Top 10 Things Adam Lambert Brings On Tour

What would a day be like if we had no news about Adam? Thank goodness that day hasn’t happened yet!  Today, we’re filling you in on the top 10 things that Adam’s gotta have on tour. I have my own list of things that I can’t go to one of his shows without and I’ll add those at the end. If you have something I forgot, please add it in your comments! 🙂

Adam’s Top Ten Things To Bring On Tour

1. My iphone! I can’t leave home without my phone to keep in contact with my friends and family. It also holds all of my music!

2. My computer of course. This is where I get to keep my creative juices flowing and I get to note a lot of my ideas. This is also where I get to keep in touch with my fans! Do you think he reads our website?!

3.  A flip cam. This allows me to capture moments behind the scenes to share with my fans!

4. A good book. With so much traveling and time on a bus, it is great to have a good read with me.

5. Nail Polish! Gotta keep my nails neat!

6. Journal. Here I can write lyrics for any ideas of songs that I have as well as take notes on all of these amazing experiences that I am getting to participate in.

7. A hat! When I don’t want to do my hair, my hat always comes in handy. We’ll be watching, Adam!

8. Sharpies! Gotta have lots of these so I can sign autographs for fans! Thank you so much for this Adam! The last time I got an autograph from another artist, I had to dig through my purse for a pen!

9. Liquid Chlorophyll. Greens are so vital to good health. I just checked this out. It sounds like a great supplement. I bet sales go through the roof now!

10. My jewelry. I can’t leave home without my accessories.

Carol’s List of Things Needed for an Adam Lambert Concert!

1. A great outfit. It doesn’t have to look like I’m trying to be him – I’ve gotten over that. But one that makes me feel great!

2. Rest. If I’m spending the whole day waiting in line for a GA concert this is a must!

3. If it’s a GA concert, paper and pen to make a list of people waiting in line and markers to write the number on the back of their hands. This is just in case it wasn’t started before I arrive.

4. Wet ‘N Wild Gliltter Gel. Gotta spread the sparklies all over! Thanks to Janet for turning me on to this one!

5. A fully charged cell phone and camera, for those once-in-a-lifetime opportunities.

6. My best friend Lila. No Adam event is the same without her! And I certainly can’t forget Ellen, Glenda, Janet and site-author Sue too!

What are your “must haves?”

~ Carol Glamb #7 ~

About Carol

I started writing on this site back in May 2009, not knowing what I was in for or where it would take me. I had no idea of the joy and personal satisfaction I'd find here. I never dreamed that I'd get to meet Adam, but that dream came true! The bonus of becoming such great friends with Lila and the other fans is what keeps me going. Music gets me though every day. In addition to Adam, I love Muse, Linkin Park, 80s and finding newer bands and supporting them by attending everything that's within 350 miles. With Adam, the boundaries are farther! Thanks for joining us on this ride! :)


  1. 1. My Blackberry to check on Adam updates on Twitter and facebook and to text/email all of my Glambs who couldn’t make the concert (also good for pictures and videos)
    2. My bloggie flip camera
    3. I agree with Adam, a good book
    4. A bottle of water and healthy snacks
    5. Glitter spray (I have to check out the Wet n Wild Glitter Gel) and make-up for touch ups
    6. And I leave all of my problems and worries at home and enjoy every moment of the day and evening
    7. And one last thing for the Upper Darby, PA show, my husband, who slowly but surely is beginning to see why I love Adam so much (we listened to the CD in the car on Friday, he liked it when I sang Fever to him, and was tapping his fingers to SFW, Master Plan, and IIHY!)

    • In reply to bringing a Backberry, my husband just got me an iPad. It’s the funnest thing ever, but I found under apps and music, a “Where’s Adam” app. You can follow where Adam is everyday and there’s a Adam trivia quiz. It’s fun and gives you a little “adamgasm” when you open your iPad and see Adam face and a note telling you whet he is right now. Also for iPhones.

  2. This site is corrupted on my computer–had a repair man in to fix and couldn’t. All the videos sound like 90% static. So doing a lot of reading on site, posting, etc. Will go over to Vh1 and vote in a while. Wonder if my watching vids so much corrupted it??? I plan on having my nails done black, bought some very glittery necklaces. shoes, lots of eyeliner and shadow. Can’ t do too much or I’ll scare the **** out of people–not the look I’m going for!!!! My daughter laughed at me when I told her she had to glam up–she teachs HSchoolers. Proably thinks I have the same maturity level. Black pants, cool blouse, about it. I would not be surprised if Adam does read a lot of these postings, or has someone brings them to his attention. Should imagine he gets a hoot out of most. My daughter is my best friend and we hit Vegas together for years,so we are both looking forward to the one show we are seeing. Will proabably have to get new Computer for the Intnl Tour vids!

  3. amberboc says:

    1. Good friends to share the experience with me (Carol, Ellen, Sue, Jenny and someday Lila) Oh, and Rebecca and Julie too!
    2. Nail polish for touchups
    3. Wet n Wild Glitter Gel (You’re welcome, Carol)
    4. Eyeliner and shadow for touchups, and really, the rest of my makeup kit too
    5. Camera and cell phone-have to tweet (or twat as the case may be) while waiting and attending the concert
    6. Water to stay hydrated and snackies

    • cookeejar says:

      Your Id, I went to my second concert in the last 40 years. Who knew you needed ID. They opened the doors and announced that we should have our tickets and Id out. Id!! I I changed purses and didin’t have my ID. I was in a panic. They must have thought that I looked old enough (61) and they didn’t even ask. I was safe and on my way to ecstasy.

  4. Mary-Ellen #444 says:

    Sue did you see Yahoo today? The Mercury, a PA newspaper is giving away 2 front row tickets to Musikfest in Bethlehem on Aug. 13. You can enter online as many times as you wish; prize also includes a meet and greet. Check it out online to see if I got it all right.

  5. LatinaAdamLambertLover says:

    I’m obsessed with Adam! Thanks for feeding my hunger!

  6. What an amazing guy to share all these little insights and tidbits of his life.
    This completely jives with the Infinity Symbol and his exchange with his fans.
    I have wondered what it must be like to have all these websites churning continously with all the things people write about you. Do you shut it out or do you peek in sometimes?

  7. Sandyra says:

    I need:
    1. Ticket to get in.
    2. Great outfit, makeup, nail polish.
    3. Comfortable shoes.
    4. Camera, extra batteries, extra vid card
    5. Cell phone, fully charged
    6. Throat lozenges for the after effects of screaming
    7. Smelling salts — remember to give to friend and give instructions in case I faint.
    8. A big wide smile I won’t be able to wipe off my face for days.
    9. A big bag I can fill up with Glamjoy and take home with me afterwards.

    • Mary at the Lake says:

      Love your last three, especially the smelling salts….I already know about the Big Wide Smile after the concert, you just never want it to go away….thank goodness for You Tube, you can refresh it any time…either that or move onto the next concert, definitely the method of choice!!!! Not sure about the camera tho, last time I forgot I had it, and then forgot how to use it…too much Glamjoy going on!!!

  8. I was thinking today…..I hope Adam is keeping a journal……..he’s just starting

    out on such an amazing journal

  9. Sorry journey

  10. BarbaraSJ says:

    Hi everyone. I have some GREAT NEWS to share with you! I couldn’t wait to get home to my computer to tell you. I was in a Dillard’s department store tonight in Baton Rouge, Louisiana (I live about 30 miles outside of Baton Rouge), when I heard a familiar tune start playing on the store intercom. I stopped dead in my tracks and listened for the voice to start singing, wondering if it would be Adam’s voice I would hear. And guess what?! IT WAS ADAM SINGING HIS NEW SINGLE “If I Had You.” I was so excited to hear that beautiful voice resound throughout the store. I hope Adam does check out this site because I want him to know that his wonderful voice and music is reaching far and wide — even in upscale department stores! If anyone reading this gets to attend one of his concerts, and is able to see and talk to him, maybe you can tell him about it. I know he would really get a kick out of it.

  11. cas2003 says:

    Depending on how far away you are sitting in the crowd, how about taking binoculars? I took them with me and even though I had pretty good seats, seeing Adam very up close and personal once in a while was really cool! What a great way to see all that glitter he was wearing!

  12. DEE #458 says:

    Here’s my list of 10 things I always bring with me to an ADAM concert:

    1. A good sense of humor….I love ADAM’s
    2. My original pencil drawing of ADAM (from the Detail’s Mag cover) that my dear friend, Erin, drew!
    I’ve been taking it with me to every concert…I’ll get ADAM to autograph it one of these days :)))
    3. My usually very expensive concert ticket (but worth every penny)
    4. My digital camera to take those great close-up shots of ADAM (most of which come out blurry
    because I’m so excited and can’t hold the camera still) !!!
    5. Lots of bottled water to keep hydrated (I almost passed out at the Nokia Concert in NYC)…
    6. Too excited to ever eat….so no snacks…just water :)))
    8. The serpent 3–finger ring I bought for ADAM….I wear it myself, but plan on giving it to him when I see him.
    9. Lots of glitter…in my hair, crystals around my eyes, black eyeliner, my black vest with the large glittery blue “A” on the back that I made out of felt and rhinestones !!!

  13. Tina Glamb#654 says:

    Ok, me and my cousin started our list of stuff to get ready for INDY. 1) Have to do camera test @ courthouse to see if it sets off any alarms. If so, I’m taking a rag to wrap the camera in, and then walking back through the detectors to see if that will set them off, if not, then I can sneak my camera in. 2) GLITTER 3) Do nails in Black 4) Comfortable shoes 5) Madonna bracelets 6) Feather Boa’s 7) Get our t-shirts made up, and then get an official one at the concert. 8) GLOW WANDS (Dollar Tree or Dollar Bills, depending where you live what it’s called has them!!) 9) Have neighbor take pics. 10) Take pic of Adam with me to try and get signed. I’m gonna take one off my ceiling in the bedroom and put stick glue and glitter that says: AUTOGRAPH PLEASE, GLAMBERT #654. I think that is it. For those of you who can wear high heels for long periods of time, Hot Topic has some that are black, and in light grey, they have skulls on them!! They are to die for!! Also, don’t forget, WAL-MART has a make-up section called: HARD CANDY, and it’s pretty much everything you were able to buy in the 80’s…Oh, the good ‘ol days…LOL!!! I have purple glitter eyeshadow, pink, teal, electric blue, yellow, and silver mascara…They were sold out of the lighter color blue..still keeping my eyes open for that one. They also have these things called eye tattoos that look like what Adam has on in some of his videos. They run about $6. Most of the make-up in that section does. I just can’t wait to see MR. HOT ASS HIMSELF..I told my cousin to let Adam do CPR!! LOL!! 🙂 I only have to make sure to take chapstick and LOTS of water. I usually lose my voice for anywhere between 4-7 days, and my cousin usually looses her hearing from me screaming for about a week on one side. LOL!! If you get you some Hot Chocolate, the real stuff, not Shemar Moore Tina, Oh, ‘scuse me! LOL!! It helps your throat, or anything hot, that is drinkable anyway. I have to get off of here…my head goes straight to the gutter when I start talking about Adam. He’s just so SEXY!! STILL WAITING FOR THE PLAYGIRL SHOOT…(hint hint) If you do read this site!! We would have a camp out for that!! WOO-HOO!!

    Talk to everyone later!!!

    Tina..aka…MISTRESS LAMBERT (I also plan on having this on the front of the shirt I’m making so if anyone on here is gonna be at the INDY show and see’s me, come say Hi!! 🙂

  14. great idea ill need a list for when he comes to Australia, need to find glamberts that are going as well

  15. Freya77 says:

    1. CAMERA CAM RECORDER (A must a must a must!)
    2. Ticket
    3. Water
    4. My voice (for screaming)
    5. My blackberry (in case I live tweet)
    6. Heels (so I can get clear view in case someone blocks my way)
    7. A friend (but if there’s none, I’d go alone, I don’t care, anything for Adam)
    8. A good health

  16. please vote for adam on thank you

  17. kat23morg says:

    My list:
    Paper and pin…
    book to read while waiting to get in
    Plenty of glitter spray and gel…just glitter in general (when i went in to his concert, my daughter, her friend and i left a trail of glitter…glitter was coming off of us in clouds…my car still has glitter on its seats…i am permanently glammed 🙂 )
    A good camera.
    Comfie shoes to wear while waiting and glam heels to put on for the concert…
    My love for Adam’s music….always with me…

  18. I’m also a black eyeliner gal. I have been since my college days. I read that Adam uses Mac, and he even gave the name of the black eyeline he wears, but I forgot what it is.

    Does anyone know?

    I don’t do black nail polish anymore. I used back in my hippie days…LOL!

    I’m glad to see glitter gel back in style. I used it during my disco days!

    • It’s called “Smolder” (sp). He talks about it in an interview in the next blog.

  19. libraglam says:

    Carol, on your list item #2 , you asked whether Adam read our fansite.
    My answer is : I have the feeling that ADAM do read our fansite, the reason is:

    1. our fansite appears on the first page of Yahoo or Google when someone
    does a search for “Adam Lambert”.
    2. Everytime we discuss of something or have issue with something, later i can
    see Adam reacted to it. Just like we just discussed about people singing along
    while Adam sing, now he was asking everybody to sing along with him in IIHY…
    3. When we get wild of something, later we can see ADAM showed us more of it

    Adam do read our website…oh yeah…. so don’t you dare say something awful
    about him…. LOL …

    I bet he knows who is Carol and who is Sue on this Unofficial Official
    Adam Lambert fansite !!

  20. Samantha Rosalie Cannon says:

    He prob has looked at the site before cauz it’s like the first site that comes up when you google Adam Lambert :]

    1. My Ticket

    2. My best friend (aka the other human being I know that shares my Adam Lambert obsession, and who thinks that at the beginning of the If I Had you music video she should have jumped out of the bushes and onto Adam lol)

    3. Lippy and Pink perfume (I’m not too big on make up touch ups once I get somewhere cauz I dont want to spend valuable time (aka gazing at Adam time) in the loo, and Victoria Secrets perfume is nice since it’s in a plastic bottle and only 15 dollars so if you lose it, it’s not that big of a deal.)

    4. My Adam Lambert cd (I will never again be in line waiting for a bands signature only to realize oh crap I having nothing that they can sign except my Ipod which is kinda small.)

    5. My phone (to take 30 seconds of video of Adam up on stage.)

    6. My purse to put all my friend things in (why I’m I always the only one with a purse lol.)

  21. Hah, Adam is smart. Nail polish… that made me laugh… XD

    Rock on dude! You’re awesome!