TOUR VIBE – American Idol Summer Tour 2009 – Minneapolis, MN

The Idols travel to Minnesota for a concert on Tuesday, September 1st at the Target Center in Minneapolis.

First, one correction from yesterday. I mentioned Mars in the photo credits, but I forgot to actually publish her photos! I apologize – I often forget what I’m doing. I’ve published the pix now. If you check them out on the Glambs Photos & Videos page at and scroll down to August 25th where I’ve put Mars’ photos, the fifth one shows Adam bending forward. Mars explains what happened:


Thank you so much for sharing this with us, Mars!

We apologize for posting the recent TOUR VIBES out of date order. We have a lot of personal scheduling issues going on, and we’re doing the best we can to work things out. I’ll be leaving you soon, so after this week Sue will be taking over the TOUR VIBE duties for the duration of the Idol Tour. She’s new at this and still learning the ins and outs, so please be nice to her. Don’t worry, I’m not going anywhere, and I’m not quitting. I love Adam and Glambs too much for that, but it’s been an intense six months, and I need some “me time” to take care of things in my life I’ve been neglecting. I’ll be back before you miss me!

And one sentence about the haters, because they don’t deserve any more attention than that…please don’t waste time or energy commenting or distressing about them, because doing so plays right into their hands. These threads are about love, and love needs no defense.

If you’re going to the Minneapolis show, please share your experiences with us. If you have photos and/or videos from either this concert or any of the past concerts, please email them to us! Our email address is

~~Jeanette, Glamb #5


  1. Iyleneidol09 says:

    I second the motion to that Jeanette!!!Case closed… :).We’ll definitely miss you. But, balance is important in life. Take care of your personal stuff and be back soon :). I’m sure Sue will do fine. Is she the one in the picture with you at Adam’s concert?
    NOw here’s the link on the uncertainty of when Adam’s first album’s release date.

    • No, I haven’t actually met Sue yet! She’s from the Chicago area, not far away, and will be going to the Rosemont concert on Wednesday.

      • Lisette here..bonmatin Jeanette! Thenks for all yu av done for all Adam’s glambs gals/fellows/angels etc.An know yu deserve some reste aftre 6 monthes writing lovli posts/articles on all l’events during AI concertours,interviews,like bit of CNN but only for Adam’s news al time 24/7..An wondre if yu were “Sleepless in yur hometown” dedicating heures on thes Adam’s tribute page..As Im often sleepless in ‘le desert..wee heures an notice overnite articles takin place.So do enjoie yur time away al le concerte in Grand Rapids with lovli Cheryl,MaryC,Theresa,an othre Adam glambettes!!(like l’rockettes)oh being silly!Wel all do give Adam grande hugs an bisous for me too!An merci for always additional photos an concert videos thet all belle femmes av shared here! Luv to all an aurevoir for now Jeanette..Take time away unwinde..mabe a massage an spa tretmente before seeing Adam..get glamborized!
        Luv always Lisettexox

  2. leilani aloha says:

    U’re so right !!! Do Not give any attention to negativity, they feed on Hate and such wasted energy.

    Let’s focus on the good vibes & love of Adam Lambert & the other AI tours!!!

    Thank you so much for all the pics & updates of Adam Lambert for those of us who cannot be at the concerts:(:(:(

  3. cheryl norman says:

    OH!!!! WHAT??? JEANETTE,, are you going to return to this Blog???? I can totally understand what you’re saying about 6 months on this ‘intense’ and sometimes ‘crazy’ site!!!! You’ll be going to your best
    concert yet, tho, still coming up on Sun, Sept 6th!!!! Get yourself back into the rest of society for a while, take care of business, and come back!!!! You’ve done an amazing job here!!!! We will definately be missing you!!!! Of course, we’ll try to ‘behave’ as we ‘always’ do!!! You know us!! We’re ‘pussycats”!!!!
    Will talk to you soon and see you in a few days!!! Be sure to let Sue know, she doesn’t have a thing to worry about on our part (!!!)!! Hope she doesn’t get embarrassed too easily!! You know some of these kids on here have been a little ‘naughty’ at times, I won’t name names, so as not to embarass anyone, but YOU know who YOU are!!!! Sue, I’ll be as heslpful as I can be and try to keep the kids here under control!!! I won’t let them bother you!!! HEAR THAT KIDS!!!! I WANT YOU ALL TO BEHAVE YOURSELVES AND REMEMBER YOUR MANNERS, OR ELSE!!! Don’t make me explain the ‘what else’!!! OKay, Jeanette! As you can see, I’m ready to do my part. Much fun and love to you in the near future until you come back!!! LOTSALUV 4 U and ADAM!

    • I can think of ONE BIG NAME that should be right at the top of the list, but that’s OK, we’ll let you be den Mother for these next few days, Cheryl…and I, for one, will definitely behave, just like I always do…at least, I THINK I will, anyway..

      Jeanette, have a wonderful, joyful, happy time with Adam and the gals; Cheryl, have the time of your life, I hope you levitate or something just as good, don’t forget the Belt Buckle; and Terry, love, hugs, blessings and safekeeping as you make your way down to the U.S. to meet the gang. And whoever else is going to be there, Mary C. or any of the other Glambs, please have a wonderful time and keep these three kids out of trouble! You will have your hands full, I can assure you! Love to all you Glambs!

      • cheryl norman says:

        LORRIN, You sound like you’re going away somewhere!!!!! You aren’t are you!!!! So, I can be ‘den Mother’ for a few days, eh??? Oh, and what BIG NAME might that be??? Now, Lorrin, you shouldn’t be telling fibs out of school about Ingrid!!! You have YOUR moments, little girl, Flaming Glamfingers, yourself!! You don’t realize I keep one eye on you at all times!!! Have to!! You’d take Adam away from me if I don’t keep you in ‘check’!! You and MARY!!!!

        MARY needs to keep me very, very close to the stage so she can watch over me!!! Right Mary!!!
        Mary with your great seats!!! You have to keep me very close, so that I don’t embarrass any Glambs!!!

        EVERY GLAMB,,, Keep your eyes on Lorrin, our site’s Flaming Glambfingers!!!! She can cause a little havoc, if given half a chance!!!

        ADAMADDICT,, Emili, that goes for you too!! Keep your comedy up to date!! We expect that from you now, you know!!!

        HI!!! SUE!!!, JUST POSTING A NOTE FOR SOME OF THE GLAMBS YOU NEED TO WATCH OUT FOR!! THERE ARE MANY MORE, WANNABETHESNAKE (where are you??), GALA, NANCY, oh, and let’s not forget THERESA, HELEN, LISETTE, IYLENEIDOL, ADAMROCKS, I better stop for now, but YOU ALL know who you are!!! SUE WILL BE WATCHING YOU ALL!! all my love forever and ever! I am and will always be Glamb #334. PEACE-LOVE-LIGHT-JOY-HAPPINESS 4 ADAM and all Glambs!

        • Bonmatin Lisette agan..oh Cheryl now yu always bring joie an Sue will have handsful keepin up with all our passione an jubilation for beau Adam.Agree ther’s lot of us thet are over stimulated seein Adam’s beauface since seein thet video (from Hartford thenks Lorrin, one of best performances of Mad World(sorry I dont know to post linq here for new gals to see), lighting thet illuminates his features,glitter an blackliner accent twinkling aqua crystal eyes, ah like Raphael’s painting d’angeli,an velvet voix to be swept away. ,Sue may need a drinq aftre reading our comments.An am guilty of many posts to espress affetions an adoration for Adam..His artistry, hearte,beauface an gentle soul,compassion an luv for all his fans display in beautiful photos,,autograph/meetings,interviews,etc,etc! Take care Cheryl..Yes Sue bonwishes for keeping up with all us Glambs now! hugs an luv Lisettexo

          • cheryl norman says:

            LISETTE, Thank you, our little angel Glamb!!! You can always be counted on when it comes to showing good manners her on Adams Fansite!! Let’s hope Sue doesn’t need a drink b/c of us Glambs, but we
            won’t judge her if she does!! You know some Glambs, and I won’t name names, like to drink tea
            and light beer?!! Amazing to these poor ears of mine. But, like I said, I don’t judge. We all have our
            little necessities! Maybe if we’re real good Jeanette will come back to us!!! Luv 2 U Lisette, Cheryl

            • Lisette here..bonmatin Cheryl aw merci beaucoup..hugs back an well alrite then gathre she’ll not go thet far! Aw thet’s splendide an I like glass of wine on occasion with meals,holidays..Now if Adam ever hed future concerte here..sure I may celebrate with Champagne bellini(peach nectar an champagne au blanc wine)..l’reve now!Ah well so I’ll try an behave for Sue..An yes Jeanette possible truly deserve some reste for awhile..Sure we’ll all miss her daily articles,videos an all Adam news al le time! Take care an will chat soon..Hugs an luv Cheryl,an to all glambs..Lisettexoxo!

        • Hey, hey Cheryl, you want to be the WHAT???? Mother, heaven forbid! This is site would be a shambles. Between you and AdamAddict, we have our work cut out. AdamAddict cannot talk about Adam with going straight to the more intimate parts of his anatomy. So I will do my part and encourage, not stop her!

          I have left a post on the Rapids’ thread for all you Glambs who are going to the Rapids’ concert.

      • Lisette here..pardon to interupt..thenks Lorrin for thet message re: tweet always such lovli thouts regarding last nite,non to mention for anymore negative people to enjoie..Angels to garde over him til l’fin of tour! An yes we’re all going to welcome Sue as she’ll be in for lots of glambs longe posts(am guilty difficile not to espress sentimentes for thinq thes is only place to do so)For tweeter limites to 140charactres before I complete thout.An official site seemes user unfriendli an non so organize.An always thenk dreamsound for without him we’d nevre be able to av met!An so many wonderful gals here is like a circle of frends from all part of USA,an aronde l’monde..all to celebrate thes beau artiste of such class,intelligence,humanitie,charm,celeste voix an always a face angelique! Benedictions,blessings an luv to all glambs enjoie an celebrate life,luv,musique an Adam angel blessings toujours monamie tresbeau!xoxo

        • My dear Lisette, the same good wishes and blessings to you also, you and I will keep the messages of love to Adam going over on Twitter together…isn’t it something all this excitement about so many of the Glambs who will get to be together this coming weekend in Grand Rapids? We will send a chorale angelique with them, too…this site is such a joy, isn’t it, with so much joy, laughter, good humor, and our lovely Adam…it’s good for body AND soul…love to you tonight from next door, and blessings on starlight..

          • Lisette here..bonmatin Lorrin merci aussi to ma cheramie dans California…oui ma neibor too!Aw now how is brushfires j’espere they havnon reached yu?So will send prayres an angeli to protect aganst any harm.An so on liter note aw yes a heralde d’angeli pour nous favorite vocaliste,artiste et tresbeau l’homme..Adam! Mais oui toujours prende joie de vivre sans le bubbly..a natural high pour l’corpse et soul!!
            Ah why I always thinqin of champagne an Adam unsure now..Thinq is from all l’videos of late I av seen last several days..He looks even more beau if thet’s possible,his hair,les yeux azure bleu,muscular physique has been more toned in all his choreographe danses to rival anyone in Vegas venues as le Reve(Cirque d’Soleil) or Jubilee..Hav yu evre seen such shows..Adam can be Samson (of Samson an Delilah in thes spectacular venue an sure to sell out tickets…alrtie Lisette is dremin too much!)
            Re: Grand Rapids thet’s lovli so many glambs will be able to celebrate Adam’s artistry an possible steal a bisous au deux(what)?Now thet can be best reve ever.Thinq they’ll be overjoie to take closup photos,an close encounter an nice hugs etc,etc.An blessings luv to mabelle amie.. Luv Lisette An starlit al way to etoile where Adam takes us!!!xoxo

            • Dear Lisette, I have left a post for you out on the TOUR VIBE GRAND RAPIDS page, concerning the fires, the ‘artistic spirit’ and other things. Love to you tonight..

    • AdamAddict says:

      Some kids here are “naughty”?? “Behave and remember your manners”??!! Hahahahaha!! That’s so funny!! I think this is your funniest post!! LOL!! When Helen and Mary want to sit besides Adam, I want to sit on Adam’s lap, “someone” want to sit on his face!! I wonder who??!! When Jeanette touch Adam’s hand. “someone” want to touch the beltbuckle or underneath it!! I wonder who??!! ~giggle~ You are right about one thing Cheryl, better don’t name names!!Let’s not embarrass “anyone”!! LMAO!!!

      • cheryl norman says:

        ADAMADDICT Hey Emili! I see that you’ve read my little advice column!!!!! I knew you could be counted on not to name names! All Glambs are counting on you, Emili to be on your best behavior, too. I know you have a hard times, sometimes, our little comediane, but just try to pull yourself together for Sue. We don’t want her to leave us, too!!! As far as sitting on Adam’s face, I really can’t remember who said that! But whoever said it sounds like a very lovable, sweet, kind and extremely intellligent Glamb. That’s the kind of Glamb who we should all rally behind, as she obvious has the ‘inside track’ on some of Adam’s best qualities. So, whoever it is, I applaud you!! Bravo!! (whoever you are)!

        • Cheryl for THIS I decided I AM going to tell on you! Just wait, when you get rolled over up on that stage, you’ll see, ha ha ha!



        WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (DONT FANTED)

        • AdamAddict says:

          I just watched that and just paste the link in other thread for Iylene birthday present!LOL!! And you already paste the link here first!! But what the heck, I can watch it hundreds times!! HOT,HOT,HOT!! I LOVE IT!! grrr!!yummy!!

          The second time I read your post, I laughed the second time! I bet I’ll laugh again if I read it again! “very loveable,sweet, kind and extremely intellligent Glamb.” LOL!! You are funny and obviously very modest too! LOL!!

          • Adam A, that is very nice Birthday present u gave to Iylene. I know she will treasure it for
            always. And always treasure the TREASURE!

            • Iyleneidol09 says:

              That is soooo sweeeeett!!!!!! Adamaddict!! Thank you!!! Seeee!! you are willing to give up your “TREASURE” for a friend!!!!! That is wonderful!!! All yo need to do is send it via FEDEX to me. hahaha!!! Wrapped in a silver pants and adorned with a belt buckle!!! LOL!! Thanks!!!
              Do we really have to behave for Sue??

        • Ay yi yi yi, Ofra! Fan, fan, fan, flap, flap, flap, whew! Yikes, I hadn’t even SEEN some of those pics before, he is certainly one ACROBATIC boy, that’s for sure…thank you for posting this one. I’m sure if I did one of my ‘descriptions’ of this video, we would be whisked off the internet for ‘improper content’ violations in very short order..

          And thank YOU, Adam Addict, for posting this very same video, boy, you two gals can really spot ’em, and both of you live outside the U.S., bravo!

        • Lisette..bonmatin Ofra across seas..We av nevre chat plasur to see yu here on Adam’s wonderful glambs page.Seeing thet linq too,Adam looks tresbeau an perfete song to complement him in evry way! Merci for sharing here!Hope yu’re fine..bonwishes an hugs Lisette!

      • Hey AdamAddict, you and Cheryl and Helen need to go back to that post (Milwaukee) and see
        what I want to sit on now!!!! Forget about moving over Allison.
        Welcome Sue, we will behave as much as we can, (not) Adam just brings out so many emotions,
        I know you know that. I’m sure you will do a great job.
        Jeanette, see ya soon, take care.
        Cheryl, how can I watch you? I have to watch myself. WE will watch ea other. Look Out!

        • Mary C,
          I went back there and thanks a lot, I laughed so hard ,my tears coming out!! hahaha!! You are very dirty minded, the QUEEN of dirty minded! Chugga chugga!! Hahahaha!! OMG!! Now my snot coming out!! LMAO!! Now I’m not sure I want Adam to know about this sites! He will terrified if he’s going out alone! LOL!! You think our new Principle Sue here is very strict and fierce? You think she will kick us out? Never happened to me when I’m in high school before because I’m very sweet and naive! You guys turn me into bad girl!! AND I LOVE IT!! LOL!! If she kick us out,then at night we break in her house,steal her bra and we hang it in White House!! LOL!! What say you??!! You think Jeanette see this??!! Shhh,we do it quietly!! XD

          • OH AdamAddict, I’m laughing so hard too, you make me laugh. We’ll break Sue in, really
            really good, wont we? I was sweet in high school to, now look whats happened. I guess it
            happens to some of us as we mature. Mature? is that what we are?? I imagine some
            people out there would like us to grow up.
            Oh dont worry, Adam would love this site, he likes to f _ _ _ with peoples minds too. Cant
            you just see him LHAO? SHHHH, VERY QUIET!

            • PS, we cant behave, cause its NO fun!

              • Emili and Mary, I caught you…

                • AdamAddict says:

                  It’s not my fault!! It’s Mary C!! She thought me everything, I just following her orders!! I promise!! Hee hee,we’re sorry!! We just going to stand in a corner and think what we did wrong!! Please don’t spank us, we know we are naughty ,naughty girls!! But you can ask Mr.Lambert to spank us, we are willing!! 😛

                  • cheryl norman says:

                    ADAMADDICT AND MARY!!! See??? Jeanette has caught you!! I knew you two
                    had to be watched so closely, but I never thought it could get this funny, I men ugly
                    this fast!!! SHAME ON YOU BOTH!!!

                    AND EMILI, making plans to sneak into Sue’s drawere and steal her undies!!! And
                    now you’ve got that ‘snot’ icky(!!!) hanging all over!! Little missy, you go blow your
                    nose! I’ll handle things from here!!! And MARY, I know where you want to sit!! You
                    think you’re foolin’ me, but I’m wise to you to, chick!!

                    Emili, you have really done it this time!!! I could not stop laughing while reading
                    your post!!!! That kind of humor is indecent!! Bu we know you LOVE IT! Don’t
                    you!!??? Get that comedic mind out of the gutter and back in the street where
                    it can do someone some good!!

                    You two better stop mocking me, or I WILL tell SUE!

                    • Helen/Canada says:

                      I’m replying to all of you–YOU ARE ALL TOO MUCH!!! You should take a lesson from me and be a good little girl!

                  • AdamAddict, now that sounds like a winner, being spanked by Adam.

        • cheryl norman says:

          MARY, Think you need to check out that thread again, my little dear!

  4. Definetly I agree with you on this. As I posted on the other thread, I apologize for even bringing it up. I was angry at the time and I wasn’t thinking of what I would be doing when I was venting. All I did was bring up drama that the site could’ve done without. For that I apologize, like I said in the other thread.
    On a lighter note, enjoy your time off! We totally appreciate all the hard work you put into the Tour Vibes and the site and general. Have fun, catch up on sleep, whatever it takes. After all, trying to keep up with Adam can be a job within it’s self. 🙂
    Excited to here what you have to say, Sue. 😀
    -Peaches, Glamb #387

  5. iluvadam4ever says:

    I totally agree with you. You have done an awesome job and have spent alot of time on this website. You deserve some time for yourself. If you need any help with the site or any creative input, please don’t hesitate to ask. I would be honored to help in any way. I would love to express in any way possible the influence Adam has had on my life. This is a great place to go where everybody knows how you feel and can relate to you in the same way. Keep me in mind for any assistance you may need. I would be glad to help!!!

    GLAMB #380

  6. Jeanette, thanks so much for all you have done. I have very much enjoyed your posts, and all the other posts on this site. Checking this out is part of my daily Adam-check routine. I will just google Adam Lambert, and up pops any news within the last day or so. Then, I go to this site- the best one there is!! And I also check the “official” site, which is good, but not updated as much as this one is. This seems totally driven by fans with passion, and it shows! I look forward to many years of our celebrating Adam’s success and our fun! For this fifty-something, Adam has rekindled my interest in music, and what a pleasure to watch him shine. He’s also brought together many really nice people throughout the world. Love to all.

    Vicki….don’t know my Glamb number!!!!

  7. Jeanette,
    Totally agree with everything above said. You are doing a great job. I checked a few sites and this one is the best! Great articles and reviews, lots of information, beautiful pictures and the people are just wonderful! Have a great time and come back soon! But I will see you in Grand Rapids, right?

    • Yes, gala, I will most definitely be in Grand Rapids – Adam’s Midwest Mecca, where Glambs from literally all over North America will be converging to show him our love and support!!!

  8. BTW, I am Glamb#26

  9. Jeanette,
    Thanks for everything you do. I really appreciate being able to rely on all of your site for my daily Adam fix. Take care of you!

    Glamb # 411

  10. Jeanette, you know we all appreciate you so much. It is a big job and has been an evergrowing Adam ‘snowball’ with all us ‘flakes’ adhering to it, bigger and bigger, faster and faster!

    Good for you for recognizing you need some down time. Enjoy the next concert and see ya soon.

    hugs, Terry

  11. Jeanette,

    I’m going to disagree with one thing you said… “I’ll be back before you miss me” You’ll be missed immediately and for however long you are absent from these pages, but you most definitely have earned and deserve your ‘me’ time. I hardly ever post here, but so appreciate all the work you’ve done.

    Enjoy your concert and your time off!

  12. Jeanette:

    Enjoy your “me” time. It is certainly well deserved. I’ll look forward to seeing you back on the posts and, in the meantime, will keep up with all things Adam through Sue’s posts.



  13. iluvadam4ever says:

    Where about @ the Grand Rapids concert is everyone going to meet? I would love to meet some of you.

    GLAMB #380

    • cheryl norman says:

      ILUVADAM4EVER, We will be meeting at Arnie’s Restaurant on 28th,SE to meet and eat, then moving onto the concert to meet other Glambs who won’t be going to Arnie’s, at a place yet to be determined!!!!!
      So be sure to email Jeanette to the address she provided in the article!!!!!!! She’s taking a ‘head count’ and supplying everyone with info on when and where to meet, if some want to meet at the Arena!!! So, if you don’t want to meet and eat at Arnie’s with us, we can definately meet at the Arena and maybe get some pictures of all of us!!!!!!

      • cheryl norman says:


        Email Jeanette ASAP!!! We’re getting names and cell phone numbers and giving cell phone numbers, so that no one gets lost or left behind!!!



      • iluvadam4ever says:

        That sounds great! This is such a great place to share feelings with people who feel the same way about Adam! Nobody else seems to understand the impact he has on people. He has changed my whole philosophy and attitude toward life in so many ways. Can;t wait to meet you all!!!!

        GLAMB #380

        • Lisette here.
          Iluvadam4ever..lovli to see yu’re joining glambs Cheryl,Jeanette,Gala an othres for Grande Rapides show..Plese enjoie for me as I’m one of few in US unable to attend concert,due to ill health.So many bonwishes to all sure it will be a trasur memoire to share such an esperience togethre,have dinnre an see our beauhearte Adam best vocaliste,artiste of l’millenium an Angel d’musique tresbeau d’couer et soul an his face like a painting in frescos! Hugs an luv to all! J’adore Adam toujours! Lisettexoxo

  14. AdamAddict says:

    You plan to take days off??Really? Something fishy here,guys??!! You not planning to take our Adam to Vegas after meet him in concert,are you? Make him drunk and marry him??!! If that’s the plan, it’s suck,Jeanette! Don’t you know marry in Vegas won’t last? They always get annulment the next day!! So, it won’t work!Forget about it. LOL!! All you get is Adam for one whole long night!! Just one night!! What the point of that, you just….Adam…for….one….whole….long….night???!!! JEANETTE, YOU CAN’T GO,YOU CAN’T LEAVE US,WE MISS YOU ALREADY,PLEASE DON’T GOOOOO!!!DON’T TOUCH MY ADAM!!! SUE, GET JEANETTE BACK HERE! WOH,WOH SUE,WHY YOU BUY ONE WAY TICKET TO VEGAS??!! I SAID STOP JEANETTE!! WHERE ARE GOING? I’M STILL TALKING HERE!! HEY,WHY YOU BRING KONDOM WITH YOU??PUT THAT BACK!! WHY ARE YOU REALLY PUT THAT BACK? YOU WILL NEED IT IF….NOOOO YOU DON’T NEED THAT!!BOTH OF YOU COME BACK HERE, DON’T GO ANYWHERE!!! GUYS??!! GUYS??!! Sob,sob, I want to go to Vegas too!! 🙁

    • LOL!!!!!! I want to go to Vegas too!!! I love that town!

    • Emili,

      Once again you have made my day!!!! God, if I could have but one night…


      • Lisette ..ofra..plese bienvenue promise upon his nexte solotour if I mentione enough perhaps ma reve will come true..An any Glambs gal/fellow be plasur to meet somehow for thet special event..Ah I’m goin to wish upon all l’stars in sky an mabe with devine intervention,some positive energie from l’ciel..can be so..So Adam monamie tresbeau if ever yu visite..Plese thinq of thes destination for a Glambs international welcome party!Now I know am gettin ahead of things..but nevre know!!!Many hugs an luv to all yu gals…an bisous for Adam too!xoxooLisette!!!

        • DEAR LISETTE



    • Emili Lisette here..I av reade all yur posts an theyre always entertaining..An now one mentioning Vegas j’reside perhaps Adam can flyby for some champagne..ah I av mentione thes from commence of thes thread..Am feeling like celebrating for all lovli glambs who will see concerte in Grande Rapids..So bienvenue wold be le best Glambs then I’d finde way to meet yu all avec l’ange d’musique..Alrite le continuation of thet reve is going on here..since yu av mentione of Vegas!!..Wel just yu enjoie togethre an thinq of me abit in Nevada!! hugs an luv Lisettexox

  15. Jeanette, I add my thanks to all the others. You WILL be missed but I am glad that you are taking time off for yourself. This isn’t just ONE of the best Adam sites on the Web – it’s THE best one and that is due to all your and your hard-working colleagues’ dedication, devotion and talent. It’s my fix each day, that’s for sure! I know I am not as prolific a commenter nor as good a writer as some of the other eloquent scribes here, but I read EVERYTHING that’s written hear, watch evry video and drool over every picture (and that all takes some time let me tell you!) My days would simply not be the same without feeding my ADAM fix right here on Thanks again, Jeanette and have a good time – you deserve it!

    (Glamb #20)

  16. Jeanette you have done a fanstastic job, thank you so much, we will miss you but look forward your return, I hope you have a nice break. Totally agree with you that this site is ABOUT LOVE, as the be Beatles song says ‘love is everythink’, and there is whole lot of love for Adam.

  17. Wait a minute…we are being watched? What? *hides leather whip*

  18. Mars thatnks for sharing the photos, the one where Adam bends over to speak to the girl, he is such a compassionate person, very thoughtful, very loving, very genuine.

  19. AdamAddict says:

    I know not all of you are a fan of “NO BOUNDARIES” But I I like it. Adam’s version,of-course,of-course! So which one do like the best?
    KARA DIOGUARDI,…wait!! Kara??WTH??WHY?Is she trying to prove something here??Whatever,Adam is the best!!

    • I never liked that song, the only version I liked was Adam’s version, but if it was left to Adam I wonder if he would have chosen to record that song. Why on erth did Kara decide to record that song, she sounds awful, she has actually succeeded in finally killing Boundaries. Kara, bad lyrics, and worsed then that is you singing Boundaries. Thank God Adam will now be making the decisions on what he records, and it will be his interpretation.

    • Thanks for reminding me of how terrible this song was, it is a wonder that either one won with this song being sung at the end. Some parts of it is ok, but, for the most part there is too much back-up singing and too loud espescially for Adam, Adam said that the back-singers got a little over excited, he is so kind hearted, never a bad word to say about anyone. Kara, I agree!!!

      • Helen/Canada says:

        The song is a bit too long and the back up singers are too prominent in some areas. They also got “carried away” on Idol when Adam sang Crying. They should have toned down the back up singers alot.

    • Helen/Canada says:

      I know it’s not the best song in the world, but I find it hard to criticize it. I love everything Adam sings and I think he did a good job with it.

    • I actually kinda like the Kradam version, good blend of their voices.

  20. Thank you Jeanette for all yur hard work and dedication to this site. I appreciate it so much. I am also an older fan who can tell yu love for Adam transcends all age groups. Thank you for letting us know about his kindness to the handicapped girl. Nothing that he would bring attention to,but I am glad you did. It shows what kind of person he is. Another reason to love him.


    You are all so sweet, and I appreciate your words more than you know. Without Adam and you guys, this would have been the most boring, blah summer ever. You have filled it up with humor, love, friendship and support. What a blessing that Adam has come into our lives to inspire us like this!

    Really, I won’t be gone long, and already I am looking forward to coming back!

  22. Jeanette~~~ If Adam knew(maybe he does?) he would be saying “AHHhh, thank you so much” and I can see him saying it, with a slight twist of his head,,,,and I agree completely, you have made my summer also. I will miss you, hope that you drop a line every once in awhile and let us know what you are up to. ( Maybe in jail after taking Adam to Vegas, like kidnaping) please tell us what you experianced in GR, just this last time before your “ME TIME”~~~ You have given me something else to do then the TV, which I had an addiction to,,,,now it is ADAM,,,so much better!!!! Everyone here, you all make me laugh, it is so much fun being in love with the same guy,,,how different is that,,all except~~ AdamAddict,~~~ I don’t think she is really willing to share, at all !!! HAHAHA LOVE EVERBODIES COMMENTS HERE…Don’t forget, Jeanette, we will be waiting for to hear from you !!

    • Lee, how strange, so many of us in love with Adam and yet there are not fights, we all willing to share him, that does’nt happen in reality, but one thing is for sure, all the people here are fantastic individuals but all part of the same family, and this is great. All this love is greated by Adam, he treats all his fans with the same respect, same love, no one is left out or made to feel different, he has a great gift in bringing that about.

      • Toni, that is soo true. We are here for love and fun, ornery fun that is. But its all good.
        We love Adam and he loves his fans.
        Jeanette, you are such a dear and I have a feeling u wont stay away too long. this sight is
        the best things since, I dont know what. Big thanks to you . We are family!!!! All of us.

    • Helen/Canada says:

      Amen to that Lee and Toni!

      • Iyleneidol09 says:

        ..and there’s no Boundaries…up in the rockies… beyond the wilderness… across the pacific ocean and atlantic ocean… to the sahara deserts….. there’s no boundaries for our adoration of this great man ADAM!!! love this man and love you guys!!!! this is one great summer of 2009 that I will cherish forever!!!

  23. Is there a way to send Adam an e-mail?

  24. Jeanette – Thanks, and hope you come back soon! We’ll miss you. You really have done a fantastic job.

  25. Jeanette, I am not surprised that you need a break, not that this site will be the same without you. Take care, try not to stay away from us for too long, please. Don’t worry, we WILL behave and Sue can count on us. Lotsaluv and mmmmmmmmmmmmmwah! Ingrid

    • Iisette here..bonmatin Ingrid am seeing yu here from above..lovli amie yu too are welcome to thet party(if evre in future if Adam’s solo concerte include Vegas au othre citie in Nevada..Wil manage to av bonhealth an meet yu too..Ther’s so many wondreful Hotels here ..perhaps we can all av a party before!! Okay thinq I av to blame Emili(AdamAddict) for thes for mentione Vegas..c’est lavie… just a far away dreme. If I wish for perhaps can be so! Hope yu’re fine in South Africa too! Luv an hugs Lisettexoxo!

  26. DonnaNoble says:

    Jeanette, thanks so much for all of your work on this, the BEST, Adam site. I really do enjoy visiting here though I don’t post often. Hope you have a wonderful break but hurry back! And I, too, love Vegas – it’s been way tooooo long since I’ve played there!

  27. cheryl norman says: