TOUR VIBE – American Idol Summer Tour 2009 – Hamilton, Ontario

The gang travels to Hamilton, Ontario for a show on Friday, August 14th at the Copps Coliseum. The tour has now passed the halfway mark, 27 shows down, 25 to go. The Idols are all clearly exhausted, and probably none more so than Adam. I hope all are able to take care of themselves and catch a second wind.

Did all of you get a chance to check out Adam’s tweets from his Twitter party last night? If you read some of his earlier tweets, you know that he’s under doctor’s orders not to do any post-concert signings so that he can rest his voice. I’m not sure how long this will be for – hopefully not the entire rest of the tour. So Adam, to make up a little for disappointing his fans, decided to hold the Twitter party. Now he did NOT have to do this. I don’t know how many other performers would have cared that much about their fans to go out of their way to do something like that. I’m sure he wants to take care of his fans, but he also knows he has to take care of himself. I’m sure it’s a very difficult balancing act that he has to maintain every single day in order to stay healthy not only physically but mentally, and to try to please us at the same time.

I didn’t read the tweets until today. It’s a lot like jeopardy – you have the answer, but what’s the question? Some were very obvious, others not so much. It was a little frustrating not knowing some of the questions, but also kind of fun, like a game, trying to figure them out. Do any of you have the questions to some of the not-so-obvious answers? If so, please share in your comments.

I have to say, though, that I don’t quite understand giving Perez Hilton “air time.” I don’t like the guy at all, and it would have been nice to answer a fan’s question in that spot instead of a celebrity’s question. I’m also not thrilled with Adam’s answer. I know it was probably meant to be funny, but it was more information than I want to know. Geez, with all the details of Adam’s life coming out in recent interviews, SOME things should be kept private. Just my opinion.

BTW, thanks to Michael – I hear he was the Idol who invented the “Twitter Party!”

And lastly, here’s something fun! An interview from a couple of days ago:

If you’re going to the Hamilton show, please share your impressions of the show with us. Also, don’t forget to share your photos. If you have photos and/or videos from either this concert or any of the past concerts, please email them to us! Our email address is

~~Jeanette, Glamb #5


  1. AdamRocks! says:

    Jeanette, I was at the twitter party “with” Barb last night, and I was wondering what the questions were too. . . Barb directed me to click on the name of the person that he had answered, and it would take you to their homepage, and you could usually pick out the question they asked him from their tweets.

    Cindy in MS

  2. Kelly Craig says:

    Here is the transcript from the twitter party…. research guys..

    the first @adamglambert is the question.. his response is to the @and persons name

    @adamlambert Are you going to be working with Slash in the future? PLEASSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSE! That would be so WOW!!!!!!!!
    @Glitter__Fairy we gave talked about it. I hope so… we both want to. It’s a matter of “when”

    @ADAMLAMBERT When can we expect your first single/music video?
    @oqueovi 1st single in October most likely… Album in Nov!!! I hope u guys love it.
    omg omg that’s me on my other twitter. still flailing

    @adamlambert would you ever collaborate with katy perry if you got the chance?
    @ffaaiitthh123 of course I would. I’m a huge fan and we are friends!

    @adamlambert: Jonathan Rhys Meyers, Christian Bale, or Ewan McGregor? Velvet Goldmine FTW!
    @jmanzel JRM

    @adamlambert What are your thoughts on the rumors on Lady Gaga being a man?
    @MeganSantiago Gaga is probably just f*ing w everyone. She understands how ridiculous the rumor mill and tabloids are. She’s funny

    @ADAMLAMBERT How do you decide between “Woman” and “Baby” in Whole Lotta Love? Randomly??
    @slytherinss baby is more universal. I don’t discriminate.

    @adamlambert What was your first job?
    @JSmith92 Starbucks!

    @adamlambert If you could have any superpower, what would it be and why?
    @LiaFreude wish I could fly!

    @adamlambert You can only wear one color for the rest of your life…what color would it be?
    @AnonymousGlam :Black. Classic, glamorous and flattering.

    @adamlambert would you ever do a collab on an outfit with @csiriano(christian siriano?) it would be fucking badass.
    @alphabets oooh good IDEA he IS fierce

    @sharoninny noooooo. Rumors are hilarious

    @adamlambert What’s your favorite book?
    @ShilohBeazel : The Amazing Adventures of Kavlier and Clay by M Chambon. Won a Pulitzer. Also Glamoramma by Ellis.

    @ADAMLAMBERT did you david archuleta thinks you’re awesome? i think he’s pretty awesome too!
    @shereeny : he has a beautiful voice. I think he is very talented.

    @adamlambert how do u deal with the paparatzi and all the rumors and people who r just jack asses to U ?
    @Egan1995 : gotta just deal with it. It sucks but I try not to take it personally. I try not to waste my energy on such b.s.

    @fnkychnkymnky I made my own ringtone outta “New In Town” by Little Boots. Siiick new Uk electroPop artist

    @insomniac19 : Drake

    @adamlambert Since we already know your definition of SEXY. What is your biggest turn off or pet peeve??
    @beautifulsoul29 : IGNORANCE

    @slytherins : yes I do!!!! They are badass

    @adamlambert So we’ve heard about your epic UV makeup for your album cover shoot, can you give us any more clues about it?
    @AustinBUGirl : what? Uv makeup? News to me.

    @adamlambert What’s your favorite Muse song?
    @charmingnotion : SuperMassiveBlackhole is Siiiiiiiick. Also am obsessed w the vocal breakdown in Knights of Cydonia. Gives me chills
    @charmingnotion : also love Time is Running out

    @adamlambert What is your favorite song to sing in your setlist?
    @rlmoonyk : I love them all. I love the Zeppelin tune, but also have a blast dancin to Fame

    @ADAMLAMBERT If someone managed to get a can of glitter on stage could you possibly replicate the epic Velvet Goldmine scene?
    @youlackcolor : id love to but it would be really disrespectful to kris who performs after me and the crew who’d have to clean up….

    @adamlambert i must ask you what your favorite queen song is
    @Snaps4Hollywood :favorite Queen song is Another One Bites the Dust or We Will Rock You. Oh and bohemian rhapsody is pretty sick too

    @adamlambert how old were you when you had your first kiss?? :]
    @Glambert3618 : had my first kiss when I was 14. It was with an 18 yr old fierce black girl from Compton. Learned how really makeout!

    • OK, so I’m twitter-challenged! I admit it. Hey, I thought it was more fun to guess.

      • Lisette here..Thenks Jeanette for sharing all tweet questions an Adam’s replies. agree Im very twitter unsavvy/challenged so yu’re non alone! An by time I was reading help menus thout had figure out..’party seeme near notice Adam’s lovli note(tweet) goodnit an luv yu going to bed(his tweet to us).Felt sad for non being ontime an twitter party ende.Like cinderella being late to le ball,sans any l’prince(Adam) didnon wait skip l’danse anto sleep..mod.version of fairytale(okay being silly now). I enjoy glamberts questions,his charmantreplies:honest,sweet,an funny.Sure all were elated to recive Adam’s tweet replies!! I tried sending, only showin just on my ‘page,non Adam’s..Just geterror messages.. Perhaps a symbol missing?.domage.When I learn, be something new/an tweeting/twatting as Adam says will be passe!..Adam yu must hold anothre(a nice reve now)! hugs an luv Lisettexoxo

        • lisette here..oops am too fast an having reread thenks Kelly for posting all Tweet/quest an answers for all glambs/fans an frends alike! An as I have mentione by time learne(from Lorrin’s lovli explanation on last thread)..thinq twitter will be passe.Thinq old social network as facebook,an myspace are simpler..gathre passe now.An as help narrator says twitter keeps things short an sweet thes is why ther calle Tweets..just like a bird does,myspace we can write novels,no limits on comment.Also twitter hering on “View” program use lot for news an current worlde thinq is perfet for business a bullet format of report..very to point,unlike Lisette (me) an othres gals,long sorry!
          luv to all Lisettexox

    • Ah, Kelly, thank you so much!! As a retired teacher I was so big on learning how to do research, and the internet was just becoming a feature in our lives at the time…. see how it pays off later in life?? ha ha

      Personally I love meandering around the sites, the great ‘labyrinthe of links’ we have open to us if we just use our imaginations and our vocabulary a little. Having all things Adam as our information goal makes it even more fun!

      • Terry dear, I’m going to hang off your post here since it is so apropos of mine. Here are the links to two of the Long Island performances of WWL and the Bowie Medley. I was hanging on every note of WWL because it seemed to me that Adam was working to ‘save’ his voice while singing it, but it is still fabulous. When he gets to the very last, “BA-A-A-A-B-Y-Y-Y’ you NE-E-E-E-D it’, he takes off on a blues yodel which I hadn’t heard before, that is simply sensational. I was shocked once again by his incredible virtuosity at pulling out a song. WHAT a singer! The second video is of the amazing belt buckle moments at Long Island. The third video is of the Bowie Medley at the same venue, and if you want to see him looser and freer than he’s ever been, watch this video. He’s had a haircut, his hair is swept back, and he’s got a whole lot of glitter sparkling in his black locks. Their are tons of close-ups, and not just of his beautiful face. He has added some neat moves, and when he scampers up to the back of the stage singing ‘I LO-O-O-V-E You, he says to his singers ‘I love YOU, and then he turns to his guitarist, and sings “I love you too”, it is adorable. So here you go, WLL and the Bowie Medley from Long Island, NY: (WLL) (exceedingly close-up and hot) (Bowie loose and free)

        • Woa, Adam , NY must reallly agree with you! That was a fantastic performance. He seems to
          really like the hair combed back too. Been that way a while. Love it!!

        • Thank you Lorrin! You are right! This is the most playful and happy I’ve ever seen him in his performance of the medley.

          Miy totally fave part of all the songs is just at the end of “Dance with me and i”ll set you free..” when he does that series of gyrations….. for a while he stopped doing it but I think he knows the NY atmosphere is such that he can go all out and it will be loved by all!

        • Holy Crap, Lorrin! He kicked in the backdoor and effed the brains out of it! He was definately on fire that night. (Drake must have been around for some sexy times…) Whatever the inspiration, Adam keeps getting better and better. Soon, they will have to hose down the audience when he finishes and Kris will have to put on rubbers…er

          • Honestly, wannabethesnake, every time I see one of these stupendous performances, I think, ‘How are we EVER going to stand it’? He is only going to get hotter, and hotter, and hotter, and there’s just not gonna’ be enough water to put out the FIRE! Adam is SCORCHING HOT NOW, think what it will be like when he is free to do anything he wants!

      • AdamAddict says:

        Thank You so much!! Muah!! 😀

  3. Kelly Craig says:

    Aww well… Had I known.. I would not have posted it LOL!! I was going nuts on a couple of them myself trying to figure out the question! Drove me crazy last night! I finally figured out the twitter thing myself… Thanks to Adam!

    • It’s okay…I’m sure everyone (including me) is happy to have the full transcript. Thanks, Kelly!

    • LibraLamb7 says:

      Thanks for this, Kelly! I read the tweets late last nite & felt like”Karnak the Great” (Johnny Carson) on the OLD “Tonight Show”….”And the question is…” Was guessing & am glad to know how close, or NOT, I came to figuring it all out. Adam was so sweet to do this for all of us.
      Hope he’s getting enough rest, though, & following the doctor’s orders. This whole tour thing is a real ordeal, even for the young ‘uns…50 cities! I can see why poor Michael Jackson was worried about the 50 concerts his people had committed him to do. Too much…too many.. with not enough down time to recharge your batteries! Glad they’ve passed the halfway point now & the end is in sight. Wouldn’t be surprised if some Idols never want to sing their set songs again after this tour…After all, these songs are just covers, not their original works of art. Glad we have the vids of Adam’s performances to enjoy for posterity.

      • lisette here..Thenks agan Kelly an for Adam’s tweet replies an questions thet glambs/ an othres asked..Am still bit confuse on where to place @ symbol an then question when replying.Will reread instructione thet I av seen an Lorrin(our lovli glamb poste on anothre thread here)hugs to her! An agree LibraLamb7 Adam althout younge being ontour in so many citie now living outofsuitcase onroad imagaine draining inself.Adam plese take doctor advice an rest an try non to ware onselfe too thin.In tryin to av interviews,working on cd still, time to av r an r in hotel room.Still am unable to see thes tour arounde due to ill health.Well just hope he’ll have solo tours aftre a rest(if evre!) an know by then Michel Jackson’s songe..I”ll be there!bisous Adam! Luv an hugs Lisettexoxo

    • Thanks for the transcript, enjoyed it!

  4. Marie/Toronto says:

    For those of you that are unfamiliar, Hamilton is about an hour outside of Toronto, Canada’s biggest city. It’s hot and sunny outside; a perfect welcome for the Idols, who are tweeting that they are already here!

    I am OBVIOUSLY going to the show, and will post a full report tomorrow night after I get home.

    So excited, can’t wait!

    • Awesome! Have a great time! I went to the Dallas concert, I don’t think you’ll be disappointed. 🙂

    • AdamRocks! says:


      Cindy in MS

    • Marie, at first I wondered why Hamilton and not Toronto? If they are coming by bus it’s so much easier to cross at Niagara Falls etc.. but now maybe it’s because the Copps Coliseum is so large??? He will be able to fill any Toronto concert venue in the future though I am sure. And he actually lived for a short time in Toronto while doing one of his musicals, forget which one.

      • Marie/Toronto says:


        Idol always comes to Toronto; so I don’t know why it’s Hamilton this year. Copps is actually quite a bit SMALLER than any of the Toronto venues. However, they are staying in Toronto, and driving to Hamilton tomorrow afternoon. (I’ve heard, but am not sure, that their usual venue, the Air Canada Centre, is undergoing renovations this summer).

        And you say Adam lived in Toronto for a time? I’ve never, ever heard that! Where did U hear that?

        • Adam apparently lived in Toronto (right in MY city!!!) in late 2005/early 2006 when he was performing in Wicked here. (I went to that show so undoubtedly saw him in the cast!). They also used this location to rehearse for the North American leg of the tour.

          A recent article in the Toronto Star said: While the Idol tour won’t be coming to Toronto, Lambert has nothing but praise for the city where he spent two months in late 2005 and early 2006 as part of the cast of Wicked – understudying the role of Prince Fieryo.

          “I like the community up there, it’s really like liberal and open and people just kind of let each other do their thing. I like that attitude,” Lambert said.

          “I love the way that the society functions up there. I think it’s like a role model.”

          I won’t be going to the concert unfortunately – holding out for his solo tour! Looking forward to hearing about it though!

          • That’s Canada, folks, and I am proud to be one of those ‘live and let live’ people who would embrace Adam, his style and his friends. And Toronto was the most conservative city in the country thirty or forty years ago…. I feel good to hear those words from Adam’s lips… as my secret fantasy is that he will buy a home in Vancouver some day.. in MY neighbourhood, which is the funkiest part of the city.

        • Lisette here..ah thenks Marie for letting all know where thes citie sont located! An enjoie concerte..sure Adam will sing an look tresbeau as in evry video av seen on utube..non being able to attend,due to health. An thet’s lovli thout Theresa for future solo concert as yu’re in Canada..I av written so wishe he will come to Nevada as “Idoltour” skip our lovli cities here..An so unsure why as ther’s so many fans of American Idol an specialmente beau Adam..domage soo wishe it can bienvenue if evre to read our posts here Adam(nice ther’s so many threads/articles thinq Adam woulde neede a week to evre just sit an scroll thru..nevre know if he has been actual viewing ..never l’Phantom hiding perhaps one day he’ll poste bubble tweet on twitter or utube to acknoledge thes wonderful an think can be his official has lot detail on updates of AItour an from l’commence of thes page covering Adam’s musique journey from American Idol show,an anything inbetween..Like ET or best of those tv interview shows..always in ‘l’know!
          Hugs an luv to all Lisettexoxo

    • Oh Marie, I know u r soo excited. Have fun and dont drooolll tooo much! Oh, What the heck,
      go ahead !!

  5. Actually, you can see the question when you click “….in reply to _____” below Adam’s answer.

    hope this helps.

  6. NH Glambert says:

    Adam spoke to Perez about 3 hours after he had ended the “party” if you read the twitter times. No time was taken away from the twitter party so it stands to reason that he could be talking to anybody including celebrities. I’m no Perez fan either but it seems that, in true Adam form, he has made peace with him although I think I recall some bad blood in the beginning of this journey.
    As to double entendre references, if you think about it, all kinds of people do it all the time (in public, on talk shows, in conversation). If it is outside a person’s comfort zone to do so, it may feel awkward to read/hear it, but it is no way outside the norm of our culture today, so it doesn’t seem wrong for Adam to be joking around in the same way. It’s all about comfort zones, I guess.

    • You’re right, times are different…my bad.

    • Agreed. You should hear some of the double entendres that go on every day between my mostly male office and me (there are 14 guys and 8 girls, and 10 out of the 12 guys are in their 20s or 30s). I once said, and in a meeting with a subset of that group – albeit a casual, lunch one – that I wouldn’t mind being the meat in a certain Man Sandwich. This was over a year ago, so it wasn’t about Adam. I didn’t just blurt this out out of context – the guys actually started it. As bad as that sounds, it actually gets much racier. We’re a small group working on a two-year project and have become very close-knit, almost like family (but better).

  7. kristen welsh says:

    hey guys this is my first time posting on here: i look at this site almost everyday and absolutely love it. I just saw this blog on adam’s myspace page and wasnt sure if you knew about it. thought maybe something you would be interested in. I dont know how to go about setting anything like this up so figured i would just pass along.

    Tuesday, August 11, 2009

    Adam’s Charity Fan Group Competition
    Does your Adam Lambert Fan Group have what it takes to rise above the rest and raise the most for Adam’s charity of choice, Show Adam how much your Fan Group shines and at the same time help get attention and support for this important charity. The classroom resources you help raise will help public schools across the country, and one lucky classroom will have their supplies delivered personally by Adam.

    The Fan Group with the most donations will receive an online chat with Adam. Your Fan Group will get to host an hour online chat where the members of your group will get to ask Adam questions which he will answer live via instant message. This will be exclusive to your Fan Group and the transcript can be posted to your Fan Group site after the chat. Adam will also personally autograph 10 photos for the top givers throughout the entire competition. Visit and email to get involved. A limited number of Fan Groups will be allowed to participate, so sign up now, before August 15th.

    • Lisette here..welcom KristenWelsh an lovli to see anothre glamb as always more an more people av joine..Regarde yur above post from “Myspace” on anothre thread some here av inquire of being involve an thinq team leader did reply looking into..but somehow nevre mention agan..I only wishe to participate for Adam’s boncauses as I av done so.In losing ma beloved parentes to terminal cancer when I saw thes,thout Adam is very altruistic bein Aquarian an is involved in communitie things..On utube seein him singe on Chabad Telethon before evre on Amer.Idol..So wishe we can be involve inway as also seeing on his official page.So thenks for reposting with webaddress.Somehow thinq thes is already to late given August 15 is deadline?.Am sad now wished to help even in small way.I support St.Jude Children/cancerresearch,cysticfibrosis an mda..close to ma hearte having been effecte by all in famille(an frend with CF too)..Thinq too thes page is non going to be focus of such topic..So sorry Kristen..Blessings an hugs Lisettexo

  8. AdamRocks! says:

    Emili (AdamAddict), are you on twitter? I hope you don’t mind, but I just sent this: @adamlambert My friend Emili sends you her love from Malaysia! 🙂

    I really should have asked you first, but for some reason I thought it would be OK. . . teehee

    I’ll let you know if he replies. . . 🙂

    Cindy in MS

    • AdamAddict says:

      What are you talking about,Cindy? IT’S MORE THAN OKAY,IT’S SUPER OKAY!! hahaha! I’m so happy you’re my Glambs friend! better yet you are my friend!! And yes,I have twitter because I want to follow Adam.I did send him twats few times and I think one time I did say I’m from Malaysia! Awww, so sweet of you thinking of me! Love you,Cindy,I love you more today than I loved you yesterday!! And tomorrow I’ll say the same thing!! 🙂

  9. Would somebody PLEASE

  10. Would somebody PLEASE get Perez Hilton laid!?! He obviously has had a hard on for our beautiful boy for a long time now knowing in his black heart that he has a snowball’s chance in hell of ever getting that fantasy fulfilled. (Uhm, kinda like the rest of us.) So, he constantly makes catty attacks on Adam like a school-girl scorned! He uses a back-handed compliment this time to remark on Adam’s Rolling Stone issue being the biggest seller this year: “He May Like It On The Bottom, But Adam Lambert’s On Top” or something to that effect. What is this? I’m no expert on all things gay, (well, anything gay, actually), but isn’t he using that description in a negative way to imply Adam is weak or passive and has finally come out on top (control/domination) of something?

    Where has that talentless, horse-faced moron been for the past several months? Has he watched any of the WLL videos? (Probably. Every night. In bed.) The hottest man on the planet has the world wanting to get into his pants and curl up for winter and Perez wants to question who has power? Top. Bottom. Upside down. Sideways. Adam can have it any way he wants it–in the bedroom, boardroom, (bathroom?), on the stage and music charts. (Let me blow the dust and cobwebs off my old Kamasutra. If the pages aren’t too yellow and brittle, I’ll come up with some other positions more worthy of a Rock/Sex God.)

    In the meantime, you are not on top of anything, Perez. In order to be on top, there has to be someone willing to be on bottom. You must be very lonely. Pay a hooker, and stop kitty-scratching at a man so far out of your reach. If it comes to a pissing contest, you will lose. God, Perez irritates me! I’m glad Adam set him, uh,…. straight.

    Now, does anyone know anything about stooping over?

    • I have a guess or two about the stooping over bit, and with my mind solidly in the gutter this evening, I don’t think it was about kissing. Could be. But…probably…not.

      Loved your “wanting to get into his pants and curl up for winter,” by the way. Snork! And seriously, hell, yeah. That little image will do no end of helping drift blissfully off to sleep later.

      • I think the reference to Adam liking it on the bottom was from the Rolling Stone interview, where he made a remark about liking things “dangling over him.”

      • Oh Barb, you got it going on with the thoughts. Way to go!
        WBTS, you too!

    • Love your reply to Perez, I hope he reads your comment, maybe he will finally stop been so irritating to Adam and us.

    • You said it all. And as for the stooping over part…well, I think we all kinda know what it means. Anyway, Perez needs to shut up, stop trying to ruin other’s lives’, and get one for himself. HE’S the diva. Your post is the perfect summary of my feelings.

      • Yeah, I get the gist of that. I was just wondering if it had a second, or hidden/slang meaning. “Cause I can’t imagine our glittery, fabulous *fairy* tale prince even uttering those words with that connotation to a troll like Perez. If he did though, it probably made Perez’s day–hell his year! (He has gotta be getting tired of those billy goats under the bridge. I know the goats are.)

        • Marie/Toronto says:

          Actually, I think what Adam means by STOOP is that he’s stooping to Perez’s level by discussing sex, period.

          • AdamAddict says:

            You hope Perez will read wannabethesnake comment! I don’t think so,he’s too busy reading all about Adam! wannabethesnake was right,he probably laying down on his bed wacthing WLL,probably laying naked too…with AdamAgra besides him! He’s desperate for Adam attention!No words need to this Perez guy.I still like the idea put him in plastic garbage!! But like ofra said,don’t throw that garbage in Israel! lol! Don’t throw it in Malaysia too! Because we have to recycle,and why the heck I want to recycle that garbage??!!

          • NH Glambert says:

            Agreed…..stooping to Perez’s level to respond at all! It was a snarky comment in true Perez style that received an equally snarky and deserved response eluding to the fact that Perez does, after all, have an obvious crush and/or twisted jealousy of Adam.

            It falls under that category of fans that want to possess and dictate celebrity behavior, as if the celebrity is now an object instead of a person. Sick….and not in a good way.

          • Good call, Marie. I read the same subtext in it. Muahahahaha.

          • AllaboutAdam says:

            That’s what I thought too – meaning he’s stooping to even ANSWER Perez… which is def. a step down for our Adam anyway.

    • Thank you so much for your e mail. You nailed it in describng Perez Hilton. He’s a friend to no

      one but himself, he would sell his mother for a buck. Simply “he’s a snake in the grass”

      Maybe I shouldn’t worry about Adam ,he told Perez off in a very funny way last time ,the little s–t got on his case.

    • OH… Snake!! You do have a way with words!!! Ha ha !!

  11. good interview by this lady to adam; good answer- likeable human being adamlambert.

    A DY.

  12. Guys,
    Have you read the incredible ? It’s called:Adam Lambert Ultimate Interview with Fred Bronson. He is talking about his life up to American Idol. It is so good. Dreamsound, you should put it on this site. By the way, this is the article where it was mentioned that Adam lived in Toronto for a few months.

    I am going to the concert tomorrow too!!! Very excited! Taking all my cameras with me.

    • AdamAddict says:

      Do you mean the one with 4 parts? If that one, yes it was excellent interview! Part 1,2 and 3 were touching…to me!! 🙁

    • Gala, we were given links to that interview in another thread, and yes, it is excellent, part 4 is ready now I believe..


  14. After my rant, I want to go nighty-nighty on a positive note–a guaranteed sexy dream inducing note. Watch the interview above and notice–no absorb–how sweetly Adam kisses her cheek and pulls her into his arms, wrapping her against his chest for the most warm, hell HOT, full-frontal hug! OMG! Have all of you noticed how awesome his hugs are? And he freely gives them. Even at that moment when he “lost” AI, he still pulled Kris into that same strong-arm, all-encompassing, love-hug. (And, Kris kinda melted into it, as I recall. Who wouldn’t?) Adam is so fabulous! His hugs are so fabulous! You know the rest of his stuff has gotta be…


    The sound of my head hitting the pillow.

    • Dear wannabethesnake, I believe those hugs of Adam Lambert’s are the very hallmark of a truly loving, wholly inclusive, deeply kind person. I understand hugging and all its wonderful implications very well, and when I first saw Adam enfolding others in those deep encircling embraces, both men and women, young and old, I knew someone very precious, completely unique and utterly special had entered our world. He is in Hebrew our ‘Neshomeleh’, our sweet soul, our sweetheart, our darling. Sweet dreams..

      • Lisette here..bonmatin all(sleepless in visite to Adam’s glambs an best site on web!)An seeing above commente re: thet interview I thout Adam an gal interviewer seeme very sweet an oui quelle embrace d’affetion d’amour soo adorable.Adam is tres affetionate,an warm as seen from even on American Idol with his Idol contestants,Kris,gal contestants as well..He embraces often an shows his beau an gentle spirit.An on et/extra interview shortly aftre result of Idol..Seein him embrace Paula an Kris was soo sweet an very genuine..lot of bisous ther too!Aw an seein him with his mama on interview in SanDiego(for mother’ day weekend),can see warmth an lot of hugs between them,must be his upbringing to be affetionate.J’admirer thes qualitie of Adam’ agree Lorrin,he makes all ages feel speciale luved,be l’hommes/femmes(fellows,gals) one word amour..whech sont universal!Ah thet’s sweet too Lorrin in hebrew Neshomeleh..av to remembre thes!An in Italian esso tanti bellisimo uomo e cuoro d’oro..(he’s very beautful fellow with hearte golden) Et egli face sono angelico d’ angel from heavene!Just more amore for questi bello cantare..Tiamo..J’ any language …luv yu Adam an always! We can nevre tire to espress thes here on thes wonderful site..Oh et molto baci et abbraciare …hugs n kiss!xoxoxoxo

      • Lorrin….Neshomeleh how beautiful sounding..made me cry.. perfect word for Adam and his loving ways

        • AdamAddict says:

          Again I have to agree with you.I noticed that too.Adam gave the most sincere hug ever.He meant it. Some guys is like too shame to hug someone! If they hugging a female,they afraid of controversy! If they hugging guys,they afraid of calling gays! What the heck!! So they’re hugging was like 2 seconds tapping their back! Boooriing! boo hoo!! Adam’s hug is not too soft and not too hard either.Just look very comfortable! I want to feel it too! But I guess,I can only dream about it!! 🙂

          • I think some – many, really – people feel awkward giving a warm, full frontal hug like that. I generally do, though I’ve warmed and opened up over the years and am more comfortable with it now. I was raised in a family, up until I was 13, which was certainly warm but were more hand-shakers than huggers in greeting. When I moved in with my Dad and stepmom at 13, I was introduced to her side of the family – huggers from way back. Took me a long time to get comfortable with that, to the point that one of my stepbrothers recently confessed, while quite inebriated (as was I) that he and his siblings used to call me The Ice Princess. Makes me very sad – I certainly didn’t feel cold towards them – it just wasn’t something I’d grown up doing.

            I would have *no* problem returning Adam’s full frontal hug, though. Someone might have to pry me off.

            • AdamAddict says:

              I think I can understand you.One of my relatives like to hug really tight and give kiss and make my cheek all wet!Hahaha! So,everytime,my family pay her a visit,my sisters & I always look at each other & thinking who’s going first??!! lol! But now,I think I’m going to hug and kiss her first.I don’t want her to think I don’t love her or anything. Don’t want to make her feel sad! See,Adam always teach me to behave right!! He is my role model,my idol!! 🙂

            • Barb, many of us grew up in a no hugging household (partly the stiff upper lip British background), but learned to hug as we grew away from home.. both my sons have been huggers and I hug everyone now, girlfriends too.

              I get the impression Adam grew up in a huggy bear household… have you seen the pic of him at age 14 with his arms around his two grannies? Wonder if they are both still living? My one grandchild, a boy is 13 now and still hugs me freely and says “i love you’ at the end of a visit or phone call. I hope he never stops, like Adam.

      • Love this, Lorrin.

      • Yes! I’ve seen him do it many times with real tenderness. “Neshomeleh” is a beautiful word. Thank you for sharing it–and it’s meaning. It definately describes the loving power that emanates from Adam.

        • Lorrin, “Neshomeleh” would be a lovely word to have embroidered on a bed pillow. That way, it’s lovely sentiment would be one’s last thought before sleeping.

    • Oh yes, I’ve had one of his hugs. He is really free with his hugs, what a doll he is!

      • Bitch! I mean, good for you!

        (You know I’m totally kidding, right – I think that’s wicked cool and I’m happy for you.)

    • omg. ..i wish i got an adam hug…i wouldnt ever again shower….he’s sooo sweet and i LOVEhim. i saw him at long island and he was great…i cant remember much other than i had a sore throat the next day…michael was nice and came around 2 autograph and take pix with b4 the show…

      • AdamAddict says:

        Mary C,
        What the hell is that mean??!!” I’ve had one of his hugs.” Whaaaat? When?Where? How come you got his hug, B****? hahaha,just kidding like Barb!! Don’t get mad!Never use that word,just trying.If you want to try,better try it on someone that you feel jealous,right? lol! I want to say I’m happy for you but…hmmm,okay,okay,I am happy for you!! Maybe a little bit jealous but what the heck,I’m happy for you! If you really mad,you can call me B**** too but you have let me hug you!Because Adam hug you so hugging you is like hugging Adam too,ok maybe not but better than nothing!! 😀
        ~flashback~ My sister got to shake hand with superstar from HK and she didn’t wash her hand for days,so,Mary C, don’t tell me you don’t take shower for few days too??

        • AdamAddict says:

          Look at that,Mary C! Your mum did blessing you from above! You got to see Adam in finale,got to hug him!! Awww, okay now I’m seriously happy for you! 😀
          P/S: I hope I said it right,FYI my english not that good! But I meant well!

          • Oh ladies, all the bitch talk, its ok I have broad shoulders. Bring it on. I am trying to send
            photos thru to you all and its not working. I’ll keep trying. Get a failure report coming back, sending to
            Unfortunately had to shower, all that goodness happened in May

  15. P.S. Adam also likes to rub the back a little while hugging! Oh la la! What a touchy feely guy!

    • *SQUEE*

    • Some coworkers and I were just talking about the little daughter of another coworker who is an “old soul” (I just generally use that to describe any child I see who has an adult’s wisdom in his or her face and eyes and mannerisms). She’s 18 months old, and when you pick her up, she instinctively pulls you in close and gives you as big of a hug as she can around your neck. She then rubs your back or neck very lovingly with her little hand. I’m sure her momma is very loving and she’s learned it from her, but it’s gorgeous to watch (or experience). Hugs like that just make everything bad drop away, regardless of who’s giving them.

      I remember the first time I came back in to the office after my Dad died. A coworker I didn’t know very well (but liked) just wordlessly came up to me, wrapped me in her arms, and squeezed. Of course I started to cry because I was so touched by how caring she was. And then she had to keep hugging me until I stopped. She just kind of rocked me back and forth. And when I stopped shaking, she pulled back a little and just looked at me, didn’t say a word, but said “I’m so sorry” with her eyes and face. I’ll never forget that. She’s another one of those special people who, I think, actually feels others’ pain. An empath.

  16. i stil dont blieve he’s 100% gay…

    • Time will tell, terri, but he does have an all-inclusive loving nature and has referred to it many times.

    • Iyleneidol09 says:

      Hi it’s Iyleneidol09, my computer crashed and i have no computer for a week now! Just imagine how it it is. I have no way to visit this site and have a glimpse of my Adam! I thought I’m gonna go postal or go nuts from an Adam withdrawal! And then, came the iPhone! Oh yes! I’m able to visit you guys again! It seemed like the sisterhood has grown in size. Some of you really amused me. It feels good knowing I’m not alone suffering this almost like a New pandemic flu and worst than a swine flu: it is official, we have a new form of a pandemic flu! It is Adam Fluitis which is characterized by delirium, aggressive behavior drooling,hallucinations,increased in temperature,uncontrollable jerky movements of body parts. If you have those symptoms, you definitely suffering with Adamfluitis!! There is no treatment available but to visit this site for your regular therapy session for free! Were not alone, it is a worldwide phenomenon. The Only treatment available is ADAM! He can inject me anytime! Lol! OMG! What a pervert I am!

      • Iyleneidol09, so glad you were able to get back to us! I know the feeling, almost of abject desperation, which happened to a number of us when this site went down for a few days awhile back while the server was being changed. We have also all discussed what you are saying here about the world-wide Adamitis epidemic some time ago also, and we were thanking GOD there is no cure! But now you are saying there IS a form of treatment available, and that it is to be inoculated with MORE of Adam Lambert, and to have regular therapy sessions here on this site! I guess we’re all going to have to get up and say we belong to ALAMSAA at our future meetings, Adam Lamberts Addicts Anonymous from now on. Sigh, that works for me! Thanks for sharing!

  17. Adam,

    I would love to eat your…………..Tongue sandwich. I love tongue, liver, heart, kidney. It is all good.

    Love You, Ellen in Boca Raton, Florida

    • Hey, Ellen, I’m in Boca Raton, too. I take it you were at the Sunrise show. It was fabulous, wasn’t it?

      • Barb, I answered your request to follow each other on Twitter a few posts back, and I would love to do that. I promptly went over and tried to find you using your Twitter username of ‘Nomorebeans’ and couldn’t find you, they didn’t have a listing. I then looked for you under Barb from Florida, and still couldn’t find you. Should I try something else? Also, just for hilarity’s sake, I thought your name ‘Nomorebeans’ was the exotic name of some long-lost tribe in ancient ‘Nomoro’, you know, the ‘Nomorebeans!’ (Rhymes with ‘Babylonians’). Anyway, I glanced at the name again today, and suddenly realized what it really meant. Do I feel stupid, or what?

  18. Hi everyone! Can someone please tell me why “Play that funky music won’t play? When I click it Burning ring of fire plays. Also how many of you are glams? And how do you become a GLAM ?
    I AM NOT SURE ADAM IS 100% GAY. I guess Its because he is so nice to all of the girls. Hugs them and kisses them on the cheek. WOW WOULDN’T IT BE GREAT TO GET A BIG HUG FROM HIM ! OMG, THAT WOULD BE SO COOL! I think he said somewhere ~maybe the Rolling Stone Mag that he though he kind of likes girls too. WOW! Wouldn’t that be great! KEEP ROCKING ADAM! SHERRY K
    PS, I changed my name to Sherry K because there is another Sherry posting! I live 30 mile from Conway,Arkansas. BUT I AM A HUGE ADAM LAMBERT FAN!

  19. Sherry, scroll to the top, click on ‘categories’ and choose the Glambs faqs and follow instructions. Then in a few days you need to return to that site to see your new number.

  20. To Teresa/Canada; Thanks for the help. I don’t want to appear stupid! I am sure I will get a comment I am. Can’t help it! I went to the top and clicked on categories and chose the Glambs faqs. I put my web address in for receiving letters and news about Adam and it said I was already registered. It also says if you post on here not to post again until you get a number!

    So Duh! Here I am again like a dummy. Maybe I will get a number???? Anyway I will still be a HUGE ADAM LAMBERT FAN!! AND I SO ENJOY READING ALL OF HIS FANS POSTS! Thanks to everyone! Sherry K

    • Sherry, just post a little note back on the sign-up page, or even right here under your post, and ask the site managers for help getting your number. They will answer you very soon, I’m sure, and help you with getting your number.

    • You are right Sherry, I went to the page and it said to ‘post your info below..’ buit there was NO BELOW just blank space!!

      • Sherry K. Thank-You Teresa! You have been so helpful!

        CAN SOMEONE AT ADMINISTRATORS PLEASE TELL ME HOW TO GET A NUMBER? Actually It says if you put a poat on here you will get a number. I don’t think it works that way. At least I have not gotten a number yet!! I AM A HUGE ADAM LAMBERT FAN! I have not seen anyone with this amount of talent since my greatest love ” ELVIS ”

        Also can anyone please tell me why when you click ” Play that Funky music you get ” Ring of fire “? I want to hear ADAMS GREAT VERSION & CAN’T GET IT?

      • Helen/Canada says:

        Oh God, thank you Theresa. I thought I was the one who was dumb! I’ve tried so many times to get a number and all there is, is a blank page. Could one of the administrators please help!
        Thank you.


  22. JamieGlambert says:

    Just posting about the Hamilton concert! Michael Sarver got a BRA. Which pretty much made me almost die laughing. People of course threw things at Adam, but I couldnt make them out through the tears streaming down my face, LOL. Uhm after, we were rather sad, then we saw down a ramp, the tour buses.!

    So we waited and at aroudn 12:10, a bus rolled out. As I looked in the window, I saw Gokeys glasses, and screamed. They ( Danny Gokey, Kris Allen and Matt Giraud)wanted us to chant Adam, so we did and Michael Sarver leaned out the back window and is like, Guys, shhh, Adams right here, he’s sleeping. I was like, you’re lying,m and he said nope. So I asked michael to tell adam to watch my dvd and he said he would!

    So Im really excited that adam could probably hear us . WOO.

    • Marie/Toronto says:


      It was way cool meeting you at the show. LOVED your outfit, specially the belt. My mom thought that flashing buckle was amazing too.

      Anyhow, what can be said that hasen’t been already? ADAM KILLED IT, of course.

      Anoop was my second favorite, that really blew me away, didn’t see it coming.

      Sorry to say, Meg and Kris could go home; they bored me to tears. Sorry.

      Before the show, I got to met Matt and Danny outside, which was sweet. And guess what? Danny looked slim and handsome in real life. (gave me a big hug too).

      Great time was had by all.


      • Marie/Toronto says:

        Forgot to mention, today I have what I’ll call Lambert War Wounds; blistered feet from dancing, and bruised, swollen, blistered fingers (on my left hand) from all the frenzied clapping!!!!!!!!

        All worth it.


  23. Fuzzymarshall says:

    Ahhhh! I love how adam likes blaqk audio! they are one of my favourite bands! 🙂

    • Adam is an amazing person, we are all stretching our knowledge boundaries. After that interview I did some googling. I do like that group he named.. also Thievery Corporation who are very ‘world’ in their beats and tunes… middle eastern/brazilian/ jamaican/ jazz etc.. so these are Adam’s influences.. I have been dying to find out how Adam came up with his interpretation of Ring of Fire, it’s a woman named Dilana with a group called Supernova… these are sooo Adam’s taste… his Aquarian self will always have an interest in people and cultures of the world.

  24. So, how was ADAM????

    • Helen/Canada says:

      Went to the Hamilton concert last night. It was amazing! Even though my sister and I went for ADAM, we were pleasantly surprised at some of the other acts. Allison, OMG was absolutely amazing (we knew she would be, we also went to see her). What a rocker she is for such a little girl. I really admire her. Matt put on a really good show too. He really rocked the house with one of his numbers. The house absolutely went wild when Danny finished his set (he was ok too, his last song was really good) because they knew Adam was on next and they went wild until he came on and of course all through his performance. Adam, there are no words that adequately describe him and his performances. It makes me cry when I think of him, that he has such a talent and I hope for him that his career will be all that he wants it to be. Kris was really good too. The house gave him a really wild reception also. I begrudingly admit that Kris is talented because he and Adam are such good friends and have such mutual respect for one another, but deep, deep down inside I am still angry that Adam didn’t win Idol. I know, get over it, but it still pisses me off, Adam was robbed! Ok, I’m trying to deal, I’m done with it! ha, ha. After the show we waited outside. Hadn’t planned on it, but once we were there, I said what the heck, might as well see who comes out. We were there about 35 minutes before they slowly started to trickle out. I got a really close up look at Lil, Megan, Anoop, Allison, Danny, Michael and Matt, missed Kris somehow, but alas, no Adam. We waited more than an hour to see if he would come out. I didn’t think he would because I know the story of what’s been going on with his health/stalkers, etc. but there was the HOPE. Also, I thought, what if I leave now and then he comes out. Finally after a few more minutes someone with the tour came out and said that Adam would not be coming out and explained that he was under dr”s care, etc. I totally understand and did not expect him, but I was just hoping to see him up close–that beautiful face–up close! I’m a bit sad today because I want more of him, one concert wasn’t enough! And I feel that this was probably my one chance in a lifetime to have seen that face up close! Once he has his own tour, I’m sure he won’t be coming out to sign autographs, etc. I need help! Someone please, say something to make me feel better!!! Ha, ha.

      • It will be ok, Helen. You are not alone. What you are experiencing is Adam “withdrawal”. It happens to everyone who has been shot up with the love/lust drug that is Adam in the flesh. That injection…or infection…results in a profound level of animalistic desire and intense rise in body temperature which causes certain chemicals and neurotransmitters to SCAR YOUR BRAIN! And, scortch various other body parts in the process. Only time and commiseration with your fellow addicts on this site will alleviate your sense of longing. It will never go away totally; true Adam Addicts don’t want to be CURED. We just have to band together in order to live with it. Takes about two weeks for your immune cells to repair your mind so you can think of something other than the shiney belt buckle, pelvic thrusts, and mic stand.

        We, seriously, need a 12-step program to survive his “rise”. (quiver) Are you up for designing one, Glambs?

        • Helen/Canada says:

          Thanks for the support! I’m feeling a bit better now. I’m new to this site. I’m not sure how to join the Glambs. I’ve followed the instructions, but I’m not sure about some number you get? Does it show anywhere on your posts? I’ve signed up for the newsletter and the first time I posted, there was a message that the moderator would approve, which happend. I’ve posted one more time (to you) since then. Am I a GLAMB? Did I miss something somewhere?

          • Hi Helen, welcome to the site and the wider Glamb family! If you will read theresa/canada’s little post, 13 posts above yours here, I think her comments will be of help. If you still don’t see your number after some time, just write a little note to the site managers on the sign-up page, and they will help you. Looking forward to posting with you!

            • Helen/Canada says:

              Thanks Lorrin. I’m new to all this stuff and not the quickest learner- LOL. Looking forward to posting with you too!

              • Helen/Canada says:

                Hi Lorrin
                Thanks for trying to help but I’m getting frustrated trying to get my GLAMB number. I followed the instructions, step 1 and 2. Step 3 says to comment on that post, but there is nothing there. There is no place to comment on that screen. Also, I can’t find a place to write to the administrators for help.
                HELP, what am I missing?

                • Helen, write a note out on one of the first threads, perhaps that will help. I’ve noticed that a number of people have done this already, and have been answered. Sorry you’re having such trouble!

        • Wannabethesnake, just scroll on up to the 18th post above yours here which I wrote in answer to Iyleneidol09, and you will see my post on the very same subject. I said we should all sign up to become members of ALAMSAA, Adam Lamberts Addicts Anonymous, in which we will all get to endlessly talk about our wish to never be cured from AdamLamberitis. “Hi, my name is Bill, and I am an AdamAddict”.

          • Hey, Lorrin. There is our first step: Admit we are powerless over our addiction and our lives have become unmanageable.

            “Hi, my name is Lola, and I am an AdamAddict.” It is 1:41 Sunday afternoon and I have yet to shower, brush my teeth, and comb my hair because I’ve been watching videos and discussing by addiction with others. At some point, I must let the dog out to pee….

            Step 2: Believe that a Power greater than ourselves could restore us to sanity.

            That power must have the ability to strike me with a lightening bolt or drop a meteor on my head (hopefully, one that Brian Mays has blessed) because my sanity is so far gone.

            Step 3: Make a decision to turn our will and our lives over the care of God as we undertand Him.

            I am agnostic, so Adam singing, “Is anybody listening? Does anybody hear?”, from “The Ten Commandments” keeps running through my head.

            Step 4: Make a searching and fearless moral inventory of ourselves.

            Ok. This is the hard one. I admit to the universe that I have very impure thoughts about a boy young enough to be my son. And, I took money from my daughter’s college fund to buy us tickets and leather clothes for a rock concert….If necessary we will clean out said fund to fly to the nearest venue to experience our addiction in all his supernatural glory on his own tour….She is in complete agreement–it is only college…I have corrupted her…


            • Helen/Canada says:

              Wannabethesnake, you are so funny! But unfortunately for me and all the others, right on! I too am hopelessly, fanatically in love/lust with Adam and have to admit that I too am old enough to be his mother. I think I’m probably even a little older than his own mother (not much though!, please give me something here). Anyway, what’s age got to do with it–right! I’m trying to make myself feel better here. I try to justify my feelings by telling myself (even though he is SO sexy and I would love to do the nasty with him–did I just say that out loud?) that it is his beautiful face and his beautiful soul and spirit that I am so attracted to. Anyone buying that??
              But seriously, he does have a special spirit and I love that about him. I think he’s brought so many people together and opened up a lot of hearts to accepting one another with all our many differences and flaws. He is indeed a special creature on this earth.

            • Helen/Canada says:

              Dear Wannabethesnake
              OMG I am so laughing hysterically now. I just got it –wannabethesnake–you nasty, nasty, girl!

              • Helen, I am still working my way through the 12-step program:

                Step 5: Admit to God, to yourself, and to another human being the exact nature of your wrongs.

                Well, umm, Universe…I have for the first time in my life examined gay porn in video and print. But, only in the spirit of understanding my fellow human beings, Universe! I have led a sheltered life. Now is the time for discovery. So, I now own a pair of black leather, fingerless gloves accented with metal studs and have recently placed an order for one (just one) black leather bondage bracelet with a metal “thumb” ring-thingy that my drug of choice wore, and held seductively, under my nose that was pressed to the television screen during GMA first thing in the morning this summer! Sob…I don’t really think it goes on the thumb, Universe….Sob….

                Step 6: Were entirely ready to have God remove all these defects of character.

                Yes. Well, not really. Oh, I don’t know. The videos are very informative and the fingerless leather gloves really make me look slimmer by drawing attention away from my hips….

                Step 7: Humbly ask Him to remove our shortcomings.

                In this particular situation, being a woman is a shortcoming. Could you make me a beautiful, young man and give me Adam alone on an inflatable swimming pool raft with a bottle of baby oil for just one night???? Humbly, I ask for…just….one…night…

                Step 8: Make a list of all persons we have harmed, and become willing to make amends.

                a. My pugs: Sweetie Pie and MiMi you are fat, your claws have become talons, your bladders are the size of milk jugs, and your eyes bulge way more than they used to because I am too distracted to walk you everyday.
                I am sorry and will hire someone to do that.

                b. My patients: Providing dental care requires intense concentration and some of you may have bleeding gums, missing papilla, and piercings of the tongue and lip that you never expected, nor asked for, because of the level of my distraction. I am sorry. On the positive side, I did hum “Ring of Fire” in your ear at the time and I did not charge you anything for the piercings.

                c. My children: You have gone without hot, home-cooked meals for far too long. (Well, you have always gone without home-cooked meals.) You have had to turn your dirty underwear and socks inside out and/or just buy new clothes rather than wait on me to do laundry. (Well, that is not realy unusual either…) Your grades are slipping–esp. in Trig and Calculus–because your Mother is unavailable (really, you guys passed me mathmatically in 5th grade) because she is always on the computer searching for meaning to her existence. Sorry, kids, your lives have always sucked.

                d. My husband: You have born the brundt of my addiction like a true saint. Only a saint would go the lengths you have to stabilize a lunatic. Only a saint would graciously allow a “wooomaaannn” to make him over with black guyliner, glitter shadow, and black nails. Only a saint would dust off his old black leather motorcycle jacket and allow said lunatic to bedazzle it. Only a saint would agree to wear skinny, black jeans with a sock stuffed in the front. Only a saint would agree to make passionate love while Adam Lambert blares continuously from the stereo, while graciously declining suggestions to try naughty things learned in the aforementioned porn videos. I am sorry for objectifying you, honey. I am sorry for expecting you to perform more than I ever have since hormone replacement therapy. I have noticed you smile more and seem less stressed, and you do have an extra spring in your step. I just hope it is because of me… and Adam…and not the sock…

                Oh, forget it! I DON’T WANT TO BE CURED! My sweet addiction is too much fun; and, I would relapse when Adam’s cd came out anyway.

                • Helen/Canada says:

                  Wannabethesnake – You are so BAAAAAAD!!! I want to be your new BFF. LOL!

                  • Done, BFF Helen. We can form our own support group and sponsor newbies dealing with their AdamAddiction.

                    • Helen/Canada says:

                      Great, the blind leading the blind! (no offense intended to the visually impaired!) LOL!
                      It’s time I went to bed. It’s 1:16 a.m. my time here. Don’t know where everyone else is timewise, but I’m in the east and it’s late. I’ve been on this site/computer almost the whole day. Who eats or does anything else anymore?
                      It’s time for sweet dreams of Adam. Good night and sweet dreams to you!

            • Oh my God, wannabethesnake, I am clapping and screaming, and clapping and laughing hysterically over your take on our coming ALAMSAA meetings! You truly have a comic gift which MUST not got to waste EVER on this site. I hadn’t even gotten to your post yet until tonight, and I am just rolling on the floor over this…you take the prize for absolute best dead-pan, kill the bastard humor I’ve heard yet! Thank you for embellishing with such exponential glee!

              • And wannabe, your confessions were so thoughtfully done, and so complete in their understanding of the seriousness and extent of your problem…you are to be commended for your openness and honesty, as I’m sure all Glambs will agree..

                • Thank you, Lorrin. I felt you with me in spirit as I worked through “the program”. Shame we must continue with ordinary things like sleep and jobs….

                • Helen/Canada says:

                  Totally, I am so there! What are we going to do? Will this MADNESS ever stop!

                  • Unfortunately (fortunately?) Helen/Canada, NO, it is not going to stop, seeing as the young man is only 27 years old. Does this mean we will have to hang on for another 40 years or so, until we are in our 90’s?! I mean, Stephen Tyler is 61 years old, for heaven’s sake! We will be kicked out of the nursing homes and our children’s homes for that matter, at this rate!

        • Helen/Canada says:

          Just finished downloading and viewing all the videos from YouTube from the Hamilton concert. Trying to relive the concert experience since I’m suffering from major Adam withdrawal.
          Just had a great idea. I think Allison should tour with Adam when they’re out on their own. What a little rocker that girl is. She just blew it away with Cry Baby. The little bud is in bloom!

      • To Helen/Canada from Sherry K.
        I am pissed off too that Adam didn’t winToo! I live in Arkansas 30 miles from Conway Arkansas. I listened to Fox net work’s news Anchor Kevin Kelly talking about the cheat power cell phones down here. And also in the local ” Arkansas Democrate Gazzette ” there was a huge article on how AT&T American Idol’s sponser took power text phones to conway, the Peabody Hotel ~ A Kris Allen party.” One lady text messaged 10,000 times in an hour with a power phone in each hand!!

        I guess we just have to get over it! We can wait and see who is the biggest star. Time will tell the truth!
        Nothing against Kris. He is a nice sweet Christian young man! But, he doesn’t have near the talent of Adam!
        I think the homophobics kept Adam from winning!
        Everyone on here is fun! I wish they would give us a GLAMB Number.
        Thanks everone. GO ADAM!

        • Helen/Canada says:

          Hi Sherry
          I’m so glad to hear from you. That whole power text thing was awful. I was so upset. Adam really played it down at an interview by saying a “few” people and the computer guards against things like that. But just think, there were two different parties that these phones were brought to. The people who brought them taught the others how to text 10 times with the push of one button. Say there were 100 people (low estimate) at each party and they texted, numerous times and texted there friends who weren’t at the party and taught them how to do it, and so on and so on and so on. It could go on forever. Plus, it even states in AT&T rules, that any unpaid calls could be disqualified. I think it was a big cover up by AT&T, Fox and the Idol people.
          I know fans get carried away, but honestly what happened to fair play? I am over it, but deep down inside, I’m not! Adam deserved to win. He truly is a gifted performer. But like you say, we have to get over it. Adam and Kris are such good friends, I take some comfort in that. As far as the homophobics go, I think Kris has shown what a good Christian person really is by seeing and accepting Adam as the lovely person he is.

  25. My daughter and I went to the Hamilton concert and it was fabulous. We had a terrific time. Was a little disappointed Adam did not sign autographs after the concert. Understandably under doctor’s orders.
    We are following his career and so far we are die hard fans. We wish him all the success and stay true to himself.


  26. omg adam is sooo sweet! i was extremely dissapointed after the hamilton concert which adam ROCKED!!!!. when adam walked on stage it was ON FIREEE.I waited there for 2 hrs. after the concert screaming his name begging the security guards to get him out. i wouldv;e been happy even if he had just stood by the doorway and waved. but what he did to make up for his absence is soo sweet and thoughtful, on top of him being incredibly sexyy!!!(: ily adam!<3 Kris was also rlly good, and i especially liked his song choices. Everyone was singing along loudly to hey jude which i thought was rlly cool. Its so awsome how chris and adam are rlly good friends.

  27. Helen/Canada says:

    Ok, ok, I know I am totally obsessed. It is now 2:00 a.m. and I’m still here. You have got to watch this video. I have been watching it over and over again. It just makes me cry. Our Adam is the sweetest person who ever lived. It’s a compilation of him and Kris together. Michelle you may be interested in this too. I was also at the Hamilton concert by the way and like you stood for about 2 hours hoping to get a glimpse of our beautiful boy. Anyway, here’s the link. I hope it works. I’m not that great at this computer stuff. And now for sure I’m going to bed!

    • Helen/Canada, this is the most beautiful montage compilation I’ve seen yet. It’s almost too much to see, because it is a glimpse into the private life and heart of a man who loves so much, and perhaps, may never find another he could love so much as his little ‘brother’, Kris. Make no mistake, those two love each other, they are the David and Jonathan of our day. But I feel for Adam so much, because his huge heart is reaching out to be loved in return as well as to love, and that ‘loved one’ is still an elusive shadowed figure in an uncertain future….I do pray that Adam will find his heart’s desire one fair day, and that her or she will be everything he has ever hoped for, for he deserves all that is good to come to him.

      • Helen/Canada says:

        Hi Lorrin
        I’m glad you enjoyed the video. It is almost too intimate, isn’t it. You feel like you’re watching something very private and personal between two people who really care for one another.
        Everytime I watch it I cry. Did you hear at the end when Kris says that he hopes his and Adam’s friendship shows people that no matter how different you are you can still love one another. Kudos to Kris for being so accepting and understanding that if you are a good person none of that other stuff is important.

        I’d like to repost this at a more recent thread so more of the GLAMBS can see it. I think they will enjoy it. Do you just go to a more recent topic and post there? Not too sure how that works. I’ve always just tried to remember where I’ve posted and go back to that article for updates. Is that the right way to do it, or is there a shortcut?

        Thanks for trying to help with the GLAMB number. I’m going to follow your suggestion and try to post at a more recent thread.

        Thanks again for everything.

  28. The Hamilton show was terrific with Adam taking his performance up a notch or two on WWL, Starlight and the Medley and giving it his all – even while under fire from an overenthusiastic fan who tossed an offensive item. The other two song were their usual – excellent.

    Although the sound was fairly good for the second half of the concert, the quality was poor for the first six performers and some of the earlier graphics were substandard. Why doesn’t AI remedy these fixable problems? An arena staffer told me that although arenas can be tricky for sound, the problems were entirely the fault of AI as the show brought in all of its own equipment.

  29. adamitisnky says:

    Did you realize that all you have to do to find out the question to the answer is click on (in reply to) and you will see the question. (Hope I am not repeating anyone) didn’t read replies….
    I understand what you are saying about TMI… but Adam has NO FILTER. And I believe that is what we love him for is just being himself. Just remember that he is in a different circle than some of us and we just have to keep an open mind when we heard some of their lingo. Its just part of their culture. It’s no big deal to them.We are just not use to hearing it and visualizing it. Just stay cool!

  30. Helen/Canada says:

    Ok, here’s the thing. Yes, I’m on this site again. It’s 1:30 in the afternoon and I swear I’m going upstairs to shower as soon as I finish this thread. Somewhere in my travels on this computer I read a really good interview by Adam’s mom. Does anybody have any clue as to where that might have been. It gets to confusing after 10 hours on the computer! Help!

  31. Can someone at get me and Helen/Canada a number for the glamb’s fan club? I am still waiting.

    Hi Helen! I would love to see the interview with Adams mom too!

    Thank-You!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Sherry K

    • Helen/Canada says:

      Hi Sherry
      I found the interview. I posted it under the Exclusive Photos blog. Here’s the link:

      This one will probably have to go through moderation before you can access it, but the one on the other blog has already been passed. Enjoy! Good interview.

      I tried to check back today to see if I got my number yet, but couldn’t even get to the right link!

      I’ll have to look back to Jeanette’s post to me because she provided the link there. Good luck with getting your number!

    • Helen/Canada says:

      Hi Sherry K
      I just checked and I finally got my Glamb number! I’m number 415. Any luck, have you got yours yet?

  32. christa37 says:

    sooo…i can’t believe no one has made a big deal about this yet, but while Adam was singing Whole Lotta Love at this concert someone threw a “ahem” Ill just say a female sex toy AT him…yeah it hit him in the leg. He very obviously got pissed cause he kicked it off the stage and in one video on youtube thats pretty close up of his face you can see how mad he got. You can even hear the anger in the way he sang the next few lines. He cooled down after that because when he sang Starlight next he thanked the fans for the gifts and then said just please don’t throw them at me, and laughed his adorable laugh. I mean seriously, the underwear and boas are fun, but why would someone throw something hard on the stage (not to mention that this particular object was way inapropriate!) i don’t know how to post a link to the utube videos, but i know that if you search Adam lambert hamilton on youtube you will see the videos. check out whole lotta love and starlight from a user named Suz something…and then there is a close up of whole lotta love when you can see his face when he got hit i found this one by just searching adam lambert on youtube it was one of the first ones to pop up. lemme know what you guys think!!!

    • Helen/Canada says:

      Hi Christa
      I think we’ve already talked about it on one of the other posts. Can’t remember though, there’s so many! As far as posting a link here, just copy the link in the tools bar on youtube, then paste it on your comments. I’ll try to look for it. Thanks!
      I was at the Hamilton concert too, and he did seem to kick that thing pretty hard, didn’t he. Can’t blame him though. People shouldn’t be throwing things like that at him. I don’t know if it was a hard object, but what if it had hit him in the face.
      Adam was great though, wasn’t he? Are you from Hamilton?

      • no, i am from tx and went to the dallas concert…just happened to stumble on those videos though. thanks for the info on how to post a link!!