TOUR VIBE – American Idol Summer Tour 2009 – Memphis, TN






On Sunday, July 26th, the tour bus rocks into the FedExForum in Memphis, TN. Unfortunately, there will be no autograph session after the concert, per tweets from Michael Sarver (their flight to Florida won’t allow the time.)

Our own Glamb Fan Club Leader Courtney will be attending this show. Many of us are on the *ahem* older side, but we do have younger fan club leaders as well, and Courtney is one of them. Through the refreshing eyes of the younger generation, she brings us the following pre-concert report on scrambling to prepare for the concert event of a lifetime…

I am a not-quite-legal-age fan of Adam’s. As such, having obtained my driver’s license just before he made his debut on the idol stage, I decided to name my first car after him.

This past Thursday, I got my wish. I am now the proud driver of a maroon 2007 Ford Fusion SE. However, something went wrong. Less than 24 hours after buying my new car, the transmission started acting strange. More than that, my “Check Engine” light came on as well. Now, here I am with my beautiful new car and all of a sudden, it doesn’t want to run right. Of course, even though I’m less than five miles from home, I really don’t want to risk anything happening. So I pull over, call my mother and wait for her to arrive while I check out my manual to see what the problem might be.

She arrives and we call Carmax to ask what we should do. They tell us to have it towed over to their facility, which sounds fine until we realize that they won’t be able to even look at the car until Monday: the Monday that just happens to be right after the American Idols concert (or should I say the Adam Lambert and nine other people concert). We had been planning on taking my car from Nashville to get there, but that would no longer be possible.

Through all of the disappointment and the despair, I happen to notice right as the tow truck was pulling away that I had forgotten my purse in the back seat! So we drive the fifteen miles over to Carmax to retrieve my purse and then head back home. The whole fiasco took about two and a half hours.

Naturally, my busy schedule over the last few weeks left me unable to make my posters until Friday, as well. So after that already terrible day, I had to design, edit, and create two posters from scratch. It took me six hours for the both of them, but I think they turned out quite well!

Now the only thing left to do is get ready and head out to Memphis for the night of my life, a hopeful close encounter of the star kind, and some seriously wonderful Adam-styled Rock and Roll.

Go Courtney! We all hope the concert goes smoothly for you, and we’ll all be waiting anxiously, like proud parents, for your post-concert report.

If you’re going to the Memphis show, we want to hear from you, too! Comment below with your reactions, and if you have photos, email them to You can either email us links to photos you have on a photo-sharing site, or just email us your jpeg files as attachments.

After Memphis is a day off, with the next shows in Florida on Tuesday and Wednesday, July 28-29!

~~Jeanette, Glamb #5


  1. Me and my frind kailyn are going we are sooooooooo excited. but does anyone no where there staying at or if we can meet them???

    • JILL From what I have read, try to get there early and find out right away where to see them, as apparently they are taking off right after the show… to the airport!

    • omg my name is Jill and I live in memphis! hahaha 🙂
      I couldn’t go though 🙁

  2. adamtastic1877 says:

    yay first post! i feel so bad for courtney, but i hope she has a good time seeing HH!

    • AdamAddict says:

      Please don’t use the secret code in this sites.Use that HH or HP in GossipCandy but not here please! I’m confused enough when I was there.ADAM, yes please use that!ADAM,see it’s not that hard,just add 2 more letters! 🙂 Ok,please!
      BTW,I never see this intro before so I share with U guys,I feel bad for Lil,I can’t hear anyone screaming for her.This from Arkansas, that why Kris got the loudest scream! But the way he turn around, that’s just too cool! I like Kris too,happy for him but if I was there,and I scream 4 Adam,I bet coma people will wake up immediately! 😛 Here the vid

  3. Little Rock Rocked last night. Kris said the Idols said it was the loudest venue ever. All the performances were fantastic. Adam was especially perfect and the Crowd was just about as loud for him as they were for the Home Town winner.
    Kris told us how much he appreciated his home state and their support. He sang his set but DID NOT sing No Boundaries.
    Adam had the place rocking as did all the other Idols.
    At the meet and greet, Adam, Danny, Kris, Michael, Matt and Allison signed autographs. They really were talkative and friendly not in a big rush. Adam touched my arm and thanked me for coming. My daughter bought the program and had it signed. I made a small Glambert sign with his picture and
    “I came to see Adam!!”. He signed that for me.
    I am so sorry that Memphis is not getting a Meet and Greet. There is nothing like seeing the idols in person and talking with them. They are so awesome and appreciate the fans so much!!

  4. Great comments – you did well with this. Just wondered if I was over reacting to the manner in which the Little Rock folks treated Adam in comparison to how we included Kris. I hope I am off base – someone tell me.

    • How did the Little Rock folks treat Adam?

      • AdamAddict says:

        I want to know that too,what do you mean?Pleeeasee someone explain!How they treated our darling Adam?

        • Melissa in AR says:

          I am pleased to report that Arkansas treated Adam very well! Contrary to popular belief, Adam has voting fans here too. Although it was clearly Kris’s night, the fans were very enthusiastic and every time his picture came up on the screen, the crowd went wild for him. Then later, the noise was deafening the minute Danny got finished with his set because the crowd knew who was up next. During his set, Adam joked with the crowd, thanking them for voting and then laughed and said, “I know, I know, you guys all voted for Kris!” In short, he was received very well here in Arkansas and his entire set was great!

          • AdamAddict says:

            Glad to know! I only saw like 2 vids in youtube so far.I hope they will post more soon. I want to see that joke!That’s so cute & funny!lol. The comments in youtube also said that the crowd went wild for Adam! yay!!

            • Melissa in AR says:

              Yes, I was glad as well. I wasn’t sure what would happen since all you hear about around here is Kris. But shortly before the concert started, they began rolling the Ford videos and whenever Adam came up on the screen, the crowd went wild. (Of course, they did the same for Kris, too.) I knew then that I didn’t have anything to worry about — I wasn’t the only Adam fan in the crowd! I may have been the only one in Arkansas voting for Adam back in May, but I wasn’t the only one screaming for him Saturday night. The roar was so loud, I was afraid I wouldn’t be able to hear the set! A pleasant surprise!

    • Bruce, you know how the public has been going so crazy over Adam since AI? I think it is almost justified that Kris’s home territory goes all out for him, and maybe is more laid back about Adam.

      It doesn’t mean necessarily that they do not like Adam’s performances, but that they wanted to show their total support for the modest quiet guy who is really the AI winner, though we all tend to forget that fact. I think kris needed the morale boost as well, as sometimes it seems he is too self-effacing and kind of “hides behind” Adam figuratively.

      • THERESA, I was happy to read your post, Terry, as I felt the same way about Kris ‘hiding’ behind Adam, too! Wish I could be a fly on the wall when those two talk alone! I wonder how Kris will feel when he does his own smaller concert when this idol tour is over? He so depends on Adam, and Adam is just the kind of person he can depend on, I think! Maybe Adam will have Kris and visa versa as ‘guests’ on each others concerts. i read that Adam has written some music for the movie 2012 that will be on the soundtrack when it comes out in the fall!! That Adam’s album will be titled “Synergy”. I think Adam is going to be as busy as he can be, and will surely be having to turn-down projects left and right!! Loved that picture of them all at Graceland! I have been there 5 times w/different people!! Allison looked like a little rocker there in front w/her hair braided!! Too cute!!!

        • cheryl norman: I’ve often noticed how Adam pushes Kris forward in interviews and almost leads him into speaking and taking part in the conversation. Adam seems to be nurturing and grooming Kris for his role as American Idol. And to his credit, Kris has improved. Our boy sprang from the womb ready to take his place in the spotlight, but clearly Kris has struggled. I remember an interview where the idols are looking over an array of travel toys. Adam said, “I will learn and then I will teach”. (Interestingly, while dinging belly dancing cymbals on his fingers.) I may be prejudiced, but I think all the top nine are better people and performers because of the “runner up”.

          • WANNABETHESNAKE, Oh, I like what Adam said about ‘I will learn and then I will teach’!!!!!
            That is so cool!!!!! That is so Adam!!!!!! I didn’t see that interview!!! I will go hunting for it!! I love
            everything that guy does, but loooooove to hear his ‘wit’, a lot, too!!!!! You’re so right about coming
            out of the womb ‘ready to be iconic!! Perfectly said! Kris will need to ‘make’ himself more ‘assertive’
            or he’ll be left in the dust!! The entertainment bus is so clearly difficult, when you get the chance,
            there’s no time to be ‘shy’! As far as the other 9, they have no choice but to be ‘better’ people just
            for being around Adam and his beautiful spirit and soul!! If they’re smart, they know that Adam makes
            them better just for lhis ‘being’, and will not ‘fight’ it!! My God, Adam is going to ‘change the world’
            in ways that I don’t think we can know yet!!


          • wannabethesnake, you realize that this is Adam’s subconscious speaking as he says, “I will learn, and then I will teach”. Adam has revealed more than once his desire to stand with others, to support, to counsel, to be a ‘ big brother’, to not just play at the role of the humble man in the background, but to actually endure that role patiently as though it has been his unspoken ‘calling’ all his life. Adam is a good soul, and he has far more to give than even the stupendous musical and theatrical gifts he has given to the world so far. The more I see of him, the more I think that he is not like others, he is ‘different’, he is ‘other than’. He consciously intends to be of help to others, in the most prescient way. He is content to be patient, but he casts his net as far as he can, to catch the hearts and minds of his vast audience. His conscious understanding and acute awareness of life show the largeness of his soul. I don’t think I have ever heard of anyone quite like him. As Cheryl says here, ‘Adam will change the world’. Yes, I think he will. With his completely unself-conscious elan, he will plow the way right through old ways and extreme prejudice, and win the hearts of millions. With the little brass cymbals sounding the first notes, Adam will sway others to his kingdom of love, and with his customary kindness and gentleness he will sweep away the postilions of hate.

            • AdamAddict says:

              “I’M NOT SKERD” Adam Lambert
              ‘I AM WHO I AM” Adam Lambert
              “I WILL LEARN, AND THEN I WILL TEACH” Adam Lambert
              I never heard the last one but that was too cool!Love it! Who say like that? ADAM LAMBERT did! Super cool!!

          • Lisette here..bonmatin Cheryl lovli posts always!Agree too Adam has such a nuturing an caring disposition an seem very protective of Kris giving him still l’confidence thinq he still dosnon seeme as comfortable given he even won “Idol”.An acts as a grande frere..big brothre to him.An seeing there was natural frendship from commence of AI show an as they have mentione will always be so alonge with their parentes connecting as well.Adam has always display for so many of Idol contestantes an affinitie an affection thet comes from within his beautiful hearte an soul..tresbeau! An agree he truly bringes out best in all of his fellow top nine.Even as seen on utube casual videos being mentione with Adam Kris an even Danny(who once seeme bit envious of Adam
            in Larry King interview..thinq thet’s all in passe now.As on thes bubbletweet wish I can find thread yu’ll see all three kidding aronde as if they were in a college fraternitie an lot of joking there.An regarde to ringes he wears l’ankh alot whech is symbol of “eternal life” from commence of ancient Egypt time of Pharoahs he is very spiritual.An has espress being so in many well as being into astrological charts an such..Being Aquarian as am I share thes same belif..AQuarians are usual very spiritual,sensitive an usual seek career pathes in arts/an entertainmente,innovators,
            and trendsetters usual ahead of ther generatione(well thet is defitmente Adam who ill change way people thinq an very eclectique sense of style an transform musique styles..As he does so magnificentely all thru American Idol performances taking old songes an making original as “Ring of Fire” very Egyptian,erotique an sensual compare to Johnny Cash’s very mainstream country..An old Bee Gee songe “If I Can’t av You” an make a gentle an romantique ballad from a discobeat.Even Track of My Tears was so beautful an seein Smoky give ovationes for..displays Adam’s superbe talente!
            Sorry to go’s difficulte non to regardes to Adam!.Hugs an Luv Lisette!

            • LORRIN, AdamAddict, Wannabethesnake, I did run into that video of Adam saying, ‘I will learn
              and then, I will teach’!
              I so believe that Adam is ‘different’! He’s kind of ‘motherly’ to people who are timid or shy, and
              kind of ‘fatherly’ toward others who really need ‘their clocks cleaned’! He has an abundance of
              patience, love and giving to others, it’s so unusual! Yeah, I think we Glambs really sense all of
              that in him! It’s like ‘catnip’ for cats!! I have been wondering after reading some posts, if Adam
              is happy w/the fansite he’s created, which doesn’t seem to include many gay guys. I wonder why
              that is so? I hope Adam is okay w/the whole thing! But, he has maintained that he’s about the
              music, soooo??! Just want him to be as happy as he can be!!! LOOK HOW WE ARE!! WE
              CARE SO MUCH ABOUT HIS HAPPINESS!!!!! I think we are good people for Adam!!!!
              peace-love-light-happiness 4 OUR ADAM…………..he gives us so much!

  5. The LR folks were definitely behind Adam. Those around us were all crazy 4 Adam. But Kris was the home town boy and the audience went wild for him. Rightfully so. I hope Memphis is that way for Lil. I know a lot of Arkansans will also be at Memphis esp. those that live on that side of the state. So I expect Kris to get another huge greeting.

    Scott also signed but came out really late to the meet and greet and I did not get his autograph. I

  6. I can hardly bear to see Adam standing in front of the doors of Graceland, wearing Elvis sunglasses with his season 8 compatriots, acting like any other tourist — he, the man next in line to wear the title of ‘King’. It is like seeing the heir apparent to a throne dressed as a common man, standing in front of the palace he should occupy, with no one knowing who he really is…..except a faithful few. To think that he had to slog through the miles of being an AI contestant, and now has to endure 50 grueling performances almost back-to-back across the country to fulfill his obligations, then to wait out the debut of his first album, and THEN to have to wait again until he can fully take the reins of his career, is almost unendurable. Enough already, let him loose, get him out there! But, of course, it will all happen in good time, the prince will come into his kingdom and take his place as rightful heir. Truly, Adam Lambert’s story is as full of struggle, high hopes, and fire-breathing dragons as any fairytale story. No more charming, handsome, and humble prince ever existed than this one, who waits so patiently for the way to clear before him. Only, PLEASE, whisk that dark-haired boy smiling in the photo out of there, give him his crown, and put him on the throne that only he can fill, and quit drawing out the suspense any longer, – his world is waiting!

    • Lorrin..bonmatin Lisette here agree very beautiful post here an agree with yu so much!Adam an yes now in place where anothre King thet of Graceland once had same adorationes an fans of all ages/sexes etc..Now voila so many yers later is someone I av thout from commence of “Amercian Idol” thet he has uncanny resemblance an gentle inflectiones in his slower ballades..non to mention same hypnotique lit eyes,facial features,an even same type lips oui..I thinq they’re very kissable(oops)well sure lot of yu agree.But know an pray he’ll av better manager who’ll lead him to positive thinges to follow American Idol tour..unlike Col. Parker had signe Elvis for silly filmes.If one ever hearde biographie an documentaries actual hollywood producer approach him for more serious roles seein he had potential in one particular eary film “Love me Tender”a more serius an dramatic role thet showed his acting talentes non just bein playboy singer who is either in beach/carraces/an carnival settings.Anyway seeing Adam’s early theatre accomplishmentes displays he has acting abilities too thet can be taken for dramatic roles..ex: in “Wicked”,”Brigadoon” an even as Joshua in 10 commandments”An unlike Elvis is bit older an wiser then when Elvis begine his career an feel in my hearte will non meet Elvis sad an lonely fin with perscriptive drugs,illness an obesity soo sad.Ive alway been a grande fan non matter for his unique style,trendsetting artistry..An Adam I can see in same vein the King of our times in l’millenium..King of all musique genres not place into one categorie as others! Blessings an may angels garde over yu Adam..Thenks for sharing thes lovli posts of AI hope someway to see before it ends. J’adore Adam..hugs to all! Luv ,Lisettexoxox

      • Thank you, Lisette, for joining me here with your beautiful posts. I too, have been struck by the uncanny resemblance between Adam and Elvis. I am sure he is quite aware of this, and has brought it right to the forefront for this cross-country excursion he is obliged to make. Yet he does it so perfectly and so well, there is no question of his authenticity. Adam is not impersonating Elvis, he IS the next King, and he fully knows it. Our minds our seeing the image of that black swept-back hair, glittering studded jacket, and towering stage presence, and recording that image as the man himself brought back to life. Only Adam has even more to offer the waiting world, with his own exquisite musical taste, his ever-endearing personality, and Byronic physical presence. Yes, Adam will be the ‘King of the Millenium’, and not just of one style or performance genre, but of many! ‘Le Roi et mort, vive le Roi!’

        • Lisette agan hugs for yu Lorrin an merci beaucoup for too yur lovli postes always postive an eloquently said!As well as many gals here who adore Adam an oui vive le roi avec couer d’or et face,voix angelque! Well there so many wordes to espress how we all feel for our beau Adam for sure.An I do agree his maturitie an being as a perfet role model an big brothre for his other 9 tourmates is well seen in interview I av seen on here an recente ET an news interviews always sweet,genial,has class an a repoire with all of them..thet is a blessing an thinq part of his charm as well as his multitalentes always a gentlemen,witty,kindhearted,funny,gracious,an superbe stage presence an changes his songes abit with every video I av seen thet all have posted from concertes thet keeps all Adam’s glambs,glamberts,fans/frends wishe they can see every single performance ontour.J’espere bonhealth can permitte me somehow to al least see one of AI shows.Thes is commence of Adam’s first concerttours an know he’ll have many more solo one to follow for many yers on many stages both here an internationale adored by milliones femmes,l’hommes,children,grandparentes an every age is seen even now!
          Blessings always hugs n bisous Lisette!

    • I read somewhere, Lorrin,, that the “real” Graceland tourists were very distracted by the Idols being there, and almost gave more attention to them (read Adam) than Elvis’s legacy!!

      • Oh, I am so glad, theresa/canada, it does my heart GOOD to hear that. I’m surprised somebody didn’t waylay him in the bushes out there at Graceland, or storm him with fits of screaming. Where are people’s heads? By this time, Adam should not even be able to be seen in public anymore without a scene being made. (But of course, I don’t begrudge him this last little bit of ‘down time’ to be out and about like a normal person. It won’t last too much longer.)

      • Lisette agan..bonmatin Theresa/Canada aw agree abit with yu here as I hed seen just yesterday on ET an interview with Adam an a video somone postes thet there wasnon any of thet excitemente thet occur seen whenever Adam’s fans surrounde him just before an after concertes.Gather it will non be thes way for longe more esposure,concerttours,an future cd/dvds release soon there’ll be less calme an lot of pandemonium as seen when he had his San Diego homecoming..Recall in “MadWorld” performance there were many bodyguards aronde stage an even thet gal who manage to get on stage passe them onto give him a brief hug as he was so adorable laughed as she was accompanie offstage.I recall when Michel Jackson had his tours overseas thet l’fans seeme more fanatiqual so to speak an many temes yu’d see gals get passe securitie onstage in his Japan,Germany an Netherlandtours..They’re lot more craze overseas so one can only imagaine when Adam tours othre thes one hasnon ended yet..So never know whet will be instore for him,just let’s hope he’s non trampled an safe from craze paparazzi seein his chase with thet limo in backstrets of LA an onstaires after an interview almoste being stepped on..poor beau Adam.Blessings an bisous for him .An thenks Theresa for lovli postes too! hugs an luv Lisettexoxo

    • I just got Adam bumps….all over….

  7. Well and perfectly said, Lorrin. He deserves the best.

    • Thank you, circe, some times I wonder what in the world are people in the music business thinking letting Adam Lambert do a full AI tour? The man is already the most phenomenal entertainer ever seen on the stage! I can’t imagine how anyone with real saavy in the business doesn’t just yank Adam off this tour and put him on the world stage. Alas, he must fulfill those powerful AI obligations which I’m sure can’t be broken. Nonetheless , it is a travesty to have him haul all over the countryside with a group of boys and girls who are leagues beneath him. If it were not going to end so well, it would be tragic. Adam Lambert is a peerless, world-class singer and entertainer. He should be out there NOW. But extending the suspense of his true rise to superstardom and having him build an even bigger and more fervent fanbase as he does this tour, is not a bad thing. It will culminate in a thunderous beginning for him as he starts his own tours after the release of his album. But waiting for it all to happen is like chewing nails, steel nails. Treating Adam Lambert like any other AI kid (r.e., some tour guy yelling for Adam to ‘get on the bus’, what was that?) is like leaving Lana Turner back at the malt shop. The man is a S.T.A.R., and things better start looking that way pretty darn soon, and it can’t be too soon for me!

      • Lorrin agan thenks for thes post..agree Adam is far better then American Idol concerte vocalistes but I have faith he’ll soon have his solo tour after summer tour an his cd.We all wishe thes for beau Adam as he’s truly gifted as a vocaliste/artiste one who can act,singe,danse like noone else of our time..Gather why Iav joine thes page as it’s an Adam tribute page an non “American Idol” group one..An nonmatter who won Adam will have a longe an sucessful musique career an go on to grander thinges for sure.Thes is just l’commence an seeing he has so many fans/fanclubs aronde l’monde an here in US displays how gifted he truly is.An oui he is a grande star an thinq has been since he even auditiones as all judges was evidente were a bit in awe an starstruck ..even a tough judge as Simon givin him ovationes thet tells us all alot.Thes was first season for thet to ever be..An he can take any songe an make his own beautiful masterpiece just like a monet painting one more colorful,beautiful an deffarante than nexte.Even a country songe like “Ring of Fire” to be an exotic an sensual egyptian new style
        songe with a voix estraordinaire vocal ranges an velvettones..J’adore Adam an always will.
        Blessings for yu an all who adore yu on thes site! hugs nbisous Lisettexoxoxo

        • Circe & Lorrin, ditto, ditto! I couldn’t agree more! Two beautiful posts, oozing with Adamoration and Glamboration! Love it!

  8. Sandy Sapp says:

    I followed AI all through to the end. I was absolutely amazed with Adam. He is the most talented person I have ever seen. And, I am 60 yrs. old and very conservative. I just hope and pray that he takes good care of himself, both physically and mentallly as a future star and icon. It scares me so badly that he will be inundated by the press and public like most other super stars and thus ruin his personal life. He has so much to offer the public and the public can be so cruel. I cant wait for his albums to come out and I hope and pray that he stays OK with himself and his inner soul.

  9. Manda_K says:

    Lorin, YES. YES, YES. Seriously, he is the BEST thing I have ever seen to grace a stage and to shlip around with “those other nine” irks me to no end. To think that Anoop and Adam share the same stage makes me nauseous. The only saving grace is the we get to see him show us exactly why we voted for him each week and why we will be around for a long time to come, hypnotized by him.

  10. Jeanette says:

    Check out the concert photo – of course Adam had to wear his hair in the “Elvis” style for this concert!

    • Indeed, our Adam is so perceptive & receptive!

    • bonjour Jeanette Lisette here ah yes Adam I thout same thinge his hair looks coiffed an such a resemblance to a younge Elvis there for sure..I ad seen Adam on ET mentione of how he was compare to King of Rock nRoll on “Idol” an was gracious saying he was honoreto be as Elvis is an Icon an talented artiste.It was takene by Graceland with fellow AI contestantes..he looked tresbeau even with his noir cap an jeans! Yu’re going to be lucky to see him in several plese post for us some lovli photos alrighte?!! hugs an luv Lisette!

  11. AdamRocks! says:

    Three words: OH. MY. GOD!

    I woke up Sunday morning full of unimaginable excitement (well, I’m sure all of you could imagine it!). I had painted my fingernails black the night before, and picked out some jewelry (my silver and crystal stud earrings, and my silver butterfly necklace). I was wearing my “Adam is my Idol” tee with the sexy Adam eyes, my favorite faded jeans, and my black “biker chick” boots. There was one other item I wore, which I was hesitant about posting here, but then I thought, it’s all in good fun, and I just HAVE to post it: a pair of Victoria’s Secret bikini underwear that I had bought awhile ago, with “wish you were here” printed on the. . . um. . . back. 🙂

    Driving up to Memphis from Picayune, MS, several large SUVs with Arkansas license plates passed us right in a row, and that made me think that there might be a lot of Kris fans coming, since Arkansas is right next door to Memphis. After a five and a half hour drive, we arrived, and parked, and walked around the plaza in front of the FedEx Forum waiting for the doors to open. I thought I would see more Adam tees and black fingernails. . . there were some, but maybe this WAS Kris country. It WAS great to see the Adam fans when I spotted them. I would have to say that the majority of fans WERE probably there for Adam, but it just seemed that EVERYBODY should be (you know what I mean???). We were asked by a woman in her 40’s to take a picture of her and her mom, who was in a wheelchair. She said she was there for all of them, but when we asked her mom, she said ADAM! It was so cute!

    We found our seats, which were on the side of the stage (stage right), almost in the last row of the second section up from the floor. . . kind of a side view, but you could see the whole stage. Of course, whenever Adam’s picture flashed on the screen (LOVE the Ford commercials!), the screaming was the loudest, so it was obvious who the favorite was. It was so cool when the lights finally went down, and the American Idol music started playing. . .

    Michael – likable

    Megan – stiff

    Scott – enjoyable

    Lil – very much improved. . . I really liked her set

    Annop – smooth

    Matt – had several killer moments. . . loved how he came out singing “Hard to Handle” by the Black Crowes. . . great showman

    Intermission – Could 20 minutes last any longer???

    Allison – Wow! She rocked the house. . . my husband immediately fell in love with her

    Danny – passable. . . couldn’t help noticing the moves he stole from Adam, including using the “come here” motion with his hands, and taking his jacket off. Even Anoop tried a little hip swivel, which looked very Adam-like. During Danny’s last song, my heart started pounding, and I couldn’t stop squeezing my husband’s leg (he’s so understanding). And then his set was over. . . heart pounding even faster.

    The flashing lights started, and the A-D-A-M scrolled on the back screen (which we couldnt’ see very well). . . and finally, the opening guitar riffs of Whole Lotta Love. . . even though it was still somewhat dark, I saw him walking up the steps from the back of the stage, the dark hair, the tall, commanding form, and my heart was just soaring. . . “It’s him, it’s really him, and he’s about to start singing”. . . what an AMAZING moment.

    And then I noticed. . . he was wearing his hair swept back (his Elvis look). . . here in Memphis, the home of Graceland. . . I was hoping he would. . . and he always give me what I want! hehe ~major swoon~

    The whole set was magical (his face on the giant screen was absolutely BEAUTIFUL, beyond GORGEOUS!). . . his moves, ~sigh~. . . his voice. . . just breathtaking. . . I couldn’t take my eyes off of him. . he just owned the whole arena. . . his physical presence was so overpowering (“is that really him??? OMG!!!”). . . the only thing was that I had been spoiled by the up-close concert videos on youtube, and I wanted to take in every move, every gesture, every expression, and I couldn’t because we were so far away. . . watching the giant screen was wonderful, but it was always a close-up. . . you never got that whole-body experience. . . I’m determined that next time I see him live, I’ll be front and center.

    And then it was over, much too soon. . . as the stage section lowered, I yelled “Adam, come back!” And he did, after Kris’s very enjoyable, though to me, kinda ho-hum, set. . . the Journey song was great, but I want MORE ADAM! MORE! NOW!!!

    I had read somewhere on this site that Michael tweeted that there would be no after-show autographs because they had to catch a plane to Florida, plus we were turning around and driving five and a half hours home, so even though that was a bit of a let-down, I had seen Adam in person, and that was more than I could EVER ask for. ~SIGH~

    • AdamAddict says:

      I am sooooo jealous! I understand how you felt the moment Gokey almost finish.I totally so very understand.I think I’ll act like U if I were there.No,no I know I’ll act like that if I were there.I’m glad that your heart still belongs where it should be.Or R U sure,check it again?Just in case it already jumped out from the exciment! LOL! I can imagine how fun it was.I wish I can be there.Scream my lungs out!~Sigh~And trying to throw myself on stage!~sigh~

      I never watch Gokey in youtube before because …hmm WHY SHOULD I? I knew he molest the mic stand from other sites so I watched it just to clean my stomach by throwing up.I don’t know he do that “come here” move too!WTH is wrong with him.You just can’t copy other contestant,that’s basic.That will make people feel ill.OMG!!

      Too bad you don’t get his autograph! And AdamRocks!,do U realized 1 thing? This time U didn’t write Cindy in MS! hahaha!You really are excited,aren’t you?I think this is the 1st time U forgot to write that.Look at that,I paid attention to some people here.LOL!Hey guys,Cindy here is super excited because she went to Memphis tour!She forgot to write her name this time.Look what Adam did to her?She got amnesia!Cindy ,come back,come back!! LOL! I’m happy 4 U,not the amnesia part,of course! 😀

      • AdamRocks! says:

        I can’t come back Emili! I’m too far up in the clouds after seeing Adam in Memphis! And he sang “woman” during WWL. . . what a tease! 🙂 When we drove into Tennessee, we went right past the Graceland exit, and wished that we had left earlier so that we could’ve taken a tour. . . and then yesterday I found out that the idols were there!

        Thanks theresa! Oh wow. . . binoculars would’ve been GREAT! But wasn’t it fantastic watching the giant screen? Oh, the closeups of his beautiful face. . . ~swoon~

        wannabethesnake (LOVE your screenname! lol), you’re right. . . it’s taking me awhile to recover. . . I probably never will!

        Cindy in MS

        • AdamAddict says:

          Do you mean if you stop & enter Graceland,you probably meet them??!!Do mean that?OMG,imagine that? “Hey look honey,that guy look exactly like Kris and hey that guy look exactly like Adam…aaaaarghh,it is Ad” ~faint~ hahaha!

          It’s too bad you didn’t get a chance to meet Adam,I hope you did,U know?I really hope but…~sigh~ it’s okay,next time Cindy! Don’t loose hope yet!There’s still tomorrow and Adam won’t go anywhere for a very long time! 😀

          Emili from Malaysia

    • AdamRocks (Cindy), what a great personal account! I felt like I was right there yet again. Re. the distance, I would recommend everyone who has seats farther back to beg or borrow a pair of binoculars. Then you see him in all his glory! I was at the far back, stage front, top of first tier and he “filled” the circle of the lens!!

      RE. the Elvis hairdo. He is wearing it a lot now, could be simply because of the heat or it could be his astute plan to make everyone subconsciously think of Elvis the King oir R and R… thus the new king??? I’ve made a folder of Adam photos in which he resembles Elvis, some more than others and it’s there!

    • AdamRocks: I feel your pain, sister. Nothing compares to Adam in the flesh; it is imposssible to explain the physical magnetism of this man. Also, takes a few days to recover from the effect. I saw him in Tulsa Friday and still can’t think of anything else. I’m jealous you got the Elvis hair, but it is fitting!

  12. blexilou says:

    went to the show last night..first of all..AWESOME! had horrible seats WAY up high, but my mom freaked out bc it was so high so weng to ask if we could buy different tickets. guess what seats we got…FRONT ROW CENTER!!!i have some amazing pics! we ran into all the idols at our hotel, they stayed at the westin in memphis. we didnt know they were there, til adam got on the same elevator as us!!!!! i freaked out!didnt know what to say! lol. i got awesome pics and hugged him. when i hugged him, the security dude was not happy, and adam told him to ‘simmer down’ lol. then we ran into them all again at graceland! IM STILL FREAKING OUT ABOUT IT!! ill send in some pics so everyone can see!

  13. blexilou says:

    here is the link to all my pics from the concert, and also some pics from seeing them in the hotel before the show…

  14. I wonder if one day, when Adam’s riding the sky in all his glory, and someone makes a video on his rise to ‘fame’, comparing him to Elvis, might this picture of when he and the other 9 visited Graqceland for the first time will the historians of music show the ‘icon’, Adam, in a shot that can be called ‘ironic’, for reasons we do not know today? Like ‘Adam Lambert visits Graceland, the home of the previous King of Rock ‘n Roll, Elvis Presley, who was the man who broke down all barriers in society, so that Adam Lambert could bring his amazing talent to the world one day’!!!! I saw Elvis in ’77, in March. I remember NOTHING OF THAT CONCERT EXCEPT RUNNING TO THE FRONT AND STANDING ON SOMEONE’S arm rests so that I could get a better view of him!!! I don’t even remember him singing a note!! The 2001 Space Oddesy
    song started, I ran down to the stage, and never looked back at my date, mom, and the other 11 people I was with! I start rememberilng things after I was out in the parking lot. That’s it!! I took some amazing pics, tho! To see Adam standing in front of the King’s home is eerie! In a nice way!! I can only imagine what was going thru Adam’s mind as he went from room to room and bldg to bldg.! One thing I know for lsure, they’ll all be amazed how ‘horrible’ it was all decorated, ha, ha! It is awful! But life was different then! No cable, no microwaves, no cell phones, no ipods, few car stereos!!!! But it was ‘heaven’ for Elvis and his mother, who he wanted to please first and foremost!! SO SAD, AND YET, W/ADAM IN THE WINGS, SO EXCITING!!!!

    Remember, Adam has Elvis’ watch that was given to him at the YHA ceremony! Wow!


    • Oh, Cheryl, I didnt know about the watch. How did you find that out? Is there somewhere online I could see it?

    • Thank you Cheryl, you comfort me. I loved your line, ‘when Adam is riding the sky in all his glory’, yes, of course he will be riding across the sky, thank God. It’s just that my incredulity is stretched to the limit when I see Adam drop from public view while on this AI tour, and people in the business seem to be as impassive as the standing stones about this incredible performer. But I am sure it all has to do with the passing of time and the paying of even more ‘dues’, as Adam approaches ever nearer to breaking free from the ill-matched conglomeration of the AI tour, and embarks on his own journey to the farthest star. I loved, too, how you described forgetting all else and everyone you were with to run up to catch sight of Elvis all those years ago. Isn’t it wonderful to think that another beautiful ‘King’ has come to dazzle us all again? And yes, Elvis’ talisman was given to him to confirm him as the legitimate heir. Someone indeed recognized who Adam really is! We are living through an epic story in the making

      • LORRIN, I couldn’t have said it better!!! This is all happening so fast, when you stop and think about it! Just think how Adam feels starting his life’s dream and being heldback at the same time! Altho, being ‘held back’ could be a ‘blessing in disguise’ for him! He has more time to ponder his situation, and hear from more people in the music industry, so he can’t really ‘sign’ his life away before he has more knowledge of the ins and outs, so to speak! Am so thankful he has his mother to be there where she can influence him if she sees something that doesn’t look good!!! She is his best friend and mother, now. He can always believe her advice, b/c he knows she loves him and will always be ‘watching out’ for her son! People w/bad agendas will know Adam has her, and I’ll bet his mother will ‘grow’ more than she could ever imagined w/the fascinating success her son!!! Elvis is in Adam! I just feel that! He, Adam, has so many of Elvis’ gifts. Altho they have completely different voice qualities, the humility, good manners, sincereity, grciousness and even love of their moms, so many of the same great qualities!! I agree with your statement that we are living thru an epic story in the making of an internationsl icon! Love it!
        peace-love Lorrin, 2U and OUR ADAM!


          • Theresa or Terry (if I may!), you always seem to find these fascinating bits of information involving Adam. I would love to see the video of the idols going through Graceland. Can you point me in the right direction, please?

        • Thank you, Cheryl, for this post. From the first few moments of seeing, and then reading about Adam and beginning to know who he was, I saw the incredible connection between the mother and son. This, of course, reminded me of my own precious son of Adam’s age, who is gay, and of all our struggles over the years with all kinds of difficulties, in a family situation similar to Adam’s. Despite not having a father present, my son pulled himself out of a dark place, without the help of money or family influence, and succeeded in becoming a first-class student at a prestigious California university, after many years of struggle. At his high school graduation, he too had a bright orange graduation robe and mortar board, he too has dazzling, beautifully shaped blue eyes, and shares Adam’s real hair color, physical stature, and beautiful smile. But unlike Adam with his years of theater and music, he had nothing when he left high school for an uncertain future. So many in my son’s position have fallen and never gotten up again, but thank heaven, he pulled out and became the best son any mother could ever have. So, when I see Adam and Leila, I feel a kinship with a mother and son who somehow made it through, and I feel for all the kids and moms who never will. That’s why Adam Lambert is so important to me; he is a symbol of hope breaking through all odds, of full and final recognition, of success of the heart and spirit when it doesn’t look like anything is going to work out. So, aside from all the incredible gifts Adam brings to the world and the world-class performer he is and will be, he is first of all a loving son, with an extremely close and precious bond to his mother. Yes, we have two small, dark-haired ladies entrusted with the care of two men so alike, Elvis and Adam, one at the beginning of an era, the other at the beginning of another. They did so well with these two young men, didn’t they? And now everything has come full circle for all of us.

          • Ah Lorrin, loved this post! I can relate to it as I have a wonderful relationship with my son (27 yrs old). We have shared so much and in fact have chosen similar career paths, i.e. OD (Organisational Design and Development) although I have scaled down a lot after suffering from burn out. He also majored in psychology and has to collect his practising #. We did some work together and he was fortunate enough to be sponsored to attend the Tallberg Forum (youngest participant) in Sweden a few years ago where I also co-facilitated of the Emerging Leadership Programme prior to the Forum taking place. He is tickled pink with my fascination with Adam’s mystique and sheer magnatism – finds it rather ‘cute’. My husband is rather threatened by Adam although he enjoys the spin-offs. My son just says, ‘Don’t worry about Dad, he’ll get over it!”

            I thought this might interest you. Although I have scaled down a lot w.r.t. my work, I renamed my consultancy last year as my son said using your own name is NOT SEXY ANYMORE MOM! The trading name is now Think4Achange! I have’nt developed a website as I like the way I am operating at the moment – can concentrate on Adam and my Glamb family.

            I wish Adam’s Mom would visit this site as I think she’ll enjoy the posts. What do you think?

            • Yes, Ingrid, I have often thought the same thing. How I wish we could present this site to her somehow! I think Leila would enjoy it immensely!

          • , LORRIN, i agree, Adam and his mother defilnately must have that ‘bond’, that not all mothers and
            sons have. So glad of that! I really have no idea of all the complications that are possible w/having
            a son who’s gay or a daughter who’s lesbian. Only those in that circumstance could really know
            and understand! The thoughts of a life of having to protect and worry about a child is incomprehen-
            sible to me!! All of these moms surely have my utmost respect! I was such a strong support of
            everything my kids did, that God help anyone who might even ponder the idea of hurting either of them
            in any way!! I definately was ‘well known’ in their school district as the ‘fairest’ mother in our plat!
            That is no exageration! Any of the parents who had to go out of the country, or out of town, of my
            kid’ friends, would ask me if I would take care of them. I was the only single mother around at the
            time, but, my reputation as a ‘protector’ of children was well known! My kids were proud of me, and
            let me know in no uncertain terms.
            Ingrid, I am so happy for you, also! Sorry for your husband, tho. Kidding! How fantastic that you and
            your son can share in your relationship/career like you do!!!
            We are all truly blessed! Loving sons, and family, and able to watch Adam, our ‘adopted’ son grow
            and find happiness. That is the ‘common denominator’ that keeps this family together!! Adam is the
            ‘tool’, ‘love for Adam’ is the ‘glue’!

  15. The torch has been passed!


  17. OMG that Bowie medley above, he slithers and slinks even more… he is more supple now… practice makes perfect LOL Or is it the ‘snake influence?” but I notice his voice is a trifle hoarse and he can’t hit the pure high notes… hope he’s not losing his voice from too much wear and tear!!

    • Besides Adam’s personal safety, this was the one thing I was most worried about: his voice. I noticed in the first concert he gave, his voice was at the highest energy and pitch level, and he was delivering that song like steel rivets. By the time he got to the Western states, he was toning down the sensational screaming he did, and it even sounded somewhere like he had lowered the key. He also had to stop to drink water before singing one of his later Bowie medleys. Of course, even if he IS giving a slightly less-than full-bore Adamesque performance, each and every one of his performances is sensational. But surely, SOMEONE is looking out after Adam? I certainly hope he is receiving some good sense and advice about conserving his voice for another month 1/2. When I first saw the tour was to last for 50 venues almost back-to-back, I was incredulous. Would anyone force Andrea Bocelli to do a 50-city tour in such a grueling way? Adam’s voice is at least Broadway stage, if not operatic quality, and someone needs to protect it. On another post, I commented that I couldn’t believe the powers that be in the business didn’t just yank Adam out of the tour, and get him ready for his own debut. The protection of his voice would be another good reason for this. The other kids on the tour are in no way putting out the decibels and extreme voice control and projection Adam is doing, and they do not need to be concerned. But Adam is another matter. I just wonder is anybody home in Adam’s management office? To me, it seems that Adam’s talent is being squandered on this AI tour, and his voice perhaps, has been put in jeopardy while he is working it. Adam is a racehorse, not a workhorse, and I haven’t seen enough evidence yet that anyone in management is taking care of him properly. Does anyone know anything about the management aspect of Adam’s career? I would love to know who is directing him, if anyone.

  18. Karen B says:

    Looks like this was the show to be at! Looved the way he made little tweaks and changes to the songs, what an incredible singer! After all this time I’m still amazed and totally in awe of his vocal capabilities, everything else is just icing on the cake.