TOUR VIBE – American Idol Summer Tour 2009 – Duluth, GA

***UPDATE – VIDEOs ADDED – CHECK OUT THE EXCELLENT BOWIE MED VID – UP CLOSE AND PERSONAL!***After the madness in Florida, the tour bus rolls into the Arena at Gwinnett Center in Duluth, GA on Friday, July 31st.

The last few days have been emotional ones for Adam’s fans, both those who attended the Florida concerts, and those of us who watched from afar through the filter of second-hand news. I don’t know how much of what I heard was rumor, exaggeration, truth, or downright lies. But the bottom line is that everyone is safe and excited to be headed to the Atlanta area. Michael Sarver sent a tweet on July 29th that said, “I am fine and so is Adam. We are all ok.”

It sounds like everyone had a good time in Florida in spite of Adam not coming out after the Tampa show. (Did he come out after the Sunrise show?) A couple of sex toys were thrown onto the stage in Tampa (handcuffs and a cat-o’-nine-tails) which Adam took in stride. During Fame he twirled the red CO9T and swung it over his head, clearly taking advantage of the moment to please the crowd. (By the way, I now have an obsession with the CO9T – Adam wore one for Ring of Fire and also Black and White. And thanks to very detail-oriented fans before me, I now realize that on the itunes video for ROF the cat tail moves from Adam’s left hip to his right hip to his left hip. Go look! Some not-so-nice editing with some rehearsal footage cut in with the live show footage. But I digress…)

But after this incident, the Adam blogosphere went crazy. When do fans cross the line? Everyone seems to have a different opinion on this when it comes to throwing things on stage and also when it comes to the meet and greets. Is it okay to throw some things, but not other things? Should nothing at all be thrown? A bra or even the CO9T seems harmless, but what if Adam or Allison or any of the performers slip on something and fall? Are over-zealous fans early on in the tour going to spoil all the fun for those of us whose shows are late in August or September?

Should Adam’s fans try to reign themselves in at future shows? As some of you Glambs have mentioned, this could be a double-edged sword. For the sake of everyone’s safety, we certainly don’t want fans going off the deep end and possibly hurting Adam, themselves, or other fans. On the other hand, if fans try too hard to “chill,” might that give the impression that a crowd is giving Adam less support than he deserves? If Adam’s fans DON’T scream at the top of their lungs every time Adam’s face is shown on the screen, will the journalists write that the crowd did not respond to Adam with the same enthusiasm as crowds at earlier concerts did? Is it even possible for a fan to try to control their passion when it comes to Adam?

So where should the lines be drawn? I think it’s probably a bad idea to throw things on the stage, even “harmless” things, but I know people are going to disagree with me on that. But it’s a matter of safety. It’s also a matter of this type of behavior escalating from show to show. Where does it end? As for the meet and greets, mostly I think people should just treat Adam and the other Idols with common courtesy, which means you don’t grab people or even touch them, unless they offer first. I am already resigned to the fact that I probably won’t get Adam’s autograph in the future due to the stupid things some people have already done. It’s too bad, but I think the one thing we ALL agree on is that Adam’s safety comes first, and if fans are going to be out of control, that is the price we and Adam are going to have to pay.

So here’s my opinion on where those lines should be drawn. I think what it boils down to is that we have to restrain our behavior, not our enthusiasm. Actions like throwing, grabbing, or even touching are not good things. I think these are the things that need to be moderated. Dressing up, screaming (as long as it’s not right in Adam’s ear), the signs, etc. are all good and show Adam and the world that we love him.

If you’re going to the Duluth show, we want to hear from you! I am more curious than EVER to know how the shows are going! Comment below with your experiences and opinions, and if you have photos, email them to You can either email us links to photos you have on a photo-sharing site, or just email us your jpeg files as attachments.

~~Jeanette, Glamb #5


  1. MicheleDE says:

    OMG I got stuck up at the part about the CO9T being switched from the right to the left pockets in the ROFvideo! ….*runs to see*

    ….wait, I didn’t finish reading this article yet!

    All I know is, WTFever it is messing with Adam’s sh*t needs to leave it the EFF alone!!! Come on, freak! >=( All this stalker and hacker stuff is p*ssing us off, and trust me, you don’t want PO’d Skanks and Glamberts!

    ps I love Change is Gonna Come… which is playing on this page. 🙂 Gorgeous voice. Dang.

  2. Jeanette–
    I agree that at least something or someone has gotten out of hand. However, I can say that in Dallas, the concert was the most mellow concert I have ever been to. Even with Adam doing his thing and all of us yelling, standing, dancing, etc., that was all we did. It seems that Dallas was not different in that over half of the crowd is over 40, and we just don’t seem to get that wild. Maybe we did decades ago, but now…we really did seem to be there to listen to the music, and see Adam.

    I know what we hear and see on the blogs, but those incidents are very isolated. maybe a second here or there at a concert that was a bit over the top for the crowd, but most the time, it is just people sitting and listening, and screaming for more at times.

    So, it really is not the crowd during the concert getting out of hand, I don’t think, or throwing a thing or two on the stage. Whatever happened at a meet and greet backstage, or at a signing, I agree it is wise for Adam to have not come out. I have read the rumors also, but don’t know exactly what happened. Whatever it was, it is best for Adam to stay SAFE. The tickets we bought were for the concert, not for the signing, so none of the idols have any obligation anyway to come out and sign–although it is a nice thing to do. But with hundreds of people there for Adam, standing outside for hours waiting, then to have Adam there for about 10 mintues, something is sure to happen at some point. I am sure that in previous years it was not the mad mob scene to see David Cook, etc.

    • Jeanette says:

      Thanks for the reassurance, Marlis! It’s so hard for me to know what’s going on at the concerts. I read all the reviews, but unless you’re actually there, well, like I said, everything is thru a filter for me at this point.

      I just hope everything stays cool (except Adam – he can stay HOT!)

      • Lisette agan..thenks Jeanette for always lovli articles an posts of latest “AI tour concerts”.An too pray for all fans to be calmer an non too carry away in regardes to throwing objects..wel as longe as ther little ones,an undergarments nothing sharp or harmful.As I mentione for Tom Jones..nerly got hit with keyes in old concerte I av seen..let’s hope AI an showrooms av ample securitie too! Angel blessings always beau Adam! Thenks agan Jeannette! Luv Lisettexox

      • Oh yea baby, Adam stay HOT, man can he shakes those hips and ?????
        When he does that sway part on Lets Dance

    • Marlis..bonmatin nice to here then it wasnon an objecte thet did harme anyone special our beau Adam an agree he shold avoide craze fans with autographsigning if there was a near harmful situatione.An agree too thet there shold non be signing in dark parkinglots(as read on other pages)heaven forbid truly ther’s somone lurking aboute an with darkness difficile to see,plus securitie perhaps shold be there too,as I av seen for artistes here in town.An agree dont thinq in histoire of “idol” anyone has stirre same frenzy or excitemente as Adam ,an like thet of Elvis,Beatles,an late Michel Jackson had same type situatione..Still pray for his safety an bonhealth. Hugs an luv Lisettexoxo

    • Marlis, your comment seems very ‘over-simplified, to me. I am 61 and I am still wild and crazy and would defilnately be if I saw Adam doing what I’ve only seen on video! Godd Lord! He is so exciting!!! Age has nothing to do with it, I don’t think! I think high,free-spirited, still 16 at rock concerts is where I’m at, and a lot of people younger than me! Imean, dressing up, polishing finger nails, holding signs, sounds a pretty hepped-up crowd of cougars, panther, tigers, and every other thing that over 40 women are called seem to be foing real wild!!! I love it!!! Celebrate it, don’t try too much to make it sound less than it is!
      I disagree w/your assumption that these ‘incident’ happening to Adam is just a second here or there! I mean, you make it sound as if security is being in an overkill mode, that’s it’s all just nothing ado about nothing. I don’t feel that way at all. Am very happy the handlers don’t take it so calmly either. Adam would not be held back from a lot of the signings and hurried out a back door to the bus w/o anyon seeing him if there isn’t something serious going on! He was reported to have had ‘death threats’ by the police. I find that very concerening. And don’t say that nobody knows for sure. Cuz SOMEBODY certainly does, or there would be no problem. The tour is moving along. But Adam is not a Scott or Kris or Anoop. Adam is controversial, and sticking one’s head in the sand and saying I don’t see anything happening is not wise for someone whose job it is to keep Adam safe.
      Because it did not happen to David Cook, ‘WHAT IS THE POINT’? with that statement? What does that have with the cost of corn? What does David Cook’s idol experience have anything to do with Adam Lambert’s experience or anything else Adam? That statement of yours just seems very simpleminded to say the least. I’ve seen that ‘point of view too many times to make me comfortable. I think it’s always best to be thinking ahead and on top of every important issue!

  3. florida fans loves adam so much ; then the crazy stalker an armed keep followign adam since that morning too scary.NO THROWING THING WATCH ADAM ONLY SONG. THE END OF HIS SONG THEN CLAPS THIER HANDS AND SAY WOW.

  4. we listen and watch adams song. we wont throwing thing in the stage anything, at the end of his song we wow to him calling him we love you adam lambert/ we want him to coem out and sign authograph even just a short time of course with his security. hes very special person a nd very unique singer..

  5. The vids of the Dallas concert is unbelievable! In WLL Adam was so incredible!! Anyone who hasn’t seen the video yet, do yourself a favor,,,, ck it out. He sang in the highest octave he has doing that song. Truly, truly amazing! I think Dallas was more amazing than Tampa, at least from the vids I saw. Dallas did look a bit ‘raunchy’, in a good way! It’s funny, in each video he’s really more different than I’d think was possible. I do like his hair down more than the pompadore. Hot, though, just amazingly amazing!

    love-hope-peace-happiness 4 Adam.

    • Cheryl..bonmatin now..Sorry Im late an nonsure what time yu’re on.Its after 3 pct,an as usual am up taking meds for health(fibromyalgia pain)So here I am inlieu of tv to fal aslep agan.An hed to send hugs an thenks for yur lovli post on last thread (one of Touring an staying healthy)..plasur always if I can make anyone feele I av esplanation why I send angels ..If yu see why I av become so spiritual detailes of my passe car accidente,etc..see othre page is too long to repost new people here will non understand the correlation to thes new article an next Idol citie concert)..P.S. an yes I do enjoie verymuch to send angels for those I adore(as our amie Adam…an angel d’musique with a couer tresbeau)!An so for frends as yu now some angels too..!
      Regardes to above concertes I av to view thes videos as I havent yet been blesse to see him in person,an unsure health will permitte.I misse all west an s.west ones..que domage.Well so I’ll just imagaine am there in spirite with spectacular videos glambs an Adam fans/ post.Im worrie as well reading above commentes thet he has a stalker au craze fans an reason gather he avoided autograph/signing in Florida?What was threwn onstage other then bras?I did non view videos..? I recall yers passe seein Tom Jones with my mama an cousines, Tom was60 plusage, fans threw bras an roomkeys..he ducked his head. Agree with Jeanette pray he nevre has injuries,speciale to his beauface. Recall Cher concert somone threw flowers with longribbons, caught her heel dansing,an nearly fell!,Then securitie personnel were by stage in Coliseum. So plese be careful Adam..angel blessings agan.Luv Lisettexox
      Oh I agree regarde to his hair down.. sensual an complementes his beauface an chisele features! bonwishes an hugs glamb gals/ an Cheryl!

      • Lisette, please check on the TOURING AND STAYING HEALTHY thread. I have left a post for you which is similar to the one you have made here. It is 36 posts down from the top. Bonne nuit ma petite amie..

        • Lorrin, there you are! We are both on different threads all the time yesterday and today! Now, tomorrow, maybe I can play ‘catch-up’!! I did leave you a message on the Staying Healthy thread, I think I posted that to you somewhere, but these new thread are coming fast and furious lately, and that can’t be a good thing for someone with no sleep, or very little in the last 3 days, plus wearing myself out, doing much more than I should. I haven’t seen Ingrid around. Wonder if she’s all good? Hope so! Well, just wanted to give you a shout out to say hey. Adam’s new vids are sick!!!! (using his words) Even the old men in the background seem very interested in watching Adam do his Adam impression! Haha! Good nite, love to you and sweet dreams!

          • Hi Cheryl, yes, we seem to miss each other…I’m doing the same thing you are, trying to read back through these old threads and reply as much as possible. I also saw some of the new videos, and they’re getting better and better all the time, and I DID see how many older MEN seem to be ranged around Adam just around the bottom of the stage. How amazing! Are they ALL with their wives? They seem to be having as much of a good time as any of the gals out there. Also, I haven’t talked to Ingrid either in awhile, I noticed awhile back that she said she might be coming down with something. Hope she’s OK. It’s still fairly early out here and I’m doing my usual of playing ‘catch up’ just like you did earlier. Love you tonight from CA!

      • HELLO LISETTE! So you’ve been up w/the fibromyagia aches and pains again? I hate that you have all that pain, Lisette! I have fibromyagia also, for over the last 15 yrs. I noticed you once said that you have a medication that you take. If you didn’t mind, I’d like to know what it is. I have several meds, nothing specific for the fibro., except pain meds and anxiety meds. Just wondering! Thank you for being your gentle special little angel on this thread! You are OUR ANGEL, LISETTE!!! You are!!! So, do the best that you can on the computer! Your posts are always very uplifting and truthful to everyone. That is really something special! We can’t all be so special! I know what you mean about not being able to see Adam except on the videos on the internet!! Me, too!!! I’ll tell you for sure, Lisette, I DEFINATELY WILL see Adam on his own tour someday soon!!! I have to make that one of my ‘things to do before I die’!!! Ha! Even if I have to be wheeled in on a ‘gurney’! Hey, just get me there! That’s all I ask for! But, we are so lucky to be able to see all the videos from every concert!!! Just think if that were not possible, what happiness we’d be misssing!!! So we are ‘blessed’, right?! Right, we ARE!!!Yeah, I remember Tom Jones, my mom loved him!! I’d love to see Cher. She is so special and down to earth with her thinking. Not her costumes!! Ha ha! I’ve seen a lot of people in concert, too! I love concerts! Oh, you’ve asked my several times what time zone I am in. I am in the EASTERN STANDARD TIME ZONE, so right now it is 4:04am !!! I was in bed, once tonite, and couldln’t sleep. I had gone shopping 2 days in a row! Yesterday with my 2-1/2 year old granddaughter, Farrah. We bought lots of ‘kid’ jewelry and a summer dress, hat, little girl’s purse that is wild! She picked it out before I could even see it! Then we ate, and came home. Then today, I had to go looking around for things I needed! Then had to do some grocery shopping too. I should be out like a light, but I’m not! I will have to go now, and try to get some beauty sleep! I need all I can get!! Have a very nice Sunday, say your prayers and send your angels out into the world, we need them more than ever!! Love and blessings to you, Lisette!!! Will be talking/typing to you soon! CherylI

    • Check out the NC video’s they are awesome too! He does seem to change the shows up a bit.
      Love it! Ilove the hair down better too. What does everyone think about the blue eye makeup?
      He is ever so handsome w/o alot of that, guess he loves to be more colorful!
      Rock on Adam, we love youuuuuuu!

  6. Several reports that meet and greets have become screaming mob scenes and are to be avoided.
    So sad that a few unhinged fans can ruin it for the rest of us. Tossing objects other than bras and panties is hazardous.

    • Yea, I think stick to throwing the softer items (bras etc) on the stage. Love how he swings them around. I hate how the sreaming mob scenes seem to be going on at the meet and greets.
      I know everyone is so excited when he comes walking in, but please the more dis a ray the fans are, he doesnt seem to sign as long.
      I was ever soo lucky to meet w/him after the finale in L.A. so calm , but boy have things changed. Just being at the right place at the right time.
      I can still see his beautiful eyes looking into mine. God, is he gorgeous!

  7. I agree with u Jeanette on what you’ve said but YOU SCARED ME :'( !!! Now I’m gonna freak out everytime Adam’s on stage … I don’t want him to get hurt 🙁 …
    Seriously now, people should be more careful about that, hopefully nothing bad will happen .

  8. Miichan says:

    Refrain or not refrain our love for Adam…hard question…but I totally agree with Jeanette. Adam, other idols, staffs and fan’s safety is #1. I think most of us older fans understand the circumstances and although it’s sad that we don’t get to see Adam close and personal, we can still show our support in many ways. I hope the tour will continue without much of incidents.

    BTW, I’m still confused about how to get Glambs #. I read a posting about it before and I read the guidelines, but can’t figure it out how to get one.

    I’ve posted some comments before, but I’m not sure how it gets approved. I already receive e-mail alerts from this site, so I’m official that way, but how do I get the #??? Could someone clarify that one more time please….

  9. SweetSue says:

    I will be at tonight’s concert and I can hardly wait. I’ll try to remember as much as I can but to finally see Adam in the flesh might be too much for this ole’ gal. I bought some bottles of glitter to give to Adam fans so we can spread his “glitterness” around the arena (sorry cleaning crew, but Adam loves glitter).

    I will not stay after the show – Adam most likely will not come out again. Too bad but I will go home happy for sure.


  10. Manda_K says:

    Personally, I think throwing things…any things on stage is a bit much only for safety reasons. BUT for the vibe of this whole tour, not really cool. IF it was just ADAM…maybe….I dunno. I am torn. I can see the fun of it, the interaction is great, but….they rehearse SO much and it seems sorta rude to me. IDK….

  11. AdoringAam says:

    Throwing things can be dangerous in some ways, but how do you stop it at a live show?

    I am more worried about Adam going into the crowds of fans after the show. It is sad and disappointing that there are people who want to harm him, but his safety comes first.

  12. Christine says:

    I can tell you first hand what went down in Tampa since my sister and I were there. We had seats right by the stage, so we saw all of Adam’s moves, gyrations and hotness upclose. And his vocals were the best I’ve heard, completely different live! We were overwhelmed by his mere presence on stage, he is so handsome and sensual, and when he picked up the CO9 tails the crowd absolutely went wild! The house was crazy for Adam.! So after it was over my sister and I went (left a bit early) to the signing place outside the arena got a spot up front so we just Knew we’d get Adams autograph and actually meet HIM (my camera in hand) and waited. The other Idols started coming out one by one @ around 11pm, they seemed to be taking they time moving slowing down the line. At 11:30 out came Kris and I starting wondering where was my ROCKGOD Adam? At this point some of the Idols had went back inside, and then reappeared for more signing as if stalling the crowd. Finally Michael Sarver came by and someone asked were was Adam and Michael said he wasn’t coming out. WHY we asked, and he just said because of security. Upon more questioning of the workers there we found out that Adam had a stalker that showed up early in the day and apparently had done or said something threatening to Adam (Adam had remembered her from previous tour stops, so she must have been freaky).Then there was a pack of Adam Haters with something printed on they’re t-shirts who showed up early at the buses, and they were all banned from the concert. My sister and I waited the 2 hours after and were sooooooooooooooo disappointed because of some stupid person. Was just glad that Adam was safe. I’m sure they wisk him off in a limmo. If you don’t have a ticket to this concert, find one, it’s the concert of a lifetime.Tampa loves Adam!

    • Thank you for the information, Christine. I figured it was kind of a combination of things like that.

      The downside of the internet is that it feeds the twisted psyches of stalker types. There are those of us who are a bit obsessed, for lack of a better word, with Adam – i.e., we watch certain youtube videos of his repeatedly, Google his name daily, come here for any little tidbits a Google search may not produce. That’s bad enough as it is, really – but it stops there for most of us.

      Since so much information is available all the time, people with a Silly String chromosome or two start to thinking that he belongs to them. And only them. I’ve never crossed that line because I like to think I’m sane.

      I’ve seen a couple of pretty horrible displays of the dark side of human nature in the presence of famous people in my time – once a while back when Brooke Shields was still married to Andre Agassi and my husband and I were at a tennis tournament he was playing in and she was attending (the way people shamelessly gawked at her was appalling), and once when I met an actor I’d admired for a long time after a play he had performed in and others were just way more grabby and space-invading than I would ever dream of being.

      Adam is special, just like these people are. He is a star, and there are lecherous people out there who will “love” him too much due mostly to something lacking in their own lives and there are also hateful people out there who are afraid of anything they perceive to be different from (and therefore a threat to) their tiny-minded, pathetic selves.

      I think that in time, as Adam settles into his own music and act and tour, things will be a bit more under control. Hell, Johnny Depp played guitar down here last fall as part of a benefit for his friend’s mom and it was like Fort Knox getting anywhere near him. My friend who has idolized him for years stayed for 2 hours after the very late show to get his autograph, but he did finally come out, and with multiple bodyguards. She said they were all business and said, “All right, this is how it’s going to go down. Johnny will sign things you give him to sign, you can take photos of him signing, but there will be no photos with anyone and no conversations.” Cold, yes, but most likely necessary. And at least he was there. And my friend said she did say “Thanks for putting on this show for us tonight” and he said “Thanks for coming out!” as she handed him her program to sign, and that was enough to stoke her coals for many days to follow.

  13. Going to show tonight. Hard to be at work right now. Will be in touch tomorrow. If I recover!

  14. Those out-of-venue meet & greets are fun for the fans and I am sure the performers like to see the support as well, but think about how DANGEROUS those are. There is no security to go through so anyone that has any intention of harming a performer and God forbid, have a weapon on them, can do so without ANY hesitation. I pray to God this doesn’t happen to Adam or ANYONE for that matter, but people really shouldn’t get bent out of shape when stars don’t always come out for those types of meet & greets because they aren’t all that safe at all. I’ve worked in the concert/venue/music business and have seen way too many incidents like this. There are some definite crazies out there that don’t have good intentions. Adam and everyone in the same boat as him just need to take care of themselves first and stay safe and healthy….

  15. If Adam doesn’t want anything thrown on stage…he can say so…he’s a big boy & a smart one! Think someone is making a big deal out of nothing.

    • He gave an interview saying, ” he likes it and goes along with it” He is soo cute.

  16. hypnotizedbyadam says:

    I’m surprised no one has mentioned the David Bowie incident with the lollipop stick that got thrown and then stuck in his eye. Please don’t throw anything at our Adam.

    • Oh my , I didnt hear about that. Now thats taking it tooo far. His eyes are too beautiful.
      Come on people.

  17. Janette I totally agree with you, restrain on throwing things on the stage for the sake of safety, I don’t think I can restrain my enthusiasm for Adam, and I am only able to watch the videos, I cannot imagine how I will behave if I see a live performance. Treat the all of them with respect, no need to grab them or touch them, this will stop any attempts from allowing the performers to meet the fans and sign autographs. Adam performances arouse peoples emotions, it is as if he is injecting new life into our bodies, you cannot help but become somewhat aroused by his performance, I personally love the effect he is having on me, I enjoy his performance, I enjoy listening to his music, I like him as person, correction, I love him for what he is.

  18. I’m going to the show tonight . I would love to meet with some of the fan.If someone can help me out. Please email me . I will check email. I will be staying at the holiday inn . Right next to the show. After the show will try to fill everyone in on what happens.

  19. IDOLize says:

    i think a lot of peeps are getting too hen clucky.
    Adams 28- not 8 !!

    • I think a lot of us are hens and not chicks…so the clucking is only the caring kind. But I do agree, he is 27 years old. He’s a big boy, but he cant forsee danger of crazy peeps. Best not to throw things or grab at any of the Idols. Didnt everyone learn this when they were a kid…not to throw things and to keep your hands to yourself??

    • Jeanette says:

      It’s not *Adam’s* age/common sense that I’m worried about.

  20. Love your “lessons from childhood,” Anroln ~ I wish people would follow them … I feel sort of old saying this, but I don’t see how it enhances Adam’s (or anyone’s) performances, when fans’ screaming provides an annoying “background” to his singing. In a (my) perfect world, we would scream before and after the performance, while staying respectfully silent during the performance itself, so that his gorgeous voice could be heard in its full brilliance. Come to think of it, if he didn’t have to amp up his voice volume to rise above that din, his voice would probably not be so exhausted. Waddya think? Am I living in a dream world?

    I LOVE Adam’s fans’ concern for his safety — I don’t remember this kind of “motherly” attitude toward artists in the past. (Maybe I just didn’t pay attention.) But Adam is SO very special, and this shows, as so much else does, how his remarkable talent and demeanor bring out the best in us.

    • Jeanette says:

      This is a good point, Lee, and something I’ve never really thought about before, and certainly have never before experienced myself – the “motherly” attitude toward an artist. I think it’s just one more singluar trend among the many others that have blossomed in the wake of Adam’s popularity. It is the accumulation of all these very unique and surprising trends that leads me to believe that Adam will be a worldwide sensation for a long time to come, and not just a flash-in-the-pan, here today and gone tomorrow. I feel Ingrid’s article coming on!

    • If only more people felt as you do, Lee (and Anroln).

    • LuvAdam476 says:

      Lee I just have to say that when Adam comes on stage most of us can’t help ourselves as far as the screaming goes. He has really liberated so many of us! I’m 54 not a teeny bopper, but the man has an effect on me that is unexplainable. This is the reason we are so protective of Adam.

      He is SPECIAL! There is no one else like him.He is a Sexy Hot Rock God who can turn into an adorable sweet boy! That’s why we love him so much. Our chameleon! As far as the crazy fans, yes some do cross the line. I was at the Tulsa concert and people started rushing the barricades, pushing and shoving with me not being able to stop anything. Adam was taken inside, the fans were warned and Adam came back out for a few. Didn’t get an autograph but saw him from 8-10 feet away. He is BREATHTAKINGLY BEAUTIFUL!

      I’m not disappointed about the autographs, because while he was stil in the competition I sent him 4 photos which he was kind enough to put my name on each, write a saying and sign his legible signature. I have those framed.

      Adams’ safety is first and foremost above all else!!!! Adam does have a fiercely loyal fanbase!



    • Sometimes I wonder if I’m getting up in the middle of the night and writing messages here. But I know I’m not. My 67 year old brain does have its senior moments but not this. Hello ‘Lee’, I’m Lee, also. We should talk.
      By the way, I’m concerned about the person who is giving their email address in these posts. It doesn’t sound like a safe thing to do. I don’t know how you can safely contact others who post here.
      Anyone have any ideas?
      Lee, Glamb # 76

    • Lee: I was at the Tulsa concert and I don’t think the crowd was ever below a dull roar–even when he was singing. But, I felt that it was just our time to show Adam our love. We listened to his voice and watched his performances and videos for months and months. How will he ever know how much enjoyment he has brought to people? Then, when he was on stage…he could finally listen to us! Maybe, it was rude to scream during his songs, but I hope he realized that it was sound waves of love and appreciation and the only opportunity we had to express them and make him feel it.

      • I know many people are very annoyed by screaming and yelling fans, but to me, the thunderous screaming falling in waves over the arenas where Adam sings is the single most fabulous expression of love in the world. Who could possibly STOP themselves from pouring out their feeling for this man in some outwardly vocal way? I noticed that a number of the Glambs reporting back from the concerts are saying that the arena felt like it was shaking during his performances. Long ago, when we all first started posting on this site, I said that Adam will bring down the house wherever he goes, flattening everything in his progress across the world, rooting up the flooring and throwing flames over the heads of everyone in his adoring audiences. Earthquakes on the arena floor are already being reported wherever he goes, as the floor moves, whether figuratively or literally, underneath him. Personally, I WANT it this way. I think it’s about time we all had someone so fabulous, so wonderful, and so worth getting this excited about in this world. I can’t see how the screaming can ever stop now, there is something about Adam that we all want and that has touched all of us, and we are all full of emotion for him, and we HAVE to let that out. This is what Adam wanted, let us all show him how much we love him, who can hold back NOW?

  21. I have just taken a major step! I am flying to the eastern USA and attending another Adam concert with a fellow Glamb who lives down there.

    Our seats are only 3 rows up and on the stage side. I hope nothing goes wrong with the tickets being mailed here, my plane reservation, or my bad feet before Sept!!!!!

    • Jeanette says:

      HAHA! Another Glamb amongst many bitten by the “multi-concert” bug!

    • Oh Theresa, tell us ALL about it when you get back, every last detail! I’m thrilled that you are getting to do this! Which concert are you attending?

    • Mother Theresa, what makes you so fortunate??? Is it divine intervention or what? Theresa have a splendid time and we look forward to your post regarding the concert.

  22. I guarantee you it’s not “mothering” I have in mind when I think of Adam…

  23. What a great closeup of him in Lets Dance and Fame!! Lookit all the old guys… with their ladies??? LOL such good husbands…

  24. OH OH OH!! WE just crawled right into his glittery belt buckle….. oh wow!!!! Slow Ride… whoever is the photo or videographer, great pics!!!! Thanks so much!!

  25. Oh, I really liked these videos from Duluth. That close-up of the belt buckle was great. It was just all so sexy, I felt like I was right back at the LA concert where I saw Adam for the first time. Kind of like re-living the moment, you know.

  26. JAN LYNN says:

    This is for all the fans that may think it is disrespectful to scream and yell during Adams
    concerts. NO IT IS NOT. Do you think Adam expresses all his sexy moves and facial expressions
    and pelvic thrusts so everyone in the audience sits still and is quiet until he finishes
    performing and then claps, I DONT THINK SO. Adam appears to be very intelligent and knows
    exactly what he is doing. I read where he stated “when I hear my name yelled from the audience,
    i get charged up;”. Adam said he has always wanted to be a Rocker and wants everyone to
    stand, dance, and have fun. In fact, I think if noone screamed at the top of their lungs, he would
    feel disrespected. Lighten up, celebrate, enjoy this young, beautiful, gifted young man.

    In no way am I referring to the seriousness of Adams stalker. It makes me angry that he has
    to deal with this dark side of life. Unfortunately, the more famous Adam becomes (and I believe
    he has the potential for international stardom) the more personal freedom he loses. This is not
    a perfect world but in the eyes of Adams fans, he could not be more perfect.

    By the way, I was at the Tampa concert and handcuffs were also thrown on stage.

    • What about the fans toning it down a little during quiet ballads like Mad World? Personally I agree about the screaming etc during rock songs, but how does a person show devotion and respect for the singer’s performance? Scream and block out the song or listen and scream at special notes and at the end?

  27. He should have kept it to him self.

  28. The Duluth concert was AMAZING! Adam has so much energy up on stage. All I can tell you is that when I think about it, I’m at a loss for words. He just seems like he loves performing more than anyone could ever realize. And Adam came out to meet the fans and sign autographs after the meet and greet. Everyone was very excited to see that he was doing okay and that they had handled the whole stalker thing. But anyway, I just sent a lot of photos from this concert to you guys! Let me know if you get them!


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