TOUR VIBE – American Idol Summer Tour 2009 – Albany, NY

The gang is back in New York again for a concert on Wednesday, August 19th at the Times Union Center in Albany.

There isn’t much news today other than the fabulous pics from Adam’s Robert Sebree’s photo shoot, which I’ve posted separately. Here’s one more pic, 180 degrees from the photo shoot pics, but fun nonetheless. Who would have ever thought a year ago that a guy with that many freckles would be the sexiest man on earth? It’s courtesy of TMZ and was taken this past Monday in New York City.


And here’s an interview from Nassau from a week ago. Nothing really new here, same old questions (I so wish these reporters would be more creative – there are so many things we still DON’T know that we want to!) like “is it surreal to you?” and “what’s the album going to be like?” but Adam is so cute and he has such a great way of answering as if it WAS the first time he’d heard those inane questions…

If you’re going to the Albany show, please share your experiences with us. If you have photos and/or videos from either this concert or any of the past concerts, please email them to us! Our email address is

~~Jeanette, Glamb #5


  1. Oh, Adam…he’s so adorable.
    And I’ve noticed, he seems to like hats a lot. Very random of me to say, I know, but hey, I tend to pick up the little things…

    • I totally loooooooveee this interview, it’s Adam at his charming and ingenuous best! I love that he is a ‘people person’ and brings humour to each of his interviews.

  2. cheryl norman says:

    OH, ADAM!!! Hahahaha!!! He is too cute!!! This pic just shows how comfortable Adam is with himself!!
    Hate the shirt and don’t like the sunglasses, but, Adam does, and rolls one sleeve up showing his very
    freckled arm, that he says he doesn’t like!!! Hahaha!! Just doing ‘his thing’, running aroung w/o wearing any hot clothes, being himself!!! Of course, himself is HOT, but, just sayin’…………..! He’s not preoccupied with ‘trying’ to be as cool as possible!! Such a man-boy!! Love him. We should take a good look at these pics of him now, cuz it may not be too long before all things Adam could be in short supply. Oh, I almost hate to see it come. Showing his humbleness again.

    • Lisette here..Thenks agan Jeanette for all l’dedicatione an lovli articles/photos an interviews of beau Adam! He seeme to very repose,humble an sweet with interview as always..An bless him for nevre tiring of having interviews,across US,very honest an from l’couer re: his lifestyle,sensualitie onstage thet appeal to all ages,sexes an us femmes/glambs always!Oh monbeau Adam j’espere solo concerte will be non too far away..I’ll be ther for sure!An Cheryl agree in photo Adam appear very natural,even sans hi couture is tresbeau an relax..adore l’freckles too(blushe now opps)!
      hugs n bisous Luv Lisettexoxo

      • Hi Lisette, I am sorry. Please forgive me. Bye bye.

        • Dora come back and post with us, we are all here for each other and Adam.

          • cheryl norman says:

            LORRIN, you’re such a softie! I can feel your heart aching for Dora way out here!!

            • Oh Cheryl, she said, ‘farewell’ on her first post, and ‘bye bye’ on her second one, I didn’t want her to lose out on all the fun and good times and all the love for Adam we have going here, just because of a mistake. Apologizing is a very hard thing to do, especially on a public website, and it takes courage also. I would hope from here that we could all get along and go on together. I won’t worry about it, I know things will happen as they’re supposed to. Lisette is really the one who has been forgiving..

              Love to all the Glambs!

              • cheryl norman says:

                LORRIN, Why do you think she’s not coming back??? You know I do know how that is!!
                Well, hopefully Dora is not gone!!!! I was ‘teasing’ you. I had no idea what was happening.

                DORA, if you are still around, I also want to encourage you to post your love for Adam on
                this site!!!! You’re just fine. Don’t think that anyone would not want to hear from you. This
                is the Adam-loving site, and we want all Adam-lovers to feel good here!!! Hope you rethink
                the situation, if you’re thinking about not coming back here!!! That would be a real big sad
                feeling!! Think about it, again.

                • Thanks, Cheryl, you’re a great you..thank you for your kind words.

                  • Lisette here..bonsoir Lorrin hope yu’re fine..Plese see post forr Dora few heures passe.An have espress thet truli is a place to gathre for all glambs/amies on Adam’s tribute page an wondreful articles/interviews,photos,concert videos/shows an people who share affetion for a gifted vocaliste/artiste as he is!Blessings an luv always Lisette!

                    • Bonsoir, Lisette, look here and back on the Boston Vibe post to see two replies from me to you that hopefully will be comforting to you..

                    • Ah, all is well, I see you’ve already read them, now I am happy. Starlight and peace to you tonight in the West..

                • Hi Dora, I have been absent for a while and have’nt even had the opportunity for have a chat with you … and now you are saying , GOODBYE. Sorry girlfriend, you not going to get away that easily! So, CALLING D O R A, D O R A, … DORA, JUST COME BACK HERE, NOW! Love and peace from a cloudy and cool Cape Town.

                  Psst, when I come back here, I want to see a Dora post, UNLESS YOU WANT ME TO FETCH YOU!

        • Lisette here..Dora if yu av reade last thread..gues what theres a note for I was raise with compassion so all can be mended..yu’re here for do enjoie.Just plese av more tolerance for diffarante cultures an such..Bonwishes Lisette Blessings to all glambs as always..I av known lot of sadness,an loss of parentes to cancer.An so Adam’s tribute page has brout joie,an contentmente agan! As I av mention even before joine here on utube to Adam during “Amer.Idol” felt he was m’angel of musique an parentes send too can listen somhow from l’ciel(heaven)..Blessings monamie with a voix celestial,an couer
          tresbeau! Luv,Lisettexoxo

          • cheryl norman says:

            Just read about tonite’s concert. NOTHING THROWN ON STAGE!!! Also, in the pic above Adam
            is carrying a ‘sub’ from ‘subway’! I feel pretty proud of myself for finding that out all by myself!

            • Cheryl, a sub from subway. Way to go girl. Pat urself on the shoulder for tht one.
              You and Lorrin are so sweet for calling on Dora.
              Also, where has Victoria been??? We havent heard from her since, she went to show
              and was lucky enought to get Adams e-mail adressssssssss.
              Victoria, r u holding out on us??????????????

          • Lisette, you are a dear….I did not mean to be high-handed in coming to your defense on the other thread, and I’m not trying to wedge myself in here, I just hoped that all of us and Dora could settle back in and keep going on with Adam together…I hope all will be well…love to you in NV..

            • hugs agan Lorrin seems we’re online diffarante time,an if yu see several time here I av poste re: Dora an I av taken notice of her repli ,acepte apology an,sayin reman for Adam ..our Angel d’ heartes(all I can do..)m’energie is draine.As thes is supose to be place for frenship..all I av evre wish for)..fini adesso!

      • Hi Lisette, ma cherie! I have been absent for a while but missed you. Will catch up soon! Love and kisses – Ingrid!

    • Cheryl, if u like this pic w/o him wearing hot clothes, check out the Boston Ma post . I posted a group
      pic w/him in black shorts and white sockies!!!!!!! Cutey Cutey!

      • cheryl norman says:

        MARY, yes, I saw that!! Hahaha! Looks like he just grabbed a pair of socks at the last minute and got them on as fast as he could!!! Too cute and funny!! Just ‘a typical’ gock-god?!! He is in for a wild awakening!! He obviously never saw this coming!!! He just hoped to get a music contract thru AI. He was and still is completely astonished by his popularity by the world!! It may be some time before he actually digests everything. Afterall, he’s still under the AI umbrella of protection. He’s bound to face a lot of confusion, and re-examination of all he is and how he’s projecting himself to the world. I have a feeling Adam will do some major matureing w/o even realizing why! With every interview, it seems obvious that he
        is trully stunned by all the love and screamming for him tha he’s only able to see from a minor vantage
        point. Just wait till the concert tour is over!!! Adam, hopefully will start to realize then, how his life will never
        be the same in any way! But, to the extent that it won’t. It will be fun, exciting and make us all so happy to
        see his ‘wildest’ dream gone astray to make way for a ‘dream’ he never could have imagined!!
        peace-love-hope-joy-light 4 Adam!

        • Cheryl, Adam is my ‘Gock-God’ too!

          • cheryl norman says:

            LORRIN, I KNEW IT!!!!! I saw hte error, but thought if I just snuck by it, nobody would notice.
            EL-WRONG-O!!!!!! Thank you so much, my dear Miss Lorrin!!!! You keep me on my toes as
            hard as I try not to be!! Hahaha!!!! You’re so CUTE! Lotsa luv, ‘n lotsa luv!

            • lisette here..bonsoir sorry mes amies(for 2 fly in has become butterflie(dora) othre see below.An on much liter note thenks Cheryl for lovli poste acan smile thenkful apres l’stress of passe thread..I’ll non let any grey cloude to cast shadow on thes page of soleil.Left yu note on Hartford page plese see..plese take care,prayres for yu an thenks Mary for photo seein of Adam in group with casualweare..adorable.An Cheryl knew yu’re excite an smile seein “gocks” funny..ah merci I neede thes from one fibro gal to anothre we neede stress Adam can do thes for sure! An p.s. Lorrin so know thes can all passe..ther’s so many beautful people all we wish is to adore an celebrate Adam an his musique,his hearte an voix tresangelique!..nevre for those who still attack Lisette plese read evry thread I have alway given blessings an luv ..plese open yur hearte(wannabesnake alrite..peace,paix,pace..what else to can yu like here!..Adam etes le definition of luv..amour,amore…evryone all we need! Luv yu all Lisettexoxoxo

            • cheryl norman says:

              I’ll correct the above mistake from me, that should read, I saw the error…

            • Thank you, thank you, I have to keep my hand in, can’t be letting MadBert get by with anything, you know (although I actually HAVE let him get by with plenty just recently, just thought I’d let you know), but I mean really, ‘gock god’ is too good, Cheryl, I just can’t let that pass. But you know, you’re right, here comes the BIG world rushing at him, gathering speed for its final collision with Adam Lambert, and it’s soon going to be a very different scene for him. It’s lovely to see him so young, unfamiliar, and boyish still…we are watching the making of a man and a star, and I hope he never loses that ingenuous charm when he jumps into the big leagues where the piranha are…there’s still so much ahead, but he has such a great sense of balance and awareness, I truly feel all will be well. I look forward to seeing and hearing every little thing as he makes his way in the world..

            • Cheryl and Lorrin, here we go again! Cheryl, I thought that you had overcome MadBertitis, but CLEARLY, that is not the case. Oohhhh, I so missed you folk! I should be doing other things but I keep telling myself, “Just one more eensy, wheensy post! Hugs, Ingrid!

              • cheryl norman says:

                INGRID & LORRIN, Actually, I’ve been letting MadBert have things ‘his way’ lately!!! I know
                I shouldn’t spoil the little naughty boy, but, sometimes I just can’t help myself. He thinks it
                keeps you all on your toes. hmmmmm…………could be right…………

      • Helen/Canada says:

        Can’t find it Mary. Do you mean the Boston Tour post? Looked through it twice!

    • Cheryl, man-boy is a good word for him… we lust after the man and we cherish want to protect the boy. YUM!

      • cheryl norman says:

        THERESA, Soooooo correct-o!! Our maternal feelings come across for the ‘boy’, and our passion comes out for the ‘man’!!! Speaking of ‘men’, I heard today that Shania Twain (a Canadian whom I adore) will be guest-judging idol. Also heard that Paula wants 10 million, she was offered 4 million, and maybe she will settle for something inbetween and go back to idol.?

      • Mother Thereeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeesa, I love it too! Cheryl, when not riddled with MadBertitis (which is more often, than not), you are absolutely brilliant! Yeah, 50% for that (I mean brilliance)! Hee, Hee! Okay, I know what’s coming … so bring it on!

    • Indeed Cheryl! I quite like the sweater – me thinks it is rather cool! Well, that’s you and I, ma cherie – on opposite sides but mostly together! Love ya, Ingrid

      • cheryl norman says:

        INGRID, Sweater??? That’s a t-shirt, little missy!!! Yeah, you like conservative Roger and I like liberal Rafa!
        But, we must embrace our differences!! Too much alike could be boring!!! i don’t think either of us could be charged with being ‘boring’!!!!! peace-love

        • No sweat Cheryl! I would just have you know that where I come from it is called SWEATER, OKAY! Peace and love to you too, my friend!

  3. Cheryl…you’re right! ADAM will probably be guarded from the public once he’s out on his own. So we should enjoy all these great photos while we can. The papparazzi will drive him crazy so he’ll need security guards nearby at all times while he’s out. He is THE most gorgeous guy that I’ve ever seen….with or without makeup. ADAM looks like he is working out abit…his arms look so toned. Is he shopping? Wonder where! I just want to know about everything he does and where he goes….is that what “addiction” is??? OMG HELP ME!!!!!! LOL

    • Lisette ah am fatigue but une more post..Jaberone lovli to see yur posts here,an as I av mentione many threads passe,pray for Adam’s welbeing as seen in carchase of paparazzi monthes ago thru backstrets of LA (in Limousine)nerly cause accidente as driver sped rapide away..An made me thinq of ill fate thet Princess Di had all from many yers of craze photographere/an paparazzi.As I av say may angels garde over,an also some human bodyguarde can be wondeful! bon nuit/au matin now to glambs,frends an Adam..angel d’musique et le couer! Luv Lisettexoxo

      • cheryl norman says:

        LISETTE, Take care of yourself!!! Sending angels to you! Luv, Cheryl

        • Lisette agan..Cheryl merci m’cheramie too seeme all I’m doin here is having a grande luv fest..non thet minde,just situatione has lefte me fatigue..How are yu feling too?Take care ther’s lot of fibromyalgia aids natural herbs(I can share..on utube Lisette28 )..Blessings an bonsoir Lisettexoxo an always thinq of Adam our angel of musique whenevre life gives sadness yu know what I mean Cheryl! hugs an luv Lisettexoxo

    • cheryl norman says:

      JABERONE, I wish I could help you, but I’m trying to cope with my obsession, too!!!! Just stay close to the site!!! If necessary, you can type out 911 and one of us Glambs will get help to you!! Hang in there!! We’re all here for you!!!!!

    • Hi Jaberone! If and when you find someone to help you, please send him/her over to our side – we all soooooooooooo need help!

  4. i love how he does the regular guy bit when he’ll never be really regular hehehe… there’s just this something about him… well, you guys know what i mean;p

  5. Dianne Hill says:

    Love his freckles, don’t you just want to kiss each and every one – just how beautiful can one man be. I love this guy with all my heart and soul. It’s not fair, I want to be a man, I want to be – not old enough to be his mother. Oh well, back to reality. Its time for me to go to bed. How the heck am I ever going to get to sleep tonight.

    • Lisette encore..mama mia now..Diane promise am goin to slepe but notice yur smile lot..second l’emotione thirtysomething..but thenks to beau Adam feel joie de vivre,younge in hearte an all l’maladies of ma illness vanish..non neede for meds..He’s le natural cure..oops must say bonmatin..pleasant reves/dremes(Diane..of Adam possible)! Hugs an luv Lisettexoxo

    • AdamRocks! says:

      Dianne, I know JUST WHAT YOU MEAN!!!

    • cheryl norman says:

      DIANNE, Oh, I’d love to kiss, lick or *&*&^*%^ those freckles!!!! Just point my head in the right direction!!

  6. just love the combo of the ball cap with guyliner and black nails…he seriously must be the first guy to make this work!

    adam, have to disagree with you around 4:50…it’s not just about the music and the performances, baby, great as they are. it’s more about you as a person, a glam being, and the insane effect you have on everyone!

    Glamb #47

  7. OK now I am confused-Is Adam sick (laryngitis, etc.) or not. First I read that he is exhausted and it is showing in his concerts then I read that he is still going strong and is looking forward top his next concert-what gives

    • Well I was at the Albany show and Adam didn’t show up for the meet and greet after the concert. He was escorted right to the bus. One of the security guards said he wasn’t feeling well. So it was true at that show at least.

  8. Love the contrast and the Freckles! ;p

  9. Check this great article about Opera Experts talking about Adam…

    • I loved this ‘review’ by the three Opera critics, how supportive they are to Adam! I thought it was fascinating that two of them thought he had a possible baritone range, but with his excellent training has hidden it, and expanded out to his soaring tenor. I was also pleased to know that he indeed is blasting in full voice on those higher notes, and not using falsetto tricks in the upper register. They praised his excellent pitch, breathing, phrasing, diction, vocal stamina, overall ability, his looks, charm, and the possiblity of his becoming a major star, very strongly. One of the writers in particular praised Adam’s diction, which he called the ‘hallmark’ of any truly great singer. Adam can use that ability in such a way that he can ‘bend syllables and color words’, making the overall communication of his songs a joy to experience. He also said that Adam seems to be making up these incredible embellisments (‘licks’) on the spot as he goes (like that INCREDIBLE Blues run he does in ‘Whole Lotta Love’), but whether or not they are improvised or not on the spot, Adam makes them SOUND as though they are, which is just as good. So his songs always sound new and fresh. And that is what Adam has always tried to do, to the annoyance of his poor brother Neil those many years ago. I’m thrilled that these San Diegan Opera people sound like bona fide fans of Adam Lambert, what a huge boost to his crediblity across the board, and what fun to hear from the ‘experts’ on Adam’s vocal and personal prowess!

      • ..that’s ’embellishments’ not ’embellisments’ for heaven’s sake..

        • Caren Glamb #8 READ ABOVE OPERA ARTICLE on Adam, you will love it! (Required reading for Omegan Epsilon Chi Rho Adam Lamda).

        • Lisette here..Sending bonwishes et bonsoir all Lorrin grand hugs for above(with Dora..if yu see 2 pages I av replie to her..accepte apology,etc..Now I av anothre person (see last page wannabesnake..insulte..mentioning ma grammar to piglatin! Absolute suprise to see somone else hurtful an childish.Plese Jeannette if yu’re moderate take notice.I av in passe even repli to wannabethesnake in frendli mannre.So gathre best to ignore such individual.Thinq I sense unhappiness within here..Finde peace an joie..As I always do here with tresbeau Adam..An mademoiselle if yu don’t like European,why have yu joine thes page?…

          • Lisette, pardon ma amie, but I think if you will re-read wannabethesnake’s post on the TOUR VIBE BOSTON thread, you will see that she was coming to your defense, using Pig Latin, which is a funny linguistic way to disguise words, and she was not talking to you, but to Dora when she said that. Instead of using French or some other language, she used a more ‘down home’ way of saying things that needed to be said. I don’t think that any further insult was intended to be made to you of any kind. Wannabethesnake is on your side. So don’t stress yourself over this, ma cherie, all is well.

            • Lisette here…ooh pardon agan..mama mia,mama mia(like Queen Bohemian Rhapsody here..what av I done..okay I’m goin to finde wanna be snake soon..thes is like a soap opera..Pardon to beau Adam for these fauxpas on yur beautiful fanpage.!Blessings an gathre I’ll av some chamomile tea..perhaps with splash of chambord brandy..vraimente stressed..Adam besoin SoS too wherevre yu are monbeau..probable fast aslepe for next concertes! bisous cheramies here an more for Adam!xoxo

              • Oh, I’m SO glad you saw my post, Lisette, I feel so much better. I know wannabethesnake is a great gal…you are so right, this is like a running soap opera, every so often the STAR shows up, but most of the time, we extras are left to fend for ourselves…mmm, that tea sounds good, would love to have some with you…rest and be comforted, good night, good friend..

              • It is all good, lisette.

        • Hhmmmmmmmmmmm Lorrin, you know what the problem is. Saw you had a hearty natter with Cheryl further up. You know …. I am just saying …!!!!!! Maybe, Madbe …

    • cheryl norman says:

      GALA, Thanks a lot for that link!!! I love it when the ‘experts’ agree with us!!!! Ha!

  10. I will be there tonight rocking the house for Adam. I am so excited. I am driving on the thruway and 1 787 to get there and believe me this is no easy feat for me. I am so looking forward to this. I plan on having fun and standing and screaming for Adam. Can’t wait. I am so proud of our boy.

    • Have a BLAST, Tina, and take care on the 1 787, get back safe and sound, and tell us all about it!

      • Lorrin, This is Debra aka “bunchito” from the Albany NY area Are you planning on going to another concert ex. Syracuse or the ones in PA (Reading or Wilkes Barre?) I wished that I had stayed after the concert in Albany to see if I could have met Adam. Were you at the concert & if so, did you get a chance to meet him? I am hungry for another chance to see Adam perform and to actually meet him as others have done. The fact that he us able to attract all of us regardless of our age, gender, preference etc. is absolutely incredible. It’s a testament to his universal appeal. The voice, the presence, the ability to entertain, the gorgeous body, eyes, face, smile and his ability to charm the socks off everyone, the quick wit and creativity and finally those hips!(gotta love the hips). I can’t believe that I’m so enthralled but at least I know I’ve got plenty of company lol! Knowing that there are glambs in Albany who are so attracted to him even though most of us can’t compete with Drake for obvious reasons kind of boggles the mind but as someone earlier posted it is definitely “A Mad, Mad World”

    • Tina, Adam has had that ability, albeit unknown to him, to encourage us to stretch our horizons, pass beyond what we thought were our ‘limits’ in order to follow him. I am flying more than half way across the continent to see him yet again.. others are doing much the same, and most of us have broadened our tech knowledge since he arrived on the ‘stage’ of our world. Who knows what other great achievements we and Adam may make in the years to come?

      • Theresa,

        Thank you so much for your thoughtful comments. You are so right about Adam’s effect on others. I think that he is really grounded in who he is and unlike a lot of other celebritie, I think he has the capacity to sift through all the hype and enjoy the fun stuff but remain focused on his creative and personal goals. He’s very bright and has this natural ability to communicate in a way that is disarmingly positive, meaningful and yet light.

        It’s so neat to watch him shift back & forth between the Rock God Glamorous, undulating performer working his magic on the stage and then do an interview where he is very real and sensitive, He’s got a lot of depth and I wouldn’t be surprised if he doesn’t eventually get into movies as well. He’s so photogenic and he has such great presence. I think he is definitely meant to be a catalyst for the arts & entertainment industry and perhaps much more than that.

    • Tina, I just realized that I replied to Lorrin when it was apparently you who ent to the Albany concert,
      I was there with my girlfriend Cathy and I am still telling every one about the experience. Please see my message to Lorrin,
      Thanks so much. Debra Aka Bunchito

  11. Glambertcraze says:

    Nothing new in the interview but its still amazing to see Adam. So cute when he said he didn’t think he was the type to have underware thrown at him. I don’t think the whole picture has sunk in to him yet.

    • I dont think Adam thought he was the type for alot of things or persons. Oh my dear boy, U have
      the whole world in your hot hands. Take it all in and try only the new things that are good for you.

    • Great interview and what is greater is the support given by the three opera experts in their reviews for Adam. What I like about Adam is that when he is not on stage he is himself, he is natural, does not put on an act, he is genuine. When he is on stage he performs, he brings the song to live, he connects with the audience, and this type of connection is something that not many artist can achieve. He is a major star now, and will continue to be become even a greater star.


  13. check out this really funny vid of adam and allison! adam is trying to copy allison its just too cute<3!!

    • Thanks for the video Vivian. Always love to watch him thrust his – _ _ _ _, his, mid section. Wow
      Cute of him and Allison.

    • LOVE it, Vivian, this one captures that sexy little duet so vividly. I love to watch the interplay between these two, especially when she lays across his back and then arches back up, a sizzling move, and so cute. I think we often forget one of the best things about Adam in all our love of everything he does, and that is that Adam Lambert is a GRACEFUL man. For a big man, who can shake those big shoulders and lob various clothing accessories with the ease of a football player, Adam moves with a dancer’s easy agility, picking up his feet in intricate steps and high kicks, jumping with balletic agility, lowering to the floor and rising again to deliver those knock-down vocal tours de force, and supporting his female partner in a perfect rock pas de deux. Not to mention those LONG legs of his, in contrast to Allison’s shortened, feminine curves. No matter what he is doing, or who he is singing with, even in this darling duet, every eye is on that beautiful man striding across that stage, the magnificent dark horse to Allison’s red pony playfulness.

      • Helen/Canada says:

        I think the two of them should tour together once this is done and they’re out on their own. It would be a blast. I love Allison’s voice. Adam and Allison were the only ones that I really wanted to see when I went to the concert. However, I must admit I was pleasantly surprised at some of the others, especially, might I say, Kris!

      • Iyleneidol09 says:

        OMG, Lorrin, your thoughts turned me on again, I’m a big football fan, hmm, I love those football players wearing those tight,tight pants, shoulder pads, helmet, fierce look, just imagining ADAM in those football uniform, oh, wow!!!

        • Well I noticed Iyleneidol09, that Adam can throw a pitch like a pro and kick like a rocket, and I just loved that on some of his recent videos, it enhances his physical charisma even more…and just to let you know, there IS a photograph of Adam and a buddy (and a girl) in a football uniform on the web, he’s still got his strawberry-blonde locks. Have you seen it yet? Of course, I don’t think it shows his entire body, just his upper body, but it IS pretty cute..

        • Ilyeneidol, have you seen the former photos of Adam IN A FOOTBALL UNIFORM?? They were taken when he was younger, a kind of fun posing group of pics, his hair was longer and reddish at the time.

          • Iyleneidol09 says:

            Oh, yes, I saw those photos, Lorrin and Theresa, but I would like to see the “NOW” ADAM, who has grown into this manly, hunky, goddess, Adonis, sexy ,oooooohhh, words are not enough to decribe this man!!!!

    • Again, so cute! Both their voices sound in fine form! Adam’s throat problems must have eased. I like it when he smiles and looks happy, at times it’s almost as if it’s “work’ for him and that lessens our pleasure… we want him happy!

  14. Hey club leaders, anyone out there. Ea day I try to send pics through and keep getting failure to
    deliver. Email comes back from Mailer.DAEMON @server 290 and states
    user is over quota and these will not be delivered. Anyone have another email address I can
    send these to??
    Thanks dahling!

    • Mary, try sending them to me at


      • Oh I sure will. Thanks

        • Mary, I got the photos. I’ll get them posted tonight, and I’ll do a special article on them if you don’t mind since they don’t really fit into TOUR VIBES.

          Thanks for being so persistent in sending these – they are worth it!


          • Good, glad they finally came through. However you want to post them is fine. Ohh I get so excited!
            I was almost afraid they didnt go through again.
            Thanks for posting Jeanette.

  15. I’m going tonight in Albany! So excited I might just throw-up! Only kidding. I will try and do my best to comment but I am going on vacation tomorrow. Will try to squeeze it in. Like all of you I am such a ridiculous Adam fan. I have been lurking on this website for a while now but have not joined the conversation. After tonight I will really have something to talk about.

    • Helen/Canada says:

      Enjoy the show Heidi. You’re in for such a treat, you won’t be the same afterwards!

      • Helen/Canada, I am not the same anymore and I have’nt even attended one of the concerts.

    • Heidi, I bet you will. Now calm down (I know its hard) and dance your pants off tonight. Have
      fun. Wave to Adam for us all. Cant wait to hear all about the show.

    • The show was hot! I was the one with the I”m here for Adam Lambert shirt.I had so much fun. Loved his hair, his moves,his voice! He is so beautiful. What I loved best is the was smiling a lot. I hope he could feel the good vibes coming at him. Even the duds to my left that sat there with stone faces and arms crossed looked a little excited when Adam came out. I came to dance and enjoy and I was not disappointed.We saw a phenom at the beginning of his career and I feel so blessed by this. He is a beautiful person and he can come to my house anytime. It was worth the harrowing ride down on 190 and 787 in all that traffic. I will buy anything our boy puts out. I advise everyone- go see Adam whenever you can. He is well worth the admission price and I am a very cheap person. Mad World is a blur-I loved starlight and loved loved loved the bowie medley especially when the coat came off.Hen in Canada is right-you won’t be the same afterwards. I hope he gets some rest and takes good care of himself.I love you Adam!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • Tina, thanks for the review. glad the duds got a little excited .

      • Helen/Canada says:

        Thanks for the review. Always like to hear about how our Adam does. This is the first day of your I SAW ADAM LIVE life! Everything is different now!

  16. How do I send in a tour summary? In this speak your mind site? And pictures. Sorry but I’m inexperienced in interacting with blogs.

    • Hi Heidi,

      Jeanette here (author). For a tour summary, just use the “speak your mind” comment box under the article for your specific concert. For photos, please email them to

      You can email jpg files as attachments, or if your photos are in photobucket or a similar photo sharing site you can send us the link.

      Thanks and welcome!!!

  17. Glambertcraze says:

    Looks like he just got a shot !! lol

    • Glambertcraze, I think I know what you mean, ha ha, he looked so much happier after Drake and his family met with him in NY and I don’t think it was ‘family happiness’ either! In one of those NY performances, can’t remember which one as there were four, he was sooo sexy and joyous during his performance.

      • Oh come on girls, he is sexy and joyous in all his performances. Seems like the later concerts
        are bit more sexier than earlier one.

  18. Things I’ve noticed on twitter: Adam and the gang are supporting David Cook who now has a twitter acct. Michael says they never come outside a venue until aftr 2 pm. Some venues do not have the set up (security?) for outdoor greets.

    Adam has at least two friends he follows where he has “locked” the accounts to keep them private. They are Ashley and Megan. You’ll notice a little lock beside their names. I’ve only noticed the two so far, and I think they are his old friends from Calif.?

  19. beautiful adam lambert- hope he take care of himself. from his eyes(make sure you drink carrot jiuce/eat green veggies as well; stay beautiful adma lambert/ looks and body and ur voice. .when u go out adam lmbert dont forget to use sun block on ur face-arms and neck..its extremely impt. hope adma u read this.

  20. In case anyone is interested, posters are available of Adam’s Rolling Stone cover – at under $10 – at Just thought I’d share….

  21. Adam did not come out or sign autographs at the Albany, NY show. However, Kris did come out and was very nice. I so loved Adam on AI but I am beginning to think the rumors are true and that he is a diva. He just hides behind a hoodie now and runs to the bus. He can’t even stop and wave?

    • Did you ever think that maybe he is totally overwhelmed; or that this sickness that they keep talking about is actually allergies caused by different climates in different parts if the county (allergies can make you feel sick and tire you out); or that there are security issues; or that he really wants the other idols to feel as much of the spot light as possible. Please give him a break and the benefit of the doubt. He hasn’t been a diva before this and everyone wants a piece of him. He has to keep his sanity.

      • AdamAddict says:

        I’m done talking about that! Okay,maybe I’m not,I can add a little bit more. All I know Adam is not a diva! He must have a reason for that! I heard from Glambs here how Adam treated them super nice.Example Mary C! I also see pictures where Adam gave the sweetest smile when he talks to his fans! But the weird thing is people keep bring up the one where Adam didn’t show up,where Adam didn’t sign for autograph! ~sigh~ All I know, I won’t be NOT ADAM’S FAN just because he didn’t give me his autograph,or because he didn’t wave at me!That’s all I got to say! Love Adam the most!!

      • Helen/Canada says:

        I agree Heidi. Adam’s popularity and career will go on The other idols probably won’t, except for Kris and Allison (they are the only ones who have record deals to date). So this is their brief time to shine and enjoy the ride. I think Adam knows this and is giving them their time. Everyone, everywhere goes nuts for Adam and as much as they all get along, I wonder if the others just get a little tired of it (and maybe a little jealous?). Also, it must be so wearing on him that everyone wants a piece of him. As much as he’s enjoying it, this is all so new and overwhelming to him. He has said in many interviews that he never ever expected all of this.

        • Iyleneidol09 says:

          That’s right, Helen, and I saw in one video, while he was signing autographs, fans continue to scream, shriek infront of him and he shhoo and ask them to quiet down, it a very loving way, you know how he is. The problem is, if the fan screams and ask questions, he will be force to answer in a louder voice and thus, strain his vocals.

    • KD, Hopefully, this will give you a different perspective on Adam. I don’t think that he’s a Diva.

      I read a number of posts that mentioned that he was having laryngitis and that he was advised by his doctor on the tour to rest and restrict his contact with others after the show. I also saw an interview where he and Allison were talking about how little sleep that they get and that they have to sleep on the bus, I think it has got to be overwhelming at times to have folks wanting a piece of you, a look and and just wanting to fawn over you etc.

      Trust me, I would have been ecstatic if I had gotten a chance to meet him and what I really would like would be a chance to dance with him. I’m so glad that I had the chance to see him perform in person. I’d like to see him in Syracuse but I’m supposed to go on vacation with my husband and he’s already sounding jealous even though I’m no match for Drake after all my name is “Debra” Lol!

  22. OK, I gotta make this short because I am on my way to a wine camping trip in the Finger Lakes. When I was eleven I saw the Beatles. Paul was my first “Rock God” love and I really haven’t felt the same about anyone till Adam. (well I had a very short thing for Davy Jones, but that doesn’t count) When I saw the Beatles, we listened to a whole bunch of warm-up singers and then they played for 30-45 minutes. Yep that was it . It was so much and then it was gone. It was kind of deja vu with Adam. I love the other idols and wish them well but I was just waiting for Adam. So he came out in all his glory-emo hair, woman, back door man, loads of pelvic thrusts. AWWh- so happy. I couldn’t take my eyes off him. Although I was trying to take pictures and record and do way too much to take it all in. I finally gave up. He is just so beautiful, his voice is other -worldly and he is so joyous. He really has so much fun, as a consequence so do you. And then it was over. I hate to sound selfish but that little tease made me want so much more! And so now I wait, searching the web for every last morsel of him, anticipating his CD and tour. So happy but with so much longing for him. I actually have so much more to say about the fabulous Mr. Lambert but that will have to wait till I get back. But hey, did you see his new photos-OMG, if this singing thing doesn’t work out for him, he can model. However, I think this singing thing will work out and we will be able to enjoy much more of that fabulous man. Luv him. I wil send photos later too.

    • Iyleneidol09 says:

      Heidi, the best of all, he is not just EASY ON THE EARS, HE IS ALSO EASY ON THE EYES!!!What a complete package!! Some singers are just good to be listened too, but Adam, oh, Adam, what a pleasure to listen to and gaze at at the same time oh, also also fantasex ( opps, I meant fantasize) at the same time!!!Yummy!


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