TOUR VIBE – American Idol Summer Tour 2009 – Cleveland, OH

***UPDATED WITH CONCERT VIDEOS*** The gang moves on to Ohio for a concert on Sunday, August 23nd at the Wolstein Center in Cleveland. Yeah, another state closer!

One quick note regarding concert videos on youtube…some of you have asked for certain videos to be posted. Here is my policy on posting videos – I won’t post videos belonging to other fan clubs. There is a certain other Adam fan club out there that takes beautiful videos. They are wonderful to look at, no doubt about it. However, said club “stamps” their club mark on the videos, so that anyone viewing it can see that it belongs to them. This is one way their club promotes itself. Anyone wanting to view the videos on youtube or elsewhere, of course, is welcome to do so, but it would be wrong for me to post them on our site. I do searches on a regular basis to try to find the best quality videos to post for you, but only if they are *not* stamped with copyright or other club markings. Sometimes I can’t find always find high-quality videos for a particular show. When I can’t, I don’t add. I won’t post a bad video just for the sake of putting something up. I hope you guys all understand my position.

On to more enjoyable subjects! Thanks for all the concert advice you all are giving on the Pittsburgh thread. Since you guys started in that vein, I’d like to solicit more advice on this thread from those of you who have already attended your shows. This isn’t just for me, but for all fans who have yet to go to their concerts.

What can you tell us that would help us “newbies” out? Some things, of course, like the sound system and seating are out of our control, but what can you advise us on those things that are in our control? Did you arrive at the right time? Did you bring the right stuff with you? Are the other 9 still doing a pre-concert signing session? What is the best time to arrive if there is a pre-concert session? I know that camera restrictions may vary by venue, but did those of you who did take cameras run into problems with security? I am hoping to do 2 out of 3 of my concerts without bothering with a camera, because I think the advice to just soak in Adam without distractions is a great one, but on the other hand, I also want something for posterity and also to share with you guys.

If you’re going to the Cleveland show, please share your experiences with us. If you have photos and/or videos from either this concert or any of the past concerts, please email them to us! Our email address is

~~Jeanette, Glamb #5


  1. crazyforadam says:

    I went to the Hamilton and Rochester shows. I took photos & video in Hamilton as I had a front row seat, but felt that I had really missed the performance as a result. Adam was so close to me as he strutted around the stage and now I regret having spent so much time taking photos instead of just taking in the magnificent performance in front of me. In Rochester my seat was in row 32. I did not take a camera, having intended to just watch. However, there were some tall people in front of me and I could only see Adam from time to time as he moved around. The sound system there was terrible as well.
    I am seriously considering buying a ticket for another concert within driving distance of Toronto Canada and getting a better seat, just to enjoy the performance. I would not buy another floors ticket if it were further back than, say row 10, simply because there is no elevation on the floor and the view is bad as a result. Side seats in the first few sections near the stage would probably be better.

    • Lisette here,
      Thenks once agan Jeanette for keeping thes Adam’s best tributepage an wil always fel is “official” one.An I do hope for yu thet yu have thet backstages pass! Just enjoie non mattre an reading many gals post is lovli to see where to sit an whiche to avoide..I av non yet seen agan for illhealth..An only pray thet his solotours will be possible in early new yer..If one can plese inquire,be so gretful..I know Im unable to attend as both proximitie an health hindre me.An seein onlast thread Adam may av concerte in UK..thets wondreful.Ma cousine reside in Nottinghill I’ll tell her when thes news is official..least she can see Adam! Ah but I feel bleu knowing thes once in liftime concerttour is nering missing out.Anyway whenevre Im unable to slepe visite here an non need for medication,thinq relaxes intense pain an just seeing Adam’s videos/photos an thes articles bettre then any tv show or med can do.Bonmatin..for me is wee heure in s.west..Will view Adam’s lovli photos an see yur additional photos on above mentione page! Blessings an hugs Lisettexoxo Luv all glamb gals an fellows whenevre they pop up here! J’adore always Adam our angel d’chansons!xxoxo

    • Hi Crazy for Adam…….My sister and I were at the Hamilton show about 20 feet from the stage. Her daughter had seats high up in the second level and gave her mom the camera to take closer pics. My sister only got 3 pics of Adam even though her camera was up in front of her face the entire time. Her daughter was pretty ticked off. The explanation was she was so mesmerized by Adam she simply forgot to keep clicking. I had already seen the Sunrise show since I live in Miami and was visiting family in Toronto, so I could easily have taken the pics. I couldn’t believe that she had the camera up the whole time and wasn’t taking pics. Long after his performance, her eyes were wide and her jaw was still open in awe. She kept saying, “He’s a star, he’s a freaking star.” I can’t remember how long after it took for her to close her mouth. I totally agree with her however, which is why I saw him twice. haha. Two Canadian ladies sitting next to me talking found out that I lived in the US and said ” I can’t believe you Americans didn’t vote enough for Adam!! He should have won!!! I told them I don’t have AT&T and that I tried for hours on my home phone, but only got 2 votes in, so don’t blame me. 🙂 Hope my sister doesn’t see this comment. She’ll know it was about her and I’ll be in trouble for outing her and she is my oldest sister after all……..:)

  2. Man,
    It sucks to know I don’t even stand a chance to watch the tour! I’m all the way from Singapore. Ypou guys have no idea how big the fanbase here is in Singapore. Everything of Adam-be it magazines, posters, etc- is always sold out. Take for an example the ‘Rolling stones’ magazine in June. I went on the second day it was released in SIngapore and it was all reserved and sold out. There fore, I did not get it in the end. There was even once a time when his ‘Mad world’ & ‘No Boundaries’ topped the charts for 10 weeks straight in all radio stations!

    I’m so gonna camp outside the music stores like one week before his album release! haha. Like, seriously. Also I’m gonna be the first one to buy his tickets for his solo tour(if he’s coming to singapore). But I think there is a 70% chance Adam might come to Singapore for his solo tour as an interviewer mentioned about Singapore to him.

    Anyway, I’m just grateful at least I get to watch the concerts on youtube. I was afraid that due to security, you guys couldn’t video it down. Anyway thanks for the videos!

    Best regards,
    Gwendelyn from Singapore.

    • Iyleneidol09 says:

      Hi Gwendelyn, it is great to know that even in Singapore he is such a phenomenal star! It is amazing that an artist who has not cut a record and yet sooo BIG already internationally!!! I hope he is not going to be like a “shooting star” or “flash in the pan”. We, all the Adam Faithful Fans, will never desert him…we will support him all the way!!!!

    • Hi Gwen, and welcome! I am sure Singapore will be on his world tour list. He is friends with Lady Gaga and she was over there. From what he says his ‘colourful’ performances will be similar to hers. It’ s great to hear he is getting well known over there. I was wondering….. are you and your fellow fans the younger crowd?

      • Gwen, nice to meet you. That is the best news, hearing of Adams success in other
        countries . So glad he has that many fans worldwide! Hang in there, he says he is going
        around the world and from the looks of his fans popularity over in Singapore, its likely
        tht will be a stop on the tour.

        • Lisette here..agree I av espress thes from few monthes ago thet Adam’s estraordinaire talentes as vocaliste/artiste an danseur to singe any musique genre an given satelite broadcast of Amer.Idol,gav him esposure aronde l’ even thout he didnon win,thinq has given more esposure media interviews an most adore ontour of all Idol contestantes..Althout I havnon been able to see Adam it’s apparente from what all have mentione Adam has moste fans for sure..An no wondre he’ll have international tours soon!
          hugs an luv..still bit bleu as US tour is nearing end..Blessings to all glambs Luv Lisetteoxxox

    • I heard that Kris’s album will be released on the 17th of Nov, I’m thinking that Adam’s will be released one week later, but, your guess is as good as mine

  3. glambert341 says:

    I went to the concert in Rochester,NY…I figured that since adam hasnt been coming out before the show, that i wouldnt come early…but guess what…HE DID!!!. I was soooo mad. Anyway,i ended up getting there at 6 so i could meet with my friends and buy stuff. I brought a tshirt i made and my camera.I dont think the cameras were a problem in rochester cuz i had floor seats and there were a bunch of ppl with cameras,including me. The security kept walking down the aisle but they never told anyone they couldnt take a picture. After the show i was a little disappointed because i was thinking that everyone except adam was coming out for autographs. I figured he wouldnt so i was trying not to let myself get upset when the security said there were no more people coming out for autographs. I was actually a little bit shocked because fans waited for an hr just to get the first atograph and in the end, only 6 people came out!.. I never got michael,anoop,danny, or….. adam’s ='( autograph. But overall it was an amazing show

  4. Thanks for you concern about sharing pics with us Jeanette. I feel the same way, but I also want
    to enjoy seeing Adam w/o the lens in my way. Hope you all will excuse me for feeling that way.
    Hopefully my pics from LA made up for it. I’m sure they did! I hope we can take cameras in the
    arena here w/o any catches, cause ya never know what may come up!! Like after or before the show. I just hope when we ask if they are doing meet and greets the employees there will be
    honest and tell us the truth where they may be coming out at.
    totally understand your feelings about posting the other sites videos, you do a great job here!
    Todays Columbus Dispatch had a pic of Adam & Kris about Tues. show, stated that even though
    Adam Lambert was AI’s runner up, he made season 8 more entertaining that ever.
    Oh yea we knooooooooo that!

    • Helen/Canada says:

      Hi Mary
      I hope you have better luck finding out about meet and greets at your venue than I did. I called the venue everyday for a week before the concert for some information about what was happening, no one knew anything! Turns out there was a short meet and greet before the show with only a handful of the idols there. After the show everyone came out except Adam. We all waited quite a long time before the Willie Nelson looking guy with the tour said Adam would not be coming out. I understand this but if Adam is not coming out, someone should come and tell the fans that so we’re not waiting for 2 hours to see him. Take your camera just in case for any possibilities before or after the show, but don’t waste time trying to take a bunch of pics inside, just concentrate on watching Adam. It goes by so quickly, you can’t believe he’s gone! OMG, Tuesday will be here before you know it. You must be going nuts with anticipation!

      • Helen, thanks for the info. Oh yes I am going nuts , dont know how I’m going to work tomorrow or Tues. . Leaving the office early Tues. so we can get there early. I’m going to take
        my camera, just in case!! As far as the concert, If I had front row seats, I wouldnt mind taking
        a few pics, but we are in section 107, should be good seats, at least we will have some leverage.
        I will concentrate on Adam soley. I’m already thinking how close he is right now, in Cleveland.
        I wish I knew what time they would be pulling into Cols. Wonder if they will stay in Cleve.
        tonight and drive in tomorrow or leave there tonight. OMG all this guessing and wishing I
        knew more.
        I think like you about the tour guys letting us know more info. but they must have there
        reasoning. Maybe they dont know who quite comes out and what time. Maybe its how
        Adam feels too.

        • Helen/Canada says:

          Mary, I thought I read or heard someone say that they never come out before 2:00 p.m. But again, I think that depends on their schedule. As you said, do they leave the same night for the next city, or the next day, who knows! I wish I did. In Hamilton they didn’t have the pre-show meet and greet until 5:00 p.m. and a very short one at that with only 3 or so coming out. All of them did come out after the show though (except Adam, sigh!) I wish I could just follow that bus from city to city, wouldn’t that be cool!!
          It sounds like you have good seats, you should get a good view. Just remember, concentrate, concentrate on him because in a flash, he’s gone!

          • You and me Helen, I could be a groupie and follow that bus all over too, wouldnt
            that be fun?? So sorry Adam didnt come out after the show for you, Glad you
            enjoyed the concert though. Oh yea I will be concentrating. I hope I can take it all
            in and remember. Did you get your Dior Homme yet? I keep thinking of you dousing
            your bed with it. Ooh.

            • Helen/Canada says:

              Listen to us Mary, we sound like a bunch of teenagers! Isn’t it fun! But really if circumstances, permitted I really would follow that bus!

              Haven’t had a chance to get the cologne yet, there have been some issues I’ve had to deal with around here, but I will get it!

              • AdamAddict says:

                I like the idea follow the bus.It’s more fun if we all have bike license.We all buy one big bike and we ride behind the bus!But Helen,you and I will be in front the bus.We ride those “CHIP” bike,the one Erik Estrade rode! hahaha!
                With “Glambs” written on our jacket!With glitter halmet!My god,I got excited just thinking of it.I should just find an American guy who also love Adam and just marry him.I can move to US and become BFF to all of you!

                About that Adam didn’t show up again,I wonder if he cancel in the last minute or already plan not coming out that day.We know he has a reason but Helen,U R right,someone should come out and tell the fans that he won’t come out that day so they can go home!If he plan to come out but got problem in the last minutes,then nothing he can do!Sorry for those who waited for 2 hours but can’t see him but got to see Gokey instead! 🙁

                • Helen/Canada says:

                  You’re a wild woman AdamAddict! Bikers, eh! I don’t know if I could handle a big bike like that! I think I’ll stick to my car!!!!
                  I’ve been following some tweets and it looks like Adam HAS been coming out again lately. He was out after the Pittsburgh and Cleveland concerts so far. Columbus tomorrow. Let’s see if he comes out for our Mary!

                  • OH wow, maybe he will come out tomorrow. Hope so. I just dont know if
                    I want to leave the show early and get a good spot at the barricades or enjoy the
                    whole show. Now I’m really excited, to many choices! He came out after
                    Cleveland huh? Geez, wonder if they are here yet, what hotel? I’m going
                    crazy! We had our dream come true once, probably wont happen again as far
                    as talking w/him. So we’ll keep dreaming.

                    • Helen/Canada says:

                      Hi Mary
                      About leaving the show early, after Adam is Kris so it depends on how badly you want to see Kris’ performance! Also, Adam is out in fine form during the finale and there’s some interplay between him and Kris, so that’s a hard call. I don’t know if I’d want to miss one minute of Adam even though it’s a group thing. But then again, if you have a chance to get a good spot and see him up close, that would be amazing! Tough choice!
                      I was out today doing a few errands and listening to Adam on the cd in my car. Had the windows rolled up and the air on so that I could crank up the sound! God, he’s amazing. I can’t believe he was in the bottom 3 after his Feeling Good performance. Christ, he hits some notes, just frickin’ amazing! Then, A Change is Gonna Come and every single song, OMG. I can’t wait for his cd in Nov.
                      Didn’t have a lot of time today, but the store I went to didn’t have the Dior Homme. Have to try again when I get a chance to go out.
                      I am getting so excited for you for tomorrow, you must be insane by now!
                      And guess what, I’m going to the passport office tomorrow to see if I can get my passport by Sept. 14. They’re playing in Syracuse, N.Y. which is a 4 hour drive from here. I am going just to wait outside and get a good spot. I’m trying not to get too optimistic as to whether I’ll get my passport in time and whether or not he comes out. I’m keeping my fingers crossed!
                      So, I know you will, but you have to post your comments as soon as possible. If you get a picture of Adam, please post that too. Have fun tomorrow, I know you will! I’m so excited and I’m not even going!

                  • Helen, Oh I hope you can get your passport , so you can go to
                    Syracuse, that would be awesome and you deserve to see Adam up
                    close and personal. I dont believe Adam was ever in the bottom 3 ,
                    after Feelin Good, that is one of my favorites, especially the high note
                    towards the end. It had to be fixed for the ratings to make AI more
                    exciting, thats my thought anyway!
                    Oh yea, I’m insane right now. My son and I just took a drive to the
                    Arena where they will be tomorrow and we saw the 2 buses parked
                    out back, along them were 3 semi trucks (probably carries the band
                    equip).. it was getting dark, so we didnt wait around to much.
                    Least I know where the meet and greets will be. I was so excited
                    just to see their bus.
                    I cant wait for his CD to come out in Nov. either. I play his music
                    everynight while I ride my elipitical machine. His voice gets me through
                    the exercising!
                    Hope u find the Dior soon, someone has to have it. I’m thinking Macys
                    or one of the larger dept. stores.
                    thanks for the well wish, I will post as soon as I can with the details.
                    I really dont want to miss any of the show, the finale group song
                    looks so good. Since we did already meet him, I shouldnt be so
                    hoggish! Its hard though, I want up close again!
                    I sure hope you can get to Syracuse on the 14th. Wish I could meet
                    you there. Thats actually my husbands and my anniversary. Sept.14th
                    this year marks 24yrs. If he wanted to go on a golf outing with his
                    buds on tht day and send me to Syracuse, I’d would go for that!
                    Good Luck at the passport office, tell them to please put a rush on it!

              • Yea, you and me both! If circumstances allowed!

                • AdamAddict says:

                  I’m wild??!! That’s hilarious! I can’t even drive a car! I don’t know how to buy ticket for…urgh what is it call?Train?MTR?? The one on the ground,what we call that thing?And the one not in the ground?OMG,I feel so stupid right now! lol!!Everytime,IF I have to get that public transport,(maybe once in a year)my sister will company me.I never get in the cab alone ! I usually have my family as my “driver” Sit my butt down and all I know I’m there.I don’t know how to get there! Hee hee!But for Adam, I think I will dare myself to go out there and look for him. I hope I don’t get loss while looking for him though! lol!

  5. I went to two shows – in Ontario, CA and San Diego (Adam’s home town!). That was so cute because it was like family reunions were happening all over the place. Former teachers, moms of classmates and friends – every few seconds you’d hear, “Oh my God! I can’t believe it! I knew you’d be here …” People that hadn’t seen each other in years were hugging and chatting away in the concourse areas. From overhearing conversations in line for the bathroom (no short wait) it definitely sounded like many of these people knew him growing up – at least peripherally. “And Adam, can you believe it?” “Wasn’t he just incredible?” “This whole thing is just so amazing …” That kind of thing. Just about EVERY kid was wearing an Adam shirt (a few had Kris shirts). The cutest thing I saw was two little boys about 4, blond and adorable. They were holding hands and one had an Adam shirt and one had a Kris shirt. Too cute. I kind of wish I bought a shirt.

    I also tried to video at my first show, though I don’t know why. I was on the club level and I knew there would be far better videos out there. And everyone is right – it goes by in the blink of an eye. You want to hit rewind, but you can’t. My best advice is just to drink it all in – remember everything about the FIRST time you saw Adam live.

    The club level seats in Ontario were better than the rafter seats in S.D. Even though I was right over the stage in S.D. Because of the side angle in ONT, you could stand the whole time and not block anyone. That was cool. In S.D., I stood slightly in the aisle so I wouldn’t block the pregnant woman and her husband behind me who didn’t stand. The usher came and told me to move at one point though. I wasn’t going to sit down during Adam’s set. Most everyone else stood.

    I didn’t go to the barricades at either venue and back then he was still coming out (though he came out last night, so there’s hope!). I was with a friend the first night who needed to get home and I had a long drive home the second night (where I proceeded to get lost).

    *Fingers crossed* Jeanette that you get backstage passes!! Good to know Gokey’s good for something. Just kidding. I actually like Danny, he’s just such an easy target.

    I so wish I was going to another show, but I will be hocking the furniture if necessary to see him in a solo show (on the floor!).

    Have a wonderful time!!!

    • Helen/Canada says:

      Hi Suse1701
      Do you know for sure if Adam came out after the Pittsburg show? I was telling Mary C in another post that I’m so mad I didn’t get my passport because I could have driven to the Pittsburg and Cleveland shows and waited outside to see him! Dang!

      • Hi Helen,

        Yes, according to tweets/photos and first-hand accounts at MJs, he definitely did. Poor BB probably felt pressured after that ridiculous backlash that happened on Friday. Some reports from the crowd said he took his time and lingered more than the others.

        • Helen/Canada says:

          Thanks for the info. What exactly happened on Friday. I’ve heard bits and pieces, but don’t know the whole story. Can you fill me in.
          It’s funny, because I just watched a video of the meet and greet in NJ and Adam was wearing these bright green earplugs! The fans just go crazy when he comes out. I talked about that in another thread that along with all the other reasons, he may not be coming out as much because he knows that he takes the attention away from the other idols. His career will flourish, while for the majority of the top 10, this is their 15 minutes of fame. Someone in a recent thread (wish I could remember which one, there are so many) also mentioned that a reporter was interviewing Megan and actually asked a lot of questions about Adam. She said she would probably need a hearing aid later in life because of all the screaming of Adam’s fans when he comes out!

          • Iyleneidol09 says:

            That was me, Iyleneidol, who posted about an interview to Megan. Even, Adam, in one video I saw, was “shoo-ing” sweetly at the fans during an autograph signing, fans just won’t stop shrieking even right next to Adam, eventually, that can get to his nerves and others.

        • Suse 1701, What is MJ’s ?? Is that a silly question?

          • Mary, MJ is which is the definitive blog for all things Idol. It’s a great site for all the latest news.

          • Helen/Canada says:

            Holy crap Mary, I just checked out that mjsbigblog and they had real time tweets from tonight’s show. Apparently, Adam sang “Woman” in WLL and has his emo hair style tonight. They said he was f—–g fabulous. OMG I wanted him to sing Woman at my concert, but he said baby, but he did wear the emo hair style which I love the best. Check out the site!

      • OH Helen, geez you just dont know, whats going on with these shows. He did say he had
        to follow Docs. orders for a handfull of shows, maybe that handful is up. Hopefully , fans
        can try and keep their cool (I know its hard, with just looking at him) and he will make
        more greeting appearances!
        wish you could have gotten your pp!

        • Helen/Canada says:

          Me too, Mary–I’m crying!!!

          • AdamAddict says:

            I’m with Helen,I don’t know what exactly happened on Friday.All I know his true fans mad at this interviewer.Adam tweeted saying don’t believe those,they put words in his mouth!I think ,it’s something like smell??!! That’s why Adam tweeted saying “You smell…like rosses!” But what axactly they said?Please I want to know.Can someone tell me,I can’t find anything on that matters.I want to know everything good news about him so I can be happy for him and I also want to know anything bad rumours about him so I can bash whoever hurt our Adam! So,details please!What’s going on??

            • Glad Adam cleared things up. Dont worry baby we dont believe all that nasty gossip!

              • AdamRocks! says:

                I’m not sure what everybody means by what happened on Friday either. . . Emili, here is a link to mjsbigblog on the “smelly fans” uproar. . . it’s really nothing. . . I think Adam was just trying to relate how some fans can be overzealous and touchy-feely. . . and he was just being Adam. . . if you read the whole soundbite, he says how much he loves his fans, and all of their support, and wouldn’t be where he is without them. . . the press loves to take things out of context and make mountains out of molehills.


                Cindy in MS

                • Helen/Canada says:

                  Exactly, Cindy. It really pisses me off. Such an innocent comment with no malice intended and they just make him sound so negative. Not our Adam at all.

                  • Kick ’em when they’re up, kick ’em when they’re down. That’s what the media is all about, and now the internet is part of it (and can spread this kind of bullshit like wildfire).

            • Helen/Canada says:

              If you check out my post further down, Aug. 23, 7:03 p.m. I talked about it there. But don’t worry honey, it’s over and done with. Just a stupid reporter or two blowing an insignificant comment out of porportion just to sensationalize it for his own spotlight! True Adam fans know who he is, the others can go to hell. He doesn’t need them. We’ll stick by him.

            • Helen/Canada says:

              Also, my reply to Suse1701 at about 1:19 pm. But it’s done. Let’s just forget about it and move on.

              • AdamAddict says:

                Thanks Cindy for posting that! Now I know why you guys pissed! lol! That interviewer just born stupid or born with no sense of humor? He can pick one! If there’s Adam’s fans out there who really upset by it…I don’t think there’s one though! Come on,this is ridiculous! All I know Adam said in his tweeter , I smell like roses!! Yeah,he obviously talking to me!! lol XD


    • AdamAddict says:

      How do you know?Is it true?Why no Malaysia? Oh man!!!So,I read above saying Singapore has huge fanbase!Poster and everything!Wow, maybe Malaysia doesn’t have huge fanbase??I guess I have to go out more often to see if there’s poster selling somewhere but not that I can find!!But again I always go to the same place! Seriously,American Idol is popular in Malaysia that’s why we have “Malaysian Idol” ( I never watch it 🙁 And they aired few days after the live (in tv local station) also live in Astro (satelitte)Is Kris the one they prefer? Please,I hope there’s huge fanbase from Malaysia too,I want Adam to come to Malaysia !

      • Helen/Canada says:

        You are just going to have to save your money and come to America when Adam is on his own tour! All of us GLAMBS will rent a big bus and go together to see our wonderful, amazing Adam. Wouldn’t that be a blast! And an entire concert with just Adam would be much better than the 20 minutes he’s on stage now. Just think, we could drool over him for two hours! OMG, I can’t wait for that!

        • Helen, book me a sit please, I will fly over to America to see Adam and to actually meet with the rest of the GLAMBS, what a great idea.

        • AdamAddict says:

          Maybe I should,Helen! If I don’t get enough money to go to US,maybe I just go to the nearest country which Singapore!Adam performance is damn sexy,I think he might have slighty problem here. In M’sia we have strict rules about making a concert which I disagree.We going to concert to have fun,I don’t think they should be to strict about it.Just make it simple,for examples:pants always on, or don’t swear!! Maybe those 2 the only rules we got but i heard news that make me think why??!!
          For examples,I remember there’s 1 time,our artist(very famous at that time) want to make a concert and called it “KRU Maniac” but they got problem with “maniac”I heard the artist have to struggle a lot and have to ask a minister help!At last they did it but change to “KRU Mania”
          And another 1 where,indonesia top “dangdut”singer have to cancel the concert.FYI,”dangdut” is a sexy dance.It’s more like belly dance!I dunno exactly what happened but I heard the rumours because the dance is inapprorriate!Which I think is weird,because she is a dangdut singer afterall,of course she have to make that move on stage.But that just rumours,I dunno 4 sure,really! Ok,maybe that just 2 problems that I heard.We still have lot of celebrity that came from HK, Taiwan, Philipines , Indonesia,Bollywood,US and going just well! I guess I overeact when Cheryl didn’t mention Malaysia! I’m just thinking Adam is wild idol,if he got clean image like david Archie,then no problem!Adam has sexy song so he has to make sexy moves .So I’m slighty worried.But again,maybe we treat him as VIP! Welcome him with “bunga manggar” & “kompang”(usually 4 wedding but sometimes 4 special occasion) 🙂 Gosh,I’m thinking too much,I have to ask helen 4 her pills.I need to chill! lol!!

          • Helen/Canada says:

            Oh AdamAddict.
            I just love reading your posts. You make me laugh so much and teach me a lot of things too!
            Whether he comes to Malaysia or not, you have to come to America for his solo tour. It will be so much fun with all of us!

            • Yea, AdamAddict come to America , we will show you a goooood tiiimmmee.

              • Marie/Toronto says:

                Just a thought: On principle, Adam might not want to tour countries that have strict anti-gay laws. Some of these south-east Asian countries still execute homosexuals. I believe, but am not certain, that Malaysia is one of them.

                I was shocked when I googled this fact yesterday. Horrific.

                • Marie/Toronto says:

                  I mean, even if the laws are no longer enforced, Adam would probably stay away to prove a point……..

                  • AdamAddict says:

                    Maybe Malaysia is a Muslim country, and like Christian,it’s also illegal! But as far as I know,goverment will only take action on muslims gays because of our religion, it’s wrong,it’s a sin! I I don’t think they take action on chinese or Indian Malaysian! I don’t think so!

                    Like having sex before marriage,for muslims it’s a sin.Those people can get in trouble for that but for non muslims, there are free to do whatever they want here.4 examples,guy is muslim,girl is non muslim, only that guy get into trouble,she is free to go if they get caught! He has to pay fine,I think! I never get caught so I’m not sure.LOL! Like I said, it’s religion thing!

                    So I think we have no problem if Adam is gay because he’s not muslim and not even Malaysian. I don’t think we will ban Adam for that reason! I don’t think so! Please don’t ruin my dream!! Come on!! 🙁

                    • Marie/Toronto says:

                      In your 1st sentence you say that being gay is also illegal in Christian countries. Wrong. Canada actually has legal gay marriage, as does much of the United States. I think what you mean is that according to the Bible, homosexuality is considered a sin.

                      In Christian countries we have separation of church and state. Our laws are not based on what the bible says. According to our laws, religion cannot be used to dictate how we should live, unlike countries that have Sharia Law.

                      I hope Adam travels to see ALL of his fans. He just might not WANT to go to places that persecute/discriminate against homosexuals. He is all about love and tolerance. (sorry about my spelling).

        • Lisette here..bonjour above post an tell thos gals non feel bad Im one of few in US not yet been bless to see Adam in concerte.As I av mentione many temes all due to ill health..So thinq positive perhaps travel to anothre destination closeby.When he has nexte US(solotour) an health permitte will attend..Til then I’ll av to dreame an enjoie all glambs who share ther lovli videos,photos an details of conceert they attend..Thenks to the wondreful Adam tribute page! Blessings an luv Lisette in NV!xoxoxo Bless Adam our sensual angel d’musique! xoxo

          • Helen/Canada says:

            Don’t worry Lisette, when he’s touring on his own, we’ll all go together, and we’ll get you there somehow, so until then you just take good care of yourself.

            • Lisette, you must take good care of yourself so you can party and dance at
              Adams concert. He will come to where you could get to see him . Just think
              positive! You need to whisper some of that sexy French language into his sweet

              • AdamAddict says:

                Thanks for the info, but yes I meant according to bible,I heard it’s a sin! And sorry for the spelling??!! lol!!Don’t be! I’m sorry about my grammer and all! Sometimes I try to say something else but how I write, it’s sound different.In my post above, I didn’t meant anything bad.If I said something wrong that offended anyone here, from the bottom of my heart, I apologize.What I’ve trying to say is according to Qur’an,homosexuality is also considered a sin! Ok,I better check everything 1st before I post this,I’m so afraid I accidentaly offend any of my friends here.
                FYI,I respect all religion! I live in M’sia, many races,many religion! I celebrate every festival in M’sia!Hari Raya,Chinese New year,Christmas,Thaipusam, make it short all of them! It’s super fun! 😀

      • AA, I want him to come to Malaysia for you too!

    • Iyleneidol09 says:

      Cherry, whhhhhhennnnnn?? I have lots of friends and families in Australia and Philippines. Where did you read that?

  7. HI GUYS



    • AdamAddict says:

      OMG,too many adorable kids that want to be Adam.That makes me want to have my own kid and train him to be Adam! hahaha!!

  8. Will Adam really come to the Philippines? I hope he comes to Cebu where I live… this will be the greatest day of my entire life!

  9. Helen/Canada says:

    Hi Ladies
    Check out this video. It’s another one of the many faces of Adam. I’ve seen a lot better ones out there, but check out his blonde locks around the 42 sec. mark! I like him with the dark hair, but this caught me by surprise–very, very, cute! Just goes to show how gorgeous he is!

    • Thanks Helen, yes! There are some epically beautiful shots in that. With his light hair is a surprise, but he still looks great. Too bad that song gets on my nerves. I don’t know why, but for some reason, I can’t take Phil Collins.

      Anyway, here’s a twitpic from the signing last night. There’s no tag that labels it Pittsburgh (that I saw), but all the comments are dated today.

      • Helen/Canada says:

        Thanks for the link Suse for the twitpic. I see he has bright purple earplugs this time! (see my post above).
        I found the radio interview that I’m assuming all this stupid commotion is about! My God, people are so stupid! You could tell in his voice, his comments were not malicious at all and kind of said in fun when the interviewer asked him about some of the crazy things that happen to him. That reporter in USA today is just plain vicious to make a comment that Adam is ungracious from one innocent isolated incident. I’d love to know how to get in touch with him and give him a piece of my mind!! I hate people like that–they just latch on to the slightest thing and sensationalize it , just to try to bring someone down. Notice in the twitpic how everyone said he looks you right in the eye and makes a connection with you–as long as you don’t scream at him for goodness sake! Like I said before, Adam’s true fans know who he is as a person, the others can go to hell!

        • Helen I am cofused re twitpics..Every time I click on one I get no photo, just the comments. And I have tried being signed into twitter as well. Do you or anyone have an idea why? I have seen a grand total of about 4 actual twitpics, including Adam’s and Kris’s. Does anyone else have this same problem? There doesnt seem to be a twitter Help section. Is it because I am not using a photo camera so I am not signed up for that part?

          • AdamAddict says:

            THERESA, I have no idea. I heard U said that few times but I don’t know why,I got no problem see those pictures! It must pissed U off! 🙁

            SUSE, thanks for that twitpic.He’s gorgeous!

            HELEN, thanks 4 the vid,again he’s gorgeous,duh!!

          • Helen/Canada says:

            Wish I could help you Terry, I know nothing about Twitter. I just clicked on the link that Suse gave us and it worked. I am following Adam on twitter, but I don’t even know how I did it, by accident, I think. I think maybe I signed up from his official website,
            Maybe there’s some techies out there that can help you.

        • Right on Helen, they can go and burn away. We know what a sweetheart he is.
          Those Aholes cant bring him down. He likes to fuck with people anyway, he gets a
          kick out of it. All in fun and games.. Lighten up reporters.

      • Thanks Suse for the twitpic. Thats cute, protecting his ears from all that screaming.
        Oh yes the eyes, I can still see them!

        • AdamAddict says:

          Maybe Adam’s ear got infected by those loud ultrasonic scream??!! lol!! Maybe it’s doctor’s order to stay away from super scream like that,that’s why he come out for signing once in a while??!! Hey,maybe it is the story!Who knows,right?He didn’t tell us because he afraid he’ll hurt our feelings? Ok, where’s the pill,Helen!! I’m thinking too much again! lol!Those screams seriously loud, I think those scream can wake up a coma patient!! But we can’t blame them,I remembered one time I went to concert,I screamed so loud, I lost my voice the next day,I swear! If I scream for Adam,I’m afraid I’ll lost my voice for a month…but it’s worth it! lol! See, now Adam definetely wont come to Malaysia to see me,i meant his fans in M’sia! I’m skerd him away. lol!

    • Iyleneidol09 says:

      Helen, that’s a cute vid, he is just soo photogenic, no matter what angle they shoot the camera, whether he’s ready or just a random snap shot. I am just fantasizing on how he looks like just waking up next to me in bed, with a sleepy eyes and a tousled hair… aahhh! what a lovely sight! sigh!!!

      • Helen/Canada says:

        Oh Iyleneidol09, what a beautiful picture you just put in my head, Adam’s long, lean body stretching lazily like a cat, tousled hair, sleepy eyes, mmmmmmm! OK, back to earth now. Yes, he is very photogenic. I love the candid shots of him almost more than the posed ones–oh hell, I love them all–how can you choose!

      • Iylene, Oh my what a wonderful fantasy! OK I want to go to bed now!

        • Iyleneidol09 says:

          Oh, oh! here’s another breathtaking fantasy… I just walked in the bathroom, and found him taking a shower, covered with lather and making some sexy moves while listening to his itunes Whole lotta love!!! and moaning “way down inside!!!wooooman! you need love!!! (and stroking the handheld shower!!!!)
          Ohhhhhhhmy godddd!!! I need to take a cooold shower, pronto!!!

          • Helen/Canada says:

            We’re gonna get busted as a porn site soon!!!! ha, ha!

            • Iyleneidol09 says:

              I know, I can see BIG BROTHERS looking at us already!! I see that eye blinking on my lower tool bar.. I think that is Fernando or Jeanette!!! Hahaha!!!!

              • AdamAddict says:

                Just to make sure,when you fantasy about Adam in shower, it’s the handheld shower that he stroke or ~gulp~ the “treasure” of his??!! lol!!
                DS,Jeanette, this is not porn,we swear! This is for our essay class! 😛

          • Iylene, Iylene, OMG I am rolling here. I Like your way of thinking. bedroom, bathroom. Jesus
            help me!
            Helen, you are funny too. (porn) OMG
            AdamAddict, I think its his treasure! You are so funny to sister! GULP GULP!

    • Helen, thanks for that video. at 3:59 mark, so cute, so young looking at sweet. He is a GEM!

      • Helen/Canada says:

        He is so frickin’ beautiful Mary, he just takes my breath away! I don’t know how any gay man can resist him–anybody for that matter. Sometimes, it just overwhelms me. I need the vapours!

        • I know, I have to calm myself down alot, I just get so tickled, like a teenybopper.
          You probably love how he sings “Cryin” the studio version especially. Where he sings
          you takes my breath away! in the one verse. HOt, Hot.

    • Helen/Canada: Thank you for posting that video. My daughter is in one of the pictures featured in the video. (Well, her left shoulder and hair while he is signing her program in Tulsa!) Anyway, it was a fun suprise to see that and we would have missed it if not for you…thanks, again.

    A CAMERA for meet and greets outside after the show if your lucky.
    MONEY- well at least 5.00 so you can buy the Gorgeous picture of ADAM’s Face.

    The concert in Philly opened gates 1 hour before show started.

  11. But do you post videos from individuals who put their YT identity in small letters in the lower corner…Not promoting any other group? Just thought I’d ask. I shot the entire Sacramento set and then left the camera at home so I could dance through Oakland. 🙂

    If you’re interested…It’s in my Playlist section…in three parts

  12. leilani aloha says:

    Beautiful & Talented Adam Lambert is the Rock Star for the coming Age of Aquaris 2010 !!!
    Bringing new waves of Movement & Change in Music & Dance!!!
    Thankyou Adam for getting us to dance & love music once again:):):)
    We love your voiceeeeeeeeeeeee….. simply awesome:)

  13. If anyone out there is in the Kansas City area and is going to the “Adam Lambert” tour here on 8/30, send me an email. We could do a “meet and greet” – 🙂 – it would be nice not to go to the show alone although lack of a companion will not deter me!

  14. I can tell the difference in Ohio, being Adam is here, the weather is sssoooooo much nicer, beautiful skies and it smells nice also. (HaHa) Just kidding…this is in regards to the suppose comment that Adam made? We love Adam here in Ohio and we have waited so long for him to get here and now he is here!!!!!! YEAH, YEAH, YEAH

    • Lee M, you go girl! I’m just beside myself, knowing he in our Buckeye State. Give us all the
      details from Cleveland.

      • I would if I could but I’m in Columbus, it is beautiful today also, tomorrow will even be better !!!!! OMG, can not wait till 7:00 Wed. All you gals talking like you have been, you just don’t realize what you are doing to me. I’m trying to contain myself just thinking about seeing Adam. I guess you have made it impossible for me NOT to kidnap him Wed. night !!!LOL So when you read that Adam turned up missing for awhile, you’ll known it was me. This what we’ll be doing..etc..etc..etc…etc…,are you jealous!!!!! HeeHee
        ADAM IS IN OHIO, never has this state been this GGGGOOOOOODDDD !!!!

        • Look at me, I don’t even know what day it is, at first I thought that Adam was going to be here on Wed. the 25th but then I found out that the 25th was on Tues. but my brain didn’t transfer the date and day over to Tues., yes I will be there on Tues, the 25th at 7:00 !!!!! See I can’t even think straight all I want to do is watch, listen and talk about Adam…Do you all think that there is hope for?????

          • Lee M, we must meet up somewhere tomorrow. I will be at Cols. show too.
            For some reason I was thinking you were going to Cleve. show. I just cant
            think anymore! We will be in section 107, I cant remember what row, my sister
            has the tickets. Where are your seats??

            • Mary, I will be in Sact. 123, row N, that is the best I could get, Your sect 121 is where I wanted but it was too late for me, oh well, as long as I’m in the building, I guess….Hey Adam is in town !!!!!!! We’re going to see Adam tonight!!!!!! Hope to see you Mary, that would be unbelievealbe to meet when we are both in this “Glambs Club” !!!

  15. Hey, I will be attending the concert in St. Louis on August 29th if anyone wants to meet up. It has been sooooo long since the concert in Tulsa on July 24th–gotta have another AdamFix.

    • AdamRocks! says:

      You lucky snake you! 🙂

      Cindy in MS

    • TheFeyNan(Nancy) says:

      Snake…I just looked up the tickets left from Ticket Master, would tickets in this area be decent tickets…
      Section: 102
      Row: G
      Seats: They have 13 seats….
      This is like a 6 hr trip from Memphis….I like you, would like another LQQK…Just to make sure he is real…lol..Nancy

      • TheFeyNan(Nancy) says:

        Cindy…you are in MS…ride to TN, then off we go to MO….a quick trip down the interstate…I am right outside the Memphis area, headed in that direction…

      • Hey we are in section 102 row K!….Cool….I think they are decent….but just to be in the same room with Adam again is soooo worth any kind of seat… We will be driving about the same distance, too.

    • Helen/Canada says:

      Where are you from Snake? Tulsa and St. Louis are quite a distance apart, aren’t they?

      • Kansas City would be closer but it is on a Sunday night there and we have to work Monday morning. Yeah, it is about a 6 hour drive from Tulsa, but we are going to treat the whole weekend like a mini vacation! Leave Friday afternoon. Spend all day in St. Louis on Saturday. The Arch and Union Station are a lot of fun, too. Who knows, there may be idols lurking around….

    • sheila604 says:

      I will be attending the St Louis concert, I would love a chance to meet up with others as Adam crazy as me. LOL . Email me:

    • Lucky you wannabesnake, 2 shows!

  16. AdamRocks! says:

    I’m sorry if a link to this video has already been posted (Adam Lambert – Smile). . . if you’ve never seen it, just TRY not to smile while you watch it. . . bet you can’t! 🙂

    • Helen/Canada says:

      It has been Cindy, but that’s ok, we can’t get enough of Adam. Isn’t it a great video. Those morons (reporters and fair weather fans from other blogs) who put Adam down the other day SHOULD WATCH THIS!!!!!

      • Helen, I missed all this negative talk. Its a good thing I guess. Those creeps. Was this an

        • Helen/Canada says:

          It was a very short radio interview and I found it on the mjs blog because I missed it too until everybody started talking about it. Honestly, Mary, you barely notice it. He said it in that funny way he has, nothing serious and all those idiots are up in arms–even his fans. That’s why I called them fair weather fans. Really, when you think about it, the ones that got mad are probably the ones who DO smell!!!! Ha!

          • Thx for that info. Oh I see, yea I can almost hear him saying something cute like that in his
            own funny way.

    • LOOOOOOOOOOVE this, in spite of the interviewer’s need for a personality transplant.

      OK, though, is there anyone on the planet who doesn’t know the answer to “How do you feel about coming in second on AI?” Good God, people, give it a freaking rest.

      Aside from that, I observed the following:

      Adam is not a name-dropper. He just naturally doesn’t go there. I LOVE that. He had to be asked to name some of his friends and then his producers. And then he was so lovely about it – not all “I really would rather not,” but just threw a couple out there in a very positive, complimentary way like he was talking to a therapist or a new friend over coffee or something.

      I sensed he didn’t particularly care for this guy, or was at least bored by him. I pick at my nail polish when someone is talking who’s boring me or agitating me in some minor way – noticed him doing the same.

      As we’ve all noticed, he’s such a dear about the repetitive questions. Doesn’t show the least bit of annoyance when the one or two things he’s *always* asked rear their ugly heads again.

      I did like that the interviewer asked him what he was reading, and at least seemed somewhat capable of coming up with spontaneous questions. It was hard to get past the Ben Stein voice, though. For Adam’s sake, I hope he wasn’t nearly as irritating as that particular person (don’t even get me started).

      • Where is this interview at Barb?

        • I found the interview. Ihad read the Cleveland article but didnt click on the video earlier. Loved how Adam just beamed when John said how Brian May
          is all over the internet promoting him. Oh he is soo cute.

          • Oops – responded to the wrong thread. My bad. Important Safety Tip: Don’t drink and post. I was talking about the Cleveland Plain Dealer review and interview Cindy posted…

  17. An amazing thing happened to me today.
    I was listening to Adam’s studio recordings, and something happened to me. I was emotionally electrocuted like never before. I don’t know why it happened so more energetically this time but it did. I was in a fight with my girlfriend this afternoon and I needed a relief and I found it with Adam. Songs like “Play that funky music” have put a smile on my face like no one could. That’s kinda weird for a 19 year old straight guy to say, but Adam is just… wow!

    I just felt the need to share this with you guys. 🙂 Don’t know why but I did.

    • Alen, so glad you shared your feelings with us. Adam is universal and attracts soo many people.
      So glad you felt the need to share. Dont forget to buy his CD in November, from what I hear
      especially from him, you will be dancing and singing and feelin goood hearing his music.
      Rock on Adam!

      • I’ll probably preorder his album on the internet. I’ve always loved his “glammed” out rock and dance performances better than the “sad” ones. They are great too, but there’s not better than Adam singing to a faster beat. So, that means I’ll definitely enjoy his album!:)

        • Alen, welcome and I just want to tell you that it is much appreciated by us ladies, to hear an opinion of Adam from a straight man. We know what WE like about him, but it is coming from a different place, for you. It’s a great compliment to Adam to know he can ‘cross some lines’ with his talent.

        • Helen/Canada says:

          Thanks for joining us here Alen. Glad to hear that he appeals to all people and not just us crazy ladies! You’ll have to close your eyes at some of the talk that goes on here. It’s all in good fun and we are all Adam obsessed!

    • Alen: You just felt the affect of AdamMagic–it is a supernatural force we all crave. Must be nice to make people FEEL the way he does…my pug, MiMi, gets that crazy happy zapped look when I pass out the meaty bones….close as I’ll ever get…

    • Totally get this, Alen. His voice can soothe and electrify me at the same time. I’ve never experienced anything quite like it. The closest I’ve ever come is listening to certain 70s and 80s singers like Freddie Mercury, Dennis DeYoung, Steve Perry and Rik Emmet. Yet I don’t recall playing their songs over and over (and over and over and over…) like I do his – and his are covers (for now)! Can’t imagine how unglued I’ll become when I hear the new stuff. But I’m looking forward to finding out. Very muchly so. 🙂

  18. Iyleneidol09 says:

    Hi everyone, can someone verify this videoclip for me? Was that our precious Adam when he was only 19 years old? This kid was a great surfer? The hair is strawberry blond and if that was him, my goodness, he has another talent that he never revealed to anyone yet. Here’s the link:
    If you cannot open the link, just search youtube AdamLambert surfing
    or Fast Clips/Adam Lambert in Indonesia

    • Hi, Iyleneidol09, since I’m the ‘California Girl’ here, I’ll let you know that the Adam Lambert you are seeing in the clip is an Association Of Professional Surfers star member on the California/International surfing scene. He has been a surfer all his young life, hails from Montecito, CA, and has been associated with the Santa Barbara Surf Club. He is 21 years old, is blonde and blue-eyed, and is known for his aggressive surfing style and speed, and his daring vertical maneuvers and ‘big air’. So, alas, that is not our guy you are seeing in the video clip, but no matter, there are about 500 other video clips in which you can see OUR Adam Lambert do HIS thing!

      • Iyleneidol09 says:

        Thanks Lorrin for the info, you are such a wealth of information.

        • You are so welcome, Iyleneidol,…just writing about the ‘other Adam Lambert’ made me want to run wildly out of the house and head for Santa Cruz, where there are dozens and dozens of those ‘groms’ (young surfer dudes) and surfer boys, my son, his house, and the beach!

  19. Oh my Ra i went!!!!! I METADAM!!!!!!! He was the nice, funny, smart, fantastic Adam i hoped he would be! i got a pic of him signed and it was AMAZING!!!!! He called me sweet!!!!!!! It was ABSOLUTELY FANTASTIC! I don’t think I’m gonna sleep tonight.

    • Courtney , lucky you. I’m happy for you. Go to sleep so you can dream. Check out some of the dreams in above
      comments. There are some good ones

      • Helen/Canada says:

        Hey Mary, should we have some kind of age of majority screening on this site. Is Courtney old enough to be checking out some of our dreams. LOL! Come on Courtney, speak up, are you a young one, or part of this older crowd that gets so raunchy!

        • Helen, I imagine Courntey can come up with some doozy of a dream all on her own. You know
          that young bunch, they THINK they know more than we do! Its all good!

      • Helen/Canada says:

        Hey Courtney
        Did you say anything to Adam? Just wondering, because you said he called you “sweet”. You must have been in heaven!

    • Helen/Canada says:

      I’m so happy for you Courtney. See, that is the real Adam we all love, not the crap that some of the tabloids say. Just keep that memory in your heart whenever you hear anything negative. True Adam fans know he’s a wonderful person.

    • Courtney: It is time for your consecration…You have shared air and/or skin molecules with Adam Lambert. You have interacted with the Rock God. He looked into your eyes and dubbed you “Sweet”. You are now partially divine. Bask in your diviness. We bow to you.

      • Yes Courtney, join the club, snake dubbed me w/that title too. Although I would like to be making
        my way towards the Immortal One. Victoria, where are you???
        How was Adam the other night? Pics, Pics. Pics! Share!

  20. awakenfan says:

    Cherry, is that true ? Adam is coming to the Philippines ? OMG ! ! That will be HUGE ! HUGE ! My friends and I (all ADAM fans), were just talking about the possibility of him coming over for a concert . I can’t believe what I just read ! WHOOPIE……. !

    David Cook & David Archuleta had about 60,000 fans in their joint concert. Adam will have OVER 100,000 fans. The organizer should promote ADAM with GIANT billboards (oh what a sight this would be with Adam’s beautiful face all over the city) and make all radio, print and T.V. stations announce the arrival of the ROCK GOD !

    • Iyleneidol09 says:

      I will pay people to steal those giant billboards of ADAM and ship to US!! Hahaha!!!

      • awakenfan says:

        You have to steal them from me first ! LOL ! Adam will have nothing to worry about anti-gay movements here. The cast of “Queer Eye for the Straight Guy” were here a few years ago and they had a blast ! They all returned and even vacationed in one of our famous beaches. So don’t worry dear Adam. We will give you the best welcome and the best time of your life.

  21. Thanks guys for your comments & replies. You guys made me feel better! Honestly, I have never been so obsessed with anyone for that amount of time. It’s been 6 months since I started going crazy over him. It’s really comforting to know there’s this huge bunch of wonderful people like you to gather and share thpoughts & feelings about Adam.

    Even though there’s a huge fanbase here in Singapore, but I only know a few so I hardly get to rant with anyone about Adam. My friends find me annoying at times, haha. Oh and for those who asked aboutt he age group of the fanbase, I would say the average is about 30 years olds. There are young supporters but I found out alot of adults(like one of my teachers) like him too.

    I’m grateful for all of you and this wonderful website. Do you have an RSS feed I could hit on? (:

    Thanks guys once again,
    Gwendelyn from Singapore.

    • Helen/Canada says:

      That’s what we’re all here for Gwenbert. To be able to vent our love and feelings for Adam like nowhere else. I know exactly what you mean. This is the only place I really get to share my feelings without driving everybody nuts. So, welcome and join the club of Adam obsessors, it’s a great club!

  22. Oh wait, I found the feed!

  23. AdamAddict says:

    Adam interview in Cleveland. I haven’t listen to it yet.Got to go like right now but I thought I paste the link here first! lol!
    ok, i’m late,got to go but I’ll be back later!

    • Helen/Canada says:

      Thanks for the link AdamAddict. Great Adam interview. He’s so gorgeous!

      • Helen, dont ya just love how he says, if he likes it, he’ll play with it??? (whts thrown on stage) Oh he’s such
        a cutie pie! God I love him!

        • Damn, he makes everything sound so sexy! And, his laugh is so “musical”! I wanna play with him…..

          • Thanks AdamAddict !!! Now I feel like crying, Adam is just something else, what a guy, when he talks & laughs, I just want to do the same. That Film clip, I don’t know who sent me to the site now, but, it got me in the crying mood because it is sooooo Adam, what a guy,,,sighhhhh It was titlled “Smile” music by MJ, tares your heart out. I’ve got to go now..I’M GOING TO SEE ADAM~~~~~~I’M GOING TO SEE ADAM~~~~~~I’M GOING TO SEE ADAM~~~~~~I HAVE TO START GETTING READY~~~~~I KNOW IT’S ONLY MON NITE BUTTTTT ~~~~~~I DON’T WANT TO WAIT TIL THE LAST MIN !!!!!

          • Wannabe, I do too!!!

    • Thank you AA, for those yummy sights and sounds of Adam!

    • In watching the first interview with Adam in Cleveland, it is obvious that there is not ONE THING that Adam is not completely aware of about himself, nor has there been anything said about him in the media that he has not already read or seen. He has heard everything we’ve heard, and he’s on top of all of it. He has the most completely disarming way of dealing with tedious questions and ridiculous rumors, with his infectious laugh and down-to-earth honesty, “Come on people”, he says. I must confess I was ready to grab the top of Adam’s sweet head for a minute there as he leaned forward for the interviewer to look at the color streaks in his hair, oh my. But even more fascinating is the way that Adam can sit there laughing and chatting good-naturedly, interacting with the interviewer and smiling at him, when without knowing it, Adam’s eyes do a little shift, and they are looking directly at YOU. There’s something about that disconcerting way he has of finding you in the camera lens that absolutely slays me, and that connects him soul-to-soul to his fans. He is searching you out, as you are searching him. What a rare and beautiful guy.

      • Iyleneidol09 says:

        Lorrin same here, while I was watching the video inteview, I didn’t realize I was getting closer and closer to my screen and my hubby found me soooo close to the screen, he startled me and I hate him for that!!! LOL!!! I was hypnotized by Adam’s eyes!! Thanks AdamAddict for the “hot-of-the-press” interview vid.

        • Yes, Iyleneidol, he is hypnotic, and he uses his eyes to great effect. Many famous men have put on that potent eye contact act for the camera, and there is nothing behind it but ego and false seductiveness. But Adam is looking for YOU, to find out who is there, looking for him….he is a curious, searching, loving soul, and he makes himself vulnerable and accessible to the one searching back…I recognize this because I have experienced it before in my own life, but to see it in a world-class entertainer climbing to the top, without any show of pride or self-delusion, is as rare as the finest jewel in the deepest mine. Think for a moment of the haughty snobbery of so many stars in our day, and the ridiculous aura of self-conceit with which they surround themselves. I can think of dozens, – teenybopper groups, teen stars, new film stars indistiguishable from one another, sports stars with famous wives, fashion models and singing stars, all jostling for attention with self-possessed sneering grandiosity. Now think of Adam, first, on stage, wildly over-the-top, screaming, raging and singing with abandon, the next new king of rock and roll; and then, sitting quietly in the back room of a concert arena on a chair, with his hair tousled, wearing a simple T-shirt, smiling, laughing easily, friendly, open, accessible, intelligent, aware, kind, looking at the interviewer and laughing, and then, – looking at you…

          Hollywood can keep all its shining stars, big-name actors, hot new acts, singing sensations and whining overpaid divas, but just leave me Adam Mitchel Lambert, boy wonder, singing prodigy, glam rock superstar, the man of the hour, and the nicest guy on the planet. And it’s all because of some clear azure eyes that look right through the camera and into you, see you, speak to you, and then go on forever..

          • Just lovely, Lorrin. As always.

          • Helen/Canada says:

            Oh God, Lorrin, I’m shivering!!!! Again, expressing all my thoughts! I did feel like he was looking right into my soul with those beautiful eyes! I don’t think I can survive much more of this! Does he have any clue what he does to us?

          • Lorrin, you have captured everything about Adam, your last paragraph are my exact feeling about our Adam.

      • Helen/Canada says:

        Lorrin, you said it all for me–thank you. I get so caught up in him, my brain goes to mush, but you said exactly what I feel– thank you for being so eloquent.

      • Yessssssssss!!!! He is a supernatural being!!!!! The camera loves him.

    • AdamAddict, Thank you for the interview! Its like he is looking at you while talking. Great
      laugh he has, and oh his eyes! Love how he clears up all the rumors out there.
      Pretty much what he looks like when he gets out of bed he says!!! Wo mama, Ok we can
      start fantasizing now. Glad he takes care of himself, no matter what it takes.
      Oh Adam you’re the tops!

  24. AdamRocks! says:

    Here’s another GREAT review and article from The Cleveland Plain Dealer:

    Cindy in MS

  25. AdamRocks! says:
  26. Mary, Oh Mary, I went to my Twitter acct and guess what, the whole gang is here in Columbus, they spent the day here, I have been following some of the guys (did this when Adam’s Twit was down) anyway when Adam said that they were leaving Cleveland at 12:00 AM, I thought that I should check my Twit and there it was the guys talking about being in Columbus, didn’t mention Adam though, but 3 of them went to see OSU football team pratice. So they are here tonight somewhere, Lord only knows, could be anywhere. Now I am really going to have a hard time sleeping knowing that Adam is close but yet so far away, but, here in the same town…WOW

    • Lee M, thanks for that. Jesus, I’m so excited. read my post above to Helen, we were up there tonight at the
      Arena. Saw he buses. I had a feeling that some of them might be at that OSU practive tonight. I wish I had the
      day off tomorrow, so I could be a little groupie up there all day. wonder what they are doing now??
      Let me know where you will be tomorrow. I live about 10 minutes from the Arena on a good
      traffic day. As you know, with all that construction and going up that way tomorrow around
      rush hour, tht should be a real treat. Hoping to get there around 5:30.

      • Lee M, I will check the post tomorrow morning. I have to get up and get some things done,
        even though I dont really want to. Later!

        • Hi Mary, you saw the buses? I would have been thrilled just to see where Adam was staying partime, I would imagine that last night they stayed at a hotel? My ticket is in sect 123,, row N..I left a post for you on Tues. Post also, so hope you get my message there. Hope to meet you…Saection 121 is the best, lucky dog, hey you want to exchange tickets,, HaHa Till tonight, won’t be back today until late tonight, if I recover from Adam and he is not here..HeeHee

          • Lee M , I just purchased front row seats off of ticket master, oh yea, we will be down there now.
            I was just checking to see what was left and those came up, go figure??
            I’m trying to see if my friends want our other seats (section 107) dont know where
            you got 121? Geez hope I didnt tell you that, that would have been another
            typo error on me. if not we may have to
            scalp them. I saw the buses on the side of the Arena. West side of bldg. Parked there
            around 8pm. They may have been inside rehearsing! This is just to much. OMG

          • Shoot , you wont be back untill later, so I was going to see if you wanted to upgrade?


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