TOUR VIBE – American Idol Summer Tour 2009 – Madison, WI

After a day off in Chicago, Adam and friends return to Wisconsin for a concert at the Alliant Energy Center in Madison on Friday, September 4th.

First, just a couple of brief website updates…first, thanks to Lila for sending in some great photos from the Kansas City show. The third of her photos is actually a t-shirt – the coolest one I’ve ever seen (how can I get one?) Check them out here:

I’ve also added a photo on my Milwaukee “Starlight” article of the “Calm & Delightful” Mary D., Sandra, and me. Here’s the link:

This is the third of my shows, and I’m eagerly awaiting this show with as much anticipation as I did the Milwaukee and Chicago shows. As I commented briefly in my “Starlight” post, it will be very interesting to gauge the reaction of the crowd in Madison and compare it to Milwaukee’s crowd. Milwaukee was “Gokeyland,” as the Idols themselves described my city, and it was plainly evident. There were clearly louder and more frequent screams for Danny than anyone else, even Adam (oh, how it hurts to write that!)

But while Madison is only 80 miles away, the two cities are very different. Madison is a big university town (University of Wisconsin – Madison, home of the Big Ten Badgers), and it’s known as a liberal town (state capital in a blue state) and a party town (it isn’t called Madtown for nothing.) So the demographics are pretty different than those for Milwaukee, known most, of course, for beer and brats. So I’m going to really be curious to see if Danny still gets the big “hometown” screams, or if Adam, as in most concert cities and as he deserves, garners the longest, loudest, most enthusiastic vocalizations a crowd can put forth. Thankfully, regardless of what happens in Madison and Grand Rapids, Chicago was Adamland! Thank you, Chi-town!!! I grew up in Evanston, just two blocks north of Chicago, so last night was a bit of a homecoming for me, and I am so thankful to all the Chicago fans who made it a night for Adam.

I’m going again with the Calm and Delightful Mary D. and Sandra, and we will be joined by Jill, who was also at the Milwaukee concert. We all have great seats, and we all anticipate having the time of our young lives!

If you’re going to the Madison concert and want to share your thoughts, please comment below, and if you have photos and/or videos from either this concert or any of the past concerts, please email them to us! Our email address is

Other than possibly a quickie “My Excellent Adventure Part 3: Madison & Part 4: Grand Rapids” this is my last post for a while and my final TOUR VIBE. Sue will be taking the wheel from now until the end of the tour. It’s been quite a ride, and it’s been my pleasure to try to keep you informed and entertained. I’ll be back when the tour is over for lots more Adam news and fun. Until then, don’t skere Sue off!

Love~~Jeanette, Glamb #5


  1. Hi – I went to the concert in Atlantic City, NJ and was disappointed by the layouts / sets. Adam sounded amazing and alot of people left after he sang —- oops. I find it interesting that Adam did 6 songs (5 solo and 1 with Alison) and Kris only did 3 and then led the group in a 4th — hmm interesting !!!

    I thought the other performers were either off key (Megan), off lyrics (Alison)or just plain boring (Michael, Kris). I liked Alison and Lil during the season and was disappointed by both at the concert. Scott and Matt did a good job and their piano duet was great.

    If Adam wasn’t in the show, I would have asked for my money back!!

    • Adam has 5 songs including the duet: Whole Lotta Love, Starlight, Mad World, Slow Ride, Bowie Medley. I believe Kris also has 5.

      • Lisette here, thenks for lovli articles always..just to let yu know I av not recive thes passe articles in ma fel sad whenevre thes occurs?Is ther possible reason for thes,perhaps as ma glambs numbre isnot one of top?Non sa perquoi several temes thes occur.Now gathre whenevre possible wil visite site daily.Thes site brings such joie,an shame now Im sending comments day apres most glambs..Anyway sure yu’re agan enjoying concerte with our beau Adam.An will now reade othre gals posts..bonwishes Lisettexoxo angel blessings an l’angel d’chansons…Adam!


    RockStar Weekly (A Canadian Magazine) is looking for 10 ultimate Adam Lambert fans from around the world to profile in a special Adam Lambert online magazine to be published in November.

    The 24-page magazine, which will be available for reading free on the RockStar Weekly website, will be a tribute to the top fans that are making Lambert a world-wide star through the internet. It will be highlighted with some RockStar Weekly concert shots from our site and maybe a publicity still or two.

    Fans have to submit materials to show that they are true fans and are encouraged to utilize many internet tools to prove that they are a top fan. RockStar Weekly has set up a Facebook Group for fans to post stories, photos and videos.

    Full details on the contest, including how the winners will be featured, is available on the Contest page. Here is the link with the details:

    This is an ABSOLUTE MUST for us Glambs to take part in!!! Can you just see it now – a fabulous group shot of Glambs at the restaurant, the show, wearing their finest, glamtastic, glittery, ADAMesque outfits, jewellry, makeup, etc. etc. We can do this!!!!!!!!! Let’s put together a really amazing submitssion to prove once and for all that Glambs are the BEST, most loyal fans of our Adam!!!

    (Glamb #20)

  3. I was so excited to post the above that I forgot to add the obvious: As soon as we submit the link to and the contest officials see how professional, zany, insane, witty, devoted, glittery, adoring, funny, and beautiful fans that we are on this ADAM LAMBERT OFFICIAL UNOFFICIAL FAN SITE, we will win this hands down!!!

    In an earlier post someone ws suggesting that we put a book together for Adam of samples of the posts and stories, pictures, submissions and musings that have been made on this site. This would be a perfect way of demonstrating that we are by far and away the best ADAM site on the Internet!


    • Jane I fully agree with you, by far this is the best site on the internet about Adam Lambert, foull of genuine people and music lovers, once they read the posts on this site they should declare this site the winner. It is not accessed by people in America but all over the world, they ill see that GLAMBS are supporters of Adam, and their infectuous love for Adam is spreading. We have some very talented GLAMBS, their comments should be published, the comments fully describe what Adam is all about, is not just his music, it is about his personality, what he stands for, the type of man he is. I wish you a fantastic time, take my love to Adam, and I await to hear of your wonderful experiences.

      • typing error, it should say ‘full of genuine’ not foull.

        • Lisette here, ah merci an agree with both of yu as I av felt thes Adam’s tribute page by far is l’best on web, for all glambs leaders special care to keep update inregarde to AItour an ther esperiences with videos/photos an how Adam has toched within ther heartes as only he can! An Jane very perceptive agree thet from all passe threads with our lovli glambs gals an fellows espressive,humourous,charmant an witty posts of l’passione,adoration,elation,jubilation,mesmerize,glamborize,adamattraction,infatuation,an many more words use to espress how we feel…an compile al le videos from (AItour,fan photos,articles,linqs an anything Adam(like l’cnn for monsieur Lambert 24/7),..beliv thet thes Adam fanpage can win l’contest to be on magazin cover..So anyone who as espertise with l’camera uploade ther video in detail with themselves an non camerashy,willing to av ther famille an frends as well on..many blessings an do hope yu’ll be l’glambs vogue gal/fellow we see on thet cover!Oh escellente idea if one of our glambs etes seleted bravo an yes lovli if we can have glambs group photo or meet in restaurant..lovli thout..but what will be selecte citie for thes evente..ah I must av bonhealth for sure,wil so adore to meet anyone,everyone…a bel reve!See what yu av started Jane! Wel whoever wins bless them an we’ll be happy if one of glambs here! Hugs an luv Lisettexoxo!!

  4. If anyone is wondering what I am talking about – my original post is still awaiting moderation.

    • Silvana/Argentina says:

      If you are talking about the RockStar Weekly contest, as soon as I read about it, when googling Adam, I ran to the site to post.
      There are so great writers here, there should be plenty of alternatives to submit. Definitely the BEST SITE, it should show.

      • Lisette here, plasur to see anothre lovli glamb from Argentina,benevenuto Silvana!An sure yu’ll enjoie all l’articles,photos/videos an place to celebrate all Adam’s artistry,his estraordinaire talente as a vocaliste/artiste with a humanitarian hearte,face an voix angelique!So if incline try an enter l’contest too! et tanti auguri sua amica Lisettexox!

        • Silvana/Argentina says:

          Hi Lisette, thak you for your welcome. As I’ve posted before, when I introduced myself, last week, I love your French/English writting. Of course i share with all of you the same love and appreciation of this beautiful soul and gorgeous man, Adam.


        • Silvana/Argentina says:

          sorry, I was typing and somethig happened to my keyboard and i couldn’t finish writting to you.
          I know that you have family in Italy. I live in Argentina but my parents migrate as youngsters from Italy, because of the II Great War. Then tehy met here and years later married. I still have lots of family back there. My first language is Italian, so thank you so much for your kind words in that language, and i’ve learned English and a bit of French at school, so I love your writting.
          You are always so sweet, as all the girls say, angelical.

          Je t’embrace,

  5. Silvana/Argentina says:

    HOW lucky…FOUR concerts…..I surely envy you (in a good way)

    Have tons of fun with rhe other Glambs.


  6. This is one Mad-towner who can’t wait to show Adam some love!!!! This is definitely his kind of town–progressive, creative and gay-friendly. Whether or not it is a town of American Idol fans remains to be seen. I don’t know ANYONE who watches the show–it’s much more of an indie-music kind of place.

    Therefore I predict he will be even bigger here when he is out on his own, post-album! I am just hoping he’ll come back!!!!!!!!

  7. Leaving for Madison soon…..see you there Jeanette…..
    Look what I found on my twitter this morning!!!
    From Deepak Chopra:

    There is NOTHING MORE ATTRACTIVE than a person who has no social masks and radiates a simple unaffected humanity !!!

    Don’t we know !!!
    Peace, Love, Adam

  8. Jeanette, Mary D , Jill and Sanrda, Have a great time and show Adam our love!! Rock the house down. You Lucky girls you, I will be thinking of you all tonight!!!!!!

    • thanks mary – can’t wait to hook up with the “veteran concert go-ers” & enjoy the ride! I’m sure we’ll be posting first thing tomorrow a.m…with photos & all! thanks for thinking of us! wish you could be here too! there is a kindred love here with everyone even if we’ve never met…all thanks to our amazing Adam!!! 🙂 what a blessing ~ what a gift! amen to that!

  9. Does anyone know if there is an outside signing/meet area outside the Madison Arena for after the show?? I have heard that ther is not, only in side??

  10. You’re going away?? 🙁 What am I going to read without your fantastic tour vibes?!?! Where are you going?

  11. For all of us unlucky to go to the concert take comfort in this video

  12. Are any of you girls going to the Sept 9 concert in Wilkes-Barre, PA? I’m making the 2-hour trip from NJ by myself and would love to meet any of you if you’re going. I’ll be sitting in the Floor 3 section, second row, seat 14! I also went to the Newark show on Aug 9 which was unbelievable and I just HAD TO SEE ADAM AGAIN !!! I can hardly wait ….

  13. I was looking again this evening for some new videos of Adam, and I found something just a tiny bit unusual in the recent video of ‘Don’t Stop Believing’, the tour finale number. All is well as Adam and Kris suddenly materialize from the floor and they’re all singing together, then at .43 seconds Adam breaks into this adorable sideways Boogie dance, and Kris smiles, copies him and joins in…but then, at .58 seconds, Kris makes a turn away from Adam, and breaks the connection between them. Instead of doing their customary, exciting little ‘get down’ dance together, Kris has turned his back to the audience and then turns around, away from Adam. Adam looks like he is trying to ‘read’ his friend about what to do, Kris stays disengaged, and Adam has to go on dancing having just received a subtle snub. Even if Kris meant nothing by it, Adam was certainly affected, his feelings show on his face for just those few moments, he looks stricken, although he hid it well. Kris certainly did not get into the fun of their special relationship on this dance, at least. At first, I thought I was imagining things, and then I carefully went back over the video a number of times, and yes, there does appear to be some kind of subtle signal there; Kris doesn’t want to ‘play’, Adam sees it, doesn’t quite know what it means, and then has to go on with the show. In reading the comments below the video, I find that I am not the only one who saw this moment between the two of them. One of the posts said, “Adam got sooo sad when Kris turned away from him….he was constantly trying to engage with him after that…..its so obvious he really likes him”. In viewing the Baltimore video of the same song, you can see the two men truly enjoying each other and the moment, and really revelling in their special closeness. At 3:16, Adam turns toward Kris and begins to engage with him and Kris is fully engaged with Adam in their funky little dance, and then they both kick around afterwards, having a lot of fun, showing the audience their obvious love for one another. But by Rosemont, something had changed. One of the other bloggers mentioned that Adam’s overwhelming attractiveness cuts across all boundaries, and that this might be threatening Kris a little; another person thought that Kris might have finally gotten’fed up’ with all the attention paid to Adam; another said Kris had ‘dissed’ Adam. Whatever the reality of this moment, it is sad to see Adam caught by surprise by this ever-so-slight rebuff by his beloved friend, and have to wonder in this oh-so-public place with every eye on him, what in the world just happened. It cuts me to the heart to think that Adam might be hurt, his heart is so big, he is such a tender-hearted man, and he probably loves Kris deeply. Well, whatever the reality, I’m sure the two of them will go on. Perhaps nothing happened, or perhaps something did, either way, Adam will find a way to get past it and move forward. I present the videos only because I love Adam Lambert very much, and because Adam cares so much for Kris. Perhaps something new is happening in this relationship as the tour winds down to a close, or perhaps nothing is happening, and it’s just one of those things. But it was certainly a very public moment. Here are the two videos for you to see and compare: – ‘Don’t Stop Believing’ – Rosemont – ‘Don’t Stop Believing’ – Baltimore

      HOW R U????


      • Hi Ofra, I’m pretty good, how are YOU? Thanks for answering my little speculation about Adam and Kris there, it’s nice to hear they’re all still getting along. I would love to have the link to that ‘warm and beautiful’ article you mentioned, with Kris’s brother talking about Kris and Adam’s friendship. Just viewing the video, even if I didn’t know the two men had a friendship, I thought it looked quite ‘out of synch’ there just after Adam did his darling sideways dance (actually, BOTH of them were dancing the cute little sideways dance for those few moments). Just after their little dance, though, it looked as though Adam was just a little unsure of what Kris was doing, and he was trying to discern what Kris was going to do next, and it then became apparent that they were NOT going to be doing the other ‘get down’ Boogie dance which they usually do together. And Adam looked hurt for just a fleeting moment, but I may have misinterpreted that look. Ah well, if they are fine, then I am fine with that. I’m glad you were on top of that bit of information.

        So, what’s happening in Israel today? Shabbat begins in the evening, is that correct, but did you not also say that Fridays are also one of your weekend days? What are you going to do today? Is it blazing hot in Tel Aviv, or are you having cooler weather? Where do you live in the city, and is your family near by? Write a few lines if you get a chance.

        In the meantime, the big news is the wild and crazy ‘Grand Rapids Glambvention’ coming right up on Sunday. I can’t wait to hear the reviews of that concert, it has been a much anticipated event! Well, I will go, my dear… Love to you in the wee hours, from Northern California!



          TAKE CARE

          • Iyleneidol09 says:

            Thanks for the article Ofra, something new and different. Nice to know that Kris and Adam’s family are still getting along well, for how long, time will tell…

          • THANK YOU, OFRA, I read the article you sent! I was very interested in Daniel Allen saying that his brother, Kris and Adam are really very much alike as people…both are honest and want the best for other people. He also said that Adam was especially nice to his Mom, and that both families are very compatible, how sweet. It seems that they all get along so well, and really ARE the best of friends. I do think, however, that something was going on with Kris in the Rosemont video above, – Kris did miss that cue, whether deliberate or not, who can say, but it ‘felt’ like it. Oh well, I’m sure they’re all just about burned out by now…I am SO glad this tour is winding down, I feel like I’m waiting for the ‘baby to be born’ some time this Fall, and that baby is LONG overdue…I will be SO glad to see what happens in November when the album is released. You know, I did read an article yesterday online that said a certain reporter had interviewed people at random in Times Square, NY, and more than half of them said the Carrie Underwood album would outsell any other albums at that time, and they put Adam in at second place for album sales! Yikes, we CAN’T let this happen, we must truly rally behind our man in November!

            Thanks so much for getting me the link, Ofra, that was very nice of you…and hey, did you know that your weather in Tel Aviv and here in our valley in Northern California are almost identical for both the seasons you mentioned? Two places especially geared for ‘sun-lovers’. Love to you from our night time on the West Coast!

        • Hey Lorrin and girls, trying to get caught up in the posts tonight. Just got back from GR.
          I think you are all speculating to much on the Rosemont video. Seems like Adam was
          having an issue with his ear piece. Kris did look like he had a funky expression on
          his face, but I’m sure its all good between them!

    • Helen/Canada says:

      Hi Lorrin
      It’s Helen/Canada. I’m away for the weekend with my friends and have to hurry with this post before I get busted. I grabbed my laptop at the last minute before I left because I just couldn’t stay away from this site! The girls are getting ready to go out for dinner and I got ready really fast so I could check in. About the video, you’re right in your observation. Adam did look confused and hurt–breaks my heart. But I don’t think Kris meant anything by it. If you look closely at the few shots of Kris, he looked out of sorts to me and tired! I think that might have been it. I think he was just tired and didn’t have the energy for their little dance. I only had a chance to watch it twice, but I really think that was it. On Adam’s tweet last night, he did say that Katy and Drake hang out and they call them KAKE. So I hope all is well. I really do think they are friends forever. I think this tour is wearing on all of them at this point.. Somewhere on this site I read just a few days ago, can’t remember if it was someone’s post or a tour vibe, but someone said that Kris went through the afternoon meet and greet very crabby after being on the phone for a while, so who knows what’s going on with him and also on a tweet that Kris was out for a meet and greet after a show, but didn’t sign. Gotta go, hear them coming!

      • Helen, I am so honored that you would take the time to do some ‘spy’ stuff by grabbing your laptop and firing off a reply to my ‘speculation’ post, thank you! Wow, it’s bad, huh, your friends (or is it your family?) would have cows if they knew you were trying to keep up with us when you’re supposed to be getting ready to go out to dinner? You poor thing…but on the other hand, it’s a hoot to get your comments, under duress, so to speak. I am so glad that you, Toni, and earlzagurl4u, did see what I saw, and yes, Helen, it hurt me too to see that look on Adam’s face, for whatever reason Kris made that odd maneuver. I’m glad to hear that their friendship is so strong and constant, and that they all enjoy each other’s company so much. I’ve noticed too, in the past, that a number of photographs have shown Kris looking tired, out of sorts, or haggard. In fact, from the very moment he ‘won’ the AI title, he has not been able to be a ‘star’ in any sense of the word. In all things, he is the ‘little brother’ to the massive supernova at his side, his ‘big brother’, Adam. Perhaps Kris would be happier with much smaller, more intimate venues in the future, because he is certainly not suited to world stardom, It would probably completely overwhelm him. Adam has already broken the bonds of earth and is headed for the stars, and he is completely comfortable in that role. Whereas Kris crumples under the pressure, Adam thrives on it, and grows stronger. Well, at least you have given me a very good reason for Kris’s incomprehensible actions here, thanks so much for ‘going undercover’ to give me the lowdown…better hide out from now on though Mugsy, they might bust your gig!

        • LORRIN, you are so right about the difference between Adam and Kris.. Kris has looked more and more run down as the weeks have passed and although Adam has had a few times that he looks like the tour is draining on him, he does come back and attack it with more energy than before..

          • Iyleneidol09 says:

            Lorrin, I watched the vid over and over, I also think there was nothing to it. As Helen said, and I also thought about the same thing, from some comments about Kris being tired and crabby and was overheard having an argument on the phone. I’m sure Kris gets more crap than Adam, there’s a lot of put down comments against him from the start regarding his undeserving winning on Idol and will never be forgotten for as long as they both live, fans reactions, press attention, etc. He is just human and no matter how great their friendship, somehow, he gets affected by the negative comparisons over and over…then, how about his marriage… hopefully my dear Lorrin, it was just a harmless reaction from Kris towards Adam…

            • Yes, Iyleneidol, thanks for your thoughtful comments…what was really likely is that Kris was very tired, not wanting to do the whole frisky ‘fun’ thing, and just did a kind of spontaneous move ‘away’ from having to engage any more with Adam and the whole AI thing…and you know, when you’ve had an argument with somebody over the phone, it can ruin your whole day and night, and it doesn’t matter where you are, or who you’re with, you let it show on your face and by your actions. Adam is a person who does not bring his personal feelings to the professional arena, and that is surely a product of his excellent dramatic arts training; Kris, on the other hand, is just a guy, a nice, talented guy who’s caught up in a dream and a whirlwind. Maybe after the tour is over and they find some rest and balance in their lives, they can all regroup and remain friends. I wish them all only the best as they wind down the last days of the AI Tour..

    • Lisette here.Ah thenks always for lovli posts an sad as I just reciv thes days late bettre late then nevre to espress some amour for all an always Adam l’ange d’chansons! So seeing thes videos few temes do notice diffarante facial espression an turning back…unsure pourquoi?They av say from early on American Idol develop genuine frenship,an be shame if somthing cambian being l’fin of tour?An Adam vraimente is a sensitive an very affetionate l’homme an hope they maintain thet l’amitie.Recall on passe interview seeing Adam’s mama an she mentione how close ther famille an share many similar values,interestes,an even in interview with Paula aftre Idol notice ther bonding in hugs for her an one anothre.So perhaps was non intentional Lorrin.I trie to be l’eternal optomiste for Adam’s thinq can fele tres malheureuse if frenship were diffarante.Lets hope for best..Hope yu’re fine an enjoie l’weekend Lorrin.Finalmente heat has drop from 100plus to 90’s an low humiditie,desert town is welcome change. hugs an luv all glambs!Lisettexoxo

  14. earlzagurl4u says:

    Lorrin: I saw “IT” too and it’s clear Adam was like “WHAT”? It was not a subtle move on Kris’ part. Adam was a bit perplexed, recovered well for his fans. That’s Our Boy! I’m on my way {after a lot of personals obstacles}, to Indy for my much anticipated Adamazing concert!

  15. Both Adam and Kris looked much happier in the Baltimor video, right from the time they came onto the stage, whereas in the Rosemont video the enthusiasm was not there from the beginning. I also noticed the suprise on Adam’s face when Kris turned away from him, the routine changed without any pre-agreed decision. Adam has such an expressionate face that it shows he was a bit biweldered with what just happened. It may not have been anything that happened between the two of them. Adam is growing in popularity, not only in the US but all over the world. Maybe the attention that Adam is getting from the press, all the photoshoots is getting to Kris.

  16. I also read, heard from somewhere that Kris was cranky during the meeting outside the concert.. Maybe he just wasnt in the right mood and didn’t feel playful by the time this song was done… They all have to be counting the days when this whole concert will come to a close.. I’m tired for them all.. I have always watched AL but never followed the concerts or ever wanted to go to any until this year. ( I saw Adam in Salt Lake ) but back to what I was trying to say, I’ll be glad and sad for all of them after the 15th of Sept. They can relax at last and not have to go city to city for some time to come.. I know Adam will be having his own concerts but I’m betting he will have a nice long rest before he goes on tour… I’m sure after a good rest, they will all miss each other to some extent but at least now they will have some control of their own time and lives.. I can tell that our Adam is not crazy about having his time controlled by others. We will all miss the daily news on the al tour but now it’s time for Adam to take the world by storm on his own wings…


  18. Lynn Smith says:

    There is no way any of you can know what you saw or didn’t see between Kris and Adam. They must get a hoot out of all the silly speculation fans go through.

    • Hey Lynn, it may be true that we can’t possibly know what either Adam or Kris is thinking or doing, and it is indeed all pure speculation on our part in even doing a post on something like this; but really, the whole purpose of a fan site is to discuss the person you love and follow down to the smallest detail. If you are a writer on this site, Adam presents a beautiful smorgasbord of possibilities, an endless cornucopia of things on which to comment….otherwise, why even have a fansite? It’s really just the same thing as getting together with the girls (and some of the guys) over coffee, and talking endlessly about a guy you really like at school or work, – you talk about anything and everything they say or do, down to the smallest detail, down to the smallest nuance of expression. Everything about that other person is important, everything is noticed and discussed. Also, people are remarkably similar, whether male or female, and people show emotion in much the same way, and emotion CAN be interpreted (the science of psychology is built on this premise)…, I was presenting the video of the ‘Don’t Stop Believing’ finale in case there HAD been a moment there between the two men…it is interesting to me because I care about Adam very much, and it is interesting to others, also, to discuss it with me. You could be right when you imply that Adam and Kris would laugh at the older (and younger) women who care about them in this way, but truthfully, I think that Adam Lambert is old enough to understand the feelings of other people and would be touched by their caring, and he is so well-mannered that he would not express any feelings of scorn for his fans publicly. He himself has stated in interviews that he loves the attentions of his older female fans and his mother has also expressed the same thing. You are most definitely entitled to your opinion, but I would like to ask you not to label my thoughts or our discussion on this matter as being silly. Thank you.

      • Silvana/Argentina says:

        well said. All our thoughts pored here or even the smallest speculation come from our love and caring for Adam.
        We are always caring after him, hoping that everything is OK with, that nothing hurts him or makes him suffer.
        I also saw what you expressed in that las song. Something happened there, maybe nothing bad between them…maybe tiredness (with every reason), but definitely something Adam was not expecting.
        Always enjoying your writting,

        • Thank you dear Silvana, you are a kind and soothing presence, which we all need very much here on this site. You know, I didn’t even know this comment had been made until I read through everything carefully once again, and it was hurtful to think that our loving thoughts for Adam were thought of as ‘silly’ and treated so dismissively. Well, so be it, we’ll just have to continue on loving him, caring about him, watching him and his every move from afar, and being as ‘silly’ as we possibly can be… to you and thank you again for your kind, supportive presence, ” nosotros somos verdaderos amigos de Adam y los guerreros de corazón puro!”

          • Silvana/Argentina says:

            really this time you made me cry, with your warm words, especially the spanish ones. Thank you for the extra effort to look up for those words.
            Your words are always kind, warm and soothing when you write about Adam.
            This site is a blessing because of the warmth and caring and love that it breathes in a world that is rapidly forgeting this feelings.
            More people like Adam are needed for a true change.
            i loved your vision of Adam in the years to come, posted in the indiannapolis Thread. so i told you there.