Adam Lambert on ‘The View’

I think Adam did a spectacular job with the interview and performance.  🙂  Dana, Glamb #6


‘The View’ Interview with the Girls (Minus Whoopi):

“Whataya Want From Me” – Performance Perfection!

The Apology 🙂 :

Before the Show, Adam Tweets from Elisabeth’s Phone:



  1. I DVR’d it and have watched it numerous times already today. You are correct, Dana, he was spectacular!!! Just can’t get enough of him…

    • I LOVE how Elizabeth just falls into the CHARMS and ARMS of Adam.. She is so his now and put under the SPELL of ADAM for life!!! She is just gushing and wants to be in his arms!!

      Barbara is also under Adams spell and after she defended Adam on Bill O’Riely like a mother Lion, she had also proved to be owned by Adam now. Her last comment on the show was “In the schemme of things happening in the world today, is this so bad?? She Loves Adam!!

      I have never met him but I have heard that anyone who spends some real time with Adam is just put under his charismatic spell and wants more!! He is a magnet!

    • Lisette here..pardon for long absence an still having many health an computer problems.Missing all lovli glambs an despite being late in comment..Here’s just petit sentiments cette beau l’homme,artiste estraordinaire stirs within my hearte an soul once agan.Seeing his perfecte chisele features,statuesque physique,azure bleu eyes like mediteranean sea,his GQ couture an his adorable,sensual charmant persona as he sat between gals of “View” an Barbara Walter’s splendide interview othre much joie I felt compelle to visite..taking chanse an praying thet ma computre would non crash..etc.Adam monbeau j’adore gracious,sweet an honest toujours,be true to oneself as grande Aquarian style original,one of kind,in same vein as Elvis keeping us all both men,women capitivating,fascination dans an amour de le couer with him always..even in conversation millions tune in to see anothre esquisite performance. J’adore his once agan gentle ballad “What do Ya WAnt from Me”..his smooth,sultry,velvettones,passion,gentle inflections thet toche always within le couer(hearte) an he has always done since first teme seeing in ‘auditions so many monthe ago..knew he’d be destine pour grandeur..voila monsieur Lambert wil be here for many yers,decades an generations to come..Blessings,bisous,grande hugs always for Adam an for all glambs..An all plese have a very festive an lovli holiday season..happy Channakah bon Noel to all here..Benedictions an luv always LisetteMarie in Nevada.xoxo ..Adam one word to describe toi appearance vocals an visual..Tresbeau..toujours angel d’musique et le couer!xoxoxoxo!!

  2. Dana oh yeh. Adam was spectacular on the view, pure class! The set was pretty spectacular too, WOW! The lighting behind his performance was great. He knows how to charm his way into any
    situation if he wants to. OMG, love him.

    • Mary C, did you see the part when of the song when it said “I’m a Freak” how Adam’s eyes kinda had a different look, like he widened his eyes to that? I just loved it!

      • TRISH,



        • AdamRocks! says:

          Oh Dee, that was SO CUTE, wasn’t it? 🙂

          Cindy in MS
          Glamb #37

          • Silvana/Argentina says:

            He is so cute and spontaneous. It’s great to see him feeling comfortable at an interview. And his performance…awesome…. as always.

        • All of us ADAM lovers noticed his eyes when he sang “I’m a freak”…..we can read his facial expressions and sense his feelings…..that’s love!!!

          • At the bottom of this page, the 3 part interview on UTube, he said that, for him, this song is a message to his fans…….and that was way before the AMA’s. You are so right – you can see it in his eyes!

          • Yes, Love pays attention to detail. 🙂

        • The gals of The View like him. Obviously, maybe we can request him back to talk about his band and sing another song.

        • I agree Dee. The lights behind him, and the one spelling his name out, the whole set plus the performance was outstanding. I loved when he remarkd about “my dreidel spins the other way” too. Adam had them all eating out of his hand. 😉

      • Trish, I did see. I also seen where he has closed his eyes on those lyrics too! What a man……

        • correction: ” I also saw”

          • Can’t watch using this vid.It says can only be stream within in US.But I watched in youtube before so yup,the “i’m a freak” touched my soul,man!!! I feel it,feel it,man!Yo!Yo!!He sang FYE,WWFM.Music Again,when he going to sing Soaked?Come on,dawg!!!Soaked,baby!!But Kimber wants FYE again…hmmm,very difficult here,hmmm,don’t care just give him the mic stand!No mic,I’m fine with it but the mic stand is a MUST!! LOL! 😛

      • GLAMB#474kimber says:

        I just loved the way they gooogled all over him. They love ADAM! Just like we do. That line in the song is my favorite, & ADAM himself said that was his fav line , I think in the mtv interview?He had that look on the Letterman show w/ a smile as well.
        I miss ADAM very much, & I’ve been busy w/ work & fighting w/ my hubby.He even said his name the other day when he said I had my face up in his ass! LMAO!!!! That’s right hubby! & That’s not only the place I had my face! LMAO!!!!!!!

        • AdamRocks! says:

          LMAO, kimber, you’re too much! Great talking to you earlier today. 🙂

          Cindy in MS
          Glamb #37

  3. cheryl 334 says:

    ADAM, THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! As your real usual self you have made the greatest imoression for the country!!! Loved this ‘interview’ or as we fans like to think of it as another chance to see you talk and move!!!!

    ABSOLUTELY PERFECT PERFORMANCE – AS USUAL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You are the real deal! For all the controversy in the recent past, it is all a thing of the past when you sing and just be who you are, which is insanely talented and gorgeous and respectful, yet spirited!!!

    Waitting patiently for Adam’s tour! Have been saving up $$ in case there are several I can attend in the same week or so.

    PERFECTION. ABSOLUTE PERFECTION. You put everyone to shame when you perform and discuss the stupid things people ask you. Hopefully,. the day has come when the same ole, same ole questions will not be answered by you. Don’t let people insult you by beating a dead horse on your behalf!!!! You are so much more than the questions. your awesomeness cannnot be measured. Not by anyone.

    peace-love-light-hope-truth-joy-fun 4 Adam.

    • Wow Cheryl, you’ve sure changed your tune. Maybe I missed something, but I think he answered all the same questions with all the same answers of which you were so previously critical. I hate to re-hash but I am finding it difficult to swallow statements like “it is all a thing of the past when you sing and just be who you are…” Now he is “respectful and SPIRITED”???? Now he has your stamp of approval? What’s different? Really, I want to understand.

      an unconditional fan

      • cheryl 334 says:

        JNELLIE…………………Really? Hmmmmmmmm………………………………. I think you just want to be a critic, yourself. If you REALLY want to understand, go bafk to any thread and read my post on my feelings about Adam. Not about my feelings on one subject like the AMAs. No, you do NOT want to understand. If you did, you would already KNOW the answer to your question. I have NEVER wavered on anything regarding Adam. Never. Go back and read any t hread in the lat year. They all say the same thing in regards to my love and hope for Adam. Always the same. Re different issues? I have opinions that I express on other ‘issues’, but on what I think of Adam, personally, talent, looks and personality, always the same, except when I have an ‘issue’ on a particular subject! hahaha!!!!! Just like real life! You know, if you love your husband, then have an aurgument and for that time you don’t like w hat he did. Same thing. Really not hard to understand. I will be happy to answer anyone’s genuine questions if asked me in a respectful way, and therefore I would always be respectful enough to answer in a truthful manner. Peace-

        • Cheryl, I know how passionate you are for him and his career; I get that from reading your blogs. What I am questioning is your previous attack on how he has been conducting himself in interviews and your sudden change of heart. The same “issues” were discussed in the View interview and he responded as he always has, but now you are using adjectives like respectful and spirited. I got the impression from previous blogs that you think he has been disrespectful with his responses, that he should have apologized, that he shouldn’t discuss certain “issues”, and that he should cater more to his audience and fans, all in the name of his career, of course. Sorry, I guess I misunderstood.

          • cheryl 334 says:

            JNELLIE……………….You were correct Jnellie, I think in interpreting me as feeling differently about how he has conductedf himself in some interviews. Not all, but more the onnes that when asked if he had any ‘regrets’ about the amas, and he said, ‘no’, that that is just Adam bering stubborn. I think he does have regrets and should be strong enough with his own idendity to say he does. He NOW says he does. But, berfore he accepted that he did make a ‘mistake’ he kept saying he had not. But, in the end, he admitted to the public what I hadf been saying about him, that he was ‘sorry’. You know, we all ‘cater’ to somebody. He is really young and idealistic. I was at his age, we all can go thru that. But, I didn’t have people telling me I was right when I was wrong. I didn’t like it, but, eventually, I understood it. I, too, was very stubborn. I can see his side of everything, I think. Really, I totally understand where he is coming from and why. I have walked in shoes like his, in a different direction, but in the same style shoes. My Mother bought me a wodden laque many yrs ago. It had a footprint on it and said, “I will walk where there is no path and leave a trail”. She said she used to not understand me, but at the time she gave this to me, said she was so proud of me, and that I am so much stronger and more intelligent than she ever knew when I was growing up. So, I can see where I can put people off. We have no verbal phrasing on sites like these. We have to do so much of the interpreting of what others say ourselves. It can be difficult to be understood. No need to say you’re ‘sorry’ to me! That is fine! I am sorry to you if I inadvertantly got you upset. There is enough stress in this world wothout my adding to anyone’s stress! Belileve mel that is never an intention from me! I come here to this site for the same reasons as you. To bre around peopole who are fans of Adams and who love him. It is always good to be able to converse with another on a more equal term. Thank you very much, Jnellie, for your sincere question. I hope that I cleard some things up re my thoughts, if not, please feel free to ask me anything you want. I’d be more than happy to answer anything you want to ask. I’ve done a lot of that myself. Many times just not knowing something and askeing someone sincerely about it, gives me just enough knowledge of them to understand them. You seem to be genuine with what and how you asked me. I so appreciate that. peace-love 2 U.

      • LMAO jnellie!!! Perfect observation!

      • Jnellie and love4adms,
        Could you please e-mail me at galateya28 (at)

        • AdamAddict says:

          love4adms?You mean love2adams?I think she only loves two Adams.Adam Lambert and his son,Adam! 🙂 I’m so going to name my son Adam in the future.My sister going to deliver baby this week and it’s a boy.My family keep teasing me that the baby going to be name Adam,I will start arguing with them.LOL!!That’s my baby name,my glitter baby!Hell no,my sister going to take the name.I’m going to name him Adam Mitchel and maybe the surname will be Lambert! haha!!Yeah,hubby,DEAL WITH IT!!! LMAO!!!

          • Silvana/Argentina says:

            OH!!!!!!!!! Emili, so funny. I can always count on you to brighten my day. Ii’ve been reading again this thread and the B.Walters one, and truly needed you to make me laugh.
            Love you,

          • GLAMB#474kimber says:

            AA what if you have a girl? Call her Adema Mitchella or EVE.

            • A GIRl?Why my future hubby give me a girl?I want boy and I WANT HIS NAME ADAM MITCHEL LAMBERT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!LOL!!! 😛

          • love2adams says:

            Yeah, loving 2 Adams keeps me busy enough !!
            I even dream about them. About 6 months ago I got them mixed up in a dream and I dreamt that I was Adam Lambert’s biolological mother and I was trying to figure out how to tell his mom, Leila !!
            Having 2 Adams in my life is so spectacular……….I am truly blessed. AA, we will have a huge baby shower when your Adam is on the way………….we will send you the leather and lace !!

            • AdamAddict says:

              U really dreamt that?LMAO!I only dreamt about Adam once but I’m not his mother.That dream was way better than yours!haha!You will send me leather and lace?Cool!Don’t foget to get me boa and also most important,GLITTER BABY CLOTHS! LOL 😀

  4. Oh dear couldnt find a View thread so posted several threads back… now,.. let’s see, what did I say? Oh, yes, I thought the View interview and singing was excellent. The women could not help but show they were becoming ‘besotted’ with the charm of Adam, just like the rest of us.

    His vocals were very good and it constantly amazes me how good he can sound outside of a recording studio. Few singers can sound as good in a TV studio as they do with all the electronic backup. The band is a really tight one too , considering they have not been together that long.

    Onward and upward, Adam!

    • Theresa, I just absolutely adore the word “besotted” and have been using it many times when talking to myself Thank you for using it here, it is exactly how I feel!
      Adam was superb and georgeous on the View and I really hope never to hear anything more about the AMA performance.
      Whatever he has gone through he has done it with dignity and I love and respect him so much.

  5. Adam is Great. He has me memorized. Maybe he will read these notes. I never tweeted before until now. Have a Great Week.

    • After all the hype about what Elizabeth might say, she was one of the most who seemed charmed by Adam. He does charm everyone female he meets. 😉 He is a great interviewee and he stands true to himself and I love him for that. He is right, he is not a babysitter, why should he not be himself to please a few? I LOVED ADAM ON THE VIEW even better than Ellen. Adam you rocked that song and you rocked that interview. Love you……..

  6. Adam remember the world does not understand us. Make your covers stand out in a Elvis way and you will sell a million of your Albums. I work in management in a large retail chain and the albums are not sell well in San Diego yet. Your Get and I have you on all the TVs performing with you band. Hopefully people will change. Sexyjako

    • Do not give up. Your albums will sell in San Diego with the way I am putting you on display. (Sorry I am not the best speller when I am sleepy. I work to many hours). Smile –sexyjako–Travis

      • cheryl 334 says:

        TRAVIS………………WHAT A GREAT POST!!!! You are doing your poart as a fan of Adam’s! All fans owe you a ‘thanks’! Your first post?????? No!!!!! If that is the truth, you should be proud of yourself, for all of Adam’s fans love anyone who supports Adam! YOU ROCK!

    • mjsbigblog has the numbers and Adam’s CD is doing well. It is a great blog site for AI alumni and esp a lot of love for Adam and keeps us well.-just FYI. No worries. The CD is movin’

      • Not so sure about that. Adam’s CD DROPPED 74% from his debut sales!!! That is the most of ANY one on the Billboard 200! He only sold about 50K last week, from his initial sales of about 200K. That’s a pretty deep plunge! People are talking about FYE being a very expensive flop for 19/RCA given all the promotion Adam’s been getting – especially compared to Kris Allen, Allison Iraheta, and Danny Gokey. And without a solid radio hit in heavy rotation for a significant amount of time… things aren’t looking so good.

        I know I did my part to help out. I bought the regular CD from Best Buy for his debut, then bought the iTunes Deluxe LP to help his 2nd week sales. I would like to order the Collector’s Edition of FYE that’s on his website, but only if it counts toward his Soundscan #s. I plan on buying TFM, FYE & WWFM singles on iTunes this week to boost his Hot 100 chart standings and then his video for FYE next week on the 15th when it hits iTunes.

        I do my share of tweeting, posting, voting, and petition signing to help spread the good news that is Adam. But in the end, it all comes down to cash. If networks who took a chance on him are getting grief (ABC) or decreased viewership (CBS) by having him on, then advertisers are going to back away. If his album isn’t selling, then 19/RCA won’t option him for a 2nd CD. Adam needs to find a way to generate bucks along with his buzz!

        Adam’s loyal and fierce fanbase can only do so much. I believe he recognizes this too and thus we see him tweeking this and that to satisfy/pacify his current fans and woo new ones. I hope this strategy works. If not, it sounds like bad news for his upcoming tour *crickets*. I’ve got my toes and fingers crossed!!!

        • Dear Beauty, I think we are so smitten by him that we worry too much.
          He is smarter than we sometimes think and I pray he stays strong enough . I can’t imagine going through all that rejection he has received even though I have been in professional theatre most of my life and had to go through a lot of it
          He needs all the support we can give him and I intend to try to be there for him
          Hope he continues to have loving and caring people to guide him
          Hugs, Brenda

          • AdamRocks! says:

            From what I’ve read, the drop was expected. In two weeks Adam’s CD has sold over 250,000. . . I’m very happy with that. . . please don’t say things aren’t looking good. . . I think he’s doing just fine. 🙂

            Cindy in MS
            Glamb #37

            • I heard that Susan Boyle in 1st place and 2nd place is this opera tenor dude,then next is Adam!I think it’s not bad.Adam sold like 250,000 in 1st week,right?Kris sold like 80,000!That’s pretty bad!Awww,ARKANSAS WAKE UP!!! 😛 I hope the CD will sell more and more and more!Yippie 🙂

              • Nope, Adam sold 250,000 in 2 weeks. First week was close to 200,000 and the second week 50,000. And it’s slipping. I have left my opinion in the Opera review site, towards the end I think as of now. It’s about the his choice of his first single and how I think this could be the album of the year. Maybe you might find it interesting.

                • AdamAddict says:

                  Oh?It’s okay,Adam going to take interview talking about his music again.I hope people will remember this awesome guy just released his awesome CD!This is the beginner,he going to be extra fantastic in the future!!!And we all going to love him even more. 🙂

            • cheryl 334 says:

              adamrocks…………….250,000? i HAD ASKED EARLIER IF MY COUNT OF 200,000 WAS CORRECT, AND i GUESS NOT! wOW, 1/4 MILLION IN LESS THAN A MONTH! I think that is great! By summer or before I think he will reach the million mark. Maybe much more in a year!

        • Actually, only Kris Allen, and neither Adam of Allison got a big promotion. It might seem as though Adam did because his name is in the media a lot. That is not a promotion, it did not attempt to sell an album.
          The CDs drop the 2nd week, less so from established artists who have been around. And the Holiday CDs mess up the values. Then there are the new releases in their first weeks, again, Adam’s album is doing just fine. Furtherfmore, it is diamond, filled with potential hit singles. Time will tell, we both like him, we all like him, he is a genuinely talented singer, and he is a positive thinker, his good vibes alone will help,I think he knows the Secret and the power of Now. But, I say ‘God Bless Adam’ everyday. I am a mother hen, tsk.I don’t know diddlywatt about radio spins, i don’t know how that works, but I sure hope they are playing his songs on the radio. Pick U up, Soaked, Fever,If I Had You, FYE,Music Again, Wahta Want From me,TFM-Adam gave us a real gem. The CD is great. It has legs.The CD jumped up yesterday after The View aired. i can quit holding my breath about that too- the ladies proved intelligence still lives in some adult minds.

          • Thanks ianaleah, I feel exactly the same way and say God bless Adam too, he deserves the best

          • Thanks to all who replied. I DO tend to be a worry wort. Especially when I feel invested in something. I feel like I have a vested interest in seeing him succeed. I believe he is what the world needs right now, not just the music industry.

            But to be clear, Adam DID get a bigger promotion. That came by way of his prized “gets” of closing the AMAs, Jimmy Kimmel Live Outdoor Concert and NYRE w/Ryan Seacrest guest spot. As well as his magazine covers/articles and Barbara Walter’s 10MFP mention. He’s also appeared MORE times on the daytime/nightime talk show circuit. The label has to sometimes pay the networks/venues for him to appear/perform. Not exactly a pay-for-play, but it costs to send/host him there.

            As for the drop, like I said before, 74% was the biggest drop of all the 200 artists (new and old) on the charts. Even newbie, Justin Bieber, saw an increase in his chart #s and maintained around the 65K mark. My fear is that the sales do not reflect actual consumers, but rather die-hard fans, who presumably buy up to 22 CDs/downloads at a time (as I’ve heard). So during the 2nd week, their wallets were all tapped out and therefore couldn’t afford (literally) to give Adam a decent 2nd week sales showing. And if all this “bundle buying” stuff is true (I, myself have bought more than 1 CD and plan to buy more Adam offerings.), then his consumer base/audience is much, much smaller than I’d like to admit. Therefore, just how many fans will support his tour?? If his CD isn’t selling well, then there’s no money for the label to spend on the production that Adam talks about having on his tour. And if people can’t expect a “spectacle” of sorts from Adam, then will they come out to see him (both fans and curiosity seekers/potential fans)??? I heard he’s breaking in the UK and Japan in January. It seems like those markets will be good for/to him since they seem to be more open, accepting and eager for artists and musical stylings like Adam’s. He may be bigger overseas than stateside.

            I just worry because it seems like the momentum has turned and started to move away from Adam. The 2X I heard WWFM on radio there was no intro or outro from the DJ (who’s the artist, what’s the song, no info tidbit on the artist) and any other time I’ve heard the only DJs who discuss Adam (KISS FM), they were negative and snarky about the comments they made on his lifestyle, clothes, makeup, hair, etc.

            The Nielson #s weren’t good for CBS when they picked him up after ABC dropped him from GMA. They didn’t get any bump (they actually dipped a bit). If they had, then I’m pretty sure we all would have seen an impromptu outdoor concert by the Today Show soon after. And possibly his late night (post FCC “kid friendly” hours) performances (he would have done 2 songs for each) would not have been dropped. I believe ABC looked at the #s and thought, well it seems no one’s checking for him like we thought so we won’t be missing out if we let him go.

            On top of that, since ABC dropped him from the top rated, worlwide audience viewership getting, NYRE! It seems that the ONLY thing Adam could come up with was the Gridlock New Years Eve 2010 event hosted by Pamela Anderson in LA. He IS headlining though. So that’s good. But it WON’T BE TELEVISED! So that’s bad. (It’s hard to woo the world if you’re not on network TV.) My only hope for that is that someone YouTube’s it and it becomes a “viral sensation” with millions of hits!!! That seemed to work out well for Cobie Callet…..and Susan Boyle!

            • ‘Beauty” did you know that when you ‘worry’ about someone you are actually forming negative pictures in your mind about them that has an effect? So , maybe consider after all the worry- try this, that it has been scientifically proven that prayer works -so say a quick nanosecond prayer for God to bless Adam with love happiness and success. Done, 5 seconds to repair the negativity.!!! In the mystical Freemasons society , they say that a prayer gets us instant access to a unifying field of powerful energy. I don’t have to understand it, but it sounds good to me.: God is Love and Love in our minds is God in our minds, therefore Love is a ‘win’ mode. That is why praying for a lot of love for someone is brillant..So, love and success to you and to Adam and to all of us. Adam addicts.

              • I think my twinie is too sylph sometimes, but since she is allowing me to give my 2 cents worth on her dime, I say, Adam is wise enough to focus on what he wants.He is learning. He is personable and everything comes down to relationships.-that and perservence and talent, Adam will be fine.

              • OK, i’m being “requested” to admit I say a quick God Bless Adam, and (and Ayleah is not too sylph, she is OLDER and wiser, Ha! 7 minutes.

                • Silvana/Argentina says:

                  I loved this, girls, I didn’t know you were twins. Loved it!!!!!!!!!

                  • AdamAddict says:

                    I know!I read twice and thinking,twins?Then I saw the names that almost alike.Oh ok,definately twins! LOL! 🙂

            • Beauty, a big drop is partly because of the huge sales the first week, it’s all a matter of ratio. I believe albums are marketed quite differently from the old days. Think of the top grammy nominated albums. They have been out for almost this whole past year. And I have had the music channels on in the background for months, and it seems first one video is promoted from an album, then another one a month or more later.. and I think Adam’s singles will be released on radio and video one at a time also.

              So, at the end of a year a new album will have had a series of singles promoted, thus keeping that album in the consciousness of the audience and buyers. Havent you in the past, heard an awesome tune, loved it and then bought the album for it?

        • Chill.! I think you are sincere, but a basher with a hidden agenda can post the same thing you have done, negativity is negativity-bottom line. Adam has no ‘stragegy’ about tweeting, don’t project your way of doing things.; he has no guile, he is upfront honest, and his tweets are just his tweets.
          Certainly on the ‘face’of it, being on tv for New Years Celebration sounds good, but let’s remember that the the author of Adam’s reality for Adam’s New Year is Adam. Maybe no one who could be significant in Adam’s life will bw home watching tv-perhaps they will be at the Pamela Anderson party!. I have never seen the program on tv, either I have been out, too much commotion in house, asleep in front of tv or day dreaming. Maybe no one will actually care the following day or remember anything about a tv show on New Years eve, but maybe meeting a VIP performing at a party in LA will be that pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. Being on AMA awards sounded great, and look what happened! There are opportunites in everything-for a positive thinker. And remember too, all the controversiers other performers have has, serious ones, and they have done well. I see the wonderful genuine talent Adam Lambert has, and so does the people in ‘the biz’. Now it is time to focus on his CD, ask about his band’s name, the band members, have his videos shared or emailed and request various songs,and focus on positive comments on his music in the blogs instead of falling for the bait of prolonging the controversey. As for optioning Adam for a 2nd CD, he has already sold enough to be safe in that department, and it will get better, the worse is over, and we are still here and still ‘doing our part’. That is all we can do, and let’s assume we all are a powerful influence and experience our strength.We all definitely feel strongly about Adam, that is a lot of energy. xoxoxMC

  7. Hello all J Gosh, I can’t believe I still can’t figure out how to get my own Glambert #, but I wanted to share couple of things with you. I first posted back right after the AMA, when I was still kind of in shock – not from the performance itself (well, maybe a bit) but mostly because Adam didn’t seem like Adam and I was scared for him. Needless to say, we all know how that developed over the following days. And I did something I hadn’t done, well, ever? I started writing letters, emails, posts – there were entire lunch breaks spent in front of the monitor. There were evenings when I kind of depended on your site to get the latest scoop and even during my training last week, in between the labs and such I spent every moment on line checking the latest. Today I know this wasn’t in vain, and the View sealed it for me! That performance, those eyes, that smile – we won! Even though ABC are still banned in my house, I am ready to move forward. Now all that’s left is for them to honor the Jimmy Kimmel tickets I have and all shall be good again (or almost). I am kind of glad he cancelled Larry King Live – our boy needs a real break. He had too many things this week already, we all know he was very sick last week in San Diego and on top of it he lost too much weight J. If you look at Vevo’s pictures, as gorgeous as our guy is and as perfect as he is at hiding things, you can see he’s tired.

    I would also like to second Travis’ post – I was at Target last night and at the register they had the SB CD, Lady GaGa and couple others, but a particular purple cover was missing. I decided to play it dumb and asked the sales lady where’s Adam album. She looked at me and had no idea what I was talking about. Granted, it was almost 10 pm, she was older and probably tired and overworked, but I get the nasty feeling that the album is kind of missing from the displays and I don’t know why. Is the Rodent still in play here? I decided few more friends are getting a particular glam CD for the holidays, already sent two CDs to my friends in Europe.

    Now, to task at hand – please let me know how I can support the ONLY ONE and this site. I don’t really have much spare time, but I would like to be involved somehow, and I would like to meet other Glamberts in the LA area around the holidays. A bit of driving either south/north or east won’t be a problem J I am patiently waiting for more Adam on TV, or better yet – Adam live, but most of all – I want to see him happy, smiling and healthy and famous and successful! He’s working his gorgeous b**nd off and it is starting to show. Let’s hope that his mom makes him some tasty borsch for Hanukkah and yummy matzo balls and Adam gets the chance to kick back and relax with his friends and family.

    Thank you for allowing me write all this! And I am not even sure I can write my 2 cents worth about the year of Adam. That would be another sleepless night and perhaps a 3-page essay but in short – Adam is the ray of sunshine in what is otherwise a somewhat drab life (for the moment, anyway).

    ‘Night all – until lunch time tomorrow!

    • Me too. I have spent countless hours and expanded much energy commenting positive remarks supporting Adam on various blogs. I have some inner drive to do so and I just love that kid, so I do it. I too have worried about him, like a mother hen. I am not a great typist , so, I will stop here. But, I understand there is something intangible about Adam and us, we fans, all of us have similar feelings about Adam. The very basic thing I can say is that we love his gentle good heart , we are warm hearted ourselves, we are open -minded and we are able to say and know that to be a fan of Adam Lambert says good things about ourselves and each other.The bigots aren’t here, the intolerant aren’t here, the ignorant aren’t here. We, who are here, we glamberts with or without a number, are one community of loving hearts and open minds. Adam has attracted us to him, so , it does say a lot for Adam. I can’t quite espress it, and I know I don’t have to,! See, ? there it is. A kind of oneness.

    • Lil, we are Glambs not Glamberts. To get your own number go to and follow the steps as they tell you on that page. Then return to the same page in a couple of days and your number will be filled in where you posted.

      Good luck!

      • Lil, me again, write to Dana at and ask if there is a regional Glamb group formed yet in your part of California, a good way to meet Glambs closer to you.

        • Thanks! Finally getting to the computer after trying to clean-up the patio from the overnight rain debris. I need to find out who else is going to the “concert” on New Year’s Eve, since I could only buy 1 ticket – can’t afford to pay for 4 ppl I’ll contact the webmaster and ask:-)

    • I love your post Lil. All we can do is mention him to people and sometimes even in a mall we meet people who are fans. I know that from experience.Such a good feeling.

    • Sorry, this post got reply to a wrong post below! I don’t mean to double the post, but anyway…

      He’ll be performing in Paramount Studio in LA on New Year’s Eve. He’s the headliner and will have 40 minute concert from FYE album. I would run for the ticket if I’d lived in LA. I’m giving Adam’s CD out as a bridal shower party favors, isn’t that a good idea? Amazon has 3 max. on his CD, What’s with that?

    • cheryl 334 says:

      LIL…………………………………………….Just to say, go to the Glambs International site and follow the instructions and you will get your Glamb #. I think I have seen you post this problem before. Hope it helps.

      You have posted on this site which is one of the requirements, so, you should not have to worry. Just type in the info asked in the box, and you are ready to go! Give your name, and City or State you live in, your email address, and if they ask, your poster user name. That is all. Then, go back later and you’ll see you have been given your own Glamb number. Please don’t give up! Try just one more time. If still no success, post the question of what is my number on this or the next site to one of the Moderators. You should not have to wait very long for your own number! cheryl #334

  8. Travis, maybe the people in SD, being Adam’s onetime ‘hometown” mostly already pre-ordered from Amazon and don’t need to got to a building to purchase. Here in my town in OC they sold out at the Target and Best Buys and had to re-order and are selling well again., No problem at all. The CD is diamond, it is a truly well put together album with a lot of potential hit singles,I almost feel like Adam’s fans deserve to have his CD and those who aren’t are lucky to have it.

    • ianaleah, good point. In my city in Ohio, the local Target has sold out of the CD 2x’s,YAY! I saw at Walmart one copy was left. Not sure how many orders have been put out.

  9. I had an extremely enjoyable time going back over the videos of Adam’s interview and performance on ‘The View’, starting with the backstage Tweeting session on Elizabeth Hasselbeck’s phone before the rehearsals. Adam was standing with Elizabeth’s phone in hand, Tweeting away while Elizabeth herself was standing below him, like someone looking up in awe at one of the gods from Mt. Olympus, tiny against his huge shoulder. She couldn’t get over how tall he was. Of course, ‘possession is 9/10ths of the law’ and Adam already had possession of Elizabeth’s cell phone, obviously hearts there in that studio were falling for beautiful Adam just as we have fallen for him. Then finally, the show begins with Adam’s introduction, the audience is highly charged and appreciative of Adam, everyone sits down and something remarkable happens. Every single woman on that yellow couch gravitates toward the man in the middle like filings to a magnet, and each one of the women crosses her legs TOWARD Adam, including Elizabeth, who had previously been so critical, and then never moves from that position which in body language means they are completely accepting and approving of this glorious young rooster in the hen house. Then on to the obligatory re-hash of the AMA performance, Adam’s explanations for the thousandth time, everyone somehow forgetting to be upset or mad about anything (after all, REAL scandals were erupting right and left among the heterosexual crowd the same week on the national news which completely overshadowed anything ADAM could do), and Barbara neatly tied it all up with her focusing on Adam’s music and new album, which deftly lifted the whole swirling mixture up onto a new level, and landed Adam’s performance prowess right back in the middle of everyone’s reason for loving him in the first place. Adam’s subsequent performance was flawless, his beauty was peerless, his band was excellent, and the studio acoustics were outstanding. Adam is a never-ending rolling crescendo of sight, sound, and hypnotic desire: once he begins to sing, you never want him to stop, once he stops, you want him to start all over again, once he leaves, you want him back again, there is no getting enough of him. I find myself having the strangest reaction to the AMA performance also, it’s as though I passed through some kind of a portal, and find myself powerfully attracted to that wild cat on the stage in the ultra-dramatic silver suit. Adam showed his ferocity as well as some of his more ‘unrehearsed’ moves’, and my interest in him is piqued even more than ever. This man has got US by the leash, shocking us, stunning us, awing us, amazing us, overwhelming us, outraging us, upsetting us, offending some of us, and completely and overwhelmingly entertaining and fascinating us. Interviewers may talk it up among themselves, voice their disgust and outrage, be horrified or incensed, confused or turned around backwards with anger, but just let that 6’2″ man come within 50′ of them, and every man and woman in the place comes under his radiant spell of endless power, mystery and vibrant attractiveness, and starts to act like a blushing school kid.

    Adam Lambert is not done just yet, in fact, he has only just gotten started. That studio performance on ‘The View’ is only a tantalizing glimpse of the future awaiting all of us with this new King of the future of Rock and Roll. After having learned a few things on the field of battle, he will be back to slay us all. The more I hear each and every one of his songs, the more I love them. Think of how utterly fantastic Adam’s national and international tours will be singing that same music. We musn’t forget that Adam is probably the most outwardly fearless young man we have ever known, daring the world to make way for him. He is a pioneer, hacking through the underbrush of hatred and ancient attitudes, and cutting down the overgrowth of years of tangled prejudicial treatment of gay people, particularly gay men. He’s like the physician who gives you the immunity injecton all in one painful shot, it smarts like all get-out, but you are immune for life. Adam strode onto the scene with his disarming mix of endearing charm and “hell yeah” screaming sexuality, not to mention blinding beauty, and we are still blinking from the all-out onslaught. But curiously, in the aftermath, we are all still here, none the worse for having gone through the AMA fire with him. Our love and our trust, and our understanding of him took a momentary side-trip there, but we, as his FANS (especially the GLAMBS), are by no means done with Adam Lambert, oh no. We are hanging on to the tail of his spiral galaxy, starlight flying past us, a million suns lighting our way, as we hurtle with this beautiful man on the ride we all paid for a long time ago. Look down below you, Adam, did you think you could shake us off that easily? The endless trail of your fans reaches from the earth to the moon and beyond, and you gather more of us wherever you go. We’re not going anywhere until you show us the full potential of who you are, until you have fulfilled your destiny of being the greatest singer and performer in the world. And when you have done all that, we will still not have had enough of you. You are walking the path of history, Adam, each and every day, simply by being yourself. And as you walk it, know that we, your fans, really DO love you and care about you, and want only the best for you. Rest and be renewed, gather your strength, and set out once again on that flight to the stars. Your entourage of loving fans is right behind you, twinkling in your starlight. Your name is already written large in the night sky, from one side of the world to the other, all you have to do is flip the switch and turn on the lights with the fire of your devastating beauty and your imcomparable musical gift. ADAM LAMBERT, the world loves you and will ‘never let you go’….’Whatawe Want From You?’ Only YOU, YOU, YOU!

    • What more can I add Lorrin! Just love your way with words.
      Hugs, Brenda

      • Yup,great!But err,please make more paragraph next time!I have to point with my finger when I read!LOL! What we want from you?Only you!Nice,Lorrin! 😉

        • Lorrin,
          Good to hear from you again! Great post as usual! I’ve been missing your lovely poetic reviews…. Don’t disappear again please…
          Hugs, Vera

    • I was wondering when you would be back Lorrin with your powerful words.

      Woman. you got me there with the portal image…. I also feel that my fascination with Adam was ignited to the next level after the AMA performance. Yes, I was flabbergasted as I watched it all unfold but it was more that I was surprised at myself that I hadn’t realized that he could be this RAW. He took us into the belly of the beast.
      Him taking us on these highs and lows has all our heads spinning and I think it is great. We are all awake and paying attention aren’t we?! Whether we agree or disagree, the fire is roaring!!!

    • Lorrin – what a pleasure to hear from you again. And, just when I thought “how’s she going to top that?”, you did! Great post.

      Here’s my short take on what’s happened. After experiencing the upheaval of the AMA’s, the phrase that comes to mind is “the honeymoon is over”! Or, here’s another cliche, but it’s true, some of us stopped seeing Adam “through rose-colored glasses”. So, what happens after the honeymoon? The marriage begins…and I still want to be “married”. Adam is still an amazing, phenomenal performer, fabulous-looking, and underneath it all a caring, kind person. He really is naughty but nice!

      Folks, don’t focus so much on CD sales. He already earned a GOLD RECORD (100K units) in WEEK ONE. Anyway, CD sales are down worldwide, the music business is in big trouble and what’s driving the market are touring revenues. Adam will be unbelievably great on tour. So, maybe for his first tour, he’ll have to start with smaller venues, but that’s fine with me. It means I’ll be closer to the stage!

      • RIAA certifies Gold Record sales at 500K (Platinum is at 1M). Adam’s currently about halfway to that mark.

        You’re right, CD sales are down because illegal downloading is up and his live show (on his own terms) is going to be kick a**!!! And that (touring) really IS where the money is made for artists, but neccessarily the label. It just seems to me that people who tend to be open minded, as far as Adam is concerned, are older, college educated, traveled and middle class and up. It would appear that all of those factors would have come into play for Adam’s record sales. This group seems less likely to illegally download, yet Susan Boyle’s fan base has shown up in the millions to support her and they aren’t likely to illegally download either. I just don’t get it. Perhaps when he announces his tour, and it appears to be a big seller, he could do what Prince did and include a copy of the CD in the ticket price. That put Prince in the top 5 with awesome #s.

        I think he needs to re-examine his AI audience and find a way to mesh that courtship with that of the audience base of Madonna, Britney, Prince, Bowie, Beyonce, Lady GaGa and others who have a large, die-hard, supportive, group of gender-bending persona accepting fans. If Adam could garner a huge “stan” type fanbase like Madanna, Britney, Beyonce and Lady GaGa, he would be as good as multi-platinum. He already seems to be aligning himself with Rihanna and Lady GaGa these days. Rihanna sold 2.5M albums and 9M in singles downloads last year. Lady GaGa is already multi-platinum between her album and EP The Fame and The Fame Monster this year.

        • Songwriter4adam,
          Great to hear from you again! Honeymoon was great, the transition was quite an adjustment but marriage will be a very pleasant journey…. You’ll enjoy it! I do !!! LOL
          (Love your comparison!)

        • Hi Beauty and thanks for the correction on the Gold Record stats. My bad. Speaking of corrections, when you said in your earlier post “The label has to sometimes pay the networks/venues for him to appear/perform”, I just want to clarify that all of these television performances we’ve been seeing are covered under the AFTRA contract (the actors’ union) so Adam is getting paid at least scale for every performance.

          The huge drop in CD sales the second week is a bit of a puzzle to me as well. But then, I think, well Kris’ CD sold only 80,000 CD’s the first week, so where are all the MILLIONS of fans who made him the winner??? Go figure – it is weird. Anyway, I hardly think it’s time to dissect Adam’s career when it’s just getting going. The boy is full of surprises….as we know.

          I think you’d agree that Susan Boyle’s fanbase is more international than Adam’s, at least at present. Plus her music would skew to an older audience and a broader, middle class audience of both sexes. I think Adam’s fanbase will substantially broaden as he begins touring internationally. Well, enough shop talk for now! Cheers!

          • GLAMB#474kimber says:

            I wonder how the song “Wild Horses” would sound if ADAM sang it? ADAM’s version of “Satisfaction was pretty damn good if you ask me. I know , it would sound perfect!! more perfect than subo, & where would she be at? Who gives a hoot! I seriously think she is just someone who will pass & ADAM will be forever. He has a much broader range of voice & CAN SING ANYTHING!!! Can subo? Absolutely not!

            • I agree. I have thought that too. I know alot of people like Susan Boyle, but how in the hell did she sell over 700,000 in the Us alone? Now if Adam did that, I would understand that!

      • Helen/Canada says:

        Oh, I’m sooo GLAD you are back. I thought we lost you. You are our resident music biz expert, we need you. We need your expertise and your calm, reassuring words here. Thank you for the information about the cd sales. There are so many different things being said out there, it is scary and confusing. Thank your for your words of wisdom.
        And you are right, if the venue is smaller, the closer we can get to Adam.
        Welcome back,

        • Dittos!!!

          Both Songwriter and Beauty:
          It is so good having knowledgeable people here. Knowledge is comforting.

        • Hi Helen and thanks for the kind words! I’m insanely busy (up to my ears analyzing recording contracts and royalties for a famous artist among other things) but do check in a bit here. Don’t like the arguing, though, and a bunch of us are so not into some of the negative B.S. that’s been going down here.

          I am going to try to get in on the standby line to Conan and/or Leno in the next week. I don’t think I want to spend the $150 to see Adam at that crazy New Year’s Eve party at Paramount, though. I’m tempted, though.

          By the way, I am predicting, people, after hearing Barbara Walters say that Adam may be performing on the Oscars, that TFM may be nominated for Best Original Song and our Adam may get to perform it (on tape delay or in a straightjacket, tee hee). TFM gives me chills!

          Hugs back to you, too!
          Janet (Glamb #72)

          • AdamAddict says:

            TFM give everyone chills! Helen we don’t need your chill pills anymore.You can declare bankruptcy!All we need is TFM 😛

          • Hello Janet. I am kinda new to this site, maybe 5 months or so, but I too enjoy your inside info on music and the biz. Good luck getting seats to see Adam on Conan or Leno. If I was near where he was performing on NYE I would pay 150 to see him. He is worth any money to see live!!!

        • Ditto Helen ! Yay, the gang is back ! ….well, almost. Given the chance, I would love to see Adam perform on NYE. L. A. is just too far away. Songwriter4Adam, you must go and tell us all the fabulous details.

          FYE is rising very fast in the Philippines. It may hit # 1 this week. Considering it was only added to the playlist 2 weeks ago. For those still worried with the numbers, I suggest everyone to just focus on the 1M CD sales. This is what the “Secret” is all about. I tell you guys, it works ! Everyone channeling to the positive things and you will get it ! No negativity please. Adam read the book and is convinced by it.

        • AdamAddict says:

          Don’t worry about SongWriter4Adam.She still deep in love with Adam.She just busy making BFF!LOL!!Can’t say,secret between BFF,right,BFF J?haha! 😉

      • Songwriter, I am so glad you are here to explain the music biz to us as we really don’t understand how it works in the 21 century. So much depends on the bottom line in business.

        I finally know what a GOLD RECORD is. Silly me thought it was 1 million records…

        Terry in Vancouver


          • Helen/Canada says:

            OMG, I love all you guys–it’s so great to see old familiar names. Newbies are always welcome too, to join our Adams Family!—remember that?
            Songwriter, a while back when TFM came out we were all excited about the possibility of Adam singing it on the Oscars and possibly winning! Wouldn’t that be great. Just recently, I read somewhere on a blog that because Time for Miracles was not written specifically for the movie, it was ineligible. Do you know anything about that? Anybody?
            OMG, if I lived in LA, that would be my dream, I would be going to every event that Adam was at. Eating Kraft dinner for a month, could be worse! ha, ha!

    • He’ll performing in Paramount Studio in LA on New Year’s Eve. He’s the headliner and will have 40 minute concert from FYE album. I would run for the ticket if I’d lived in LA. I’m giving Adam’s CD out as a bridal shower party favors, isn’t that a good idea? Amazon has 3 max. on his CD, What’s with that?

    • LORRIN YOU ARE MY HERO, with your fantastic talent with words in expressin, has expressed all that has happened in the past few days amzes me, you have just managed to difuse everything that took place, I hope that Adam reads this post, it will make him very happy. Adam is such a fantastic and very loving person that deserves all the success in the world. He gives a lot of love and deserves a lot of love from his true fans, I cannot wait for this next album, I cannot wait for his tour. I think you deserve an award for all your beautiful writing, this is what makes this site great, you are #1 on the chart for talented writers.

    • Helen/Canada says:

      Love, love, love your post. As always, so insightful and beautifully written.

      • You know I love all of you, and I thank all of you so much for your very kind words. I don’t mean to be absent so much from the site, but I honestly have to take care of myself, and get away from things for awhile every now and then. Too much drama, conflict, or excitement for too long and I get too stressed, and have to take a break from writing. As much as I can, I will remain nearby, and comment when I feel there is a real need for a positive summation on an important or crucial topic, or when I feel that Adam needs every horn blaring from every hilltop as loud as possible. The Glambs are a wonderful group of friends who have become a true community

        And Songwriter, I can’t tell you how glad I am to see your name again, and see you posting here. I could hardly bear to think of you being at the AMA’s, and experiencing Adam’s painful ‘trial by fire’ firsthand. I am truly thrilled to see you here again, it is like walking across a field of battle, and suddenly seeing you appear miraculously out of all the smoke and darkness….I thought we would never see or hear from you again. Thank goodness I was wrong.

        Much love to all the Glambs, who understand Adam the best, and love Adam the most!

        • Thanks so much, Lorrin. Love you, too. But it’s Jeanette I feel sad about. It was such a privilege to get to know her personally.

          I’d like to wish you and Jeanette and so many of the wondrous people here a “God Bless” and a “Happy Holidays'”.

          • Songwriter4Adam,
            Although Jeanette left,I do upset a bit,but when I remembered back how she treated all of us,warm and welcome,she is a nice lady!Whetever choice she made,I also wish her all the best 🙂

            • I miss Jeanette. She put her heart and soul into this site, she was always up to date on everything ADAM and I miss her!

              • Helen/Canada says:

                I miss Jeanette too. She gave so much to us here at the site. I hope she knows that she was truly appreciated and she is missed. I hope one day she finds her way back to us.

                Jeanette, if you’re out there, I dedicate Taylor Dayne’s song, “Love Will Lead You Back” to you.

        • I love your last line : “Who understand Adam the best and love Adam the most!”

        • Dianne Hill says:

          Hi Lorrin, love your words above and the way you feel about seeing Songwriter4Adamit is “like walking across a field of battle, and suddenly seeing you appear miraculously out of all the smoke and darkness” is also how we feel about you, it is lovely to see you back here, we love you and miss you when you are not here but understand completely that you have to take care of yourself.

          • Hear, hear! Lorrin, I have run out of words to express my appreciation of how you are able to articulate what we all feel and to bring sunshine to this site. Love you for what you are and what you bring! Mmmmmwah

    • *pops head out again long enough to say*

      Wow. Lorrin. Wow.

      • AdamAddict says:

        LMAO!WTH is wrong with you? 😛 Pssssst!! LOL

        • Silvana/Argentina says:

          Both of you always made me laugh so hard. Loved your posts. The funniest people on the site.

          Now I have just Emili, I don’t complain because I love her, don’t know what we would do without her . You know that I mean it, Emili, from my heart. But I still miss you “snake”

      • Yo wannabe, I missed you and you are right, I have’nt been a frequent visitor to the site of late. We certainly have missed you and your expertise regarding everything below the belt. Emili has been holding the fort in that regard with good support from the likes of Gala, Dianne, Helen, Terry, Lorrin, Cindy, Silvana, Mary C … aaaaaaaaaaaah, the list is too long). They have done you proud! Still, we need you to get your butt over here from time to time.

        For now, I just need to distance myself (not leaving).

        Love you and wannabe your cyber friend for many yonks! Mmmmmmmmmwah

    • Thanks Lorin for sharing your thoughts and feelings with nice words. It is like lifting me up and give me much understanding of why i Love ADAM so much and his beautiful voice. His presence is like a Gift for me. I like the way you put into words. Please keep writing to us (I don’t write much but i read often after work while listen to ADAM music….it gives me good night sleep !

    • Lorrin,, WOW just WOW!! You say what is in my heart and soul and you bring it to life!! You are a gifted writer and I hope you always bless us with your wonderful love letters to Adam!!

      You sure can see from Barbara to Elizabeth any interviewer … they ARE ALL JUST MESMERIZED by Adam and fall into his Spell, just like I have. I wish he had a camera attached to his chest to record all the reactions of everyone he meets.

      Thank you for this post Lorrin, Muuahh!

  10. cheryl 334 says:

    LORRIN……….HEY, WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN???? I thought you were writing for a mag which i will not name, but didn’t know if you’d come back or not. I am glad to see you, and I must admit, a little shocked! Just scrolling down the site, I suddenly see “Lorrin” and have to stop and think. Lorrin? What site am I on? hahaha!!!!!!

    Hopoe you are feeling well, Lorrin. I am doing ok. Have 3 major surgeries I wish I didn’t have to face, but, must be done.

    Adam sure having a tough time lately. Wanting him to get himself back on his own track and will be so happy when he is not spread all over the place with all the media. He said he might go to th S. Pacific after New Yrs. I hope he does. Take a good break! Yeah, ‘What do we want from you’???? Well, I’ll take anything he’s giving! Not greedy!

    Nicely done. Your post, that is. As usual, you can come up with the great phrases. Beautiful. Take care and don’t be gone so long! Luv you, Cheryl

  11. I want Adam to be around for a very long time. I do not want him to do things that will keep him from selling his music.I hope he will use good judgment in the way he presents himself to the public.I think if he had sung Broken Open on the AMAS ,basked in a beautiful light, the country would have gone crazy.Yes it is a matter of taste whether or not you liked his performance. I didn’t like seeing Madonna masturbate on stage or Michael Jackson grabbing his crotch repeatedly so I stopped watching them.I don’t want to see Adam being lewd on stage. Save that for the Zodiac.Loved his performance on the View.I waited to see Elizabeth’s reaction. I wondered if she would touch him. Surprised to see that she not only hugged him but did not verbally attack him. That should show people that he is a good guy.I hope he takes a rest soon.

  12. I thought this int and performance were both awesome. I don’t see a change in his sttitude from previous interviews, he was only able to be a little more complete in his responses! He looked totes GORGEOUS as always (love that necklace) and he sang like perfection, best WYWFM yet! Loved that set too!! Adam IS just getting started, to most, he is brand new! To those of us who already love him, this is just another time that he has shown us why! 🙂

  13. Lorrin…my, you have a beautiful way with words It is such a pleasure to read your posts. You really lift up my spirits. Thank you again.

    Loved Adam’s appearance on The View. He was, as always, a gentleman, articulate, charming and a lot of fun. Those ladies were so enjoying his presence. His performance of WYWFM was again just superb and even though I have listened to it so many times, I still got very emotional. When he finished singing, Elizabeth wanted to be very close to him and you could see the way she was looking at him that she was ‘hooked’.

    Also some good news from Australia….I received an e-mail from Sony Music Aust. today informing me that they will be releasing FYE on the 19th Dec . They were going to release it early next year but have pushed to release it before Christmas….so perhaps that means there was a big demand for it…I certainly hope so !!!

    Love, Yvonne (Australia)

    • Yay Yvonne. H is going to do great. This is only the beginning for the real world out there and I am sure his charm will rub off

    • Hi Yvonne
      We are ensuring our radio stations have the FYE album thrusted upon them! Everyone
      needs to be exposed to ADAM!…..and we are doing our part to make it happen!
      ADAM could melt anyone…..he has that charisma that reduces people to mush!

    • Dianne Hill says:

      Hi Yvonne, I am so happy that Australia is finally going to release Adam’s album for you. I still find it hard to believe little ole NZ released it on the same day as in America. He has been interviewed on two radio stations here as well, that was awesome, the stations are playing FYE, still haven’t heard TFM yet, but that could just be because I am at work most of the day and don’t get to hear the radio while there, great pity that. Our music channel has also been playing the video for FYE. I love it.

      Love to you Yvonne

      • Lisa Imbruglia says:

        I’m happy for Oz too Yvonne.
        They must be realising that Adam is a good sales prospect…
        Just have to tell you guys that walking through the mall the other day I was kinda listening to the mall music. A sont was on and I was thinking this is beautiful. Then I realised it was One by U2 but it wasn’t U2 it was Adam.
        My son Adam and I went straight up to the mall info desk and started asking who played the music here because we loved that song. The woman and I started talking and I mentioned that it was Adam Lambert. Well she had brought her partner the cd for his birthday. She loved the cd too.
        Cool huh.

        • AdamRocks! says:

          Lisa, how cool is THAT to be walking through the mall and all of a sudden hearing Adam’s voice. ~chills~ 🙂

          Cindy in MS
          Glamb #37

        • Dianne Hill says:

          Lisa, I love your story.
          I was out for coffee with two friends yesterday from work and we were sitting in the cafe having a gossip, as we all tend to do, and they always have music on, suddenly I went quiet as I was listening to the start of a song and I wanted to hear the voice singing it, and sure enough it was Adam singing Mad World. I couldn’t believe it (this is New Zealand you know, not America or Canada). I asked the cafe owner where he got his music from because I knew it wasn’t radio, and he said ITunes. I told him the singer was Adam Lambert and he was amazing and thanked him. He was quite chuffed but not as chuffed as I was to hear Adam, my friends just rolled their eyes and said “here she goes again, we wondered why you were so quiet”. LOL. It was ADAM, he deserved to be heard.

          • Khiska, Glamaus, Dianne & Lisa……thank you for your kind replies, and, Lisa & Dianne……..I sure hope that I will have similar stories to tell very, very soon.

            I actually have been going into every music shop that I happen to pass by (since 23/11) and asking them if they have Adam’s CD (knowing that they havn’t)……and when they ask “Who is he ?”….I then do my little ‘rave’…..hoping this will give him a little exposure in the right places !!!!!!

            Love, Yvonne (Australia)

            • Lisa and Dianne,
              That was funny story!And lisa you remind me to the story of pied piper flute!If the haters going to kill us,shhhh don’t let them hear this,this is our weakness,LOL,all they got to do is attract us with Adam’s beautiful voice and we all will hypnotised all just follow the “death”! 0_o OMG,delete me before they read this,delete me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
              p/s: I love your son’s name!hmm,how old is he?still single? 😛

              • Helen/Canada says:

                Great stories guys. AdamAddict, you are too much!
                Dianne, “chuffed” ?? Is that a New Zealand term? LOL,! Never heard it before!

              • Lisa Imbruglia says:

                A bit too young for you I’m afraid… he’s 12. And he loves Adam… even let me give him a haircut in the style of Adam when relaxed. lol

              • Lisa Imbruglia says:

                It’s awesome to see the site looking so happy and relaxed. It’s taken me a while to get through the posts… There seems to been a lot happening today. I had a busy day so only got to drop in for a bit tonight and I have to be off to bed soon as I have work in the morning..
                Lots of links to go to and have a look at… Not sure when I can do that….
                Loved Adams’ Z100 interview. He was sooo cute. He’ll get his chance to sing at MSG. He’s gorgeous.

  14. i just have to say thats ADAM is just so cool!! and sooo cute!!!i love to watch him in interviews ,
    he always knows what to say and how to joke around! wonderful job ADAM!!

  15. Hi guys,

    Here’s what I think:

    I think that Adam is so talented, he will rise to the top.

    I believe that he has a half-dozen #1 possibilities on his album.

    I believe that he is such an articulate, funny, easy guy to interview that he will continue to get exposure.

    I believe that his AMA performance was a mistake mainly because he could have reached so many potential fans if he had not done the extreme the first time out of the gate. I believe things can be rectified in time.

    I LOVE his album and so does my husband–and he is just turned 82. Who would believe it?


    • Totally agree Allegan
      Isn’t it wonderful that people of ‘our age’ can still get worked up over such a beautiful and talented young man?

      • AdamRocks! says:

        Allegan, that’s so cool about your husband! My mom, who will be 77 this month, watched Adam on Ellen and The View, and she really likes him too. 🙂

        Cindy in MS
        Glamb #37

        • Who doesn’t,Cindy?LOL! I bet your mom felt young again!LOL! 60yrs younger! 🙂 60yrs younger means 77 minus 60…that will be….eerr,that will be….give me a sec…give me an hour….that will be….

    • I 100% agree with you Allegan.

  16. The exit interview above: outstanding. I just want to eat him all up! He has a way about him, that gravitates himself into our hearts.
    love & peace

    • Yes,yes Mary C!Eat him all or lick him all,what’s the different,right? LOL!! 😛

    • Now Mary C, you have to leave some of Adam for dessert, I want him for dessert, and well when I am done with him…………..well lets just say he won’t walk straight for a while! LOL 😉

      • AdamAddict says:

        OMG!Another member of my club!LOL!When it reach a member of soccer team,Adam need to hide! 😛

        • Helen/Canada says:

          You girls are naughty, naughty. Santa is going to leave you a lump of coal in your stockings……gulp……that just reminded me of something… it getting hot in here??

  17. Fiftyheadidprnce says:

    I watched Adam on The View yesterday and I was blown away. This guy has a huge future in store for him and this interview/performance sealed it. I truly believe that anyone that was put off by his AMA performance could just watch his spot on The View and everything will be rectified. I totally agree that to judge someone off one performance is ignorance and I truly feel sad for anyone who does. This man will change the world of music one song at a time. Go Adam!!!

  18. Awww he didn’t want them to show his face before he went to make-up. That sounds like me! hahaha and the apology at the end for being family friendly….priceless. He seems like such a trip to hang out with.

  19. I loved this…Adam is so smart…can answer most anything on the fly…great sense of humor…all the Idols said so too…he is just a geniune great person…
    I guess the View ladies have a hard time being obnoxious to someone so unbelievably talented, gorgeous and smart…..who by the way has a point…Loved his comment…that if you judge him by one performance than that is just idiotic (ABC and doubters are you listening?!).
    I think he has every right to be a little bit ticked off by the double standard and by being asked the same questions 500 hundred thousand times…which he has been quite to the point, honest and a gentleman each time…
    Loved the “my dreedle spins the other way” comment…
    Cracks me up
    And the apolligy for family friendly…funny…he is so cute…

  20. Elizabeth’s face was a classic after Adam sang on the view! She needed a kleenex to wipe the drool off of her face! lol So cute and exactly my reaction also! He is beautiful! Love him more every day!

  21. ‘Morning from cold and cloudy Downtown LA – needless to say not much work will get done today. I finally figured out how to request my official # and did so earlier today. Now, here’s the latest rumor about Adam: ADAM LIVE in LOS ANGELES: – does anyone know anything about it? Is this for real? Once I saw it, I kind of went into a shock, then I had to verify my credit card limit and now I am ready to purchase couple of tickets but I need to know whether this is real! Forget the “View”, I want me some real ADAM, made-up, sexy, raw… I am getting ready to drool 🙂

    • Hope you can get tickets!
      If you go, let us know all about the experience so we can enjoy it vicariously!

      • Got 1 ticket only, a $150 a pop (lowest-price) it is a bit expensive, but… Is anyone else going? I am sure I’ll meet other fans there, but I’d like to “meet” some of them prior to the event because there are thousands of people expected. I was at one of their NYE events, about 3 or 4 years ago and it was kind of a drink fest for those around 20 (which isn’t me).

  22. I love this interview. Adam, you did great, being yourself and you handle the whole interview properly and the singing was superb.

  23. Just found this news on another site about Adam’s plans for New Years Eve:

    He’ll be rockin’ New Year’s Eve with or without ABC’s blessing, headlining Gridlock New Year’s Eve 2010 at Paramount Picture Studios in Los Angeles, hosted by Pamela Anderson, a 21 and up event. Tickets range from $150 for general admission to $3500 for Main Stage VIP seats. And this time, as he says in “For Your Entertainment,” it’ll be his show.
    Wish I could go!

  24. Lorrin…..First of all, kudos to you for your wonderful comments about ADAM. As you usually do, you express what we’re all feeling and thinking! Your positive thoughts will lead to positive thinking on our fansite. We have to move forward, with ADAM, to bigger and better things we know will be happening.

    As ADAM fans, we are here to support ADAM, and try to do our part to promote what we all love about him. I think ADAM would appreciate his fans moving on because I think he is really getting sick of all the same questions being asked of him. He wants us to focus on his music.
    In the interview he referred to the same questions being asked “millions of times” and look how patient, polite, and honest he has been. On the View, he held up his CD and said that was what should be focused on! So let’s all unite, and do what ADAM wants!

    We are Glambs, not bams or slams about ADAM. Let’s show our support!

    • Glambs—not bams or slams. Clever. I love it!

    • Dianne Hill says:

      Right on Judy, Adam is not the only one sick of hearing about the AMAs, If I never hear about that ever again I will be very happy. Love your play on words too, we are definitely GLAMBS that adore Adam.

  25. Funny how we fall all over each other, trying to say it best. We are a HOOT!! We all experience him in our own way and its all ok – “imperfectly” what we should be. I swear, Adam could disarm a band of terrorists and look like a living GOD while doing it. UIMA

    • Colo…..I never thought about it, but you’re right! We all try to express our love in the most original way we can, but we all feel the same way and try to say it “differently but the same”!
      I had to laugh when I read your comments… so true!!!!

      We all love ADAM so much, and I don’t think we can ever say HOW MUCH because we want to make sure that we try to do just that! We just can’t explain just how much! (does that make any sense … what I just said?)

      Anywayyyyyy I LOVE ADAM~~~

  26. I know you people can’t get enough Adam, so here’s really long interviews about music from iTune.
    It’s nothing you haven’t really heard before, but he looks good. Enjoy! — Part 1 of 3 — Part 2 of 3 — Part 3 of 3

    • AdamRocks! says:

      Wow! Thanks for those links. . . he looks and sounds DIVINE!

      Cindy in MS
      Glamb #37

    • Oh Slick – thank you so much! I had never seen the interview and it was my Friday night pleasure. He is inspiring AND greatly inspired himself. It is so amazing to hear him share how music has literally been his whole life and he has soaked it up and added his own GENIUS and now ………… we get it!! Our little Beethoven-Mozart Lambert!!

    • Slick– Thank you for these’s Adam at his real self. I love how open and the just chill/ hang out way about him. He would be the best friend to have. I love all these type of interviews because he brings you into his life and let’s you feel his heart. I could watch them over and over.

      Thanks again!!

  27. Elizabeth Richter, Glamb#545 says:

    Did you guys hear that absolutely funny comment on the view when that lady (sorry I don’t watch tv regularly so I don’t know who) said something like you aren’t a good jewish boy and Adam answered “I spin the dreidel the other way” I thought that was Soooooo funny. Listen again, see what you think. Tell me, at least Adam is singing. Does John Mayer do anything but date cute ladies like Jenifer Aniston. I mean, does he really perform or is that just a cover for looking good. And we worry about Adam’s numbers. Please.

    • AdamAddict says:

      I know!And the whole studio laugh with him.He soooooo adorable!!!I want to pitch his cheeks…on the face not…well that …actually I wanna too! lol 😛 He so cute!CUTE!!!!!!!!!!

    • ELIZABETH………………John Mayer is disgusting to me!!! Yeah, he is a ‘user’ of the young hollywood single w omen, but only, of course, if they can make him look better. Until HE opens his mouth! When he first came on the scene, I did not know if I liked him or not. Never did completely like him. Now, with all he has done to those women, and his antics, I think he is totally disgusting.

      Adam would never have considered doing to people what Mayer does. They aren’t in the same catagory, in any way.

      Don’t know if you knew this, but Elvis had had his family tree traced back to having Jewish relatives in it. So, he began wearing the ‘Star of David’ along with the cross. When asked about it, he said, when he met the Lord, he wanted to be fully ‘covered’, wearing both medals!

      Wonder if Adam is aware that Elvis considered himself part Jewish, too?

  28. vote for his video at vh1 site…lets make him number 1!!!
    here is site and you can vote more than one time…

  29. Lorrin! I am so glad to see you post again! I missed your skill at imagery! I have this great mental picture of Adam hacking away in the jungle (looking so sexy hot like he does in the FYE video!) He does have to watch out for a lot of snakes in the grass, doesn’t he? Oh wait, but he is that mesmerizing snake charmer! No worries, I think Adam has it all under control! Sigh, so much to look forward to – I am so glad to be along for the ride – hold on fellow Glambs, Adam’s gonna set our hair on fire!



    • That is so cool…….I think he will have more fun and be more at home than in Times Square anyway ——- Have a ball Adababe!! (somedayindenveriftheuniverserturnslikeitshould)

  31. AdamRocks! says:

    GREAT article about Adam:

    Cindy in MS
    Glamb #37

    • AdamAddict says:

      Thank you for putting GREAT infront of the word article.That word attract me to read 🙂

    • Silvana/Argentina says:

      Hi Cindi,
      Really a great article, and I would say a MUST READ article. This is the Storm and the Change that was coming our way. Adam is not only going to change the music scene, but the pop culture too. I’ve read articles from pop music and pop culture critics, expressing the same concept. All this AFTER his AMA performance.
      Thanks again,
      Love to you

    • Dianne Hill says:

      That is a really GREAT article Cindy. That person is spot on.

    • Thanks, Cindy. I commented under Slick’s post who also caught it. I’m reading up from bottom!

    • Thanks for posting this grat article So true!! Adam is singled out because he is gay!

  32. i loved he. he looked hot and i loved the joke about that spinny toy. and the preformance was amazing. and the apology was so funny. i love how he can joke about it now. he should be able too. man i love him. hugs and kisses.

  33. Adam in NYC Madison Square Garden hosting Jingle Ball, but he wants to sing there instead… Listen to what he says about Kris singing there… My heart… …. …. sob!

    • Slick! I see what you mean about the comment! *tears falling* Sounds like it might have hurt ADAM a little about NYE. He seemed to express a little emotion when he talked about it!
      What a guy! So honest and humble and positive….that why we love ADAM.
      I liked the guy doing the interview with ADAM also…that’s the way an interview should be…light, fun, and positive!

    • Helen/Canada says:

      Slick, wow, thanks for the link. What a doll he is! Can never get enough of that man!

    • Slick, it cracked me up in this interview when he said he might be “hawking eyeliner on the Home Shopping Network” in a year! LOL. Adam has such a great sense of humor about himself!

  34. CHERYL 334

    —see my post to you at the end of the 10 MOST FASCINATING PEOPLE page

  35. Yet, a funny tweet from Jim Cantiello, a news producer from MTV. Still from NYC.

    “The paparazzi just had a collective orgasm thanks to Adam Lambert entering the press room. Bam!! They are all now pregnant w/ Glambabies.”

  36. One other thing, there have been rumored that Adam is going to sing TFM on Oscar night. However, there also have been a discussion that song is not eligible for the nomination because of technicality— that song was not created specifically for the movie. Here’s an interesting argument that I happened agree. Wouldn’t it be fantastic if Adam can sing his face off at the Oscars with TFM and put everyone in awe? The Oscar nomination comes out in 2/22/10. Help me with the finger crossing thing.

    • This is something I’ve been hoping for ever since the song came out. This article was great…and pretty satisfying. It doesn’t look like any technicality will be strong enough to hold it back. Plus, you have the fact that Hollywood LOVES Adam. (as does New York and Broadway) Now we know that one of it’s biggest movers and shakers—Steven Speilberg—does, too!

      Another worry is that the AW show will be on ABC. But that’s three months away, and I can’t see ABC dictating to the ACADEMY on who they can have on stage.

      I’ve also thought that a movie for Adam will be right around the bend. If it were a Spielberg-directed movie or even any DREAMWORKS project—how cool would that be!

  37. These are very interesting view point of Adam’s AMA performance. How his performance is already changing the pop culture. Whether it was done in purpose or by accident, he has tap into massive significancy. I, for one, think his performance has created a path to the greatness beyond his musical ability. And of course, that is because he can actually back up his statement with his talent.

    • YOU GO ADAM!!!! A Change is Going to Come!!!!! SOONER THAN SOON!!!!!

    • These are both really great articles! Thanks, Slick.

      I like the point made in the first one that Adam has forced everyone to see the double standard—that women have been pushing the sexual envelope for years. He “has sparked an unprecedented cultural debate” that—
      A. I never even thought about before
      B. ” is long overdue” for those who have.

      When I first saw him grab Tommy for the kiss, I was shocked and immediately worried about the ramifications. But now, when I go back and look at it (I’ve got it taped) I think, “Wow, that looks really passionate (he was in full character-acting mode at the time). Sort of like when Rhett grabbed Scarlett up into his arms and carried her up the stairs!” (“Gone with the Wind” analogy for you younger folks, haha)

  38. Debbie Glam# 2473 says:

    Lorin, I think u said it perfectly, and the majority of us feel the same way, very well done

  39. What happened to my last post? I thought it was very significant view point. I would appreciate some explanation for deleting my post. Thank you!

  40. Oh you people will think I’ve gone nuts for posting so insanely, But, I haven’t had a free Friday night for forever, and don’t know what to do with myself. Anyway, this is a telephone interview with Tampa Bay radio station. I”m not sure what the DJ is talking about the “People” magazine is going to have Adam on the cover a la natural(no, I don’t mean clothes, but make -up), next Monday, I thought it was already out without being on the cover. Maybe she’s little slow on the news, but I hope I’m wrong, for I would love to see him on the cover of People. Adam seemed kind of confused about it as well. Well, let’s check it out Monday anyways.

  41. And did I tell you that I’m an insomniac? I’m watching VH-1 video countdown, and congrats to everyone who voted for Adam’s FYE video, his debut video came in at #16, Keep on voting and get him to #1. Wow, so cool to see his video on TV!.

    • Awesome! I’ll keep voting.

      I’m sometimes an insomniac too, but I don’t get VH1 …


    • AdamRocks! says:

      YES! YES! YES! LOVED seeing FYE on TV!!! I think voting starts again Monday. . . everybody VOTE!!! Adam needs to shoot to #1 where he belongs! 🙂

      Cindy in MS
      Glamb #37

  42. Does anyone know if there is a place online I can access the post interview video of Adam, BarbWalters? etc I can’t get it in Canada it hoo!!

  43. AdamAddict says:

    Check this one out!TMZ defending Adam?Whaaat?Well,that’s true,this brilliant man is…eerr,brilliant?LOL!We need more guy like him.

    • Whoa!! That was powerful – TMZ, right on!! I wonder if they had something of a turn around cuz it seemed that they, in that last film before the break up, treated Adam and Drake pretty shabbily. I could be wrong.

    • love2adams says:

      Thanks for sharing this……………so funny and yet so meaningful……………

  44. Breaking News: 😉

    I just updated the Jingle Ball ’09 thread with pics/video from Adam’s Z100 appearance in New York –

    Glamb #6

  45. Here’s some great photos of Adam from last night on the stage. It’s from Tweet Pics. Click on the image for larger viewing. He looks fab.

  46. I have something to share but will you be able to find it well give it a try TMZ backing up our Adam.

    Find more videos like this on Adam Lambert Network

  47. AllaboutAdam says:

    SPECTACU-LICIOUS! that’s it! that’s the Adam-adjective i’ve been searching for. I’m going to go listen to my Spectaculicious CD and gaze at some Spectaculicious pictures of Mr. Spectaculicious… I know, i know… he reduces me to PURE SILLINESS… Must be LOVE.

  48. This is sad! This is supposed to be a sight where we talk about Adam and how great he is! Adam is forgotten here and hatred took over. I don’t think all this fighting will help Adam! He loves us as a group of his fans, but somehow we are divided. Not good!

    • Andi…this is a site where we talk about ADAM and how great he is!!!! We haven’t forgotten ADAM! We all love ADAM and will continue to carry the message of love to anyone and anywhere that we can! 😉

      Keep coming back, and you’ll see the positive energy here!

  49. This thread has been somewhat “cleaned.” Please note that I do not have authority to do this for threads authored by others…

    Posts that were argumentative, inappropriate, in uppercase letters, or those with excessive punctuation have been deleted.

    It seems that replies tied to original posts also disappear when original posts are deleted (as best as I can tell…) So, other comments may have been caught in the crossfire of deletions. Sorry if this involved you and your post was lost.

    This effort took me more time than I have…if it happens again, I am not going to be happy! That’s an understatement.

    Everyone can help prevent this in the future by not engaging, under any circumstances, people who are trying to stir things up. Do not try to soothe, redirect, change their opinion, etc. Just ignore, and move on. It is far easier to delete one argumentative/inappropriate post vs. numerous ones that have escalated and are scattered all over the place, carrying over from one thread to the next.

    This is a place to politely agree to disagree – and many of us enjoy provoking thoughts and opinions. But we can all recognize when things take a negative turn.

    Thanks for everyone’s help in this matter.


  50. Silvana/Argentina says:

    Happy Happy Birthday, and ardenty hope your wish is granted to you, for everyone’s pleasure. Hopefully we can go back to better a time with the help of Dana. Tahn k you Dana again.

    Wannabe, please don’t leave again. I truly enjoyed your presence, even if sometimes I have to find some help to understand you. You know? my English is not that great. But you make me laugh so much. How’s your daughter?, remember her from that photo of the concert, that someone took and you discovered her by her hair. And her boyfriend “Adam’s bait”, still dating?

    Love to all the Glambs,


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