Time For Some Satisfaction (HD)- Adam Lambert Style

The new season of American Idol, for me, hasn’t been that great of an experience. Nothing like last year anyways, because at this point I already had pegged Adam as the ultimate winner in my opinion. This early into the show last season it was a no brainer for me, and most of you as well, right? So when I heard that they were going to be singing songs by the Rolling Stones, my heart was all a flutter. I am going to step out on a limb here and say that NOONE will rock our world like Adam did. I am also going to hope that those newbies remember his performance last year and have decided to STAY AWAY from trying to repeat it, if they know what is good for them, haha. That being said, who wants to go back a year ago??? I do, so I have decided to add a little Satisfaction to your world today…


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  1. I am trying my best to watch Idol this year just because it is something that I have always done. It hasn’t been fun at all. I like Crystal Bowersox but she has no sparkle (I don’t mean glitter but maybe that wouldn’t be a bad idea, Ha! Ha!). I really liked Alex Lambert, (sure the name had something to do with it) thought his voice was interesting but wondered if it could change before the end of the season. When he was eliminated and others, much less talented were voted through, it made a bad season worse. Not sure I will make it to the finals.

    • Hi ALL!!

      I have to add… AMERICAN IDOL will NEVER be the same since ADAM LAMBERT!!! The Judges are BORED out of their minds and frustrated. It is soo obvious. They will never be the same since ADAM LAMBERT TOOK THE STAGE and had MINDBLOWING PERFORMANCES…. week after week leaving every other contestant IN THE HISTORY OF IDOL, in the DUST!! Every song Adam sang .. he now OWNS! You can never compete with ADAM ever!!! He will make you look a fool if you try!! I can see how the judges are just going through the motions, unimpressed, and beyond frustrated… because after ADAM LAMBERT and his Phenomenal Energy, Supernatural Voice, Spectacular Charisma and SEXXXINESS, NO ONE CAN EXCITE!! They had the biggest most Awesome CLIMAX, now everything else feels dead!!

      Paula left because she knew, and Simom is leaving because he knows…..

      American Idol is OVER!! The contestants will forever be compared to ADAM LAMBERT… and appear BORING, PLAIN…….and as sad as it is for them, it is so EXCITING FOR ADAM LAMBERT….. Because his STAR WILL SHINE FOREVER… HE WILL BE AN ICON………..and WE KNEW IT FROM THE START.. and have always loved and adored him….. OXOXOXOXO

      • Let me add…. Satisfaction is when I knew he would WIN without a doubt from then on… it was the most Orgasmic, Sexxxxy Hottt performance I had EVER SEEN A MALE PERFORMER DO!! Then there was Ring of Fire and the Adamgasm continued WEEKLY!!
        Whole Lotta Love!!!!! WHAT?? UNBELIEVABLE!!!!!!!!! WHOOOO!!:) 🙂 🙂
        Every day is a NEW ADAM HAPPY DAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
        Thank you GOD for Adam Lambert!!!

      • Great post, Summer – I agree with you 100%!!!
        And yes, the judges do look bored.

  2. LolaGlamb says:

    OK, you can’t slip one by a true Adam fan. Where’d you get that ending? That’s not the ending on either his 1st performance, or his reprise after he was named to the top 12. I recognize the visuals at the end from his dress rehearsal. So, spill the beans….

    • Sue, thank you so much for posting that walk down memory lane. Now this is what TRUE quality singing is! This “over the top” performance style was so similar to what we’ve seen lately at Indio and Leno. This is the true Adam. Another reminder of how Adam was so smart to restyle himself away from Zodiac level to the Idol level, while competing on the show. I think the Unplugged versions are another side of Adam, but this is the dominant side.

      LolaGlamb, I just watched and you’re right, this was not the ending for the live performance, version 1 or 2. But someone commented on YouTube that this ending was spliced in from the recap version. Did you know they did that on the show for probably many other performances? I can point to ROF, where the Cat ‘o Nine Tails was moving from his left hip to his right in different shots.

      Love the comments by everyone!

      Carol Glamb #7

    • I agree with Lola, that was not the ending I remember. lol

    • TexasGal says:

      Thanks Lola – I thought I might be losing my Adam-Obsessed-Mind! Not the mind-blowing ending I remember (and enjoyed on my iPod just today!)

  3. Crystal is unemotional and so cold. Might have a good voice, but her live shows could be very boring. Would rather watch Siobahn or Big Mike or a few others in concert.

    • Mike is horrible and Siobahn I had to mute my TV.

      • Lila - glamb #3 says:

        That scream started out okay, but ended up right next to Danny. Frightening.

        Did anyone else notice the Eye of Horus tatoo on her back just under the clasp of her necklace, or was I imagining things?

  4. ]Thank God Adam went on AI show, he has rejuvenated my ltife That is and always will be AI’s best contribution to the entertainment industry- they inro Adam Lambert to the world.

  5. Judy Lushman says:

    Thank you so much for posting this video. It certainly brings back great memories, especially during AI season. You guys are right, no one compares to Adam during this season of AI or even in our music industry today. Go Adam. We love you.

    • I so agree with you Sue and Judy!! No one even comes close to Adam on AI this year, and it’s so hard to watch the so so talent this year! Miss Adam so much! Every time I see the stairs, I have flashbacks of Adam coming down them in his gorgeous white suit singing “Feeling Good”. It’s incredible how he has imbeded his presence in our minds, is’nt it??? What incredible talent and showmanship Adam had from the very beginning. And I know all of couldn’t wait each week to see what he was going to sing and wear!!
      AI simply will never be the same!! As Simon Cowel even said, “How can you top that?!” Adam ROCKS!!! Thanks for posting that again, Sue!! It brings back so many great memories of last year, but it sure makes you miss that AMAZING Adam!!! Take care all!! Love you Adam!! ADAMFANFROMTHESTART

      • Iyleneidol09 says:

        You guys are sooo right!! It is so painful to watch the AI right now. Everytime they try to hit a high note I hold my breath and ended up so disappointed!! NO ONE!! NO ONE can hit that high note effortlessly but ADAM!! I am having a difficult time going to YOU TUBE searching for the Season 8 top twelve. I want to go back down the memory lane. Can someone put the link here of all the video of the top twelve season 8 performances, but you know, I will just watch Adam’s performance. Thanks in advance..

      • TexasGal says:

        The only redeeming thing about this season is that Adam will come back as a guest performer – I can’t wait! Wonder what he’ll sing??? And, could you guys believe when that little girl (Katie, I think?) tried to sing “Feelin’ Good”? Didn’t she get the memo? Don’t sing Adam’s song (JK … sorta). Grateful Glamb #118

  6. There is no other Adam and I too am disappointed with this years season. Perhaps they have released such a great star into the world its hard to live that up??? No Paula has also contributed to my disappointment. When WAY more talented individuals were eliminated from the show this past week my hopes for a SURPRISE has faded. What happened to the Wild Card?!?!!?

    • Adam destroyed Idol with his being so great!!! They might as well face it, it will not be a year like last year.

      • Lila - glamb #3 says:

        It’s hard to believe that Adam was the jump the shark moment since he revitalized AI so completely, but without him it’s nothing. Simon is right in leaving Idol and they shouldn’t go on without him. AI is dead. Long live the AI king, Adam Lambert.

  7. I see no one in this season that can even compare to last years Idols.As we all know Adam was magnificent but the personalities of all of them together was amazing and memorable.Danny,Matt,Scott,Allison,Kris had a ball together.I can’t name one Idol this year.And to top it off PAULA’S gone.Simon is leaving.I can;t imagine this show surviving.As far as I;m concerned they should rerun last years show all over again.i’d watch.I’m going to try watching THE X FACTOR when it comes on.It’s supposed to have Simon and Paula.I think after Adam the show will never be the same.Last year my friends and I could not wait to get home last season to see what Adam was going to sing and what he was going to wear and he did not disappoint EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Last Sunday Iwatched a documentery about the 2008 BURNING MAN FESTIVAL.it,s all about love,giving and expressing your artistic and spiritual side.I kept thinking this was the year Adam was there.I can see this place would be a place for Adam.Thats what he is all about loving and giving and expressing himself.

  8. Retrogrrrl says:

    YEEEEEAAAAHHH!!!! Just watched the video & oh what pleasant memories of looking forward to seeing Adam totally KILL on that stage! Ya’ll are right, he totally ruined Idol because now the show is so TAME & boring without him. I clearly remember when they said Adam was going to do “Satisfaction” & thinking, oh no, that song is so monotone, he won’t be able to show off his range…THEN he struts out & totally blows the roof off & adds that funky beat part in the middle & I just remember going “WOW” and picking my jaw up off the floor. Nobody from season 9 has come close. Yeah, I think Crystal is good too & I kinda like Sibohn (spelling?), the gal who did House of the Rising Sun, she had a pretty good note at the end but it did not blow me away the way Adam ALWAYS did. Casey is cute but his voice is kinda vibrato-y & it’s not pleasant to me. No one compares to Adam & I don’t think there will ever be anyone on Idol again with such a tremendous impact! Just think back on how it made you feel when he did “Ring of Fire” or “Whole Lotta Love” or “A Change Is Gonna Come” or “Tracks of My Tears” or…yeah, you get the idea, EVERY performance was EPIC!

  9. This brings back great memories of finding out who Adam Lambert is. He was so amazing and it is so hard to watch this year. Although one of this year’s contestants’ performance was compared to Adam Lambert on tonights show because she was amazing tonight with her performance. There will be no other like Adam Lambert, whether it be from American Idol or elsewhere. We will only have one Adam Lambert. He is loved by many and I am definatley one of them!

  10. I definately am another one that thinks Idol is nothing this year…I listened to this satisfaction by Adam and it made me relive Idol last year…9 of my family went to see Adam in Kansas City last year, but won’t be going this year…..I think Adam Lambert is the best singer and makes a person feel good with his music….I watched tonight to see what Casey would do and then went to biggest looser….

  11. Thanks for the great memory from last year, truly the best year of all on Idol. Just can’t get into it at all this year. My husband and I really just started watching two seasons ago when his office started a fantasy-football type contest that we reluctantly participated in (and won!) since we really weren’t into Idol previously. Then came last year( and had to keep up our reputation as good judges of talent) and the second we saw Adam, knew he was IT. Our jaws dropped, and couldn’t believe our eyes and ears! We knew he was the only one who could possibly win, everyone else was a distant second. I did like the group last year as a whole and went to the Idol tour ( for the first and last time) and enjoyed all of them, more or less, while waiting for Adam to come on. We are absolutely die-hard Adam fans forever. As much as we admire some of the hopefuls this year, such as Crystal and Mike and Siobahn, the spark just isn’t there. Have you noticed that Kara has at least twice invoked Adam’s name this year (with a certain reverence) when comparing other performances to his? I absolutely never tire of watching his performances (still have the last five Idol shows from last year on my DVR -just can’t give up those High Def big screen versions). And we have never jumped on a flight and flown a thousand miles just to see a concert (Fantasy Springs). Totally crazy! I also agree with some of the other comments that some of the better contestants (Lily for instance) were eliminated, which made no sense to us. I guess edge-y and different still doesn’t get far as a general rule. Just grateful that Adam was introduced to us last year and now looking forward to his River Rock concert next month so I can get another dose of Live Adam, which is the best of all! So glad its within driving distance this time and so thrilled to get another chance to see him. Going back to watch that Satisfaction clip again, one of my favorites (along with the rest of them!)…Great job keeping this site so current, thanks again.

  12. Well I’m a little bit sad and nostalgic. It’s like, I want time to stand still when I relish moments like watching Adam sing Satisfaction. These moments of Adam are for me like epic, historical and sensitizing. His soaring voice, piercing one”s heart. The nudge of his head, and the flip of his hair. The brush of the tip of his tongue to his upper lip —- oh my, he doesn”t know what he does to me. My nerves had become sensitized. He gives me that side-long glance, and I”m melting and have these funny feelings inside. Look, how powerful television is, and how Adam can powerfully communicate. He truly won our hearts!


  14. Whoa. Every time I see this I get a chill up my spine. This is the moment I got hooked! I was bored clicking thru channels and heard the Stone’s song–not realizing it was AI. I could not believe what I was seeing and hearing. I got instant brain freeze and heart palpitations! I sat there catatonic waiting for him to return just so I could get another look at him!

    Then I started babbling about him to my poor husband and he kept looking at me, worried that I may be having a stroke. Yes, it was a stroke..a stroke of luck that I channel-surfed that night because discovering him was a jolt and then a pleasure to watch him knock us out each and every time with a voice that has no peer.

  15. k. morgan says:

    Idol is just not the same now…Adam especially and I even think the top ten last year were unique and such wonderful friends…I do not feel that chemistry this year amongst these guys. Crystal is the only one I believe has the it factor and mad talent…no where near Adam…but in comparison to the other contestants she is leaving them in the dust. Lilly was ok…but her voice to me was not that strong…although she was creative…Shioban…needs to not try the big belt…her performance was good last night until she did the huge scream…scream…not singing note…there her voice cracked…She is quirky …like that…Mike is a “teddybear”…sweet and can sing…Aaron is kind of becoming my second fav…he is so young, so sweet….think maybe a little Adam influenced his hair?….Love when Kira said that Shioban sitting on the steps and dramatics made her think of our man, Adam….no where near the talent though…I am thinking they will have Adam on the finals…with his sales…his fame growing by leaps and bounds….would make sense.

  16. I am reminded of how awesome Adam was, how refreshing and exciting it was to see true, amazing talent at last. There are alot of good singers…but Adam, oh Adam….a league all of his own. I remember hoping he was ready for the kind of fame that would come with the kind of personality he has. And look at him now, droves of people meeting him everywhere, paparazzi everywhere…and he continues so well spoken and with such composure. He is a true star and I still love him like crazy.

  17. Debbie Glam# 2473 says:

    dainty you said it so well, there will never be another as talented as our boy on AI, it is so boring this yr cause there is no comparison! He has my heart forever, I have never felt so over protective & in awe & in love with another performer, cant get enough of him and I am so so proud of him…I could go on but u get the idea:)

  18. I believe this video is the version that could be purchased from iTunes at the end of the season. I didn’t realize how different some of them were until I went back to watch the recorded versions. I wanted to watch Idol last night but it bored me to sleep after only one or two performances so I missed Crystal who is the only one that I see that deserves a chance to record. I’m not even sure her style will sale but she does sing well.

  19. What an impact ADAM has made to everyone everywhere!!! He touched so many hearts on his amazing journey! …and no disrespect to the new contestants but AI has lost it’s luster…but I need to
    remember that ADAM gained worldwide exposure through this show which helped promote him
    towards Megastardom!

  20. GypsyLaine says:

    There will never be another Adam Lambert on American Idol. I never watched the show before he was on it, and I can’t get into it this season either. Adam was the only contestant that ever really stood out on AI. He is just the best entertainer, singer, around! I absolutely fell in love with him after his Satisfaction performance, and have LOVED him ever since. There will never be anyone like Adam again on American Ido, so why watch??

    • Princessshakeitup says:

      I so agree with this! My sister and my friend [now referred to as my “Sisters in Adam”] begged me to watch Idol last year so that we could dish about it and I had never watched it before. I was mesmerized from the start and I am SO THANKFUL to them for talking me into it as it has indeed changed my life. I had stopped listening to anything new, musically, some time ago and was happy just to fall back on the old stuff I always loved. Now, I am dancing and strutting like I haven’t done in years! I dress up like Adam and throw parties for him and pretty much just drive everyone crazy about him. What fun to feel like I did when I was a ‘groupie’ for Three Dog Night! [yup, I’m that old.]
      I wil not ever have to watch Idol again. I watched it once and fell in love. It has been done to perfection.

  21. Thanks for the memories – loved it. I agree that Crystal has an amazing voice. Give her time – she will come out of her shell.

  22. cheryl 334 says:

    Oh, thank you, thank you for this video!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!111 Yeah, remember this so well and how flirtatious Adam was!!! That little lover bear! I loved this and his shoulder action!:)

    I like Crystal and Casey this year. I loved Alex Lambert’s rendition of “Trouble” and was shocked that he didn’t get enough votes to stay. Very sorry for that.

    Maybe someday Adam will have some place for those voted off ans be able to help those he thinks are worth it. He has the emotional capacity to do that.

    Love Adam doing ‘Satisfaction’!!!!!!! Adam has always ROCKED!!!!!

    peace-world peace-love-light-truth-joy-fun 4 Adam. Our Rock-God!!!

  23. We can’t expect another ADAM on American Idol. There is only one ADAM!!!!! He’s a once in a lifetime happening……..he is sooooooo fabulous!!!!! Adam will go on to the greatest fame since Elvis for sure. He is so damn good looking, has the most amaaaazzzzing voice, and his showmanship is beyond compare. LOVE HIM SOOOOOO MUCH!!!!!!

  24. I’ve been watching Idol since the inception of the show and last year was, without a doubt, the best season that they ever had. I found myself thinking during the days leading up to Idol what Adam was going to do this week and how he was going to “WOW” the audience and judges with this weeks performance. After he performed, the rest were entertaining but not to the level of Adams performance. This year there is noone in the lineup who has the star power and talent that Adam has and I fear that the program is going to lose many viewers as I don’t believe there will be a season that will top last seasons success. Big Mike may be the only one in the lineup who has what it takes to come even close to Adam as he has a great voice and carisma as well. WE miss seeing Adam on the show and I hope they bring him back for the finale of AI.

  25. So true … there is nobody like Adam … And there’s really not even anybody who comes up to the standard of the many of the others last season …Allison, Kris, .. Matt … even Danny … They just don’t have any “it” factor ..

    • KO's smiling says:

      Totally. Even though it is early in the season, last year at this point the contestants had some personality! Adam was always in another league, but maybe he inspired some of his “competitors” to take more risks and have more fun up there.

      This year, the judges seem to be working together to manipulate the viewers into liking these awful contestants. I started fast-forwarding through their comments after I counted 5 references to “the industry” and 0 to “the singing” after one of them performed in this “singing competition.” I remember loving Adam’s performances, but not looking forward to them until after Mad World. If these guys don’t pick it up, I’m just gonna stop watching. End it on a high note! 🙂

  26. Idol sucks after last yrs. ADAMMMAMAZING. It hard to watch. I don’t thing any STARS are going to come out, except maybe Crystal.

  27. Donna Lee says:

    Yeah… Adam Lambert ruined Idol with his fierce talent. NOBODY can compare. He was and is in a league of his own. There’s not one contestant this year that can excite an audience the way the Master could. Like everyone else, I was always waiting to see what he’d do next and that had NEVER happened with any other Idol season.

    I saw the stairs this time and thought of “Feeling Good” and how Simon said to Ryan that they weren’t his stairs (Ryan would make his entrance from them, remember?) anymore (or something like that). Adam owned every performance and laid claim to the props too! LOL!!!

    Love ya Adam. :o)

  28. It’s funny to think back to this time last year.
    It made me remember always waking up on Tuesday mornings with
    a flutter of excitement in my stomach, knowing that
    I would “see” Adam that night.
    Then on Wednesdays, I would wake up with a feeling of
    nervous tension until I knew he was safe for another week.
    I smile at those memories, because normally I’m a pretty laid back
    I still check Adam’s websites first thing every day. He has that rare
    “IT” factor that never fades for me. Something about him is just so ALIVE.
    After giving it an honest try, I’m not even bothering to continue watching
    AI this year.

  29. This year’s AI is really in deep shit! No one can compare to Adam at all. Crystal, who is probably the only one worth mentioning, did not blow me away like what Adam did when he first came on stage. None of them has the IT factor that Adam had right from the start. He could have just killed AI after the finale. I will only be watching this season’s AI for Adam’s performance.

  30. still takes my breath away.