The Tonight Show – The Stars Talk: Backstage With Bryan – Adam Lambert

This a short segment from the Tonight Show where “Bryan” stands backstage and interviews the guests as they come off the stage. This clip does include Sarah Palin and Shawn White, but then Adam takes up the second half of the interview!! He even gets Jay in his portion of the interview. Feel free to listen to the whole thing, or skip to the BEST part…Adam. ENJOY:



  1. woodcut says:

    You not only sang beautifully, but your eye makeup was phenomenal! I’m so glad you continue to be yourself, and dress & act the way you do.
    I’m in San Francisco CA /USA & my group of friends love you. You’re doing the LGBT community a favor by not apologizing for who you are.
    While I appreciate the limp-wristed femmy “makeover” Queens on TV, it’s nice to see other kinds of gay men, like Adam. Nothing wrong with femmy, but we need to show diverse LGBTs.
    All the best to you!

  2. Princessshakeitup says:

    I have such a hard time staying up late enough to watch late night [2 hours later here!] AND I was trying very hard to avoid ANY sight of Sarah ImPalin so I thank you for the clips. Thank God Adam’s people didn’t let her anywhere near him! I thought his rendition of Sleepwalker was gorgeous, so was he, and Jay is Clearly an Adam fan! [wonder if he wants to be a Glamb…] You fans who get to see him in person are SO BLESSED and I could tell he was genuinely touched by your support. Very soon I will make a way to see him but I think Australia is not in the plans right now. GREAT show!

    • Princess, Adam is in Australia right now promoting his album, he will be at HUM in Oxford st in Sydney, I am not sure exactly when, and dont know what tv shows he is on, but sae a clip with him talking to Kerrianne. You may see him on some local talk shows etc.

      • Jan again, have just watched video clip of Adam on SYTYCD Australia. he sang WWFM and a brief interview after, the love him. He is also performing at the Mardi gra. (googled it)

        Where in Australia are you Princess ?

        • Princessshakeitup says:

          Oh, I WISH I was in Australia and then the answer to your question would be: “wherever Adam is!” Nope, I was saying Australia is NOT in the plans which was my smarty pants way of saying I will still be on this funny little island [St Kitts] without any hope of travelling that far! I did watch the clip you mentioned and I think that going to that Mardi Gras would be an absolute HOOT! Are YOU in Australia!?
          I’m still lovin’ Adam from afar… THANKS for the info anyway!

          • No I am in New Zealand, even further away. But he is being interviewed on our local tv current affairs program tonight. As we are neighbours of Australia, dont know if Adam was here on a stopover or if our interveiwer was over there, I think probably the latter.

  3. waveridergal says:

    Your were OUTSTANDING on the Jay Leno show! I’ll bet his ratings were off the charts because of your appearance!

  4. Ima Ramorah says:

    Because they allowed palid to do that dumb standup routine, the time ran over & the DVR only got 43 seconds of adams song..grrrr

  5. JoyousOne says:

    Perfect! The song, the look, the performance — I loved this whole package. Adam, you’re the best! This song should be a #1 for a long time — great job as always.

  6. Yah, Jay Leno will be supporting Adam through Thick and Thin it sounds like.
    Notice again how Adam graciously mentions the songwriter, Ryan Tedder, when Jay says that Sleepwalker will be his biggest hit?!
    Adam lives in Gratitude….. what a inspiring example he is in many many ways.

  7. adamfan says:

    I loved seeing the audience giving Adam a standing ovation
    after the Leno performance and that a lot of the loud
    cheering was coming from men in business suits,
    possibly there to see Palin. If anyone has the talent
    to connect with people, it’s Adam.
    Maybe ” a change is gonna come”!

    ps. Seeing one of the idol contestants attempt
    “A Change is Gonna come” last week just made
    me remember how dynamic and amazing Adam was last year.
    I don’t think anyone could top his rendition of that song, imho