TOUR VIBE – American Idol Summer Tour 2009 – Auburn Hills, MI

The gang travels to Michigan for the first of two stops in that state. They play at the Palace at Auburn Hills on Wednesday, August 26th.

New website updates: I added some fantastic new photos from the San Diego concert courtesy of Glambertgirl1 (sorry it took me so long!) You can view them here. (Scroll down to July 18th – San Diego.) I also added some great videos to the Cleveland TOUR VIBE, which you can see here, and a smokin’ Whole Lotta Love video from Columbus (woman, back door man, and emo hair – I want that combination on Friday!) Also added to the Cleveland page is a post-concert m&g session with lots of screaming and crying. Geez, is it any wonder Adam doesn’t want to face that on a nightly basis? Am I going to be that bad? I hope not, but maybe!

Some personal bad news today…found out this morning that I can’t get a backstage pass to the Milwaukee show. Apparently the Gokey family got sooooooo many requests that their allotment of passes went very, very quickly. I knew it was a long shot – was told it was a long shot – but still I’d held out hope that Providence would smile on me. I felt like crying for about 2 hours, but fought the tears back since I didn’t want my Me by Mezhgan eyeliner to smudge all over my face. In the afternoon I just felt like I was in a daze, and my stomach hurt the rest of the day. Why does Adam do this to me? Please tell me this totally irrational emotional roller coaster isn’t just me!

Adam and the gang will return to Michigan on September 6th, when they visit Grand Rapids. I won’t be able to give you a TOUR VIBE for that concert since I’ll be on the road with no computer access, but hopefully later in the month I’ll be able to tell you about my experiences.

If you’re going to the Auburn Hills show, please share your experiences with us. If you have photos and/or videos from either this concert or any of the past concerts, please email them to us! Our email address is

~~Jeanette, Glamb #5


  1. cheryl norman says:

    OH, JEANETTE, I AM SO VERY SORRY ABOUT THE MILWAUKEE BACK STAGRE PASSES. mAYBE YOU COULD GET HEN FOR gd rAPIDS TOUR!!!!! That would be wo much fun for the 3 or 4 of us!!!! If you’re going to see 3 showsm maybe you could say you weere there for Kris, or AMichael, or just anyone where you could get the passes. Use your ‘standing’ as a fancluv leader!!! That just carry some validity with it!! It’s really not fair that you can’t get passes if you are going to 3 concerts!Maybe call the DeVos Arena and get in tough with someone from the tour. Tell them you are doing a special for the international Adammmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm fanclub that will be seen in Singapour, Mylaslia, Brazil and So. Africa!!! I mean really ‘build it up’!!!! thell whoever THIS IS FOR ADAM’ S INTERNATIONAL FAAN CLULB AND IS OF THE UTMOST IMPORTANCE!!!! THAT YOU JUST CANNOT LET SO MANY COUNTRIES DOWN AND YOU ARE HE HEAD OF THE CLUB WITH MANY THOUSANDS OF FANNS!!!! bE PURSUAVE!!! iF YOU WANT, I WOULD EVEN TRY FOR YOU. I COULD NAME DROP THE BISSELL’S NAME AND SOME AMWAY EMPLOYEES.(vANaNDEL AND rICHARD dEvOSS, 2 BILLIONAIRS HAVE BEEN PARTNERS SINCE HIGH SCHOOL, ACTUALLY MY HIGHSCHOOL, AND i WORKED FOR THE bISSELL’S OF bISSELL VACUUMS, AND THEY ARE ON THE BOARD) sO, LETS NOT GIVE UP YET!! i WAS WONDERING IF YOU WERE GOING TO WEAR GLAMROCK MAKE-UP OR CLOTHES, OR ARE YOU PAINTING YOU NAILS BLACK OR BLLUE FOR THE DAY?? aRE YOU GOING TO BE BRINGING A SIGN OR ANYTHING ELSE FOR THE SHOW?? pLEASE LET ME KNOW, i AM GETTING SO ANXIOUS!

    • Cheryl, you are a great cheerleader!!!! Who can stay down for long with fan friends like this?

      I do plan on wearing a little glam rock – my onyx OPI nail polish, glitter eyeliner, and Adam jewelry. I have a Glambs dog tag, and a bunch of handmade Adam jewelry courtesy of a wonderful Adam fan who makes and sells Adam jewlery on ebay. I have a crystal handcuff necklace/earrings set and a cool snake ensemble. I also have a Glambs t-shirt (available from Cafepress) and a faux snakeskin jacket.

      Cheryl, I know you said you weren’t going to wear nail polish, but you really should! It’s the easiest thing you can do to show you’re a fan of Adam!

      Haven’t decided about a sign yet…stay tuned on that.

      • Jeanette, thank you very much for posting the videos and photos of Adam, if this is what he has to go through every night no wonder he wears ear plugs to protect his hearing. No matter what he still has that wonderful smile, the way he looks at his fans in an adoring manner, always smilling, have never before seen another artist be so genuine as Adam. How can I purchase some of the Adam Jewlery, do I just enter Adam Lamber jewlery or use a different search criteria? I want to get ready for when he comes to London.

        • Lisette agan..Toni agree Adam shold wear earplugs an beliv most artiste av protective shield now,unlike yers ago..let’s hope for his sake.Lot of artiste have hed damage to ther being Frankie Valli(he has say thes on inteviews)..An regarding jewelry try google search for Adam Lambert jewelry/an t-shirts in cafe espress av order too! take care ma cheramie in UK. Luv Lisettexoxo (p.s I av a cousine in Notting Hill.Where ar yu located?

          • Hello Lisette and thank you.

            • Lisette yu’re welcome too Toni,an know how yu feel for I’ve non been able to attend concerts,so look forwarde to his solotours now an cd with many fusions/an musique genres as he has done so well from Amer.Idol til now! take care from across l’mers(pond)!
              hugs an luv Lisettexoxo

        • Hi Toni, for ebay just enter “Adam Lambert jewelry” into the search box. There is a lot of junk, but there are 2 sellers in particular who make beautiful hand-made jewelry. There are also exact pieces available of some of the jewelry Adam wears if you search the net.

      • Lisette here..Aw hugs Jeanette so sorry to re: backdoor pass,an compris sadness yu’re feling.Know yu av m’support for all yu have done on Adam’s best fanpage.Agree with Cheryl being yu’re seein 3 concert an teamleadre on international glambssite as recognize on charitiepage.An world fanpage non just US.Wish angels intervene somhow.An do enjoie all of them,look jolie with some glitter,an sounde like yu have nice colletion t-shirt,crystal jewelry,glambs tag,jacket..Are yur seat close?Hold up sign high an be proud to be his glambs leadre!An keep positive perhaps he’ll appear for autograph.If not singe,danse an celebrate ther for me too..I’ll be with yu in spirite! Blessings an Luv Lisettexoxo!!

        • Thank you, Lisette – you are so sweet!!!

          • Lisette here..bonmatin Jeanette aw yu’re welcome cheramie is plasur to be toi amie too!
            Meant sincereli an just hope yu’ll enjoie non mattre above mentione,if it’s destine it shall be..I’m spiritual an perhaps some devine interventione can permitte such meeting with beau Adam!Do let us know plese alrite?!!An seemes like yu’re definitmente going to have Adam couture,with jewels,jackets oh an dare to wear some glitter,bleu nailpolish too.If I were yu thinq Id av troble sleping til l’concerte arrives!!Take care an look forwarde to hering all aboute it soon!An thenks always for making thes l’best Adam tribute page truly a place for very caring an lovli glambs gals,an some fellows too!Blessings,luv an hugs always Lisettexoxo

      • Jeanette,

        You’d described yourself so well that I got imagine how beautiful you’ll be to meet ADAM on the tour.
        I’m sure you’ll get a backstage pass using your imagination, if it is necessary you can create a story, like Cheryl said, even lie if you have a chance – it’s for a very good cause !!!

        Evelize – GLAMB#80

      • Jeanette, Now you keep your hopes UP. With what you are going to be wearing, you’re
        bound to get recognized. Make your way out to the meet and greets , and the rest will
        be history. Cant wait to hear all of your good news! I feel so bad you had stomach ache. Adam wouldnt do that to ya. Its the Gokey
        Stokey family.

      • Cheryl, I went w/the dark blue nail polish, almost forgot and applied at the last minute!
        Now you go girl!

        • Lisette here,bonmatin Mary C…aw sounde like all gals are glamorizing with polish..Wel I’l av plenty time til Adam’s solotours an hopful ma nails wil become strongre by then..Thinq is fibromyalgia an supress immunesystem..nails seem weak.An whenevre I apply dark polish break below skins ouch..So usual keep lit pinq au natural.But to av full Adam tretment willing to dare dark bleu frost au lavende(recall reading anothre favorite colour Adam likes..for thos who are fair,thes colour looks lovli on)! So get adam/glamorized now!
          hugs Lisettexoxo

      • cheryl norman says:

        JEANETTE, Well, I just think that there’s GOT to be a way for you to get that pass!!! Have you called VanAndel, or anyone else that has any clout??? We just can’t accept that you cannot get a pass!! We’ve still got over a week yet!!

        WHERE did you get ME eyeliner???? I do so want to get some!! OKay, I see you and a lot of Glambs say I should wear nail polish, so I guess I will! Hope I don’t look too ‘white’! Esp. id I wear a sandal, I’ll need to do my toesies!!

        You have a faux snakeskin Jacket!!!!!!!! OMG!!!!! How cool!!!!!!!!!!! I have some of my own jewelry, which covers most of my neck and chest area. Maybe I could find something really cool!!! The crystal handcuff necklace sounds UNBELIEVABLE!!! I’m just not sure where to find those kind of cool pieces!!! I may have to break down and go to the mall here. This stupid little town only has 1 mall!!!!!! Is that unbelievable or what???? I’m in a ‘hick’ county, here!!!

        I told my granddaughters they could help me make a sign for the concert a while back. I’m hoping to get that done yet. Please let me know where you bought the ME eyelilner!! Good Lord, I’m getting so excited, I noticed what a mess my post above was! Wkhat was wrong with me?? I think I was just too interested in saying to you what I felt, I didn’t even know my ‘cap’ key was on at times. Sorry! (sigh)

        • Cheryl, You go, girl! Wear that nail polish!!! I buy most of my stuff online – much easier than running around town, even if you live in a big city. I bought my eyeliner direct from the company – here’s the link:

          They shipped it out immediately.

          • cheryl norman says:

            JEANETTE, Thank you!!!! I have never bought anything online before, but will try to find out how to
            do that.! I need to learn how to do that anyway, I’ve had my daughter order me some shoes from
            Australia before, so I need to be able to do it myself!! Besides, there are some things that I could
            order re Adam, like you did w/th Tshirts, too! Maybe some jewelry eventually, too!

            • Lisette agan..bonmatin Cheryl..Aw sure yu’ll av nice time an do wear some polish an as I av mentione even if yur fair/au blanc skin try some bleu tone au lit purple/lavende I too am fair.An it will look very adamglamourize!Regarde to eyeline gals bein somone who has worne eyeliner for yers like a natural producte discovre from QVC,usual nevre ordre online..Ther’s someone new call Mally who has line of cosmetique for anyone with sensitivitie au allergies an it has precision nevre to wear off even if yu have tears of joie(for Adam)! Go online an asque customer rep to esplain specifique colour yu’d desire to applie..for blondes they suggeste usual dark brown,au if yu have lit eyes as Adam black looks very try some now! Oh p.s. Cheryl do wear some polish on toes too!I av seen a photo unsure whet thread many Adam is barefoote an soo cute his toes are..polished with dark bleu!Most fellows I av known av wide stubbyfeet/an toes..Adam’s are nice,define arche like danseur(blush here) beau from face to his toes! Ah dremin about giving him mani/pedicure(I use to work in cousine’s salon school summer brekes,til I develop allergies to acryllique nail glue an have puffy eyes.Ah back to earth Lisette now! xoxo Enjoie Cheryl an take some photos too!
              Luv Lisettexoxo

          • I’m going for a manicure/pedicure next week so I’ll ask for the black or cobolt blue nailpolish, hope I dont chip it on the way there!

            I’m just taking my usual blue and black clothes and some silver jewellery.

            Cheryl, get that sign made! That’s the sort of thing that attracts Adam’s eyes, glitter too and maybe a smaller one for meeting him?

            Jeanette if U get a glittery sign I’ll help you hold it up!! He should be able to see it from our location!!

            Any of you have any other ideas? I think I will print out an 8 x 10 photo of him and glue it on light cardboard in case I am able to handle waiting for an autograph!

            • Cheryl – Go for the black polish fo sho! I did for my concert and it was HILARIOUS. There were a LOT of us middle agers with black polish. Really fun. Don’t forget the glitter.

              • cheryl norman says:

                PANSEYY, aHey kid, who are you calling ‘middleagers’?!!! Hahahaha!!!! Since WHEN did
                61 become ‘middleage’??? Haven’t you heard, that 60 is the new 20???!!!! Yeah!!! I’m barely
                getting into my ‘prime’!!!

                • I guess at 48 when I am drooling over a 27 year old and feeling more like I am a Mombert, I feel the middle age thing. I really an young at heart though. So if 60 is the new 20, I am just a babe in someone’s arms. LOL. 🙂

                • Eh Ma Cherie, I just have a little question. “What happened to Rafa??? Me thinks things are a bit too rough ha for him, eh! Ha, Ha, they don’t call it the Rogers Cup for nothin, my dear! Sorry, but I couldn’t resist! I love you too! Ingrid

                  • cheryl norman says:

                    INGRID!!!! I thought I had finally gotten over that unfair match! Now, here you go
                    bringing up a bad memory!!! Rafa isn’t 100% YET! He needs more than a couple
                    of months to get back to capturing the #1 seed again, and I do mean AGAIN!!! He did
                    what he needed to do at the Rogers Open. Rafa Open!!! He’s such a dude!!! A hunk
                    of a dude, RAFA, that is!! After licking my wounds, I was rewarded last nite with the
                    1981 US Open at Flushing Meadows watching John McEnroe beat Bjorn Borg
                    AGAIN, which was so much fun!! Rafa is still so young, yet! He’ll be breaking records
                    again before you know it. GO RAFA!!!!!!!!!!

                • AdamAddict says:

                  LOL! Cheryl is it true? I heard that life begins at 40 for men but this is new to me! LOL! You made that up,didn’t U? 60 is the new 20!! Love that ! I’m 32 so that means I’m a baby?? or unborn baby?? Ok,that’s not cool unless I’m the baby that Adam hold the other time, then yes I want to be Adam’s baby!! LOL!!

                  • cheryl norman says:

                    ADAMADDICT, Yes, little one, you heard it here first!!! 60 is the new 20!!!! And
                    since you’re 32, well, you’re probably out of diapers, maybe even a teen, but no,
                    you’re too young for Adam!!!! Try again in 10 years, sweetheart!!!! You should look
                    into the youngest Jonas brother, maybe!!!! Hahaha!!!

                    • AdamAddict says:

                      LMAO!!! Jonas brothers?? Hahaha!!That’s so funny!!No I don’t want too,I’m not a fan! I think I’ll wait another 10 years! Hahaha! 😀

            • Lisette here..Theresa aw thet’s nice with bleu yu’re going to meet Jeanette thet’s wondreful! An signe soundes lovli too mabe place to catch his attentione yur nom an in grande vibrante colour our “Glambs Internationale logo” alonge with Jeanette!Do yu have seats close to stage I forget?An hope yu can av autograph too! Luv to see photos too! hugs an Luv Lisettexox

          • Adamspirit1 says:

            Sorry to intrude on your coversation, but if you want to play with make-up at a great price
            go to this site Enjoy.

      • Dear Jeanette, I agree with Cheryl! Is there ANYTHING the biggest and most passionate Adam fanbase can do to support you in getting that stage pass. This site is home to a global audience and we (those from countries outside of the USA) will be happy to send our support to WHOEVER! Please, let’s put our heads together! I am happy to email whoever and I am sure that the Ofra’s, AdamAddicts, Lisettes, sylverine, … will also do there bit.

        • Lisette here..bonmatin Ingrid lovli to see yu agan,miss yu here!Aw thets sweet now but sadli Im unable to teary eyed whenevre I thinq now av to await his solotours..So perhaps yu by then can fly to USA an see Adam,mabe somhow we can meet!Aw be wondreful alonge with othre gals!. Plan a glambs Adam party for all who can thinq of meeting place/citie like I av hearde Michel Jackson’s fans have done.Ma beautician use to fun his westcoast fanpage an arrange for such eventes..One in Los Angeles she had many come from othre part of world even!!!So til Adam plans anothre tour, Ingrid set money side an,bienvenue plese visite soon! An we’ll thinq of some special poster/glamb logo an I av painte facial portraits for hobbie an craftfairs.Specialized more in fleurs,animals an natural vistas,but adore to paint his face!. An so all glambs intereste in future be so nice to meet) Hope all read!!!! hugs an luv Lisettexoxo Angel blessings for m’angel d’chansons..Adam!xxoxoox

          • Hi Lisette, Missed you too! Life just isn’t the same without chatting to you Glambs. Lisette, I will seriously make a plan to attend one of ‘Adam’s concerts’. Yes, the poster is a must. Lisette, I am happy for you to paint Adam’s face if I can paint the rest and yes I could make that my hobby. How’s that for a deal!

            I hope your health isn’t giving you too many problems. Lots of South African loooooooooove, Ingrid

            • Lisette here..bonsoir aw hugs Ingrid alrite then with yur body an m’face vraimente be a masterpiece..whet yu thinq(he-he)..So who’s flying to who’s home!Bienvenue thinq yu’ll enjoie ma touriste town,is one of best destinationes in US for one’s bienvenue..Ah if only I knew Adam for sure would av schedule soloconcert here,no matte l’maladie,duststorm, going to be there!Merci for lovli wellwishes..Ah health for moi am working on thru holistique healing..So dislike what medications did to mes parentes..qui suffre immenseli with dredful cancer..An seeing thet l’chemo an radiation,dialaudid,an similar pain managmente meds did to them,hasten ther death,weaken immunsystem..I trie an minimize drugs..Only drug j’besoin is Adam remedie for any illness,an feele blesse to discovre thes lovli Adam’s tribute page with such beautful people who adore Adam’s gifte au chante(gift of songe),danse,artistry,couture,humanitie,sensualitie,estraordinaire face an couer d’ of course a voix angelique.Ah I can go on forever here! An gals like yu from across continentes..yet very close in hearte..seemes we all are now ..thenks to our amour for Adam! Take care,blessings,bisous an luv always Lisettexoxoxo An angel blessings toujours for l’angel d’musique!..Adamxoxoox

              • Hi Lisette! Well said, Adam is the best remedy for illness. He heals the body and soothes the mind.

                Where in the US do you live? Well, let’s do the face in your town and then we can fly back (with Adam naturally) to my town so that I can keep him captive and paint … whenever I wish – which is ALL THE TIME!

                Take care my sweet friend, Ingrid

                • Lisette here..Ingrid merci beaucoup ma cheramie!Aw soo sweet,j’reside in town vicin to let pray he’ll av concerte here..given his managre will grant thes wishe..Ah an too paint Adam day an nite,nite an day..silly moi an old song of Cole Porter’s I av vast aray of musique thes came to minde..also from movie “What women Want” with Mel yes Adam is what we all wishe for yes?!Pardon now if evre readin Adam..j’compris toi preference is diffarante,but given yu av say yur musique is universal an it make us feel sensual..then fine Im having thos reves now!
                  Ingrid see what yu’ve done..I must say bonmatin/an aurevoir for now!
                  Let’s hope we’ll meet up someday,somehow an some othre lovli glambs too! Luv always Lisettexoxo

    • CHERYL,


      Don’t believe you’re not polishing your nail black or blue, come on girl – do it !!! ( I painted mine blue this week).

      Evelize – GLAMB#80

      • cheryl norman says:

        EVELIZE AND MARY, Okay, kids, I’m wearing the nail polish!!! Thanks for your and Jeanette’s encouragement!!!! Jeanette is wearing a faux snakeskin jacket!!!! How hot does that sound?!

        • You will look totally hot! rock the place down and be sexy!!!!!!!

        • YEAH CHERYL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

        • Cheryl,

          That sounds GREAT, very HOT and SEXY – ADAM WILL NOTICE YOU !!!
          GO GIRL, GO !!!!


          • cheryl norman says:

            OMG!!! The pressure!!!! I couold be sexy in a one on one, but there’s too much competition at the
            show!!! How can I stand out???? That is stand out without rushing the stage and wrapping my arms
            and legs around Adam when he sings WLL with the mic!!? I could bare my boobs, but I never have
            done that, they’re too big anyway!!! I think Adam would prefer no boobs! I can’t say that I blame him,
            either!! Well, I’m going to the mall today or tomorrow and see if there’s anything out there I can afford
            to buy to get me a little more noticed!!! Maybe, if some old man has first row seats, I could ‘hit’ on him
            to take his seat away, then I might stand a chance!!! I need to think! Think,,,,,,! Think,,,,,,,,,! Think,,,,,
            ,,,,,,! Poo! Nothing is happening in my brain!!! I hate being controlled by the security guards!!! I don’t
            handle that kind of pressure well!!! I’ll get back to you all when I figure something out!! Oh, you all
            couold Help, too, you know!!!!!!

            • AdamAddict says:

              You thinking wearing black,aren’t you because all Adam’s fans wear black?!! Therefore he won’t notice you! Wear something striking!! Like yellow or orange or striking PINK!! Yes, that’s it!With striking boa around your neck! Wear striking shirt that written,”I look crazy? Yes,so what?!I’m crazy for Adam!!Any problem,b****??” How’s that??Hahaha! That sentence should be in glue with rhinestones!Whoah!! Adam surely will notice you!If Adam still won’t notice then I’m sorry but I’m sure someone will record it and put it in youtube!! LOL!!Then we pass it around and somehow Adam will see you!! There,that’s my brilliant idea! Try it!Don’t tell me I’m not helping!! LOL! I hope you’ll get his autograph when you go to his concert! 🙂

              • Iyleneidol09 says:

                OR…’s another suggestion, As AdamAddict color suggestion: HOT Pink and write this print on it: I’M GAY AND I’M LOVIN’ IT!! DO YOU!!! See it it will catch his attention and strike a conversation with you on the meet and greet. Or he might blow you a kiss from the stage when he sees that message!! Make sure it is in BOLD prints!!! How’s that?

                • cheryl norman says:

                  ADAMADDICT IYLENIDOL EVELIZE ,,,,, Okay kids!!!! Well, first I’, not a ‘pink’ person

                  Emili, I think you are a ‘pink’ little cutie! Yeah, black is my favorite color!! But not with

                  silver, with yellow gold!!! I like all of your ideas, tho!!! How about a sign that says.

                  “Dance With Me!!” Remember his ‘dance with me and I’ll set you free” twit???

                  Or, “Adam, Set Me Free!!” ? Maybe I could bring a flashlite and as he makes his way

                  toward my side of the arena, I could turn the flashlite on under my chin, and onto my

                  face and sign????? I’m nuts for sure!!!! Or, “Adam Blow One To Me!!!””””? (kiss)!

                  Think about it, and get back to me!!! The more we throw out suggestions, the closer

                  we’ll get to the right thing to do!!

                  • AdamAddict says:

                    You cracked me up! LOL! When you said you’ll bring flashlight, I thought you going to aim it at Adam!! I thought it’s not a good idea because you will disturbe him and then I keep reading and ~giggle~ and you hahahaha that’s even worse Cheryl!! Hahahaha, that’s too funny!! Don’t do that,Cheryl!! You will skerd Adam to death!! ~giggle~ hahahahahahaha!! Oh god, I can’t stop laughing,I don’t why but I can really imagine you do that and shock Adam when see you! Hee hee,but seriously I’m so sure Adam will notice you! LMAO!! But I beg not to do that to our Adam, you will scar him for life!! Hahahaha, I’m still laughing!! ~giggle~ oh god,STOP!!~giggle~

            • Dear Cheryl,

              Don’t be so worried! (I know there are a lot of pressure indeed).

              JUST GO ONLY WITH YOUR LOVE FOR ADAM ! (Somehow he will notice your feeling).

              A good idea , in my opinion, is draw a very big red heart with : ADAM I LOVE YOU SO MUCH !!!
              wrote with glitter.

              ONLY 8 DAYS FOR YOUR GREAT DAY !!!



  2. Hey Jeanette!!! Pam here from Milwaukee! Only 2 more days!!!!!!!!!! YES, FINALLY!!!! First of all, I just wanted to Thank YOU again for posting those incredible pictures of our Adam!!! Why is it I NEVER get tired of looking at this man?????? Without you, so many of us would not get to drool over him everyday!!!!! YOU ROCK!!!!!! Also, I just wanted to know when everyone from Milwaukee is getting to the concert?? I want to go way early and see everyone when the bus pulls in!!!!!! What is everyone elses plans????? I hope my seats are awesome- I’m on the floor-section 1 row 4. I can NOT WAIT!!! Please let me know, what everyone is doing. I would love to meet all of us Glambs from Milwaukee!!!! I’m wearing black nail polish(first time ever!) and creating my T-shirt the next few days(I hope it turns out!!) My T-shirt will be my sign!! I have not felt this way since, well really I have never felt this way about any concert or performer!!!! Man, what Adam has done to us all!!!!!! Can’t wait to meet everyone!!!!! We are going to have a BLAST!!!!!! Till the 28th!!!!!!!! Pam

    • Hi Pam,

      A few of us are meeting for the pre-concert meet & greet, weather permitting, pretty early – around 12:30. I hope to have a small “Glambs” sign. Email me at for more details – this goes for anyone wanting to meet us!

  3. I think we all relate to your disappointment and to your confusion on being so disappointed. I have not and will not have the opportunity to see Adam on the AI tour. I am hoping for his solo tour to come near my area. I feel this desperate need to be near Adam and I have never in my life felt so obsessed with anyone. I don’t like to think of myself as a lunatic but sometimes that is the only word I had to describe this insane craving. So, I hope you know that we all know exactly how you feel. Take comfort in the fact that you are going to see him, think of me.

    • Thank you, Lisa! Sometimes I do feel like a lunatic, especially at work when I wear my emotions on my sleeve and all my co-workers look at me like I’m from a different planet. It’s nice to know I’m not alone.

      • Dakota Collins says:

        Girls, especially you, Jeanette, it is so nice to feel that I am not the only crazy in this world. If I gave you my credentials and info about me, you would laugh at my lunacy over Adam Lambert. I try to keep my mouth shut and my enthusiasm to myself, but sometimes I can’t, like when the Sebree pictures came out, then friends truly think I have lost my mind. I am ready to chuck my job, my life, etc, and move into a cave (with internet access, of course) in the woods just to keep me away from other people. A friend of mine works for a major airline and she is always commenting on the fact that in 9 years I have never asked her for a “buddy pass.” Well, I’ll tell you what, she already knows she is going to hook me up internationally when Adam starts a world tour. I’ll struggle to take care of the domestic trips, but even though she thinks I am out of my mind, she will help with the international. Someday I will have to hook up with y’all, you sound like a fun bunch. How about Singapore??????????

        • Dakota, we will take you up on that! Our Fan Club Leader Serene is from Singapore – I’m sure she’d have great recommendations for us! Yes, we are a diverse bunch, and Adam has brought out in each of us a “fun and crazy” side that either has been dormant for a long time, or something we never before realized we had.

          • All I can say to that Jeanette is :THAT IS FOR SURE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! He’s brought out stuff in me that I never realized I had, THAT’S FOR SURE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! See all you Milwaukee Glambs at the concert on Friday-SOON!!! YIPEEEE!!!! Pam

            • My Sisters – I am right there with you. NEVER before have I experienced anything like this! My husband says I am having an emotional affair. Good thing he is OK with this! He loves Adam too…but I am obsessed.

              • Iyleneidol09 says:

                DITTO!!! I am officially having an affair too,with ADAM! The only problem is: Adam don’t know it yet!! But he will …. eventually!. LOL!!!

        • Adamxtasy says:

          This makes me laugh Dakota –the part about you wanting to chuck your life, your job etc. I had this great idea that I was going to do just that. I was going to follow the buses around all summer…..Like a big road trip….and I was very serious for awhile …..and if I gave you my “credentials” you wouldn’t believe I could be such a lunatic either.

      • Lisette here..bonmatin Lisa aw hugs nevre feel alone or I av say many temes nevre having been bless to see Adam due to illness..So we’ll have hopes thet Adam will be planning soon a solotour.An ma hearte goes to yu too,but have faith it shall be worth wait..An yu too will see thes gifted artiste tresbeau d’face ,hearte,soul just mattre of time! hugs an luv to yu too !
        Lisette..p.s. where are yu located,Europe?xoox

  4. linlivalex says:

    Is anyone going to the concert on Sept.2 in Chicago? I’m sure I won’t be able to get backstage, but I want to know if anyone has info on pre-show sightings. I’d love to meet other Adam-obsessed fans from Chicago!!!!! Glamb #361

    • I will be at the Chicago show!! I am trying to find out any info on meet and greets etc. also

  5. off topic but if anyone is interested, here’s an article about what Brian May has to say about Adam’s song for the movie 2012

    • Thanks Itsme for the update on the article from Brian May!! I hope Adam gets to see that Blog too somehow!! WOW to have Brian May say something so incredible like that really says ALOT!! He’s been in the BIZ forever, and to blow him away!!! WOW!!! That just goes to show that we have been so right about Adam all along!!! He is the next ROCK ICON!!! And what’s so exciting is we’ve gotten to see it all happen!! I can’t wait to here the song for the movie 2012!! I wonder if it will be with the trailer for the movie?? Hope so!! Take care, and again thanks for letting us know!! Pam

  6. Jeanette…..yes, you will probably be “that bad” (but it’s ok) and don’t ever feel alone. I sometimes can’t help feeling like an idiot but I definitely feel your love and your pain.

  7. hey jeanette,
    i am going to the auburn hills concert tonight!! ill try to get photos and see what happens.
    sorry about the backstage pass. 🙁

    • Lee/Saline says:

      I have goose bumps just thinking about Adam being so close to my home. Although I’m not able to go and see him perform I’ll be thinking of him. I am anxious to see what photos you’ll get Meredith. You don’t happen to live anywhere near Saline do you? I’d love to talk to a real live person who has been to the concert and hear what it was like. I hope you have a fantastic time tonight!
      Lee/Saline Glamb # 76.

      • sadly i do not. im about an hour away from there. i live in a town called clarkston. after the concert, ill gladly email you tomorrow if you give me your email address.
        Im sooo excited to see adam perform. i painted my nails black for the occasion lol.
        im also excited to see matt giraud. hes home!!
        Meredith Glamb #390


    • AdamAddict says:

      David Archie was here(M’sia) this year,Cook,I don’t think so! I really hope,praying Adam will come to Malaysia so that I can spend my money on the front row ticket!If not,~sigh~ I need a lot of money!I need to renew my passport,book a hotel,book a plane or train or whatever transport that I can get,the ticket!! ~Sigh~ Probably only got the chance to buy the cheapest ticket!! I don’t want that!!I want Adam come to Malaysia!! Sob,sob!! 🙁 I get my money ready!Front row!! Please,please,oh please let Adam come here!!


      • Let’s try again! Hi AHLEESSA! My dear, you have not mentioned South Africa!!! Ooooh, naughty, naughty. Well, on previous threads a number of Glambs said it would be a great idea to meet at one of Adam’s future concerts – like a Global Glamb Gathering! Love from the Fairest Cape, Ingrid

  9. Jeanette, sorry babe!! That bites. 🙁

    Yeah, it is an overwhelming urge to get backstage! Play the Ford game, maybe just maybe you will win!


    Really though, it is all about seeing Adam work that charm onstage and hearing his gorgeous voice fill the arena. It really makes your heart swell, it is so amazing. He is like total sex on stage. He takes every coherent thought in your brain and replaces it with sex and love. *sigh* It is so beautiful.

    Manda_K Glamb 413

  10. While we’re waiting with baited breath to see the outcome of whether or not Jeanette will be able to obtain the elusive backstage passes for the upcoming concert, we can watch this superb video of Adam singing ‘Mad World’ from the Hartford, CT, show. I have never seen Adam so beautiful, with his hair swept up, his face carved of smooth white marble, the tragedian’s expression of ethereal sorrow on his finely made features. As always, whenever his songs begin and end in a darkened theater, the flash of cameras illuminates him for brief moments, revealing breathtaking glimpses of his extraordinary beauty. As the lights go on and the song begins, flashes of light wink on Adam’s brow, inside the corner of his eye, and in his hair. A glittering point of light settles in his eye, tears seem to spring up, only accentuating the tragedy in his gaze. His eyes as they are finally revealed to the audience, are a sea-storm grey-blue, full of suffering. As he sweeps his gaze slowly around to gaze fully at the audience and then heavenward, his eyes reach a state of sublime beauty, his deep, luminous gaze almost unbearable to behold. (This whole beautiful sequence takes place at appx. 1:11 – 1:25 on the video). Adam seems to have lost weight over the weeks the show has been on the road, and his face has an extremely masculine, mature quality, with strong areas of shadow under his chin and under the arch of the eyebrow, giving him a heightened air of shrouded mystery. His face is very smooth, etched here and there with those perfect lines where his cheek meets the inward edge of his strong, straight nose, or a tiny line marks the end of his fully-molded, exquisite mouth and lips. As always, he is the master of the dramatic arts as he sings, looking away in sorrowing meditation, slowly moving his gaze around, and then finally engaging those powerful eyes directly with the camera as the light flashes from his earring (1:19 -1:21), sending that indelible gaze into the very soul of the one watching him. There is a moment here, too, where that Eye of Horus is fully visible (1:50 – 1:52), with all its exotic mystique. Then, as he stands to sing, ‘Mad World…’ at the end, his black lashes are lowered over his eyes, he looks down with drawn brow, and he seems to be truly sorrowing, with the sweat and glitter mingled, sparkling across his tragic forehead. He pulls back his lips over his dazzling white teeth, finally gives one final glance heavenward, and ends his mournful song. Adam Lambert has delivered another flawless masterpiece of perfect vocal mastery together with the highest dramatic art. Here is the link to that video:

    • Hello Lorrin!! It might take me a few moments to compose myself so I can make any sense at all!!! Oh my!! Adam’s eyes just draw me in and nothing else even exists!!!! What an incredible performance-AGAIN!!!! All I can say right now is: thank you thank you thank you for letting us know about it !!!!!!!!! In fact, I think I’ll just go watch it again!! And again, and again, and again!!! Take care!! Pam

      • Iyleneidol09 says:

        What a naughty,naughty girl ( secretlylovesclay)! While shooting this video, I noticed that she had her camera “caressing” every inch of Adam’s body!! and of course, stopping strategically on a certain body parts, naughty,naughty girl!!! But of course, we’re loving it!!! Thanks for a dose of my ‘hot’ pill…tonight!!! Hmm! where’s my hubby, he’s gonna get lucky tonight!!!! hahaha!!!

        • Ahumm, Iyleneidol09, I decided to leave all those ‘extra interesting’ parts for everyone to find on their own, I wanted to make a ‘serious’ study of Adam’s ethereal beauty. But yes indeed, that gal taking the video was very thorough, that belt buckle and those leather pants were never more beautiful, and I’m sure it made it all the more interesting that you didn’t know beforehand..

      • Hi Pam, I’m so glad you liked this video, I was so hoping I hadn’t duplicated posting it. The people who take the videos at the concerts are so good to share them with all of us, and they do such a wonderful job with such tiny cameras! As Adam goes further and further along in his career, and gains more and more creative control of what he does, I just don’t know how we are all going to be able to endure the power of his performances….this one performance in Hartford, CT, was a magnum opus in itself! We are probably going to see and hear things from Adam in the near future that are literally out of this world; I only hope we will all be able to live through the seeing and the hearing of such utter perfection..

    • *fanning self* Very HOT video. Thank You. I am speechless.

    • Lorrin, Lorrin, THANKS FOR SHARING THAT HOT VIDEO. God, Adam is showing total
      expression, you can tell he feels this song through every bone in his body. whoever took that
      video deserves an Oscar!

      • Yes, Panseyy and Mary C, it is such a hot video, and that woman does deserve a YouTube Oscar. Maybe we can all tell her how much we appreciated it in the comment area below the video!

    • cheryl norman says:

      LORRIN, Very, very good vid!!!!! Did you notice him ‘sweating’? I have never seen a vid where it was visible that he was wet w/sweat!!!!!! Sexy-Man!!! How about that crystal or faux-diamond belt buckle?!! Hot, hot, Hot-Man!!!! he was very engrossed in the meaning of the song, as usual. Damn good vid taken by the photog!!!!! Loved it…………..!!!

      • I’m so glad you loved it, Cheryl…yes, did you see in my fourth to the last sentence my observation about the ‘sweat and the glitter mingling across his tragic forehead’? No Olivier or Barrymore ever personified the true tragedian actor as well as Adam Lambert in this video. It is thrilling that he can bring the full-blown actor’s dimension to everything he sings, it will make his future work untouchable.

        • Cheryl, I left a couple of posts for you back on the HARTFORD AND CHARLOTTE TOUR VIBE page….one of them is a long one, 10 up from the bottom under yours, and the other one is a ways up somewhere near the middle of the page, in response to your wild little imaginary ‘Adam’ moment. Love you..

        • cheryl norman says:

          LORRIN, Yes, my Flalming Glambfingers dear!!! You certainly have a way with the vocabulary!!! Each
          description, starts a new image thru my mind! You certainly are talented w/you gift of the Eng language,
          and other languages, I’ll bet, too!!! You little ‘show off’!! Hahaha!!! We need that kind of script here!!
          You’re never dull!!! Luv U back!

    • We are all so lucky – the most beautiful man on earth just happens to have the most heavenly voice, and both are wrapped up in the sexiest package in the universe – and we get to stare at him and listen to him until we drop. Gorgeous performance, and an equally perfect video. Lorrin, you really, really, need to be a romance writer! You do more than put what we feel into words, you make us see things our own eyes would miss.

      Thank you!

      • Thank you dear, Jeanette, I will always cherish your words, what a compliment! I will certainly see what I can do about fulfilling that comment of yours about my writing. And I so completely agree with you that Adam is so fully all things in one man, and this is what will make him a star of the highest magnitude. I think he is literally ‘stealing into our hearts’ by using a very potent form of hypnotism, which is his by nature. He means only to do good with his seductive power. No one can resist his beautiful voice, his beautiful eyes, his beautiful mouth, his beautiful body, or his beautiful ways. We are all under the spell of this masterful man from a starlit realm…’ Never think of never, let this spell last forever, try to understand, he’s a magic man.’

    • Dearest Lorrin, thank you for catapulting me right back into Adamland! A truly masterful description of Adam singing the song. You captured the emotion Adam put into the song and Adam’s beauty, to perfection! Bravo, bravo, Sister Lorrin! … and thank you!

      • You are so welcome, Ingrid, thank YOU so much! Welcome back to Adam Land, we always miss you when you are gone, and love it when you return! Have a wonderful time in your South African morning reading and commenting, and taking Adam in all over again! This beautiful video of Adam in Hartford, in fact, the whole Hartford series of Adam’s set, is superlative. We are certainly following the star of this new century. Much love to you from late night California!

        • I omitted to mention that my Glamb # is a BIG, FAT 403! Serves me right for waiting to long to register.

          • Ingrid, I just want you to know that we love you even if you are FAT! (I’m sorry, I just couldn’t resist..). But just remember, that only shows just HOW MUCH you love Adam, much, much MORE than my mere #102! (Remember we said that we would ignore this oversight of yours this one time..but after THIS, oh boy, watch out!)

    • Lisette here..bonmatin Lorrin miss seeing yu belleamie..Merci for placing linq here..Adam vraimente etes an angeli de le cielo(angelique).His eyes are like two bleu crystals with black rim corneas,reflete lit from within his gentle soul, an his physique of Michelangelo’s David,or Raphael’s paintings in frescos.His voix is ethereal,velvet,an celestial! Lorrin yur words are soo lovli remindes of romantique writer Danielle Steele eloquent espressions.I beliv yu’d be wondreful biographer if evre Adam thinqs to publishe one,he shold hire yu! An yu describe Adam’s face like was a portrait for sure!So happy to av founde thes lovli tribute page where so many artistique an sensitive people gathre to celebrate such an estraordinaire artiste beau inward/outwarde gracing our trobled worlde with such beauty,talentes as a vocaliste with a humanitarian hearte! May angels garde ovre him evry day of life into l’starlit an beyonde to etoile.Adam vraiemente defines a celestial presence on earth m’ange dans ma vie an for people aronde l’monde! Hugs an luv to all! An merci Lorrin for such heartfelte sentimentes! Luv Lisettexoox

      • My dear Lisette, I think it is YOUR words that have so much expressive emotion and adoration in them, that THEY are the epitome of romanticism. Your words are always so full of light, and everything you describe takes on this beautiful, crystalline essence….I see you too noticed that Adam’s eyes are ringed with black around that startling aquamarine. Light, ringed eyes are always so unusually special, looking out at the world with an extra crystalline radiance, ‘cristal bleu radieux’. I too agree with you that Adam has the physique of a young David, or perhaps, the physical beauty of a young Jonathan, who was David’s dearest friend. He is a young prince walking the earth. I think, too, that it is so true when you say that our troubled world is much in need of the joy and beauty that Adam brings to so many. I am absolutely certain that he has enabled many people already to get through very hard times in their personal lives, by being on our earth with us. It is as though a caring young angel asked to be given a special assignment to grace our lives with his presence for this time we are going through, a time of much turmoil, sadness, and trouble. How did we all get along before Adam was with us? Isn’t it wonderful to know he is here with us now? Just to have him with us is a rare and wonderful gift, and to know he is here makes a DIFFERENCE in our lives. With you, I pray that Adam will be protected at all times, and surrounded by light and peace. Thank you, Lisette, for your loving presence here among us on these pages, and your overflowing love for Adam Lambert. Your words bring a special kind of joy to all of us. ‘Bénédiction, la guérison et la paix toujours’, ‘Blessings, healing, and peace to you always’.

        • Lisette belle Lorrin encore vous etes tres gracieux et av refinemente..Merci pour l’amitie cherie..frenship an luv always! An whenevre I’m bleu enjoie visite here ma specialmente to see toi poetique,an eloquant writing..An yes Adam’s yeux with bleu et noir outline..illuminate et radiate like an earthbounde angel for us all an one of musique.Non Lorrin yu’re kinde an writing style truli is like an artiste’s hand in painting..always one more lovli then last an cannon be Monet!Adam is a gifte for us so agree his voix an musique heals as he does for me in time when j’besoin so much..An nevre neede for medication,whech is temporaire an causes complications..Adam is a holistique cure feling like jour at ‘spa ,renewe an he’d release muscle pain of fibromyalgia..Being spiritual an aquarian as Adam relate to him..irefleted in his songes..even “Ring of Fire” when people call strange..for me exotique,mystiqual,sensual .Adam’s velvet voix gentle inflectiones were sultry, hand gestures toching face, crystal bleu eyes an pout lips..toche ma hearte.. next day troble with sistre(my boss/ realty office..difficile concentrate,,drew Adam face on paper.cliente change mind,so home I went!Ah Lorrin merci aussi for toi kindness et benection,may angeli gardevous..paix et amitie too Luv toi amie Lisette..An all glambs gals,fellows,Jeanette,dreamsound(without be no glambs gathre) always our Angel d’chansons an forever monbeau amie too Merci per toi gifte au chante ..Musique has adde joie,lit, an amour into ma everyone here too! J’adore Adamxoxo Luv Lisettexoxo

    • AdamRocks! says:

      Thank you Lorrin! What a beautiful video this. . . ~faints~

      Cindy in MS

    • Ok, I am SAD because I am at work and cannot watch that video. 🙁 I only have to wait 30 min, but from everyone’s descriptive and enthusiastic posts, I am DYING.

  11. Glambertgirl1 says:

    Thanks Jeanette for posting the pictures. Sorry you couldnt get the backstage pass but hopefully you will still get to see if before or after the show. I was lucky when I got to meet him in San Diego and get his autograph. He looked directly into my eyes —-sigh—
    That Hartford video is great-he looks so great and sounds awesome as always.

    • Glambertgirl1, this is the one gift from Adam I would want to receive of anything he could give…one minute of gazing into his eyes. One minute is enough time to tell him everything without saying anything. And to think that he looked into your eyes…I am supremely happy for you. May it be your secret private joy forever..

  12. Michigan Palace of Auburn Hills concert.

    Well guys, I went to my concert and LOVED it. Adam is everything we think he is and more. It is amazing how the other writers have covered it all so well, especially the part about how fast Adam’s set flies by. There just wasn’t enough of him.

    It was thrilling to be involved in the process leading up to Adam’s appearance. The crowd went crazy. The floor fans were always on their feet; when Adam was getting ready to come out, I think every fan in the Palace got up. As I’ve said before, I’m 69 and my friend is 50 and we were surrounded by families, teens, and a good number of people who looked older than me. He reaches the hearts of all ages.

    It was also great to be there for our own Matt G. As we walked out, we agreed there were three highlights: Alison, Matt, and Adam. We decided not to wait at the buses (my friend had work this morning and there was no guarantee they were coming out). I learned from the web that Adam did come out about 11:55 and that he and Matt skipped to the buses together about 12:04. We were already home.

    I feel strongly that we will meet him in person one day.

    My only disappointment is that there was nothing twittered about Detroit from Adam. I usually check in with Michael’s twitter because he says the most and gives he most detail. He said the concerts keep getting hotter and that this was one of the hottest (or the hottest?) so far. Then, Ilook at Matt because his twitters are also very expressive and he includes comments about other people we want to know about. Then, I went to Kris’ twitter who was appreciate that Detroit support their boy, Matt G. Once in a while I look at Danny’s and he said that Detroit was fun and also appreciated the support for Matt.

    I can’t wait for Adam’s album and to hear the song from 2012. I’m almost tempted to go to Grand Rapids for the second Michigan concert.

    Oh, I didn’t tell you, but we had great seats. The floor seats were running up to $1,000. We heard that unless you are in front you can’t see anyway. We opted for second level and paid about $130 each. The Palace is the home of the Detroit Piston’s basketball team and there are no bad seats. However, when I went to level 2, section 113 and asked where our seats were and the guy pointed down the stairs, I got goose bumps. The stage was straight ahead of us, slightly back to the right. We could see everything. We were only the 7-8th seat in and the view was incredible.


    • cheryl norman says:

      ALLEGAN, Thanks for your review!!! One question for you. Do live in Allegan, MI?? I kind of thought that you did cuz my living in and around Gd Rapids for so many yrs, I certainly know Allegan! I also paid $130 for my seat at the VanAndel. I’m on the floor, not too far from the stage, but as I’m on quite 5’2″ figure I’ll have to stand ON the seat to see. I will have great binoculars, tho!! Nobody better stand in my way to be able to see Adam!!! I will beg, borrow or steal to get as close to the stage as possible!! Still hoping to find an olld man or older couple who might feel sorry for me and let me get closer to the stage! Just don’t want anyone to bother me in my hour of need for everything Adam!!! Have sign will travel!

      • Cheryl,

        I live in Howell, Michigan. My son lives in Saugatuck and adoped a tiny fox terrier/beagle mix found in Allegan county. They named her Allie and he ended up fostering and then adopting her. When this list came out, I had Allegan on the brain because I was watching her while y son was out of town–and just picked it for my “list name.”

        I pulled out my binoculars for Adam, as did my friend.

        I’m still puzzled about Michael, Danny, and Matt were so happy about he Detroit crowd; while Kris was happy for Matt and Adam never posted. There is nothing really to read into it except he usually comments and this crowd was WILD for him.


        • cheryl norman says:

          ALLEGAN, know where Howell is also, and used to love going to Saugatuck! It used to be THE place a
          ways back. Don’t know if it still is, but I bet it is!!

          Yeah, that’s kind of odd about Michael, Gokey and Matt, and the Kris thing and nothing from Adam! Hmmmm…..wonder what happened. Maybe ther was some threats or something that we don’t know
          about yet, or maybe Adam and Kris were sick?!!! I hope NOT!!!! Maybes he’ll comment yet. Check it out

          If you do go to the VanAndel, post it if you want to meet up before the concert with the 3 or 4 of us.
          BTW, did Adam go to a meet and greet at all in Detroit?

  13. Allegan,, I do the same as you, follow the other Idols to get to find out more info on Adam. If you decide to come to Grand Rapids let Jeanette know, okay?

  14. cheryl norman says:

    GLAMBS, Got some little news pre-concert wise! I went out to the mall looking for what might strike my fancy for the concert. I first went to Macy’s, you know how there are always tons of girls/ladies around the cosmetic counters? Well, there were 3 women standing at this one desk I decided to try. Oh! They were definately ready to ‘help’ me find anything and everything I needed! I told them about an eyeliner I wanted, but knew that Macy’s didn’t carry it, but maybe they had something comparable. Of course, they did. This young lady asked me if she could apply it, feeling that I would love it. I already had my own liner on, but she said it didn’t matter, and she went ahead and went crazy doing my eyes!!!! Then she went behind some counter, came back and added this, then added that, kept telling she loved my hair, etc! By now, there are 5-6 girls watching her do this and that to me, and customers stopping by me as I sat on the stool! (my mom and I used to do this at Hudson’s and then take all the stuff we liked), so I was used to all the attention. These customers kept smiling at me and telling me I looked like a movie star,,, blh, blah,. Eventually, one of the girls asked if I were going somewhere ‘special’ in the near future. I told them all about the concert and how I was going only to see Adam. They just could not hide their feelings, were smiling and telling me how cool they thought that was, and they knew who Adam was! They kept saying I could definately pass for his sister and that I had the kind of eyes that could hold heavy eyeliner, which I already knew cuz I don’t remember how I look w/o quite a bit of liner on everyday! But, this girl ‘pushed it to the limit’ and when I looked into the mirror, I couldn’t believe my eyes!!!! I stated “well, I’m definately ready for the stage now!” Next thing is eyeshadow, which I don’t think I can carry off too well, as it makes me think I look too made up. However, the color was lilac! Looked kind of good. Then one of them used a lavender colored blush, which didn’t look like a blush at all!! Then, a lipstick and gloss, some skin lightener under the eyes, above the eyebrow, and below my lip. I have a big dimple in the middle of my chin, and it looked different after that stuff?! Looked good tho! Then, this other girl who kept asking me about my hair, kept grabbing my head and flicking my hair this way and that! i told her that my hair was ‘too placed’ for me, but that I would like it better tomorrow. Well, she sprayed some stuff in her hands and used it to kind of mess it up a bit more which is exactly like I like it! They all offered to do my make-up for me before I leave for the concert, but I’m leaving too early for that! Darn. Then I went down the mall and into ‘Nirvana’ store and saw some very cool stuff, then onto the “Icing”, and found this headband that had a Peacock feather that kind of goes across my hair, but the eye of the peacock showing when looking right at me!!! Too funny!! I bought it and wore it out of the store!!!! Soo funny!!! Then I found some of the coolest clothes at Macy’s in this ‘Rock” Dept, and if I wore a size 1 or 3 I could definately pull a lot of it off!!! But, I’m going back to Macy’s to that dept next week and check it out more! BTW, when I was paying for my eyeliner and this lightening stick, the girl said if I bought one more item, I would get 2 free products and 4 lipsticks! Well, knowing that I was down to my last $8, said I’d pass on that, but would be back next week for the hair spray stuff, and possibly this cream and foundation. i use Bare Minerals, but loved the stuff they used on my! Anyway, I had my bag in my hand, when one of the girls came up to me and asked my if I got any free items. I said I didn’t know, looked into my bag, and there was the cosmetic bag I had picked out, but did not realize that it was free, several lipsticks, including the one I had on, and 7 more products, free!! They all gave me their cards so they could help me next time, and after much talk about the concert, I promised to bring in pictures after the concert!!! So much fun!!! They would say, “you are so much fun! I’ll bet you are so much fun to go places with, and you’re so cool!” Lots of comments about how everybody should feel like I do about Adam, etc!! Anywho, kids, that’s the beginning of the concert for me!!! After I left, I stopped into TJ Maxx. Seems everybody was smiling at me, and I finally lthought to myself, oh, it’s the eyeliner! Totally forgetting I had the Peacock feather on the side of my head! Hahaha! Stopped at my son’s, and my were so strange!!! I kept asking them what they thought. They said I looked like Adam! hahaha!!! My son and daughter-in-law said the same thing!! Then the girls reminded me we ‘have’ to get that sign made!! So they all are excited more now than they were before today! I got a lot of teasing, to which I had some quick witted replies, which made it all the more fun! The end

    • Cheryl, PICTURES, please, PICTURES! If you can’t send in any pictures now, one of you gals must please bring a digital camera, so you can get your Glamberous selves downloaded for all to see. You three are our eyes and ears at the upcoming concert, and it would be so neat to see you at least in one photo. You must be quite a cute gal, the girls sure made over you, and even your family was shocked at your likeness to Adam…what a great start to your pre-concert fun!

      • cheryl norman says:

        HEY, LORRIN!! Well I was okay looking years ago, but, I’m fading fast!! But, thank you, tho!! Yes, I’ll have a digital camera with me, and want to get pics of all of us before the concert! Mostly the kids were kind of not too sure how to take me. At first they didn’t realize I had about double the eyeliner as usual. Then, Moriah said ‘grammy I thought that headband with the feather was just your hair!’!! Too funny!! When Farrah saw me, as usual she came running with both arms outstretched. I picked her up, she hugs me so hard, and as she’s starting to talk more (2-1/2 yrs old) said to me ‘I’m squeezing you, Grammy!’, then she noticed my necklaces, kind of leaned back in my arms, looked at my face and feather and got this skerd look on her face and immediately started talking about how much she likes crackers!!! We were all laughing at her, and I asked her if she liked my ‘hair’. She just smiled at me with the biggest smile that let me know she was not one bit sure WHAT to think!!! So, I got out my new lipstick and put some on her and put some lavender eyeshadow on her, told her how beautiful whe looked. She hugged me again and said ‘I want Adam”!!!! So we went to the computer, I put on Adam’s song “I Just Love You”, with Adam’s face on the screen, as the other 2 girls were waitting for me to put some make-up on them. So I put Farrah in the chair, told her I would be right back. She sat starring at the screen, mezmerized by Adam’s beautiful face. I pointed it out to her parents, and they just can’t get over how she is about Adam. After the song was over, she said ‘again, Grammy’, as she always does! Then she quietly said ‘Adam is cute”!! The only time she has EVER used the word ‘cute’ is when referring to Adam!!! Such a sweetie, and so perceptive!! haha!!

        • Iyleneidol09 says:

          Cheryl Norman, I enjoyed the whole account on macy’s make over, and grand kids story.Felt like I’ve known you from long time ago. Thanks for sharing… You seemed to be prepping seriously for this concert, as if you are going to a prom or getting married !! LOL!!

          • cheryl norman says:

            IYLENEIDOL, That’s avery nice thing to say – that you feel like you know me from a long time ago!!!
            Wonder who I remind you of?? Yeah, I wasn’t prepared for all the attention at the store, so it kind of
            pepped me up! So many Glambs on this site are responsible for getting me moving!! I don’t think or feel like I’m prepping so seriously, just having more fun than I thought I was going to today!! I l o v e
            shopping when I’m finding what I’m shopping for. you know how that is, either you’ve got the money
            and can’t find anything, or find everything you like and have no money!! Today was mostly the latter!
            Still neeed the nail polish so many have encouraged me to get!! Actually, I’ve been very encouraged
            by the Glambs to start getting into the whole concert vibe!! So!! That’s what I’m trying to do!! Believe
            me, getting married or going to a prom, required much more stress for me than this! Haha!!

    • cheryl norman says:

      LORRIN, hope you found my note to you about my response to your post!

  15. Cheryl you sound fabulous looking, so ‘Adamesque’!!

    • cheryl norman says:

      THERESA, Hey! Wouldn’t say I am anywhere near fabulous, but, I really left the house thinking I’d get some nail polish, maybe some better eyeliner, and ended up getting pepped up at Macy’s. That was the fabulous thing! JEANETTE gave me the ME eyeliner address on line, tht she got. That’s what AI used for Adam. I checked it out, and it was $27.50 for one eyeliner, so thought for now I would find something a bit more ‘reasonable’ at Macy’s. ME was 18.50 for the liner and the rest was shipping. I couldn’t ‘justify’ me spending that much right now. As it turns out the Lancome tht I ended up with was $28.00 by itself! But the one online by ME was a waterproof pencil, which I liked. So, the one they put on my at Macy’s was also waterproof and pencil. So, I didn’t save any money, and still don’t have the one by ME, which I really wanted. But the Lancome will be fine. Just don’t want to get used to a liner that expensive. Then, again, I could use it only when I’m going out, and not just everyday. But, I’m happy it ended up like that in a way because I finally found a ‘lightener’ for my dark circles that is wonderful and actually works good. I’ve spent a lot of money on cheaper brands over the last couple of years. I did ask the girls at Macy’s if they had a lipo dept or anything in a ‘facelift’! Of course not! After checking out clothes I so wished I was a few sizes smaller than I am!!! Kohl’s sent me an email on their latest sale, which is ‘Avril Lavigne’s Glam Rock Collection’! Glam Rock???? Kohl’s??? yep!!! I think you have to be 12 yrs old for those clothes to fit!!

      • Hey Cheryl, I am sure you looked stunning. You gave us a very vivid account and I can imagine the fun the three girls at Macy’s had with you. I have always thought of you as an ‘all or nothing’ gal.

        Sooooooooo Ma Cherie, bring on the eyeliner, the head band and feather, the hair gel or wax, the rock attitude – THE WHOLE SHABANG! This is your opportunity to GO BIG AND MAKE IT COUNT!!!!!!!! Getting married or going to a prom is minuscule compared to this. Cheryl, this is about ADAM, this is HUGE, this is a once-in-a-lifetime experience, this is an opportunity for the Glambs to STAND UP AND BE COUNTED. You, Theresa and Jeanette are going to fly our flag HIGH and after the concert, other concert goers will know how passionately GLAMBEROUS WE ARE!!

        Calling Mother Thereeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeesa! Terry, we need an update from your side too, please!!!!

        • cheryl norman says:

          INGRID, Oh, You are correct-o Fingrid!! Iyleneidol said that I’m acting like I’m getting married or going to a
          prom. Not my thought! I could look stunning with a tummy tuck and lipo!!! (sign, sniff) Yeah, all the kids
          on this site have really been pushing me to go all out! But, basically all I did was buy 2 pieces of cosmetics and a cheap headband with a part of a peacock feather in it. So? Oh, I know this is about ADAM!!! I am
          knowing he has a way with me that my husband couldn’t nor my prom dates!!! hahahaahhaa!!!!

          • … and oh Cheryl, if only you could have your way with him and get those naughty little paws of yours … See ya later, time for a cold shower!

            • Iyleneidol09 says:

              Ohhh, girls, girls… LOL!! all this fun talks and party planning just reminded me of my life in a college dormitory, a late night’s girls talk!!! Love it!! Love it!!! I still have yet to hear a story from someone who will sneak out ( from hubby, kids or boyfriend) the house to go watch Adam’s concert!! LOL!! We already heard a story from a previous threads someone who tapped on kid’s college fund to buy Adam’s concert ticket. OMG, I am laughing so hard by myself in the middle of my living room!!! No reality TV can beat this site!!! You got everything here!! Comedy, drama, sex and suspense!!!Thank god, no horror yet!!

              • cheryl norman says:

                IYLENEIDOL,, tHAT IS THE BEST DESCRLIPTION OF THIS SITE!!!! Yeah, we do have it
                don’t we?!! Comedy, Drama, Sex, and Suspense!!!! Right on!! Never thought of it in quite
                that way!! Maybe we should add Romance, Wisdom, Craziness, and a few other adjectives!
                LORRIN could help us out here!! It’s so funny when I find myself laughing out loud and I am
                sitting in front of my computer alone!!! We All are truly Lucky!!! We’re having this big party
                and only we know about it!!! Hahaha!!!

                • Oh ladies, I too, often sit in front of my computer late at night, laughing out loud over something one of you has said, or at one of the zany comedy routines we get going here, and I suddenly think: someone is sitting at THEIR computer a few hours ahead of me, or on the other side of the world in the morning of a new day, laughing and hooting over the same silly thing! As Cheryl said, we are all having this big party, and only WE know it, and it’s non-stop, you can pick up on it anywhere you happen to come in! Imagine all of us, in all these countries of the world, screaming with laughter, snorting our coffee or tea, laughing and talking out loud to our friends on the screen,….we are nuts! But oh well, it’s so much FUN, who cares? In fact, we are dying to get to our computers as soon as possible in the morning to see what’s been happening, and add our remarks in with the others, keeping the ball rolling along, passing it from hand to hand….and may I say ladies, (and of course, gentlemen also) that NOBODY’s got a sisterhood like this one…and our interests are NOT centered around academia, that is for sure…..yes, and let’s see, we’ve got ‘comedy, drama, sex, suspense, romance, wisdom, and craziness’, (as Iyleneidol and Cheryl said,…..AND to flesh it out a little bit, we’ve got high emotion, intense drama, luscious fantasy, heightened anxiety (of a kind much to be desired), fevered anticipation, and ecstatic overload. And, we’ve also got friendship, a place to talk about our special ‘shared’ love affair with Adam Lambert, (a menage a trois has nothing on us!). We’ve got tragedy and comedy (Adam can do them both equally well), and of course, WE do comedy as a group which is unequaled anywhere. Last but not least, we’ve got our romance in installments, so it will never grow old,,,add to that rhythm and music, and who could ask for anything more?!

                  • cheryl norman says:

                    LORRIN, I knew I could count on you for some more and better adjectives!!!! Yeah,
                    we all have our own ‘specialties’ to add now and again!!! This sisterhood is not
                    only homebound but traveling!!! My son just came in to pick up 2 of my One
                    Grant was on the big tv watching his 4th footballgame, Julia in my bed with the 2nd
                    tv watching Disney Chanel, and I’m on the computer watching the little interview
                    w/Adam, Kris and Alison reading young fan’s mail. My son looked at me, came over
                    put his hands on my shoulders, laulghing and massaging (sp) my shoulders and
                    said, “Mom!!! You really are ADDICTED”!!! To which I said, ‘quiet, and listen to
                    this’!!! Then we showed him the 2 signs for the concert – WHICH I WILL NEVER
                    GRAPHS!!!!! OMG!!!!!! I AM GONNA CRY!!!! okay, i’m close to crying now,,,,,,
                    ,,,……. crying…..

                    • WHAT, WHAT is this talk I hear? NOT get an autograph like Jeanette? Why Cheryl, I am COUNTING on you to get your little self directly under Adam for that special moment only you and Adam will share! I’m sure it is a possiblity that Adam will not come out and will stay inside, but let us all think positively until we know these things for sure. Until then, we hope for the most wonderful, most up-close, most joyous, most out-of-this-world moments for you, Terry, and Jeanette that can be imagined. Remember you are going on a wild booster ride onto the stage, which will be the most memorable event in Adam’s concert history! You will be rolled out the door with his glittering belt buckle still held in your hot little hand! Don’t get down now, dear Cheryl, even if things don’t go just as you thought and planned, it will still be the best time of your life! We are all here behind you, rooting and cheering for your special day! So slap on that peacock feather, gird on your Adamesque clothing and make-up, sluice on your black nail polish, and get out there and enjoy every minute of it, no matter what happens, or how it turns out! We Glambs are holding you up! Love and an extra helping of starlight are being sent to you tonight from out West!

                    • cheryl norman says:

                      LORRIN!!!! Guess what!!!! Mary and I think Jaberone have 3rd row seats!!!
                      Everybody stands the entire time Adam is on, so I can sneak up there with them
                      cuz I’m on the floor too!!! I have 2 amazing signs. I used black poster board and
                      gold and silver and dk brite blue glitter glue!!!! My sign for Adam says: ‘DANCE
                      with ME’!!!!! The other is a Adam’s GlambsFans with gold and charcoal glitter
                      glue! It looks so cool!!! OK, Im going to try to stay calm. I’ll need some drugs,
                      tho!! I have some xanax to help me!!! Hey!! If I could only get Adam a martini
                      and add a xanax to it,,,,,,,no!!! What am I thinking!!!! Maybe if I bought a cool
                      flask and had a martini in it? Oh, I’ll think of something. I hope!!! Thank you for
                      thinking about me!!! Next concert of Adam’s YOU will be there with me and
                      everybody else!!!! Then, we’ll make it a concert HE will never forget! Luv,cheryl

                    • Oh man, Cheryl, your news is SO great, 3rd row ON THE FLOOR with other Glambs! Sneaking in there will be so fun and cool. Your signs sound SO perfect…I LOVE the ‘DANCE WITH ME’ idea, that is so great a thought! If you are that close, surely he will spot you and the signs, oh my gosh! Cheryl, you just never know WHAT may happen at that concert! Don’t forget your martini thermos, your two signs, your peacock feather, and all your other Glamberous finery, and have the time of your life….oh, shriek, it’s only 6 days away!

  16. AdamAddict says:

    Peacock feather?Is it a hat?Or U just pin up on your cloth?Whatever it is,I think peacock feather is beautiful!If Adam didn’t see U,I bet many others will see U! But just make sure whatever feather U wearing, make sure it won’t block people behind U,I don’t want U got beat up by Adam’s fans !Hahaha! I mean seriously,if I was people behind you,all I see is this peacock feather…when you blocking Gokey,I can bear it,maybe will thank you but when it comes to Adam,and we all get excited and stand up and this gorgeous lady with beautiful peacock feather standing in front of me and blocking my pink simple t-shirt that written simple “I LOVE ADAM” ,that means war!! Hahaha!! Enjoy yourself,Cheryl!I’m excited for you! 😀

    • Yo AdamAddict! How are you? I recall Cheryl saying that she isn’t very tall – five and bit (not inches, feet), if I remember correctly, so the feather shouldn’t be a problem, unless it is one of those biiiiiiiiiig feathers which could upset her balance and she would just end up on the floor. Just like you, I am very excited for our Cheer Leader, Mother Theresa and Chief !

      Is the Adam fanbase rapidly growing in your neck of the woods? Take care and lotsaluv, Ingrid

      • AdamAddict says:

        I don’t know about Adam fanbase in Malaysia!But I just found out that my cousin don’t know who Adam is??!!My friends too busy making money they don’t even watched A.I! The only close to me that loves Adam is my sister’s husband’s family!! We call it “in law” is it? LOL!! I have to wait until he CD realease and see the response! Because sometimes I heard that the concert is successfull with sold out ticket and I have no idea who they were!! LOL!! I still want to dream that Adam will come here because I can save a lot of $ if he comes here! Please do not let PAS ruin it for me! PAS??You go read my post in Milwaukee thread!Come on Malaysian,fight that PAS!!LOL!!When exactly his tour anyway?I heard next year but what month?Anyone know for sure??

      • cheryl norman says:

        ALRIGHT NOW INGRID!!!! I am 5 full feet and 1 and 1/2 inches! Geeeeezzzzz!!!! You girls! The headband is as light as a feather! Get-it? Feather? Get it?! Hahahahahaha!!!!

    • cheryl norman says:

      ADAMADDICT,,,,No, silly you!!! It’s not a big peacock feather! Iis about as lon as a half of a head band, and is glued go the head band with just the greenish & bladk eye of the peacock in feathers being shown only if you are in front of me! It lays on the headband, Hahahahahaha!! You are too funny!!! Hopefully you’ll see it in a pic. Believe me, my grd kids didn’t know I had anythin on until I looked at them and bowed my head to show them!!! I wish I could wear a little t shirt w/I love Adam on it! My big American breasts would never be thought of as cute boobs in a little t shirdt! Hahaha!

      • Iyleneidol09 says:

        HAHAHA!!!Cheryl Norman!! why go for just a peacock feather, why dont you just put a whole, live turkey on your head!!! I bet you will get Adam’s attention and everyone else in that place!!!

  17. Glambertgirl1 says:

    Hey Lorrin-thanks for that. It was a great experience. Even though it was over a month ago, I still get excited when I think about it. Can’t recall-did you go to a concert yet or are you still waiting for it to come to your area?

    • Hey Glambertgirl1, I probably have more chances than most being in Northern California, and in fact, the arena is only about 20 minutes or so from my house, but no, I couldn’t go this year. I will see how things transpire next year, when Adam brings his own show to town!

  18. Agent_Betty says:

    lol Jeanette, you have no idea how comforting it was to read your blog up above, even though I know you were bummed about not getting back stage passes. Don’t give up!

    “In the afternoon I just felt like I was in a daze, and my stomach hurt the rest of the day. Why does Adam do this to me? Please tell me this totally irrational emotional roller coaster isn’t just me!”

    I think Adam does that to all of of us and I’m glad I’m not the only one. I went and saw the concert in Columbus, Ohio (got to meet Adam as well) and the day that followed it felt like there was a lump in my throat and that feeling like your chest hurts and you can’t breathe. Almost like when you had a crush on a boy at camp and then you leave and you’re really missing him. lol Sounds retarded, but that’s how I felt. Plus, I wanted to say something cool to Adam, but I pretty much blanked when he was right in front of me. I felt like an idiot and then just felt disappointed. I know he meets a million peeps a day and probably doesn’t remember everyone, but I was hoping to say something important and well yeah, I just felt tougne tied. lol Oh well. I’m gladI got to see him. It’s more than a lot of people have gotten . . he was definitely as kind and gracious as always. And soooo beautiful. It boogles my mind that someone can be so stunning and magnificent. Especially a man. lol Plus, I was bummed because I had brought him a present and the security took it away (to give to them) and it didn’t even have his name on it. So, I did make some comment about that and he assured me that it would be there, but I probably came off as some frantic fan. He gets so much stuff, so I don’t even know that he has time to look through all the stuff that he gets, but I brought him some tea and this neck wrap you put in the microwave. Help him relax on the last leg of the tour. It all happens to fast and then it’s over and you wish it could have been more. *sigh* Your heart aches for him because he just fills this need deep inside.

  19. cheryl norman says:

    LORRIN,,, Thanks for your support for the concert!!!! Yes, I love my sign!!! I’m ONLY hoping to get up with Mary and whoever else is there!!!! But, I’ll already be on the floor not too far back, and I understand the security guards ‘patrol’ the aisles, but, I have a ‘will’, just looking for the ‘way’!!!