TOUR VIBE – American Idol Summer Tour 2009 – Ontario, CA











***UPDATE – INCREDIBLE FAN PHOTOS ADDED!!!  Many thanks to Diana for sending these!***

Here are links to some awesome videos from the Ontario concert:

Mad World –

Starlight –

Whole Lotta Love –

The tour bus will be pulling into Ontario on Friday, July 17th at the Citizens Business Bank Arena and San Diego on July 18th.. 

Watch for a very special post on the San Diego concert from Carol!  Two of our Glambs Fan Leaders, Carol and event planner Lila, will be attending the San Diego concert, and they will be giving us a detailed inside look at what goes into preparing for the concert event of a lifetime.  Afterwards, they’ll be posting their review of the San Diego concert. 

If you plan on attending one of the upcoming concerts, what are YOU doing to prepare?  Are you making signs?  What are you wearing?  Are you going to wear special makeup and jewelry to honor Adam?

And of course, if you’re going to be attending the Ontario concert, please share the details of your experience, both your preparation for the concert, and your post-concert review.

As always, we would really love for you to share your concert photos with us!  Please email your photos to

~~Jeanette, Glamb #5


  1. Carol & Lila, can’t wait to hear from you. Please be sure to tell Adam that his 1,000,000,000,000 … fans across the Globe looooooooooooooooooooove him. Enjoy!

    Jeanette, thanks once again!

  2. Is someone gonna post the concert of last night?- the Staples center one…they say it rocked…looked like adam’s show 🙂 NEED TO SEE THE VID PLZZZ

  3. adamtastic1877 says:

    im gonna wear black eyeliner and black nailpolish when im going, as well as an adam fantastic t shirt

  4. DITTO! I’m not finding any videos from the Stples Center, either!!

    • AdamAddict says:

      They already posted vids from Staples LA. I LOOOOOOOVEE “MAD WORLD” There’s an echo and that makes it more BEAUTIFULLLLLLLLL!! WOW just WOW!! This is the best “Mad World” in my opinion! WOW!! 🙂

  5. I just read this and thought you might want to read about the best description of Adam. And his friendship with Kris. It’s an awesome read. Maybe you already read it.

    • Cee, thank you! This IS truly an awesome read – really brought tears to my eyes and warmth to my soul. What amazing pics – this is no fake but authentic friendship!

      • AdamRocks! says:

        Wow! What an amazing article! Thanks for posting that Cee!

        Cindy from MS

        • As I sit here having just finished reading Cee’s post with tears streaming from my eyes, it has fully dawned on me that I am seeing something truly new in the world, something that will count for all eternity. Not just the beautiful essay about the friendship between Adam Lambert and Kris Allen are presented in Cee’s post, but so are pictures of the two men embracing. One of the pictures in particular tells the whole story: both men are dressed in black, and Adam envelops Kris in his arms, and they are merged in the most beautiful way. The picture has a kind of majesty and reverence in it, It is deeply touching to see. Reading both the eloquent text and seeing the photographs of these two closest of friends, I saw that there truly was going to be a change in this world. The point Adam and Kris are making (even though they are not consciously making it an issue) will not be missed. Adam is truly going to open up the perception of hundreds of thousands of people on the issue that so many people abhor, and the love between Adam and Kris will stand before everyone in the world as a perfect example of the completely natural way in which we ALL should see each other, and behave toward each other. This means SO much to me in my own family situation, and it will also effect countless other lives. Adam Lambert has indeed been sent here for a reason and he knows it. It is not the only reason he is here, but it is very important to so many. He may not say it in public (because, after all, he has to maintain his connection with his own youthful crowd without losing his coolness and he can’t appear to be preaching to anyone), but he IS here on a very special assignment. Barriers and old hatreds are going to be broken down, and long-held attitudes are going to be changed. Because of one young man. And don’t think that one young man can’t begin to make that all happen. It already IS happening. Adam had to be made in a certain way to do do it, he had to be the most attractive person imaginable. He had to be fearless. He had to be completely unapologetic and without embarassment for himself. He had to be an unforgettable entertainer. He had to be willing. And this one young Jewish, gay man is going to change the world, and bring joy in his wake.

          Thank you, Cee, for posting this!

          • Said in true Lorrin-style! Simply beautiful! Lorrin, a change IS gonna come and Adam is the catalyst. Hats off to Kris too – this really gives one HOPE! Thanks once again Cee for the post and pics and Lorrin for your masterful articulation of our thoughts and feelings. Kudos to you both! I just love my fellow Glambs!

            • Thank you, dear Ingrid, you are a wonderful, supportive presence on this site. I’m so glad you are here!

    • Adam & Kris’s friendship is part of “the Adam pkg”…Two very special spirits! Great read….thanks for the post.

      • Jane Parker says:

        I agree!
        Awesome article! It made the hair stand up on my arms. ADAM is going to move the world in ways we don’t even know yet!

    • Cee – finally got a chance to read it! Loved it! Thank you a WHOLE BUNCH!

  6. I’m going to the Ontario concert tonight 🙂
    Im really excited..i’ll be sure to tell u guys about it :):):)

  7. Just FYI If you go into twitter and search for danny gokey (Iknow!!) you will get an AUTHENTIC BUBBLETWEET FROM ADAM explaning how his twitter, myspace and facebook accounts are not yet his.. they are still hijacked. He’s using Danny’s computer and site. It’s so sweet to see Adam in a simple baseball cap and no makeup, so cute!

    • Lisette here..thenks Theresa due to ma computer/laptop crashing passe weeks I av miss several of thes articles an just noticed thes one an yes I av seen thes video by accidente now on utube when viewing newer videos from AI tours an Adam’s medleys came under one of those threads..Aw an how lovli to see there’s a commoraderie here amongst fellows soo sweet with beau Adam,Kris,Matt,an giving ther computers to post video(i thinq he used ther utube accounte to post)Unsure how to get onto twitters..Anyway Adam clearly espresse now thet he loss twitter but I thout understood the official Myspace an facebook were real just thet it’s run by his manager’s an he has non ever send commentes.All othre’s gather are never mentiones of one on Utube as agan see someone with accounte reades Adamlambert09?..he has nevre denie au mentione about thes.An it’s wonderful to see Adam so natural behinde scenes an even offstage being soo cute..upside down pose here..tresbeau! hugs n bisous Lisettexoxoxo

  8. JohnJay says:

    Regarding that Adam & Kris’s friendship story, just wanted to be sure people saw the link at the bottom pointing to the original article (blog posting) which is much more in depth.

    Then for more visual evidence for how close the two are as emotionally supportive friends, there’s this site (note, it may take a while for everything to load), where the poster is trying to document all the “KRADAM” bromance moments.

    They certainly are very much at ease with each other. Especially Kris’ “faceplant” hugs (I guess cause Adam’s so much taller); and the “nailpolish story”, I must admit, is truly touching.

    Their friendship even prompted a New York Times culture watch story…

    Unrelated, but also incredible… have you all read the recent interview with Adam’s mom a few days ago? Really inspiring…

  9. UK4Adam says:

    Oh, come on, people!
    I’m sorry… Some of you really are going completely over the top and losing the plot… I love Adam! Iadore Adam! But stop putting all this pressure on the poor boy! He is NOT a superhero, he is NOT from another planet, he is a human being!!!
    He has worked really hard all his life to get here and he’s had the guts to follow his dreams and develop his talent! That’s why he deserves all the credit he can get!
    Stop dehumanising him!

    • UK4Adam – dehumanize (means to to make somebody less human by taking away his or her individuality, the creative and interesting aspects of his or her personality, or his or her compassion and sensitivity towards others, …) … so NO, we are not dehumanizing Adam. We are in fact saying that Adam is a very special human being with extra-ordinary talents whilst at the same time paying tribute to Kris.

      You adore Adam and that is wonderful! Adore, inter alia, means worship, idolize … and I think that is wonderful!

      We have different ways of expressing our thoughts and feelings. “To each his own.” If you have been following the posts on this website, you would have seen that it is not unusual for Glambs to freely express their admiration for Adam and for each other when a noteworthy comment is posted.

      By the way, I concur, Adam deserves all the credit he can get.

      • Absolutely beautifully said, Ingrid. Thank you so much for picking up the gauntlet so gracefully. You are an ideal friend. Love to you on this early Sunday morning in South Africa!

    • I think there is plot and subplot with Adam, UK4Adam, in a drama that will never end until he leaves the stage. Every aspect of his life will be talked about and evaluated from now until the day he dies. Adam Lambert is a superstar, and he cannot go back to being a mere human being. He has exchanged his old life for a new one, and he knew this when he started.

      The very nature of admiring and idolizing another, always brings forth in the lover a response which borders on worship for the beloved. That is precisely how all great love stories begin. The lover praises the beloved with an overflow of praise and adoring phrases, each outdoing the last. In the case of an entertainer like Adam, thousands of people share together in their love for him, and each person throws out his or her praises, building up an excess of superlative ideas and words. It’s the nature of love. Once you love, you have to express that love, and with human beings, that means laying all that you have at the feet of the one who is loved.

      On one level, that of the mother of sons living in the real world, I see Adam as a young man making his way in the world, using every talent and bit of expertise he can pull together, to get where he needs to go. He has family and friends he cares about, and leads the life of a normal young adult. He is the boy next door, friendly, accessible, and just another boy. As you said, he doesn’t need any pressure to feel that he has to come up to some unattainable expectation of some false image projected by others, especially fanatical strangers. That is, if he wasn’t the ‘alien from Planet Fierce’ (his brother Neil’s own words) who is Adam Lambert.

      Adam Lambert knows full well that he isn’t like other people. He has spent his young lifetime becoming who he is today. He intends to knock the world on its rear end, and blow down the house while he does it. No one who can get on a world stage and stagger and strut and scream out a song in ultrasonic frequencies, vibrate the air with the intensity of his presence, throw flames over the heads of his audience, and annhilate those who hear his voice with its scorching power, can ever be normal. And this makes him superhuman. No one can do what he does. No one can elicit the thunderous outpouring of sound and emotion that he can, by simply entering a room. He has ceased to be merely human, and has entered another realm, and we are responding to that. Adam can transform back into the ‘merely human’ when he comes off that stage, and this sly trick enables him to recover and recoup his strength and emotional stablility. But make no mistake, behind that pleasant, beautiful boy’s face lives the soul of a conquering hero.

      Adam IS as close to being a super-hero as we have here on our earth. No one is mistaking him for God, or attributing to him more than he is. But WHO he is as a performer transcends the merely human, and takes us with him in his flight. There is nothing wrong in loving this slightly more-than-human man who has so captivated the world. He brings joy and healing to the world by his very presence in it, and this is undeniable. If he isn’t really an angel, he acts like one, and we are short on angels in this world. And what he does in his role as a compassionate friend WILL have a universal and long-lasting effect. People’s lives will be changed, in fact, have already been changed.

      So, I am not apologizing for loving Adam Lambert, or putting him on a slightly higher rung on that ladder we are all climbing together. And I am certain I have not ‘missed the plot’ and gone over the top. Adam Lambert himself has gone over the top completely on his own without mine or anyone else’s help. We are just following along, with our hearts on our sleeves, hoping to catch a glimpse of him somewhere up ahead, tracking the faint radiance of starlight.

      • AdamRocks! says:

        Wow Lorrin. . . just. . . Wow! I love you! 🙂

        Cindy in MS

        • And I love you, too, Cindy AdamRocks…..I think I got pretty shook up with making that response. I didn’t mean to blast anyone out of the water, because I value all of the fans and Glambs writing with us on this site, but I did feel that I had to defend the kind of love we have for Adam here, and the way we choose to express it. Otherwise, what is there to say, we might as well all go home…

          • Hear, hear!

            • DITTO! Miss Lorrin, You’ve done it again… Miss Wordweaver you’ve expressed what is in all of our hearts and minds.

              There isn’t a day goes by that I do not either read an article,, watch a video or absorb some of the superlatives which are posted on this site. It’s what is keeping me going at this time, as I am having a fairly quiet social life and still grounded with an ankle injury.

              It lifts my spirits. That is Adam’s indirect power at this stage in his life. Won’t it be fun to follow him through his adulthood? I just wish I were younger as I’d love to see him at age 50 or so… well, maybe I’ll be crippled and housebound but as long as I have a TV, a stereo or a computer and am able to use it, I will have Adam to hover over and admire and love.

              • Dear theresa/canada, I just want you to know that we share a little something. A number of years ago, I broke and dislocated my right ankle coming down a hillside in the Capay Valley of California. I had to be rescued by the fire department in a nearby town, (what a memory to blush over, but they were a bunch of good-looking, strapping fellows), but, it left me permanently disabled. I worked for many years after that, but with constant pain and difficulty. And now, I can’t work, and am retired, and can’t get out too much. I know exactly what it is to have an ankle injury and to be grounded in the house. So I share with you in knowing that It IS so nice to have someone so wonderful to ‘hover over and admire and love’ as you so beautifully put it, – our own darling Adam Lambert, to fill those times.

                Just sending my love to you in beautiful Vancouver. I’ll be thinking of you down here in the Golden West…..(and thank you for the lovely nickname)

      • KrissieE says:

        Many thanks to UK4Adam. You have perhaps inadvertently unleashed the fire and brimstone of passionate, protective, worshipful, thankful followers of Adam, prompting words that only Lorrin can convey. So thanks…..sending love.

        • KrissieE you are wonderful, thank you so much! Your comment was perfect. I’m sure we are all like d’Artagnan and his three inseparable friends, the Three Musketeers! “tous pour un, un pour tous”, “all for one, one for all”! We rally to defend! And I send love and thanks along with yours too, I love England very much. I do hope we can all get past this little falling-out. Love to all the Glambs!

  10. Me and my family went to the Ontario concert last night! Adam made the crowd crazy and had so much energy during his set. The best part about the concert was after the show we waited around the tour buses and ALL the idols showed up to sign autographs! Adam wasn’t able to take photos but he was easily out there for a good 30-40 minutes until security told him it was time to go. The crowd was very cool, he didn’t even have handlers! I was able to get a few great up close photos of him and he signed my Rolling Stones issue! He was very sweet and though he had to move quickly through the crowd he was able to say thanks to everyone who came out. I was so impressed by everyone in the show and the fact that Adam was willing to stay out and sign autographs until the last possible moment proves his appreciation to his fans.

  11. Thanks for posting “Kiss and Tell” Dreamsound, one of my favs… it’s nice to have Adam’s music as background. He sure sounds like MJ in this one, eh?

  12. UK4Adam – keep it cool now baby!!! Adam is perfect, he’s superhunab! Surely you see that, too! As far as ‘dehumanizing’ – say WHAT!!!! You nuts or something???? EVERYONE knows Adam is not human!!! He just fell down from heaven onto the AI stage!!! What do you mean he has ‘worked hard’! Silly! He was born at the age of 26 just to be the UNIVERSAL SUPERSTAR FOR THE WORLD!!! Come on, now!!!

    peace-love-light-happiness-joy-hope 4 adam>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>AND HIS FANS!

    • Cheryl, your posts are alway PRICELESS!

    • Cheryl, you are the best, and always include the hors d’oeuvre right along with the main meal, you get it all in there! I can just see Adam hitting the stage floor with feathers flying everywhere, falling out of heaven. What a picture! And of course, as you say, he hasn’t ‘worked hard’, he was fully formed in a cave of gems, and he came out with glitter in his hair! For a moment there, I was beginning to think I WAS going ‘over the top’ with all my thoughts on our beautiful Adam, I sincerely hope not. But you always come back with your keyboard flying like a windmill. Thanks for being such a great friend and contributor for all of us!

  13. Alejandra says:

    I met Adam Lambert last night at the Ontario,CA show
    that was amazing, i have met alot of celebritys but never freaked out
    as much as i did last night.
    It was amazingg, he is such a sweetheart , he had to go real fast
    so no one could take pictures with him, but he did sign my cellphone
    and pictures taken from my phone, not such greaet quality
    but i have prove..after he passed by, he didnt even go down the line since
    there was too many people so he came back the same way, and high fived everyone
    in line. it was shocking, since i didnt go to the concert and just went to meet him,
    i thought it was going to be impossible but it was possible
    and that totally made my year.
    amazing gorgoues sweet guy
    adam lambert
    im glad i met him
    even if it was just 5 seconds
    it was all worth it… then i met the rest of the guys. and girls
    all very sweet as well.

  14. Oh people, I don’t know if any of you have already posted this link, and I do apologize if you have, but you all have simply GOT TO SEE THIS INCREDIBLE VIDEO! The maker of the video, psychedelichardglam, has combined scorching hot still photos of Adam from the concerts with his singing of ‘Whole Lotta Love’, and then ends the video with Adam singing out the end of the song live superimposed on a ‘Rock Star’ magazine header. It is too, too hot! Remember though to click the toolbar at the bottom to put the video in full-screen view, it is essential to see this in a large format. Adam’s searing beauty and vocals will just slay you! Here is the link:

  15. Christa says:

    I’m going to the concert in Dallas next week and have a couple questions for the fans who have already gone…

    Are they letting people take in cameras or are people just using their cell phones to take pics??
    Is Adam talking with fans and doing pics before or after the concert? I really want to be prepared to I can maybe meet him and get a pic.

    Thanks fellow followers!!

    • I’m almost certain they allow cameras. We brought ours in with no objection. The meet and greets are a little harder to answer. Your best bet to see the idols/Adam would be to go after the show to where the tour buses are parked. We went out there like 10 minutes after the show and a huge crowd had already formed behind barricades. We waited out there for 2 hours and every idol eventually came out and signed autographs for as long as they could. The only downside to this is that you can’t take pictures with them because of how busy they are. (The only person taking pictures with people was Megan Joy). We didn’t try meeting them before the show but apparently they came out there a few hours earlier as well. I hope this helps!

  16. UK4Adam says:

    Thanks for all the above comments, although I am not sure why you felt that you had to “defend” yourself. Everybody has the right to express their opinion, and I am not apologising for expressing mine, and neither should you feel the need to justify yours.
    I stand firmly by what I said.
    And I would like to take a little bit of your time to explain why.
    Let’s think about all the great musicians for a second… think about who you read about in the papers, see on TV, and listen to on the radio… And then think about what you know about their lives… One of the things I am absolutely terrified about is what FAME would do to Adam.
    My three musical heroes are Freddie (Mercury), Elvis and Jim Morrison and my heart breaks every time I think about their end.
    Yes, it comes with the territory, but at the same time I know for sure that the people around every star, as well as their fans, have something to do with it. Isn’t Michael Jackson’s tragic end not another example of this?
    So, yes, I am scared that by creating this “hype” about Adam, we can actually do more harm, rather than good.
    In life, there are no guarantees…
    And that is why I wrote the comment above.
    This is my own personal opinion, that’s all. It is not meant to offend anyone here… And just to say, English is my second language, so to the ones that felt the need to point out my grammar mistakes, thank you, although it wasn’t necessary.

    • UK4Adam. I was not aware that your grammatical mistakes were pointed out. Surprised, as it is easy to make typo errors, etc, when posting comments (I do). Nevertheless, as I said, we are all different, have different points of view and also express ourselves differently. We DO, however, have our love, admiration … (a million other descriptors) for Adam. I appreciate your concern for Adam and ‘hear’ you. Let it go and let’s move forward! I am (and I am sure I am not alone!) your fellow Glamb. Hugs & Peace!

    • UK4Adam, I appreciate very much your taking the time to explain the reasons behind your first post, in which you characterized some of us as ‘going completely over the top and losing the plot’. I felt that I simply could not let such a pointed and very personal remark pass by without comment. You may not have meant the remark in the way in which it was taken, but in the electronic medium which is the internet and in the closed, small world which is our fansite family, your remarks are interpreted as sharp criticism. We are all here because we love Adam Lambert, pure and simple. We come together here to say the most lavish and creative things we can think of to share in that love. That is the obvious purpose for this, and any other fan-based website. If we did not ‘create this hype’ as you expressed in your second post, why are we here? Why even take the time to write on these sites at all? And why would you be here unless it was to read about what all of these commentators have to say about Adam? And if you would limit the amount of ‘hype’ that is expressed here, what kind of limitations would you put on the writers? And finally, without the outpouring of love for Adam we have here and the free expression to write anything we wish, who would even read this website? And one other thing: we as a group of fans and writers are not putting any kind of pressure on Adam Lambert. What is written on blogs and fansites passes by as a ship in the night to entertainers of Adam’s stature. The PRESSURE that Adam will feel will come from producers, studio heads, and record companies. The other kind of pressure he will feel will come from the adulation of his fans in public, who will bury him with their demands. But, as I said in my answering post above, Adam knew this when he started. He may not have known the extent to which it would all go, or the full consequences of what it means to be famous, but the fact remains that he knowingly sought what he now has. And if anyone CAN be allright in the rarified atmosphere of superstardom, Adam will be allright.

      I appreciate very much your desire to protect Adam from being pulled apart and destroyed by fame. None of us want to see that, and many of us have remarked on our concern for his welfare on this site. We can agree that there is a terrible dilemna brought on by fame and that is, that even though the one becoming famous gets what he or she wants, peril lurks on every side and can so easily destroy all that has been gained. We fervently hope along with you, that this will not be Adam’s destiny.

      One final comment. I did not even realize that English was UK4Adam’s second language, nor would I ever have mad the attempt to ‘point out’ his or her grammatical errors in any way. I thought the use of English was excellent, especially in the second post, and I gave no thought at all to his or her use of the language. I completely concur that we all should allow for each other’s right to express their thoughts in complete freedom. I hope we can all get along here and keep on writing of our love for Adam in an atmosphere of trust and peace, and continue to give Adam our undivided attention.

      Love to all Glambs everywhere.

      • ….now you see, MY English is not correct…that should read ‘nor would I have ever made (not mad) the attempt’, in the second sentence of the last paragraph.

    • I totally agree with you UK4Adam. As much as this site is full of love for Adam which I think it’s wonderful, it feels over zealous at times. With all these accolades and love come with huge hopes and expectations. I’m sure there’s feeling of ownership of Adam from many of his fans, since they help him achieve this status. I, too, am guilty of following his career a little too closely at times, which I never had done with any of my other favorite celebrities before. I think all of this coming to him in a such a short amount of time could be very overwhelming for him and adds pressure.

      However, Adam comes into fame in rather later years and already matured, I think he can adjust to it better than most. Especially, having a strong family ties. Knowing him to be such a generous and gracious person, I think he would like to give back to his fans as much as he can. And yet, may feel his time for it may not be enough. And I for one, would like to lighten up his shoulder and say to him, enjoy your life now, do the best as you can and be happy. You deserve it. And I’ll always support you, no matter what!

      • Cee, I want you to know that I appreciate your thoughtful post and your sensitivity to Adam as he makes the climb to superstardom. I have already said many things concerning this subject on two other separate posts, concerning the question of Adam being ‘over-hyped’ by his fans. The only thing I will say here is that Adam Lambert has gone far beyond any need for concern that he will not be able to handle his ever-mounting fame. Adam is one big boy, and he is the one creating his image for YOU, not the other way around. No supposed expectation we could create for him by what you have termed ‘over-zealous’ fans, will ever be able to match the fully-formed God Of Glam Rock image he has already created for us. He is ready and willing to go completely over-the-top for his audience, and he is FULLY aware of all the implications and perils awaiting a newly famous star.

        I wanted to say, too, that despite the outrageous outpouring of passionate description and love for Adam Lambert on this website, I doubt very highly if any of us who do the most writing feel that we ‘own’ Adam. I personally, do not feel any sense of ownership for Adam at all. I am a much older woman, without any need whatsoever to try and influence the lives of celebrities. I feel that Adam is entirely his own man, and my feelings and words concerning him have no effect whatsoever on him, nor would they every cause him to feel a pressure to be or do anything other than what he is, and desires to be. ADAM LAMBERT IS BIGGER THAN THE SUM OF HIS FANBASE. He is a STAR, and he will live that life no matter what we do, because he created this for himself, not us. He is light-years ahead of our concerns for him. He is happily at play upon the stage of the world, where he has always wanted to be. We on this site, who write fantastic hymns of praise to Adam, are doing it for FUN. Even to be a bit obsessive is a form of FUN, like girls giggling over guys at an all-night slumber party. Many of us are older gals, and we are enjoying ourselves, and enjoying each other’s company immensely. We have seen all of this before, and we are not bowled over by anything. We saw Adam, he looked like Elvis reincarnated, sang like Freddie Mercury, and moved like the Lizard King, and we said, ‘we’ve GOT to see what this is all about’. So here we are.

        To illustrate the unbelievable stature Adam has already achieved, and the image of himself he wants YOU to see, and which he created, I include the link to the video below of Adam singing the Bowie medley in Arizona. The post with the link will probably not appear until well into tomorrow (Wednesday), but I wanted to make my comments independent from the video. Seeing the video below leaves no doubt at all that Adam Lambert is completely comfortable with ALL the sound and fury of his chosen profession, and welcomes the big, BIG world he has chosen to embrace with absolute fearlessness.

        • Here is the video of Adam singing the Bowie medley in Arizona, that prompted my remarks above:

        • UK4Adam says:

          Dear Lorrin, your penmanship is exquisite and sometimes I get lost in the passion and love, with which you write about Adam. It is a masterclass in writing indeed!
          HOWEVER (you saw this coming right :-)) I am being a bit more cautious because I think that too much praise and too much hype stifles creative growth.
          I don’t believe that Adam is a complete artist just yet – he still has to put together his first album, and then another one, and then another one – and prove to us, his fans, as well as all his critics, that he has the longevity of all the icons we are compering him to.
          He still has a long way to go… Do I believe that one day he will be one of the greats, confirmed by history, accepted by his peers, adored by legions of fans worldwide??? ABSOLUTELY!!! But this time has not come yet…
          This is no criticism… towards Adam, or any of you… I hope you see that too. This is just a point of view.

          • To which you are entitled! Personally, I believe Adam’s talent (the whole package) has always been there. The opportunity, however, for the World to see it, has only presented itself now. Most of Adam’s fans were hooked after experiencing him the first time. Adam’s impact on people is instant, addictive … The extraordinary combination of Adam’s talents is what has so many of us fascinated by him. Every once in a while someone like Adam comes along. Nelson Mandela is another icon I look up to. Globally, we are facing so many challenges and then … Adam comes along, giving us hope, a reason to feel excited, a beam of light in an otherwise gloomy World. Just my point of view!

            UK4Adam, I appreciate your posts and that of all Adam fans, but more importantly, this will not deter me from always having unconditional regard for you all, even when our opinions differ.

          • UK4Adam, I was very impressed by the incredible speed with which you answered me last night (of course, it was late morning over there and the wee hours over here), but still, it was breathtaking. I read your post with pleasure when I got it, but I was just too tired to answer you then. I was also very impressed by the equanimity you displayed while writing the two posts in which we did a bit of fairly stiff sparring, (or maybe more like friendly debating) match. I really think we are on the same side of the argument concerning Adam Lambert, with minor differences. I understand exactly what you are saying in your post above, but my thoughts on Adam’s impending stardom are not quite the same. You see him as a star in the making, and I see him as a star almost fully-formed. Having seen everyone since the beginning of rock and roll, I know without a doubt this man has everything needed to make it. In fact, HAS made it, he simply has to step into the place already provided for him. The albums will follow almost as an afterthought, even though the music is what Adam is all about. And I have no doubt he will correct and modify his direction if he ever needs to sail closer to the heart of what his audience truly wants from him. The ‘Venus-fully-formed-rising-from-the-sea’ speed with which Adam put together his already highly-developed stage act for the AI audience let me know that he is ready to rocket, not just rise, to the top. This is just my assessment as an older adult having seen many things develop or not, over the years. I think the other older adults and forces in the music business know this too. They’ve got a sure-fire winner here, and they are already way ahead of the game with Adam behind the scenes. But I do understand you as a fan, wanting to see and hear the body of work Adam is going to produce before you give your complete approval to his career. On the other hand, I see him as having already impressed so many influential people with his mastery and also thrilled so may fans with his stage performances that success for him is undeniable. In my estimation, he has already ‘paid his dues’, a fact which has been well recognized by other musicians and people in the business. He hardly needs critiquing, but I am sure he will take any suggestions made to him with his usual mixture of humility, assurance, and complete self-confidence. Adam Lambert knows he can deliver, and the people who count (and who are already in place in his life), know this too. All that remains is for us to watch the brilliant rise of this shining star.

            And please know that I DO most certainly allow for all you have said, and that I do not take the words of your post to be a critical jab at Adam or any of us. I’m glad you’ve made this observation, and we’ll see what develops. And if I’m wrong, allright, I’ll eat my hat. I’m also very thrilled to be writing to you in London, I am a complete Anglophile, and would love with all my heart to be able to live in England for at least a few months in the year. Thanks for writing such a great post!

            • Oh, and one more thing, UK4Adam, about your remark on the fact that growth can be stymied by too much praise: in my view, Adam Lambert has already outgrown his teachers. He is a classic example of the boy wonder teaching the class. I truly believe he is a stylistic genius with music, actually with the musical NOTE itself, and is a master singer already. I believe he has already outdistanced everyone around him, and his coming work in every media will reveal this to be so. Thank you again!

      • Cee, I believe that this is a platform for Adam fans to vent their appreciation, admiration, enjoyment! There is no way that Adam has the time or the energy to read all our posts. At the same time, we are able to have fun and feed off each others posts. If anthing, the overwhelming response from his fans on tour is more likely to have an impact. There have been no indications that Adam cannot handle the pressure.

        Adam definitely has the maturity to handle his fans and in more than one video clip has expressed his awe and delight regarding his following. There have been other music icons in the past, but none (in my humble opinion), have had Adam’s emotional maturity.

        Cee, I completely understand and appreciate your concern but LET’S NOT TAKE OURSELVES TOO SERIOUSLY! Once again, your post, like so many others, is contributing to a very interesting discussion – thanks for that!

  17. AdamAddict says:

    Wow,the picture above are crystal clear.What kind of camera is that?

  18. I went to the Ontario concert on July 17! OMG, it was so amazing! I thought everyone did an amazing job, but Adam definaltey stole the show! I loved it when he sang “Mad World” and “Starlight” (my fav!) His voice is soooo amazing!

    I thought Allison did a good job w/ “So What”, but I didn’t like her version of “Crybaby”. I never really liked that song. Danny and Matt did well. As did Lil and Anoop. Didn’t really care too much for Michael, Megan and Kris (I know, he won), but he just didn’t do it for me.

    So glad I went!

  19. UK4Adam says:

    “Most of Adam’s fans were hooked after experiencing him the first time. Adam’s impact on people is instant, addictive…”

    I couldn’t agree more, Ingrid. This was true for me too.

    I guess my point of view stems from my belief in balancing the praise against the constructive critisism, because I think that this is what an artist need in order to grow and expand their abilities, as well as to keep them grounded.

    I also think that on the path to greatness, I see Adam more at the beginning, whilst some of you see him a little bit further along. And that’s okay. And that’s fascinating! I am still amazed at the detail with which Adam’s every move is being discussed and analysed, a true sign of a star being born.

    We all have our personal reasons and motivations, some conscious, some subconscious, for loving and admiring Adam and his talents. This is the unique experience and appreciation of any form of art.

    And I will finish my side of the discussion with a few verses from one of my favorite poems:

    by Rudyard Kipling

    If you can dream – and not make dreams your master;
    If you can think – and not make thoughts your aim;
    If you can meet with triumph and disaster
    And treat those two imposters just the same;
    If you can bear to hear the truth you’ve spoken
    Twisted by knaves to make a trap for fools,
    Or watch the things you gave your life to broken,
    And stoop and build ’em up with wornout tools;

    If you can talk with crowds and keep your virtue,
    Or walk with kings – nor lose the common touch;
    If neither foes nor loving friends can hurt you;
    If all men count with you, but none too much;
    If you can fill the unforgiving minute
    With sixty seconds’ worth of distance run –
    Yours is the Earth and everything that’s in it,
    And – which is more – you’ll be a Man my son!

    • One of my absolute favourites – love it! Recently I saw Roger Federer (my fav sportsman) and Rafael Nadal recite this. It is beautiful, powerful…! UK4Adam, we have so much in common. Once again, thank you, very appropriate! Hugs & Mwwwwwwwwwwah