Tour Dates For Adam Lambert!!

This is the official link to the information, but I have also included the dates that have been released so far:

Los Angeles, CA, Staples Center

Mansfield, MA, Comcast Center

Wilkes-Barre, PA, The F.M. Kirby Center for the Performing Arts

Sayreville, NJ, Starland Ballroom

Wappinger Falls, NY, Dutchess Stadium

Council Bluffs, IA, Harrah’s Ballroom

Mahnomen, MN, Shooting Star Casino

Prior Lake, MN, Mystic Lake Casino Hotel

New York, NY, Nokia Theater

New York, NY, Nokia Theater

Mashantucket, CT, MGM Grand Theater at Foxwoods

Atlantic City, NJ, Borgata Spa & Resort – Event Center

Costa Mesa, CA, OC Fair – Pacific Ampitheatre

Bethlehem, PA, Musikfest



  1. linlivalex says:

    Sue–no Chicago dates? So sad. Guess I have to venture out to another city. Any suggestions?

    • I want to see him to and I live in Saudi Arabia the only time I can see him is jul becuase I visit my aunt in chicago il so I am sad 🙁

    • lovemyadam says:

      I am thinking this is NOT the entire list!! I would find it hard to believe that he is missing so many places, and there is really only the month of June that is filling in!! I think we all need a second to breath… I have a feeling that sooo many people expressed wanting to make plans, that they are just getting up what they have. This is what everyone wanted so now all must be patient!!


      • Lila - glamb #3 says:

        I agree… only one date anywhere near Los Angeles? Doesn’t seem right that there isn’t anything else in the southwest.

        • LoucoPorAdam says:

          Folks, it seems these dates are NOT the Glam Nation tour that we’re all waiting for … I think these are just like the casino concerts he did a while ago … does anybody have more info?

        • Lila~I’ve heard this isn’t the complete list. I’m sure Adam will “spread the wealth”!! I’m excited though cuz i live in Connecticut and there are 3 or 4 concerts near me (within 3 hours)! Now i just have to try to figure out how to get tickets…..i ALWAYS have trouble getting tickets with ticketmaster……..

          • I would love it if Adam could book a date to perform in Phoenix! But if not, I’m prepared to fly anywhere! I’m so excited! Wish I could buy the ticket right now! What’s this fan club they’re talking about?

        • Lila, what is this fan club they are talking about? I went to buy tickets this morning for Sayerville but need a password from the fan club. What fan club???? I’m frantic now.

          • AllaboutAdam says:

            I got them easily for the Sayreville show. You have to enter GLAM2010 in the promo section. If anyone else is going to that one, please let me know!

      • No Florida? So sad.

        • actally he is coming to Tampa Rays Stadiam on September 18th. Performing after the game.

          • I heard that too and want to get tickets but that show is not part of the Glam Nation tour, correct? Do you think it will be just as good? Also I heard that you cannot get close unless you are a season ticket holder which I am not. Since I’m in Florida, that may be my only chance to see him soon.

            • I am really sad and frustrated. I will be out of the country for 5 week from may 18, if I know this list of dates ahead of making my reservation, I would have make my trip a few days early so I can see Adam may 15 in LA. Maybe all good come later for me. Just love him so very much. Which part of the Florida are you, Lisa? Maybe be we can go crazy on Adam together.

              • I am in the Orlando area. I was so hoping that he would come to House of Blues or another club nearby. I guess I will have to drive to Tampa for the concert there. Are you in Florida too? Maybe that could work out.

                • Hi Lisa, I’m down in Fort Lauderdale but my brother is in Orlando I visit him all the time. Love Love Love ——-Adam.

      • Trish R. says:

        Surely would like to see South Carolina in these dates—even a date in N.C. would be nice.Lots of fans in South Carolina–Columbia to be exact! Columbia. S. C.

      • glamb# 442 Paula says:

        No Philly date can’t be right I would like to believe it will be added. i’m so sad when he is in NJ
        I’ll be in florida for the week -I CRIED. I figured no one would understand but you guys. I’ll travel to all surrounding states though!!! Any idea when tickets go on sale?

    • adammlamberttlovee says:

      Well these aren’t the complete lists yet, so hopefully they’ll list Michigan. But guys, great news!


      ARE YOU READY, BECAUSE HONESTLY, I GOT GOOSEBUMPS AND EVEN CRIED: it evoked that kind of emotion towards me.

  2. Samantha Rosalie Cannon says:

    Does any one think there’s any possible chance more locations will be added to the tour at a later date.

    • Micki (Glamb #535) says:

      I rather suspect there will be more added, because the first time I saw dates listed, there was 13 of them, and although it’s not much time in between, now there’s 14. So I suspect there will be more and that these are just the ones finalized so far. At least I certainly hope that’s the case…

    • Another site reported the following….. “UPDATE: I am told that this is not the complete list! So if your state is not on the list, it may be on the list when the complete list is out! ” Keep your fingers crossed.

  3. OMG – other than the May 15 which is Wango Tango, the only west coast date is the Orange County Fair?? Okay, I’m not complaining -but I never saw Adam as a Fair performer!! I’ll take it though! There are a lot of blank spaces. I’m sure more will be scheduled. Get ready to rock!!

    • Hey Carol are you a calif girl? were do you live im desperate to find a glambert in riverside!!

      • Lila - glamb #3 says:

        We’re in San Diego, but I grew up in the IE!

        • thanks Lila looking for someone very close to hanf out w and possibly do the concert with

        • Thanks Lila! Rema, as Lila said, we’re in San Diego, just a stone’s throw!

          Carol Glamb #7

          • I’m in San Diego, and I feel it in my bones, that there will be more dates, either Los Angeles and/or San Diego. Adam knows we’re here, and he won’t let us down! 🙂
            (still having fond memories of the American Idol finale show at Seaus)

            • Glambertgirl1 says:

              After all, he grew up here in San Diego. You would think he would come here for the tour

            • Ahh Linda! So glad you remember our Watch Party at Seau’s so well! We had a blast planning it and Lila and I enjoyed the night with you too! I hope he feels some loyalty to San Diego, but I don’t know. It’s all business now. Will SD support a concert? I’m sure they’d come from all over the desert southwest to San Diego. After all, Lila and I just drove to Phoenix last weekend for the Muse concert! Now we find out they’ll be in San Diego in September, and we’ll be there too! Oh well, back to Adam. I’m sure more dates will be announced. They HAVE to be!!

              Carol Glamb #7

              • Yes, the question is, will SD support Adam in a concert?? I think so, but I remember going to the AI finale viewing party at Symphony Hall, and the turnout was really poor. Of course, it started at 5 p.m., so a lot of people were just getting off work. Hopefully, he’ll “come home”!

      • rema, i live in irvine , ca and need a glambert buddy too!

    • Libraglam says:

      Here is picture of the OC County fair PAcific Amphitheater…….i don’t like outdoor…but the picture look NOT so bad , as long as it is not so so big like big Arena in LA or SJ that i went so many times to see Elton John concert, with $120 ticket , i was only able to see E.J. smaller than 1/3 of my little fingers…that far away…. I found a picture of this amphitheather….:

      I read the the review of this place, people said it has very good sound system better than any other indoor Arena, sitting for awhile then they forgot that was indoor and thought it was a very high dome , plenty leg room to stand up and dance too. Parking is cheaper than any other place but drink is a rip off ($9 for lemonade). Everyone said they would come back again cuz they had good time, they were pleased with the sound systems and the big screen.

      Well….like i said as long as it is not too far away from the stage and good sound system then i will be happy….(my only worry… dont’ know if i can get good seat….:-)


    TEXAS?………………………………….TEXAS?………………………………….I WANNA SEE HIM TOO!

    • buffy522 says:

      Hi Texan…I’m sitting here is San Antonio, just panicked. I feel badly that I didn’t trek up to Dallas for the Idols Live Tour. But I don’t know anyone there and ya know. Thought sure he would hit Austin or Houston, or even New Orleans. Looks like NO southern, southwest or definitely Texas dates Yet. I was very disappointed that Adam Official did not email me these dates. I found out through a Google alert from USA today! And finally here, my favorite site!!

      • Hi fellow Texans – I too am waiting to see dates in Texas or even the casinos in Oklahoma!! I am in the Dallas area and went to see him at the Idol Tour. Amazing. I was concerned about going by myself and then dragged a friend along with me. This time, I won’t be afraid to go it alone because everyone there will Adam fans.

        We Texans need to hook up!!!!!

        • buffy522 says:

          sounds good. Let’s wait and see what we can get closer! All these performers think they “did Texas” if they did Dallas. There is a lot south of Dallas! and we like concerts! I know everyone can’t have one in their backyard, but with so many and so much of the south ignored on Idols live……

  5. When u click to get tickets in Orange County, it says page not found. When you click for LA, it does not even mention Adam. Went to Ticket Master directly, and it says no events scheduled for Adam Lambert. What’s up? Also, desperate for Adam to come to SEATTLE!!!!

    Doryan #602

    • glamitup says:

      Alot of these places look like casinos so I expect Ticketmaster will not have the tix. It will probably be the casino themselves. I am just guessing.

    • The Orange County Fair concert tickets haven’t even started to get in the promo process yet. Don’t worry, just keep checking back! I think also that there were probably 10 zillion hits on the OC Fair page this morning. It may have been overloaded – hee hee! Just like
      Fantasy Springs found out, they have no idea the heat they’re dealing with, with all the Glambs!!

      Carol Glamb #7

      • I was just able to get on the entertainment page for the OC Fair, and he’s not listed yet. This deal must have JUST gone through. Or maybe they’ll leave us in the dark again (like Fantasy Springs), depending on us to Twitter about it!! Nahhhh!!!!!!

        Carol Glamb #7

        • you can sign up for the OC fair entertainment update at their website, then you’ll know when tickets go on sale. Thats what I did. 🙂


    • Libraglam says:

      oh well…we got to check everyday then….we have to race once they open the door to sell tickets…hahahaha

      If anyone of us can log in early to buy and get GOOD SEATS and if don’t want….please post it …

  6. This can’t be it~I mean all the money put into planning the show, the designs of costumes, lights, etc, and the rehearsals for 14 shows?? Seems strange…

  7. Marie/Toronto says:

    Everyone can relax. This is only a partial list. Adam has always said that this will be a North American summer tour (even his Twitter bio line says that) ….that means Canada too….and no Canadian dates are up yet. Only one date for July is up, so, I’m sure they’re just waiting for confirmation for the rest of the dates….

    Fingers crossed for Toronto!!!!!

    • Libraglam says:

      I think they mean…. SUMMER TOUR…… which will ended August….then….i hope they will have FALL or WINTER TOUR before the end of the year….!! I don’t think ADAM wants to rest after just a summer tour !! May be it will be a good idea for people in Texas, Arizona, Nevada to take vacation to Southern California in the summer to see ADAM concert ….?

  8. Concert at Borgata Spa & Resort Event Center in Atlantic City on 6/26/10.
    I e-mailed them about when the tickets are going on sale and this is the response I received.


    Unfortunately at this time we have no information on when Adam Lambert tickets will be going on-sale. As soon as the contract for this event is signed and the promoter has confirmed the event information will then be posted online and it will also be announced to the general public.

    Thank you and have a great day!

    Kind regards,
    Customer Service

    The good news is the tickets are sold thru Borgata and you can sign up to get Entertainment Updates @

    According to the website, they have 2 venues. The Music Box, which has 1,000 seats & where Joel McHale & Ke$ha are scheduled to perform, and the Event Center, which has 3,700 seats & where Adam is scheduled to perform.

  9. Ryan Seacrest keeps announcing Adam on Wango Tango Sooo I would think it was true. Call KISS FM and ask , maybe ?

    • Hey Elizabeth I listen to Ryan once in a while i have heard KIIS say that Adam will be @ wango Tango with lots of other acts

  10. glamitup says:

    OMG! Desperate for Indiana! Will even take Ky, Illinois,Ohio,Chicago!!!!!! PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE!!!! Lol! WE ARE ALL NUTTY FOR ADAM!

    • earlzagurl4u says:

      glamitup! Those are my cities and states I twatted,,er,,tweeted Adam about. I’m in eastern Ky! Imma thinking for sure Adam will be back to Indy, where I saw him last Sept. Were you there? After all Indianapolis is his *birth* city!! PLL

      • glamitup says:

        OMG earlz! Yes I live in southern Indiana and went to the concert in Indy and met Adam at the meet n greet! I have been in love ever since! I so hope he adds some more dates closer to us! I am willing to travel as long as it is not 10 states away! Yes I will always think of Adam as an Indiana boy! lol Please Adam add more dates to the tour!!!!!

  11. EternalGlamNation says:

    My husband just left his job in the Bethlehem, PA area. If we’d only known!

    I know this is a partial list, but I will remain panicky until I see Memphis on the tour. Seriously trying to take deep breaths and remain hopeful.


    Congrats to everyone that is close to an already announced venue!

  12. Mary-Ellen #444 says:

    Come on he’s got to come farther south (Virginia please !) There are many of us south of the Mason-Dixie Line who just love you Adam; Come our way so we can prove it!

  13. Ugh! I went on the Foxwoods website and he is not even mentioned!! They don’t even have a link that can email me when tix become available!! I guess I will be on until he shows up.

  14. Adamisamazing says:

    I’m sure Sue is correct. This is just the beginning of his tour dates. I live in Phoenix, and he mentioned that he would have an extensive tour throughout the U.S. I’m sure he’ll make it to my state as well. We’re all just very anxious, but like Sue said, we wanted at least a partial list, and that is what we have now. Thank you, Sue, for giving us this. It provides hope he’ll make it to our town.
    Sue, loved your comment about a second to breathe. Humor goes a long way. You are so great!

  15. I’m sure these aren’t the full set of dates for the Glamnation tour.
    Adam’s management (confirmed with tweet from Monte) stated the
    casino dates (such as June 10, 11, 12) aren’t part of the tour
    and neither are the radio promos (the May dates) and that the tour
    would include Canada. Dates are to be released in about a week.
    Patience needed!

  16. Libraglam says:

    I am so excited !! I live in CA , i can’t wait to make a trip to Costa Mesa in July !!! Plese anyone know any ticket place on-line for ADAM FANS only ??? Please share if you have any info !! Thanks a bunch

    • Just called Ticketmaster and asked what fan club they are talking about (as listed on their site) that you can get presale tickets? Was told he did not know but the fan club would send you a code to use as a fan club member and you then use that code to get the tickets before anyone else. I asked if the fan club was Glamberts and he had no idea what I was talking about. Not sure what other fan club it could be. Is a special code being sent out by Glamberts FC?

      • glamitup says:

        This will be Adam’s Official website. Just type in Adamofficial and it will take you there and you can register!

      • If you become a member of AO they will send you an email with a code. Already the whole ticket things seems very convoluted. Only a few people say they have been able to get tickets. What a scam.

        I am sure so many more dates will be released. I am however seriously considering Foxwoods or the Borgata Spa in Atl City, a plane ride away but I do want to see him without the dancers to be totally honest. These rough and raw shows at FS and in Canda that is what I am looking for in a concert right now. I did love the AI performance with all the mindboggling lasers, maybe by the time he comes to NC that will be part of the show and I will be ready!

  17. ADAM, what about DALLAS, TEXAS?

  18. I’m keeping my finger crossed for a possibility in one of the Florida state, otherwise, I will be flying somewhere ie NY. Hotly Anticipated Glamnation!!! Woot!!!

  19. There are some big gaps in dates, so I’m sure more will be added! Washington DC/Baltimore/Virginia area — PLEASE!!! If not, Jersey or PA are not so far away and Adam is definitely worth the drive!!!

    • shadiyah says:

      Agreed! If he’s not in the DC area then PA or Atlantic City will be the spot!!!
      SO worth the trip & easy to get to!

  20. Glambertgirl1 says:

    Does anyone know what they mean on the tickemaster website when it says fan club presale? Does it mean you have to be on Adam Official? I have had trouble with my account on that one for some reason.

    • Just called Ticket Master and asked what fan club they are talking about. Was told he did not know but the fan club would send you a special code to put in and you could get the tickets B4 anyone else. If it’s not Glamberts, who else could it be?

      Doryan G#602

      • Glambertgirl1 says:

        Thanks-think you are right. I am registered on the site but i have never got any email from it and not sure if perhaps there is somewhere on the site you need to go for the code? Am worried since the Costa Mesa presale is tomorrow but I have no code to enter

  21. Sapphy69 says:

    hey all,

    I come here for info about Adam all the time, but don’t normally comment, so that is why you probably don’t recognize my name:) However, I just wanted to say that it’s odd how the seats available in the various places he will be at are so far apart in number. With that said, I also was absolutely overjoyed for Adam to see the Staples Center listed. For concerts it holds a whopping 20 thousand people!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Also, New York’s Nokia theatre is considered THE place for rock concerts, has one of the largest, most visible, scrolling marquee’s in the biz and is connected directly to MTV Studio’s. Can you say live coverage, maybe, hmmm??? lol! I can only hope, my wheelchair will so not make it from Sacramento to L.A or New York, for that matter. Could you just imagine? Some old couple see’s me and, “Look dear, there’s a young woman in a wheelchair on the boat to new york and she is all covered in glitter.” LOL!

    Yes, a fool for the lambert lovin’ I shall be;)

  22. Definately hoping that SW Florida gets added to the list. Just watched the two hour video of Adam’s 2009 journey and it was every bit as great as I remembered from last year.

  23. As far as the Staple Center venue, it lists a big group of entertainers for that night. I don’t want to see Ludacris or Justin Beiber or Kesha—I just want to go to an ADAM LAMBERT concert!!! It also said that ticket sales to the public have ended already-April 10th , I think. Am I reading that correctly?
    I sure hope Adam comes here to his San Diego hometown. I also hope he has his own concert here AND in LA.
    Where is the best and quickest site to buy tickets??? Lorraine

  24. This is just the dates that hav been releases so far,,,I am sure there will be more and in more states,,,

  25. How does one go about getting front row seats? I’m prepared to pay anything!!!

  26. LuvAdam476 says:

    Please please please schedule a tour date in Tulsa Oklahoma!!!!


  27. LuvAdam476 says:

    There do not seem to be any tour dates in the heartland (MidWest) USA!!! As in OKLAHOMA.
    ADAM we love you too!!!
    Hope you don’t forget about us.
    Tulsa has the BOK Center or Caines Ballroom or Tulsa Center of Performing arts. Just the right size for you are wanting now.


  28. Wendy Freitas says:


  29. Is a presale code going to be given out here?


  30. Guys, this is NOT the Glam Nation Tour dates…
    These are all different events that he’s taking part of which include other artists.
    I’m sure the real tour will have more dates in more places.

  31. oh tours!! can’t wait til he comes further south!!

    ps hey guys!

    The deadline for donating is midnight TODAY!
    ,4/20 PACIFIC TIME, so it’s 3AM Eastern.

    PLEASE make your donations before then.

    Currently Adam Fans have collected $9,151!!!! YAY ADAM FANS!!!!

    We are still in first place, ahead by about $900. This could suddenly change when the big donors come in at the last minute!! So please don’t miss that deadlline!!

    Thanks to all.

    Co-captain of Adam Fans Give Back

    An Adam fan has started a team for Adam to raise money in his honor for Idol Gives Back. We want to see all Adam fans from across the world unite as one to honor him in this way for all the joy he has given us through his music, his heart and his generous spirit. The team that raises the most will be announced on Idol and we are hoping that name will be ADAM’S! It would be wonderful if he can hear his name announced as the fangroup that raised the most in his honor! . Let’s show Adam we can do this.


    1. Go to the link above, which is my personal donation page as a member of Adam Fans Give Back. (on the main team page you can see my name listed as a member of the team)

    2. Fill in the amount in the field that says “enter donation amount here” on that page, then click “continue” and follow the prompts. Your donation will be added to my personal goal page, and will be added to Adam Fans team total.

    But EVERYONE Remember***
    NEVER, EVER click on the RED button on the left that says “GENERAL DONATION”! Any donation you make through that link will NOT go to Adam’s team.

    Thank you SO MUCH!! Let’s keep Adam Fans in FIRST PLACE!!!
    To see the full total for all team members together, go here to see the Adam Fans Team page:

  32. DellaD Glamb #39 says:

    I checked to venues near me and neither one has any info on Adam coming to the area. Is this list for real?

  33. Jane Parker says:

    Woo!! Hooooooo!!

  34. k. morgan says:

    Yes Adam….please come to NC….somewhere….Greensboro…you will fill up the stadium…I took my daughter to see the Idol tour with you last year and the whole stadium was 90 % Adam fans….place went nuts when you came on…..Please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  35. glamitup says:

    OMG! We all just crack me up! I am so excited just reading all of your comments! Adam really does have the best fans right here at this site!!! So glad to share in the excitement of the tour!! There doesn’t seem to be enough Adam to go around!!!!

  36. Wow!! Adam coming to Musikfest! 20 minutes from my house! I don’t know if Bethlehem, PA is ready for Adam Lambert, but I sure am!!!

  37. Ima Ramorah says:

    🙁 no where even close to Texas

    • Ellie Parchini says:

      I sure hope he comes to Texas, Fort Worth, Dallas or Houston would be fantastic.

  38. Tickets for Sayerville, NJ go on sale tomorrow morning. I’ve been checking out their website and it looks like it’s going to be general admission. Not sure if I’m crazy about that. That mean a long night and day of standing in line. Don’t get me wrong, Adam is so worth it, but I’d rather just spend my money and buy the best seat available. Anyone know anything about the Starland Ballroom?

  39. I am also trying to get tickets to the New York show at the Nokia Theater, and on their website, it does not show Adam being there on June 22? Is this because they are just not on sale yet??

  40. Libraglam says:

    YAY !! the Adam lambert Official site just sent me the ticket code for early tickets ! Register to the official site , you will get the code via email immediately !!

    • I was on at exactly 10 with the information all typed in ready to press the button. But I never got a ticket. Oh yes they had one up top in a limited veiw only. I did notice the ticket hub and those other site had tickets up already. Some going for $1000 dollars in the pit. This makes me so mad. Did you get lucky? Maybe I was doing something wrong. I was online ticketmaster.

      • As of 4:20 PDT, terrace tickets are still available using both AO code and OC fairgrounds code. Or wait until Saturday when general public goes on sale and try again.


  41. Libraglam says:

    Dont know what is the TICKET CODE at other place, but in OC Costa Mesa, CA the code for fan tickets are GLAM2010

    • Were you successful getting tickets?

      • I was very disappointed that even at 9am on the dot, I could not get any orchestra seats, except those that said “limited view.” I did get 2 tickets in section 5, row F – terrace section. Really not great but all I could get.


      • Libraglam says:

        If you have problem with the online ticket site:

        Here is my posting that i replied to Linda in the other article today, hope that it would help
        (For the OC Costa Mesa Concert )


        I just tried to access that ticket site , it is still working, so far only tickets at the Terrace area are avail (furthest area) just $19.50/ticket , but i heard they have realy big screen . It is tricky to get ticket. If you enter the price and any availble best seat, it won’t get for you . you have to enter specifically the SECTION area you want and it has to match (That is very stupid, how the hell we know which level is what price, so if you enter incorrectly it won’t match and will tell you that they could not find any). It took me several times to figure out what the hell is going on ) Here are some tips:

        1. Go to adam lambert ticketmaster :
        2. Choose “Fan Club Presale”, enter num tickets and ticket price
        + GLAM2010 code + SECTION,
        3. If you choose “$19.50? (after entering number of tickets)
        remember toenter code “GLAM2010? AND you must
        select SECTION “Terrace area”. Without section ==> will not work.
        It won’t select for you.
        4. If you choose $29.50? (with num tickets, glamcode) then
        you must select “Orchestra level )
        However, I think Orchestra level tickets all sold out , i even tried to get 1 tix
        but none left. HEY, I did see Terrace Level still available. Give a try !!! Tickets are so cheap, i think because it is outdoor but i also heard the sound system is really really good. It is the only summer concert in S. CA , have no other choice ! Better than nothing
        good luck

  42. how do i get the password or code to order tickets for the concert on line as a fan HELP!!

  43. Oh, my Gossh, GLAM sisters, I can feel your anticipation overflowing. Glam it up, glam it up ! Proudly put on your GLAM wear. Hand gloves, rhinestones, glitters and make-up. And a big I LOVE YOU ADAM poster, confetti or ticker tapes, firecrackers. Ohhh my, I’m so excited even if I can’t come. Say, I LOVE YOU ADAM together please. Enjoy !

  44. Whoa…hope he comes to the Orlando area….I would get front row seats( or the best view possible). Maybe I could hook up with another Glam when (if ) he comes. I need to see the fll list and see if I need to fly anywhere ( not to far off) …and still have a chance to get great seats!


    Nana #1

  45. I wish Adam would sing Crazy in his show – that’s one of his sexiest!

  46. Is he coming to canda?


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