TOUR VIBE – American Idol Summer Tour 2009 – San Diego, CA



The tour bus will be rocking into San Diego on Saturday, July 18th at the San Diego Sports Arena.

Carol said it all in her “How I Kissed The Striped Pants” post – I’m sure everyone going to this concert is feeling the same kind of excitement!

Carol, Lila and Dreamsound will be sharing their photos and reviews after the concert. If you are attending this concert as well, we invite you to share your concert experience with us. Comment with your details, and email us with your photos.

By the way, I just want to say a big THANK YOU to all you guys who have been posting concert reviews in your comments!!!  We are all living vicariously through you, so please all you concert-goers, keep it up!

For us to post your photos, please email them to If you have the photos in PhotoBucket or on another photo-sharing site, just email us the links to your photos. Otherwise, just attach your jpg photo files to your email. Please remember to include in the email which concert the photos were taken at.

Also, please remember that we are still collecting photos for Adam’s birthday project. Here’s a recap of this project:

If you want to be involved, we’re asking you to make a sign and send us a picture. You don’t need to be attending the concerts to participate. Be as creative as you want, but all signs need to include the following message:
Your Name, Your Glamb #, Your City & State or Country
We really need your location. This is critical for the project. He’s already a world-wide star and this gift will recognize that.

Take a picture of yourself with the sign and send to It would be really neat if you were next to your town’s landmark. If you’re going to the Tour Concert in your city, you could even take your picture there! All pictures must be received by October 15, 2009.

~~Jeanette, Glamb #5





    • Hi, theresa/canada, – I just spotted your question asking how to become a Glamb. The easiest way is probably this: go to the Home page on this site. At the top of the Home Page, you will see Adam’s picture smiling at you in that large box that displays changing pictures of Adam. (It really doesn’t matter which picture is showing in the box, the instructions will still work.) As you run your mouse lightly over the side of that picture, you will see a faint, rather large arrow. As you click on that arrow, different pictures will come up in succession. After clicking on that arrow about three times, you will come to the picture of Adam’s raised fist on a silver background. Beside his fist, it will say ‘Glambs’ in large aqua letters. Click directly on that picture, and it will take you to the sign-up page for the Glambs Fan Club. The instructions are at the top of the page, and are easy to follow. I hope many other fans reading this will decide to join up too! Hope this helps!






      • Thanks Lorrin! I have been claiming to be a Glamb but did not know that I had to register. Looking forward to doing so.

      • KailuaGirl1966 says:

        I have followed the steps to receive my Glamb #. I have posted a few times and subscribed to the news letter…… it’s been several weeks and when I posted a comment today there was no number. Help!

        • Hi KailuaGirl1966, I’ve noticed in the past that some people trying to join the Glambs have been waiting a little longer than others to get their number. Be patient just a while longer, and it will probably appear, Also, it’s a good idea to post a note on the Glambs sign-up page and ask for help, and tell them you haven’t received your number yet. They will hopefully respond fairly quickly with your assigned number. Hope this helps!

      • I joined a while ago, I’m not sure where to find my Glamb #. Please help. I know I followed directions
        about commenting on forums etc.

    • for adam fans.. to get a “glamberts” number assign to you. please go to
      or go to and type in “list for glamberts” something like that,
      that user “chaotica” will assign a number for you. she has all the list and is in charge of glamberts number. please pass this info to all adam fans who are interseted in becoming a glambert

  2. Just had a few minutes to spare so went into which is a handy site for Adam news and found this

    Interview July 16 Dish of Salt with Laura Saltzman She askes lots of fans’ questions, a bit different info about Adam.

    Sorry don’t know how to send the link as there is no simple copy and paste feature.

    • rhymingrealtor says:


      I found that interveiw yesterday- it must come with a warning to Moms,” Can’t be read without shedding a tear” – unless it’s just me !

      • Have you seen the one earlier on when his mom surprised him in the studio and near the end he hugs and kisses her and says for all to hear “I love you”. Boo hoo!!

        • Theresa, is that the interview when he went ( home week ) on AI?
          if not I must have missed that one.

  3. AdamRocks! says:

    Here you go theresa!

    • Thanks AdamRocks, . I’d already done the newsletter and posting two months ago, just hadn’t applied for a Glamb #. There are 7 or 8 of us at the end of the list waiting for numbers now.

      Those who applied a while back need to scroll UPWARDS as many have been given their numbers earlier but do not know it yet. We are up to the mid three hundreds…or so

    • Thanks AdamRocks! Ididnt know my # untill now. Any other Ohio fans going to the concert in Ohio in August? Would love to meet up w/you.
      Cant wait.


  5. jackiet says:

    thank you for all the information you have been giving us regarding Adam. Can’t wait to see him August 11th in NY.

  6. AdamAddict says:

    Out of topic again, sooorryy!Well what i’m going to say about the tour because ~sigh~ I can’t go! I live far far far the hell away. So,remember AT40?I posted few weeks ago I think.Adam & Kris host AT40 replacing Ryan Seacreast! So,this is the AT40 BLOOPERS! Woo hoo I love bloopers! Here:–H_4-ZU&eurl=http%3A%2F%2Fgossipcandy%2Ecom%2F&feature=player_embedded

    • AdamAddict says:

      I just found this in other sites.Do U know one of Adam fav. movie is “Velvet Goldmine?” And the way he performed on stage,actually he learn that from Ewan McGregor in that movie?You MUST WATCH this vid.Seriously,he even look like Ewan!But I pray to God that he won’t do the naked part,even how much I want to see his…ehem but keep it mystery is more fun! Let me have this dirty mind thinking about it than he expose everything! Please don’t do like that,Adam!lol
      P/S:4 underage,don’t watch, hmm I think I shouldn’t write that down because now you girls curious what not to watch??!! Whatever,check this out! I’m a bit skerd,LOL!!

      Here what Adam says 1st:“One of my favorite movies of all time is Velvet Goldmine, by Todd Haynes, and the scene that comes to mind is when Ewan McGregor’s character is first introduced and he’s a singer, a rock star, and the camera comes in on him — he’s on stage — and he gets naked, pours beer all over himself, then glitter on top of that. He shakes the glitter can around his crotch like he was jerking off onto the audience and then lights the foot of the stage on fire. And to me, that just sums up everything that a rock star should be. It’s like a fantasy sequence. That movie is absolutely brilliant — and a little underrated in my opinion, too. I was about 22 when I first saw it, and I was just like, whoa. It’s a movie loosely based on a Ziggy Stardust-type character and an Iggy Pop-type character. It doesn’t specifically name them but they’re clearly modeled after those two rock stars, and it’s just cool. It’s a love letter to the glam scene.”

      • adamtastic1877 says:

        is that video link of adam or ewan mcgregor?

        • AdamAddict says:

          Obviously Ewan!! Adam learnt the move from that movie,I think! The licking lips and the “Calling hands” move. The glitter is like the one he posed for RS! But the movie was old and he told everyone the part he love most in that movie so I think he wants let us know he got the move from there before somebody found out and say whatever crap!So,if somebody just said Adam copy Ewan moved,He can say “well yeah,I already told U guys that!!Hey,at least he didn’t copy other contentants! For some of us,that’s a new move! If Adam didn’t say it,I didn’t even know!

      • This post is great AdamAddict – thanks. Yes, there is something to be said about mystery – it’s why most women would rather read a romance novel and use their imaginations rather than just look at naked pictures of guys.

        Wow, I looked at the video – I can see why Adam found this scene to be a hoot. It was intense, erotic and more than a bit….SICK!

      • Agree, please Adam do not strip naked and do a performance like in the movie. Keep your
        love of mystery going on for us fans. As much as we would like to see you ( oh no I better stop)

    • AdamRocks! says:

      Does anyone know what HH and HP means? His Hotness, maybe? 🙂

      Cindy in MS

      • AdamAddict says:

        I already email you! But yes that what it means.HH means Adam!
        For those who confused here,we’re talking about the sites that Cheery posted above. 🙂

        • AdamRocks! says:

          Thanks Emili (that’s your name, right? I hope so, since that’s what I’ve been calling you. :-)). . . I got your email!

          His Hotness. . . ~swoon~

          Cindy in MS


      • AdamRocks, I was wondering the same thing, so many initials in that article.

        • AdamAddict says:

          It’s their secret code! It confused me at first and still confuse a little sometimes!

  7. KailuaGirl1966 says:

    Thank you to all the wonderful comments (really enjoyed “How I Kissed The Stripped Pants”), photos and videos that y’all have shared. Adam Rock On!

  8. Manda_K says:

    Thanks for sharing! I am going this Fri to Tulsa! Cannot WAIT!!!

  9. Hi, All! I have been receiving this newsletter almost since the beginning of time but this is my first time to post…I just want to thank all of you for sharing your many thoughts, comments, experiences, photos, and videos with the rest of us! I couldn’t help but laugh when I read “How I Kissed the Stripped Pants” article…reminded me of when my sister and I went out shopping for Glam nail polish, eyeliner, etc.! How is it that this incredible, sexy , talented, articulate, down-to-earth human being has managed to reawaken the sexuality and desirability of so many people??? I haven’t felt this sexy since I was in my late 20s many years ago! Even my husband had noticed the difference Thanks again for all you do…keep up the great job!!!

  10. We were there last night for Adam at the Sports Arena in San Diego. Really, I don’t know how they’d be selling tickets without him, as everyone we talked to seemed to be there for him – with a nod to Allison. Had great seats, a bit high but still fairly near the stage, with excellent sight lines (on an aisle) so we could see both Adam and the jumbotron even if arms were up. As has been reported elsewhere, whenever Adam’s face would appear onscreen – during the pre-show bits – the crowd would react wildly. The real show began with Allison after the break, and she was adorable, with tons of talent and energy. Great fun to watch her skip around the stage…. Then Gokey, and he does have energy, though the sound system was bad enough I couldn’t get any of the lyrics from him or anyone else – until Adam. It definitely wasn’t the best venue for vocal quality, though I doubt that’s what most people were there for. Still, nothing can really dim Adam’s voice – his bottom notes sounded rich and his top notes crystal clear, and he even got the lyrics through that sound system.

    As has been reported elsewhere, the final applause for Gokey blurs into a roar for Adam – and it happened twice, because a lot of people seemed to think Gokey’s set had ended before it did. When it was obvious it really WAS time for Adam, the whole auditorium erupted. His intro definitely had the most pyrotechnics, but it didn’t overwhelm his entrance. “Whole Lotta Love” was of course spectacular, going from peak to peak, growling and slinking and then erupting again, and he definitely worked that mike stand…. Then, on to “Starlight,” which was shivery-gorgeous with the disco ball and his crystal voice, “Mad World” (always a little bit different from the time before), fun with Allison (introduced as his ‘kid sister”) – no bras this time, but a blue scarf, which he twirled and dropped on stage, and finally, the Bowie medley, which was my least favorite musically, but Adam was truly gorgeous to watch and as usual, he got the most from the lyrics. He is so powerful and graceful on stage – he fills the whole space, physically and vocally. Every movement flows seamlessly and looks absolutely spontaneous – as they say in theatre, he maintains “the illusion of the first time,” which takes a lifetime of discipline to perfect. Stripping the jacket, he is at once the consummate entertainer and lost in his own world, caught up in his own emotions – but every gesture is telling. As one critic said, he does the “bump and grind” and makes it at once playful and serious.

    And of course, he thanked San Diego for supporting him, though I doubt if local support was any stronger than anywhere else – simply because it couldn’t be. And now… we all have to wait to many months for his solo tour.

    • AdamAddict says:

      Not blue scarf,I think it’s blue feather kind of thing.I dunno what it’s call but he should put it around his neck because it match his blue eyes! Ooh la la!! 🙂

      • Boa !? and he likes feathers- arhhhhhh
        no- bodys thrown THEMSELVES on the stage yet then !!!
        i woulda have in san jose- but it would have had to been a sky dive- from up top in the ‘nose bleeds’ but i was sorely tempted many times xx <3 <3 <3 luvya luvya luvya luvya

        • AdamAddict says:

          Yes,it’s feather boa!! I have pink and magenta in my room.Now, I’m going to buy blue! 😛

    • Great description, Peggy, and it just goes to show, he’s the consumate entertainer already as it sounds as ‘fresh’ as it was for us in Concert #3.!

    • Thanks Peggy for your very vivid account! Please post photos, if you have.

      • Sorry, no photos. I’m with Adam on the camera thing. He listed “cameras” as among his dislikes, giving the same reason I have – any time you take a photo you are no longer fully experiencing the moment. Whenever you’re looking through a viewfinder, your focus is on capturing something, not letting it flow through you…. Not that I don’t appreciate all the beautiful photos of Adam that professionals have “captured”!

        • Just thought I should elaborate on the “no cameras” thought. It’s not that I never take pictures, but in a way, the more powerful the experience is, the less I want a camera intruding. I first really grasped this when I was living in Scotland. When I was out in the heather, surrounded by the ever-changing light and cloudscapes and colors of the sea and mountains. I could spin like a top, gasping at the beauty in every direction – or I could try to snap a tiny piece of it and become too conscious of myself as something separate from the world. I also discovered that cameras don’t capture what the eye can see – where the eye would see the mountain behind the shifting mist, the photo might show a grey wall. So I began leaving the camera home.

          This isn’t a bad metaphor for what happens when you try to “capture” a stage performance. All the life surrounding you – in this case, the fog, the glitter ball sparkling from the arena, Adam’s every movement and transition – cannot be caught on film, and I’d rather be burning it into my brain. It was hard enough having to choose between watching him fill the stage with his movements – and watching his facial expressions on the screen!

          • AdamAddict says:

            I have to agree with U about the camera thing.When a celebrity came here to promote something,my sisters used to bring camera and video camera to shoot.And usually I don’t want to hold the video camera because U need to concetrate to shoot beautiful picture.So your eyes only look at that small screen.What’s tha different with watching that celebrity on tv,right?
            So,I’ll asked my sisters to do it and they also don’t like it too much.So,usually we’ll take turn!LOL!!We really want to shoot but at the same time,we can’t feel the ….u know…feel…yeah I’m sure u know!
            Next time if U want the picture and vid,U should do my way.Take turn!LOL!But bring many people as U can & U pick to be the last 1 to shoot,maybe it’s over before it comes your turn!:P

        • I remember him stating the camera comment. I know when we met him in Los Angeles the day
          after AI finale, I’m sure glad I had my camera. He was sooo very nice to talk a bit and pose with me and other fans for pictures. These are Kodak memories I will cherish forever.
          I can still remember looking into those gorgeous eyes of his!

          • AdamAddict says:

            If you trying to make me jealous,you did excellent job!! 🙁 But good for you,but I’m still jealous a bit!

    • Beautiful, thoughtful account of Adam’s time on stage, Peggy. I especially loved your description of his ‘filling the whole space, physically and vocally’, and that Adam maintains the ‘illusion of the first time’ throughout each of his performances. It is a special treat to all of us that Adam has been trained in the theatre and is so aware of every aspect of performance art. With his rare gifts, he will continue to maintain that freshness and mastery of the stage for the entire length of his long career.

      • The more I think about it, the more I am really in awe of what he did with movement. So many of the others just walked/danced back and forth (though I realize I was a little remiss above – Anoop among all the ones in the first half displayed a surprising ease on stage and considerable charm). Allison certainly made the stage her own, with just raw energy. But Adam really claimed the space so that at no time did any part of it feel empty. If his body wasn’t in any one part, he was filling it with his energy.

  11. I was at the concert last night and I was there from 12 in the afternoon to about 12 30 am waiting to see Adam. The show was awesome but I already saw it at staples center. I waited outside for all of them to come out. Adam came out and was one person away from me and he was pulled away to get on the bus. =[ I was sooo mad and sad i cried and stared at his picture the whole drive back to my house. I have already met Adam but it was before he was WAY famous. I met him a few times in my home town. I have good pics of the concert and will Email them.

    • sylverine says:

      Oh Alexis – you knew him! I haven’t come across a post before of anyone who knew Adam. Please please tell us all about it – every last detail!

  12. Just wondering out loud and to the group who probably has some thoughts about it.

    We have all seen how Adam has changed American Idol through his incredible talent–courage, risk taking, and above all his commitment to being himself. It will be thoroughly enjoyable to watch Season 9 just to see what follows Adam’s trail-blazing.

    Here is what I’m wondering now. Do you think it is even possible for Adam to change (will he want to?) the way “STARS” are treated. Can anyone even fathom what it would be like to never have the complete freedom to your privacy unless you choreographed it? And, even then, the press finds a way. What a rock and a hard place to be caught between! He/STARS would love and appreciate the fans who elevated them to this unique place in the Universe and would clearly want to sign autographs and meet and greet–but not every time they walk out of their homes. Adam said himself in a recent interview that doing the shows, interviews, and meet and greets before and after is draining and takes a lot of energy, but he does it because that is what is required–and he wants to do it. But, at what price? For how long?

    Okay, here’s what I’m wondering about. Is anyone else as fascinated with the Twitter technology that actually allows Adam to connect with his adoring fans? And those bubble tweets? That is amazing stuff. I would think that maybe a smart guy like Adam might figure a way to use these to take some of the “personal” pressure off of him.

    Adam is such a clear thinking, class act that I can’t imagine that he won’t be giving that whole scene a lot of thought and I’m very curious to see if he might not be the one to somehow reinvent that wheel as well. Of course, I could be taking my own penchant for privacy and generalizing what I would feel like to lose it–maybe Adam truly can thrive in that environment.

    Interested in the thoughts of others on this subject.


    • ALLEGAN- You know, that is a very good question, really! I think you might have something there! I bet that Adam will think about the situation and possibly come up w/a way, a better way to be able to have some
      kind of life other than the pap. dictates! Adam is so very strong and his own man, I can’t see him just giving
      in to these photogs! – Very, very good thought!
      As far as technology, I am ignorant when it comes to tech., I ‘cringe’ at anything electrical or technical! I’m
      sure I could be better if I trully cared enough about, but I guess I don’t. So what he’s been doing on twitter
      is just something I have just accidentaly seen, even tho I have a twitter acct., I’m not really sure what to do
      with it! hahah!! You say it is amazing and I’ss believe you cuz I really don’t haves a clue how all that works!

  13. Allegan, with a couple of Aquarian signs in his birthchart Adam has the qualities to be forward thinking and a leader, somewhat like Obama was during his campaign. That would be a great idea, to take off some of the pressure, to use the internet for general communication with his fans.

    Unfortunately there still would have to be some ‘meet and greet’ as fans are so hungry for that. However, look at how some of the most in-demand stars manage to keep most of their personal life private (Jolie and Pitt) with a bit a manoeuvering.

    I think when performers go on tour the tour dates are spread out a lot more. Idol must cram it all into the summer. I also think there is a kind of schedule followed these days regarding the making of an album, the release of singles, and the following tour, so there is downtime as well.

  14. HI GUYS

  15. Just wanted to let any Adam fans know that on a site called idolbloglive they just about beat Adam into the ground whenever they get the chance. And these are mostly the moderators angie >rachel>someone lee.joyce. It’s run by someone name dj slim. They have a couple of different pictures or shots that you can add your idea of a caption (suppose to be fun) it is to them cuz they without exception insult >according to them all in jest Adam continously and predictably. warn to you if you disagree with them or call them on it you are either insulted blasted or your comments are deleted. They do most of the posting and anything the least adverse about danny or kris >i like kris, is like putting a target on your back. Just had to let some Adam fans know the crap they pull over there. Even though the site is trivial.

    • Oh my gosh, someone hold me back, or I’m going over there to whack down the bushes!

        Gokey better not be involved in any of this, or Matt, or Sarvo. -Off the sub. for a min., Allison looked and
        sounded better in the SanDiego duet w/Adam. He’s down to calling her his ‘cute’ little sis! How CUTE
        is THAT???? Adam, I just want to give you a big lovilng bearhug like you give to everyone! Wouldn’t ilt
        be nice if more men hugged like that!!!!

    • Craig – thanks for alerting us. I am going to treat their website as a non-entity and not give them the satisfaction of getting the desired response. I understand if other Glambs want to visit the website but it won’t work for me – not good for my blood pressure, colon, … etc.Thanks for the ‘heads up’ though.

      • AdamAddict says:

        Sorry Lorrin but hell no I’m going to hold you back. Go kick some butt!!

        • AdamAddict – On second thoughts, I think this situation needs drastic measures. Let’s all go and kick butt!!

          • AdamAddict says:

            Kicking butt is my expertise! I’ll put that in my resume next time! 🙂 Aiyak!! Oh yes, I’m going to kick more butts than necessary!

            • Cool, you have just been made the ‘principal butt kicker’ of anyone who messes with our Adam.

  16. I watched the videos of the San Diego performances, it should be called the Adam Lambert Concert, he is the main attraction, as Paula said in the American Idol judges comments, “you left the others in the rear mirror view”, and that is excactly what happens with everyone of his appearances. He is so unique that, such a fantastic vocal range, such a performer, you cannot help but love the guy. I think we have only just seen a small part of his talent.

  17. JohnJay says:

    Here’s a very nice review of Adam at the San Diego show.

      interesting!! The one thing that jumped out was the statement of the $100,000.00 salary each one gets
      for the concert tour! Can’t help but wonder if they all get the EXACT SAME amount!? It’s interestilng that
      the journalist made the comparison to Elvis. I watched w/little interest a show on tv earlier entitled “Elvis
      and Michael” Two Kings, or something like that. Personally, I regard Elvis higher than MJ, so I really am
      not sure that show showed the distinctions very well! I surely don’t think ‘Neverland’ and ‘Graceland’ can
      really be considered too similiar!!! Totally 2 completely different homesteads! Just thanks again!

      • JohnJay, I really feel the need to, once again, apologize for the way lmy paragraphs are shown!! My
        computer ‘acts up’ on occasion, and I guess, this is one of them!! Lklorrin gets a kick out of it saying
        it’s usually very easy to spot my comments from afar! I can see where that’s the case!

    • Great review and view of our dear Adam! Funny, how I/we never get bored watching the performances over and over, the interviews, the articles… it’s just like he were here with us daily!

      • Cheryl dear, your computer is doing the writing for you, and has his own madcap style. So you will just have to put up with it the best you can. You see, we have to be able to spot you wherever you go on these pages!

        • OKAY LORRIN!!! haha! My typewriter is definately a male! I’ve got a name for him, too. He’s so jealous of Adam, he has to do something wierd to draw attention to himself like so many other men I’ve known. So, his name is “BERT” SHORT FOR DELL-BERT! u c Bert is a Dell…so he’s now Dellbert, or just Bert, for short! Another annoying man cramping my life style, being pushy AND annoying! Could have named him the “madhatter” from your description that he has his own madcap style!! They both work!


          • We’ll just have to make him a fan…..we’ll call him ‘MadBert’. Rhymes with Lambert.

            • AdamAddict says:

              Cheryl, U named your computer?Seriously?LOL!I want to name my computer as well,I guess, but not male’s name.Girls name so we can be best friend and she help me google Adam willingly without any problem!
              And Cheryl,I don’t think your computer is jealous of Adam!No no no,he loves Adam but dislike U because U keep talking about HIS ADAM! LOL!!That’s why he gave you some problem! 😛 I decided to name my computer Lambie!How was that?Don’t copy mine!LOL!

              • LORRIN & ADAMADDICT, You two have got it together! Lorrin, ‘MadBert’ is it! Yep, his
                name is “MadBert Lambert’!!! LOVE IT! AdamAddict, so you thilnk it’s funny that I named
                my computer, huh?? But, then again, you want to name yours, too? ‘Lambie’ is cute! For a
                female! hahaha! Yeah, whenever I have a problem (like w/my computer) there’s usually a
                man involved somewhere! haha! That’s precisely WHY I knew my computer was a male!
                But, you’re probably right, still about ‘his’ prpblem! Maybe he’s gay? Ever think about that?
                Well, have ya?? haha! This is too much, kids!! You’re both too cute! And thanks for the
                help, again!!

                • AdamAddict says:

                  That’s what I meant,Cheryl! Adam belongs to Bert.That’s why he keep messing with U Cheryl!Jealousy! OMG,let this Bert Adam thing stop right here,I’m afraid the next day rumours about Bert dating Adam spread because of us! LOL!!

    • JohnJay – thanks, this is a brilliant review!

      • AdamAddict says:

        TQ JohnJay 4 posting that.So,let me put this straight! when Adam in A.I he got all good praise from judges.When he didn’t win A.I, people still treated him like a winner.Even paparazi seems more interested in him. RS wants him as a cover boy.When he perform in A.I tour,he got the loudest applause and screamed.Bras,panties boa all for him.I think Adam fill youtube more than others!
        Among all people, this creepy creature interested of hacked his twitter and all.Whoever scumbag that bashing him got a headline the next day.Not only good looking,hot,sexy etc he also has a extraordinary talent! How people could not get jealous of this guy? You tell me?If I’m a scumbag I got very jealous too,seriously!If I’m other contentant,I would be jealous even I like him or maybe I just turn gay for him and start flirting with him…of course if I’m a guy!But I’m not so I will not jealous at him but the flirting thing,I’m still going to try though! Who knows,hey!! 🙂

    • Thanks JJ great article, makes us “oldies” feel better to know lots more of us are out there.

  18. Didn’t mean to take up so much space, but I do have one more point to make about Adam’s amazing training and instincts. For as long as I have watched American Idol, I’ve been frustrated by how few young singers ever truly connect with what they are singing. They might have a good voice technically, but they don’t know how to “act” the song. Or they come up with one emotion and sing the whole song on that level. Of everyone on the stage last night, there were only two – Allison and Adam – who seemed to understand the interior arc of music and lyrics, and found the emotions within the song.

    One of the ways that Adam makes every song his own – and for my money, I’d rather have his version than any of the originals of anything he’s ever sung! – is that he delivers the emotion of every line and even word in the song, even when the lyrics as a whole barely hang together. Somebody posted on the Brigadoon thread that after listening to Adam, they finally understood why people cry at the opera. It is that “theatrical” ability to blend notes and emotion to create a higher/deeper/stronger level of emotion than could be expressed by either music or lyrics separately. And few opera singers are also able to throw such a lithe and expressive body into the mix!

    • I too, noticed this ability of Adam’s to create, as Peggy so perfectly stated, those ‘higher, deeper, stronger levels of emotion’ because of his high awareness of perfomance art through his theatrical training. I have noticed in Adam for a long time, his astounding command of himself and his voice as a singular instrument. He is not content to stand and deliver a song, instead he gathers the song up within himself, surrounds this intensified emotion with sound, and then catapults it straight out of his entire body. I remember his rendition of ‘Born To Be Wild’ for the AI audience, in which he drops to the floor and screams out the chorus, and at the very end of ‘Play That Funky Music’, when he rises up on his toes to deliver the note: he is gathering himself from the depths of his being and using every particle and every part of his spectacular body to slay the listener with his power, down to his very toes. Now that we have the tour videos in all their dazzling array and the first-hand descriptions of those who were there, we can sit and compare his perfomances, and see what he has changed or added. In going through the San Diego videos last night, I found one that left me dazed again with his vocal and physical mastery. Of course, Adam is before his hometown crowd, and their love for him is palpable, thrumming the air with sound. The screaming of the audience could move tectonic plates as he once again strides to the microphone and belts out ‘You need coolin’, baby, I’m not foolin’, and then moves on in waves of sound over his head as he continues to yell out that song, belting it out in jack-hammer precision. He throws back his head, leans back on his heels, stands and growls at the mic, kicks and struts and stamps with his feet, and floats disembodied in a cloud of billowing light. By this time he has become the song, the embodiment of the dark, gorgeously handsome prince standing before his adoring people. Adam IS the song, the night, the dark prince, the story, and the raging rock god all at once, and carries us all into a state of frenzied ecstasy with him. The screams rise higher in ever greater crescendos as he works that stage and that mic, never letting up on the audience. Every inch of him is a glittering Prince of rock and roll. He moves with such power across that stage that he leaves a photographic image of golden light as he goes. But he is not content with simply repeating the fantastic performance of the night before which has already slain thousands, no, in this new performance he has added in notes not heard before. It’s not enough that he has already torn down the house with his stunningly hard-driving vocals and magnificent physicality, but now he adds into the last chorus an ululating vibrato line that is so crazily good it is not be believed, sneaking up on the unsuspecting audience member who thought they had already seen and heard everything., and slaying them with sound.

      There simply is no one like Adam Lambert. His vocal virtuosity and dynamism are the first and last word. He combines all the stagecraft, vocal prowess, and hair’s-breadth awareness of his art of every performer in any time who went before him. He is the King of Hearts and at the same time, the mischievious Puck with his elixer of love, which causes anyone who sees him to love him. He has been in the business of beguiling audiences since childhood, and has learned well how to project the enormity and beauty of his entire being over an astounded world. His voice is not just good, it is in the stratosphere of vocal instruments, and his understanding of how to use it is sublime. Adam has also resurrected a form of singing not heard since Farinelli in the 1700’s, in which the higher registers of the male voice caused a physical and emotional reaction of such intensity that people fainted on hearing it. Adam stands alone above the atmospheric line as a the premier rock and roll performer of our time. Thunder and lightning will strike wherever he goes, and flames fly out of his hands, and it will only get better, and better, and better as he gets closer to the world stage which is his birthright. I can see him coming, striding with his oh-so-black head thrown back on his beautiful shoulders, long black lashes over aquamarine eyes, snarling lip over his white-white teeth, taking the mic on his OWN STAGE, planting those strong, long legs, throwing out his glittering arm and splitting the air with the first notes of the most incredible career of performance history. I cannot wait to see it!

      • Here is the link to the YouTube video of Adam singing ‘Whole Lotta Love’ in San Diego, which inspired my review above. I have never seen such intensity of emotional power in any performer anywhere. And I thank the dozens of dear people who have gone to these concerts and sacrificially filmed these perfomrances so that everyone around the world can see them and share in the incredible man who is Adam Lambert. Here is the link:

        The videographer lost the focus in a couple of crucial places, but overall it captures Adam at the height of his power as a performer.

        • That’s ‘performances’, not ‘performrances’, good heavens…

          • HEY, LORRIN….I thought you were going to try not to be such a ‘perfectionist’, like I talked about by not
            correcting my typo errors!!!!! Lorrin! Good lord, you can’t do it, now can you??? hahah! It is hard to be a
            perfectionist, isn’t it?! I think you must be a hopeless case in the ‘literature’ vein’, heh? I will say that it
            makes for easier readilng tho! When I see those little ‘corrective’ staterments after one of your longer
            posts, I often think to mysellf, ‘what?’ where was that mistake??! Just teasing you!! Don’t anyone be doing
            too much judging me on all of my typos!!! Think I mentionead this before, about myself!?? I must say,tho, that I do ‘cringe’ sometimes, if I am made to reread what I’ve written to see what someone is telling me!
            As I said before, I don’t ‘edit’ myself……hmmmmmm..maybe I should start tho! We’ll see!! hahaha!
            You really got into a ‘groove’ while describing Adam and Adam’s incredible talent!! All so very, very true!
            I’m just as amazrf at him as I was from day one. No! I continue to see more and more of his wonderful
            personality, and individualism as time goes on, and THAT in itself is amazing. Each concert he gives a
            little more! He’s just not able to perform in the exact same way for each concert! He can’t help himself,
            he has the NEED to ‘freshen up’ his own songs and ‘grow’ in one way or another, so as not to let his set
            become ‘boring’ either to him or the fans. I’ve heard him say that that is the main struggle he has, not
            letting himself be ‘boring’. For me, he could just stand there like he did when he sang “Beth” – my god
            he stood there, hands straight down at his sides, that beautiful face, eyes, mouth, hair, …etc…and sung
            w/o effort as his eyes scanned the audiance w/o fear, and in complete control of his emotions and
            confident of his talent and abilitly to do to a song whatever he wants. I discussed the info you gave me
            on ‘The Law of The Conservation of Energy’ and the book, “Many Lives Many Masters”, w/my son and
            asked him if he knew anything about that. He has a masters in philosophy from Uof Michigan, and I
            thought that maybe he had something to add,,,,,he seemed surprised at my info re the subject and said
            that no, he hasn’t read that book. He’s not real thrilled when I tgalk about reincarnation being a pastor of
            a Christian Church (also because he’s a professor of theology in 2 colleges)! Ya think that’s his problem??
            Actually, he doesn’t ‘push’ me on any religious ideas, as he knows I will win my argument! Haha! He also
            ‘wins’ his own! Live and let live as I try to live up to. ANYWAY, I just got myself ‘worked up’ after watching
            the San Diego concert videos! It is actually a little scarry to me, I just feel concerned about Adam’s future
            life b/c I just want it to go good and for him to be happy and fulfilled. The relationship between him and Kris
            makes me think Adam will be a good and fresh take on ‘relationships’ between men -period! I can see it
            coming!! He is already a wonderful example for young men and the way men treat others in this world!
            He is strong, but gentle. One thing that I wasn’t sure of was his stroking the mic and his crotch area during
            WLL. Then, I thought to myself, how very ‘tame’ he is compared to MJ and MJ’s ‘cupping’ his entire crotch
            area continuously for years. That was not necessary, in my opinion for MJ to do that w/all the young kids
            who followed him, etc. I thought and still think that was a vulgar move he should not have adapted as some-
            thing he would be ‘known’ for doing. Afterall WHY did he think that was OK, and WHEN did the public come
            to accept it w/o question???? That has ALWAYS bothered me, and I am most definately no prude! Enough
            of MJ. Adam is superior to MJ in every way as far as I am concerned!! No offense to those who really
            like MJ. Going to bed. It is very late, and I am very tired!!! …PEACE-LOVE-HOPE-2 ADAM …..and all!

            • Cheryl, I love the way you laugh at yourself which tells me you are comfortable with whom you are. I, personally, think it is a good practice and tend to do it as well. I sometimes forget that we are communicating via the internet – feels like a ‘real-time’ conversation. Hmmmmmmmmmm, you seem rather preoccupied with the crotch-thing (Adam & MJ) – just being naughty!

              Lorrin, as usual I love your running commentary! Indulge me, … how about your take on Adam’s intense rendition of “A change is gonna come” . Make my day!

              Theresa, I recall reading that you are sixty something. You are joking, seriously joking – your ideas and that of many Glambs (fifty upwards) are so current. I also love the connection between Glambs of all ages.

              Jeanette & Co. you have done well hell of a job engaging a diverse group of people in ‘Adam speak’ and indulging in some good, honest-to-goodness social intercourse. Love it!


              • Ingrid, I will get on that description of ‘A Change Is Gonna’ Come’ as soon as I can, I am running late today on catching up with all these posts. It’s like running a mini-marathon keeping up with you all, you are all wonderful at online communication! You’ve played a great part since the beginning, Ingrid, in the warm friendship of all of us Glambs, and I do thank you….I think we ARE all maintaining that ‘real-time connection’ you mentioned, even though our posts are a few ‘hours’ apart. Love to you, and all you Glambs in South Africa, you are quite a good-size group now!

              • HEY INGRID! Thanks mucho for your sompliment about my besing ‘comfortable’ w/myself!!! I love it when
                I get complimentted!!! hahah! just kidding w/ya! But, really, it’s nice to hear you are gonna laugh at yourself
                more, too!!!! I think that’s really grerat!
                Regarding the CROTH THING!! You’re right! I am a little preoccupied w/that area sometimes, hahaha!!
                But, honestly, I have always been bothered by MJ holding his CROTCH all the time he sang! I mean WHY?? And WHY was the public never vocal about it??? The public is so vocal about so many ‘non-issues’, or issues of little consequence. MJ’s standing in front of the world singing w/one hand coupling his
                crotch – that is not what I’d want my children to see!! He started to do that at one point, and I figured he’d
                get a lot of negative press for it, but it never happened!!!??? I just DO NOT LIKE IT IN A BIG WAY!!!
                So, now, here is our boy, Adam, stroking his package of love, and my first thought was, Adam you should
                not bse doing that w/kids in the audiance!! ANYHOO, that’s when I startead thinking about MJ and how
                he made it a most important part of his ‘dance’ and singing, and then comes the publicilty about the young
                boys and molestation, and he’s up on stage holding his d–k!! I mean!!!! So, that’s why I got all ‘crazy’
                there for a few mnutes!
                By the by, I LOVE ADAM’S HAT at the top of this page!! He looks adorable!!
                LORRIN, I bset that link you talk about that is still still pending motification IS THE SAME LINK I TRIED TO
                POST!! B/c it was WLL in SanDiego! Ya think it’s the same one?? I do!
                I need to try to get off the internet soon cuz I’ve been gone all day w/my grandkids and son to a baseball
                game and I have eye surgery in the morning! By the by, I brought my Adam CD of all his studio version
                songs to play, which my grandkids have learned by heart, now!!The 3 that went w/us are 6, 8 & 9yrs.old.
                The 9yr. old, Moriah, has a beautiful singing voice. I told her the little story of Adam and his brother, that
                when they would be riding in the car w/parents, that Adam would always sing w/the radio and tell his
                brother that he (Adam) could sing hte song better than the artist singing at the time! That Adam would
                make his brother so mad by doing this. Soon afterward, Moriah’s voice got louder than the other 2 kids, who, by now,. know the words to most of the songs, whilch, of course, was a BIG surprise to their dad,
                the pastor!! These kids know only church songs, mind you!!! Moriah is shy about singing, and has
                inheritead her mom’s beautiful voice, but won’t sing for any of us. NOT UNTIL TONITE.that is!!! My son
                looked at me and opened his mouth wide in disbselief!! It was soooo funny!! I LOVED IT!!! As you can
                tell, I’m lstill educatilng my 40 yr old son!!!! TOOOOOO FUNNY!!!!
                (((((peace-love-hope-joy-happiness 2 Adam))))))) and to all Adam fans and Glambs!

                • I also like “Change…” most of all, so bluesy at times, anothr genre he could conquer if he wished.

                  Re. that baseball cap, it has I think, his initials on it in glitter and I’ll bet a fan made it for him. It is quite stylized, but it looks like a lower case written “a” and a loopy “L”, what do you all think? I have several photos of Adam with that cap on, close ups too.

                  If you got to they now have a humongous collection of photos, incl loads of him as a kid, a teen, his grad, dance, his grad trip to New York etc…

                • Love this post. Good luck with the eye op! Take care and we’ll be thinking of you!

              • INGRID!! Forgot!! I just want to say that A CHANGE IS GONNA COME is one of my very favorite, if not
                favorite of Adam’s songs so far!!!! I have loveda that song since I first heard it in the 60’s!!! LOVE IT!!

                SO, LORRIN, MAKE US PROUD!!


            • Yes, I know, Cheryl, I can’t help it, I HAVE to be itsy-nitsy and correct all my grammar and spelling errors, and make sentences come out right, and try to truly give the best description I can. But boy, what a chore, ha ha. It’s giving me fits. I just wanted to say that I loved your commentary on Adam singing ‘Beth’, with his hands at his sides in complete stillness, looking out on the audience with complete control of his emotions, delivering the song effortlessly, without need of theatricality or props. It was the perfect counterpoint to my depiction of Adam as a flame-throwing rock god. I’m sure we will all be treated to an endless ever-changing slideshow of Adam in all his disguises, as his career progresses. Adam is a jewel box filled with infinite gems of every color and kind, which he chooses and puts on at will for his own and other’s delight. I’m sure we will all never get tired of each gem-like persona he chooses to display.

              And then I stared wide-eyed at the remark you made about sharing my book suggestion with your erudite son. He probably is wondering what-all his Mom is picking up online! In reality, I share his faith, but not the dogmatic aspect of it, which I left behind many years ago. My heart is firmly planted, but my mind and spirit roam the cosmos. That kind of thing won’t ever be appealing to a denominational pastor, I’m sure, but it does appeal to those on the seeker’s journey. So you might want to keep the brown-paper wrapping on that one. But, of course, I’m sure that’s like telling the fish not to swim! (Don’t worry, I’m smiling, Cheryl!)

              Also, I too, have these sudden feelings of dismay for Adam when I see the fever pitch of his popularity growing in intensity around him. I want him to be protected from the peril and pitfalls a young, newly-minted star faces. I think all we can do is surround him with love, and pray that he finds his footing and a perfect balance for himself, early in his career. Somehow, I think he will, especially with his loving family nearby. As in everything else, Adam will probably lead the way, rather than follow, and end up being a true friend and force for good in wicked old Hollywood. We can but hope for Adam.

              • Lorrin, believe me, I appreciate it when people take the trouble to compose their thoughts, not to use proper punctuation and grammar!

                • Peggy, thank you for your kind comment. I see you share that love of well-written and readable English. By the way, I wanted you to know that I thought your piece about Adam and his blend of emotion and song, and your other description of his performance were beautifully written. I love your choice of words, and the cadence with which you write. I imagine you speak in this beautiful way as well. Thank you for sharing your thoughts with us.

              • LORRIN, Hi!You know, it’s interesting, about my son the pastor w/such an amazing number of years in
                college, gettilng his doctorate and all, but he is a non-denominational pastor. I grew up w/my grandparents
                and all aunts & uncles being very Southern Baptist Fundamentalists! It made me crazy when I got older.
                I have all my faith in tact, altho sometimes I wonder ‘how’ w/the unbelievable teachings of that sect of
                religion I lived thru since birth. That is why I cannot take part in much organized religious practices. I do
                attend my son’s church on rare, but important occasions, but they are rare! He knows my views and has m ore respect for them and me than anyone I know!! He even still seeks my advice and viewpoint on many
                religious questions, and has always known me to be a ‘serious thinker’ who rarely will comment on things
                I don’t feel strongly about. He truly lvalues my opinions, and I appreciate that about him.
                Back to Adam! Your description of Adam singing ‘Beth” was far better than I can do. Yes, he was just so
                ‘zoned’ when he did that song!! I LOVED IT SO MUCH!! And he looked like a Greek god!! So glorious in
                his ‘armor’ of black and eyes of an angelic spirit. My god, he’s just so beautiful!! So incredible!
                I do worry, you’re right, everytime I see his amazing face and hear that incredible voice, it scares me a little
                and I just don’t ever want to hear that something negative has taken place in his life. He’s just that great,
                that after seeing much more of life than he has, that it’s hard not to be concerned for this unbelievable
                talent! Ye, we have to hope, pray, and think positive that he’ll have a long and healthy life!
                -PEACE-LOVE-4ADAM and all

                • I loved your line of Adam ‘so glorious in his ‘armor’ of black and eyes of an angelic spirit,’……yes, he is like Poe’s Israfel, angel of music:
                  “none sing so wildly well as the angel Israfel….”

            • “Many Lives, Many Masters” is a classic in the genre (reincarnation), but I think an even better one is Michael Newton’s “Journey of Souls.” You might give it a try.

              • Sorry, that suggestion was for Cheryl. Lorrin, I imagine you are already aware of it.

                • REALLY out of order – the “suggestion” for Cheryl was about the BOOK not anything to do with grammar. I think I’ll give up for the night, because nothing is appearing next to what is referenced.

                  • It’s allright, Peggy, we all follow the lines down until we find our old comments, all the replies, and the cross referenced replies to the old replies! It’s quite a wild system, but it looks like everyone is getting it! We will find what you write and properly correlate it with the remark with which it belongs. And also, I actually was not aware of the second title ‘Journey Of Souls’. I will also gladly enjoy a good read with that one, too. I’m sure I have seen the title, but not yet picked it up. I do extensive reading in similar subject matter, but somehow missed that one. I’ve been on this path since I was eight years old, when I plumped my family’s book ‘The World’s Great Religions’ down on the living room rug, lay down across the book, and began to read, starting with Hinduism. I haven’t stopped yet. And I’m sure Cheryl will understand that you meant the book, not her grammar. Her madcap computer pays no attention to rules of grammar, anyway!

              • PEGGY, Hey there! Thanks for the suggestion of “Journey of Souls”. I will definately try to pick it up at
                the library when I go to get the “Many Lives, Many Masters”!! I am excited ! I love reading, and to get a
                suggestion from someone is wonderful! With all the time I’ve been spending on the internet, I’m going
                to have to make sure I set time aside for reading! Haha! Actually, I really don’t think that I’ll need to set
                time for readilng, after I get startead on these 2 books, I’ll probably have to set time for our Adam loving
                sessions!!! Thank you, again, Peggy!


        • Dear Glamb leaders or Jeanette,

          Would you please release my comment above with the link to Adam’s San Diego performance of ‘Whole Lotta Love’? It is still in ‘awaiting moderation’ mode. It’s been about 9 hours now, and people are asking me to see the video. Thanks so much!

        • Lorrin, I appreciate very much your descriptive words above. I was listening to a downloaded iTunes of “Whole Lotta Love” today – and was just stunned at the contrast with what was unleashed Saturday night. I had thought he was singing “full out” when he performed it on American Idol, but … it was the difference between summer heat lightning and the lightning that strikes and uproots ancient oaks! You could feel the ozone crackling around us. And then “Starlight” and the gentle rain of “Mad World”…

          • Oh, beautiful, beautiful, Peggy! Your word picture is like a storm on a summer night….and Adam is the Storm King…..thank you for your kind words..

      • Hee hee, I was reading along this post, and it just kept building and building into a kind of of quasi-orgasmic verbal delight and I went, hey, who the heck wrote this, and then I scroll up, and it’s LORRIN!!! YEAH!!! LOL. WHO ELSE? Another superb and fabulous…. “superbulous” (sic) post!

        • Yes, it was ME, and I am going to have to STOP all this mad writing about Adam Lambert! What am I THINKING! Isn’t there something else I need to be doing? I’m going to have to stop my fingers from moving toward those keys, but I can’t seem to do it, they have a mind of their own….and off they go, flying again on one of those fantastical word dramas I always seem to want to create. I remember one of Jane Fonda’s cowboy sidekicks in ‘Cat Ballou’ unendingly saying to her, “Ma’am, I will not inflict myself upon you any further”. So if I start inflicting myself ‘any further’ upon you all, just stick me in the corner for awhile with my face to the wall! But of course, I will find a way to sneak back out…

          Thank you so much Songwriter4Adam, you are always making my day with your kind comments and encouragement. Your comment was a real joy to read!

          • WE love reading you, Lorrin . You put words so beautifully about our boy.

            • Thank you, theresa/canada, and I love reading all your beautiful posts, too. Thank you for being one of the most contributive members on this site. I always love to hear from you!

          • What stop! No, no, no, NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! Lorrin, listen up, this writing of yours MUST COME TO A CONTINUATION! The Glambs have spoken!

            • I…..SHALL….COME….TO…..A……CONTINUATION….your wish is my command, yay!

      • sylverine says:

        OMGosh Lorrin! What would those of us far away do without you to flesh it out in such incredible evocative prose! My first reaction was LOL I’ll have what she’s having!! Well I wish I could – please tell us – quickly now – what exact videos where you watching??

        There are so many to go through – and so little time! So thanks, would appreciate immensely!

        • Dear sylverine, I loved your comment, thank you! Yes, what I am having is a double-shot of a very heady liqueur called Adam Lambert. I’ve got more than I need here, and you are most welcome to join me. The video I was watching was of Adam singing ‘Whole Lotta Love’ in San Diego, and I actually already did post it above, just under my dissertation of Adam the Flamethrower, but it has not appeared onscreen yet because it is still awaiting moderation. Comments with links take a little time to appear. But give it a little more time, and the video link will be posted above. Of course, my other literary flights over Adam were inspired by some of his other videos from other performances, and I posted some of them back on other topic pages. If you want to view most of them, just go to the YouTube home page, and type in the words ‘adam lambert’ with the city you want to view. Type in ‘adam lambert san diego’ or ‘adam lambert whole lotta love’ (or whatever other song you want to hear), and it will give you a string of videos to watch under the subject matter you requested. I won’t post any more links on this reply, or else it would have to await moderation also. But I do hope you can find some great videos of Adam! Love to all of you in South Africa!

        • Indeed!

    • Peggy, these are great points. There are singers who act, actors who sing, and then there is Adam. Adam is a triple threat – he acts, he sings and he dances (and I must say, I really like his moves)! I actually compare him in many ways to Hugh Jackman, another triple threat of enormous talent, but there is only one ROCK GOD and he is ADAM LAMBERT!

      But you’re right, so many good singers have come along in AI but they didn’t connect with the audience, they didn’t work the stage, they didn’t “sell” the song at any emotional level.

      Even Allison, that cute little button of a thing with that big, amazing voice, has zero dance ability. All she knows is to jump and skip around the stage and it is cute but to a trained dancer like myself, is more than a little boring. ‘

      I watch Adam move and I see such amazing natural ability, I’m sorry his Mom didn’t throw some ballet or jazz lessons in along the way. In fact, on the AI site, Adam said that if he could have another career he wished it would be dancer, which I found interesting.

      I was describing to my partner, who’s a professional singer with major motion picture credits, how Adam delivered the song “Starlight” at the LA concert. He didn’t just sing it, he acted it, and with such grace and emotion it was fascinating to watch….even though I didn’t particularly enjoy the song. At one point, Adam, shoulders down as any good dancer knows to do, slowly and sinuousy unfolds his arm and stretches it out the audience, beckoning with his gracefully extended fingers. He was truly reaching out to the audience with his heart and soul and for me, it was a moment of supreme artisty.

      Lastly, Peggy, to your remark about Adam’s covers, I actually would love to see Adam do an album called “COVER BOY” and slay us with his killer covers of his favorite songs. That would be so fun.

    • I agree, Peggy, in fact I often think hey, Simon and other judges were a bit down on Adam at the start of the competition because he was theatrical, but it is paying off now onstage. In fact I don’t think any lone singer canenthrall a large audience in a big venue without some sort of techno theatrical stuff around them and within them. Singers like Kris need smaller quieter more intimate places to perform.

      However I would like to see Adam engage a few people’s “eyes” while coming close to the audience, even reach out once or twice, as it gives us all a thrill and makes us feel he is singing to us. I realize it’s difficut in this particular tour presentation and some songs like Lotta Love just don’t allow for it but when he does his own show it would be a way of making us feel he is singing to us personally.

      • Hi, Terry, I think we just have to imagine Adam making eye contact, as it is very difficult on stage to see anything beyond the first row. You are truly in your own world out there, as the light blinds you to all else. And that’s in a normal theatre, where there aren’t additional strobes and flash cameras going off! I truly can’t imagine what it’s like to be facing the roar of 7,500 people with hundreds of flashes and more explosions behind you.

  19. ADAMADDICT – Hey, thanks for the link to the ‘bloopers’!!!! I LOVE bloopers, too! I listened a few times, and it wa too funny!!! At one part, Adam was reading what to say, and he mistakenly read Kris’ part, so he
    staarted out with ‘hey, Kris, here….etc’! Oh my gosh! I laughed out loud! I LOVE that stuff!
    ((((((((((((( -PEACE-)))))))))

  20. HELLO EVERYONE! OK, I’M GOING TO TRY, ONCE AGAIN, TO GIVE YOU ALL A ‘LINK’, AND YOU MUST KNOW IT’S NOT EASY FOR ME!! Haa! Just in case some of you didn’t see this, I’m giving you a
    link to a vid that I think is one lof the best I’ve seen yet! Here it is, and don’t say I never gave you anything!
    ……………, let’s hope I did this right! Get a load of Adam’s octave in the Bowie song!!! Unbelievable!!! See how mulch more l’in control’ he is of the audience!!
    LOVE THIS!!!! Love Adam!!!! Are his arms gettilng more defilned? Ah, yeah! Ya think???
    ….-PEACE-LOVE-HOPE-HAPPINESS-JOY- 2 ADAM …and joy to the Glambs!!!

  21. glambert4ever says:

    i really wanna go to their concert.but unfortunately i’m far away from u.s.

  22. UK4Adam says:

    Does anybody know whether there will be an official DVD from the idol tour? Thanx…

    • Yes, I think so. I read it somewhere………….. hmm, now where was that??? Can anyone help?

    • UK4Adam – I would also like to have a DVD of the tour! I let you know if I find out first.

      • INGRID, THERESA, UK4ADAM – with regards to the DVD question, there is somebody who is
        asking if anyone is interested in purchasing a DVD of the entire concert, or several concert of this
        years’ tour. It’s by a fan, I guess, but if anyone is interested I’ll find it and post the address for it.

        • I’m in!

          • UK4Adam says:

            That would be great, thank you!

            It’s so awful to know that thousands of people are seeing the show and experience the incredible atmosphere, and here I am, stuck in London, regretting the fact that I should have started saving money for the trip as soon as I saw Adam auditioning… :-))

            But I know better now!

            • YK4Adam, start saving for an ‘Adam only’ concert, i.e. a whole concert with just Adam singing – probably next year, I hope!

              • Oh, UK4Adam, I would LOVE to be ‘stuck in London’, sigh….but seriously, surely there will be a tour DVD forthcoming. I remember seeing a very large professional camera down on the concert floor, moving back and forth from one side of the stage to another following Adam, on one of these performances……AI will certainly not miss the chance to capitalize on this particular tour (probably the most popular tour they’ve ever offered!) I’ll see if I can find the DVD somewhere, too.

        • sylverine says:

          Oh yes thanks I would love to be able to get a DVD of as many of Adam’s concert performances as possible

        • Theresa, UK4Adam, Cheryl and anyone else who is interested. I read (somewhere???) that the DVD can be purchased from Walmart.

    • UK4Adam. You can get it from Walmart – remember seeing it somewhere????

  23. Yep, 67, Ingrid. I guess it’s from spending a lifetime working with kids and teens. Because I spent the last 20 years teaching kids at risk I had to keep them motivated so I used popular culture as much as possible because it was a level on which we could relate.

    I’ve noticed a lot of us are ‘older’ yet we are still tuned in to music, some of us even today’s music. I find my “ear” has broadened to include many unusual beats such as Latin, Middle Eastern, Indian and other world beats. But I also like Lady Gaga, Beyonce, Shakira, Pussycat Dolls etc.. hmmm those were all women! Okay Justin Timberlake, Seal, the Blackeyed Peas, No Doubt and old rock bands like Led Zeppelin, Queen (yeah!), Bowie, .. I love how todays musicians are fusing world beats into American and Canadian music. (ex. loved Ring of Fire)

    Let’s face it good music is good music though not all of us have the same tastes just like art and food… so Adam has a great chance to appeal to many of us. Like Madonna I’ll bet he will constantly reinvent himself, it’s the just the way he is, whether it will be by changing his musical style his looks or going over to fashion or film.

    • Theresa, your the bomb! I agree that Adam will constantly reinvent himself in order to stay current. I would love to meet you and the other Glambs one day. I really enjoy your posts. I love your creative teaching. We (the Glamgs) actually have a lot in common. I also use creative facilitation in my work which includes music.

  24. Cheryl, I copied and pasted that web link but it didnt work. If you find a great video on youtube you click on the word “share” below the TV screen.

    Then you click and drag, block the whole address and hit “edit’ at the top of page, choose ‘copy’.

    Then go to our website and the post you are currently working on and go back to edit and choose ‘paste’ . That way it is accurate and readers here just have to click on it to get it, it will be in blue and underlined as a link.

    You can also then email it to a friend or put it anywhere.

    BTW you were asking about a URL? It stands for Uniform Resource Locator and in simple terms means a “web address”. When sites that we wish to join ask us for the URL or website I put in this one here

    So, that’s today’s lesson, ha ha! Lorrin correct me if I’m wrong okay?

    • theresa/canada, you have written a great instruction post. But I will say that I have used perhaps a slightly easier method. I go to YouTube and find a video I want to post here. While I am still on the page with the video, I move my mouse up to the address bar directly above, at the top of the page. (For those who do not know, the address bar is the topmost bar on any computer page. It is the long, skinny box in which you can type computer addresses.) I then right-click my mouse on that address bar. A little box will then appear with various choices. Click on ‘Copy’. The computer will then automatically pick up all those funny little words and symbols that were in the address box. (Those words and symbols ARE the address of the video you were watching.) Then when you come back here to the page you are writing your message on, right-click again, and the little box of choices will appear again. Click on ‘Paste’ and the link will immediately appear on the page with the text you are writing. theresa/canada, I’m sure our methods are probably ‘six of one, half dozen of another’, they both work just as well! Hope this fits in with yours and helps!

      • THERESA and LORRIN, Thanks for all your help!!!! I’m going to do my best to figure out what you both
        wrote!!! hahahah!!! No, really, I thought I’d done it correctly for a change, but, of course not!!!! Why??
        Why can’t I do this???? By the way, Lorrin, I have CORRECTLY used my ‘favorsites’ button and did it all
        correctly!!! Remember, you explained it to me?!! Well, I’ve got that down, pat. Now I’m off to conquer the
        ‘link’ situation that keeps eluding me!! (the word ‘paste’ scares me a little!!!)

        • Nay, Nay, Cheryl, my friend, the word ‘Paste’ is completely harmless. Your dear computer will do all the work for you, and will not miss a word. All you have to do is click on ‘Copy’ and then ‘Paste’ as per the instructions above. No weird little tricky things will suddenly appear to eat what you have copied. It actually will all be there, safe and sound, when you ‘Paste’ it into your post. ‘Paste’ is just computer talk for ‘slap it on this here page’! And many congratulations upon using ‘Favorites’ correctly! I know that will be so fun for you. You will no longer have to go searching through a sea of websites, nor will you have to wrack your brains trying to remember where your favorite things are. You are getting the hang of this thing! And oh, use whatever method works for YOU, that’s the key. (Now if I could just figure out how that naughty computer man of yours MadBert makes those slapdash paragraphs! Just kidding….)

          • Ta, ta, ta, it’s MadBert, not you Cheryl, remember!

            • AdamAddict says:

              U also can copy Adam picture and paste in your folder. Click right on your mouse,choose copy.Make sure U click on top of that picture.(When U see copy,use left mouse to click that copy)And at the folder U want to keep it (ex”your computer-your document-pictures,U can put it there) by click right on mouse & choose paste.Then U can rename the picture like AdamPic1 by click right on mouse & choose rename. Taa daa! Believe me,I’m also sucks at this computer thing,I always have to ask my sisters about it and really scared if I have to try it 4 1st time!

      • Yes Lorrin, they are the same thing.

        • Oh ha ha, that’s hilarious, theresa/canada! Thanks for letting me know! Leave it to me to repeat the process over again with different words!

  25. Glambertcraze says:

    Lorrin – lol after reading your take of Adam i had to have a cigarette and I don’t smoke!!!!!!!!

    • Glambertcraze, I’m so sorry I made you reach for the cigarettes, but NOT sorry I shook it up for you! Adam himself is just so monumental a singer and personality, only the most outrageous commentary will do to describe a man that will shake the world! Thank you for writing, I had so much fun reading your comment. What a compliment!

  26. OK, these posts are getting out of order, so I won’t respond to anyone in particular – but did just write to the San Diego-Union Tribune just now. They sent an intern out to review the AI concert, and she said NOTHING about Adam’s voice. I had to keep it short, but we will see if they publish this:

    “Remarkable. San Diego native Adam Lambert returns to perform with the American Idol Tour, and Jessica Fryman’s review devotes paragraphs to the fervor of his fans and his blue leather jacket – but not one word for the voice that has been compared to the greats of the last century (Sinatra, Elvis, Freddie Mercury – take your pick) but brings a range, clarity and emotive power all his own. When Adam returns on his own world tour, I hope the Trib will find space to describe his talent! “

    • Bravo, Peggy, thank you for staying right with the lukewarm press in their mediocre coverage of Adam’s spectacular performances and rise to stardom. I sometimes wonder what they all are thinking. I truly don’t think they have yet realized who Adam really is. We are leagues ahead of them in our perceptions of Adam Lambert. Would that WE on this website could write his reviews. Someone needs to be doing definitive press releases for Adam, and I mean NOW. Your comments to the Union-Tribune in San Diego were perfectly stated, and you made every word count. Thank you!

  27. Okay Lorrin, following your directions:

  28. My last post which was NOT a REPLY ended up way way up.

    • Perfect again, you did it just right. I’ve been aware of this site for quite some time. Their organizer, Vicky, is very good, and does a great job of managing that website. They have a similar group of online ‘friends’ who propose and then discuss various topics relating to Adam. Each of their members can set up his or her own ‘home page’, and customize it. There are a lot of graphics and pictures, and a beautiful black and purple background over everything. But it can’t compare to our own close-knit community of Glambs, and our highly accessible and easy-to-use and follow format here. And they also can’t compare with our bloggers and writers, who have such a high level of ability and energy. But it is fun to see what everyone else is doing now and then.

    PEGGY, I knew you lwere suggesting a book for me. Couldn’t even figure out where you might have mentioned any grammar problems w/me, but there are many typos when I type, I know! haha!
    LORRIN, I’ve got a few more lthings I wantead to comment on w/re to your posts, that I’m having a hard time catching up, too!! haha!
    INGRID, I’ll catch up w/you tomorrow, hopefully, if I can see ok! haha!
    THERESA, ADAMADDIC, INGRID , Sorry I’ve been so long-winded tonite!
    EVERYONE – I GUESS I WILL JUST MENTION SOMETHING TO HELP EXPLAIN WHY I HAVSE SO MANY TYPOS, SOMETILMES. I HAVE rheumatioid arthritis, and it has been severe in my hands and fingers for almost 30 yrs. Many, many operations on them, and sometimes a finger will ‘freeze’ and then
    ‘snap’ straight out. My wrists have seen too many surgeries, too. Sufice it to say, I have problems using my hands and arms and wrists after doing anything repitilcilously. (sp)! So, not to bore, I try, but I don’t sweat
    the small stuff anymore, I’m just happy that I’ve been able to do as much as I have been doing on this typing!! I’ll never be able to do much better, but I’m not offended in the least about any mention of my typos! Believe me! And I have never really seen anyone mention them in a negative way! So don’t anyone worry about that, okay?!! OKAY!! NOW…….PEACE-LOVE-HAPPINESS…..2 ALL! (I haven’t even been
    able to read the 3 new Blogs, yet!!!) Tomorrow is another day!

    • Dear Cheryl, if you have not gone to bed yet or if you’re up early enough tomorrow, please know that I’m thinking of you as you go through your eye surgery, and I am right with you on your struggles with arthritis, which I have, also. You have the best posts, I just love to read them, and I especially love all the typos, frills, and furbelows your mad computer inserts into the text. Don’t ever change them! I’m sending special thoughts of love to you tonight, and know that someone is thinking of you all over our beautiful Glamb world. Love you, Cheryl!

      • Cheryl, see my post further up. Sister Glamb, our thoughts, love and unfailing friendship are with you! Will miss your paragraphs over the next few hours while you are away! I didn’t realise that both you and Lorrin struggle with arthritis. You two are amazing – regularly posting your comments despite your pain and discomfort. Mega love and respect to you both!

        • AdamAddict says:

          Oh no Cheryl,I seriously have tears in my eyes.Is it serious?I meant your eyes and that …the one which is really hard to spell.I have to google because I don’t understand much about it.That was terrible.Can it be cure?Lorrin,can it?U have it too,right?OMG,I hope you both can be cured.
          I don’t know when Cheryl can read all these comment.What’s wrong with her eyes?Oh man!I pray that she will get better soon.I miss her already!I want to send her present! If she read this and respond in the latest post saying “I miss you too,AdamAddict or Emili”,I will send her present! That’s a promise!~sigh~

          • AdamAddict, Hey there! I’m fine! Just read your post! How sweet you are! My eye is good now, once
            again!! Yes, I have rheumatoid arthritis, and it is a very complicated disease, very difficult to control
            all the things it can and will eventually do to lone’s body and life, but I assume you’ll probably read the
            reply I just got done writing. I think I explailned a lot. But everytime I get a new problem and am told
            it’s due to lthe rheumatoid, I learn more!!Women get this disease 9-1 against men. But, I got this 30 yrs ago and from what my doctors and others tell me I handle it very well!!! There will be many more
            surgeries in my future. The next one is my left hand, fingers and wrist which is full of ‘rheumatoid
            arthritis nodules’ called RA nodules. They are all around my left wrist, on all 5 fingers and in my lsft
            hand to the point where my surgeon said ‘when you can’t take the pain anymore we’ll do the surgery’,
            so it’s up to me, but the right hank, finger, wrist areas also have the same thing going on. I’ve already
            had these surgeries on both hands and wrists and fingers about 20 yrs ago. These nodules just can
            come back – and they usually do for me. That surgery is very involved b/c it is around all the nerves, tendons, etc. and the recovery is very very long. So I’m not too excited about having it taken care of
            just yet!! Living alone makes ilt very difficult at times to function. I do get home nursilng care. I had
            that for 3 yrs when I was 30-33 yrs old and had my 2 little kids to care for, and had 5 RA flares
            during the first 3 yrs that forced me to the hospital for 4-5 week stays w/no bathroom priviledges
            and ‘hubbard tank’ visits 3 times a day. I was not allowed to move any joint, but the physical therapist
            had to move my joints for me thruout those days until the swelling, redness and pain was diminished
            to where I could go home w/medication by mouth, and continue out-patient physical therapy lfor about
            4-5 more yrs. Soooooooo! That’s it for now!! Thank you, soooooo mulch for caring!!!! WoW! I have
            not experienced anytshing like this wince I was diagnosed!!!! My goodness, it really makes me feel
            all warm and cared for inside!!!! GOD BLESS YOU ALL!!!! ………peace 2U!

  30. LORRIN and INGRID, Hey! Thank you both soooooo much for your very kind comments!!!! Honestly!!!
    You’ll never know how much that meant to me! I appreciate you both very mulch!
    I saw both of your psost about MadBert!! He is defilnately trying to ‘show-off’ w/his specilalized mechanical
    ways! You know, this is the only site he acts this way about!!! hahaha!
    Lorrin, I did not know you have art hritis! Is yours rheumatoid? You know rheumatoid is more a disease of
    the blood, due to the fact that it’s an autoimmune disease, and attacks vital organs as well as joints, tissues,
    muscles, tendons, etc. It hit me when I was 30 yrs old. I was newly divorced, living in a new house, in a new state w/o family near, and raising my 2 kids alone at a pretty young age. I spent the 1st 3 yrs almost

    totally bedrildden, had to have help eatilng, walking, dressing, etc.Have been as close to death as one can
    be and sstill live to take another breath 2 times w/anaphalaxis (sp) once while hospitalized w/iv drip of
    solumedrol(a cortisone) and eventually with a dosepak of prednisone.Both times had the ‘crash carts’ and
    my next of kin beilng called as the doctors was sure I was not coming out of that, and if I did, I would most
    definately have brain ‘problems’. Anyway, everythilng is okay! My medical history is one for the books, but
    I’m not going to start that book on this site!!haha! Sufice it to say I’ve had 16 surgeries on my 2 feet over
    the yrs, 2 elbow surg., 4 back, 2 breast,(still have the boobs),10 female sulrsg., countless hand wrist, finger
    and arm surgs.- all related to rheumatoid (except my 4 back) and 4 or 5 normal sulrgeries. So, there it is!
    Unless I point out my scars, one would be hard pressed to notice even one health problem w/me!!!
    No abvious bone deformaties, except on x-ray! I kid you not, I am 61 yrs old, cannot find any gray hairs
    yet, (my kids have some)! and am ALWAYS mistaken as a person not over 35!!!! Last Xmas while at
    ‘toys R us’, I asked a man for a price check for a toy for my, now 2-1/2 yr. old granddaughter, and in the conversatlion he kept referring to ‘my’ daughter. When I told him, finally, iat was for my grand-daughter, he
    could not believe it and startead asking customers if they believed I could be a grandmostdher, etc, and
    made such a scene, I called my son on my cell to tell him all the stuff this gluy said and did, and how
    embarrassing it was, even tsdho it was a compliment!! But, not to ‘brag’, cuz I don’t understand it, but when I’m w/my daughter, people think we’re sisters, and w/my son I’m assumed to be his ‘wife’!! I am not
    exaggeratilng ones little bit!! Now my son looks so much like Jon BonJovi, w/st rawberry hair and some freckles, and I have almost black hair w/no freckles. That type of stuff goes on EVERYWHERE, and I just
    really don’t get it. I have pretty much the same fashion sense I had in my teens and 20s, and I think I dress
    better than my daughter, she says I’m a more ‘edgier’ type person when it comes to fashion. ??
    So, I’ss end this too long discussion of my rheumatoid arth. cuz I KNOW it is boring to everyone cuz it is
    boring to me!! Yes, I have some other major health issues, mostly brought on by the medications I’ve had
    to take to keep myself moving and living w/as little chronic pain as possible. We have to make ‘trade-offs’
    in life, and I’ve made many regarding my health and how I would continue to llive or not live like. My 2nd eye
    surgery went VERY WELL, this surg. was necessary due to the cortisone drugs I took 30 yrs ago! Then I
    had lasik surgery, and just a complicatilon of that. Oky-dokey!! Sorry for all this typing. That’s a big reason
    why I try NOT to have to bring up medical issues!!! I just don’t have a short reply if someone asks me how
    I’m feeling or why am I in bed on any given day or days. THANK YOU SO MUCH THO, FOR CARING, AND
    was suffering from that headache, I was so concerned for I suffered w/migraines for nearly 7 yrs consistantly, w/rarely a day going by without a migraine, so I couldn’t stand it knowing he was having a severe heaqdach! Same for anybody else! I can’t bear to know someone is suffering. I can’t stand for anyone
    to suffer. I can help them, always! And I do help anyone around me if they have pain, I know Mr. Pain very
    very well! Let’s not dwell on that!! hahaha! …..peace…and much love to you both!

    • Cheryl, you must be burning up a lot of karma with all these issues – maybe next time around you will have a body with no issues at all! I am so glad your second eye surgery went well. The book I mentioned, “Journey of Souls,” has a sequel “Destiny of Souls.” I lent :Journey of Souls” to a women who was still grieving the sudden death of a beloved husband a year earlier, and she said it had transformed her life. She kept the book and bought me a brand-new copy. Let me know what you think of it (and Lorrin, too, if you read it), though I know we should keep the discussion focused on Adam and his music. (I would be very surprised if Adam doesn’t believe in reincarnation.)

      • Peggy, I will let you know as soon as I have read the books you suggested. I am very eager to add further dimension to this fascinating subject. I don’t think we need to worry too much about getting off-topic, – all roads, including the karmic and spiritual one, lead back to Adam on this website. By this time, I think I’ve probably written on almost every conceivable topic I can think of on Adam Lambert! I think too, that the personal touch adds so much to the energy of this powerful fan group, and you certainly have greatly added to that as well. If Adam doesn’t believe in reincarnation, I’m sure he has contemplated ‘the journey of souls’, and his own place in that fairer world. Thanks, Peggy, for your special, caring thoughts and very interesting observations in our ‘loving Adam’ fan group.

    • Dear Cheryl, I read your letter, and I am so touched by your sharing your struggle with arthritis. I, too, had tears in my eyes thinking of all the pain you endure, and what it must cost you to type out all your wonderful, exuberant posts to all of us! I am just so glad you are now a part of our group here, and that we count you among our favorite Glambs. We could do nothing without you and your madcap computer.
      You asked me about the kind of arthritis I have: mine is osteoarthritis, brought on by a bad fall in the California foothills, in which I severely damaged my ankle. After surgery and a slow recovery, I continued to deteriorate until I had to retire 8 years ago. Now these many years after that injury, I struggle to walk and sit for too long. I also have been affected in other parts of the body, as well as my hands (arthritis runs in my family), but you have suffered much more terribly with your hands and the kind of arthritis you have, than I have. I feel for you so much. Like you, pain is a constant, unwelcome companion. I also fully sympathize with your years as a single mother. I had a similar situation, but I was not quite so alone as you were. I am so glad you pulled out of all your struggles there.
      LIke you, I don’t look as old as my 58 years. And it will snow in Death Valley before either my sister or I will admit to being any less ‘cool’ than the kids of this generation. Actually, it DOES snow in Death Valley, but we still won’t admit to not having been the generation to invent the modern wheel when it comes to music. It was quite an unexpected fork in the road to come upon Adam Lambert, wasn’t it, after living through the entire rock and roll era, and then sliding into what is so stupidly referred to as the ‘Golden Years’. It’ll be who laid the rails before I ever enter my ‘golden years’! You and I will just have to keep on movin’, Cheryl, and when we get to Adam’s show next year, we’ll tie our legs together and let her rip. And if we never make it to the show, so what? In the meantime, you and Bert keep writing and being Adam’s foremost cheerleader! Too bad we don’t all have video cameras on these computers so we could visit you up there in the far North, and you could see us. But since we can’t, here’s lots of love and hugs and glitter-filled dreams for you from the Western Provinces of the Glamb world! Love to you always, Cheryl!

      • Cheryl and Lorrin. I suspect that many of the older Glambs could be mistaken for much younger. One only has to read the posts. If your arthritis (rheumatoid or osteo) gets a bit much for you, just let me know and I will come and rub those sore joints or whatever it takes to make you feel better. Your spirits are ‘forever young’ and not even this arthritis thing can dampen your zest for life.

        By the way, when I read through the posts, I can’t help but laugh out loud. Somehow response posts get mixed up and appear in strange places.

        AdamAddict, Peggy, Theresa, … all the fab Glambs, here’s wishing you a fab day – love ya all!

        • Cheryl, I loved all Adam’s songs but ‘A change is gonna come’ is definitely my favourite. Apart from loving the song, Adam’s rendition, filled with emotion – watch his BODY LANGUAGE, the way he gracefully launches into falsetto when he sings, Tell me…. and (without breathing), is a vocal masterpiece. My husband looked at me because I didn’t realise that I was holding my breath. …. and oh, he sings, ‘MY CHANGE, MY CHANGE, …. I cry every time I watch it , which is EVERY DAY. He then tries to gather himself to receive feedback from the judges and is still visibly emotional. Lorrin, can’t wait for your post on this song!

          • AdamAddict says:

            Woo hoo,same here Ingrid!”A change is gonna come” is sick!! I LOOOOVE IT! But I love the live version more than the studiio version.I can here it like many2 times a row,I just repeat it over & over again and not even once I get bored. Excellent!!

            • Definitely the ‘live’ version! We will have to convince Adam to sing it at one of his concerts. I will melt into a ball of Adamalism.

            • AdamAddict, hey! Yeah, it is ‘sick’ alright!!! Makes me light headed!!!! BRAVO ADAM!!!!!

          • INGRID, You know just what I’m talking about, don’t you?! Anyone who loves ‘blues’, and sees Adam
            doing THAT performance, KNOWS, he is delivering that song sooooo corectly!!!!!Absolutely, when
            he sings that main whine w/o taking a breath!!!ABSOLUTELY INCREDIBLE!!! YOU KNOW IT!!!!
            Did you notice his family’s expression, particularly his dad and brother????!!! AWESOME!!!!!

        • INGRID!! You’re on kiddo! rubbing sore and achey joints is the best medicine!!! I’ve very often said
          that the human touch is the best medicine for whatever ails a body!!! How nice of you!!!

      • LORRIN, Don’t ever let someone else’s pain diminish your own!! I know rheumatoid is really bad, but does knowing that make your pain better? I say, NO! I appreciate your empathy! I have much empathy for yours as well, believe me!
        Golden Years??? Say, what,,,,,? What the hell are ‘golden years’?! Hahaha! These years is the fruit of the years behind us and wisdom to those ahead of us!!! Am I right, or am I right??!
        Dear, precious Adam!! Yep! He brought us all together! What power music has!!! To me, a life w/o music is not worth living. Music connects the world! Now it has made us all on this site GLAMBERTS!! And we’ll live long and happy because of our love of music! “We Will Survive”!

        • I say WHAT!, Cheryl, am I reading this right, “Let no one else’s pain diminish your OWN?” Honestly, this is true medicine (your own very special prescriptions that only YOU can give), which is the hilarity and laughter you bring to all of us every day. I think the ‘Golden Years’ is supposed to be like the ‘sun going down in the West’ while we think long thoughts of yesteryear or something, but let me tell ya’, it ain’t gonna happen while I’m out here on the West Coast and I can do something about it. That sun will NOT be going down anytime soon out here, I can tell you that!

          And yes, Adam has done lovely things for a lot of very nice people with one hand tied behind his back. We Glambs (not Glamberts, now) do love him….

          • Aaaaaaah, you two are so awesome! My Mom’s favourite expression was, ‘NEVER SAY DIE, SAY DAMN. Your positivity contributes to half the battle being won. “We bless the day we found him, we want to stay around him. Now and forever, let be him (Adam).” Adam has brought us all together, and with this togetherness, so much joy and laughter. I feel truly blessed!

            • I do too, Ingrid, I was just thinking the same thing last night; this is an extraordinary and very special thing to be a part of a group of such wonderful people who have so much fun together and who have grown to care about each other very much. It’s good for the heart and soul… and thanks to all of you!

          • LORRIN AND INGRID (flaming glamfingers and baby cakes
            You do my heart GOOD! You know, Lorrin, I remember when I first said that phrase to someone.
            It was my sister-in-law who was an angel. She was Pres.. of the Ladies Lit. Guild , the only one in
            the city ever elected twice, and very, very intelligent, her husband a big CEO of his company, and
            they took their family downtown Gd. Rapids, Mi to serve soup to the homeless every Sunday. Don. the husband was the first in the city to give ‘communion’, etc. , just wonderful people. Arlene, was my
            ex-husband’s older sister, 10 yrs older than me, and we became ‘best friends’ and remained so
            until she died of cancer at 64 yrs old, about 9 yrs ago. She had come down w/ a debilitating
            illness that took years to diagnose. It was ‘fibromyagia’, which is common knowledge to us now.
            But she would never want to ‘complain’ b/c of all the pain and so forth that I had w/my rheumatoid
            and she was so helpful to me for so many years. And one day, when I knew she was really ill, I said
            that to her. I don’t know where it came from, however, I am really quite philosophical to a fault at
            times, and I had thought a lot about Arlene’s ills and her feeling like I had it ‘so much worse’, and
            while we were on one of our maraqthon phone calls, I told her ‘not to ever let my pain diminish her
            won pain’ unless my pain cured her from pain. She really loved that and told me years later that what
            I had said ‘freed’ her w/her ‘guilt’ about feeling she had something to complain about, and there I was
            rarely complainning. I hate it when someone knows I have RA, and therefore won’t share their pain
            w/me or anyone else! I never told her before she died, but I had been diagnosed w/fibromyalgia many
            years prior to her diagnosis!
            I don’t always do as well as I could, but, we must give ourselves permission to accept that pain exists
            and that we will not always be able to overcome at every lmoment, or not feel ‘pissed off’ at what-ever
            is aililng us at the time! We just have to do the best we can do at every given time! Right?!
            ………………………….peace-love………………………………ADAM ROCKS!!!!!!!!

  31. Probably really off topic, but since so many have arthritis and mobility issues, may I recommend Qi Gong? There are versions that can be done sitting through standing is usual. I practice daily, though the 22-minute routine always comes out 12-15 minutes no matter how hard I try to slow down! Anyway, in a year I’ve gone from barely being able to touch my toes, living in fear of my back going out, and barely being able to keep my arms in the air for more than a minute or two to being able to put my hands almost flat on the ground, no worries about back (during the routine, anyway), and feeling my arms “floating” easily. It’s really amazing with any range-of-motion issues. And that’s just 15 minutes a day…. Imagine if I got really serious about it! The version I practice is called Qi Lal or “Wisdom” Qi (or Chi) Gong, but there are many others. You can even do the moves mentally while lying down – and according to my teacher, it’s OK to fall asleep and let the instructional DVD play, though I only do this as a last resort.

    • For this version, you can google Mingtong Gu for more information about classes, DVDs, etc. And that’s all on that topic – except that acupuncture is really helpful, too.

      • Thank you Peggy for passing this information on to our ‘sister Glambs’! I feel their pain and thrive on their regular posts (yours included). I am delighted that you have found a solution to your mobility challenges. Stay well!

        • Yes, Peggy, thank you very much….I have heard about Qi Gong and wondered about its effectiveness before. I appreciate the reminder, and will check it out.

          • Peggy, there is a post from Cheryl on the topic page ‘Questions From The Fans….More Things You May Not Have Known About Adam’. Her post is very near the bottom of that page, and in it she asks for more clarification on your words to her concerning karma. I didn’t know if you’d seen it, just thought I’d let you know.

      • PEGGY, Qi? I have not heard of that. You must lay on the floor? Thanks for this info. I’ll check out Google
        for more info on that! I’ve had 4 baqck sursgeries, and have 2 long titanium rods in my back, so getting
        on the floor is almost not possible. But I will check it all out! I’ll try ANYTHING ONCE, TWICE IF IT’S NICE!
        haha! I do get a lot of scenerios of instructions, and lived for way too many years going to the hosp. for
        phys. therapy, that I’ve come to Hate phys. therapy!! Anyway, I like meditation CDs, and used to have a
        set of 4 by Emmet Smith, I think his name ws, and they got misplaced and I can’t find them, but they were
        my favorite. I’ll have to check out Barnes & Nobile again.

  32. One street going to the arena was lined with pink posters welcoming Adam. There was one that said “Honk 3 times for Adam” and guess what? Cars passing by would really honk 3 times 🙂 The concert was very enjoyable, and as expected, Adam rocked the house! I screamed loud and often so I had no voice the next day lol. I liked Lil and Matt’s sets too. All of them definitely improved tremendously since the contest.

    April from Calgary AB Canada

  33. hahaha, love the trucker hat
    it’s fab
    I think he can pull it off

  34. Hi, I attended the July 12 show in San Jose, it was great, and I couldn’t believe my luck . Adams mom had the seat right in front of mine. We talked during the intermission and at the end of the show. She was so warm and genuine, she even remembered my name. It was great to get to tell her what a difference Adam has made in my life, ( I never went on the internet or sent e-mails before Adam), I thanked her for bringing Adam into the world. I also met Adams cousin (she was darling), and his Dad. I have photos, just hope I can figure out how to send them. Another fan was asking Leila how to get to see Adam, and she said you just have to get LUCKY. I didn’t want to ask her for anything, but I wished that I had asked her for a signed photo from Adam, it just didn’t seem right to ask for anything. I did not know about the meet and greets thing, my friend and I walked to the back of the stadium with Adams family and then said goodbye to them. They were very nice, I could tell Adams mom is very proud of Adam, she just glowed when I mentioned his name. I think that Adams mom has a special light that just glows from within her. Well that made my day. Ihad to drive back to San Juan Bautista and pack, so I could catch a plane to Salt Lake City, Well, I got LUCKY, there was ADAM LAMBERT sitting in the boarding area waiting to catch the same flight. I got to talk to Adam, and he signed my Rolling Stone Mag. I have pictures, but I can’t figure out how to send them to you. Iwould love to share them could you email me? I tried to send them to “tour” but it didn’t work