Adam was the ‘weird’ kid in high school – Interview with FOX 5


  1. I can relate.

  2. adam.lambert.lover says:

    LOL. 🙂

  3. He’s an interesting person, I’d probably like him if I hung out with him but Kris Allen is the better singer.

  4. Adam thought he was a weird kid in high school? Dang he looks great as a blond. He looks like a surfer boy in that blond hair…or Mr. Football Player…”BMOC”. He definately has a lot of character though with the black hair. All I want to say to Adam is …It’s ok that you want to express yourself. But remember who your audience is. If you’re performing during prime time, leave the nasty stuff for your concerts and express yourself the way you want there. Children were watching the AMA. Also, to be fair to you, I wasn’t happy with Janet Jackson’s performance either. It was way too sexual as well. I find it extremely upsetting that they came down on you and not on Janet as well. However, being one of the richest women in America and being Micael Jackson’s sister affords one license to get away with naughty stuff on national prime time tv. However, ABC…if you’re reading this, I didn’t call in about both of these individuals and I wasn’t happy with either of the repulsive sexual stuff in their performances. I will not watch the AMA next year. I did not email or call your company so add my vote to the 1,500 negative comments about Adam Lambert.

  5. well….we r bffs…