TOUR VIBE – American Idol Summer Tour 2009 – Kansas City, MO

***UPDATED WITH PHOTOS – Courtesy of Lila (last one is a t-shirt)***



Adam and company are in Missouri for a concert on Sunday, August 30th at the Sprint Center in Kansas City. After this stop the Idols head north again for several more Midwest shows before heading back to the east coast to close out the tour.

We’ve been getting lots of photos sent in to us. Here are some of them if you’d like to check them out:

Under you can see new photos courtesy of the following people:

1. Jill, who sent photos from Milwaukee – Aug. 28th
2. Mars, who sent photos from Columbus – Aug. 25th
3. Eva, who sent photos from Baltimore – Aug. 5th
4. TheFeyNan, who sent photos from Memphis – July 26

Eva also sent in a great close-up shot of Adam from the GMA concert which you can see here

Thanks to everyone who has sent in these great photos! I have more photos yet to add, so if I haven’t mentioned yours yet, stand by. I’m going to keep this post brief so I have time to work on all the pending photos.

May all of you going to the KC show or any of the upcoming final shows have a great time! The best advice I can give anyone based on my experience in Milwaukee is to forget, if you can, all the previous reviews, photos, videos, and go in with no pre-conceived expectations. Take whatever you get as a gift, and don’t try to compare what you get with what others get. If you go in with expectations, you’re bound to be disappointed in something, and believe me, this is too special of an event to let dissatisfaction or frustration ruin it for you.

If you’re going to the Kansas City show, please share your experiences with us. If you have photos and/or videos from either this concert or any of the past concerts, please email them to us! Our email address is

~~Jeanette, Glamb #5


  1. Hi Jeanette, thanks for the photos, the colse up one of Adam at GMA is fab, he is such a beautiful man I can just look at him all the time. I cannot wait for his single and album to come out, it will be heaven.

    • Ooh, I know what you mean. I’m probably going to get the album, and just stare at Adam’s gorgeous face for hours before I even listen to the cd. Or maybe I’ll do both at the same time. 🙂

      • Lisette here..bonmatin all..thenks Jeanette always for more lovli articles an update of Adam’s AI concert(opps all idols..but we’re partial here).More beau photos seeing above linqs..Adam seeme to be more beau in evry concert..his face as I av say is angelique an like worque of art,chisele features,crystalbleu eyes,physique statuesque an so wishe unjour to see his soloconcerte..Now as tour is ner completion will be sad,yet feel joie whenevre viewing here on thes wonderful Adam tribute/fanpage ..aplace for all to share,celebrate,adore,an cherish Adam’s estraordinaire talente with his voix d’angeli,velvettones,vocal range like noone else,his passion yet gentleness,sensualitie,charm,an toches within one’s hearte always.I’l alway support an adore his artistry,humilitie,intelligence,humour,charm an beau couer in humanitarian causes.Benedictions,blessings for an angel d’chansons! J’adore Lisette..luv to all glambs!xoxo
        an Jeanette for her dedicationes here!

  2. I totally agree with what you said, Jeanette, on not having expectations or opinions based on what others have said, but to just go in with a new, clean, fresh slate and an open mind and heart, so the experience can be all your own. I truly believe that’s the best way to enjoy Adam. 🙂
    Also…to those who responded to my Rosemont post, asking for new/oldish music, thanks so much! I recieved overwhelming responses, I’m so glad to be in such a caring community. Thanks all!
    -Peaches, Glamb # 387

  3. Marie/Toronto says:

    Hi guys,

    Sorry this is off topic, but does anyone know how to seach for old featured posts on here? I go to categories, search all the options, and it does not work. I am looking for 2 things; Tour Vibe Washington D.C. and the “Beth/Kiss Medley”.

    Are they gone forever?

  4. We’ve been getting lots of photos sent in to us. Here are some of them if you’d like to check them out: HAHAHALOL I check this site out 2 somethings 3 times a day. IF I would like to check them out . What about a 2010 Calendar, and I think one picture for each day is what this glam-fam would expect no less for Glambert Central. How about one for each hour 24/7/365.

  5. TheFeyNan(Nancy) says:

    Marie, I am trying this again. I am hung up in moderation mode, so if you get this twice that is the reason why…Sorry..nancy

    TheFeyNan(Nancy) says:
    Your comment is awaiting moderation.

    August 30, 2009 at 5:45 pm
    Marie, I hope this is what you are looking for, I am adding the links at the bottom of my post.
    Blessings, nancy

    Here is Beth from a YouTube Vid

    There is a whole video on YouTube with Kiss also

    • Marie/Toronto says:

      Thank you so much for posting those links!

      But I guess I’m right then about that when posts fall off the bottom of list, they’re gone. I am a bit confused about this. I asked Dreamsound about this one time in the chat room, and he said that all of the posted stories are still on here…somewhere….I guess.

      Thanks again.


  6. Eva Poliszczuk says:

    THANK YOU JEANETTE!!! for maintaining this site and doing a stellar job with it:) YOu rock!!

  7. Helen/Canada says:

    So I’m wondering if anybody out there went to the KC show last night. Would love to hear your comments about the show. Apparently Adam did not come out last night. I know there were a few protesters out there which I don’t even want to give them the time to talk about. Following the tweets last night, there were different comments about why he didn’t come out. A few said they saw him get into a limo and drive off. Some said security said there was a stalker, others said he had a photo shoot in LA. Hopefully, it was because of the photo shoot and not because of a stalker or protesters. Would hate to think that would stop him from coming out after the shows for the rest of the tour and spoil it for everyone else.
    Adam tweeted last night and thanked people for their support and said “love overcomes hates”, so he was aware that they were out there. I don’t know how anyone could hate such a beautiful soul.

    • AdamLover says:

      I was waiting for autographs last night and was told by security that Adam was not coming out because he was already on a plane headed for a LA photo shoot. I didn’t see the protesters where the signing was taking place and the crowd was being very respectful of each other and the other idols! So I hope also that security was telling the truth and the reason he didn’t come out was cause he was on his way to LA. I was disappointed not to meet him!

      • Helen/Canada says:

        So AdamLover, HOW WAS THE SHOW??? I want to hear all about ADAM!!! Are you still on cloud 9 today?

        • AdamLover says:

          It was AWESOME! They all did great but Adam stole the show! He has the best voice, the best moves, and the best looks! I wish he got to do more songs….I couldn’t keep my eyes off him! Most everyone there was holding Adam signs or had Adam shirts. You could tell who the favorite was in KC!

          I was able to meet and get autographs/pictures with Danny, Kris, Anoop, Matt, Scott, Allison, and Michael! I’m definitely still on cloud 9…if only Adam came out for signings then I would still be swooning! 🙂

          • Helen/Canada says:

            Maybe it’s better for you that Adam didn’t come out–don’t want to lose you!!! ha, ha.
            I saw him in Hamilton/Canada and it took me days to calm down. I was dreaming about him every night (like I don’t now, ha!).
            Was following the show with tweets from mjs blog. It kind of makes me feel like I’m there! There were a lot of funny comments from people about Adam, like–OMG, I just died!, etc, etc. They make me laugh.
            A couple of comments by one lady in particular just cracked me up. I thought I’d share with the site, so everyone could enjoy. In her first tweet, she stated “If more guys could move their hips like that, then fewer women would list The Rabbit as their bff. Just saying.” She followed that with “at barricades now, because apparently, you’re never too old to make an ass of yourself”. I loved her comments, they really made me laugh!

  8. It is so hard to follow Adam’s feeling about Love overcomes Hate, I know that is right but right now in my heart, it is not feeling that way. I don’t like it when people are miss treated, let alone Adam, I get so disgusted with people sometimes. I am still missing Adam after Columbus, and now this, I knew that I should have kept Adam here with me, we would have kept him safe and loved !!!

    • That is so sad about those protesters. I have a question for them: ” If you are preaching Gods love, then why are you promoting hate?” I find it unforgiveable what they are doing. How dare they speak for those of us who love Adam and love God too. I was raised with manners and love and I am a Christian but I do not PROMOTE what those hateful people are doing. My whole church is very disgusted with those people and they should be ashamed of themselves. My daughters whole youth group wanted to make that concert and they all had shirts with Love God Love Adam on it. But they missed the plane. Just wanted Adam and all his fans to know not everyone agrees with those hateful protesters. WE ALL LOVE ADAM!!!! My daughter loves this saying from Kara from American Idol when she told Adam, “Your not just a ROCK STAR YOUR A ROCK GOD”!


  9. Does anyone have the video or know where I can watch from youtube on the concert from Milwaukee? I was hoping someone there did tape that one. Of course only want to see
    Adam on there. 😉

  10. Helen/Canada says:

    Just came back from the movies this afternoon and they showed a trailer of the movie 2012. The special effects were pretty amazing. I heard that Adam’s song will be at the end of the movie with the credits. So, we’ll have to sit through the movie to hear Adam, but it looks like it might be an ok movie, definitely the kind to watch on the big screen. CAN YOU IMAGINE ADAM’S VOICE ON SURROUND SOUND AT THE MOVIES? OMG, I can hardly wait!

    • Me too Helen, so much to look forward to. It would be nice if a big screen photo of him came up
      as the song is being played.

  11. Soy de un pais del llamado “tercer mundo”repleto de problemáticas socio-económicas-politicas, y confieso que entre todo éste caos en el que vivimos, a veces tiendo a idealizar a paises como el suyo a los que considero mas avanzados desde un punto de vista socio- cultural.
    Obviamente comprendo que un grupo de estúpidos fanáticos NO hacen un pais,pero confieso que despues de ver las fotos y videos en Mr. L se me caen las lágrimas (y más si ese grupo de estúpidos está contra nuestro Adam), afortunadamente las personas buenas (como ustedes!) seguimos siendo mayoría. Amor, Paz y Respeto por las diferencias.
    Te amamos Adam!!. Saludos a todos.

  12. Well said, Marisa, I understood a little of your spanish.

  13. Ha,ha!!,gracias por tu esfuerzo para leerlo Theresa!!, es un poco frustrante para mi entender inglés pero no saber escribirlo…lo admito, debo tomar clases…
    Besos argentinos!!

  14. Lila, Fabulous pictures and T Shirt. Thanks for sharing

  15. I was at the Kansas City concert and had great seats. Got some good video and pictures. My group arrived early that day and went to the sprint center to possible see the Idols in the afternoon. I did get pictures and autographs of Kris, Matt, Michael and Danny, but the others did not come out. Most of the people there were waiting for Adam. I am not sure why he did not come out, but it probably had something to do with the protesters that were suppose to bet there. They were not there in the afternoon, but they were out in front of the center befor the concert. People just ignored them.

    It was a great concert and Adam was absolutely wonderful!!!! I also get to see the concert in Phil when I was visiting my son,, but the seats were not very good as I did not know I was going to Phil until a couple of weeks before and when I found out that they were going to be there I puchased tickets for me and my son.

    We had a great time in KC and it was a great show. Can hardly wait for the album and his own tour!!