TOUR VIBE – American Idol Summer Tour 2009 – Newark, NJ (2nd Show)

***UPDATED – MATT’S BUBBLE TWEETS ADDED*** The gang doesn’t have to travel because they’re doing a second show in Newark, NJ on Sunday, August 9th at the Prudential Center.

Per request, I’ve added more photos to the GMA post, including some incredible close ups. One photo even caught the sun winking off Adam’s earring! Please check them out. I am still in awe over Adam’s GMA performance of Starlight, and from your comments, you all agree. It was above and beyond anything we’ve seen thus far, and it proves that while we love Adam going all-out in concert with his feet-burning-the-stage sexiness, he doesn’t need that to move us either to tears or rapture. You guys have described the Starlight performance in detail in comments, so I won’t try to duplicate what you’ve already said, except to say that Adam’s stage presence, even in a “stripped down” setting, is undeniable. I also added a link to the end of the GMA article where you can get a free mp3 download of this performance. I already have the song burned onto a CD. Yeah!

For those of you who are Twitter-challenged, here are youtubes of Matt’s two Bubble Tweets from Newark:

After Newark the gang has a day off. Watch for a special “off-day” post, again by request. On Tuesday, August 11th the Idols hit New York, and Caren, one of our Fan Club Leaders, will be in attendance and hopefully will be giving us reports.

In the meantime, keep those photos and videos coming! If you have photos and/or videos from either this concert or any of the past concerts, please email them to us! We never, ever tire of seeing Adam in action. Our email address is

~~Jeanette, Glamb #5


  1. I totally agree, Starlight on GMA was amazing. It might even be one of my favorites from him…
    Apparently Blake Lewis, season 6 finalist, is backstage with the Idols. Matt’s posted a bubbletweet with them both beatboxing. And then there’s the barbershop quartet/quintet bubbletweets, which are HILARIOUS. Matt seems like a cool guy. Seems like all the contestants have a lot of fun backstage or on the bus…or they’re really bored. 🙂

    • Jeanette says:

      Yeah, too funny! And at the end of the beatbox Bubble Tweet they ask Adam “where you at?” Adam’s across the room, tries a few secs of beatboxing, then admits “I don’t beatbox.”

      • Haha, I saw that! Never thought I’d ever see Adam beatboxing. One more thing I can strike off my list, I guess. 🙂

      • Lisette here..Thenks agan Jeanette an just visite too link yu mentione..Matt seemes like a true buffone(clown)in seeing Adam was funny from distance.Agree with Peaches they have lot of fun an repoire , gathre become close travel onroad for longteme.Im stil tryin to learne how to use twitter..unable yet to av reply send to eg Adam an othre artiste on mypage..they seem to av returne on mypage as if I was sending to myself?..strange?.Does anyone hav thes happen..Thenks as I have mentione on othre threads..hugs Lisettexoxo

    • Lisette here,Bonmatin Jeanette an Peaches ..I av enjoie agan seeing Adam’s magnifique performance of Starlight an so prefer thes very gentle style/ballad as his voix is smooth velvet,an celestial.An thet twinkle of sunlit does reflecte an his face is tresbeau with hair combe back..nevre tire to see thes hugs for placing it on Adam’s lovli tribute page!Oui also Peaches funny yur comparison of quartets am thinqing suddenly of old motown ones..Can yu imagaine Adam an othres paying homage to thet of someone as “Smoky Robinson an miracles”..gathre as seeing Adam’s hairstyle au thet of Elvis an his jordanaires..wel am being silly perhaps.But given Adam has done homage to Tracks of my tears”..nevre can tell what’s in store!Stay tune to Adam says! hugs an bisous Lisettexoxo

    • I’m thinking they’re both fun and bored. A great combination for us as we get to see their playful side.

    • I totally agree that starlight on gma was amazing! although he is amazing with what ever he does!

  2. Shawnessee says:

    “the sun winking off Adam’s earring” — Does anyone know the story behind his earrings? He has worn the same pair at least since last January. Are they special to him like his grandfather’s ring or his tattoo? Just curious as he changes his necklaces and rings occasionally but never the earrings.

  3. Thanks Jeanette for the Starlight link. Up until now I’ve preferred the muse version over Adam’s, but will now replace it on my ipod with the GMA one (or maybe just add it). I was at the Vancouver concert and thought Adam did a great job of starlight, but I guess I’m used to the original and prefer this song in a lower octave. I wonder if he is finding it too hard on his voice to be performing it at the higher end and bringing it down a bit as a result. For whatever reason, I’m glad he has because I loooove this version. Keep up the great work Jeanette, we all appreciate it.

  4. Adamworshipper says:

    i miss Adam.

  5. Jeanette,

    God bless your heart for taking the time to post the MP3, the new pix, and everything else you’ve done to this website. I get my fix every day now and I’m wondering how much of that is due to your hard work.

    Thank you. 🙂 (gonna watch videos now and have a nice time with Adam)

  6. Thx, Jeanette, going to drink my coffee and get my fix of Adam watching the videos and pics! Last night I must have watched the GMA Starlight a hundred times.
    What a wonderful job u do.

  7. AdamAddict says:

    Check this out! This vid was taken by 100% pervert!Must be Adam’s stalker! But I think we all have to agree that we need to thank to this pervert! LOL!! From my bottom of my heart,Thank you,pervert!!

    I saw this vid from other sites & can’t help sharing with U guys! Glambulge Rules!! YEAH!!

    • AdamAddict says:

      Jeanette,hurry release my comment already! That’s a good stuff to show to all Glambs!! Pleazzzzzze!!

    • Oh AdamAddict, I am at work and OMG OMG. Whoever definately had that belt buckle on their mind.
      Those are the pants I voted for, due to the big buckle aannnddddd!!! Let the imaginations roar.
      TALC stand for the Adam Lambert Connection . They are another fan base. They are the ones
      who if u saw on my Atlantic City post gave Adam the naught gift for down under and he said it was
      to small! Heard it with me own ears. He was laughing. Love the nicname Glambulge!

    • Adam Addict, that is the most BRILLIANT, HYSTERICAL, and FANTASTIC thing I have ever seen! That woman deserves some kind of an award for steady camera work under duress! And man, she must have wanted to preserve that one fabulous part of Adam for all time! I don’t think anyone has ever done anything quite that glaringly ‘specific’ before have they? Who needs X-rated movies when you’ve go THIS?!

  8. therubberdoll says:

    Met Adam last nite @ the autograph signing in Newark. I got? tunnel vision & I couldn’t see his face – weird, huh? But, he grabbed my hand – yes, he grabbed my hand with the hand that does magical things @ the Cat Club. He is just a lovely man. Not only did I almost faint but so did everyone around me. I have tix for tonight’s show – CAN’T WAIT!

    • AdamAddict says:


      • Jeanette says:


        (Me hitting the floor)

        • cheryl norman says:

          HA! HA! ha!

          (me laughing!) to Jeanette!

          • .Lisette funny all of yu here..but thinq Id passe out if Adam decide to touch ma hand,hug or even speke,it would feel like a dream for sure!!le rubberdoll welcome an luv to here more aftre concerte..Hugs an luv Lisettexoxo! Cheryl by way merci for lovli thouts ..look on (pants thread) I reply to yu middle down re: fibromyalgia an othre thouts)for our beau Adam always ! j’adore him!bisous..

    • Lucky, Lucky…that’s terrific…getting to hold Adam’s hand…I think I would just melt right there! Also great that you get to go to the concert twice! My husband & I are going to tonight’s show, too, and I CAN’T WAIT EITHER!!! The closer we’ve been getting to this day, the more difficult it has been to get to sleep at night because I’m so excited!! Hope the audience is as great tonight as I heard it was last night. Peace and Love XOXOXO

    • Wait !!!!!! send us your hand print !!!! OMH !!!

      • AdamAddict says:

        How his hand feels? Soft or hard?Cold or warm? Details please!
        p/s: Admfan1, this is like how many times you said OMH instead OMG? Don’t tell me it’s Adam’s fault again? lol!!
        I wish someone record it & post it in youtube.I want to see it! Adam, my hero!!


          • AdamAddict says:

            My bad! It was Mary C who always blame Adam for her wrong spelling! lol!! Can’t blame her though! lol!! 😛
            Adam,give my life back!!!….hmm,nope,my old life is boring.My life without Adam is boring! Now just perfect!! ye be da be du!!

            • Yea, AdamAddict. I was laughing at your post about ur washing machine. You’ll have to
              back and see what I commented. LOL We have to blame someone. so why not Adam.
              Its all good.

              • See, I forgot a word now, in between to back, should have wrote You’ll have to go back
                and see what I commented.

                • AdamAddict says:

                  U didn’t reply anything.My latest on 10th,below me which is yours was 9th! But Some of Glambs here are so funny! U included! Watching “Last Comic Standing” is no longer funny to me now! LOL! So,U try to go GossipCandy sites!I go this sites & that sites everyday! I use WannaBeTheMicStand as my screen name! Hee,hee,my dream comes true! So, you check out the Graphic picture of Adam& Kris!HOT!! And latest one where he put bottle near his crotch while sitting.I offer the name WannaBeTheBottle to anyone who admit they’re pervert!! lol!!U wanna take that name?I dare U! LOL 😛

                  • AdamAddict says:

                    BTW,FYI this sites is way much better.Not because I’m here so I just say so but it’s so true.That sites,we kinda talking to ourselves.I love this sites more because Glambs reply to our comment which is great.And Glambs have funny family members. I love all of you,Glambs! Muah!!~kiss & hugs~

                  • IWannaBeThe Bottle what the heck. Anyhow, yea I was saying you
                    could blame Adam on your washing machine breaking if you were
                    sitting on it during the spin cycle watching one of his videos and it
                    broke. ITs all good.

    • Nurse Rosalie says:

      hey there, i was to the right of you, i think, when he touched your hand. enjoy the show tonight, he truly is amazing.

    • Nice work, trd!!!

      I met Ralph Fiennes once after one of his plays. I got that tunnel vision thingie, too. And speechlessness – or more like dumbfoundedness. I managed to mumble something to him like “Thank you for bringing these plays to us” (this was in New York, and he’d done the same plays in London before coming to the States to do them off Broadway) and then lost the ability to speak thereafter. Or look him in the face. A friend got some amazing photos of him smiling broadly at me as I cowered before him like a school girl – I like to think he thought it was cute that I was so “shy” (Ha! Little does he know…)

      Good for you, again! That’s one that’ll go down in the record books of your life, for sure. Such a love he is.

    • Miss rubberdoll, was that before or after the show? We are trying to figure out when he comes out.

  9. therubberdoll says:

    Met Adam last nite @ the autograph signing in Newark. I got? tunnel vision & I couldn’t see his face – weird, huh? But, he grabbed my hand – yes, he grabbed my hand with the hand that does magical things @ the Cat Club. He is just a lovely man. Not only did I almost faint but so did everyone around me. I have tix for tonight’s show – CAN’T WAIT!

    • AdamAddict says:

      Yo,wassap??!! You don’t have to post it twice! I know,We all know he grab your hand! Yeah,Adam grab your hand,right? Yes I read it twice!! WTH?? R U trying to kill me with that showing off??!! Gosh,why I don’t have tunnel vision? Why??!! Adaaaam,grab my hand too!! Aargh,why only therubberdoll??!! WHY??!! Adam not fair,not fair!! Grab my hair if you like,anything as long grab something!! Waaaa!! Not fair!! 🙁

    • therubberdoll, you have shared air and skin molecules with Adam! You have been touched by the hand that tends the python! I am trashy for imagining that and you are, henceforth, partially divine! Bask in your diviness…the rest of we mere mortals can only dream…

  10. Meredith says:

    that blake lewis beat box bubble tweet was hilarious!! so was the one before that.

  11. AdamFan52 says:

    Jeanette, YOU ARE THE BEST!! I really appreciate the Mp3 version of Starlight from GMA!! I loved it and wondered how I could get it to my ipod!! I twittered Adam and said that that was a very “classy” version and he really needed to keep his show classy not trashy. I really adore him but thought his shows were getting a little too campy and trashy. He doesn’t need to do anything but sing and be fun. When you try to sell the sex stuff it falls flat. Just my humble opinion…. but I will probably get blasted for it.
    I truly think he will be an artist for the ages and I want all to love him as much as I do. I am in my late 50’s and he has had me from the beginning, but he will lose some of his middle age admirers if he keeps getting it too trashy.

    • Trashy vs sexy…admitedly the line between the two can be a fine one, and for no two people will that line be in the same place. We’re all entitled to our own opinion. For me, Adam falls on the sexy side, not the trashy side. He is a sexual being, no doubt about it, and it’s a big part of who he is. He had to restrain himself on Idol, but as time goes on he can be more himself. Personally, if this is the direction he wants to go, I’m willing to follow! Man, this subject could be an article in itself!

      • AdamFan52 says:

        I agree with you about the fine line… thanks for posting!

      • Hear, Hear Janette! AdamFan52, most of the Glambs fall in that age group and I don’t believe Adam faces the risk of losing any of us (the posts are evidence). Janette, I totally agree with you, it’s a matter of opinion and yet not everyone can pull off sexy. Adam is definitely sexy but he is also intrinsically very ‘sensual’ and I agree that he will be showing us more of this side of him. I am reminded of the song, “I like the way you move, da, da … and do you remember, “Where you lead … I will follow … anywhere, that you tell me to “. We will follow where Adam leads …

        • I cannot imagine Adam ever doing anything to lose me as his adoring 57 year old fan.
          I am completely under his spell, especially after getting to see him close up last night in Newark..didn’t want his autograph, just to see him. Wish that I had been lucky enough to speak to him and touch though. On second thought, that might just be too much.
          He is dazzling, magical and gorgeous. I definitely would follow him anywhere.

        • Lisette agree bonmatin gals an Ingrid nevre will Adam lose his fans period ..If one followed him from l’commence even on American Idol yu’d always see Adam an his very sensual an original way to deliver chansons..non just ontour(an yet not having seen in person),agree he is sensual an never done in mal taste..Even when he subtlely moves his hand to errogeneous zones it’s never vulgur more artistique in his danse moves too.An if yu notice on Idol in audience waslot of oldre fans as well as le teens an twentysomthings!An Jeanette agan a lovli subjete above..merci beaucoup..Let’s adore Adam as we have always an part of his charm thet constant reinventions in appearance,couture/be l’Elvis hair,feathred hair,spiky,sans makeup or with,hugging pants,suits,glamrock,jazzsingre suit,thinq he’s just a natural sensual person non mattre what he does.If my mam wasalive,know she’d adore Adam too..As Elvis too was thout to be too sexy al he did was swivel his hips very mild an censors too conservative.blessings all..bisous Adam!

          • There you go, well said Lisette! Never vulgar, always artistic and I like the ‘errogeneous zones! Hugs, Ingrid

      • Jeanette, your answer to AdamFan52 was very diplomatic. However, here’s my take on it.

        Adam Lambert has total class. He is also totally comfortable with his own sexuality. This is one of the things we love and embrace (oh, my yes, I would like to embrace Adam) about him. It’s actually very liberating to be around someone like that. So many people have repressed their sexuality or are uncomfortable with it. Those feelings of repression can make you feel old, think old and be old. Some people will even resent Adam for his raw appeal. For me, I find it to be part of his overall flair for the, uh, dramatic…to say the least.

        You know, I have worked with a lot of actors and singers and even with very talented people, when you tell them to “act sexy” they just freeze up. I’ve seen it over and over again. Our Adam has a very unique gift in this arena. Come on girls, he just EMBODIES sexuality. AND WE LOVE HIM FOR IT.

        • Hey songwriterforadam, have u written any songs for Adam yet? If not I hope its in your
          future. Wouldnt that be the treat of al treats, compared to the other singers you have worked with.
          Best of Luck.

          • Hi, Mary C, yes we have written and produced a KILLER rock track expressly for Adam and are working through any and all contacts to get it to him. Sammy Hagar’s cousin did the vocals and they rock out for sure, but nothing would make me happier than hearing Adam sing our song. Thank you for asking. I need all the luck I can get!

            The track has not yet been scheduled for release, but if you or any recognized posters here would like to hear it before then, feel free to e-mail me at and be sure to include your screen name in the e-mail. Thanks!

            • What a thrilling thing, Songwriter4adam, I pray every door will fly open and every difficulty fall away, as you get nearer and nearer to Adam. Not a one of us has the background or opportunity to do something like this, and we wish you all the best. I would be thrilled to death to have Adam sing your song on one of his albums. Let us know how things progress. Wishing you only the best with your career in the future..

              • Thanks, Lorrin. Your “blessing” is just what I need. Thanks again.

                • Love you, fellow Californian..

                  • Lisette here..Songwriter for Adam,thets wonderful agree an many bonwishes an sure Adam will singe toi songe magnificente!Lorrin thenks by way,I so wished to reply to yur lovli post on Staying Healthy an touring page..but ther was non reply option left.Just to send grand hugs for always lovli sentiments..An re: sharing many intereste so agree j’adore art very much,an paint with acryllics mainly av done portraits..on fabrique,sketches of many subjects.So between several of us we’d share blend of art an enjoying to singe..even if on petit scale an just for plasur non a career,it be nice if evre to meet,thinq many glambs may join in ther hidden talentes..when monsieur Lambert graces with solo tour..will be permitting! hugs an luv Lisettexoxo

                    • Love you IMMENSELY, dear Lisette, remember we are always thinking of you. I send my special angel to you tonight and the twinkling stars to keep you company..

                • Yes, Sonwriter4adam, that would be totally sick. We will support you all the way. I will choreograph and move it to the groove (with Adam, naturally). Lorrin, you can put your artistic genius to work and take care of the props and help with the lyrics. Barb, you can be the spokesperson. Jeanette & Co. you can take of the public relations and media bit. Mother Theresa you can take care of his spiritual well-being. Cheryl, how about the bouncer role! Lisette, you can take care of his dietary needs. Wannebethesnake, you little snake, you can … wait for it … be the mike, MAYBE! Mary C, you can keep them all in check – don’t worry about me, I’ll check out Adam.

                  Any other offers, let me know and I may just consider them. SO, THERE YOU ARE SONGWRITER4ADAM, JUST GET YOUR MUSICAL GENIUS IN ACTION! Love ya all, Ingrid

                  • Awesome! God knows I have studied the subject matter for that “part”!

                    • Wannabethesnake, you are a piece of work! I said MAYBE, maybe I will keep that role for myself and you can be the understudy. I have not only studied the subject matter, I have transferred skills into practice. Agh, let’s just share the role but I get to go first!

                  • I would also like to be chief dresser, the shirts, the vests, the coats, the pants, the shoes, anyone object?

            • Alright, Good luck with that track. I might just do that. Its all I can to stay on this post.
              You know how much time we put into this, but Love It.

        • AdamAdmirer says:

          Hey Songwriter – I understand where you’re coming from and Adam is and has been nothing but CLASS PERIOD!

          However, I disagree on something you said, sexiness should have nothing to do with your age – repressing your sexuality does not necessarily mean you are old (or make you feel old as you stated). It’s more of a personal opinion or feeling of what each person thinks is crossing the line.

          I totally get what Adamfan52 is getting at – and the GMA Starlight performance proved that Adam is SMOKIN’ HOT even in a more subdued performance. This acoustic version, less rock, sex god, version shows his romantic, soft side, which manages to ooze sex.

          Let’s face it – that SEXY, amazing voice, coupled with that PERFECT face, those DREAMY eyes – you can look into and just faint! (NOT TO MENTION THE TIGHT JEANS!!) What more do we need?

          Let’s not criticize Adamfan52, she is probably looking out for Adam as we all are here. In other words, I kinda get that Adam doesn’t need to do the Sex Show thing. We would drool over him no matter what he did up there.

          Peace Glambs!

          • Hi and thanks for your comments. There’s someone in my life who is definitely sexually repressed and she thinks it’s inappropriate to have a crush on someone young enough to be a son. To my way of thinking, that makes her seem “old” to me.. but that’s all very personal in terms of my point of view.

            Indeed, I would like to think that a person can be “sexy” forever, as being “sexy” is more a state of mind than anything.

            • I should have made it clear, my friend’s opinion was all based on her knowing I have a “crush” on Adam.

              • I think Adam himself is playful about this little dichotomy of finding older gals around him as fans, with their renewed sense of youth and sexiness back in full force, and I think he likes it just fine. He wants everybody to ‘get up, dance, and have a little fun’, and boy we ARE having fun. He is not in the least bit offended or put off balance by the fact that at least 60% of his fanbase are older women. Adam is AWARE, he is not a young, inexperienced boy trying to navigate around sudden, overwhelming fame. He is patiently watching it all develop, gathering everyone to himself, and going with whatever he’s got onto the next level. Just looking at him siiting on that stool on the GMA stage before his performance of ‘Starlight’, revealed a young man totally at ease and truly happy with himself and everyone around him. Sexy grandmas would make him smile and laugh with delight. You see, Adam ‘GETS IT’ just like we do, even though everyone else hasn’t got the faintest idea. We are all a part of Barb’s ‘Grown Ups Who Have a F***ing Clue’, and together with Adam, we understand each other perfectly. Really and truly, we ALL belong under Adam’s banner, our degree of sexiness notwithstanding, and we are all welcome to ‘come as we are’ and enjoy him equally.

                • Lorrin, has he actually been asked in an interview yet what he thinks of the all the older women fans? Another question I have – where are the gay guy fans, or are they all into Beyonce and diva-types as I have read elsewhere?

                  • Lisette here…too funny regarde gay fans..thinq they may be intimidate on quest page being mainly femmes(gals),perhaps ther’s a secret Adam site we havnon yet to see?An do agree too Lorrin in Starlight on GMA having returne so many time there..seein lot of oldre gals in as I av mentione was this way from American Idol jours too.Adam toches all ages from petit children,teens,twentythru as well so did Elvis.So blessings an if Adam can make them feel joie de vivre(young inhearte),shows his estraordinaire gifte as an artiste/entertaineur an heart d’or,in every type genre something for all ages! J’adore Adam..luv to all!xoxoox

                  • You know, I think I have read something about it, Songwriter4adam, and he thinks it is beautiful having older fans. I’ll see if I can find it..

                    • Lorrin, please try finding it! Where there life, there’s hope! I know, just dreaming, hmmmmmmmmmmmm!

                • Candace Turner says:

                  AMEN SISTER!!!!!!

                • Oh God Lorrin, you have such a way with words, of expressing us older Glamberts to a T (I’m a young 49 myself). I could not have said it better myself. and Yes, we definitely “get” his aura of sexuality/sensuality that is transmitting out to us die-hard fans.

                  • Thank you, tweety59, that’s so nice to hear…don’t you think this is the WILDEST thing that we all are rhapsodizing about this adorable 27-year old? We are all on the longest overnight sleep-out of all time! We’re never gonna’ get home!

              • cheryl norman says:

                SONGWRITER, Your friend is just too ‘anal’ for her own good!! I don’t think having a ‘crush’
                on a ‘star’ is the same thing as having an affair w/someone your kid’s age! Good lord she’s
                beeing too literal!! However, I have a friend who married her son’s best friend,and they (my
                friend and her new husband) just seemed ‘wrong’. Well, actually he was ‘wrong’, he ended
                up getting all her money and has a new little friend now, and my friend is having to work for
                the rest of her life since she ‘let’ him get almost half a million dollars from her. But that’s
                probably not a good example!! haha! As far as Adamfan 52’s opinion of what is trash vs sexy
                that’s just her personality. That’s the way she thinks and probably will forever. sexually
                restrained, I’d say, but, we’re all different bringing our won ‘baggage’ w/us whereever we go.
                You, Songwriter, are definately more liberal than your friend, and maybe you two should
                not talk about Adam, or she may leave you second-guessing yourself too much!!
                THAT’S ALL FROM MY ADVICE COLUMN, in which nobody asked for my advice!!

                • cheryl norman says:

                  OH!!! I forgot, give me enough wine, and I can be sexy anytime and forever!!! haha!

                • Yes, you’re right, Cheryl, I am definitely more liberal than my friend, and you are also right, she is anal all right (OCD or obsessive compulsive disorder). Anytime I want advice, may I feel free to inquire after your most excellent services? Hee hee.

                  Seriously, she does love Adam’s voice and thinks he should have won, etc., etc., but she just doesn’t even remotely share my magnificent obsession. She wouldn’t even paint her fingernails black for a photo op! Boo hoo!

                  Speaking of “Magnificent Obsession” and doing a 90 degree turn, here, I have been a life-long fan of Mr. Tall, Dark and Handsome Rock Hudson, another drop-dead gay guy who I was “in love” with. I especially loved him in “Pillow Talk” with Doris Day – there’s even a scene where he jokes about gay guys.

                  I am also a huge fan of Keanu Reeves – damn, I love the tall, dark and handsome look. They all – including Adam – remind me of the love of my life ex-boyfriend I left behind who shall remain in my heart forever… He was straight and had Adam’s exact shape (6’1″, 185 pounds, dark hair and gorgeous blue eyes), had sung with a famous rock band from the 70’s (The Grass Roots) and was a bit of a bad boy himself, having once posed for Playgirl, the naughty boy.

                  But, I do digress.

                  • cheryl norman says:

                    SONGWRITER, Hey back at ya!! Call on me anytime!!!! My advice is always worth
                    what you pay for it! Which is nothing! But, I will give every issue my best advice,
                    I promise!! I remember all the actors you mentioned. I also remember the Grass
                    Roots, but don’t recall what they look like! I have a few of those ‘exes’ in my history
                    too!! Too many than I should have! haha! Always went for the ‘bad boys’, tho I
                    married a ‘good ole boy’, not from the south! Couldn’t take the life w/him over 10 yrs
                    but have 2 wonderful kids and 4 grandkids so far for my effort!!!

          • AdamAdmirer, Reading this post is making my muscles twitch. In all the right places.

        • Songwriter4adam, I love ‘he EMBODIES sexuality’ – well stated!

      • I’m willing to follow the sexy side too. Not at all trashy. Love him doing HIS thing!
        Rock on Adam.
        Jeanette, Cant wait for the special off day post! Still lovin the pants one.

      • Jeanette, I agree with you. Wherever Adam leads I will follow. I’m middle-aged, too, but I hope there is a sex tape floating around out there somewhere! Not really!!! Well, maybe….yes…I…do! Doh! I am so conflicted about Adam! I don’t know if I want to mother him, shop and do lunch and get pedicures with him, or throw him down and tear his clothes off! I, seriously, lean toward the latter! (I know that would require a drug and Adam would not remember anything the next day.) Yes, I am a pervert. Yes, I am trashy. I am, therefore, a TRASHY PERVERT and having so much fun with it! Isn’t that the amazing thing about Adam? He inspires us to have fun! If no tape exists, I will just have to wait for his videos. Can only imagine–vividly–what he will do with those….

      • I agree, Jeanette, and if we look back at some of the vids where he performed at the Zodiac Club or on New Years Eve, that campy stuff is part of his style, or was, anyway, and if it is part of him, then I like it!!

        • Lisette here..Thenks Jeanette agan,Theresa agree too in Zodiac an Crazy songe with gals very vegas mode there..he as always been very sensual in a very tastful way,so artistique.An he can danse even way before American Idol was it’s just part of his Aquarian nature(as I am)an thet is to be bit deffarant whethre in clothes,hair,musique styles,reinventing looks,etc..where he stands above rest!An literal too in his tall sculptured physique,an classique hansome features,beau inward an outward!An Adam is sensual even in more conservative of styles (as in Tracks of Tears,If I cant av Yu,an now Starlight…showin more vulnerabe,tenderness an velvetsmooth vocals..thet is very sensual!
          Bravo monbeau Adam! hugs for all! Lisettexox

      • me too, I agree with Jeanette. i’m sure most middle-aged fans fell in love w/ him on Idol when he sang Track of my Tears & If I Can’t Have You, but I believe that was only one side of his multi-faceted talent. I believe he is giving his fans want they want, which is his “Sex on Fire” onstage; we all know him so well as his sweet demeanor & persona comes out when he’s not on stage. Remember, he’s putting on a “Performance”.

    • cheryl norman says:

      AdamFan52 regarding your comment on Adam being too close to the “trashy” line for you, I so disagree with you! That’s your opinion, but I think Adam will not lose fans for being the sexy-man-god that he is!! For me, to you, he is amazingly sexy just b/c he is! Remember people saying such nonsense about Elvis? This kind of thought reminds me of that and ‘those’ days – gone but not forgotten! I absolutely HATE the way Michael Jackson liked to rub his crotch whenever he was ‘performing’. I think he was suggesting to all little boys to do what he’s doing (masterbating), and the world goes crazy for that kind of crap. I’m not saying MJ was ‘trashy’, I just didn’t like him just b/c he did what he did, and then said tried to act like he was the savior to all boys. Puke MJ!! Adam likes to ‘push buttons’ and he is, and for myself I L I K E I T!

      • Lisette here..Cheryl bonmatin(plz see left yu comment on pant’s article merci for yur concerne..alway sweet)!An so agree with yu Adam is sensual as I av say from early on,an nevre in mal taste,an his facial espressions,puckery lips,eyes sont espressive apart from his sultry danse moves careful choreographe in every genre.From before Idol,in cabert club intimate setting he toches a smallre crowd with gentle inflections,his theatre ones/Wicked(now somhow sadli unavailable onutube),in Crazy (perfete see in venue here intown for sure..Adam can av show)!,an now ontour artistique sensual an tresbeau.An yes Cheryl he pushes buttons an takes to anothre place,dimension,swept away with his superbe artistry an ethereal vocals.
        Thenks agan for thes beautful Adam tribute page..I nevre can tire to thinq Adam woulde be very honore by all work placed in articles,photos,videos an shared thouts all very positive an luving! Blessings an Luv Lisette!


    • If you can’t stand the heat, get outta the kitchen! Adam is the most sensual man on the planet and never appears trashy to me. (I, on the other hand, can have a rough day…) So, bring it on Adam–cause I am wearing flame-retardant underwear!!!!

      • Ha ha ha!! Not only do you have the BEST name on this site, but you have a great way with words!! He is nowhere near as obvious as MJ was but I find it is all about sensuality and it seems to be second nature to him…

        • AdamAddict says:

          I really going to fell in love you,you’re so funny! I love to read your post! You said you still don’t know if U want to mother him or want to tear his cloth off??!! lol!! I think want U want to be is his SUGAR MUMMY!! LOL!! 😛

          • AdamAddict says:

            I post a link here to pervert like us but it’s still in moderation!! But if U go to youtube,concert in Newark I think,there’s a super pervert that record his bulge from the beginning WLL until the end! Only bulge & not a sec of his beautiful face.Weird thing is I still enjoy it! hahaha!! It’s close up,Glambs! Check that out!!

            • Yes, AdamAddict, I’ve seen it already! Adam is beautiful all over and this is the most awesome presentation of the Glambulge–an entity that I believe should have a name, license, calender, and line of greeting cards–EVER! Pure genius! You know, being surrounded by leather and sweat during all the erotic dancing and (gulp) whipping, has probably caused some chafing. Now, where did SUGAR MUMMY put her baby powder….

        • Absolutely, theresa/canada, Adam is clearly comfortable with his sexuality–well, sexuality in general. It radiates from him. He is fun and playful and I’m sure that translates into a wonderful lover. (Works for me!) That was never the case with MJ. MJ was a brilliant artist and his dance moves were mesmerizing. But, I never considered them, or him, sexy. In fact, he seemed sex-less. Even his most provocative moves never seemed sensual. They were technically amazing, but sort of–angry. I hope he had a warm, loving, fulfilling adult relationship with someone, (Only Lisa Marie has come forward to say so.) but I fear not. And that makes me sad.

          • AdamAddict says:

            “Now, where did SUGAR MUMMY put her baby powder….” Hahahaha! I almost pee myself!! LMAO!!

  12. AdamAddict says:

    Just curious,where’s cheryl norman? Usually she leaves a lot of comments! Is she feeling better already? I hope Jeanette can show the vid that I post just now as soon as possible(still awaiting moderation).I bet that can heal Cheryl immediately! 😛
    The concert in Newark already in youtube,check it out,Glambs! The mic stand is getting shinier every each concert! I wonder why??!! Hehehe!!

    • AdamAddict says:

      Sorry,the one in youtube were 1st Newark show not the 2nd one! Why they perform twice? Can someone answer me?

      • cheryl norman says:

        aDAMaDDICT, i DON’T THINK WE CAN!!! HAHAHA! But that’s a very good question! I’d kinda like to know myself!! If they can do two there, why not add one just for the Glambs, is all I have to say!!! Just tell me that! Why not one just for us!! Afterall we love him more than any other fans!!!

      • AA I think it’s because the population density is so great in that area of the US.

      • therubberdoll says:

        The two shows in Newark (I went on Sunday) and the two shows on Long Island are actually the NYC shows – 10 million + people. BTW, I met Adam at the autograph signing – he even grabbed my hand & spoke to me – I almost fainted. I have to say, ALL of the idols are gorgeous & charming when you get up close & personal with them.

    • AdamAddict, Cheryl was not feeling to good. Let’s send out positive Glamb vibes to her. Make no mistake, we will ALL know when she is back. Have’nt seen much of Theresa and Lorrin over the past two days. What is this about the mic stand getting shinier???? You have stimulated my curiosity, so out with it AdamAddict – can’t stand the suspense!

      • cheryl norman says:

        Ingrid, I thank you so much for thinking of me!!! I got the ‘Glamb Vibes”!!!Thanks!! I needed that! Oh, and maybe you shouldn’t ask about the shinning of the mic!!!!! hahaha!

      • Present and now accounted for , Ingrid. Was out both days in the daytime and by the time we wetcoasters get on the site you all are sleepy byes..

      • Ingrid, I thought Cheryl said, ‘shinning the mic’, ‘shinning’, not ‘shinier’….but of course, both are good..both would work..

        • AdamAddict says:

          What do U mean?U don’t know why the mic stand getting shinier?Well because Adam kept stroke it! Duh! lol!! In every concert! With his hand and with his bulge!! It’s so shining,people might think it’s a diamond mic stand! I’m just worried that the mic stand can’t take it anymore! I’ll volunteer to hold the mic for Adam,so let him know that!! 😛

          • AdamAddict, I suspected as much, just wanted a more explicit explanation – thanks. I’m sure you would like to hold the mic for him and accidently your hand may slip. Clever!

            • and by the way, you are not being trashy, just saying what everyone else is thinking. Hee, hee!

              • AdamAddict says:

                Yes ,the Glambs minds are the same.We can read each other mind!All for one and one for all! If one trashy,then we all trashy!! hahaha!!

                • I wish you all could come over to my house. We would have onehelluva party! Each of these posts (x rated) are most definately whats on all of our minds. Imagine all of us at a party and in walks Adam. Do you think he would have a chance?

                  • Next question?

                    • AdamAddict says:

                      Mary C.
                      First come,first served basis! lol! Hey I’m 32,I guess I’m quicker! Who’s younger than me here?Teenager can’t join.Under age but that teenager mum are welcome!Let’s have fair fight! But,I’m going to strectch my legs first,just in case you all go to gym often! I’m not that type who like to do exercise much,I don’t like get sweating, but for Adam,I do marathon!! lol!Bring it on,Adam is mine!! lol!!

                      I believe he’ll have no chance at all! We like a a hungry tigers who going to attack a delicious LAMB!! lol!!

                    • Oh Mary C, the party sounds like a cool idea! I’m in, I’ll just board my private jet and be there in a jiffy. AdamAddict, 32 and faster, we’ll see about that. I accept the challenge – start going to the gym, my sweetie. You don’t like getting sweaty – too bad! When Adam comes to Mary C’s party, we’ll all build up a sweat, you included!

                      You folk are the best tonic yet!

                    • Ooh AdamAddict, I know what you when you say lamb, but I hope that Adam is a bit of a tiger -grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!

                    • Nothing beats experience, AdamAddict, and did you say something Mary C?

    • cheryl norman says:

      AdamAddict!!!!!! TA-DA!! Here I am!!! Yeah, babe, I am b a c k cuz not health issues can keep me away for long from MY FAV ADAM-LOVE FANSITE!!!!! I see you’re up to your own funny stuff, with that “so you held his hand, yadayadayada…..” Funny!!! Soon as I read that humor, I KNEW IT WAS YOU!!!!

      • Lisette so agree non even mal health can keep me away..even before having medtests somhow neede Adam to send me positive energie to see me thru thet awful procedure..m’angel of musique always!So glambs an Cheryl is very much best Adam tribute website!An do hope yu’re feeling bettre now..Plz know am sending yu some extra blessings or we’d miss all yur humour an charming poste! hugs an luv Lisette!

  13. I agree with the 50ish woman….don’t want adam to get trashy….He was adorable and clean and handsome on the goodmorning america show….They tamed Elvis down and I think they can Adam also….Love rock and Adam has it on stage……He looked like the clean cut boy next door and I have to say a lot for Adam over cook and kris’s dress….

    • diana, which 50ish woman??? With the exception of a few (probably 5%), most of us are over fifty and we don’t get trashy. If one looks through trashy eyes, you probably will get trashy. We get sexy, sensual AND very deep – Adam deliberately pushes people’s buttons and is not just a masterful singer and performer, he is pushing the boundaries. With everything Adam’s does, he has a purpose. He is trying to get the World to open their minds, be less judgemental and more tolerant – just take the time to look at his song choices (lyrics) and the message he is sending through them. I SO TOTALLY GET HIM! Provocative – yes, Trashy – DEFINITELY NOOO!

      • cheryl norman says:

        INGRID, i’M IN TOTAL AGREEMENT W/YOU!!! We get sexy and sensual and very deep. But since we’re
        not ‘trashy’ we wouldn’t be interested in ‘trashy’! See how we work? Right Ingrid? Anybody who changes
        the world has to way out on a limb to get society to come in at least as far as the ‘trunk’! he’s provocative
        for sure. Why else would he be able to get into our veins and heart and soul? I wonder if diana knows!

      • VE-R-R-R-Y nice, Ingrid…loved the ‘sexy, sensual, and very deep’…..personally, I think Adam is the greatest male dancer of all time, and I mean that in the Chippendale sense. That moment when he rips that coat back and off his bare shoulders, and struts out to the audience is one of the most fantastic visual movements in all history. And when he stands at that mic, feet planted apart, shaking those legs and his massive upper body back and forth in that fantastic coat with his legs lighted like the Parthenon, oh baby. All he has to do is throw back that black-haired head of his and thrust out that microphone stand, pose in silhouette with a background like a buzzsaw, send that laser-look of his out into the audience for the kill, and finally slay them all with that ecstatic reverb he achieves with his highest notes, and who is left alive? And I totally loved your comment about his ‘pushing the boundaries’ and getting people to open their minds and be more tolerant. This is precisely what he is doing, and you have said it perfectly. Sexy yes, trashy, – never.

        • Lorrin, stop, stop, for Pete’s sake stop. Wow! Oooooooooooooooh, Off to take a COLD SHOWER, again! At this rate, I will certainly catch pneumonia but it is all worthwhile!

          • Lorrin, I left a post further up for Songwriter4adam but I also volunteered your help! Love to you, my Californian friend!

          • I can’t stop NOW, Ingrid….those albums and videos and concerts are coming up! Anyway, it’s too much FUN!

            • Okay, you go, girl! Bless you, my Californian Dreamer! I like that actually! When you describe Adam, we all hallucinate!

              • Then I have fulfilled my purpose…I am ecstatic! (And that’s a great name for me, I love it, thank you!)

        • Oh, yeah, baby!

          • Here in rural Oklahoma we our embrace our trashiness, elevating it to an art form, actually. In the spirit of trashy sisterhood, I toast you ladies with my 32oz Bud Light cause you “get” the idea that one woman’s trash is another woman’s treasure! Adam is a valuable treasure that needs to be polished nightly–like the diamond mic stand. I’ll arm rassle all yall for that job!

  14. I really want to download the GMA performance onto my iPod…but I’m a bit wary of download sites other than iTunes. I’m not sure if I will or not…

  15. cheryl norman says:

    OH, MY GOODNESS SAKES!!!! Those two tweets-thing-vids are sooo funny!!! Jeanette, thank you for interpreting what Adam said, I kept replaying that part, and vever did figure it out! And WHAT was that wrapping stuff on Adam?!! He’s soooooooooooooooooo…CUTE!!!! My God!!! The little bitty sweetheart, love-bug!!!!! The serenade by the guys, inclluding Blake Lewis, runner up a couple yrs ago (never liked him at all), was the best harmonizing they’ve ever done!! haha! Adam, of course, is PERFECT!!! Very very cute, Jeanette, I love it wwhen you post a vid or link!! L O V E I T !!!

    • Jeanette says:

      Welcome back, Cheryl! You’re welcome for the vids – I aim to please!

      • cheryl norman says:

        JEANETTE, Thank you! I always enjoy getting pleased! haha! Adam can ‘please’ me everytime I look at
        that face, body, hear that voice,,,,,,,! Thank you, God for Adam!

      • Lisette here..Okay Jeanette somhow we’re nevre online same time,an do hope yu av seen my greetings for yu,as I have mentione on many pages am thenkful sharing such lovli Adam news,tourupdates,videos be bubble tweetrs,guest appearance shows,interviews merci beaucoup! Sorry if I get carrie away,gathre it’s Adam’s charms,voix an talentes thet I’ll always support an adore for many yers to follow..legend of millenium,angel d’chansons an his abilitie to reman humble an apreciates his fans,an sucess seein in interviews..tresbeau always! j’adore more then evere..Blessings an luv Lisettexoxx Glamb gals simpli l’best an old Tina Turner songe goes!

  16. cheryl norman says:

    Forgot! As far as the ‘trashy’ thing, ADAM is NEVER trashy in my book!!!! He’s too classy to ever be trashy. He couldn’t even if he tried, cuz he’s just that PERFECT!!!!!! That’s what I have to say on that matter!

    • That’s right, Cheryl, and personally, I’d like to “trash” anyone who ever calls Adam “trashy” again. But I know we are all entitled to our own opinions here; it’s just that I come here to laugh and enjoy my delirious pleasure in all things Adam and do not enjoy reading negative remarks, ya know?

      • cheryl norman says:

        Songwriter4adam……Oh! Iknow exactly what you mean!!! I don’t know why anyone would want to post anything negative in any way about Adam. This is ALL ADAM-LOVE ALL THE TIME FANSITE! To suggest that our darling Adam is even close to ‘trashy’ makes me grind my teeth and start to growl!! Kind of like a ‘pitbull’ if someone is trying to take his food away from him/her!! Grrrrr…….Oul………..ggrrrrrrrrrrr………..
        woff woff howl~~~~~~~~~~~! ADAM IS MY MSTER, DO NOT TRY TO DISS HIM, OR ELSE !!!1……………….woff woff woff!!!!

        don’t make him/her mad, now!!!! just go away………….

        • LOL!

          • Lisette here..reade all poste as am upset with l’word trash..thet an Adam can nevre existe..he’s all aboute class, artistique talente an creative espressione be in vocals,couture an way he danses thinq surpass thet of Michel Jackson an Elvis ..sont estraordinaire Adam!From first time on Idol I felt he was destine for grandeur,an Ring of Fire(when many “trashed him,Randytravis..had non clue what he was sayin..he’s one thet’s strange)His originalitie transforme old country to exotique,erotique soft velvetvocals..knew Adam was gifted),even on disco week selecte to do a ballad thet was once disco into a sensual luv song..sans l’ecoutrements in greysuit sans l’makeup..ther was his subtle sensualitie!So trash remans with garbage,or rappers on mtv..nevre be our beauhearte.An even in zodiac agree is artistique espression,he even say on interviews he dosnon go out in drag..just likes dressing up onstage.Gathre I’ll always adore Adam..So agree with above gals! hugs an Luv Lisettexo!

        • Cheryl and Songwriter4adam, I can picture the two of you when you saw the trashy comment. Enlarged nostrils oozing fire, teeth and claws ready for the kill. Anyone who dares to say anything negative about Adam on this site, has either lost his/her sense of fear or likes living dangerously and is sure to be ‘Glambasted’.

          • cheryl norman says:

            INGRID!!!! Absolutely!! Consider ‘them’ Glambasted!!!

            Thank you, my dear!!

          • cheryl norman says:

            INGRID, my lovely! How perceptive of you!! We create such a beautiful pair w/nostrils flarrling and
            flames coming from our fingertips. You know me so well, Ingrid. Thank you, my dear!!Lotsa luv 4 U!

          • Ingrid, you are too funny! LOL!!!!

            Yeah, there’s nobody whose going to get between me and my Adam!

            • Correction Sonwriter4adam – ‘between US and OUR Adam! Please don’t ruin the friendship girlfriend! Love your posts too – sometimes I laugh so much that I cannot respond! Love and may you have many more Adamorgasmic moments!

    • Cheryl and Songwriter4adam – see my response post a few posts up!

  17. I’m a female of the age that I will not tell you!!! lol I will never think ADAM is trashy…the man has sooo much sexuality that comes natural, and he reeks of sexiness. I love it! I’ve been a follower since the very first time I saw him, and I just love him more and more. Each time I see him, he wins my heart over. When he does interviews, he is so charming and honest, that I just want to hug him. Females of all ages seem to flip over him. Has anyone honestly heard/seen any performer that has caused this much excitement since Elvis??? I feel good when I listen/watch ADAM…he’s the best!

  18. i’m going 2 the wensday show at the nassau coliseum, long island, new york and i hope i get to get a pic with adam and me . i will faint 2!!! mayb i’ll evwen get a hug!!!!

  19. I’m still a fan of Adam, but I must say I miss the Adam at the start of American Idol (heavy sigh). I fell in love with his younger, hipper look when he looked thinner, loved his hair longer and was dressed all in black, like when he was dancing at the intro of an early AI episode. That was the Adam that I thought was so hot and cool. I’m hoping someday he’ll go back to that look. Maybe it’s because I’m younger than a lot of his fans on this sight and most of you seem to really like that Elvis hairdo he wears at times. He’s also sexier with less make-up….but still looks great with some eye-liner.

  20. AdamAddict says:

    Newark concert 2nd show already in youtube.Adam got Elvis hair again but during Slowride,he’s hair got mess!Not enough gel? Funny he got another jack straps,hahaha!!
    Jeanette,the vids from theadambombs are great! 😀

  21. Adam Lambert couldn’t be “trashy”,even if he wanted to be. The man has far too much class to even have him mentioned in the same sentence as the word “trash”. He just happens to exude so much sexuality and sensuality, that they go hand in hand with him, both profesionally when he performs and when he’s just being “Adam Lambert, regular citizen”. As he has stated, “If you don’t like sexy, then don’t listen to my music”. He has the ability to be chameleon – like in all his performances, and possesses the talent to either be “Sex On Fire” on stage or be the romantic, handsome singer, as shown on the GMA Concert. For those who are suffering from sexual repression or assorted other sexual hang – ups, just don’t listen to Adam Lambert; but don’t start making unneccesssary commentaries about him becoming trashy – totally unwarranted and not welcome at all on this website, I would think.



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