TOUR VIBE – American Idol Summer Tour 2009 – Newark, NJ

***UPDATED WITH VIDEOS*** The tour bus rolls into Newark, NJ on Saturday, August 8th for a show at the Prudential Center. First, check the “Photos and Videos” post for new Glambs photos from the Charlotte show of Adam doing his signing session. Love the hair!

Adam tweeted this apology a few minutes ago: “Atlantic city was great- I’m so sorry for passing on after show festivities but I have rest the voice, up since 5am for Good Morning America” I get the feeling that Adam is giving everything he has to give. I know he disappoints fans by not doing all the signings, but after what he gave us for the GMA concert, we really need to forgive him!

Speaking of the GMA show, if you checked the GMA post earlier, check it again – I added unbelievable photos of Adam from the Concert In The Park. I don’t know what more I can say about Adam’s performance that I didn’t say in the GMA post. It’s just a stunner, in every respect.

Random thought for the day…I DVR’d many of the Idol shows from Season 8, and sometimes I go back and watch them again. Looking back at Hollywood week, even though by then I was already a huge fan and was rooting for Adam, who would have thought then that we’d be seeing what we’ve seen over the past few months. Who would have imagined the incredible ride we’d be on or the unforgettable songs, which we all now know by heart? It makes me wonder about all the wonderful things we have to look forward to from Adam in the future. Who knows what songs, looks, and performances will come in the months ahead? What songs will we be joyfully singing along with in our cars come this winter when it’s cold and miserable outside? I know that no singer ever has brought this kind of excitement into my life.

In the meantime, keep those photos and videos coming! If you have photos and/or videos from either this concert or any of the past concerts, please email them to us! We never, ever tire of seeing Adam in action. Our email address is

~~Jeanette, Glamb #5



    • Jeanette says:

      Sherry, LOL on taking the pic to work! I made a bunch of Adam wallpapers for my monitors at work. I have 2 monitors on my desk (so I can see different programs running at the same time) but what I do is work off one monitor and keep the other monitor with the wallpaper showing. That way I can literally stare at Adam all day long. My co-workers just shake their heads. I can almost hear what they’re thinking, but I don’t care. When I come to this site, I know I’M not the crazy one.

      • iluvadam4ever says:

        I do the same as both of you. I also have started the “Wall of Adam” at home in my rec room just for inspiration to exercise and visuals when his songs are playing. I thought I was the only one that is this deeply impacted by him. His charisma and performance ability has definitely had a huge impact on my life, especially since my dad passed away late last year. He has definitely uplifted my spirits greatly. I have also purchased several memorbilia items including necklaces, bookmarks, magnets, keychains, and also believe it or not an Adam Lambert purse!!! I am glad I have others that I can relate to.

      • I have my windows programmed to show ALL of Adam’s lovliness in screensaver shots which change every few seconds.. all sizes too!! YUM!

        • Lisette here..bonmatin restles in l’desert one more page promise am goin to sleep ,just to visite one more teme.An notice yur post here.I too have many as screensavres on workpage..An recente sistre(who I assiste partime in realtor business)she went on an say Lisette que c’est where’s our hompage screensavre of photos..Is Adam now promoting homes too..crazy gal?I thout oh,la,la how lovli as ther’s lot of fans here in Nevada..why non place beau Adam on some of upscale Lake Lv homes brochures too..ah nice reve.Then back to earth Lisette(had to say to myself) as sister’s Realty companie an boss wold av my head on silver platter..Now keepin screen saver an special photos of beau Adam on home computre ..Thout I’d share with yu an othre glambs! hugs an luv Lisette!

      • Lisette an seeing yur post as othre gals..if yu scroll down yu’ll see how obsesse am I too in regarde to photos an screensavre..nerly cost me to lose part time work in sistre’s realty companie..So no worries yu’re not alone I had made wallpaper an somhow was superimpose onto some home brochures here intown..thinqin it can be marketable perhaps if fans see Adam an thinq he’s promoting homesales speciale in upscale part of town.but knew managre of companie thinq I was drinqing in closet place them in more hidden area of hope it nevre pops up as entry to realtypage..If was m’companie Id adore to have Adam alongside a lovli estate/very european an upscale homes an seeing him setting by pool,palmetrees perhaps in bathing trunks..okay now I must pinch maself..thes is ma fantasy ..non l’companies! hugs Lisette

    • Dianne Hill says:

      Adamfan1, I am from New Zealand and have just turned 56 (5th Aug) and I have Adam on my monitor at work, I also have a notice board right by my desk and I have six pictures of Adam on it. I am at home on my computer and on the wall beside me I have lots (22 pictures) staring at me, all of Adam, god he is gorgeous. I am totally addicted to this man, can’t help it, I’ve given up even trying to not be addicted. He just melts my heart everytime I look at him. I work for a fairly large firm and they have gotten used to my ways now, last year I had David Cook up on the wall at work and as much as I still like David, Adam has won my heart, no stolen it, the thing is I don’t want it back, he can keep it safe with him forever.

      • Love this post. I’m 44, in Florida, and have the photo of Adam singing “Mad World” my friend took at the concert we went to on the wall right next to my computer at work. When I feel my head start to spin at the thought of all the really challenging mental work I have to do, I glance at it and it’s like warm, soft hands holding my face and grounding me.

        • Thanks for helping me know that I’m not alone with my Adam addiction. I’m 57 and yes Adam’s photo is my wallpaper too. I have taken 3 of my favorite photos of him and the cover of the Rolling Stone cover and blown them up and then printed them out as 8X10 photos. These are now all framed and sit on my entertainment center where I watch all his performances from my DVR on a 51″ HD screen and a surround sound system. They . Can’t wait for the tour to get here!!

          • Lisette here..Thenks agan Jeanette for today’s lovli post regarde lates twitter from beau Adam an imagaine as well he must repose,as autograph must ware al his spirite an energie.Agree his performance on GMA was Adam’s softer an gentler vocals in such a tender ballad,is one of ma favorite style/genres.An adore his hair back,even less makeup an glam,Adam’s face is chisele like a one of Raphael’s angels,with a voix to match.An also I av taped nerly first show of Amer.Idol(non having dvr service,just on blank dvd an even old fashion vhs..An every tv appearance all l’morning shows/Kelly nRegis,Today/cbs in central park in his blanc suit..singing “Mad World”,anothre favorite,an now last GMA.It is astonishing thet despite non winning “Idol” actual has given Adam more versatilitie an thinq many accomplishe artistes as Madonna,Smoky,Kiss(GeneSimmons),an Queen av all intereste to collaborate..Thet’s a blessing,an to move Simon to ovationes,as well as othre judges.No other AI winner charmed even aloof fellows as Simon.An lovli to see all above glambs feel same affectione an joie as do I..Adam vraimente will be a legende as a vocaliste/artiste/danseur,even in films down l’road..Perhaps aftre his CD is release..sure to go platinum international an in U.S.!Meanwhile Adam, plese have bonhealth an rest r needed to reach such powerful octaves,as well as smoothvelvet tones of ballads..simpli, celestial an estraordinaire! Luv an hugs Lisettexoxo

            • cheryl norman says:

              Lisette, Hello, our Glamb Angel!! Check out the thread on the Vibe Pants, you have a little
              message there!

              • Lisette here..bonmatin Cheryl am here once agan being unable to sleep an finde Adam’s tribute site so very lovli rathre turning on tv in wee heures of morning.An Cheryl as always yu’re very goin to visite there in a moment..grande hugs for yu!It’s plasur to see yur postes they’re very cherful an place a smile on my face always..l’descriptiones yu have regarde beau Adam certaine to take any bleus away..Along with so many belle glambs here..Thinq he inspires a romantique writer in Lorrin as well.Agree she can be our glamb writer in tres elegante style..truly imagaine poetry is her forte! Hugs an bisous to yu Cheryl an all othre glambs an Adam angels..yu too! Luv et bisous Lisettexoxo

                • Well I am in good company, and certainly not crazy, I have all Adam photos pasted in my office at home, I have a screensaver on my PC. This guy is phenominal, such a fantastice personality, saw videos of his latest interviews, he is so natural, so comfortable, so polite, a really great role model for all the kids. The only problem is thatI cannot concentrate on my work, I keep staring at his beautiful face with such a wonderful smile, he really makes me feel happy.

    • Hi there Adam fans, I´m a Fan of Adams too and I´m 34. I´m from Peru, southamerica (were Machupichu is) I was wondering where can I buy all American Idol season 8. Please if you know, le me know. I would love watch this season from the start, because I catched late and got stuck to it when I hear Adams voice and watch his great performances.
      PLEASE HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. irish1139 says:

    Jeanette, when I watch the season over, I get so overwhelmed I cry. It is amazing watching Simon come around; Paula always knew who Adam was right from the beginning. Adam got better and more confident every week until he was running the show at the end. I will never forget the finale–ever. If that show doesn’t win an Emmy, there is something wrong with that organization. I have never seen a finale for any type of show like that. It had your heart pounding the whole show. It was just one great song after another, one great musician, one great singer. It still gives me chills when I think of it.

    Adam’s talent still amazes me. I have finally gotten over that crush, and I feel so much better. God, that obssession was awful. I like the way I feel about him now. It is much more joyful and hopeful and proud. It’s almost like we discovered something first before anyone else (even though there are millions of us) It is a very personal thing. It was a new experience for me, and new experiences are always good at any age. I don’t even care if I ever meet him, I just want to get his album first and see his first show on his own wherever it might be. My husband and I had a great time in Tampa at the concert..

    • Irish-seems to me you are still obsessed. You are still posting. I am obsessive and need to step back. You are right it is something personal like you just felt something special when you first saw and heard him. if you were there in the very beginning and you were looking to see if he was in the group that made it to the next step. You worried about him and if everybody was feeling the same hoping people would get him to the next step. Before long you could not wait til the next show. Then I would check AI site to hear the news before the show. I could not stand the wait. I was so happy to share the feeling with others. We had recognized and was part of the rise of Adam Lambert. He is very special and seem like one of your own. I feel somewhat connected in a weird way. Very strange but I like the feeling he gives you. I do need to get some space. When I go on vacations and at other times I set myself apart of the music and the computer. But I keep coming back. Love to see what our Boy is doing and to listen to him sang.

  3. cheryl norman says:

    Jeanette, Just to post a quick note. I have all the idol performances DVR’d also, and if Adam was on anythin tv, I recorded it!! 20/20, TMZ, everything Adam!! Your writing is getting more and more passionate, it seems, as Adam gives such passion in his performances, we get more passionate about our love for him and caring about his happiness and success. Very great article, your love shows and I, for one, will just say, thank you so much for presenting Adam to us in the way you have! It makes us feel more like a family when we can share the love of Adam so passionately with others.

    • Jeanette says:

      I think after the finale I was so upset and so emotionally drained that it was hard just to enjoy. Now I think we’re all enjoying the concerts and the anticipation of the album. November is not that far away – just 3 months!!! Can you believe it? It will be here in no time.

      • I forgot to add that I sent a twat to Adam…telling him that the Glambs say welcome back and that we missed him and that the GMA show was sick. I don’t expect a reply – I’m sure he gets thousands of tweets…but hopefully he will see our name and know we love him!

        • AdamAddict says:

          I recorded Adam in my DVR too.Since his 1st audition! I’m so glad I did it.I was like “Should I start record,but this is still too early!Maybe he’s won’t in! Hmm,but this guy too gorgeous,too good! ” Then I just record it hoping he make it through.I f he didn’t I just delete all back! Lucky I’m not the only one have taste! Hahaha! I record some other contenstant too but Adam…all of it! I usually didn’t record the judge part but Adam case,I record all.afraid I miss where he make cute face! lol!!
          Believe it or not, I record Gokey too!!Yeah,because I like him at first.I remembered him because he said he’s wife died! But now,I just fwd when it comes to him…except “Dream On” That one is too hilarious! 😛
          I’m crazy about Adam,can’t wait to buy his CD!!


          • Jeanette says:

            Well, bummer!

            • AdamAddict says:

              I think if you follow Adam and you want to send a message,you click reply to Adam post and write something.The reply is on the right corner.That msg will send to Adam! Adam probably read yours but don’t expect to much because thousands of people also send it to him.
              If you want to read what other people write to him, you put @adamlambert in blank space! That’s how it works,I think!

              • AdamAddict says:

                Forgot to say this,there’s twice where Adam reply to his fans!Adam didn’t know them so meaning Adam didn’t follow them! Still fans can send msg to him and Adam can read it and reply it! So there! 🙂

                • Lisette here..Thenks too so much Adamaaddict for info regarde how twitter message to Adam works..I av mentione in many times on othre noone has ever notice ma inquiring..Only several glambs actual reply despite fact I av replie to them..c’est lavie Perhaps Im on deffarante times..but when I visite I always read postes an enjoie so what othre like minde people say..So merci beaucoup agan for yur help here..An lovli always to read yur sweet thouts abote our beau adored artiste/vocaliste with l’couer an soul voix angelique!Blessings always to all..An angel blessings for Adam! Luv Lisettexoxx

          • You know, I’m not sure about that Adamfan1, I’m almost certain I read somewhere recently that one of the fans had sent a Tweet to Adam, and he answered her back. She was on Cloud 9, and was crowing about how the amount of people following her on Twitter had suddenly gone sky high because of Adam answering her. But of course, that may have all been a hoax. Let me see what I can find out about that..

            • AdamAddict, and Lorrin, Have you tried to reply and then go on his sight to see if it shows up on there ? My sister and I tried to do this experiment between our two accounts and we couldn’t make it happen. ( only if we followed each other ) I hope I’m wrong ladies. Just think of it this way.. If Adam has 130,000 followers of women that love him like we do, what do you think his sight would look like if we all replied to his twitters ? I don’t know dear friends.. I’ve tired it and can’t seem to make it work.. and I have heard or read somewhere that this is one of the reasons some people like twitter and others don’t.. SOMEONE HELP US.. LOL I would love to think that just one little twitter would go back to Adam rather he replied back or not.. Maybe he just clicked on follow to someone then when they wrote, he replied, then he unfollowed them so they wouldn’t keep writting him ???? I don’t know.. it’s a mystery .. 🙂

              • Marie/Toronto says:

                OMG, I am confused about Twitter too.

                There was a Glamb on here who gave a great lesson, but I forget who it was. If u read this please help.

                Here is what I think I know:
                1. You can only direct message people if u are both following each other.
                (You can still message Adam by Replying to his posts)

                2. If you follow someone, their posts show up on your page. BUT if you want to see their replies to other people, u have to go to their page to see them. Adam’s 3 replies to fans did not show up on my page, but I saw them when I went to his page.

                3. Here is where I’m REALLY confused. I mainly follow celebs, but I also have one friend on Twitter and we follow each other as well. And we both follow Adam. Her replies to Adam (now remember my point 2) show up on my page, but her replies to other people I don’t follow don’t show up on my page (but I see them if I go to her page). I guess the common link is that WE BOTH follow Adam, so we will see each other’s replies to him….I think…..?

                I NEED A TWITTER LESSON!! or am I correct with my 3 points?

              • Marie/Toronto says:

                If u reply to someone, including Adam, he will get it, it just won’t show up on his main outgoing newsfeed. He can see his replies on his Home page. We can’t see his Home page. When we click on him, we are getting his Profile page and outgoing messages. Only Adam can see his incoming messages. Hope that clears things up.

                Now I have some questions below…….

        • Lisette here,Jeanette thenks agan for such lovli places on Adam’s best tribute page..a place thet takes away any bleus or worries over daily lif!.An after having awful g.i. stomach test an pain..visite here non neede to take any pain bless yu to keep me an all glamgs over l’moon en etoile in yur beautful posts an descriptione of what Adam has meante to yu..can see has toched yur hearte as all here!An how wonderful yu can twat(tweet) whatever to sure he apreciates all yu av done on what shold be Adam’s official site absolutemente!I have set up twitter stil non luck to send tweets?They seeme to be returne into my profile page(one’s send to Adam..non compris?) Is it as he neede to accepte as a frend..Al least thet’s way myspace an othre sites rule are?Thenks if yu see thes note? An being alone thes weekend sistre an cousine out of town,car in visite here several times gather Im a bit obsessed ..Adam sont tresbeau an very addictive just like sayin I’ll have just une chocolat truffle..never can resiste more an more!Okay Adam pardon if yu ever see thes ..yur’ far more delicieux an never let any lbs appear on hips!
          bisous an Luv to all too! Lisettexoxoxo

        • OH Jeanette, as soon as I knew Adam was back on twitter I tweeted him about our website saying we were ‘classy and intelligent’ ha ha, little does he know…. so maybe he WILL check us out now and then..

      • cheryl norman says:

        Jeanette, if by some remote chance Adam saw your tweet and responded, would you and the rest of us Glambs go absolutely nuts??? Even if he doesn’t respond, maybe keep twitterilng him on a daily, bi-weekly, or weekly till he sees your message!!! That would be friggin awesome!! Always thinking, aren’t you!!! If at first you don’t succeed, try and try again!!!
        After the finales, I will tell the world I actually had quite a long cryilng spell!!! Other than Elvis dying, I have never felt this close to an entertainer either. And, of course, he’s sso much more than and ‘entainer’!!
        Yes, I have felt very different after the tour got started, then seeing the concerts on line, now knowing I’m really going to see him perform right in front of my eyes and ears! Man! It doesn’t get better than this!!
        Yes, Nov will be here soon! Thanksgiving time, maybe we’ll see Adam perfprm on tv furing the holidays b/c his album will be out and he will probably be supporting it on tv shows, Sat Nite Live, The late nite talk shows, the daytime talk shows, and maybe something around Hannuka (sp)! Of course, he’s not Christian, but would that keep this jerish boy from singing Christmas songs at zmas time??? Don’t know!
        We’ll have fun and excitement if he does do some of his new songs this winter or fall!!! Just something more for us to look forward to!

        • Cheryl, have you forgotten all about us in your mad rush to the concert? (Just kidding). But I’m missing that Ingrid, too, I’m always just a few seconds behind her when I’m posting, and once I’m finished making a reply she’s on to the next thread, and I can’t find her. And you know what, – I just found out what ‘shoe shrize’ means, can you believe that? Shows you how FAR BEHIND I have gotten on my Adamizing. It is truly shameful.

          • AdamAddict says:

            Really? Now I’m bit confuse!when Adam tweet us,I click reply & send him msg.Then I go the blank space & write @adamlambert to see if my msg there.It’s there but there’s few above me already.It’s like in 1 minutes,he got 10 or maybe more tweets!!
            And Lorrin,that girl did brag it on ! lol!!Can’t blame her! And I also follow Jared Padalecki.He’s a hottie from my fav. tv show.He follow only 1 person,yeah that’s right!1 which is his co star/best friend! He has 24 000+ followers!But yet he answer all his fans questions that he read in his twitter so…??!! I really think you can tweet Adam & Adam can read your tweet but like I said earlier,don’t expect he can read all!Unless it’s on the right timing,then you’re lucky! But if U want to write,don’t twat,because a lot did that! Like “I love u so much,U R great in GMA” he already knows all that. Write someting that can make giggle,so maybe just maybe he reply.But seriously,he got a lot of twats!! 😛 This tweeter is mystery all right,Admfan1. I guess someone has to do experiment on it and let us all know how it actually works!! Hey,maybe there’s instruction to use twitter there,hmmm I never think that!

          • Lorrin, here I am with spray bottle and all! Am I supposed to fill the bottle with pesticide???? Just asking! I have left posts for you – can’t remember where!!!!

            • No, NO, Ingrid, water only, water only! We do not want to fumigate our dear Cheryl, just dissipate that stupid fog. But thank you for showing up with the spray bottle, perhaps we can do the deed tomorrow, if we can ever find that Cheryl!

              • Lorrin, I suspect Cheryl is not feeling too well. I hope she will be back in full force soon! Tomorrow is a holiday and I will either spend time with my edldest sister or go to Pringle Bay. I just spent a lovely day with my second eldest sister, who is also a BIG Adam fan. I told her she must join us. She is very busy at the moment but I’m sure we’ll be hearing from her soon! Lotsaluv from the 4th floor!

                • … should be eldest sister … dah!

                • Good to hear from you, dear Ingrid! Wouldn’t that be wonderful if your sister would also join us here on the site, what fun! I see Cheryl has also posted all over the place today, and I’m the one that’s been missing for awhile. I have been taking it easy these two days. The posts are just getting better and better aren’t they? And I see a number of new faces in our midst, which constantly livens things up. Well, if you will just bring that spray bottle over here, spray that little spot right there, I think that’ll do it, at least for awhile. I don’t think Cheryl suspects anything…talk to you again in a bit. Love from the 3rd!

                  • cheryl norman says:

                    INGRID & LORRIN, You two just keep those spray bottles away lfrom me!! I mean
                    it, now!!! Don’t get me mad!! Don’t make me come over there – either of you two
                    dudettes! Oh, Lorrin, I see you’re goin’ ’round complainning that I’m gone. and where
                    did Infilngrid go! When YOU, my dear are laying low!!! Hope you’ve checked that out
                    Infrid!! We’ve got your number, Lorrin. Yeah. We do. !

                    Adam,,,,,,,,I’m coming!!! Wait for me!!!! Won’t be long now!! Just over 4 wks till
                    we can be together again! I know it’s ‘hard’ for you my little ‘love-maching’, but
                    soon you’ll be away from those others, and it won’t be too soon for me, sweet
                    legs, kissy lips!! ………..til then………

                    • You know, I know that Infilngrid and your litlle ‘love-maching’ Adam, love you as much as you love them! ‘Infilngrid’ sounds sort of like some kind of Swedish film school, and ‘love-maching’ sounds like you’re REALLY racking it up there with our favorite guy….You GO, Cheryl!

                    • And of course, if I could spell ‘little’ right, I would have even more of a leg to stand on….I must not have sprayed well enough..

          • cheryl norman says:

            HELLO LORRIN!!!! Forgotten you??? Not possible, my dear chickadee! I took Sat off from almost everything, including typing! hy hands, fingers, wrists, elbow ankles knee, and upper and lower back needed a rest big time. I’ve rested and am back on track! Hey! How ’bout that! And, Lorrin, I agree, it is truly lSHAMEFUL!!! So pick it up!! I can’t linger around these threads waitting for you to get your bum in gear!!! Teasing….! (one of Simon’s words to Adam)!! I saw Ingrid on the site either yesterday, Sat,
            or Fri. Maybe her time zone is way different from yours. It has to be way different from mine, too!
            I am getting skerd tht after I see Adam, I will not be satisfied!! I mean, I’ll need to see him more, soon!!
            If only I lived neaar him………hmmmmmm………I can think on that!!
            peace-Adam-love-joy 2 U, Lorrin!

            • Hi Cheryl, yes I’m doing the same thing. I just have to take a rest now and then. I think I’m using the weekends to re-charge a bit, and I get on the computer much later than usual. I see Ingrid wrote, too. Ingrid and I usually (almost) cross paths way late at night for me out here, to her mid-morning of the next day out there. Ingrid is probably tucked in bed, since it’s 12:20 am Monday where she is. And she’s almost 10,000 miles away from me, isn’t that amazing? You and I are separated quite a distance too, aren’t you about 3 hours ahead of me in Indiana? Well, I’ve been looking around at a couple of cute things about Adam here and there, and watching videos, and generally catching up on everything I should be KNOWING about our guy. I totally missed the ‘going shopping’ with Adam interview, which was quite cute, and that, of course, is where we first hear about a possible ‘shoe shrize’, yes. You know, where Ms. O’Dell was pointing to the tiny yellow gym shorts. Now I see we’ve gone on to bigger and better things on the thread just before this one, and you’re all out there commenting about it. But before I go, did you notice anything about MadBert recently? Any more fog anywhere? Just wondered…

              • cheryl norman says:

                Lorrin, HOW DID YOU MISS THE SHOPPING W/ADAM!!!?????? i JUST CANNOT SEE
                you missing that!! And that was long ago!!! OMG! MadBert is just being MadBert! You
                haven’t identified his relatives, yet!! I think I will tell you the names of those relatives this
                week. Be patient, now! Yes, we have to rest up at times!!We need to be rerady to go if
                Adam ever needs us!!

  4. Just wondering, don’t know if I was imagining it, but at times, it looked like Adam was lip synching on GMA. I may be wrong, but did anyone else notice that he didn’t seem in synch with the sound at times? Like I said, i could be totally off on this one.

    • Jeanette says:

      Watching the video or the show on TV? The sound is sometimes off on the videos. I can’t imagine he was lip-synching this one. This performance was a one-of-a-kind.

      • Jeanette, I agree! His version of Starlight was different to any of the previous versions.

        I cannot believe how well-organised and current this site is. Once Adam’s first album has been released and I have contacted all the radio stations in South African about playing his music, I will also ask them to refer all South Africans to this site. I spread the word as much as I can and slowly (too slowly, for my liking) the number of South Africans visiting this site is increasing. I can but try Jeanette!

        • AdamAddict says:

          I don’t think Adam lip sync on GMA! It’s so live! At the beginning I can hear he’s pitchy a bit and then he started taking control! So,I’m pretty sure it’s LIVE! I love the tour version more but there’s part where I love this version! I dunno,he always surprise us what he can do! Showing off,LOL!! All I can say,when I watched it, my heart pounding hard! Breathtaking!WOW!!

    • Dont think he was lip syncing. Watched it over and over, doesnt look that way

      • AdamAddict says:

        But if someone thinks he lip sync,that means he’s really that good! But he really sang it live in GMA! 100% sure!!

  5. Dont worry girls, we are all the same about Adam, there are probably millions of us, look up on utube “u know your an adam fan when” it is hilarious and so true! here is url

    • I LOVED watching this ‘you know you’re obsessed with Adam Lambert’ video, Debbie, I wish we could do something like this here on one of the threads with everyone contributing something. Too cute, I laughed and nodded my way through the whole thing!

    • This video is hilarious! I laughed out loud all the way through especially when it said< “You know you’re a fan when…you’re singing along with this song (Feeling Good)” and I was at the top of my lungs. I also have recently bought the CD from Wicked and compared it to Adam’s Fiyero. You know who is better!! I could go on…but won’t bore you. You must watch this video.

    • Oh Debbie, so cute and funny, thanks for steering us there… a new vocab:

      Adamfilactic Shock (likely not spelled right but then none of the posts in the video were either) ha ha

  6. I try to share Adam with new people. He is like part of me I want him to succeed and be the best he can be. His mother must be so proud. You can see it in her face. She raised a beautiful young man.

    • Yes, she DID, renogirl. I gaze at the picture of the both of them in the open door of that white limo, Adam squeezed up behind his Mom, grinning from ear to ear. She is leaning back toward him slightly with the same beautiful smile on her face, clutching what looks like a new blouse she might have brought to show him. Every time I see it, I say to her, ‘you did a GOOD job, Leila, you must be SO proud of him’, with tears in my eyes. ‘Local boy with sweet Mom makes good’, – yes, what could be more wonderful!

  7. “I know that no singer ever has brought this kind of excitement into my life.”
    I feel the same way, and I can’t even explain it. And I have lived through all the major rock n roll singers — this one is just different, special. I feel like a screaming teeny-bopper during the Beatles days. I was never like this, either, coming unwrapped at the mere sight of a performer. It just took someone like Adam to put that kind of excitement and pleasure into my life.
    Also, music has not been much a part of my life since ’94, when my brother died of AIDS. He was a musician and I just have had a hard time listening to music. But Adam has changed all that and put music back into my life again. What a blessing he has been to my life. May God bless and keep Adam safe.






      • AdamAddict says:

        I’m glad Adam helped a lot of people and the funny thing is he has no idea he did! I’m glad you can start enjoy music again,Sandy! 🙂

    • Dearest Sandy, I am so glad that Adam has helped you deal with your brother’s death, through his music. Music generally is very therapeutic but I suspect that it is more than just Adam’s music. It must be very encouraging and healing to see that although there is a minority that ostracize Adam for whom he is, there is an overwhelming majority who love and accept him unconditionally. Adam is shifting people’s thinking. May beautifyl memories of your brother be with you always – hold onto those memories, cherish them and let your love for him live on through Adam. Thank you for sharing this with us! Love and mugs from the Rainbow Nation!

  8. Jeanette:

    Just wanted to thank you for all that you do to keep us informed about all things Adam. I guess you could call me a “Granbert.” I am 62 and the only other time in my life that I can compare this to is when I saw the Beatles back in the 60’s. I was a Beatlemaniac. I have been mesmerized by Adam in the same way since the first time I saw him on AI.

    I tried to get tickets to both of the shows in Florida (sold out), Atlanta (sold out), and was preparing to fly to North Carolina when I got very sick two weeks ago. It looks as if going to an AI concert at this point is our of the question, so I am looking forward to Adam’s solo tour to promote what I’m sure will be a multi-platinum album.

    Because of you and the Glamberts, I have been able to feel a part of the excitement of the AI tour by watching all the videos, seeing the pictures and reading your posts.

    Thanks so much!

    • AdamAddict says:

      Granbert Linda,
      I’m sorry you can’t go! Sold out suppose to be a good thing & always happy to hear that.Probably 50% sold because of Adam! But this time I felt sad because it’s sold out because you can’t go. Awww,but still got time,maybe you can go afterall! I hope you feeling better already! 🙂

    • Dear Linda, welcome to the GLAMBS (not Glamberts). The honour of explaining the Glamb/Glamberts bit is usually left to a fellow Glamb (aka Cheryl Norman), who appears to be unavailable. You have joined the right group. Most of our ages range from 50 to 68 years ‘young’ or thereabout, with a few younger Glambs, who are just as treasured. From your post it is clear that you fit the profile perfectly. I look forward to your future posts from you! Hugs, Ingrid

      • cheryl norman says:

        INGRID!!! My dear babycakes, I HEARD THAT!!! Oh, LINDA, yes, let me explain about glamberts and glambs. Here’s kind of HOW it was explained to me (many, many times), we are called GLAMBS, you idiot, NOT GLAMBERTS!!! See, LINDA, I had the misfortune of calling us glamberts. Big mistake, BIG mistake!!!!!

        ATTN: ALL GLAMBS !!!! We re NOT glmberts!!!! Do not ever even think that we are!!!! We are so MUCH
        MORE!!!!!!…..We are GLAMBS FOR ADAM!!!

        FYI, don’t want any glambs getting hurt, that’s all

        peace-love-light-happiness-Adam-joy Adam- it’s all love all the time..

        • cheryl norman says:

          nobody point my typo out to me!!!!! i seeeee itt! damn it!! Couldn’t I just do this one little post w/o a friggin typo!!!!%#@^%$^&*(())&&$@$%!!!!!

          • Well, Cheryl, we couldn’t see a Glmr without your Glmbr if we tried, so don’t feel TOO bad….

            • cheryl norman says:

              LORRIN!!! You did it!!! You had to point out my typo,,,,,,,,,damn! Thought I was home safe!
              But,,,,,,,,nooooooo! Just couldn’t lwet well enough alone could you???? Just once!! I see,,,,I
              see how this is going to be!!!!! Just because I’m shorter than everybody else, I get picked on
              the most!! Hhhhmp! I’ll just hold my breath for a while and see if that changes things!!

              • I think it’s fantastic that you can type all those !!!!%#@^%$^&*(())&&$@$%!!! without batting an eyelash, but when it comes to spelling in normal English, ah well. And yes, it IS because you’re shorter than everyone else, I wasn’t going to tell you, but you figured it out anyway…and if you don’t stop holding your breath, young lady, you are going to be in big, fat trouble!

                • Big, fat trouble, ha, ha! Lorrin and Cheryl, while the two of you were napping I had to keep things going. Cheryl, dynamite comes in small packages and we only have to read your posts to see how true that is. Now when I am gone for a while, I expect the two of you to cover for me, like I do for you. That’s what Glambs to, isn’t it.

                  Cheryl, you never recover slowly that is why I said you will be back in full force. I am glad that I made it clear that the honour of explaining the Glamb/Glamberts thing, is yours. You have explained it very well and now you can stop there – no further explanation is required.

                  Lorrin, I have seen your Shakespearian genius in some recent posts, so I am trying to catch up. Will catch up with you on more recent posts! From A wide-awake Cape Town, hugs, love and friendship, always!

                  • AdamAddict says:

                    “!%#@^%$^&*(())&&$@$%!!!!!” Was that spanish??!! LOL!! 😛

                  • I humbly submit that hopefully I have made up for my lack of comments the other day by my plethora of posts today. Writing is becoming my full-time past-time these days…

  9. AdoringAdam says:

    I watched Adam’s performance on GMA on my BIG Screen TV. C’mon–lip Synching? That was an amazing performance. So Pure,
    I have half of the TV shows taped and I am hoping Fox replays them sometime soon. I do remember Simon telling Adam that “Satisfaction” was horrific while every body else watching realized they were witnessing the next super star. I do agree that Paula was always 100% behind Adam from the start.
    There has never been anyone like Adam.

    • AdoringAdam I want to let you know of a website where you can see the full length videos of Adam’s performances on AI. Each includes Ryan’s introduction of Adam’s song, the mentor, (if there was one), Adam’s song, the judges reactions and Ryan’s follow-up. Check it out. I didn’t begin recording my VHS tapes until after I had seen Adam’s Ring of Fire so I visit this sight many times just for this one song. The website is:

    • Somewhere I read that there will be an American Idol series replay of the highlights on Star channel. It was 10 pm locally PDT but I can’t find out which night.

      • cheryl norman says:

        THERESA – What do you mean you CAN’T find out!!!! You ‘can’t find out?? That’s what you’re telling us
        AFTER you tell us there’s going to be ‘highlights’ of idol, which means ‘highlights’ of ADAM, and you CAN’T
        find out which nite?? That is a fine ‘how do you do’! Come back when you DO know!!! (hehehe!)

  10. kellym11 says:

    I was too stupid to keep all of Adam’s singing on American Idol. Can anyone think of a way I can get all his AI performances on DVD? I’d love to have them with the judges’ remarks. Saw him yesterday at Central Park. He was great. Thanks for all your information.

  11. I’m still reeling after attending last night’s concert in Atlantic City! I go every year to the Idol concerts in AC, but I have never felt the excitement that I did for this show. Boardwalk Hall (home of the Miss America Pageant) was absolutely packed. An usher told me that they put chairs in places that they never did before. Each time that a top 10’s picture was on the screen everyone would yell, but when Adam’s came up they’d scream and scream. I knew before the show even began that the crowd was definitely an Adam crowd! Finally the show began and I enjoyed everyone, especially Scott and Matt. Of course, I was disappointed that intermisson came and still no Adam. Allison did nothing but scream and all I kept thinking was get her off and we’ll be closer to seeing Adam. The crowd liked Danny, but you could tell that everyone was on pins and needles because they knew Adam was next. Danny went off and the entire Hall went into a frenzy….every single person stood up and began screaming with anticipation. And then here HE comes, up from the depths of the stage and larger than life…ADAM!! I just thought I’d die or faint! What a gorgeous hunk of a man. He had his hair Elvis style (leftover, no doubt, from the GMA performance). Adam was everything that has been described by earlier posts. He didn’t sing the Bowie medley, but other songs instead. What a professional. All the other idols paled in comparison. I wondered how they must feel with the audience so crazy about Adam. I’ve loved Adam since the moment I saw his audition tape. I knew that someday he’d be a super star in the category of Elvis, Beetles, Michael Jackson, etc. His style pleases everyone, young and old, because he can do it all. I’ll be walking on a cloud all day from being in his presence last night. When his own concert comes to AC, I will be the first in line for a ticket….can’t wait!!!

    • Beautiful, kelleydale. You have been glamoured, just like the rest of us that have seen him live. You have been in the presence of the divine and will never be the same. Welcome to the sisterhood!

  12. I do so hope Adam wins the two awards for which he was nominated. The Teen Choice Awards is on Monday night at 8 PM on FOX. Let’s all visualize Adam winning:

    Choice TV Male Reality/Variety Star, and

    Choice Red Carpet Fashion Icon Male

    I will be watching.

    • Well, it would seem I’ll be watching that, too – for the first time – ever.

      It’s official – I’ve totally lost it.

      • I’ll be watching for 1st time ever too!

        • Me, too! How crazy is that for a 56 year old professional woman? Not very because I wouldn’t be able to BEAR missing ANYthing where I might have a chance to see Adam (or in this case even hear his name being called or mentioned as I doubt he is actually going to be able to be there at the awards show.)

          I definitely will be sending good vibes his way (as I do every day!)

      • cheryl norman says:

        BARB, GOOD!! If you’ve ‘lost it’, then you really are an ‘Official Glamb’!!! CONGRATS! We are as one!

        • Cheryl, speak for yourself! And by the way, you first have to GET IT, before you LOSE IT! ha, ha! Lorrin and Theresa, what say you two! … and please Cheryl, please don’t say, “We are as one!” One of you is enough! I know, I know Cheryl and I love you too!

          Barb, on a more serious note, it is called Glamgitis! Tis a very serious disease, don’t fight it, just succumb to it! Please don’t tell Cheryl, but she is right, ONLY THIS TIME – we have ALL lost it!

  13. I was at the Atlantic City show where Adam did not come to the after show meet and greet to “rest his voice”. I am a huge fan and I have to say that while I understand the need to take care of your voice, this meet and greet was a small crowd of about 50 people and he was the ONLY one not to come. I know they are not contractually obligated to go but as a fan who was there and was disappointed not to get to meet him it really didn’t look good to anyone that he was the only one missing. Especially since the event only lasted about half hour before they had to get on the buses for NYC.

    Adam is a FANTASTIC performer and I loved every minute he was on stage. I just hope that he doesn’t start to take fans for granted.

  14. AdamAddict says:

    Have you guys read this article?Leil post it,and I’m still pissed about “The 10 commandments” story. Can U believe that the director or producer tried to replace Adam with someone else just because he wears eyeliner & nail polish night before the show? How stupid is that? You should read it.It’s the best interview ever! Leil,I wait for you to post part 3 & 4,okay? Here the article and the vid where Adam sing in The 10 Commandments. There’s no way anyone can sing better than that! I got goosebump at the end of the song,seriously!!

  15. sassyspice24 says:

    i was at the atlantic city show ! it was AMAZING. everytime adam’s picture showed on the screen during the intermition, the crowd went crazzy, he got a bigger ovation then kris allen did. i have pictures and videos from last night’s show, ill email them to you asap 🙂

  16. Hello all Glams!!! Jeanette, again I want to thank you so much for all you do with putting this site together, keeping us all informed up to the minute, and your very insightful and passionate writing about our Adam! As the months have gone by, and we have watched everything we can about him, I still can’t help being Amazed at this man’s talent!! Just when I think he can’t sing a song any better, He DOES!!! I have not watched GMA yet-that’s next after I talk with all of you!! Then I’ll look at that you tube site that Debbie suggested. That’s what is so fantastic about all of us-we let everyone know what’s going on!! Here’s a few things I have found if anyone would be interested: If anyone is looking for buttons with Adams pictures on, I found this seller on eBay(I’m not trying to promote eBay or anything like that) who has Awesome button’s that are very well made. I got 12 of them in a nice holding package for $7.99!! Her email I told her I would spread the word on how great they are.! I have also gotten an awesome mouse pad, jewerly, T-shirts, newspapers, and magazines from eBay. It’s amazing how much Adam’s items are already selling for!! I had gotten the Entertainment magazine, because I missed it when it came out in all the stores in Milwaukee, and the person who I bought it from in New York was not even a fan of Adam’s! I told her to check out these sites on YouTube etc. And she instantly fell in love with Adam-of course! She said she was planning on going to his concert now. She too, says she spends all her free time searching for more things to see and read on Adam!!! I think it’s still so incredible the effect Adam has had on so many people!! My teenage kids are no longer rolling their eyes when they pass by me when I’m on the computer and see Adam’s screensaver, or me listening to one of his songs for the millionth time!! They even agree he’s getting better and better and an Awesome performer!! They too, have come a long way, and have just accepted that Adam is part of the family now!!!LOL!! And as we speak, I only have 20 more days until Adam comes to town!!! YIPEEEE!!! Can’t wait, can’t wait, CAN’T WAIT!!! So again, thanks so much to all of you for keeping me up to date with everything Adam! He is such a blessing to us all!! All of this has just made this a wonderful and very memorable summer for me!! Take care all!! Pam

    • Jeanette says:

      Pam, one of my shows Is Milwaukee. We should try to meet before the show starts to say Hi!

      • Hello Jeanette! I think that sounds awesome!! My email address is: psmnurse . I would love to meet up- I’m planning a long day of it- 1:00pm when the bus pulls in to catch a glimpse or autographs or something! And then hopefully stay after for the same-till whatever time!! I don’t care I can sleep all day Sat.! Let me know what you plan on-maybe we can get more Glams together before the concert in Milwaukee!!! Thanks again, so much for all you do for us Glams! Take care! Pam

  17. Hi everyone! Just 24 hours ago I was at the Idols show in Atlantic City! It was quite an awesome show! Everyone did great (even Megan was passable, and beautiful), but I found myself just waiting, waiting, waiting!!! for Adam’s set to begin. And when he came on stage, it was just so exciting and amazing!! Everyone jumped out of their seats! All too soon, it was over. I felt sorry for Kris that he had to follow Adam’s performance. I admit to being just a bit disappointed that everyone came out for signing and pictures except Adam and Anoop. How nice of Adam to give an explanation to us!! And I still have hope…may the Reading, PA show, can’t wait! And, sorry I don’t have any pictures to share, my poor pathetic little camera doesn’t take great pics and I was pretty far from the stage! But I have great memories!!!

    • AdamRocks! says:

      Glad you had such a fantastic time Sue! Exciting and amazing is right!

      Has anyone seen Matt’s new bubble tweet, where they’re singing like a barber shop quartet, or in this case, quintet? FUNNY!

      Cindy in MS

      • Oh my gosh, those are hilarious! Second one is funnier. I love how the just pop up from behind the couch or whatever it is and sink down slowly….haha. Very funny.

        • AdamAddict says:

          I have to follow Matt because he always do bubbletweet and always includes Adam! So,basically I follow Matt because of Adam! 😀
          Matt should do duet with Blake.They’re great!!

          • I follow all of them. the girls don’t say much. But Michael, Kris, Danny, Matt say more about what the guys are up to… often Adam is not mentioned and I think he is not with the group at those times. As much as he enjoys the silliness, I think he is likely resting. Kris is a bit of a surprise package, though Adam in an interview said What you see is what you get, with Kris,. but he has a whimsical sense of humour at times and it comes out in some tweets.

            The bubbletweets are so much fun and a way for all of us to ‘follow’ Adam. For some reason when there is a twitpic I cannot see a thing on that page.

    • rhymingrealtor says:

      Hi Sue,

      I have to admit feeling the same anticipation for Adam’s Set, and he killed, however I was pleasantly surprised by Kris’s set -especially because I had’nt really seen any of his set on you tube ( because I was’nt looking) I saw them last night in Newark -Pru Center.Kris was great. He is a very talented young man – and his transition between piano and guitar was incredible.

  18. crazyforadam says:

    Hi I’m new to this site, but I think it is going to be my favourite one in future. I’m 67 and live in Canada, and was wondering if there were other Adam fans in my age category — and it sure looks like it, from what I see here. I haven’t ever been this obsessed with an artist — not even the Beatles and I was mad about Paul McCartney back then! Adam’s voice and stage presence is a true gift from the Universe to all of us in this era, and I’m eagerly looking forward to seeing the AI concert on August 14th in Hamilton, and again on August 15th in Rochester.

    LIke so many of you, Adam is on my mind most of the time. The Rolling Stone cover is my wallpaper on the computer and I bought eight copies of the magazine, with the idea of sharing them with other fans who may not have had a chance to get one. One of them went to Malaysia!

    I do have a question. Has anyone mailed the magazine to 19E asking for Adam to autograph it, and has anyone actually got a response?

  19. People, you simply MUST see this powerful YouTube video of Adam singing ‘Mad World’ from Atlantic City, it is simply unbelievable. Adam looks like the Supreme Human from the Fiercelings Planet of Silver Flame in it. The person taking the video did a great job of the best close-up head shots I’ve seen yet. Adam is the most superbly made human being I have ever seen. Those laser-blue eyes in that make-up are uncanny. Watch how he cuts his eyes over to his left as as the screams begin as he starts the last chorus near the end and then holds the last notes in that perfect, glittering, god-like, molded perfection on the last notes. How can anyone BE so beautiful?

    Here is the link:

    • Also, here is a cute little Twitpic from Kris Allen’s Twitter. No, I don’t follow Kris or any other Idol than Adam Lambert, but I just thought I’d go and see what Kris thought of his big, beautiful friend. The photo shows Adam being cute and silly while being eaten by a giant Pez Tiger (hmm, my Chinese astrological sign, yes). It also shows his very cute leggies whilst he is wearing shorts. Just some fun for everybody. Here’s the link:

      • Also thought you all might like to see what a YSL is, and why Adam says he’s obsessed by them in his recent Tweet. They’re very pretty, and look just like something Adam would love. Here’s the link from Twitpic:

  20. My gay hairdresser doesn’t like Adam. I asked why, he replied he is to flamboyant. OMG! He then said he had read where Adam is a Diva, that he is mean to the other idols and that he constantly complains his hair and costumes are not done right. Well first I fired my hairdresser, and second this no way this is possible Adam would act like this. Can you believe that? I would rather go without my hair looking nice than to listen to his BS about our Adam.

    • What is sad is that your hairdresser stopped where he did and believed this nonsense, instead of going and looking up Adam to see who and what he really is. Also, if I’m not mistaken (and I’m being droll here), flamboyance in the gay community is not something exclusive to Adam Lambert.

      • AdamAddict says:

        Smart move,go find a hairdresser that has taste!! I can’t stand if someone talk bad about Adam too! My blood will start boiling.My friend did that just to kidding around but realized it’s a wrong move.She stopped now. And I can’t believe there’s someone out there that actually believe all those stupid rumours! When we here don’t care less about it because thinking nobody will believe that crap,somebody did believe it!! Fuck to all romours starters!!
        p/s: I hope you left the saloon when the hair done not with hair roller and hair net on your head!! Hee hee!!

        • I did leave with my hair wet and half cut half not! lol I found another hairdresser who is also gay (don’t know why I lean towards them) and he ADORES ADAM! He told me he is one fine male honey and he would……….well I can’t say the rest of what my new hairdresser said, but it was xrated! lol I am telling whoever I can find about my stupid EX hairdresser not to go to him! You mess with an Adam fan you get fireworks!

          • AdamAddict says:

            OH MY GOD!! You left with your hair wet & half cut? hahaha! LMAO!! Seriously??!! I give 2 thumbs up!! I give you standing ovation right now! hahaha! That’s it! YESSSS!!
            Glambs,give Trish an applause here!! Woo hoo!! Trish is my idol!! yes,yes,yeeesss!!

    • My hairdresser is a 50-year-old woman with a grown son who LOOOOOVES Adam. Everyone in her salon, does, too, including the gay owner and manager. I had her ‘blow out’ my hair the day of the show (it had to be fierce, dammit), and learned that not only was she planning to go, too, but that she and a friend had backstage passes because her husband knows one of the venue mucky-mucks.

      This was in Sunrise, and Adam didn’t come out, but she did say that the girls were all very sweet, and that Matt is a gem. She said he chatted with her and her friend for, like, 20 minutes. She also said that Danny seemed to be ‘full of himself’ (and she amazingly didn’t have a pre-conceived notion of this – she said she only watched the show for Adam and Allison, and didn’t really pay any attention to what the others did) and that Kris seemed a little ‘standoffish’ but probably because he is shy, not stuck-up.

      It was so much fun getting my hair done by her that day and both of us ranting about how Adam “shoulda won” and how it was “so wrong,” etc. Other hairdressers and the manager would walk by and chime in basically in agreement, and some said they were jealous that they weren’t going.

      Everyone has their types. Gay men are no different. I know a few who love Adam, and I know a few who don’t like him at all – who say he’s a queen. They like the really uber-masculine guys – guys that are too masculine for my taste. It’s funny how the people in general who don’t like Adam play the “Diva” card – sort of like right-wing Christians – they need that justification because deep down they know they’re being assholes with whom practically no one agrees.

      • Barb, I loved reading your post and I totally agree with everything you said. Why must they play the Diva card as the reason they don’t like him? I just don’t get that.

    • Trish, well done and hats off to you! That silly excuse of a hairdresser does not deserve the honour of doing your hair, my Glamb friend. Chances are he is green with envy and anyone who pays attention to hearsay without any substantiated facts, is not worth a second thought. Petty, small-minded gossipers!

      Secondly, there is a distinct difference between being a consummate professional by paying attention to detail (in this case wanting his hair and costume to be right) and being a diva. Adam wants to give his audiences the best performances possible, part of which is how he packages himself. This is one of the reasons why Adam is a stand-out performer. Glad you had the balls to tell him where to get off! Sorry, but I just had to tell it like it is! Proud of you! Lotsaluv, Ingrid

      PS. Barb seems to be onto a good wicket with her hairdresser, whom you may want to visit if it isn’t too far! Barb and AdamAddict, loved your posts and Lorrin, you’re not being a droll, spot on!

      • Ingrid you go girl! Your right on in everything you said. You can tell it like it is anytime you want! Its all love here with the Glambs! Iagree with what you have said as well. I think my ex hairdresser may just be jealous. I have caught him looking at Adam’s pic in magazines he has laying around so if he dislikes Adam that much, then why even read about him? Yeah, I thought that too!

        Love to all the Glambs!

  21. I love the song STARLIGHT. It gives me butterflies in my stomach. I love to watch Adam…………working it when he sings………..he looks so………YUMMY. Ellen from Boca Raton, Florida.




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