TOUR VIBE – American Idol Summer Tour 2009 – Milwaukee, WI

***UPDATED WITH MORE PHOTOS – All are courtesy of Jill – many thanks, Jill!!!***













Adam and Company are chillin’ (literally) in Milwaukee, Wisconsin for a concert at the Bradley Center on Friday, August 28th. (I’ve been waiting so long to write that!) After Milwaukee, the Idols head south and west before hitting Wisconsin and Michigan one more time before heading back to the East Coast.

On Thursday, as I write this, it’s overcast, gray enough to need the car headlights on, and raining as steadily as if the city is just waiting..waiting for Adam to cast his light and love over the city. I’m hoping for a beautiful day tomorrow, but seriously – it’s supposed to be cold and thunder storms. At least my disappointment in not getting a backstage pass is gone (I know, I know – entitlement is not sexy), and I’m nothing but excited today.

I’ve made my practical list of things to bring and also my heart’s list of “hopes and expectations.” But do I really want events to unfold exactly as I’ve dreamed them? No. I’m a storyteller, and I know that the best stories are not those that simply fulfill readers’ expectations, but that take readers on a ride that lifts them above and beyond expectation to soar to a place filled with magic and surprises. Some of you have commented that I should leave my wish list at home and simply enjoy Adam as he is, and you are exactly right. To do otherwise would doom me to certain disappointment that “Adam didn’t do this” or “Adam didn’t do that.” And I don’t want to feel that. Adam is a gift, period, so I’m not going to think about my expectations, but about all the wonderful surprises that await me.

This event is also about fellowship, as this website is, and as the whole Adam experience is. We are his fans, and we’ve bonded with other fans of diverse ages and backgrounds who have all been united by this one extraordinary man. I wouldn’t be as excited as I am if I were going alone. Luckily, I’m hoping to meet up with several other Glambs and their families in the afternoon. A group experience that is not merely shared, but shared by people who understand each other, is special indeed. Adam touches each of us individually, but it’s the knowledge that what we feel is also felt in the same way by so many others that makes it such a wonderful experience. Why else do we hang out on this website? We could all just view photos of Adam and watch and listen to videos on our own. But we come together here to share, chat, inform, and support each other. We assure each other that we’re not crazy, and that feeling is as important as our love for Adam.

Because of the bad weather, I’m playing the pre-concert signing by ear. If you want my cell phone number to try to meet up on Friday, email me at Several people have already expressed interest in getting together, so hopefully we can make it happen in spite of the weather.

I don’t know if I’ll have photos to share, but I’ll definitely have a detailed post-concert report for you over the weekend. If you’re going to the Milwaukee concert and also want to share your experience, please comment below. If you have photos and/or videos from either this concert or any of the past concerts, please email them to us! Our email address is

~~Jeanette, Glamb #5


  1. Jeanette ~ I am SO excited for you! Enjoy and be fully present. Can’t wait to hear all about it – looking forward to your post-Adam post.
    PS ~ don’t forget your glitter.


      • If you haven’t seen this video of Adam on You Tube yet, it’s definitely worth looking at! You can find in on You Tube, titled:

        Adam Lambert- Out of This World!

        • OMG, this is one the best videos I have seen fully encapturing Adam’s spell on us, I loved the whole thing, thank you for the link Itsme.

        • This is a fabulous video and shows exactly how I feel about Adam! Allthough this video is kind of tongue in cheek about his otherworldliness I believe he is truly a Jewel from the Universe.
          He is here at this time right here right now to show us how life can be lived with Grace, Fierceness, Humbleness, Outrageousness, Free of Shame, Athenticicty and balanced Yin and Yang.
          I am so glad so many of us are here to recognize and receive his incredible energy.

          With Joy, Irena

        • TheFeyNan(Nancy) says:

          I was Seduced back in January….Thanx “Itsme” for this Grt share…I need to be brave and try and make one of these vids…it kept me mesmorized..Gotta Luv Him!!

          • Welcome. Of course the subject’s fantastic, our Adam, coupled with great effects and creativety, huh…. Yeah, if you do make one, be sure to share :).

      • Lisette here..bonmatin Theresa ah thout yu were goin friday also?So yu’re going to next one an meetin Jeanette?Enjoie for me totali an sounding like both are already glamorize with yur noir/au bleu nails,sparkles an signes…vive bon,danse singe an plese donte forget to open camera somone else poste earlier thread missing for bein so swept away!
        An Jeanette agree just enjoie thes evening show too an take in Adam’s mystique,hipnotique azure bleu eyes,face of a romanesque God,an his ethereal,sensual,velvet voix thet takes yu to l’starlit et etoile ..bit of heaven for sure!An donte worry re: photo au video tonite..just soak it all in..yu’ll have 2 othre shows still..ah if only to see one I’d be over l’lune an nevre wishing to returne back to earth as Adam vraimente is an angel from l’ciel one thet fell to earth!! bisous an luv always Lisettexoxo

        • AdamAddict says:

          You mean this one Itsme?I love where they put Adam the wings and a sword!Breathtaking!


          • wow, its to hot! I’m burning!

          • cheryl norman says:

            ADAMADDICT, Adam in Silver Pants!!!!! Adam in Golden Pants!!!!!!!

            Neither of these pants can ‘hold’ all of ADAM!!!!!!!!!! Than you God!!!!!!

            Thank you Emili!!!!!!!!!!!!

            Bless you ADAM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!MMMMmmmmmmmm……………..~~~~~~~~~.

            • Iyleneidol09 says:

              Oh-oh! What happened to Cheryl Norman? Did she pass out?Should we call 911? She might not make it to the concert!! Oh no! She had prepared for it, her glam make up, and her peacock headband!!

              • AdamAddict says:

                Don’t you worry about Cheryl there,LOL!! Even she fainted, when the time comes, she will wake up and she will put her make up on,spray perfumes and put her peacock headband and she will sit in front of that stadium like a day before the concert start! It’s Cheryl we’re talking about,if she’s not feeling well or upset, all we got to do is say the magic word! “Adam in silver pants” She will glow like…like…whatever that glow!! LOL! 😀

                • cheryl norman says:

                  ILYENEIDOL AND ADAMADDICT ………… me ……………… get Adam…………..
                  hurry………I’m …..fading…………f…a….s….t……..~ thud~

                  • AdamAddict says:

                    LOL!! Cheryl, you fainted,huh? CHERYL!! ADAM WITH NO PANTS AT ALL!! There, are you up now? LOL!! 🙂

                    • cheryl norman says:

                      ADAMADDICT, where???? Where’s Adam with no clothes!!! I’ll cover him
                      with my body!!! Just to keep him warm, of course. Maybe I could get naked
                      too, so the body heat can heat up!! Someone turn the lights off! If Adam SEES
                      my body, he will get chilled!! But, Adam,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,i’m h e r e if you need me!

                      Thanks Emili!!! I needed that! (slap)!

          • Yes. That’s the one. I couldn’t get the http to post. Thanks for adding it! 🙂

        • Lisette, no I am flying east next weekend to attend the Sept 6 show in Grand Rapids Mi with Jeanette and Cheryl. Tonight is Jeanette’s first show and I do hope she is enjoying it as I type this!!!

          • Lisette just notice yur lovli replie ..thenks alrite then plese enjoie future concerte in Grand Rapids with Jeanette,sure Adam will look tresbeau an singe like an angeli d’cielo! An cant waite to here of her news,hope she has met beauhearte Adam..nevre know with all our prayres an welwishes can be so! hugs Lisettexoxo

  2. I’ll be there, too, making lots of noise for ADAM!!! and hoping he comes out after the show (in as much of a non-entitled way as I can)…

    My first of 4 concerts; I can’t wait!!!!

    • bonmatin..Aw how lovli Rebecca Lisette here..Enjoie then for me..stil av not yet seen our beau Adam,due to illhealth so am gretful to be part of glambs gal fans,frends on thes beautful Adam tributepage(always will say can be his “official” an pray he visites sometime in future).He as recognize on his charitie page..An also hope for Jeanette given all her dedicatione has met Adam!
      Take care an reste then for concerte! hugs Lisette!

    • Rebecca, you go girl! 4 concerts, wow wee!

  3. irish1139 says:

    Don’t be afraid to stand up and shout and dance if you want to. Sometimes you get stuck in a section of people that just don’t move, and all you want to do is jump up and shout. My advice is to jump up and shout. You may never get another chance to experience your first concert. Let it all hang out. Most likely you will never see those people again, so just have a ball. I still smile when I think of the Tampa concert. I think I smiled for a week straight. It was the most fun I had in years and I acted like a real screechy teenager and I am in my 60’s. I would do it all again. I treasure every minute I spent at that concert, and I began to love each and every idol for what they brought to the program. Have a great time. I will be thinking of you with fond envy.

    • Iyleneidol09 says:

      I am sooo proud of you, all Glambs60’s age group, someone had mentioned that 60 is the 20’s now. I agree 100%, just reading all the post of post-concert experiences: getting glam up, nails color, the wild jewelries and the dancing and jumping!! and screetching!!and the expressions of wild sexual fantasies. Looking back many years ago, when I remembered my grandmother during her 60’s, she almost looked like she’s ready to “meet her maker” then..You go ladies!! Life is short and might as well make it fun, wild and memorable!! Have no shame!! Shame is just an opinion!!

      • Helen/Canada says:

        Well said Iylene! Life is short, we should all enjoy the ride. Don’t want to go through life regretting the things you DIDN’T do!

      • cheryl norman says:

        IYLENEIDOL Yeah, that was me!!! I said 60 is the new 20!! Shame is just a wasted emotion!!!!!

        • Lisette here..bonmatin Cheryl wel yu’re as younge as yu feel! An thinq Adam is l’medicine to make us all feele a joie de vivre state of minde..Im thirty plus an feel like teenage whenevre on thes lovli fanpage.Ma sistre who is soo very serieux althout she adore’s Adam,still nevre visite thinqs I av loss ma minde..As I av mentione when in realty office(thenkful parteme job), once doodling Adam’s face on blanc paper insted of bein her secretaire..fortune am related.Or as Donald Trump says “yu’re fired” may be a situation elsewhere.Nevertheless we’re like oil an vinegar..She says black an I say blanc,she’favors monetary things,Im altruistique,artistique for humanitarian causes(Aquarian nature gathre).An perhaps is our 15 yer diffarance..but she luv’s Adam’s musique..just thinqs Im silly.She’s actual one missing out,for when Adam has solotours prefer to attend with glambs,she’s negative inregarde to fanpages..Know ma mama woulde be here if she were still alive..thinq she is in spirite..certain as sometime I smell her parfum in ma bedrom,or her frame falls(Im very spiritual an beliv in aftrelife Sylvia Browne clairvoyent books too).Thinq anothre reason relate to Adam with astrology an such..alrite sorry to go on! hugs Lisettexoxox

    • GerryinNJ says:

      Hey, I’m a 71-year-old gay male, and I’m just as crazy for Adam as all you girls out there. My partner thinks I’m crazy, although he likes Adam, but nothing like us crazy Glamberts. Most of my friends, straight and gay, hardly know about Adam. THEY think I’m crazy also. We saw him in Philadelphia and he was awesome. In fact, I was impressed by all the idols (except Megan was a little lifeless). They put on a great show. I’ve followed Adam at every city with this and other websites. I can hardly wait for his first album.

      • Helen/Canada says:

        Hi Gerry
        Nice to hear from you again. If your friends who think you’re crazy started watching any of his performances, interviews, etc., they’d be hooked too! How can anyone resist his charm, intelligence, sincerity, his loving spirit and that beautiful, beautiful face. OMG, it’s almost too much to take in. It is too much, it’s overwhelming!

        • Laurie/SFO says:

          I have to wholeheartedly agree with Helen. How can anyone resist Adam? I find him completely compelling. As for your partner and those of your friends who don’t “get it”, have them watch Adam’s Idolatry interview with Michael Slezak on I defy anyone to watch that interview and not fall a little in love. Adam is just so charming and self-aware, along with many other great qualities too numerous to list. If someone doesn’t “get it” after watching, well, they never will and there’s really no hope for them!!

          I went to the San Jose concert early in the tour, and it was quite the experience. I had my 10 year-old niece and my 75 year-old mother with me, both of whom were die-hard Danny fans. While they loved Danny, after seeing Adam they were both converted. My niece commented on Adam’s “funny” dancing, and Mom was fanning herself and said things that I can’t even print here (nor think about my mother saying again….TMI !!)

          Peace, light and love to all!

        • AdamAddict says:

          We do not say “year old” here. We say “year young”! So,you are 71 years young gay male!!So,let me see, Cheryl say 60’s is the new 20’s,meaning you are early 30’s! Woo hoo!! LOL!! I think you are 2nd guy we have here! the 1st I can’t remember his name but he said he just argued with her GF & then listen to Adam songs & hooked! Awww, what happen to that kid?He’s 19 if i’m not mistaken! He’s a baby in Glambs family! LOL!! Don’t worry about people think you’re crazy, I got it a lot when I can’t stop talking about Adam or I get pissed if someone talk bad about him! Crazy??!! Duh! Crazy for Adam…crazy about Adam! Whatever,I’m not english teacher,who cares about my grammer or spelling or whatever!! 😛

      • hi gerry, welcome to the insane world of lambert love. we all love him without limits or boundaries . we come from all walks of life, we are all genders, types, and affiliations. yet we are bound by our love and appreciation of our glittering starman ADAM. get ready for the ride of your life, and remember, YOU ARE NOT ALONE!!!

      • i am 58 and iam with u wen it comes 2 adam !!!! love him 2 death!

  4. cheryl norman says:

    JEANETTE, At least it’s not going to be hottt!!! It’s so much worse if you’re sweating hot!! I am so excited for you, too!!! I went on a pre-concert shopping trip today, and I got all excited that you and the other Glambs kept encouraging me to do the nail polish, etc!! Thank you for that!! You said it all in your article. We help each other!! It cannot be understated how much this site has meant to us all, I don’t think!! This is a once in a llifetime event – living thru this journey with Adam, and not being alone!! you are so right when you point that out!! It is a totally different experience to feel like we do, and not have anyone to talk to about it and not feel like we’re the ‘odd man out’. This site makes all the difference in the world. I am so glad you will not be alone Friday, too. Memories are so much greater when they are shared. I am so looking forward to meeting up with you and Theresa and whoever else in GR. We need to ‘share’ our feelings and our excitement in order to feel fulfilled about it, or it would seem somehow a little ‘hollow’, I think. Enjoy yourself to the fullest extent you can!! Yeah, expect nothing more than the glory of Adam and his gorgeous, sensual, sexy, talented hottness, and you won’t be disappointed!!! You cannot possibly be disappointed knowing you’re going to be in the presence of His Greatness!!! You are so very Lucky!!! Don’t forget that!! You’re going to finally see Adam!!!! I’ll say a prayer for you that you will leave a ‘fulfilled’ woman!!! What more could anyone ask for??!!!

    • Lisette here..bonmatin Cheryl always plasur to see yu here!An way yu espress sentimentes thet I share too..jubilation,excitemente,elation for our lovli glambs author/team leader an mainly a frende from commence of thes Adam’s best tribute fanpage! With her dedicatione to keep all informed an captivated by thes beau artiste as Adam along his musiqual American Idol concert tour an even before it all took place..An look forwarde to hering of thes longe awaited evente..Nevre know just may be blesse to meet him still,perhaps some devine intervention shall set on toi shouldre an sprinkle bit of angelduste an permitte it to be so..Alrite so Im a romantique an eternal optomiste..but yu nevre know! Iav seen yur photo on sister site an yu’re very jolie Jeanette so yu’ll sparkle too enough to make Adam take notice!! An agree with Cheryl we’ll all say a prayre thet toi reve will be granted ma belle! An Cheryl know yu too will have a wondreful time as well with yur Adam glamorizing nails,sparkles an eyeliner! hugs an luv always Lisette ..Jeanette Im sprinkling thet angel dust now al way to Milwaukee hope it helps! Angel blessings too! Lisettexoxo

      • cheryl norman says:

        LISETTE MARY HELEN NANCY GERRY EMILI ,,,,,,Hey, kids!!! We are our own proof that we are not crazy even a little bit!!! We are ‘crazy’ for Adam, and those who aren’t, are still stuck in the old hum-drum world that still doesn’t have Adam in it YET!!! I prefer OUR world w/Adam making music, looking so beautiful that it makes our world more beautiful. We, here, on this site have what the rest of the people in our lives don’t, more excitement, more beauty, and life with the best music the world has to offer!!! How much more boring life was before Adam!!!! I’m so glad we still have the ability to feel all the excitement uou youth still brings, we are still able to look beyond the tv or books to enjoy this very lively, honest, exciting, gorgeous and upbeat man! We’re YOUNG again, and doubt if we will ever return to the way we were ‘before’ Adam! People who look at us with their own doubting ways, rolling eyes, or just tell us they don’t want to hear anymore about Adam, are being selfish to us!!! My kids have been telling me for about the last 5-10 yrs to ‘take up a new hobby’ or ‘take a new class’, or go to this place or that place to try to meet ‘new’ friends. Recently, they have both expressed to me that my talking about Adam was getting a little ‘old’. Well, I told them both, in no uncertain terms, Adam is my new class, my new frillelnd, my new hobby, and that they’ve wanted me to get interested in something new for so long, that I have found exactly what new thing excites me and is part of my life now! So, if they don’t want to hear what I have to say, maybe they should just not call me! I also get tired about all the places they are going to, new clothing, new furniture, new careers, new restaurants they’ve discovered, new classess and volunteering they’re doing, etc. So if I can llisten and be happy for them, they need to do the same for me. And I mean that with all of my heart. I think there’s a little ‘jealousy’ in the fact that ‘they’ are not the center of my attention. Well, isn’t that a shame? I now have another interest, and I don’t want to be disrespected, mocked or dismissed just because they are not sharing my Adam with me. It’s ok not to share to the extent I am, but, just be a little more understanding and respectful, or suffer the consequences, which is loss of communication w/me altogether Now EACH AND EVERYONE OF YOU STAND TALL, HOLLD YOUR HEAD HIGH AND REALIZE YOU ARE JUST A HEAD ABOVE THOSE WHO DESIRE TO BE LEFT BEHIND, FOR WE DO NOT!!!!!.

    • Cheryl, so well put . She will leave that concert a fullfilled woman. Jeanette :we will all be with you
      tonight in spirit. Have fun , dance like you never danced before and send Adam our love!!!!

    • Helen/Canada says:

      You are so right Cheryl. It’s wonderful to be able to share my feelings with other people who feel the same way about Adam, especially at my age, some of my friends seriously think I’m having a breakdown. I just don’t talk to them about Adam at all so this site is my release! Thanks to everyone out there for sharing!

      • Hey Helen, glad ur back. Was worried about you. Some of my friends think I’m crazy too.
        What do they know? We’re having so much fun, who cares. Its just so nice there are so
        many of us, so we know for sure we arent nuts!

        • Dianne Hill says:

          I don’t know where the following came from, it was sent to me by a friend but it describes us all exactly. So this is what we’ve got.

          Fair warning: you have now caught “Lambertitis,” a newly-discovered
          > condition that has spread like wildfire throughout the US and Canada,
          > starting from Portland. Symptoms include involuntary spasms of ecstasy
          > whenever you see Adam’s picture, automatic hot flashes and sweating
          > whenever you hear the beginning of Adam’s set (no matter how bad the
          > cellcast ), and adrenaline rushes that last approximately three
          > weeks. Secondary symptoms are more of the same, except deeper, when
          > the effects of his concert effect your DNA.
          > Sorry Happy to say, no one has found a cure. This is a terminal
          > condition! Enjoy!

          I would add that this conditional may be terminal but it is not fatal. I would go on to add that another symptom is that it causes you to “gabble on” about Adam whenever anyone shows the slightest inclination to ask anything about him, and you never ever ever get tired of talking about him.

          • Dianne Hill says:

            Me again, I might add that it is not just a US or Canada disease. It has spread worldwide, there are many of us from all over the world. I am from Christchurch, in New Zealand, so it has to be an epidemic doesn’t it. It also makes you do things you normally wouldn’t like putting pictures of Adam all over the wall. I have 52 in this room (used to be my son’s bedroom) and I have a similar amount in my bedroom – and no I haven’t started on the ceiling yet, mainly because it is too hard to reach. I could always has my son to put them up for me, but he would think I was completely “cracked” and want to lock me away somewhere, so I will have to think about that.

            Dianne Glamb #356
            I always keep meaning to put my Glamb number in and always forget, so there it is.

            • Thanks Diane, I’m sooo glad I caught the disease of Lambertitis, and I dont
              want a cure found! My hubby just told one of my friends last night, that just the
              mention of Adam or anything concerning him gets me so excited and he was
              smiling. So, my family has finally adjusted to this and are going along with me.
              My friend tell him well now, you have your gold and Mary has Adam!
              Oh loved the sound of that and it does feel good.

              • correction for above post, My friend told my hubby that he has his GOLF ,
                not gold (geez) and I have Adam as a hobby.

                • Iyleneidol09 says:

                  Ladies, World Health Organization should be notified IMMEDIATELY: THIS IS OFFICIAL: per every countries account of the worldwide spread of the disease we now have an ADAM PANDEMIC DISEASE!!!!

        • Helen/Canada says:

          Hi Mary
          Thanks for caring. I have had a little of a rough go, especially the past few days. I had to put my cat to sleep today and it’s been very difficult. I have two, but she was my “bud”, always with me. But I knew it was the right thing to do for her today. So I am sad, but trying to keep my spirits up. I can’t tell you how much this site has meant to me this week. It took my mind off of things, it was my therapy and will continue to be for a long time to come. You can’t help but feel better with all the positive energy everyone brings here. Sorry, to be a downer.
          On a lighter note, I did go for my passport and it should be ready by Sept. 9, so it looks like I will go to Syracuse. Don’t know for sure if I’ll go to the concert since I’ve already seen it and would only like front row seats!!! Also, I’d love to get a good spot at the barricades to see Adam up close. I know I don’t want to get my hopes up that there will be a meet and greet, but hey, like I said in my post above, don’t live your life regretting what you DIDN’T do! I’ve followed the concert again tonight on mjs and Adam did come out. He’s been coming out every night since the Pittsburg concert. It seems the concert started late tonight but I guess we’ll find out the details once Jeannette posts her comments. Can’t wait to see your pics too!
          Talk to you soon!

          • Hey Helen/Canada, just wanted to let you know I’m thinking about you tonight, and I know how it is to let go of a beloved cat. Tapioca was my dear old ginger girl, and I had to hand her over to strangers because I could not take her where I was going to be living. She went to a very loving home, (the woman specialized in the best of care for older cats), but it was terribly hard. To see her lying across my guitar case one last time before she had to go was heartbreaking. She only lived a short while after that. She had been with me for many years, and was the best of cats, a true friend, and ‘one of the girls’ in the truest sense of the word. Now, I live in my beautiful old childhood home, and there is plenty of room for animals, and I again have a darling ginger cat named Sienna, and a cute black and tan Terrier named Amanda. Sometimes when I catch sight of Sienna, I am reminded so much of Tapioca, and I think that ‘Tapi’ surely had something to do with ‘sending’ this second little girl my way. Things do come back once again to a place of healing. But I certainly wanted you to know that I am with you in sympathy tonight.

            And you know, it seems to me that this Mr. Adam Lambert has been instrumental in bringing together some very wonderful people to share many personal and amazing things with each other. It is truly remarkable. There is always some kind of revelation or catharsis at work on this site, and the sharing itself is healing and comforting…and I find that wonderful. So I hope for much better days ahead for you Helen, and that Adam will once again be in your future now that you’ve got that passport! Love to you tonight from Northern California..

            • Lisette Lorrin an Helen anothre thing we share mabelle amies..readin above poste I too am an animal have hed many belle chats in ma life..From early childhood til present ther’s always been al least one or deux.They give so much affetion an unconditional luv.Aw hugs Helen am sorry regarde toi loss of a beloved pet..I av hed similar situationes an always brekes l’couer to do such.Short before mama an papa passe to cancer mabelle Jezebel brown an blanc tabby fell ill kept losin lbs,had teeth pull,muzzle swell to find she too had cancergrowth..domage I cried as if I loss ma best amie in world..She was affetionate
              to all,but particular close to me,wold snuggle wherevre I was..Stil av a chat now silver tabby so sweet an she misses Jezebel sets in same favorite crochet afghan,an cat plush bed.Know ther luv will reman forever in our hearte.Take care hugs an luv Lisettexoxo P.s. Lorrin aw I hed a ginger tabby in childhood call Pumpkin..he was frisky yet affetionate..bonmatin all from Nevada.An agree bless Adam for bringin us all togethre thru his estraordinaire giftes inmusique,artistry an humanitarian boncauses for children too..Wonder if he has evre hed any pets..nonone ever inquired..I imagaine he has some affinitie for them! Blessings for all an Adam Angel d’chansons!xoxo

          • Helen, my heart goes out to you. I hope you will be feeling better soon. Our pets
            are so much a part of our lives and they are our family.
            So glaaad you have your passport. You got it sooner that you thought, so that is
            a good omen. You get to see Adam again, whether you decide to see show, or
            the greets. Thats wonderful, I’m so wishing everything happens like you want it
            to that night. Oh I’m so excited for you.
            Keep your spirits up and keep on listening to Adams music for your therapy. You
            will be happier as ea day goes by.
            bless you!

            • Helen/Canada says:

              Lorrin, Lisette, Mary
              Thanks for your kind words. It always amazes me how these small creatures can take up such a big part of your heart and leave you feeling so empty when they’re gone. I know things will get better with time, that one day I will be able to think about my darling Sydney without crying and will just have my happy memories of her. I know everyone here at this site will make that process easier. So many smart, funny and witty people all sharing their thoughts and love for Adam. Thank you again.

              • Iyleneidol09 says:

                Ohh, Helen, bless your heart.. your story just brought back the pain in my heart when our cat Trixie (was 9 years old) also passed a while back. Pets really are a family. My hubby, who’s so tough, big guy ( like a football line backer) wept terribly while holding the lifeless body of Trixie. It took us a while to get another pet. Take care and hopefully Adam will fill that void in your life…..(Sigh!! Sniffle!)

                • Helen/Canada says:

                  Thanks for the kind words Iylene. It’s amazing how these little creatures can make their way into our hearts, even making a tough guy cry! I know there will be better days ahead. Thank you.

    • TheFeyNan(Nancy) says:

      Cheryl, your words express my thoughts so well…I call this site, My Support Group, and that is exactly what you all do. Support each of us, my family has finally accepted my addiction. What a relief…

      • Hey Nancy, thats a great comment. My family has accepted my addiction too. They might
        as well, cause it aint going no where!

        • Iyleneidol09 says:

          Same here, ladies and now I have to add, and gentlemen, my husband is finally accepting the fact that there is another man in my life…hahaha!! But he’s getting somethng back in return, ohumm, you know, that WLL effect!! LOL!!

          • Lisette here..reading above posts gathre Im addicte too yet ma sistre sadli dosnon support thes neede to post on fanpages..she does luv Adam’s musique.An as I av written she’s practical,materialistique an serious .Im artistique,for charitable causes,she gives to QVC,HSN insted.I adore musique,animals,traveling, Adam Lambert! Only one to share adoraton is best amie an hair styliste Farah..We chat over Adam heures..Last teme she left colour on..We were looking at youtube videos..colour was platinum,rinsing,like films of60s actressBridget Bardot, So Farah adde low light hilight( Im fair skin,hazel eyed,(yet not ivory complexion as Adam’).So Iylene,Mary,Nancy happy yur famille undrestands yu! hugs Lisettexoxo

          • Whoooaaa, Iylene, Go on girl!!! WLL

  5. I got tickets for my 60th bday and an ipod touch so I could download videos and music. Family thinks I’ve lost my marbles, but I really appreciate my bday surprises. I loved the whole concert. I saw them in Ontario Ca. The crowd was diffidently in favor of Adam. We all screamed and I HAD TO KEEP PINCHING MYSELF TO BE IN THE MOMENT! Because before you know it it’s over… everyone just sat there for 10+ minutes and didn’t say a word…taking in what we had just witnessed. There were 2 darling girl teens sitting next to me and we became instant friends in our love for Adam. They came from Arizona and were there since 9:00AM waiting for the bus to see a glimpse of Adam. They got autographs from most all except Adam. I was hoping he would come out for them after the show.
    I was very impressed with the whole show. I think everyone did better than on the TV show.
    Adam has brought back so many memories of my younger years and has helped me accept the big 60 that I didn’t want to acknowledge. The girls who sat next to me were so excited that I was
    Adamized and wished that their Mom and Grandma were like me. It was a wonderful experience
    and will always have a special place in my heart.
    Can’t wait until he has his own tour. I never thought of it at the time but so many people are going to more than one concert. I will when it’s just our Rock God Adam!

  6. Oh I forgot to mention I wore black nail polish with like a platinum sparkle in it and my nail lady put rhinestones on one of my fingers. Only wore it for 1 week but it was so much fun and I got alot of compliments. Which leads me into a funny story. I’m in sales and we were in the middle of a gift sales convention when the concert was in LA. One of my manufactures noticed my nails and
    the rhinestones and wanted to know the story. This will make you laugh! She said oh Adam Lambert, I just got off the plane with him and he was coming from Salt Lake City. She said he was the winner…the one with the gorgeous eyes, I said yes that’s him…
    I said no he was 2nd place. She turned white as a sheet and said “OH NO we chatted most of the way to LA and I told him I liked what he was doing etc etc then I said “the right man won!!!” I thought she was going to faint and kept asking me if I knew that for sure? I told her I was a Glambert and I knew for sure! She asked me to tweet him and tell him that I was sorry and I thought he should have won. She did say he had the most gorgeous eyes and smile. A lady was on the plane and wanted a picture of him with her phone. She asked him to please take off his sunglasses and he said he was too tired and didn’t want to. The lady didn’t know how to take a pic with her phone so he very politely helped her with a lesson. Wish I had been there. My friend said he was one of the most kind and genuine people she had ever had the pleasure of meeting.

    • AdamAddict says:

      So U saying, she got the same flight with him,took picture with him and then when she met U, she told U this and U talked and she didn’t knew Adam was runner up until U told her??!! That’s weird,I thought it’ a huge news when Kris won!!I think that’s all we’ve been talking about!How Kris won,well I know how Kris won…Arkansas,yes but ….whatever! She was very lucky to have picture taken with Adam! Adam is beautiful inside out! 🙂

    • Lisette here..what a lovli storie an even when Adam is fatigue etes gracieux to take photos..he has a beautiful hearte an beau inward an outward..Thet’s an esperience sureli one can trasur on l’plane being in a more intimate setting an not just onstage!Imagaine his eye’s,look like 2 sparkeling bleu crystal orbes in contrast to jetblack coiffed hair,perfete chisele features as if carved by an artiste’s tool,an even when he speke like musique to one’s ears..ah Lisette’s felin like she was ther too,if only…in one’s minde!Wel surli thes gal must av felte awful sayin thet to Adam thet right person one,gathre she was non thinqing properli a bit starstruck thet he’d been so obliging with l’camera.Wel sure yu enjoied l’concerte as well..a memoire for always! Thenks for posting!
      hugs Lisettexox

    • Helen/Canada says:

      What a great story! Thanks for telling it. Some people are so frickin’ lucky and don’t even know it! And others, like me, have the worst luck and will probably never get to see Adam up close! My word, I can’t begin to tell you what I would do for a chance like that!

  7. Jeannette : ) ‘m so excited for you – you’ve been waiting a long time for this. I was fortunate enough to see Adam in Vancouver early in the tour, but I think the anticipation will make it all the more sweet for you. The only disappointment I had was that I feel as though I missed the soul of Adam’s performance because I was too busy concentrating on not falling over while trying to look through the damn binoculars, while at the same jumping, dancing, screaming and singing. AND Adam’s set was way too short. I can hardly wait for him to tour so I have more than 10 minutes for all my senses to feast on him. Look forward to your report; you’re so passionate in your reviews. Good luck.


  8. Jeanette – Definitely go black on the fingernails, but I had fun with silver glitter polish on my toes. And just be prepared to get an autograph (I HOPE!) with your RS or a favorite picture. It was also really fun to bring lots of blue glow sticks, you can pass them out to other Adam fans. My entire row was glowing blue and sparkling with glitter when I was done with them!

  9. TheFeyNan(Nancy) says:

    Jeanette will be Rockin’ with “Our Rock God” tomorrow nite!!!!! You Go Gurl!!! It is finally here…I was so thankful that our show in Memphis was on a weekend nite. I took part of saturday doing my nails, fingers in black with rhinestones, toes in blue. Then spent sunday in high anticipation and trying to stay calm while getting ready…you can give that part up, it was like a real good high period…there was no calm before the storm. My bosses who went with us said I was like their little girl who has ADH. I loved the whole show, to me it was a like a prerequisite, of what I had been anticipating for months. I’ve already stated I was hoarse for 4 days, top…I just want you to have the time of your life!!!! For it has truly been a life changing, or stepping back in time as some say, experience for me that I am still enjoying. For all of you going to this show, Go, Enjoy, Rock Hard, Get Glambed, Be Hot & Sweaty, Be Sexy, Be Charmed & Best of all, Be Blessed….
    Blessings 2 all, Nancy

  10. What great posts and what great positive energy emanates from this site…and from all things Adam. Thank you all!

  11. Can’t wait to hear about your Adam (I mean AI) concert experience, Jeanette!! Just be in the moment as much as you can, soak it ALL in. Practising some “mindfullness” will really heighten the experience for you: Imagine that Adam is encompassing ALL of your senses – hear him, touch him, feel him, see him, smell him, kiss him. Don’t forget to BREATHE and just be fully aware that the two of you are sharing the same space on earth at that particular moment in time. If you do this, the memories will stay with you longer as every part of your brain and being are stamped with the sights, sounds, taste, touch and scent of the experience. Later, whenever you want, you will be able to recall everything in amazing detail and actually re-live the time you shared with Adam.

    We are looking forward to hearing EVERYTHING! All the best! Send Adam our love!

    Jane (Glamb #20)

  12. Eva Poliszczuk says:

    Have a fantastic time. The show is so much fun,you will have a blast!!!! I’ve been to 2 and want to go to another,but I have to refrain at some point. Enjoy!!!

  13. I was cruising around tonight looking for the latest Adam Lambert news and found this interview from the DC show. I do apologize if any of you have already read it (it is dated 8/27), and although it is brief, it answered a number of questions I had about Adam. In the interview, he tells how he feels about his older women fans, his fan encounters, his understanding of his fan demographic, the gifts he gets, and how he feels about the creative process under his new record publisher, which greatly interested me. The interview was short and sweet, and the interviewer liked Adam very much, and best of all, immediately told everybody to ‘forget’ the idea that Adam is a diva (as if WE didn’t know that already, but it’s good to hear it in print as often as possible!) Here’s the link to the interview on the S.F. Examiner page, with Kim Reed and Adam Lambert:

    • Iyleneidol09 says:

      Lorrin, thanks for the link. Adam was brave to venture out alone. For the most part, he does things differently from the group. He has a different interest compared to them. Just like in MI,
      most of the guys went to see a movie District 9. He was not with them. This was mentioned in Matt’s Twitter. I hope he’ll be safe and be careful when alone in some places like that. Oh, my mothergoose instinct is acting up again.

    • TheFeyNan(Nancy) says:

      That was a grt interview Lorrin. Thanx for the share…




      • Helen/Canada says:

        Thanks Ofra, you are right, our boy is HOOOOOOOOOOOOOOT!!!

      • Hello Ofra, ADAM MAMBERT ROCKS, not does he look amazing, he knows how to speak to reporters, is not lost for words, it makes me feel so proud, the cloths he is wearing are going to sell.

      • TheFeyNan(Nancy) says:

        OFRA, I luved it, you really scored on that one. Does anyone know when this is to hit the news stands???




    • Helen/Canada says:

      Thanks Lorrin, good interview. Can you imagine being the person to give Adam a facial, and then a massage!!!!!! OMG! I would be shaking, shivering and Adamgasming (?) forever after that experience!

    • Thanks, Lorrin. And here’s a quote from that article:

      “He later added, “I love it when older women come up to me and say ‘you make me feel young again’ because it shows how powerful music is.””

      Adam-y, oh yeah, it’s true, we do love the music, we really, really do, but, uh, that ain’t exactly why you make us feel young again! Perhaps you could take another look at that cover you did for Rolling Stone! That might give you a teensy clue.


      • Songwriter, it never ceases to amaze me that Adam continually deflects the compliment AWAY from himself, instead crediting in this case, the ‘music’ for causing all the older ladies to feel young again. Adam obviously has beautiful manners, and they are deeply ingrained in him. And also, it could indeed be that he is still young enough that he does not know that inside every older person who loves him is a young teenager, alive and well. Part of that disconnect of youth with old age…..but I must say, entirely in his favor, that he is the most gracious young man on the planet, and even if he doesn’t know that he actually, literally can TURN ON every person over 30 in the place, that he is at least extremely glad and grateful that WE feel that way!

  14. Evette #419 says:

    Jeanette what a beautiful post. The words you used to describe ADAM make my heart hurt they are so beautiful. He truly is “a gift” and I know you will have the time of your life. ENJOY!

  15. Jeanette:

    I’m looking forward to your post on your concert experience. I tried to get tickets to both of the shows in Florida and the one in Atlanta, with no luck. I was preparing to go to Charlotte when I got very sick (still recovering but much better). This site has kept me going. The articles, pictures and videos have made me feel a part of the tour even if I didn’t get to go in person.

    I’m another of the 60’s and everyone is right — Adam makes me feel young again. 62 is only a number! My sister (younger) rolls her eyes when I talk about Adam but I don’t care.

    I am hoping that Adam will have his own tour with the release of his album in November. No matter where he is appearing, I will definitely be front-row center.

    Again, thank you for all that you to keep us informed about all things Adam. Have a WONDERFUL time at the concert.


    Linda aka Tallygal

    • Helen/Canada says:

      Hi Linda
      We all get the “eye roll” ha, ha! Whatever, I just tell them you don’t know what you’re missing!!!

  16. What a great story, Kat4Adam !
    Thanks for sharing.

  17. Oh how I wish I was going with you! It goes by so very fast, so I just want to repeat what Jane416 said so beautifully – do all you can to stay in the moment and soak in every bit of it. And yes, remember to breathe, because no matter what you have seen on tv and video, nothing will prepare you for the magnificence of Adam in the flesh. I’ll look forward to your recap, but you’re going to find it really hard to put into words. So if you feel like you’re holding out a tiny teacup of water trying to describe the ocean, don’t worry. They just haven’t invented a language to convey what you will experience tonight.

    Enjoy, luv! You are going to have the night of your life!!

  18. Hey Jeanette!!! Well today is the DAY!!!! It has finally arrived!!! As I sit here at 5:18 in the early morning- can’t wait until the meet and greet and the ADAM CONCERT HOUR is upon us, I feel like a 5 year old child on Christmas eve or an 18 year old teenager waiting to go to Prom!!! It is a feeling like no other, one that transcends all understanding of how a 46 year old professional woman with two teenagers can and does feel like the way I am feeling!!! I finished my T-shirt, my Labor of Love, my sign that I’m wearing instead of carrying!! My daughter asked teasingly, ” Now Mom this T-shirt is only for the concert, right?!!!!” I laughed, and told her, ” Maybe. You never know, I might just wear it again when we go out to eat at Ma Fischer’s for breakfast sometime!!!” Her looks have lessened as time has gone on with my “Summer of Adamizing Everything!!!!” My kids have come a long way since January!! 2 nights ago, my son who will be 16 in a few days, actually sat down and watched some videos of Adam on YouTube with me!!! He agrees now, that there is No One in the music industry today who can sing like Adam!!! We were watching the video from the groups last song-Don’t Stop Believin’-and even with all the noise and other’s singing, when it comes to Adam’s part, you can still hear his amazing voice above everything else!! My son wanted to know who orriginally sang that song, so we watched the video of Journey and Steve Perry singing it. Oh, how back in the late 70’s and 80’s did I listen to Journey!! Steve Perry could sing amazingly effortlessly like Adam, however, Adam’s range is out of this world, and when Adam does his part, he goes above and beyond what Steve Perry did!! What an incredible gift Adam has!!!! And Jeanette, we get to see that TONIGHT!!!!
    It doesn’t matter to me that the weather is blah, I don’t think we’ll even notice once we catch a glimpse of our Adam!!! Well, I best get on with my day of turning myself from a Mom, a Nurse, the always take care of everything, to “Rocker Chick” for just one night!! Time to paint my nails black, put on false eyelashes, poof out my hair, wear my leather and lace-I was going to wear high heeled boots-but I think it’s just going to be too long of a day!!! We’ll see!!!!
    *****Jeanette, I’ll call you around 10:00am to see where we are all going to meet!!! Can’t wait, Can’t Wait, CAN’T WAIT!!!!!!! See you soon all the Glambs from Milwaukee!!!! Pam

    • Lisette here..bonmatin all an Adam fan from Start..lovli to see thet yu’re meeting Jeanette who brings joie everyday in her updates of our beau Adam in articles/videos/photos/ place to celebrate his estraordinaire gifte to thrill,entertaine,mesmerize,adamize,an be totali swept into l’starlit when he singes!An being a nurse take lot of dedicationes having hed many for papa’ while on hospice sont physical draining.So trie av yur reste an put on polish,leathre,lace an then danse an celebrate for me..Im sad having illhealth so far not seein Adam..yet know in ma hearte,I’ll be ther in his soloconcerts hopful in nerfuture..Til then imagaine I’m ther whenevre reading of such wondreful poste from glambs here!(p.s I av twittre an ther’s nurse wondering if is yu thet’s on mypage let me know! hugs an luv lisette(im lisetteangel ther) xoxo!

      • Lisette, Dearheart, I will bring your love and spirit for Adam with me!!!! I’m not the nurse you refer to on your twitter page, but I would love to twitter with you sometime!!! You take care of yourself, and thank you for all the well wishes for tonight!!! Pam

    • AdamFanfromthestart, Oh loved reading about your day all planned. I’m so excited for you, Jeanette and everyone else going tonight. Get out of your professional day self and put on your wild,
      rocker chick self. Love it.
      Have fune.

    • Iyleneidol09 says:

      OMG! Just reading all these words of encouragement for Jeanette made me more excited and I’m not even going! I’m going to save these posts for my future use just in case I will be able to go. Jeanette, i’ll add more pressure: you go girl, you are carrying the Glambs flag and you raise it up there for everyone to see and recognize ESP by Adam! Rah! Rah!rah! Sis bum bah! A-D-A-M! Yeah! ( me cheering with pom pom jumping up and down)

  19. Jeanette, enjoy the whole experience, I will be there in spirit. I am looking forward to youor after show post, and if we are lucky enough videos, photos.

  20. AdamAddict says:

    Watch this guys, it’s Adam,Kris Allison(Kradamson) You’ll love it. I didn’t know Adam forget his lyrics before.I haven’t noticed it.As far as I know, I never miss any shows….in youtube of-course not LIVE,lol!! I always like these 3,they like siblings! I’m glad they all get record deal!Good for them! So,here:

    • lisette here..ah merci for thes linqu AdamAddict I nevre tire to see beau Adam in videos as I av nonyet seen imagaine Im ther if closing eyes just for momente only to then awaken into realitie an ma chat is meowing now wishin for her creme..darn just ruine l’reve ..non mattre will see in bed calls is wee heures here in desert..Luv to all an dont forget Jeanette am wishing toi reve for meetin Adam shall be ..Im sendin angel dust like thet of tinkerbell for peter pan,glinda le kind witch in Wizard of here it comes..voila nevre know..alrite gathre I’m a bit silly,so just beliv in angels to intervene then! hugs an luv Lisette!

      • AdamAddict says:

        You’re so cute,Lisette! I have to concetrate 100% when I read your post! Hard to understand but I got it! LOL!! You’re welcome and like you, I also never tired to see Adam. 😀 Muah!

    • AdamAddict I agree with you, they are like siblings, very natural all three of them, loved Adam of course, he has such a good pair of legs.

    • TheFeyNan(Nancy) says:

      AdamAddict, that was a grt vid. They do act like siblings don’t The 3 of them have been together since the very begining of this journey. Lucky for them they have bonded so well. They were joking & playing around, but Adam was ever intent upon making sure each persons question was answered…he is such a kind and good person. Lord, I Love This Man!!!!
      Thanx sweetie..

      • AdamAddict says:

        You are right,they all have been together from the very beginning!They were in the same group,right?So,Allison was the highest vote for girls,and highest vote for guys, I assume it was Kris because the highest vote of them all ,of course our beloved Adam Lambert! And you’re welcome,Glad to share with you guys! 😀

    • AdamAddict, Thanks for that video. You always find the best ones, nobody sees. Loved it.
      Adams nice long leg, shaking (ooohhhoohhho) They are like the best of friends, you can tell!

      • Iyleneidol09 says:

        Adamaddict, great vid, thanks, this is so adorable. We all have to save and cherish materials like this. Once they become so famous, it will be so impossible to get them in one video. Love the casualness, no makeup, shorts, barelegs, unscripted, uninhibited…innocent it!!

      • PS, I want to be sitting in that chair with Adam, move Allison.

        • Helen/Canada says:

          I’m there first, Mary!!!

          • AdamAddict says:

            Fine Mary C,Helen, you go take number and sit next to Adam! I’ll just sit on Adam’s lap!! Woo hoo!! 😛

            • cheryl norman says:

              ADAMADDICT, MARY AND HELEN, Hey, that’s fine with me, I’ll sit on his face!!

              • Helen/Canada says:


              • Helen/Canada says:

                I wish I had thought of that!!!!

              • Ok, AA, Helen and Cheryl, I want to sit on his _ _ _ _ ! No one has mentioned it yet, so its mineeeeeeeee! Chugga Chugga!!!!!!

                • OMG, what are we doing? Jeanette dont kick us out of here.

                  • cheryl norman says:

                    You guys are the ones making me ‘blush’!!! Where are YOUR minds?!!! Oh, and Mary. there’s no room for you there!!! I guess I won’t say why, but maybe you can guess!! Hahaha!!!!

                    • Ooohhh Nooooo, thats mine, you the face!

                    • cheryl norman says:

                      MARY,,, It’s gonna be a fight for the finish line!!! I don’t mind tripping people
                      either!!! I’ll do some hair pulling if I’m pushed! Oh! And I’ll do some pushing
                      if I have to!!!! The face and bulg is MINE!!!! MINE!!! SO YOU HEAR ME!!!!
                      MINE!!!!! MINE!!!!! MINE!!!!! …..,,,,,choke,,,,,,,choke….chok…cho….ch…(thud)

                    • Cheryl, Cheryl, remember the you will owe me forever, or whatever, ya know what I mean. First of all, I can hardly scroll down this far , the first pic I see is Adams beautiful self, mouth open, hand on bulge, MMYYYY Bulge!!!!!!!!
                      Oh yea, move over Allison after all, I gotta have some roommm!!!

    • AdamAddict: Thanks for this F. Clip, It’s just like they’re sitting in my liv room talking and do I ever wish that they were. So cute and causal talking. Needless to say, Adam, is just as we know that he is Sooooooooooooooo Sexy, on stage or sitting in my liv. room………I’ll never be the same………….or do I want to be………..

      • cheryl norman says:

        MARY !!!!! You want to connect on that ‘favor’ I owe you already????? Mary, Mary!!! So,,,,, that’s how it
        is!!!! Okay, Mary,,,, yoou win this one!!!! You can have the bulge for a min. then, it goes back to me!!!
        THREAD, MY LITTLE BO-PEEP!!! I need you to email Janette!!! Then, we’ll do the ‘bulge’ thingy!!!

    • Great Miss AA!! It was so natural. Where are they? It seems as if they are on a train or something.

      • AdamAddict says:

        I don’t know where there are at that time but train??!! What make you think they are on the train??!! Uhmm,train?? lol!! Why you think that? Because the noise??Uhmm,hey maybe they’re on a train!! I really don’t know! I’m too busy focusing on Adam’s face and legs!! lol!!

    • cheryl norman says:

      ADAMADDICT, Very good video!!!!!! Don’t think I would have found it myself!!!! Good Girl!!!

  21. Jeanette….yes, likve everyone has said Ihope you really enjoy it! Don’t worry about pictures.

    I had to sit down for like the first 10 minutes of Kris’ set cause I was like, just, in shock about how AWESOME Adam is. Seriously.

  22. Hope to see you today Jeanette. Wow- I can’t believe this is the day we will see him LIVE!
    I better double up on my blood pressure pills!! ha ha

    • TheFeyNan(Nancy) says:

      Have the time of your life “Barbie Doll Loves Adam”….can’t wait to hear from all you Glambs, on this show…

  23. AdamAddict says:

    OMG,my friend just told me that Malaysia banned “Michael learn to rock” WHY? Because they going to held in Ramadhan(fasting month for muslim) .Pas(Malaysian Islamic Party) said that they will “take action” if the goverment did not stop the performance! PAS also did that last year with Avril Lavigne saying “her performance would weaken the younger generation “morally and mentally.” Wow,that’s weak!! Sure,we all here are very sweet and naive,when she come here to perform,we all suddenly become bad,bad girl!! But thankfully She did held the concert here and the tickets were sold out! Hahaha!And then Gwen Stefani also had same problem?The reason? Here it goes,because ” skimpy outfits.” Black Eyed Peas was sponsored by alcohol brand,so again PAS protest agains it! So,what I read is only non muslims allow to go!! That’s stupid.60% of Malaysian is muslim!It’s not like we’re(muslim) going to drink alcohol while watching it or means that we love Guinness by loving the group??!!This is nonsense! A lot of Malaysia disagree and fed up with this kind of thing! PAS is too much!! Make me want to puke!Never like that party(PAS)!!
    After read all these, i seriously believe if Adam plan to coming here,he will have this kind of problem too.Stupid reason that they can find,they just going to use it to protest it. I hope,our goverment won’t listen to them that time.I’m glad i didn’t live in this city where PAS taking charge!I know there’s a good reason when I never voted them in election.Never was and never will.Hahaha!They are too outdated!OMG,I hope Adam will still come because who cares about PAS anyway,but if he won’t I seriously think I will do something that will shock my parents.I will find a temporary job just to have enough money to see him! Urgh,that’s a scary thought but for Adam, I WILL!! p^o^q

    • Your going to get a job ??? OMG.. can you see the serious affect that Adam has on his fans ??? Emili, you always put a smile on my face.. thank you.

      • AdamAddict says:

        Well,not like get a job right now! LOL!! It’s scary!!! I wait until I know for sure he won’t come! Then I’ll get a job! Maybe in Music store??!! Then I’ll play Adam CD over and over again! Hahaha! If the manager fired me,I get 1 month salary without work??!! LOL!! I don’t know how it works by the way, never got fired before…because never get a job before! I know,I know, it’s embarrassing! Shame on me depend on my parents money! Please God,don’t let me going through that!! LOL!!Adam won’t know the effect that he does to his fans!When 60’s yr young ladies can feel like teenagers again,when kids look up at him,when a 32 yr young lady who never work for her entire life actually thinking get a job!He is something!! I wish he knows how he changed our lives! When is Adam tour BTW,not A.I tour, I mean Adam alone on stage??!!
        Emili Glamb#19 Malaysia

  24. Well, if every one is telling there age, I am 74 and I have always been an Elvis (collector) since he came on the scene in 53 and Michael Jackson and Tom Jones fans….now I have added Adam to my list and think that he is fantastic….Will be glad when his cd comes out….9 of us are going to Kansas City to see the AI show this Sunday and it has been the longest wait of my life….can’t beleive it is only 2 days away….I am also a country fan and tonight we are going to see Aaron Tippin….We love concerts my daughter and I…..Have a wonderful week end to all you Glamberts……Love Adams entertainment….

    • AdamAddict says:

      Have a great time,Peggy! Enjoy yourself with Aaron and Adam’s concert! BTW,we are Glambs not Glamberts but hey, HAVE FUN, Peggy!! 😀 Woo hoo!!
      P/S; Are U planning wearing t-shirt that write “Cougars love Adam” or just this beautiful red sexy tight bareback night dress?? !! LOL!! Make Adam see you,Peggy! Wow, I surprise myself.why I always excited when hear Glambs got to see Adam?Weird,I always jealous before.I must grown up,I guess.LOL!!

    • TheFeyNan(Nancy) says:

      Peggy, congrats. Sunday was my day also… You will have the time of your life. I am 62, but only my mirror tells me that. Inside I am still young, flamboyant, glamorous, sexy, and free spirited. The day of my concert, my 19 yr old grandaughter told me, “You look Sexy”, I replied, I do not, and she said “yes you do”. I had enough makeup on, to look like I was going for a photo…and alllll the jewelry. So, again I say, Adam brings out the best in all of us. I asked this question the otherday, but I never found the thread I was on later to chk for replies, but have any of you, who have already been to the concert, find yourselves still wearing more make up, or buying new, things to feel or look more Glambed?? Just curious…I know I am back in the mode of trying to look fine again…lol….well, I have a day off, this must be my 3rd or 4th reply..

    • Good for you, Peggy, getting a group to go. I think a lot of us are making cyberfriends on this site who might become actual friends in the future, all because of Adam. I am 67 but dont feel it when it comes to music and pop culture.

  25. Jeanette,
    Get out of that weather, it is a danger to your mental health…..but not until Adam is gone. He IS such a ray of sunshine to all of us and how can we help but be so proud of him as a human being as well as an entertainer. The campaign just goes to show that his feelings about peace and humanity being more important than just money and fame were not just shallow rhetoric. His even disposition, his ability to relate to EVERYBODY, and his fabulous personality are always on display. In the coming years, he will have so much to add to this world besides just spectacular music and visuals. No matter what your wish list contains, well, pretty much whatever it contains, he will not disappoint.
    Have a great time and give an extra yell for the rest of us. By the way, it is 94 and sunny in Key West.
    He had better schedule dates in South Florida when the album comes out. I figure he will because he surely will want to spend some time in South Beach when his time is his own.

    • Hey Dakota, you live in Key West??? One of my most fave parts of N America.. love the funkiness of that town! I don’t think Adam has been there but he’d love it!!

      • Helen/Canada says:

        Me too Theresa. I absolutely love Key West! You’re a lucky girl Dakota! Want some visitors??? ha, ha!

  26. Hey-today is the big day! I’m coming from Chicago. will be sitting in sect 2 row aaa seats 1 and my husband in seat 2. Fellow Adam lovers–come on down and say HI!!! I’m kind of old but tonight I will be an excited teeny bopper in my heart when Adam takes the stage!!!!! Barbara

  27. AdamAddict says:
    • so glad he has PI checking into this. The national enquirer is also known for pure gossip too

      • Iyleneidol09 says:

        If that is true, yes, I think we should be worried. Adam is just starting his successful career and someone is out to destroy him. Could it be someone who is very, very, very,very close to him and knows a lot about him? Drake or Cheek?!! OMG! Let’s all close our eyes, and meditate, UMMMmmm! let’s drive that evil spirit away!! Uhmmmm!!Continue with eyes close, Uhmmmm!!!

        • You know Iyleneidol09, I know alot of people love Drake, and it seems Adam does too.
          They’ve known ea other for a couple years now. Why all of a sudden is Drakes interest
          so much more intense? Anyone ever thought of that?? Adam is so hot now.???
          UHmmmmmm I will try to drive evil spirit away with you. Just a thought!

          • cheryl norman says:

            MARY,,,,, What are you thilnking about Drake?? I haven’t gone to his sight or anything. Do you have some ‘feelings’ about something??? Tell me!

            • Iyleneidol09 says:

              It seemd like Drake is crazy about Ebay, he might take advantage of all Adam’s stuff for his Ebay site… Go to his Twitter site and he said his Ebay is back up and running… hmm!!

            • Cheryl, I was responding to Iylene’s thoughts of how Adam is being stalked etc.,could it be someone close to him, who knows all his personal business??
              She threw out Cheek or Drake. I had a thought once when I read they have known ea other for a couple years and now all of a sudden, Drakes in love w/Adam. I’m just questioning, why all of a sudden, seeing all the glitz and
              glamor in his eyes. I know you can be friends before lovers, but I had a hunch
              here and threw it out to you all. Sometimes when I see pics. of Drake, he reminds me of a little Shister (pronounced with a long I ). Cant judge a book by
              its cover, just a feeling.

              • cheryl norman says:

                MARY , ADAM ADDICT OR IYLENEIDOL Will somone give me the link to Drake so I can

                see what that little sheister is up to????!!!!

                He reminds me of a toad.

                Nope, don’t trust anybody who would go to an AI concert in a plain old white t-shirt tucked
                into some brown pants with black suspenders, unshaven, and actually ‘waves’ to Adam
                while Adam is performing in the contest!!! I mean!!!! How cool is that?

                So, if anyone could send me a link I’d appreciate it!!! Need to check this character out more!

                • Iyleneidol09 says:

                  Hahaha! Cheryl Norman, you sound so much like a “disapproving mom” and over critical of a son’s lover!!! Go ahead, put your NCIS agent cap on and investigate on that “toad”

                  • cheryl norman says:

                    IYLENEIDOL, Actually, I did!!! Now, I’m remember something! Adam’s pics of
                    him and Cheeks that got posted before Adam okay’d it. He didn’t know WHO put
                    that pic of him kissing Cheeks! Guess we know, now!! I think Cheeks is the one
                    who ‘outed’ Adam while he was still performing AI cuz he was jealous and mad
                    at Adam for breaking up with him!!! Maybe a gay ex-lover might want to hurt their
                    ex anyway they can!!

                    • Helen/Canada says:

                      OK, you guys have to tell me what you know about Cheeks. For some reason (read it somewhere?) I had the impression that Cheeks broke up with Adam and broke his heart! Tell me what you know, please!!!

          • Helen/Canada says:

            As far as I’m concerned, no one will ever be good enough for Adam, except a clone of himself—or—ME!

            • AdamAddict says:

              DRAKE??!! Okay guys, you thinking too much!! You all need Helen’s chill pills!! LOL!! I hope Helen won’t finish it all because when she said no one will be good enough for Adam except her, I kinda worried a little. Maybe she swallowed all the chill pills already! LOL! 😛

  28. I am a 60 year old teenager who will be at the Milwaukee show tonight! I am going with Danny Gokey fans, so I am not going to glam up until the Chicago show next week ( they said they would be embarrassed.) I really appreciate all of the time you spend keeping this website up. Adam has definitely brought back youth to many of us. After listening to a lot of your comments, I am just going to enjoy the show and not take pictures or videos. Thank you again for this site!!

    • Ellen, at least wear some blue or black nail polish to show your love for Adam.
      Let them Gokey’s get embarrassed. They love Danny, you love Adam, right?

  29. SA_Glambert says:

    Hey guys, hope you all have an awesome time at the concert. I am so jealous, but what can I do. Hopefully he will come to South Africa on his world tour, or I’ll go to America – for sure! Anyway I met two new Adam fans this week. So I’m “Feeling Good”!

    I just found this video on Youtube, actually I was looking for Daughtry (since Adam, I’m showing interest in previous idols… I know, its wierd). But this is just the coolest video about Adam, and so true, if you listen to the words of Daughtry’s song.

    Enjoy, and have a blast at the concert!

  30. Video on YouTube of Adam doing wonderful things!
    Copy and Paste this in the YouTube search:

    Adam Lambert – DonorsChoose Charity ONTD_AI

  31. Shawnassee says:

    If you just never get tired of looking at photos of Adam, go here and scroll down to the first picture of Adam. Click on it to enlarge and go forward to see the rest. About 140 pics from Meredith at the Pittsburgh concert.

    • AdamAddict says:

      Wow,thank you!That’s a lot of pictures. It was like it was taken every second. If they make a book and going through it really2 fast, we can see like a moving picture! lol!

    • Meredith, and Jill, thanks for the pics. They are Fantastic. You must have had a nice zoom lens.

  32. Jeanette, you just might think that you are prepared for tonight, but, nothing prepares you for seeing Adam in person, nothing that I can say will do that for you either. All that I can say is it’s been 3 days since seeing him and I still can’t believe what I wittnessed, OMG, what a show Adam puts on and after to see him, when he signed my RS mag and a picture, to have him that close, it’s like I am dreaming. That smile of his is something I have never experianced, his eyes, you won’t believe, sure we have had many pictues and film clips but nothing will prepare you for ” in the flesh” what you are going to experiance. Enjoy, enjoy, drink in every minute !!!!

    • Lee M, I’m so happy for you. Didnt know you got the autographs and were up close and
      personal. Oh yes, those eyes, they are the dreamiest.

  33. AdamAddict says:

    Ok guys,if you already watched the Kradamson vid above, you guys must watch this one too. I’ll say part 2,whatever!! This is funnier than part 1. I don’t want to spoil you so I just going to say I love the 1:20 and 1:57! Too cute!!! And FYI, my favorite drink now is tea!! Why? I dunno, just feel like I want tea to be my favourite!!

    • Thanks again AA, did u notice the lip lickin again?? Just adorable.

      • Iyleneidol09 says:

        Oh, did you hear on this Part 2, did you hear them talking about superheroes costume and Adam said something about Batman and he suggested that Kris will be Robin? and they started laughing..That’s a good idea: Adam is Batman and Kris is Robin. And Alisson will wear the Wonder Woman outfit!! Hmm, the bad guy is Joker, that should be Gokey!!! LOL!!!

        • AdamAddict says:

          I laughed loud when you said Gokey is the joker!! LOL!! That’s so funny!! But when Allison tried to convince Kris that he looks like Batman and suddenly Adam said “you more like Robin” I think he was right! Kris more like Robin,Batman no!! Kris is like Chris O’Donell in “Batman Forever”
          p/s: Adam is no batman, Adam is BADBOY!! LOL!!

  34. AdamAddict says:

    OMG,I just saw picture of Adam for ELLE magazine.This one I’m sure you haven’t see it yet! I don’t know how to put it here but it’s breathtaking! Remember where we discuss is it Adam or Kris, it’s Adam (I’m right) LOL!! He with Elvis hair (kinda)and his expression,priceless. He is so damn hot!! I hope Jeanette post it here so we all can drool together! He looks wild and sexy ,OMG,I need to calm myself and breath!! 😀

    • HI YOU

      • AdamAddict says:




    • cheryl norman says:

      EMILI AND MARY Adam and I have been drinking tea for many years.

      • But I have been right in there with you, Cheryl dear, and Adam and I drink our tea at night…

        • cheryl norman says:

          LORRIN!!! Aha!! That’s why he has that ‘tea breath’ when he gets home to me!!! Well,l I never!!!

          • Cheryl, you are terrible, but I will concede and let you have THE last word on Adam’s ‘tea drinking’. However, he and I start all over again each morning with a new cup…

            • cheryl norman says:

              LORRIN!!!!! WELL I JUST NEVER!!!! So! That’s what you two have been up to, huh???!!!!
              And you think I’m totally unaware, huh???? Here’s a HOT piece of NEWS for yoou, Lorrin,
              FlamingFlamfingersw/TEA,,,, I switched to iced tea, cuz Adam says he likes the coolness of my
              tongue where it helps him the most!!!! So!!!

              AND MARY!!!!! Just WHAT do you think you’re doing trying to get Adam all liquored up like that!!!
              That’s sounding pretty desperate to me!!!!

              You both should be ashamed of lyourselves!!!! I’m going to have to tighten Adam’s leash, I see!!
              I’ll have not more of that! AND NEITHER WILL HE!!! Good golly, Miss Molly!!!!! Have some
              respect for yourselves!!!…………….geeeezzzzzz i got to get ahold of this situation…..w/o them….
              …….knowing what i’m doing……………………..o h y e a h ………that will work!………………

              • Cool for YOU, HOT for me…..never lets up either….I’m tellin’ ya, there’s NOTHING like hot tea in the morning with Adam….and as for that LEASH, well…

                • cheryl norman says:

                  LORRIN AND MARY,,,, Well, I hate beer!! Adam and I prefer white wine, thank you very
                  much!!! Maybe a white russian or two. But that’s it!! As for the tea, well, I was just
                  kidding around w/you two knowing how ‘gulible you both are!!!! Adam and I both
                  pretend to like tea!! Yes!!! But, as I’ve said before, anything Drake and Cheeks can do
                  I can do better. Well,,,,almost (sigh)

                  • Cheryl, you got that right. Yea I want to get Adam all liquored up, or
                    all licked up. whatever he would prefer. Yea I can do it.
                    He just doesnt know what he is missing………

      • And I drink coffee and coors light!!

        • I drink coffee too, Mary, and an occasional beer, but I can’t let Cheryl know that. But I’m being truthful, though about that nighttime tea drinking….whooo, HOT.


  36. Hey guys, go to this link, this is another video about the elle photo shoot, there is a lot more of Adam.

  37. Jill, your photos above of Adam are superb! The first two especially are stunning. You managed to get him in front of each of the colored backdrops perfectly, so you’ve captured a beautiful matched series! Really, these are some of the best I’ve seen of the Bowie Medley. Thank you for sharing!