TOUR VIBE – American Idol Summer Tour 2009 – Pittsburgh, PA

The Idols stay in Pennsylvania for a concert on Saturday, August 22nd at the Mellon Arena in Pittsburgh.

First, lots of updates to older articles…I added two new photos to “Warning: Exposure to These Photos Can Be Dangerous to Your Health,” added Emili’s adorable drawing of Adam and another photo you have to see to believe to “We Want Adam and Adam Wants Us,” added videos to the Albany and Philadelphia TOUR VIBES and adamtastic1877’s Philadelphia photos.

One week to go until my concert! Yesterday I was thinking about what single thing I specifically was hoping Providence had in store for me, other than just seeing and hearing Adam in person. I found I couldn’t narrow it down to just one wish, so I indulged myself and made a list. I also realized it was highly unlikely for all my wishes to be granted at just the Milwaukee concert, so between Milwaukee, Madison, and Grand Rapids, here is my wish list, in vague order of desire:

1) One “woman” (Even tho I know “baby” is his preference, I like to think he’s singing this to me!)
2) One emo hair (I don’t mind the Elvis hair, but this is the original “look” I fell in love with)
3) One night when he really wails (a 10-second “woman” would take care of #1 and #3!)
4) One good sound system (no squirrels on helium)
5) One good view from my seat
6) One venue I can take photos/videos

I figure it will take all 3 concerts to give me what I want, which is one reason I bought 3 tickets. I didn’t list an autograph or meet even though I desperately want them. At this point in the tour, after all that’s happened, I think it’s an unrealistic goal. If it happens, that would be heaven, but I don’t want to be disappointed and have the entire experience negated in my mind simply because I had false expectations. I should find out on Monday from Danny’s cousin-in-law if I can get a backstage pass for Milwaukee, but he says it’s a looooooooong shot. I’ll let you know.

Personal side note: If any of you are going to any of my concerts and want to try to meet to say hi! or hang out before the show, please email me at

For all of you who have gone to go to a concert, what was on your “wish list,” and was it granted? If your concert is ahead of you, what’s on YOUR list?

If you’re going to the Pittsburgh show, please share your experiences with us. If you have photos and/or videos from either this concert or any of the past concerts, please email them to us! Our email address is This email should be working fine now, so please don’t hesitate to use it.

~~Jeanette, Glamb #5


  1. Good Morning Jeanette,
    Thank you for all the many updates. My retrospective wish (Oakland 7/11) and my advice to you, is to attend at least one concert were you don’t take any photos. I spent the whole show taking photos (none came out good) and felt deprived of every minute my eyes weren’t focused entirely on Adam. I envy your 3 opportunities. Leave your expectations at the door and just be WOWED. I will change your life. I also hope you don’t have fans (of unnamed other’s) behind you that keep telling you to sit down. JUST HAVE FUN AND BE ADAMAZED.

    • (It will change your life)

      • Jeanette if you are in balcony seating you can see fine. I agree about not ‘shooting’ pics during one concert, or at least during WLL and the medley as he is awesome to watch moving. I am bringing an old small camera but will likely only take a few pics, if any.

        I am praying that you get at least one ‘meet’ with Adam!! Hopefully the ‘fan club leader’ thing will make that happen or you get outside early… I’d ask around if they are coming out before and/or after the show.

        • Marie/Toronto says:

          Yes, I agree.

          You have to have a show where you’re NOT PREOCCUPIED with taking pics/vids.
          I can’t believe how many people insist on looking at Adam though a lense. Trust me, there will be stuff posted on YouTube by OTHERS from your shows. Let someone else do the work and enjoy every second of Adam.

          I didn’t tape/photograph my concert and there are several good videos of it (Hamilton). I think the dildo throwing incident is the single most downloaded Adam performance of the entire tour.

        • Lee/Saline says:

          theresa/canada, I say we ALL visualize Jeanette getting to meet Adam in person at the right time and the right place. Be thinking of her on her concert dates which are… What are they Jeanette? I’m not going to a concert, but I can do this to be a part of the action. 😉

      • Lisette here..bonmatin all..Thenks Jeanette for lovli article an date yur attending concertes.Do have a wondreful teme an seein yur wishes,nevre know Adam changes his songes so may adde “women” in lieu of baby..autograph au backstages ah thinq thet can be perfet dreame..Just enjoie concertes as I av read gals say less destractione,focus just on him!
        An Medley agree too with yu but given I av nevre seen one,let alone multiple counte blessings here.I av been unable to attende due to so av to enjoie online in video(utubes) an thes wondreful tribute page.An anyone thet see more then one,truly is bless so thinq of it thes respecte plese..Ther’s lot of gals here from Europe,SouthAfrica,Israel,n Asia thet too dreme to see beau Adam..An like me av to await his solo concertes someday..blessings agan Luv an hugs Lisette..An merci to all glambs thet share ther estraordinaire videos/photos here!xox

  2. Good morning, I went to the Tampa show and it was unbelievable. I had to pinch myself when he appeared. I brought a sign like a true fantard and was in row 4 on floor; my wishes were exceeded when he actually pointed to my sign… I may have briefly died ha. I know he pointed at it cuz people in front turned ard to see what he was pointing at.
    And re px taking. We could take pictures there but it was a continual struggle – take picture or just stare at his hotness. Mostly I did the latter but did get abt 8 really nice photos.

    • Thanks so much, yet again, Jeanette for adding those ‘goodies’ for us!! XO Terry

    • “fantard” – I LOVE it. And yes, I understand the pinching of oneself. I think “Holy Shit” was on an infinite loop in my head once he appeared, but not so deafening that I couldn’t appreciate the perfect voice he was in that night, and the several primal screams he treated us to in Sunrise.

      Check it out, if you doubt:

      And I prefer the emo hair, too, Jeannette.

    • adamtastic1877 says:

      “fantard”!! that’s great! xD

  3. cheryl norman says:

    Hey, Jeanette! Nice to have 3 concerts to go to!!!! Here’s my ‘wish list’ for Gd Rapids:

    1) at least 30 min alone w/Adam (I’ll supply the drinks)

    2) great seats

    3) him singing using my name instead of ‘woman’ or ‘baby’

    4) no Gokey

    5) no Scott

    6) some face licking

    7) bringing home something ‘personal’ of Adam’s

    8) him coming to the hotel alone for private show for me

    9) an invite to come to LA for a visit w/him

    10)no one blocking my view during the concert

    Of course, I don’t ‘expect’ any of that, that’s just my ‘wishes’! ROCK-ON, ROCK-GOD, OUR MANLLY-MAN!


    • Lisette here..Agan an sad nevre seein one av to live in hope of solotour ..til then just smile at l’grande Wishes Cheryl yu av poste..funny about l’private show.. thinq we can all share thes LA visite with him ah am smilin lot here,blocking agree when somone with grande coiffed hair,hats ortall obstructe view.. Two yers passe seeing Il Divo, gal in front of me, had signe for Sebastian(cute one)Seb’s gal ..Ma sistre kindli asque her to sit, an did aftre her boyfrend nudge her.Luv yur wish,taking Adam home.. pies de le resistance!Thinq best reve here! Enjoie it an wear thet glitter an sparkle for Adam! hugs an luv Lisettexox

    • LOL @ no Gokey and no Scott. They are talented in their own rights but – whenever I think of the Kansas City Show which I am going to & which is coming up next Sunday – I ONLY think of it as going to see Adam Lambert perform. After seeing all the great phots and videos, I feel like I should bring a camera etc but my wish is to just sit and sing along w/ him EXCEPT for “Mad World” when I think there should be absolute quiet except for him singing of course. It’s great to read all these posts & see how he appeals to all age ranges. Right now, I am listening to some of his Upright Cabaret stuff. He is such a beautiful person both inside AND out. His parents must be so proud of him not so much for his incredible talent but for what an incredible person he is. He has said so many wise things. I’m thinking in particular of interviews w/ “Rolling Stone” and the guy @ “Radar Online”. The guy was wondering if he could carry off Adam’s coat that the interviewer borrowed to wear. Did anybody see that and what he told the guy? Personally, I’m glad that he is learning to take care of himself by not doing everything everybody wants of him. He’ll never survive if he gives of himself so much that he gets like he was around Atlantic City time. He is a bright light in this world that’s for sure and lots of people are going to want pieces of him. He needs to keep the pieces for himself for himself.

    • Spiceyone says:

      Hi Cheryl,

      Your wish list sounds like mine but I would like a lot more than a half hour.

  4. Hi Jeanette~

    First of all, thanks for all you do for this site…I love it! Secondly, I have to agree with Medley that you should definitely reserve one show for no picture taking. I was so concerned with trying to get some good pics and jumping up and down trying to get him to look at me (I was wearing an “Adam” shirt that has the Eye of Horus on it which he did in fact look at but didn’t look into my eyes unless it was for a split second) that I did feel that I didn’t actually pay enough attention to his brilliant voice. But in all honesty, he totally took me by surprise (which surprised me considering how many times I’ve watched his performance via my computer screen) – his physical presence, how gorgeous he really is, the oozing of sexuality…that I really couldn’t believe that there he was, right in front of me!

    When I got home I felt like I could barely remember him singing….and promptly told my husband that I really needed to go to ONE MORE SHOW . Fortunately for me he is coming back to CT in Sept.

    As for my wish list:
    1. Have Adam look into my eyes!
    2. Have him pull me up on stage with him (we are allowed fantasies right?)
    3. Meet him in person (which I didn’t expect to do because my show was right after his twitter party, dr.’s orders, etc)

    So, for a split second I may have gotten #1. I’ll take it. I’m considering bringing a feather boa or some eye catching sign to show #2. Have a blast at your shows and just try to soak him in as much as you can. I look forward to hearing ALL about it!


  5. iluvadam4ever says:

    Would love to meet any of you and hang out beforehand for tomorrow’s show in Cleveland. Would love to share the experience of a lifetime!!! I am so excited!!! Kudos to all of you for this awesome website!! P.S. Jeanette, I tried to email you at the above address but I got an undeliverable message back??

    Glamb #380

    • Ugh, TYPO, sorry~ it’s

      Please try again! I will correct the post.

      • Lisette agan..Alrite I say one more video but just revisite here to say Jeanette thenks for always keepin all informe on Adam’s lovli concerttour news/photos/’videos..An so wishe was able to attende even meet yu to give hugs for being very caring an dedicationes of thes Adam tribute page..It makes ma illness of fibromyalgia bit easier to bare.An mainly for so many beau photos one bettre then nexte.His face is like viewin one of Michelangelo’s frescos,an listene to his voix tres angelique an sensualitie,innocense,charm,humilitie,intelligence,wit,
        humour..rare combinations thet define Adam as a legend of millenium, an future genrations to be!Nevre tire to espress m’affection an adoratione for thes tresbeau artiste,humanitarian..An know in ma hearte one day can be bless to see! Merci agan for thes wondreful place to visite!
        Blessings an now bonnuit(in s.west..Nevada)..bonmatin for most!xoxo

  6. The Sacramento show was fabulous. We had great seats and there were great Adam fans around us. It was fun to share my joy of experiencing Adam Lambert super star on the rise with people who have traveled the journey with me. I sucked up every second. It will be an experience deeply imbeded in my mind for future remmenicing

    • Lisette here,
      Bonmatin renogirl! Ah seein anothre Nevada fan an imagaine yu enjoie seein beau Adam in person..I crie to thinq only 5 heure away,yet non being physically wel to attende.Pray when solotours will returne to eithre Reno,Las Vegas,westcoast state..Lisette will be ther an non montain high enough to keep me from Diana Ross songe goes! Take care luv Lisette!

  7. TheFeyNan(Nancy) says:

    OMG…Jeanette, I am praying for you to get the back stage passes. I went to the Memphis show, I had purchased seats in the club area, which is farther away than it looked on the chart. But I would say my 1st wish came true that nite. My boss paid $500.00 a piece the nite before the concert for four of us to be able to go together and we were on the floor 4th & 5th row center stage….I gave my other 2 tickets away(trying to spread good karma, rather than hawk them at the Forium). I am 5’1″, and the picture taking is hard to accomplish from the floor. Everyone is up and on their feet. I am going to send mine in, but there are so many arms, hands, other heads, and cameras in the majority of them. It truly makes it difficult to enjoy the performance, so I just snapped at random, when he came….couldn’t take my eyes off him. We took a video camera, but I was told to put it in my purse or they would confiscate it…I obeyed…My 2nd wish, I would Luv to make the Finale….I think it is gonna be awesome….could be wrong….Just go, sweetie, scream your head off(I was hoarse for 4 days,, Rock with Your Rock God, and then tell us every lil’ detail… goes by to quick…we’re screaming Adam, Adam, Adam, and he disappears….sghhhhhhhhh…First concert I have been to since Robert Plant did his solo tour…

    • Lisette here..thenks for sharing (Nancy) with us sorry ther were many people,arms an such obstruct view..compris how sad thet can be.As mention happene to me seein Il Divo an for most of show just saw gal with signe standing up (on main level in Mandalaybay).Wel thenkful yu had close seat then..Imagaine Adam look tresbeau,seein glambs videos here.Aw an re: confiscate camera sondes like yu have same mal luck as me.I was at Michel Buble solo concerte once havin seat close.. usher spot l’camera give same warning.Just know yu had plasur to see Adam inconcerte tresbeau inward an outward..artiste estraordinaire! hugs Lisette

      • TheFeyNan(Nancy) says:

        Thanx Lissette…I would take nothing for the experience…and I wish you had been close by, I would have shared my other tickets with you and bad health or not, got you in that building. For I know of your “Deep Love & Passion for Adam”(wish I could say it in all your pretty French language), but this is just the begining for all of us.

        And to Toni below…I have said on other threads “Adam is fixing to take World by storm”, we will be lucky here in the US for him to come close enough for us to see him. Hang on tight fellow Glambs, we are in for the ride of our lives….Hell Ya!!!!!!!!!!! Now, compose myself & say Blessings 2 all…nancy

        • Lisette bonmatin Nancy so sorry I av non seen til today Aug 25th..Merci pour tout l’complementes..If only je reside vous sont refine et gracieux dans l’invitation. An side from mal health,will finde way til solo concerte to be ther!.Ah j’voudrois que vous aime Adam avec passion grande de moi.(yur passions are just as grand) for Adam!)!Italiano..tene una passione et amore forte. Benetiction ..blessings an hugs Nancy! Luv to all! Adam…J’etaime toujours Lisettexoxo

  8. crazyforadam says:

    My main wish would be for decent acoustics in order to be able to fully appreciate Adam. I was at the Hamilton and Rochester shows and the sound particularly in Rochester was muffled. My second wish would be of course to meet Adam. He was under doctor’s orders and I learned afterwards that he actually had laryngitis at that time, so it was incredible that he was able to sing at all. No wonder he sounded a little hoarse, and of course he didn’t really wail it out. So my third wish would be to attend another concert where he was feeling 100 % and could really let it go.

  9. Jeanette, OMG I hope you do get the backstage pass for Mil. show. That would be so fantastic.
    You do such a great job on this site, we’ll keep our fingers crossed for you.
    Cheryl girl, you are to much, face licking, hotel? Ok, well those are my wishes too.

  10. Jeanette, I have one request, I am planning to come to America sometime between the 20th December and 2nd January, can you find out if Adam will be performing in America during that time? I will be forever grateful.

    • Toni,

      This is just hearsay, but a fan posted somewhere on the net that she asked Adam if he was going to England, and Adam replied, “yes, next year” and that “Simon Fuller was working on the arrangements.” So there may be hope for you. If Adam is performing anywhere between Dec. 20th and Jan. 2nd, you will hear it here!

      • Lisette here,
        bonmatin Jeanette ah thet’s lovli for UK glambs here an now only wishe Adam will have solo concerte soon once agan seeme Im one of few in US unable to attende.. Maybe if yu meet or chat yu can inquire for me.J’reside in Nevada). Thenks agan for thes wondreful Adam tributesite truli shold be ‘official” page for all best updates,videos/interviews/concertnews,charitie events an anything Adam..Can even be a syndicate Adam channel on Cable..woldnon thet be nice now!!
        Okay Im dremin too! ! hugs an luv Lisette

      • WOW!!!!!! Thanks Jeanette, there is still hope for us in the UK.

        • Hi all
          I am a uk fan and do have a ticket for the finale sept 15th but have decided cant come all that way for 15 mins of Adam It will be torture( though I am wavering )Thank God I have this site and youtube to keep me fully Adamised! I am coming to Denver in March to a conference and was hoping that he will be touring by then as I will get on a plane and fly anywhere in the states to see him .i will of course be scouring this site for that news! if anone gets any snippets let me know!I am of course pleased at this mention that he may come to the UK.

  11. adamtastic1877 says:

    1) emo hair
    2) woman wll
    3) a whip to be thrown onstage and adam to pick it up
    4) multiple adamgasms
    5)adam to sing (i’ll run with you 2, and you” in the bowie medley after “if you say run ill run with you” and for him to stick up 2 fingers after “because my love for you would break my heart in two” (but in let’s dance”
    6)for him to call the crowd “bitches” and end with an adorable laugh like in the glendale concert
    7) to get a picture and/or hug from adam

    1-5 was granted, but 6 and 7 didn’t 🙁

    • adamtastic1877 says:

      oh and 8) go to a second show (awaiting that wish)

      and btw i meant “(both in let’s dance)” not “but in…”

  12. Jeannette – I actually prefer the “baby” to “woman” in WLL. Because I like to picture myself singing it to HIM (or to my other current crush). Works for me.

    Beyond that, I assure you – your very high expectations will be exceeded. As were mine.

  13. My 82 year old mom is in Pittsburgh as I type, with a friend, to see Adam! They went with a tour bus company called ‘Daydream Tours’. Can you see a whole bus full of 60 to 80 somethings jamming to Adam? Right now? Well, they are! I turned her on to Adam about half way through the show (she usually watches Dancing with the Stars, on at the same time…) I saw Adam in Dallas and loved it. No Adam wish list, since I went with my husband, and my only wish came true–that my husband enjoyed the show–which he did!

    • Marlis, I am in awe that a tour bus full of octogenarians and slightly younger people, some of them a full 30 years younger than many of us are (including your way cool Mom), went to see Adam perform in Pittsburgh tonight! Little people, very old people, in-between people, young people, ALL love Adam. I would love to see a picture of their group! Also, I’m so glad your husband enjoyed the show, I’ve noticed in a number of up-close videos of Adam dancing the Bowie Medley, quite a few older guys smiling and rockin’ out with Adam. I wonder what the demographic will be when he starts his own shows, can’t wait to see!

      • Ha, ha, ha….here’s one for Cheryl….I meant ‘some of them a full 30 years OLDER than many of us are’…I must be losing it, too much writing frying the brain…

        • Lisette here..Bonmatin cher Lorrin..miss seein yu here.An no worries regarde 30 yer youngre gathre covers Adam’s fans too.An beliv Adam has us undre a hypnotique spell difficile to concentrate even when poste notes here. I know in ma hearte too if ma beloved mama was stil alive in her late 70s woulde attend concerte with me. As she too adore Elvis, David Bowie,Michel Jackson an many contemporare singres,mod for her age..An mainly she’d adore Adam as he toches places in l’hearte in his gentle inflections in ballads as “Starlit”,”Mad World”,an in solo concerte imagain he’d av more of his ballads as “Tracks of My Tears,If I Cant Have Yu”,an some nu unrelease one from cd..Plus she’d too like to see Adam dansing sensual to Bowie’s medley..if only.Yet I feel thet when I do see Adam..she’ll be ther in spirite an seein her lovli green eyes an jolie face smillin at Adam too!
          Tears are coming now..sorry as I was very close more like an amie then just her daughtre.
          Sorry to go on.Take care an see last couple threads left note ther,. Angel blessings an luv Lisettexoxo

          • Bonsoir, cher Lisette, how are you tonight? I do agree with you about Adam’s ‘hypnotic spell’ which absolutely captivates those who love him. I am sure that your beloved mama knows about Adam and your love for him, as she gazes with her lovely green eyes from another realm. Adam’s crystalline blue eyes, his ‘cristallin des yeux bleus’ are from another world also, showing a hot aqua in one light and grey-blue in another, his iris slightly flecked with black at the center bottom of each eye. His irises are also ringed with black, making the eye beautiful in the extreme. If ‘eyes are the windows of the soul’, Adam’s beautiful eyes show clear and shining all the way in to a limitless expanse of blue sky or deep ocean, and are warm and smiling in one picture, fierce and stormlike in another…

            Be at peace, dear Lisette, all will be well…love to you tonight from la côte ouest…

        • Ha ha Lorrin, I was wondering…. I thought I’d be the oldie at our Vancouver concert but there was a ‘real little old lady’ very frail, with a cane and white hair, sitting a few seats away. She was with a middle aged woman (her daughter?) and when Adam came on she got up and swayed in her limited way to the music! Who knows what it is that attracts them and us?? But for his own career’s sake, I hope more younger people get on the Adamwagon as he will need the future sales.

          I believe Simon will work out a UK trip and while he is over there, maybe other parts of Europe. Simon is all about getting a star established and he believes Adam is a “world’ music figure, so it’ll happen. Germany will love him, as will the Scandinavians I believe, right off, and who knows? I think S Asia will be nuts over him. Lady GAGA is doing well , she’s been in Singapore, Israel, London recentliy.

          • Yes, Terry, he will need the younger ones in huge numbers as he goes along, but I think he will pick them up exponentially when his albums, music videos, and new photo shoots come out; Adam is a cultural and fashion icon, as well as a musical phenomenon, and his style is just too cutting edge to not be immediately picked up by the youth, not to mention the older young adults who populate and work in those worlds. All will fall into place as Adam gets his career under his own control. Without a doubt, music industry executives are watching Adam make his way across the country, and have marked well the fact that he is rolling a juggernaut before him of uncontrollably screaming fans, and we associate wildly screaming fans with only the biggest entertainment acts in history. The release of his album being so near Christmas will probably break all records for sales, and anything even remotely related to Adam, clothes, accessories, posters, or jewelry, will probably also go through the roof.

            It’s also thrilling to think of Adam beginning an international career, which is something inevitable with his caliber of talent. Simon Cowell, being a master impresario, is simply waiting for Adam to finish up his AI obligation and get beyond everything connected with the release of the album, to set the next part of the plan in motion. Whoever manages it, whether Simon or someone else (and somehow I can’t see Simon letting go of Adam), Adam’s international success will be huge. Not only in the UK, Germany, Scandinavia, and Southeast Asia, but in the Far East, Japan and South Korea, where Adam’s ‘look’ would especially resonate. Adam’s reputation precedes him, and the world awaits his rising star.

            And as for the little old ladies, middle-aged women, gay men, screaming girls, and tiny little babies, there’s just ‘something’ about that Adam that reels them all in, a special touch of universal love that only he can give, and we, gladly preferring him above all others, receive. Adam has the power to attract, mesmerize, and then hold the attention of many thousands of people at once, which is given to only a rare few at any one time on earth. Along with this power Adam has added something even rarer, an ability to connect with individuals in a highly personal way, which makes him one in ten million in the entertainment world. Together with his extraordinary physical beauty, his sensational voice, his perfect showmanship, and his mesmerizing attractiveness, the added component of his loving and caring nature makes Adam Lambert completely irresistible. With his arms flying above his head, his legs pumping and his big voice yelling, “1 – 2 – 3 – 4”!, he has gotten the whole world, little old ladies and babies alike, to ‘get up and dance’!

      • It is extraordianary how Adam can reach out to so many people of different age groups and different gender, from babies to the more mature generation, I cannot think of another artist been able to do this, maybe someone should tweet Adam and let him know.

    • Hey ‘marlis’ – was that your mom I saw dancing? She was with another older lady. WHATa small world if it was!! I was sitting in C8 Row K Seat 18 (also on the end – opposite side of your mom).

      WE all loved watching her dance.

      • Marianne–
        OMG!! I have talked to my mom and had her find her ticket, and looked it up on the Mellon Arena chart. She was in C9 Row H Seat 1! So she would have been across the aisle from you, about three rows down, it seems. Even if you saw someone else, that the two of you were about 15 feet apart is adamazing!! Yes, WHAT a small world!!

    • marlis, how sweet so glad hubby enjoyed the show. I wish my hubby was going with me to the
      show, but sis and I only ordered 2 tickets at the time. I know he would enjoy it thoroughly!
      I can picture the busload of elderly (but not at heart) rockin to Adam. That is soo cool.
      luv it.

  14. Helen/Canada says:

    First, my sincere thanks for this site and your hard work. It is amazing.
    Hope your wish list comes true. I agree with you, one wailing WOMAN would be great and definitely like the emo hair (why is it called that). If that means down in his face, that’s the style I like! Just enjoy the concert, don’t worry too much about pictures, it will distract you. He is sooooo amazing and before you know it, you’re sitting there saying, I can’t believe it’s over–I want more!

  15. I was at the Pittsburgh show last night – AWESOME!! OF course I went to see Adam – he was OVER THE TOP! Awesome songs and costumes.

    I was completely surprised by the age group in the audience. A big percentage of men and women over age 60 !! YES !

    Most memorable event – watching an 80+ year old woman standing up dancing to ADAM!!! Really happened – Section C9 probably about row I or J end seat.

    I must say, I did enjoy all the performers eventhough some are not my favorites. They all did a good job!

    ADAM- wore a leather jacket with tails. Took it off for one song – crowd went wild.


    • lamamasita says:

      I was there, too. I was surprised, also, by the amount of older people there. Adam was fabulous!!!

  16. I didn’t have an lists or expectations at all. I find expectations are so limiting and I just never have them for anything, that way, I can truly enjoy the experience without “oh, Ididn’t get what I was expecting.” 🙂

    Don’t take a lot of pictures…really, concert pics RARELY turn out well, and rest assured, someone else with a better camera is taking pictures, just snag them off the tubes. Adam deserves your ATTENTION….trust me. 😉 He commands it baby!

    Manda….Glamb #413

  17. Hey ‘marlis’ – was that your mom I saw dancing? She was with another older lady. WHATa small world if it was!! I was sitting in C8 Row K Seat 18 (also on the end – opposite side of your mom).

    WE all loved watching her dance.

  18. Hello everyone,,My concert in Indianapolis is coming up!!!! Sept.5th,,a gift from my boys,,I told them my tickets would be my present for everything this year,,I was gonna go to the Columbus show but my son (one of them) who is a professional concert goer said Indy would be a better venue. We’d been to Value City Arena in Columbus for a Motley concert. Conseco Field is a bit smaller so seats are fantastic, not a bad one in the house. My son is going with me because I can’t go alone. I won’t be able to live thru seeing Adam w/out fainting. Plus, I have to have him to hold on to!! My family really worries about me. My wish list is too numerous to mention so I’ll keep it in my heart!! My fingers are shaky just typing this so imagine how I’ll be at the show. Anyway, I’ll be in the city in which Adam was born so everything is good,,!!

    • Iyleneidol09 says:

      earzagurl4u, you have such a wonderful son, you should be proud of him, hanging out with momma in an AI concert! Good for you! Have fun!!!

  19. My Philly show was awesome, except waaaaay to short for Adam’s set! He wore his hair down and the pictures I have seen taken are incredible – it is super long and all tousled in the front during his performance. He also sang woman and did double duty on the mic stand stroking – no “back door man” and his Slow Ride with Allison was the most fun I have seen them have, especially at the end. Someone threw a whip onstage and he hit himself with it and said “Smack it!” – the only downside was during the Bowie medley, some one again threw something at him and hit him – I could not tell what it was! Looking forward to Reading to compare the two!

    • I saw the video of the Philly Bowie medley on you tube, and the comments there say that it was a dildo that was thrown at him–it hit him in the stomach. The comments also say that he apperently does not like dildos–he kicked it hard off of the stage!! (I’m sure he was simply mad that yet another thing was thrown at him that hit him–the first time that happeneed he messed up the words to Starlight–but that comment is funny! and most likely true…)

  20. When Adam is on stage it goes by sooo FAST!!! Bring Binoculars just in case and don’t worry about video taping, someone else will do that for ya!!! Just scream and let Adam know your with him!!!

    have Fun!

  21. Did I say Bring Binoculars??? BRING THEM!!! I couldn’t peel them off my face when he was up there except to clap and wave my hands around responding to his ever so sexy demands!

  22. lamamasita says:

    I was at the Pittsburgh show last night. Or should I say the Adam Lambert concert?! He was definitely the best part of it. All during his set the audience was standing up, clapping, screaming and moving. They were throwing various clothing items also. He is the ultimate performer. It seems like his set went by so fast!! Before you know it, it was time for Kris. There was a lot of noise and flashing lights, etc. and the audience was screaming and clapping and he started with Heartless. I must admit I do like that song by him. After that, however, it seems the audience (except for on the floor) seemed to want to sit down. The rest of his set was ho-hum. I can’t ever imagine going to one of his concerts. He must have repeated 3-4 times, “Thank you Pittsburgh” and didn’t have much else to say. I just can’t wait to go to Adam’s first solo concert — hope Pittsburgh is one of his stops!!!

    • Iyleneidol09 says:

      I finally got the courage ( and spare my precious time) to watch some of the other idols perfomed (in youtube), you are all 100% right, they are just soo boring…I like Kris, just because Adam like him, and I will not bad mouth him, because of respect for Adam. But I don’t think he is worth $$$ to spend on concerts, hotel or gas. His perfomance is still below average and just good to watch on shows when he guest on one of them. Sorry Kris. For others, I don’t think I should waste the space here to describe them..


        • Iyleneidol09 says:

          Yes, Brandy, I still resent the hearing them referring to Adam as the “runner-up” , sounds so inferior!!!!!

  23. Hey Sue! My name is Sue also! And I will also be at the Reading PA concert! I have already been at the Atlantic City show, and Adam was fabulous!!! Can’t wait to see him again! Have a great time! I know you will!

    • I am going to the Reading, PA show also. Can’t Wait!!!!!!! I would love to meet him. He is totally HOT! Any ideas on how to get an autograph and get to meet him?

  24. I am going to the concert in Milwaukee, Wi this Friday. I can’t wait!!!!!!!!!!

  25. i couldn’t go to this concert!!!!!!! i was down the shore in new jersey!!!!! why why why?!?!?!?!!
    waaaaaa!!!!!!!! but i am might be going to his concert at the souverign center sept 8!!!!!!! i hope so!!!!
    but that’s the day befor my school starts!!!!!!! but u don’t do any work the first day so who cares!!!! it’s adam man!!!!!!!! i love adam lambert!!!!! GLAMB #410