TOUR VIBE – American Idol Summer Tour 2009 – Columbus, OH





***UPDATED WITH GREAT POST-CONCERTS PHOTOS COURTESY OF CHEYENNE*** The Idols stay in Ohio for a concert on Tuesday, August 25nd at the Schottenstein Center in Columbus.

Today’s website updates: I added a new photo from the Robert Sebree shoot here (it’s the top photo). Thanks to adamtastic1877 for finding this photo and sending it in to us!

Sandy sent in some great photos from the Cleveland concert on August 23rd. You can view them here. This is what Sandy had to say about the experience: “He totally rocked and was phenomenal as always. He even signed my Adam Lambert purse. He was so kind and so very hot!!! It made my day when I finally got to exchange meet him and exchange some words with him. I will totally cherish it forever! The night was definitely too short!!” Thanks, Sandy!

Pamela also sent in a photo of Adam with the boa at the Hartford show. (It’s on the same page as Sandy’s photos above.) She’s especially partial to this photo since she’s the one who threw it! Pamela promises a review and more photos, but Adam’s hotness melted her computer and she has to get it up and running again before sending more to us (seriously – it crashed and burned!) Thanks, Pamela!

And lastly, the infamous Cleveland interview you’ve all been talking about:

Adam is great, as always, but the reporter is sooooo lame. So many of these reporters obviously know very little about Adam, and as some of you noted in comments, keep re-asking the same old questions that were asked and answered long ago. The only new thing for me was Adam’s debunking of the laryngitus rumor. I never really believed he had laryngitus, but it kept popping up all over the web. Now we know the truth!

If you’re going to the Columbus show, please share your experiences with us. If you have photos and/or videos from either this concert or any of the past concerts, please email them to us! Our email address is

As a side note to emailing us, please rest assured that we’re getting your photos and links, however, due to an increased volume of emails we may not be able to respond to everyone. Also, with regards to photos/videos sent in, please know that we try to post as many as possible, but it’s impossible to post everything sent to us. Sometimes we need to exercise discretion in what gets posted. We love you guys, and we want you to keep emailing your photos and videos, but there aren’t enough hours in the day for Dana and I to handle every request.

Personal side note: Any Glambs wanting to get together at either the Milwaukee or Madison shows please email me at

***UPDATE*** Here’s another great video in case you haven’t yet seen this one. Somebody mentioned how Adam licks his lips. Well, YES HE DOES!!!

~~Jeanette, Glamb #5


  1. adamtastic1877 says:

    yay 1st post! you’re right, that reporter knows NOTHING about adam! i rolled my eyes for every question he asked that ppl already asked adam a million times (QUEEN)!! but adam was sooo so sweet to him anyway. i love the green (think i’ll go put some in my hair!) and im now jealous of adam because THAT is his rolling out of bed look? god he looked so perfect…i can’t even look like that with hours of primping! Jeez!! well anyway…yeah, i loved the interview

    • adamtastic1877 says:

      by the way, thank you jeanette for shouting out my name, you are very welcome!

      • Lisette here,..thenks agan Jeanette always for most recente events re: concerttour an much dedication! An know yu’ll enjoie concertes soon..If only to see him,ah ..someday it shall be.An as yu av mention on othre thread try an meet him if sont possible..For if he visite here..surely can mentione on interview alway hering of glambert one. Well I adore thes site,an is like a famille of frends both in US an internationale, who celebrate Adam’s artistry an estraordinaire gifte to singe any musique genre,an toche heartes of all ages, sexes,races,religione,an nationalities.Anyone who has listene just one time to Adam,can be a fan forever..An look forwarde to his cd thet will be fusiones of danse,pop,rock,electronica an ballads,sure to plese all ages!
        Regarde interview yu poste above so agree interviewer has little zest an non personalitie as those question Adam responde to from thinq shortli aftre American Idol complete.An true if Adam hed laryngitis surely he nevre can av hit those intense high octaves with longre breath control,then switch to lower ones. Rumour spread an becomes like when children play telephon,last person response so destorte from actual message, nothing to do with original subject.Yet gathre we’re all concerne for Adam’s wellbeing as he has appear (not on thes one),passe ones fatigue,even he’s espress such.
        Adam looks tresbeau his lit aqua eyes always illuminate a lit from within,his speakin voix is smooth an velvet as when he even if interviewer isnon best..Adam sont a plasur to here,an can listen to him for an eternitie an feel so much joie,an amour! J’adore thes beau l’homme,vraimente inward an outward! Blessed from above in all ways! Take care luv to all!
        bisous for Adamxoxoxo

    • Check my later post – Adam is scheduled to be on the Wednesday, 8/26/09, Regis and Kelly Show.

      • cheryl norman says:

        SHIRLEE, Thank you for that info!!!!

        • AdamAdmirer says:

          Thanks Shirley, I didn’t see your comment and just turned on my TV this morning and there Adam was singing Mad World – one of my favorite post-finale media appearances. So great, they are repeating these earlier interviews, yeah!!!

  2. Adam looks fantastic as usual here! (I agree, adamtastic1877, that his “‘just rolled out of bed” look is amazing!!) I also am getting sick and tired about reporters’ stupidity and apparent lack of knowledge about Adam. I continue to be blown away, however at Adam’s patience, graciousness and approach as he acts as if he has never heard the questions before and even compliments the reporter at the end – he’s quite a guy!

    • AdamAddict says:

      Imagine if we got to sleep with him and the next morning when he just rolled out of bed and look that amazing and we look like a ZOMBIE!! lol!! The trick here is, you wake up before he wakes up. Put some make up and comb your hair and spray a bit of perfume and brush your teeth and then pretend to sleep.Then you MIGHT BE prettier than him ! lol!!
      I love how he swipe his bangs!Swipe?Is that a correct word? Whatever,you know what I meant! He so pretty!!!!!!Plus that smile and that laugh!! Where can I find a guy like that?Don’t tell me only Planet Fierce have guys like that?I can’t even afford to go to US, now to other planet?? !! 🙁

      • AdamAddict, How about how he licks his lips??? I know you love that too!

        • AdamAddict says:

          lol! Of course I love that too,duh!! I almost lick the screen!! Then I heard someone came so I just pretend I’m cleaning it! hahaha! 😀

          • YOU SO CUTE
            I WOULD DO THE SAME….OMG WHAT AN AMAIZING SMILE///////////////////////

            • AdamAddict says:

              I just watched the licking vid again,don’t ask me why,you know why!! LOL!! I just realized i was smiling for the whole 3:37!! LOL! If my mom didn’t tell me, I won’t notice it! There’s a smile on my face?? That’s weird! I thought I was drooling! Just smile,huh? That’s improvement,I guess! I almost normal again! hahaha!! 😛

          • Iyleneidol09 says:

            Oh, how can I save all those beautiful video clips. That liplicking!! OMG, I can’t tell you what is in my mind while watching that video, you will all disown me and ban me for life in this site. LOL!!!!

            • Someone on this site said to paste the url into and download to your computer. It works; I’ve loaded my Mac and iPod with great Adam videos – I love the lips one too! He’s so sweet. The url for the black and white vid of Some Kind of Wonderful is disabled, so I couldn’t get that. There are other ways too; that was just one.

              • Iyleneidol09 says:

                Thanks Deanna, I now know how I will spend my 2 days off. burning CDs for my ADAM download vids. It will be all worth it ( sigh)

        • cheryl norman says:

          ADAMADDICT ‘SWIPE’? Yeah, that’s a word, our little comic!! You know, years ago, and I mean many
          yrs ago, a co-worker who knew I was engaged to be married, told my the exact same thing about not
          letting my husband (to be) see me flossing my teeth, shaving my legs, and other grooming things!! You
          are a pretty smart little one!! I love his hair like that! Where can you find a guy like that? Well, dear,
          take your time and never settle for less than you want and need! If there is a guy like Adam out there for
          you, count your lucky stars, cuz I KNOW they are few and far between! I’ve been engaged more times
          than I can recall, but never remarried after my divorce in 1977!!! Why? I stayed engaged long enough
          to realize that ‘he’ wasn’t someone I could spend years with much less the rest of my life! So, don’t ever
          feel ‘pressured’ to settle down. Notice the word, ‘settle’!

    • GREAT VIDEO, MANY THANKS, JEANETTE! All through it I had these thoughts: he is so intelligent, modest and grateful, he smiles with his whole face, he has a great underlying sense of humour and ability to laugh so easily. What a guy!!

  3. What a beautiful soul Adam is….the same questions over and over and over again, yet he answers them with zeal and positivity like it was the very first time he’s heard them. He’s a total class act and soooooo adorable!!!!! I don’t know what I’d do without this website…THANK YOU GLAMBS and the INTERNATIONAL GLAMBS TOO!!!!

    • So true. I mean, is there anyone on the planet who doesn’t know the answers to the not-winning-Idol and Queen questions? Give it a rest, people! And yet he remains so patient. His inner monologue must be going “Oh, Jesus Christ. Again?” yet he doesn’t begin to show it. His parents must have really stressed the Golden Rule to him – always, ALWAYS treat people the way you would want to be treated. What a gem.

  4. Just mute the interview and enjoy Adam looking……..OW!!

    Manda Glamb #413

    • Hi Manda, good advice, I love looking at Adam but I love listening to him speak, his expressions, the hand movements, the laughter, OH unbelievable. How many times does he have to tell them that he has never done Broadway? He is so polite, and how many times do they have to ask about make-up tips? I loved his answer, ‘just use your finger’, and he kept a straight face.

      • You know what? My sister got all MAD because “he has been on Broadway, why does he need American Idol? Those spots should be given to people who don’t have any other opportunities.” I felt a little bad about the way I let her HAVE IT! I sorta went off. She was basically saying that he shouldn’t have been there (on AI) in the first place. Man, I had to explain to her that he was never on Broadway, didn’t record any Broadway productions, yadda yadda yadda….*sigh* THEN I got upset cause, well, he is the BEST contestant AI has ever had and you know what, he deserved the chance!

        Ok, I feel better now.

        • Manda, I’m so glad you cleared that up with yor sister. I hate when people say he was already
          in the business. What business,? sure he’s been singing and doing theatre since a kid,
          but not on a professional platform like he is doing now. He needed AI to get himself out
          there and show the world who he is and what he can do. Boy has he shown us!
          Most of the other contestants have had some experience performing in one way or another.
          He is the BEST contestant AI has ever had.
          You go girl, thanks for straightening your sis out!

    • te_amo_adam says:

      That’s exactly what I did!! How did you know? The licking video is real nice mute and who wants to hear him on the first one. You just want to scream. Enough already! Do your home work before interviewing this HOT MAN! Although I did meet two people yesterday who had never heard of him. What planet were they on?!!!!

      • Never heard of him???!!! That is a freaking travesty!! I met a lady who had never heard of him either and I just shook my head. I mean, it would take me like 4 hours to explain how phenomenal he is!

        I listened the first time, cause I too, love his voice, singing and speaking…moaning, sighing……oh, wait……

        But then I watched it just to watch him. How is it that I cannot get enough of him?? I CANNOT!

  5. Lisette relistene to interview.Adam has espress reason for non always bein in autograph signing,is thet he’s felte exhauste an fatigue,undre doc’s advise to safeguarde bonhealth to replenish energies for his vocals to be superbe in nexte performance..what a caring,kind an giving artiste..Adam’s humanitarian hearte,warmth,an apreciation always shines just like l’angel he is!..An has a sensual innocense in thes interview..Just wishe to give hug an bisous ther..Merci for l’post Jeanette an latest interview.Saying bonnuit au matin to all glambs,fans, of course Adam
    prince,legend of millenium,an favorite vocaliste/artiste..Merci for toi gifte au chante..Luv Lisettexoxo

  6. Thanks Jeannette!
    Haha, I agree with you about the reporter. Robert Cruz is his name or something…
    I like his hair in the interview! So awesomeeee.
    He looks like alot of people at certain angles.
    He looks like Robert Pattinson in some photos, David Archie, Elvis, Joe Jonas & David Bowie. He’s just got his own style going on.
    I find him so fascinating as he never fails to surprise me with his looks & voice.

    Oh and guys, I need help.
    I hope you guys can help me out.
    I recently got into a relationship with this guy but im afraid I will forget about Adam & my love for him will drop!
    It’s really hard for me to love Adam and not spare a thought for my guy.
    I know it asounds a bit crazy but really, I don’t know what to do.
    I really love Adam for real.
    Man, dilema!

    • Iyleneidol09 says:

      Oh c’mon Gwen! DAvid Bowie??? DAvid Bowie look like a walking Zombie, not even close!! (sorry DAvid Bowie fan)
      And for the advise? Just don’t tell him about Adam, Adam will be your secret affair! After a date with your guy, tell him you want to go home soon and hurry home. Don’t move in with your guy, if will spoil your secret affair with ADAM.If your guy starts getting suspicious, and accuse you of having an affair, just deny it. I do the same thing with my hubby, he doesn’t know I have a “midnight fling” with ADAM, LOL!!! Sorry, sweetie, you ask the wrong group for an advise.LOL!! like an alcoholic asking another alcoholic how to be sober!! LOL!!!

      • Haha, Ivy! thanks for the advise though. Nah, my obsession with Adam is like really obvious and everybody knows it. His picture is my profile picture everywhere! And I call myslef Gwenbert? If he doesn’t notices it then man, what am I doing dating this idiot!?

        HAHA, anyway, I decided I ain’t givin Adam up for anything. I don;t really like him so it’s like, let’s be friends cause my heart only has space for Adam, shoo! LMAO.


  7. Jeanette, Sandy and Pamela, thank you for posting the photos and videos of Adam. I does’nt matter how may times I watch the video or how many times I see the photos, I still get the same feeling as if it is the first time. He is such an exciting performer, such a voice, I cannot get tired of watching and listening to Adam, he is my daily medication throughout the day.

  8. Christine says:

    If anyone is interested in purchasing the Adam Lambert “Eye of Horus” pendant, it’s back for a limited time! Only will be availabe through Sunday night. Adam designed it and it’s signed by him on the back. Check it out!

    • LibraLamb7 says:

      Thanks, Christine, for the link! I just ordered mine…hope it comes in time for my Libra B-day…So hot! Like our Adam!

    • TheFeyNan(Nancy) says:

      Thanx Christine…for this Grt tip….and it is wonderful that the things Adam endorses, seems to all go for charity…..Gawd, what an awesome man he is…gotta have it…thanx

  9. I really love it when he said “don’t throw it at me”
    look like he’s trying to be mad but what my eyes can see is CUTENESSSSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!

    • AdamAddict says:

      Yes,yes,yes! I said it before I like that part so much! I watch it over and over again! Too cute. He meant it but say it in polite and humor kind of way. It’s good that we can see it ourself how he said it, otherwise the media will make it huge like “Adam warned not to throw things at him” You know how some of them like to mess with our beloved darling Adam!! Of course we not stupid enough to believe all those craps!! Adam looking good!! Too good!! 🙂

      • Helen/Canada says:

        You are so right AdamAddict! The media would twist that. But the true fans know what a love he is! Oh, I just love him, I can’t get enough!

        • cheryl norman says:

          HELEN, You are so right!!! Can’t you see the headlines? He’s such a ‘special soul”. Even his personality
          is ‘iconic’!!! Wouldn’t he be a blast just playing cards or board games?? He could make anything more
          fun, just by being himself! Humorous!!! Just think he’s so unique a humanbeing! I’m hoping he teaches
          his kindness by just living it for all to see! That goes further than all the ‘preaching’ parents can do!

          • Cheryl, I love how you put things in writing. ” kindness by just living it for all to see”
            That is so true!!!!! Adam just being in the same Space, makes for some fun.

    • Oh yea!

    • *giggles like a schoolgirl*

  10. AdamAddict says:

    In Cleveland,he came out for signing! There’s a rose in his back pocket,and this girl asked for it and Adam gave it to her! Wow,I don’t care she’s a little girl I’m ready to fight for that!But that rose probably given by his fan, so if I gave Adam rose and he put it in his pocket,my smile will be very wide ,I think it can reach my ear! Then when he gave it my rose to other, that smile will turn upside down.So wide it will reach my jawline! lol! I hope whoever gave him that rose won’t see it, but of course if she didn’t see it that time ,she will see it now since it’s on youtube! lol! Awww, poor girl! I know Adam just tried to please his fans. Someone gave it to him,he took it.Someone asked from him ,he gave it!! lol! I think I can die from excitement if Adam give me rose!

    • Helen/Canada says:

      Thanks for the link AdamAddict. It was so cute when Matt came and started to pretend he was screaming and they were both laughing!

      • AdamAddict says:

        Helen,Thanks 4 the info.I was blur when U said Matt.The link that I post ,there’s no Matt so I thought maybe U watch other vid. I checked it out! Only Matt and Kris that follow Adam in twitter while the rest nope! And Adam follow all of them! Adam is a sweetheart,isn’t he? 🙂

  11. Adam is scheduled to be on the Regis & Kelly show on Wednesday, 8/26/09. I saw it on TV and on the Regis & Kelly website. It must be taped because the Idols have a show in Michigan on 8/26. He might have gone to NY on Monday, 8/24 or taped it when the Idols were in NY about a week ago.
    I know that both Regis and Kelly like Adam because he has mentioned them in interviews.
    I’m going to the Columbus concert tonight and hope he’s going to be at the after show autograph signing. He’s got to be one tired puppy but my group is planning to be part of the audience boost that energizes him during the show.
    Wish me luck – I should be called a Grambert.

  12. I can’t beileve I’m watching his interviews like I watched his AI performances – over and OVER! He’s just so captivating! Good Grief!!!

  13. Hi Adam Fans,

    I have a question for those of you who were lucky enough to meet Adam at an autograph signing…how do you know where to go after the show? Do you call the venue for that info? I went to one show in Hartford with my kids and didn’t even try because they were very tired and Adam had mentioned he was passing on the meet and greets at that time. I’m looking to go to one more show (without kids) and would love to try to get to meet Adam. If I’m by myself I would stand out there all night if I had to. Does anyone have any strategic advice???

    • Jackie, you want to look out for the barricades ( the metal fences) and you should see their
      buses close by too! Calling the venue from what I hear isnt to helpful. What s the next show
      you’re going to??

      • Hi Mary,

        I am going to the Bridgeport, CT show on Sept 10th. The Hartford concert I went to ended at about 10 pm. As I am reading other peoples posts I understand that the Idols don’t come out until about midnight? Is that right?

  14. AdamRocks! says:

    Thanks for posting the photos!!! OMG, has anyone seen the videos from Cleveland??? (I’m sure the answer is YES!) I didn’t think it was possible for Adam to be any hotter, but WLL and the Bowie medley are STEAMING. . . I think it may be the wildest I’ve seen him get so far on the tour. . . and right after “baby, you need. . . ” there’s a little something extra ~THUD~

    (His hair looks GORGEOUS! I know Barb is gonna approve!)

    Cindy in MS

    • AdamRocks, OMG I cant wait to see those videos. I cant even think straight today, because of
      going to show tonight and I just scored front row seats!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
      I went into ticketmaster, and tried best available just for the heck of it and 2 FRONT ROW seats came up. So I purchased them. Now we have
      to sell or give away the other seats. They are good seats too, section 107.

      • AdamRocks! says:

        YOU B****! JUST KIDDING!!! 🙂

        OMG, Mary, HAVE A GREAT TIME!!! I can’t wait to hear your review!

        Cindy in MS

      • Helen/Canada says:

        Mary, I can’t frickin’ believe it, front row tickets, OMG girl! FRONT ROW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

        • Helen, you were asking about Adam’s hair being called ’emo’ hair so I did the wikipedia thing. There are several emo sites as well.

          In a nutshell, it started with a type of punk rock music with lyrics and style of the more sensitive emotional kind but then grew into fashion and hair. Hair which is cut in chunks or swags, combed forward, side bangs, maybe covering one eye, can be any colour or combination of colours. Clothing is in layers and fairly tight, pants very slim.. and lately the colour black is favoured.

          Apparently it’s been around since the 1980’s and Green Day of all bands are considered to be of that genre. Like any fashion it has evolved over the decades.

          When Adam isnt doing his ‘fresh faced boy’ look, he tends to favour emo fashion.

          • Iyleneidol09 says:

            Ohhh, thanks Theresa for the Emo hair 101 class. Now I know why they call it emo hair. That’s cute!

          • Helen/Canada says:

            Thanks for the info Terry. Shows you how much I know, it’s been around since the ’80’s!!!! OMG, where have I been?? LOL!

            • AdamAddict says:

              Mary C,
              You went to the tour before if I’m not mistaken?!!What??You go again?Second time?My gosh,front row?No kidding?I’m freaking jealous! Scream for me as well,Mary C!Throw your bra for me,Mary C!Get me his autograph,Mary C!Oh man, I know you’re the one I should suck up!! lol! Have fun and tell details when you come back and this time remember to smell him! hahaha! 🙂

              • AdamAddict, This was first tour show, the other shows were the AI Finales!
                in May. I’m wanting to go to another tour now.

  15. cheryl norman says:

    I’ve said it before, but it doesn’t matter. Icould never comment too much about Adam’s Lips!!! Adam has the most beautiful eyes, we all agree, but his lips!! His lips are luscious and soooo kissable!!!! He has a few little freckles on them, too which makes them even more sexy!!! I’ll take those lips anythime!! He is so lucky, he gets to lick his lips anytime he wants!

    • *dies*

      YES!!!!! His lips are so yummeh.

    • Dear Cheryl

      AMEN !!! AMEN !!!

      HE HAS DELICIOUS LIPS ! (didn’t they reminds Elvis’s ones ?)



      Evelize – GALMB#80

      • cheryl norman says:

        EVELIZE, Thanks so much!! Adam’s lips, like Elvis’ are luscious!!! I think Adam’s might be a bilt larger!! Elvis had the ‘pout’, and Adam can give us the ‘pout’, too!!! MANDA K agrees!!! I am so excited about seeing him that I’m a wreck!!! Hahaha!!! I’m not sure WHY, but I’m getting nervous!! Maybse fearing I’ll die before I get there or something? Duh. Oooh! What I wouldn’t give to get a soft long kiss from those lips! See, I’m slowly going crazy. Or, maybe I’m already there and don’t know it! Oh, my gosh, I hope not!!!

        • Cheryl,

          Don’t worry !

          I think all you’re feeling at this moment is completely normal. I don’t believe you’re a wreck and you can’t be this way. You must be gorgeous with beautiful skin and with wonderful thoughts about seeing ADAM.

          Every day you must repeat for yourself this little bit prayer:

          “I’m gonna see ADAM in person and he’ll be very close to me, quite close that I’ll touch him or even kiss him if God bless me so and it will be as good as heaven.”

          And please…I forbid you to die before or after seeing ADAM. You have to tell us everything about your great experience with him.

          ONLY 9 DAYS FOR YOUR GREAT DAY ! ! !


          Evelize – GLAMB#80

    • Cheryl, After the show last night, came home went to bed, I swear I had a dream that he and I
      were french kissing!! It was soo real.

      • AdamAdmirer says:

        WOW! I want that dream!!! I don’t know if anyone has ever thought of this, but doesn’t Adam’s whole face with his full lips remind you of a little Angel Cherub face?
        That’s what I think of when I see his face, especially so close up wit that sweet, divine expression.

      • cheryl norman says:

        MARY AND EVELIZE, I have only one thing to say to you, Mary. LUCKY!!!!

        Evelize, I will do it all to prepare for Adam’s show!!!! After all he’s done for me, I owe that much to him!!!

        Thank you both! I need LIPO!!!!!

  16. I am sitting in front of my computer saying over and over, He is so adorable, he is so adorable,
    he is so adorable, i don’t know why I love you, I just do. haha

  17. A screen came up and said I already said that it was a duplicate. I apologize if i did i dont
    remember. I said earlier Adam is going to be the death of me. haha But first im going to lose
    my mind.

    • cheryl norman says:

      JAN LYNN, I HATE when that happens!!! Why does our computer think it has the right to tell US ANYTHING??? When that first happened, I thought my computer had a brain! Skerd me to death!

  18. OH!!!!!!! that video of Adam licking his lips, but most of all is his expression, so sweet, so natural, full of kindness. I listened to the song and all I can say is ” I just love, I don’t know why but I do”.
    I hope you never change Adam, just stay as sweet as you are.

  19. hi All
    just wanted to share something that happened today.i was on my way to work standing on the tube listening to …who else but Adam -i look around and feel sorry for all those others who cant hear and feel the Amazing Adam- my I phone gets knocked to shuffle and the next song I hear is Radar by Britney- i smile to myself as i hear the words cause Adam is definitely on my radar! next song is from Mcfly singing Katy Perrys-i kisssed a girl -the words go round my head and I picture adam singing it -very funny(and hopeful) cant seem to listen to anything now without relating it to Adam or picturing him singing it- think I need therapy!

  20. Iyleneidol09 says:

    I’m not sure if you’ve seen this before, but I will post the link anyway… this girl was in hysteria and hyperventilating and someone keep telling her to stop crying. As soon as Adam came closer she ask Adam to sign her Ipod and he did!!! this was the clip when Matt G. showed up and pretend to be screaming tooo, that was cute. I love the purple earplugs too.

    • Iylene, thanks for sharing. The someone was giving good advice. Good video (except for the
      screeching) loved when Matt showed up and he and Adam had a good laugh! Gave me chills
      listening the No Boundaries, so true for him.

    • I am so pleased that someone managed to calm the girl down before Adam got anywhere near her, she would have had a heart attack. Despite all the flashing lights and the everyone trying to get his attention, he still smiled with that angelic smile, there is one still towards the end looking up, perhaps a reaction to what was said to him, that still is pure gold. Thanks for the link Iyleneidol09.

  21. Iyleneidol09 says:

    This is a cute link too. This is a great transformation of a human being from what he described himself as”an ugly duckling” into this Goddess, Rock God!! Gorgeous, beautiful man that’s driving all humanity into the world of Insanity ( a yummy insanity!!!) On 0.33 he was wearing the football outfit, so cute!! and on 0.52, doesn’t he resembled Leonardo deCaprio in that picture??? Well. with that smile, he can sink 20 Titanics too. Here’s the link:

    • Thanks for that! Love his childhood pics and that song.. says it all.

    • thanks, the deCaprio look, Ido see. That is the one actor mentioned when Adam was asked who he would
      like to play him in a movie. Maybe he sees it too.

    • Love the pictures of when he was a very young child, he had that beautiful smile then and managed to keep it. I also remember when he was asked if ever they did a film about Adam which actor should play Adam and he said Leonardo deCaprio. Adam also added, ‘only because I want to see what he looks like with eye make-up’.

  22. Adam’s face is so perfect that can be a model for plastic surgeon and dentist. I tried to compare his face to some most beautiful people in the world and nobody is as perfect, not even close, including women. I have only seen same type of nose in comic books, painting and sculpture. Imagine people walk into plastic surgical clinics and want to look like him. I really want to ask him how does he think about his nose and teeth, has him spend lots of money on his teeth( I expect him says no so this question is really a compliment) etc.

  23. Helen/Canada says:

    OMG, OMG, Watching the live tweets from the concert tonight and there was a tweet that said ” Woman in our row was at the Idol finale. She has a shirt with her and Adam on it. She’s getting a lot of attention.”
    OMG – that’s our Mary C. She managed to get last minute front row tickets. OMG, when Adam comes out, I wonder if he’ll notice her too and give her some love. I was gonna post to her earlier to say that I thought her shirt might get her some attention and it’s happening.
    I hope Adam notices too —You Go Girl. Hope she gets a good spot at the barricades and Adam comes out. I’m so excited. I can’t wait to see what happens!!!

    • Helen, thanks for that info. Are those tweets still available to view? You are getting good at
      that girl! I have to go to the dentist, I’ll be back on later.

      • Helen, I hope you are out and having succes at getting your passport today. Let me know.

  24. I am going to the show Friday night in Milwaukee and hope to find out if there is a meet and greet.
    I bet Danny will be out somewhere all day since that is his hometown but I will be on the lookout for Adam!

  25. You lucky, lucky people to get to go see His Divine Hotness sing and perform! Clap and cheer and stomp extra hard for all of us who are there in spirit with you!

  26. Here is a link to what I believe is Cheeks’ site where he gives a helping hand to Adam and his new charity that we are also involved in.

    • theresa , thanks for that vid. He is so cool, love when he says quit spending the money on
      him! didnt know it is cheeks site.

    • TheFeyNan(Nancy) says:

      Theresa…that was awesome, thanx so much for the grt share…he is so amazing, and I luv that he gives so much of himself…what a special person…Luv that boy-man never which one to use to death….

  27. Eva Poliszczuk says:

    I swear ,just when you think you couldnt love him anymore than you/we already do,bam,it happens. He is just amazing! There arent enough positive adjectives in the English language to capture how awesome he is .

  28. Ok Everyone, ADAM ROCKED COLUMBUS! I ‘m just gonna start by saying, we lucked out again.
    Front row seats, that was purchased yesterday thru ticketmaster, couldnt believe it. Two girls tht
    got are original tickets were so excited, since they were better seats than their originals.
    OK, to the show. I’ll skip the 1st 8 idols, Adam had the Emo hair ( so hot) , when the screens
    started the musick and flashing his letters, A D A M the placed went nuts!! Out he comes,
    looking oh so gorgeous, hair, eyes, white teeth, his whole body, you just cant get enough of him.
    I’m still shaking and excited! WLL, he got the microphone between his sexy legs, played with it,
    and said WOOOOMMMMAAANNNNN! Oh yea, Adam you know how to please!
    Starlight, spectacular, Mad World, out of this world, Slow Ride, was rockin, he and Allison
    do fantastic together, you can tell they play and have loads of fun. Girl next to me threw up a
    whip type (teaser) object on the stage, he picked it up, swung it around and threw out to the audience. Few bras went flying up there, (not mine) he played with a couple of them. He seems
    to really enjoy using those props!!! Then, the Bowie Medley” OK, his facial expression so FIERCE AND WILD AS HE TAKES OFF THE LEATHER JACKET AND STRUTS UP CLOSER TO
    THE FRONT PART OF THE STAGE. He just kicks ass, with those numbers! The sway part is
    still my favorite, I wish he would just do the sway dance steps in a seperate video (, u know how earlier in the season the vid. of him doing the KRUMP dance?? Then after Lets Dance, the stage is lowered and he is smiling and thanking the crowd. Adam comes back out, as do the others to
    sing a bit of Hey Jude . Awesome. The finale song, Dont Stop Believin rocks the house too.
    When Adam and Kris are lifted up from the lower part of stage , AGAIN THE CROWD GOES WILD!
    You just dont want the show to end. I did take some pics, in between dancing, so I’ll send
    those as soon as someone helps me!! OKAY, NOW THE MEET AND GREETS! Got lucky again,
    I have good close up pics of Adam signing after the show! I just cant say enough how this guy
    is blantantly polite, nice , sweet and like I said before EVERYTHING GOOD! After the show, my sister and I went out where they would be coming out and waited. We actually got a good spot,
    Adam and Megan came out FIRST, YES I MEAN FIRST. What a thrill. Adam is one of the first ones
    out to sign. He walked by and started at the other end of the line, this was about ten minutes till
    eleven. When he was in front of us, I handed him the pic, of the two of us and he looked at
    it and OH YES, AUTOGRAPHED IT! Also signed my sisters! I told him : Adam I want to thank
    you for what you do to make so many people feel GOOD AND SEXY ( I forgot to say the word HORNY) And again, he’s so frickin mannerly, ” He says to me ” THANK YOU FOR TELLING
    ME THAT” Here I am thanking him and he’s thanking me. Just cant say enough, the man is
    SPECIAL ! Sue, my sister mentioned our pics were takin w/him out in LA and he looked and
    said ” Oh Yea” He took his time, alot of time signing things as he walked to the other end of
    the barricades and down the steps to go off to the next adventure.
    Now, the early meet and greet, from talking to people we met , was done inside and they were
    at tables and I guess that was done quickly. A lady told us, Adam and Danny were very nice
    and the others werent as nice as they were.
    I just want to win the lottery and go to all the rest of the concerts. I know all of you feel the same way.
    Lee M it was nice meeting you last night , I’m so glad I knew where your seats were so we could
    come and meet.
    After all the excitement, today feels like a letdown. You just want the magic to continue. This site makes it all better to share our love
    for Adam.
    Helen, let me know about the tweets you mentioned above, thats exciting ! He did look at us
    from the stage with those ever so sexy eyes of his, I know he noticed the shirts!
    My husband wanted to know why , I didnt ask him to sign my shirt. You get so caught up in the
    moment and with everything else going on, I was thankful to say a few words and get the pic signed.
    then the after thought was: Yea, I could have dug him signed my shirt, as the pen stroked across
    my Boobs!
    Love you all!

    • sorry for a few mis spellings above!

    • Forgot to tell you, Adam didnt wear the earplugs last night. I was proud of Columbus, fans
      must be taking in heed him requesting about keeping it a bit calm at the greets!
      Jeanette, thanks for sharing , love the licking lips video to the tune of I Just Love You.
      I have always noticed that lip lickin, OMG Adam.

      • Mary,

        Great, very great post. We could feel all your excitement through your words.
        I’m jealous (in a good way).
        I’m imagining how great could be feel ADAM so close, talk to him, touch him, get a smile from his delicious mounth and feel those crystal eyes looking at you, Oh God !!!
        It’s better sttop here.

        Thanks, thanks so much. I really apreciated reading all you shared with us.

        Evelize – GLAMB#80

    • YAY, Mary!!! You did us all proud, girl! NICE comment you made, and you spoke for all of us. So glad he appreciated it (but what else would he do, being the empath that he is?).

      His “Let’s sway” move is my favorite move of his in a sea of gorgeous moves, too – it makes my heart skip a beat, literally, every time I see it. Which is at least daily – gotta get my fix. It’s like Michael’s tip-toe kneel or forward-lean or pirouette-and-kneel moves – it just makes my heart pump differently.

      And he sang “Woman!!!” YAY!!! (As much as I like “Baby,” I’m thrilled for you that he did that.) Do you think he reads us here, or are we merely echoing all kinds of other things he reads? How did he know???

      Adam, you delicious thing, you. You make me want men like I never have before. I’m sure there are many husbands and boyfriends and crushes out there who should be on their knees thanking you.

      Mary, let us know when you’ve scraped yourself off the ceiling – I’d be up there floating if I were you today. 🙂

      • AdamAddict says:

        Mary C,
        I just post a comment above and when I scroll down they U R already came back!Hahaha! I guess I’m too late to remind you to smell him this time! I’m so happy for you!You got his autograph twice,didn’t you. 1st on your ticket if I’m not mistaken and this time on his picture!Wow! And you talked to him?I don’t think I will able to talk if he’s right in front of me,seriously! You go girl!! Woo hoo! Who needs autograph on the ticket when U get on his picture,right? Yeah no use at all.Why don’t U just throw it away like put it in envelope and just send it away like far far away so U will never see it again. For example Malaysia!! lol! 😀
        P/S: R U planning to go again??

        • AdamAddict, OMG I forgot to sniff I tell you, he makes it very easy to talk to him, he
          has a calmness, and that given gift to look into your eyes like your his best friend.

          • And it’s amazing he’s mastered that calmness (or has just always had it) at such a young age.

            They always teach you in management and customer-relations type seminars that you can calm others around you down by maintaining an air of calm yourself – you can actually diffuse potentially volatile situations by doing that. I’ve applied that on purpose and it does work. But when someone has it naturally – someone whose talent and stage personality is off the charts to boot – it’s extraordinary.

        • cheryl norman says:

          MARY, You are souch a lucky kid!!! OMG, I’m so happy for you!! What a trip! Bet you never thought
          this could have hapened to you a few short months ago!!! Such a lucky kid! I’m so hoping I can at
          least see him in a M&G! And that very well may not happen! But, it’s so cool to hear Adam is that
          accessible at times!!!! Mary, YOU ROCK!!!

          • Cheryl you and Jeanette have got to get in a position to meet him at your concert.
            Get out there at the greets and wait, it will happen. I want you guys to have it
            happen so bad. I would suggest the greet after the show. Seems like the early ones
            Adam is not usually out there, and if they are inside those have been for alot of
            the corporate people that have passes and they are taken as a group. You gave
            good advice to Jeanette about trying at least. I know you guys will Rock on your

            • cheryl norman says:

              MARY, You know, if it were just enough for us to have all the Glambs wishes helping us get to
              M&G, it would definately happen!! We are so lucky to have you all pulling for us to be able to
              experience Adam up-close-and -personal a bit!!! That is such a dream! But, I just can’t let myself
              get excited about that b/c so many people will be wanting the same thing, plus he might not be
              coming out, anyway!! But, if he does, we’ve got to be ready!!!! I’m going to work on a sign w/my
              gr. daughs. Maybe that will ‘encourage’ Adam over to where we will be at after the show!!!! Keep
              your fingers crossed!!!!

      • Funny Barb, I know my hubby is thanking him!!!! I wouldnt put him past to read these posts.
        He is a computer, keep up to date junkie! He knows whts being said out there.

    • Mary, what a terrific post! I am so happy for you – what a great ambassador you are not only for us but for Adam fans everywhere. Good for you being able to think of something intelligent to say to Adam! I’d be a unintelligble drooling mess.

      His own tour is going to totally rock, because all of us are going to save all our money so that each of us can go to multiple shows.

      Thank you Mary, for sharing another wonderful story!

      • Thanks Jeanette. I am so hoping you get your chance and especially with the back stage
        passes in Mil. Just relax and you wont be a drooling mess. I had a few Bud Lites, before
        the show and danced my ass off , guess by the time the greets happened, more of a
        calm came over me this time. I’ll get the pics together and send them, hope I dont
        have problems like last time!

    • Helen/Canada says:

      OMFG Mary, you are so lucky! I wanna be you! I have so many things to ask you, I don’t know where to start, my mind is just going in 100 different directions! Ok, Helen, take a deep breath, concentrate!!
      First the tweets. You can go to the MJS blog and they have people tweeting from the concert live. I don’t know if you can still access them now. I wonder if the girl who tweeted about your shirt was close to you. She was going on all night, I didn’t know whether to believe half the things she said, but she did say that Adam came out first to sign last night, so maybe she was telling the truth. Anyway, where was I, oh ya, from one of her comments she sounded like she might be a young black girl–anybody like that in your direction. I can’t remember now if she said she threw a whip or a bra–did you notice anything like that? I was following the concert all night so I knew he sang WOMAN and had the emo hair which I love the best!
      Where were you in the front row, center or at the side. How far was the front row from the stage, could you see his face really well?
      Did he notice your shirt, do you think they can see people with all the lights and stuff?
      Re meet and greets. How did you get a good spot, did you run out after the show and how did you know where to go?
      The meet and greets before the show, do they do them every concert, what time, and were there a lot of people for those ones?
      Did he look right at you when he talked to you? Did he say anything when he looked at the picture:
      Was he very talkative? Dr. told him not to talk alot!
      The tweet last night said that he took his time like you said. Apparently this girl said he signed twice for her and oh, I can’t remember, I think she said he touched her arm or something!
      Did he pose for pictures with any of the people in line? The girl last night also said that he walked past and started at the other end, so she must have been close to you again.
      Oh, I’m so excited, I’m whirling!
      I had to work today, so that’s why I’m posting late. I was late for work this morning because I checked the site for your post, but it wasn’t there yet! I didn’t even care that I was late!
      I know I’ll think of more when I calm down! Have to go to an appt. but I’ll check in later!

      • Helen/Canada says:

        P.S. Our stupid server at work won’t access this site, so I had to wait half the day before I could check!! (only work til 1:30) bummer!!!!

      • Helen dear, remember Callmmm! OK I think some of your questions, are in my 1st post,
        so please check. The girl u are speaking about, if its the same I’m thinking of, is a black
        girl, she did throw the small whip, he played w/it and threw it straight out to the front.
        We had front row , left side of stage, I he came over that way quite a bit. The stage is about
        2 ft. maybe from where we stood. Forget the chairs , no one uses them. I do believe he
        noticed my shirt, he smiled one time looking right at me. Even w/bright lights they do
        notice people and things in audience. My sis, spoke up when he looked at our pics, about
        that being in LA, “Oh Yea” he said. He talks to people when they say things to him. Its not
        like he stands there forever conversing, he has to keep his pace.
        the couple next to me asked him if he would pose for a picture with them, and he did say
        “he was sorry, but only signing tonight” We went out there right after the show, very quickly
        people were line up, we saw a small gap at put ourselves there. That same girl was a few
        people down from us in greet line. Now question for you, do you follow concert live on MJS blog? Is it just reading tweets or is there something to watch as well?
        Thats funny going to work late, you had a good reason!! Know what u mean about the
        company servers, they suck at times.
        Hope I answered all you wanted to know. Still hoping u can get to a show too.

        • Helen/Canada says:

          Hi Mary
          Thanks for your reply. I did reread your post after I calmed down a bit. The MJS blog is just tweets coming in, although there were a few pics posted with the tweets. But it was fun, because people kept you posted as to what was going on minute by minute, who was on stage, what they were singing, etc. It must be the same girl that was tweeting! I forgot to mention that she tweeted at the m/g after the show that there was an older woman who said something to Adam like “oh, I’m 59, I’m just an old lady” and he replied “honey, you’re not old, you look good”. Can you imagine, I would have died!

          • Oh yes, I heard that, but I thought she said she was in her sixties. He did look
            at her and said so cute, ” You look gooood” She was standing next to the twitter

    • Mary thanks for sharing with us your experience, you describe everything so well that I feel as if I am there. I cannot wait till he comes to London, I am going to make sure I have front row sit, I want to be able to see his beautiful face from close up.

      • Iyleneidol09 says:

        May C., I felt I was there at that concert while reading your post, I can feel every ounce of your emotion. Thanks for sharing. You even got up so early and shared your review. I can’t wait to see your pictures…

        • Toni and Iylene, thanks for your comments. Trying to send the pics now. Hopefully
          they come thru. I have quite a few!

          • MARY C, It was cool meeting you last night, I’m glad that you described the evening with Adam, what you said was so true from beginning to last comment. Adam is so great and so beautiful, haven’t danced to music like that in years, it was something I’ll always remember, the evening was out of this world. The whole Arena was into it. Thanks for putting in words exactly how the evening went. Boy, your shirts were a big hit, they were great !!!

          • ATTENTION EVERYONE: I received Mary C’s photos and they are beyond amazing! Because there are so many of them, and because Mary’s experience is so remarkable, I’ll be doing a special post on her Columbus concert experience sometime this weekend.

            You guys are in for a special, special treat!!!

            Thanks, Mary!

      • Toni, You go girl and get Front Row, its so well worth it.

    • TheFeyNan(Nancy) says:

      Mary…so exciting. I am so glad all worked out so wonderful for you & your sister a second time.
      And I like you luv the swaying, I believe it was the Dallas show…I hit the halfway mark on that Bowie Medley video, over & over, think I may have worn it out…Congrats honey, on your oh so awesome night…Daum I have missed you girls, while I was out of town working…Blessings 2 all

  29. AdamAdmirer says:

    I LOVE WATCHING HIM SPEAK – AWESOME!!! I still can’t get over his gorgeousness (is that a word?), and his sweet, but intelligable ability to communicate with the public. However, we should give the radio guy a break – he has to ask the same questions, because this is what his audience wants to hear, it’s not about what he knows or doesn’t know. Adam doesn’t seem to be bothered by this.
    Also, thanks to the person who put the Lip Licking video together; I especially remembered his licking his lips during Born to be Wild, one of my very favorites, he seemed to be dry, but it could just be out of a nervous habit – do we know what it is??? Also – WLL – the look on his face is so adorable, sexy and just plain out of this world BEAUTIFUL!


  30. I can only dream of him licking my lips like that and oh what a nice dream that would be

    • cheryl norman says:

      PENNY, Not sure if you will see this, but, I think I saw that you were going to the Gd Rapids concert. If so, and you want to meet up with some of the Glambs on this site, just say so! Totally up to you, just thought I’d mention it!

      • Hi, Where will be meeting?? I am so excited about this concert. I`m not sure what time to be there even though he usally doesnt do the early signings, right? I am up in the nose-bleed section,but would love to try and get a picture and autograph.

  31. Wow!! Just got home from a long day at work and turn on my computer and there he is in all his beauty and lickin his lips to boot!! He just freakin does it for me every time. I too smiled through the whole video and love the song I Just Love You. Adam has the most beautiful smile I have ever seen in my life and I am counting the days until I see him in Indianapolis !! This guy is goin places and I’m goin along for the ride!!! Can’t wait until the album release! It will be phenominal and the world will never be the same for Adam. Please say prayers for him that he makes it through all the crap that comes with being a superstar. I really know it my heart that he will be huge and I am kinda scared for him but excited at the same time. I can’t imagine what I would have done for all the hours I have spent online looking up Adam Lambert. It’s been fun. Go Adam!!!!

  32. EXCELLENT CLEAR AND CLOSE VIDEO ON ‘THAT OTHER SITE’ and it likely will show up here as well.. just want to say, Bowie medley, finally giving the right side of the stage a little attention… does lots of ‘snakey swaying’ and ends it with “Thank you, Columbus, MUWAAHH!” Thrilling! They get a ‘muwaahh”!!

    • Iyleneidol09 says:

      I never get tired of listening to Adam’s studio version of WLL. Yesterday, I was listening to a rock station and they have the Led Zeppelin’s special hour. I love the Led Z. Robert Plant. When the station played the orignal live version of WLL, I’m telling you, Adam has a better vocals than Robert Plant!!! I also heard Steve Tyler’s version of Crying, Adam version is better than his. Sorry guys, there’s a new, and rising pop/rock star now and he intends to keep his stars glittering up there….for a loooong time!!!

      • Oh yea, Iylene, We will be hearing about Adams for many moons to come. I agree w/you, He
        sounds much better than the original artists.

        • Iyleneidol09 says:

          ooooooooohhhhhhh yeah! Mary C.! No stopping our shooting star!! And….. no stopping us too!!! from supporting and adolizing him!!! I can’t help but say this again… I have not seen any, I repeat, any gay guy that made all women of all ages get their motor running!!!

          • cheryl norman says:

            IYLENEIDOL, I couldn’t agree w/you more!!! you hit the nail right on the head!! He’s such a

          • Oh yea, I can repeat that again too. He is a manly beast. Women definately keep their
            motors running with Adam in the picure.

  33. Old questions on that interview and not very interesting or intelligent either.

    BUT once again, it showcases that Adam is a class act. He leans in, as if these people are asking him the most important questions which I find amazing that he can be so sweet and personable to these interviewers who ask the same things over and over.

    How does he remain so gracious to these unimportant interviewers that are sent by local TV or radio stations? But Adam continues to be so gracious to everyone….which is mind blowing.

    I love that he has no attitude–it is so refreshing. He is guiding his career brilliantly.

  34. Oh, he is simply MISTER CHARMING, our ADAM …



  37. Mary C
    I went to the Columbus ohio show too.My seats were bad and I did not take photos.Could I PLEASE see your photos?

  38. Mary C
    I would love to see your Columbus ohio tour photos.The concert was great.You were so lucky to have front row seats!


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