TOUR VIBE – American Idol Summer Tour 2009 – Atlantic City, NJ


The gang rocks into Atlantic City, NJ for a show at the Boardwalk Hall on Friday, August 7th. First off, I have to tell you that Glambs have been sending us some great photos, so if you haven’t checked out the “Photos and Videos” article, please do so! There are some photos from the Greensboro show that are just awesome. Also, some very talented people took videos at the last concert in Baltimore, and I’ve added quite a few of them to the Baltimore TOUR VIBE post. Please check them out! Adam looks utterly unbelievable in Baltimore (doing the Elvis hair again), and according to the Glambs who were there in person, the photos and videos, as great as they are, don’t do him justice. Read the reviews in the Baltimore comments – they’re beyond wonderful!!! Thank you all for posting. I also included a brand new interview video from Baltimore.

My concert dates are still well in the future, as is the case for many of you, and I have to say that I’m riding this crest of anticipation which just keeps building and building. I hope I make it another 3 weeks – I feel like I’m running on Adam fumes alone. But it’s all good – Adam has his twitter back, he’s on Good Morning America on Aug. 7th, and every day that goes by brings us closer to the day we hear Adam doing his own music.

In the meantime, keep those photos and videos coming! If you have photos and/or videos from either this concert or any of the past concerts, please email them to us! Our email address is

~~Jeanette, Glamb #5


  1. Elvis hair again, huh? I prefer his hair down and spiky, but I’m sure having it slicked back off his face is more comfortable onstage, with it not getting in his eyes and whatnot. 😀 Either way he looks great, though.
    I went to the Dallas concert and took A LOT pics of Adam, but I had horrrible seats and you can barely see him. Those lucky people up close…it was exhilerating up from the top of the stadium where I was, I wonder what is was like being up in the front section. Haha. When he’s goin’ solo Imma try to score better seats…no more last-minute ticket buying for me!

    • AdamAddict says:

      I like his Elvis hair! I also like his spiky hair! So,it’s a good thing he change it up in every concert. I was like “hmmm what the hair going to be!!” LOL!! He’s super hot no matter what! 😀

      • Hi AdamAddict! Even if Adam had no hair I wouldn’t love him less! “Inside out, boy you turn, me …!

    • Saw Adam on Good Morning American this morning. The Combed back hair again. He looked
      very hot. Starlight version seemed a bit toned down compared to the Idols concert version.
      Still very good voice and he is sooo gorgeous. Nice ouftit too! Wish I was there.

      • AdamAddict says:

        OMG,I hope someone post it in youtube.I want to watch it! OMG,OMG!!

        • I’m sure it will be on you tube or look up the GMA website today, they will show it too.
          Adam is so hot.

  2. cheryl norman says:

    Jeanette, just seeing your comments in blk & wht is making me more excited!! Every concert vid that comes out, Adam looks like he’s just getting started!!!! The Baltimore vids are so great!!! Pics of Adam are getting to the point of ‘torture’, as one Glamb has said, and I couldn’t agree more!!! I almost feel like I’m on a rollerf coaster that’s coming in for the landing watching all these concert vids and thinking about seeing him in the ‘raw’, I mean ‘flesh’!!! OMG! This is too exciting!!! Thanks for whetting our lips a bit more with each passing concert!!!! Hopefully everyone saw the interview Adam did in Baltimore! But Adam said that esven tho all his websites are running, they are tqaken care of by ‘management’, I wonder how that works for his fans???!! He said he doesn’t have the time now to post, and I’m sure he doesn’t!! He needs all the rest he can squeeze out of the day, which doesn’t seem like much. But hearing him say that this was far more work than he ever thought it would be is what I always thought. When touring w/the other musical theatre groups, he said that they would spend weeks in the same town, so, at least now he has more of an idea of the incredible work that goes into a ‘tour’, so when he’s done w/this, he’ll be able to make a more informed decision about how he’ll tour w/his own concert!!! LOOOOVE HIM!!!!!
    peace-love-light 4 Adam ………………………………………………………and his Glambs!

    • Lisette..oh one more article..Thenks agan Jeanette for all yur lovli articles an updates on AI summertour,vraimente Adam shold see yur dedication an thinq can be his “official site”,,hugs for taking away any bleus/an worries!An Cheryl I left commente on last post so do see (one with pants,etc) many now.An I av non seen the interview in Baltimore so will return to utube gathre? I imagaine Adam must feel drained given his energie dansing,an emotional,celestial vocals far more tiring then in his “theatre days”,an thinq even on day off saw interview sayin spends time in rehearsal,an recording for cd.An I thout his webstite run by management always since his days on “idol’..A myspace pages inot current in commente replies,an official page,user unfrendly.
      An so twitter/bubble tweet amazing has time for..poor beauamie.Hope he can finde time to reste to maintain bonhealth an his voix angelique! Angel blessings Adamxox Luv an bonsoirl! Lisettexoxo .


  4. HI fellow fans, I just watch my recorded “View” from todays show. Now, I already knew that Adam wasn’t going to be on…. but the guide provided on my Direct Tv listed Adam as the front running guest in nice large letters SINGER ADAM LAMBERT and then Regis …. Even though I knew he wouldn’t be appearing, I wondered what was the reason he, or they, canceled the spot.. For them to publish his name must have meant that they thought it was a done deal.. I know this is his day off from the concerts but do you think he would just decide at the last moment he didn’t want to go ? I’m sure he wouldn’t want that on his record as a star that backs out of an appearance deal… Or did the View have a change of heart at the last moment ? Very strange I think… Does anyone know, or if someone reads the answer somewhere, can you let us know..? By the way, I heard that Adam with be singing ” starlight” tomorrow on GMA. I like that song only because Adam sings it… I’d watch it if he sang Happy Birthday.. sherry

  5. P.S. this is the first time that I posted my comments on here and it didn’t take me twenty minutes to scroll down to the bottom of the page.. lol love you guys… 🙂

  6. rhymingrealtor says:

    I too was wondering about the view – I recorded it – because I had had to go out then I came thru the door like a nut threatening all that live in my household with instant death if they screwed with my recording, they were relieved to find out they had’nt screwed it up – but he was’nt on… all that threatening for nothing! On the plus side I am recording GMA , Regis, Rachael & The vew today, I know hes on GMA but just in case they do the rounds I am covered. And I know my reaction yesterday will keep everyone away from the DVR!

    I am looking forward to tommorows concert at The prudential center in Newark.

    Glamb # 337

  7. Adam looked amazing on good morning america

    • Oh, my God, Adam’s skin looked flawless, and he was made up for TV, not theater, so he looked perfect. I love the hair slicked back. I love him dressed in black. He had on a really cool rectangular silver pendent, too. Wow!

  8. I can hardly wait to see him in michigan sept.6

    • Penny, there are a BUNCH of us going to this show! Can’t wait!!!

    • cheryl norman says:

      PENNY, I’m going to that show also! See you there, maybe!

      • Wow, wish I was going to that show. You guys will have a ball not only seeing the show, but meeting ea other in person. Wouldnt it be just great if u all could get backstage passes. Whole group of GLAMBS.

  9. AdamRocks! says:

    I’m literally shaking after watching Good Morning America. . . Adam did a stripped-down, acoustic version of Starlight. . . he looked and sounded BREATHTAKING, and like a true SUPERSTAR! ~THUD~

  10. Adam was fantastic today on GMA. I wish I could buy that version of “Starlight” on iTunes…it was very sweet, very relaxed. I loved it.

  11. Here’s the GMA performance…I love it.

    Kris and David Cook are up there too.

  12. I’m stuck at work until 7 pm, so I have to wait to watch my recording of Adam on
    GMA. Ugh!!! Gonna be a loooong day. Glad Adam sounded so good.

  13. Adam was GREAT!!!!!! I had to laugh at the bra comment…… I think he was just a little embarrassed after he said it… they all laughed and said it was a morning show.. THATS OUR AAADAMMM.. I loved it ! love love ADAM

    • That was cute and he did seem embarassed! His pants looked painted on. I liked this toned down version of “Starlight”.

      • I agree, loved his version he did on GMA of Starlight. And loved his makeup! Loved how he was embarrassed when he said where are the Bras? When they told him it was a family morning show he was so cute when he ducked his head. LOL

    • Yes, and I saw him share an amused, sheepish grin with one of the male co-hosts after that bra remark. I found the whole thing to be hilarious. Now Adam, remember dear, it’s a morning show, and sometimes we just have to try to behave ourselves a little bit. Hee hee.


    • cheryl norman says:

      EVERYTIME I SEE THE NAME ‘CHERYL’, I THINK IT’S MY POST!!! Just for anyone’s info., when you see ‘Cheryl’ it’s another ‘cheryl’, not me!? If anyone cares!!
      By the by, Lorrin and Ingrid, go to the DC thread and scroll down to near end and ck out new messages dated 8-7, from me to you. But from you to me, it’s , well I’m just saying for me to you, dudettes, it’s not for you to me. (Randy Jackson bloopers)

      • Cheryl dear, I DID notice about the two names, and I DO care, and also, I left a number of funny little posts for you and Ingrid on the same page you just mentioned, scattered here and there towards the bottom of the you..

        • cheryl norman says:

          Lorrin, thank you for the ‘love’!!! The other ‘Cheryl’ thing just freaked me out a couple of times, thinking, ‘hmmmm, I don’t think I said that”!!! hahaha! Too much!! So, I thought I’d post a little note, not if anyone even thought about ‘me’ being someone else!!?? So, thank you my dear!! Love you, too!
          love-peace 2 U!

          • Lisette here..Aw thenks for clarifyin thes..but somehow I have notice yur last nom after many times reading yur lovli postes,an sharing deffarante mostly nous affetione pour Adam..merci for lovli concerne( so visite nts thread) re:fibromyalgia I send repy as well.It’s too long an given ther’s othre glambs thet who may non wishe to read .. page for beau Adam. Yu’re very warmhearted an share similar intereste,as Lorrin an Ingrid,with art,an famille who singe,enjoie writing,musique..Take care an know someday we may meet perhaps in future solo concerte..av non forgot thes lovli idea..It can come to be..Let’s nevre give up on such arrangementes! bonmatin now as Im up agan as ma chat is meowing for a snack..darn was dreaming of Adam(oops) forget Im on here,in lieu of email..Okay secret out agan Adam..sure’ we all feel thes way!
            hugs an bisous Luv Lisette!

      • We care Cheryl. I know Cheryl Norman is you. Thanks
        Looks like we have a couple of Marys joining us now too. Mine is Mary C.
        Hopefully everyone will have an initial or something, so we can have our own identity.
        Rock on Adam

  15. By the way, Has anyone every noticed the friendship between Sam And Chris on GMA ??? They also have a great brofriend relationship.. We should call them Chram…. lol OH… and did you notice that Adam was the tallest person on that stage ?


  17. I’m wondering why I had made a note (back in May) that Adam would be on FOX, Monday, August 10th at 8:00 PM? I know it’s a teen award show. Anyone have any more information?

    • Yeah, he was nominated for Teen Choice Awards Best Male Variety Star, I think. Something along those lines. I’m not sure if he would actually be there or not. There’s no concert that night, so it’s definetly a maybe. When he’s not touring or recording the album he’s making guest appearances pretty much everywhere. He certainly keeps busy these days!

    • I have found out that Adam is nominated for two awards:

      Choice TV Male Reality/Variety Star, and

      Choice Red Carpet Fashion Icon Male

      In my mind he has already won, but will teen America vote for him?

      • Marie/Toronto says:

        I believe these awards are ones where the celeb knows if they’ve won ahead of time. (People’s Choice awards also do this). They do this to ensure that as many winners as possible show up. Now Adam, being as he’s on tour, if he shows up, green light a least one of those awards for him. I know Monday is one of his days off….

  18. Lee Meeker says:

    It was good to see Adam and Kris live, but, I was jealous that they didn’t show more of the concert, when they had things going on in the park you could hear in the background the guys singing, I so wasn’t interested in what they were talking about. Adam, as always was great and looked “just fine!!!”…..Adam is so confortable on stage and talks just like he was in a private conversion, can not imagine how far he will go, sure I do !!!!

  19. OK….I’m 50ish and love Adam. Saw him at the Ontario, California concert and got his autograph afterwards. Let me tell you people; Adam is about 5-11 and strikingly handsome in person. I took pictures of him coming down the barricades towards us and the entire time he was polite as ever to everyone. I am in awe of Adam….truly……I cannot believe how talented, handsome, and polite this young man is…..and I lived to see him in person. Something I’ll never forget!

    • AdamRocks! says:

      I heard that he is 6′ 1″. 🙂

      Cindy in MS

    • cheryl norman says:

      LANI, ADAMROCKS is correct. At the beginning of AI he was listed as being 6’1: and 185lbs. Just for your
      info! Strikingly handsome is an understatement! He’s more gorgeous than we can even imagine! Haha!

      • AdamRocks, Mary C and Cheryl, 2t2tag, can you share any of his other ‘vital’ statistics??? Hmmmm, would be interesting!

        • Hey you two, go back to D.C. posts, pretty far down the page. There are some little easter eggs hiding here and there..

        • cheryl norman says:

          OOOooohh!!! Ingrid,you are SOOOO naughty!!! BUT! I wouldn’t mind knowing stats either. I will go out on a limb and say, that in his silver pants on that dance floor w/that little guy, and from his singing in ‘Wicked’ in the gold tux jacket w/gold pant, both pics suggest he is far greater than the ‘average’ man!! I mean,,,,, just take a gander on those two pics, nd it can either excite you or make you skerd!

          • Personally, I think he was pulling a “Tom Jones” at that costume party where he was dancing with the gay guy. Does anyone know what I mean by that? If so, you’ll be giggling for sure.

            • ..Are you thinking about the cockney rhyming slang, Songwriter4adam?

              • Heck, no. Tom Jones was famous for stuffing socks into his pants to, uh, augment the overall effect. LOL.

                • That is, Tom Jones, the Welsh singer with the swivel hips!

                  • Oh yeah, I’m well aware of THAT Tom Jones effect. My Mother, sister, and I were galvanized by those moves when he first began to appear in front of TV audiences those many years ago. But the cockney slang term has a similar, if not exact meaning..that’s why I asked…

          • Cheryllll, OMG you have me shakinnnnnnn, love it.

        • INGRID!

          • Songwriter4adam, Lorrin – Hi from the 4th floor! Noooooooo, I don’t think our Adam stuffed socks into his underpants. Common now Wrongwriter4dam (I mean Songwriter4adam)! I think our MAN is well-packaged in the lower departments, but I loved your post and I am still laughing. Me thinks …. hmmmm, we wonders, hmmmmmmmm, me fantisizes, hmmmmmmmm, me needs to take a cold shower, AGAIN!

            • OK, I gotta tell you guys. When out in LA in May and he was talking w/us. There
              was these other girls asking him if he had gotten their gifts and yes, he remembered everyone of them. The one girl asked how about the naughty one?
              He laughed and said ” oh yes, I did get that one and he giggled and said “but it was too small” It was a naughty nice gift for down under! He had us rolling.
              What a gem he is!

              • Mary C – Mary, Mary, quite contrary, how does Adam’s garden grow??? Ha, ha! Whew, thank you, I am so relieved although my blood pressure has just gone through the roof! So there we have confirmation that our Adam is well endowed in the lower register and the lower regions (down under). So Mary, how am I supposed to think straight after receiving that bit of useful information. Wicked, totally and utterly and beautifully W I C K E D! Hugs, Ingrid

                • Oh Ingrid, I wish I had that on video. Didnt have video with me. Do have
                  some good pics of him and I though. My sister and I were ever so lucky to be able to attend both of the finale shows in LA. She had won the trip and away we went from Ohio. It was a quick 2 night,3 day trip but ever so worth it. Especially with the Fox interviews that Thursday morning following and be so up close and personal. Only about 12 people down there that morning, which was a good thing. This all took place around 6 am out there. He and Kris either one had gotten much sleep.
                  We watched Adam eat his breakfast, there were so many interviews taking place, they were chowing down. Just to watch him chew was a pleasure, if u know what I mean. In between the interviews is when he was able to come over and pose and chat.
                  The best part , is when u introduce yourself, he repeated your name and was so so sweet. OMG, I am drooling all over again. Trip of a lifetime for us. We cant wait untill Ohio concert.

                  • Mary C, just listening to you gets me drooling too. I am looking forward to Adam Concert, when I’ll make the trip from South Africa. Please share your Ohio concert – every little detail. Love and Peace from Cape Town.

                    • I sure will share the Ohio concert with you all. I am another one that wont
                      be doing a video. I want the eyes meeting the performer with no video
                      camera in between us. Plus I’m not good at that. It would be blurry from
                      not holding my hand still.
                      I will share all the eyes view with you guys.

    • ahem……… 6 feet 1inch of pure beauty and sex appeal….. !!!!! And we all love every INCH of him… lol and who cares what size shoe girls…. just look at the lenght of HIS beautiful fingers….. WE ARE BAD….. JUST SAYING. 🙂

  20. not only is he 6’1 , but his hair is at least 2 inches (elvis do) and his boot heels add 1-2 inches. he is a shapely, gorgeous, monumental 6’4 with the added inches. it totally becomes him and makes him much easier to see, not that i can take my eyes off of him for a second while he is on stage.

  21. What is wrong with Elvis hair, it shows Adam’s beautiful face, it shows off his beautiful eyes, I love the Elvis hair as well as the other styles. I love his voice, his performances, his mesmorizing stage presence. I liked his performance on GMA, a different version then the one from the tour. The bra comment, very sweet, good on you Adam, that is how we like you.

    • Lisette here..thenks for sharing an lovli to see yur posts..I adore Adam with hair coiffed off his it complementes his features an agree is reflective of Elvis’ style..but yet his own non with a pompadur..more contemporaire.An far as stage presence is second nature to his superbe artistique espressiones in danse,vocal inflectiones,eye contacte with audience an band.An oh seein his comments on newest GMA al le fin..says okay where’s l’bras..thers no bras.Thes aftre host thenked Adam for his superbe performance..Ah so sweet ..perhaps he enjoies le femmes attentiones despite his preference..Stil dare to av dreames all us glambs,an yes Adam’s angels..As he’s an angeli manare di le cielo..bit of Italian here..Angel from heaven! Blessings always an luv Lisette!

  22. trouble-maker says:

    Girls, Girls — By the tone of your conversation I think you are all ready for a major Adam thrill. If so, I suggest you go to this website then scroll down the middle column of video clips to the one that says something like Adam is Toxic (a take off on Britney Spears’ song). Enjoy! hahaha

  23. Hi Everyone, I saw him in the Ft Lauderdale concert down here in Florida , He was Gorgeous , He is so sexual on stage it made me get chills down my spine . Oh too be young again. He is the most talented person , His vocals are just incrediable. I Love Adam

  24. Is it my imagination running away with me or was Adam ouzing with sexiness in Atlantic city? I just watched a video of whole lot of love on YuTube which left me speachless (to put it politely), and then I watched the Bowie medley, all I can say is OH MY GOD, the audience went absolutely crazy, as he left their screams were louder then ever.

    Please view the videos and tell me I was imagining things

  25. I think he’s the best I ever have seen,his voice his style his hair,….and he’s so talented he’s seeeeeexxxxxyyyyy I love him