TOUR VIBE – American Idol Summer Tour 2009 – Charlotte, NC

***VIDEOS ADDED*** The tour bus heads to North Carolina for the first of two concerts in that state. On Saturday, August 1st the Idols play at the Time Warner Cable Arena in Charlotte, and on Sunday, August 2nd they hit the Greensboro Coliseum in Greensboro. Do we have any North Carolinians (did I say that right?) in the Glamb house? As everyone knows, this is AnoopDog’s home state, and I would be surprised if the crowds here don’t “noooop” him loudly. (BTW, I can’t believe I still see people commenting on idol blogs around the net wanting to know why people are “booing” Anoop. Sheesh!)

I’m sure that North Carolinians are well aware of their rich Idol history, but for those elsewhere around the country and the world, here’s a quick recap. North Carolina is the home of Idol winner Fantasia and finalists Clay Aiken, Chris Daughtry, Kellie Pickler and Bucky Covington. Truthfully I’ve never been much of a Noop fan, but I did root for all of the other above named contestants during their seasons. (I’m going to restrain myself and spare you my current opinion of Clay!)

We don’t have any Glambs Fan Club Leaders attending either of the NC shows, so we’re depending on you Glambs out there to post some reviews to let us know all the details on how these shows go off. Following North Carolina is a concert off-day, and then the bus heads north for the first round of the eastern shows.

If you have photos from either this concert or any of the past concerts, please email them to us! We never, ever tire of seeing photos of Adam. Our email address is

~~Jeanette, Glamb #5


  1. peaches says:

    I’ll be in Greensboro Sunday night…I’ll post pics and vids. And yes, you got it right….Carolinians! I hope Anoop cranks it up! The ONLY reason I’m going is Adam, but I will root for Anoop (our homeboy)! I can’t wait!

  2. Lisette here..thenks agan Jeanette for thes information re next cities of summer AI concerts..An although have non seen beau Adam yet..having thes lovli place/Adam’s wonderful tributepage an a place where all adore Adam an his first concerte tour..even if non yet solo surely histoire for his journey to now being next I av say of l’millenium in same class so many before as Elvis,an Michel Jackson but may there be non harm or ill managemente to cause ill fate sadly as both these beautfiul souls an artistes to av endured in later days/yers of ther careere..An know Adam has esperience in his passe theatre tours with cast of “Wicked” an Hair,an he’s very intelligente an perceptive to see him thru future endeavors be in CD recordings,concertes an mabe future in filmes too!
    Take care hugs an luv Lisette!xox

  3. My husband and I will be going to see Adam at the Charlotte Idol show tonite… yippee

  4. Nicoe Howland says:

    A group of 8 cougars (one lawyer, 3 veterinarians, 2 financial advisors, a small business owner, and an accountant) have rented a limo to drive from Columbia, SC to Charlotte to cheer Adam on–Anoop, who? I’ve got a bottle of 1993 Dom Perignon that I have been saving for just the right moment–I believe this is it!!

    • Sa-weeet. You all sound like girls after my own heart. (I’m a forty-something software and business analyst, by the way.) My girlfriends and I had a fabulous time at the show in Sunrise. You’ll have a wonderful time, too – especially if you’re starting out with that Dom Perignon. Wish I’d smuggled some Absolut into the venue or something – drinks were 17 bucks for a double (I ain’t joking!) at Sunrise. And like an idiot, I paid that for one, anyway. Limo rides to concerts are always fun, too – did that for a Pink Floyd show (Best.Concert.Ever) at Joe Robbie Stadium when it was still known as that years ago and had one of the best times of my life.

      I don’t need to say this, but ENJOY! And tell us all about it afterwards, with photos if possible!


      • AdamRocks! says:

        I thought this was a great interview (backstage in San Diego). . . the audio is horrible, but the entire transcript is in the right column. . . and Adam looks positively GORGEOUS, as usual. . . I like when she asks him how it’s been since Idol, with all the media attention, etc. and his response is: “Its been insane. I didnt expect all this. I went to Idol and thought, I just want to crack the top 10 so I can tour this summer and get some money, and get some more opportunities for myself. It turned into that and so much more.” Surprise, Adam, the world is in love with you, and can’t get enough of you! 🙂

        Cindy in MS

        • Darn. I wish I could read the transcript of that. He’s talking about this stalker problem here and I can tell it was a really good interview – just almost impossible to hear amidst the noise. Thanks for sharing the link AdamRocks!

          • Just read the transcript as you look at the video. It really helped me to know what was being said

          • AdamRocks! says:

            You may have missed that the transcript is in the right-hand corner. 🙂 I love how the interviewer seems so star-struck (wouldn’t you be?). . . Adam just looks so confident, and seems to be making HER feel comfortable.

            Cindy in MS

        • Cindy, that is such a sweet interview… with a bit of ear strain we can get most of it…

          • Lisette..apologize oops Theresa thinq my post for Barb went here from above,still cant understand as I had place seeming under her post.Anyway take care an always enjoie seeing yur commentes too! hugs Lisettexox

      • Lisette here..bonmatin Barb aw thet soundes lovli…Champagne before seein beau Adam what nice way to begine going in first class style!An non apologize for bein 40 something..Im 30 something an from firste time I ad seen Adam sing,from his auditiones, made me feel joie an lit as if I were 20 agan.He can take away sadness,stresses of l’jour for sure! An his voix for me has been very healing in personal loss.Sure it’s wonderful to finally see beau Adam in concert.An only hope to see before AI tour ends!Take care hugs Lisette!

    • WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!


      • Ofra, I haven’t spoken with you in quite some time, – how are you? I wanted to give you my deepest condolences on the shooting last night in Tel Aviv at the Cafe Noir of those poor young people. The news about the shooting just came up on my MSN news page this evening (still Saturday). Also, on another subject entirely, have you been to the first thread on our site here since it was put up – the DULUTH FRONTAL HUG thread? You must see it, Ofra, our Glamb leader, Linda, is being hugged by beautiful Adam. It is just wonderful to see! Greetings to you in Tel Aviv tonight! Boker Tov to you in Israel!

        • DEAR LORRIN





    • SeattleSusieQ says:

      Anyone attending tonight willing to cellcast it for the rest of us? If so, go to Web: and tell rickey. He broadcasts to the rest of us from your cell phone.

  5. Is there a link where we can view photos that are being sent in??

    • Rayzonn, when I get photos that people send in, I post them in the appropriate TOUR VIBE article. For instance, check out the Dallas TOUR VIBE post. I’ve posted photos there that people have sent in.

    • Adamized says: has a lot of pictures sorted by type, location, year, and posting time. Not all pictures are posted there, such as the wonderful Hug pic series on this site (Duluth, GA…). But it’s a good supplement. Oh he’s so handsome. My husband is so fed up listening to me talking about Adam. One of the most recent posts has really high def pics of Adam right after the finale (it blows up real big when you click on the pic: He’s got cat eyes – unhumanly amazing…

  6. i’m seeing adam august 12, next week at the nassau coliseim. , new york…i hope i dont faint wen i see adam comeout! and i hope he’ll b able meet and greet…terri

  7. Jane Parker says:

    I will be at the Greensboro concert Sunday with my hubbie!! I will have on my GLAMBS Int’l shirt on, in row 6!!
    I can not wait to see ADAM! I will also be rooting for Anoop and Allison. I hope that Adam comes out afterward, since they have the next day off!

    Will keep you posted!!

  8. Yep you got the North Carolinians thing right lol. I am so so so so so so excited. Hope Adam likes our Southern charm enough to come back to NC when he does his own tour!!! Love him!!!

  9. Glambertcraze says:

    Can’t add any tour info. but had to tell Jeanette that this site should be Adams official site.
    His official site SUCKS!!!! Whoever is handling it for him shoud be ashamed. The info is sooooo
    old and nothing interesting in it at all.
    With all the access they have to new and awsome stuff, you would think that site would Rock. But no, it stinks.
    I guess just being able to see Adam in concert on you tube is making me a little crazy. I will go to HIS Concert when he comes back to Sacramento.
    Okay, Iam feeling like a kid with too much time on their hands, I am ready to start getting into mischieve.
    Love and Happiness for Adam

    • Some of the fan club leaders have had a similar conversation to this. I can’t remember who amongst us said it, but the difference is that we run this site with “passion,” while the official site is run by people who just do it as a job.

      That’s what makes the difference!

      • Jeanette says:

        Glambertcraze, just wanted to add my thanks to your comments regarding this site. Cateyes is right – we are here as volunteers because of our passion! We’re glad that you and so many others can feel the difference in what we’re trying to do with this site.

        • Lisette here..Bonjour agan Jeannette as I av always mentione thes truly is best of Adam’s tribute fanpages an having seen official agree is just non user frendly.An theres no updates au personal interactione between (glamberts? ther names)An whenever one trie to locate a profile setup with commentes can non view.An seeme like noone cares.So I feel bless to av founde thes lovli site,a place where people as yu an other team gals,dreamsounde an all glambs chat an share ther affectione an adoration for Adam..multitalentes as an artiste/vocaliste/entertaineur with a couer tresbeau as his voice!Blessings an luv to all Lisettexox!

        • JEANETTE, Your passion is in full swing!! I, myslef, see new people every day on this site, and it isn’t because this is a so-so fansite!!! Glambs are proud of their site and I think it really shows,and I’ve not heard one negative comment and that’s due to the fantastic creators and those that keep it going and keep it interesting for everybody. And I think anyones checking this site out can see in a very short time that the people running this fansite and those belonging to it all have great love for everything Adam.! That’s why people come here, and why they stay! If there is a better site, I haven’t seen it and I go strolling all around the net looking for info., then feel so releived coming back to my ‘home page’ and can share any and all information I may have collected, and others do the same. So it; all good! Happy fans make for a successful fanclub! Thus, this is a happy fanclub w/awesome happy leaders. How could that combination fail? Well, it can’t!!!!
          peace-love-light-success-joy,,,,,,,,,,,4 Adam …………………………………………..and his harem of Glambs!

    • GLAMBERTCRAZE, I read your post and was so glad that you said what you did about the other website! I agree w/you 100%!!! I have regilstered there a long time ago, and occasionally go and check on it and always ask myself, ‘what is this about?’ I kept thinking I was just missing some info somewhere, b/c this is all so ridiculous! I don’t understand WHAT this site is accomplishing, or trying to! So, now I understand, it IS just an ‘imitation’ of what Adam’s ‘Official’ website should be! THIS IS THE ONLY WEBSITE THAT EVEN MAKES SENSE!! EVERYTHING ELSE IS JUST RUBBISH WHEN COMPARED TO THE GLAMBS AND THEIR INTERESTILNG, FUN, IMAGINATIVE, CONTINUEOUS SUBJECTS TO GIVE FANS SOMETHING TO CHAAT ABOUT!!

      LOVE-PEACE-LIGHT-JOY HAPPINESS 4ADAM……………….and all Glambs!

      • Cheryl..Lisette here!As I av mentione several times an do agree having joine same ‘official Adam pages,an thinq his myspace(perhaps is poser,now seein Adam’s video of a tweet on utube,only official is from his lips as thes above pages ar run by managres?..where are they,if so why ar ther no updates regarde concerttour,cd, only old Amer.Idol show info,very
        odd.So contente to av found thes lovli Adam tribute page an oui us glambs/an amies of Adam’s seem to al least connect with one anothre unlike “official” pages.An look forwarde to some joie an viewing videos from summertour is wonderful..until I am blesse to see Adam in person.Thenks to all lovli gals/fellows too if yu’re visiting for sharing with us!Hugs an luv Lisette ..Angel blessings for Adam alwaysxoxo

        • LISETTE, Yes, that Adamofficial website is supposed to be Adam’s ‘official’ seit. But I do noy know why!
          No, it does not have ‘uptodate’ updates! Hahaha! So WHY is it supposed to be the only ‘official’ one???
          ATION!!! WHY? It’s only about one sentence long! I didn’t know who was running the site, but I’v been
          directing people all over the web to this site for SOME REAL ADAM UPDATES, CONVERSATION AND
          ADAM-LOVE!! I feel like you, very happy and contented to have found this site! Hugs to you too, Lisette!

    • GLAMBERTCRAZE I am registered n several sites and I don’t have a clue which one is supposed to be the ‘official’ one. Which is it? Not that any of them are as good as this one!

      • THERESA, to get to ‘that’ website: / or .org.

        is the official site and Cheryl and Glambercraze are so right, it’s just not good. In fact, I gave up tonight attempting to try to figure out how to get a Glambert number. Somebody there advised me to just wade through the 1000’s of posts looking for the instructions – sorry, I don’t think so. It’s just ridiculous that there’s no link for that on the site.

        I am kind of intrigued with
        but I am still trying to get a handle on it. There’s a lot of great content on there for sure and the founder, Vicky, seems really cool.

        I must say, I am very happy here and so pleased with the quality and sheer fun of the posts that I read here. I am truly entertained and most importantly, totally in Adam-mode when I am here.

        • Song4adam, I go to that site too, I like it as it has some stuff and I usually bring that stuff over here if it’s worth it.

        • Songwriter4Adam, Hey this Vicky is a friend of Adams. I met her out in LA as well. She was just standing around, wearing all Adam gear, and we struck up a conversation. She
          was saying how they used to be in a small band together and was telling all about this site. You know how when people tell you things, you are not sure if its all up front, but I looked onto this site too, it looks good. Love this site better though.
          We rock.

      • Lisette agan..Theresa bonjour..sorry seem to miss online,an so agree agan other “Adam official suposed page” seeme strangerno new updates re: summerconcert tour,videos an news as seen in thes lovli place..I feel bless to av founde it by accident when type google for Adam’s fanpages..gather I made right selectione an will always reman here!Hope yu’re fine an enjoie yur weekend An whenever feeling bleu or illhealth I finde joie an smiles to see all glamb frends an Adam’s lovli photos/videos an articles!!Hugs an luv, Lisette

      • Glambertcraze says:

        theresa, is suppose to be his official page from his lips. Not worth going to. You get much more info on This site.

        • Thanks folks , and you are right! They are soo far behind… still back in May and June.

          I read somewhere online that Adam was to be on the View on Aug. 6 but cannot find anything by googling “the View” and “adam lambert tv appearances” etc…. anyone else know? It might have been just someone unofficially saying it.

          It says Regis and Kelly are on that day. Yet, the idols will be in the NY area, so who knows?

          • Theresa, that
            site had the following listed, but I would check local listings for sure:
            August 6th The View 8A to 9A but it says with Regis Philbin so that is not “The View” so I am unclear.
            August 7th GMA (Good Morning America) 7A to 9A

            • Thanks but what does 8A etc mean? Ilooked all over that website for anything pertaining to tv appearances..

                Aug. 6th 8AM to 9 AM AM The View
                Aug. 7th 7AM to 9AM Good Morning America broadcast from Central Park

              • Do check your local listings, Theresa. In LA on August 6th, The View is not on until 10 AM to 11 AM, and it does list Regis Philbin as a guest. I’ve set my DVR for both shows. Can’t wait to see Adam on both!

                • Yes! I see, on the right at this site, he is supposed to be on Good Morning America and who knows? maybe the View? I use Pacific (west coast time) and the View is always on at 10 am.

                  GMA, I will look up as I don’t usually watch it, but I will!! GMA is ABC, so if the View is too, we may get a “double treat”!!

                  I have no way of taping. I only have a dvd player now, gave away the VCR… oh dear!! oh well!!

  10. I will be going to see ADAM in Wash, DC on Tuesday. My son’s first concert and my first time seeing an entertainer that I am absolutely addicted to 🙂 Can you all that have attended concerts tell me about the meet and greets…………Do they usually do one in the afternoon and what time? Do they usually also do on after the concert? I know Adam has missed a couple of meet and greets after a couple of shows but, armed with information I am going to do my best to at least get an up close glimpse. Thank you all for sharing your experience, the pics and the videos, most appreciated. I do believe I’ve watched every video and seen every picture posted!
    Jeanette you ROCK!!!
    Glambert #3926

    • Linda, going by what I’ve read here on other threads, people arrive in early afternoon, some with chairs, and wait patiently. You need to ask where they idols will be greeting.

      AFter the concert, … well, if you don’t mind missing the group singsong with Adam… leave a bit early and go to where you were told they would come.

  11. Iyleneidol09 says:

    This is an amazing group of “young” cougars. Just reading how everyone talk, think and expressed themselves in a very silly, giddy ways just amazed me ( in a good way) Most of the fans here seemed to be professionals, it is nice to feel young and silly again. Adam had brought that “fountain of youth” on us!!!. I worked in a hospital ( one of the directors) and my biggest fanmate is a doctor and we both share our iphone pictures and songs of ADAM. I still cannot convince my husband to come in one of the concerts with me. Hopefully, i will hooked up with some friends who will share the same adoration of Adam…

    • AdamRocks! says:

      Just curious, are the Glambert numbers from the official site?

      Cindy in MS

      • AdamRocks, having recently been told, myself, these gals are ‘officially’ known as ‘Glambs’, not Glamberts! Guess there is a difference. The Glamb numbers are from this site. Don’t know about
        Glamberts’ site. Cheryl

    • iyleneidol09, Welcome! Thought I read one of your posts in the past, but I may have been mistaken. I think
      the gals on this web are unique in that they seem to be highly intelligent and ‘wiser’ (rather than older)! ha!
      I think most are highly educated and ‘professionsl’ either currently or earlier in life. Thr purpose for this site
      is Adam-Love! Not any, if at all, rude or vulgar cursing! Things can be easily said w/o the use of certain
      ‘alley talk’! I always like hearing people talk positive about this website! peace-love Cheryl

  12. Nicole Howland says:

    Charlotte was fabulous–met Adam after the show. He is a really nice guy–his energy is so kind. All I had for him to sign was my jeans–

    • sylverine says:

      Oh you are lucky Nicole! Please tell us more – how did you get to meet him, was it a backstage pass or was it ‘at the buses/barricades’? Have you got pics of him signing your jeans?

      Don’t mind me – just trying to enjoy all this vicariously!

  13. I am so bummed. We have our tickets and a room reserved at a motel. I boarded my dogs and was so excited aout this concert in Greensboro. However, last night I got a call that my friend can,t go. I called everyone I could think of who might want to go-no luck. I hope everyone has a great time-i know you will

  14. I’m searching Good Morning America for anything pertaining to possible idol apipearances, aka Adam. I also read in a schedule of the idol tour , something about Central Park NY, does anyone know more? Will he or they be performing there? There is quite a list of well known entertainers performing there in Aug.

  15. cles2009 says:

    theresa/canada – he will appear on the View on 8/6 and on the Good Morning America on 8/7 (central park, NY) . i will have my dvr set; i have work…

  16. Hello all, I was just cruising late tonight looking for some more recent videos from Charlotte, and came upon this nice little interview with Adam. He seems very happy, at ease, and relaxed. Here is the link:

  17. Amy & Thomas says:

    Never been to a big concert before and never wanted to go until Amy ask me for this one . It was awesome to say least. I love listening to this young group of top talent!

  18. oh greensboro was awesome. everyone was screaming when adam came. i loved him. i wish he had come out to sign. i really wanna meet him.
    everyone loved him and some people left after his set.

  19. i’m going august 12th as well!!!! omg i cannot wait!!(:

  20. i’m going to the august 12th show next week, and i cannot waitt. i got adam a gift which is a cross, and it’s really special. this is going to be the highlight of my summer. i’m thrilled! 😀

  21. adam is the real idol. he won no doubt about it. it was set-up for him not to win because he’s gay. but he’s still the best!!!!