TOUR VIBE – American Idol Summer Tour 2009 – Greensboro, NC



***PHOTOS & INTERVIEW & VIDEOS ADDED*** The second of the two North Carolina shows is Sunday, August 2nd at the Coliseum in Greensboro. As I write this, however, the Charlotte show is still in progress. Michael Sarver has been tweeting like crazy all day on behalf of Anoop, the hometown boy, trying to trend ‘Noop to the top. “Hey guys spread the word in the arena to really show Anoop some serious love when he gets out there,” says Michael. I am liking Michael – he seems very humble and thankful for the experience to do the tour, and it seems he is always supporting the other Idols.

However, I am sure that Adam will be the one to bring down the house. Some of you have already commented on the Charlotte post that you’ll be attending these NC concerts. We look forward to your reviews!

Some of you have been asking about the fan tour photos and where can you view them. Up until now, I’ve been adding the photos to the original TOUR VIBE article for that particular venue. I get the impression, though, that many of you would like to be able to see all the fan photos all in one place. Therefore, in response again to your excellent suggestions, I will be starting a new article in which I’ll be posting the photos. I’ll add the photos already received, and I will continue to add future photos that we receive. I’ll try to organize the photos by city. Hopefully within the next few days I can get this going.

More good news – we are now able to post your videos! So if you have videos in addition to or instead of photos, please send them to us.

There is no concert on Monday, August 3rd, but the tour bus heads for Washington DC for a show on August 4th and Baltimore for the 5th.

So, if you have photos and/or videos from either this concert or any of the past concerts, please email them to us! We never, ever tire of seeing Adam in action. Our email address is

~~Jeanette, Glamb #5


  1. First!

    I want to see Adam so so so bad. I wish lived in America. Or that I was 40 or something. Then I could go get a ticket to see him. INSTEAD OF BEING STUCK IN SCHOOL DREAMING ABOUT ADAM WITH MY FELLOW CLASSMATES HATING ON HIM. 🙁

    • Just know we Glambs love and support you in your love for Adam, Little Smile….don’t let the haters get you down. Come to this website when you get a few minutes during the day, (after you’ve done your homework), and hang out with us for awhile. It will cheer you up to read of how much we all love Adam! Be patient, maybe one day Adam will visit your country, and if not, in a few more years you will be able to buy your own ticket to one of his shows. Love to you from California on this early Sunday morning!

      • 🙂 says, I agree with Lorrin. Please know that you are loved by the Glambs on this website. Where are you from? One day, in the not-too-distant future, your classmates will be eating their words and when that day comes your victory will be sweet! You know as well as we do that ADAM IS ABOUT TO BECOME THE GREATEST GLOBAL MUSICAL STAR , EVER!

        Hold on to your dreams, never waiver from it because anything the mind can conceive, it will achieve. Why do your fellow classmates hate Adam? If I was your teacher I would use the opportunity to discuss tolerance, embracing diversity and quite a few related topics as part of the Life Skills curriculum. It would be far more meaningful than having random life skills lessons.

        You take care and know that by comparison, we (the GLAMBS) faaaaaaar out-number your fellow classmates and we have your back and share your love for ADAM! Love and peace to you.

        • AdamAddict says:

          Non of your classmate like Adam? That’s sucks! Surrounded by people with no taste!LOL! ls it ok to say that to your classmate or U pissed? Hmm, I don’t think U mad,do you?Soooryy!!…if you mad,if not then I say again WTH,why they all have no taste?Are they loving Kris or they didn’t even watch A.I?
          Few of my family like Adam,not as much as me but they don’t hate him.1 of my friend didn’t watch A.I and I told her that Adam is great and she kind of trying to piss me off by saying bad thing about him and we almost had a fight! LOL! She lived in UK now and I’m in Malaysia.We’re chatting and I was typing fast like hell screaming at her!Then she realized that I’m really mad and stop joking around with my Adam! we’re cool as long she leave Adam alone!”U don’t watch him,U don’t talk bad about him” I told her that.She’s like Clay,watch Adam once and had guts to judge him.Oh,no U don’t!But we’re cool now.She’s still my best friend though! 🙂
          Besides Adam who got all “presents” on stage,do anyone here know that other contestant got it too?I think Kris got 1 undies,who else? Just wondering because I saw Adam got more bras in Charlotte or Duluth.Who know because I don’t watch others in youtube.Too lazy,I rather watch Adam again!

    • Hey, Little Smile, enjoy your youth!! Just think, we’ll all be “over the hill” (or under it) when you are older, you have that many more years to enjoy Adam.

  2. Charlotte,NC
    Not having really seen Adam since the last show on American Idol and a few snips on news or here (Thank Goodness), last night in Charlotte was over the top. I had a great seat because I went the minute tickets were available and picked my own seat in person at the box office. The other performers did a really good job, the sound system was lacking because of the venue…but, OMG, there place started rocking the second Adam’s intro came on the screen…and it was off the planet when his outline appeared…HE was here! I honestly think I levitated. I almost cried…tears of joy I think. He is so….everything. And the crowd just went wild! After Adam’s segment was over…I left. I know there was more perhaps and with others…but this pure shot was just what I came for…
    it was perfect…and when he has his own show…oh,my…
    I bought a T-shirt…and wore it to sleep.
    Happy camper here.
    Glamb 41

    • Lisette agan..Lynssey lovli to see anothre glamb who has been bless to see Adam upclose an personal inconcert! Sounde like yu enjoied very much..ah if only health permitte so wish to see before it ends.An as yu mentione having tears..I beliv he truly has thes gifte to touch within one’s hearte..Whenever I here his ballads as “Mad World”,’Tracks of Ma Tears(from Idol),an even his earlier songes from theatre accomplishmentes from “Wicked”,Brigadoon an l’caberet ..all move to feel thes way..So now imagain ontour is same way..tears of joie too! Take care hugs Lisette!

    • Love your comments Lynnsy. He is soo everything. I just love hearing all the comments about when Adam’s turn is up, the place just rocks. Love the T shirt and wore it to sleep.
      Oh Adam you are so loved!

  3. Lisette here..Thenks always Jeanette for yur updates of beau Adam’s concerte news/photos an such an plasure to see all summer tour photos/an videos thet glamb gals av posted..As I av not yet been bless to see him in person,an hope health permittes still to attend one!So til then am overjoie to view lovli videos an memories of Adam’s estraordinaire performances!I av just seen one someone has post of “Mad World” thinq his voix was as always smooth,velvettone an ethereal..One of ma favorite songes as I adore his gentle inflections in ballads as thes!Take care blessings an luv always Lisettexox!

  4. I will be at the DC and Baltimore shows Aug 4th and 5th. I am soo excited! Anyone else gonna be at these shows? I have really good seats for both so I will take as many pictures as I can providing I can hold my camera steady with Adam on stage!! : >

    • Thamara Stephenson says:

      Donna, you said you will be at the DC show? Do you ever listen to Rickey’s Blog TV? He has been asking for someone to cell cast from the DC show. If you can do it…. contact him at or twitter him. I’m sure almost 1000 people that listen to his show would appreciate it. 🙂

  5. Wow.

    Adam was by far the most amazing. I had blue streaks in my hair, giant high- heel studded shoes, LOTS of glitter, blue, black, and silver – only wardrobe, eyeliner, lots of blue eyeshadow, and blue glow sticks!!!
    Anoop was amazing, Allison & Adam duet was extraordinary.. it really saved her. She didn’t do too well while singing alone, she was good, but not top notch.
    I was screaming at the top of my lungs in the highest pitch the human voice could possibly accomplish when the BOOM! “NUMBER TWO!” of announcing Adam’s entry. I’m 95% sure he could hear me.
    He was sooo sexy! I was falling over screaming- I LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    And when he took off his jacket, i was in heaven. And GOD can that boy dance! SOOOO SEXY!
    After him, Kris came on, I listened to “heartless” then left, I HAD to get an amazing spot for autographs. I got the best spot you could possibly get!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I was RIGHT in front of the door where they come out, I could literally touch them. I talked to Allison’s sister for about ten minutes, then their mom came and got her. So she got Allison to give me a hug, and gave me a bunch of autographs! Her sister (Sarah) was saying Adam might not come out, but i waited and waited anyways. and to my luck HE DID! He was sooooo hot! and OMG that boy is FIT. He is so tall, and well, he’s just perfect. Anyways, i got to talk to him, and he hugged me when i said i voted for him 2000 times in the finale. 😀 He signed my shirt, my chest, and my poster! and i got a picture of him! 😀 😀

    I got everyone’s autograph except Danny and Scott, but oh well!
    Anyways, he touched my arm and said “I’m sorry i have to go, I hope I see you again!”
    That is a freakin’ dream come true for me.

    Well I hope you enjoy reading this!!!!
    😀 😀
    ily Adam!
    BTW- I went to the Charlotte, NC concert (:

    • Iyleneidol09 says:

      Victoria, ohhh you are sooo lucky, I’m shivering here with goose bumps all over me, in excitement to your experience. I just can’t visualize him in person, he is 6’1 and 185lbs!! That is just soo perfect!!! An Adonis!!! A goddess of beauty!! So you really see and touch him! I really envy everyone. I hope I will have the same experience someday!!! Thanks for sharing your experience!!!

    • Your report is SO exciting, Victoria! I just loved it when you said you were sure Adam could hear you screaming. That was so cute and funny. I’m certain he did hear you! It never ceases to amaze me that Adam takes the time to extend his touch to others, speaks to them directly, and says something absolutely unforgettable to them wherever he goes, as he did with you. How unbelievably happy you must be to have had that moment. Thanks so much for sharing it with us!

    • Aw! thanks everyone (:
      And omg Believe me.. I was freakin outtt underneath. The whole time I was like “please dont act like a fool and faint, please dont faint please dont faint”
      haha! (:
      Well, i’ll definitely post here more often because I got his email address so I’ll get him to say hi 🙂
      and i’ll post updates he tells me about!
      Can’t wait!

    • Victoria, Adam signed your shirt, YOUR CHEST and your poster A N D you have a pic with him. Well my dear, you are one lucky woman! Oh, and he touched your arm! How did you manage not to faint when he did all of this? I am sitting here salivating all over my laptop! I am happy for you but oh, how I wish …

    • Lisette here …Bonwishes Victoria an how lovli anothre person with us who adores Adam as all do! How special must av been to meet an those hugs from such a beau l’homme,an angel of musique an d le couer!THe espresses so much affection an appreciation for all an speciale people as yu!I An agree I’d trasur thet momente in time for always..Adam is tresbeau inward an outward..his face,hearte an voix!.I so wish to see beau Adam in personif health permitte to do such. Til then..I enjoie hering of all l’excitemente an wonderful esperiences glamb gals have at AI concerts! Take care an merci for sharing thes with us! hugs Lisette..Adam angel blessings monamiexoxo!

    • Victoria, thanks for sharing your goood news. Lucky you. I know you must have been so elated.
      At all these events, how do you find out where they will be meeting and greeting? Are the employees
      at each venue willing to give our this info??
      Value each of your signatures by Adam.

    • sylverine says:

      Victoria, what a wonderful experience for you! Please upload your pics for us to see, we would love that!
      And wow his email address – that is really amazing, you can tell him about this excellent site and how much we all love him!

    • VICTORIA, This is the first time I’ve heard a story about a fan meeting Adam where I am ENVIOUS AS HELL!!!! OMG! To be right in front of him as he emerged from the bldg and to have him look you right in the eyes, good lord almighty!! Then to have him sign ‘everywhere’ and on one of your ‘special’ places, man you gave him a little ‘free feel’ to make his nite!!!! Good God! So he gave you his email, huh??!!! That’s like exchanging phone numbers!!! Red shoes? How tall? Got to get all the correct info to what you wore that attracted our Mega-Man over to you! I’m going crazy here!!!! Maybe if you’d had some Breyer’s chocolate ice cream he would have met you a little later!!!!! Did that ever cross your mind later???? Well, now I know that when I go to his concert, I’ll HAVE to buy a spanx in the off-chance I might get as lucky as you!!! Of course, spanx can only do so much! You are one MEGA-LUCKY lady!!!! HE GAVE YOU HIS EMAIL ADDRESS!!!!!!! OMG!!!!!! WHAT DO YOU THINK IS POSSIBLE???? DOES HE GIVE OUT HIS EMAIL ADDRESS TO JUST ANYONE???? NO! I SAY!! HE GAVE YOU HIS EMAIL ADDRESS!! DON’T YOU SPREAD THIS AROUND TO THE OTHER (so called) ADAM FANSITES!!!! YOU BELONG RIGHT HERE, MY DEAR!!!! THERE’S LOTSA LUV RIGHT HERE! ALL ADAM NEEDS!!! AWESOME!!! GOOD FOR YOU!


      • Victoria says:

        Haha, actually it’s Dryer’-s french silk 😉 IT IS DELICIOUS!
        Thats his favorite Icecream 😛

        • Oh yes, ever since Iheard him say that, its my favorite too!

          • Victoria, How did the email come across? Did you just ask him for it. He and I talked in L.A,
            and I never thought of asking for email address. God is he ever so cool and nice and sweet
            and all the good things!

            • yeh! i just asked! haha

              • Jane Parker says:

                Hi Victoria,
                I am glad you had such a wonderful experience at the Charlotte concert. I did not have as good of an experience at the Greensboro one (my initial post is on the DC thread). I live in Raleigh, and felt that the 2nd concert should have been in Raleigh. G’boro was too close to Charlotte for 2
                concerts. And ADAM did not come out at all after the concert. I wish I had gone to Charlotte!!
                Glad you went and got so lucky!!

        • victoria. Are you saying Adam likes Dryers? Never hear of Dreyers. I buy Breyers! Well! Dreyers it will be!

          • Cheryl dear, there is both a Dreyer’s AND a Breyer’s ice cream company, both with fabulous tasty ice cream flavors. Look online 🙂

      • Cheryl, you crack me up. Love your thoughts! Special places.

  6. My husband and I were at the Charlotte show. Electricity filled the arena when Adam was on stage, His vocals were astounding,his physical appearance gorgeous. Allison was also amazing.

    I know everyone is polite when it comes to Kris,but let me say although he seems like a nice cute guy , he didn’t hold the audience’s attention. Some People started leaving after Adam’s set. It almost seemed like we were privy to be watching and hearing Kris play for himself in his living room.

  7. Did anyone ever sit in the section (lower balcony) to the side of the stage? Not the very back side one but the next one to it? I’ve seen vids where we cannot see the audience there but there seem to be people tucked into that little corner where the stage juts out. I would be just above them about 5 feet behind them.

    I’m asking because I have seats for that section, only third row up and wondering if it is close enough to get a full picture frame video. My camera is an older kodak digital but it does do little vids.It has limited zoom power. I will have to buy a much larger memory card.

    Why do I care? I have downloaded lots of vids of several concerts already… well, I’d like to get the Bowie numbers.

    • THERESA, totally off subject for a min. Just read your reply to my 2 questions!Thank you for obliging me! You know ai have alwsay known that I need details, not knowing that comes from ‘virgo’. and you mentionned that I must have virgo in my signchart. You said that I was vert ‘detailed oriented’ and I just wanted to say, I’ve never thought of my ‘thinking’ in that way, but you are spot on with that comment! Makes me more aware of the fact that I am! Thanks! Now, if I only ‘knew’ how to find out more about it. My knowledge stops at just knowing I’m a Taurus, and how Taureans look and feel and act. Don’t know anything about the different ‘signs’ influencing a sign. But made me more interested. Used to be into all this years ago, and really enjoyed studying it. I am rusty now!
      peace- Cheryl

      • Cheryl, I’d be glad to tell you a bit about how it works. Try me at first and send your birth date, year, time and place if you know it. We’ll do if offline by emails and I’ll send you a few pages i have made up plus your own stuff. It’s just a hobby, no charge.

        • Oh, may I also be included, Theresa? I’ve been so interested in this ever since you first mentioned it back on our first posts together.

          • For you,sweetie, of course!

            • Mother Theresa, and me too, pleeeeeeeeeeeeeease!

            • Wonderful, Theresa, just be looking for the unfamiliar email addresses coming in from all of us….mine will be on hotmail and has part of my real name in the address, you’ll know it…talk to you soon. THANK you!

              • If this site won’t allow my hotmail address to go through it will be because it’s the one I used to join here. So I am writing to cheryl and trying to get to her offsite using my personal address, not used here. If you also have trouble (and Lisette) let me know and we’ll find a way.

                • HEY, THERESA! Well, it’s 5:30 pm EST here, and I went to my email and there isn’t
                  anything from you yet. (sigh) If you had a problem, it’s only b/c you may have used
                  a capital letter, or maybe you used .com instead of .net .I’ll check again later! Thank you
                  again!!!!! Cheryl

                  • Cheryl I was very careful, I copied it down by hand first and sent an email about 2 hours ago, ffrom my personal email which is a shaw address. It is 6 pm in your area now. I used net. I will try again.

                    Lorrin, Ingrid and Lisette just copy the hotmail one here above and send it offsite.

            • Theresa..bonjour just read regarde astrology I too very much enjoie an have mentione about on passe pages ..being Aquarian an investigate bit into..Yu seem thout more yu minde if I email one as well?Thinq we all enjoie reading yur postes from commence of thes site I av notice yur writing such!
              Thenks so much if yu read thes?Hugs an bonwishes Lisette!

        • Theresa, I tried clicking onto your link, and typed the info, but it waknted more info than just my email
          return name-? Here’s mine See if you can email me first so I can send
          a return email w/appropriate info. Thanks so much, Cheryl

          • Lisette here..bonmatin Cheryl agan non sure yu notice my reply re: to angels an such see last posts about “touring an staying healthy or other non sure now.Wel it’s meant with affection for yu too.Enjoie reading yur posts too! hugs Lisette!

            • LISETTE, Oh, yes, I have read and reread it!!!! Oh, my, what an awful thing you went thru w/the
              accident!!! That is horrible! I do see what you mean about the angels, now!!! Feel soooo bad
              for you!Thank you for all that typing you had to do!! Lisette, I had an ‘out of body’ experience
              once while in a 4 wk hosp, stay, w/ 2 iv drips. Turned out, one of the IV drips was a cortisone
              drug, and although I had been taking steroid shots for 3 yrs, and taken prednisone by mouth
              allso, my body suddenly could not accept the drip which was to give me 100mg/per hour for
              1 hr for 3 consecutive days. Within the first about 2 min of the 1st day’s drip I went into anapha-
              tic shock and came about as close to death w/o dying as I could! Crash cart called Code Blue
              and the whole thing. I did not see a ‘light’ but seemed to have these 3 questions asked to me
              by someone in my head about my kids, my will, and if I wanted ‘to go’ (die), the end result is that
              I could see myself from the corner of the room, high up, looking down onto myself and the
              doctore, which were many, and just seemed to go back into my body. !? That same thing
              happened less than 2 months later on another rheumatoid drug, and it was far worse than the
              first, my neighbor was crying on the gurney where I laid, I couldn’t talk, the hosp was trying to
              locate next of kin and all the voices around me was saying ‘she’s not going to make it’. It
              was truly awful, no pain, just a horrific experience. Less than an hour later I was walking out of
              the ER. -?! I’ll tell you that I had 3 different incidents where I was told I was not going to live, went
              into a ‘coma’ and lived w/o any ‘apparent’ problems. Hugs and love to you, Lisette, keep
              talking to the angels! They love you! Cheryl

              • Lisette here..Oh now am revisite here so sorry Cheryl for just noticing yur lovli reply re: other page an “Angel connectiones an out of body esperience from auto accident” now reading above..der lord am seeing yur mal esperience too..grande hugs ..It must av left one feeling quite frightene in several such situationes..”life threatening”..Im so sorry..Regardes to how yu describe being out of body looking down when given medication with Ivs an body non accepting/’code bleu an such..Thes is truly what I felte with thet auto accident..floating above an looking down as if it were somone else..but saw “white illumination an ray of lit one so very beautiful an soothing with a figure(perhaps if one just waving as if to say go back..then feeling as if falling fast down into ma thinge as yu mentione lot of doctor’s an surgeon ther to restore complicate facial an sinus/cheekbone surgeries..centimeter more Lisette would av met thet l’surgeon had told me aftreward..I cried very then mes parentes an famille I was told awaiting til I was out of special er surgerie in St.Francis hospitol.So yu to surli were protecte by angels an they do luv yu as well!..after coming out of coma..lovli amie thet in itself is a miracle from in Christian,Jewish or even muslim faiths ther are angels so continue to beliv too!Blessings an luv always Lisette..So happi yu’re here to chat about it..Thes place wouldn’t be same for sure an thinq so many here can agree..P.s. now re: future group of us “glamb gals for beau Adam’ an his solo concertes,l keep in touch,will be something worth saving for,an providing health permittes(mine) Michel Jackson’s song..I’ll be there ..count on thes!xoxo

          • Cheryl, copalee… WHAT??? Cheryl, only you would have an email address like this! I have been very busy but will catch up you ALL soon! Love & Peace!

            • I noticed that, too, Ingrid, ‘copaleecheryl’ eh? Hmm…sounds like Cheryl is from that old ‘Copalee holler’ down yonder…

          • It might be some kind of ‘protective device’., I just emailed you from my personal one, so let’s see if it goes through to you. this is my old address which has been good for over 10 years…I use it if I don’t know someone or think there might be a risk (this site)

            • INGRID, LORRIN THERESA., Girls, girls! Oh, my gosh! I guess that email of mine got your
              attention, huh????!!! Hahahaha!! You are too funny!!!! Let me tell you a very short story
              of my email address. COPALEE is my Mother’s first name. Didn’t I say it would be short?!!!
              She weent by ‘Lee’ to everyone except family. Now, I have to tell you my Granny tended to
              ‘nickname’ everybody as they were born. She ‘nicknamed’ me ‘Cherry’, yes, like a cherry
              pie! Everybody calls me ‘Cherry’. Exceptions are business people. I’m always introduced by
              friends and relatives as ‘Cherry’. HOWEVER, as I got into school, I realized that ‘cherry’ had
              a bit of a different meaning to the boys. Then I went by Cheryl by classmates, and never again
              in school was I ever known as “Cherry”! There! When I created my email address, and since
              my mother had died less than a yr earlier, I wanted to ‘honor’ her by using her name first as
              my email name. I was NEVER called by her or any family member, and wished I could have
              used CopaleeCherry, but I felt ambivelant w/Cherry. Didn’t think it was ‘believable’! Actually,
              my mother would have preferred LeeCherry. But anyone who sees the ‘Copalee’ in my email
              name will know who I am b/c of her name. My Mother knew EVERYBODY WHO WAS ANYBODY
              IN GRAND RAPIDS!!! She never had an enemy in her life! Everybody loved her, she loved
              everybody, and the biggest wigs in GR knew her like a sister. But due to her name, before
              she went by ‘Lee’, nobody forgot that name! And yes,Lorrin, it is a true Ky name!!! Hahaha!
              peace-love…….ADAM IS PERFECT!!!!! I’m going to check my email now looking for Theresa,
              and wonder WHO else I might find after postilng my personal email here!!!!! hahahaha!

              • Great story, Cheryl, and I wasn’t too far off the mark! Also, yes, I DID see that little old email address of yours, and I just might try it one of these days..

                • LORRIN and INGRID , Please help yourself! I just hope there’s nothing wrong
                  w/Theresa getting into it. I did have several new emails tho. One was from Kohl’s
                  giving me $5,00 coupon, which is good b/c when I took Farrah shopping, with all the
                  sales there I spent 120.00, and got $20.oo in Kohl;s Kash back. The next day, Sat.,
                  I went for some new underwear, spent $126.00, and got another $20.00 in Kohl’s
                  Kash. On each shopping day, my savings per day due to the sales, and my 15%
                  off extra card I got my mail, was more than what I spent! So I spent approx. $245.00
                  and saved overe $265.00, then got a total of $40.00 in Kohl’s Kash and now my extra
                  $5.00 coupon!! So now I have $45.00 in free Kohl’s Kash to spend before the 15th
                  of Aug. I think I can do that!! I also got an email from Bare Escentuals which I’ve
                  ‘unsubscribed’ to so many times, and they keep emailing me. I don’t even know how
                  they got my email address! Those darned ole’ menies!
                  peace-love-light-joy to you all!

                  • Cheryl, good gracious, if Kohl’s is sending you a $5,000 coupon, I’m coming up there tomorrow! ‘Course you wrote it $5,00, but close enough!

                    • LORRIN!!! Oh crap!!! You know I don’t edit my comments!! Hahahahaha!
                      Geeeeezzzzzzzz! You cracked me up~~~~!!!!

                      Theresa typed a ‘s’ for the ‘z’ in verizon, Lorrin!! I mean……geeezzzzzzzzz!!!
                      How do you like that for quick!!!!?????

                  • Whoa, that was indeed VERY quick, Cheryl. Glad I got you with that $5,000 coupon, though, that WAS truly priceless!

              • I have to say my comment above would not look so long if MadBert didn’t skrew my
                sentences all over the place. It’s really a short reply! No, really.!

          • Duh! I used a “s” for a “z” sorry!!

            • Theresa, I can’t find that ‘s’ for a ‘z’ ANYWHERE, ha ha! (Even though you weren’t writing to me, I HAD to look..

              • LORRIN, Okay, I posted a comment on your comment above to Theresa a while age, about
                finding a ‘z’ for an’s’, and it’s gone!! I looked all the way to the bottom of this thread
                and it’s just not here anymore! -????

    • I had almost those exact seats! It’s kinda harder to see, but you can definitely see everything that’s happening (especially Adam’s sexy dance moves!)
      Can’t wait to see him again!

  8. Iyleneidol09 says:

    Jeanette, someone had mention before that this site should be the official Adam Lambert Fansite!!! I agree 1000% !!! We all need to vote for that and lobby for that. This site is always up-to-date, very detailed sharing of current video, photos and even experiences. The other allegedly Adam Lambert official site is too outdated. All the articles and comments were a month or two old. We all know what happened to American idol contest, we all need current Adam Lambert’s events. Everyday, I always look forward coming home from work and visit this site. You really are doing a great job and the rest of the fan club. AMAZING!! Kudos to all of you!!!

    • Iyleneidol09, I agree with you totally! This site has almost up-to-the-minute coverage of Adam’s concerts, almost as though we had roving reporters assigned to each show! We also have talented commentators discussing and evaluating every aspect of Adam’s life, and we are always upbeat and positive about our feelings for Adam Lambert. Our site is truly exciting, and almost brings Adam to life for his fans! All of us generously share anything and everything we find out about Adam as soon as we know it, doing the research and providing the links for others. I think perhaps, the one thing we don’t have that they have is first of all, the ‘official’ sponsorship with its money and insider clout, and second, the edgy graphics and layout with their Adamesque colors and almost too-huge gallery and video sections. However, despite not having the ‘official’ insider track, our Glamb leaders manage to seek out and find even the hardest-to-find details about Adam Lambert and report them in a much more timely way than the Official site. And even though our Glambs site is simpler in design, it is also more accessible and easier to use and read than other ‘layered’ sites. Even if we never become an ‘official’ Adam site, I fervently hope we will at least become a recognized and much respected fan gathering place. And more than anything else, I want Adam to someday know about us, so that HE will recognize us when he sees us at his shows and meet-and-greet lines around the country (and the world). Our leaders and our great fanclub deserve the recognition! Here’s to the fine leadership, great on-the-spot reporting, dedicated writers, and most fervent fansbase anywhere on this site above all others, the worldwide Glambs!

    • Ditto: Love this site!

      • I live in a co-op apartment building and this site reminds me of just that! A co-operative Adam Lambert fan site!!

        We have Fernando who looks after the site, Jeanette, Dana, Kelly, etc who give us our post topics or TOUR VIBE reports, and of course, us!!

        Have you newer members seen the post to the right of this which explains that it is non-profit and they need donations to maintain the website?

        • Yes, Theresa, we’re all living stacked on top of each other in our friendly co-op….I’m on the 3rd floor yelling across to Ingrid on the 4th floor, 15 apartments away, Cheryl is up on the 10th floor, and you’re on the 11th just above me! Our own happy neighborhood at the Lambert Co-op!

          • Lorrin and Theresa, this is hilarius but a distant hi from the 4th floor!

          • Lisette here..being was just leaving but notice here now…alrite re: Lambert co-op thinq I’d luv to rent a place here..What floor has vacancies?..Too cute now am thinqing of an old I adore TCM filmes..Rear Window with Grace Kelly an Jimmy Stewart..I know sounde dated..recall thet apartmente building wher Jimmy from his accident is lookin thru binoculars al all his neibors..but ofcourse ther’d be deffarante storieline no murder mystere..just Adam’s glambs who’d visite an anticipate seeing his future in l’co-op he’d someday visite us(okay now am truly have imaginations here like a novel)..tis nice to have reves! hugs an luv Lisette

        • Lisette here..oh sorry was yu who commence re: to condo/ agree thinq it’s like thet we’re on deffarante floors share our affectione an adoration for beau Adam..main reason for thes lovli tribute page..An place for frends with same interestes in musique,art,values to cherish his artistique an magnificente voix..beau inward an outward!
          An as mentione before should be Adam’s official page,so many wonderful posts/articles,update on AI concert tour/videos an more to come..So wishe Jeanette can thinq to mentione if she is bless to meet Adam in future concerte here!He can truly apreciate an realize ther’s so many lovli people from all over US,Canada,even S.Africa,Chile,Israel an more who have now joine thes superbe Adam place for his amies(frends) to share an celebrate! Bonwishes ,blessings an Luv Lisettexoxo

    • Iyleneido109 – I am sure all the Glams totally agree!

      Jeanette, what can we (Glambs) to assist in getting this website recognized as the OFFICIAL ADAM LAMBERT FANSITE! Please let us know as we are willing and able!

  9. ingrid and Lorrin, Just wanted to tell you that I’v gone back to the older sites, found the comments you both posted for me up to today, 8-2, mid day for me. It’s 6:40pm for me now as I’m in EST. Loved your comments! Lorrin don’t remember if I said, but my mom died 2-16-08. Thought I knew your Mother had died not long ago, now I know. So sorry! Ingrid, your word to me were very empathetic. Than you so very much, and thank you, Lorrin very much also!! So nice and comforting! Got the same message from you both about writing a book. I’ve heard that many times in my life, but I only scratched the surface, of course, with you two. Don’t think I could keep anyone’s interest thru a whole novel!! My kids and friends and some family members said I could write a book, but not in the way you both have said it. I have probably had more people tell me to ‘make the story short’ when asked about an event or something!!! I say, I always do, believe me, if you only knew how much I leave out, you’d be more appreciative!!! haha! I will say that I think I tell thing in a story-like way, I guess, and talk in the same way which I’d have to say is a ‘laid-back very southern style’. I don’t try to do that, but it is very hard for me to be super short about something I’m trying to say. Thesesa posted me a message, today, I think saying I must have virgo in my chartsign due to my need for details. Said a I am very ‘detail oriented’. I’m sure someone in my life influenced me to be that way, but don’t know who. I had asked Theresa a couple of questions, she thought she responded, but I kept coming back for more explanation from her and more explaining to her about exactly what I was asking!! It was really funny now that Ithink about it!! It could have come from my jobs in my early years working in the business mgt world. Don’t know.
    love-peace for Adam and you both!

    • I hear you Cheryl, I’m heading back to take a look at the older posts. You are our resident historical writer. Love you and talk to you soon after I’ve done some more reading!

      • Dear Lorrin, I left a post for you and Cheryl (which she has read) on the Tampa FL thread. I like the ‘resident historical writer’! Lady Shakespeare, Cheryl is also a bit of a Sherlock Holmes – what do you think?

        • Dearest Ingrid, so good to hear from you, I will pop over and look at that post on the Tampa thread. Yes, Cheryl is our ‘background writer’, providing all those marvelous historical details. And Sherlock Holmes you say? I always cast myself in that role, but we must give it to Cheryl if she is more Sherlockian than I, as long as I can be Nancy Drew instead. And do YOU have a dual role too? We must find one for you. Also, I just happened to be watching ‘Shark Week’ on the Discover Channel today, and lo and behold, your beautiful Cape came up with sweeping views of the coast there. (At least I THINK it was your cape, which one did you say you were on?) SO beautiful, Ingrid! I think you and Theresa take the prize for living in stunningly beautiful areas of the world. Well, I’m off to see the Wizard. I’ll answer you on the Tampa page. Love from out West!

          • LORRIN, you won’t beslieve this, but I watched Shark Week the same time you were watching it!!
            W h a t …..!!? Man, those great whites are humongus! (word?)

            When I was in 6-7th grade I read all Nancy Drew! I forgot all about that until you told Ingrid!! I’m
            starting to feel eerie ‘upstairs’!! Hahaha!

            I went to those sites late last nite, one didn’y have a ‘reply’ again. But I couldn’t find the one that’s
            on the Duluth page. Could be b/c I was on the WRONG page! Some Sherlock I’d make!! Haha!

            Am headed to the Duluth page now. ‘I’ll be back’!!!!

          • Yes, Lorrin, many S Africans who visit or live here say Vancouver reminds them of Capetown with the mountains and the sea. We have dolphins and whales here but no sharks, far as I know. Oh Ingrid, you also may contact me. If that address won’t work for you either, then I will give you another one to try, or give me yours. I just fired off a personal note to Cheryl offsite.

            BTW have all of you seen and heard the video interview by Nancy O’Dell with Adam on Access Hwd? It’s a bit old but it’s over 9 min. long only half of which was on the TV report. The one where they go shopping?? It is one of the best of him. He explains so much of his philosophy etc.

            Also at a site called is a long detailed excellent print interview with his mom Leila about Adam etc..

            • Thank you, Theresa, I’ll check out that Nancy O’Dell interview with Adam. I missed that one completely, only I think I did see pictures from that shopping trip. I did see one long interview with Leila about Adam and just loved it. She is a very attractive and very nice lady. I will be attempting to email soon…we’ll see how that goes!

            • Theresa, I’m so surprised that you missed that when it was on!! It was a fun trip to the store
              for Adam. Did you notice at the other store the guy (he was gay) flidrted w/ADAM and Adam
              flirted right back!? The salesguy said that a jacket went good w/Adam’s blue eyes, Adam
              holding the jacket up to his chest, looked back and w/a smile said,’yeah?’!!! Oh, YEAH, ADAM!!
              DReal good w/your eyes, and nosel and dcrumptous lips, body, and everything else of you!!

            • Dear Mother Theresa, thank you. My email address is I read your post only after I had left a post for Lorrin below. It is ironic that I also mentioned the dolphins and whales. Please see my post below. Yes, in Cape Town we have the mountains and sea as well as beautiful farms, mostly wine farms with stretches of vineyards. The countryside is also beautiful.

          • Dear Lorrin, I don’t think Cheryl is more Sherlockian – you both fill that role very well!

            Thank you for your comments about Cape Town – it is, indeed a beautiful city. I wish some of you would visit our shores. I live in Durbanville which is outside the city near the wine farms. We also have a holiday home in Pringe Bay which is on the cost and is one road up from the coastline. So if one stands on the deck you have a beautiful view of the sea. We could have a ”South African’ Glamb party after Adam’s first album has been released. Pringle Bay is not far from Hermanus which is known for some of the best sitings of whalesand dolphins worldwide.

            I have’nt been posting comments as frequently as I’d like to, but please know that I am always with Adam and my Glambs in spirit!

            • Oh, Ingrid, how I would LOVE to come and visit you there in South Africa. Wouldn’t that be something? It’s interesting, too, that I live only minutes away from the famous Napa Valley wineries, which are also well worth seeing.

              • Lorrin, you have an open invitation to visit me any time you wish! You are always welcome and the same goes for Cheryl, Theresa, Lisette, AdamAddict and Ofra. I have not seen posts from Ofra for a while. I hope that all is well her side.

                • Lisette here..Oh Ingrid thet’s so sweet nevere notice yu were from South lovli!It must be simpli beautiful imagaine so in thes part of l’worlde..funny I was just seein one of ma favorite films of all time “Out of Africa” an thout how exquisite it can be to visite Africa someday..Now reading yu reside here..Wel it can be a wonderful dreame to visite someday!..Hope yu dont minde if I send email..hugs an luv Lisette!

                  • Lisette, you are most welcome, that is, to visit me and to email me! Yes, I live in a beautiful country with an interesting history. You should visit one day! Hugs, Ingrid

                    • ingrid, What a nice thought!!! To say the least!!! Both of my kids have been to
                      Africa, my daughter several times., hers were missions trips. Thank you so
                      much for the ‘invitation’ to that nation!!!!! Very sweet, very generous!!!
                      Lotsa luv!!!!

        • Lisette here..bonmatin too Ingrid am very touche by yur sentimentes plese to read “Tour an Staying Healthy” page..I av left yu some affetione an merci for yur kindness!
          Know yu’re special an thinq we share thinges in common as I av told Lorrin re: singin an Anges an of course beauamie Adam nous favourite chanteur(vocaliste)!Wel I can go on here so visite thet page alrite?!Hope yur weekend was lovli! hugs Lisette

          • Bonjour Lisette, our angel! Thank you for your post! I am going to rush over to see your post! I had a very busy weekend but it was all good! I hope your health is keeping up nicely. Love and hugs to you! Ingrid

    • Cheryl, notes are posted for you on the STAYING HEALTHY page. One is 19 posts up counting from the bottom (July 31, at 3:09am), another is at 34 posts up from the bottom (on Aug. 2 at 1:48am). The other post for you is on the TOUR VIBE DULUTH GA page, 15 posts down from the top (on Aug. 2 at 10:35 pm). I knew you hadn’t read one of them, or else you would have been snorting coffee again all over your breakfast table as you did for one of my other funnier comments. Talk to you soon and love from this one lone mid-California Glamb!

      • Lorrin..bonjour agan ma cherie..merci beaucoup pour toi cher parlons..Si plasur to chat always.May anges garde dans tout la vie..An plese visite Touring an staying healthy thread as well I just was on there today to see al l’amour for Adam an concerne we share for his bonsante as vous dit!How lovli yu singe too..Thinq ther’s lot of us here thet av same interestes an passione for musique.An seeing Adam’s blossoming career becoming an adored artiste/vocaliste par excellance, in summer “idoltour concerts 2009,an just commence of better thinges to come..solo concertes,cds,dvds an even in filmes with legendary actors as Leo,Brad, an George too!Sorry am off subject here.So if yu go to staying healthy ..I av reply to yu too!
        Take care an keep beliving in angeli. They can be in guise of even amies too! hugs an blessings Lisettexox! Adam sont an angel per moi an many!

        • Thank you, Lisette, I will go over now and see your post on the STAYING HEALTHY page. I also noted that many of us here on this site seem to share similar interests. I was imagining last night how wonderful it would be if all of us could sing together if we ever could truly meet in the future, we could do all of Adam’s songs, I think it would be terribly emotional and so much fun. I do agree also that les anges sont souvent déguisés, I have personally seen it. Well, I am off to read the other site…..tient à vous aimer!

          • Lisette, I have posted a reply to you directly underneath your post to me on the STAYING HEALTHY page. Thanks so much!

            • Lisette here..Ah so sweet seems thes pages get longre an longre with our posts,merci beacoup m’angel amie..P.s. yur grammar in francais is perfete,unlike mine!Have yu studie in school? An agree yes lot of us do share similar what a lovli idea if we can find a central point to meet an sing Adam’s songes..thet’s splendide indeed!Pardon if yu have read passe posts given surgerie(ma once smooth soprano ranges lacks abit) gathre I’ll be toi accompanie ..yu may be lead..he-he!But being we’re non auditioning for “Idol” an for nous plasur,magnifique.An thet future soloconcert (Adam’s)..if we sing ther possible
              he’ll be flattered or smile an thinq we’ve been aving champagne,oui?!..okay am getting ahead of things now..til then is a nice thout! hugs going to visite a favorite thread..Staying Healthy page..Oh an Adam if yu ever read..pardon monbeau with thes can thinq we’re bit eccentric..but defitmente “Crazy for yu” as yur lovli songes says! bisous Lisettexoxo


  11. Cheryl check my post just above as I’m not sure how long it will be left on here..

    • Theresa, jusr a reminder, I had a problem clicking & getting the ‘send’ button to work. It said something not being a legitament address or something, so I gave you my email for you to send me an email, then I can respond. Hope this is ok w/you!! Thanks so very much!! Cheryl

  12. Aw! thanks everyone (:
    And omg Believe me.. I was freakin outtt underneath. The whole time I was like “please dont act like a fool and faint, please dont faint please dont faint”
    haha! (:
    Well, i’ll definitely post here more often because I got his email address so I’ll get him to say hi 🙂
    and i’ll post updates he tells me about!
    Can’t wait!

  13. AdamRocks! says:

    Another great interview, this one in Greensboro, NC:

    Cindy in MS

  14. AdamAddict says:

    Here a vid of Adam interview in Greensboro,NC
    He’s so gorgeous,the hair,the eyes with eyeliner on,the black cloth…~sigh~ too gorgeous!

  15. Jane Parker says:

    I went to the Greensboro, NC concert last night. It was great!! I had a security guard that made me quit taping, so I did not get good footage at all of Adam! Of course Adam was the best. But the fans were disappointed because he did not come out at all to see the fans. Neither did Anoop (go figure that). All the other idol contestants did, even Chris!!!
    So I was a little upset that these 2 guys did not come out!
    But the concert was great!!

    • Anoop was likely with family. Adam? Who knows? But he has complained of fatigue off and on, and if he did the pre concert meet, likely skipped the other to rest, or sometimes they have backstage interviews which they kinda have to do.

    • I went to Greensboro also and had a blast. Kris, Danny, Matt, Michael and Anoop came out about 1pm or so. It wont a large crowd so we all got pictures and autographs from them. Anoop didnt want any pictures taken with fans…he seemed rushed. Kris, Danny, Matt and Michael were the sweetest guys ever!!! They did not rush anyone. None of the girls but Lil came out, but she was on her cell phone and looking for someone and went back in without talking much with us. After the concert fans were lined up along the barricades and it was a very tame crowd. ALL the Idols came out but ADAM! There were very dissapointed fans last night with me included. I think Anoop popped out, but parents and family were there so he didnt stay. Adam’s performance was excellent ,if indeed he was sick I hope he feels better by the 4th.


  17. LORRIN, Good grief!! I finally found the 7-31, 3:09 post!!! Do not, I repeat, do not laugh. What I had done was inverted the times of the 2 posts you were explaining to me. After going up and down looking for 8-2 at 3:09, and visa versa, I just about gave up and decided you MUST have put it on another thread!! Then, I scrolled down from near the top and looked at everything-Lorrin! Alas!! Success!!!!

    I want to mention, however, that all the things you said about me being ‘fiercely loyal, brash, brave, boldly active and always true, and thanked me for helping lead the way’, was extremely nice, but giving me far too many compliments than I deserve!!! I do thank you so very much, tho. But don’t see myself in that glorified statement of me. Wish I could be all those things!! You’re too gracious to me!! I can see some of it, but it’s a bit overwhelming to think that those words were directed to me. My Mother and Grnny would have agreed w/you, probably, nd my kids! So, thank you, Lorrin. That’s all I can say, actually! You and Ingrid do always say the nicest things about me! That’s why I won’t leave this site!!!! Hahahaha! kidding!!!
    Much love and respect for you.


    • Oh Cheryl, I’m sorry, I HAVE to laugh, I HAVE to laugh….but I AM glad you finally found my post. And I meant everything I said, and I’m not takin’ it back. Love you, Cheryl!

    • …But you still didn’t laugh and snort about my ‘exalted place’ underneath Adam’s stage with all the bras stapled to the bottom!

      • LORRIN,,,,,say WHAT!!!! I posted my hysterics about the bras!!!! Why haven’t you seen it, I wonder!!!
        That is crazy! No, ‘I’m not crazy’, I said ‘that’ was crazy!!!! But, if you don’t find it, I can tell you that had I drank coffee, it WOULD have be sprayed all over my computer!!!!! Hahahahaha!!!! I’m a tea drinker, myself, hot or iced. Now isn’t that interesting? NOT!!

        So, you won’t ‘take back’ your statement, huh, even after what I said about me and Sherlock being further apart than is apparent at first????!

        Then, all I can say, is a humble, “Thank you, thank you very much” (in an Elvis kinda way!)

        love & peace to you, my friend.

        • Heavens to mergatroid, Cheryl, I’m going to have to go wading back through all these threads to find that post of yours! Well, if I must, I must. See you in a bit. In the meantime, read my post to Ingrid down here a ways.

      • Lorrin, I must admit that sometimes I laugh so much at your and Cheryl’s posts that I cannot even respond. I loved the ‘exalted place’ bit! You folk are like a ray of sunshine – bless you!

    • … and here I was calling you Sherlock Holmes and it took you how long to find Lorrin’s post! So Cheryl either you live up to your nickname of loose it! Yes, and I love you too, very much! I get my daily laughing fix from you, ALWAYS!

      • Thank you, Ingrid dear for getting such a kick out us. Truly, I am not even trying to be funny (well, maybe a little). It’s just so much FUN, I can’t help it. Cheryl is just such a joy. And you know what, you both should join me under this stage, it is really a sight now, I can tell you! You wouldn’t believe what they’ve got down here….oh, and now WHO did we decide was going to be Sherlock Holmes? Well then, who’s going to be Watson?

  18. All Glambs make a note! I just happened to stumble upon this site called a few minutes ago. They sponsor a contest to win tickets to Adam’s concerts and also give away special BACKSTAGE PASSES after the show to one lucky winner. There is a donation of $1 for each entry. They use PayPal, and it looks entirely legit. The next contest ends on Aug. 4th for the Aug. 11th Nassau, NY concert. Maybe someone from among us will win! Here is the link:

    • Dear Jeanette and Dreamsound,

      Please release my comment above from moderation as soon as possible. It provides the link for a contest to win tickets to Adam’s Aug. 11th concert in Nassau Ny, and the give-away also includes backstage passes! The deadline for entering is Aug. 4th, just two days away. Thanks so much!

  19. I also just noticed that the contest also will supply airline tickets and hotel costs, yikes! Somebody should try to win it from among us Glambs!

    • Oh nuts, Jeanette, it looks like the contest is over TOMORROW, sorry about that. I just did find their website myself about 45 minutes ago. But some of us still might be able to get in under the deadline. I do hope you see this note in time!

  20. Jeanette says:

    I hate to tell you this, but this “contest” looks like a scam to me. Somebody set up a blog with a squeeze page, stuck up the official American Idol logo, which I’m sure they don’t have permission to use, and is ASKING FOR MONEY! DON”T EVER PAY MONEY FOR SOMETHING LIKE THIS! These are scam artists just out to make money from your love for Adam.

    • Sorry about making this extra work for you Jeanette, I do apologize profusely. I’m not as alert to this kind of scam as I should be. Here is a copy of the post I made on the Washington D.C. thread for everybody to read:

      Looking over their site again and delving into the background of the owners, the site does look a little off the wall. I looked at the profile of the owner, and even though a site promoting the best of the new gay artists is a worthy reason for a website, the rest of the profiles and blogs looked seamy. I didn’t think a $1 donation was very large especially since PayPal was being used, but of course, PayPal can be used for the wrong purposes too. There just wasn’t enough good information given about the contest, past winners, and futher contest details, etc. So, I do apologize to everybody, I was hoping it was for real, but on further close research, it looks very iffy as Jeanette wisely observed. Please ignore the contest. Thank you.

  21. an exhuberant but noisy meet and greet at Greensboro, Adam trying to quiet down fans..


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