TOUR VIBE – American Idol Summer Tour 2009 – Sunrise, FL

On Wednesday, July 29th, the tour bus rocks into the BankAtlantic Center in Sunrise, FL.

Okay, thanks to tweets from several of the Idols, it appears they arrived early in Florida by plane so they could catch a little beach-time R & R. Danny tweets that he and a few others went swimming in the ocean. “That was my first midnight swim.” He adds that “I lost a pair of glasses 2 the ocean. Thx Mother Nature! If U see them on eBay & the sellers name is Mother Nature don’t buy it.” Danny later tweets that he, Matt, Michael and Allison went out on waverunners. “Funnest…day…ever!!! I fell off two times – I’m a daredevil LOL”

Allison tweets that she tried to spell “LA” in the water with her jet ski and flipped off. “Hurt like hell but damn…was so fun!!”

It’s such a shame that Adam’s twitter is still out of commission. It would be so great if he was able to tweet as often as some of the others do. Did anyone hear what Adam did while the others went swimming and waverunning?

Thanks to all of you who have posted concert reviews. I am relieved to hear that even in the South Adam is being well received! We’ve also been getting some terrific photos emailed in to us. I’ve posted some great photos on the Dallas TOUR VIBE post from Angie and Candy.

If you’re going to the Sunrise show, we want to hear from you! Comment below with your reactions, and if you have photos, email them to You can either email us links to photos you have on a photo-sharing site, or just email us your jpeg files as attachments.

Thursday is a concert day off, then Friday the bus hits Duluth, GA, where our Fan Club Leader Linda will be in attendance!

~~Jeanette, Glamb #5


  1. I just read that Adam couldn’t come out to the meet and greet because of some threats to him.. This is terrible.. why can’t they leave him alone… !!! This was from the show in Fl tonight. sherry

    • Bonmatin Admfan1 first thenks for sharing above incidente.,how sad..Aw he dosnon deserve thes ignorance of such people.Ashame to see given Adam has always been so humble,an kinde even to his haters an worse critiques..bless him an may angels garde him ontour as I av say in passe
      pages.It’s sad to beliv we’re in millenium an thout society an moderne ages was pass such intolerances.Afterall look at all the accomplishmentes of pass artistes as Sir Elton,David Bowie,Queen,even legend actors as Rock hudson,Richard Chamberlain who came out before ther were currente gay rightes an more open discussiones an tv personalities an ther sucessful talkshows as Ellen Degeneres.I hav lot of frends thet are gay an being in touriste towne ther’s lot of performers here who av had very sucessful pray people stop judging beau Adam an simply embrace his estraordinaire a vocaliste/artiste/entertaineur with a hearte an soul d’or(golden)! hugs an luv for him an all! J’adore Lisettexoxox.
      Jeanette for always posting thes wonderful updates for those like myself who av non yet seen beau Adam,as well thenks to all glamb gals who share ther lovli esperiences seeing thes bit of historie as well for him!

  2. Some are twitting that stalkers were wearing shirts that were saying, ” God Hates Gays” there are rumors they were armed.. Now gals, I don’t know this as fact, just writing what I have read in the last 15 mins.. sherry

    • Such lies…if everyone would be a little more careful in their Bible reading they would find that God LOVES gays, and in fact, God IS Love. Further than that, and central to Adam’s beliefs as well, we find ‘Thou shalt NOT kill’, as in do murder to another human being. What utterly amazes me is that Adam Lambert is a Jewish man, and acts more like ALL Christians should act than any Christian I know. He practices patience, kindness, tolerance, love to all, forbearance, gentleness, humility, and long-suffering — all of these things which we have observed him do COUNTLESS times in numerous public places are the VIRTUES of the Christian religion, which these anti-gay fomenters probably do not even know. And the Bible has one thing more to say, ‘everyone who loves is born of God, and knoweth God’. Is it not absolutely beyond belief that this young Jewish man is more righteous than all his haters and detractors, and those who would kill him? You know, I think I have heard this story before…

      • Lisette agan..bonmatin Lorrin thenks for sharing as I agree totale with yu an av posted several times as I am soo upset if beauhearte Adam has to see such intolerance an ignorance of people still in l’millenium when suposedly we av come so far in “civil rights” an peoples deffarante sexual seeing acomplishementes of many sucessful artistes as Elton,Bowie,Freddie Mercury,an even actors from time of 50s who acame out later on Rock hudson,Richard Chamberlain,they av all added so much artistique value in ther beautiful filmes an musique..why does thes still existe for beau Adam..poor fellow. An agree being Christian an we beliv in old an new testamente an in new testamente always God an Jesus’s teachings was to luv one anothre as yu luv he who is without sin..cast firste stone as Jesus says in marketplace to someone who then considere to be fallen women(adulterer)..An yes God luvs us all,dosnon judge au hate an nonmatter if we are Christian,of Jewish faith,Muslim etc..if one belivs..there’s one thet teaches luv never hate..Thenks Lorrin! An Adam beauhearte j’adore yu more as I av say today then yesterday..Be true to yurself,an plese know we here all luv,respecte an adore yu for such a wonderful gifte given from above..Le gift to singe angelique in a sensual an very artistique an original way,an one never duplicated by anyone else!Simpli a legende for our times an many generationes to follow! Blessings,luv an sont angel d’musique toujours…Luv an bisous Lisette..luv to all glambs too!xoxoxoxo

      • dharmalati says:

        Jesus hate the sin and still love the sinner. We are all sinners, aren’t we ? If we are able to call “Father” and be His children is just because His Grace, not because we are right., since no one is right !

      • LORRIN, SO RIGHT YOU ARE!!! If there trulyrumors of something bad, then the police should have been called. WITHOUT QUESTION. I do not want to hear anything like this hateful, ignorant, stupid crap from some idiot who doesn’t like something about somebody!!! Good God!

        ANYONE WHO HAS ANY INFORMATION about anyone or group who wants to cause harm to Adam or anyone else has a personal responsibility to inform the authorities! Should that happen a few times, maybe this stupidity would be more apt to think before spewing their hatred!

    • Pardon opps mypost went above..well sorry if I went off an if thes was just rumour ..nonmatter for any future run ins au intolerance my above holds bless Adam always for he is adored by us all here,an by all ages,races,religiones an people with deffarante sexual preferences.His talentes in musique are what Adam is all aboute an even songes he has selecte from “Idol” has reflected what a beau soul he truly is! hugs an blessings Lisette!

  3. MicheleDE says:

    That makes me so sad to read, Admfan1. 🙁 After the great concert, and all he gives of himself…. what a damn shame.

    • MicheleDe..bonmatin..agree with yu an all other glambs,an are here simply to adore Adam for his superbe gifte to singe an entertaine an adde joie an lit to our trobled times,financial collapses,worries over World affairs/hunger,ecological an environmental issues..we sholde all embrace Adam’s beau hearte an he espresses such amour,lit,peace,hope an positive messages in his belchansons(songs) in his own distinctive style.An even before “Idol” one can see kind of artiste he was ..Playing Joshua in 10 commandmentes as I av say truly befits Adam who for me as been a very beautful an beaul’homme(kindefellow),an his voix there resonnates like Joshua’s horn did in l’bible to spread peace,luv,hope a never ever hate..Beau inward/outward he’ll reman thes way..An thinq too seeing his lovli famille,parentes an mama av given thes values an ideals..Bless him an angels to garde over him ontour(I’ll keep saying thes Adam)!.Know we an I’ll always adore an luv yu for always! J’etaime Lisettexoxox Luv to all glambs our Angel d’musique!

  4. I saw that Matt tweeted that they took a walk on the beach and went swimming and Adam was there – you can check his tweet!

    • Okay I was just goin to slep but on liter note..bonmatin Sue thenks for sharing as I av posted very adamantly re: some issues of hate for beau now contente to see thes,an al least Adam enjoie l’beach an water in Florida..if above was to follow afterwarde..An I will trie an finde Michel’s tweet..P.s. I still don know how to use twittere..gather Im still learning an confess non so computer savvy! I can imagaine Adam as I av reade too by way he took a moonlit swim.An thinq is due to his very fair skin(bein natural strewberry/blonde/freckles,etc.Ma grandmere was an she’d run from sun,coverup (well in her time of youth non sunblocks too!) hugs n luv Lisette will chat soon.
      Am actual tryin to return to slep(in pct 5am..had some insomnia so visite here a place for all Adam fans/frends/glambs an thenkful agan to dreamsounde for originating,Jeanette an teamgals!
      Aurevoir all have a bonjour! hugs n bisous!xxoxo

  5. AdamRocks! says:

    Adamfan1, where did you read this???

    Cindy in MS

    • Cindy, I read it on the twitter sight from ” AdamLambertNews”… This girl follows Adam like we do and was getting text from other followers that were at the show last night. I was just so upset about reading this news that I had to write to someone… I hope it wasn’t true but the fans at these shows sometimes know before we do… I will keep you updated if I find out anything new… sherry

  6. MadworldGlamb says:

    I find it really sad that people go out of their way to hurt innocent , hard-working people. Adam is such a nice guy and doesn’t deserve all the negativity he’s been receiving from those christian picketers. If “God” made man free, why isn’t he?

  7. MadworldGlamb says:

    By the way I don’t beleive in god so the whole situation makes me really angry.

    • I think that many so-called Christians use their beliefs as a justification for judging others – the only way they can feel better about their sorry little selves is by putting someone else down. And knowing that’s wrong, they play the Bible card.

      I lost what faith I had long ago – there is just too much suffering in this world to justify the idea of a benevolent God, in my opinion.

  8. I’m hoping the much more liberal population down here in South Florida will be 100% positive and loving to Adam. Sorry, but it doesn’t surprise me terribly to hear that some “I-4 Corridor” freaks (aka Nascar Dads) showed their true colors in Tampa. It makes me terribly sad, of course, but doesn’t surprise me.

    The band Styx tours down here quite often. Their original bassist, Chuck Panozzo, is openly gay and HIV-positive. He lives down here in Wilton Manors, an ex-urb of Fort Lauderdale, and always appears in the Florida shows. He recently wrote a book about being openly gay in a touring rock band and it was well-received down here. I’ve gotten to meet him twice – he gave me warm hugs both times. Lovely man. And even though Styx strangely has a very conservative Christian fan base (no one knows why – their song “Light Up” is about smoking dope and their song “Suite Madame Blue” is about the sad state America was in when Nixon was President, and they’re all big Clinton and Obama supporters. And even so, Chuck and the band are always very positively received down here.

    So I’m hopeful.

    In any event, I’ll be sporting my “Lincoln Park After Dark” Esse nail polish on fingers and toes, lots of silver rings and chains, and all my love for Adam tonight. I thought about making a sign that says “Send Danny out – I need to pee” but opted against it as it is too negative.

    See all my fellow Glambs tonight! Love you all!

    ~ Barb

    • AdamRocks! says:

      Have the time of your life Barb!!! I can’t wait to hear your review. . . loved the Styx reference! 😉

      Cindy in MS

      • Drop.Dead.Gorgeous.

        You know how you can see and admire someone on TV or in the movies, and then you meet or see them close up in person and are struck by how ordinary they are? Not the case with Adam. It turns out our boy isn’t as photogenic as I thought – in person, he’s outrageously beautiful.

        But enough (well, almost) of the shallow stuff. He’s not only not on the same playing field as the other Idols – he’s playing a completely other sport. My concert companion said as we were walking out to the car, “Holy Shit. A Star is Born!” We went on to talk about how Adam seems to be from a whole other – I don’t know – dimension from the rest of us.

        His voice was in perfect form, of course. But it was more than that. My friend also very aptly said “The rest of it was pleasant enough, but I didn’t feel like I was at a real concert until Adam came out.”

        I’m very happy to report that the Sunrise crowd was decidedly pro-Adam. Not really anti-anyone, which was also good. But every time Adam’s face was shown on the big screens before the show started, screams went up from all over the packed arena – and it was packed – right up to the rafters. Girls in front of us had home-made signs – one said “Whole Lotta Love for Adam” and another, made by an 8-year-old girl, just said “Adam ROCKS” but in silver glitter on a blue background. Yep. That pretty much sums it up.

        Oh, by the way, his “Mad World” was resplendent. (That’s for any Woody Allen fans out there ;-)) I felt he found my letters and read each one out loud. As always. Love you, Adam.

        ~ Barb

        • I was at the Tampa show the night before Sunrise. Just to let everyone know Tampa gave Adam a tremendous welcome. I ran into so many of his fans all ages and all so nice! We were so lucky to be down in the front row -I was so close to him I swear in my life I have never seen a more attractive/handsome/beautiful/sexy man Everytime his picture came on the screen everyone screamed and applauded loudly. When his intro started everyone stood no one could help themselves when he appeared the screams only became more and louder. His voice was fierce in Whole lotta ,haunting in Mad world,starlight was amazing. Everyone ejoyed bowie songs and threw bras, lots of roses, and the other props you saw. I was standing right under him when he was playing with that whip thing. (almost faint)I have been to many concerts but have never been so affected-it is like this glitter rock god appeared and shook us all up-wake up enjoy life!. no one wanted him to leave the audience stood and called his name for at least a minute but he didn’t come back. I felt bad for kris we had to leave because 2 people with us said they needed air -felt faint. We went out to autograph area and waited over 2 hours. Every 10 or so minutes the whole crowd called Adam… after a while as they sent the other idols out we were commenting how long they stayed out and some went back in and came back out Up to this point we didn’t know anything noone would say a thing. I was in the very front inches away from the idols. We asked some arena workers(there was total of 3 plus that manager guy we always see on videos) not much security we were outside behind temporary barriers not in the arena. Finally we asked Micheal “where’s Adam?’ Micheal looked directly up at us with a serious look and said”Adam is not coming out” We appreciated his honesty but he would not say anymore. People started to leave we decided to go around by the buses we hoped for maybe at least to wave at Adam. As we went around the corner buses were pulling away. The guys who worked for the arena-I don’t really think they were actually security guards were nice enough to answer some of our questions-we were upset and some people starting saying Adam doesn’t care about his fans. One of the arena guys said -No that’s not true – that earlier individuals had threatened Adam and for his security he was taken right after the concert. That is all he said and that is what I know first hand. Then we were all upset and crying who would do this to our Adam believe me that is not Tampa If we saw anything at all against Adam as a crowd we would have defended him. A few idiots ruin it for everyone-like always. We hoped to meet Adam before it would be impossible but not it already is. It is so sad. Most important Adam must be protected. Tampa gave him much love !

          • I’m glad to hear Tampa was so appreciative, too.

            Rumors get flying around – I admit I was caught hook, line and sinker by them – that Tampa in general was hostile. Now that I see some of the videos taken in Tampa, I see that people were screaming as loudly as or even louder than we were in Sunrise.

            I’m sorry to hear you all waited so long and didn’t get to see/meet Adam. And I’m really, really sorry to hear that some a**hole(s) ruined it for him and for everyone waiting to see him. I haven’t heard if he came out in Sunrise afterwards or not. A friend had a backstage pass and was looking forward to meeting him back there – hope she got to and any others waiting to did, too.

            • No he didn’t come out in Sunrise. We were not given an explanation. Only the same rumors. No Adam prior to show. No Adam after show. Don’t know about the back stage meet and greet as sadly I wasn’t selected.

              • I just talked to a friend who was selected for the back stage meet and greet – her husband has some connections with the promoters, apparently. She said that Adam did not come out back stage, either. One of the venue people back there said something offhandedly that he was “sick.” Maybe so, but I think it was more likely because of the other thing.

                This makes me so sad for everyone, especially Adam. I’ve seen accounts and photos from fans who’ve met him here and there before the tour started and said how sweet and gracious he was.

                Such a shame that a few idiots have to spoil it for the rest of us.

        • BARB, did you say, “Woody Allen”? Why, yeah, I’m a gigantic Woddy Allen fan!! Glad to meet you!

          • AdamRocks! says:

            Cheryl, Barb is one cool lady! I actually met her about 10 years ago on a Styx website. . . and now here we are sharing our love for Adam! Incredibly, we’ve never met in person. . . I’m hoping that one day we can meet at one of Adam’s concerts. 🙂

            Cindy in MS

            • I do believe that’s not only entirely possible, Cindy, but pretty much a done deal. 🙂

              Hi, Cheryl! Yes, that was a little “Annie Hall” reference for you all. Remember when he went out with Shelley Duvall to see a concert or something, and afterwards she was going on and on about meeting the Dalai Lama, and saying he was “resplendent” (but she was such an idiot, she said it with total conviction like that was a real word).

              My favorite, though, is “Manhattan.” “Crimes and Misdemeanors” is a very close second.

              • I’m such a dork – transplendent. It’s funny how the (dorky) mind works – I’m lying in bed this morning, not thinking of anything in particular, really, and it comes to me from out of nowhere – “It’s transplendent, you dork.” Did I mention I was a dork?

                I think resplendent sounds better. :-P~

                • BARB, AND ADAMROCKS, You two must like things alike! duh?! Ha!
                  Love Woody!!! Loved Manhattan, too. But have to say Annie Hall still my fave. Shelly
                  DuVall was such a ‘dork’ herself!! Haha! Woody is brilliant. I’ve seen every movie he’s
                  ever don, of course! AWoody Allen lover must see all of his creations! I quote him
                  often, and it’s amazing how many people act just like Shelly did !! hahaha!
                  Remember “masterbation is just sex w/someone you love”!!…..Cheryl

  9. Leticia says:

    Read this great article written by a Christian from Arkansas. Now, I would respect Christians like him!

  10. Goodmorning all! First of all, I just want to thank all of you for all the wonderful updates and words of love for our Adam! Secondly, my heart was so heavy when I read this! I pray so that our Adam is safe, and no crazy tries to do anything to him!! When is the hate ever going to end!?! When will those who contiue to hate start to look at the person and the incredible GOD given gifts they possess?!!! I can only hope and pray that the beautiful and extremely awesome song that Adam sang, “A Change Is Gonna Come” will someday really come true!!! WE LOVE YOU SO MUCH ADAM!! Take care all my fellow Glambs!!!!! Pam

  11. ik that matt put a tweet up saying that megan,him,adam, and others went for a swim

  12. AdamAddict says:

    I need more info on this story.What threat??I read above said that he didn’t go to the beach and Sue said he did.So the threat is true or false?Oh God,please tell me you just lied to me.I rather people lied to me about it than be true.Why,…WHY THE HELL SOMEONE THREAT HIM?He’s gay,SO WHAT?? It’s not like he raping men!OMG,I think my blood just started to boil!Adam has more class than these idiots and 100% have heart!Those idiots have no heart at all and clearly no brain also! I think I heard Britney Spears also got threat!What’s wrong with this people?First, I’m worried about Adam’s healthy and now this.Great,just great! I can’t imagine something bad happen to Adam!~sigh~ Oh please God,protect Adam!And Jeanette, the Mother nature story really crack me up!
    I hope Adam take precaution,just in case those people really animal than human.I say this this because Adam never like to be tell what to do.I’m worried he won’t care about it which can put him in danger!Be safe Adam,please be safe!

  13. I am sorry to hear about these threats, if true.

    Adam was extremely well received here in Texas. No protests or problems that I saw.

    We love him here, and unfortunately there are always going to be crazies who have an agenda and will always harass certain people.

    These people are everywhere, not just the South. Sometimes they even travel from city to city.

    I just hope Adam (and all the idols) are well protected. They can’t have enough security, especially at the outdoor meet and greets where all are free to come.
    In Texas (Dallas, I did see some uniformed police and I think they need more of that everywhere, visible proof (and not so visible) that Idol cares about these kids. No problems here.

    We live in a crazy, “mad world”.

    They should not take any chances. I hope Adam’s manager starts taking better care for him!

    I hope that Adam will continue to make smart decisions about his health and care and security.

    No reason to take any chances!

    We pray for all their safety!

  14. Kathy Orton says:

    Okay, I was at the Tampa show last night with my daughter. The only reason we attended the show this year was for Adam and maybe Allison. Adam did not come out before or after the show. All the other idols came out after, only Matt before. I heard directly from the tour manager that Adam would not be coming out. Someone asked where he was and he said he was already on the bus. They asked “why, is he tired?” and he said no,not at all, and they asked why again and he said “It’s a long story”. Later back by the buses I heard, (and remember this is all hear say) that there was a dude there that was wearing an Adam wig, with Adam Lambert on his shirt with a huge X through it). I did not see this person. I also heard that there was a local stalker and that’s why he didn’t come out. I have to say he performed to perfection but we were very disappointed in him not being able to come out to see his fans as most of the people out there were waiting for Adam….He was very well received in Tampa, that I saw and everyone stood for his entire set. So many Adam supporters in Tampa, more so than any other idol, again, that I saw. And like I read earlier, every time his picture would come up on the big screen, for the Ford commercials, the crowd would all scream. It was awesome and his was the only one they did it for. I find it really sad, that he is being threatened, not only for us fans that won’t get to see him upclose and get his autograph, but for him. You know he would rather be out with his fans than sitting in the bus while the rest of them go out to the fans. It just sucks…..


  16. Hi Ladies, Since I started this scary blog, let me see if I can share some of the twitters that I read that started this whole thing.. I wrote down the names of the twitters and who’s sight it came from. Like I said before, the info came from the twitter page of AdamLambertNews. Kylaxoadam said this: “Yeah, some fans apparently were armed and dangerous. Some others had not so kind shirts, you know of the God hates Fags variety ” JessyBR said this : ” He’s definitely fine and on the bus. ” Lambrina01 said this : They didn’t, we are worried about him, but the buses came out with all of them, so he is ok now. ” So …. This is what I read last night from this sight and clicking on some of the twitters that came to that sight…. someone said they would find out more today.. If I have time before work today, I will let you all know if anything else comes out about it… I wish we could just wrap our boy up in a protective bubble from these nuts.. I hope this is just a one time thing…………. 🙁 sherry

  17. if anything ever happpend 2 adam, i’d die….your rite, he doesnt like 2 b told wat 2 do but i hope he is cautious and takes care of himself and listens to wat the manaager says. he’s so decent and kind and real. i love him not just bc he’s a great singer and talent but he’s a real person that i would love 2 get 2 know and b friends with. i love u adam lambert. c u on august 12 in NYC nassau coliseum!!

    • Iyleneidol09 says:

      Terri, you are absolutely right. He is very decent and grounded. I saw an interview on him on youtube in Fox Ohio? and he was talking about how he is turning down some job offer now bec. he cannot handle them all. The interviewer then asked him if the money is good and he said oh, yeah! it is very good, “I cant believe the difference from then and now. He even said he will help his mom AND dad if needed. They have been bailing him out for rent pay before and it is his turn to help them out. He said he even gave his dad a very generous father’s day gift. It is very interesting to know that even if he was on his own and went away on tour with Hair concert, wicked etc, you can see how this family are well connected/ bonded. I really adore this ADAM. Also, make up or no make up, he looks soo gorgeous. Have anywant heard his song pre-idol “WANT”. it is beautiful I love it. I have a feeling that that song will be used to many backgroup music to inspirational film clips : all about love in different form. Oh boy, I have been bubbling here endlessly…. Thank you all my newfound BFF. You just don’t realize how you have help me with this obsession…at least you help me find an outlet….


    • AdamAddict says:

      If it’s that serious,I say DON’T GO OUT & SIGN AUTOGRAPH! If his fans don’t understand that,they are not true fans! Don’t risk his life because of that autograph.He’s not going anywhere.He will be in this industry for a long time. When everything is safe,go find him and get that autograph.I really don’t want his fans make a big deal about it and force Adam to go out for signing session.What if something really happen? Ah,please,please don’t get me started! I can’t imagine if something bad happen to our Adam!NOOOO!!So please,if he doesn’t come out for autograph session,don’t piss!!I’m sure you guys want his safety comes first! Guys,keep your eyes wide open .Look for suspicious people! You guys be Adam’s security! I’m counting on you guys!I’ll just pray for him from far far away…Malaysia!Please be safe,Adam!Love you so much,I can’t bear if something happen to you. 🙁





  19. HI GUYS



  21. Change is happening, but it’s sometimes, two steps forward, one step back. I think in my lifetime, it will be legal in most states for gays to marry. However, we know that people of color still fight prejudice even in our so-called enlightened times, and gay rights and acceptance are newer to the scene. I think Adam is making a postive impact for gay awareness, and I’m sure opening more hearts, even though a few twisted people are so indoctrinated by their religious upbringing, parental “guidance”, or sick friends, that they won’t allow their hearts to open. Someday, I have a dream……

    • Kskodak, even here in enlightened Canada and particularly here on the west (or left) coast we still have problems. We have a large gay community, even politicians locally who are gay. WE also have “hate crimes” and every now and then a person, mainly a gay man will be attacked or even killed just for being gay. This is in Vancouver.

      It will take decades yet. There are still parents in their 20’s to 40’s who are passing on their prejudices to their kids. These kids might learn differently when they get out into the world, but there will be some ‘stragglers’ who will hold hate for anything that is different.

      What I cannot understand is how the word “Jesus” and “hate” can be in the same sentence!!!

      Or as Adam astutely said once: “God hates hate” That’s how it should be used.

  22. where are the photos of these ‘people’ wearing ‘hateful ‘ Tshirts???
    you wouldnt get away with this in Europe- you would be NAMED and SHAMED all over the press!

    • YOU ARE 100% RIGHT

  23. Okay. I had the best seats in the house. Front Row center. I apparently got on the screan a few times, if you saw me I’m the bleach blonde with the white and mutli-colored blouse. Anywho, this concert has been the best concert I went to. Adam sexed the audience through the air and Allison was outragiously awesome. I had a problem with the press infront of the stage though, a couple of them kept trying to take pictures of me which was odd, but whatever. Great concert. But then again, I had the best seat anyone could ask for:D

  24. Why does idiots try to ruin everything for us, who spends hard earned money to see our favorite AI entertainer…..Adam is a wonderful, kind, intelligent, handsome person, that his music makes us feel great…..He is the one I hear everyone say they are going to see, here in Missouri where I live…..Did you ever think that it could be jealousy causing this…he is the only one who is fantastic at what he does….I am a 74 year old woman and Love Adam and his music….He is Awesome….Lets hope we can get rid of these nuts who are stalking Adam and get back to having fun….Waiting to see Adam in K.C.He is great…………..bringing my 5 granddaughters, 3 daughters and myself and we plan on having fun….and enjoying Adam….

    • You will all have a wonderful time!

      I saw several multi-generational groups at the Sunrise, FL concert last night – many sporting black or blue nail polish, some with leather, fingerless gloves, some with Adam T-shirts. I thought the crowd was great – about the most appreciative crowd I’ve ever had the pleasure to be a part of at a concert – especially when Adam came out. And though most of the people around me were, like me, there to see Adam, everyone was very respectful of all the other Idols. There was no real Danny- or Kris-bashing that I saw. And the people here and there who had signs and what-not for Danny or Kris were very appreciative of Adam, too.

      Hope you’re lucky enough to be sitting up close like I was, but it’s still worthwhile even if you aren’t. If you’re up close, I guarantee you will be gobsmacked by how luscious he is in person.

      Enjoy! 🙂

    • PEGGY,,,Spot On! I’m in total agreement. Wishing you only the best time at the concert!!! It would be so great if the 3 generations could get a pic w/Adam! He would certainly enjoy that, too, I’m sure! Of course, the haters may have skrewed it up for us all for now. But, maybe by the time your concert comes along, things might be resolved! Hope so, for you and your ‘brood’!!!

  25. OMG i loved the ending dont stop belevin’!!

  26. Someone who was actually outside at the Tampa concert said there was a small group holding posters referring to “sin” but not a single word could she see referring to Adam or gay. She said it was not a big deal, no mmisbehaviour. However Adam did not come out after the show.



  28. AdamRocks! says:

    I mean the man HAIR flip. . .

    Cindy in MS