TOUR VIBE – American Idol Summer Tour 2009 – Hartford, CT

The tour hits Connecticut for a show on Sunday, August 16th at the XL Center in Hartford.

First I’d like to let everyone know about the fantastic fan photos and videos we just received from the Aug. 12th Long Island show. They’re posted on both the Long Island TOUR VIBE post at and the TOUR VIBE Photos and Videos post at Thanks to Glamstrukk for sending these in!

Today’s Adam news confirms something we already knew – that Adam will have a song on the soundtrack of the upcoming film 2012. On his blog, Brian May, Queen guitarist, talks about hearing the song and says, “I have to say I was completely blown away … it’s truly sensational. In fact it’s so obviously a number one smash, any bookie would be mad to take bets on it. I am not kidding. I’m not easily moved to jelly by male vocalists … but Adam’s voice reaches out with sensitivity, depth, maturity, and awesome range and power which will make jaws drop all around the world. Its an awesome performance. No doubt about it. The world of Rock has a bright new star.”

2012 is a science fiction disaster film due out in November, 2009 by director Roland Emmerich and starring John Cusack, Amanda Peet, and Danny Glover. The plot is a familiar sounding one (Emmerich did The Day After Tomorrow after all) involving a global catastrophe, the end of the world, and those who struggle to survive. The title of the movie is a reference to the ancient Mayan prediction that a doomsday event will occur in 2012. I’m really looking forward to Adam’s song…the movie, not so much. How many times do we need or want to see New York City destroyed?

Something else we already knew was just confirmed by Kris…while some of the Idols had a day off in Toronto to shop, see a movie, etc., there was no day off for either Kris or Adam. Their extra commitments as the Top 2 keep them far too busy!

If you’re going to the Hartford show, please share your impressions of the show with us. Also, don’t forget to share your photos. If you have photos and/or videos from either this concert or any of the past concerts, please email them to us! Our email address is

~~Jeanette, Glamb #5


  1. wow, i didnt know that one of his songs is going to be in the movie! and i call myself an obsessed fan haha
    that is amazing!!!!! GAH!

  2. Once again, thanks for sharing info

  3. cheryl norman says:

    Ok, Alone at last! No cousins, grandkids and son gone home, no more football for today, no more tennis. OMG! What has happened to my Rafa Nadal?! Good to see Federer lose! The world is so hum-drum. But, alas!! I have my tv! Neil Diamond concert on. Like Neil, still so dull around here. God, I am bored, and only a couple hrs since the end of a hectic day. What to do?…….Hmmmmm,,,,,,,,,oh, maybe I’ll check out my DVR, maybe there is something there to ‘help me make thru the night’. Aaahhhhh………..alright! Adam!! Thank God I’ve got you right where I want you!! There is no escape from my bedroom, now!! AHA!!! Let’s see, what am I in the mood to see you perform for me???? Oh, maybe ROF!! Yeah, babe!! Tht will do for starters!! How about ‘Black or White’?! Fabulous, Adam!! Now, Adam, what would you like to do? Huh?,,,Oh, sing whatever turns you on, sweet cheeks! ‘A Change is Gonna Come’? OKay!!!! Am starting to feel better, now! Got to get to the computer and find more of Adam!!! Oh,,,,,,,now, ‘I’m feelin’, I’m feelin’,,,I’m feelin’,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, G O O D !!!!!! Thanks, Adam, I needed that!!!! Yeah, love you too, babe!

    • CHERYL! I was missing you so much, looking all around for you, and finally realized you were probably meeting with your family. I do hope things are somewhat well with you, despite all that has been happening with you there. There have been so many new threads and new posts added, and new people are joining all the time, which is so wonderful! I’m glad to hear you’re listening to Adam…I just finished watching his newest videos on YouTube, and I’ve posted a few back on other threads recently. Well, I’m going off the site pretty soon for tonight, but I send you love and a huge big Adam hug for you up there in far off IN! Love you!

      • Lisette here..ah was goin back to sleep but one more thread happy to visite..Thenks Jeanette always for keeping us contente with Adam’s latest eventes/concert info an a smorgasbord for l’soul of his delicieux musique/photos an videos..hugs! An Cheryl av miss yu too,thout of yu often an have mentione thet on pass threads.Thout yu were feling ill..welcome an bienvenue to glamb an Adam’s best fanpage here!Reading yur post always bring smile to ma face..having cold as well,so dose of Adam better then chicken fricasee,meds or vitamin can do.An see yu av had lot of repose now an enjoie Adam’s lovli musique,all his songes an concerte performance..thes is place to catch up for sure! Take care of yurself cher amie!
        Lorrin thenks so much for replyin to me (on thread:with Adam’s best article in his musique journey by Bronson writer)..always seeme to be on same page,an on othre page comparing Adam to an artiste sky with stars..I thout thes as we both painte,I can be inspire agan if only energie an bonhealth permittes thet to be for me! Am goin to slepe..argh mentione thet while ago,thinq I’m addicte to thes site,all lovli glambs an of course reason for our tresbeau Adam..l’angeli di cantare et la stella dentra cielo! tiamo universal language of luv is what he bringes for al of us here! j’adore him, many bisous Lisettexoxo

        • cheryl norman says:

          LISETTE, hello to you, too, our Glamb Angel!! Yeah, I’ve been pretty well occupied w/family matters
          along w/my fibromyalgia and rheumatoid keeping me tired out w/everything going on!! We both
          need to take care of ourselves, for sure!! My concert is coming up in less than 2 weeks! Even so,
          it still seems like 2 years away! Patience!! Have been running around this little city all day today, and
          am really tired of it!!! not a fun thing to do, just anoying errands! Haha! Thank goodness, I’m done
          w/that stuff!! How did your hair turn out? Are you still blonde?! love-peace!

          • Lisette Cheryl thenks for replyin.. difficile to keep up with evryone as we’re online diffarante temes an such..An pardon for just noticing on old thread “Entitlemente plese scroll ner toward bottom left yu special note re: yur famille illnesses(aunt)can relate,having thes same illness in immediate famille..grande hugs for know is draining, with yur fibromyalgia..Have repose,imagaine having famille isnont easy..Blessings for yu in thes difficile time..On lite note: Re: above question,my haire is now light golden blonde less ashtone,softens petit line(thinq from arid climate) An oh lovli 2 weeks seeing beauhearte Adam..! I’d probable be mark off day on calendre til thes special evente.TPlese take nice photos an perhap video too..we’ll adore to see!
            Will yu where Adam ecoutrementes/eyeliner,dark polish,etc?I’ d goe far as glittere accessories,make-up without noir nails on me be scary..Adam looks beau with his peaches ncreme complexion..Mine es too pale/.I’d appear ready for twilightfest! Wel cher amie take care an enjoie beauhearte Adam videos/photos/interviews,twats,tweets,
            an reinventions onstage an appears more beau,sensual an vocals even if fatigue are beyond compare, to a celestial place an swept away in evry citie..Merci to all glambs for sharing ther concert esperiences/an videos! Hugs an luv Cheryl..Angel blessings always moncheri Adam..J’adore..Lisettexoxo

      • cheryl norman says:

        LORRIN, Hey, good buddy!! Family, family!!! Yes, things are still crazy in that area! I actually sept so much today, I’m tired~!! Haha!!! Got to get back into the swing of things! Feel like I’ve been hit by a truck, then drug about 10 miles, let go in the swamps and had to crawl home wet and cold! Other than that I’m feeling great! Hope everythings well w/you, my flamingglamfingers!! Had all 4 grandkids Sat., and attended my gr.spn’s football game, home to watch Detrpit Lions w/gr.son and son. Feilding wishes from the 3 gr. daughters, cooking, baking, playing waittress and bottle washer! Trying to see some tennis, playing bord games, chess, etc. Thanks for the love, my dear!!! Lotsa luv!!

        • Hey Cheryl, I know about that being ‘hit by a truck and dragged 10 miles’ and having to crawl back home through the swamp…don’t you love being older….NO. Have you been keeping up with Adam in his run up to Canada and back down the hill? He is getting ever more beautiful and freer and looser as he goes!

          • cheryl norman says:

            LORRIN, Oh, I’ve tried to keep up to date! Adam is my love, you know, I’ve been wtching him on my
            DVR at GMA over the last few da ys more! He’s is so beautiful. Each concert brings him closer to
            being on his own!!! He’s so truthful! Doesn’t he know he needn’t answer every question asked of
            him!!! He just so ‘wants to get it right’ w/everything he does! He’s trying to be so focused, I think
            so as not to be caught up in some kind of ‘misinformation’ in the future. TODAY IS THE DAY ELVIS
            DIED! Have forgotten how many yrs ago, now.
            Aging, sometimes it is ok, then it takes you by surprise! That’s me recently, taken by surprise!!
            About 3 wks until my concert date!! The closer it gets, the more nervous I get!! It’s going to be a
            glorious nite!! Wish you were going w/me!!! Wish I were going to another one after this one!!
            You know, Adam just hasn’t the foggiest notion, I don’t think of how great he is going to be, or is
            already!! How can he, really? He’s really so young and being in musical theatre all his life, he’s
            still such a phenomenon, I don’t think it has hit him, yet! Just can’t wait to see what he’s gonna be
            doing in a few years!! Too much! Just too much to think about, and worry about!!! We can take the
            ride w/all Glambs together!!!! Lotsa Luv!

            • Yes, dear Cheryl, I know Adam is your love, and all of ours, too…kind of like that Verizon ad where the guy or gal turns around and realizes he or she is being followed by thousands of people…that’s the Glambs right behind you. I know you must be terribly excited about the upcoming concert, you’ve only got a little bit more time to wait. I couldn’t believe it when I saw that the tour still has 22 more dates to perform. Oh, it’s going to be a slog for them, but also a once-in-a-lifetime experience. Adam was saying that he has learned a lot about how to save his energy and his voice while on tour. So all is good. He’ll probably never have to do a tour as demanding and fast-paced again, at least, I hope. I want him to have a lifetime of tour dates, just not quite at so draining a pace as this one. Also, I thought it was rather insightful of you to realize that Adam might be attempting to ‘lay it down the way it really is’ in these interviews, so as not to have some wayward information bite him in the future. I’m sure that is true, but I’m sure it’s also because he is just being so good about it all, trying to give what each person is asking of him. He is a very generous soul.

              Yes, Elvis died on this day in 1977 at the age of 42. As someone has already said so perfectly on this site, ‘The King Is Dead, Long Live The King!’ The new king is probably trying to unwind somewhere on the East Coast right about now.

              Talk to you soon, Cheryl, love from the West!

              • Cheryl,

                I’m so excited about your dream, see ADAM on tour going to come true ! I’m a little jealous, I confess ! But I know you will enjoy a lot.
                I agree with the things you and Lorrin said about ADAM has not the idea how great he ALREADY IS.
                I think he not even know how many fans he has all over the world. I saw in an interview he was surprise when the reporter mencioned his international fans, it was amazing to him know that
                I also agree with Lorrin when she said he is a generous soul. I had already said something like this v before. I think only a generous soul and an honest one could do what he is doing when he share with us not only his new life but also his dreams. He is definitely a gret guy ! THE BEST ONE !
                Some posts below I said (as a lot of us – GLAMBS) ADAM will be THE NEW KING.
                In my mind it’s kind a:
                ELVIS – THE KING OF ROCK
                MICHAEL – THE KING OF POP


                ADAM OUR KING FOREVER !!!!

                • cheryl norman says:

                  EVELIZE, hi there!!! Oh, I am so excited about seeing Adam!!!! Not one bit caring
                  about the other 9! haha! But, it’s true!!! I don’t think Adam has a clue what he means to
                  so many already! He really couldn’t!!! Long Live Elvis!! And he will!!! I agree, Adam
                  is the heir to Elvis’ throne!! It’s going to be really a ride we’re all taking w/Adam!!! He
                  certainly does lhis very best to not offend anyone. Problem is, there will come a day
                  when he just won’t be able to avoid it! Not thru any fault of his own, but by the way some
                  people will eventually go after him. Jealousy makes people do mean things!! Adam will
                  have his share of those who’ll be so jealous!! Remember Elvis, would never ‘diss’
                  another entertainer? He had some ideology he lived by! When he died, he not only
                  was wearing a cross, but the Jewish k’cross’, can’t remember what it’s called, but
                  Elvis said he didn’t want to be left out of heaven on a ‘technicality’!! Haha!! Anyway,
                  we have to do our best to help Adam in any way we can, and let’s pray he has a long
                  happy life!! Hopefully, we’ll all get to see him in concert!! Wouldn’t it be great if he had
                  a televised concert???!!!

                  • Cheryl,

                    I can imagine how excited you are about seeing ADAM.
                    I agree about the jealousy thing – people really can do very bad things when they are jealous don’t matter what.
                    And…YES, IT WOULD BE GREAT – a televised concert – like ELVIS…again!!!



                    • Cheryl,
                      What’s the date you will be at ADAM’s concert ??? Don’t forget to answer me, ok ? I wanna be here the next day !
                      Evelize – GLAMB#870

                    • cheryl norman says:

                      EVELIZE, HI again! The concert date is Sept 6th. It’s a Sunday. Cannot stand
                      this waitting!!!!! I will be on the floor, and I looked at the seating and don’t think
                      I’m too far back! Of course, I’ll have binnoculars, so that I can count every little
                      stud on those pants!!!! And anything else that seems to ‘pop’ out at me!!! It
                      would be so great if Adam did a televised concert, we could see him so close-up
                      and he could command mucho bucks! He could do a ‘pay-per-view’ w/HBO or
                      someone!!! He is so gorgeous. Every pic I’ve ever seen of him is ridiculously
                      beautiful! He just does not take a bad picture!!! How about all the photos that are
                      coming out every day?!! Never have I ever seen so many gorgeous pics of the
                      same person, in so many different looks, and he wasn’t even famous!!!!! What
                      is with that??? He can’t get any cooler!!! He just can’t get any more gorgeous!!
                      What more is he going to surprise us with??? He’s just so amazing that words
                      just aren’t ever enough!!!!! You know I’ll report back to the Glambs after I recover
                      from the concert!!! But, really, does anyone ever recover from seeing Adam in
                      the flesh?? Doubtful, very doubtful!!!

                    • Cheryl,

                      I did not get to reply at the post in the right place, but YES, YES, YES… HE IS REALLY THE MOST HANDSOME AND BEAUTIFUL MAN IN EARTH’S FACE – GOD DID ADAM AND THREW “HIS PROJECT” AWAY !!!
                      I’m sure that happened.
                      His pics are gorgeous and the guy is hot, sex, splendid, excellent, magnificent, brilliant,
                      glorious – NOBODY CAN BEAT HIM EVER !!!
                      I’ll be here to listen (read) your comments about the show on Sep 6/7th

                      Best Regards,


                  • Cheryl;

                    Not to blab in on your conversation, but the Jewish Cross is called ” The star Of David I am pretty sure. I didn’t know ELVIS was wearing one of those when he died. I do know he liked a lot of different religions. He had books on all of the different religions. And read them all of the time. I am a HUGE fan of ELVIS. I thought I knew everything there was said about him. I have read every book that came out on him I could find. Just curious. Where did you hear that about the Jewish cross?

                    ADAM reminds me so much of ELVIS! I don’t believe in reincarnation. But I am a bit superstitious. And it kind of freaks me out how much ADAM looks like ELVIS. He could be his twin brother. One of the things I like best about ADAM other then his terrific singing, dancing and HOT GOOD LOOKS Is the fact he is so polite!! Simone liked that too!
                    Have a nice week end.

              • cheryl norman says:

                LORRIN, Oh my gosh!! 22 more concerts?! Yikes!! Have been hearing Adam may have a
                throat problem! Poor baby!!! We can’t have that! Another 22 concerts, man! I just didn’t
                think it was still that many! Hope he does get over it, and is doing well! Oh, MadBert! Forget
                it!! Haha! He’s useless!!! You haven’t noticed MadBert’s relative in Mary C’s posts, huh?!
                Thought you and Ingrid might have mentioned it, but,,,,,,,,I had to TELL you!! Ha!Ho! Ho!
                Oh, well, you can’t see EVERYTHING that goes on here, now!! peace-love!

                • Cheryl, Madbert?? Dont get what that means.

                  • Mary C. dear, ‘MadBert’ is my nickname for Cheryl’s quite wayward computer. It signifies ‘his’ wild way of transposing words, adding strange hieroglyphic symbols to her posts, creating insanely long ‘wrap-around’ sentences, and in general being a complete nuisance. Everyone on this site immediately recognizes ‘MadBert’s’ style when Cheryl replies to any of our posts, and it has been the cause of much hilarity in the past!

                  • cheryl norman says:

                    MARY, A while back I got a bit of ‘razzing’ from some of the Glambs., esp. Lorrin
                    and Ingrid about the way my sentences break up after I type my posts. I’ve tried
                    all kinds of things trying to alleviate the ‘problem’, but to no avail!! Eventually, after
                    MUCH discussion, and laughter, I gave in to the fact that I cannot type when the
                    left margin is in a certain place, and we gave my computer the name of ‘MadBert’.
                    as in ‘LamBert’. Well, anyway, when I noticed your sentences or paragraphs like
                    mine being, I waitted for SOMEONE to notice. Nobody ever did. So, I began a
                    bit of ‘teasing’ saying that my computer, ‘MadBert’, has a relative on this site, and
                    it is yours!!! Not sure if that is clear, but I hope you see what I’m trying to explain!!
                    It’s all good!!! It just drove me crazy trying to figure out how to ‘fix’ my problem.
                    Finally, w/some helpful thoughts of others, I decided to just ‘let it be’. So, that’s
                    the story of MadBert!!!

                    • And Mary C, just to let you know, I would NEVER want MadBert to change, or be fixed in any way. I love him just the way he is. It’s the way we’ve always recognized Cheryl’s distinctive posts on all of these extremely long threads!

                    • Cheryl and Lorrin, Ha thats funny. Thx for the explanation. Madbert,
                      yes he’s for sure a relative. I like.

                • Cheryl, just for interest’s sake, here is the whole rest of the tour laid out from the American Idol website:

                  August 18 Boston, MA TD Banknorth Garden
                  August 19 Albany, NY Times Union Center
                  August 20 Philadelphia, PA Wachovia Center
                  August 22 Pittsburgh, PA Mellon Arena
                  August 23 Cleveland, OH Wolstein Center
                  August 25 Columbus, OH Schottenstein Center
                  August 26 Auburn Hills, MI Palace at Auburn Hills
                  August 28 Milwaukee, WI Bradley Center
                  August 29 St. Louis, MO Scottrade Center
                  August 30 Kansas City, MO Sprint Center
                  September 1 Minneapolis, MN Target Center
                  September 2 Rosemont, IL Allstate Arena
                  September 4 Madison, WI Alliant Energy Center
                  September 5 Indianapolis, IN Conseco Fieldhouse
                  September 6 Grand Rapids, MI Van Andel Arena
                  September 8 Reading, PA Sovereign Center
                  September 9 Wilkes Barre, PA Wachovia Arena
                  September 10 Bridgeport, CT Arena at Harbor Yard
                  September 12 Portland, ME Cumberland County Civic Center
                  September 13 Providence, RI Dunkin’ Donuts Center
                  September 14 Syracuse, NY WarMemorial at OnCenter
                  September 15 Manchester, NH Verizon Wireless Arena

                  • cheryl norman says:

                    LORRIN, Thank you, my dear!!! Wow! i just have not taken the time to check it out,
                    and it’s a scary scene!!! Our poor Adam!!!! i’m just horrible about anyone I care
                    about having to do more work than I think they should!! Hahaha!! I’m the same
                    w/my daughter! She hates her job, using the computer so much, and I always tell
                    her I wish she was just ‘independently wealthy’ so that she only had to work when
                    she wanted to!! That’s how I feel about Adam!! If he could just do his concerts, and
                    when he needed sleep or rest, everything would be put on ‘hold’ till he was all better
                    and wanted to perform!!! I know how it sounds, but, it’s just ‘wishful thinking’!!
                    I just always want everyone I care about to be happy and not ‘want’ for anything!

                    Oh, Lorrin, when I posted my response to Mary, I had not seen your post yet! You
                    conveyed the info much better than I!!! MadBert has his ‘following’, doesn’t he?!!
                    Guess it’s good to be ‘unique’!! I like ‘unique’! I never liked conformity, as a rule,

                    What has been going on with the RS situation?? Haven’t seen much about that
                    recently. I know I’ve been consumed w/a variety of ails, ie; family health, etc. So, I
                    could have missed anything, I guess!! Isn’t this site getting larger??! The more
                    concerts, the more people are looking for info about our beautiful rock-god!

                    So nice of you, Lorrin to type the concert cities out like that!!! You are always so
                    helpful to everyone!!! You are most defilnately ‘one of a kind’!!! How is your son,
                    the one who lives nearby, the same city as Adam’s brother?? Hope all is well and
                    good for him and your other boys!!!

                    How are you coming along with the rehab of your knee?? Are you recovering well
                    or what? Come on, tell me what’s going on with that!! I think of you rehabbing, and
                    just really ‘know’ how difficult that can be, and usually is. So, we need an update, my
                    dear on your recovery!!

                    Wishing you well, and sending love to you from me and MadBert, Cheryl

                    • Cheryl, how sweet of you to send me such a nice, long post! I will try to answer everything you asked. First, I don’t care if you explained dear MadBert right along with me, you are his ‘owner’ after all, and it is you who writes the great posts we all know and love. I just gave him the nickname after you told me what his ‘real’ name was. I just thought he should be ‘Mad’ and ‘Bert’ at the same time! I too, am horrified that there are now 21 concert dates left for Adam to do. I said it before, and I’ll say it again, this kind of brutal scheduling is hard on the best of voices. THINK of what he is putting out with just the first song, ‘Whole Lotta Love’! He is a paragon of Rock on that song, a screaming, yelling wild man of a singer, as well as pulling out all the most amazing and difficult embellishments and runs here and there, not to mention his heart-stopping ascents from lower to higher registers, all at (usually) full voice. Adam is putting all that he has into those perfomrnaces, and even though he is learning how to save himself so well, still I worry about it. Oh well, worry or no, he’s going on with the show. I just don’t want him harming that beautiful voice and throat. In fact, I think I would mount some kind of protest if anything happened to his voice on this tour! Also, dear Cheryl, you are so sweet to think that I typed out all those tour dates, (which I would have done in other days), but, actually, I liberally use ‘Cut’ and ‘Paste’ as I know I’ve shared before. But thank you, anyway.

                      The RS situation is still on hold, not completely, but for a little while. I will let you know as soon as I make the move. And yes, you are right, this site IS getting larger, and a number of great writers and extremely fun people are now here with us. I feel like one of the old dudes from the ‘Magnificent Seven’ now, we are from the ‘old days’. But we’ll slog around with the best of them still!

                      Also, my son is doing well, even though Santa Cruz has been having a hard time this year with the outbreaks of many fires up in the hills. The town is not effected, but it is still a concern, and I feel so much for the people living on the hills there, because I love the area so much. Santa Cruz is a great old beach town with the famous boardwalk and pier and beautiful beaches (my son lives a block from one of the prettiest of them), but up on the surrounding hills are beautiful redwood, pine, and deciduous forests. Those are what are burning up, which is so sad. But my son is fine, working hard and finishing his junior year at UCSC. As for the last thing you mentioned, I don’t have a knee problem, I have an ankle problem, and rehab ended a long time ago. So, I deal with all the fallout from that old injury. So, that’s all abou that.

                      Never fear, Cheryl, I will email you soon, and we can take all of this offsite and talk there. But I did want to answer you, you are so sweet to ask. You know I love you, and I’m heading your way soon! Love to you, MadBert, our dear Adam, and all the Glambs tonight!

                  • cheryl norman says:

                    OH, LORRIN!! MadBert wanted me to say ‘thank you’ for loving him just the way he
                    is!! He loves you back!

                • Cheryl,

                  I did not get to reply at the post above, but YES, YES, YES… HE IS REALLY THE MOST HANDSOME AND BEAUTIFUL MAN IN EARTH’S FACE – GOD DID ADAM AND THREW “HIS PROJECT” AWAY !!!
                  I’m sure that happened.
                  His pics are gorgeous and the guy is hot, sex, splendid, excellent, magnificent, brilliant,
                  glorious – NOBODY CAN BEAT HIM EVER !!!
                  I’ll be here to listen (read) your comments about the show on Sep 6/7th

                  Best Regards,


                  • cheryl norman says:

                    LORRIN, You know, lI couldn’t remember if it was your ankle or your knee!! When
                    you told me about it, I had pictured your description of going into your backyard, and
                    slipping or tripping and either your ankle, knee, or bother were involved!! I can see
                    you in my mind’s eye!! Haha! Anyway, so your ankle is OK???? If so, you are one
                    lucky dudette!!! The ankles and feet are so hard to heal!!

                    So you ‘paste and cut’? Or visa versa! Well, it’s still an effort to do that and you’re
                    still so special for caring to do it!!!!

                    The fires in CA are always so terrible!! Trees like the Red Woods are so great,
                    and it’s such a shame to loose them! I love nature, even if mostly from the indoors,
                    but hate seeing devastation of trees that are so old. Seems like every piece of art
                    I buy has do to with trees! A single tree in a midst of fog. The trunks, alone, in a
                    woods. Kind of thought of myself as a single, lone tree in the world. Don’t really
                    know why, but have always felt like that!?

                    Maybe one day I’ll check my email and be surprised, huh?!!! I’ll hang on to that
                    possibility!! Your son is in his junior yr or will be this fall? You know, I am MadBert’s
                    owner, aren’t I! I like that word, ‘owner’!! Haha!!

                    After viewing the newest pics of Adam today, I had to get away from the computer
                    for a while!!! Oh, Lorrin!!!! Those pics!!!! And, they were taken in JUNE!??
                    What a specimen he is. It’s getting harder and harder to take this all in!!! How
                    in the world does Adam keep sane??!! If I were him, I’d be carrying a mirror
                    around with me just to remind myself that I am insanely beautiful!!! It would be
                    hard to see myself, and internalized that that is me!!!! Hahaha!!! Lotsa Luv!

                    • Cheryl, you would love my paintings, they are of lush green landscapes with huge, gorgeous trees, set on deep, green grassy lawns in settings of deep forests or woodland gardens…

              • cheryl norman says:

                LORRIN, Hahahahaha!!! Picturing that Verizon commercial, only w/Adam and all the Glambs
                following him!! FUNNY!!!
                I too, can’t wait till the idol tour is over so Adam can start to live his life again!!! Ever since
                he ‘tried out’ for idol until now and into Sept., Adam has really had no life of his own! Just
                thinking about that makes me cringe!!

                • AdamAddict says:

                  Thank you Lorrin for the list,I’ve been looking for that one so that I know when to go to youtube and search for Adam next concert! Appreaciate that! TQ! 😀

    • Cheryl, I was wondering where u been? Glad u r back on track. Funny how our world is so busy and then we need to get back into our whirlwind of Adam and us Glambs.
      My family has never ever seen me on the computer so much as I have been in the last few months. Addicted!

      • cheryl norman says:

        MARY C, Hey, I’m not far away! Sometimes ‘life’ has it’s way of getting in the way of life!!! See you’ve been running all around, keeping everything going! What’s this about Adam getting a dildo thrown at him????? Really?? He kicked the heck out of it whatever it was! Mary, quite a good kick, huh? He could play football or soccer if he really wanted to!!! What a manly-man! Maybe he’s got some frustration built up for some ‘unknown’ reason. ? Maybe a love of another kind would be helpful. Just thinking…….

        • Oh yes, love of another?? Yea, I was thinking that was quite a fierce performance anyway, and then
          with the kick, wow. I was thinking the dildo looking object was on the other side of the stage and
          what he kicked looked like softer material. He did request at the beginning of Starlight for
          people not to throw things AT him and thanked them for their gifts. Seems to be getting out of hand.
          I think I was successful at scanning and sending photos over to you guys. Hopefully they will be
          posted soon. I’m sure when Laura Saltman interviews him again , she will bring it up!
          Take care.

          • cheryl norman says:

            MARY C., Yeah, Adam really lkicked the heck out of that ‘thing’, didn’t he!! Such a ‘manly-man’!!!
            Yeah, it didn’t look like a hard object. Hop nobody got hurt in the audiance! Feel bad for Adam! Bet
            he thought about that, too, and it probably made him mad when it all happened!! These are just some
            of the things he’s never had to deal with before! There will be many more, and wish him well with the
            kind of people he’ll be forced to deal with! He’s gonna need a few bodyguards, I’m afraid! More than
            I thought of before!! This tour will give him a chance to get a ‘feel’ of what might be coming his way
            as he begins his journey!!! That performance was ‘fierce’, wasn’t it!!!! ROCK-OUT ADAM!!!

    • Hi my glamberous friends! I have been seriously missing you folk! Wow, Adam singing the soundtrack for 2012 – AWESOME! I feel like I have missed out on so much and will have to do some serious catching up towards the end of the week. I have just noticed many new Glambs on the site. I am still waiting for my BIGGGGGG number and will follow-up later.

      Cheryl, I AM A HUGE FEDERER FAN! Me thinks he is the Adam of tennis. I can’t believe he literally gave the match to Tsonga but I think he may still be overwhelmed by fatherhood or possibly just had a bad day. I like Nadal, but nowhere as much Federer. Nadal is the Kris of tennis. I know that will get you going and yes, I love you too!

      Lorrin and Lisette, my dear friends, miss you and all the regulars. Mary C, I have browsed through your posts and it is a delight having you. I will catch up with you soon! Peace and hugs from the Rainbow Nation.

      • Lisette here agan!..Bonjour Ingrid lovli to see yu agan from across seas…bienvenue to glambs monde,angels,an all who adore Adam,his musique,hearte an soul.Comment si va in Afrique?
        Trop chaud in ‘l’desert,so ready for autumn,in drout here!.See al lovli articles an videos from passe concerte on eastcoast,N.Y..Adam’s vocals an face sont angelique always..Sadly health asnon permitte to see him,so like yu will await his solotour..An do enjoie seeing estraordinaire performances/people av upload on utube,thenk goodness for technology of today!Take care cher amie an keep tuned here..Best Adam tributepage with positive an wonderful people too.Luv to yu cheramie Ingrid Lorrin,Cheryl,Theresa,Jeanette an many more lovli femmes/oh an few l’hommes(fellows) too! Oh an Adam if by some miracle an devine intervention sont incline to visite,know j’promise to see next concerte an bring some amies! Oh an already know thet mes parentes listening in smiling from above..specialmente mama!xoxoJ’adore monbeau!

        • Hi Lisette, my dear friend! I am sure your parents are listening in heaven and are glad that you are able to share in this Adam-love. Lisette, have you also noticed that many of the newer Glambs on the website are from outside of the USA, an indication that Adam’s global fanbase is growing in leaps and bounds.

          Lisette, take are and we will catch up soon! Love and peace, always! Ingrid

      • cheryl norman says:

        INGRID, My Fingrid!!! Oh, contrare, my sweetness!!!! RAFA HAS IT ALL OVER ROGER!!!! Sorry, it had to me me to break it to you like this, but, it has to be done!! No, no, Kris could only hope to be in the same league as Rafa!!!! My dear! You know Roger has been chasing Rafa for so long! Remember so well Wimbledon ’08, when Roger cried so hard, Rafa felt he HAD to let Roger win in ’09. Can’t take that crying!!! I was wondering when his girlfriend would finally come up w/child! So, he had twins, right? Oh, poor Roger. He has been having bad days alright! Hope he grows up and stops the crying now! Murray has made 2nd place now. Hopefully Rafa will take his rightful 1st place ASAP!!

        Don’t fret, my ddear baby cakes! We’ve both still got Adam!!! At least for now! Tried to soothe my gr.daught. w/Elvis, but she kept demanding Adam!! Funny!

        • Cheryl dearest, you seem to have missed a few months of tennis. The last time Roger and Rafa played, ROGER WON! Roger is the consummate professional and Rafa has learned a great deal from him. Their games are soooo different – Roger is a natural, Rafa is a work horse resulting in his body always taking a pounding and the same goes for Djokovic and Murray. Roger is comfortable in press conferences and gives both his time and money to the underpriviledged. NOW, as for the crying – yes, there is a sensitive side to him and exactly why I admire him – no macho bulls%$&t. I like a man who can get rough when and where it counts. Wait for it Cheryl, …. are you listening, THIS MAN (ROGER) HAS A DOUBLE-BARREL SHOTGUN, Cheryl and Myla are evidence of his firing power. As records go, Roger is way ahead of the rest of the pack. Murray, Rafa and Djocovic don’t only have Roger to contend with, there is the likes of Del Potro, Andy Roddick (making a come-back), Tsonga and a host of over talented players breathing down their throats. Tennis players, past and present, are in awe of Federer. It’s all cool, you like the MACHO types, I like the kind who play rough where it counts but are also sensitive and debonair. Pete and Bjorn were also my favourites but Roger just has that something special, at least for me. Enjoy Rafa, he’s a great player but Roger, hmmmmmmmmmmm, with his double-barrel shot gun, hmmmmmmmmmmm, does it for me. … oh, how could I forget, he is very proud of his South African roots.

          • Lorrin, I spent a bit of time yesterday reading your posts and I was reminded of why I missed them so much. Have you given a follow-up article to the one in RS any thought again. I know that the Glambs will support you. I am still posting short comments for now so that my Glamberous friends don’t forget me.

            Lorrin, jy is dierbaar en het ‘n hart van GOUD! Ek is baie lief vir jou, ook! Met baie liefde en getroue vriendskap! Ingrid

            • Yes, Ingrid, I am definitely interested in doing something with RS or elsewhere. I am still in the process of getting it together, and I’ll let you know how it goes…Ek sal is lief vir om te maak hierdie werk vir my… sal nie dit wees wonderlik? Love to you in the wee early hours of the morning from a Starlight Sandbox..

              • Ja Lorrin, wonderlik en wonderbaar! Mooi bly, Ingrid

              • cheryl norman says:

                LORRIN AND INGRID!!!!! hey, hey, hey!!!! Let’s have no more of that language here!!!
                You know it’s not polite to speak in foreign tongues when others are around who don’t know
                WHAT THE HELL YOU’RR SAYING!!!! You two are just ‘showing off’ cuz you can speak
                in other languages, and I CAN”T!!! That is unless there’s some Latin in there, and then, I’ve
                probably forgotten how to read it!!! Matter of fact, I KNOW I’ve forgotten how to read it!!
                So, you two, just ‘cut that out’!!! Don’t make me fly all around the whole damn world just to
                teach you two to behave!!! Man!!! Give you two a little website, the next thing you know,
                you’re talking some turkey crap I can’t read!!! Geeeeeeezzzzzzzzz! already.

                • Oh Cheryl, I’m screaming! I was just trying to connect with Ingrid in Afrikaans, and Ofra in Hebrew, and Lisette in French and Italian, you know, it’s my love of cultures coming through, and I want them to feel at home. But what I said roughly was, ‘I would love to make this work for me, wouldn’t it be wonderful?’ And Ingrid said, ‘Yes, Lorrin, wonderful and wonderbaar, stay sweet’ (or something similar). And don’t think I am fluent in any of these languages, I’m not. I’m just a proficient ‘student’, that’s all, even though I have a profound love of cultures and languages. And I can make my computer work for me, believe me!

                • Cheryl, come on now my dear, Glamberous friend – you speak in foreign languages ALL THE TIME, so much so that you don’t even realise how multilingual you are. The up-side that is that we have all become very proficient in reading between the lines, … and sometimes off the lines, … and sometimes below the lines … and so our learning continues. My dearest Cheryl, I have missed you so much and have to make up for lost time.

                  Now where is Mother Theresa??????

          • Oh, I still love you lots, despite our Roger/Rafa thing!

          • cheryl norman says:

            INGRID, , Well, being honest, I have been having trouble getting tennis on my cable!!! Makes me so
            angry!!! I KNOW Roger got back to #1, but don’t remember him beating Rafa!! Say, ,,what? When
            was that? Roger isn’t the only one who has charities!!! Rafa is very involved in the TA, but, so
            s o r r y about having to say that Roger is a ‘crybaby’, but, alas, my dear, Fingrid, tis so!! Rafa is
            sooooooooooo sexy!!!! Roger is soooooooooooooooooNOT! I wondered if you would bring up his
            ‘roots’!!!!! You liked Sampras, I never did! I liked Borg, tho, very much a gentleman!!!

      • Ingrid, can’t wait to see and hear more of you around here as soon as possible…love to SA tonight! Ek is lief vir jou, totsiens!

      • I looooooooove Roger Federer. He is poetry in motion. And he has the most amazing eyes. 🙂

        • Absolutely 100% – ‘poetry in motion’ is the best description. Love him to bits!

        • cheryl norman says:

          BARB, Hey! Have you noticed Rafa’s glorious body????? Roger is a ‘crybaby’!

          • Cheryl, Barb has spoken! Did you not see the bit about ‘poetry in motion’. See there you are denial again. Enjoy Rafa, crave his body, whatever makes you feel happy! You tell me how many guys are emotionally intelligent. No Cheryl, don’t answer that one! Roger is one of a rare species that does not feel that he has project a macho image to be a REAL MAN! Love to push your buttons and …. I know, I know, you love it when I do. From a wintry Cape Town where the weather is cold but the hearts are warm, peace, love and friendship Cheryl, Lorrin, Mary C, Lisette,Theresa, Ofra, AdamAddict … and all my Glamb friends!


    • Rosie, hi! Say, do you happen to know how many of your fellow Australians are on the site here with us? And how is it looking ‘Down Under’ for Adam? Does everyone know who he is, and is there a large fan base developing there? I’m just curious, I’m a big fan of the Australian people!

  5. hi just a couple of quick questions… i had gotten a glamb # a while back but forgot what it is. Busy watching Adam I guess. How do I find out what it was? Also my daughter applied for one the other night when she heard me talking about mine. But she can’t remember what she commented on because she had read almost the whole site. I tried looking thru to help her, but I can’t see if she got her # yet either. We are going to the Hartford show in the morning and we painted shirts to wear in support of Adam. We were going to add our numbers to them if we had gotten them in time. If we get any good pics, we’ll be sure to send them in. My daughter’s screen name is Adam_luva16. If you need more info feel free to email me. Thanks for any help you can provide.

    • Hi AlwaysAdam,

      If the info below is correct then you are:


      GLAMB #163
      Patty (AlwaysAdam) from Connecticut


      However, I could not find your daughter’s info, she would have to register again by following the steps listed below:


      For Fans who wish to apply for a number, here are the procedures:

      Step 1: Go to
      Step 2: Comment on the post with the format below:

      GLAMB # (Leave it blank, we will assign this number for you)

      First Name (Your Nickname) from (Your Current Location)

      GLAMB #
      Alice (AdamRocks) from Los Angeles, California

      GLAMB #14 – Serene

      • Thanks!!!!! you are awesome…as always. leaving in a few for hartford show…so excited!!!

      • my mom is making me dresss all emo like adam to go to the concert. ï’m really excited about going to the concert”says my mom. =)

        • Adam_luva16, I am sure you are going to have a wonderful time. Please come back and tell us about it. I am sure your outfits are super cool – thanks to your ‘cool’ mom. Love Ingrid

          • The concert was awesome!!!! Adam was incredible!!! We got there early enuf to see the tour busses pull in and get a few autographs–not Adam’s tho 🙁 and after the concert we got a few more. I was shaking so badly. It was so exciting. I can’t wait for Adam’s solo tour!

      • Lisette here..Serene unsure where to say special merci beaucoup for l’glamb left here an on l’official thread to joine now.Grande hugs now it official as glambs #399! I av been here since commence an nevre knew proper steps.So was nice surprise to see it show up!
        If I wasnon taking cold meds I’d av some champagne bellini to celebrate..then everday visite here is celebratione between glambs an amies for beau Adam..artiste/vocaliste an humanitarian..mostly a beau l’homme with voix celestial,an compassionate,sweet an charmant naturale sensualitie thet comes from within his soul,Never enough words espress l’amour an admiratione feel for him! J’etaime et benediction(bless monamie)~xoxoxo

      • Glambs, can you please help me with my BIG Glamb# please. Thank you! Ingrid

      • Serene;

        I have been posting on this forum for weeks now. I have asked for a GLAMB NUMBER about 5 times now. Jeanette was trying to help me get one. Here is what she said. Quote; (Sherry, You are right. There is no form on there.)

        Can you please tell me how to get a number? If it helps, I have been posting mostly on American Idol Summer tour 2009. Hartford,CT . I put a post on August 21, 4:46 PM to Lorrin.

        Thank-You. And have a great week end. Sherry K from North Little Rock, AR

      • GLAMB #14-SERENE

        I have been posting on this forum for weeks now. I have asked for a GLAMB NUMBER about 5 times now. Jeanette was trying to help me get one. Here is what she said. Quote; (Sherry, You are right. There is no form on there.)

        Can you please tell me how to get a number? If it helps, I have been posting mostly on American Idol Summer tour 2009. Hartford,CT . I put a post on August 21, 4:46 PM to Lorrin.


        Thank-You. And have a great week end. Sherry K from North Little Rock, AR

  6. Lisa Smith says:

    I’m going to the Hartford show tonight!! Will have lots of photos & will give a recap!!!!! CAN’T WAIT!! OMG….I’m seeing my sweet Adam tonight!!!!!!!!! YEAH!!!!!!!!!!

    • Iyleneidol09 says:

      Lisa smith and alwaysadam, I’m glad to find out fellow CT glams sisters! my friend n I were desperately trying to get a ticket for today but no luck! We’ll try for Bridgeport in Sept. Have fun! No dildo throwing!! LOL!

  7. AdamAddict says:

    So, 2012 is about NY getting destroy? I wonder if the song going to be great like “I don’t want to miss a thing” in “Armegeddon”? Ohh,I can’t wait! 🙂

    • It’s not about NY being destroyed – it’s about the whole world being destroyed. From what I could tell from the previews, the world basically upheaves in ridiculous mega-quakes, and a tiny band of survivors (airborne at the time?) try to survive…. It’s due out November 13, 2009.

      • Lisette here..Adam addict an Peggy hello thenks for esplanation of thes movie..I havnon seen any trailers yet,now imagaine anothre depressant filme as yu mention of armegedan,late great planet earth,well I’l adore to here Adam’s songe anyway! hugs n luv Lisette

        • AdamAddict says:

          Here the 2012 movie trailer! It’s Tom cruise who star in it!That’s new to me! That’s good news!Tom Cruise is boxoffice movie star.Lots of people gonna watch it.They will play Adam songs in that movie,right?How awesome is that? lol! I can’t wait to watch it.Although I don’t like this type of movie because it probably give me nightmare but I want to hear the soundtrack! Argh,can’t wait,can’t wait!! I hope I can control myself that time.I don’t want to scream “Ah,It’s Adam!” in that movie theatre,do I? lol! But can’t waaaait!! So,that soundtrack is from Adam debut album,right?Or is he recorded just for the movie?Anyone knows?But can’t wait,can’t wait!! Aaargh!!!The way Brian May describe how sick Adam is,make me want to build Time machine and go to the future!! 😛

          • AdamAddict says:

            I forgot post the link,again! I blame Adam for that! lol! Too excited!

          • Hey, AdamAddick, I understand the enthusiasm, but you’re getting a little carried away – remember, it’s one song (not “songs”) as far as we know, not the whole soundtrack. Adam has not suddenly turned into a film score composer on top of his other talents! Odds are this will be something heard over the closing credits, though it’s possible it could be underscoring a dramatic scene.

            • Sorry for the typo, that was to AdamAddict of course – but also to anyone else who is mentally morphing one song into thinking the whole soundtrack is Adam’s voice. He’d be in the studio for weeks if that were the case – not flying in between tour gigs.

              • AdamAddict says:

                I know that soundtrack includes probably lots of songs and Adam song is one of them or Adam song is the only one. Because the movie will be release in November,Adam first album also will release in November. So,just thinking is the soundtrack took one song of Adam first album? That’s what I meant!I know Adam didn’t sing for the whole soundtrack! But I wish!! So,that song, we can hear from Adam’s debut album and 2012 soundtrack or just 2012 soundtrack??!!
                There’s always CD for movie soundtrack,right?Because I always bought soundtrack from Korean drama series!

                • I think it is fantastic that they have chosen Adam’s version of Mad World for the 2012 movie, it is because his voice adds to the meaning of the scenes, quite haunting.

                  • AdamAddict says:

                    You got it wrong,my friend! The soundtrack for movie 2012 is not “Mad World” It’s new song! BTW,Peggy,I think I know why U think I thought Adam songs because I did say “songs” in my 1st comment.That’s a typo,I’m over excited! I meant song,I know only one song!And,Toni,”Mad World” is also be a soundtrack but for tv series called ….I can’t remember it now.On ABC channel,I think! hee hee! Are U super excited like I am now??!! 😀

                    • AdamAddict, are you sure that “Mad World” is to be used on the soundtrack for the TV series? They did use a portion of it for the TV promo but that does NOT mean it will be used in the series. Because film and television scores have to be carefully timed in sync with the exact footage, and because the footage usually hasn’t been completely edited – or the score completed – at the time previews begin to appear, the previews simply pull from already available sources (in this case, Adam’s “Mad World) as a quick way of providing background music.

                    • Yo AdamAddict! I share your excitement all the way. How are you my Glamb friend! Adamaddict, apart from that sprint that needs to take place, I hope to meet you one day. You have so much energy and free spirit. Hugs and Mwah! Ingrid

          • AdamAddict, I think it’s John Cusack who is the male lead in 2012. IMDB has the whole cast and their bios. Hope that isn’t too disappointing. I’m not fond of Cruise, but I love Cusack.

            • AdamAddict says:

              Thank you Lorrin for the info.It is John Cussack! I watched the vid and I thought that guy is Tom!Hmmm,look like him!Whatever,I just want to hear Adam soundtrack in it! I still gonna watch it even Paris Hilton stars in it! 😛

  8. I didn’t know he’s going to be a part of that soundtrack! That’s so great! And I love what the Queen guitarist had to say about it!:):)

    • AdamAdmirer says:

      I agree – for Brian May to say what he said is HUGE for Adam, what a compliment coming from him! Brian May carries alot of weight in the music industry as we know. Besides the soundtrack itself is so HUGH!!! I AM SO THRILLED FOR ADAM ABOUT THIS I THINK MORE THAN THE CD FOR SOME REASON. I MEAN “2012” WILL BE AN EPIC FILM — IT IS MUCH ANTICIPATED AND ALL EYES WILL BE ON IT WHEN IT COMES OUT. Also, I hope Adam sends Brian a big thank you for his kind comment – I’m sure he will, he is always so gracious our Adam!

      • Lisette ..Ah I av seen blog now with Brian May an gathre he has admire Adam from perhaps time on “Amer.Idol” performances,an has gaine respect of so many acomplishe artistes already!Seen with Smoky Robinson week he gave him ovation for “Tracks of MY Tears”,Jaimie Fox..”Feeling Good” an thinq Adam can sing l’phonebook an have a hit!Well as yu say above gathre 2012 will have impact on many..An is an honor for Adam to recorde for a film on silver screen..blessings is just l’commence of many more ventures non just musique,perhaps even as a filmstar..Still see him in roles of substance action/romance an such an star with Leo,Brad,
        Clooney an many more! Luv to all an Adam too! Lisettexoxo

  9. AdamAddict says:

    Somebody threw him a dildo in Hamilton? Is it true? I watched the vid,but it doesn’t look like a dildo but everybody said it is! WTF?? That’s so not cool!Not funny! That’s direspectful!! Dildo,seriously??!!Who threw that?Is she/he has brain?And Adam said it millions times,throw you “gift” in the conner,he will pick it up! And this person threw it at him, hit his knee.If he threw a bit higher,that thing will hit Adam’s bulge!Then Glambs troop will take action!! Unbelievable!! This is too much! Urgh,Adam always throw back or kick back all the bras and panties but this thing, he kicked like Becham!He kicked hard! Is he pissed,I wonder??!! I’m pissed for him! Give him some respect!! Gosh!! Poor Adam!!

    • AdamAddict says:

      I’m too pissed,I forgot the link.Here,what U guys think it is??
      At 2:16 if U guys can’t wait!

      • Hi AdamAddict! Girl, it is time to kick butt! Rally the troops and get the Butt Kicker in Chief, Jeanette, to do her thing. Iyleneido109, you sound like a good butt kicker so let’s sort this folk out BIG TIME, ONCE AND FOR ALL!

        • cheryl norman says:

          INGRID, ,,,,oooooohh!!! Stop that! You’re scaring me!!……..OK! I’m over it! Let’s kick us some big butts!!
          We’ll teach those horney asses something!! They can’t fool w/our ADAM!!! No how, no way, not ever!!
          I’ve got my bug spray, am ready to go soon as I get the call!!! Adam, we’re coming! We’re going to give
          that dildo back from where it came, and put it where the sun don’t shine!!! Yeah! Right there!

          • Great Cheryl, let’s do this thing and get it over and done with. Just bring the can but leave Madbert behind – he may just create unnecessary confusion! Lotsaluv, Ingrid

            • AdamAddict says:

              Bug spray,Cheryl? lol! Ok,I’ll take that as a weapon!Actually I have a lot at my house! I’ll choose my trustworthy Ridsect then! Pssstttt!! Ok,check!! I’m ready to go!! XD

              • cheryl norman says:

                ADAMADDICT, Yeah! I’m using it as a weapon!! Hahaha!! Keeping all those pesty ‘pests’
                away from our man!!! So, you’ve checked your can of spray, too? OKAY, let’s go, Glambs
                and get us some fat butts! Guess where we need to put that spray?? That’s right pumpkin
                face!!! Right up those butts!!! sssspppptttttt!!! And let’s do it again!!! WE’RE READY!!!

        • Sorry, just saw the grammatical catastrophe – my post!

    • Iyleneidol09 says:

      AdamAddict, you are absolutely 100% right about the dildo story is true. Granted that fan what to up the ante, but think first how it will affect our dearestAdam! That was too personal and trashy! Don’t ever trash our Adam! Those moronic, non-thinking people are the ones that’s giving our Adam a bad rep. But I guess in showbiz, a bad publicity is still a publicity! They’ll keep talking bout our Adam, will keep him on the news. It’s just a poor taste, that’s all I can say. Why don’t she just strip naked and run toward the stage, that will put her f–g face inyoutube!

      • Iyleneidol09 says:

        AdamAddict, thanks for the link. That tasteless f—-g son of a b—-! I hope when he kicked that dildo back (like beckham) it went back to that person who threw it ! That will teach her/him a lesson! LOL! Let’s find out who left the concert hall with a dildo impregnated on their forehead!! LOL!! Sorry, can’t help visualizing that in my thought!

        • In the Hamilton thread a female fan said she threw a rolled up toy costume of some kind thinking it would be appreciated. Why don’t these venues have some rules and provide guidance to head off misguided fans? I didn’t see anything from where I stood but it must be shocking to perform and face this. Hope is ceases for good.

          • Hoope it ceases too. He’s probably thinking whats going to hit him next, and then
            be ever so nice and polite and ask not to throw at him please.

        • I love that “mental” picture, Iyleneidol09!

      • Oh please, dont give anyone any ideas. Looks like Adam kicked a softer object, didnt look
        like he kicked the dildo to me. Seems like maybe he ignored the dildo object. We’ll see what he has to say about that one. His performance is so FIERCE geez. He is now putting in 100,000,000 percent of himself in the songs.
        Yea, I rethought the dildo situation. No good. Toned down past AI tours have never seen it like this before. He certainly is hyping it up.
        AdamAddict, u go girl. Hope he comments on this soon!

        • Lisette here..ah nevre av seen thes video..but agree thet thes person who threw this is unrefine,sans class..bravo to Adam for throwin it back.Thinq he luvs othre type (ecoutrementes an lingerie)I av hearde interview where Adam mentione there’s lot of brassieres,tassel feathre things..its fine just dont throw at my face(forget what citie..was in last week au so).Flattering an sexy things shold be threwn toward end of stage,tot avoid risk of losing eye..Hugs ,pray no harm ever injur his beauface.Oh an also handcups thet truly can av cause splendide ther’s not been more,least video av seen.I recall seein Tom Jones with mama(abote 10 yers passe,despite Tom bein oldre femmes stil threw bras,panties,keys(oui as thout he’d evre visite ther room)..craze gals.An now Adam is esperiencing from l’femmes an few brave l’hommes..thinq he mentione jockstrap?Perhaps fellows are more tasteful an prefer autograph,photos,an let imaginatione take them away(just not onstage).Adam wishes to toche both sexes he says as it’s forme of espressing art..if it make all feel sensual then superbe,just non to be tastless.Perhaps is olfashione an I av seen Michel Buble an even Tom Jones getting teddy bears, I av hearde Adam hinting of bears,an softre objects..sweet to here! Hugs an luv all Lisette!

    • What I can’t understand is that, at least in San Diego, they really search your purse going in. I’m not kidding – they confiscated a small package of Junior Mints that my sister had just bought (boy, were we furious!), and I only got to keep a few almonds I’d brought from home because I told them I could NOT eat sugar or wheat or any of the junk they sell inside! Oh, and they took our water… so I had to spend $4 on one of theirs. But they let in dildos???!!!!! Seriously, what is wrong with this picture? Shouldn’t they be frisking people for objects that can HARM the performers? And that have NO place in a concert venue?

      Also, Adam needs to stop giving good-humored mixed messages about people hurling objects. On the one hand, he’s asked people NOT to throw anything and to just feel sexy in themselves, but then he asks that they just hit the corner of the stage. He needs to say NO — and mean it. And they need to start prosecuting these people! With all those cameras – and hopefully some fierce Adam protectors in the area – it should be pretty easy to identify the perps. This is assault, and it’s not funny!

      • AdamAddict says:

        “a dildo impregnated on their forehead!! ” That’s funny! hahaha!
        Better yet,I hope he kick back and aim right at his cock or her vegina!Very hard and it stucks there! “Dude,your fly’s open!” or “girl,your…WTH??!!” lol!!
        But somebody says it Tshirt??!!They roll the T shirt!! I dunno ,but it’s too small to be Tshirt! I hope someone will ask him what is it.It’s not very clear!
        Whatever,just don’t throw it at him! Not cool! 🙁

      • Peggy, I think dealing with the hurling objects is a difficult one. Adam is the consummate diplomat and does not want to offend anyone. Asking people to not throw anything, should suffice. If he takes a hard line it definitely will be met with some anger and criticism. I think your point about frisking people for harmful objects is a good one. Perhaps, the organisers could make a public statement that will deter this kind of behaviour. Certainly a matter for concern! Hugs, Ingrid

        • I don’t believe that frisking people would be allowed due to privacy issues.

          • We knew outside food was forbidden and were prepared to have to relinquish our water bottles – because, of course, they want to make money selling the expensive stuff inside – but had no idea they would go to the BOTTOM of our purses to find even Lifesavers and mints. So as far as privacy issues… you can forget that.

            It’s only about greed, not safety. Or they wouldn’t let people throw things – or let the drunks roam around during sets. What I didn’t mention in my review was that we were in the same row as the two drunken women mentioned by the woman from Green Valley. (She said they talked during the whole show, but at least I was too far away to hear it.) They were almost falling out of their low-cut evening dresses and kept coming and going, getting ever more food and beer – including shoving in front of me right in the middle of Adam’s numbers. I finally said in a low voice “I hope this is the last time!” as they pushed by during “Starlight” which earned me a truly ugly look from one – we were frantically hoping they would be too drunk to climb the stairs back to us – but no, they reappeared during “Mad World” spoiling for a fight, and we barely averted a melee. I was simply frantic that they get back IN their seats so I didn’t even respond to their foul language and just kept my eyes on Adam, and other people were telling them THEY were the problem, and possibly the less drunk one prevailed as they did get back to their seats – no doubt to torture the woman from Green Valley.

            This is why I would rather see Adam performing at a different type of venue – big concert halls rather than sports arenas. I saw Bette Midler at Caesar’s Coliseum last winter, and the crowd was wonderful – wildly enthusiastic but respectful. (By the way, the whole Osborne family was just across the aisle from us, and they were all well-behaved.) I was right on the aisle, so I was one who had my fingers pressed when Bette came out – and I didn’t even have to stand up.

            Wouldn’t it be lovely if Adam could be that safe to move freely on and off the stage?

          • cheryl norman says:

            JEANETTE, Is it a fact that everyone gets their purses searched, and even water bottles taken away?
            I just find that kind of ridiculous. Why would they take mints and candy out of a purse? What’s the
            thinking behind that? Do you know exactly what is not acceptable and what is???? No water or even

            • Cheryl, I imagine the rules are different from venue to venue. I can only speak for San Diego Sports Arena, where small cameras are allowed but “food” is not. All purses and bags are searched very thoroughly. I had assumed “food” meant popcorn and burgers, not small amounts of candy or gum, but they were confiscating everything remotely edible, not to mention our water bottles. We noticed they were not tossing the unopened candies, so we imagine the guards went home with a Halloween-like stash. Maddening.

              • I believe water bottles are taken, so they wont be thrown. Good thing!

                • No, that’s not it – they are selling water bottles once you get inside the venue. They just want you to pay quadruple prices ($4 vs. $1) to drink the water THEY are selling. It is greed, not safety.

              • cheryl norman says:

                PEGGY, No doubt!! So they confiscate our water bottle, then will sell you their bottle of
                water for $4 ?? Oh, that makes sense……………..NOT!

          • Jeanette, so its privacy vs safety??? As an ex-cop, what alternatives do the organisers have at their disposal? Let’s put your experience to work. Jeanette, I also asked you on one of the other threads whether you dabbled in investigative journalism. I have read most of Anne Rule’s books and find it fascinating. Lotsaluv, Ingrid

        • AdamAdmirer says:

          Adam has already asked them not to throw them directly at him, they are obviously not listening. He should not have to make another statement. It is up to the security – they need to make a statement before the show starts that throwing objects is not permitted. They ask people not to bring in cell phones and cameras in some venues.

          • I am amazed at all the security stuff! There were zero issues here in Vancouver and no one was searched at all . Staff was there to help us… if someone were to go through my purse, oh dear, it’s usually such a mess…LOL I will bring bare minimum to my concert in the US, I guess.

  10. Thanks for all that you do. and for sharing with us.

    I am totally upset with Perez Hilton.. he’s just the worst person on the planet . I hate his hate for Adam. The Jackson fans got him to stop negativity on Michael, How can we stop his negativity on Adam. Why does he go after the gay community? Self hatred?

    • Melody Kramer, you have worked it out 100%! I posted this quote elsewhere – it epitomizes Perez’s behaviour. “But what if I should discover that the very enemy himself is within
      me, that I myself am the enemy who must be loved – what then?

  11. AdamAdmirer says:

    Jeanette, thank you so much for this great and very important information about Adam doing the song for 2012 and also what Brian May said — this is HUGE for our Adam. I didn’t know it was on here by the title of the post, so I hadn’t clicked on it yet and I commented on another post here what May said — guess I got so excited about it, I couldn’t wait to read everything.

    I am so thrilled for Adam – just imagine – this is only the beginning. Yeah Adam!

  12. i heard about adam has throat infection? he ahs to gargle salt warm water twice a day one in the mornign and one at night.also he eat organic yogurt( from traders joe- good for his skin. he eat that after light dinner.

  13. AdamAddict says:

    This is Starlight in Hamilton.He said something like “Please don’t throw it at me, thank you!” ~laugh~He has to mentain his coolness,I guess! Very pro! That’s our Adam!

    • Adam is very sweet and tries not offend anyone, security should be more careful, next time it may hurt Adam. If it was a dildo, what sick minded individual would do that, it must be osmeone who escaped from a psychiatric home, no one in theri right mind, and no true admirer of Adam would do such a sick thing. This will not give a bad reputation for Adam, it just reinforces the fact that security are not doing their jobs. Adam was right to kick it back, I hope it went right back to that sick individual.

      • Hi Tony, I only saw your post after posting a response to Peggy. My sentiments, as well!

        • AllaboutAdam says:

          It starts with a few bras, and some freak decides it’s OK to throw dildos…I say NO THROWING objects of any kind…all of this could contribute the reason that Adam isn’t able to appear after the shows so often anymore….one bad apple ruins it for everyone…If you were Adam, you’d have to wonder if someone would throw something at you outside in the crowd as well… this kind of thing has to be leaving a bad taste in his mouth on top of the grueling schedule, him being worn out, the fans screaming in his face and not a moment’s rest, and then to get things thrown at him…..i wonder deep down if he wishes this tour were already over…. i hope these uncivilized people are happy: security on his next tour will be so beefed-up that we won’t even be allowed to take cameras or videos, let alone a box of Jr. Mints….. on another note: I’ve papered my entire fridge with Adam’s GMA pix…. LOL…family and friends REALLY think I’ve gone over the edge ;o)

  14. AdamAddict says:

    Just found this in other sites! It was a STUFFED TOY DILDO!! WTH??!! I don’t even know it’s exist!
    and taa daa!
    Still direspectful!Dildo with head or dildo with nose,it’s still dildo!!Unbelievable!!What next?Silicone breast??!!

    • AdamAddict, u r soo resourceful. Dildo with a face on it? Silicone breasts? Remember the video of Adam being chased by paparazzi going up those steps in parking garage ? and one of them says to him ” Adaam dont u wont some boobies?

      • Oh my God, that is so discusting, what a comment to make at this young man, people like that should not be journalists, is this what every gay person has to endure? It is unacceptable, why people cannot see how talented he is, the pleasure that each one of us receives by listening to that wonderful voice, why is it that whenever someone really unique comes along some idiot has to try spoil things for everyone, it is not clever.

  15. cheryl norman says:

    JEANETTE, Whaat about pockets? Like men’s or women’s jeans pockets? What about the cell phones, and those w/ cameras?

  16. I was grazing through the most recent videos a few minutes ago, and found a little gem. This is Adam doing ‘Whole Lotta Love’ in Hamilton, Ontario, and he is in rare wild-man form. But if you will notice at about 2:18, you will also see (whatever it was that was thrown on the stage, I don’t know) that Adam is one heckava punt kicker..I’m sure that early baseball and soccer playing he did is coming in mighty handy right now, because I’ve never seen such artistry in letting it fly, either by kicking or throwing, than with our Adam. Here’s the link, watch for the ‘kick’ he delivers with suitable furious ‘rock and roll’ intensity at 2:18:

    • AdamAddict says:

      We already talked about it above you.It was stuffed toy dildo!! Yeah,that’s right,dildo!!

      • Yes, AdamAddict, I saw all the discussion about it above, I just wanted to attach this video here with the discussion. Only the thing that Adam kicked in this video looked more like a pair of panties, but I guess it must have been the dildo, because boy, he sure whopped it a good one, and it sailed out of there. I just loved watching him kick that thing, that’s all, oh, and I loved his wild performance, too, so I wanted everyone to see..

        • I apologize, I apologize, AdamAddict, I now see that you already posted the same video, I must have missed matching the links up. Sorry about that, you were right, it’s the same one…and you know, I think that IS that little stuffed ‘toy’ thing, and he actually looked like he was really angry..

          • AdamAddict says:

            You don’t have to apologize, sweety Lorrin! I did few times! You saw that twitpic and flickr too,right?It’s the same thing,for sure it toy dildo!! But the truth when I saw that dildo picture,I laughed a bit because it looks funny but just a while like 3 seconds than I become very serious about it! I dunno but that dildo looks a little bit like my uncle! hahaha! Maybe he has big nose! lol! Urgh,I am a bad person…yeah 100% sure of that one!!

            • Thank you, AdamAddict, you are very sweet also, to say that. And hmm, yes, that NOSE thing, AdamAddict. You know, they’ve all been talking about Adam’s SHOE size, but I always heard it was NOSES that told the tale…and boy, you know, Adam looked really FIERCE when he kicked that thing off of that stage, and not too happy. He really gave it a rocket trip outta there!

              • AdamAddict says:

                WHAAAAATT?? The nose??!! Thank you so much Lorrin! THANK YOU! Now when I see my uncle and look at his nose,all I can imagine is…..EEEWWW!! LORRIN, WHAT YOU HAVE DONE??!! ARGHHH,NOT COOL LORRIN! NOT COOL!! I WANT TO DIEEEEE!! EEWWW!!

                • cheryl norman says:

                  ADAMADDICT, Listen, here, kido!!! Someone should snatch you and your insanely
                  funny imagination, up and give you a job writing for a comedy!!! Your humor is out of
                  this world!!!! Love it!

                • Iyleneidol09 says:

                  AdamAddict, you are my idol too, you are just sooo funny with your comments, you cracked me up!!! No one makes me laugh so hard but you and some of the other girls’ comments. After a hard day’s work, I turn my computer on and visit this site and enjoy the lovely ride to “Never,Neverland”. I don’t want to come back to reality. I want to stay here with you guys while we talk about our ADAM all night long and some of you stays up until the wee hour!!! Almost feel like a girl’s night out or a Sleep over….LOL!!!

                  • I have often said, Iyleneidol09, that we are on the longest sleepover in the world on this site, and we’re NEVER gonna’ get home!

                  • AdamAddict says:

                    Thank you for compliment Cheryl and Iyleneidol09 ! I’m glad I can make you laugh! I don’t know I’m funny!! ^o^

  17. OMG! I just got back from my long awaited “Adam” concert in Hartford…and I am trying to recover from being blown away by his physical presence. He is larger than life and totally beautiful!!! I have to honestly say that I almost can’t even comment on his voice because I was so in awe of his body and his face. I just kept staring at that belt buckle and looking into those beautiful eyes. (It helped that I had floor seats right up front, worth every penny). He performed Whole Lotta Love with so much sexual energy …I thought I would die. At the end he sticks the microphone stand between his legs and well…. words are not necessary but I thought I might have some explaining to do to my 10 and 12 year old sons who were with me. Adam, if there is still any bicuriosity – bring it on, I’m here for you baby! Of course it was over way too quickly and before you knew it he was disappearing from the stage and all I could think of is noooo, don’t leave, please!!!!

    So where do I go from here…..besides the Bridgeport Concert which I will now be desperately trying to buy tickets for? Thank you Adam for the huge thrill!!! You’ve got me hook ,line and sinker. I am definitely a fan for life!!!


    • AdamRocks! says:

      Recovery is futile! 🙂

      Glad you had such a fantastic time. . . it DOES end too quickly, doesn’t it?

      Cindy in MS

    • Jackie thank you for vivid account! So you stared at the belt … below the belt, at the belt … below the belt, into his eyes, quickly back to the belt, … below the belt!

      • LOL Ingrid, that is exactly right. That’s why when I got home I thought “did I actually hear him sing”?

    • It’s like the sweetest hangover you don’t wanna get over, ain’t it, Jackie?

      I was floored, in Sunrise, by how above and beyond he is in every way for reals from what we’ve seen (and heard) on T.V. and in magazines. Usually, just the opposite it true… He is outrageously luscious IRL. And his voice is out of this world. Truly – it seems to come from some place other than where it seems to come from for everyone else.

    • Jackie, how thoroughly were you searched?

  18. AdamRocks! says:

    Hey Everybody,

    Emili (AdamAddict) sent me some pictures. . . she’s BEAUTIFUL! I told her that maybe she’ll be the lucky woman to satisfy Adam’s bi-curiosity! lol

    Cindy in MS

    • AdamAddict says:

      Awww,that’s so sweet of you! I laughed hard when I read this.Maybe you need glasses! lol!! Thank you,Cindy! Muah! I already follow you in twitter and the picture is you?You’re blonde?Somehow I always imagine you are brunette,I dunno why!!
      Back to Adam story,I LOOOOVEE ADAAAM!! Oh,you already knew that,okay then,nothing more to say! 😀

    • I believe all the women on this site (and men too) are beeeewwww teeeeful! Just for loving Adam..! It takes a certain beauty to recognize it in our man.

    • Cindy, may I follow you too? I am talex42 on twitter, and any Glamb is welcome to follow.

      • AdamRocks! says:

        YES! I’m cindyinms! I’ll look for you. . . Twitter is such a new thing for me, but I’ve been having fun!

        Cindy in MS

        • AdamAddict says:

          I want in too! But ,there’s no result for talex42! And LORRIN,I want to follow you too,actually I already did just now.If you see Emili0603,that’s me! Don’t block me! Okay,maybe you can but there will be tears involve here! 🙁 But better don’t block me after what you did to me above! Not cool! “Hari Raya” (Muslim festival) is coming soon, I have to visit him! Imagine that??!!

          • Hi AdamAddict, Emili, I saw your Twitter email this morning, and I am now following YOU on Twitter! Thank you for doing that, now we have a little ‘group’ going, only you other gals write a whole lot more than I do. Twitter is rather fascinating, though, isn’t it? You never know who you might find, or WHAT you might find over there….oh, and say, I’m sorry about that ‘nose’ comment, erase, erase, erase. Your uncle is no longer included under that heading….there, does that help?

  19. On the recently updated list of the 100 most skilled rock vocalists (google those words and it will come up), Adam is ranked number 2, right behind Jackie Wilson (from the 1950’s). Roy Orbison (who Elvis called “the best singer in the world” with a reported 4-octave range) is ranked 12, and I believe Elvis is ranked something like 35. That Adam is ranked so high among so many outstanding vocalists (you gotta check out the other names on the list) is a HUGE HUGE achievement. Wow! Our boy is not only going to make “records,” I predict he’s going to break them.

    • AdamRocks! says:

      WOW! WOW! WOW! That’s all I can say. . . I’m speechless. . .

      Cindy in MS

    • Glambertcraze says:

      I think your right., Adam has no competition . There are good singers out there but none can do what he does with a song. He can make a song his own, but no one will be able to follow his songs the way he does. He is at this moment one of a kind.
      Rock on Adam, our bright shining star

    • EXCELLENT information, Amelia, thank you for spotting this and sharing it!

    • cheryl norman says:

      AMELIA, Wow! Love those kind of stats!! However, WHO WAS RANKED #1????!!! Elvis at #35? Hmmmm…! Well, I am computer challenged, but I will go looking for that link. Jackie Wilson, huh? He has
      never had such a rating in the past!! Loved him as a kid, tho. Wonder where MJ was? Hopefully NOT #1!
      I love Vince Gill’s gorgeous voice, too! Well, thanks for the tidbit of info!! I’m off on my little hunting trip!

      • For all of your interest, here is the entire article from the, the Adam Lambert 24/7 Newspot, concerning Adam’s excellent vocal control and his place on the ‘List’:

        “I have come across this forum where people who know a lot about music rank the top rock vocalists ever and I am surprised to see that non-Adam Lambert fans are impressed with Adam’s voice. Keep in mind that people in this forum are mostly NOT Adam fans. They are only rating his voice and I am shocked (of course in a good way) that he is ranked higher than Freddie Mercury. I hope Adam reads this LINK. These people are experts and may I add that they did a great job in compiling this list because I agree with it 100%.

        Vocalists are rated on their Technical Skill based on their prime ability by the following criteria.

        Tier 1: Breath support, register switching, register blending, pitch, vocal runs, consistency throughout registers, volume control, vibrato control, sustain, and diction.
        Tier 2: Projection, Resonance, Range, and Versatility.

        For criteria breakdowns, each criterion from either tier is worth equal points. Influence and impact have no bearing on a singer’s placement.

        100 Most Technically Skilled Rock Vocalists
        Updated 8/1/09

        1. Jackie Wilson
        2. Adam Lambert
        3. Freddie Mercury (Queen, Solo)
        4. Geoff Tate (Queensryche)
        5. Steve Perry (Journey, Solo)
        6. Steve Balsamo
        7. Tim Buckley
        8. Jeff Buckley
        9. John Farnham (Little River Band, Solo)
        10. Chris Cornell (Soundgarden, Temple of the Dog, Solo, Audioslave)
        11. Ann Wilson (Heart, Solo)
        12. Roy Orbison
        13. Sam Cooke
        14. Aretha Franklin
        15. Rob Halford (Judas Priest, Solo)
        16. Roy Khan (Kamelot)
        17. Glenn Hughes
        18. Daniel Gildenlow (Pain of Salvation)
        19. Mike Patton (Tomahawk, Mr. Bungle, Faith No More)
        20. Myles Kennedy (Citizen Swing, Mayfield Four, Alter Bridge)
        21. Robert Plant (Led Zeppelin, Solo)
        22. Bruce Dickinson (Iron Maiden, Solo)
        23. Ronnie James Dio (Rainbow, Black Sabbath, DIO)
        24. Russell Allen (Symphony X)
        25. Ian Gillan (Deep Purple, Black Sabbath, Solo)
        26. Terry Reid
        27. Steve Marriott (Humble Pie, Small FaceS)
        28. Stevie Wonder
        29. Eric Adams (Manowar)
        30. Ted Neeley
        31. Jimmy Gnecco (Ours)
        32. Axl Rose (Guns n’ Roses)
        33. Roger Daltrey (The Who, Solo)
        34. Brad Delp (Boston)
        35. Etta James
        36. Matt Barlow (Iced Earth)
        37. Milijenko Matijevic (Steelheart)
        38. Sebastian Bach
        39. Meat Loaf
        40. James Labrie (Winter Rose, Dream Theater)”

        • Lorrin ;
          I love your post about the top vocalists ever !! I am a huge fan of Steve Perry!! I am glad you put him on there. There are probably a lot of people on here that don’t remember Journey!! If anyone is interested in Steve Perry google him and click on wikpedia! It say’s Perry’s vocal classification it ” tenor altino, a term used to describe a man who sings in th HIGHEST possible made register ( above tenor and including what would, if sung by a woman, be called alto , or mezo.) ( Oh Sherrie was after he left Journey , for his girl friend Sherri, and it really accentuates his solo voice! )Another interesting fact. American Idol judge Randy Jackson played guitar for Journey for awhile.
          I have a whole albulm of his pictures! I hope to have a whole album of Adam Lambert photos too!! What a great article about Adams vocal range! Do you know what his voice type is called? I know it is likely to be at least an tenor altino too! Because he can really hit the high note where a lot of them tryed to say he was screeching! Not true!!

          • Sherry K, thanks for your great post, but I wanted you to know that I did NOT make this list! It’s actually made by someone else, a singing professional, I believe, and I pulled it off a website called the Adam Lambert 24/7 Newspot! If it were left to me, I would rate Adam Lambert as THE most skilled rock and roll singer on this list! His vocal self-awareness, technique, and mastery are phenomenal, and I think other music professionals agree (the San Diego Opera pros reviewed Adam too, and gave him full marks for every aspect of his musical ability). I too, love Steve Perry, and his soaring vocals, and I loved him in his time with Journey. As regards Adam, here is a quote from the mjsbigblog site on Adam’s vocal range:

            “Adam is a contratenor (or counter tenor) which is very rare. But there is a lot more to vocal quality than range, he has great articulation, breath control and power. For example, Justin Timberlake is also a contertenor and his voice does nothing for me. The two male vocalists who remind me most of Adam are Freddy Mercury, Steven Tyler (who is a low tenor who can hit an E6 in his falsetto). Also some classically trained singers (mostly Opera).
            There are a number of women with very wide ranges – Mariah Carey with a five-octave range, and a powerful voice is the best IMO. Whitney Houston when she was younger. Christina Aguilera, Celine Dion are others.”

            Sherry, interestingly enough, the three Opera professionals who reviewed Adam thought he might be a well-hidden baritone who had trained himself out of it into the tenor range! A countertenor is a male singing voice whose vocal range is that of a female contralto, mezzo-soprano, or in some cases a soprano, either through use of the falsetto, or in some cases, the normal voice. There is a huge amount of discussion about Adam out there on his true vocal range, whether tenor or countertenor, but it matters not, classical or pure rock and roll, Adam is acclaimed by all.

            • Lorrin;

              I did not make the article about Steve Perry either. It is from wikipedia.I

              And I thought someone might want to google it. Here is what it actually says.
              ” Perry’s vocal classification it tenor altino, a term used to describe a man who sings in the highest possible male register ( above tenor and including what would, if sung by a woman, be called alto or mezzo) using a natural “chest” voice and employing falsetto only in his extreme upper register. Depending on whether the definition being used includes chest voice or is limited to falsetto only, this is also a form of ” countertenor.” Steve Perry and Adam are both a Counterenor.” So see Adam is not screeching! I thought he might have the range of Steve Perry and even possibly higher! It really griped me when people said Adam was screeching! It just goes to show you they did not know much about music.

              I feel like a dumbo posting on here! Can you tell me how you get a space between the lines. I am a grandma.And not ashamed of it. I have loved music all of my life. AND I JUST ADORE ADAM! Thanks so much for your reply. Both your post & your reply are great! AND HE IS NUMBER 1 ON THE LIST YOU POSTED. WOW! I am going to try to look up where you found the article about Adam!
              Have a great day!

              • Sherry K,

                You are doing just great! Have no fear about your posts, they look fine to me, you are using your ‘enter key’ properly in spacing between lines, and your space bar to make spaces between words perfectly, in fact, the whole set-up you’ve got looks just fine! You know, the way to find articles like this about Adam is to first, go to the Google homepage and type in ‘what is adam lambert’s vocal range’ or something similar. You will then be able to browse through numerous articles and opinions about Adam’s range, but they all agree on Adam’s vocal ability, – it is superb. In fact, there’s so much information out on Adam now that it’s like fighting your way through a blizzard to read it all, which is just fine with me! Please write again if there is anything I (or any other of us Glambs) can help you with! Love to you tonight from Northern California!

                • Oh, and I completely agree with you about Adam’s so-called ‘screaming’. That is not screaming, it is a full-voiced riotous passagio flaming past with perfect dexterity, pitch, timbre, and extraordinary vocal range throw in, I mean, what do people WANT? They guy is a ROCK STAR, for heaven’s sake!

                • Oh Lorrin,
                  You are just so sweet! I really appreciate all of your help!!! Now if I can just get a GLAMB # EVERYTHING WILL BE GREAT.

                  Jeanette tried to help me and I think a lady called Helen/Canada to get a GLAMB number. I have asked Administration several times for a number.

                  I don’t know if there are 100’s tring to get one or what?

                  Thank-You so much Lorrin. Yes, I will go to google and type in Adam Lambert ” Vocal Range)
                  Have a great week end!
                  Just now saw your post below this one. You are 100% right about Adams voice. Heck I am 60 years old and I knew he wasn’t screaming! You really laid it out just exactly his voice is! I hope some of them that think he is screaming read your post.
                  DUH! FOR THE ONES THAT DON’T KNOW. I don’t think any of them post here. Yes ADAM is a REAL ROCK STAR!! Love to all.

      • AdamRocks! says:

        Oooooooooooooooooh cheryl! LOVE Vince Gill!

        Cindy in MS

        • cheryl norman says:

          ADAMROCKS, me too!!! Have seen him in concert 5 or 6 times at least. Actually got to ‘party’ in HIS
          tour bus after one of the concerts!!!! Fantastic tenor and great guitar player!!!! He’s def. a favorite of
          mine!!! Glad to see others appreciate him on this site!!! Thanks for replying!!

  20. Adam won another convert this weekend. My sister drove to Los Angeles with a friend to take their kids to Universal Studios. The friend is a workaholic, never watches television, had accidentally caught a clip of Adam doing “Mad World’ but that was as far as it went, didn’t even know or care who’d won AI…. Zero interest. They were driving in her car, but my sister asked if they could play the CDs she had brought with her of Adam’s live and studio performances. (We do not force Adam on anyone but do try to share.) Well, the friend ended up cranking up the volume and wanting to listen to nothing else the entire trip. Now she is begging us to burn her a CD of the studio performances, which she thinks are just brilliant. And she doesn’t even care what he looks like!

    • Resistance is futile. All will be assimilated.

      Seriously, it just goes to show you what real, hard-core, raw talent can do.

      This is the biggest reason I’m so psyched about the 2012 thing – all those uninitiated souls are about to get their ears ROCKED.

      Everyone just keep repeating after me: Astronomically Huge. His record release will not only break all previous records; it will put them to shame.

      This *is* the dawning of the Age of Aquarius…

      (Somebody stop me!)

      • It is especially satisfying when the conversion is uninfluenced by looks or sexuality or even stage presence – just the glory of Adam’s voice. (We’ll have to check back when she’s had a chance to watch some videos!) Yes, we are all being assimilated… and fortunately, the alien force is entirely benign and means only to take us to a higher level of awareness. Our pods are beautiful, shimmering and in rainbow colors.

      • No Barb, you go girl! This “Aquarius dawning” is being spearheaded by a blackhaired freckled young Californian, how apropo

        • Ooops forgot to say “Californian Aquarian”

          • I am thrilled to say that Adam is a Californian, that I saw ‘Hair’ 100 years ago in San Francisco (The City), and that Adam sang in it years later, and that he is an Aquarius…I think we’ll just have to say that this IS the dawning of the Age of Aquarius…

            Harmony and understanding
            Sympathy and trust abounding
            No more falsehoods or derisions
            Golden living dreams of visions
            Mystic crystal revalation
            And the mind’s true liberation

            And I wonder if we will all have one of those marvelous ‘swimming pool’ moments with Adam once Peggy’s Rainbow Pods crack open and we are all set free at last…it is wondrous to contemplate!

            • Now, if we can just hear him sing those lyrics…. Sigh.

              • Wouldn’t that be something, Peggy? With the whole stage and Adam and the song itself beautifully, visually sychronized with the purity of sound coming forth from the man? What perfect joy!

      • AdamRocks! says:

        . . . and the award for Monday’s Best Post goes to. . . BARB! Of course, ALL of Lorrin’s posts deserve awards. . . and Emili’s too. . . I love this place!

        Some of my VERY FAVORITE posts had to be wannabethesnake’s AI concert adventures. . . LOVED how she and her daughter *used* her daughter’s boyfriend as Adam bait, complete with guyliner. . . which thread was that again?

        Cindy in MS

        • Aw, shucks, Cin… I think the award for best moniker goes to wannabethesnake – I literally laughed out loud and said to myself, also out loud, “That’s PERFECT” the first time I saw it. (I really need to stop saying stuff to myself out loud, though. People are starting to give me funny looks.)

          I love everyone’s posts here, too! So many stunning observations, and you know, I can never get enough stunning observations about my favorite subject. I think *this* is the rainbow pod. This is my Happy Place. I’m so thankful for all of you. When something amazing out there in the universe just makes you want to explode with joy – well, something you can’t touch, anyway – it’s so nice to have kindred spirits to share it with.

          Love you all. Muah! 🙂

        • Hey, AdamRocks. I was just about to go to bed and thought I would check in on all my fellow Adam cell mates when I saw your post. Thank you. Glad you caught the spirit of things. We had quite a night, for sure, at the Tulsa concert, on July 24th, so, we are on the Tulsa thread. Oh–it seems so long ago now! From all the youtube footage, Adam keeps getting better and better, hotter and hotter. Wish I could be at that last concert! I would be first documented case of spontaneous combustion!

          • Barb: Thank you. Every now and then, I have a moment of clarity. Wannabethebutterfly just wouldn’t be the same…image…

            Lorrin and I have given some thoughts to an ALAMSAA, an organization to help AdamAddicts (kinda like this site). I tried working out a 12-step program at the very end of the Ontario thread. You and AdamRocks may want to check it out for fun and see if want to tell your stories. My name is Barb, and I am an Adam addict….

  21. AdamAddict says:

    Vids in Hartford, you guys watch from SecretlyLoveClay! It’s awesome! 🙂

  22. Can anyone PLEASE tell me where the posts I put on August 19 @ 9:42 PM went to? I am trying to get Admistration to give me a GLAMB #

    There was also a post to Helen/Canada about us getting our GLAMB #


    • Sherry — I’m not sure what all you have already done…but I don’t want you to be frustrated anymore!

      To get a Glamb #, just follow this link, then follow the instructions exactly. You will be assigned a number as soon as Serene has a chance to update them.

  23. I went to the Grand Rapids concert last night, it was fantastic. I made t-shirt with Adam`s rolling stones cover on it, we went outside during Chris`s set and we were right in front and ADAM SIGNED MY SHIRT, HE TOUCHED MY CHEST WHILE HE WAS SIGNING ,THE TOP LEFT CORNER, I CAN DIE A HAPPY WOMAN NOW. And we had great seats, I had knee surgery in june and could`nt sit in the seats we had, so i asked if by any chance if we could move up to the handicapped section which was`nt full. The lady took us DOWN a whole section, we were like 20 rows from the floor seats. I night i will never forget.