Top 5 Week: Rat Pack Standards Theme (American Idol – Season 8)

Next week, the theme is Rat Pack Songs, or Big Band Week. According to Wikipedia, big band is a type of emsemble associated with playing jazz music. It  was popular during the Swing Era from the early 1930s until the late 1940s.  A big band consists of 12 to 25 musicians and contains saxophones, trumpets, trombones, singers, and a rhythm section.
Big Band was not a specific theme for each of the past seasons, but songs from this genre were interdispersed throughout the shows.  If I omitted any that you know of, please feel free to add them in the comment section. 

When this was a specific theme, songs chosen were:

Season 1: Minnie The Moocher (Tamyra); Route 66 (Justin), Hard Hearted Hannah (Nikki), The Glory of Love (Christina Christian), I Won’t Dance (RJ Helton), and Stuff Like That There (Kelly).

In Season 2, Clay knocked ‘Mack the Knife’ out of the ballpark as one of his three songs during the finale.

Season 3, this theme was also the one selected for the top 5.  Songs chosen were Someone To Watch Over Me, Get Happy (Diana), Cheek to Cheek, What a Wonderful World (George Huff), Too Close for Comfort, Don’t Rain on My Parade (LaToya London), The Way You Look Tonight, Almost Like Being in Love (Jasmine Trias), Crazy Little Thing Called Love, What are You Doing the Rest of Your Life? (Fantasia)

As an aside, In Season 5, there was no specific Big Band week, but there WAS a Queen week!  That would be too awesome to hope for t his year….

Given the vast amount of choices, what do you think Adam should sing for his two songs this week?  Should he do a ballad and then rock out?  Should he rock out and then do a ballad?  There is so much to choose from…. so much to anticipate…. so many ways he can wow us! Comment below.



by Lindak (

Contributing Editor


  1. well maybe one of frank sinatra song….MY WAY OR THATS LIFE….ADAM can sing anything and cant wait to se what he will bring this week
    a lots all love from isarel

  2. Boy would I LOVE to see Adam give one of Sinatra’s songs the ‘Ring of Fire’ treatment! Can you imagine? Simon would go apoplectic – and Paula would fall all over herself with adulation (not to mention drool). And two songs yet! I’m all aquiver with (wait for it)…….anticipation!

    • Oh YES!!! I’m with you! I would love to see another classic get the Ring of Fire treatment. Seeing Simon’s head explode would just be a bonus!!! I listen to that song at least a few times a day. I can only handle the video once or twice though or else I’d litterally not be melted to the floor.

      Have you seen the Crawl Through Fire video on YouTube when he was with the Zodiac Show? OMG!!! It makes Ring of Fire look like Sesame Street!

      • Lol that’s so true about Sesame Street xD He was holding back so much in the Ring of Fire.
        I can’t wait to see what he will do tonight! I know next to nothing about this theme but either way he will be amazing. And they are singing two songs, OH YEAH!
        I’m surprised they havn’t done a rock themed week yet? Hopefully they do still. Allison and Adam would be great. I like Kris too, but unforuntely for all 4 of the other contestants Adam is guaranteed to win so yeah…oh well. Can’t wait till tonight!

  3. listen to Thomas Quasthoff from The Jazz Album, particularly the arrangement by Nan Schwartz of What Are You Doing the Rest of Your Life? Absolutely beautiful, a chance to show low register.

    • Oh yes – I agree. It’s one of my favorite songs (along with the Streisand version of ‘My Buddy/How About Me’ from ‘The Way We Were’). The lyrics are perfect. It’s such a literate love song. It was part of my club repertoire back in the long ago when I sang for my supper (and college tuition). And it would showcase his lower register – highlighting it to perfection. As there are two songs next week – we might get treated to both up-tempo and ballad. I cannot wait!

  4. Here are some Sinatra songs I would love to hear Adam sing:

    Fly Me to the Moon
    As Time Goes By (from the movie Casablanca, but covered by Sinatra)
    Summer Wind
    You Make Me Feel So Young
    The Way You Look Tonight

    Also, Sway by Dean Martin could be a lot of fun!

  5. Adam can sing ANYTHING! If you haven’t watched his youtube ‘come to me bend to me’ from ‘Brigadoon’ you need to youtube it NOW. He is amazing, I hope he does a slow song next week.

    • I saw the Brigadoon performance on youtube and it is wonderful. I can’t wait to see what Adam surprises us with next week. It’s fun to guess what he may do, and we all have our personal “wish lists”, but I have do doubt he will choose well. Part of Adam’s appeal is how he does what folks don’t expect. Disco week was a prime example. Simon was sure he would do Donna Summer and, once again, he did the unexpected to the delight of his fans.

  6. kEndrizzle says:

    I trust Adams judgement in whatever he picks so I don’t think we have to worry.

  7. i am speaking from Australia and adam YOU ARE HUGE!
    adam, you deserve every fortune that comes your way.
    every single performance has melted me to the floor.
    thank you sooo much for gracing Australia with your unbelievable voice

  8. I would love to hear him sing Fever knocking out the Rat Pack and Elvis in one swoop! He should start out with that and then blow the roof off with some crazy brilliant rendition of his choosing. I used to get nervous for Adam but the boy clearly knows what he’s doing…I’m just gonna enjoy the ride while It lasts.

  9. Hoping Adam picks “The Way You Look Tonight” as one of his songs, he would make people of all walks of life swoon ….. he can surprise me with the 2nd song because I know I’ll love anything he sings anyways 🙂

  10. loveadam4life says:

    I hope Adam choose to sing “Someone to Watch Over Me” and “Cheek to Cheek”

    love you Adam!! cannot wait till Tuesday

  11. Did I miss something? When did they announce there would be 2 songs? Does any one know how to get a copy of last weeks dance number? I missed it. Thanks ! Adams going to rock it no matter what.

    • It’s on the American Idol official website. Click on the little tile that says “rat pack standards” below the big picture on the home page.

      I gotta tell you guys, I can’t wait to hear Adam do two songs. My parents were big Sinatra fans and I grew up on that music. In my opinion, some of the best songs ever written came from that era. I love all kinds of music and have enjoyed every one of Adam’s performances, but just have a feeling next week will be very special.

  12. Ron Metcalf says:

    I think Adam should do “Crawl Thru Fire” and dedicate it to all the rescue workers and firemen in the world. They deserve to have a song just for them and Adam has written one!

  13. Shiralyn says:

    I just love it if Adam did “Mac the Knife” Adam would set that stage on fire with that song.

    • Adam would do awesome (awesomely?) with this song. My only concern would be that this was one of Clay’s masterpieces during season 2. My theory is that no contestant should touch a song where a former contestant hit a home run. That said, of course Adam would put a different spin on it and make it his own. But I wouldn’t go there if I were him.

      • As if Clay is even in the same universe as Adam! The only reason Adam should not duplicate songs is so he doesn’t embarrass other contestants… especially Clay!

  14. with only 5 contestants left, will there still be a bottom 3 on result’s night? (my first season watching)

  15. adamthebomb says:

    WOW, 2 songs! We will be ready for the show on Tuesday! Adam surprises us each and every week with his mad talent and we just love him! I must confess that I have never, ever been a groupie, but Adam has taken hold of me and I will never be the same. My two beautiful teenage daughters are shocked, but share the same admiration of his talent. Whatever he chooses to sing for us will be just perfect, I’m sure. He certainly knows how to woo a crowd. Go Adam, we are rooting for you!

    • Yeah, I’m right there with you. I’m actually downloading songs, walking around with my iPod, listening to my burned CD in the car, sneeking a peek at a downloaded video, browsing this website AND the american idol site… I’m an obsessed 40 year old mom!


  17. Moon River and Come Fly with Me

  18. Iwould love to see ADAM sing a SEXY version of one of Elvis’ songs!!! Make it his own, of course, BUT really sex-it-up!!! Then do his version of a song that’s not so well known! I know I will NEVER be disappointed! I really did not like the “song” Adam did lasst wee, but, after watching it over and over, then hearing his studio version, I love it!!!!! But only ADAM’s version. ADAM could really just play ist “safe” now and not do anything too controveresial, but, that would NOT be adam, now would it!!!!! So excited for Tuesday. Sorry, but I do not care what anyone else does, plus I never can remember what anyone else did. ADAM – DO YOUR THING!!!!! CHERRYLYNN4

  19. I entirely agree with kEndrizzle’s comment about Adam Lambert’s song choice(s). He obviously knows what he is doing in this (competition?) and he does it very well!!!!!

  20. It would be fun to see him do New York, New York but that might not go over too well. He could sing his abc’s and my clothes would still fall off. OMG he is amazing…. Sigh….

  21. Clementina says:

    I am writing from Australia and watch AI every week to see Adam perform. He is brilliant to listen to and glorious to watch and I look forwad to whatever he chooses to sing next week.

    Adam would love you to come and visit us down under in the fuutre.

  22. While we’re waiting to see what Adam chooses, check out the Rat Pack the way Julien Dore gives us Strangers in the Night. Julien, the winner of the 20007 Nouvelle Star (imagine a French Idol), is what we’d get if we crossed Charlie Chaplin and Jim Morrison, a combination someone should have thought of a long time ago. In fact, check out all Julien’s edgy performances and those dreamy French judges. AI should bring some of the winners of Idol-like shows from around the world and let us take a look; and could we have those French judges, sil vous plait, for Adam’s final performances?

    Since Adam has two songs, I’d love to see him bring a little irony to at least one. We can’t let him get too serious. Meanwhile, merci, Julien.

  23. best greetings to my ADAM s Family out there from a G-Lambert-girl in Peru!
    I agree completely with TLFS..I m in love with MAD WORLD but completely crazy for RING OF FIRE.That was hughe!!! Adam said in an interview “That people accept me for who I am means the world for me” and I really would like to see the other side of his personality again,you know,exagerated make-up,these eyes,glamour,fantasie,theatralic,mystic…this special look half hidden under black hair which makes my knees wobbeling..
    But whatever he ll decide will be fantastic and surprising,he has soooo much showmaninstinct

    • Yeah, we need more of that glam back. He’s hot even with the “normal” look but I LOVE a guy who is willing to play with clothes and make-up.

  24. i, like so many 40+ yr old moms love Adam so much! he has captured all women (and men’s) hearts by the way he sings, moves and above all, his sweet sincerety as he appreciates all the adoration poured from his fans around the world. i am from guam & we have to wait until AI is on the air here which is on weds so i usually wait to see his clip show up on this website. he has become an obsession – listening & watching his youtube performances when i wake up in the morn & go to sleep at nite. i know he will win & can’t wait for his 1st CD to come out! i’m even flying more than a 1,000 miles just to watch him on AI’s Summer Tour!

  25. Heeyyy greetings from CANADA , ok so i think he should do LAZY RIVER , thats my top suggestion
    but a frank sinatra song or mack the knife or somewhere beyond the sea is good too!

  26. Casey (San Diego, California) says:

    Monday, April 27, 2009
    Are you ready for another week of Adam Lambert?

    Who is excited about another week and American Idol and another amazing performance by Adam Lambert? Every time Adam sings, we are in for a surprise, so stay tuned and let everyone know what you think of tomorrow’s performance!

    post below on
    posted by Adam Lambert at 1:18 PM

    Anonymous said…
    I love adam lambert! I am obbsessed! I always have to play his music on youtube. Can’t wait till he wins! Good Luck adam u deserve it! Ps go danny gokey too.

    April 27, 2009 2:18 PM
    Anonymous said…
    hi i love adam and i am his BIGGEST fan lol i love u adam i love ur voice and ur looks love u r biggest fan

    April 27, 2009 2:30 PM
    thamara-lidy said…
    wow you were so great like every day love ya xox!!!!!!!

    April 27, 2009 3:52 PM
    thamara-lidy said…
    youre flashing AMERICAN IDOL,good job!!!!!!!!!!

    April 27, 2009 3:54 PM
    Anonymous said…

    April 27, 2009 6:13 PM
    Anonymous said…
    i just know that ur going 2 win!!!!!!
    no one even has a chance against u…no offense 2 every one else…:O

    April 27, 2009 8:27 PM
    Anonymous said…
    “Unexpected & Original,” – That was the quote by Simon Cowell on Adam Lambert’s torchy rendition under the song by Bee Gees, ‘If I Can’t Have You….’

    Yes, indeed, it was a torchy classy rendition plus masculine image projected by Lambert. But honestly, that wasn’t the best performance by him. This guy, I have seen his rendition even from the day before he became popular and that is why, I know what’s the best he made of. Seriously.

    I Can’t Make You Love Me’ – a truly touching sentiment that Lambert projecting through this song during his casual performance at Upright Cabaret somewhere in previous year (available in – search for Adam Lambert) apparently someone has loaded into internet due to his astounding rendition)

    For those who hasn’t came across this, this song has something to do with his own experience that at certain point of his life time when he found somebody whom he had a special kinda’ of feeling of. But sadly, its hurt him so badly when love never returned from the one he loved.

    In fact, I am here wondering if he could make it to the final, will he choose ‘I Can’t Make You Love Me’, the song that tells us the experience of his own? Would he? Or he will just keep it inside of him?

    Indeed, at the first time when I was watching his cabaret show for the song, some depictions came across my mind.

    I strongly believe that if my depiction came into reality when he performs in the final, his performance would definitely bring his singing vocal to the highest stake.

    Well, lets take a ride to imagine this…

    At first, the stage covered with dim light and only the sound of piano could be heard of.

    Then, some torchy spotlight illuminates in middle of stage, where Lambert is standing right there with a microphone stake. He began to sing, ‘I Can’t Make You Love Me’ in soft, tender but yet solid tone.
    Right sentiment that came along with passionate expression (just like what he did at his former year’s performance at Upright Cabaret)
    When it comes to the highest notes, he would release them all.

    Yes! This is the kind of a promising show on earth that would definitely leaves a remarkably unforgettable footage quote of Adam Lambert in American Idol, Forever…

    Posted by:
    Casey (San Diego, California)

  27. sandyeggo says:

    I would like either Begin the Beguine or Stormy Weather. And for encore, dictionaries in Italian, French and Latin.


  29. Alexandra says:

    Oh my goodness they get to sing 2 songs! That’s awesome!!! Adam is just so amazing and talented. I can’t wait till ttonight! Only one and a half hours left!!


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