TOUR VIBE – American Idol Summer Tour 2009 – Baltimore, MD

***UPDATED WITH BEST CONCERT VIDEOS TO DATE & INTERVIEW*** Kradam, Manny, (love that!!!) and the rest of the gang roll into Baltimore for a show at the 1st Mariner Arena on Wednesday, August 5th. From both fan reviews and media reports, Adam continues to be the unqualified star of the show – but then we all knew that! Even so, it’s fun to hear about everyone’s individual experience in attending the concerts, so if you will be attending the Baltimore show, please comment with your review.

In the meantime, for your daily fix of eye and ear candy, check out the Greensboro TOUR VIBE – I’ve just uploaded photos, videos, and a brand new interview with Adam! Also added are videos for Charlotte – the audio and visual both for the Starlight video are incredible! I have to say that I LOVE Starlight…one of the genres I write is science fiction, so this song has a lot of meaning for me. It’s a whistful, haunting love story that transports me to a different place.

I’d like to take an opportunity to address something that came up in comments yesterday. This isn’t directed at any one person, but as a general warning to everyone. We are an invested target audience. This means all of us want something very badly – that, of course, is to meet Adam in person. As with any invested group of people, we are therefore the target of scam artists. I know about scams very well, having been a victim myself in the past (to the tune of hundreds of dollars.) I am a writer, and writers, too, are an invested group – they all want to be published! Literary agent scams are famous, and they always involve asking for money up front. This is the number one way you can tell a scam – YOU WILL BE ASKED FOR MONEY UP FRONT. It may be a small amount of money, and you may be willing to pay it, but DON’T!

One other way you can spot a scam is by its unprofessional nature. The website in question yesterday, when I looked at it, was a very poorly designed and amateurish squeeze page. It used Adam’s photo from his official website, which I am sure that nobody has permission to use except 19 Entertainment, along with a supposed “previous contest winner” posing with Adam. That photo could have been of anyone.

Again, this subject is meant only to educate, not to embarrass anyone. In fact, I’m glad it happened because it is a good learning experience for all of us. As I said, I’ve been a victim myself, which has caused me to be more aware and more careful nowadays. We are a passionate lot, and passion can sometimes override common sense, so please – I just want everyone to take a step back and think before making decisions, especially where money is concerned. Okay, enough of the lecture! There is no concert on August 6th, so I promise all of you some big-time FUN in tomorrow’s post!

If you have photos and/or videos from either this concert or any of the past concerts, please email them to us! We never, ever tire of seeing Adam in action. Our email address is

~~Jeanette, Glamb #5


  1. Thanks for looking out for fellow Glambs, very kind. I’m sure most of us would be too excited at the idea of meeting Adam to look out for some would-be obvious signs. 🙂
    I saw the new pics, videos and interview from the Greensboro concert, they’re great.
    Also, I saw in an interview that Adam hopes to release his album by November. I’ll try to find it and post a link tomorrow. Of course, there’s always setbacks, but isn’t it great to know an approximate date?

    • Lisette here..bonmatin an nice to see more Adam glambs an frend peaches! An Jeanette thenks for above update always so thoutful to keep us informe on latest concert/interviews,photos videos an such! Im up wee heures agan from fibro pain..So thes lovli page helps me to returne hopful to sleep..for it’s better then taking meds,or boring television latenite shows…seein Adam’s videos an beauface..thenks so much!I am going to see yur photos now Jeanette for sure! hugs an blessings always Lisette!

      • Aw, thanks Lisette. I’ve been going to this site for a few months and everyone here is so kind and supportive. Plus, everyone’s always on top of Adam news. 🙂 So I thought I’d post once in awhile. Thanks for the kind words!

        • Lisette here…yu’re welcome Peaches an know thes is a place for all of us who adore Adam to share our affectione an as always just celebrate all thet he representes as an artiste/danseur/vocaliste who is so very original,deffarante,creative in his many musique genres/hair couture,jewelry,makeup,clothes an makes old songes from 60s/70s an 80s seem new an his own..Cant await for his cd thet Adam says will be blends of all genres,danse/electronique,pop,glamrock,alternative/fusion,an ballads thinq also..I adore when he singes those as “Tracks of My Tears” seein Smoky give ovatione as audience,knew he’d be legendary from thet point.An just found “Idol” performances rare to find due to copywright on utube..Feelin Good one in le blanc suit,his dramatic entry,agan he made Buble’s song so original an change an old song more conservative..with his sultry an velvettones..looking tresbeau.Sorry to go on..Take care an hugs Lisette!

    • Thanks for these great videos, they are fantastic. Geez I wish we could all be at everyone of these
      shows. I could hardly wait for GMA this morning. Getting ready for work early so I could fully focus on
      Adam. Wasnt long enought though. Is it ever?

  2. aw they are in my hometown but i already saw them at the tampa show it was fricken amazing adam was goergous and amazing as always

  3. AdamAddict says:

    Dear Glambs,
    Do you know that Paula Abdul won’t return for A.I next season?There’s rumors before saying Simon won’t be returning as well but I’m not sure of that! If Simon & Paula won’t return plus the viewers this year that promise themselves won’t watch next year because Adam didn’t win,what’s going to happen to A.I next year? Wow,They better pick someone that very good looking to make me want to watch! LOL! But good looking witout talent,no thank you! I can’t wait to see what happen to A.I next year,all I know season 8 is the best!!Adam is the best! Here the article

    • Simon said before he had one more year on his contract and after that he didnt’ know. It’s hard for us to understand all this when it deals with millions of dollars but it does seem that Paula was offered a much lower amount than even Ryan.

    • Jeanette says:

      It could just be a negotiating ploy…I wouldn’t get too worked up over this news one way or the other just yet. Personally, I like Paula and would miss her if she’s gone. Not that American Idol is EVER going to be the same anyway…

      • It’s not a ploy – she really won’t be coming back. I suspected as much when they signed Kara for another season – after so much talk that four judges was one too many. I’m sad about Paula. She may have been wacky, but she was sincere – and I think the only judge who championed Adam completely from the very beginning. The others got on board fairly quickly – though I will never fathom Simon’s inability to grasp how brilliant it was of Adam to reprise “Mad World” with the long black coat and fog! – but Paula never wavered from Day 1.

        Then again, I’ve agreed ever since the article on “Adam Lambert: Destroyer of American Idol” that the show has now fulfilled its function and we can stop watching and just watch Adam’s career. We have our American Idol, World Idol, artist of the new millenium…. Think how many people have discovered him SINCE American Idol, who never watched the competition, or only saw its final days, and yet now are devoted to himto a degree they could hardly have imagined three months ago. And he hasn’t yet issued his first album!

        • Excellently written, and I completely agree, Peggy….and I too, agree Adam’s move to reprise ‘Mad World’ in the long black coat was brilliant. I think Adam is actually sharper and more saavy about image, and the whole concept of music as a total sensory package than any of his ‘judges’ or directors. It could be that Adam will one day lead the way in developing cutting edge production and artistic techniques for music in the new millenium. I have always thought Adam was a stylistic genius in both song styling and the visual arts, and I think he will bring both together brilliantly in the days to come.

          • What was especially absurd was that Simon criticized what was most effective – the “theatricality,” the suggestion of “Phantom of the Opera” (how many millions has THAT thrilled for it to be a put-down?), not to mention that Adam became in an instant the “new” Edward Cullen to anyone who halfway understood that cultural reference (though inexpressibly more beautiful and graceful – not a high school kid, but a creature of tragic nobility). The fog at his feet, the “moon” behind him, the high collar framing his head…. This is a deep, deep romantic archetype…. and was it ever effective!

            • Jeanette says:

              Who can forget Simon’s words during the audition? “…theatrical and therefore not current…”

              • The BEST rock and roll IS high theater at its very best! And Adam is brilliant at bringing forth the deeply embedded archetypes and making them uncannily real for his audiences. Simon is very cavalier and highly bombastic in saying theatricality is not ‘current’ on the music scene. It will NEVER go out of style! What does he think the best rock groups thrive on, anyway? And how can he make such a ridiculous pronouncement if he is organizing and touting groups like Il Divo, for heaven’s sake, the ‘romantic dream’ come to life? Adam is the adult storyteller extraordinaire, and I can’t wait to see what next fair set of images he will reveal to us from his deep starlit trove.


                • Adam has made such a success of the pelvic-thrusting, microphone-straddling “rock god” archetype that I think some lose sight of the fact that this is yet another performance of a particular type of sexuality, one far removed from the tragic figure in the fog, or the vulnerability (the hand gesture warding off pain, the broken swoop upward on the word “nervous”) of other performances of “Mad World” – or the joyful nature imagery of “Feelin’ Good’! Adam can take a four-minute song and create a character and a world that he invites us to share for the song’s duration and long afterward.

                  • Addendum to previous thought:This is why I really dislike that people have taken to flinging objects onstage – we won’t get into what. Aside from being just incredibly tacky (and even dangerous), it is an attempt to break into the illusion and magic of the performance with some kind of demand (“look at me! notice me (or at least what I’m throwing at you!)”) rather than an appreciation of what he is giving US. At its best, theatre has long been considered is a sacred art – the artist is inspired by the gods to raise us out of ourselves, to allow us to experience certain heights (or depths) we would never otherwise touch. I have no doubt that Adam has been given that gift.

                • Can some of our British Adam fans give us their word for “dumbass”? Simon can be such a “stupid arse”, maybe.

                  • He can be, but he can also be a good, tough critic. It’s all part of the audition process, and no one who is not genuinely talented should be told they are just to spare feelings, and ditto for a sub-standard performance. I find I agree with him more than I don’t, and in the end, he completely championed Adam – saying they’d found their world superstar (I forget the exact words) and was clearly very upset at the results.

          • Lorrin, and others if you have not yet clicked on the link below regarding Adam’s interview posted by Leil below, go and read it!! Adam talks in depth about his childhood development in music and drama. It is no wonder he is so anxious to make music videos… he has some background already!

            My grandson is like Adam, kinda “artsy” rather than athletic. He has already taken drama, song, dance, playwriting, video making and editing etc.. His mom was a film editor in university and encouraged it. With money being tight in schools, most of this stuff is after school or in summers. Along with computer graphics some of these kids will be, if not performers, the Disney Pixel artists/ Star Wars creators of tomorrow.

            That print interview shows us that Adam has a lot of that in his own background. At first, being a teacher, I was a little disappointed that he had not been a top student with his braininess, but like a lot of really creative types, school and college were too restricting for him.

            • Theresa, I did read the interview, and was very engrossed in it and interested in his comments. He obviously has had much early experience in putting large ‘production numbers’ together with specific storylines. He also said that helped him greatly in putting together a complete ‘number’ for the AI stage. Adam is someone who listens carefully without embarassment to a critique, and then proceeds to use every bit of information given him to construct something even better thought-out and produced than even his teachers can achieve. He has the type of genius which is admirably suited to his medium. What is even more astounding is that he IS the medium of his own expression and will be for many years to come. He has the great good fortune to be the best student, director, producer and performer he will ever know…he has learned well from all those around him as he grew in his craft, and now, watch out everyone, he is a total force to be reckoned with – I daresay he will help turn the music business on its ear. I too, was a little sorry that Adam was not an ‘A’ student as opposed to the ‘B’ student he claims to have been (but we all know a ‘B’ in college is not to be despised), but we will forgive his one lapse….he was obviously a genius in the making, and to heck with the facts, figures, and preliminaries! That boy was headed for the stage and nothing was going to stop him!

              (And say, is there a SECOND part to the interview? I couldn’t find it, even though I scrolled forward on their other pages.)

            • Mother Theresa, loved your post! I learned a bit about your family and that is always interesting. Your grandson seems like a hmmmmm ‘hunk’

              Here’s my take on Adam. I believe that Adam could easily have been an ‘A’ student, IF he wanted to. There are probably a number of factors that come into play but certainly, for me, the most important factor is that it was not as important to Adam to be an ‘A’ student. He knew then already what he wanted to do and was focused on that. What counted in Adam’s favour was the fact that he had a goal, to sing and perform, and nothing else mattered as much. Many of his ‘A’ grade classmates may have been doing better academically but may not have been as clear as to what they wanted to ‘do’ or, more importantly, ‘be’. Someone like Adam possibly also found the school system very restrictive

              Adam is very confident and comfortable with himself, far more so than when he was young because being himself would have meant being ostracized. Adam’s intelligence is unquestionnable – he speaks comfortably and spontaneosly about any subject, is articulate and is the consumate diplomate. I am referring to comments like, “I know who I am” and “God hates hate even more”. His response are not ‘You … “, so he is extremely wise and perceptive.

              My son, whilst being one of the top students at High School, always frustrated his teachers and my husband because he didn’t achieve what they felt should have been ‘a piece of cake’ (distinctions in all his subjects). He was bored and out of frustration his Science teacher told him that he wanted to challenge him by giving him a matric (final year) paper to write in grade 11. Because it was a challenge, he was excited and aced it (99%), without studying. The following year his grades were substandard for him, which no doubt frustrated everyone. Once he went to university, he excelled and his best results were in his post grad studies where it was not unusual for him to achieve in the upper 90%s. He was doing what he always wanted to do. So, I think very often young people who are bright may not achieve what is possible because they rebel against the system. I am not saying their approach is right but when one has a goal, is focused on it, true potential becomes more evident.

              I have a very special interest in young people so this topic is very close to my heart. Too often they are misunderstood, forced to fulfill our dreams for them and are not allowed ‘TO BE’. ‘Adam’s story’ is a lesson to many. His parents approach to parenting Adam is the epitomy of what ‘unconditional regard’ means.

              Theresa, my thoughts and best wishes go with your grandson as he pursues his dream. We need to nurture such talent and support it. The lesson I learned from my experience with my son is support the talent and dreams of young people, whether I know them or not. The one thing I have always told him is, “My boy (nowadays, its my man), ALWAYS REMEMBER THAT I BELIEVE IN YOU, and he often reminds me of it.

              Lorrin, in true Lorrin-speak, you put it beautifully, ‘Adam is the medium of his own expression’.

          • Lisette here..seeing above re: Paula an American Idol very sad agree she truly made show entertaining an had natural repoire with both Simon an Randy..sorry once Kara came was bit much an lengthy critiques.Agree with Jeanette thinq there can still be some negotiatione as I notice article where she asques her fans to vote for her to stay?.An so perhaps is a plan there..sad she earne less then Ryan?
            Lorrin an Peggay I feel same: to Adam’s finale an 2nd performance of “Mad World” was absolutely superbe..An even if Simon compare to Phantom in which I had thout seein l’mist,haunting bells an voila seein beau Adam in long noir coat same thing..but thout it was meant in very positive an complementary..was one of Andre Lloyd’s very best plays..whech was written for Sara Brightman(his then wife!)..Anyway an aving read in utube article of Adam’s passe credites in theatre..why not apply..was magnificente an very like Adam l’master of artistique notions!An even l’audience an Paula recall gave praise an ovation.So since thes Idol will nevre ever know anothre vocaliste/danseur an artiste as only Adam can to singe any musique genre be it theatre venue,old motown(Tracks of My Tears),slower ballad on old disco If I Can’t av You”(tresbeau there!),exotic,sensual middleast tones of Ring of Fire,danse upbeat of Michel Jackson’s Black n White,classic rock of Satisfaction,an Whole lot of Luv,an favorite thinq “Mad World”..He can av won surely if ther was non so much contraversy over his preferences/photos an narrowminde right-wing people.>Non mattre as seen ontour video people av posted Adam is simply Le class artiste with most fans,an frenzy in autograph-signing.An thinq he’s in same class as legends as I av mentione before him Elvis,Michel now “Adam..legend of le millenium an both in US an internationale now..thenks to satellite broadcast! An recall Paula in every one of his performances seem most touched,moved an emotional..very genuine from her hearte..So thinq show can nevre be well if Simon left..It was ther constant banter too thet made refreshing an entertaining..a bit of sexual tension ther I thout as well..anyway sorry to go on.Time will tell!


            • Thank you, Admfan1, that’s so nice of you to give us the news! And say, have we met? If not, a thousand million welcomes to you, and join all of us in our celebration of Adam each day as we get together here on this site! Get right in there and talk to me and Cheryl and Ingrid and Theresa, Lisette, AdamAddict, (and of course Jeanette first of all), and all of us fellow Glambs….it’s so nice of you to mention us be name. I’ll go over now and check out what Adam has to say on Twitter! Thanks again!

              • Lisette here..bonmatin Lorrin always lovli to see yur thenks for l’complement ma cherie! Agree thout we all here celebrate beau Adam in thes place to share lovli sentimentes an now his magnificente performances in concerttour..only pray an wishes to av seen.An know someday god willing health permitte can be so.Til then can see all nice photos/videos people here share an also ther stories of meeting an descriptions,adjectives,elations an way he looks tresbeau everytime I see anothre citie video Adam’s voix inflections are deffarante an better then nexte..An finde his vocal ranges always so sensual,smooth,ethereal an abilitie to sing old songs as Bowie’s an make his own touches..An “Mad World” always one of ma favorites..haunting lyriques an his voix feeling swept away recall last finale show with l’gotic set,mist,bells tolling an he had thet mystique of l’Phantom as I can imagaine him in thet role ..If one ever seen in Vegas..set is magnifique with some suprises an l’Phantom popping out amongst audience,suspende from ceiling ..okay best stop to av such dreames!He did once mentione he’ll always have an affinitie for theatre being was how he commenced! hugs an blessings Lisette!

        • Jeanette says:

          If it is true and Paula’s not coming back, I think the show is making a mistake. Comments around the web seem to be largely in Paula’s favor. She was loopy but sweet and funny, and part of the fun was just seeing what was going to come out of her mouth next. And she provided balance to Simon’s negativity. Just one more reason IMHO not to bother with Idol anymore. No one is ever going to top Adam in either vocals, performance, looks, sexiness, or attitude, so it’s going to be a let down regardless.

          • Well said, Jeanette.

            • I agree, but some noises were made when the season ended that four judges were too many timewise, and let’s face it, Kara is long winded though she does focus on the performance skills.

              Did anyone else who has watched Idol in the past notice two things: this past season the contestants didn’t up the ante much in the gooming/clothing department like before, and the stage movements and interaction with the audience did not improve dramatically as in past series??? I wondered if after Sanjaya et al they were cautioned to keep their appearances more neutral and concentrate on the singing.

              However, I know, in Adam’s case he was given almost ‘free reign’ as he has told us, to set up his performance the way he wanted it.

              • Theresa/Canada, I agree that four judges pushed the time limit which seemed, to me, to take away from the artists themselves (a lot of people didn’t even get to see Adam perform “Mad World” the first time…culminating in a standing ovation from Simon…because the time ran out on their DVRs or VCRs). So, at the beginning, I really thought they could just do without Kara. However, it was SHE who gave Adam some of the most important advice of the competition (he even mentioned this) about how he needed to tone down his (splendid!) theatrical (projecting) performances and to make them more up close and personal… emotionally connecting with the audience (as the cameras are right in one’s face for TV). If it weren’t for her advice and his following it, who knows how far he would have gone with the general public? He got this advice right at the beginning (in Hollywood week I believe) so he was able to adapt quickly enough for us to fall in love with all of the emotion that he brought to us through his performances (in addition to his amazingly wonderful vocals and fab looks!). It was THAT combination…
                that ‘IT’ factor…that hooked me and made me crave more! Soooo…I have to give credit where credit is due and Kara gets credit, in my book, for showing Adam how to shine in a setting to which he wasn’t familiar at first. That being said, I will miss Paula terribly. As many others have said, she was the heart of that show. The orig. 3 seemed to have a very nice Ph balance between them.

                Someone else did note, though, something that I had also given thought to: American Idol has fulfilled it’s job of finding an icon/mega-superstar/idol (for me anyway and I’m guessing some others as well ;-)) in introducing Adam Lambert to the world. I can’t imagine a better season than the one I just watched, so I’m not sure I’ll even tune in this coming year and now, without Paula, I’m extrememly skeptical – maybe just one show – to see how the dynamic has changed. On the other hand…if I had said that before this past season aired, I would have missed an Adamazing!!! star being discovered. What to do…what to do???? (Lol!) Peace and Love XOXOXO

              • Lisette agan.. Theresa.agree here an hope thet AI wil meet some negotiation as between last season results an voting her leaving,thinq Idol will surely lose it’s once very charmant her humour is abit silly, sweet an humble. An yes Jeanette look on Simon’s face when she was dramatic about how Adam’s performance was..simply adorable..Thet can non be agan..Sort of like thet of old Lucy an Rickie(I know is old show)but had natural charm,ot of comic relif/ Paula an Simon..Paula has esperience as a vocaliste/choreographer as well.Kara thinq as songwriter. Just wishe they’d non renew her(Kara)..
                An regardes to article on Adam theatre background I visite thes address ..thenks so much!I knew some of the roles an local theatres in Calif,from utube threads if yu see Best arts an some from “Wicked”,an one songe from “Jesus Christ Superstar..Heaven on ther Minds,An outdoor theatre too can see couple of his haunting songes ..”Dust in Wind”old Kansas ..far more ethereal an gentle.An caberet anlocal LA clubs lot of wonderful intimate performances “kiss from a Rose” very sweet,I can’t Make yu Luv me” Come home,an “Crazy” oh,la,la all I can say(Adam with showgals very sensual an superbe vocal ranges..Pardon non savy to give web thread..but just visite utube/Adam Lambert videos..yu can find them for sure!Blessings an Luv Lisette

                • Marie/Toronto says:

                  It’s simple for me; NO Paula, NO Adam, Idol’s NOT gonna be watched by me.

                  • AdamAddict says:

                    I don’t hate Simon for some reason.
                    1)He gave Adam another chance during audition.He’s not kind to everyone unless he sees potantial to that person.He did say yes to Adam(4 yes)
                    2)He gave Adam thumb up during Cher!
                    3)He said “We all love you in Hollywood” and let him be in top 36,after scared him a bit with theatrical thing!
                    4)He didn’t care about rumors Adam being gay when Adam in top 13
                    5)He gave Adam standing ovation which is really hard to see
                    6)He did give few bad critized but lots of praises! A LOT!!
                    7)He usually compare other contestant to Adam,like Gokey tried to “scream” like Adam. He said “with Adam it works,but you not so much” or “what I like about you(Adam) you show that you really want to win this.Win is important”
                    8)Simon smiles back if Adam smile at him!
                    9)Simon always remind people to actually vote for Adam and not just assuming he’s gonna be safe!
                    10)Simon looked he’s gonna have a heart attack when Adam in bottom 2 & remind again to vote!
                    11)He said “I’ll be shocked if you are not going to finale”(something like that but sounds like he wants Adam in finale)
                    12)Simon looked excited when Adam came back with his BRILLIANT “A Change Is Gonna Come”(My fav.-the live version)
                    13)Simon looked disapointed when Kris won and told the press “that’s what the show is about,it can surprise you” He obviously want Adam to win!
                    So,maybe at 1st he think Adam is theatrical & audience maybe not ready for him but somehow he has a little bit faith in Adam and gave that chance.Week after week,Adam just impress him & prove to him how versatiles he can be and Simon just have to love Adam! 😀

                    • AdamAddict, I totally agree w/what you said about Simon. Simon wanted Adam
                      to win, and he didn’t mind showing it. Yes, Simon was an Adam addict as can
                      be seen in the looks on his face during the competition, plus the way he told the
                      fans not to take Adam for granted, to vote for him! Very cool. I am just so happy
                      that Adam was not voted off, and had his voice heard all the way to finales where
                      he proved right there the quality of singer/entertainer he is. And America voted
                      him to be winner, w/the exceptions in Arkansas who were somehow able to vote
                      2,000 times each at the finale voting joke!

                    • EXCELLENT both of you, AdamAddict and Cheryl, I loved the way your remarks segued into each other. Very nice observations about Simon and the whole-hearted support he could not stop himself from revealing about Adam!

                    • Hi AdamAddict & Lorrin – Simon is forthright but he knows what he is talking about. NEVER have I seen Simon so taken with an contestant. He speaks his mind whether the other judges agree or disagree with him. Personally, I think Simon is the best judge. His critique often helped those who cared to listen. Megan saw his wrath because he thought his honesty would be helpful, but she was being smart and it back-fired on her. Lil also should have taken his feedback to heart and possibly would have lasted longer. AI can go forward with out Paula even though she is sweet but without Simon, the show would be boring – just my humble opinion. Paula was better this year, she is sweet but Kara (although not as popular as Paula) has a deeper understanding of music – once again, just my take!

                      Well folk, it doesn’t matter because my AI days have just ended. I got what I wanted out of AI – ADAM LAMBERT, to whom I will devote ALL my attention.

      • Good point, will never be the same. Did u hear Adam this morning on GMA, when asked what
        they thought of Paula’s leaving? He said something like she probably has something else
        on the burner knowing Paula.

    • Hey AdamAddict, I’m posting under you here for a further look at the Paula Abdul story. Here is the link to the most recent addition to the continuing saga of whether or not Paula is really leaving American Idol. Apparently, even though Paula sounds very firm, there is still some room for doubt. Here’s the link on my MSN news page:

    • Yea, Its almost like she’s leaving after season 8, the best season of all with Adam in it.
      Also, on one of the Access Hollywood interviews (accesshollywood website) Dash of Salt inter
      viewer Laura Saltman, was interviewing professional predictors for the outsome of the AI winner and
      she quoted Simon said” he really really wanted Adam to be the winner” That was so good to hear.
      She was asking these 2 predictors who they thought was going to win and they both said Kris and
      Laura said ” why? Adam is so exciting and Kris is so boring. Good interview too.

  4. Hello fellow Glambs!

    Checkout this article i just found in other boards..The Ultimate Interview on Adam
    you’ll love it promise!

    on same page you’ll also see a never been seen HOT!!!! photo of Adam.

    Leil Glamb#40

    • spinastory1 says:

      ummm….. ummmm I soooo want to be the other guy!!!! THUD!!!!!!!
      Very great Interview….Adam is a dreamer…:-)

    • Wow!! Leil, that really is the ‘ultimate interview’ I am talking about the second one down, Part One, abut Adam’s early life. That is the most detailed of any one that has been done so far.. And a couple of awesome photos…. be sure to scroll way down for the lovely face pic.

      • Face…..what…..face…..???? (Gulp!) Thank you, Leil, for scrambling my brain.

        • Lisette here..thenks Leil for thes weblinq. I read thes wondeful interview, lot of detail of Adam’s educatione,early theatre,an as he say on tv interviews always felt deffarante from other children an in highschol,not fitting in..gather as he had passione for musique an theatre in lieu of sports.Thes was a plus for us or we’d never know Adam an his estraordinaire diverse talentes in theatre an in his rock/pop an danse fusion AIconcert songes!Just l’commence of many more grande await his solo concerts.An know his cd will be an eclectic blende of genres..cant wait! J’adore an blessings Adam..Hugs an luv to all Glambs!

    • LynneHead says:

      ooooooo I can’t get the link to work!!! Is there any other way to find this site, search engine….. sniff, sob, sob 🙁

    • AdamAddict says:

      Thanks for the article leil,I haven’t read that one before! The part when he said “I got no job,couldn’t work,I was fat,I was lonely,I feel misrable” That make me so sad! I feel like crying!I’m happy everything is great for him now.The jealous people who said he doesn’t deserve to be in Idol should read that.He’s been fighting to get on top,why he doesn’t deserve it? He deserves everything he own now because he works hard for it. May all the best things happen to you,Adam! 🙂

      • He does deserve everything in life he wants. I hate when people comment he already was in
        the business, yea but not the full fledge rock star business he worked so hard to achieve.
        We are ever so glad he never gave up and kept on going to make his dream come true.

    • leil, thank you so much for the link. it says there that its just the first part of the interview. could you please post the link to the second part of it? will be aegerly waiting for it.

    • Leil, Thanks for this one. Wow, Century 21 commercial and working at Macys in retail. I love to hear
      new things about Adam. Those pictures are gorgeous. The first and the last one are absolutly
      beautiful. He looks like Elvis’s off spring .
      Rock on Adam

    • Leil, thanks, our Adam does look sooooooo HOT! I have to say that I don’t think the other guy does him justice. Na, he spoils the pic – kind of mousey and so not what I would picture Adam with. What is he doing with his finger? Ooooh, if I get hold of him (the other guy), I will hit the day-lights out of him. Has he lost his sense of fear!!!

      • cheryl norman says:

        INGRID, loooove your comment!!! That guy looks like the male version of a hooker!! Adam has hopefully learned he’s so over this kind of ‘fellow’!!! Good nite! You rip off his finger, I’ll rip off his peepee! Thank God Adam has come to his senses, too. Now he’s got more confidence in himself, and Adam fans are letting him know he has all he needs as far as looks and talent, and he can be much more choosey!! Am so glad that he didn’t ‘commit’ himself before now!! I think he probably is glad too!!!!

        • Ye-e-e-e-s-s, I was thinking about this, too, Cheryl and Ingrid. I would love to see Adam paired some day with someone very nice, good-looking, and as mature and articulate as he is himself. Maybe this person is waiting in the wings somewhere, completely unaware of his destiny…I would like to think it was so..

          • AllaboutAdam says:

            I would like to think it was me.

            • Then AllAboutAdam, I will champion your cause..

              • Now just wait a minute, please don’t get ahead of yourselves! Ha, ha, AllaboutAdam and Lorrin, I have to have a stake in this cause. What’s in it for me w.r.t. Adam. I also want a piece of him so we need to collaborate on this one, for sure! Love ya both!

        • Cheryl, you are welcome to deal with the peepee. There is no way I am going to put my little paws near that guy’s peepee. If it was Adam, now that’s a different story.

  5. Hi everyone! This is my first post, so please forgive me if I say something that has already been said. I have read here and other places that Adam has not shown up for meet and greet signings. I just want to say that I think the reason is not that he is sick, scared or inconsiderate, but that he simply wants to give the other idols their share of the limelight. Adam will draw a crowd everywhere he goes, so I believe he is considerate enough to let the others have their time with the fans. I will be going to the Atlantic City concert on Friday (I can’t wait!!!!). I won’t expect to meet Adam, I will just love him from afar. The only thing I expect is to see him perform and hear his beautiful voice!!! Also, I want to thank you ladies for this wonderful website. Everyday I check my emails to see what new is happening with Adam and the tour.

    • Excellent point, Sue. I wouldn’t put that past our gentle-hearted boy.

      I didn’t expect to meet him in Sunrise, myself. I was just psyched to have a fifth row seat and be able to see and hear him perform from that proximity. And it surpassed me exceedingly high expectations.

      I’m very happy for those who do get to meet him as it seems he is such a love. But I think there will be many opportunities to do that over the years, or at least certainly get to see him perform live in a number of different kinds of venues. It’s all good.

      • Lisette here..nice to see yu Barb..enjoie yur posts as how lovli thet yu had closeup seats then!Thet’s something to trasure for always seeing Adam so close..Aw an imagaine yu wished to av met him..An agree ther’ll be many more solo concerte one can wish to av thes plasure! I missed him here in s.west an Calif..all due to illness.Am stil so sad over.An now seein is ner to end of summertour..thinq I av to await his solo one for sure.So feel blesse in way to find thes lovli page where all likeminded frends of Adam’s add ther photos/videos of concertes an in ma minde I can visualize being ther too! hugs Lisette!

    • Lisette agan..Welcome Sue thout I poste here while ago..strange l’computer ..Plasur to see anothre glamb an amie of Adam’s!An as I av written lower on thes page..Plese enjoie thes wonderful concert an to see beau Adam perform live is bit of historie for sure.Agree regardes to his non signing autographs..but if yu have visited utube his earlier concertes ther were some awful “rightwing an narrowminde people from babtiste church who proteste him abit” thinq thes too cautione him to keep lower profile..An then on anothre one of his Idolmate twitter thinq in Florida some felt bit of scratchy perhaps he felt a need if rundown to be less esposed to virus’s an such.Wel surely just to enjoie his magnifiique songes,swept away by his beauface an celestial vocal ranges..thet will be something to always trasure in yur hearte! hugs Lisette!

    • SUE, Welcome to THE BEST ADAM WEBSITE ON THE NET!! Don’t ever worry about saying something that might have already been said, we all tend to repeat each other, and that’s the fun of it!!! We all may say the same thing, but in a slightly different way! We love anyone who loves Adam, that’s the name of this game!!!


    • Hi Sue, welcome to the best Adam Lambert website! Enjoy the concert – try and get up close and personal. One of the other Glambs managed to get a full-frontal and side on, so you never know! I am looking forward to you post after Friday! Hope you have a blast! Hugs, Ingrid

  6. AdamRocks! says:

    Welcome Sue! I too would have loved to meet Adam after the show, but I want him to always do what’s best for him, physically, emotionally and spiritually. . . and there was nothing on my ticket that said I would have the privilege of meeting him. . . would’ve been beyond wonderful, but seeing him live was more than I could ask for.

    My hometown. . . ~sigh~ I wish I could be there. . . 1st Mariner Arena used to be called The Civic Center. . . lots of great memories there. . .

    Cindy in MS

    HOW ARE YOU????


    • Shalom and Boker Tov, Ofra! How are you today in Tel Aviv? I’ve thought of you so many times in the last few days, wondering how things are going with you in beautiful Israel. I did see your link above to the silver Adam jewelry, that’s very nice. I saw another necklace somewhere that looked like some kind of huge blue fire opal with a lock of Adam’s hair in it (supposedly), but it WAS very pretty with a silver chain. I was thinking what kind of necklaces I would wear if I ever went to a concert. One of them would be my long, glittering angel wing, one of the prettiest of these I’ve seen. I noticed Adam has a necklace he wears that has a long silver lightning bolt on it…it suddenly hit me the other day that Elvis had something similar, only it was his TCB logo with a lightning bolt worked around it. I think that Adam is either very consciously or completely unconsciously, wearing clothes and jewelry similar to Elvis. If he’s doing it consciously, he does it with much grace and without any display of knowing he is the next ‘king’. You know, I was thinking about Adam coming to Tel Aviv in light of the recent troubles in your beautiful city. It is so terrible that this kind of violence has no boundaries, and happens anywhere. We must all ask that Adam be kept in perfect safety and peace wherever he goes, he has so much to give Israel and the world. I would love to see Adam sing in Tel Aviv. I can just see him in that lovely black suit singing on the Chabad telethon in 2004. He was so deeply serious and emotional as he sang, and he wowed the audience. The Chabad announcer was so cute after he sang…she said, ‘Wow, Adam, what a beautiful voice you have. Do you do bar mitzvahs?’ I thought that was so funny. Little did she know that 5 years in the future, Adam would be on his way to becoming an international superstar. Tell us the news from Israel, dear Ofra, as soon as you get a few minutes free. Chavera Shelach, Lorrin

      • AdamAddict says:

        I heard the pendant sold out after 2 hours! You can’t buy now! I dunno how many they’re selling! SOLD OUT??!! Seriously?Do you believe that? I DO! Adam can sell anything and we buy everything…that comes from him!
        Drake made jokes about thinking selling Adam’s old bed in eBay!lol! I think that will sell too if Adam really selling it! lol!!

  8. I’m not sure if I can ask this here – but I will. Do the Idols come out before a concert and do a m&g? I ask because I couldn’t buy tickets to the KC Missouri show but want to go to the Sprint Center and try to meet him. I can’t stay there until afterwards but I was thinking I could go in the early afternoon and try. Do you think I have a chance or should I just forget it?

    • Everything I’ve seen and heard (including from Adam himself in an E! Online blurb I just read in which he was totally refuting the ‘nail polish diva’ BS we’ve seen floating around the internet) says no, they do not come out before the show. They are backstage getting ready, conserving voices and energy – they only do the meet and greets after the shows are over. A friend who had a backstage pass for Sunrise went early just in case they came out then, also, and none of them did that she could find.

  9. Marie/Toronto says:

    Random thought, please give me your opinions;

    I am going to the show in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada next week and I don’t plan on, during the show, taking pictures and/or video taping. I want to watch the performers directly, NOT through a lense/viewfinder. Checking if my camera’s working, if the sound’s okay, etc.

    I want to absorb everything and be in the moment. I figure OTHER people will probably be taping and I can watch their clips here or on Youtube later.

    Am I old-school for thinking like this?

    • Not at all, Marie, and that is Adam’s way of thinking also, did you know?

      • I looked at it the same way. My friend took lots of pictures and some video, but I didn’t want to experience it that way. And judging from the volume of good quality, close-up videos of the performances available on youtube, you won’t have any trouble finding some from the concert you attended after the fact. I’m very thankful to those who do it, but I sure didn’t want to.

    • I completely agree with you, Marie, and would never put a camera between myself and the “real” experience of seeing Adam, as I want to be completely focused on his performance. Not that I haven’t enjoyed the posted videos, but if I had my way, they would forbid cameras at these events, as the raised arms and constantly changing postures of fans trying to take THEIR photos actually get in the way of people behind them who want to see him directly. (You can see this even in the videos posted.) Not to mention the flashes…. I was delighted early on to learn that Adam is of the “anti-camera” school and listed cameras among his “dislikes”!

      It’s too bad that AI doesn’t just make a good “live” concert video of the tour, with professional cameras set up in advance with the best angles, so that those who can’t be there can experience the show and others can have it “captured” without distracting themselves and others. Of course, the only segment I’d ever watch would be Adam’s!

    • Not at all. Go, and give yourself totally to Adam…

  10. Kathleen says:

    Marie…I cannot go on the tour do to health reasons and a friend felt compelled to tape it for me. With YouTube we have videos. What I want is a pic of her reaction watching Adam. I thought perhaps a friend could do a few quick snaps with very little distraction. But I think you should go and absorb your limited minutes basking in Adam.

  11. We saw the DC concert last night – Tuesday, Aug. 4th at Verizon Center. ADAMAZING! The show was well done. I enjoyed the other contestants more that I thought I would. They sounded better than on the show. But it was VERY clear that Adam was the show! Wow, that man is SEXY! Whenever his picture came on the screens before the show or during intermission, the crowd went wild. His set was fantastic! But too short. Five songs go by so fast! He owned the stage! You can tell he’s very comfortable there. And at the end, when all the idols were on stage, I loved the comraderie between Adam and Kris. You can tell they are really friends and have a lot of fun performing together. I wish I could see the show again or at least have a DVD of the show. At least we have youtube! Can’t wait for his album and his next tour!!!

    • I cant wait untill the Ohio show. Seems like forever , but just a few weeks.
      Thanks for the comments.

  12. That interview is awesome, and those pictures OMG, thanks for posting them.

  13. Please check out, They have loads of Adam photos (recent and older ones). This site just updated pictures/photos of the Jewelry Design for PennyRoyal Silver where Adam designed Eye of Horus for MusiCares… They only made 100 pieces (for charity) and were sold out within 2 hours.

  14. Is anyone here going to the Atlantic City show on Friday? The last time I was there for a concert was 1965, and it was the Beatles! I was 14 and here I am 45 years later feeling the same way about Adam Lambert! He sure bring out the 14 year old in me! And I love every minute of it!

    • Lisette hugs Sue thet soundes so sweet!An having reside visite relative back N.east..Im in s.west Nevada. most showrooms are non as grande as some of stadium/arenas.What hotel is it part of?I av non been there in over 12 yers,then in twenties.Have a wonderful time Sue. I miss seeing beau Adam when his tour was here on westcoast an s.west..all due to illness.So now just to enjoie all l’glambs lovli stories/photos an videos! Ah the Beatles..luv Paul McCartney,an non born to see original Fab nice! I did see inVegas Cirque dSoleil version of Beatles call “Love” av yu heard of?It was produce by George Martin an overseen by 2 remaning Beatles Ringo an Paul.Recall them bein al le premiere with ther wives(then Paul with Heather..Nice musique very creative with danseurs of cirque d’soleil choreographed to ther lovli songes!

    • Hi Sue. Have a blast at the concert. Your post just reminded me that my first pop music concert ever in my life was in Atlantic City – seeing Brian Highland perform “Itsy Bitsy Yellow Polka-Dot Bikini”!!!

      Also, I’ve said in a previous post, Adam brings out the 13-year-old in me! Isn’t it wonderful?



    • AdamAddict says:

      Thanks for that info.I’m still new with this twitter thing.But I definetely going to check that out!

    • Lisette here..Thenks for thes news Sherry..somhow I av trie to setup Theresa was kind to no avail..c’est lavie!..So gather I’ll have to see or here onlyif someone can post a bubble tweet on place seen once before.Or sometime someone does on ther utube accounte..but thenks agan..Sure do hope it’s him..As ther’s been a very creative poser who even uses his face an dubbs in things if ones sees on Jul15th on anothre [page)..hugs an always nice to see other glambs posts here!bonwishes an hugs Lisette!

  17. AllaboutAdam says:

    Hi All…it’s 1:10 AM in Baltimore and I can’t sleep… saw the show tonight and have to vent … First of all… every single performer was 1000X better than I expected… from first to last, they each surprised me, sounding SOOOO professional and polished… I thought I’d be disappointed in everyone that wasn’t Adam, but that was not the case… ANYWAY,,,, When Adam did appear, my first split-second thought was that the tour producers had made a bigger-than-life-sized replica of him and had sculpted this replica with size and features even more gorgeous than the real thing!…it only took a nano-second to realize that this WAS the real thing…and that he was truly larger than life…my stomach started somersaulting and i started to perspire…I could not believe my eyes, because i have never in my life seen or heard anything so absolutely, perfectly beautiful in every way…i’ve seen every Adam picture on line, and watched my Idol DVRs plenty of times, and have seen him do countless interviews, and STILL, I couldn’t believe my eyes… I was practically in a daze, speechless and numb, wishing I had 5 more senses, because it just wasn’t enough…. took a zillion pix and videoed the entire set, and I’ve been reviewing these all night until now…(P.S. I realize i STINK as a photographer and videographer, something awful! so nothing I took can hold a candle to the other pix and videos already posted on this site.)…Plus, I can be heard throughout the entire video repeating “OHMYGOD, OHMYGOD, OHMYGOD!!!” to my friend next to me…How embarassing! His shoulders and arms, his hair (the pompadour OH YES!), THE EYES…that gorgeous frame – every move was flawless and unreal…so perfect, so VERY perfect….and even now I don’t feel like I can do him justice in my description… I only hope that every one of you gets to see him at some point, some day…. the JOY of him in front of you can easily bring you to tears if you let it… NO JOKE…His love for his music and for life itself exudes from him with every note and every move…. and every cliche comes true…I could keep going with random thoughts but I won’t…. THANKYOU all for understanding… I know you do.


      When I saw Adam in LA, I didn’t even want to look at the big screen behind him or be distracted by photo-taking – I just wanted to look at him, HIS HOTNESS, a mere 50 feet away.

      • AllaboutAdam says:

        Yes, even tho i was in the 3rd row….that’s why my video was so bad: I was transfixed …and kinda trying to point the video camera in his general direction without looking thru it! I didn’t need the big screens- plus they couldn’t do him justice…Don’t worry, I soaked it all in….every gorgeous inch of his love! Again, without exhaggeration, It’s still hard to believe anyone can be that 100% perfect. Your mind has a hard time with that, at the same time you’re loving every minute of it. All I want now is to see him again.

        • But here’s the thing: If I’d been sitting next to you, how much would all of that uncontrolled vocalizing on your part interferred with my desire to listen to ADAM? If you could hear it on the video, how about the people next to you?

          How can do many people say they LOVE Adam’s music and yet are making NOISE all through it?! Does no one else see the contradiction here?

          • AllaboutAdam says:

            I take it you haven’t seen the show. You couldn’t hear yourself think in there, let alone hear the person next to you… my friend tried to yell things at me about the show, right in my ear- and i couldn’t hear her… if you’ve ever been to a concert – you must know how 99% of fans react… and you also know that the music is BLARING so loudly – you have no choice but to take it all in without a single distraction. Adam’s voice rose above it all… and the sound was pure perfection!

            • cheryl norman says:

              ALLABOUTADAM, You are 100% correcto!! Can you even imagine a concert w/no screaming
              and no noise??!!! That would be the biggest insult to a rock star, good grief!!!!

            • AllaboutAdam, when I go to an Adam Concert, I know I will do my vocals some serious damage and think … Never mind the after effects, the pleasure was mine. One is suppose to ‘rock’ at a Rock Concert. It would imagine that fans would tone it down for ballads like Mad World, but WLL is different. I, for one, would not stand there feebly saying, “I think this is nice”. No way, Jose, I will give it stick! So you go girl! I so relate what you are saying.

              • AllaboutAdam says:

                EXACTLY – That’s what we’re there for – to lose ourselves in the moment!

                • AllaboutAdam, there you go, it’s all about Adam (scuse the pun) and our love for Adam. Kudos to you!

          • cheryl norman says:

            ADAM, AND HE KNOWS THAT!!!

            • cheryl norman says:

              Also, would be better if you didn’t attend a rock concert. Better for you to just be content with
              seeing it on tv. Just sayin’,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,the truth.

    • This is ABSOLUTELY MARVELOUS, AllAboutAdam, so exciting a description I am speechless! I know exactly what you mean about being brought to tears by the presence of a great performer. I know with Adam Lambert, I would not be able to stop myself from having tears streaming down my face for the entire concert. I would not be able to stop myself from crying for him and because of him, crying with joy for all his dreams come true, and for all that he is and will be, to all of us. Thank you a hundred thousand times for your breathtaking description of this fabulous and treasured man!!

      • AllaboutAdam says:

        Hi Lorrin – not even a fraction as exciting as your own masterpiece description of him a few weeks ago, believe me! Thanks to you and Lisette for your comments – you are the real thing: TRUE Adam fans, full of joy, and love and positivity for him and eachother – JUST the way Adam would want it…COME ON NOVEMBER when we can blare his new music throughout our houses and cars and PCs, and be moved, once again, beyond words…I can’t wait to read your comments about the album! Ironic that Adam is flattered at being compared to Elvis “The King”, when he himself is so FAR OUT OF THIS WORLD and not in anyone’s kingdom but the one that’s all his own…. hmmmm… what planet should that be called if it had a name?

        • Beautiful, AllaboutAdam, your comment about Adam being ‘so far out of this world and not in anyone’s kingdom but the one that’s all his own’, – ye-e-e-s-s-s. And I know exactly how you feel when you said you had to wait that one nano-second before your eye and brain had adjusted and you knew you were standing in the presence of the REAL thing, what a great description. And thank you SO much for your wonderful compliment, to me personally, and to us as fans who truly love Adam Lambert. We truly DO love Adam Lambert, and our joy and positivity do reflect that love…thank you so much for saying so, and I too am waiting until the day when we can have Adam once again ‘blaring through our houses, and cars, and PCs’, singing his OWN songs on his OWN album, and then going on to the meteoric career we are all desiring to see for him! Surely Adam comes from an extrasolar planet 50 light-years away, a prototype of the planets called ‘hot Jupiters’….for there’s nothing hotter than Adam Lambert!

          • Lorrin, hi my glamberous friend! Are we passionate Glambs are are we PASSIONATE GLAMBS! No time for half measures here – just look at your posts, i.e. yours, AllaboutAdam’s, Cheryl’s, Lisette’s, Barb’s (hi Barb), Sue’s, Admfan1’s … We celebrate Adam in a big way and don’t hold back!

    • Lisette all aboutAdam..welcome very nice to here of yur lovli esperience at thes concert..cute about one screamin..dont worry yu an so many here av done same..An from way yu describe Adam feel as if I was ther too!I havenon yet seen due to ill health…an now gathre I’ll not av funds since all last med tests..etc.I can crie,so just enjoie hering of all lovli gals esperiences,photos an any videos seen eithre on utube or here(thenks) to Jeanette’s help! I can imagaine him looking tresbeau an adore his hair back..somhow he so resembles a younge Elvis an once mentione if Elvis ever hed a son..surely he’d be Adam..meant very sincereli as complemente..An thinq in Graceland interview he tells ET interview,he was flattere when all compare him to “The King” as Adam says its plasur to be thout in same way as he’s iconic an very good stage infront of Graceland..he looked adorable even sans ecoutrementes,elaborate sets, jeans an sunglasses…always beau! Thenks agan an hugs for yu…Lisette!

    • I can completely relate. I posted shortly after the show I saw here in Florida that I realized he must not be as photogenic as I had always thought, because he is Drop.Dead.Gorgeous in person. A big part – maybe the biggest part – of his beauty is not superficial. The sheer, unadulterated joy he feels when he’s performing exudes from every pore. I see that when Kelly Clarkson performs, too – up until Adam, she was my favorite Idol. Now she’s a very close second. Love to hear her on the radio and my CDs and hear the joy in her voice and all that she brings to each song, love to see her perform even more.

      It was like a religious experience, wasn’t it? You’re looking at this creature on the stage and hearing this otherworldly voice coming out of him and seeing all that joy, and you can’t believe your eyes and ears. Yes – you wish you had more senses to take it all in, though you sense you have a couple others you didn’t know you had before working feverishly on that very thing.

      • Barb, this is so beautifully said, I couldn’t agree more. Brava!

      • AllaboutAdam says:

        Totally like a religious experience… friends keep asking me what it was like, and I can’t find the words…i know that’s lame, but you all, on this site, write SO MUCH better than i do – and you’re much more descriptive…DROPDEADGORGEOUS YES – and I agree with you 100% about his joy and his heart and soul… Other performers may have heart and soul, but no one else has it ALL in quite the quantity that Adam does. I’m not a youngster, and I suspect many of you are past the teeny-bopper age as well… and I think that’s why we appreciate the other dimensions of him so much.. not that young people can’t do that – they can – but they have fewer past experiences to compare him to. I TRULY could not believe my eyes or ears, and i never thought I’d find myself so lost for words and in such a daze – even still.. two days later!! … I hope it doesn’t wear off for a loooooooooooooooong time.

        • AllaboutAdam, it will last! Once the Adam virus hits you, you stay permanently intoxicated by him and addicted to him. This virus plays havoc with your senses and sensibility, fills your soul, liberates you (makes you loose your inhibitions) and then enslaves your heart, changing your life, FOREVER!


    • cheryl norman says:

      AllAboutAdam, You make me soooooo happy I’ve got a ticket, which I will add, came Fed X just today!!
      I’m learning more of what to expect from all the Glambs who have seen our Rock-Icon!!! I just need to
      remember every min of Adam when he’s on stage, and hear every note, so I can relive it all!! When I saw
      Elvis, I had waited in line 18 hrs in the cold, and snow. After the concert, I don’t even remember one song
      or one note he sang. I was so transfixed, I just stood in awe. I don’t want that to happen w/Adam!!! So, I’m
      trying to live it thru you and the other Glambs who have posted on their experience w/ADAM THE MAGNIFICENT!!

      peace-love-light 4 Adam and his fans…………

      • AllaboutAdam says:

        You said it – some people should just skip the concert-experience altogether… (funny thing is: I never said I was screaming)…. on another note – i want to comment on how massive his presence is…. far from the persona we saw on TV… my friend at the concert was kinda surprized at how masculine he was…he’s obviously been working out (which I couldn’t care less about, because he was already perfect)… and his hair, makeup, voice and movements have so much more sophistication in person… it’s part of what’s going to make him so much fun to watch – he will keep changing, and evolving… he’s joy personified… i can’t remember where i saw this quote – not sure if it was this site – but someone said that if they could only hear one voice as long as they live – it would be Adam’s… cheryl, you WILL BE transfixed, and you WILL BE in awe… so get ready.

        • cheryl norman says:

          AAA (allaboutadam), I know it’s coming!!!! I can hardly wait, now!!! I’m glad that I will end up seeing him
          near the end of the tour, as I’ve seen him really change from idol’s finale to today! He is a much more
          confident singer, even tho his confidence was high anyway, and now, more mature!!!! I don’t think I could take much more improvement on his perfect-ness!!!!

          • AllaboutAdam says:

            Wow – very exciting that your concert date is near the end…. I can IMAGINE your anticipation and anxiety…it’s the strangest feeling, isn’t it? I so can not wait until you post your review, putting into words what renders me speechless…..I’m so jealous-how lucky you are to have this to look forward to! Never, has a performer made me cry…I’m dying to know your reaction to Starlight…. how long do we have to wait? xoxoxo

    • I saw him at the Tampa show we were in the first row on the side he was so close. you just described my feelings exactly I have never seen a more gorgeous man in my life and then when he performs it is a sensory overload. I couldn’t sleep the entire night after seeing him I called my sister who went with me -she was awake all night too.

  18. Thanks so much for the welcome! I try to visit here as much as possible because everyone is so nice and I find out so much about my (and your) sweet Adam!!!! Well, I have less than 36 hours (and counting!) til Friday evening, and seeing Adam!!! I’ll let you all know how it goes! Now I’m off to work, have a great day everyone! Yay, Adam’s back on twitter……..

  19. leil here!

    Thanks! theresa/canada, Lisette, adamAddict , isa, wannabethesnake, for checking out
    the link on the Ultimate Interview… here’s part two of four part interview (3rd & 4th part not
    yet available)

    Luv the Glambs!

    • Bless you, BLESS you, my child…

      • AdamAddict says:

        Thank you so much! This is the best interview eveeer!! Who haven’t read should!! I felt like I get to know Adam a little bit more! The story is kind of sad to me where people like to judge him because of that eyeliner,nail polish! Good thing now guyliner & nail polish getting more popular than ever.Adam should get credit for that!

        He just have to prove to people that he can sing,the appearance doesn’t matter! The 10 commandments director really pissed me off.He thinking to replace Adam because of that stupid matters?Grrr!! He’s not stupid,of course he take that off when he’s going to perform on stage.Idiot!! That’s why Adam said he’s a bit worry when the kissing another guy picture exposed early in A.I he’s afraid people judge him before he can show what he can do.Thank goodness,he’s so talented,adorable, and have aura that can’t make our eyes away from him! I fell in love with him imediately!I remembered he didn’t wear polish or eyeliner when 1st auditon.Then slowly,he show us the person he is when he notice we don’t care if he wearing nail polish or eyeliner.We actually like it!Thanks goodness he did it!

        Imagine if he kick off because of that kissing picture.Imagine our life without Adam Lambert now??!!
        Leil,when it comes to part 3 & 4 ,please post it her & share with us.But in the latest post,not here.This is old,I probably forgot already! Post it in latest post,ok? TQ again.This is awesome! I love Adam more and more every single breath that I take!!

  20. AdamRocks! says:

    I just love hearing Nestor’s Bawlmer accent! When I lived in Baltimore, I worked at the Courthouse, which is just blocks from 1st Mariner Arena. . . wish I could’ve gone home for this show. . . maybe next time! And I could take Adam to the best place in town for crabcakes (since he wants to go to dinner with each of us.) 🙂

    Cindy in MS

  21. HI everyone… I know this is an older post, but I needed more Adam talk by other that love Adam like I do…. I just wanted to add that when I saw OUR ADAM in Salt Lake, I screamed like a 16 yr old and loved every second of it.. wow…

  22. Thanks to leil, found this amazing pics of Adam from

  23. Thank- you sooooo much for posting this page. I attended this Baltimore show. After anticipating it for months, I was soooo excited to be there that after it was over I thought “what just happened”. It was fun to re-live the experience. I am looking forward to his tour for his own album…Can’t wait already! OMG I won’t remember a thing!!!!


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