TOUR VIBE – American Idol Summer Tour 2009 – Long Island, NY






***UPDATED WITH VIDEOS & PHOTOS FROM GLAMSTRUKK***The gang’s been hanging in New York City! They’re doing two shows at the Nassau Coliseum in Long Island, NY beginning Tuesday, August 11th.

What a day it was yesterday! First there was Twittergate. Next, we found out that Adam won the Teen Choice Award for Best Male Reality/Variety Star!!! Congrats, Adam – you really did deserve to win!

Adam, Kris, and Allison also did a photo shoot for Elle Magazine over the weekend. Adam sent this tweet:
“At photoshoot w Kris and Allison getting glammed up!!! I love New York!!!!!”

Here’s a sneak peek at the photo shoot:


There’s already some controversy over this photo. Is it really Adam, or is it Kris dressed up to look like Adam? I think it’s Adam. Those legs are too long for Kris.

Finally, what would New York be without the annual Idols closing of the bell? Here’s the video. Warning – it’s long and pretty dullsville. Long intro, Adam comes in at about 3:10, wearing glasses and his hair slicked back. He stands in the back, most likely because he knows he’s the tallest and doesn’t want to block anyone. He’s next to Kris and Allison, of course. After a group shot, the guys come up to pose one at a time – it’s a lot of goofiness, what else? Adam comes up at 5:49, sort of just stands there. Then another group shot. Don’t bother unless you’re totally bored!

So, does anyone really wonder why the idols are tired?

***UPDATE*** Here is a quote from Adam, from a recent E Online interview that pretty much puts all the Twittergate debate to bed:
“Every night is such a big event. You have tons of people who are superexcited and passionate, which feels incredible. But at some point, I can only give so much and have enough energy to go out the next day. It really is draining. I’m not complaining about it at all, but it really is. There’s a point where you’re like, ‘Wow, I’m exhausted right now. I just gave a show. I met like 200 people and took pictures with everybody. And now I’m out signing autographs and people are, like, screaming insanely.’ It feels great, but yeah, it takes a chunk out of you.”

Here’s the article:

In the meantime, if you’re going to be attending this concert, please let us know and give us a review afterward.

In your comments, remember that while it’s fine to disagree, please respect your fellow poster and fellow Glambs. We have a wonderful environment and wonderful people here. Let’s keep it that way! And keep those photos and videos coming! If you have photos and/or videos from either this concert or any of the past concerts, please email them to us! Our email address is

~~Jeanette, Glamb #5


  1. I think it is Adam…if it is Kris, they had to put an Elvis wig on him! And you are right, the person seems taller rather than shorter like I would expect Kris to look.

    • AdamAddict says:

      I’m going to say the same thing! Weird,Glambs have the same thought…well mostly!! 😛 But it’s cool,all I need to know we all love Adam,right?And we Glambs will be right besides Adam,support him…no matter what!

      • I don’t know…. the thighs are slimmer, and the pompadour is so high, he got a haircut recently… and his Elvis hair was smaller in recent pics and vids. I can just see them doing that as a lark…

        • Lisette here..Bonsoir agan seeing thes later by accidente,not reciving email..thenkful I av in favorite so will leave amour..better late then nevre.Theresa Im almost 90 percent sure thes is beau Adam if yu studie his physique,frame an muscular Adam..Kris is much more petit an short.Thenks agan for thes article Jeannette an surely all Idols now are seeming worn..Poor Adam here if I were his agent I’d sugest he has repose whenevre able.He has a very energie style way of oppose to some of othre Idols..more subdued an less running arounde stage..even some by piano..Adam nevre sits..Only seein on GMA an imagaine he was very contente to do such! Bonwishes for l’concert an all shold av respecte if ther’s less after concerte signing too! Blessings!Hugs an luv for all an tresbeau Adam..Luv always Lisettexoxo

        • Yes, it is Adam in the photograph above, the shading across the eye, the contour of the cheek and the set of the chin are all Adam’s. Also, in his last WLL performance, his pompadour was so full and high that it fell out of place across his brow as he shook his head, and that is unmistakably that same head of hair. The back of his head is also showing the hallmark look Adam achieves with that long fall of hair in the back. Also, his legs are too long and sturdy to be Kris’s, not to mention that Adam effects that reverse Greek god art stance as he stands in public. Also, Adam’s torso is longer than Kris’s and his shoulders have that same ‘set’ as he puts on those Elvis moves….I am certain the man in the photo above is Adam Lambert.

          • I just love your description and details, I notice every detail about Adam as well, (only cant remember them-im older:) I have never known of another person that has had this effect of everyone, and I love it dont u!

    • It is Adam, those long slim legs are unmistakable, the shoulders, the way he stands, it cannot be Kris unless there did a lot of ‘air brushing and enhancing’.

      • AdamAddict says:

        It is Adam,come on! What make people think it’s Kris??If it’s really Kris…I feel embarrass because now I’m 100% confident it’s Adam! The way he stand,Kris can’t do that!The facial expression,sexy look, again kris can’t do that(he said it himself)
        It is Adam Lambert,now let’s move on!! lo!!

        • cheryl norman says:

          ADAMADDICT, ARE YOU SURE, THO??!!! Be prepared to be ’embarrassed!!! It’s Kris!!

          • DANA MARTIN says:


            • The distortion in the picture is due to lighting, the odd juxtaposition of dark objects, the odd shadows, the poor picture clarity, and the seamless grayish floor and background creating an optical illusion on the figure of the man. But the man is Adam Lambert.

              • cheryl norman says:

                LORRIN, Hey babe, the man is KRIS!!!!! (haha)

                • OK, Cheryl, WHAT do you know that we don’t know, and HOW did you find it out? Come on, give..

                  • ALLRIGHT, I went to Google and typed in ‘elle photo shoot kris dresses like adam’, and sure enough, up popped the article about that ‘teaser’ photo shown above on this page. And it also mentioned that Kris got ‘glammed up’ and wore wings and Adam’s boots. But it did not say exactly that the man in the photo above is Kris. And Allison Tweeted this: ‘Elle shoot with@KrisAllen4Real @Adamlambert much fun.. Kris with wings.awesome And wearing Adams boots .. Priceless’ – so maybe we are all going to have egg on our faces come September and we open up our Elle magazines, right? Well, all I can say is, that’s one well-done fake up there. And it would be fun to see them all made up like Adam….’imitation is the sincerest form of flattery’ as we all know. Now I can’t wait until September, I’m going to rip that magazine off the newstand as soon as it gets here!

    • adamtastic1877 says:

      it is definitely adam, because why would they make kris dress up like adam? it makes no sense. no offense to anybody, i just don’t understand where you guys came up with that theory. CRAZY RUMORS!!!!

  2. Sure looks like Adam. If Kris can pull off Adam’s sexy stance, then he is a better actor than he is a singer, and he can sing so……………lol

  3. Lee Meeker says:

    Hey,Hey, where can I buy Stock In Adam?———-Jeanette, do you stay up all night to get these clips for us? It is much appreciated!! Anyting about Adam, we’ve got to see and hear, you know know how “Addictions” are…..

  4. I may have an extra ticket for tonights show if my sister decides she doesn’t want to go. Its section A1 4th row. Would anyone be interested?

    • Wish I was in NY, I would buy it off of ya!
      Thanks Jeanette for peak of Elle photo shoot. Looks like Adam to me .

      • Lisette here..Ah Mary thet’s very sweet of yu..If only too I reside can blink my way there ala I dream of Jeannie..a dreame ah well.Hope Bonwishes to yu an do enjoie seeing our beau Adam in person..sure one will trasure for always!Blessings an hugs Lisettexox

    • adamtastic1877 says:

      why wouldn’t yor sister want to go? seriously, it’s adam- LIVE. how can you turn that down???

  5. funnibunni says:

    Those Boots are too big for Kris, and those Thighs belong to Adam….!!!!!!!!!

  6. Somebody please tell me what issue of ELLE magazine will this photoshoot be in? I want to be able to pick up this issue ASAP – this is something i really can’t miss!!

    Glamb #

    deedeeglambert, Uniondale, New York

    • AdamFan - Glamb 389 says:

      Yes does anyone know which issue of ELLE Adam is in. Is it Sept?? OCT?? or later?
      Would love to have a copy.

      • I read on the web that it is the September issue. There is not mistake it is Adam, the shape of face, the arms, the long body, the long legs, the way he stands, the whole vibe is Adam, no none else in the other boys on tour has this magnificent physic.

  7. cheryl norman says:

    Jeanette, I liked the vid! How ‘goofy’ are those guys!!? That was really cute! Matt is a real true ‘goof-ball’! I wish Adam had taken off the glasses! Ha! He must have been told thru out his life to ‘stnd in the back’ cuz of his height! He just seems to natually know to do that!!

    I am baffeled by the pic. It looks to me to be a pic of Elvis when he was about 20 yrs old!! It immediately made me think it was an old Elvis pic, until I looked at the clothes. Can’t tell height wise, nothing to compare it to.? So, I won’t even guess. Looks like Adam, anything is possible! Allison should be feeling really greatful for all her popularity, and it was due mainly, I think, to the duet w/Adam. Adam is a ‘goldfinger’! Everything he touches and everyone who touches him is turning to gold!!! Adam, you love-bug!!!

    • Lisette here..Bonsoir all glambs,Cheryl thenks by way for sweet post an concerne as always.If yu see othre thread I av left yu reply..oh pardon for nom mixup..Wel I do happen to av a frend Cheryl here in Nevada an seeing yur posts an thinq yu may have similar personalities..meant as complements.I so agree with yu seein Adam with thos mirror “Joe Cool” sunglasses an tall build,hairstyle an smile from distance even thout back,I thout same thes can be Elvis in his youngre days..As I av say if Elvis evre had a son..thinq he’d resemble non just looks but same humilitie,charm,gracious ways,sensualitie,always being diffarante from rest,an trendsetting fashione, now too Adam with l’eyeliner(I av seen here in Nevada in casual shopping area men trying to have his hairstyles,jetblack hair(coloured),an in touriste mall..saw a fellow wearing black polish I hed to smile he was midage(50s) having starbucks,an also way too tight jeans,denitely a faux pas with a pot belly. Thout thow opposite he was of beau Adam who can wear cargo pants,painter pants one take’s notice as if he were a GQ model..stand aside all l’hommes!So Cheryl yur commente made me thinq of how all ages are trying to emulate Adam..just as Elvis too with his pompadour,an white jumpsuits an sideburns..Everyday in nevada ther’s an Elvis sighting either onroad,in market,in pink cadilacs,in venues..An thinq Adam will av same effect as well! hugs an luv LisettexoxoAn even standing calm an can notice him anywhere..dosnon even have to danse or singe!xoxo

  8. AdamFan - Glamb 389 says:

    It’s definiately Adam, but it is reminiscent of a photo of Elvis years ago….the similarities are amazing.

    Rock on Adam you sexy Rock God.

  9. AdamRocks! says:

    Hey Fellow Glambs!

    I’d like to get your take on this. I found a snippet of Neil Lambert’s blog on gossipcandy, and went to his site to read the whole thing (it was written after one of the New Jersey shows that he and his mom attended). Here’s a little bit of it:

    “We take our seats fairly close to the stage and get comfortable. It takes about 8 minutes for the first crazy person to spot my mom and get teary on her. The next family is kind of neat, though: two little Jewish girls and their father who had flown from Israel to see Adam. Damn. It is at this point that I notice Mom begins to generate her own gravity and dozens of fans embark on a sort of exuberant-but-slow zombie shuffle in our direction.”

    “And then it is over. We’re swiftly escorted to safety by security while throngs of people shout about how much he means to the world. They’re cover songs, people. Hang in there.”

    Maybe I’m just having an off day–and I know there are overzealous, crazy-type fans out there, and I also know he’s a young man, and his job is to be hip and cynical–but it seems as if he’s lumping the majority of us into the “crazy, misguided” group. And it doesn’t seem that he “gets” the absolute joy and passion that his brother has brought into so many people’s lives.

    Am I just being silly? 🙂

    Cindy in MS

    • Well, we have to remember this his brotherly perspective on all of this is completely different from any fan’s perspective. He still sees Adam as the same Adam he has always known…rockstar, or not. You are possibly right, he might not “get it”…but his perception is his reality – just like ours is!

    • Neil’s blog is called Negative Neil. He always tells his stories from the negative side of things. Its just his sense of humor. Don’t take it too seriously. He is actually very funny.

      • Lisette here..Thenks for post regarde Neil’s blog I av seen on thes last page early on some articles from his brothre column “NegativeNeill” true being they’re famille see Adam in a diffarente light then most related rathre then infinite number of fans.So gathre Neil finds difficile to handle starstruck fans.If I had seen Adam’s parentes I’d smile but give them courtesy an respect,they wishe to enjoie ther sons/brothre’s show.Reside in Nevada seeing Celine an in audience was then ocean 12’s new “RatPack”: George Clooney,BradPitt,an Catherine Zeta couple seats ahead.People in my tourist town are accustom to celebrities leave them alone when attending venues,restaurants.Gathre smaller towns an cities unfamiliar to “famous people” as yu say overzealous in emotion.Blessings for him an his famille too! luv Lisettexxxo

      • I had forgotten Neil can be crude in his blog. He is totally uncensored in his speech.

    • I look at it this way: Would *I* approach Adam’s mother and brother like that if I were sitting near them or even presume to speak to them? No. I know you wouldn’t, either, Cindy, and I think most here also wouldn’t.

      My husband and I were at a tennis match down here a long time ago between Andre Agassi and – dang, I can’t even remember who – someone who was unseeded in the tournament. It was when he was married to Brooke Shields. We had a seat in a box two boxes up from the court that a friend of my husband had given us because he and his wife couldn’t attend. Brooke Shields, it turns out, was actually sitting in the box behind ours. We know because the other 8 or 10 people in our box proceeded to STAND UP, turn around and gawk at her once they realized she was there (this was while the players were warming up, not during the match, of course).

      My husband leans over to my ear and whispers “I refuse to even so much as glance at that poor girl.” I said, “I’m with you.” And we didn’t. The funniest thing – after everyone kind of got their shit together and sat The.Fuck down, these two women come and sit in the two seats in our box right behind us (with Brooke directly behind them). They proceed to look for her on the other side of the stands. Loudly. And one says to the other “I don’t know what the fuss is about that girl – to me, she’s kind of horsey.” I leaned back and said, but in my inside voice, “Why don’t you say that a little louder so she can hear you? She’s right behind you.” Those bitches didn’t make another sound the whole match.

      Yes, we’re passionate about Adam here. But would many of us really *shout* things at his Mom and brother, however well-meaning, who are just trying to enjoy the show? I can see stealing a few glances – I’ve sat next to or near a couple of very cute Florida Panthers at a concert or two down here and worked my best peripheral vision techniques on them, for sure. But walking right up to someone’s family and introducing yourself and saying how great your son/husband/whatever is? I never did that with Jeanne Shaw or Susie Young. You’ve got to admit, from their perspective, it’s a little much.

      I really don’t think Neil thinks all Adam’s fans are nuts like those people. I’m sure he’s aware there are many perfectly fine ones and realizes that most people are pretty normal in those situations.

      • AdamRocks–You left so much out, that it changed the meaning, fo rme anyway. i went to and read the whole thing. Neil also said this:
        “I finally surrender to the small clang of emotion rattling around my gut when the crowd goes wild for Adam. It’s fun and I’m proud. I like Muse. Adam sings Muse. All is well. I momentarily forget I’m limited to a four songs and suddenly it’s over. The Top 5 were mostly pretty great. I’m impressed by Matt’s ability to rock the hell out of the piano.”
        I think it does sum it up that he is Adam’s ‘counterweight’ (as teresa/canada points out) as far as attitude goes, but there is no doubt that he is proud. And that he does ‘get’ it–he gets those butterflies in his stomach over our exuberate joy! I am happy for him. Seeing yoru bro so successful, after sooo long a struggle with trying, as get to be a dream come true for him, not just Adam.

        • AdamAddict says:

          1st of all, “two little Jewish girls and their father who had flown from Israel to see Adam. ” How I wish I’m his little girl too! That’s the coolest and richest dad ever! I just asked my mum if she can lend me $ to to go to see Adam,all she needs is 1 sec to give an answer! hahaha!!
          Cindy was right,that blog called “Negative Neil” I never read it. But I guess it’s brothers thing. How I love my siblings but I never tell them I love them or when I think they really good at something.I still say they’re sucks! hahaha! And they did the same thing.It’s just normal,I guess.Like last time,I asked their opinion about my drawing,she was like “the mean Simon Cowell” and gave me evil laugh! Maybe their relationship like that too! 😛

        • That is how Neil writes, I remember his reations at the AI shows especially when Adam sang whole lot of love and Kara anounced him as a Rock God, his brother was in agreement with Kara, and kept shoutinge out ‘Yes Yes Yes’. Obviously people would go up to his family and show their love for Adam, especially since his mum seems such a nice and welcoming person, his family are proud of him.

          • I could certainly see myself saying something to her if she happened to be sitting right next to me – probably something stupid like “You must be very proud – he’s fantastic.” And I imagine her presence next to me would curtail my screaming quite a bit, if not entirely (I couldn’t believe the noise that was coming out of me myself during WLL).

            But I couldn’t see myself getting up and going over to where she was if I learned she was there and saying that to her. It’s really more out of not wanting to seem like the dork that I am than anything else.

            My husband and I were in London once and were standing at a bus stop in the theater district when out from the theater we were standing in front of came a small group of people who were immediately mobbed. When the crowd dispersed, we saw that among the little group was Judi Dench. I had just watched her in “Mrs. Brown” about a month before and was in love with her and her performance. By the time we realized it was her, she was standing about 10 feet away from us all alone and hailing a cab. My husband knew I loved her and goes, “Why don’t you go get her autograph?” I said, “I can’t do that now – she’s in her own space.” I really have a thing about that. Again, it’s not just out of respect – it’s probably more out of not wanting someone I admire that much to think I’m an asshole. I’ve never regretted not doing it – it was cool enough to just see her standing there. She had (and I’m sure still does) this aura of cool around her – it’s like the air was rarefied where she stood. She looked so quietly content and self-possessed. No way I was going to interrupt that.

            • AdamRocks! says:

              SO cool! Barb, you’re a famous person magnet! lol

              Cindy in MS

            • AllaboutAdam says:

              I agree with you – there’s a time and place for everything… I tend to respect their pricvacy and space more often than not also… Anway – I think the pic above is ALLISON… can’t wait to find out for sure!

  10. Hey, on Kris’s Twitter he posted this pic of Adam…who’s apparently being eaten by Tigger.


  11. Jeanette, when is the ELLE magaize coming out, and is it the New York issue? I saw the video previously, I think it is very sweet of Scott’s brother to be there for him, and Adam as always does not try to outstage everyone else, he does’nt have to, all e

  12. sorry I din’t get to finish, it should say, he does’nt have to, all eyes are on him, he really stands out from the rest.

  13. Aw, that’s just “Negative Neil” Adam’s counterweight speaking…

    • Very, very nice understanding and naming of Neil and his psychological counterpoint to his fantastically famous brother, Theresa…..Adam’s ‘counterweight’, yes…

  14. ATTN GLAMBS: Ah the labyrinthe of links reveals yet again more info. I just went into twitter and Adam’s tweet for the day sends us to his ‘official’ site. For a change there is actually something new there (sarcasm). It is about his charity.. they’d like his fan groups to step up and get involved..

    Dreamsound, Jeanette, Dana etc??? what do you think?

    • Lisette here..Thenks for thes update re:charitie of I had notice so very long ago even from his day on Idol(on utube..found by accident when looking up oldre theatre an school credites..Adam singin on telethon..thinq call Chabad..wonder if thes is one,unsure.Wel being I do beliv in giving to charities..having loss parentes to cancer,an CF(frend has this fatal illness),does Adam wishe fansite to be involved?Wel thet’ would non be bad at all if truly Adam wished such! Blessings always..I av always thout Adam agan,bein Aquarian to be altruistic an compassionate an caring..displays in interviews,an even how he relate to fellow an gal “Idol’s,thinq they all respect an look up to Adam! Blessings monamie tresbeau! hugs Lisettexoxo

    • Already looking in to it…. 🙂 Thanks for the heads up, theresa/canada!

  15. cheryl norman says:

    Don’t know if anyone else did this, but waaaaay back when, there was a blog about ‘Adam,s brother’. I started reading it, and got real ‘turned off’ almost immediately. I don’t know what anyone else says about him, but, his language nd the things he was saying was sickening to me. Esp. when he stated in one entry of his ‘diary’ that he was just laying in bed watching 2 birds f—-ing the hell out of each other and lhow funny he thought it was. He said he texed Adam about what he could do for his first album. Neil said he and his friends were ‘cracking up’ over this big idea. Adam, he and his friends said, should call his first album ‘adam does —-‘. In other words, Adam f—-s all the big name rockers. Very, very immature and not at all as funny as he would like to think he is. From all things I’ve read from him and about him, it seems as tho he is so jealous. That would be understandable, and is understandable, but he ‘tweets’ and posts his thoughts and I have not seen one yet that is complimentary to or about anyone. I cqn see where he gets the name, “negative neil”. Don’t know the dynamics in the family, but I am not a fan of Neil. He’s got a LOT of growing up to do!! He posted many of his ‘diary entries’, and I thought, ‘hope you’ve got a thick skull’, cuz he’s not doing himself any favors here.

  16. cheryl norman says:

    Oh, forgot, as far as Adam’s charities, ???? Surely he did not say he would like his fans to ‘give’ to any charity. That’s crazy! Adam is not crazy! Need more info on that.

    • S’true, Miss Cheryl… see the home page of his official site.

      • Thenks agan for sharing Theresa an glad to visite Im still non reciving latest email posts,an apreciate if Jeanette or othre glambleaders send them.As I apreciate an mentione so many times think this is best of Adam’s fan webpages! Thenks agan.An I av visite to Adam official page mentiones of Adam an children charitie he supports,contest an such.It would be lovli if our glamb gals can help too.There’s complete web address for thet specifique charitie,I didnon copy do visite there..Blessings an luv to all Lisette!xoxo

        • AdamAdmirer says:

          Cheryl norman – I agree with you – I was not impressed by Neil’s blog at all.

          • I didnt like the comment Bro Neil made about Adams new albun cover either. Adam
            can come up with his own professional ideas. I’ve only been On Neil’s blog once, and wasnt to impressed.
            Did speak to him in LA after the finale as well as their Mom and Dad. They all were
            very nice , I didnt run up to them, they just happened to be in he Nokia Theatre at one
            point and then again outside the theatre with all the hub bub going on. I gotta say,I couldnt keep my mouth closed, meaning I had to let them know how much I knew they must be soo proud of Adam and how wonderful he is. They all thanked me and
            seemed very appreciative. This was all so new to them too, they were all ga ga over
            all the happenings and people so in love with their Loved One!

            • cheryl norman says:

              MARY C, I can tell that what Neil blogged about people ‘disturbing’ him and his Mom, has made you feel a little ‘defensive’ just b/c you talked to his Mom. I say, do not personalize what Neg. Neil says. Personally, I think he would be much happier if more people would make a fuss over him rather than his Mom!! He is just ‘lacking’ in the ‘social’ atmosphere that is ALWAYS going to be there when Adam-lovers see Adam’s Mom! To me, that’s a normal thing. Nobody needs to go and tear her clothes, scream, etc. And it’s hard for me to believe anyone did all that ‘annoying’ stuff he had the stupidity to text about. Bet his Mom would give him a few words of her own if she knew he was ‘dissing’ people simply b/c they recognized her as Adam’s Mother!!! He says the ‘security’ had to ‘save’ her and him from these horrible people. I just don’t buy it!! He needs to ‘lighten up’ before lhis mouth gets him in the trouble he seems to want!! Everything, w/o exception that I read, that he wrote, was to me, idle nonsense. That’s just MY opinion, so Mary, I think it was nice of you to ‘chat’ w/Adam’s Mom. How do you think she would feel standing around that situation and nobody acknowledged her? Please! You know what you’re doing. Neil just needs to ‘accept’ that his bro is loved by millions, and maybe Neil could use some therapy!! This is, afterall, the biggest thing to hit the music world, and Adam is the BE ALL – END ALL for all his fans. It is for sure a very intimidating thing to compete with. not that he should be competing with Adam, but he may feel he is, and he’s bound to make more sarcastic statements before Adam or his parents have to intervene, in my opinion!

      • cheryl norman says:

        Theresa, which homepage do you mean? the, or something else?


      • I heard that video too. He also said, he was giving some gifts to people he knew would need or appreciate them. Most people think he is larger than he really is and that alot of
        T shirts are to big. He wears a Large or even a Medium at times. He is tall and thin and

        • cheryl norman says:

          MARY C, Thanks! Good to know! Now if WE could only influence Adam in the ‘dating’ situation!!! Hahaha!!

          • Oh yea, we have to see the brighter lights on the dating scene , remember.
            Thanks for the upper post too!

      • cheryl norman says:

        ADAMFAN1, THANK YOU FOR THAT INFO!! That makes much more sense to me!!! It didn’t seem like Adam to come out and ask people for money to support a charity he likes, to use his popularity like that! He is always more intelligent than the average!!! Thanks , again!!!

  17. I will see Adam this Friday!!!!!!!!!!!! Soooooo excited!!!

    By the way, have you guys see the announcement on Adam’s official site about Adam’s Charity Fan Group Competition?

    • I did. Sounds interesting…it’d be cool for the site to win an online chat with him!

  18. AdamRocks! says:

    I’ve seen this pic before, but just recently came across it again, and WOW! SO GORGEOUS!

    Cindy in MS



  21. cheryl norman says:

    OK, now I think the pic is Kris. His chest doesn’t look as large as Adam’s. It’s Kris.

    • AdamAddict says:

      But Adam loose weight lately!! I say it’s Adam! ~nodded~

      • Yes, and he has put on muscle. I saw a recent photo of one of his Bowie medley performances, and his arms look even more muscular and beautiful.

        • I noticed the arms looking more muscular too. On the Aug.11th performance of SR w/Allison, I
          noticed him pulling up his pants (getting looser?)

          • Lisette here..oh one more commente an av to sleep..notice lateli too Adam is more muscular an slim..perhaps is all l’dansing onstage,probable working out an being on go constant.An always thout he was fit an a statuesque he had once put himself down on interview thinqin he nede to lose 15 lbs..non sont possible,pray he nevre become anorexic..As later Michel Jackson had..An was always slim as well..Take care Adam an if yu wishe to indulge in glace(icecream fav.dessert one deserves thes aftre all thet dansing!)hugs an luv Lisettexoxo

  22. Am I the only one that prefers Adams hair more spiky and worn brushed forward on his cheeks? I think it’s much more sexy. I really don’t care for the Elvis hair, unless he is wearing a suit for a dressier look like he did for a couple songs in the Idol competition.

    • I like it both ways… looks good.

      • I absolutely LOVE Adam’s hair swept up and back a la Elvis Presley, because his beautiful facial structure is fully revealed, and the hair at the sides of his head and falling down his back in that style are superb. His hair is beautifully rich, full, and thick, and the color is perfect for him. He as a man and iconic star, is most enhanced by this style. (I also like the maturity of this look). However, I also see the tremendous appeal of his other hairstyles and looks for all of you other gals and fans, that bushy, spiky downward brushed style is also very attractive and so on the edge. The neat thing about it all is that Adam has this little thing he does whereby he is always changing up everything about himself, as if you all hadn’t noticed! We will probably all get to see these and many other fabulous looks, clothes, boots, make-up, jewelry, and body art as the days go by with beautiful Adam. I look forward with joy to seeing all of them!

    • It’s all good, though he reminds me so much of the son of some friends of ours when he slicks it back, because that’s what this guy does, that it’s a little unnerving. I’ve known this guy since he was 5. He’s 20 now, going to Columbia on a full ride, is fluent in – get this – Chinese (he spent a semester abroad there while in high school), came in second in the National Geography Bee in Washington when he was 14, and is drop dead gorgeous. His eyes are light brown, but otherwise his brow line and eyes are very similar to Adam’s – I couldn’t help noticing it especially in the GMA performance of “Starlight” (which I love, love, LOVE, by the way). I sent a link to the video to this guy’s Mom, my friend, and she called me later and said I was the third friend to do that in the last few days and that she agreed Aaron bears a striking resemblance to him. He’s another really nice guy, too. Totally unaffected by the way he looks and how brilliant he is. Really down to earth and just… normal, you know?

      But I digress. (And digress and digress.)

    • I love the combed back look. Also love the look in beginning of Idol , a little longer and combed
      forward, just like in the video he did with the girl named Stevie! What a great video, especially
      how was looking at her and soo tuned in.

      • AdamAddict says:

        I like his longer hair ,the one before he’s not famous! If you saw the picture he with Cheeks,the one Adam in silver pants,that’s the one! SEEXXYY!! grrr!!

        • cheryl norman says:

          ADAMADDICT,,Oh!!!! The way Adam looked in that pic took my breath away!!!! I started perspiring, got very warm, and just starred at Adam’s face and BODY!!!!!!Lord have mercy!!!!! He ozzes pure sex in that pic!!!! OOOOooozzzzzes sex!!! You are right on!!!

    • cheryl norman says:

      KSODAK, I’M WITH YOU!!! I like his hair more down in his eyes and messier!!! To me that is sexier!!! Given a choice, that’s my choice!!!

  23. Folks, this is obviously not the exact thread to be putting this on, but the one ahead of this is not appropriate either; but I did want to post Adam’s latest Tweet about a young man undergoing heart surgery. It only underscores’s Adam’s deeply caring nature. Here is Adam’s Tweet:

    ‘Cameron 16 yo boy having heart surgery today 12noon: Hold in there!! Be Strong! Positive energy. Everyone send this guy light!’

    Many of my women friends and I do this same thing for any one we hear of who is having difficulties and health problems in their lives. But to hear a rallying cry for a boy in need from a 27-year old man who is in the middle of trying to launch an iconic music career is another matter indeed. So much for the idea that he is a self-absorbed diva. Bless Adam for his caring heart and soul.

    • Lisette here..Lorrin is fine to post of Adam’s humanitarian thenks so much for sharing,as I have not yet visite his twitter.Agree even busy ontour in superbe concerts,interviews,recording,he always finde time for boncauses an compassion..blessings for thes gifted artiste with couer d’or,an beau soul! An thes concerne Adam display’s of young fellow’s critical condition/illness toches my hearte. Having loss parentes to cancer an relatives with heart disease,agree Lorrin I beliv in sending positive thout in prayers,an special healing masses being Christian..Recall Adam saying he may non be religious,but very spiritual,an thes is reflected in thes message he posted.Keep up toi boncauses an compassiones monamie! Luv always Lisettexoxo..luv for all glambs too

      • Lisette, I believe exactly as you do in almost every particular. I think Adam, despite the fact that he may not share our exact same beliefs, also acts from the depths of his heart and mind, and all that he does flows from this source. I think compassion is the child of suffering, and Adam has become a good and kindly young man because of the early pain in his life. The graceful person that he is is an extraordinary gift to all of us. I also believe in sending powerful thoughts and prayers to those who are in need or in pain, and this is a part of my life, as it is in yours. I too, lost a parent (my father) to a terrible form of cancer, and I can so sympathize with you in that, and in many other things we share together. You’ve become a little shining light for us all here on this site, and all your loving comments are always so appreciated. Love and light to you tonight, and peaceful sleep, dear Lisette.

        • Lisette lord merci beaucoup Lorrin mabelle amie..just came to visite from last page on Aug.16th (one for Hartford,conn)an seeing linq here for more videos adde of Long Isl concerts..Bless yu always for such lovli thouts an am cryin abit to see yu too loss parente to cancer..Thinq we do share lot in common..j’espere un jour au incontrare.Yu’re words are tres cher pour moi..hugs.I beliv yu’re one who has an illuminate aura an humanitarian spirite as well..Whenevre am bleu visite to see yur posts,all glambs lovli words an of course Adam’s celeste voix,sensualitie, an abilitie to take us to anothre place one thet is a bit of ciel de terre..heaven on earth!.So blessings for yu too Lorrin an merci per l’amitie! cou-cou! Luv an bisous Lisette..Adam m’angel j’adore vous toujours!xoxo

    • I thought that was very cool, too. I wonder if Cameron is someone he knows or a fan he heard about at one of the meet and greets. In either case, it just goes to show ya…

    • cheryl norman says:

      LORRIN, very nice of you to post all the info about Cameron!! Very nice!!!
      We all know Adam is not ‘self-absorbed!!! It’s not in his nature! people who say things like that, are the jealous ones, obviously!! By the way, Lorrin, thank you for your last message to me!!! You know how much you are appreciated and so very-well thought of by me, and everyone!!! Lotsa luv, Lotsa luv 2 U!

      • Same to you, Cheryl, darlin’, you know I love you back. Yes, wasn’t that nice about Adam posting about the young boy, Cameron? It shows his spontaneity and kind nature. What a loving heart he has, it’s so good to know that about him. I posted many Tweets tonight to him before his bed-time, hope he got them. I’m reading and posting tonight everywhere, there’s so many new people and comments!

        • Hey, Lorrin, I’m on Twitter. (Does that make me a Twat? ;-)) I’m “Nomorebeans.” I’d love to have you as a follower, and to be one of yours, if that’s cool with you.

          • Oh yes, Barb, indeed it is very cool with me. My Twitter name is AdamssAngel, and the wallpaper and icon on my Twitter page is of a heavenly cloud that sailed over my house one breezy day a few months ago. I thought of myself as sailing over Adam, looking down from above, making sure all is well with him…so please go see, and I’ll take up with you, too, how fun. See you soon! (Oh, and I’m not su-u-u-r-e about that ‘Twat’ thing. I think Adam’s nickname for Tweets is ‘Twats’. Silly boy.) And say, WHO are the ‘Nomorebeans’? Sounds like a wild, unknown tribe from ‘Nomoro’ ;:-)

            • Hey Barb, I tried to find you last night on Twitter using your user name of ‘Nomorebeans’, and it wasn’t listed. I then looked through all the ‘Barbs’ as well, and I don’t think you were there. Shall I try something else? Also, it suddenly came to me what your username meant, and I feel so ridiculous. Here I was thinking it was some kind of ancient tribe from the great land of Nomoro…oh, my gosh.

  24. AdamAddict says:

    Thanks for the article,jeanette! Adam shoe “shize” is 11 and the 1/2! lol!! 😀

  25. AdamAddict says:

    Bowie medley in Long Island,Adam got white boxer from Drake! Is it true?

  26. AdamAddict says:

    Awaiting moderation is killing me! I posted Bowie Medley in Long Island but if you can’t wait,go search in youtube. Adam catched white boxer,yeap U heard me right,catched!!Not picked it up! They said Drake who threw it. Someone tell me it’s true because that’s so adorable!! “P

    • I think it’s adorable whether it was Drake or not (though very cool if it was). Nice to hear about men starting to get in on the action!

      • cheryl norman says:

        BARB, I just wish Drake would go away!!! hahaha!!! I want Adam to find someone who’s more deserving of him!!!!

        • Cheryl, there we go again, riding the same waaave.

          • cheryl norman says:

            MARY, Don’t we know it!!!

            • AdamRocks! says:

              Why don’t you like Drake? Someone wrote about meeting him at one of the concerts in another thread, and said he was just adorable. . . kind and funny and very good-looking.

              Cindy in MS

              • AdamAddict says:

                I like Drake way much better than Cheeks! 🙂

                • AdamRocks! says:

                  Did everyone see where Drake’s mom posted in the Hanging with Drake thread. . . I thought that was SO COOL!

                  Cindy in MS

                  • cheryl norman says:

                    ADAMROCKS & ADAMADDICT, Why don’t I like Drake? I don’t dislike him, I don’t know him. But I
                    saw him during the AI contest, he had on a white t-shirt tucked into his pants and suspenders, more
                    unshaven than normal, his head looked big to me, and he kind of raised his hand to ‘say hi’ to Adam
                    on stage when Adam was singing. He looked to me like he was ‘mentqally ill’. No disrespect to the
                    ‘mentally handicapped’, but I even said to my son. “oh, look at that guy, he’s even trying to wave hi to
                    Adam, that’s kind of sad”! Drake was sitting by Adam’s mom, but he just looked ‘wrong’ in so many
                    ways. Then when I saw Adam w/him on that ‘walk down the street’ w/photogs following, and Adam
                    and him at the ‘Guys and Dolls’ Club, I was stunned! It was ‘that’ guy from the audiance that I
                    thought looked mentally ill!!!!
                    Other than that, I think he is too skinny, and kind of puney. But Adam obviously likes the small puney
                    type, even Kris is too small for my taste if I were younger, and still female. Adam has a clear idea
                    of his type, and it’s not bigger, taller, and more ‘manly’!! I would just be so interested in knowing why
                    he likes that tyope!!! I would love to know that!!! That is so very interesting to me..Very interesting!
                    Can’t wait till he announces that he’s trying out ‘girls’!!!! Personally, I truly believe he will do this at
                    some point in his life. The ‘dynamics’ of his thinking that goes into who he is attracted to and why!
                    That ‘Cheeks” guy, looked to me like a male prostitute. I’ve said that before, and I actually thought
                    t hat was what he ws in the pic of him and Adam dancing. Just cannot for the life of me seeing any-
                    one NOT being attracted to Adam!!! How could ‘Cheeks’ drop Adam??? Man!!! Makes me ill!

                    • AllaboutAdam says:

                      CN:Once again I’m with you on the Drake issue…I just don’t see it; I’d love to see Adam with someone a little more sophisticated but still as fun-loving as he is himself… I have always believed his curiousity about women will get the best of him one day – especially now that he’s got the attention of 99% of the women in the world, it seems. Apparently, that he’s never had that before. OMG if he ever DID decide to date women… i think I’d fall even HARDER for him than I am now -if that’s even possible….I’d love to find out ;o)

                    • Cheryl, looks like AllAboutAdam thinks like we do. Someday???? We’ve read where he has
                      made out with girls etc. I think it was in RS, oral sex with girls. Just recently he stated,his first kiss was by a girl (4 yrs his senior at the time).
                      With all the women wanting him so badly and him being able to have his pick. I can see his
                      curiosity taking over. Why wouldn’t it? He’s made a drastic change in the last few years with
                      all of his hotness. Maybe the change thats gonna come for him is a change that will be most
                      unexpected or expected!

                    • Lisette here..sorry to interupte conversation here,althout I respecte Adam’s being gay an adore his honestie from early on,agree somhow thet having recente attentione of femmes inconcertes is apparente there.An nevre meaning disrespecte of his preference in lifestyle.Drake an othre fellows seem more feminine then possible he does entertain notione in future to esplore othre side..An possible unjour may change minde..sayin on 20/20 he’s bicurious,an has enjoie making out/kissing..I av many gay frends,hairdresser here in touriste town an they thinq Adam can be bi-sexual..For ma frends they’re total turne off to making out or even kissing gals.So only future will reveal.An having seen of late David Bowie(previous gay,now marrie to black model one nevre can be too suprise by what future hold for Adam..But nonmatrre I’ll always adore his talentes as an artiste,vocaliste an humanitarian as seen now in charities..So Adam J’etaime monamie know wil always support toi musique an all yu have brout to our troble world.Legende,angel d’musique an l’couer..J’adore vous Lisette!

              • Well, I did hear that he is super nice. Just cant picture him with Adam, he’s like a little boy.
                I dont know, when it comes to that TMI comes out.

                • AllaboutAdam says:

                  I used to think I’d like to go shopping with Adam, or just hang out with him – but on second thought, I think I’d like to get drunk with him – because it seems like the only way he’s allowed himself to get ANYWHERE with a woman….how long do you think this long-distance fling with Drake can go on? and with the new album and Adam getting even busier, it’ll get even tougher to continue. Why do I think Adam STILL feels that he’s unlucky in love, and a bit insecure in that area? Maybe Drake is just a fun, non-commital fling… he definitely doesn’t seem to be as classy or savvy as Adam…. it’s weird, the few people I know that have never seen or heard much of Adam, have recently watched some of my Idol videos… and hands down from guys and girls alike…no one even believes he’s gay… lots of people thought it was obvious on Idol, but I sure didn’t… i just thought he was a cool, rocker dude that was into shock value.. (which he definitely is!) Never ocurred to me…I guess we secretly (or not-so-secrety) want him to be straight so we can fantasize about something that COULD actually come to pass – not that it WOULD, but COULD…right? His Royal Hotness would get even HOTTER and off the charts – and i truly believe this site would have to be censored! ;o)

    • I went and I saw, AdamAddict, – Adam actually caught those boxers in mid-air very adroitly with his left hand, flipped them and tossed them back out, and kept right on going while the fans were screaming about it, very, very cool…

      • AdamAddict says:

        If I throw myself at Adam,I wonder he will catch me like Patrick Swayze did in “Dirty Dancing?” or will he avoid me immediately and I landed nicely with my face ” kissing” the floor? Hmm,I wonder??!!

        • AdamAddict, he will deftly catch you, look into your eyes for 5 seconds, kiss you deeply, tell you he loves you, and then throw you back into the audience. Will that do?

          • AdamAddict says:

            LMAO!! I like it but not the part “throw me back” lol!! but in second thought,what the heck,he can throw me ,I’m willing! Very fierce indeed! Uhmm,I like it!! But that’s your opinion! I still want to know Adam’s answer!! 😛

    • Like the bras flying up there better!

    • I’m just so glad so many of u know how to post these u tube videos, I’m not to tech savy.
      I’ll have to ask my teenage son to show me??

      • AdamAddict says:

        Mary C,
        I like to see myself flying up there better!! lol!!
        To post youtube here,what U going to do is(2 steps),1)at the page of that youtube,the 1 U want to share with us,click right at mouse(at the link,http://) choose COPY.
        Then come back here(at this submit comment) and click right at mouse,choose PASTE! That’s it!! But of course,your comment will be awaiting for moderation! Meaning we all can only see it the next day or 2! But that’s the way U do it!!

        • Thanks AdamAddict, I will try this. Love how we all help ea/other out here.
          Oh yea, I can see u flying up there too. Remember the girl running up onstage when Adam was
          visiting during hometown week in San Diego, wearing only her bra?? He did chuckle over that, hee ,

  27. OMG that was totally worth watching! The end is adorable with ADAM dancing to the music! I love him….and It’s funny how Kris’s wife doesn’t stand near him! LOL

    • Cheryl, did I miss something ? What do u mean about Kris’s wife? What video r u talking about?

      • AdamAddict says:

        Maybe she was reffering to NASDAQ vid? But I dunno what she meant by saying she didin’t stand near him?Him…Adam or Kris? But if she wants to,she can’t because her husband already surrounded by many people!But Katy is pretty,isn’t she? There’s one time she said from her own mouth,saying if she didn’t married with Kris,she would vote for Adam! lol!

        • Katy is cute, they make a cute couple, her and Kris. I did hear Kris say once that she loves Adam!

  28. I think is hysterical. I read his blog before he moved to NYC. and thought .. there ‘s a guy who should be writing for standup comics. He has a very dry,droll sense of humor and his insight is on target. I found myself laughing out loud . He’s got a bit of Woody Allen in him.

  29. AdamRocks! says:

    Thanks everybody! I had read some of Neil’s blogs in the past, and thought they were absolutely hilarious! I especially loved his pick-ups lines after Adam made it to the finale of AI. . . one of them went something like: “this is all the Lambert you’re gonna get baby!” 🙂

    Like I said, maybe it was the mood I was in, but the first time I read the above-referenced blog, I got the feeling that he thought that the majority of us were just crazy stalkers. . . thanks again for the different perspectives.

    Cindy in MS

  30. AdamAdmirer says:

    Hey Glambs, did anyone get a chance to see this review yet, from Long Island? This is amazing, I love the title “Adam Lambert Outshining Kris Allen”.

    Click the below link to read, then click below where it says, Video of Adam. Enjoy!

    • AdamAddict says:

      “Adam Lambert Outshining Kris Allen”. OUCH!! Poor Kris,leave him alone! This is all Arkansas’s fault! Don’t have to put it in article,we all already know that ! It’s so obvious! Poor dude! 😛 ~sigh~

      • AdamAddict says:

        Sorry Kris,wrong icon! 🙁

        • AdamAdmirer says:

          AdamAddict, if you think that’s bad, you should see the New York Times review, came out on Aug. 10. WOW!

          • AdamAddict says:

            OMG,should I read it or not??!! Whatever bad things that written about Kris,I’ll feel sad! If bad things written about Adam,I’ll feel sad and mad! Should I read?? I’ll look at it later,maybe!

            • AdamAdmirer says:

              AdamAddict, don’t feel sad, Adam deserves these great reviews, makes up for not winning the whole thing. I’m sure Adam felt some sadness when he didn’t win, even though he is too smart and has too much class to ever say it publicly.

              There was another write-up I read today, that says Kris looked like a “deer in headlights” after following amazing Adam! LOL!!

  31. adamfan70 says:

    I don’t think that is Adam. Adam has a large chest and always stands straight with shoulders back. I think it is Kris with Adams KISS BOOTS on. Sorry, there is nothing sexy about that picture, and Adam oozes sex.

    • AdamAdmirer says:

      Well, the editor of the magazine tweeted that it is Adam, so we should take his word.

      • AdamAddict says:

        Wooh!! adamfan70,what did you say?? There is nothing sexy about that picture?? Delete that comment before the rest see it! Delete quick,delete!! lol 😛

  32. AdamAddict says:

    This “Starlight” is not the best vid because you can hear that girl singing along ( hate her for that reason) but I can’t help laughing when she said “OMG,I’m going to die!” at 2:38 ,then I realized I can’t hate her because I think we all can understand her! LOL!!!
    I love when Adam stroke his hair back over and over again!(stroke,is that a right word?) Very seductive!! 🙂

  33. I have been posting on this site since last years AI. I have never heard about the GLAM numbers until now! someone let me in on what that is all about? And I am Sherry K! Not the other Sherry. I live in North Little Rock,AR. About 30 miles from Conway,AR. Kris Allens home town. But I am an AFAM FAN ALL THE WAY. ADAM IS THE BEST TALENT I HAVE SEEN SINCE ELVIS!!
    THANKS ALL! Sherry K

    • AdamAddict says:

      Go to “Meet The Glambs Fan Club Leaders – Part 2: Administration and Event Planning” thread. Glambs tell you how!! 🙂

  34. OMG. I was there on the 12th, and he looked so sexy! He was amazing, and those dance moves. I’m speechless, hahaha. I love himm, and his hottness!=]


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