Tonight Is The Night, Adam Lambert On American Idol

I AM SOOO EXCITED FOR TONIGHTS AMERICAN IDOL!! I cannot even believe that just a year ago we were watching Adam perform, and now he is MENTORING!!
Well, I CAN believe that they chose Adam because he just has that special way about him that feels the need to help others. Most people do not realize how much of this he did LAST year while he was on the show! Who does that? Who else would try to help and make the people they are competing against better?? Not many, that would be my guess.
I am counting down the minutes until tonight, and I added a few tweets from the current American Idols after they hung out with Adam in Las Vegas…

~Tim Urban: It was so cool meeting Adam lambert! He’s such a great guy! He was a really cool mentor for this week!

~Casey James: It was great meeting Adam Lambert! He is really nice. It was awesome to talk with someone that has been in this situation. He had great advise as well! Thanks again Adam!

~Katie Stevens: Ford shoot today!! Yayyyy I’m so excited for this week! Adam was incredible! I love you all!!




  1. Samantha Rosalie Cannon says:

    Ah only one second of Adam in the commercail. I was so happy when I found out he was going to be a mentor. I can’t believe just last year he was on Idol, I bet he can’t either.

  2. k. morgan says:

    I loved the scene when Ryan sat beside Katie and told her next week Adam Lambert would be the mentor….her jaw dropped a mile….OMG….It was so funny.
    I can not wait either…

  3. Adam is fantastic and i think he will brinbg really good advice to the top 9. he has been where they are and knows the drill of American Idol. What is more important is that he makes the oldie songs current and has the artistry and performace skills that no other idol in the history of AI has done. I really think he will prove to be one of the best idol mentors. GO ADAM!!

  4. Thanks to Katie for showing us something. Ryan’s low key announcement and then the low key commercial are puzzling to me. Why low key? Hedging a little? Anyway I am stoked like everyone on here. I am telling all my friends and family who don’t “get it” to watch this week. I think Adam will dress fairly low key and keep the make-up light, to suck up a bit to the haters and fearful. What do y’all think?

  5. cheryl 334 says:

    BUFFY……………………..stoked!!!!! IMA stoked, too!!!! AHhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Adam!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. renogirl says:

    That’s our Boy. So Happy for him. After the AMA I think this will make people open back up. Too much talent to push aside. Love Adam. I think AI loves him too but they had their hands tied. Now let the show begin. Can not wait for his summer tour. Crazy excited.

  7. I hope Adam dresses in leather, feathers, and studs. The whole shee-bang. Go for it Adam, we love you.

    • Love it Dianne!….’leather, feathers, studs’……and MASSES of glitter! …..and even a repeat of the Mardi Gras!!!……..ADAM is soooooo AWESOME!

  8. Virginia says:

    Here is an article about Adam everyone should read.

    “How Adam Lambert, the Star of American Idol Season 8 Came in Second and Why it Matters”

    • kellym11 says:

      This was a very informative article. I only wish it could be circulated more through the media, not the fans. It would probably get people to think seriously about what happened with the vote that crowned Adam runner-up.
      I blame American Idol officials the most. They let the voting irregularities just go by. Shame on them! I don’t watch AI anymore, except for the two nights with Adam. I’ll bet the judges are thinking back to the fun when Adam was on the show.
      Thanks, Virginia!!

  9. I am so excited to see adam back on AI! I’ve even been having dreams about it. Crazy! God, he’ s the best!

    • REDSTAR040665 says:

      I am counting down too. I think that the Elvis theme really fits Adam as well. They were comparing Siobhan to Adam for her uniqueness. I hope that with Adam being the mentor the idols can really get a grip on who they are because Adam is so much into being true to himself. It will be a great two nights and I will be glued to the tv and now I have a DVR and can play him over and over.

      I need a whole lotta Adam.

      Adam Lambert rocks!

      Bellefontaine, Ohio

      PS. Go Crystal!

  10. GLENDA #1946 says:

    You guys, don’t forgot to vote for Time magazines top 100 poll…Adam is down from #4 to #5 so we must keep him in the top five…just go to Time magazine to vote!!!! Also have timer set on tv can’t wait for tonight he will do us proud as always!!!

  11. Have you’ll read what the producer said about Adam. He said he was not successful and they hope this show will help him. I think he’s ben drinking the kool-aid..He’s the one that needs the help. I think he should be fired for bad mouthing a mentor..

    Watch the ratings they will be the highest of the season.

  12. What are you talking about / The only thing I have read about Adam from the people at Idol was on this site and it was really positve. did I miss something?

    • Go to michael slezik ‘s website mjsbigblog and read the statements made by the producer. You can also go to this sites other articule about Adam mentoring a few days ago. I found comment by other Glams there.

      • hanks Jerry one does wonder where that guy was coming from. Who cares Im sure Adam is happy with the way things are going at the moment.


  14. I am watching right now and am so excited. I think they made a wise choice to ask him to mentor. I think he is just incredibly talented. I can’t get enough.

  15. please vote for him on vh1 and fuse.we have to make him no.1.


  17. Just watched and Elvis said “Don’t Be Cruel,” but this is the most dull and boring group I’ve seen on AI. Had zero interest to watch this season after Adam raised the bar so high. My judgment was right–even though they can sing, they all need eye liner! They are not performers or entertainers, hence the karaoke comments by Simon. Too bad none of them listened to Adam’s perfect suggestions. DULL and BEYOND boring. I only watched to see Adam who was, as always, sincere, caring and not at all egotistical. LOVE YOU ADAM!

  18. Adam did a fantastic job as a mentor on AI, even if some a few of his suggestions were ignored. I thought when he told Lee that he wasn’t in a recording studio singing but on the stage was right on the mark. We want to be entertained!!!! Strut, baby, strut and show us what you have!

    • buffy522 says:

      obviously by who won top honor last year, some people don’t care about performance or truly great voice

  19. seen a few snippets on line and Adam did give excellent advice, looks like to me only Tim took it on board and what an improvement he sounded lovely I really liked him. Andrew didnt listen to a thing and was dead boring, Crystal was goos as usual though had a sameness about her, Havent seen siobhan yet. Didnt like Casey but enjoyed Lee who did more interaction, as Adam suggested. Cant wait to see it all properly in about 8 days here in NZ.

  20. Libraglam says:

    WOW !! Just watched AI twice ! ADAM is JUST FABULOUS, EXCELLENT MENTOR. The judges also repeated what ADAM said ! All judges quite agreed with ADAM when give feedback (indirectly). TIM , KATIE, LEE, Big MIKE made big improvement (after taking ADAM suggestion and applied to it) , esp. TIM. It gave them one letter grade higher thanks to MR. LAMBERT !! Oh…..ADAM LAMBERT ! he is so handsome today and the day he was mentoring the idols. Love his hairstyle on both days !! I just can’t stop watching ADAM (had to rewind several times and watched AI all over twice). It’s EXCEEDING EXPECTATIONS !!

    btw, did anyone see Ryan was so excited today?? I think He was so happy to have ADAM today.
    and ADAM has a BEAUTIFUL SMILE all the time !
    MOMBERT was so beautiful too!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  21. I think Adam did a GREAT GREAT job as mentor!! What’s so sad is that except for a few, nobody took his advice. They act like they don’t have any life in them. They don’t know how to perform, how to express the songs–much less how to express themselves. Did you notice Adam when he was advising them, how he tried to SHOW them (with his own movements and expressions) how to express themselves and the song,to get some life & character & expressions in their face & movement in their bodies? Adam didn’t just sing when he was on AI, he performed & entertained; he had showmanship!! He wasn’t just a “cow”, he “mooed” (and beautifully!) like a cow. (remember Simon’s remark to Randy, when he said it’s like complaining that a cow moo’s?). Adam knows how to entertain & WOW us. He has the “IT” FACTOR!! I LOVE to hear him sing & watch him perform — and just LOOK at him!!

    • buffy522 says:

      He was sooo adorable. the outfit and look and vibe in Vegas…awesome. He looked a tiny bit disheveled (shirt) at the show and a tad too much eyeshadow for the haters, but great energy. I think Aaron and Katie took his advice but got slammed unjustly by judges. I think Lee tried and Crystal used the electric. It’s just crazy this year.

  22. Could you PLEASE tell me why my comments are not posting?

  23. grandjag says:

    Adam was wonderfull. Loved seeing him with his mom. They looked so adorable. I too loved it when he looked at the camera after Ryan talked about the tongue. His advice was right on. He is always so “with it” when he talks. I just love him singing, talking , smiling.. He looked fabulous.

  24. What the blazes was Seacrest doing tonight?….has Idol ratings been that low that he is
    loosing it?….or was he estatic to be in the presence of ADAM!!!?

    Well, what a relief on performance night that people don’t have to lock their kids up this time!!!!
    …………OH PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!……………..

  25. what is that they say ” you can take a horse to water , but you can’t make it drink!!! and as boring as they are they should have jump in the lake!! but let’s get real, after Adam on the show last season ,NO ONE WILL EVER TOP HIM!!! SHOW’S OVER!!! GO ADAM!!!!

  26. k. morgan says:

    I think Adam did great last night as a mentor. He gave sound advice to all and it was interesting to see who took the advice. The people who are strong already, Crystal, Sioban, Mike, Casey, Lee, sometimes Katie…all were good, a few off notes here and there. Some however did not go far enough as far as being lively and playing the audience like Adam was advising them to do…Casey should have done it more, Lee tried, should have done more of what Adam said, looking up and away from the guitar….making eye contact…etc. I still can not see how Tim is still there…If you compare vocals…Mike was great, a wonderful voice…loved his choice of in the Ghetto. I loved the connection between Sioban and Adam…knew it was an instant match. Loved when she told Simon and Kara that she does not attach herself to one genre….Like someone we love, Mr. Lambert, she thrives on being unique and herself, doing whatever style she feels like. She has potential. I am anxious to see what song Adam does…love how he and Ryan played with each other last night…was funny. I also noticed the audience was filled with some glitter babes and dudes…Tonight will be packed…My guts tell me Adam will try to bring the house down….

  27. Why is old news popping up here this morning? Adam’s mentoring was last night! Just wondering … thought you would have an article on how great he was.
    He indeed was! So beautiful and professional — and he has the best eye contact in the biz! I really feel he helped the contestants with their game.

  28. The best part of the show was Adam and Ryan talking and Ryan stating that Adam’s tongue was more talented than his. Adam’s look was priceless. Funny how with just a look, Adam can move the world to laughter and/or tears. The contestants, on the other hand, seemed to never have heard of Elvis and only one or two took Adam’s advice. Last night’s performances were the worst yet. Crystal is going to have to drop out to avoid winning. To have the night end feeling that Tim Urban was one of the best proved the weakness of the group. So sad that after last season, we have come to this.

  29. The energy in the audience last night just skyrocketed with Adam there. Even Ryan was affected by Adam’s presence and was much more animated than in previous episodes. He has such a positive effect on people.

    Adam looked gorgeous! I was so thrilled to see him on tv again that I dreamed about him last night. He kissed me and it was more than just a peck on the cheek!!!! Mmmmmmm……….

    I’m hoping that his tour in the States takes him somewhere near Ontario, Canada, cause I’ll be be booking a flight! Can’t get enough of our Adam!

  30. Ima Ramorah says:

    Poor Adam, even with his added energy you’d need a voodoo (;-D ) priest to get those zombies moving.
    Ryan was animated, loved the *talented tongue* reference.
    I’ll watch tonight for sure, but this bunch of justin guarrini wannabees just needs to go away.

  31. so happy to see adam on AI again.

    fellow glamberts, please we need your help, the time poll will be ending soon and adam is back on no. 5. this is only once a year and maybe we could try to help adam by voting at least to reach no. 3. there are many enthusiastic fans voting religiously but please do our part and vote for adam many times. thanks

  32. Adam was Freaking Amazing! He did more for the contestants than anyone else so far!
    I just have one question for the Adam Fans out there… (and I know this is weird) but what colongne does he wear! He looked so amazing, I could only wonder how he smelled! If you know, please post it! Thanks!

    • I think it is Dior Homme, there are two Dior Homme Sport and Dior Homme (original) not sure which one, I would like to know too.

  33. AdamAddict says:

    I DID NOT YAWN,I DID NOT YAWN WATCHING IDOL TODAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!IT’S FREAKING MIRACLE!! The feeling was like last year.Heart beating so fast just waiting for him.This is better coz he keep appearing after one contestants singing.I don’t pay attention so much on them,all I wanted to see Adam more.He was brilliant giving them advice.No wonder last year contestants said Adam really help them.Gosh,he was excellent!I was LMAO when he said “It’s ,it’s boring!I’m bored!” LOL!Exactly what I want to say to him everytime Garcia showed up!LOL!!Can’t wait to see him perform tomorrow.YAAATAAAA!But next week,I will yawn again!!GOSH!I need Adam be a mentor the whole season…or just put him as judge for god sake!

  34. waveridergal says:

    Now, I am being objective. I sinerely felt that Adam did the best job so far of anyone who has mentored, and I have never missed a show. His advice seemed to be right on for each contestant. What a good teacher. Guess it’s just another talent that Adam has. What a man, what a performer. Can’t wait until tonight!

  35. i could listen to “waddya want from me” all day……. (drool……….) he is so cute. great singer, so cute, my style, and only a true, awesome, cool guy wears eyeliner. ROCK ON 4EVER ADAM LAMBERT!!!!! 😮 😀 XD 😛 :))))))) so hot…………………………………… (!)