TOUR VIBE – American Idol Summer Tour 2009 – Grand Rapids, MI

***UPDATED WITH FANTASTIC VIDEOS!!!*** Due to the overwhelming response to our Meet and Eat at Braunn’s Restaurant, we are moving up the reservation to 3:00pm to ensure that everyone has plenty of time to socialize and grab a drink or meal before heading down to the concert.

Adam and the gang re-visit Michigan for a concert on Sunday, September 6th at the Van Andel Arena in Grand Rapids.

YEAH!!! This is the concert that so many Glambs have been looking forward to! I’m posting this ahead of time due to the planning involved…I’m not sure why the little city of Grand Rapids has turned out to be the Mecca of the Midwest for Adam fans, but it seems that’s what has happened. Terry (Theresa/Canada) and I will be arriving in town on Saturday, and on Sunday we will be joined by Cheryl Norman and my sister-in-law. The four of us will be staying at the Crowne Plaza. On Sunday afternoon at 4:00pm, we will be meeting to grab a bite to eat. Change of plans here, sorry. Arnie’s was not able to accomodate, us, so we are going to meet at Brann’s Restaurant instead. Their address is 5510 28th St., SE. We’re a definite go with them – the reservation is made. Sorry for the confusion, everyone!

We hope to be at the Arena close to the time they open the doors, and we’re all planning on hanging around after the concert for the late-night signing session. At this point in time, Terry and Cheryl won’t be doing the afternoon signing session. I’m not sure yet if I will or not. Those of you going to the concert who can’t make Arnie’s but would still like to say hi please email me. We can try to hook up at the Arena.

If you’ve been following the comments in the threads, you know this is going to be a wild and wooly concert! Mother Theresa, Chief Butt Kicker, Naughty Girl Norman, the Famous Mary C…Good Lord, does poor Adam stand a chance????

So please email me at if you want in on the Glambs meet, and please let me know in particular if you’re interested in Brann’s as we need to get a head count ASAP.

And lastly, don’t forget that if you have photos and/or videos from either this concert or any of the past concerts, please email them to us! Our email address is

~~Jeanette, Glamb #5


  1. In Grand Rapids this week and would like to go to Arnies, this is great!!!

    • cheryl norman says:

      MICHAELJMAZZONI,,, Be sure to let Jeanette know, by emailing her at her address in the article she wrote above for all details. She has the specific Arnie’s location and directions on 28th ST, SE! We’ love to meet you there!!



        • Thanks Terry,
          Yes I was confused. So it’s Branns. Me and my friend will be there too. I’ll e-mail Jeanette, i have her address. Sounds like its gonna be a lot of fun!!!!!!!! See you there

          • cheryl norman says:

            GALA, So happy you’re going too!!! There are 2 different X-Ways to get to the 28th ST, well actually 3, but what Theresa is saying is if you’re coming from southern lower Michigan going North on 131, my advice is to exit the first 28th ST SOUTH EAST exit you come to, and stay on that long busy street till you get to Brann’s. You’ll think you’re going the wrong way cuz it’s so long, but you’ll be fine. You’ll be close to the 2 main malls, Woodland Mall and Eastbrook Mall. Anyway, if you need, I can give you some things to look for just before you get to Brann’s. Also, it will be on your right hand side. Cheryl

            • Helen/Canada says:

              Hi Cheryl
              Girls, I feel so bad that I can’t meet you there. I would love to so much. That weekend is our annual get together of friends who have known each other since grade school/highschool. We go up north and rent a chalet for the weekend. This is the only time some of us see each other because of distance, etc. But all of you will be in my heart. I know you will have a great time and I’ll be waiting anxiously to hear your accounts. But for sure, we ARE ALL GETTING TOGETHER FOR ADAM’S SOLO TOUR. Thank you for making me feel so welcome and part of your special group.
              Remember ladies–Behave yourselves, ha, ha! , especially you Cheryl!

              • Helen a reunion of school friends is very important. Thanks to the internet and being a good detective, I have finally ‘found’ every single girlfriend from playing at age 3 to 12, high school, and from living all over Canada. It is so much fun getting together. In three weeks I will get to reunite with one from 50 yrs ago (yes!) and that is my last ‘reunion’ .

                There will be so many concerts in the future, God willing, and Adam will definitely perform either in Canada or close to our border so we shall have the opportunity again. Enjoy, and drink a toast to us gals and any males that dare to join us, ha ha!

              • cheryl norman says:

                HELEN,,, ESP Cheryl!!??? Me??? Helen, I am probably the most behaved on this whole
                fansite!!! You’ve got me mixed up with Mary, or Theresa, or Gala. or Iyleneidol or oh, I can’t
                remember all the ‘hoods’ on this site!!! But, it’s NOT ME!!! Everyone here will back me up!!
                No, it’s not me!!!

                Also, helen, look who’s not going to be going to a concert, who chose all her closest
                friends sinc grade school over all of us here on this site!!! Now, little Missy, what do
                you say for yourself? Huh? Huh??………………yeah, pretty quiet now, aren’t ya….yeah!

                • Helen/Canada says:

                  I’m hanging my head in shame!

                  • cheryl norman says:

                    OMG!!!!!! OMG!!!!! GLAMBS, OMG! YOU MUST SEE THE VID OF ADAM
                    TITLED “ADAM LIKES IT ROUGH”!!! or something to that affect.

                    AdamAddict posted the link below!!!!!!!! IF YOU LOVE ADAM, THIS IS A MUST C!!

                    MUST SEE!!!!!

                    Emili, you little ‘minx’!!!!! How did you find THAT????!!!!

                  • cheryl norman says:

                    HELEN, Okay. Head up! Now, just try and be a little more reserved like me.
                    That’s not too much to ask. If you really try, I know you can do it. All’s well, now!!

                  • Lisette here..ah thes imakes me sad now,as I av non recive thes post until now..So gathre I missed out..J’espere yu all have a wonderful time as I av say on last thread(in Minneapolis one) know am sending bonwishes an hugs from sunny southwest Nevada..Le glambs gal thet resides nerby to Vegas..An seeing all thet mentioning of thes citie,so wishe we can meet up someday..Perhaps if Adam every has soloconcerte an includes in concerte schedule! Take care an give Adam hugs for me..if anyone is blesse to be thet close!!! Luv Lisettexoxo!!

                • Cheryl, Hoods? I love it!

              • Helen, you know it girl, you will be in our hearts as well. Have fun with your
                school friends. And for sure Adams solo tour will bring a whole group of
                Glambs at one time to get together to share the Love.

                • Helen, Cheryl cannot behave herself, she wouldnt have any fun.

                  • cheryl norman says:

                    MARY,,, Yeah, ‘hoods’!! hahaha!!!

                    You’re telling Helen I cannot behave myself!!! Oh!! How hard I laugh! Ha! ha! Ha!
                    See? I am laughing soooo hard, I can’t even stand it. ha haha ha!!

                • Helen/Canada says:

                  Hi Mary
                  I”m leaving for my weekend with the girls around 2:00 p.m. today. Just wanted to check the site one more time before I left and to wish all of you the best time ever! I know you will all have so much fun meeting one another and then seeing Adam together. Have a great time and let me know all about it when you get back. I’ll be thinking of you……and wishing I was there! Have fun!

                  • Helen, Thanks so much for the well wishes. You have a good safe
                    trip yourself. Let us know if your girlfriends love Adam like we all do??
                    Wish you were going with us too.
                    P.S. now try to get into some good conversation with your GF’s if tht
                    is possible w/o thinking of Adam. Hee ,hee.

          • cheryl norman says:

            GALA ,,, Be sure to contact Jeanette!! We’re exchanging cell phone numbers, and we need to
            know about how many of us will be eating at Brann’s, so nobody gets lost or anything, and we
            can have each other’s cell # in case of an unforseen situation happening to any of us!!!

            Here’s her address:

            DON’T FORGET!!! She’ll be forwarding it onto me, and I will email you w/any and all info for you!!!

            Cheryl #334

          • cheryl norman says:

            JANE 416……..THIS POST IS 4 U!!!! Are you going to GR? If so, see the many posts below
            describing your job as one of us Glambs. Isn’t hard you ljust have to contact Jeanette, etc. If you
            are going we need your info.!!! just looking out for you! cheryllnorman

            • Cheryl! Thanks so much for thinking of me but sadly I will not be able to go to the Grand Rapids (or any other) show. This sure sounds like it will be alot of fun though and I am sooo looking forward to hearing all about it from everyone! I will, however, definitely be going to see Adam on his solo tour and would LOVE to make arrangements with you and other Glambs – making a whole weekend of it or going to a few shows in a row would be an absolute BLAST! I feel the love! Thank you!

        • cheryl norman says:

          ILUVADAM4EVER,,,On a latter thread, you posted that you’re going to GR Concert, and mentioned
          that we were meeting at Arnie’s. NOT ARNIE’S ANYMORE, CHANGE OF RESTAURANTS!

          We are meeting at Brann’s instead on 28th ST SE.

          BE SURE TO EMAIL JANETTE!!! We’re exchanging cell phone numbers and trying to be sure we have
          all of our names to see who might be lost or whatever. You will get directions to the restaurant and we
          will be leaving from the restaurant to go to the concert. So, if you for sure want to meet with all the Glambs
          going, contact Jeanette at;


          • iluvadam4ever says:

            Thanks Cheryl! I just emailed Jeanette my cell phone number. I would be glad to meet you all some time that afternoon or evening. I would love to put a name with a face! Thanks for the info.

            GLAMB #380
            Sandy, Bryan Ohio

            • cheryl norman says:

              ILUVADAM4EVER,,,,You’re welcome Sandy!! I feel the same!! I’m getting pics of all Glambs
              I can!! We may have to do something like this each year!!!

              Glamb #334


              • iluvadam4ever says:

                Amen to that! That is definitely a must. I am so glad that I discovered this website. It is so awesome!

                GLAMB #380

              • Right on , The Glambvention, Hey can someone help me, I think my Glamb # is 335, then I
                wrote it down as 338????

                • cheryl norman says:

                  OKAY MARY!!! That’s enough light beer for you tonite!!! C’mon, put the can down!
                  Let go of the can, Mary!! Someone help get that can of light beer out of Mary’s hand,
                  she’s gonna bite me, I think!!!! H E L P!!!……..stop it mary!!!!!……….ouch!

                  • Ok you Cheryl, go back to Milwaukee post, I wrote you a love letter.
                    Please just one more beer!!!!!!!!!!

                    • cheryl norman says:

                      MARY ,,,, okay! I will check that out!! BUT YOU, MARY, YOU HAVE NOT YET
                      AND WE NEED!!!!

                      EMAIL JEANETTE! She will forward the info to me I will email you and give you
                      my info that is so IMPORTANT!! Now, get your little bum moving and email
                      Janette, cuz I’m waitting on you and a couple other Glambs!!!! C’mon,l now!!!

                    • Hey , I did email Jeanette yesterday, saying we will meet at the
                      Arena. We will be there at 5 or 4:30. OK, I will email her again
                      in case I missed something.

                • cheryl norman says:

                  MARY,,,, I got your message on the Tour Vibe Milwaukee. I did, however, needed to
                  message you back. So, go to that thread, and read your message, there!!!!

                  • cheryl norman says:

                    MAIN ENTRANCE. INSIDE THE ARENA NO LATER THAN 6-6:30!!!!


                    ANYTHING!! cherylnorman’s personal email:


        • Lisette here..bonmatin Theresa..sorry I av non chat with yu an also being I av reciv thes thread late!..plese enjoie thes wondrful evente an dinner soundes so nice with many glambs gals/fellows too!Plese take lot of photos for those here to see in l’cafe also!
          An of course of beau Adam as he seemes more beau in evry citie an despite non having proper sleepe nevre seemes to appear fatigue..He’s truly blesse in alll aspectes a voix angelique,hearte d’or an face tresbeau..Perfet angel d’musique an of our heartes! Take care luv Lisettexoxo!

    • cheryl norman says:


      There are a lot of you that are going to the GR concert who have NOT emailed JANETTE YET!!!! C’mon,
      people!!!! Give Janette an email so that we can have a way of communicating when we are all in GR!!

      You EMAIL JANETTE, she will forward your email to me and I will email you back and give you my cell phone number. That way we can all connect with each other in case of an unforseen situation comes up!!!
      If you Glambs don’t get Jeanette and me your info., how do you think we can locate you, or you locate us
      for whatever reason while we’re in GR!!!!

      THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT!!!! I WILL BE GRADING ALL OF YOU TO SEE WHO CAN FOLLOW DIRECTIONS!!! Now, don’t disappoint me!!!! We absolutely want to be able to get some annual pics!!!
      Listen-Up People!!! WE ARE ONLY AS SUCCESSFUL AS OUR WEAKEST LINK!!!!! Last day for info
      getting is Friday nite!!!! I’m going to be leaving for GR on Sat afternoon, and I need all of your info, and you
      all need Jeanette’s and mine!!!!


      Thank you!!! Thank you, very much! (just remembering Elvis, sigh)


      • Lisette here..oh m’cheramie Cheryl..I av reciv thes day late unsure why..reading al toi jubilation an excitemente for special evente,brings smile to ma face always..Aw if only I can be there with yu an glambs..Know I’ll be ther in spirite an so thinq of me abit in thet dinnre as I av mentione of toast bonsante to yu enjoie it all..An yes plese take lot of photos of all glambs an our beauhearte Adam..Plese see on last thred ‘post for yu there too.So reste an be glamoureux for him with glitter,sparkles an below read of peacock hat?..thinq Lorrin thes true?Wel if so sure Adam will see..Are yu goin to toss anything onstage? Imagaine yu’d come up with special somethingl! Take care an will enjoie seeing what happens! hugs Lisettexoxo

      • JosieNurse says:

        I don’t see an email address for Jeanette or you so I am replying to this link.
        Is this OK……Did you get my message. Do you want my cell number


        • cheryl norman says:

          JOSIENURSE,,, Cheryl here!! Hey there! I will give you the email for Jeanette. If you aren’t able to email her, come back to this thread, and I will be sure to get and give you the info needed!! Jeanette will not be home this evening as she is going to Chicago to see Adam AGAIN. Lucky kid!!! Ahemmm,,,,anyway, here it is, we will be eating and meeting many Glambs at Brann’s Restaurant on 28th ST, SE, but I’ll get you all that info after you email Jeanette, and then she will forward your email and cell # to me. I will email you back and give you my cell # and you can ask me for any info re the concert, and eat and meet! Is that about as clear as ‘mud’! Haha!

          Jeanette’s email address: —that’s it! I will come back to this thread Thurs evening
          to see if you’re okay. If you’re still having trouble, I will give you my email myself!! ~~~~Cheryl #334

        • cheryl norman says:


          A note to all. Theresa/Canada has no internet connection right now, and won’t be able to post or comment until around Sept 10. Her ‘modem’ died! She asked me if I could just let you all know, so if you post her a question, or notice that she’s not posting, it’s only b/c she has no internet. She will be up and about asap and posting her GR Experience asap!!

          Hurry back Theresa!!!

          • OH NO, poor Terry! I wondered what had happened! Gosh, we have to wait such a long time to hear from her…may the days go by swiftly until we see her again on these pages…

            • Helen/Canada says:

              We’ll miss you Terry. At this point, I think I’d suffer withdrawal symptons if I had to go without this site. Hope you survive til then Terry. Have fun in Grand Rapids. Can’t wait to hear all about it.

          • Lisette here..pardon to interupt between m’cheramie lorrin..Cheryl av read all last poste here an smiling re: toi excitemente for thet special concert an as I av mentione further down on page(see aftre Lorrin’s re: le grande caper with all othre glambs plese thinq of perhaps one can wisk AL away via helicopter,plane any othre method si vous get to meet him(try thos handcuff sure ther’s pair given many gals throw onstage(he-he) an l’plan ala glambs (impossible au “Ocean’s 11 may be worth l’risk”…am feling silly but sounde like a delicieux if incline to devert to a nerby destination..thinq of toi amie in l’desert(make sure l’handcuffs donte unfasten befor gettin out of toi transportation here!(I can non resiste to post thes)..Wel anyway cher Cheryl whatevre happens just plese give Adam special grande hugs an av Jeanette an al othre glambs gals to enjoie totale yur dinner before!Sure yu’ll have lovli I av mention many temes if yu can av l’champagne ready if yu all get to meet Adam just enjoie reading further down on page here..Thinq yu av corupte me a bit..but it feel’s delicieux!
            hugs an luv always Lisettexoxo p.s. sorry for Theresa too..Hope she’ll returne to us glambs an Adam’s best tribute page too! J’adore Adam wherevre yu’re hiding..if yu evre read our posts..Know yu av thes effect on l’femmes of Glambs know yu’re smiling seein how much yu’re adored here! J’etaime Lisette …luv all glambs tooxoxo

            • cheryl norman says:


              LUV-PEACE TO U! cheryl

      • Dear Cheryl !

        I’m not jealous anymore, instead I’m very very very happy for you all girls !!!

        It’s sooooo good see you all making plans of eating and meeting and going to the concert together.

        And most of all going to see ADAM – If I could do it alone it will be great but if I could do it with a lot a GLAMBS … it will be all, it will be heaven in earth.





        Evelize – GLAMB#80

        • cheryl norman says:

          EVELIZE Thank you so much!!!!!!! I AM so excited that I could just ‘pee’ my pants!!! Oh, I’ll have the
          eyeliner on!!! Benn wearing that since I was 11 or 12!!! But, I will have on EXTRA for ADAM!!!! Yes, and
          maybe a headband w/a peacock feather on it, lots of gold around my neck and much sexual tension when
          I see Adam!!!! Hahaha!! I may look like a hooker before I’m done!!! haha!! But, we will all have pics to
          post and maybe we can all hold a little sign with our names on it like they do for convicts! Sound cute??
          Yeah, I thought so, too. Justa few more days till the GLAMBVENTION IN GRAND RAPIDS, MI!! My kinda
          town!! It’s my hometown and I love it there!!!!!! LOTSALUV ‘N LOTSALUV, cheryl norman

      • iluvadam4ever says:

        Sorry Cheryl. I got your email with the phone numbers, but it somehow vanished or one of my kids accidently deleted it. Can you email it again? Thanks

        GLAMB #380

        • cheryl norman says:

          Sandy……I want to confirm that I did send you the info again. If you did not get it, please let me know
          and I’ redo it later today!! Thanks! charyl

      • iluvadam4ever says:

        Sorry Cheryl, somehow I lost your email message with your cell phone numbers. I think my kids accidentallly deleted it. I plan on attending Brann’s. That is awesome about the interview. Can’t wait until Sunday!!!

        GLAMB #380
        Bryan, Ohio


    • cheryl norman says:



      As of the time Jeanette left her work today, she had not yet been contacted again, but they have a couple of days yet. The one man on Barnaby is such an Adam fan, and evidently likes what he has read!!! Now, this gives the Glambs fansite the possibility of being known via the radio station, and maybe even the GR Press. Since we have made public that we are going to Brann’s Restaurant, a very well-known restaurant
      in GR, who knows what might happen. Just as a note, when my Mother remarried 33 yrs ago, we had our
      reception dinner at one of the Brann’s on Leonard St, NW.!!! My Mother knew both John and Tommy Brann very well, and they used to know me via my Mom!!! At any rate, I also have had some niece, step-sister and cousins working at Brann’s in their early days.

      AT any rate, what I’d like to to is get the place of origin from all of the Glambs going to the restaurant and any who might/might not make it, so that possibly I can have a sign made and put in front of Brann’s inside the door or on the outside giveing our official fansite’s name for all to see to promote ADAM as the future SUPERSTAR OF THE WORLD that he will soon be!!!

      can put your names and states on a sign to have at Brann’s!!!!

      ON A LIGHTER SIDE,,,,,,,I think I gave out my cell number wrong !!! YES, you heard me correctly. I forgot
      my own cell number. Why? You might ask me? I rarely luse it!! I’ve had the same number for over 8 yrs.,
      but have always used a landline, and noticed the error just recently after hearing from a Glamb Angel, VERA who was confirming some info w/me!!!!! Holy Cow!!!! Even I, your own ‘Naufghty-Girl Norman’ can,
      from time to time make a mistake. But, hey, don’t you all feel just a little bit better about yoursellves, now??? Huh??? Yeah, I thought so!!!! INGRID, LORRIN EMILI HELEN ADAMROCKS SANDY JUDY MARY C AND MARY D THERESA JEANETTE(uh,oh!), ADAMFAN 1, MICHEL, ALEN, LISETTE, and anyone that I haven’t mentioned, which is about 550 more of you, PLEASE DO NOT GLOAT!!!!
      THIS IS NOT FOR YOUR SICK HUMOR!!!! How do you all think I feel???? I could be humiliated if I weren’t so happy with myself!! (hahaha)!!!!

      MY CELL PHONE ERROR IS AS FOLLOWS: the last 2 numbers are NOT 50.
      CORRECT last 2 numbers are……………………………ARE 59.

      ANYONE wishing to contact me via email, please don’t hesitate!! I will confirm that number to you! However, I think this takes care of it. I now will give you the correct last four numbers—4859.

      OKY-DOKEY???? …………..s o r r y ………Just remember where Jeanette is and WHERE I AM!!!
      She’s with ADAM, I am not!!! She will have been to 3or4 shows. I will see 1 !! So, I’m just a little out of sorts!!!


      Thank you all for helping me!!! I just learned how to turn a computer on in Jan. 09!!! I’m NEW at all this internet, web stuff, …wwww.comm&&%$#&(. BE KIND!!! cherylnorman #334

      • OH MYGOSH, please keep us posted on this one, Cheryl! THINK, he has read our comments, oh my goodness! Jeanette might be interviewed! We might get some press! What great news!

        And on another note….today, Cheryl Norman, also known as ‘Naughty Cheryl’, ‘Naughty Norman’, or just plain ‘Copalee Cherry’ FORGOT her cell phone number! Yes, she forgot her cell phone number….have you ever heard ANYTHING so ridiculous! No, I thought not…

        • Lorrin, does she know her home address. Now why am I not surprised!!!! Cheryl, the brain is a wonderful thing but if you don’t use it, you luse it! Mwah

          • cheryl norman says:

            LORRIN ND INGRID!!!!! I am in too much of a hurry right now, so I really can’t reply in the way I
            would so LOVE to. So for now, you two peas in the same pod, I’ll just say STOP IT!! STOP IT

      • This is FANTASTIC news!!! I’ve been amazed that something like this hasn’t happened already – The GLAMBS should be better known than we are – tired of hearing us referred to as Glamberts. Imagine having all of your pictures splashed across the paper or some video on the evening news! I SO wish that I could be there with you all!!

        Cheryl, I sent you an Email. Could you please send me your cell phone number ? (The RIGHT one? You know, the one ending in 59? Hee hee – sorry – couldn’t resist!!) I would love to call during your dinner to say hi to everyone!

        I am so excited (and jealous – but in a good way!) for all of you!!!!!! I know you will have a FANtastic time. Please send Adam my love!

        (Glamb #20)

    • There are many Brann’s Steakhouses in Grand Rapids is it the one at
      5510 28th St SE, Grand Rapids, MI 49512? OMG! I can’t wait!!!!


  2. AdamAddict says:


    • Helen/Canada says:

      OMG AdamAddict, that video! I LOVE IT ROUGH!

      • cheryl norman says:

        HELEN,,,,,,,, Uh, huh! I kind of thought you were like that!!! Oh, yeah,,,,I was right!!! So, Helen likes it
        ROUGH!!! You kids on this site are soooo naughty!!!

    • Emili that was an excellent techno video. See? All those school computer courses led to something! I Iike Lady Gaga and the timing of the photos was perfect! YUM!

    • Iyleneidol09 says:

      AAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHhhhhhhhhhhh!!! OOOOOOOooohhhhhh! AAAAAAAAHhhhhhhhhh!!!
      YEEEeeeeeeesssss!!! Yessssssssss!!!! ahhhh! ohh! that waaaaaaaaass gooooood!!! Oh!!!

      • Iyleneidol09 says:

        Ok, I regained my consciousness. Ohh AdamAddict, that was a great Cyberpresent!! Love it!! Got to go to ER to get that mic out of ……………….. Hahaha!!! LOL!!! OMG!! what are you thinking!!!

    • iluvadam4ever says:

      Sweet, sexy video! Now that I have drool all over the computer screen and am having hot flashes, I want to thank you for that link. See you all in GR.

      GLAMB #380

  3. AllaboutAdam says:

    I’m soooo jealous! Wish i could be there… anyone have an extra ticket? But really guys… have a GREAT time, and please tell Adam how much we love him on this site….I have a feeling you’ll be coming back with a TON of pictures and stories about him this time… I can’t wait!

    • Thanks allaboutadam for your well wishes! Hope its gonna happen good w/Adam.

    • cheryl norman says:

      JOSIENURSE GLAMB #2020……THIS POST IS 4 U!!! You’ve asked about how to contct Jeanette about the GR Concert, and I had posted you a note on that below. Maybe near the bottom, but it’s there!!!! We
      want to meet you!!!!! Maybe Meet and Eat!!!??? cherylnorman

  4. AdamRocks! says:

    Jeanette, Terry, Cheryl, Mary C. and all the Glambs going to the Grand Rapids show. . . I’m SO EXCITED for all of you! What an ADAMLICIOUS time you’re all going to have! I CAN’T WAIT to see the pictures and hear all the stories!!!

    And Cheryl, are you ready for Adam??? Maybe I should word it a little differently: Adam are you ready for Cheryl??? LOL

    HAVE FUN, and if you happen to meet Adam after the show, and there’s a small window of clear thinking, mention all of us Glambs! 🙂

    Cindy in MS

    • cheryl norman says:

      ADAMROCKS, I’m asways ready!!!! For Adam that is!! haha! Adam could not get ready enough for me!!!
      Hahaha!!! Yeah, we’ll be doing pictures! Michael, above post is meeting us too! Also Jaberone and Gala.
      Maybe a few more! Will know soon!! Thanks for your love!!

      • KO's smiling says:

        I’m new to posting, but I’ve been checking your fansite for months. I am so relieved to see that I’m not the only one who’s so obsessed with Adam! I’m disappointed that I can’t head out to Grand Rapids to meet Adam OR you gals, but I wish you tons of fun and perhaps some (not too naughty) Adam-grabbing. 🙂

        • cheryl norman says:

          KO’S SMILING, Hey! So to meet you!!! You’ll love this site!! Everyone here is obsessed!!! You’ll be in good hands!!! We’re a bunch of overly obsessive women for Adam, so you should feel right at home!!

        • Welcome KO’s smiling, you will love it here. Feel right at home and let yourself
          loose. Have you been to any of the show??

        • Evette #419 says:

          Welcome! You are going to love it here!

          • Iyleneidol09 says:

            Yes, K.O. and you better remove that inhibitions, bare it all, our glambfriend and you will really have a great here!!!

      • SO TRUE, Cindy, and we shall just let Cheryl “loose” right after Danny’s set… ha ha

      • Adamrocks, Look Cheryl is ready alright, look at her mispelled words. Oh God help us.!!

        • cheryl norman says:

          THERESA AND MARY, Listen up, kids!!! Just b/c I happen to get my fingers a little jumbled, does not

          mean that I don’t have it ‘all together’!!! Mary, don’t you forget, yoou’re going to help me sneak up there
          with you!!!! You will reap the ‘benefits’ of my floor position, if I can get any attention from Adam going
          our way!!!! My sign just may be the key!!!! I did beg my son to let me take my 2-1/2 yr old gr.daughter
          to the concert, and put her on my shoulders as ‘bait’ for Adam, as we know he loves kids, and she is
          totally adorable, and loves Adam. But!!! He won’t give her to me!!!!! Damn that boy!!!!

          Cheers!! to all Glambs going to GR, and double cheers for those we will be representing who can’t do
          this show!!!!!! ALL GLAMBS ALL LOVE 4 ADAM!!!!

          • Helen/Canada says:

            It’s good to know at least your son has a level head on his shoulders!!!!! ha, ha

            • cheryl norman says:

              HELEN!!! Say W H A T ???? Did you read my post correctly??? He said ‘no’!!! I’m the one
              who had the brains in my head to think of using little Farrah as ‘bait’!!!! Now, tell me who has
              the better head on their shoulders!!!! Yeah!! Go ahead, who??? ME!! Thant’s WHO!! Geez,
              Helen, I think you need to get some good sleep so your brain can function like mine!!

      • cheryl norman says:

        CINDY, aahhh,,, that was always ready,,,,,,,,,not asways ready………yikes!

      • Iyleneidol09 says:

        Hey, ladies, listen up!! I will be looking forward to your glamorous, adamesque-looks in your group picture!!! I am enjoying and feeling you guys!!!!ohhh I’m dying here, but go ahead, have a “GRAND ADAM TIME!!!!”

    • You are worried for our Adam,aren’t you Cindy? I can feel your worries! All of them going to be there!OMG,Adam won’t have a chance to survive!! I’m gonna send Adam iron underwear with lock right now!! To keep him safe!! If he want the key,he has to come to me! I put the key in the safe place! Inside, inside, deep deep inside…MY DRAWER, ALL RIGHT, MY FREAKING PANTIES DRAWER!! I BET YOU GUYS DON’T WANT TO TOUCH MY PANTIES SO IT IS A SAFE PLACE!! What you guys thinking?? ~sigh~ Don’t you know me already,I’m sweet and naive!!

      • Adam if you are reading these posts, please dont be SKERD, we love you! You have our upmost
        Respect, right people????? We will be calmmmmmmmmmmm, no need for ear plugs!!

        • Helen/Canada says:

          Who are you kidding!!!! Adam, run for your life!!!

          • Helen/Canada says:

            Forgot to add, Adam you can run right into my arms!!! (I won’t hurt you….hmmm)

            • cheryl norman says:

              HELEN, MARY and EMILI,,, Hey, kids!!! Enuff of your games!!! I know you all want to get your
              greedy little mitts on Adam!!!! You don’t fool ME!! Adam,, run over this way!!!!

              Emili, you’ll get your b’day present alright!!!! It’s in the mail!

      • AdamAddict says:

        P/S: you know I’m kidding…NOT, right?? LOL!! 🙂 Have fun guys!! Woo hoo!! Jeanette, this time TRY to speak!! And Cheryl, TRY to breath! LOL!!

        • AdamAddict, when is your birthday?? Autograph???
          Lets see ummmmmmm. I’m sure you would be able to tell the difference between
          Adams treasure and Gokeys.

        • cheryl norman says:

          ADAMADDICT,,, Hey Emili!!! I am going to do my best to speak, but ADAM needs to cooperate, and get
          those freckled luscious lips over to me!!! I won’t be foolin’ around either!!!!

          Oh, I know it’s not your birthday, little miss comic!!! You can be soooo sneaky!!!! When you come to the
          states, we’ll maybe sneak you into Adam’s closet and you can surprise him when he comes to bed!!!

          Of course, I will BE THERE, TOO!!!!!

          • Cheryl , comes to bed?? You know how many people you have just gotten excited just
            thinking about that!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • cheryl norman says:

        ADAMADDICT, In your undies drawer??? What’s this??!!! I’ll be sure Adam is taken care of, just don’t you
        worry your little comedic head!!! Adam will be SAFE with me!!! I have the best dog collar I’ve ever seen!!
        He’ll be just fine! I will feed him and keep him warm. I will even help him in the shower if need be!!! Who
        could do anymore than that!! Of course, I’ll have some ‘secret’ surprises for him, but I am definately NOT
        telling anyone on this site!!! You kids just can’t keep a secret!!

  5. Oh… Wish I could be there 🙂 Instead, I’m miles away in Croatia weeping about it 🙁

    • cheryl norman says:

      ALEN,,, I think Croatia sucks about now!! We’ll be keeping everyone in our thoughts. Well, the others will
      if I forget!! Cheryl

    • Alen baby you’re probably what we need here with us??

      • Yeah… probably…
        I hope Adam will be touring Europe one day 🙂

        • Lisette here..bonmatin Alen welcome to glambs site place for so many people aronde l’worlde who gathre an celebrate,an share ther amour for Adam! Non worries sureli Adam will av international tour too! Dont feel bad for I reside here in s.west Nevada an unable to attende concerte ..domage..So like yu av to await for his soloconcertes..Til then Im forevre thenkful for finding l’best Adam tribute page ..a place with so many beautiful people who are passionate,warmehearted, humoureaux,an share affection for thes multitalented artiste with humanitarian soul an voix celestial! hugs Lisettexox!

        • I’m sure he will, you all will have your chances of getting close to his Hot Self.

          • AdamAddict says:

            Hey Alen,
            You the kid who had a fight with your gf,right?You’re 19,right? So, how is it going? 🙂 Are you the right guy or am I wrong??!!

      • cheryl norman says:

        MARY!!!! DOWN GIRL, DOWN! Alen, don’t pay her any mind!!! She’s always like this!!! It’s hard just
        taking her outside sometimes, geeeeezzzzz!!! Somebody put Mary’s leash back on her!!!!


  7. AdamRocks! says:

    For the last month and a half, this video has been my very favorite (Bowie medley from San Jose). . . the lighting and the swirling smoke during Life on Mars, the STUNNING vocals. . . just MAGICAL! And, well, just check out his moves at 2:00. . . and try not to FAINT!

    Cindy in MS

    • Helen/Canada says:

      Great video Cindy. Thanks…..too late…..THUD!

      • Lisette here..Cindy seeing linq to Adam’s Sanhose video…thenks too!By way ar yu Cindy from twitter unsure?If so yu had inquire if seein concertes.Non I av not if it is yu..I do pray for bonhealth to permitte in future! Thenks agan an enjoie thes wonderful Adam tribute page! hugs Lisette!

    • Thanks Cindy, Great video. wow what a difference from then to now, especially how he
      YANKS off his jacket after Life on Mars with such fierceness, going into Fame now.

    • Cindy, this is one of my favorite perfomances of Adam’s also, it inspired one of my ‘flights’ those many weeks ago, but the video I saw was from the other side of the stage. Both are equally as beautiful. Did you notice how he ‘kicks’ up his leg as he turns around and prances back up the stage to sing between the guitarist and back-up singers, too much. Thanks so much for sharing this, the San Jose show was one of his best..

      • AdamRocks! says:

        YES Lorrin! I LOVE that! I’ve watched this video so many times. . . maybe his moves aren’t QUITE as wild and crazy as his later performances, but there’s something so very beautiful and ethereal about this one. . . it just captivates me.

        And Lisette, yes, it’s the same ME as on twitter! lol I’m hoping that one day you get to see Adam live too! 🙂

        Cindy in MS

        • Yes, Cindy, I’m sure it’s almost heretical here on this site to say this, but I too love that mixture of the ethereal and the sensual which he keeps in perfect balance at the San Jose show. Really, I Iove everything he does, and I would get just as wild as everybody else screaming in a mad frenzy at his over-the-top performances with his wilder and hotter moves, but this slightly more subdued effect is also extremely powerful, and I especially love it.

        • Lisette here,
          Just visite twitter aw merci Cindy plasur to know it’s yu there too.An merci I do wish someday to see beau Adam if only health permitte..ah sigh..Til then am gretful to thes beautiful Adam tributepage an share sentimentes with lovli glambs as yu Lorrin,Cheryl,Theresa,Ingrid,Jeanette,Mary,an so many more..blessings always an keep adoring l’meiux vocaliste with a voix celestial,face an hearte tresbeau! Hope yu’re fine too!
          hugs Lisette!

    • cheryl norman says:

      aDAMrOCKS,,,,, Honey, I’m gonna give it to ya straight. I hate Bowie!!! I love you, and God knows I love
      ADAM, but Bowie-? Not so-much! Sorry, it had to be said. I wonder who is heavier, David or Iman????

    • AdamRocks;

      Oh my goodness! thanks so much for the fantastic video of ADAM. He is so hot! Those moves! Good grief and I was getting ready to go to bed! I will dream about adams bod all night!

      It made me hot just watching. Sorry, I just can’t help it!

  8. Just FYI a mini blog print interview with a bit of new news re. Adam’s album.

    • Helen/Canada says:

      Thanks Terry. We appreciate every little bit of news we get about Adam.

    • Iyleneidol09 says:

      Oh Terry, thank you for this vid, I truly cherished the American Idol moment of Adam. That’s when our (Adam and I’s) love started and flourished into this everlasting, endless LOVE!!!

  9. Helen/Canada says:

    Hey Wannabethesnake
    Are you out there girl? Dying to hear about St. Louis. Are you still in a daze, is that why we haven’t heard from you? Come on girl, speak up!

    • cheryl norman says:

      WANNABETHESNAKE!!!!! Yeah, where the heck are you???? You better get your little bum back on this
      site, and the sooner the better!!!!

      • Yea Snake, we miss you. Are you out there trying to be that water bottle????

        • cheryl norman says:

          LORRIN!!!! oKAY, who has lorrin???!!! LORRIN!!! WHOEVER HAS LORRIN, LET HER GO!!!!

          LORRIN!!! WHERE ARE YOU!!!! OKAY, I’m worried!!! that’s it kids, game’s over, let her go!!! NOW!!

          • Munch, munch, munch, munch, WHA-A-A-T? Phhphlllphlllll…..there, phew, now what were you all saying? I’ve just been out here in the living room, munching and catching up on my old life for a few minutes, you know, eating lunch, watching a little TV, contemplating the cosmos…but I find that I can’t seem to stay away for more than a few hours from this danged computer, so here I am, back again….no, no don’t worry, Cheryl, the last time everybody tried to kidnap me, I just used the old ray gun, and that was that…oh, now that I get a good gander at this page, I see that all the HOODS from this site are all here together in one place, oh man, I’m tellin’ ya, I think Adam SHOULD BE WARNED, yes, and I’M JUST THE ONE TO DO IT! Yes, yes, I am going to tell him as soon as I see him in a few hours, when he and I have our morning tea together that ALL THE HOODS FROM THE GLAMBS SITE are converging on him in just 6 short days, and for him to be on highest ALERT! I will tell him to especially look out for some little short lady with a peacock feather on her headband and her delinquent cohorts! I’m gonna tell him you’re all getting set to throw Cheryl up on the stage (of course, that was my idea in the first place as you all know), and that you’re going for the belt buckle (and maybe something ELSE, too, no matter WHAT AdamAddict says), and I’m gonna tell him about how raucous you all are, oh yeah. If I can’t have him, NOBODY’S gonna have him!

            Oh well, you know I don’t MEAN it. I won’t breathe a word when I see him, don’t worry…and hey, Wannabe’s over here with me, we’re plotting the next insurrection, has to do with the mic stand, a boa, and some smoke…now don’t get excited, we won’t leave you out….listen everybody, I just want to wish all of you Glamb Bad Girls, our Chief Butt Kicker, Mother Terry, Naughty (Yes you ARE) Cheryl, Famous Mary C., and all you other fabulous women THE BEST TIME OF YOUR LIVES!!! We are all thinking of you, sighing over you (and of course, over ADAM), and hoping every part of the trip up (or down, or over) will go smoothly, everyone will find the restaurant and each other, you all will be able to make at least one meet and greet, and that all your dreams will come true. I SO wish I was there with you, I know all of us wish the same. We love you, and we’re all looking forward to that BIG heading on the new thread when you all get back! Glitter, black leather, and starlight go with you all, and don’t leave Cheryl in the slammer even though she STILL won’t tell ’em where she hid the Belt Buckle!

            • Lisette I am soo sad thes page has reached me once agan day late..So am wishing same for all glambs going to Grande Rapids show to Lorrin yu’re naughty side here..what happene?Thinq all l’chat of kidnapping lasers mama mia what av I missed here.Plese whoevre sendin ovre to m’email so apreciate if it arrives same as all othre glambs..After all I’m non overseas just in Nevada!So bettre late then nevre..As I av mentione on last thread too am wishing all have a wonderful teme..An thet dinner party soundes splendide..if only I can flyby on ‘starlit espress an be there too!!An Lorrin thinq I av missed out too seeing Cheryl with thet peacock hat..too funny all l’glambs an ther belle reves..Don’t forget to mentione if one chat’s of his future concertes being here in Nevada..(on last thred recall many mentiones of thes..An Lisette will be over l’lune et etoile to joine in l’rendevous here..oh an dont forget some champagne bellinis or tea for thos who prefer such!!I’l be ther with belles on ma toes an mabe a Jeannie outfit(ooh I am silly now)..hardly evre showing midriff since twenties..perhaps with champagne mabe. Prefer to see Adam with his muscle toned arms,physique,an face like Michelangelo’s Davide..Lorrin somhow yu always bring out l’artiste side of me here..Alrite then monbeau if evre yu reade thes pages with all glambs affection,adoration, an amour,plese nevre be afrad to commente back someday,somehow…mabe even a video bubble tweet mentioning all le glambs at thet special Grande Rapids concerte! J’adore Adam!! On serious note,Lorrin bonwishes an angel blessings, hope fires av not reache yur town,seeing such devastation on too we had smoke al way here in Nevada! Luv an hugs to all glambs always Lisette !!xoxo

              • Oh, Lisette, we are being very silly on this post since Cheryl has taken over as ‘herd supervisor’ while Jeanette is taking her much needed rest, and I for one, just can’t resist giving her the ‘rasberry’s’ for these next few days while she is busy trying to ‘lord’ it over us…I’m telling you, ‘give her an inch and she’ll take a mile’…those ‘lasers’ I mentioned were being used to subdue various delinquent Glambs who were trying to give me some trouble over another one of our secret plans we’ve got going with ‘Snake’, who has disappeared for a few days to go sun on a rock, at least let’s HOPE that’s what she’s doing, and not something else that shocking Iyleneidol has suggested! I am so glad I bring out the ‘artist’ in you, Lisette, just looking at your Twitter site, avatar, and background paper, I can see that you are indeed also an artiste ‘avec beaucoup d’élégance’. And do not worry about our town and the fires, although I am distraught for the poor people of Southern Californa, – they are about 400 miles South of us here…but there was a devastating smaller fire in the Auburn Hills which burned 36 houses this week, and that is only about an hour 1/2 from us here. California, our beautiful Golden State, has been much buffeted lately, and it is something we all take very seriously. Thank you so much for your good wishes for me and all the Glambs, ‘ bénédictions et de joie à vous ce soir…’ Love to you tonight from your neighboring state!

                • Lisette here..Aw Lorrin vous ete tres cher always plasur to see yur thet yu’re safe sans fire damage..but half heure is close..Ah yes call cousine in Granada Hills thenkful too she has nodamage but 8 mile duesouth homes av burne..Prayres for all thos devastated in Calif..such a beautiful state truli. Aw merci for complement re:twitter page..just a of Andre LloydWebbre for backgronde et l’ange avatar I av affinitie for them as we both do,always av helpe me thru life.Now re: quest plan thinq I av read lot of glambs on thes thread an compris part of a grande scheme here to kidnap monsieur Lambert al concert with many gals…very cute indeed.Just promise to bring him via plane,limo au any othre way to Nevada alrite?!(he-he) seein Cheryl’s plans with othre glambs ..Lisette compris totale l’grande scheme here..Plese dont leve me out of thes caper..soundes like mission ala glambs impossible or like flim “Oceans 11 avec Brad,George,Julia an Matt..only l’femmes here of glambs international to wisk him away,blindfolde,handcuffs, an all(ooh thes angel has been corrupe now by all above in l’plot. An sure he’d thinq we’ve all lost it abit..but is worth l’risk..An seein Ingrid too across seas wishes to join..why non toi amie in Nevada!Oh thinq Jeanette if seein thes will beliv all av gone “Crazy per AL” yu know who?!Wel anyway just hope al le glambs serieus can least av nice photos,autograph(if possible)an then manage l’handcuffs..argh all Cheryl’s fault..I av non notice othre gals one mentione..but always our cher Cheryl who must av been fun in schol for sure..Thes ex teachre woulde be send to principal too(moi) where Adam is concerne! Alrite tune in for more of thes caper soon! Serious now..benedictione et affectione aussi pour ma cheramie dans le belle terre d’ Northern CA!p.s trop chaud here in le desert..besoin Adam for musique to cool l’situation..oh am bein bad..Say bonnuit au matin who evre is reading! hugs an luv Lisette..Adam pardon cheri plese dont be afrad of us here on glambs international..Always send l’ange au garde vous..but mabe I’ll kidnap yu too(oops!)xoxo

                  • Oh, Lisette, you are most certainly in on our caper…don’t you just love the word ‘caper’ here, it makes our little escapade sound so classique, like Cary Grant and Audrey Hepburn, as though we should be pulling this all off wearing a black sheath dress (not hardly), but truly, Lisette, we need you especially as chief information liason for this event, so if you would be willing to join us in this little bit of grand larceny, with your coordinating expertise, we will re-route Adam’s plane to Nevada, that is no problem whatsoever!

                  • Lisette, I’m in – I’ll be there my sweet friend!

        • Iyleneidol09 says:

          No, I think she morphed into a real snake that is bulging below Adam”s belt buckle!!! LOL!!! Hey, Snake, stop being sneaky, get out of there!!!! LOL!!!

          • Iyleneidol, REALLY!! You are going to be in the Vice-Principal’s Office with ME, if you don’t watch out! You know, old ‘Naughty Norman’,…..She’s subbing for Principal Butt-Kicker for a few days, and if you don’t keep your nose clean, you are history..

  10. Chief Butt Kicker, Mother Thereeeeeesa, Naughty Girl Norman (an understatement), Famous Mary C! I can feeeeeel your excitement and yes, I am damn green with envy! So, you bunch of over-age delinguents (courtesy of Lorrin), I am going to conspire with Lorrin and let Adam know that you want to get your dirty paws on his bod. I have worked out your strategy – Chief Butt Kicker will fling all and sundry out of the way to get access to Adam, Mother Theresa will put on her angelic face and smile sweetly at Adam while the Famour Mary C will do a Houdini number and give the illusion that Naughty Girl Norman has disappeared whilst shoving her out of eyesight directly for the belt and what’s behind the belt … while Mary C then pretends to stop Naught Girl Norman, who has by then been found out, she (the Famous Mary C) will help herself to two hands full of Adam’s delicious butt while Mother Theresa forgets whom she is supposed to be and invites Chief Butt Kicker to join her to a bit of everything delicious that Adam has to offer. Now this is where Lorrin and I come in. We will pretend to come to Adam’s rescue and say that for health reasons (ours, not Adam’s), we are obliged to give him a full body search away from the dangers of the delinquents. Lorrin, you can anesthetize Adam and I will give him a physical … and get physical, physical, …

    Oh, my glambs, indulge me! All I can do is share in your excitement, drool and fantasize. Travel safely, enjoy and we’ll see you back here! Love and hugs, Ingrid

    • meant to say over-age delinquents, lol!

      • Now, Ingrid and I pulled this same maneuver off back in ’65 with Paul McCartney, so don’t get any ideas that this won’t work, we know our stuff. We’ll have Adam outta there so fast, he won’t even know he’s out of the building and piled into the back of the limo. ‘Course we’ll have to give Mother T, the Chief, and Famous Mary a whiff of laughing gas to get them to let go of Adam’s derriere and pry Cheryl’s hot little fingers off his belt-buckle areas, but that will only take a few minutes, we’ll roll them through the trap door and under the stage, and we’re good to go…after that, it’s time for that full body search with Fingrid and Flaming Glamfingers, and they don’t call me ‘Flaming Glamfingers’ for nothing, I can tell you…I know you all had no idea such sticky-fingered Glambs as Ingrid and I would go so far as to foil all your well-laid plans for this concert, the fabled Belt Buckle and Adam, but we would and we will! So watch for us, we’ll be wearing those long, white coats over our black glitter T-shirts, and we’ll have tea bags sticking out our pockets….somehow, Ingrid, I think we’re going to get in trouble for this..

        • Hear, hear Lorrin! Never mind the after effects, the pleasure will be ours! Be strong dear Lorrin, if trouble comes, I’ve got your back! Ha, ha! Oh, will you bring the champagne and caviar!? Me thinks the security guards need a dose of laughing gas as well and I will organise the executive security tags for … tara … the ‘two foilers’ or should it be spoilers????

          Excuse my ignorance, but why the tea bags?

          • Well, I’ve got to have our favorite beverage there with us, you know, so we can have ‘morning tea’, and you’re invited this time!

            • Dear Lorrin, what do you mean I’m invited. I thought we in this together but … hmmm are you thinking of having Adam all to yourself? Please don’t ruin the friendship! Ha, ha, Love ya!

              • Oh no, no, my dear, perish the thought! You and I are friends forever. This ‘tea party’ thing started when Cheryl began to get uppity and say that only she and Adam drank tea together, and I said, well, Adam and I drank tea together, too, only we drank it at NIGHT, and then she said, oh, so that’s why he has ‘tea-breath’ when he gets home to her, and I said, well, that may be so, but Adam and I start drinking tea again all over the next morning, and boy is it HOT, and she said her tea was COLD, and you don’t want to know WHY, and so that’s why there’s all this silliness about tea bags…it was a ‘Cheryl – Lorrin’ challenge match kind of thing…anyway, I have this feeling you, Adam, and I will probably be popping that old champagne cork before we start brewing tea bags, don’t ya think?

  11. AdamAddict says:

    VOTE FOR ADAM! Seriously,Clay is getting higher and higher! Don’t skerd me like this. I know Adam got most votes now but when we think he safe then stop voting then Clay’s fans voting like crazy!! DO NOT LET CLAY BEATS ADAM!! NOOOO WAAAAYY!!

    • AdamAddict says:

      Adam now got 12,000+votes and Clay 7,000+ votes and I see these two really fighting! They both keep raising!! Thank God, everytime Clay getting higher, Adam getting higher too! Urgh,I’m skerd!! Keep voting p^o^q BTW, in Adam’s latest tweets, he confirm that his album will be realease on NOV 24th!! 😀 HOORAY!!

      • AdamAddict, Adam has 12,510 votes, album out on the 24th November, cannot wait, the anicipation is getting too much, it is going to sell too fast, I better order my copy from now.

        • AdamAddict says:

          I know, I can’t wait either!! Everything is in November. The album, ELLE magazine and 2012 soundtrack!! I don’t like to see movie about Earth being destroy, but I want to hear the sountrack in that movie so I guess I close my eyes for the whole movie!! Hee hee, am I smart or what??!! 😛

          • Just tried to vote for Adam, it is not registering Adam’s vote, something wrong there.

            • Don’t worry yet, girls, my votes are going through just fine…but I AM a little concerned about that ‘Clay’ person…his votes have gone up to 8,219, not good!

              • Helen/Canada says:

                Lorrin, Did you just click on Adam’s picture, because I’m not sure mine are going through either!

                • Helen/Canada says:

                  P.S. We have to start a voting campaign!!!! I definitely don’t what that frickin’ Clay to win!

                  • Just below and attached to Adam’s picture is a little square with a ‘+’ in it….just click on that little square with the cross. You may have to click on it twice before it goes through. You will know your vote has been counted when you see the little box with the cross disappear. Also, the total tally number will show your vote immediately (and sometimes other votes, too) – you will see the extra vote or votes added in as you look at the total tally under Adam’s picture. Then go back in 15 minutes or so, and do it all over again!

                    • Hi Lorrin, I did that yesterday, but it there seems to be a problem with voting for Adam, even though followed all the correct steps it still did not show my vote in the total. Clay now has nine and a half thousand, we need to carry on voting for Adam.

              • Oh dear, thanks for the info, Toni, I guess we can only do what we can do, I’ll go over there and see what’s up..

  12. cheryl norman says:



    NOW KIDS, LET’S HAVE A LITTLE RESPECT FOR CHEIF BUTT KICKER, MOTHER THERESA, THE FAMOUS MARY C (who still has not given Jeanette her cell phone number and made the pertinent plans to meet with us at the arena, i must say!) and then, of course, me, naughty-girl-norman (WHICH IS TRULY A MISREPRESENTATION OF MYSELF HER, sniff, sniff, somebody give me a kleenex)!!!

    So, Lorrin and Ingrid, after all I’ve gone thru to get you two kids toughened-up, giving you your your (what I thought was) well-deserved nicknames. I “made” you two, and now as it breaks my heart, you two are ready to double-cross your Chief Butt Kicker, Mary C even Mother Theresa, let alone me, Naughty-Girl!!
    Well, I made you what you are, today, and this is how you repay me. Okay, don’t kiss my ring, I’ll just have to get ahold of one of your other Glamb sisters, and see if they can teach you two some manners around here! Either you’re wit us, or you’re again us! You two better do some heavy thinking, and lay off the vino whilst yous two comes to yer heads! Be sure what yer doin’, I don’t want Chief Butt Kicker to end up with either of your heads at the foot of her bed, now!

    Okay, Naughty-Girl has pu it to yous as bestis I no how. Your futures is in youes hands from here on out. Make wise choices, remember to keep yer friends close, but your enemies closer! That’s what I’m tryin’ to dooze here.

    OK GLAMBS, eider they be wit us or agin us. It’s out of my hands now. Remember what confusis say, ,, ,
    well, i don’t remember wat he say rite now, but it was important. So yous two jest remember dat!

    I’m lovin’ peace,lite,hope,happiness,joy and all dat shit…..4 My ADAM and all Glambs here in dis site! I love yous, man!

    • Cheryl, Cheryl, Cheryl, you made us????? Confucius says, Cheryl says – same difference! This quote is for you … “It is a man’s own mind, not his enemy or foe, that lures him to evil ways.” (Hindu Prince Gautama Siddharta, the founder of Buddhism, 563-483 B.C.). SO, whatever evil you are going to get up to at that concert, I wash my hands … Just watch out for the white-coat executive security folk!!!! Ha, Ha, hee, hee!

      Don’t worry, Ma Cherie, we wit you all the way so that you can keep your wits about you. We just wish we could share the concert with you

      • cheryl norman says:

        OH, INGRID ,I know!!!! I wish you could too!!! As of now we really have a good group going to eat and meet at the retaurant!!! We will take lots of pics!!!!! Jeanette has been so lucky with her Adam’s concerts.
        She may have something u her sleeve!!!! I can only hope so!!!! I am sooooo excited, that I’ve had a bologna sandwich w/honey mustard and diet root beer for 3 straight day!!!! I do get into the cottage cheese
        tho, too!!! I’m just praying for a good experience!!! I wish you and LORRIN and Emili and well, just all our
        Glambs could go!!!!! I wish I could video it all!!! Only small camera allowed in! Keep me in your prayers
        that I get to meet Adam, if only long enough to kiss those luscious lips!!! Don’t think Budda knows me!
        Better stick with God and Jesus with me. One of them should know OF ME!!! Hahaha!!!!

      • cheryl norman says:

        INGRID, “Made” is a term that the underworld guys/mobsters use when a guy wants to get in tight with them!! These men have to do a lot of dangerous stuff, and eventually they become “made” men!!! See??
        Yes, I know what you mean by ‘confucuis’ says being the same as ‘cheryl’ says!!! Thank you for giving
        me my respect, my little Fingrid!!!!

        • I TOLD you we would get in trouble, Ingrid, and we DID! We got whaled out by Cheryl! I guess we’re just going to have to CANCEL everything, stay home, and be good girls, sigh. We can’t let nuttin’ put a blot on our good names wit’ the rest of the gang….I’m hangin’ up my white coat, at least for now, and I’m gonna take it easy…gotta see how ‘tings develop in the future…we ain’t finished yet, oh no…….talk to you soon, Flaming ‘Finnegan’ Glamfingers…here’s MY quote(s) for the day:

          “I have an excellent idea, LETS CHANGE THE SUBJECT.” The March Hare

          “Off with their heads!” The Queen of Hearts

          ” Of all the silly nonsense, this is the stupidest tea party I’ve ever been to in all my life!” Alice

          • Ha, ha! Fine, let’s quit our plan. Sshhhhhhhhhhhhh, let’s pretend that we are, hee, hee! Quit isn’t part of our vocabulary but we’ll just let Mobster No. 1 think so, so that she can BACK OFF.

            Lorrin, I know that the “Motley Crew” are going to have a mega-special experience, particularly as they are going together. Despite all the teasing, it is great that the rest of us can feel and share their excitement. I don’t feel any envy just sheer delight for my Glamb family, which is growing in leaps and bounds. Aint it awesome??? Love to you Lorrin and my Glamb family! Ingrid

            • So do I, Ingrid, – feel happy for them in their excitement, that is. I am SO thrilled for all of them. It’s not envy I feel, but a twinge of ‘oh, I wish I was there with them’, too…but the story isn’t over yet, it may come true one of these days that we all CAN be together at one of Adam’s own concerts. It is indeed awesome to to you, Ingrid, also, and to all the Glamb Nation!

              Oh, and hey, I’ve still got the champagne, the caviar, the tea bags, the white coats, and the laughing gas. Are we still good to go?

  13. Wow ladies! Makes me wish I lived in Michigan. You are going to have such a great time! Have fun! I’ll be waiting for next Tuesday to see Adam at the Reading, PA show. I saw him in Atlantic City, and just had to go out and buy another ticket! Anyone else going to the Reading show? I’ll be there early (taking a half day off from work). Can’t wait!!!!

  14. AdamAddict says:

    Some of you may read my post in old thread before how I annoyed PAS(Malaysian Islamic Party) who always like to make an issue about concert! It’s their hobby to ruin our fun!Latest they try to band “Michael learns to rock” because Guiness sponsored the band! Last thing I heard they are going to allow non muslim go to the concert and muslims can’t!!! And todays news, I heard that Malaysian Muslims are now permitted to attend a concert too!! Wee pee!!! I’m not a fan and don’t care but I just hate that PAS always did that!!Find reason to band every concert!! After I heard this news ,I’m so happy!! Good, our goverment didn’t listen to them! Hahaha! They are being unreasonable!! Just because Guinness sponsor doesn’t mean muslims will drink that beer,for god sake!Stupid! I went to watch a movie few days back, they put Tiger Beer cm, should they band the movie too or should they kick us out from the cinema too??!!Stupid!! I have hope again, ADAM IS COMING!!! 🙂

    • AdamAddict says:

      Black Eyed Peas concert not Michael Learn to Rock! My mistake!! MLTR got banned because they going to held in Ramadhan (fasting month for muslims) Not sure what happen to them, I don’t pay attention (because not a fan) but I know lots of people pissed and disappointed tho!! Whatever, all I care is Adam!! 🙂

  15. Jane Parker says:

    All you ladies have a great time!
    Hope to see you on Adam’s solo tour!

  16. JosieNurse says:


    I am comming to the Grand Rapids concert from the Northern Virginia area and would be interested in learning about the activities around the concert. I was at the Washington D.C. Live concert and the NYC Central Park Concert….but at neither place was I able to get anywhere near the Idols or Adam for any M & G’s.

    Please let me know of any activities. My one potential problem is that my husband will be with me and he thinks I am absolutely NUTS but is willing to go early/stay late for this event.

    What time do you think I should be there for the before concert M & G ?

    JosieNurse #2020

    • cheryl norman says:

      JOSIENURSE WONDERFUL!!! I am heling Jeanette w/this concert as I’m a GR homegrown girl !!!

      Please do the following; contact Jeanette my email ; You need to give her your cell phone # and email address, so that we can keep in touch in case anything changes, tho I’m sure it won’t!!! Then, Jeanette will forward your info to me, I will then email you back with my cell phone number, and can answer any question re GR and directions!!!

      A bunch of us will be meeting at Brann’s restaurant for eat and meet! You and your hubby are more than welcome to join us!! There are several people who will have their entire families going to Brann’s and so there will be men, of the male gender (haha!) there also!! We will leave from the restaurant to go to the concert. We definately want to be there no later than 6PM. Arena doors are open all day, but doors to the concert hall open at 6PM. If you’d like to meet us at the restaurant, we have 4:00 reservations, and we need to
      continue getting a head count as I can upgrade our reservations as late as Sat morn.

      Your husband will see that you are perfectly normal!!! He may leave thinking he isn’t!! hahaha!!!!

      So contact Jeanette, she will forwrd your email to me, I will email you with my cell phone number and can answer any diredtion questions, if you have any! You can feel free to contact me by phone or email.

      See you there!!! BTW the temp is expected to not go over 80 w/sunshine, however it will be quite chilly in the evening. It ws in the 40’s last nit, however, that is a record!

      cheryl norman

      Here’s how to contact Jeanette;

      • Yes, Naughty Girl Norman is my administrative assistant for the GR trip, so please feel free to follow her instructions. Things are happening so fast and furious right now that my time on these threads for the rest of the week will be extremely limited, so please trust Cheryl.

        Thanks for your help, Cheryl!!!

        • Whew, I am impressed with the teamwork, Glambs!

          • I don’t recall there be so much excitement prior to a concert. Well, while you lot are having a ball someone has to take care of things here, so the rest of us will keep Sue company. With all the old delinquents off concerting that shouldn’t be a problem, particularly with MOBSTER NO.1 out of the way. I know … jealousy makes one nasty!

            Ya know that I love you all! Ingrid

        • cheryl norman says:

          JEANETTE….. Thank you for your ‘thank you’!!!! Happy to be of your assistant, chief!

    • Josie, good for you, another husband has moved over to the dark side! See ya soon

  17. AdamAddict says:

    I can’t remember if I already put this link here before because I watched too many! So I just put it again! Too hard to resist!!
    I bet your eyes is not on Adam’s face!! LOL!!

    • AdamAddict, OMG!!!!!!!!!! backing music by two of my favourite rock bands, especially AC DC. I cannot stop watching them, I am sitting here having a party, I am dancing with Adam, I am sure my neighbours think that I have gone crazy. If this is my reaction just from the video, OMG how am I going to cope when Adam comes to London? I cannot thank you enough for posting these videos, any more?

      • AdamAddict says:

        OMG, thank goodness you won’t be with Theresa,Jeanette, Cheryl, Mary C etc in this Grand rapids concert!! I will be more worry for Adam if you join them!! Phew!! LOL!! 😛

        • cheryl norman says:


          • In anticipation of a Lonfon concert I have already started to get ready. I am buying rocker jewellery, leather jacket with studs and feathers, rocker boots, glitter, I know, I have gone completely crazy, but I love it.

            • Toni, Yeaaaa, I bet you are having a ball get ready for the new super star
              of the century!!!

            • Helen/Canada says:

              You go girl!!!!

              • Mary and Helen, I am having such a fantastic time, I cannot describe my excitement, and by the way, my hairstyle happens to be the same as Adams, I am also going to put a couple of green strands as well. If he appears at the O2 arena I will definitely be right in front of the stage and definetely have a backstage pass, I am getting into training from now.

                • Tooniii, Love your enthusiasm. What a plan. Love it.

                • Helen/Canada says:

                  You lucky girl. I would love to have my hair like Adams. I’ll bet you look cute as a button too! I think Adam puts blue in his hair, though, he said it turns green as it fades. Good luck with your training!!!

    • I can’t STAND it!!! He leaves me absolutely weak at the knees!!!!!! Thanks for sharing, AdamAddict! I continue to be amazed at what you are able to find for us! Please keep them coming (and coming and coming – did I really say that?! )

      (Glamb #20)

      • AdamAddict says:

        Keep it coming for you,YES! But keep you cumming,NO!! LOL!! (did I really say that??!!)

        • AdamAddict you crack me up girl, really, all the GLAMBS should arrange to meet, can you imagine the atmosphere? And of course a special invitation for Adam, if he is brave enough.

          • Oh heck, Toni, – Ingrid, Cheryl, Jeanette, Mary C., Sue, and I will take care of that even if he ISN’T brave enough, have no fear, he’ll be there..

            • Lorrin, I’m here – just looking for my belly-dancing outfit so that I’m ready when he comes

              • OMG, this site is far too much, I cannot believe how much more enjoyable it is to read the comments here then work, or watch television, or to anything else, except for listening and watching OUR SEXY ROCK GOD ADAM LAMBERT.

    • AdamAddict, eyes not on Adams face? mine were on his ear! Ha

      • We should dare Adam to meet us! LOL!! “Adam we dare you to meet us, we dare you to take off your cloth!Are you man enough??!!” Then we got all our camera ready! ZOOM!! “Come on, we dare you!!” Yeah sure, that will work…NOT!! He skerd of nothing?? He hasn’t meet the GLAMBS just yet!! LOL!! 😛

        • He should’nt be scared. we will take care of him, we will really make him feel comfortable and relaxed, don’t be scared Adam, we will be gentle with you, especially AdamAddict.

        • Zoom , zoom, zoom. Can you imagine Adam not taking a dare???

  18. I just have to get this off my chest..I had nightmares last night about Adam getting hurt by the crazies out there. The religious nuts& the hounding press.. Then I went onto twitter and saw Adam’s immature idol bus mates twitting ,making fun of him. How much crap does this talented and loving man have to take.Is this the price of fame?I really think the world of Adam and some times I wonder , if in the near future ,he might move to Europe or some other country .
    A country where he can truly be himself .

    Am I the only fan who is worried about Adam?

    Thanks for listening

    • Melody, no you are not. The religious freeks are a minority, they better not do anything to harm our Adam or they will have to face all the GLAMBERTS from all over the world, we will exterminate them. As from the other people on the bus I think they are just fouling around, well, they better be, at the end of the day, they should be thnakful that Adam is on the AI tour, without him, who on earth is going to see them, they are only there as supporting acts, , the main attraction is our SEXY GLAMBERT WITH A VOICE OF AN ANGEL AND LOOKS THAT KILL.

    • No melody, you are not the only one, I too noticed there is some kind of disconnect between Adam and the mainstream press: either they are stupidly ignorant of the truth and print lies, or they are almost completely indifferent to his spectacular greatness, and their concert reviews are dull and lackluster. Sometimes I wonder what is going on behind the scenes, and if anyone is going to champion Adam in print! And I too, have thought about his personal safety, as I know we all have. I’m sure that Adam is highly aware of the heightened emotional climate around him, and he is very cautious. I think that all of this is part and parcel of how things go for any new star of Adam’s caliber, and he definitely seems able to endure any heavy weather that comes his way with grace and humor. Also, as he rises to megastardom, many more protective measures will be put in place. Somehow, though, with his openness and honesty, I can’t see Adam living for any length of time in Europe, he would chafe at not having his close circle of friends near him. Hopefully, things will never become impossible for him, and he will be able to ride out the tough stuff. As his fans, we can only trust and hope that all will be well for this most precious young man, and that he will finally receive all the good things he so deserves.

      • Dear Tony and Lorrin,

        Thank you so much for taking the time to make me feel better. I so appreciate your input.

        My husband thinks I’ve gone over the edge about Adam,I worry more about him than my children.

        It feels so good to beable to vent my feelings to you,because you can relate. Just like you I feel invested in Adam ,because ,I voted a zillion times for him ,and watched him grow into his stardom..So happy I have you all to talk to.

        Thanks again

        • You are so welcome, Melody, I feel exactly the same about Adam as you do. I have actually sat in front of this computer and wept for joy over this young man, for his young life, his aspirations, his early sorrows, his love for his family, his finally making it…I think what has happened is that many of my own feelings about life and my own children and their struggles have somehow gotten transferred to Adam and his family. I think, ‘this young man has MADE it, look how proud his mother is of him, look at the way his Dad looks at him in the hall backstage with such pride and love, look at that kid burst out the door with his ticket, run up the hill and leap for joy, he is finally going somewhere!’ Life is not easy, and the older you get, the more you know it, and to see this darling guy make something of himself is a joy to see, to see him smile that big smile IS happiness. Then when you realize what an incredible GIFT he is to the world, a man who combines both the sweetest of temperments with the most overpowering beauty and vocal ability, you begin to get a little panicky thinking, ‘we must make SURE that he is protected, he is unbelievably precious to all of us’. So I don’t think it’s over the edge at all, it is the natural love of a ‘mother’ for a beloved child. We mothers and older women have all nurtured this ‘extra’ chick of ours through thick and thin, too, with our care and our love. We are standing by this boy to be SURE all is well. We want only the best for him, long life, good things, good people for him to know, no harm to ever come to him. That’s why we fuss and worry about him. God willing and the creek don’t rise, Adam will be just fine, and we will be granted the gift of loving him for many, many more years to come…I’m looking forward to it..

          • Helen/Canada says:

            Thanks Lorrin, you just made me cry!!! How do you always express exactly what I’m feeling????

            • Helen/Canada dear, it is probably because we are ALL feeling the same things together about our Adam, and I just reach in and pluck out everyone’s beautiful thoughts and feelings and put them into words..

          • Lorrin, oh Lorrin! Thank you so much once again for your beautiful words! I am sobbing as I write this – you have expressed my own feelings so eloquently. Adam truly is a gift to the world and unfortunately that means that some people feel a sense of ownership over him and could take things too far. Rather, we should all just be grateful that we are here to witness his rise and to say THANK YOU for sharing his beauty and talent with us.

            Once again, I am going to be late for work because I cannot tear myself away from the computer. I don’t want to miss a thing (although sadly I won’t be joining the others at the GR show.)

            Hugs to all!

            (Glamb #20)

            • Oh Jane416, how in the world did you manage to get number 20 for your Glamb #? I look upon people with those first few numbers as almost mythical beings….and I’m so sorry I helped to make you late for work, but thank you so much for your lovely words, yes, Adam truly IS a gift to the WORLD..

      • cheryl norman says:

        LORRIN,,,, Could you please just tell me what the heck MWAH IS???? I keep seeing it and to date, NO one
        has given even an inkling of a meaning of the 4 letters!!! Please, Lorrin. Just tell me. And do not type in
        one of your 9 languages!!! Oh, that’s so annoying trying to decipher that only knowing some Latin, and a
        lot of PigLatin!!!

        • Hi Cheryl Norman, I found the following explanation for MWAH,

          “MWAH – An Air-Kiss usually delivered either side of the face without actually touching the person. Often seen at cocktail parties and socialite gatherings.

          Try saying it twice out loud and you will get it”.

          Does this help?

          • Toni, you are soooooooooooo perceptive! Dearest, you have only just started, you will have to say it 20 more times in the next two weeks until Cheryl decides when she wants to get it.

            I have been using mwah since joining this site and after ….. hmmmm, let me think, only a good couple of months Cheryl decideds to stir things up.

            So I am sure you know what’s coming …

            Hugs & mwwwwwwwwwwwah

            • cheryl norman says:

              Fingrid!!!! OMG!!!! I knew you had been using it, I just though if I was really careful, someone
              might say it and I WOULDN’T HAVE TO ASK!!!!!!!! Can I get just a little sulpport for your
              Adm Asst to the Chief?????????? Geezzzz What title do I need befor I get some respect????


                • Ha, ha! Lorrin, you took the words out of my mouth! Chief Admin Assistant may work – try it! Speak nicely to the Chief Butt Kicker, grovel a bit, do lots of sucking up and who knows!!!!!

        • Cheryl dear, according to the website, ‘’, the word ‘MWAH’ does indeed mean ‘kiss’. I am always getting that word mixed up with the word that one always associates with B-grade vampire movies, the word ‘MWA-A-A-A-A-H-H-H-H’ as in ‘Let me bite your NECK, darling…’. Apparently, I was wrong (shock), and it does stand for the shorter, smackier sounding word which one makes when pretending to make the sound of a big, fat smoochy kiss. So Toni is right, that IS the definition, ipso facto presto chang-o!

          • cheryl norman says:

            I’ll tell you why! B/C you know I do not have a friggin clue what you just said! Iposl prestsol mmeaae
            elchangeo!!! And I mean every word!!!

            Thankyou BTW.
            Mary, stop laughing!

            • Eacher-Tay, ay-may Ingrid-Fay nd-ay orrin-Lay o-gay et-gay a-ay rink-day, lease-pay? Lease-Pay? (Ingrid, where ARE you?)

              • Lorrin, here I am!

                Cheryl, listen to me and listen to me good! Shucks, first breathe, in … and … out, nicely does it! NOW CHERYL, if you ask (yes I am telling you, not asking you this time) ANYONE on this site AGAIN, what MWAH means, I will, yes Cheryl, I promise, have you BANNED FROM THE CONCERT AND THIS SITE. NOW GET IT, FIRST TIME! Dammit, don’t give me grief!

                • Thank GOD, she’s here!

                  • cheryl norman says:

                    INGRID AND LLORRIN…..

                    LORRIN, you first. No you may not get a drink with Ingrid!! No!!

                    FINGRID, you, my little Fingrid are next!!! Why do you think I’m “Naughty-Girl
                    -Norman????? HUH???? HUH??????
                    Here’s your reply; WHAT DOES MWAH MEAN?????

                    Now, you two, back to your rooms! I’ve got to go awaay for awhile and I do not trust
                    you any farther than I can throw you!!! Did I make myself Very Clear???????????
                    Thought so.

                    • I refuse to dignify this (the m… bit) with a response! 5 ft … inches and you want to throw who???? So you think you can do a David and Goliath trick. I am trying to visualise you throwing Lorrin, who towers over you. Dynamite comes in small packages but this, my dear, is pushing it.

                      Love you lots, ma cherie!

            • Cheryl, I cant help but laugh, you girls are toooo much. 9 languages???

          • Lorrin, your translation for ‘MWA-A-A-A-A-H-H-H-H’ as in ‘Let me bite your NECK’ can we use that when we are refering to Adam, I would love to kiss his neck.

            • Oh YES, most CERTAINLY, Toni, please USE it, it is there to be used for that very purpose,….of biting Adam’s neck…you may have to add in a couple of extra W-A-A-A-A-H-H-H’s, though, just to be clear about which MWAH you mean, but by all means, please USE IT!

        • Cheryl, you crack me up! MWAH

          • Mary C., – Cheryl has gone beserk, like one of those popping, buzzing fireworks balls that jumps all over the place on the 4th of July! I don’t think we’re going to be able to keep her in line for these next 4 days while we’re waiting for her to lug off to that blasted concert, which can’t be soon enough for me! I’m tellin’ ya, when the ‘cat’s away the mice will play’, only it ain’t the mice who are playing, it’s the Vice-Principal….isn’t there a broom closet we can put her in for a few days?

          • Mary C, our Cheryl plays this game every now and then! Trust me, she aint finished yet!

            Love to you from the Rainbow Nation!

            • Lorrin & Ingrid, I know what u mean. Cheryl girl, you popping firework ball,
              its getting closer, 3 more days just dont explode all over me.
              Girls send me some love Sunday night, she may be next to me doing all the
              exploding!! Heelpppp.

          • Iyleneidol09 says:

            OH, I thought MWAH stands for Mad, Wild And Horny!!! I think that applies to all the Glams here!!!!LOL!!! That should be your Password when you guys meet in GR!! Like: knock! knock! >>> who’s there??? >>>> MWAH!! >>>Oh ok, c’mon in!!!

    • Melody, I suppose there will always be the brainless, religious nuts and hounding press who irritate me no end. The press (the desperate ones seeking to save a floundering career or those who have no scruples) know that anything Adam is newsworthy, so if it means overriding the truth with sensationalised unsubstantiated lies, they’ll stoop to that level. Adam is contributing more to peace, tolerance and understanding than all those religious nuts, who hide behind religion rather than deal with their issues. As for his bus mates, they are either insanely jealous, particularly since they know about the anti-gay group who hounded Adam OR they are using their immature, insensitive twitting at Adam’s expense, to gain some publicity. Either way, the management of the tour should nip it in the bud. Adam is their meal ticket and he deserves better.

      I agree with Toni that it is only because of Adam that the concerts are being so well supported. I am glad the AI concerts are coming to an end, … well not before the Glambs have graced the Grand Rapids’ Concerts with their glamberous presence. Adam never ceazes to amaze me as he continues to captivate audiences wherever he goes without being lured into losing focus
      in the midst of all this unnecessary, senseless jealousy and pathetic behaviour .

      Melody, I feel and share your concern! We will remain steadfast in our love and support for Adam and … WE ARE A FORCE TO BE RECKONED WITH!

      Take heart in the fact that these Adam-knockers are in the minority and insignificant in the greater scheme of things. Hugs and mmmmmmmmmmmmmwah from your fellow Glamb!

    • Melody, you are not alone. We all worry, but have to concentrate on the positive .
      He seems to truly love LA with all his family and friends who he loves there to keep him grounded.
      Adam probably laughs right along w/those immature bus mates, soon he will be on his own.
      You know he cant wait for solo side of things. The thing is , he is truly himself whereever he goes.
      Thats what we love about him.

    • Helen/Canada says:

      Melody, I don’t understand what you mean about his bus mates making fun of him. Who, when, what was said? I’ve been following twitter and I haven’t seen any remarks like that at all. The only one that I saw to address the stuff going on outside in KC, was Michael and he was very supportive of Adam and berating those people. What I have seen is that they all get along and like each other very much.

  19. I will be at the Grand Rapids concert Sunday. ICAN’T WAIT. I am going for Adam only! I will probably have a heart attack or something when I get to hear him sing in person!!

    • AdamRocks! says:

      We have two Barbs, don’t we? Barb, where are you from? The Barb I’m familiar with is from Boca Raton, Florida.

      HAVE FUN Sunday!!!! You’re in for the time of your life!!! 🙂

      Cindy in MS

    • cheryl norman says:


      Don’t you WANT to meet with your Glamb Sisters??? Has one of them done something to hurt you???
      If so, just tell the Chief Butt Kicker when she gets back!!! ……Oh, yeah,. guess she’s not coming back for
      a little while. Well, maybe I can help you.

      If nobody has hurt you, why haven’t you emailed Jeanette yet and given her your we can see you
      Sunday??? Huh??? We are going to ‘meet and eat’ Sunday at Brann’s Restaurant then going directly
      to the concert for our Annual Picture Taking of all Glambs in GR!!! So, if you want to be part of the
      historical event, get your bum moving and email Jeanette!!! We are exchanging cell numbers, so that we
      won’t miss anybody at the concert at photo time!!! You are a Glamb, therefor, you must be immortalized
      in pics with the rest of our butts!!! You’re not ‘special’!!! You have to get your picture taken with all the rest
      of us, little lady!!! I will give you the email to get this in motion, and I wil expect to receive your information
      no later than Friday morning!!!

      Love you!!! cherylnorman

      Jeanette’s email: —that’s it!

    • cheryl norman says:

      BARB…….You said you’re going for Adam only. What did you mean? Is anyone else going to be there???

    • Barb, so glad you are coming to GR too. We will have a good time, just dont have a H. A.
      or dont even fake one, so he will come to your rescue.

      • Love how Cheryl says our annual GR meet. Way to go girl

        • Yeah, and you can be damn sure that Lorrin, AdamAddict, AdamRocks, Toni, Alen, Silvana, Iyleneidol09 and the whole Glamb shabang (or Motley Crew, if you so prefer) will be at the next annual meeting.

  20. Silvana/Argentina says:

    Hi everyone,

    I’m Silvana, 52 , live in Argentina, and have been following this site for quite a long time now, but never made up my mind to post. Like most of you is the first place I go as soon as I sit at the computer, because I can’t have enough of Adam, as all of you well know.
    There are no words that can accurately describe this spectacular artist and beautiful soul. I stopped even trying, I just marvel at him every time I play a video of his performances, or watch an interview. He is like the Sun, reaching out to all of the world with his light and warmth, and sometimes …scorching HOTTNESS.
    None of my relatives or friends know him (AI is not popular in my country), I only share this love with Victoria, my daughter (19), and you. I loved this cozy little place amidst the enormous internet, from the first moment, because it breathes love, respect, admiration, positivity. It feels like having a chat with old friends (even if we are all youngsters again). Lorrin, I love your writing, your marvelous descriptions; Jeanette and all of the Fan Club Leaders you do an excellent job; Lisette, with your beautiful English/French writing; Ingrid, who loves to dance; Mother Theresa from Canada; Ofra from Israel; Toni from England, lucky Mary C, funny AdamAddict and Helen fighting over poor Adam; hilarious Wannabethesnake, you made me really laugh with the “Adam bait” and brought tears to my eyes with the SHE post; Evelize, “a fan brasileira”; AdamRocks, Cindy; the boys Gerri and Alen; the girls from New Zealand and hundreds more.
    Lately I read that someone called this site “a big party”, so instead of keep on watching through the window I decided to hop in. Of course I’m not going to any concert (hopefully just for now, if his solo tour comes round here), but everybody’s preparations and excitement was too contagious not to share. So……Cheryl Norman (left you for the end on purpose): Glam yourself up: black and gold, peacock feather, beautiful make-up, black nail polish, for your date with Adam; GO FOR THE BELT BUCKLE, if the girls allow you…….but if you don’t get it, hopefully you can manage an autograph, a gaze from his amazing eyes, a hug…
    Love, peace, light for Adam, his loved ones and all of the Glams.

    • Silvana, welcome to the site, this is the best site on the internet, we all having fun on this site, you will find the best people to party with on this site.

      • Silvana/Argentina says:

        thank you for the welcome. Is truely the best site. And lately with all the concerts preparations, its been such fun and excitement.
        Best wishes,

        • Hi Sylvana, I am in the same position as you, I live in London but reading all the comments for the concert preparation I cannot help but become excited too, I cannot wait until Adam comes to London, I will propably explode with excitment. My daughter thinks I have completely lost it, but I don’t care, if this is what is like to be crazy, I LOVE IT.

          • Silvana/Argentina says:

            maybe our positions are not quiet the same, I’m not sure Adam would come to Argentina. London, on the other hand, is something sure. But i agree with you, I would explode with excitement. Luckily my daughter feels pretty much the same as me. She helps me dowloading vids and songs.

            • cheryl norman says:

              INGRID….Just a not to the wise is sufficient, I think. Now, Fingrid, I am in charge!!! I didn’t ask for
              this top-paying position, but, I will, to the best of my ability, keep safe and honest, the beauty of
              this amazing ADAM fansite, as Jeanette, Buttkicker, has put her trust in me. I am only doing my
              duty. You should actually be ashamed of what unkind words your little mouth has uttered about

              • INGRID, don’t you LEAVE ME out here with Naughty Cheryl! She has already confiscated our leather jackets, and I’m still sitting in her office with my face to the wall…HELP!

              • I swear Jeanette is losing her marbles if she has put you in charge. Top-paying for sure! Jeanette is going to pay big-time for this. She probably is so busy preparing for the concert that she confused you with someone else. Just as well you are going with her to the concert as she may just have returned to a website that no longer exists if you were left behind. Actually, there is method in her madness. Good, veeerrrrrrrrrrrrrrrry, very good!

                Ah Ma Cherie, love you to bits even though you are a ‘piece of work’!

    • Silvana/Argentina, a warm Glamb welcome! I am delighted to have you join us. From your amazing post, you are already a Glamb at heart and I am dumbstruck by how well you have summarised each of us. We are all the richer for you gracing us with your presence and I look forward to seeing many more posts from you.

      Adam’s is fast becoming a global phenomenon. You would have noticed that we come from all the corners of the globe and are unified by our love for Adam.

      I agree that Cheryl, aka Naughty Girl Norman, aka Mobster No. 1, must do her thing with gusto, in her normal (not so normal) misbehaving style. As for Chief Butt Kicker, Mother Thereeeesa, the Famous Mary C and all the other glamberous over-age delinquents, they will be true to form and give it stick!

      I have made so many wonderful friends on this site and feel so close to my glamberous friends, that teasing them feels quite natural.

      Silvana, once again, I loved your post! From the Rainbow Nation (South Africa), where the nights are cold (presently) and the hearts are warm, love, peace, hugs and mwah! Ingrid

      • Silvana/Argentina says:

        thank you so much for your warm welcome. I really feel a Glamb at heart, as you say.
        I just had a few words for some of the most notorious Glambs, if I wrote more my post would have been to extensive. But I know that you are from South Africa (similar in climate and geography to my country) and I remember you telling Lorrin that you loved to dance, as your husband does.
        What struck me the most about this site was that the majority of the women posting were of a certain age, like me, so I could stop feeling crazy because of the way Adam made me feel. As many had said already he has changed lives much more than he can or will ever imagine. And definitely he will be a world wide star. Just hope he will come to Argentina (maybe that is stretching to much).
        Also is very interesting to watch the friendships that were born here. You, Lorrin and Cheryl. You and Cheryl over Federer and Nadal (sorry, I too prefer Rafa). Now, Cheryl, Mary C. , Helen and AdamAddict fighting over Adam’s treasure. A lot of fun, especially all de akas.
        Love and peace and mwah to you,

        • cheryl norman says:

          SILVANA,,, You Tell it like it is!!!! GO RAFA!!!! BEAT FEDERER!!!!!! SO GLAD you’re here!!! We need some fresh faces who can see Rafa for the hunk he is!!! Right Fingrid?,,, I mean Ingrid.!!!!

          Thank you for all your kind words!!! I try to keep this ship sailing smoothly, but it does get tough at times.
          You understand, I’m sure!!!

          Yes, we have a few ‘hoods’ here!! (‘hoods’ an adjective used for gansta type h.s.boys w/greasy hair back
          in the 50’s) So, watch your back!!! Never know when one of them will jump out and surprise ya!!!

          Just ‘keep your nose clean, kid’ and you’ll fo alright here!!! Cheers to ya!!! cherylnorman

          • Silvana/Argentina says:

            you ALWAYS make me laugh really hard. Lately, with all the preparations, plans and schemes to get to Adam, even more.
            Thank you for explaining what was with the word “hood”, now I know.
            You will be very busy as Administrative Assistant, I hope your MadBert will cope with the extra responsibilities.
            Enjoy these last days prior to the concert, and there…..well…… don’t need me to tell what to do.
            Best wishes,

            • cheryl norman says:

              SILVANA….HEY!!! You amaze me!!! You know MadBert!!! Lorrin or Ingrid has had to have told
              on him!!! He is really a ‘nut case’!!!! Makes me so mad sometimes, I just want to plug him
              into a ‘bad’ outlet!!! Thank for you post!! You’re already ‘in the groove’!!! Welcome, again!!
              Yeah, I have been so busy today, that it’s been hard to get a bathroom break!! kidding!
              But, I haven’t been able to read and reply much today, and I’ve got a very day tomorrow and
              Friday. Saturday to my grandson’s footbll game, he’s almost 7, then to GR Sat afternoon. I’ve
              got an Aunt who is on her last days of this world that I will be spending much time with in GR.
              My Mother just died in Feb ’08. They are like twins. She just got diagnosed this past winter. I’ve
              gone to see her a few times and call about every other day. But, can’t wait to see ADAM!!!
              Lotsa Luv’n Lotsa Luv!!! cherylnorman

              • Silvana/Argentina says:

                sorry to hear aboutr your Aunt, those moments are always difficult.

                Hope you really enjoy the concert and finally meet Adam, in the flesh……can you imagine that…



                • Silvana, ‘MadBert’ is Cheryl’s wayward computer, who is always writing in strange, elongated wrap-around sentences…we know where Cheryl is just by ‘spotting’ MadBert’s wild writing style..

                  • Silvana, beware Madbertitis is contagious (just like Cheryl). Sssssssssssssh, I also suspect that Madbert is Cheryl’s alter ego.

                    Cheryl, even if you get a million fresh faces to support Rafa, it’s all good! I am a FEDERER fan FOREVER! As I said, I don’t have anything against RAFA, I just like them with more finesse and rougher when it counts. … and now Federer has proven that he has a double-barrel shot-gun! What more could a gir want???? I’ll tell you, ADAM LAMBERT, EVERY DAY, ALL DAY, ALL NIGHT LONG, ALL THE WAY! Ooops, me has to take a cold shower!

      • cheryl norman says:

        INGRID !!!! JUST WHO R U calling ‘over’aged???? And I do not ‘miss’ B have!!! That is a ‘mis’ no mer!!
        Silvana, Ingrid, here, and I might as well just get it out of the way, and say it, Lorrin, also, are just 2 of those
        ‘hoods’ I tried to warn you about!!!! Eh????? Ya gotta watch em!!!

        • Pay NO ATTENTION to this ‘cheryl norman’ person, she has let her position as attache to the Chief go COMPLETELY TO HER HEAD! I can just see it now over the next couple of days, she is going to be INSUFFERABLE! Jeanette’s gone for a few hours, and what does she do, she sits in the ‘BIG Chair’ and orders people around. Ingrid, calling you and me ‘HOODS’, as if we would EVER do ANYTHING behind their backs, or cook up some wild scheme, or make off with Adam by ourselves…..the very IDEA! Surely there is something we can DO!

          • cheryl norman says:

            LORRIN…..AS I LIVE AND BREATHE!!!! Listen little miss FlamingGlamfingers, little naughty girl!!!
            You are telling ‘tales out of school’, and YOUKNOW IT!!!! Just because I have had a PROMOTION
            to ADMKIN. ASST TO THE CHIEF BUTT KICKER is NO reason for you to talk like that!!! I am really
            appaulled (sp)!!! You and Ingrid need to just take OFF the leather jackets, and get that nasty lipstick
            and rouge off your faces and act like the kind of ‘nice’ girls I know you can be!!!

            You both know I would NEVER stoop so low as to try to get my light and lovely fingers on our ADAM!!
            The sheer thought of how you made me out to look actually curls my hair!!! AND my hair is stick
            straight! I’m SO SURE, I ‘let my new found promotion’ go to my head. It’s me!!! Shy, timid, short,
            unhealthy, kind, loving, generous, ME!! I just think you two should just think about what you are
            saying!!! I’ll always keep ADAM safe. With me, he’ll have the leash and collar, and no one will be
            able to hurt him while I’m around! Now, you all know that.

            • Cheryl, OK I cant think straight now. Radio interview with Jeanette.? I have a
              feeling this trip will go down in history, in comparison to all the others now.
              Oh please lord, give us some good luck on this trip too! I always think my moms spirit is with us giving us good luck. Geez GR may be the icing on the cake!

              • Helen/Canada says:

                Mary, isn’t that exciting about the radio interview. My God, if this site gets famous, everybody will be reading our posts! OMG, we’re going to be in such trouble–they’ll shut us down as a porn site!
                Yes, I do believe too that your mom’s spirit is guiding you and giving you luck! I have all my fingers and toes crossed that this will be a spectacular experience for all of you. I know that Adam will ROCK THE HOUSE. I truly hope that all of you will get to see him up close and personal. Although, don’t you think you’re getting a bit greedy there miss! Give him a big hug and kiss for me and tell him I”M THE ONE WHO TRULY LOVES HIM AND WILL MAKE HIM HAPPY FOR THE REST OF HIS LIFE!!! ha, ha! (I’m serious though).

                • Helen, I know there are many who love him but as for making him happy. Ooooooooooooooooh, I will so take him on a journey to places he has never been before – over the hills and into the valleys, linger in the crevices, ride the waves and allow our volcanos to erupt … not before our thunder and lightning has resounded across the planet. It would probably be a journey with no return for me – all that will be left is a pool of melted Ingrid. What a way to go, what a way to go! Hhhhhhhhhhhhhmmmmmmmm, ggggggggggrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr, plop, plop!

                • Helen, oh yea I laugh about people reading our posts. OMG I guess that would
                  be kind of Skery! No no room for greed. We all share and share alike.
                  I wish I could go to every show. Cant get enough of his sweet ole self.
                  Wish you were coming too though, Are you still going to Syracuse?

                  • Helen/Canada says:

                    I’m definitely planning to go to Syracuse. I’ll be checking Ticketmaster and if I can get a really good seat, like front row, I’ll go to the concert. If not, I’ll just try to see him before and after the show. I know it sounds crazy to go all that way just on the possibility that I might see him, but I don’t care, I’ll take that chance. If this was his solo tour, I would definitely go to the concert, but I’m trying to watch my pennies, and will have to get a hotel room, because I won’t be able to drive back that night, too late and too far. Oh, who knows, I may give in and go to the show anyway!

                    • Helen, I can just picture you going ahead and getting your show ticket.
                      Regardless, be careful and cant wait to hear your details.
                      By the way, how is the Dior Homme smelling. Alot of stores do not
                      carry it here, but I did see it online.

            • Vice Principal Cherry, you know that I will do everything in my power during the next 3 days to get into as much trouble as possible while Principal Butt-Kicker is away on leave. As soon as we leave your office, Ingrid and I are going to put the make-up, the rouge and the leather right back on, and we’re going to do as much flouncing around as we possibly can do, and I’m going to hide your peacock feather! And what’s MORE, I KNOW that you have plans to get your sticky fingers on Adam’s, uh, belt buckle, because I GAVE YOU THE IDEA! Just because you got this TEMPORARY promotion, you are running amok with all these wild ideas….oh, and that leash and collar, Wannabe and I will just take that if you don’t mind…

        • Whew Cheryl, at least I know you okay. It took at least ten takes before you cottoned onto the ‘over-age’ thing.

          Silvana, let me explain the hoods in this situation. Lorrin is WOMANHOOD, I am SISTERHOOD (we sometimes switch roles), Cheryl is UNLIKELIHOOD and you are fast becoming VICTIMHOOD.

          Silvan is is such a treat having you here with us. Love and mmmmmmmmmmmmwah!

          • This is QUITE brilliant, Ingrid, truly! Let’s see, Mary C. is LIKELIHOOD, Mother Theresa is SAINTHOOD, Jeanette is MOTHERHOOD, AdamAddict is IN THE HOOD, Wannabethesnake is UNDER THE HOOD, Iyleneidol is LUSTIHOOD, and Helen is LADYHOOD…and I know there are many others, but there aren’t enough HOODS to go around..

            • Yeah, yeah, Lorrin! Love it!

              • and Lisette is SWEETHOOD!

                • Silvana/Argentina says:

                  I like better this kind of HOODS, and not all that mobster thing that Cheryl told me.
                  Maybe you are, all these responsiblities of Adm. Asst. are too much for her…….
                  Just kidding, Cheryl

                • Iyleneidol09 says:

                  Well, thank you Lorrin, I love mine: LUSTIHOOD hmm, that’s almost synonymous to: ADAMGASM!!!!! Well, sisters, when Adam look at our title, he will PICK MEEEEEEEEEE >>>>>>> LUSTIHOOD!!!!
                  Hang on, someone should be named as :DIVAHOOD!!! who could that be??? And don’t forget our gentlemen: who will be the “MANHOOD?!
                  he! he! how about the “BONERHOOD?”

            • You guys are cracking me up. All these Hoods very good. We could call ourselves the

              • Mary C,
                I actually like the idea! Of course we cannot change it but if we call ourselves Glambhoods,when we gather around we all wearing hood to reconise each other! Hmmm, but some people might think we a gangster or worse a devoters of Black magic!! LOL!! But I really really like Glambhoods!! Jeanette,can we add the hoods?? Hee hee!! 😛

                • cheryl norman says:

                  GLAMBS, just a quick note to any of you, or should I say, all of you who sent me an
                  email today, and haven’t gotten a reply yet, please be patient. I hate to tell you this on
                  this thread, but alas, I have no choice.

                  Presently my computer, MadBert, will not let me access my emails. Yes, it’s true. I have
                  help coming. I really don’t know what the hell is Bert’s problem, but I think it might have
                  something to do with the following kids; LORRIN,INGRID,LISETTE,MARY,SILVANA,
                  HELEN, MELODY and the Verizon Network themselves, just to mention a few.

                  Hopefully all this will be corrected within the next couple of hrs and I will answer
                  everyone’s emails. I can see who have sent me one, but just unable to get to the
                  site to actually READ anything………………I can already see the lights going off in your
                  heads, but, don’t do it,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,don’t get carriedaway kids with this news that is
                  obviously music to your ears…….MWAH…………….!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                  • Well I KNOW that I WAS IN ON IT, I figured out what to do with that MadBert, and I fixed that ‘Admin. ASSt. Naughty Cheryl Norman’s’ wagon but good! Next thing to go is that peacock feather..

                • Yea, I like it too. Lets see there is the GlambSkanks, we can be the GlambHoods.
                  We are the wild people!, well with sommmmeee sweet ones.

            • Helen/Canada says:

              Why am I LADYHOOD. I’m not a lady!, especially when it comes to Adam. I’ve given you the wrong impression!!! ha, ha, but I do try to restrain myself a little bit here. If only you knew what I was really thinking when it came to what I would do with Adam. Come here my sweet thing…….I won’t hurt you…….

          • cheryl norman says:

            lorrin fingrid emili mary helen ARE YOU DONE EITH THIS YET???? R U TRYING 2 GIVE ME A
            DONE TO SILVANA-HOOD!!!
            SILVANA, you better start running b4 those crazy minds dirty-up your prescious brain!!!!!

            Y can’t U leave Silvana out of this???? She has only just come in the door and already you, esp
            Lorrin & Ingrid are up to your dirty-tricks!!! Just like ‘trick-dick’ M Nixon!!! You all sound just like the
            Watergate Plumbers!!! Paleeeezzz!!! Give it a rest, people!!! I am busy trying to do my Admin Asst
            to Chief Jeanette, job, here people!!!! Jeanette has put me in charge of this community for a brief
            period of time, and be god, I will perform my duties to the best of my abilities, come hell or high water
            or ‘hoods’ from the hood!!!!! You are all just trying to distract me. I KNOW that!!! You all may think
            the new Asst Chief can’t perform her duties if you all start acting up w/all your ‘old’ friends from the
            other side of the track! Well, hahaha , just let me say one more thing. STOP IT OR I MIGHT HAVE
            TO HURT SOMEBODY. Now, th jail is vacant, but, that can be changed real fast!!!
            I am trying to get my black nail polish on, and you kids keep pinching each other just to keep the
            ruckus going! Well, just sayin’ I, too have a WHIP!!!! I told Adam I would not use it on anyone else
            yet you kids keep it up!!!! Sorry, Adam. They’re ljust JEALOUS!

            • Ingrid, notice Cheryl says ‘be god’ not ‘by god’….oh yeah, caught her in a LIT-TLE slip of the tongue there..

              • Silvana/Argentina says:


                don’t worry for me dear…..I’ve been following this site long enough as to know how things are going…..and from whom I have to watch out…..Hahahaha

                I see you are getting your black nail polish……I love that


              • Lorrin, I am sure Cheryl has a lisp with all the slips off her tongue, ha, ha! Cheryl, it is evident that Silvana knows us all too well so there’s no pulling the wool over her eyes.

                On a more serious note, I am going to post a message to you, Jeanette, and Mary C (and any other Glambs going to the concert) by the end of the day. GR has turned out to be ‘the concert”. So my dear friends, look out for it, and may my good wishes that I am going to post later, travel with you. Love, SISTERHOOD

    • Thank you for de-lurking and joining the party, Silvana! We’re happy to have you!!!

      • AdamAddict says:

        Welcome! I’m shocked when U said you’ve been here for a while now & this is your first time you decided to post! You can just read and then leave??!! Bravo!! LOL!!There’s no way I can do that!! LOL!! The first time I found this sites, I post my comment instantly!! That time Adam was still in A.I!! After I watched it on T.V, I came here to this sites and let it ALLLLLLL OOOOUUT!! I’m feeling good after that!
        Don’t worry about people might think you crazy here because we all are!Don’t worry about people might think you don’t have a life, because we all are!Don’t worry about people might think you are horny because Cheryl,MaryC,Helen are!! I’m not!! I’m the most decent girl here so just stay with me, I’ll protect you from all evil here!! ~giggle~So,Jeanette going for “holiday” and Sue taking over! Mary C and I agreed to sneak in her house and steal her bra if Sue not cool! So, are you in or are you out??!! 😛
        Emili(32), Glamb#19, Malaysia

        • Silvana/Argentina says:

          Hi AdamAddict,
          you absolutely ALWAYS make me laugh. You say YOU are a decent, sweet, naive girl?!!!! I really doubt it after reading all your post. I read about your schemes of stealing Sue’ s bra. You should be ashamed of yourself!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! HaHaHa!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Just kidding. Remember she has not even taken over.
          You had lots of other plans…….What were you locking in YOUR undies drawer?!!!!!!!!!!!
          I have to thank you for all the great videos that you are always posting and for making me laugh. You are truly FUNNY and always fierce in your defense of Adam.
          Love and hugs,

          • AdamAddict, wherever you heard the word decent, you misunderstood it completely! Your thoughts are permanently in Adam’s underwear and under the pretence of being sweet and innocent, you came to this site to take everyone’s brain into the gutter with yours. Not that anyone needed much coaxing! You are taking advantage of the fact that some people here may be sexually starved and exploiting the situation completely.

            Now listen up girl, this dirty talk, must come to a CONTINUATION – GOT IT!

            Love you, AdamAddict!

        • Cheryl & Helen, do you hear AdamAddict, we are Horny? and she is not?
          OMG she is always finding those videos of the Silver and Gold pants, is she not
          AA, we are partners in crime if we r going to steal Sue’s bra, right?
          I dont know Silvana, you might want to think twice about who will keep you on the right
          track here. But, who wants to stay on the right track??

          • Silvana/Argentina says:

            Mary C.,
            I’m sure not many in this site… least by what I’ve been reading……me neither, when it comes to Adam

      • Silvana/Argentina says:

        thank for taking time to answer me, I know that you are really busy with al the preparations. As everybody already told you HAVE A GREAT ME TIME, you surely deserve it. And enjoy your next two concerts.
        The site is absolutely THE best.
        Best wishes,

    • Silvana/Argentina, thank you SO much for your lovely and complimentary summaries of all the Glambs! Your post, too, is also very well-written, and your Glamb username ‘Silvana’ is so beautiful, and so in keeping with the ‘glittering, silvery’ Adam Lambert. I am so glad you decided to jump in with us and start your posting career with the Glambs, we are truly a very loving and fun-loving group! I hope you have many happy times with us as we dance and frolick through Adam Land together, we truly maintain a non-stop wonderland adventure here with our favorite man and each other. I’m sure you should be given the ‘Glamberian Award’ for having perfect marks for memorization of our most memorable posts and wildest escapades, – this alone marks you as a TRUE Glamb. So, welcome to our special fellowship, be sure to get your Glamb number, and please continue to join in with your remarkably detailed and fun-to-read posts. Love to both you and your very wise and wonderful daughter from a point on the map a little way Northwest of you!

      • Silvana/Argentina says:

        thak you for your beautiful post. I have to tell your that from the first time I read one of your comments (months ago) I fell in love with the way you write. I usually make Victoria read some of your writing (she is studying Literature). I marvel at the way you have with words, the adjectives, your vivid descriptions. That is something I will never master, not even in spanish, or italian (my first languages).
        I love that you relate my username to “gliterring, silvery” Adam, but it is just my real name. Its Italian and comes from Silvia. I thought of coming up with a more adecuate username, but I’m not that imaginative.
        I hope to continue posting, but it really takes a lot of time to keep up with all you girls. Right now I’m at work, and not getting much done….but, well, its my first time. It takes longer.
        Love from the southest country of America,

        • Silvana, I am deeply honored by your lovely comment. Please tell Victoria ‘hello’ for me also. Both of your first names are so elegant and beautiful, and wonderfully dramatic. I love that dramatic flair also in my own life, and that sense of extreme emotion and high drama is one of the reasons I am so drawn to Adam Lambert. It was many months ago now, that I decided to ‘take the plunge’ as you just did, and begin to write on this very special website. As Cheryl said below, there IS something ‘magical’ about this place, and it truly IS a place where each of us relates to each other as close friends and confidantes, sharing, laughing and teasing, all in good fun. Reading the first post you made above was like seeing you stand before us with a mirror reflecting back our images, and what we saw in your mirror was happy and good. I am very certain that Adam has flung handfuls of his own special ‘Starlight’ across our many pages with his outstretched hands, and we are all under its bewitching spell. For some indefinable reason, Adam brings out all that is best in everyone around him or associated with him, and we are one of the first websites that so exemplifies his own generosity and positivity of spirit. I think you are just the kind of person we are always looking for, and which are the kind of people who are either Glambs or fans of this site, – they are interesting, loving, compassionate, fun, funny, intelligent, unique, AND in love with Adam Lambert, just as we are! So thank you once agan for your beautiful and thoughtful posts, and we hope to see you as often as you can break away to visit with us here….Love to you and your family, and La pace e benedizioni da starlight from your fellow Glambs!

          • Come on, all flowing prose aside. The truth is Adam Lambert has turned us all into teenagers again, giggly, funny, happy, goofy, oversexed reflections of our better and younger selves…and ain’t it grand?!!!

            • Oh no, I’m going to get all self-conscious now about what I write, Songwriter4adam! Yes, we ARE all reduced to those girls we once were again, crazy, goofy, wild, hilarious, giggly, happy, romantic-minded and yes, oversexed, and it IS grand….but I still don’t think I can stop writing in flowing prose, because that’s just who I am; you know, ‘gotta sing, gotta dance’….hope that won’t be too awful for you if I keep throwing those adjectives and word pictures out there….(sigh,

              • Silvana/Argentina says:

                Lorrin and Songwriter4adam,

                I believe that both of you are right. Adam brings out the best of us, of everyone near or connectect somehow with him.
                Many, many times he takes me back to when I was a teenager, rallying the newstands for Tiger Beat, 16 magazine, Pin Up, with my idols of those days (pity that now I can’t get here de RS). But now, thanks to cyberspace, I can watch every video, every interview almost inmediately.
                Many other times, listening or reading about all his struggles pre-idol, or when he asks fans to donate to charity, or being specially kind to kids or handicapped, he brings motherly feelings to me. His mother must be very proud of him.
                And of course, lots of times…..LOTS… we see him under a VERY different light. As the handsome, drop dead gorgeous man that HE IS… HOT…..WLL and Bowie Medley are really TOO MUCH…..IS grand…and we love every second……..or….inch
                It’s just ……giggling….being crazy…. or happy…romantic…..then fanning ourselves…
                What I will never undestand is HOW ON EARTH, no one discovered him before…so talented…living in LA for so long…..being into theatre, clubs….
                I believe for some reason it had to be now….

              • Giggle, Giggle.

            • Songwriter, Aint life grand? You got it !

            • cheryl norman says:

              songwriter….. who IS OVER-SEXED????? This is my usual self!!!!!

              Talk amoungst yourselves.

              • OK, Ms. Permanently Over-Sexed Naughty C. Norman, then you don’t need to pay any attention to the following, amazing revelation:

                FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE:
                Female Adam Lambert fans over 50 have suddenly discovered they no longer have need for HRT (Hormone Replacement Therapy) for their long-lamented, low, sex drives. There’s now a miracle cure out…it’s sensational…it’s’s tall, dark and handsome…and it’s called A.L.T. Yes, ladies, just a few quality moments a day of Adam Lambert Therapy is all it takes to put the zip back in our zip drives. Let us rejuice…oops, I mean…rejoice!

                • Songwriter4adam, B R I L L I A N T! You deserve a nobel prize for this! Rejuice and rejoice is good! A.L.T works, one can go from no juice to plenty of juice. Love it!

                  • Oh Ingrid, INGRID! Whose side are you ON, anyway, you naughty girl! We posted at exactly the same moment…I am beginning to feel that I am becoming the old hippopotamus on this site, arr arrarrrarr..

                • WAIT A MINUTE, WAIT A MINUTE, WAIT A MINUTE! I get it OK?, I’m WITH you guys! I’ve been hopping around with all of you juvenile delinquents over these last few threads, getting pretty wild and crazy too, rolling that loose ball around right in there with the best of you, writing shtick, and laughing my head off all at the same time! I think I’ve won my adult comedy spurs just like all the rest of you, and I hang in there! Hey, just because I’m not on a par with some of the rest of you wilder, super-sexed types like some I will not name (and Ingrid, you’re fast approaching that designation, my dear, ha ha ha), doesn’t mean I’m a total dud here! And, I’m putting my foot down, I’ve got to have that space where I can do a little ‘space travel’ over Adam Lambert, so you’re all just going to have to roll your eyes and put up with it. And Songwriter (sniffle, sniffle) I thought you were my FRIEND, well, allright, allright, I’ll just have to adjust, but don’t expect me to stop writing my florid prose anytime soon, because it AIN’T HAPPENING!

                  And may I say, at this time in my life, ahem, that I do not need TOO much of that ‘ A.L.T. ‘ concoction that Songwriter4adam is trying to put over on all of you and hawk with such glee; I am just going to keep sipping my sasparilla, try to cool down, and write a little more prose while I fan myself with this buggy whip here..

                  Oh, and in the upcoming elections, I have decided I am going to vote ‘Lambertarian’, I have had it with the other two parties. It ‘came to me in a vision’ that Adam Lambert is the ONLY candidate worth the, if anyone would like to join the ‘Lambertarian Party’ this year, just let me know, I have a few bottles of ‘ A.L.T. ‘ for the first 50 who come down and sign..

                  • Lorrin, I am signing, signing, signing … 47 more times signing, so pass over the 50 bottles of A.L.T.

                    • Ingrid, are you not AWARE of the laws of the United STATES?! You can’t DO that! Give me back those 49 bottles IMMEDIATELY! You can keep one…and hey, wait a minute, you can’t even VOTE in this election, so give me back that last bottle, this minute young lady!

                • Helen/Canada says:

                  Love it Songwriter4adam!! I’m gonna get me some!!!

                • Iyleneidol09 says:

                  Hahahaha!! Songwriter4Adam, my hubby can give you great testament for that!!!! He’ll asked me: Sweetie, would you like to watch your Adam’s WLL?? huh!!!Sweets?? Yeah right!! He takes advantage of my ADAMviagra!!! He wants to get lucky all the time!!!

                • Luv you all for your hilarious remarks. And ohhhhh, Lorrin, everybody luvs you…but what is it exactly you’re puttin’ in that sasparilla of yours???!!!!

                  • Oh, thank goodness, thank you Songwriter, I was thinking nobody loved me anymore, this makes me feel so much better, now I can go on with a lighter heart, tra la la….now let’s see, what DID I put in that sasparilla I was drinking, hmm, was it that clear, sparkly stuff or was it those little green seeds, oh no, I think I somehow managed to get my sasparilla bottles mixed in with those danged A.L.T. crates I’ve got stored in the back room for the Lambertarian Party sign-ups….I’ve got a nice little box of sparkly whips here, too….would you care for a drink?

                • Silvana/Argentina says:


                  How can I get some of those bottles? Would you FED EX me some?

                  I sure NEED them……

                  • Silvana, I just cleaned out the stock of A.L.T. but if you do some serious sucking up and organise a A.L.T. test session for Adam and I, who knows I may just spare you a few drops. Ha, ha! Joking, we Glambs we stick together and to Adam so I will save all the empty bottles for you. Just fooling around! Love ya, mwah!

                    • Silvana/Argentina says:

                      thank you for the empty bottles.
                      I just got songwriter to provide me with a HUGE DISPENSER. AND I’M NOT SHARING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
                      Me too, just kidding….
                      love you and mwah!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                      (Saying mwah, reminded me of Cheryl, I miss her….)

                    • Silvana, I miss her too but she’ll be back guns blazing! Mwah

            • Helen/Canada says:

              You are so right Songwriter4adam! And I just love it!

    • AdamRocks! says:

      Silvana, what a WONDERFUL post! Welcome!!! I’m so glad you decided to join the party! We have so much fun here, as I’m sure you already know. 🙂

      Here’s hoping that one day Adam tours Argentina so that you’ll get to experience his exquisiteness in the flesh!

      Cindy in MS

      • Silvana/Argentina says:

        thank you for your welcome. Everybody has been so warm in welcoming me. I’ve been having a lot of fun already just by reading…so imagine if I start sharing.

        I read a while ago, the thread where all of you introduced yourselves. I remember reading about your health problems when you were younger. Amazing your strength and will power to evercome everything. I was truely overwhelmed when you said you are going back to study. Reading these kind of stories (as Cheryl’s) make one realize the important things in life, and when there is the will nothing can stop us.
        You were really inspirational, as Adam is in many ways, as you said it yourself in that post.

        Oh! I SO DO HOPE he comes to Argentina….but I doubt it a bit. We’ll see.

        • AdamRocks! says:

          Thank you for your kind words Silvana! 🙂

          Wow! You really do have a remarkable memory!

          How amazing it is to meet such great people from all over the world. . . Adam has brought us so much, hasn’t he?

          Love from a small town in southern Mississippi!


          • Silvana/Argentina says:

            you are welcome. I meant each word.

            You are So right, Adam brought us so much, besides his talent.
            I just hope that some day he might be aware of this.

            Love you back,

    • Helen/Canada says:

      Hi Silvana
      So glad you decided to speak up and join in on the fun. We really do have a lot of fun here and share our love for Adam. Looking forward to posting with you in the future.

      • Silvana/Argentina says:

        Hi Helen,
        thank you for your kind words. I’m sad that you won’t make to Grand Rapids, I’m sure it will be great fun.

        Hope you enjoy your weekend with scoolmates.


        • Helen/Canada says:

          Thanks Silvana. But ALL of us, you included will get together for Adam’s solo tour! It will be great fun!

    • cheryl norman says:

      SILVANA….. Although I have posted to you 2 times already, I JUST read your introduction to yourself!!!! Oh, my goodness!!! You are ‘one of us’ already!!! I am shocked to hear you say you have read these posts for
      so long and JUST couldn’t hold off anymore and decided to share your love of EVERYTHING ADAM, with all our love of EVERYTHING ADAM !!! Your comments were sincere, genuine, intelligent, heart warming and beautiful. Thank you for brcoming one of ADAM”S GLAMBS!!!! For you truly are!!! You will note I do make many typos! Reason? I do not edit myself!!! Too much trouble, and I’m trying to be less “perfect’!! haha! I also have had many, many surgeries on my fingers, hands and wrists due to rheumatoid arthritis for over 30 yrs now!!! So, sometimes I have my fingers do their ‘clicking’. That is one might get stuck at one of the joints on a finger and just not return to it’s appropriate place. So, please excuse my typos! haha! As you have obviously read, there will be massive picture taking Sunday, and I think Jeanette will post the best of the best of the pictures. I only wish somehow we could all share our real first names and a picture with it for all of us to see just ‘who’ we’re conversing with!!! Presently it’s all like Lorrin and Ingrid and Mary and Sandy, and everyone else, kind of a fairytale we’re all lilving together-apart! It is beautiful, isn’t it?!!
      I will stop typing now. I’m getting sooo bored when I come back on a thread and see my name everywhere like the nosey neighbor who gets the cops called on her for all her racquets!! I’m almost ALWAYS kidding when posting. I don’t remember how to be serious sometimes, but always post w/respect and love for all the Glamb friends who have helped me thru good and bad times!!! How often do we hear that kind of language on Planet Earth? This is a ‘magical’ place, and each and every person who typoes a post contributes to it’s magic and beauty. PEACE-LOVE-LIGHT-JOY-HAPPINESS-HEALTH TO U AND ADAM AND ALL GLAMBS ON THIS SITE!

      • Silvana/Argentina says:

        I answered your previous posts to me. Just hope Ingrid is not mad at me becuase of what I said about Rafa.

        I’ve read in earlier posts about your illnes, and as I said to AdamRocks (who has had her share of health problems too) it is really inspiring when people can go through rough times and overcome difficulties never losing their spirit.

        On the brighter side, as I said before, you always make me laugh or at least smile. So don’t you worry about your typos, they are funny just like you.

        Love and peace and health to you too.

        • Silvana, hereI am! Mad at you, no! See my post further up regarding the Roger/Rafa thing. We dish it out and we’re good at taking what is dished out to us – no sweat!

          Mwah, Ingrid

      • Cheryl, two times = twice! Ouch, I was just saying …!

    • Silvana, Welcome to our home. We will be sure and take your advice. Dont behave at all:
      cause that is when you have real fun. You have been coming to this site for a while huh?
      Well, so glad u decided to join us! We r just to much to pass up!!!

      • Iyleneidol09 says:

        Well, Silvana, since everyone gave you a warm welcome, I am letting you come in to the party house, here, grab something to drink, here you go….and CHEERS TO EVERYONE!!!!
        Now, I am warning you, there is no point of return from here.. you are stuck with us…this will be an all night party, sleep over and cyberspace reality TV… enjoy your roller coaster ride here!!!

        • Silvana/Argentina says:


          thank you for letting me into the party house……it is for sure a roller coaster ride here…..I can’t catch up with all the posts….but I’ll try…… in between drinks…..

      • Silvana/Argentina says:

        Mary C.
        all of you are truely too much to pass up….

        By the way, loved your photos with Adam, both times…you and your sister were really lucky…

        • AdamAddict says:

          Hey guys, I’m just thinking maybe ~clear throat~ SILVANA IS SUE!!!! Hahaha! Silvana, are you Sue?? Are you spying on us?? No? Are you sure of your answer? Final answer? You want to lock that in? Is that your final answer? Okay, maybe I think too much!! LOL!!

          • Silvana/Argentina says:


            NO I AM DEFINITELY NOT SUE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Poor Sue……

            Always so funny…

          • Damn AdamAddict, Sue is Sue and Silvana is Silvana! What are you thinking my glamberous friend???? It is all that below and behind the belt stuff that is affecting your brain. Lotsaluv, my angel! Ingrid

        • Silvana, thanks as one of the girls said, our stars were lined up during those times.

  21. HEY EVERYONE GOING TO GRAND RAPIDS: I’m bringing a ton of Adam signing photos with me (all different photos – GMA, Rolling Stone, concert pix, etc.) If anyone needs or wants one, I will have plenty to pass out to those who are able to meet up with me.

    • Jeanette, you are such a sweetheart and so well prepared. Do you have the fan club cards
      too?? We need to give Adam a card.

      • Mary C, a brilliant idea! I wish we could give him a copy of some of the posts on this site.

        • Helen/Canada says:

          OMG, Ingrid, it would scare him to death!!!! LOL! A bunch of horny women after his body!

        • Ingrid , or just tell him if he wants to get crazy go to our site!

        • Iyleneidol09 says:

          Mary C, I think that is a great idea!! Print it like on a bookbound, he will enjoy reading it. He is not into twitting, so he will just spend his travel time reading this scary posts.

          • Yeah, why not!

          • Iylene, I think so too. He would definately get some good laughs in. Laughing keeps
            you healthy. We could have a best seller on our hands.

            • Mary C, any ideas what the title of the best seller should be. Come on GLAMBS, let’s brainstorm a title for our best seller. Cheryl, I smell sawdust burning, where are you????

              • cheryl norman says:

                INGRID………… I’m never far away…………..!

              • Ingrid, huummmmm, lets see, I’ll have to think harder on this.
                How about, “

                • submitted to quickly I guess, anyhow title for the book?
                  “I WANNA BE THE” When it comes to ADAM
                  open the bookcover and there is a list:
                  the list goes on an on.

                • Iyleneidol09 says:

                  Hmm, what about : “THE BITCHES” LOL!!!
                  Oh, what about ADAM’S DEN…That’s a little mysterious….Kind of Black and mysterious….he will like that…

                  • Hmm, that’s not BAD, Iyleneidol, I like that ‘Adam’s Den’…

                    • Lorrin, please check the latest site as there is a competition that already has the winner’s name written on it – yours. We will be behind you ALL THE WAY!

      • Yes, I will have a ton of Glambs fan club business cards with me!

        • cheryl norman says:


        • cheryl norman says:

          JEANETTE !!! What is it with my computer??? I type your name, and zip!!! It prints it and vanishes from
          me!!!! Yeah, I’ll watch the kids while you’re gone. GONE GONE Gone to see ADAM AGAIN!!!!!Before
          you get to see him AGAIN in GR!!!! yeah, bring some of those cards with you!!! As for me,. tho, you all
          can just sneak me into the tour bus while everybody’s busy with the cards!!! How about THAT plan, eh??

          See, I am ALWAYS thinking!!!!! HOWEVER,,, why is it that I’m HERE and YOU are getting to SEE ADAM
          AGAIN!!!!! Makes me think maybe I’m not the brightest bulb in the lamp! Hmmmm…..

          So!!! After many years of retirement, I am once again SOMEBODY!!! (like Steve Martin in the movie ‘The
          Jerk’)!!! I am now, CHERYL, ADM ASST FOR JEANETTE/CHIEF BUTT KICKER. Love it, just love it!

          So, all Glambs!!!! Hear this!!!! I need some help seeing ADAM ROCK HIS BUTT OFF when I’m in GR!!!
          Any of you WonderGlambs have any suggestions for me??!!! Huh??? Hey, let’s not get nasty, here!
          I’m just here for the ROCK-GOD!!! help…….Adam……..!!!! They’re gonna hurt me!!!………..OK!!! I’ll
          calm down! Geezzz, can’t anyone take a joke anymore?…….sniff………………..snif

          • What is wrong with your computer???? So why do birds fly? Since you are not the brightest bulb, you can be the lamp around the bulb – howzat ma cherie?

        • Hey Jeanette, good, when we were out in LA a lady from another fan club, called to
          him and he turned back and she gave him their card. This happened on the first night
          of the finales ( Tuesday night), They had come out to do some interviews that night too.
          Anyhow, he reached way back to get it, even though his bodyguard or whoever it was
          was hurrying him along. So sweet!
          I am going to bring more pics. from there, I have alot, I thought it was to many to post.

    • Jeanette, you have enough on your plate so just pass that little job on to your Admin Asst!

      • Jeanette,

        • LOL!! Nothing wrong with my computer, I just copy Cheryl there! LOL!! My computer loves Adam,she works with me just fine not like jealousy Madbert!
          I wasting the space,didn’t I??!! Sorry! 🙁

          • cheryl norman says:

            ADAMADDICT……..!!!!!!!! WTF!!!!!! Even you!!! Et tu????? This place is really getting out of control
            and you all know I’m so busy that I can’t keep up with the whole gang of hoodlums!!!!! Trying to
            gang up on me, will not work. And as for you, my little miss Emili, comediean that you are, you still
            continue to make me laugh till my belly jiggles!!!! But, I am losing lbs by the second! So, you all can
            just talk amoungst yourselves, till I can spend more time with you! You all acting up like this just
            to get my attention. I love you all equally (hehhe) so just have your fun. I’m never far away!

  22. Dear Tony and Lorrin,
    Thanks for all that you do..

    I so appreciated your e mails….I feel better now..

  23. Hey Guys, the first thing that anyone coming to this site will immediately notice is that we are a community made up of really nice people. When you read the comments you can sense the love, and how much we have all bonded even though most of us have not met. All these comes from one indivudual, Adam Lambert. No other Fan Site is anything like this one. A lot of credit has to go people behind the scenes who work very hard to maintain this site. It is a great feeling.

  24. cheryl norman says:

    HELLO AGAIN TO ALL YOU BEAUTIFUL GLAMBS GOING TO FRAND RAPIDS!!! In case you haven’t noticed we will be meeting at Brann’s at 3PM instead of 4PM.

    I will attempt to contact everyone whose names and numbers I have, to confirm that you each have gotten the info!!

    Yes, the list has grown since the inception!!! Yeah!!!! Cannot wait to meet everyone, too!!!

    Please feel free to contact me, either by phone or email anytime FRIDAY!!!

    LOVE TO ALL GLAMBS!!! Cheryl

    • cheryl norman says:


      Don’t even go there!!!


        • … AND Cheryl’s brain has skipped ABBBROAD! Hee, hee, heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!

          Cheryl, I am going to leave a post for you, Jeanette, Mary C and everyone else going to GR later today. Please ma cherie, read it!

        • cheryl norman says:

          LORRIN AND INGRID……………you just couldn’t help yourselves, could ya???? huh??? Nope. ya just
          couldn’t! It was too much of a temptation for you two!! I guess, down deep in my heart, I KNEW you two
          were ‘beyond’ any controling of your emotions where I am concerned!!!! OK kids!!! You had your fun,
          once again, at my expense. Hey, that’s ok!!! Yeah, I’m fine with it!! No problem-o!!! But, you kids just
          till Iget back home from my much anticipated, once in a lifetime trip!!! Bet now you hope nothing happens
          to me and Idie!!! Yeah!!! What if I do have that heart attack!!! (my right hand held high toward heaven)
          Mother,,,,,I think it’s the BIG ONE!!!!! Hold on Mother,, I’m coming to meet you……………..!!!
          You kids should realize that if something happens to me while I’m gone, and I die, I WILL GET THE LAST
          LAUGH!!!! Ha!!! Ha!!!!! Hoo!!!!!! Ho!!!! Ha!!!!!!!Ha!!!!!!!!!!,,,,, , , . ………Yeah, I will get the last laugh!
          They don’t call me “NAUGHTY-GIRL-NORMAN” for nothin’!

          • Cheryl dear, I just have to say, that WILD HORSES could not have dragged me away from all the FUN we (Ingrid, Mary C. and others) have had at YOUR EXPENSE while our esteemed Chief has been away. And I know, without a doubt, that you will not perish either going to or coming back from, or DURING this concert at Grand Rapids, because I am sending a medical team with you to insure that doesn’t happen….there will be NO WAY that you will slither out of our grasp, or away from having to make that descriptive review of your BIG NIGHT! And just know, in case you have any ideas to the contrary, that if you DO decide to kick the bucket anyway, it is us GLAMBS who will win, since it will be one less ‘Naughty Norman’ to worry about, and a whole lot more Adam pie to share among ourselves…so you just go ahead and get your little harp, we’ll be along later, a LOT later..

        • Ha, thats funny Lorrin. We got her again with the mispellings. Its all Adams fault though!

          • I know, Mary C., it’s almost TOO easy, poor thing, maybe I oughta lay off…ha, ha, ha, for about two or three minutes, tops, then it’s back to work with my little pitchfork!

            • I know, I know, one just cannot resist! Who is that I see in the distance ….. ah, Mary C and Lorrin with pitchfork in hand!

              • cheryl norman says:

                MARY LORRIN AND INGRID, boo hoo hoo….boo hoo, hoo. Yeah you all have made me
                CRY!!!! Whaaaaahhhh….whaaaaaa…….not!HA HAHAHAHA!!!!!

                • Oh now, Cheryl, there, there….we didn’t really mean it…stop crying now…pat, pat, pat, pat….better now? Good….Ingrid, would you bring that little burlap sack over here, Mary C., would you just help me here, throw her in, stop wiggling, Cheryl, you’re only making it harder,… might as well stop screaming, it won’t help….well there we go gals, that wasn’t as hard as I thought it was gonna be..allright! If you’ll just help me get her into the broom closet, there we go…turn out the light…bye, Cheryl….man, I’m tellin’ ya girls, what a handful!

  25. Melody, wherever you are, I hope that you are okay! Please just leave a short post to let us know that you are fine. Love & mwah


    To Glambhood (i.e. all the Glambs going to the GR concert). Have an awesome time, show your glambhood with gusto – give it stick, check out all sides of the belt, display your banners, light up the arena with your glitter and know that our thoughts are with you ALL THE WAY.

    I was just reading the posts again and it is wonderful to see so many Glambs from all corners of the globe sharing your excitement and delight. We are not just passionate about Adam who has brought us together but I have no doubt that if he had to read these posts he would be overwhelmed by the extent to which we project the message he is putting out there in the way that love and support each other despite our diverse cultures, opinions, etc.

    I AM BURSTING WITH PRIDE TO BE A GLAMB AND TO BE ASSOCIATED WITH ALL OF YOU! If anyone wants a lesson on how to EMBRACE DIVERSITY, I say, LET THEM COME THIS SIGHT. We have our differences from time to time and it would surprise me if we didn’t but those little hiccups are over-shadowed by a very special bond. So, thank you Adam and thank you my Glambs! … and yes, if you feel the intensity of my message, you will know that it comes from a very special place! M W A H, MWAH, Ingrid

    • Oh Ingrid, MWAH to you too. You gave lovely comments. I actually have goose bumps!
      Right back at you too, we are so passionate about Adam and yes the love we all share here for
      him and each other is a wonderful thing. We love to be ornery and we love to be sincere as well.
      Its all fun and its all good! When it comes down to the purpose of it all, we can thanks our dear
      Adam for bringing us all Together! One Life, One Love!

    • Thank you, dear Ingrid, even though I am not one of the GR Gang, your words are so full of emotion and pride for our wonderful world-wide group, I can feel how fiercely you love us all! I too marvel at the amazing cultural diversity we have here, and the QUALITY of people we attract and their ability to express their love for Adam and each other. I send back to you the same intense love and pride, and know that I am indeed GLAD to be your friend.

      • Mary C and Lorrin, I was just expressing what I am sure are the sentiments of all Glambs! Thank you for what you are and what you bring!

  27. cheryl norman says:


    Just to be able to ‘feast’ mine eyes upon him is the best reward I could ever hop to happen to me. I am totally humbled by the mere mention of his name. He has a very special place in this world. Little did he or his family ever thought that as Adam was growing up singing his little heart out that someday he would wear the crown that only one man in our history has ever held. That was Elvis. No, Adam is not Elvis. That is a very good thing. Adam is standing on Elvis’ shoulders as he roams the country and the world. Elvis would proudly stand as Adam’s foundation of musical and vocal genius. He would be so proud of him, as we are.

    Elvis o[ened the door with an intense and powerful kick to cadapoult himself into the hearts and minds of a billion people. At 42 he was dead. Now, Adam is standing in the light, having just come from brehind the shadow left for him by Elvis to take us even further into the strasosphere of the most beautiful, stunning instrument we call his voice. How incredibly lucky we are to be witnessing this superstar, helping each one of us as we try to make sense of our emotions. Try to understand ‘what’ Adam has that no other man living or dead has ever been blessed with before. Why was Adam ‘chosen’?? Because, I believe he WAS ‘chosen’ by a higher power, and blessings have been poured over his entire body with special effects on his voice. Adam is not a ‘common’ man among common men. He IS different. He has no one who he can be compared too. No one else has ever been in Adam’s shoes in the history of mankind. No, I do not think I am overstating one little bit of his magical musical genius. He is in a ‘class’ where he stands alone. Straight, proud, humble and with his head held high as he lovingly brings peace to the world thru his music and his mystique.

    I am totally ‘thankful’ for this opportunity to stand and drink in all that he is, and try to imagine all that he is going to be. For we do not hold the future in our hands. We have no way to see into the future to know what Adam will be like as the years pass, nd Adam actually continues to grow musically, though, it is hard to imagine that he could ‘improve’ his god-given talent, in any way, but we know he will continue to strive higher and higher. Where in the world will he land?? How much further could he go? Well, wht we will witness in the future is something we have never seen in the past! The mere thought of what all that entails, is almost too exciting, too intense to ponder with mere mortal minds. Please keep me in your thoughts and hearts, and maybe I will get an even bigger gift, just to be in his prescense and to be able to look at his eyes and capture his eyes with my heart.

    Lastly, on a more worldly note. My cousins have told me that my Aunt, living in GR probably not live until Monday. I will be seeing her on Saturday and Sun morn before going to the concert. I will probably remain in GR if she is still alive come Mon, Tues, or until she finally gives up the ghost and passes overe into a new world. I love my Aunt very, very much. She also gave me and my sister a home to live in and do much of our growing up at. If it weren’t for her I would have never gone camping along the Cumberland River banks, when one cousin broke our oars to the boat carrying our food for the week, as he batted a nest of bees with the oars until they were smashed to bits. I would have not been to grades 4, 5 and 6 without her opening her home to my sister and me when my parents were no where to be found for years on end. I never would have been able to spend nearly weekend at Grand Haven Park on Lake Michigan all of the seems like hundred of times we had picnicing there from morn till nearly midnight. So many more ‘things’ my Aunt did for my sister and me. So, I will be by her side until she passes, with the only exception of the time I’ll be gone for the concert. She will be laid to rest almost right next to my Mother who died just over a year ago. I have never been to the cemetary. I just cannot look onto the ground and see her name on a headstone made of marbel. My dad is buried right there too, as is my Uncle, My Aunt’s husband, a great nephew who drowned in a neighbor’s pool when he was just 2-1/2 yrs old, and my neice couldn’t get a burial plot with anyone in the family. I gave my great nephew, Joshua, my plot, so that he could be by his grandma, my Mother, who loved him more than life herself, and his death lead her to a breakdown to where she never recovered, So, it will be a very lhard time for me and all my cousins and their kids, and in some cases, their kid’s kidss! Then I will return home and give this website my thoughts and feelings of the concert with a very happy spirit.
    Love to you all! Cheryl

    • Oh Cheryl, God Bless you. I will see you on Sunday. My prayers are with you , I can tell the
      love you have for your aunt and family. She sounds like a very special woman. You never
      know what life may bring, or what our path in life is. It all happens for a reason, reasons we may
      never know. You seem like a strong woman and live life to the fullest, may you continue to do
      so and heal as time goes on. At least for a little while Sunday, your Glamb family can
      ease your mind and show you a good time, and forget the troubles and sorrow you are going
      to be coming upon. When you look into Adams eyes, you will be blessed by the Rock God
      himself and I know a good feeling will come over your whole being.

      • Dearest Famous Mary C – Light up GR, have a ball and come back safely! Please keep an eye on the ‘little mobseter’. Lotsaluv & Mwah!

    • Cheryl, my dear friend, this is a very rare and beautiful thing you have written, a very precious document, a testament to a very unique and special person we are all glad to know and to call ‘friend’. Yes, you, dear Cheryl. A few of us go so far back on this site and with the Glambs it seems lost in the mists of time, but we have loved romping, discussing, debating, describing, laughing, and shrieking with you for these many long, joyful months as we have marvelled together over the beautiful person who is Adam Lambert. I completely agree with you that he has been ‘chosen’ to be here with us on earth to bring joy and light to many, and that he is not like other people, he is truly ‘different’, transcending beyond the merely human. I too, believe a higher power has chosen him for this task, and I think Adam himself knows that he has something he must do, and he IS doing it, and has walked in that light since he first started on this long journey. Adam is the very archetype of the Boy Hero on a fabled Quest, and we are all watching breathlessly as he makes his perilous and heroic way forward. I know that you love Adam, Cheryl, and I am thrilled beyond words that you will finally get your chance to stand in front of him and see the man of your dreams, the second time in your life when you have been privileged to see a great King in person!

      I will also be thinking of you and your family, as you go to be by the side of your beloved aunt. I too, give thanks that she provided a place of refuge and peace for you as a young girl, opening up her heart and home to you, and giving you a chance to live and breathe freely despite all the terrible struggles with your parents. God bless her for her loving-kindness, and may her loving ways precede her as she passes on to her next beautiful home and to eternal happiness. I hope all the moments with your family will bring peace and healing to all of you.

      Well now, Cheryl, on to Grand Rapids, a town you love well…..I hope you’ve got all your glitter and nail polish on, your peacock feather glued in place (which I decided to leave where it was, after all), your hair all done up and spiked, and your cool black clothes on (thank GOD Adam loves black), and your little engine revved up ready to rock, because my girl, YOU are going to be BLOWN AWAY by MR. ADAM MITCHEL LAMBERT, the NEXT KING OF ROCK AND ROLL!!! And when you come back, and you have settled back down somewhat, and your feathers are all lying around you in a heap, you can fire up MadBert and tell us all ABOUT IT! I look forward to the day! Blessings on you as you travel, and know that our thoughts and prayers are with you every step of the way. All my love to you, dear Cheryl, and to all the fabulous women of the Grand Rapids Glamb Nation Convention as they rock that town!!!


  28. Dearest Cheryl, thank you for your beautiful posts. My thoughts go with you and are with your family. Wishing you a 10 on the Richter’s scale of once-in-a-lifetime experience! Lotsaluv & Mwah

  29. Oh and travel safely! Go and get some shut-eye now, you need to be fresh, ma cherie!

  30. Cheryl Norman I am extremely proviledged to know you, you are such a fantastic person, I wish half the people in this world would be as kind and compasionate as you. I hope you have a fantastic time at the concert, enjoy.

  31. cheryl norman says:


    My goodness! What incredible posts you all have sent my way!!! I am sooo very touched, I can’t tell you! I just came to shut Mr. MadBert up, I mean down, hahaha!! Decided to see if my post was still up, and came across these beautiful and sempatheticv posts from 3 empathetic and wonderful Glamb friends!!!
    Toni, I, too feel priviledged to know you as well. My gosh what a nice thing to say to me!! This has all made me feel definately more upbeat!!! How wonderful when you’re experiencing both a crisis and a dream come true!!! It’s sucvh a strange set of emotions going all at the same time. It’s hard to know what I’m feeling from minute to minute. So, although it is only 10PM, I have decided to leave the rest of my packing for morning, got a glass of coke with a straw (always a straw!) and took it to my bedroom, took one and a half pain pills, turned the bdrm tv on, went to the tennis channel just as they were introducing my man, RAFA NADAL, the hunkiest tennis player on the earth!!! Boo-Roger, Ingrid!!!!! hehehe! What a pleasant surprise!!! So I will finish watching him ‘kill’ his opponent, and fall asleep with the tv on! I rarely spend much time actually ‘crying’, but, with hormones and emotions high, thinking about how much I hate to see death, then the promise of what death brings, and then getting to see Adam, wow, I just cannot tell you all how emotional it has made me. I am a strong woman, Toni, but, I think death, mixed with seeing Adam all in almost the same day for an ADAM-OBSESSED maniac like me, has just brought me to my knees.
    But, I will be posting my ADAM-LOVE post soon, and just thank you all for your love!!! LOTSALUV ‘n LOTSALUV!!! Cheryl………………………………..B there or B square!! (me at the concert, that is!)

    • Iyleneidol09 says:

      Cheryl, on a serious note ( very hard to do at times) my prayers are with you and your family esp your aunt. Take care of yourself , you need to be around for a loooong time to enjoy our ADAMdearest. MWAH! ( by the way, that acronym stands for Mad,Wild And Horny 🙂 Enjoy!

      • Iyleneidol09, I was expecting something like this from you or AdamAddict – you never disappoint! MWWWWWWWWWWWWWWAH!

        • Iyleneidol09 says:

          Ingrid, 🙂 🙂 🙂 😉 MWAH!!! I think AdamAddict is my long lost stepsister!!!! My Dad worked in Malaysia (Ban Dung, is that right AdamAddict?) for 4 years!!!!!!

          • Iyleneidol09, I would not be surprised if you tell you are siamese twins – you thinking is the same! Need I explain???? Love you both to bits! Mwwwwwwwwwwwah!

    • God bless, Cheryl.

      • Hi Sonwriter4Adam, how’s that song getting along? How about something similar to YMCS, except you could call it MWAH (see Iyleneidol09’s definition). Naturally, we would need a veeeeeeeeeeeery sexy tune. This could be our signature song!!!! You have the talent, so flaunt it!

        • Yes, “MWAH” could be the hook to a very sexy song like that “I Like It Rough” by Lady Gaga…but not so rough – more toungue in cheek and fun. “MWAH” isounds like air-kissing but “Mad, Wild and Horny” as defined by Iyleneidol09 is very funny!

          For those interested, our song is temporarily at this link: It’s a very Queen-like rock song because I think we want to hear at least one original “Whole Lotta Love” outta our Adam, don’t ya think?

          I still don’t know if Adam’s heard our song yet but I doubt it – we’re working through MULTIPLE avenues. In any case, Adam’s only going to include about 12-ish songs he said on his new album, but he will need a lot more than that to tour, not to mention his second album. So, I know it’s all a crap shoot but I’m a long way from giving up.

          I had a fantasy that I gave Mary C. a copy of the CD as she has the guts to hand it to him at one of the after-concert signings. I figure an army of Glambs might get it to him!!! LOL. The CD wasn’t done the day I got Adam’s autograph on July 16th but frankly, I was a little in open-mouthed awe at the time.

          Hey, thanks for asking, Ingrid!

          • Songwriter4adam, you MUST DO THIS! It is the PERFECT idea, and perhaps one of our bravest Glambs like Mary C. with all that excellent Karma could sweetly hand it to him (and ‘tickle’ his ear while she does it), or Jeanette with all her new-found fame and ‘pull’ in the radio world could somehow advance your CD using that medium! I am SO behind you in this, even if it’s only to be your invisible rooting section….I truly wish you all the best in breaking through with your song so that Adam will sing it one day…’s a little box of sparkling Starlight to sprinkle over the CD cover before you hand it over, and here’s to every success in getting it seen, heard and played….love to you from up the hill tonight!

  32. lorraine #440
    I am having eye surgery on wed-and all I can think of is how much I want to see Adam’s beautiful smile for a long time–so I’m keeping a very positive outlook that everything will turn out fine. Yes, I think Adam would get a kick out of reading all these outpourings from people who have been so affected by his magical voice and extraordinary charisma.
    I saw Adam in concert in San Diego on July18th—and it seems sooooo long ago. Thank you all for sharing your experiences and videos throughout the tour. They mean so much to me -and many others as well. Lorraine

    • Lorraine #440, I am thinking of you tonight….I had two eye surgeries when I was a little girl, and despite my apprehension, all went well, and I have had two fine blue eyes for many years since then…I do hope that all will go well on Wednesday, and that you will soon be back enjoying Adam’s beauty and all his wonderful videos very soon….best wishes and a speedy recovery to you, and much love from out West!

  33. Great videos. Enjoyed them tremendously. My daily routine is to check this site for Adam fix. Gosh, my husband starting to complain about me spending so much time on Adam.. Sign.. I can’t do anything about this Adamdiction.