TOUR VIBE – American Idol Summer Tour 2009 – Philadelphia, PA



The Idols leave the East Coast to travel to Pennsylvania for a show on Thursday, August 20th at the Wachovia Center in Philadelphia. This, for me, is the start of the tour! This concert marks a turning point for me and all the other Midwesterners out there, for the tour is finally headed to the Heartland. We’ve waited weeks now (seems like months!) for our turn as the gang did numerous shows in California and New York. Someone commented recently that they wished we could skip the month of September in order to be that much closer to the debut of Adam’s album, but lots of us would argue against that! The tour is only a little more than half over, and with respect to our friends on both coasts and in the South, there are lots of shows remaining and a lot of us eagerly anticipating *our* chance to see Adam in person.

As I write this, my Milwaukee concert is only 9 days away – 9 days that are going to be sloooooow, agggggggonizing torment, like waiting for the date of a lifetime with the one guy you never thought would ask you out. That date will start when I walk into the Bradley Center. The first 8 Idols will be teasing foreplay, and then when the fog rolls, the lights explode, and the screen counts down A – D – A – M…well, the angel will be singing, in more ways than one.

If any of you Midwesterners out there can relate to my feeling that the tour truly begins in earnest in Philadelphia, please comment, and if you’re going to the Philadelphia show, please share your experiences with us. Also, don’t forget to share your photos. If you have photos and/or videos from either this concert or any of the past concerts, please email them to us! Our email address is

Side note: Can some of you please assign yourselves the job of checking on a regular basis for the availability of 2010 Adam calendars? We all want to know the very minute they’re available for purchase!!!

Second side note: I heard a rumor that the Adam Elle issue will be December. I haven’t been able to confirm this, so if one of you wants to go on “Elle” watch for us, that would be super!

~~Jeanette, Glamb #5


  1. Jeanette et al,
    your concert will come and go too soon……..I went in Phoenix and it seems like it was ages ago, so as much as you have had to wait, you can still anticipate your date with Adam and ours is history.
    Until his tour of course 🙂 Can’t wait to read your review !!

    Glamb #411

    • Lisette agan..thenks agan Jeanette meane to say tour in Philadelphia(left out below..oops)!An gathre yu’re very excite counting day/minuites til seeing beau Adam..ah an agree le piesta le resistance when he apear onstage!Splendide yu’re seeing agan..plese take photos/an video if yu manage so..Thinq it be difficile to blinq eye away from his tresbeau face!I’ll av to await his solotour..til then enjoie evry video available on here! Bless yu always for wondreful dedicationes,an heures of time to make Adam’s page enjoiable! Luv Lisettexoxo

  2. adamtastic1877 says:

    sweet! i never thought this concert would come! im going and i will give the full experience to you guys. and if i can, some pics. i will try my best to meet adam and tell you all about it. wish me luck!

    • adamtastic1877 says:

      ok. i FINALLYgot back after a 2-3 hour drive home to tell you my experience! my camera died when i we got back in the car and now it has to charge, so i will email pics later, sorry.

      ok this is my little review

      michael started and sang some pretty awesome songs, and also seemed really sweet.
      megan looked like a barbie doll, but sang like a western sweetie. i used to not like her, but after this performance, i think she’s pretty cool now.
      scott did a fantastic job, and crack a few hilarious jokes, like he said “yeah we were in philly today, and i ran up the rocky steps”, and one involved simon cowell. he said he was the one person he “hated (yeah hated)” on idol and did a ridiculous impression of him.
      lil rounds was pretty pumped up for her part, and i liked her performance…and her ultra glittery high heels! (probably suggested by adam)
      anoop was kinda boring at first, but came out later (and i loooved his purple shoes, they were great!)
      matt kind of droned on and on for me, except for when he attempted adam-like high pitched notes, and… succeeded…but i liked the groups songs after those six.

      after intermission, allison came on with “so what” by pink. really the whole time (for every song) she shouted the words, so her performance was a bit on the unpleasant side, but i still love her.
      danny opened with PYT but i got bored until the song “what hurts the most” that was a very beautiful song and he performed it so well. when danny takes off his jacket (very adamish) to reaveal, uh…a t-shirt (big whoop) the crowd screamed for some reason but i laughed and said silently to the crowd “oh just wait til adam”. near the end of his last song, i was clawing into my rented binoculars saying, “omg omg omg, he’s coming, he’s coming, AUUGH!!!!!” then everything was pitch black. everything but the screaming fans was quiet. then…

      (and now, the reason anyone on this site cares to hear about from the concerts. ADAM!!!!!!)

      all of a sudden, after much put on suspense from the previous darkness, the screen lights up and starts spelling A-D-A-M. then before i knew it, Adam starts strutting up to his microphone with his spiky ‘do and starts singing the “woman” version of Whole lotta love! he seemed very energetic tonight, but now in a sexy kind of mood. more of a playful mood. like for instance, you all know what he does when he sings “way down inside”, well he did that “thing” once, and that was it. but then later he sings a long glory note for the part of “way down inside. woman, you need….love”. the song was over, but it was incredible!

      immediately after, he shouts “what’s up, philly!” and then follows by introducing the next song, “starlight”. he voice was absolutely beautiful the whole song, and then then song ended too quickly also.

      mad world was next, and i laughed when i saw they had to bring his little stool up on the trap door. he sang that beautifully as well, and i got chills the whole time.

      next up, slow ride. adam picks up a red cat tails toy and introduces allison, then smacks himself with it! omg i had an adamgasm there! so now allison runs onstage and they sing. the cutest thing was during the guitar solo when adam was playing air guitar! allison leaves and now its time for the main event (in my opinion)!

      adam starts off singing life on mars of course and his voice was, once again jeez im sounding like a broken record!, beautiful. then everyone screams when he rips off his jacket, revealing his muscular arms and starts fame now. but before he starts, stuff “just HAD” to be thrown on stage. i think adrum stick flew on stage and hit his stomach! i was like “WHAAAT!?!?” and just hoped that didn’t hurt him. i was a little bit disappointed there because there was less hip swinging then usual, which is what i feed on! let’s dance was fantastic and i loved it after he sang “if you say run, ill run with you” he pointed at the 2 backup vocalist and the guitar player and sang”i’ll run with you 2, and you” which is now my favorite verse now in let’s dance (side note: i am not adding those lyrics anytime i here bowie’s original song!) then stuck up 2 fingers when he sang “beacuse my love for you would break my heart in two!”. then all of a sudden, the last thing i here of adam is “thank you philly!!”

      i was really depressed then because he went by so fast, it seemed like 8 minutes or less! i just couldn’t believe i was in the same arena as the man i’ve been obsessed with for 3 months (i liked him at first on idol, but it formed into an obsession in june :P). i had to blink and say”is that really him?” “is this a dream” “is it real?””omg it IS him!”

      i thought when i heard him sing, his voice sounded higher, squeakier, and GIRLIER. but i think it was because i was going deaf for the other 8 (i mean it, i could NOT hear well, i STILL can’t!) because i just watched whole lotta love on youtube (yes his songs are already on youtube from tonight’s performance, just type adam lambert philadelphia) and his voice sounded normal again.

      ok so i guess onto kris. he was the second best performer (with adam as 1st, of course) heartless was awesome, i sang along. ain’t no sunshine was pleasant, but then he sang a song from rob thomas, which is a singer i do not like, and i guess you can say kris gave it more justice than before. but Hey Jude was my absolute favorite of his, espeacially when the other 9 came out (unexpected!!!!!) and started singing with him, but i wasn’t even focused on kris, i was pointed my binoculars at adam, and watched him for the rest of the song.

      now finally, the finale of the night! matt and scott pop up from the trap door playing their pianos for “dont stop believin’ ” by journey. then michael and megan come on, then anoop and lil, then omg! almost adam! but not 🙁 danny and allison. then OMG!!!!!!adam and kris are coming up!WOOOO! and once again, my binoculars were focused on adam…and kris because they were next to each other :P. then that song finished, so i raced outside to the meet and greet and waited for, oh, an hour.

      there were kris fans on my left, adam fans on my right. and infront was a die hard adam fan with a tattoo of his face on her right shoulderblade. she was so obsessed, i overheard her asking adam trivia to a buch of little kid adam fans. man she knows her adam! she knew stuff even i don’t know! like his first job ever was at a starbucks and he uses the cologne Dior Alms or however it’s spelled. but then finally megan comes out with funky glasses on, and so did michael, matt, allison, lil, scott, danny, matt, and kris. kris is REALLLLLY short, just saying. and so is allison, megan, and lil. im 5’4″ and probably as tall as all of them! but michael, scott, and anoop were exceedingly tall. (btw, some little girl shouted to anoop, “anoop! i luve you, your my favorite! your so hot!!!” ) ok on with that story…

      so i thought “oh boy, if they’re THAT taller than me, then imagine how tall ADAM will be! he’ll be a giant compared to me! but me and those adam fans waited, and waited, and waited. we asked a buch of workers if he was coming out. some ppl asked megan and she said she doesnt think so. we didnt belive them, but oh man were we wrong! adam had a no show tonight, but probalby needed to do something more important, like rest his voice icase he hurt it or has a really bad headache, or maybe important people to him were there, who knows? i just hope adam will reply to my twat i wrote asking how come he didn’t come out.

      so im riding home, sad because his performance seemed so quick, my camera died when i was in the middle of looking at adam pictures, and he didn’t come out. but hey, he gave hia all on stage, and he says “entitlement is not sexy” so whatever. atleast i got pictures, a shirt of the 10 (the adam shirts weren’t very good sadly :[ ) and 6 out of 10 autographs, signed by lil, danny, matt, anoop, kris, and scott. megan, allison, and michael ran right by me, so i missed my chance. but those pictures will come soon, so until then, this concludes “ADAM- REALATED ADVENTURES WITHADAMTASTIC1877!!!!!!”

      • adamtastic1877 says:

        wow that was long, and btw when i said “then omg! almost adam! but not danny and allison” i meant “we’re close to adam!!! but its not adam yet, its only allison and anny” i didnt mean they didnt show. jeez i need to edit my writing!

        • adamtastic1877 says:

          i meant “danny”. im telling you, im burned out from this concert!

        • adamtastic1877 says:

          i found another error, for my side note in parenthesis for lets dance, i actually AM adding those lyrics, i wrote that im not. 😛

      • adamtastic1877 says:

        ok i gotta get my facts straight, too. 😛

        after WLL he say more than “what’s up philly?” he actually didnt say that at all!

        and the cat tails were not red, but black. i’ll look for more grammatical and/or factual errors, but for now, plz enjoy philly’s slow ride

        • adamtastic1877 says:

          another factual error. i may have been right oavout WLL, but i was soooo wrong about the bowie medley! see i had very far away seats ao i cant see what the lucky ppl in the front see! best performance yet! the key in this video is to look at the bottom half of his body 😉

          david bowie medley

      • adamtastic1877 says:

        oh and i want to point out during the slow ride video, when i said adam “smacks himself” with the cat tails, he actually says “smack it” and i laughed so hard

        • adamtastic1877, thank you for an awesome account of your concert experience. Don’t worry about, “I meant, …”. We understand completely that you are still in orbit, enjoy the ride and thanks for taking us along with you! Megathanks! Ingrid



        • adamtastic1877 says:

          in case any of you want to know what adam loos like in person, he had “very shiny hair” and how his hair was styled reminded me of his hair in the pants #13 pic in FASHION VIBE 2009: ADAM’S PERFECT PANTS! article. he looked exactly like that, but with a different outfit. so yeah, he was hotter in person then on a screen 🙂

      • adamtastic1877, OMG you had me at, he’s coming, he’s coming. I’m so excited I can hardly
        stand it, just knowing he is about to perform. Love how u said, everything went into darkness, then
        the screens light up and start spelling A D A M !! OMG I cant wait ! You gave an awesome summary,
        thanks for that. Glad u enjoyed the music, I am so mad that some dumb _ _ _, threw a drum stick
        up at him, how rude and inconsiderate, I’d like to take that ds and shove it where the sun doesnt
        shine on tht person. Adam has asked over and over for people not to aim at him. To bad that
        person didnt get thrown out . Sorry to hear that you waited for Adam and he didnt come out.
        You have a very good positive approach about him giving his all on stage and seeing the brightness
        of the evening.

  3. adamtastic1877 says:

    btw, i will be wearing an awesome homade adam shirt with my glamb # on the back!

    -glamb #364

    • Lisette here..bonsoir Jeanette thenks for anothre lovli post an update always on next citie AItour is in!Pls. if yu cheque last 2 threads will see some dissentione..which nevre has occur within 3 month,since I av joine.An plese see ther’s been insulte whech are uncall for(toward ma grammar).I av mentione to av peace an turn cheek,but when somone calls ma language “PigLatin” thes reminde me of children in scholyard.Perhaps it comes from envie au unhappiness of thes individual.An I reminde thes gal we’re all here in celebrate Adam an his artistry/estraordinaire talentes an humanitarian hearte.Plus bein spiritual alway beliv in turn cheek..but sont difficile when 2 people here display intolerance in regarde to our diffarente nationalitie,cultures,etc.I even say to thes person finde luv in one’s hearte an offer her peace.If continue..gathre I’ll ignore l’ignorance..An thenkful majoritie here have lot of grace,humilitie,intelligence,humour,an simpli finde a joie de vivre(joy for life)in Adam’s voix..Blessings to all glambs,amies/frends..Oh an do enjoe l’concert adamtastic1877..take lovli photos!An til health permitte am forevre gretful thes Adam tribute page existes..where ther’s nothing less but joie,amour an musique! Vive bon an always danse!..alonge with Adam!! Luv Lisettexoxo

      • No, no Lisette. The person who was talking about “pig latin” was not talking about you and your French. Pig latin is a kind of fun game we played as kids by changing words around, like
        oday ouyay ikelya emay? which means “do you like me?” We take off the first consonant and put it at the end of a word, then add the letters, “ay”.. that’s all it is.

        Someone was actually trying to tell Dora not to be critical regarding other members’ posts… that is all it was. It was not directed at you at all.. Sorry you misunderstood, sweetie, we love you, you know that! XO

        • Lisette here..bonmatin Theresa,Lorrin merci ..blessings always!.An I thout fell undre my comment thet, person’s last sentence,aftre piglatin..She made sounde of hsssssing “noise of snake” sense directe to me..An Im very sensitive.Thinq(wannabesnake ther’s been misunderstanding. An nevre av I been angry,just defending maself to a hurtful commente as Dora’s.An I ad accepte her apology even saying in thet replie to av luv an peace.So thinq yu misreade my kinde words.An thes ado was for her unkinde words..I may non av understood piglatin..but plz nevre thinq Im angry(wannabesnake).Yu seeme to misinterpret ma sentimentes as well..Let’s forget thes..mama mia an as far as me sonding like “mocking” …all I wishe an have espress is adoratione,luv an peace..If Dora comes back enjoie Adam’s musique an forget it all..Thet is reasone for us all here..Thinq now am goin to see some lovli videos of Adam’ have sweet reves..take me away Adam! Luv to all always an blessings Lisettexxoxo!!
          never anything less then angel blessings! Garde over monamie tresbeau Adam!!

      • I have already posted this for Lisette on the Albany and Boston Tour Vibe pages, but I will include it here as well, since Lisette has also posted here:
        Lisette, pardon ma amie, but I think if you will re-read wannabethesnake’s post on the TOUR VIBE BOSTON thread, you will see that she was coming to your defense, using Pig Latin, which is a funny linguistic way to disguise words, and she was not talking to you, but to Dora when she said that. Instead of using French or some other language, she used a more ‘down home’ way of saying things that needed to be said. I don’t think that any further insult was intended to be made to you of any kind. Wannabethesnake is on your side. So don’t stress yourself over this, ma cherie, all is well.

      • Ah, lisette, you are too funny. I responded to you on the Boston post, but reading this made me think of something else. You are so angry and confused by my use of a playful, fake language, you don’t even realize it was done in your defense. Just the sight of words written in a way that you don’t fully understand has all your hackles up. How could any one write that way and call it an inusulting name like Pig Latin? It is not your fault. You are not familiar with this play language, so, because you don’t understand it, you are taking me to task and telling the playground monitor on me.

        Perhaps, this is why Dora made the comment about you. She was new to this site and wasn’t familiar with your unusual writing style and background and just assumed you were trying to put on “airs” or mock others. Now she knows, because all of us came to your defense.

        Perhaps, the shoe is on the other foot….hmmm? Can we all kiss and make up?

        • bonmatin ..okay va I by way nevre put on airs!!An if yu evre knew or met am reserved.Far as unusual style perhaps to yu it is.An so do respecte othres once agan if they dont av perfete englais..An further more as a teachre of children,some with handicaps, saw ‘intolerances’ of othres I av seen here.An if yu have reread how many times too av say all I wish for is peace,hope,amour,yu’d non patronize above.Thet I do undrestand ma cherie more then yu know..Best non to go thes is a site for our beauamie Adam an non “some antique” on how Lisette(moi) writing style is being “critiqued”.An if yu came to defense ..hugs..An I have even offere peace infinite temes..So do reread ma sentimentes..thinq it’s yu thet doesnon understand..We all av cultural diffarances..for thet’s part of l’beauty of thes site.So take care an just celebrate ,vive bon ,danse,singe an most of all luv ,luv,amour,amore all in honour of
          beauamie…non othre then Adam Lambert..J’etaime monbeau(beatiful soul)..somone with messages of peace,hope,”equalitie”,brothrehood(as in black an white),an most define only what ther’s been here from l’commence..So sorry yu feel I av unusual phrases.We’re here to av freedom of espression..As Im write thes hering Adam’s playre with his ethereal,celeste ballad of “Tracks of My Tears”…an none of thes seeme to mattre,only feling swept away,an taken to anothre into l’starlite et etoile.. take me there Adam..Luv to all..An always in last sentence in yur note back..why is ther sarcasm..I am a sensitive person(othre thread)..if pig latin was meante endes..hsssssst(noises of “a snake” )..I’ll always send blessings an angeli.If thet’s unsual for yu tres bien..Thenkful I do non av affinitie for ‘soundes’ meante when snakes
          are upset. Angeli represente kindness,lit an luv…..

          • lisette, you are confused. I never ended any posts with the sound of a snake. Someone else did that when they were posting to me as a joke referring to my name. I have never been critical of your writing style. Part of your charm is your imperfect English. What I said, as an example, was Dora may have been confused by your style because she was not familiar with it (i.e. unusual. Would you prefer unique?), or you and your background, and that is why she made the remark that she did. I did not say you were putting on airs. In an attempt to understand what motivated her, I said Dora may have thought someone was using phoney French to put on airs and responded as she did. Then, like Dora, you thought someone was using a different language–Pig Latin of all things–to insult you and you responded by taking me to task for it repeatedly. Even after I and several others have explained the meaning of the post, you still seem angry and unwilling to acknowledge I did nothing disrespectful to you. I never insulted you. I never made snake noises at you. There are no bad people here. Both you and Dora were motivated to respond negatively by misunderstandings, get it? (Jeez, why do I feel like I am beating my head against a wall, here?)

            I have never been intolerant of cultural differences, and I have never been mean to anyone on this site–except maybe Dora. (If you’re out there, Dora, sorry.) You are certainly a sensitive person. I do have trouble understanding you, as much as you have trouble understanding others. For someone who always sends love and peace and light and blessings to all, you seem to want to continue to disparage me, who did nothing! I am sorry Dora misunderstood you and made a statement that hurt your feelings and got this whole thing started. I am sorry I made a silly (it is what I do) statement in your defense that you misunderstood and kept this whole thing going. I am sorry someone put a hissing snake sound at the end of their post to me (not to you) that futher confused and insulted you. I am sorry our other Glambs, who just want to have fun with our favorite subject, Adam, have put up with it all. I have apologized for every slight–real and imagined–related to this incident that should have been over after the first thread. Noone is attacking you, lisette. I have nothing but respect for you, but I do wish you would just move on from this subject. I have nothing more to say on it. Will you do the same?

            • wannabethesnake..thenks agan an If yu do read thinq yu av skip ma note back to ther as many threads here now ..Yu too will see peace offering for sorry thet yu av not read them. Having fibromyalgia thes subjecte (due to Dora who may not av been here for Adam..Sorry yu av misinterpret ma replies,nevre angre,acknowledging an sending yu peace,frenship too..So sorry yu av non read them.. peace (an always has been thes!)….Lisette Enjoie thes page an all Adam’s lovli musique …xoxo

    • You know what – come to think of it, I saw two Glambs at the Sunrise show – they had homemade shirts with their Glamb numbers on them, too. At the time, I was only recently initiated to this site, so I didn’t put 2 and 2 together… But my concert-going buddy tapped on their shoulders and said “Love your shirts!” They were black with blue glitter.

      Hey, blue on black, tears on a river, push on a shove, it don’t mean much…

      Sorry – just love Rock ‘n Roll, and love that we have a new Ambassador of it. I’m in a nostalgic mood tonight, and listening to all my 80s hair band favorites – Giant, Poison, Warant, GNR – got “Sweet Child of Mine” going on the iTunes right now (love how Slash’s guitar sounds like a carnival). And thinking how Adam’s voice and ability to do that primal scream harks back to all those guys I loved and still love (except Axl, the prick).

      ENJOY. I won’t have to tell you that twice.

    • What an awesome idea, glamb # on back of shirt! Have a great time and hope ur dream come true.

    • adamtastic1877 says:

      thanks everyone telling me to have fun!

  4. Just a random thought. Does anyone notice how adam lifts his left leg when he hits those really high notes?

    • Vivian, he also lifts his left hand and holds it palm outward when doing the same on other songs (there is a good picture of him doing this in his dazzling white suit). That hand gesture was always melting to me, because my little boys used to do that, too, when they were very little. He also falls to the floor and rises when pushing out the more extreme of his vocal ‘yells’, which I absolutely love. In the San Jose show, he lowered to the floor, rose in one motion, and then did a fantastic side-step to get back up on the stage behind him, which was utterly sensational, one of the most outrageously iconic movements I have ever seen performed by anyone. In those glowing clouds emanating from the floor beneath him, he looked like the god Apollo rising. Adam also often draws his hand to his face as he lets out those high notes, rears his head up and back, and strokes the back of his head. He is a visual feast, and we are watching and collecting each and every one of his slightest moves with sheer delight.

      • Helen/Canada says:

        OMG Lorrin, I’m getting so hot……

        • I KNOW it, Helen/Canada, my hair is always on fire, I have to really watch it myself..flap, flap, flap, too hot, too hot….!

          • Lisette here..bonmatin Lorrin reading yur espressive thouts always place grande smile on ma face..Vous etes l’angel on thes site vraimente,an feele bit steamy too thinqin of Adam now!..Thet’s ‘effecte Adam has on us here..he just natural sensual an sweet way! An av notice little gesture onstage from day on Idol too.An is espressive an warm thet comes from within.His gentle inflectiones in ballads,toching his cheek,an aqua eyes seeme to pierce with longe gazes,felin like was singin only to yu.Adam has thes gifte to connecte with audience an toche within heartes always.Ah agree too his face is like thet of Micheangelo’s “David” an thet of greek adonis.An danses like no othre such emotione,an sultri gyrationes is an art form, thet make us all wishe to danse with him..nice reve now.An thinq he appear more muscular from all thet dansing..tresbeau in all aspecte!Hugs an luv always Lisettexoxo

        • Lisette hugs too Helen thinq Adam has thes special effecte on us evry video seemes nevre to anything less then sensual,beautful an a voix of passion,hearte an soul an takes all to celestial place as in “Starlit” one of ma favorite songes velvety smooth,an gentle tones…heavenly! hugs an Luv Lisette!

      • Yes, Lorrin, I’ve noticed. He has other moves with his left hand that I find absolutely hypnotic!Go ahead, describe them…after we all get a cool beverage…

  5. That was me, Jeanette, asking to be awakened when September ends. Just a figure of speech, and, as almost always, based on lyrics I love – in this case, from Green Day’s “Wake me up when September Ends.”

    July was my The.Shit. month (saw him in July in Sunrise, FL). Everything else is just gravy. My apologies for being one of those oblivious people I generally despise who don’t realize that there are other people in the world.

    I totally relate to seeing your concert date as an iconic event. Because it is. Like seeing MJ, Queen with Freddie Mercury, Madonna, or Prince (none of whom I’ve seen perform live, but I know people who have and envy them from here ’til Tuesday).

    • I know you meant no offense, Barb! It was just that when I read your comment I thought, “no, no, I WANT September!” Plus it’s my birthday…I want to enjoy!

      • Oh, I know – no worries. 🙂 I can’t wait for you to see it, either, and to tell us all about it with the beautiful way you have with words.

  6. cheryl norman says:

    FINALLY I’M EXCITED TO BE A ‘MIDWESTERNER’!!!!! Now, it’s OUR turn! 2 weeks from this Sunday, I’ll be like all of you who have seen the Rock-God! Never to be the same again!! Just knowing he’s in PA is exciting!! With AI, and all things exciting out in CA, knowing he’s in PA makes it more ‘real’ that I’m really going to focus my eyes and ears on ‘His-Hotness’, himslef, live, in the raw,, I mean ‘flesh’!!!!!
    Jeanette, 9 days will be here before you know it! But, don’t you have 2 more concerts, too!!! You lucky girl!!
    Wow, to see this concert 3 times in a short period of time is too much for most of us to wish for!!!! If you get lucky, and get yourself in front of Adam in the first show, maybe by the time you get to the 3rd show, he’ll recognize you!! Hahaha!! OMG! That is something you should focus on!!

    One thing is true, I guess. Adam will be a bit different to this part of the country, than he was on the west coast! However, when he was on the west coast, they were all more accessible than they might be for the midwest. (sigh). But, I’ll be so thankful just for the opportunity to be mesmerized by Adam!!!!!!!! God help us all!!! …………………peace-love-light!

    • I’M COUNTING THE DAYS FOR YOU, CHERYL!! I can’t wait for your post on that concert!!

    • Lisette here..Ma cheramie Cheryl merci for lovli angel wishes on last thread. Feling like little energie was deplete)..Nice seein thes page an forget passe parlons over dramas..paix an amour to all,bienvenue lovli people/glambs an frends of Adam’s!..Sure yur’e prepare for thet wondreful concert non far away.Did yu see last thread inquire if yu’re wearing any glitter/polish an Adam ecoutrementes..sure yu can thinq of somthing!Just enjoie it an plese take photos/an video if not mesmerize by Adam’s celestial,sensual presence onstage.Take care til then an reste for sure! hugs an luv an some angeli too! Lisettexoxo

      • cheryl norman says:

        LISETTE, Thanks little angel! Don’t know about ‘dressing up’ so much. I’m not really artistic like that! But, maybe a little! No, no nail polish, maybe a bit of glitter by my eyes, just am really ‘shy’ about that kind of stuff! Hard to believe, huh? Maybe before the day gets here, I’ll have found something that works! But, for sure I’ll let you know! Yes, I know how it is when your energy goes down to nearly zero!!! Horrible feeling! Takes days of resting to get back some energy. Stay as well as you can, dear! You’re gonna need your strength for our Adaam-love site!!! peace-love…………………………………..

        • Helen/Canada says:

          Oh Cheryl, how about some rhinestones at the corner of your eyes. Remember how Adam had when he played with KISS. You can see closeup when he sang Beth (which I adored by the way, I wanted to BE Beth!)

        • Lisette here..thenks cheramie always plasir to see yu here an wishe someday to meet,be nice..As I sense bit of kindred spirit regarde health,famille an such,as I do with Lorrin,an othres in readin their biographie(intros)..Aw if shy just look at Adam an one’s inhibitione vanish oui?!!Trie some glittre an get swept away by our beau Adam..know I’d be too..someday!An yes imagaine I’ll neede to replenish energie when an if he has solotour,if lucky to av nice seates seein his beauface,bleu eyes,sensual danses ah,la,la bit of heaven just to thinq of!An if takin camera carful non to drop..I av done thes at passe concerte when seein Michel Buble seat close al Mandalay(David Fostre an frends.When he came towarde ende of stage stoode up forgete camera i lap…lucky even worqued an able to capture closup,was quiet too when i made noise an he observe lean forwarde to pose..(thes was before our beau Adam (2 yers passe).An now all wishe to see is him av forgotten Michel..I av nevre been so swept away by artiste as Adam,an siblings brothre thinq av loss minde..As his earlier song “Crazy from utube”…feling thes since thet auditiones on Idol too!!! How’s yur take care for thet special evente an Adam l’amour de nous vie..luv of lif!! Blessings an luv Cheryl glambs!!Lisettexoxo

        • TheFeyNan(Nancy) says:

          Cheryl Norman…Go for it…I am one of our older Glambs, and when he was in Memphis, I decided to go all out!!! Wore a snake necklace that wraps around your neck & the head
          snaps rite above the tail, it has red gems for, wore a black jacket that I added rhinestone swirley things to the lapels, and on the pocket I placed a huge rhinestone butterfly broach. I tried to associate with his sexiness from Rolling Stone. I had more make up on(especially eye shadow) than I had worn in years. I felt kind of foolish, but e-one said no wear it it looks grt. And when I got to the show, i recieved many compliments and people recogonized for the theme I was going for…I had wanted to do the meet & greet also, hoping that Adam could would see them. But in Memphis there wasn’t a meet & greet, because of their plane flight to Florida…sigh…But can only say….He Was Awesome!!! I was hoarse for 5 days…it just goes by so quickly…can’t wait for his solo tour. We will be lucky if he hits many US cities I’m afraid, will probably be a World Tour.
          So all you Glambs feeling left out, it may be us next time….Blessings to all…

          P.S. Adamastic1877….So thankful you got to go, your feet wont touch ground for quite a few dayz…lol

          • Helen/Canada says:

            Nancy, YOU GO GIRL !!!

            • Helen/Canada says:

              Funny, the wierdest thing just happened. I was posting and all of a sudden A Change is Gonna Come started playing on my computer! Adam, is that you? Are you here, honey?? LOL!

          • adamtastic1877 says:

            i know, it hasn’t really sunk in yet for me. mostly because i can’t remember it at all. it was so surreal! it’s like adam was one of those “forget me” drinks and you wake up the next day and can’t remember a thing.

            • adamtastic1877 says:

              so yeah i took a sip of THEultimate adam-martini with extra vodka in it. i can remember what everyone did in their performance, but i can’t remember seeing adam. i had to blink several times! it was a “pinch me” moment but that pinches weren’t hard enough to realize he was there. i feel like a missed him, my ultimate wish this year, like he was there and i wasn’t looking. that’s really depressing me. but i bet i might have believed it better if he was out during the meet and great, then i could get an actual close up look at him 🙁

              the only ppl i could realistily believe i saw was lil, anoop, matt, michael, megan, and scott. the top 4 was more difficult. oh well, i’ll see him at his solo tour, catch him there :).

              adamtastic1877 out!! haha! xD

              -glamb #364

    • Cheryl and Jeanette, I cant wait for both of you to post your comments. Seems like he is getting
      closer to us out here now and it is soo exciting. I’m counting down, with 5 more days to go. Geez, I better start painting
      the toe and fingernails blue.

    • Much love in advance to all the Grand Rapids Glambs! We are going to have SOOOOOO much fun! It will be our experience of a lifetime, and I CAN’T WAIT!!!!!!!!!!!

      • cheryl norman says:

        JEANETTE!! Love back to ya! Can’t wait myself!!! You’ll have already seen at least one concert by then, so your head will be far better than mine for giving moment-to-moment details!!!! That takes a lot of
        pressure off me!! Hahaha!! Also, Theresa!!!! Love G R!!

  7. I saw Adam tonight in Albany, NY. I was very disappointed that his fans waited for him to come out after the show – if only to give his fans a quick look. Adam put a hooded sweatshirt over his head and ran to the bus. Chris came out to sign autographs and wave. I hope Adam isn’t turning into a diva! Actually, Anoop didn’t come out either and he’s not even the star!

    • Adam twittered the other night that he was under doctors orders to stay in. He aplogized.

    • AdamRocks! says:

      KD, did you see the thread awhile back about that *sense of entitlement* that a very few feel when it comes to the idols coming out after the show to meet fans? I’m sure I can speak for almost everybody here when I say that he gives us SO MUCH MORE than we ever asked for in his performance. . . it never even crossed my mind that ANY of the idols should come out and sign autographs. . . I paid to see the concert, not to meet them.

      Adam a diva? PLEASE!!!

      Cindy in MS

    • I know it looks like “Diva” behavior, but there may be things going on that we don’t know about. It might be possible that due to security concerns Adam is ordered to get to the bus as quickly as possible – we just don’t know what’s going on. I think too many stalkers and crazy fans have basically ruined things for the rest of us. I even saw where one fan admitted online that she actually CHASED Adam! (Like this was something to be proud of.) I can’t imagine doing such a thing. Again, we don’t know the truth, but at this point I guess I’m willing to give Adam the benefit of the doubt. And I would much rather forego my autograph than see some incident happen because security was lax and Adam got hurt because of it.

      • I know how disappointing it is not to see Adam. We were disappointed at the Tampa concert but we later found out about the security threat earlier in the day. I know he also has doctors orders to rest his voice. However, I think security plays a part in whether he comes out. There are so many people there to see Adam. When we waited outside by the barricades everyone chanted for Adam for over 2 hours. All I saw were a couple of workers for the venue and the willie nelson looking manager. I really think security has something to do with whether he comes out or not. Also, he will be recording immediately after the summer tour and he really should take care of himself and his voice.

      • TheFeyNan(Nancy) says:

        Jeanette, I agree with you…what other concerts to we attend and expect to meet the preformers. Adam is what he is…A Megga Rock Star Now!! It is not like the previous years, and we all say that about him, that he is not like all that have come before him. So it makes sense on the other side of this issue, he will not be able to do the simple things, like the meet & greet…because the reaction to him so Profound…It really doesn’t matter, we just want him safe, well, & guarded, so he can continue to entertain us. How lucky we are to live in such a time(and with my old ass..I feel very fortunate)…Thanx again for this wonderful site & ya’ll are my support…

        P.S. Can you tell by all the comments, I have a day off…

    • KD: I know how disappointed you are. Seeing Adam up close and in the flesh is our greatest desire, but you cannot put him in the same group as the “other idols”. The demands and expectations placed on Adam are far greater than all the others combined–even the “winner”. Adam is, also, the goose that will lay many golden eggs for 19 Entertainment and they will do whatever is necessary to keep their money maker safe and healthy and capable of making hit records and selling out concerts. If they must keep him away from crowds of fans to do this, they will. Adam may not even have a say in it.

  8. Yes Lorrin, I think for that night I might just step back and not write a thing… let Cheryl take the stage for that one! Now, if she misses something that the rest of us see, well then, I’ll put it in after her post.

    He seems to favour the right side of the stage each time, that is her side, lucky duck!!

    • I’m with you, Terry, I know that thread will rock off the page when Cheryl makes her report back. I can’t wait to hear it! I wonder if we’ll read a news blurb from the concert saying, ‘Indiana woman pulled off American Idol stage during a performance by concert favorite, Adam Lambert, still clutching a silver belt buckle that Mr. Lambert wears with his stage ensemble, subject refused to let go of Mr. Lambert, and had to be restrained, security guards were called in from all over the auditorium…’

      • Lorrin, what a wonderful description of what our Cheryl is capable of pulling off, ha, ha! Well, firstly we will have to get Cheryl to breathe normally, get her heart-rate down, deal with the vapours and coach her to give it to us, a sentence at a time. Pity we won’t be able to see her gestures! I like the security guards bit – can imagine something like … hefty security guards were dismissed with contempt, having received a lip-lashing, the likes of what has never been seen before and were seeing leaving with heads hanging and their egos seriously bruised.

        Seriously, I can’t wait for CHERYL to give us her uncensored account of the concert. MOTHER THERESA, I am also counting on hearing your account of the concert.

        • Ha, ha, wonderful, Ingrid! See my post on one of the last two or three threads about ‘reviving’ Cheryl after a ‘fall’ she took after seeing Adam…all in fun!

        • adamtastic1877 says:

          this has nothing to do with adam but for a second i thoguht you said “eggos” not “egos”. im sorry im really hungry right now and wants some eggo waffles!!!! xD haha!

          • adamtastic1877, I know that you are suffering from AdamLambertitis, and its withdrawals. One of the chief symptoms is a a raging attack of the munchies afterward that does not subside for at least three or four days after a concert. We do offer an ALAMSAA (Adam Lamberts Addicts Anonymous) program here, once you get past the levitation stage, the uncontrollable hunger stage (which often does involve the eating of many ‘eggos’), and the spasmodic stage, in which the sufferer walks around in a daze, spasming uncontrollably, and uttering various incoherent phrases). Do let me know when you’re ready, and we’ll get you right in!

      • OMG Lorrin, how funny. Cherrylllllll are we going to see that on the news?? Clutch that belt
        buckle for all of us.

        • cheryl norman says:

          MARY LORRIN THERESA INGRID ……… Pressure much!!! I will TRY to remember every little detail, but

          you all shouldn’t expect too much from me, after all, I may not be able to recall anything!! Remember what

          I said about the Elvis concert! I don’t remember a single ‘note’ he sang!!! I’ll try to be brave, and do my

          best! Breathing, taking some xanex! Whatever I need to do!!! Thank God you all won’t have to totally

          depend on me!! Theresa and Jeanette will both be there also!!!! So there will be SOMEONE with a good

          head on their shoulders!!! Bu, like Jeanette said, Gd.Rapids is going to be a Rockin’ Hot City!!! The Van

          Andel Arena is a beautiful place!! Nothing but the Best for our Man, Rock-God, Manly-man. man-boy

          Adam!!!!!!! I am getting nervous just thinking about it!!!! Will need lots of extra cash to pay-off some of

          those security guards, too!!! Gotta do much more thinking about it!!!! Think! Think!! Think, damn it!!!!

          • Cheryl, I see old MadBert is up to his tricks again – suggest breathing exercises for him too! Me thinks he just plain jealous because you are going to see Adam. I smell sawdust burning – someone is thinking. My honey- you, Mother Theresa and Chief Butt Kicker are going to have a fan-tastic time. Love to you all!

            • Gaa…”Mother Theresa and Chief Butt Kicker” – I LOVE THIS!!!

            • Ingrid, that is not sawdust you are smelling, but straw burning, and that would be me, since I am the ‘Scarecrow’ on this site, always putting a finger to my brain and reciting (incorrectly as it turns out), “The sum of the square roots of any two sides of an isoceles triangle is equal to the square root of the remaining side. Oh joy, rapture, I’ve got a brain. How can I ever thank you enough?”

          • You 3 at the same concert. OMG, you are going to be dancing and rocking and rolling.
            You’ll have a blast! I’m getting nervous for you. The Andel Arena will never be the same!

            • Terry, perhaps you and Jeanette could lock your hands together under Cheryl and give her the old ‘heave-ho’ up onto the stage so she wouldn’t have to clamber around too much, she’s GOT to get that belt buckle! But seriously, I am SO envious, – of all people YOU THREE together at a concert! PLEASE get the low-down, and if you can, take the best possible pictures, ones we can all share in here….but, if you are all going to be good girls and not films or take pictures, I understand. At least, give us a dazzling description of the whole event and our Adam! Love you all!

              • It is going to be WILD! Glam Buckle or Bust – that’s us!!!

              • cheryl norman says:

                LORRIN, Remember I’m not even 5’2”!!! I thought maybe I could start by standing on the
                arm rests, like I did at the Elvis concert, and possibly ‘polevault’ to the next armrests and the
                next, until I get close enough to the stage and then ‘rush the guards’ before they even know
                I’m coming!!!! Yeah, that might work! If only Jeanette and Theresa could bring in a ladder
                w/o being seen, set it up by the stage, and when the time comes, it would be a piece of cake!!
                Belt Buckle here I am Baby!!!!! Adam, I’m NOT LETTING GO!!!!! NOT!!! Glambs to the
                rescue!!!! All hell breaks out!!! Adam is missing!!! Quick Glambs, get him into the back
                seat and hold him till I get there!!! AHA!!! Back to the hotel!!!! That’s what I’m talking about!!
                The Glambs WILL NOT be denied our big dose of ADAM!!!!! of course we’ll take turns,,,
                after that he’s MINE!!!!!!! AND I’LL NEVER LET HIM GO!

                • Iyleneidol09 says:

                  Ladies, c’mon, let’s up the ante on the bra throwig, why don’t you throw the bra on the stage WITH THE PERSON ON IT!!!! C’mon Cheryl you can do that!!!As Lorrin suggested, Terry and Jeaneatte will grab you on each end, arms and legs, swing you up in the air and catapult you onto the stage right next to him!!!!LOL!!!

                • Cheryl, somehow I can see you standing on the armrests of the arena chair, jumping up and down to get the necessary ‘lift’, swinging your arms back and forth, and then sailing through the air to land at Adam’s feet on the stage, – Adam not batting an eyelash, bending to reach the blue boa and red bra thrown on the stage floor, wrapping you around and around with them, and then deftly rolling you off the stage into the waiting arms of the security guards without so much as missing a beat or a note, as always,….but of course, as Adam dances and struts his way across the stage to the other side, he will not know that he is missing one large silver belt buckle which is now clutched in Cheryl’s hot little hand…

                  • ..and then, of course, Cheryl will create a loud diversion while still on the floor, Adam will stride back across the stage, Cheryl will break free, reach up and grab his ankle and slide him out the door in one fluid motion, the Glambs will rush in, throw a hoodie on him, escort him out the door into a waiting limo, and the rest is history! Of course, since you are only 5’2″ tall, Cheryl, and I am 5’8 1/2″, it will be I WHO WILL BE THE ONE to keep Adam forever!

                    • Lorrin, it sounds like ‘the criminal mind’ at work here. You are plotting and engineering this whole thing with every intention of taking the booty. Just one small consideration – ssshhhhhhhhhhh. Jeanette is an ex cop and will probably get her ole buddies to catch and convict you, leaving her standing with a king-size grin, knowing that she is holding the booty captive FOR HERSELF! Sssssssssssshhhhhhhhhhh, just saying …

                      Cheryl, pole-vaulting, hmmmmmmmmm perhaps not such a good idea. Settle for the big ‘heave-ho’. I trust Mother & Chief have good upper-body strength and a good sense of direction.

                      Love you ladies and I just wanted to let you know that I considered being jealous, but actually I am delighted that my Glambs will be there! Lotsaluv, Ingrid

                    • Oh yes, yes, you’re quite right about Jeanette being an ex-cop, and me having a very methodical and devious mind, but DARN IT, I WANT ADAM! You guys ALWAYS get him!

            • Mary C, should we be getting nervous for our three Glambeteers or everyone around them!!!! Out three Glambeteers, we need lots of pics. Are you going to market the Glambs – silly question, don’t answer it!

              • TheFeyNan(Nancy) says:

                I am laughing so hard, as all these images, pass thru my mind, playing like a “You Tube Vid” …would luv to be there to film the three of you…lol

              • Ingrid, Oh yea they will rock the house down with Adam. The arena wont be the same
                after the 3 Adamteers, Glambeteers get done! Where are you guys seats?
                Make sure you dance and sing and Adam sees you all. I know you will!
                Rock on!

  9. I am so very stoked for this concert – Adam is going to rock it out in Phllly, and when (if) I ever receover, I will be sure to fill you in on what the experience was like for me!

  10. Im from around the philly area and im excited to this is my very first concert and I can’t wait to see Adam !

  11. GerryinNJ says:

    TONIGHT is the night!!!! I am a 71-year-old gay man (married for 27 years to my domestic partner), and I am a Glambert Addict. I have watched, loved, and voted for him from the beginning. I have watched videos from every show and have longed for the live concert in Philly. My partner thinks I’m crazy, but Adam’s voice and performance is mesmerizing and thrilling. GO ADAM!

    • AdamRocks! says:

      Have fun GerryinNJ!!! Looking forward to your review.

      Cindy in MS

    • Helen/Canada says:

      Oh GerryinNJ, I am so happy for you that you are going to see our beautiful Adam. You will love it! His performance and stage presence is beyond words. Hold on to your seat, it’s going to be a bumpy ride!!!! Enjoy! and let us know all about it.

    • You go, man, Gerry, enjoy the heck out of it!!

    • GerryinNJ, THANK you for posting with us! I have truly wondered if any gay men are following Adam Lambert. I got the impression that Adam is not especially well-lked by the gay community, and that makes me very sad. Someone in the gay community said that Adam was too flamboyant, and was projecting an image that many gays want to leave behind as stereotypical. I was encouraging my gay son (the same age as Adam) the other day to support Adam in every way, since he is probably the first person in history to so fully, freely, and openly state his homosexuality in such a non-threatening way to the viewing public, and that we needed to get behind him and support this young man, who had done so much to promote loving tolerance and understanding in the world! But even though my son truly likes Adam, he doesn’t LOVE him. Do you have any thoughts on this, Gerry? I would really like to know what gay males (and females for that matter) think of Adam Lambert. He seems to appeal to a broad demographic, just not the one that should be behind him 100%!

      • GerryinNJ says:

        I was thrilled last night at the concert. Even my partner thought the concert was good. I’d never been to a rock concert before, but he had. I was surprised at how enthusiastic Philly was for EVERY performer. Unlike reports I’d heard on blog sites for other cities, Philly went wild for nearly everyone, though much more for Adam. The top 4 were loudly welcomed. I got lots of pictures, but haven’t uploaded them yet. The performenrs (except for Megan) were all rather excellent. They’ve all learned a little theatricality from Adam, though Kris needs a little more. He does show some more personality on the guitar and piano now. But he is cemented to the microphone while playing both. He did some impressive riffs with the guitar, and displayed some dramatic and sexy movements while sitting at the piano. Danny is acting sexier, and threw off his jacket like Adam. Matt danced all over the stage. Even Anoop did a few hip gyrations to screams.

        Adam was fantastic. He’s almost not human, he’s so perfect. I couldn’t believe I was seeing him live.

        I guess some gays may think Adam is too flamboyant, but I love his openness and his uninhibited honesty. Maybe some gays worry if they get too enthusiastic, it may make his career less successful? I think most are appreciative of his talents and his ability to appeal to so many. My partner is not as awed as I am. I can’t explain why some are so thrilled and others are just mildly appreciative. Maybe it’s that the soaring notes of Adam reach some more than others. His perfection of being in tune with such perfect emotion and hitting unbelievable highs makes me feel similar to some of the things that Pavarotti and Bocelli can do. The unparalelled talent is what attracts like a magnet.

        • GerryinNJ says:

          Then again, many of my gay friends are as ignorant of Adam’s existence as many straights. I guess that not everyone is a fan of American Idol.

        • Helen/Canada says:

          Hi GerryinNJ
          So glad you enjoyed the concert and your first rock concert, WOW! What a way to start. I agree with your critique of the performers. I didn’t like Megan at all when I saw her. Our venue too, was very receptive to all the idols, but especially for Adam and Kris probably got the second loudest reception. But it’s true, isn’t it, what you said, “he’s almost not human, he’s so perfect”.
          There’s some great critiques of Adam by some of San Diego’s opera people. I just can’t remember what post it’s on right now. One of the more recent ones. Check it out. And again, I’m glad you got to see Adam LIVE!

          Hope you stay with us Gerry and keep posting.

      • Helen/Canada says:

        Oh, I so agree with you Lorrin. I think he has opened up a lot of people’s hearts and minds. Thank God, it’s about frickin’ time. I can’t tell you how much I hate intolerance. It makes me nuts! Kris and Adam’s friendship has also done a lot to show people there’s nothing to be scared of, they won’t bite!

      • Helen/Canada says:

        To me, he’s not flamboyant at all. Sure, he likes to dress up and “put it on” on stage, but that’s part of his performance. In everyday life he looks pretty normal to me (whatever normal is). I love that he loves clothes and loves to dress up. His hair and nail polish, nothing wrong with that!

  12. i can’t wait for tonight i have 5th row floor seats. i hope to get great pictures and video to share with everyone!! wish me luck on getting to meet him after he show. i know he is going to rock philly!!!

    • Good luck, keep your fingers, toes and everything crossed, not while your dancing of course!

      • Helen/Canada says:

        Good luck Paula and enjoy the show!

        • Iyleneidol09 says:

          Is there anyone here went to the AI concert alone???? I have one last chance to see our ADAM, he will be back in CT in September ( my birthday!! hellooo Jeannette, my birth month pal) My homophobic husband is willing to buy me a ticket as a birthday present, but beg me not to drag him to the concert. I never ever contemplated on going to previous AI concert, but just like everyone here, Adam had transform us all into a fanatics!!!! If I ended up going by myself, it will be a first in my 50 years!!! I just love ADAM sooo very much…..

          • Hey, birth-month buddy! Sadly I’m going to Milwaukee and Madison alone. *Sniff*

            • Iyleneidol09 says:

              Oh, ok! If Jeanette can do it, why can’t I!! I’ll let you know if I get the courage to do it (for Adam’s sake) (or for my sake!!!) LOL!!

              • I think you should go for it! This is a special, special event, and one I think you will always remember. Would you rather have those memories or live with the regret that you didn’t go? You have a great opportunity – don’t let it pass you by.

          • I went alone as noone I knew even seemed to have heard of Adam Lambert (CAN YOU BELIEVE IT, ALLTHOSE IDIOTS OUT THERE). I had a great time and made new (temporary) friends at the concert. HAVE FUN.

  13. AdamRocks! says:

    Have fun Paula! and everybody else going to the show tonight! Fifth row! Barb was in the fifth row. . . I envy you guys. . .

    Cindy in MS

  14. glambert341 says:

    does anypne know if there is an address for us fans to use to send something to adam while he is on the tour???

    • Okay, here it is again:

      Adam Lambert
      c/o 19 Entertainment
      856 Sunset Blvd
      Ste 900
      W. Hollywood, CA 90069

      I don’t think there is any way to contact him en route except by twitter.

  15. FYI
    Don’t know where to put this but I haven’t seen it posted anywhere.
    My yahoo Adam alerts tells me that he will be on The Morning Show, Friday (tomorrow) and will be performing.

    • Hi Krissie,

      Do you know what Morning Show? Is this a local show or national show? Need more details, and google isn’t bringing anything up. HELP!!!!!

      • The Morning Show is CBS’s news station. We’ll have to check it out.

        • Upon further investigation it is official from my tv listing.
          Morning Show with Mike and Juliet but I’m just noticing it is a repeat.
          This show aires on our Seattle local station KCPQ 13. Sorry for any misinformation and/or undue excitement. I am disappointed it is a repeat. But I’ll be watching anyway!

  16. Calanders? says:

    Hey, I’m an Adam fanatic but Idon’t think calanders are going to be good for his career. Don’t get me wrong, I would love a calander with his face plastered everywhere, but people are gonna think its lame that hes selling out. We dont need another KISS. We need a rock god like adam.

  17. Goatiegarden says:

    I went a little crazy (OK, a lot!) for Adam: I’m turning 50 this year, and even though I live in Minnesota, I flew out to the Portland concert to witness the kickoff. I rationalized the expense because of the ‘Big Five O’ and because of the passion and zest for life Adam had reawakened in me. Like so many of you have posted, I found myself in an altered state of mind when Adam came on stage. Standing, screaming and pumping my arms in the air, feeling like I was back at my first concert (Kiss, ironically!), I felt even more alive than watching Adam’s journey on TV. Of course I have tickets to see him again in Milwaukee, Minneapolis and Madison. My excuse is my age, but none of us need any excuses! Don’t hesitate to go by yourself: I met some great Adam fans at the door in Portland! Don’t hesitate to splurge on yourself to get a concert ticket! I love this site with all of you like-minded Adam lovers! Jeanette, are you meeting up with any of us before the Milwaukee or Madison concerts? I’ll have my “Got Lambert?” t shirt on, my nails painted black! (I must admit, it was thrilling to be walking the Minneapolis and Portland airports dressed in black and silver and with those nails!)

    • Hey Goatie! Yes, I would definitely like to meet up with other Glambs at Milwaukee and Madison. I’m trying to think of the best way to arrange a meeting for anyone interested. If you or anyone has any ideas, let me know. It’s been a long time since I’ve been to the Bradley Center, and i’ve never been to Alliant.

      • Iyleneidol09 says:

        Thanks Goatie for the encouragement!! (going to concert alone)…It’s my big Five-o too next month and this might be the most memorable birthday I will ever remember….ok, more encouragement is needed….

        • Helen/Canada says:

          Just go for it honey! I went to the Bruce Springsteen concert by myself two years ago. (I’m a huge Springsteen fan, but he’s on hold right now!). My sister got really sick and it was last minute and I thought, no way I’m missing this, so I went and had a blast. I rocked all night by myself, but everyone around was friendly and enjoying the concert too.

      • Goatiegarden says:

        I remember Turner restaurant for their Friday fish fry, right across the street from the Bradley Center in Milwaukee. If it’s still there, that could be a fun place to have Glamberts gather.

        • Hi Goatie,

          Turner is still here. Sounds like a good meeting place. 5:00? We can work out details later, and I’ll put an announcement in one of my posts.

          • Goatiegarden says:

            I’ll be there! I’ll have a spare ticket since I couldn’t pass up a 3rd row seat, if anyone is thinking about going.

  18. nursesherrie says:

    I saw the philly show tonight and it was wonderful!! Adam steals the show and it is almost akward having kris after Adam. Adam moves his hips like no man ever!! He makes Elvis looks stiff and motionless!! His hips are pure deadly and I loves every inch of his moves! He can make women and gay men both dream and drool over him FOR SURE!!! The show was great!! Megan was a bit of a disappointment, off tune and running around stage clueless! I would go many more times if the money was endless!! I saw the last three years of shows one in Atlantic City, one wash DC and now philly and this was my fav of the last three years!! I liked Matt and Danny too!! Thanks for listening to my two cents!

  19. BOWIE MEDLEY IN PHILLY One of the better ones… he’s in fine form and great voice.

    • Iyleneidol09 says:

      Theresa, I have not seen anyone soo graceful with that hip movement, gyrating and thrusting.. I have not seen any man with that graceful moves..Ohh, I can envision, he must be soo good in… you know what.. with that hip action!!! Olala!! Mama Mia!! give it to me baby!!
      Hmm! I’m just wondering, do they dry clean those outfit everyday??? or does he have 7 sets of those leather outfit? ( I think my domesticated mind is wondering..ohh f—k!!! I’m ruining my great fantasy!! go back to the gyrating hips… stop thinking of laundry!!)

  20. admlmbrtrckz says:


  21. It’s amazing how many of you are attending more than one concert and are actually finding good seats at the last minute. Of course the prices must be through the roof! Doesnt it just show how much we care for Adam?

  22. suescott28 says:

    adamtastic1877 where was the after-concert meet and greet in Philadelphia? Was it in the Wachovia or outside? did you need a concert ticket to be at the meet and greet? I can feel you disappointment, I was at the At City show with my nine year old son and we were so hoping to meet him and no such luck. I was saving my camera battery, (it was dying) for Adam so only took a picture of Kris and could of had pictures of 7 of them for my son. Anoop and Adam were no shows and Lil never made it around to us. We were however able to talk to all seven and they were all pretty nice. My favorite was Michael. He is a sweetheart. Adam was sooo amazing though. I just wanted to hear his voice live and was able to do that, so for that I am happy that we went. My son is a huge Adam fan too and it was for his ninth b’day.

  23. hey guys thanks alot for all the insight. really liked the section. and iam starting to give it a shot. if you have any different good books or websites on the subject, love to hear from you. thanks once more.


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