..As mama’s side,grandmere an cousines woulde fry like lobsteres non matter how they trie to coveredup an suffer awful sunburn/blister,etc.Ah funny abote f Allison an Danny falling off jetskis as Id probable do,smallest can be onboat grande enough to not fall overboard!
        An so for Adam to non burn agan I thinq he’d rather enjoie swimming in moonlit then scorching soleil an goin onstage inpain from burnes! My minde agan am imagaining Adam his swimattire an wonder if he wears longshorts au sleek an hugging styles as he does his pants ethet are very sensual…okay I must stop or I’ll nevere sleep now! hugs n luv Lisettexoxo

        • AdamAddict says:

          Gokey lost his glasses! If I laughed,is that make me a bad person? If I laughed hard,is that make me a witch? Darn it,I think I’m a witch!! hahaha!!

          “The view here is so beautiful,let me see under for a while….wow,eh??!!why suddenly the view not so beautiful anymore?I just been under for 5 seconds.Eh,where’s everybody?Guys,guys?”-Gokey
          “Dude,what’s wrong ,we right in front of you.Hmm,hey Danny,you look different!Oh,I see probably your hair is wet!Ok,let’s swim!”-Micheal

          Even his glasses can’t stand him! lol! I’m sorry if I offended Gokey’s fans here but I’m still pissed what he & his relatives did to Adam!

          • OMG!!! AdamAddict, that is one of the funniest posts I’ve ever read!!!! OMG111 I was laughing so
            long and hard, I could barely get my breath back!!! Really!!! That was an awesome pic you
            portrayed of dopey Gokey!!!! I didn’t hear he lost his GLASSES!!! Hahahaha! That is just too
            funny!!!!! Lord help me!!!!

            • AdamAddict says:

              Well I’m glad I can humor you,Cheryl! Gokey lost his glasses when he swam at the beach! ~giggle~ What Jeanette said also funny! “The Mother Nature took his glasses.If someone selling glasses in eBay by Mother Nature,don’t buy it!” hahaha!
              “Guys,are you still here?I’m in the middle in the sea here.I’m skerd,guys!OMG, If there’s a miracle please send me someone to help me!”-Gokey
              And there is a miracle.
              “Who’s that?”-Gokey
              “Ah,It’s that you Danny?Can you help me?I dunno how the hell I can be here!”-SCOTT
              I’m badass!! I know,I know!! 😛

              • AdamAddict, you’re ‘badass’ alright!! But in a ‘goodass’ way!!! My God, I was trying to read
                your post to my son, and I was laughing so hard, it took too long to get the whole thing out
                and I think I lost what & how you said it all !!! The thing is, I could picture dopey Gokey
                just as you portayed him!!! yes, Jeanette’s comments were hilarious, too! Here you’ve got
                Scott who can probably fend better than Gokey w/o his glasses! Hahaha!!!!! Too funny!

                • AdamAddict says:

                  LOL!! You’re right!
                  The blind lead the half blind!LOL! Imagine that? Hahaha!!
                  I’m going holiday with my parents and a sis! See you in 2 days! 🙂

  16. How can anyone not get up and scream when Adam comes on the stage, he is a present day phenomenon, a great artist, such a voice, such a performer, people love him, all the others are hanging on his coat tails. It does not matter what a few narrow minded people say, it is too late, he is an international idol.

  17. i went to the West Valley concert in UT and I tell you, people came to see Adam. Even when he came up in the Ford videos, there was a tidal wave of screams for him and only him. EVERYBODY stood up and screamed when Adam came out. He did say later in a few interviews how surprised he was to have such an overwhelming welcome in a conservative state (he toned it down for us, which I actually liked). So I’d not be surprised if he got similar reactions in other conservative states….then again, maybe Utah is just awesome!

    • Interesting, KG. I’ve seen almost every video from each venue, and he also toned down WLL in San Diego, maybe because his old classmates and teachers were there???? If so, good for him, I know he is proud of being an individual and doing his own thing but his social grace and astuteness also come into play and it likely was good that he didnt stroke and caress that mike stand quite as much.

      I certainly don’t expect him to hold back with his own concert, that’s a whole ‘nother situation! Then it will be Adam’s show. Take it or leave it! We’ll take it!!!

      • Suse1701 says:

        I know we see things in the videos that we can’t see from our seats, but I was at San Diego and Ontario the night before. I didn’t notice that S.D. was toned down. I was shaking after it was over and I had already seen it live once. It’s effing incredible!!!

  18. First; The tour left Memphis for the plane trip-they didn’t take the bus. And that gave me a bit more time for a much needed break
    2/just about everyone in AR knows someone who is related to someone of the Kris Allen family and also, a hometown crowd can make the venue. Maybe Adam got some negative tweets-it is their loss, just look at his talent and what they are missing, they lose, bye, next.
    3. It should be that there are more fans of hometown contestant, but that is an indiividual talent base and will be different for each.
    4. Adam is an outstanding singer, his sexy dance moves are fantastic, but I don’t think primitive crouch grabbing is sexy at all unless you’re a rapper addict , The thing with the mic is fantastic, so it is not about sexy moves, it’s about crass crude moves.

  19. One person’s “sexy” is another person’s “crass and crude”. Not me, I love it all. After a career teaching teen boys, nothing grosses me out.

    As I’ve said before MJ is virtually worshipped all over the world and he did more crotch grabbing and thrusting than any singer I can recall, even the rock bands don’t do as much.

    I think Adam’s moves are more sensuous and theatrical than pure sex, though we could interpret a few of them that way… even when he stroked his torso during the competition in R of F, people were taken aback..remember?

    • Again, Theresa, the inescapable comparison with Elvis. Do you remember the FUROR in the early days of Elvis’ career, when he did those fantastic gyrations of his on stage? It’s amazing that all these many years later, and after scores and scores of extremely suggestive stage acts followed after Elvis, that anyone would be shocked by Adam Lambert. Even so, I admire his consideration and the care he takes with all his audiences to fine tune the ‘sexiness’ down if need be. Of course, the REAL fun has yet to begin. Besides the hotness of his act, I am also looking forward with huge expectation to see him do a show in true chameleonic style, with all his many ‘looks’ and personas suited to the moods and atmospheres of his songs. I’m sure his shows and music videos will be astonishing!

    • Mother Theresa, I like it, I like it a lot!

  20. I will be at the Milwaukee, WI show too! and I have been wondering the same thing as you. Since it is Danny’s hometown will it be more pro-Danny? I just don’t know.

  21. beckystl says:

    As for Memphis, Danny, Matt and Michael came outside before the concert and signed autographs; people broke into chants for Adam several times; the ‘officials’ finally came out and said there were no more Idols coming outside. We all about cried. It was very hot that day, with a nice breeze, but way too many Adam fans were very disappointed. Michael gave us all a ‘lecture’ on making sure everyone gave Lil the laud she deserved at the concert. I didn’t have tickets to the concert, as I’m going to the St Louis one, but drove there from Arkansas to try and see Adam. Supposedly, Kris got a huge, huge ovation in Little Rock (says Michael, again). It just seemed really unfair that they didn’t come out before or after the concert… really, really disappointing. If they don’t come out in St Louis, I may have to join in with the angry mob…. grab your torch and pitch forks!

    • AdamAddict says:

      There must be a good reason why Adam didn’t come out.He usually ready with a pen in his hand! He always tried very hard to please all his fans.Always did with that beautiful smile on his face.If he had to go before he can finish signing,he will apologize many2 times and blow kisses.I believe he has a reason! I really do!

  22. im kinda mad….adam was the only one who didnt come out but i herd that a crazy lady was loose lol but wait we were all crazy lmao

  23. I just came from the Tampa show! Adam is so mesmerizing in person He is so gorgeous My senses could not take in all the beauty/sexual energy I was like in a trance and it ended so quickly. It was like a fierce prince jumped out of nowhere and aroused everything at once He looked unbelivabe his voice was so perfect the way he moved across the stage and in a blink he was gone over -everyone stood up the entire time Adam was on stage and the screaming and applause continued long after he left. We went outside to wait for autograph we met many awesome Adam fans while waiting we were right in front we waited for over 2 hours all the other came out – then no Adam All the AI people were gone -they left security guards from arena to tell us. We hung around for a while and found out from someone working there some people had worn tshirts with messages threatening Adam and someone else caught trying to do something involving him by the bus. We had been disappointed not being able to see him but now I’m worried about him I wish they had more security for him-he might not be able to meet fans after the show.

  24. 2 questions:
    What does ‘lmao’ mean?
    Also, what are we supposed to put in ‘Website’ in the comment section?
    Hate to sound stupid.

    • AdamAddict says:

      LOL!Interesting question?It’s not about Adam but i’ll answer.
      1) lmao means Laughing My Ass Off! There’s also ROFL (Rolling On The Floor-laughing) or ROTFLMAO(Rolling On The Floor Laughing My Ass Out) Just telling people that now you’re laughing!
      2) You don’t have to put anything in “websites” space unless you have your own sites,I guess!
      BTW,it’s not stupid.Sometimes I have blur moment too and I have to ask to find answer.And hey,if you too embarass to ask you will never know,and now you know,because you have guts to ask! I don’t see stupidity there!I say smart people will keep asking! 🙂

      • LORRIN, that’s all anyone can hope for, anyway, isn’t it? Happiness!

        • Cheryl, what were you referring to here? I couldn’t find the post of mine that it seems to be answering! My fault, I’m sure..

          • LORRIN, hey! Your post is almost exactly at he middle point here, on 7-29 at 4:42. Wow. my ‘reply’
            sure got posted waaay down, didn’t it!? How’d that happen, I wonder. Anyway, at least we’re
            trying to find stuff left in less than a 24hr span, now!!!! Now, that’s improvement! Haha!

  25. A story about an Elvis concert:
    When I was 15 (in the 50’s) I attended an Elvis concert in south Florida. Everyone was screaming and going crazy over this newest rock god. During the concert a girl ran up to the stage and grabbed Elvis’ pant leg and tore his trousers near the bottom. After the concert the street filled up with screaming females wanting Elvis to come out for what we now refer to as Meet & Greets. His handlers wanted all of us to go home so the bank across the street could do their business. Everyone screamed, “send out Elvis, send out Elvis.” Sensing no one was going to leave without some sort of appeasement, the handlers offered to throw us the trousers that were damaged by the fan who tore them during the concert. The backstage of the theater had those metal fire escape type steps. I managed to be at the foot of the stairs. The handler ripped the pants in half and threw the two pieces to the screaming throng of fans. I caught one half and was attacked by a horde of fans and managed to keep for myself the part nearest the waistband including the zipper, pocket, and rear. The top12 inches was all that was left after I was attacked. Since my cousin could not attend the concert, I gave her half of my prize. The pants were a black and white houndstooth check wool (a far cry from what he wore at his later concerts). My cousin still has her Elvis pants. My half got misplaced when my family moved.

    • sylverine says:

      Oh Shirlee, love it, your story is hilarious! You’re lucky you escaped with your life, never mind the zipper!!
      I’ve a feeling we’re going to see a lot more of this kind of crazy fun with Adam! I think it’s fantastic, it’s been a long time with no rockgod to go crazy overl

      • SO true, sylverine, that’s why I went over the top when I saw Adam. I knew the minute I caught sight of him that this man was the next big thing. No one in all the many years since we were teenagers has there been that ‘one’ until Adam…..and since we were there for the man who began it all, we recognize immediately when we see it again…..the torch HAS passed to Adam Lambert!

        • Where did you see him? I’m curious. Oakland? I know you said you lived in N. California.

          • Alas, Songwriter4Adam, I have never seen Adam Lambert in person, although anyone might think I had seen him with all the authoritative writing I do about him. I only meant the verb ‘saw’ as in ‘caught sight of’ (on TV and other media). If I were to see Adam in person in the future, it would probably be at the Arco Arena in Sacramento, California. Sorry, I probably should have been clearer in the way I stated that first sentence!

    • Iyleneidol09 says:

      OMG Shirley, thanks for that Elvis story! I have not laughed so hard in a while. That was so funny, I can say the “lmao; rotflmao!!!” hahaha!!! I love you guys! Funny!! Lately, I cannot wait to come home from work so I can sit down infront of mylaptop and read all of these comments!! My son once told me” mom, get a hobby!!” I said, ” I just did, and it’s priceless….” LOL!!!

    • SHIRLEE, WHAT A GREAT STORY!!! I think I remember a pic of him in those pants!! haha! When I saw Elvis in ’77, and he threw out one of his scarfs, there was mahem on the floor. I remember later before leavilng in the women’s room, there were women all bloody from that brawl! Your story brings back great memories! I appreciate your sharing that w/Adam fans, and there are many Elvis fans on this site also!!


  27. Deborah Catalano says:

    i am a big Adam Fan, and going to the concert tonight in July 29th Sunrise Florida, Im so excited i just cant wait to go so that gorgeous hunk of love . Im been following all the shows , And Adam is just the greatest entertainer. and the sex appeal is overwhelming.

  28. JustSane says:

    Adam rocked Tampa last night! The crowd was definitely an Adam crowd. Lots and lots of love for Adam in Tampa. I didn’t witness or hear of any negativity. His set was magical, joyful, powerful, and fun, fun, fun! No disappointment on my part for his not coming to the barricades. I just want to hear him sing. I don’t want an autograph or a t-shirt or a picture. I want an CD! ASAP!

  29. ADDICTED TO ADAM says:

    I was at the Tampa show. On the barricade from 1:30PM to 4:00PM. Got really sunburned and the only idol that came out to see us was Matt Giraud, bless his soul cause it was REALLY hot! Concert was awesome! Most all of them were really good, But, of course, Adam was smokin’ hot!!!!! Left after Kris’ second song in order to get a good spot at the barricade. Got autographs from all but Scott and, of course, Adam, who again did not come out. We were told that it was a security issue (rumor was “stalker” (?). They all started coming out one by one at about 11:15 and finished about midnight. A night I will not soon forget! I guess now Adam is skerd. That’s a shame that somene had to go and ruin this for everyone; not to mention making Adam afraid of his fans. I hope they get caught and prosecuted!

  30. AdamAddict says:

    Someone getting very creative in Tampa.Not undies or bras this time but HANDCUFF and WHIP!
    Look at Adam reaction when he threw back the handcuff.I heard the cuff hit something and make a loud noise.And then he blow kiss for fans who probably shock or skerd a bit. He made everybody going wild!

    • AdamAddict, thank you so much for that link!!!!!!! UNBELIEVABLE!!!!!! ADAM seemed to know how to toss that whip around, it was INCREDIBLY incredible!!!!!

      His dance is getting hotttteeerrrr!!!! I think the meanies energized Adam!!! Don’t get mad, GET EVEN!!!!

      • AdamRocks! says:

        Thank you Emili. . . now I won’t get ANYTHING done today!!! 😀

        Incredibly incredible! LOL. . . LOVE that Cheryl! He DID know how to handle that whip, didn’t he?

        Cindy in MS

        • AdamRocks, yes, he DID seem familiar with the whip!!! hahaha! I liked that part especially!!!
          He was sooooooo hottttt!!!! I kind of felt like he ‘strutted’ his stuff just a wee bit more! Was thinking
          to himself, to the ‘haters’, “How do you like me NOW”! As he smiles all the way to the bank w/all
          the redneck truckers and ‘closet’ gay men wearing their dirty t-shirts w/old beer and burrito stains
          on it raving their good-for-nothing hate, trying to look big and mean!!! Ugly is what they trulyl are.
          Hey, haters, reality sucks sometimes, doesn’t it!!!!

    • jnellie says:

      I love the pout-like look he gave just before the kiss at 1:40. Adorable.

  31. Thanks to AdamAddict for the answers to my questions.
    I went to a TicketMaster auction in May bidding on front and center seats. First time buying concert tickets since I was 15 and that was a long time ago. This Rock God has me chasing my husband all around the house because Adam gets my hormones in high gear. Back to the ticket auction – apparently when someone outbids you get moved from Row 1 to Row 2 and so on till the auction was over on May 27. I ended up in Rows F-H and my bid was higher for those rows. Hope it means I at least get row F. Haven’t seen the tickets yet and my husband hasn’t questioned an unusual charge so I hope we have two tickets for the Columbus, Oh show on August 25. I have also begged my son who is a VP for one of the companies with boxes at the Schottenstein Center to come up with tickets for that show as a backup. I’m hoping that the President and the other higher ranking VP’s at his company don’t want box seats for an Idol concert. I prefer the floor seats but I’m going to be at that concert come HOHW. I’ll even try to figure out where you line up for the after show autograph signing. It couldn’t be any worse than what happened at the Elvis concert over 50 years ago. I’ll report back after the show with all the juicy details and I’m convinced they’ll be juicy based on all the videos and blogs I’ve seen and read for the last month occupying anywhere from 3-5 hours per day. My husband is really jealous even though he is reaping the benefit of all this hormonal surge.



    If Adam does not come out to sign autographs, it’s not b/c he doesn’t want to or care about you! He has said over and over in interviews that he would love to do MORE than JUST SIGN AUTOGRAPHS, HE’D LIKE TO GO OUT ‘FOR A BITE’ /all the fans!! (I’ll gladly give him a bite!) Seriously, there is a reason behind him not going to the autograph station at every concert! I KNOW it’s super-disappointing, not getting to see him, but, we are just going to have to give Adam some much needed rest and space!!

    He wouldn’t come out and say it like that, but as fans who love him, we have to ‘teach’ others that he is so much more than an AI talent! he is gonna need some EXTRA CARE AND LOVE FROM HIS FANS if we want to see him years from now!!


  33. Good luck figuring what the heck I said in the first sentence!!! I hope it’s obvious that my computer is tryilng out some NEW tricks on me! Damn MadBert! (that’s my computer’s name) Lorrin, Theresa, Ingrid, look what MadBert’s doing to me now!!!!! What a dumb-ass.

    • But MadBert did BEAUTIFULLY on the TOUR VIBE Staying Healthy thread, Cheryl. He was superb, your post read like a newspaper article, I loved it!

      • Thanks for those generous words, LORRIN! As far as MadBert goes, because it was my original post, and not a ‘reply’ the left hand margin is in the only place MadBert likes to operate! Oh, LORRIN, so that is what a ‘thread’ is!!! Really, I didn’t know exactly what a ‘thread’ was! I had it on my ‘list of questions’ that I thought I’d post eventually!! Cool!

        SHIRLEE, your message about you and your husband is hilarious! Very cute!!! Don’t feel too bad if you aren’t as successful getting an autograph or piece of clothing from Adam. The ‘meanies’ are out in all their hatred, I hear!! And Adam may not be going into ‘dangerous territory’ for a while.

        We can only hope that, “What Comes Around Goes Around” to them! As my Grandma used to say, “you might get by with it, but you won’t get away with it”!

        Sounds good, huh? I never really figured out what ‘Granny’ meant by that! Hahaha!


  34. WLL for Adam! says:

    My friend and I attended the Memphis concert and 90% of the people, inclucing us, there were for Adam. FedEx Forum holds about 18-19000 and all the seats that were available were sold out. When Gokey finally finished you could feel the energy level go way up in anticipation of what was to come…ADAM! When Adam’s pyrotechnics started people were on their feet screaming, yelling, reaching for Adam. The noise level of deafening! People were saying, “Oh My God”! just because they were getting to see and hear him in person. He did an awesome show and though we were disappointed by no meet and greet we look forward to the day when the whole concert will be just Adam and we’ll hopefully get our autograph then. All though this is Lil Rounds hometown I didn’t see much of a response for her (where we were sitting) and her singing wasn’t that great. One thing that really disappointed me was the article written in our local newspaper, The Commercial Appeal, about the AI concert that was pretty hateful toward Adam.

    • WLL for Adam, SAY WHAAAT!!! WHAT NEWSWPAPER ARTICLE??? WHY would they do that? Can you message a bit of that article on this site?? I am shocked that a newspaper would have the guts to say anything about Adam w/him having such a loving fanbase. Kind of dumb of me, I guess!

      As I’m sitting typing this, “A CHANGE IS GONNA COME” just came on my computer!!!!!!!!! I swear to God!!!! OOOOHhhhh! i’VE GOT CHILLS, AND IT’S UNBELIEVABLE!! Seriously, I’ve got chills! This song just came on while typing this!! ,,,,,,,,it’s almost over,,,,,,,,,,It’s over, and there is no more music now??!



      • I AM reading this, dear Cheryl, and I am so warmed by the kind thoughts of everyone here on Adam’s behalf……and hey, it sounds like you got a little special ‘message’ there from your computer, so that you would not worry too much….I personally believe that Adam will win over the hearts of millions of people, and he will be instrumental in helping to bring about a new perception of gay people in this country simply because of who he is. Those who try to bring him down will not prevail!

        • LORRIN, My gosh! That was soooo eeerieee! MadBert was unrecognizable to me for a few minutes!
          Thank you so much, Lorrin, for your sensibility and intelligence! You are trully a ‘diamond inthe rough’
          and just want you to know that I KNOW that.

          Adam, as I think we both feel, is here for a reason! His iconic talent, along w/his iconic personality!
          Nobody can take any of that away from him! And, I’m thinking, along w/you that he truly will change
          the world. Obama may have begun the phrase ‘a change we can believe in’, but it looks like more
          people are being ‘changed’ by Adam than anyone in recent history.

          love-peace-light-happiness 4 Adam……..and you.

          • Dear Cheryl, what is this about Lorrin being a ‘diamond in the rough’? Lorrin, we need to add this to our collection of Cheryl-speak. I am reminded of your comment regarding sibling jealousy. Cheryl, you and Madbert have been neglecting me! By the way, I like your ‘Obama” comment. Adam is surely transforming the way people think!

            Cheryl, I left you a post on one of the other threads regarding your health and taking care of yourself (eating regularly, etc.) Did you see it? If not I will find it! How’s this – Cheryl, you are a bit rough in the diamond and that is why you are ‘priceless’. … and of course Lorrin, you are our ‘beacon’!

            Well my darling Glambs, take care!

            • Ingrid dear, I miss YOU! It seems we have just managed to pass each other a number of times here lately, like the proverbial ships in the night you mentioned before. I had to laugh when Cheryl called me a ‘diamond in the rough’ since I believe that usually refers to a brilliantly shining, but somewhat rough-edged character. The definition is:

              ‘One having exceptionally good qualities or the potential for greatness but lacking polish and refinement.’

              So, I truly have to howl over this for a few minutes, as I always thought of myself as rather more ‘refined’ in my sensibilites and outlook than a mere ‘diamond in the rough’, as Cheryl has dubbed me! So don’t be jealous, my dear South African sibling, you never know what our dear Cheryl will come up with next. We truly must WATCH her, you know!

              • Lorrin, indeed! I try watching Cheryl but she is so elusive. She sometimes disappears and then comes back with a vengeance, scattering her Cheryl-speak across the threads like a hurricane, leaving all threads in a state of disarray. I would like to go through the threads and gather all Cheryl’s unique quotes and save them in a ‘Cheryl-speak’ file.

                Her love and loyalty to Adam and Glambs, though, is UNQUESTIONNABLE!

                CHERYL PLEASE READ THIS!

                • LORRIN AND INGRID, now ladies, this is getting all too much for me to handle. Really!
                  I’ve always had a very hard times accepting any kind of compliment! You know the type
                  of person – they always feel they’re not ‘deserving’ of high praise, but maybe the misde-
                  meanor would be easier to accept! You two are both diamonds in the rough! Now, my
                  dears, let me tell you what thaat cliche means coming from me. A diamond in the rough,
                  to me, is like a bright shinning star in the pitch blackness of space. Nothing else shines
                  as bright and as beautiful as that star/diamond! So, Lorrin, put down the dictionery, and
                  I’ll give you a few lessons on thes special little cliches that I spew out at times, b/c they
                  are coming from the mouth of a young Kentucky girl living in the true Apilachian (sp) trails
                  with true hillbillies all around and her Granny and Paw (grandfather) her heroes right out
                  of history in the hills of Ky. Actually, the name of Granny & Pa’s hill was “Moore Hill”.
                  Address an envelope to me with just that name on it below my name, add Moore Hill, and
                  the mail would have gotten to me! Naturally the house was atop a real hill above all other
                  houses or shacks w/dirt floors. That house cost my grandparents $200.00, w/it’s own
                  well and 3-hole outhouse that my Pa kept as clean as anyone else’s outhouse! There
                  was a magnificent flower garden on both sides of the house on the hill w/some of the
                  largest sunflowers I’ve ever seen. Some well over 7′ tall. 2 vegetable gardens that Granny
                  canned the vegetables from, enough to send her 6 grown daughters and their families
                  home w/as many as 200 cans (mason jars) of green beans, stewed tomatoes,succo-
                  tash, every vegetable they gres. We had huge grape vines running the length of the
                  property in about 15-29 rows, apple, pear trees, every kind of berry you’ve ever heard
                  of was also canned in lots of 500-800 jars to give to her girls and their gamilies. There was apple sauce, pear sauce, jellies, jams and preserves in the sam extrordinary amount of cans. I was
                  probably 16 yrs old before I ever had store bought vegetables, and it was hell when
                  Granny got too fragile to do all the work it took to make all that food each year and be
                  able to supply her 24 grandkids and their moms and dads, and of course, her many
                  neighbors all of whom she had known for upto 70 yrs. To go to the quilting bees at the
                  house down the road was something I took for granted, as well as trying to get the
                  chicken to give me their eggs when granny told me to go collect the eggs! I had lots
                  of friends on Moore Hill. We loved to walk up the road to Joe Jones’ store to buy a honey
                  bun and a coke or pepsi for 5 cents! Of course, you didn’t get a ‘cart’ at Joe’s store. He
                  stood behind the wooden counter and you tell him what you want and he’d shuffle over
                  to that area of the store, usually a good 3 feet away. Now, if you wanted to buy milk ,U
                  specify ‘sweet or buttermilk’. He looked like santa but with wide suspenders,
                  a long lseeved shirt with the sleeves rolled up and it was always dingy. He always had
                  a huge pipe in his mouth. There was a good sized ‘spitune’ directly in the center of the
                  old wooden hand made bldg. Everyone needed and used that spitune. There would be
                  anywhere from 2-6 wooden rockers around it. And in the winter, it doubled as a wood
                  burning or coal burning stove to heat the place. But up ther on that hill were genera-
                  tions upon generations of families living by, with, or just nearby their families. Every
                  one knew everything about everybody. That was easy since when you wanted to
                  call someone by phone, you’d pick up the receiver, the operator would say something
                  like “hey Miss Jones, who do you want?”, and you might reply, ” Doris, get me Miss
                  Foxx at 231 please. And then you’d be connected, and as many as 5or more families
                  would be connected to the same number and whenever they were bored might
                  listen in on your call, and more often than not, offer advice or just make their opinions
                  known. The phones didn’t have any buttons or rotaary dial. Now when walking down
                  down the road and passing by other houses, whoever was there would yell hello at
                  you, begin walking toward you, get to chatting, then offer you some iced tea or water
                  that was in their buckets with ‘dippers’ for drinking from. Everybody drank from the
                  same dipper. Eventually, if you stayed long enough you’d be invited to spend the night.
                  Begging people to spend the night was like asking over for iced tea or coffee, not a
                  real big deal. Breakfast would always be sausage gravy, homemade biscuits, homemade
                  applebutter and jams, home stirred butter, bacon, sausage and eggs. At Granny’s I had
                  the same breakfast every morning of my life there w/bacon, lettuce, tomato and mayo
                  sandwigh and a big glass of homebrewed iced tea. Never did I not have that! Granny
                  fried up 2lbs of bacon every morn, fried apples and homemade biscuits, and she would
                  add or change the food on the stove (a special stove that had water wells) thruout the
                  day. So anyone dropping by could have any number of hot food of their choice -always’
                  Saturday was for drawing water from the well, putting it on her electric stove to heat
                  to pour into a big round aluminum-style tub, which had to be brought in from the back
                  porch. First one in the tub got the clean water. Rain water was caught everytime it rained
                  for washing hair and doing the washing on the manual clothes washer w/a ringer.
                  Granny got her one breast caught in the ringer once and it was so awful and scarry.
                  Granny had 9 kids, never wore a bra, and here boobs hung down so that when she had
                  to buckle her thin budkle on her longer dress, she’d have to lift one breast at a time till
                  she could get the belt just right. She loved to play cards. Rummy. and she expected
                  you to let her cheat. I did let her cheat about 1/2 the time. Then as Pa would walk thru
                  the kitchen where we’d be playing cards, he’d stop just long enough to tell her and me
                  that that’s the devil’s work, the devil’s work! To which Granny would say to Pa, Oh,
                  Walt git out of here, and by the way if the Lord wanted you to smoke he’d have put a
                  chimney on your head. And, everynite that I spent in that house, I slept w/my Granny.
                  Up till I was in my 20’s and have to fight all my female cousins for my ‘rightful’ spot.
                  I always won that fight. I loved my Granny more than life. She was a saint and very
                  religious southern baptist, but was also open-minded and would never donsider
                  asking anyone if they were ‘Christian’ nor would she ever use that phrase to describe
                  herself. To her, everyone’s religious were personal, and she considered it poor
                  manners, to say the least, to ask anyone a personal question. She just had strong
                  faith and everyone knew what she believed because she lived it w/o complaints
                  whatsoever. She judged no one – ever, and expected the same from her daughters
                  and grandchildren. That is far, far, more than I even contemplated typing! Talking
                  about my grandparents just happened, Don’t know where that came from – or why
                  I got on this subject….Yes,I do…it was in regards to using the phrase ‘diamond
                  in the rough’, I wanted to make a point that in the south, or at least Ky, there are so
                  manylittle witty charms and endearments, that I’m usually using the southern espres-
                  sion rather than Webster’s dic. when I talk like that. That’s my point! I guess I took the
                  long way around the bushes to really say so little!
                  I guess, my dears, I ended up feelilng melencholy due to the very kind thing you said
                  to me. My Grandmother talked to me like that all my life. For the mosst part, it was only
                  Granny who loved me and showed me and told me. I was in my mid 20’s before my
                  Mother ever told me she loved me. I always knew she did, but she did not show
                  affection very well until sh was much, much older. My father was an extremely
                  intelligent highly educated man who was also a week-end drunk and beat my mother
                  every weekend from Fri-Sun while being so drunk he didn’t really know what he was
                  doing. They divorced when I was 11 yrs old. I never spoke up to him, and would not
                  be able to speak to him b/c I feared him so much. He was so abusive and my friends
                  weren’t safe around him and I never felt safe when I had to be with him. He died of
                  cirhosis (sp) of the liver from 45yrs of hard drinking, when he was 64, and I think
                  I was 25 or 26. He was living near Detroit at the time of his death, had 4 ex-wives i
                  including my mother, had a home 2 new cars, 2 boats, and a garage filled with
                  worms which he raised for fishing. They were in home built long wooden boxes.
                  Hundreds and hundreds of them. I am the oldest, so I had to do the entire funeral
                  alone 400 mi away from where I lived w/my husband and 2 & 5 yr old kids. It took
                  me 5yrs to settle the estate, I sent him to a cemetary in Gd.Rapids for burial, and
                  he ended up being buried next to a woman who died of cancer that same year, and the
                  surviving husband was now seeing my mother. So my mom, and that woman’s
                  just widowed husband was there to welcome my dad’s body! There’s a lot more
                  coincidences in that same cemetary around the body of my father, my step-father’s
                  1st wife, now my mother, my 2yr old great nephew, my uncle, and soon my aunt
                  in GR, she has a spot next to my mom, and soon my mom’s 2nd husband of 32
                  yrs b/c he too was a raving alcoholic. I’ve got to go to bed, I will tell you for sure.
                  After readilng the kindest things you both wrote to me about me, I feel so cared
                  for and just warm and happy. You two did not have to say anything in particular
                  or particularly sweet nd nice and loving to me. You didn’t have to, but you did. I
                  will tell you for sure, I will never forget this. It’s 6:15am. If you all have anything else
                  to say, I’ll have to catch you later tomorrow. I have a hair appt w/my hairdresser,
                  Mick, and I’m bringing my Adam CD and my RS magazine. Mick is gay, and I like
                  him a lot. We talk very easily, and I want to look like Adam. No!….kidding! But I
                  am going to stare at Adam and listen to Adam while I’m there! If you want to know
                  about any other part of my life, just ask! Soon as I have several hrs to put it down
                  in blk and wht, I can do that!!!!!! Actually I apologize for this is the longest post
                  I;ve ever written. There will be some anoyed at me for it. How much do you think
                  I;m bothered by that? Afterall we’re way back on a page that’s pretty much done, so
                  we aren’t bothering anybody – but those who ‘want’ to feel bothered, and they, I don’t
                  care about! Hey, we are what and who we are! Diamond in the Rough.

                  Mucho love to you from me!!!Bless you both. Sincerely, Cheryl

                  • Cheryl, I am so glad that you shared this heart-warming part of your life with us. I probably went through a number of different emotions whilst reading it. You are a great story teller! There were moments when I couldn’t stop laughing, moments when I really felt sad and moments when I felt your pain. You have wonderful memories to draw on. I would have loved to have met your grandmother – the boob story had me in fits of laughter.

                    Your description of the house atop the hill was so vivid and I could picture the wonderful scenes. I also enjoyed your account of the sense of community that existed amongst the local crowd. Cheryl, thank SO MUCH for sharing a very intimate part of yourself.

                    You have beautiful memories to cherish and carry with you for the rest of your life.

                    Enjoy your appointment with Mick … and ADAM! Love and peace to you, always! I am sure that Lorrin will enjoy your post just as much!

                  • Cheryl, you took me through all the old scenes again of my life in the Old South, when I was a young married woman. Living there was like stepping back in time for this young woman from California. They looked at me as though I was some kind of exotic bird, but they loved me, and accepted me for the 10 years I lived in North Central Alabama. Reading your descriptions of your Granny, old Moore Hill, the phone without buttons, the special stove with the wells, the unending supply of food on hand for anyone who dropped by, the 7′ tall sunflowers and vast grapevines, the 5 cent coke at Jones’ Store and the honey buns…..I remember all of those things, too in a slightly different version of the tale. The South is all about hospitality to one and all, food so good you will never taste the like of it again, lush green growth everywhere in the hot, humid air, cool dark shadows of an old garage looking out on a grape arbor, loblolly pines, dinner-on-the-grounds and decoration day, the Baptist Church full every Sunday and Wednesday night, the singings and sad old stories of other days. I loved the South, it is a world locked away in time, but it has the power to evoke deep and strong emotions, and a longing to go back. I know exactly what it was to live there, too, Cheryl, and I was living it with you as you wrote. Thanks so much for taking us back to that other time. I know just what you mean, too, about not ever expecting compliments to come your way. I was raised as the golden-haired favorite granddaughter of my West Coast family, and I was praised often and encouraged in many ways. But both my mother and my Southern mother-in-law were raised not to expect undue praise, and although they were both strong women, they both suffered in their way from not being loved and praised enough. With my keen eye and very sympathetic heart, I always sought to say words of loving support and praise to both of them when I could, things they seldom, if ever heard. So, when I read your posts, Cheryl, I am seeing you the person, and hearing who you are as a human being, and I enjoy it very much, and want you to know it. I’m glad it gives you so much joy to hear those words, too. Now, ‘give me some sugar, and ‘pull the door to’ on your way out, get somebody to ‘carry you to town’, and when you get back from seeing Adam at your hairdresser’s we can talk again! And tell old Joe Jones you don’t want no more green beans and squash piled up in your car while the windas are down, either!

                    • LORRIN AND INGRID, Please see my post below. I want to go ‘there’ so as not
                      to give MadBert the chance to reek havoc! Thus, it will be easy to read!

  35. I went to the Tampa show last night and wrote a blog post about my experience for my husband’s blog, re/creating tampa. I’m perhaps not a *typical* fan, but I had a really great time and I invite whoever is interested to read about the event. Sorry, no pictures – I was really, really far away and my cell phone only captured blurry blobs of light.

  36. WLL for Adam, I am happy to report that I went to that ‘newspaper’s’ conarticle, and I read most of the ‘comments’ for that guy’s belittling of all the idols, and w/o exception, as far as I read, the responses to the article was total love and praise for Adam. The guy says that America ‘got it right’ when they voted for Kris, and compared Adam’s clothing to Liberace(sp)! The commentors compared him to a sick homophobic! I’d be surprised if he didn’t take an alternate route home that night and the rest of the week, cuz he may have thought he had ‘some balls’ for attacking Adam like that, but THE PEOPLE spoke back in unyielding disgust for the idiot!!! I wondered HOW and WHY a MEMPHIS newspaper could write anything demeaning about anyone in the AI concert. I mean, the HOME OF ELVIS!!!!! Elvis would have considered ‘putting out a hit’ on the guy if he was alive today!!! At the bottom of the page it reads, “GO ELVIS, GO”….?…..? wHAT’S THAT ALL ABOUT?! Anyway, I had to hunt down the idiot who’d dare diss Adam the way WLL said, and I’m glad I did!!

    Now, I can sleep better for gettilng that off my chest!

    • christa37 says:

      do you have a link…i’d like to check out the article and give the guy a piece of my mind as well!!

  37. The Tampa concert sounds great! You must all see the video of the Medley, when someone throws a little red whiip on stage and Adam uses it as a ‘prop’ ha ha!

  38. Agent_Betty says:

    Beckystl – It’s good to know I wasn’t the only one who drove to a tour stop just to see Adam without actually having tickets to the show. lol Rawk on!! I saw them on their first stop in Portland, but ran out of film and battery when Adam was right there in front of me! So, on the spur of the moment, I decided I needed more Adam and drove all the way to Sacramento 3 days later to hopefully get to see him there. Of course it happened to be the day he had the headache. I wouldn’t have changed it for the world though. It was a lot of fun and met a lot of great people. I also got pictures with Matt, Kris, and Michael. Everyone thought I was out of my freakin mind for driving all that way. I don’t have the money, but I was seriously considering even flying to a concert somewhere else just to see him. lol I know, I must sound like a stalker, but just to be in the presence of greatness is unlike anything else. Much love and respect to you Adam!!

  39. I was at the Dallas concert and Michael was well received, but it was Danny who got a very good crowd response before Adam came on, when everyone stood up. One post I saw elsewhere from another attendee stated that no one was standing for Adam. Not true at all, maybe in isolated pockets. I wondered if I would be supporting Adam all by my self in my section, but right beside me and all around me were strong Adam supporters, but everyone was well cheered for as well, but I could hardly hear Adam at times. Which I could go to another concert ! His 20 minute set slipped by in about 5 minutes to me! More! More! Yes, we stood cheering until Kris came out, who was also well received. It was a great show and all performed well and looked great. Some of the guys looked like they may have been picking up some tips from Adam, wearing more fashionable clothes (except Kris and his trade mark dressed down guy next door look), and their hair cut short on the sides and a little more pompadour-ish on top, and some even had some glitter or rhinestone decor. Anoop has clearly been working on some dance moves and has learned to “whip” or “snake”. But during “Slow Ride” everyone just screamed.

    • christa37 says:

      I was at the Dallas concert as well…in the icky nosebleed section. Somehow to my utter dispelief my mom, sisters, and I were the a few of the only ones who stood durring Adams preformance. I almost felt bad for standing up and blocking someones view but then thought- if you aren’t standing for Adam you probally don’t deserve to see him!! I have to say though that none of the pople in my section cheered for anyone. It was like they sold tickets in that section to zombies only and a handful of us just got there by mistake!! But no doubt, the rest of the place went NUTSO when Adam came out on stage…and even before when they just showed pics. In Dallas, just like everywhere else- people went to see Adam!

  40. I attended the AI concert in Tampa the other night, and wrote a blog post about the show for my husband’s blog, re/creating tampa. Feel free to check out my take on the night:

  41. says:

    Before Adam even hits the stage I was wondering if anyone could tell me if the top 4’s (excluding Adam) entrance with all the lights and videos in the background has such an massaive entrance show. Thanks!

  42. Lorrin and Ingrid, hey! Got my hair ‘done’ , then had a ‘date’ w/my 2-1/2 yr of granddaughter, Farrah. Our first ‘date’ w/just the 2 of us! My God, she is so adorable and funny! We were at Khole’s, but I kept telling her we were in “Macy’s” as she could pronounce that name easier, and I liked how affective it would be as she told ‘friends’ and everyone at church tht she got ‘this ‘n that’ when she went ‘shopping w/Grammy at Macy’s”. That’s where I shop for myself, anyway, but she was too cute! She picked out a 6-strand ‘necklace’, of colorful plasstic beads, w/ matching rings, a bunch of colored cloth headbands w/bracelets to match, a wild purse, made of silk and satin with a huge bow on the side of the handle of the ‘bucket-style’ bag, and I picked out the cutest oversized-type of hat, kind of like a babeball hat, but def. more girly in med. pink w/’diamonds’ scattered all over it, and a new cool sundress!

    Then, we went to Wendy’s for a quick bite, and I was in heaven! She had to wear everything new all at the same time, of course!! We did look a little alike. I had on a black yoga tunic length plain top w/black brumudas, and lots of cool necklaces, black rubber-ish bracelets (about 120 AND 3 14K thin bangles and my 14k 2″ hoops and my usual 3 rings, w/black birki’s. Farrah said her favorite color is black! I kept trying to get her to believe me that I WAS WEARING BLACK! She’ say NOT thaat kind of black, Gammy, a different black. – ?I give,,,,UNCLE!!! There is so much more I’d like to share, but I know I’d be the only one wanting to hear that!

    I came back to this site to see if either of you had left me a message to reply to, After reading both of your posts, I re-read mine. Between the things I wrote, and you both wrote, I got very emotional, and really needed some time before I could respond!!! How extremely wonderful were your posts! ! – ! I just cannot really put into words my feelings lest I cry me another river.

    Ingrid, the last phrase you wrote, just hit my heart like a thud! Yes, you sounded and phrased that just like I would have heard it, and my Granny always used the term “sugar” for “kiss”. All of her life, she’d say that everytime one of her brood was either coming in for a visit or leaving the house after a week’s visit. Although I lived w/my grandparents every summer for so long, my Aunts & Uncles and cousins would come to Ky every summer off and on and on the 4th of July all family members were expected to be on the hill. Not only that, but I had 2nd and 3rd cousins and great and great-great aunts and uncles dong the same
    all over the hill, as we were all related in some way, and thus, I knew all my cousins, and 2nd and 3rd cousins like brothers and sisters. But only I had that experience, due to the fact that my parents were either separated or divorced, so I and to amuch less degree, my younger sister were ‘black sheep’ as my family did not ‘believe’ in divorce! – ? Go figure?

    After the baths and hair washings on Saturday, and polishing our shoes, we were ready for church on Sunday. and yes, Wednesday. My grandfather was a Southern Baptist preacher, and he would lengthen the service so much, that I was always looking to get into some kind of trouble! And very often, did! Also, I have to mention the word, ‘windas’! Totally right on the money!!!

    CORRECTION, CORRECTION!! I started that paragraph with Ingrid, meaning Lorrin!!! sorry! Hey, I’m in an emotional state, here! Give me a break!!!

    When reading your account of my ‘letter’ to the two of you, Lorrin, you turned my recollections into a beautiful fairytale!! It was so beautiful. When Ingrid said she had to laugh at Granny’s boob getting caught in the wringer, I had hoped you both would see the big humor in that little episode!!! Made my heart sing when you said you laughed! I am not too somber and serious when I think about those days, I just always feel so blessed! That’s why, long ago I typed a post which I said I had had a childhood few people ever knew, or actually, could ever understand without my having mucho time talking about it!! Never imagined I’d ever reveal it on the internet. You know, the ‘internet’ is so ‘impersonal’! Aren’t we the ‘lucky minority’ here?

    You know, it’s funny. I have not one memory of having even a little conversation w/my dad. Not one. If either of you ever saw “The Burning Bed” w/Farrah Fawcett, that was very close to the way my parents were. Exception, my dad was thought of as a very ‘upstanding’ white collar man, and very handsome in a movie star way. My mother, 110 lb w/porceline skin, thick auburn hair w/a face that needed no help w/make-up, thus, she wore only a peach colored lipstick and little foundation. She was very ‘high-fashion’ and never bought anything cheap. It just felt better to her if everything she bought was so over-the-top monatarily. She felt better about herself, as my dad beat her so badly and called her the worsst names, that she was ‘beaten down’emotionally to the extent she began believing all the things my dad said to her, about how people only accepted her because of him. He always ended up pouring beer all over her every wkend nite. We so often, would be hiding in the basement, or garage, or the spare car, or running out the back door in the middle of the night and in the winter so often we’d have to run in the spur of the moment, no time to get shoes and coats on, so we’d be half dressed running in the dark to my aunt’s house to hide out. I needed eye glasses since I was born. Nobody realized I was so nearsighted until I was 12, so running like that while being ‘blind’ was so scarry. I didn’t know I couldn’t see well. I thought everyone could see the same!

    I must digress, for all of our sakes, or I could end up typing away until next week!! Hahaha!!

    You know, all I can truly say, from the bottom of my heart, is thank God for the two of you! Never, did I ever imagine that such a wonderful friendship could evolve on the internet!!! Remember, I am computer illiterate, and only got this pc to shop on line! If my son had not bought it for me, I may never have made that ‘leap’. Then, Adam happened, I became obsessed immediately as you two also did, and b/c I told my sn I HAD to find a way to find out more about this ‘Adam w/black hair and incredible voice’ I saw on AI for the moment they showed him w/the group singing!! I knew, totally, no doubt in my mind Adam was going to be iconic!! Just give me a way to locate more info about him! Then bought MP3 player, knowing only that there were no more ‘walkman’s to listen to music, so I bought one w/o knowing the first thing about it. I did have an expensive CD player unit. Always had music. I am a music ‘expert’ (haha!). But I’ve always needed my music! Since I was as young as 4 or 5 I listened to music. It always soothed my aching heart, and as my father beat my mother, and as she would scream to me to ‘help’ her, and I couldn’t, I’d tune my brain in to any music that I could hear on tv or the radio to tune out the insanity.

    Love you both! I’m going to bed, now. I am ‘spent’. Thanks to you both, I will be able to communicate w/you again tomorrow! We have to be dilligent re Adam. Some of the people who posts comments are just not as ‘protective and insightful’ as ours. …..well?……, you know that’s true…….it is! Hahaha!

    PEACE-LOVE-LIGHT-FRIENDSHIPS-LOVE 2 ADAM…….and my good friends.

    • Dear Cheryl, I am sitting here in my little room almost 3,000 miles away from you, feeling for you so much in all that you have endured, re-living with you the scary near-sighted run in the night, hiding in the dark in the old car, the terrible hidden behavior of your father toward your mother, the helplessness you felt in not being able to help your mother, and the refuge you found in music. Honestly, Cheryl, your writing is as good and compelling as a book on life in the South, it ought to be made into a movie (and I don’t mean that lightly or facetiously, I mean that your story is worth telling!) I too, am so glad you found us and we found you, and I will just flat out say that I believe it was meant to be. It’s so moving to hear you say that you found two such good friends on the internet. I will try to stay close by and ready to talk as often as I can. Thank you so much for being OUR friend, too, Cheryl, we love to hear from you, and I know I go all over the place looking for your posts!

      (And while I’m at it, please go to the TOURING AND STAYING HEALTHY thread and count 14 up from the bottom. I left you a fun little post there about Adam’s stage and the bras stapled underneath I know you will like. 🙂

      Love to you and your sweet little granddaughter tonight, Cheryl! And love to that Adam for unknowingly bringing together so many beautiful people to share so much together!

      • And Cheryl, you couldn’t leave your car windows down in the summer while you were parked on the street in the Deep South, or sure as shootin’ there’d be snap beans, tomatoes, squash, and corn piled on the seat when you got back from shopping in the little old town I lived in, Hanceville, Alabama! And without fail, whenever you passed anyone in a car or truck, you always waved, and when you were somewhere at mealtime you were always invited to stay for lunch or dinner, and the best iced tea in the world was the national beverage. Cheryl, do you remember the old hill song ‘In The Pines’? I used to sing it all the time. I am the only child in my family to ever move BACK to the South, where part of my family originally set out for California from Tennessee. Goodnight again from the Far West! Love to all the Glambs around the world!

        • Lllorrin, I love that song, :In the Pines:!!!!!! It immediately puts me back in Ky, I,ve not too many months
          ago on my music tv stations! The ‘bluegrass’ station!! Sometimes when I can’t I will put the bluegrass
          station, urn it down to where I could barely hear it and it woulr out me to sleeo, B/c of what and where it comes from, it’s as soothing as a baby’s bum!

          Totally knew wht you meant about leaving the car ‘windas’ oen. Oh, yes, if you pass somebody’s house
          and they are on their porch, in the yard, or wherever, you wave! Doesn’t even if you know them or not!
          Where I’m living here in these condos occupied by those over 55 yrs old, the same thing goes on, which
          seems so friendly and warm!

          The road that twisted around going to the top of MOORE Hill was dirt for most of my years up till my
          teens, and very narrow. If you were driving, and saw another coming from the opposite direction, one of
          you had to pull way over to the edge of the road to let one car thru at a time, as the one lane dirt road was
          too narrow for 2 cars to be side by side passing each other.

          Yerah,Lorrin, you’ve pretty lived the whole experience as I did with variations! I came home for the school year omst of the time, to Michigan, bult there were a few yrs I didn’t and went to school in Corbin.

          Like you, everybody thought I had a ‘New York’ accent. My southern aurnt would mock the way I pronounced words, just trying to be funny!

          Off the subject, a moment. Did you see on the thread about Drake, Adam’s friend, that Drake’s Mother
          postsed a message??! That was cool! Now if she could see something she thought Adam’s Mother
          would enjoy readilng, she might relate that to her!!!! Wouldn’t that be cool!!!

          I love my hair! The front and top is actually cut similiar to Adam’s when he sang Black or White, but in a bit longer strailght style. I had Mic use the razor. Plus I had a picture, and he did the style-cut in the picture alllmost to a ‘t’. So I was thoroughly pleased! My other 2 granddaughters, Moriah and Julis are in Wash. DC and visiting the White House. They’re motoring aroung the DC area in a limo, hmmmm! Then when they get back, they will go to Grand Haven, Michigan to visit their grandpa, my ex-husband and his wife. Grand Haven is on Lake Michigan. That wea my hang-out spot for many yrs as a teen. Sleeping in tents right on the beach. Wonderful and crazy memories from those years. My son is going with a bunch of people from church to Indianapolis next wkend for a triathelon! Swimming 4 miles, biking 8 miles and running 4 miles. He’s ‘in training’ as my grandson likes to say! I told my son that he might drop dead doing this for the filrst time at age 40. He laughs and says he is in tip top shape. Hmmmm…… Well he is, no body fat on that guy, no hair loss, etc. I think your sons and mine have the same coloration and hair color, just like our other son, Adam!!
          Love-Peace-Light-Joy-Happiness to Adam and all glambs!

  43. ingrid, HEY, SWEETPEA! I haven’t seen much of you around these last few days, w/the exception of our marathon posts in the last 24 hrs! You must be too busy to be keeping up with your ‘duties’ here on this website!!! Come on, now dear. Move those fingers!!! After all there are only a minority posting with your lelvlel of intelligence. And, I, for one, lneed that expertise in my life, my little lanb.

    I love my new hair style!!! Love it!! It’s similar to Adam’s when he sang black or white in the front w/the longer bangs on my right side, only a bit longer, totally straight razor cut, nearly shoulder length and very long bangs on the rest of y bangs. I love it! No upkeep except mouse and light teasing. I like a little ‘big hair’, but not gawdy or too big!

    I had myself a real good cry last nite that lasted for about an hour. I miss Granny, and my Mother so much!
    I have no where near begun to heal over the loss of my Mother. Don’t think I will ever truly get past it.

    Adam’s friend Drake, well Drake’s Mother is on this blog!!! On the page talking about Drake, she replied to someone, and I was very happy to see that. If you haven’t seen it yet, try to check it out!

    I didn’t get much sleep last nite, and need to go back to bed and get a few more hours. I’m making too many tyops cuz I’m so tired. Need to ck out the latest vids posted, too, tho first.

    I ust had too much pain last nite from my back from shopping over 3 hrs. Got to go out an do some more cuz Kohl’s have a big underwear sale going on, 50-60% off everything, and I’ve got a card to get an extra 15% off my total, then, last nite I got $20.00 free shopping to boot! Not bad, When my son came over to pick up Farrah last nite, I had him hang 2 big pieces of wall art for me. He said he’d like to see Adam’ WLL performance on my computer, and Farrah just wanted me to put Adam on tv singing. Well, I got it all set up and the 2 of them went into a trance, andmy son wanted to hear the judges at the end of each song, and Farrah would be kind of upset cuz she wanted more Adam, Gammy!!! I loved seeing the love for Adam! But, everythilng I wanted done got done. So I’m good to go! My son had to do a wedding Fri. nit was rehersal, and he brought me back some awesome food. Since the wedding will be performed on Sunday, I expect to get a real nice couole of olates of good food, too!! Like it! I often get food from the people at his church sent to me via him. The church is less than 1/2 mile from my home. I don’t attend very often. Maybe 2-3 time/yr on special days, but everyone seems to know me even tho I don’t know them,

    Going to bed for sure, am very drowsy. Got up waay too soon this morn!!!! Have a great day, and hope to catch up w/ up with you later today!

    peace-love-happiness-hope-light-joy 4 ADAM and …………you!

    • Cheryl (aka Lucille Ball, the intelligent version) & Lorrin (Lady Shakespeare)

      I know that my posts have been few and far between over the past few days. I had to do the family thing – my eldest sister’s husband has cancer and underwent a big operation, which was very successful. My second eldest sister and I spent time with her to give her moral support. I will catch up with you properly tomorrow with you. Lorrin as read your posts Iwas so touched by what each of you had to share and feel very blessed to have the two of you in my life now. Just a thought – after reading your post, Cheryl, I really think you should write a book and so should Lorrin. The following title comes to mind, “Shades of my life”! Think about it, yCheryl, you have light and dark shades of your life that you have shared.

      Lorrin, as I indicated I have so much to say and will indeed do so tomorrow. When I read your and Cheryl’s posts, I felt like I was reading a beautiful novel, one that shared beautiful reminiscences, and in Cheryl case, some sad.

      Stay well, take care and may peace, love and our friendship, which is evolving into something beautiful and deep, be with us always! Thank you ADAM for yet another gift! Have to skedaddle but will speak to you soon! Love and friendship ALWAYS, Ingrid!

      • This is lovely, Ingrid, thank you SO much. It is so good to hear from you after your little hiatus out there, but of course, you need to be with family at this time. I will definitely keep your brother-in-law in my prayers and all of you in my thoughts. I do hope all will be well with him. I agree with you that Cheryl should write a book, there is something very compelling in the story she tells and the emotion she evokes. The characters in her life story are so vivid and unusual that I think her recollections would make an excellent movie, maybe with Susan Sarandon in it. The South is so evocative, so rich in history and stories, that once there, you feel you must some day go back. So many of us in the United States trace our origins back to the Deep South, it is no wonder it has such a pull. And of course, so much of our world-famous musical tradition began in the Southland. I read on a post that Songwriter4adam shared on one of these threads, that Adam said in an interview that he ‘wouldn’t be surprised if he landed up in Nashville’ one of these days since it had become such a huge and eclectic musical center, isn’t that interesting? Adam must know something we all don’t know about trends in music, so it will be interesting to see how that plays out. I can definitely see Adam doing the blues in Nashville, and maybe some kind of Elvis-related thing. We shall see.

        I too, value your friendship and our wonderful emotional kinship so very much. I agree that we are becoming ever closer as friends. It’s just thrilling to think of having a friend in beautiful South Africa. Think of all the stories we could all tell if all of us Glambs got together one day, we wouldn’t stop talking for days with all of ours and Adam’s personal stories to share! I will get on, it’s getting late, but I send much love to you tonight and hope you have a great Monday morning!

        • Dear Lorrin, perhaps you could write a book about the misconceptions that people have with regarding to tweeting (is that is what it is called) by reflecting on the friendships made on this site and how much meaning it has for all of us. Perhaps, something along the cyber connection or virtual connection. I am sure you will come up with something great!


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