Adam Lambert sings makes it to the top 36 (Video)

(UPDATED WITH VIDEO!) Adam Lambert officially made it to the top 36 and now America finally gets to judge him.

Hollywood Round 4 – Adam Lambert

Last night’s episode of American Idol was “ok,” a bit long and overdone. It is fair to say that people who made it are not only exceptional/good singers but also have a factor that sets them apart. Whether is having Scott Macintyre inspirational story, Tatiana del Toro’s annoying drama queen personality or a combination of comedy-singing like Nick Mitchell was able to pull off. I think Jamar Rogers should’ve made it, but being friends with Danny probably back fired on him given that they usually separate couples and best friends.


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Here are the Top 36 contestants of American Idol Season 8:

– Adam Lambert 🙂

– Alex Wagner

– Alexis Grace

– Allison Iraheta

– Anne Marie Boskovich

– Anoop Desai

– Arianna Afsar

– Brent Keith

– Casey Carlson

– Danny Gokey

– Felicia Barton

– Jackie Tohn

– Jasmine Murray

– Jeanine Vailes

– Jesse Langseth

– Jorge Nuñez Mendez

– Ju’not Joyner

– Kai Kalama

– Kendall Beard

– Kris Allen

– Kristen McNamara

– Lil Rounds

– Matt Breitzke

– Matt Giraud

– Megan Corkrey

– Michael Sarver

– Mishavonna Henson

– Nathaniel Marshall

– Nick Mitchell

– Ricky Braddy

– Scott Macintyre

– Stephen Fowler

– Stevie Wright

– Tatiana Nicole del Toro

– Taylor Vaifanua

– Von Smith




  1. dude that waz intense he is such a sweet heart i hope i meet him some day soon

  2. Nicole9293 says:

    “It isn’t?”
    I love Adam Lambert. He’s the funniest thing ever

    • i bet they are sooo glad that they put adam through because he is the best thing to ever happen on the show. you can see the $$ in Simons eyes when he sings!

      • American Idol Voting Controversy: Did Adam Lambert Lose Fairly?

        The mystery of how Adam Lambert lost American Idol deepens.

        The New York Times is reporting that American Idolwinner Kris Allen may have benefited from AT&T “power text” parties where Allen fans in Arkansas were instructed how to send 10 or more votes with the sending of one text message.

        AT&T, one of American Idol’s largest corporate sponsors, gave out free phones at the party, according to the NY Times. AT&T provides the only mobile service where voters can vote via text message. The Times reports that there appeared to be no similar events for Lambert.

        Fox, which airs American Idol, does not release vote totals so it is unclear how many votes Allen may have gained from the power text parties. Although fans are allowed to vote multiple time, power texting, the Times reports is frowned upon by American Idol producers, who discourage “technical enhancements,” that affect the outcome of the votes.

        Message boards and comment forums across the country have been in a tizzy since the American Idol results were announced. One reader posted to “I think this is a BIG error. I know of no one who voted for Kris Allen. I believe they messed up the votes. On purpose or not, I guess we will never know. I think America knows Adam is much more talented. What a joke.”

        The results of last Wednesday’s American Idol show have sparked wide bewilderment and even outrage across the country. Lambert, whose stage presence, incredible vocal ability, and unique song arrangements earned him critical acclaim throughout the season, was considered the frontrunner to win American Idol, the No. 1 show on television. Even Allen, moments after winning, mumbled “But Adam deserves this.”

        In its eighth season, American Idol remains an advertising extravaganza for Fox, even amid a recession and small drop in viewership.

        Even in the days since Allen won, Internet buzz has focused on Lambert


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