TOUR VIBE – American Idol Summer Tour 2009 – Rochester, NY

From Canada the gang travels back to New York for a show on Saturday, August 15th .at the BlueCross Arena in Rochester.

Today the Adam news is the announcement that his June 25th issue of Rolling Stone was the best selling RS of the year. No surprise there, right? The bad news is that there are no back copies available of that issue. I’m glad I got mine, but now I’m sorry I didn’t pick up multiple copies when I had the chance. On August 6th Adam stopped by the RS offices in New York City to be honored for the accomplishment.


Random Adam thought for the day: people have commented and written that Adam seems to be having a big influence on the other Idols, not that this is anything new. I think even as Season 8 was in progress there were cases of both Adam advising/helping other contestants and cases of other Idols trying to imitate Adam’s performance style. It all seems to be a positive thing, but today I really laughed when I read Michael’s latest Tweets:
“What up Twitter world. It’s a beautiful day today in Canada and I’m ready to sang.”

LOL, we all remember Adam humbly proclaiming, “I can sang.”

And this from Michael following his Twitter party:

“I understand if scorned is a joke just don’t want anyone feeling left out u know.”
“Also I don’t like that word Scorned. So negative. I love u all I just can’t get to everyone. I really try. Goodnight u guys!!!:):):):)”

Sound familiar? Or maybe it’s just that they’re BOTH really sweet guys!

If you’re going to the Rochester show, please share your impressions of the show with us. Also, don’t forget to share your photos. And keep those photos and videos coming! If you have photos and/or videos from either this concert or any of the past concerts, please email them to us! Our email address is

~~Jeanette, Glamb #5


  1. Jeanette:

    I read in an Adam interview somewhere that some of the tour songs had been recorded for iTunes and would be offered as a special package. Have you heard anything about this? That would be great!

    • This is the first time I’ve heard this, but if that does happen that would be FANTASTIC. I loved the tour songs. Now I’m all excited!

    • Adam did say this in one of his interviews, yes, so hopefully it will come to pass. I’m assuming sometime after the tour is over and probably before Christmas.

    • I heard or read that too, Linda.

      Re “scorned” isn’t that a term used with some religious groups when a person is an outcast of that group? I wonder who or what they were referring to? Michael has really grown (his own words) since joining Idol. Adam has had an influence on more people and things than we can imagine.

      Did you read about his friend who has a jewellery line? Unfortunately the link only showed a few rings but they were heavy silver, my personal fave. And then we have his charity, a perfect one, can’t do too much for kids, they are our future.

      • Theresa, some religious groups use the word “shunned” or the act of “‘shunning” to show disdain for members who have fallen out of favor or left the group. This action protects the cult from the sinful influence of the fallen because interaction with the disobedient could tempt the faithful. Also, being completely cut off from any contact with their family and friends could show the sinner the error of his ways and lead him to repentance. Just thought I’d throw that out there.

        Michael seems to be referring to someone or some people feeling scorned or actively rejected. “Hell hath no fury like a woman (or an American Idol fan) scorned!” It isn’t clear if it is fans or other idols. I kinda think it is fans, though, claiming they are being scorned by the idols in the autograph lines. Seems Adam isn’t the only one being bitched at now for not being able to accomplish the impossible–meet every single fan and fulfill their dreams!

        • Thanks, Snake, you are right, I had the wrong word. Some fans are unbelievably narcicisstic with what they tweet, telling the idols their personal trials etc.. and I’ve noticed particularly Michael replying with empathy etc..

          I can’t get over reading Queen’s Brian May’s praise of Adam as a performer and of his forthcomng theme song for the film 2012.. when one of music’s ‘royalty’ sees the talent, all of us cannot be wrong!

          • Yeah, Michael seems to be a good person, and he is a decent singer. Just has the bad luck of sharing his Idol experience with a Rock God. And, Brian May is obviously a Rock Genius, who recognizes fellow Genius when he sees it. I’m going to dig out my old Queen cds….and give Brian some love…

    • OMG THAT WOULD BE AMAZING I SURE HOPE SO!!! I totally had his version of fame stuck in my head for the entire week following the concert LOL and I was like AAAARG!!! HE NEEDS TO RECORD THIS IT’S ADAMAZING!!!! <3 HIM SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO MUCH!!!!

  2. glambert341 says:

    YAY!!!!! the day is finally here!!!! im going to the rochester show tonight and am sooooo excited…i have floor seats!!!

    • Ooh – my home town. So wish I could see him there, too. You better tell us all about it later (or tomorrow, if you’re too pumped up to sleep afterwards. 🙂 )

  3. There will be lots of performers trying to copy Adam but we all know no one can get anywhere near enough Adam’s command of the stage, his personality, his fabulour voice, or those amazingly mesmorizing moves. They need to know themselves first before they can show who they are through their own performances, that is when they will gain respect and adoration form their audience and not by trying to be someone else otherwise they will always be second rate performers.

  4. There’s a Youtube video someone made of Danny imitating Adam…it’s pretty funny. To find it just go to Google Videos and search “Adam Lambert Danny Gokey” and it pops up. 🙂

  5. AllaboutAdam says:

    Bot 8 copies of the R.S. mag with Adam on the cover… between friends who couldn’t get it, and one that I’m saving that i’ve never opened, and one that i want to frame, and one that i want Adam to sign one day (if I should be so lucky)……. i only have 1 extra that I actually use to read and peruse…. i think when the album comes out, I’ll do the same thing..,, if Adam is going to be as iconic as we think… then his stuff is going to be hard to come by way down the road…, In a way, I consider these things an “investment”, don’t you think?

    • AdamAddict says:

      You are going to be super rich one day,AllaboutAdam! 😀

    • Helen/Canada says:

      I only bought 2 copies. One to keep and one to drool over!! LOL!! It’s getting a lot of wear and tear!! ha! ha!

      • AdamAddict says:

        That’s funny,Helen! I’m thinking to wrap my RS with plastic book so I can drool too without demage it! LOL!!

  6. Thank you Peaches!
    I saw this video long ago and later wanted to find but I couldn’t! Now I have it!!!
    You are right, some of the Idols try to imitate Adam. I was at the concert yesterday and Anoop and Danny looked ridiculous. I expected it from Danny but not from the anoop. He tried to repeat this Adam’s hip rotation thing and it looked SO stupid.
    You remember the final of Born to be wild? Adam’s final note on his knees… Anoop did exactly the same but it was in the middle of the song, then jumped of his knees and continued singing . I felt embarrassed for him… Find your own staff, guys!

    • AdamAddict says:

      Why don’t you just paste the link here? It’s hard to find in youtube because it’s too many and I don’t want to waste too much time on others! Anoop in what song?which city?First Gokey,now Anoop??!! This become ridiculous!! I also feel embarrass for them! I can’t watch,it’s too embarassing! lol! When Adam said,”FIRST I WILL LEARN,THEN I WILL TEACH” while the rest have different perspective “FIRST I WILL OBSERVE,THEN I WILL COPY! Hahahaha!!

  7. AdamAddict says:

    Adam looking gorgeous there! RS with Adam as cover was the best selling of the year,duh! I heard someone bought 7 pieces! LOL!! And someone can’t even get one piece! And my Glamb friend AdamRock! got 2 and sent me one! hee,hee!!
    I saw in other sites where they put the picture where Adam was in high school (blonde) and latest picture of Michael .They look alike! It look like teenage Adam will look like Michael when he grow up.But thank goodness,he doesn’t!Somehow Adam turned into someone totally apposites Michael! lol!He looking good too when he was teenager but now,come on,Adam look like an angel!!Too pretty to be human! So,I wonder how Michael looked like when he was teenager?I f I said Adam looked like Michael when he was young,then Michael looked like Adam when he was young,then what happened to him now??!!You know what I’m saying?Too confusing?? Whatever! I don’t like Michael too much but after he defending our Adam,I kinda not dislike him anymore but hmmm still not a fan!! 🙂

  8. AdamAddict says:

    Have you guys know that they gonna pick Posh as permanent judge? First they said she will be guess judge but now permanent? Is this a joke?Like Adam Michelin costume,a joke??!!She can’t sang!!She got no right or whatsoever to critique anyone! She can critique the outfit though!! This is funny.Another reason not to watch?Is this a sign??!!

    • Latest news last night, Posh will not be a permanent judge. I’d like to see a rotation of ‘guest judges’ if they insist on having four.

      • AdamAddict says:

        4 to many!I get bored!But who cares about them?If I watch,only the part where Adam become guest for that show like Archie this year and Cook was a guest twice!

        • AdamRocks! says:

          That’s what I can’t wait to see. . . when Adam comes back to American Idol next year to perform. . . that’ll be the highest-rated AI episode EVER!!!

          Cindy in MS

          • Oh my gosh, I hadn’t even thought about that, Cindy, what joy of anticipation in the thought!

            • OOOHHHH!!!! They had better bring Adam back and not one of the other Idols from Season #8 !!!

            • OGM, I hadnt thought of Adam returning either. That will be one helluva show!
              They probably cant wait. We cant wait, everybody cant wait. AI will never be the
              same as season 8 because of our man Adam!

              • Oh, they will bring him back alright and present him with a platinum record for his debut album which will make American Idol history!

                • AdamAddict says:

                  U guys never thought of that?All I’m thinking about season 9 is adam performing!! And Mary C,OGM??!! hahaha!! again,huh??

                  • AllaboutAdam says:

                    It would be SO WORTH scooping up tix to that AI taping…. the one where Adam will perform… I bet they sell out in a heartbeat! One thing for sure, NO ONE before him will have made the impact that he’s going to make the next time he steps onto that Idol stage…it’s going to be one of many defining moments I think…Looking back on our boy from season 8, he’s already transformed in so many ways!…I don’t have very much interest in AI anymore since last season…after all, the BEST has already been discovered and no one can touch him…but will have my DVR ready for when Adam returns… sure would be nice to be there that night…I guess they’ll have to have Kris on one night too…ummm…I’ll pass.

                  • Yea, u know what happened there dont you?? Adaaaammm!
                    U crack me up AdamAddict, just when I thought nobody would catch that.
                    Meant OMG, ha ha

                • Love the sound of that too.

          • AdamRocks..Lisette here..darn it Im tryin to reply above..but so agree with yu..plz see my commentes an see what yu thinq? Regardes to “Amer.Idol” new judge an related topic..Hugs an bonwishes to yu Luv Lisettexoxo

      • I just don’t like that women, her or her husband…………………

      • Lisette I didnon reciv last page, sending affetione a bit late..Bonsoir glambs from s.west Nevada..have cold(crazy I know as es plus 90 degree,made chicken fricasee bon for cold..but nevre can compare to natural medicine Adam can be! ah,la,la..just had to share with yu an our beauhearte Adam..mmmoi(thinq it’s cold meds making me bit loopy,pardon).Well as Im writing one of best luv songes is playin ..Tracks of My Tears”..soo sweet,thenks fels like a personal seranade,usual (sound is cutoff,perhaps setting on ma pc?)An lovli photo here of Adam reciving special honors..bravo monamie!
        Theresa aw am still sad ovre Paula now,an nevre can be same sans her an Adam..if only they can av him as judge..anyone for thes?Being he’s so diverse an his talentes are evidente from his passe yers of theatre,schol an such..Ah I’d so wishe hed appear there!Okay Lisette’s meds are truly makin some nice fantasie here!Take care am going to mange la fricasee an back later for some more Adam’s holistic treatements his voix,hearte an beauface…say non more..Aurevoir an luv to all! J’adore Adam always!xoxoxo

        • Lisette, hope you feel better fast! I watched a bubbletweet of Matt and Danny, and Matt is coughing regularly, wonder if his cold is being passed around? None of the Idols have mentioned being sick but just fatigued.

          Did you folks see Adam’s morning tweet? It was to Drake, said “Miss you baby”, so I have now decided to follow Drake to see what he is up to. Adam seemed so happy in his NY vids, maybe got to spend some time with Drake..?? YUM for both of them!

          Don’t know if I already said but Smokey Robinson is following me! I tweeted him as he said something on Adam’s list about beautiful BC which is where I am and he was just leaving for LA. I plan to follow anyone who seems to have a strong Adam connection. Slash follows him too.

          • Lisette here..Visiting here encore time of nite am sleepless..merci Theresa for well wishes,yes la fricasee,lot of vit.c,tea n honey will assiste..takes me longre due to immune sys/ visite here in lieu of tv can returne to sleep.Hope yu’ll have a beljour too!Read yur post re: twitter an followers of Adam’s..I av trie encore to repli on his page sometime it dosnon fly.. an hour glass just stays,so unsure if Adam evre recives ma replie to his comments(tweets on his page)..strange.Find twitter very user unfrendli,an when goin to helppage..bonluck.Even typing in subject for help doesnon seem to resolve above mention..I give up.Perhaps will send via pony espress to his Amer.Idol address..Does anyone know if thet’s proper address for Adam reciving fanmail,having nevre used one with c/o 19 Amer.Idol seen on American Idol website?
            Luv an hugs Lisettexoxo

      • Lisette agan..oh non compris quest site..plz see commente few down Theresa is for yu too..I know I place undre yur nom.So do see an for any of glambs thet share m’sentimentes..sure yu’ll smile what do yu thinq of ma suggestione for new judge”well perhaps as a guest one on Amer.Idol”..sure it can restore l’ratings whech are goin to fall without Paula who adde charme an candor, positive an funny critiques thet softened Simon’s at temes harshness an blunt wordes.An was sort of like seein old comedie of Ricki an Lucy at temes(but course Simon was non cuban an had diffarente accent..British)..So l’gues of honor plese do read few lines down.Perhaps Im being eternal optomiste here..but it’s a lovli thout,yes?! Hugs an luv Lisettexoxo

  9. I’m so glad to hear that Adam’s RS is the best selling copy of that magazine in this year!!! 🙂

    • I don’t think that Adam even knows how he is going to become the greatest Icon to come along but, we Glambs knew it, RIGHT!!!!

      • yes it was something you could just feel. He touches you right away. I thought oh my God who is that guy. Where is he is he in the group that made it. He better be or I am not watching this show anymore. We glams felt it at first sight. I can tell just by reading your comments you had the feeling I had. I just wanted him to be perfect every week so I could see him again the following week. Then the feeling became more and more intense. O K now I need to control the need to talk about Adam Lambert or my friends and family may seek help for me. But the Guy colors my world and has got me living and loving life again in that special way you did when you were younger and carefree. We can have it all back. Adam brings back sexy fun and get down and dance feelings. Also you can do it!

        • Right on, Lee. I read in an interview somewhere (so many of them) Leila saying that from the time he was a little boy Adam could walk into a room and just light it up with his smile and personality. Now he is going to light up the world! Can’t wait to watch it happen.

  10. I read comments in the RS article. Some of the comments said they sent their RS copy to be autographed by Adam. All you need to do is send it with a stamped return envelope. But no one responded when I asked where to send it. Does anyone know where to send my RS magazine? I took it with me to the concert but he was unable to come out that night. Please tell me if anyone has that information.

    • I read that the place to send it is: Adam Lambert, %19 Entertainment, 8560 Sunset Blvd, Ste.900, West Hollywood, CA 90069. Hope I got that right. If anyone knows differently, please correct this!




    • AdamRocks! says:

      Ofra, thanks so much for that.. . WOW is right!!!

      Cindy in MS

      • So sweet that Brian May is so supportive of Adam and recognizes his talent as a Rock Star. Unlike that loudmouth from Kiss…..what was his name? (Do we care?). I bought a Queen CD recently, which I’m really enjoying!

        • Adam Lambert has a sensational voice, his performance with Kiss was exceptional, the only problem is that he outstaged all of Kiss, in performance, in looks, and with orgasmic vocals.

          • SHALOM back to you, Ofra! My, you come up with some good things for us to see and read! This comment by Brian May about Adam’s virtuosity and that the world definitely has a ‘bright new star’ is a huge boost for Adam coming from such a source. Brian is obviously moved by Adam’s singing, and he is very generous in his comments about him on his website. Some of my favorite pictures from the grand finale of AI were of Brian looking up at Adam with an expression of such complete and loving approval as they sang together on stage, the look on Brian’s face said everything. He was looking at someone who COULD succeed Freddie Mercury, and his face showed it openly to the whole world. And now he fully and publicly endorses Adam before everyone, giving Adam the nod among all his friends as well, which I am sure, includes many music mega-professionals. I am thrilled to read such an endorsement from such a legendary star for Adam, thanks for posting the link, Ofra!

            • This quote was a twofer – not only detailed praise from someone who absolutely knows his stuff, but we now know which film is going to feature Adam’s voice. Normally I avoid films about giant explosions and the end of the world, but I’m afraid the lure of sitting in a theatre surrounded by Adam’s voice will trump all else, especially if it’s something melancholy and tragic as the world ends….

            • Lorrin, and did you notice how affectionate Adam was as well? He did a lot of touching of Brian’s shoulder off and on…. so sweet!

              Maybe Brian could be “guest guitarist” on one of Adam’s songs.

              • Wonderful idea, Terry, maybe even MORE than one of Adam’s songs…you know, I have NEVER seen any molto-professional musician or singer EVER look at another new young artist like Brian looked at Adam as he sang. A look of the most unabashed love and approval, even wistfulness. It still brings tears to my eyes to think of it..

              • Helen/Canada says:

                I noticed too Theresa. There was definitely a mutual respect and admiration there. Wouldn’t that be amazing if Brian played on one of Adam’s songs!

          • Yes, Toni, and I think that is why Gene Simmons is saying negative things about Adam. Sour grapes. Even at the height of his youth and fame, he couldn’t hold a candle to our boy–and he knows it. And, like you said, his group was upstaged by the whippersnapper! They were relegated to being Adam’s back-up band! Kiss who?

            • Absolutely, totally, completely on the money, wannabethesnake! He is seeing his replacement forming up right before his eyes, and has found himself in the position of playing back-up for him! No petty chieftan ever likes to see a real king stride into his city, and Adam is taking down the walls wherever he goes, taking prisoners by the tens of thousands, soon to be millions. Our little David has slain the Goliath.

              • Lorrin, your description of Brian’s obvious and genuine appreciation of Adam and his talent reveals his balanced spirit and character. Brian didn’t appear threatened at all by this kid. He clearly enjoyed Adam–just like he enjoyed the meteor shower–both spectacular gifts of nature! Lovely soul! Contrast that with no-class neanderthal, Gene Simmons…UGH…

              • TheFeyNan(Nancy) says:

                Lorrin & wannabethesnake, your comments are dead on…”Our little David has slain the Goliath.” There will not be another to follow Adam for many more Eons(how ever long that is***FOREVER**)…I used to watch Gene simmons Family Jewels, thought is was a cute show, luved the Tweed Sisters, and the kids, Gene was brash as always….but can’t bring myself to even watch it anymore.
                I caught the first episode of this season, it was more on his son Nick being here in Memphis, and on Beale St, studying the history of Blues…going down to the crossroads…but after Gene made is trashy remark, just can’t make myself watch it…and I am also wondering about the remark Adam made on an interview last week about maybe having a single out in October…my daughter and I went to the movies yesterday, during the preview of “2012”, where I was either holding my breath, to see if I could catch something from Adam, or telling my daughter about the Brian May comment…I thought, “I wonder if the single he is referring to is off the sound tract for this movie”????
                Food for thought….but it just goes to show, I can’t even leave the house and get away from my computer w/out still being absorbed w/Adamizing….Thanx so much for this Grt Fan Site & Support Group(LMAO)…I may not reply as much as I would like, but every morn, while I drink my hot tea before work, I spend it right here with you all….and most of my evenings before bed…reading & catching up…Luv & Blessings 2 All…nancy

            • LOVE IT!!!!!!!!

              KISS WHO????????????????????

            • Helen/Canada says:

              Absolutely right on! Gene Simmons is all about Gene Simmons, always has been, always will be. He doesn’t even have the graciousness to admit that Adam was and is fantastic. Adam totally upstaged him and Gene was trying to put the focus on himself during the song. Did you notice that? At least Paul Stanley was receptive to Adam. I liked the way he called his name out when it was Adam’s turn to sing.

          • Oops! It was you who called his vocals “orgasmic,” wasn’t it, Toni? Sorry I got that wrong elsewhere here! (Important Safety Tip: Don’t Drink and Post).

            LOVE, LOVE, LOVE it. 🙂

    • thank you for the shared information ….it was a great read!!!

    • Thanks for this, I made a copy of the article for my folder, 2012 seems so far off, here I am wishing time to pass so I can see this film. It is not a good thing to do because I’m sure there will be many things that we are going to see and hear from Adam during this time…..

      • Couldn’t tell from the way you phrased it, but the name of the movie is “2012” – as in, the date the world is supposed to end per the Mayan calendar, though it’s probably just when the Mayan calendar ends (all calendars have to end sometime!) – which gives them an excuse to blow up pretty much everything on screen. Which is a long way of saying the film is “2012” – but it’s due out November 13, 2009. Not quite so long to wait!

        • That is true, Peggy. Interestingly, some scholars believe that the Mayans were calculating the moment time ends–or on the flip side–begins again. So to many, 2012 is a time of re-birth and spiritual awakening. Of course to Hollywood, it is the perfect subject to turn into a major disaster movie and scare the poo out of people who already have enough to fear in their lives. In fact, November 13th is Friday the 13th. So subtle.

          • I am looking forward to the movie ‘2012’ immensely, and find it interesting that Hollywood has chosen to portray the End so graphically. Personally, I do not believe that humanity gets its ideas from movies, but that those who make movies pick up their ideas from the culture around them, and present that information onscreen. I find it fascinating that the movie-makers are being so ‘accurate’, so to speak, with the end-time scenario. Since movies are the media from which so much of the public derives its ‘feel’ for the world around them, I believe that these same movies actually play a part in advancing and even warning the people at large of events that have existed in the human consciousness for millenia. The Mayans were more accurate observers of the cosmos than we are, and as everyone knows, their prediction for the end of this present world culminates on December 21, 2012. However, it is not thought to be the end of ALL things, but the beginning of another age, either the end of the 4th age and the beginning of the 5th, or the end of the 5th, and the beginning of the Age of Center, according to various tribes. Even the Bible with its fearsome end-time scenarios, looks beyond the end of things as they are, to a new age beyond. So I find it particularly appropriate that Adam, with his ethereal voice and otherworldly persona, should be singing on the soundtrack of this movie of the visionary near future. Since Adam himself believes in synchronicity, I find it fascinating in the extreme that he was chosen to be such a vital part of this world-wide media event. I look forward eagerly to its debut, despite its deeply sobering message..

        • Theatres are already showing previews of this movie! Cant hear soundtrack yet, but
          the previews are out.

          • We probably won’t hear Adam’s voice until late in the process. Typically previews are scored with pre-existing music, often music that has been successful in the same genre. Certain themes are used over and over because audiences have a built-in emotional response to them. There is even at least one website where you can look up what music has been attached to any given preview. (Sorry, I don’t have the link – I only know about it from a friend who loves classic film scores, as I do.) Sometimes classical pieces are used (or over-used, like “Carmina Burana”). But it would be very rare for the preview music to have been scored by the film’s composer.

    • What a compliment to our Adam!! And Brian May was educated as an astrophysicist… hmm, I know Queen were all university graduates, but had no idea…. Not that higher education is necessary to be successful but I think almost all successful performers, singers, actors, filmmakers are also very intelligent. Our boy is, certainly, it oozes out of his pores and shines through his eyes!

      Funny, Brian writes about attending a meteor shower, then writes about Adam! It fits!!!

      • I saw that juxtaposition of Adam and the meteor shower too, Theresa, it so perfectly descriptive!

    • Thank you, ofra, that gave me goosebumps! I, also, think it portentous that this revelation took place during the nights of the “shooting stars” as though the heavens themselves were in agreement on the effect Adam is about to have on the world. Ooooh, I just got goosebumps again…

    • I am just pumped beyond recognition that it will be *his* voice on the megasong that comes out of that movie. Think about it. Brian May, of all people, thinks it’s going to be a massive, worldwide hit. He oughtta know. Imagine the droves of people who go to the movie, don’t watch Idol, see photos here and there of Adam and maybe wonder what all the fuss is about (because they’re apparently either legally blind or developmentally impaired). Then they hear this song sung in this haunting, orgasmic (as wannabethesnake so aptly put it) voice. And they go, “Wow – that song is really cool. And that guy has an *amazing* voice. Who IS that?” They look in the credits. “Holy Shit – Adam Lambert.”

      Think about this, too. What can amazing songs in movies sometimes get? An Oscar nomination for “Best Original Song.” And what happens on the Oscars every year? All the performers of those songs come on and do them live. Our boy could be on the Oscars! Hell, our boy could win an Oscar!

      Kris who? KISS who? Fuck, yeah. This is going to be astronomically huge.

      • AdamRocks! says:

        What an Oscar Party that’ll be!!!

        Cindy in MS

      • Oscars, Oh Barb that would be sick. Adam and an Oscar, I can see it happening to.
        wow love how we have the future planned out. He probably hasnt even thought of the
        Oscar awards yet.
        Oh Adam we loooove you.

      • Wow, Barb, I didn’t even think of the Oscar potential. And they would absolutely have to get him to sing it during the ceremony! The odds should be good that the song – if it is that good – would be nominated, since they actually don’t have that much to pick from year to year and have even considered eliminating the category with so few original songs being written for films, which is why you often get two or three songs from the same animated film just to fill out four or five slots. In fact, they NEED Adam! Ratings have been declining, but with Adam’s fanbase watching, they would go through the roof. Unfortunately, unless Adam himself has written the song, he would not win an Oscar – but he would perform it live. The Oscar will have to wait while he piles up Grammys.

        • True, but my hope is that maybe he’ll get cowriting credit. He’s said in the past that he’s been co-writing some of the songs on the record…

          I can dream, can’t I? The Oscars have been so brutally disappointing to me in recent years that I’ve all but stopped watching them. Remember, Cindy? There was a time when I said Jake Gyllenhaal could be nominated for all ten acting awards and promise to accept for whichever two win in the nude, and I still wouldn’t watch after what those bastards did… Don’t even get me started on that… ANYway, if there is even a hint of a rumor of Adam just gracing the red carpet for no other reason than he’s been invited just to watch the show, I’ll be so tuning in.

          (I have to admit – I cheated and watched Ellen’s monologue the year she hosted. But then I turned it right off. I swear.)

          Wow – Neil Patrick Harris hosting (it’s possible, right?) and Adam performing?

          I’m getting way ahead of myself, but hey, it could all happen.

          And regardless, yes, we’ll just have to watch him walk away with all the Grammys in the meantime.

      • Barb, you are a genius!

        • Naw. I’m not, but Adam is. He and his team are calling the shots. I just report on their progress afterwards.

          I’m telling you, *astronomically* huge. Madonna-like, for lack of a better comparison (but check it – a Madonna who can really sing – not just be packaged and marketed perfectly).

      • I just want to see Adam in a tux with his hair slicked back!

      • AMEN…..AMEN….

        YOU ARE SO CUTE….BARB!!!

      • Helen/Canada says:

        You have a way with words, Barb!!! I love it! and you are totally right on!

      • Iyleneidol09 says:

        Bard, Iyleneidol09 here, we ask, we believe, we receive! That’s the magic of The Secret! Everyone listen up, mark today’s date when Barb had visualizedAdam winning the Oscar for the 2012 soundtrack!!

    • Helen/Canada says:

      Ofra, thank you so much for sharing that link. OMG, it made me cry!! I’m thrilled that people realize how amazing Adam really is. Thank you to everyone for sharing all the links and information. This is an amazing website. The only thing wrong, is that I spend so much time here, can’t get anything else done!! LOL! Thank you, thank you, thank you.

  12. This is what another person said, re. sending your RS mag. or just send a photo if you fear losing that copy of the mag.

    Adam Lambert
    c/o 19 Entertainment
    Ste 900
    W. Hollywood CA

  13. Aw, sweet!! Adam just tweeted Drake!!!

    • That is sweet. Drake seems like a good guy. Love his aura. Very positive and bright.

      • …and he makes Adam happy…has to be special…

        • Barb, do you really see auras? I am totally fascinated by that…wondered if Adam could be an Indigo….

          • I don’t see colors like some people claim to be able to do. But I can see the energy coming from a person’s eyes and face. Anyone can do it. I forget who it was who said that if you look deeply into a dog’s eyes for five seconds, you can learn everything you need to know about that dog, and that it works the same way in people. The one who wrote Never Cry Wolf, maybe?

            I just see a lot of light coming from within in both Adam’s and Drake’s eyes – very positive energy. I’ve known people who are just the opposite – who are energy sucks. You get anywhere near them, and you can feel the life being sucked right out of you. Those two give life instead of taking it away. Such interesting, powerfully positive people. And there’s nothing sexier to me than that kind of powerful energy.

  14. Why is Posh a guest judge, what does she know about music, or fashion. I think Simon is trying to be kind in helping her to still make it out in America. If they are going to have guest judges they need to have music experts. If they think inviting Posh will increase their ratings they are wrong. The money given to Posh is better spend making life better for disadvantaged kids. They know that lots of viewers have vowed not to watch AI again after last season. The only way their ratings will go sky high is the day Adam Lambert performs as a guest on AI.

    • I agree! A fourth judge is not necessary. They run out of time, and it adds nothing new. I will miss Paula; she was so supportive of the contestants and clearly adored Adam. It just won’t be the same without her. I, too, am only looking forward to the new season to see Adam perform as a guest. If you have watched the Canadian perfomances on YouTube, he is indeed looking more like our “Glittery Alien from the Planet Fierce” all the time! The audience is eating it up! So thrilling!

  15. Christine says:

    I managed to buy 7 copies (that’s all they had)of the RS @ Target the morning it went on sale. The girl was just opening the box of magazines and there was Adam right on top! They should have kept the presses running! I have 2 copies left for myself. I was very lucky that day!

  16. Rochester, NY – my home town. Born in Rochester General and raised within a 30-mile radius. Saw my first concert at the Blue Cross Arena – then known as the War Memorial. It was Foghat and Cheap Trick. Cheap Trick opened and stole the show. Funny, that. I’ve never heard a crowd screaming for a single performer (in this case, Robin Zander) since until very recently. It was defeaning. As a 12-year-old, I was like, “Who IS this guy?” Out he came and electrified the place. And he was only a moderately good singer, but a great performer. Now we have one who is great at both. Shit….

    I hope my fellow Rochesterians rightfully give Adam his props tonight. Go, baby, GO.

  17. I think I probably bought six Rolling Stones in all – one to leaf through, one to keep in case I found anyone worthy, and one to keep, period! I also gave away two or three…. Honestly, I’d have bought more but was feeling guilty cornering the market as much as I was! I was torn between buying more for others and leaving them there for the people who were looking themselves. I also bought a three-year subscription to Rolling Stone – because Adam is going to be in it a LOT – and it’s really insanely cost-effective to subscribe ($26 for 26 issues a year for three years vs. $4 apiece over the counter). I tried to tell the guy at the newstand that he was in for an onslaught, but he was clearly clueless and just shrugged. Adam’s fans continue to be vindicated in so many ways….

  18. Thanks for this info, I will also get RS, for future articles on Adam. Good idea!!!

    • Yes, Lee, we can always get our extras at the newstand, but in the meantime, we’re covered as subscribers. I doubt there will be many issues without SOME mention of Adam – and who knows how many more cover stories! Especially now that they know what it does for their circulation….

  19. To AdamAddict regarding Anoop copying Adam… He is ridiculous!!!!!!!!!
    I went to the concert in Hamilton Canada Here is the link

    • OMG GALA


      • AdamAddict says:

        OMG,this is super ridiculous! Forget the vest,look how he do this”snake move” like Adam did! When it comes to Adam, I called it teasing,flirting & when it comes to Anoop,I called it torchuring!The jumping afterward,looks like teenage girl called Allison.She always did that during Slowride! The “born to be wild” move….yes I saw that Gala! I kept looking at the time,feel like it took forever! At 2:00,I stopped! Too boring! If I’m going to the concert,I probably take a nap and will wake up when Adam turns to perform!

        • Well with the stylish clothes, we can take that as a compliment to Adam. He started the
          styles with his own gorgeous self. Remember back to the boots with Okey?
          The dance moves, oooh no. Only Adam can pull those off with the swivel hips, to the sexy girations. No one is sexy like him. I agree AdamAddict, boring.
          When I go to concert in Ohio I may have to take my ole Ipod, listen to Adam while others
          perform and pull them out of the ears when SuperStar comes on!!

        • AA while watching one of the NY vids yesterday, Adam hugged Alison at the end of ‘Slow Ride” and lifted her up! Don’t know if he’s done it before or she was expecting it but she spread her legs out around his waistline… OMG OGM!!

          • OMG OMG how sweeet. Alison Alison

          • OMFG!!!! I’ve imagined myself making that same move on Adam a million times!!! Of course, his people would call 911, but it would be so worth a little time in jail…..and being required to register as a sex offender…

            • AdamAddict says:

              In Rochester?I looked for it but there’s no spread legs whatsoever! Which one?I checked Hamilton too but there’s no even hugging there so…which one?I want to spread my….I mean I want to see it too!!

              Mary C,
              I saw that too! hahaha! It’s contagious!! lol!

              They shouldn’t call 911,what they should call is Fire Department! Only fire hose can keep all of us cool down! lol!

              • Lisette here..bonmatin read all above re: Adam an Allison video(in NY show) I av non seen thes,can someone poste linq here?Imagaine for sure Allison was elated an ah,la,la agree with everyone..No mattre his preference Adam exudes sensualitie an masculinitie for sure..Still beliv somehow he’ll entertaine being bi-curious,as state in 20/20 an with all l’brassieres,an othre undergarmentes flung onstage,gals attentions so many belle femmes nevre know ti he tries.Hugs an luv to all glambs! xxxoo Lisette!

                • AdamAddict says:

                  I know Lisette,I can’t find it either! The new one was in Hartford but no spread legs too,my friend! I wonder if Theresa here took too many AdamAgra and now she’s hallucinations! hahaha!Prove to us what you see is the real thing by paste the link here,Theresa! I dare you!! hahaha! Don’t piss,Theresa! Come here,I’ll hug you back! ~hug(Adam’s style)~ 🙂

                  • AdamAddict says:

                    You driving me crazy,Theresa! There’s so many concert in NY!Did you mean Long Island 2nd show?There’s hugging,there’s lifting,there’s turning but there’s no spreading!! I just noticed one thing,when someone threw him undies,Adam picked it up and said “Extra large” lol!! Whoever threw it better start telling everyone that’s not his/hers!! lol!! Adam is always adorable!! Ok,Theresa,start sharing!! Come on now,I’m tired searching!! 🙁

                • Lisette, what a lovely way to put . I love your written language.

            • You r cracking me up!

          • Iyleneidol09 says:

            OHHHHhhhhhhh! Theresa, I wanna see that vid.. I would like to fantasize that it’s my legs wrapped around his waist. Anyone has the link on that vid? pleassssssssseeeee! C’mon ladies, I’m holding my breath…… LOL!!!

    • I noticed Danny Dorkey was wearing Adam’s boots during his performance. Albeit probably not his actual boots, but the kind of high-top, lace-up, black work boots he wears. I actually thought it was kind of cool – kind of a shout out to the one they all really know everyone is coming to see. Coming from that megalomaniac, especially, it seemed unusually humble.

    • Helen/Canada says:

      Hi Gala,
      Thanks for that link. I was at the Hamilton concert too but I guess I wasn’t paying that much attention because I didn’t really notice Anoop doing that -LOL!! I certainly was paying attention when Adam was on!!! That video was really clear and the sound was good. Do you know if there’s any of Adam by that person?

  20. Dianne Hill says:

    I am from Christchurch in New Zealand and let me tell you how hard it was to get a copy of the Rolling Stone mag. It was damn near impossible so I have only one copy which I will never, ever part with. The magazine is airfreighted in to the shops here in New Zealand when it comes out in the US and I rang all the shops in Christchurch to find out who was getting it, (not all shops airfreight magazines in) there were only two shops that I could find and one wouldn’t keep me a copy because I was not a regular customer – with that attitude I never will be, but the other shop said they would keep me a copy when I rang them and they only got FOUR copies of the magazine. How stupid is that. When I went to pick it up the guy said they could have sold hundreds they had had so many people asking for it.

    The thing I am happy about is that most shops will get Adam’s copy of Rolling Stone in about two weeks time (I hope). These ones will have come by seafreight and at the moment the magazine in the shops is the one with Lady Gaga (in pink) on the cover and I know Adam’s comes after that. So I will be in the shops every day checking and I plan to buy a few for myself and others. At least it will be cheaper ($NZ8.90) where as I paid $NZ20.00 for it when it first came out. Ohh, I can’t wait.

  21. I AM So excited about Adams success. He is like a child you are watching grow. You want him to be happy, safe and successful. He is in the news every day and seems to be getting more and more opportunities. All the better for us crazy fans because we get to enjoy all of this too. A real life adventure you get to share and help by supporting him. When I read about May’s comments on the new song for 2012 I was so elated. May is a Master and should be respected for his views and opinions. I love May and Queen. I miss Freddy Mercury and I think May Knows talent when he hears and sees it. He is legendary and an Icon himself and worked and works with incredibly talented performers. I just can not wait for new music to add to my collection and share with others. Nice to read and share- Wow all of the great comments and know I am not the only crazy person around there are a lot of us. nice to share

  22. hey i went to rochester and adam lambert was amazing..i wanted to cry when it was over…so good my seat was far from stage but it was centered with stage it rocked…adam is so talented

    • Hi, Brittany. I’m from Rochester. Glad you enjoyed the show! (though I wouldn’t expect anything less). Wish I could have seen it there, too, but I’m stuck in South Florida. No offense to the others, who are all certainly talented, but it didn’t really feel like a concert until he came out, did it?




    • NICE. And that we are.

      • Yeah, Barb, and more than nice…I love it when Adam brings home the bacon. That old ‘bottom line’ has more than one music executive looking long and hard at Adam Lambert, I’m sure. At any rate, these kind of numbers show him to be an indisputable money-maker, and for that, I am heartily glad for his sake!

  24. AdoringAdam says:

    With Brian May’s endorsement of Adam’s singing, the movie will be a hit no doubt.

    A way to ensure Adam’s new CD is to go to Amazon and pre-order it. Being it is right before Christmas I am sure it will be a mega hit. Can’t wait. It will be the best present anyone could possibly receive. A gift that truly does keep on giving. Everybody in my family is geting one.

    I am so happy for Adam that his dreams are coming true. We know his voice is the greatest, but I love how unaffected he is by all his fame and his sweet sense of humor. He is a joy.

  25. I predict that the 2009 post idols will all have the most amazing careers ever because of their close association and influence of Adam. They may look a little silly now when they copy him but that’s how we all learn. Just watch all nine of them become super successful – what a gift this tour with Adam has been for them!!!

  26. Just typing in ‘elle cover shoot adam’ I got the info on that shoot. There is some funny business about Kris wearing Adam’s platform boots.. I still say that pic on the cover shoot thread is Kris not Adam! Then somehow I ended up on which is still a great info site.. along the left side are loads of articles.. the one I chose to read was a 14 year old named Kate who give her impression of the whole Rochester concert. Good to get a youn’uns point of view.

  27. DANA MARTIN says:


    • AdamAddict says:

      You see on your right,there’s recent post?Go to Tour Vibe-Hartford.Glamb tell you how! (Scroll down until you see glamb!) 🙂

  28. omg the concert in rochester was amazing i loved it i sat front row and the view was great i am planning on going to the syricus concert comming up in september and that will hopefully be just as good

  29. Actually, “sang” and “sanger” is commonly used here in Texas and I was not surprised at all to hear Adam say it early on and certainly was not surprised to hear that Michael had said it also. People who “sang” are a bit more likely to have done some informal singing as well as “stage” singing, though even in classical stage settings I’ve heard the reference.