The Surprise Of A Lifetime… Thank You Adam.

By now, I hope you all have been able to see Adams big Oprah debut. I had a front row view of the entire show and here is what I would love you to know. . .

Adam was rocking the Elvis hair and the unmistakeable Adam pipes. From the moment he walked onstage he had us mesmerized, and yes I was so fortunate to be there. I am Sue, “the mom” that was chosen to share this surprising experience with my daughter, Jess.

As you hear Oprah say before our clip, we had him to ourselves the previous night after he surprised us during our little “interview”. My biggest joy from that clip is NOT watching me freak-out and run, but watching his face as he is surprising US!! I hope you can feel the love in that room! If you listen carefully you can hear him say, “awww” when I kiss Jess. He is, simply put by Jess, ENERGY. That “energy” made the conversation easy and kept the “awwws” flowing on both ends. He seemed truly touched by the attention he was receiving from us and we were on top of the world. HIS world.

The soundcheck was by far, THE coolest thing we have ever been a part of. Ok, besides the fact that it was ADAM and the band, just watching the entire experience was fascinating. Then, as they showed in the clip, his song dedication to us was so sweet and totally unexpected!! As you can hear, he was spot on. He was completely above and beyond any expectations that we had of him. Then to have to grasp that we still had a whole second day was really like living a dream since we felt so blessed already.

On Wednesday, sitting in that audience, there was an energy like no other. It was Adam energy. Those that we spoke to joined us in counting our lucky stars to be a part of that audience. It was as if we were all in Adams universe. You can see as he enters that he is beautiful, confident, and ready for a good time. There was no disappointment there… From his sparkling interview to his flawless singing he was definitely the king, even if it was of his OWN universe. I am truly at a loss of words to say how much this meant to Jess and I. We cannot grasp as to why we were the “chosen” ones. What I can say is that you were all there with us as the entire experience was happening. This site is where my love for Adam began and you all have a very special place in my heart, especially Fernando, Carol, Dana, and Lila. And to Adam, Thank You for rocking our world and changing it forever. It has been a crazy last couple of days, from seeing ourselves on t.v., to people twittering about us, and having people “friending” us on facebook. Our lives will never be the same.



    • Hi Sue,

      My gosh, you MUST have been having the time of your life. I watched it and saw both you and your daughter and was soooooooooooo very happy for both of you. I live in Canada and have been a diehard ADAM fan since I first saw him on Idol.

      Good for you that you had this experience, I am “Over the Moon” for your and your daughter.

      Thanks for sharing.

      • lovemyadam says:

        Awww, thank you so very much!! It was definitely the time of my life!!


      • Angelheart, Adam is coming to Toronto Monday. Much Music studio visit. 🙂

        • Hi Mary C.,

          Really, do you know what date he will be there. Thanks so much.
          I live too far away and I am between Ottawa and THunder Bay, too many miles for this old girl. It probably will be on Much Music, is that right??


      • Sue, you and your daughter meeting Adam was the best part of Adam’s appearance on Oprah. Just adorable, all 3 of you! That, and Oprah saying “I knew you would be delightful!” to Adam. Angelheart, where are you in Canada? We live in Richmond, BC. Would be great to correspond or email or talk on the phone about our obsession! I am the same as you, talk, dream, read and listen to all Adam since “Satisfaction”. My fave up to then was Danny Gokey, but after seeing Adam, I knew he was going all the way. Ran into the other room and said to my husband “you have to see this kid on American Idol! He is going to be huge! All over the world! He has the best male rock voice I have ever heard, next to Freddy Mercury. I would not care what he looked like (loved Roy Orbison, too) but his whole looks and personality are absolutely captivating! Never since Elvis have I had any real interest in a singer until this young man. Looking forward to seeing what happens every day! We are all going to miss him when he tours the world. Thank god there is the internet so maybe we will hear and see stuff from his appearances. We saw the tour show in Vancouver, and can’t wait to see him live again. We almost went to Gridlock, but I got sick. Thanks again to the internet for the videos, next best thing.

        • lovemyadam says:

          OH Diane, Thank you sooo much. We have loved every minute of this entire surprise!! All of your kind words have made it even more special!!


          • Sue…I loved watching your reaction to when ADAM walked in the door! Complete shock and awe!!!!! I am so happy for you and your daughter! Did you tell him about us Glambs, and how much we are devoted to him? ADAMlove is alive and well!

    • Wow sue how lucky you were! To be a part of Adam’s world like that………I was so jealous yet so happy for you!

      • lovemyadam says:

        Being a part of Adams world was more than I could have ever hoped for! Now we are just passing on the love!!


    • Ok can anyone answer me this? I thought I saw a guy on the keyboards instead of the woman that is normally there. If this is true, what happen to the girl? Anyone notice this and does anyone know?

    • adammlamberttlovee says:

      Yeah, ditto! Lucky you got to meet Adam.
      That was a really good interview though, just shows how down to earth he is, i just love him!!


    • Angela Bisset says:

      I watched Oprah just like all the Adam fans in the wrold and I was so happy for you guys and so jealous at the same time. I thought it was cute the way he surprised you and when I saw him dedicate that song to you guys and sing to just you I cried wishing it was me. I was late submitting my form to Oprah so I didn’t even have a shot and it’s what I want the most at this moment in my life! I’m glad you got the opportunity of a lifetime! It sounds truely ADAMAZING! I hope my wish comes true like yours did! In the meantime I run a fan page for him on Facebook.
      Light & Love!

      • lovemyadam says:

        Angela, He was cute in every way possible!! Thank you for your kind words…


    • SUE AND JESS………………….Look at those fabulous pictues Adam signed specially for YOU!
      Wow, what great presents he had for you. Jessica’s picture of Adam is one of my all time Favs.
      OMG, him looking down and his Hot Hunk of Sexy Neck & Lips and this pose of him is soooo
      sexy………………. He signed you Rock! Oh Adam, he’s the best………..
      I know you will treasure these pics & the VIP pass, let alone all your Memories from your special day FOREVER!!!!!!!!!
      Hang them babies up on the wall to showcase his Beauty 🙂

      OMG, any more surprises??? Keep em coming.

      • lovemyadam says:

        Both pics are right above my computer where I spend most of my time these days!! There’s nothing like looking up to those whenever I sit here and type!!! Aren’t they awesome???


  2. awwwwwwww…… 😉

  3. Thanks for sharing your story. I am SO happy for you and your daughter to have had that wonderful moment. A memory to treasure forever. Yours was my favorite part of the Adam-Oprah show. And I laughed when I saw you run into the corner and flail. Just what I would have done! I loved how Adam walked in when you were singing Strut and joined you in the next line. And you are right, he looked so happy to be with you. Precious moment.

    • Sue and Jess!!! So happy for you and so happy fo us that you are a part of Glambs! You guys are celebrities too now! WOW! We’ll you keep in touch with Adam? It’s all love!

      • lovemyadam says:

        I keep laughing at all the people that have said there favorite moment was me running like an idiot!! That cracks me up, I keep telling them to LOOK AT HIM THOUGH! THAT is my fav part… XOXO

        • glamb# 442 Paula says:

          i’m so happy a fellow glamb was chosen to be on the was the most amazing interview he ever did.oprah is really a special interviewer she went places others just haven’ usual adam just answers.he is amazing and i loved when they cut to oprah signing his songs while watching him.if oprah likes you your going to be around a long time!

  4. adammadworld says:

    The world need someone like Adam now. Love and positive energy simply oozes out from him! The lurv that’s pure and honest and insanely amazing.

  5. Beautiful post. I was there and so happy for you both (yeah, we were all jealous!). I loved your reactions and his. And you are right about the energy. We were all lucky to share the magic of Adam, but a solo performance just for you, damn! I don’t know how you stayed conscious!

    • Totaly agree! We should have identified ourselves as a group in that studio somehow, so that we could get together!
      Yes, we felt pretty lucky to be there, but Sue and Jess – having a song dedicated to them, being with Adam – lucky beyond proportions! (Can I consult with you guys for lottery numbers next time? 🙂 )

      • lovemyadam says:

        You guys are all so sweet, I cannot tell you how wonderful it is to be surrounded by so much love and happiness. The experience was something I couldn’t have even dreamt. Now the love pouring is wonderful so I thank you from the bottom of my heart.

  6. PamBiggs Glamb510 says:

    Adam is such a beautiful human being. You are lucky to get the once in a lifetime chance of meeting him face to face. Cherish it. 🙂

  7. Sue, so glad to hear from you! Congratulations! We are all so happy for you!

  8. Awww. That was so special. And for me, for you to be from here (I must be channeling Randy) ….. I’m speechless. You did us proud “Mom”. I have been waiting for your post since it leaked that “someone” from here was the Sure Fire Winner. You and your daughter were fabulous. Way to represent. I hope you give us more details. Adam was amazing on this side of the screen. Tell us more …. more… more.

    • “channeling Randy”… LOL!!!

      • lovemyadam says:

        I’m glad we did this site proud!! You guys were with us all the way…


        • Where are you located Angelheart? We have Glambs groups in some Canadian regions now, for instance BC, Alta and Ont.

          First you join Glambs by clicking above on Categories and finding the Glambs membership link.

          If you go to you will see about the groups. We hope to do some ‘Adam things’ together.

  9. I loved seeing your faces when he walked in singing with you! That was just priceless!! Thanks so much for sharing. God bless.

  10. Patti Ross says:

    So happy for you both. What classy ladies you are and you deserved this!

    • lovemyadam says:

      Classy does not run through my mind as I see myself running across the room, haha. I appreciate your kind words though.


  11. What an experience Sue.! Thanks for sharing.

  12. leilani aloha says:

    How awesome is that !!!
    Lucky mom & daughter & that’s so cool to share the same idol ” Adam Lambert”
    Adam looks so so handsome & that amazing voice ofcourse!
    so so happy for u 2
    good one!:)

  13. Thanks for sharing that AMAZING Experience with us sue:) We All LOVE ADAM:) You and Jess Look like you were having a Ball:) I am so Happy for u Guys:)

    • lovemyadam says:

      We had a blast!! Thank you…


      • Bonjour merci for sharing thes estraordinaire experience with us glambs,yu both must have been elated an floating on clouds,seeing excitemente jumping up an down gather I’d do same.You’ll both trasure special jour for rest of yur lives an Im so very happy for yu..a grande hug to yu Sue.Adam is such a warmhearted,caring,sweet an charmant beau l’homme..seeing thes when he gave such lovli warm hugs..dont thinq ther’s anothre entertaineur thet is so down to earth as Adam..Blessings to yu both an nous ange Adam…an even thout I only tape on an oldfashione vcr..oui dark ages Lisette..I’ll trete maself to dvr for birthday which is coming up Janvier 28th for more claritie an those beautiful azure/bleu eyes in more vivid detail..alrite always am dreming of pray unjour to see concert as missing due to health..I will be there no mattre.If yu can with all so much emails luv to here more abote thes very special jour with Adam..Merci agan for sharing with all yur famille of glambs..Luv an hugs LisetteMariexoxo an grande hugs for nous ange Adam..j’etaime toujoursxoxo!!

  14. GLAMB#474kimber says:

    Hey Sue & Jess, What a wonderful surprise , given by the man himself Adam Lambert! I enjoyed everything about the show , I was smiling ear to ear the entire time until the clip of your surprise. I cried & cried & cried. I felt every bit of your excitement, & to watch Jess , sweet girl, her eyes just filled w/ tears of so much love . I enjoyed her singing Strut just as Adam walked into the room, you were both singing & then he came in, sorry I’m still emotional, cuz I am so happy for the both of you!! & Adam finished it off singing it to you.
    That room was definitely filled with Love for sure!
    Sue , I probably would’ve done the same thing you did, jumped out of your chair, it was an amazing feeling ,can’t describe it , so emotional, I’m still emotional, watched it again today & I cried & cried again . I am just so happy for you both, so happy .
    Both of you are so blessed & magical! What a magical moment !!! Adam is MAGIC !!!!!

    • lovemyadam says:

      NOW I’M CRYING!!! I am so happy that this has made people other than us happy too!! It felt kind of selfish to have him to ourselves but knowing how it affected you all so much is a great feeling. XOXO


      • No Sue, feel good that you and Jess went to represent us, the fans. It allowed Adam and the rest of the world to put a ‘human face’ on his fangroup. It also showed the viewers that Adam has almost universal appeal, that he spans generations which bodes well for his future success in the music biz.

        • lovemyadam says:

          HI Theresa,
          I am honored to be the “human face” of this fangroup. Even if only for this specific moment in time.

  15. Dianne Hill says:

    Sue, what can we say really, we are all so very happy for you and Jessica. I remember way back when Adam appeared on Oprah through Skype and you were there that day and you said how you hoped that you and Jess would be picked to go and watch Oprah, I remember posting to you that I felt that it would happen and I am so glad that it did. To have one (two) of our very own Glambs there to watch this gorgeous man and even better to be surprised like that. I have to say I was like Kimber I definitely had a few tears running down my cheeks. They were tears of happiness for you. I heard him say “aww” when you have Jess a kiss. He is such a sweet man. The sweetest in the world. Congratulations to you both. And we would love to hear more Sue, please share every detail with us that you can.

    • lovemyadam says:

      Thanks to those of you that felt that in your hearts, it worked!! My tears keep flowing too.


  16. AdamRocks! says:

    Sue, I couldn’t wait to read your recap. . . I can’t even imagine what an amazing experience that must’ve been. I remember too when you said they might call you and Jess back. . . and boy did they keep their promise! Watching Adam walking down the hall and up the stairs to you and Jess was so much fun. . . and to see you two singing, and then him walking in singing along with you. . . so priceless! The soundcheck HAD to be incredible. . . and when he dedicated Strut to you. . . OMG, you lucky women! I know you’ll cherish this forever!

    I’ve had my sister, and others, tell me that their favorite part of the show was when “Adam surprised the mother and daughter.” 🙂

    Cindy in MS
    Glamb #37

    • lovemyadam says:

      AWWW, thank you and your family for the kind words. I LOVED seeing him sneak in since we obviously didn’t see that the first time, haha. Words cannot describe him…


  17. Sue…..thank you so much for sharing your story with us. When you jumped out of your chair…I laughed and cried at the same time…it was classic !!! You and your daughter both looked beautiful and it is lovely to see you both so bonded together with Adam. I really felt your excitement and I’m so happy for you and Jessica.

    We all dream of meeting Adam and you brought us a little taste of that dream with your experience.

    Love, Yvonne (Australia)

    • lovemyadam says:

      He makes bonding very easy by just walking in the room. There is a sense of calmness that surrounds him and his eyes just pull you in. Always keep dreaming…


  18. Hi Sue & Jess,
    Just reading all these wonderful comments to your amazing recount brings tears to my eyes. I had the fortune to be watching the show and your part on YouTube…. it would take months to get to New Zealand.
    My son watched me as I watched you and he patted my arm as I started to cry. I had to hug myself as Adam hugged you. I truly think you received a blessing and through that we were also blessed. I hope that you are given all the footage relating to the show for your own private viewing so you never ever ever forget…. your moment, your time with the greatest entertainer this world will ever ever see.
    I feel like crying all over again…. waaaaaah!!

    • lovemyadam says:

      Awww what a sweet son. As I have said over and over we were truly blessed. I agree, these comments including yours are making me cry too…sniff.


  19. Gina Glamb#552 says:

    Dear Sue. I am so truly happy for you and your daughter. I mean it from the bottom of my heart. I was thrilled watching the show and thrilled for you both. When I saw him perform at the Letterman show on my birthday I was lucky afterwards to take a photo and small talk. No one understood me when I tried to tell them he has such an aura about him that I can’t describe. I will never forget it. You both certainly felt it I am sure and your experience is a memory of a lifetime. My best to you both. Gina

  20. Sue-
    You are so lucky and your description of the couple of wonderful days is awesome! Thanks for sharing!

  21. adamismyangel says:

    WOW Sue, that’s INCREDIBLE!!!!!! I loved reading about your experience!! You & Jess are SO LUCKY to have been chosen for this!! I can only imagine what it was like seeing him perform, & meeting him like that!! OMG! He is such a sweetheart. You can tell he really loves us fans!! Congrats on having your dreams come true!!

    • lovemyadam says:

      Until this happened, we too could only imagine. Now, we realize that he is so much more. Hard to believe, huh?? Thank you!!


  22. The whole “surpise” was really cute and Mom & Daughter were great! Btw your daughter has a beautiful speaking voice and should consider going into radio or tv presenting, unless of course she can SANG???

  23. k. morgan says:

    I loved that moment of the interview too…It gave me such a huge smile when he sneaked into the room…being the awesomely cute Adam he is and when he sung the next line…the look on your faces and his was priceless….As with most when the daughter started to cry…and he said awwwe don’t cry…So so sweet….I would have fainted for sure….so jealous…Was an awesome night for Adam and I believe Oprah is not a huge fan…Was great seeing her in the audience when he was performing dancing and singing along…GO ADAM!!

    • k. morgan says:

      I meant to say I believe Oprah is a huge fan……she was so mesmerized with him…Loved the OMG when meeting Madonna….so cute.

      • lovemyadam says:

        SHE ABSOLUTELY LOVED HIM. At the end when she goes up onstage to him, you can hear her say, “You are beautiful!”. She’s got that right!!!! Inside and out!! Glad I could make you smile…


      • Adam charms all hosts and interviewers. He is a dream to interview. He is articulate, open, funny, and actually listens. It’s like hangin out with a friend and you can tell the host wants to share more, but the good ones restrain themselves. Remember during the tour? There were some bad ones!

        • lovemyadam says:

          Plus he is all about eye contact which to me is very sexy!! I loved it when he was saying that he was only really nervous about meeting Madonna, and “NOW”… with his eyes down like a bashful little boy. LOVE HIM!!!


  24. Sue,

    I was GREAT seeing you and your daughter on Oprah! When ADAM surprised you the night before, I was dying for you guys! HOW EXCITING….I WOULD HAVE FAINTED FOR SURE !!!! You girls were so lucky to “experience” ADAM first hand!

    ADAM looked soooooooooo gorgeous on Oprah (I love his “Elvis” look) and he looked perfect and his vocals were impeccable as usual! And when I saw the second performance from Oprah’s website and he sang IIHY….I thought that was even better !!!

    We all lived vicariously thru both of you! Thanks so much for sharing your experience with all of us.

    • lovemyadam says:

      I love his Elvis look too, granted any look is a good look. He had asked Jess what her fav song was… IIHY!! Wasn’t he fantastic??

  25. thanks for sharing with us ! I watch it thinking,omg…omg…they are great , sure made us PROUD to be a Glamb!!!! and our ADAM WAS AWESOME !!!!

  26. Marilyn from Canada says:

    Hey fellow Canadians: In case you didn’t know, Adam is coming to Toronto Monday & Tuesday!! He’ll be doing several interviews including Q on CBC Radio and Much Music. If you’re in the neighbourhood, go on down to Much and wait outside. The celebrities are known to come out and sign autographs.

  27. All i can say is: “I’M SOOOOOO FREAKING JEALOUS!!!” You and Jess were so lucky!!!!!

    • lovemyadam says:

      I know!!!! We are VERY lucky that our planets aligned…


      • Sue~thank you soooo much for responding to all of us!! Through you, we actually feel we are getting to know Adam better too!
        You’re just as sweet as he is by taking the time to write back to all of us.

        • lovemyadam says:

          Thank you Donna~ I feel like this is my way of bringing you all along with us. I keep telling people that it is really hard for me to grasp as to why we were the chosen ones. So for me to take the time with you guys, it makes me feel like i’m passing it forward as i’d think Adam would want me to do. That may sound crazy, but it makes me feel good. So I graciously thank you for commenting.


          • Sue, thank you for doing what you do! You really are a Star! I am sure this is only a begining for you. Speaking of which, if it’s not too confidential of a question, will you be able to keep in touch with Adam?

            • lovemyadam says:

              Awww thank you!!! I hope there are many more special moments in the future for ALL of us here… I’ll keep you posted on that last part.


  28. Cathy Glamb#570 says:

    Sue, thank you so much for sharing. Ditto to what everyone has said so far. When Adam surprised you it WAS just PRICELESS. Please give us any more details that you can think of. So, so very envious :). If I would ever be lucky enough to get a hug from Adam, they would have to pry me off of him with “the jaws of life” !!!!!!! Oprah looked absolutely enamoured with Adam. Thanks to Oprah for a great show and THANK YOU ADAM.

    • lovemyadam says:

      And back at ya with all my responses to you as well… you guys are sooo cracking me up. My most embarrasing moment caught on t.v. and it has turned into the greatest conversation piece. One day I hope you will be lucky enough to hug him, it’s a wonderful thing. I wish I could hug all of you guys for you rkind words..


  29. I loved seeing how much Adam enjoyed surprising you guys!!! At that moment, I think I would have fainted!!!! I’m sure this will be a mother/daughter experience that you will always treasure!!! Thanks for sharing it with us!!!!

    • I think the whole Oprah experience was a winning moment for everybody involved.
      Adam looking like 2 million bucks, singing beautifully and selling more albums after this show. People who weren’t fans before now in the magic of his Energy.
      It is also great that Jess get’s it at such a young age, the energy thing. Adam radiates Love.
      What a powerful experience for both of you, please share more if you want to!

    • I loved that you kissed your daughter during her emotional time. It showed who is really no. one in your world!

      • lovemyadam says:

        Aww, thank you. We had just had a really sweet moment between the 3 of us… which is now forever in my heart. Thank you…

  30. Like every moment that Adam gives us, this was breathtaking. Sue, you and Jess represented us so beautifully and your joy is contagious. I don’t know if I will ever see Adam in person but your description expressed what I expect is the overwhelming experience……”someone just as REAL as FABULOUS”…… wds of Lady Gaga Love and let us know when your feet can again touch the ground.

    • lovemyadam says:

      He is absolutely breathtaking, that is a perfect word. I’m glad I did you proud…


  31. Sue – as I watched your reaction to Adam coming into the room to surprise you and your daughter, it made me wonder how would I react if that had been me. I think you handled it much better than I could. I told my husband I would most likely pee my pants, then pass out cold, Ha! Ha! I loved the show and knowing that two of our “family members” got to experience Adam up close and personal was a blessing for me also. He has touched and changed us all and the world is a better place because of Adam. He brings people together and makes happiness happen.

    • lovemyadam says:

      My husband sat and cried with pride watching his 2 girls on t.v. with the man that consumes our lives as well as his, lol.
      There is really no way to know how you would handle this… it was so not what I figured i’d do, but I wouldn’t change anything. AAAGGGHHH he was sooo awesome. Sorry, freak out moment.


  32. Debbie Glam# 2473 says:

    I just love reading all these posts cause u guys are the only ones that understand all of it, I live in Arkansas and everyone I know is a Kris fan, even tho I like him also and love Kradams relationship. I just have no one to understand like u do the magic and energy of Adam! I love when he blows them away and gets more fans from appearing on shows like Oprah because people that dont watch Idol have a chance to fall in love with him as all of us did!!!!!!

    • Wow!! I’m in awe of the connections here! Debbie, I TOO live in Arkansas–Fayetteville, as a matter of fact. And my Adam/Kris experience mirrors your own. So I was blown away to see your post. My friends simply do not understand!!!!!! But they want to, because they feel my joy and excitement in watching this pure spirit’s process and journey. We will have to start our own Arkansas fan group!!!

      Sue and Jess, you have enhanced that joy and excitement, and we are all deeply appreciative of sharing it with you!! I feel such a part of that energy. This is truly my Pandora and the Adam connections are so powerful. He is a connective hub and we can’t get enough.

      Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

    • lovemyadam says:

      Consider yourself hugged by your whole family here!! We all share in the love of Adam.


    • Okay, another Arkansan here!! I’m in Jonesboro. I feel your pain at having Kris fans (and friends) everywhere… I even had someone say the other day that although they think Adam has a great voice, they don’t like his shenanigans, LOL… I said, what shenanigans? For goodness sake…. Anyway, I’m glad there are a few Adam fans in Arkansas! I don’t feel quite so isolated now!

  33. I want to share with you Adam’s success in South Africa. I don’t know where to post this, so here is as good as any.

    We have a top 40 countdown of songs around the world every Saturday and Adam was no. 4 “for your Entertainment this week. (based on website votes)

    Then on Monday on another radio station they have a show in the afternoon called “lyrics with xxx”and this week was “lyrics with Adam. Lambert”. They keep announcing this every few minutes that you are listening to lyrics with Adam Lambert, while playing all other hits. Near the end of the show they have a caller phoning in and they played his song “for your entertainment,” stopped it halfway and the caller had to carry on with the lyrics of the next few lines. She knew every word and ended saying “I wish you would play more Adam”, and she loves him. She then won seats to a local concert , dinner for two and some other prizes.

  34. I had goosebumps from the moment I heard u were gonna meet him privately. That is 1 of my biggest wishes & dreams. You are the lucky 1. I saw him at cbs studios, early show I was lucky enough to be in the line of him coming in and out of the studio, I broght him a Glass Rose and he kindly accepted it & told me Thank u. Then he came out again I got his autograph, but he got bombarated by fans after that and that was the end of that. Wish they would of set up a table for him to do a signing then fans would have had to line up and ADAM wouldn’t have gotten smashed by the fans. Maybe next time… Well anyway by now u r probably have Adam Blues cause its over, but u have that beautiful MEMORY OF HIM in your Heart 4ever.

    • lovemyadam says:

      There will never be a day that I have Adam Blues!! This wasa gift that millions of people would have gone to great lengths for, and we were blessed to receive it. We will always cherish it and spread the word of his love, so there is NO room for the blues. XOXOXOX


  35. sunshine1705 says:

    my favoite moment when he suprised you was when he walked in the door to surprise you and started singing along with you. Then the look on your faces when you saw him. What a wonderful adventure and as everyone says once in a lifetime. Beautiful memory.

  36. ellen #447 says:

    Sue and Jess ! i was living vicariously thru you on the show. It was so exciting and heartwarming. For those who don’t know, Sue is the leader of our Illinois Glamb’s group. That is how I met her. If any of you live in Illinois, please contact Sue, because we are going to get together around the time of Adam’s birthday, and then we can really hear ALL of the details of their experience!! Thank you all for the new friendships, all because of our Angel Adam.

    • lovemyadam says:

      E.L.L.E.N. ~ My friend, thank you so much for your kind words!! YES, If anyone here is not a part of our Illinois group PLEASE LET ME KNOW!!! We ARE going to get together and chat about this experience of mine!!! Thanks for being MY friend as well, Ellen. See you soon…


  37. Ellie Glamb #492 says:

    Sue –
    How does it feel to live on Cloud 9? This unbelievable Adam experience will be etched into your mind forever. He is our gift from the universe (Planet Fierce?). Lucky us.
    Great recap, loved reading every word. Am smiling from ear to ear cause I can feel your thrill. Still pinching yourself? No, it was not a dream.

    • lovemyadam says:

      Cloud 9 is a much more beautiful place than reality!! Granted, anywhere Adam goes is where i’d like to be. Keep smiling sunshine.


  38. Awesome thank you for sharing your story with the rest of us. He does seem like the cool guy next door. The band seems real as well. I am blown away with the people he surrounds himself with. I mean the drummer kicked tail on the opening of the song If I Had You and the guitarist with his opening of WWFM is just amazing! Love the stage presence he has with the bass player Tommy and Lisa on Keyboard is like a freaking blonde amazon! They all seem so inspiring and I love that they all sport the nail polish and guy/girl liner. I love that they dress in outfits to blend with Adam. They make a statement of unity not like some bands where each member is doing their own thing, maybe that is why the band and Adam sync so well together. They are Choice! I heard the name of the band was “Glitter” but that could be rumored after the guitarist’s glittered guitar. Not sure. What I do know is my neighbor’s wife showed him a youtube clip of Adam Lambert singing Time For Miracles and it is done to a video slide show of the people in Haiti. We were suppose to go on a hiking trip. Well the grand he had saved for the hiking trip was then donated to the Haiti cause. So if you don’t want to loose your holiday spending money do not watch that youtube video. My hiking buddy said it was the combination of the photos of the kids and Adam’s emotion in the song that just made him feel like he had to do something. They are trying to get me to watch it but I all ready donated so I’m not about to open up that can. Anyhow, good on Adam for helping out Haiti.

    • I have tried to post the video you’re talking about without success obviously. I found it on mjsblog.
      Adam just knows which part of his very diverse personality to tap into for all occasions. This is such a strength.

      • Here is the Haiti video link I cried to earlier today & donated immediately – Adam has a way of being so real, so honest, so compassionate, so gut wrenchingly gorgeous in his plea to us to make a positive difference in a life…with all that’s going on in his world, for him to care enough to take time to do this, & the tone of his voice, directly from his pure raw unadulterated heart…who can say no?

        Back to Sue’s story…Adam has a way of bringing out every level of emotion in us this week! Sue & Jessica – by a stroke of fate, and a string of unexpected events, my friend Olga & I were also in Oprah’s audience last week, & YOUR STORY was the highlight for me personally – touched my heart so deeply to see you & your daughter share in that unforgettable experience and to be there in the audience cheering you on, surreal to the nth degree!!! YES, you did us glambs proud & couldn’t be happier for you!!! As we can relate, with Adam’s positive Energy – it seems ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE!! Your spirits, & your hearts are as beautiful as Adam’s…you were lucky & blessed, but the way I see it, so was he in being with the 2 of you!!! Mother / Daughter teams are a magnificent “force” all their own – and Adam of all people probably “gets this” as seen in the love he has for his Mom… all in unison now – awwwwwwwww ! Sue, Jessicsa & Adam – together the 3 of you are BEYOND CUTE!!

        • lovemyadam says:

          O.M.G. You have brought me to tears!!! AGAIN!! It is comments like this that make me wonder WHY US?? There were sooo many wonderful people out there as is evident in this post.
          Where were you sitting??
          I can only hope that after our time spent together that he was able to take away something as special as we did. Your kind words give me hope that he actually may have. Thank you for taking the time to make my day…

          • OMG sue it’s you! yay!! Olga & I in hindsite wish we would have come to talk to you after the show…just to give you both a hug, but we were in such a daze from our day as well, and we didn’t even get to hug or touch or talk to adam, but omg – you did!!! so tears are a good thing…we are all so human & real like Adam…and it is truly beautiful to connect with genuine hearts like yours & your daughters…I’m a first time mom at 44 & my 2 yr old Jadyn loves adam too – we sing & dance & claps & says yay adam! motherhood is the biggest blessing, so I get how undeniably cool it was for you to share this with your daughter!

            so – just want to tell you personally that I did a write up of Olga’s & my adventure, as we originally tried to get on the adam show & didn’t get a call back – but by the grace of God we got there anyway – via a most exciting day that I documented…I had sent it to dana earlier this week, but totally didn’t want to steal your thunder with your story, but have been busting at the seams to share it!

            dana says she’ll post tonite, so I hope you don’t think we’re trying to over shadow your experience…as dana put it, all of our memories are unique & fun to share so all glambs can vicariously live thru us, & hold on to the hope that anything is possible! dreams can& do come true!!

            light, love, peace & blessings, Jill 🙂 p.s. it was my pleasure to make your day as you made ours and these positive uplifting exchanges would have our adam beaming!!

            • Jill & Olga, Looking forward to your story too!!! I saw your pics with Adams band. Great pics!!!

              • the infamous mary c – ever since you posted that photo with adam last spring – it’s always great to have a visual of our fellow glambs…I absolutely love you – your spirit, your humor, your fire, your dedication to this site….provides hours of entertainment for me…i should have been bloggin all along! p.s. glad you loved the pics …hopefully dana will post soon for everyone to enjoy – altho sue & jessica still take the cake, winning the ultimate crown of being with adam himself!! …like you were! dont you love the photos just posted here of the back stage pass & gifts…wow – how sweet is that?!

                • Jill, OMG yes the above pics!!!!!!!!!!! Hot Damm, Adam giving to the fans…….
                  Love it and him!!!
                  Hopefully you will be able to join us for the fun more often :), you and Olga.

                  I’m lucky I am able to sneak in here during my days at the office, it helps timewise!

                  • maryc – you can count on us joining in for more of the fun ~ it’s hard to stay away, but now instead of just reading the posts like I used to primarily for times sake, now I’ll do without sleep just to respond – we all feed off this energy, & like lunch being overrated the day we got in to Oprah – it appears that sleep is too!! LOL! i’d rather soak in all these positive vibes and reciprocate them to all of you! isn’t that what life’s all about – giving to make a positive difference in other’s lives?! thanks for being such an awesome role model for that mantra!! love ya, Jill

          • ah yes, you’ll see in our story that we didn’t get to sit together…I was actually in the row right behind oprah when she introduced susan boyle, so I’m on tv in that first 10 minutes, as oprah is talking to the subo fan girl in yellow i’m in blue behind her surrounded by subo fans…they all thought I was nuts I was so full of love & energy for adam…i warned them that I wouldn’t settle down the entire time…they looked at me like I was from another planet – adam’s!! Olga was in another stadium section over, but we were just so darn ecstatic to be there it didn’t matter where we were sitting!!! love, Jill 🙂

    • Adam was on ET last night and he was talking about Haiti and Time For Miracles was playing in the background.

    • lovemyadam says:

      He has such a beautiful soul that it does not surprise me that he would do something to help. Is it something that HE was a part of, or is it fan related…


  39. KO's smiling says:

    Sue and Jess – Congrats on meeting Adam and getting a private concert! You both looked radiant on TV and represented us Glambs really well! I can’t believe you got to hug Adam… I would not have been able to let go! Did you get to speak to him before his sound check or are there any other details you can share? I bet his makeup looked caked on from that close up. It looked pretty heavy even on TV, but eye makeup was gorgeous, of course.

    So glad Oprah made good on her promise. Hold onto this memory! 🙂

    • lovemyadam says:

      My radiance was thanks to my daughters joy and that gorgeous man that provided that joy. We did hang out before the sound check which is where the clip of us came from.
      His make up was stunning, not caked on at all. He even wiped Jess’ tears away as he told her she was going to ruin her make up!! There was an “awww” from him at that point too!!
      TRUST ME, this memory is going NOWHERE!


  40. Sue, FEEL THE LOVE? OMG, I have watched this over and over again (thank God for DVR). The Look on Adams face as he opened the door and came in clicking his fingers and singing……….
    His eyes were on Jesse and then You and the Pure Excitement he had making you 2 Happy,
    gave me
    an adrenaline rush I still have as I’m typing!!!!!!!!!! The look on your face Sue, WAS PRICELESS.
    I did hear him say “aaawwwhhh” at the mother-daughter moment.
    Things do happen for a reason and those two days were yours , especially the time you had Him all to Yourselves 🙂 You defin. got your share of hugs and his little rubbie dubs he gives when he hugs. OH LA LA………so happy for you.
    Its time for me to hand over a title given to me, last year when I was soo very lucky to meet Adam the morning after the AI finale. “Famous Mary C”
    “THE MOST FAMOUS SUE AND JESSE” Oh yes, MOST FAMOUS from now onnnnnnnnnnnn.
    lotsaluv to you and thanks for sharing your awesome experience with us!
    Adam is a huge goodness package all wrapped up in his One Hot Smokin Self!

    • lovemyadam says:

      I’m still on an adrenaline rush too. I’m can’t even sleep!!!
      OH, I don’t think I can accept your title, it’s YOURS…hahaha. Jess and I are thrilled just to have been a part of this whole crazy thing. Lots of love back at ya…


  41. linlivalex says:

    Hi Sue!!
    I am SOOOOOO jealous of you and Jess!!! You are the luckiest girls in the whole wide world!!!! It’s so great that you both got to share the experience with each other– that is somehting you will never forget!!!! (She can tell your grandchildren how COOL their grandma is!!!) And you got to see Adam at his best natural hot self.
    I tried to get tickets to that show, but I guess my story wasn’t good enough. But when Adam comes to your house for Thanksgiving next year, you can bet I will be there too!!!!! Now you guys are celebrities!!! At least I can say I met you…
    Congrats on your awesome experience–if it couldn’t be me, I’m glad it was at least you and Jess!!!

    P.S. I heard the awww the first time I saw it.
    P.P.S. My son thought Jess was cute when he saw her on tv and wonders how he missed her at the barracades after the Idols concert!

    • lovemyadam says:

      L.I.N.D.A…. Where have you been??? Is your eye better??? Thank you for being happy for us! Trust me, Thanksgiving will have a whole new meaning this year.
      Get in touch with me, do you have my email??? If you don’t have my personal one, go through the glambs Il site or leave yours here for me…
      Wasn’t his “awww” to die for?

      P/S That boy must’ve been too busy looking for the famous people, haha. Tell him we will work on getting them together for fun.

      • linlivalex says:


        I’m so glad you responded! I’ve had a little up and down recovery with my stupid eye that I have not been consistant with corresponding. My e-mail is I forgot my password for the Glambs IL site, so I’m not sure how to enter (can I rejoin even if I have the same e-mail?) let me know what yours is because I’m never sure if I will catch you with all the other ones on this site. By the way, every single thing about Adam is to die for !!!!!!

        Looking forward to more conversations!!!


  42. I too am so happy for you both. When my daughter and I met Adam in Indianapolis after the Idol tour concert, it was just so unbelievable that he was actually standing right in front of us and for a split second, we were his focus! I thanked him for coming out and signing autographs and he immediately grabbed my hand and said “AWW thank you” so let me tell you, I know exactly how you two feel! To this day, when I hear him do the “AWW” thing, it just kills me! I know you will go over every single second in your mind every day for a long, long time! Hold on to the memories girls! He truly is an amazing, beautiful guy! Lucky You!

    • lovemyadam says:

      I’m soo happy for you guys. He was pulled away at the show we were at and then he was sick at the 2nd show we went to. When we explained that to him, he felt soo bad which was so genuine. Have I mentioned how much I love this man?? His compassion is absolutely heartwarming. He has consumed my every second since then, trust me.


  43. I was so excited for you and with you…I felt like I was experiencing your joy and excitement! I could feel the love and energy. I really enjoyed watching all the love on the faces in the audience. And, of course, the grins of excitement.

  44. That is AWESOME Sue!! 🙂 Am so HAPPY for you and your daughter Jess!!! 🙂 (((BIG HUGS))) to you both!! Adam is so AWESOME!!

    Glambert Fan ALWAYS,

    Lisa 🙂

  45. Thank you for representing all of us during your experience with Adam and the Oprah show.

    I know, that if you are like me, you were thinking that you wished all of us could be experiencing your happiness and excitement. You just happen to be the lucky ones chosen.

    Thanks again for sharing your experience with us!

    • lovemyadam says:

      I’m so glad i can share this with all of you!! I couldn’t be prouder of being part of this site, so representing it is a piece of cake!!


  46. What a fun story to read. Aaaaahhhh….to be hugged by Adam. Sigh……
    Don’t worry about running Sue….I would have been passed out on the floor!

    • lovemyadam says:

      I’ve actually been asked to hug people that wanted to hug me after hugging him!! So i’m passing it on now to you….


      • OMG!!! I’m feeling his hug!!!!! You absolutely CANNOT believe how obsessed i am with this man!!!! Night & Day and Day & Night! That’s ALL i do is search this site and others for new info and pictures on him!
        I am TOTALLY eating all of this information up that you are passing on to us!!!!! THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!!!!!

  47. Madamesque says:

    As a thru-the-heart-and-to-the-soul Adam admirer, it was a great joy to see other fans such as Sue and Jess live their Adam dream on Oprah! I was captivated (once again) by how genuine and kind Adam is, equally so with a fan or “an Oprah”. I just love him! It was great to see Adam’s mom rocking out with the best of the audience, too!

  48. i love adma lambert very much like his music all of them. oh i heard about kris allen is going to singapore to sign (night club pver ther eby fe, 10 2010; adam lambers has lots of fans; such as phils-singapore-malaysia-china-japan and uasutralia even vietnam.(asian coutnries) adam lambert has to go there and sing(tour)

  49. I was thrilled for you as I watched all of this unfold on the show. What a great gift! So glad you had this opportunity!!

    • PS – You are going above and beyond in responding to all these comments — thanks so much! You’re a REAL person! A mensch!

      • Sue, what can I say that hasnt already been said, such excitment, thank you so much for answering everyones comments you really made us part of your wonderful experience, even all the way down here in Nz. You and Jess were wonderful.Thanks again.
        Is he just as gorgeous up close as he is on our screens, I am betting yes.

        • lovemyadam says:

          Jan, he is gorgeous up close, at a distance, and even with my eyes closed. There isn’t any way that he could look bad… unless his face was covered!!


      • lovemyadam says:

        Sandyra…Thank you for your kind words, and it is my way of including you guys in our experience!!
        I AM a real person, as you can watch over and over as i’m running and screaming from Adam Lambert… too funny.


  50. Sue and Jess
    How wonderful for both of you and thank you for sharing all of our dreams and sharing just a part of “Our Adams” life with us. My daughter and I watched with envy, and even gave my husband a little “hell” for not getting us there. LOL. Adam has been a wonderful bonding time for my daughter and myself, along with my own mother. He has to be a powerful individual to touch SO many. And I have to tell you, even my 90 year old “Nana” loves him. Hopefully we will all be able to stand in his aura and feel like you. He truly makes me feel good, even when things are not. Thank you again for sharing.
    …..Jodi GLAMB#63

    • lovemyadam says:

      Isn’t it great to share something special with your family??? He is so worth the time…


  51. I was so jealous…I would have a heart attack, to be that close to a rock god and to be hugged.

    • lovemyadam says:

      Awww, i’m sorry!!
      Nah, he is such a calming force that there is no reason for heart attacks.
      I wish all of you luck in one day meeting him!!!

  52. Sue, I was almost as happy for you and Jess as I would have been were it me! That was just about the best part of the show. Everyone at AO is wondering, would you come there and post your recap?

  53. Glad it was a Glamb fan! Adam did a spectacular job on Oprah and so did you and your daughter!

  54. Dearest Sue & Jessica – how utterly amazing you are responding personally to everyone’s posts…you are both so very special! Adam has a way of bringing out every level of emotion in us this week! By a stroke of fate, and a string of unexpected events, my friend Olga & I were also in Oprah’s audience last week, & YOUR STORY was the highlight for me personally – touched my heart so deeply to see you & your daughter share in that unforgettable experience and to be there in the audience cheering you on, surreal to the nth degree!!! YES, you did us glambs proud & couldn’t be happier for you!!! As we can relate, with Adam’s positive Energy – it seems ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE!! Your spirits, & your hearts are as beautiful as Adam’s…you were lucky & blessed, but the way I see it, so was he in being with the 2 of you!!! Mother / Daughter teams are a magnificent “force” all their own – and Adam of all people probably “gets this” as seen in the love he has for his Mom… all in unison now – awwwwwwwww ! Sue, Jessicsa & Adam – together the 3 of you are BEYOND CUTE!!

  55. Dear Sue and Jess,

    thank you for sharing your story and… I have to be honest – I started crying pretty much the moment Adam started going up the stairs, letting us in on the secret that he is on his way to surprise you…

    The thing is, Adam is a performer, a TV personality, a voice on my iPod and sometimes I just feel so upset that on the surface he is just an abstract idea, just a musician that I like… only it is not that simple. Because for some reason, he just feels so real…. Maybe it’s his honesty and his openness…. Maybe it’s his amazing talent… I don’t know but I guess one of the reasons I come to this site is because we all seem to feel that way.

    And maybe that’s why as I saw him coming through the door, and you had your back to him, completely unaware, I just couldn’t help but cry… because he was there… smiling at you… singing with you… and it was just so beautiful.

    I don’t know how you recover from such an experience, but I just wanted to tell you that from all you comments here, it is apparent that you are an amazing person, with such a generous spirit and a beautiful heart and I think that you and your daughter deserved completely this amazing moment.

    Dreams do come true and I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for sharing your experience with us.

    Love xxx

  56. Dearest Sue,
    Thank you SO much for taking the time to share your amazing experience of meeting Adam with us. You make me feel like I was right there with you ! When I saw you and your beautiful daughter in that room as Adam approached ,I was so excited for both of you that I jumped up from the couch with absolute joy!!! Then, when I saw you run to the other side of the room as you were trying to “take it all in” I was thinking “WHERE ARE YOU GOING????ADAM IS TRYING TO MEET YOU AND JESSICA!!!!” Deep down, though, I knew exactly how you felt. He’s a presence that takes awhile to absorb. When I saw him outside after the AI concert in San Diego last summer I could hardly keep my eyes on him as my daughter gave him my book to sign. {I was too transfixed to even give him the concert book so my daughter grabbed it from me and hande it to him. Because I looked away and his head was down as he signed my book—and I’m only 5ft 2 in tall ,standing behind some taller people, I never got to see his eyes.So I feel like I must see him again some day}
    I know I’m rambling on but you have gotten me so excited!!!!! One question,Sue. So many people have commented spontaneously as they hugged Adam in previous occasions “Oh, you smell so good!” I imagine he has a sensual aroma—did you notice this as you were hugging?
    Thank you again, Sue for sharing this special time in yours and your daughter”s life. I can feel all the love you have spread to all of us on this site. Love to you and Jess—and to Adam. Love, Lorraine

  57. Silvana/Argentina says:

    thank you so much for sharing your wonderful experience with Adam.
    Loved to see you both on the vid. Of course I remember the other time you were on Oprah, and how excited you were. This is soooooooooo much more exciting.
    When I saw your reaction, and then whe he hugged both of you I was so moved, I couldn’t stop crying, imagining what were you feeling and how I would feel being there with my daughter, Victoria.
    Thanks again for sharing and I’m truly happy for you both,
    Love to you and Jessica,

  58. Sue and jess,

    What can I say that hasn’t already been said. I could not take my eyes off of both of you. It was almost as if I were allowing myself to actually share in the emotion and the joy you were experiencing.I can’t thank you enough for sharing with everyone! Such a deep sense of emotion does not occur with just anyone. I am convinced that I could amost feel what you were both feeling only because you are honest,sincere and very caring people (very much like adam), and this is why we can feel so touched.
    It is always comforting when you hear that everyone who actually gets to meet and speak with Adam are automaticaly mesmerized by his charsma and his aura that engulfs them completely. This is an extremely rare quality that one human being can have so many positive aspects to his persona! Most of us have a few (which we can be proud of) but a select few have the “whole package). Thank you both again for allowng me to cherish your memory!


    Nana #1 (Glamb # 488)

  59. oh my gosh Sue, tWow, hat was you…….one of us Glambs!!
    How exciting for you! What a dream. Congrats and thanks for sharing your experience with us.

    Glamb #411

  60. please keep voting on vh1,mtv and fuse.

  61. Thank you, Sue, Thank you.
    You responding to all these posts is so beautiful and every time you do you tell us a little more about Adam because all the posts are different. It is like the weaving of a very strong web of Love and it just keeps expanding…..sometimes I just don’t know what to say anymore the Love just goes deeper and deeper every day, almost unreal. I am crying now.

  62. Hi Sue & Jess,
    I am so happy for you, what a dream to come true. I would also love Adam to give me a hug !!! I do know what you are saying about Adam’s eyes, they see right thru you and as I say ” when you look into those eyes, he owns your heart”
    It was so sweet of Adam to surprise you & Jess like that, to say that there would very few stars to give of their time to do this, if any besides Adam.
    We are fans of Adam for just this reason, we know what he is all about, the love of all people, those who don’t even understand him or expect too much out of him while he is learning about where he wants to take his new found journey to Stardom…Adam is still understanding of them…
    Sue, you are so fortunate to be with Adam with such a personal meeting,,,I have to go back and watch this again and watch your reaction closer and try not to only see Adam.. Hahaha

    I do know that on Twitter, Adam was getting about 2-3 hundred hits a minute, the day that he was on Oparh’s,, it was so great to see him get that attention, the ones that I did read were positive remarks, too!!!

  63. Lynne Wener says:

    Sue all I can say is that after watching the show, I was so wired up from watching our bb that I don’t think that I could imagine in a thousand years just how intense the feeling could have been for you and Jess. When Jess started crying, so did I. I was also filled with great emotion. Adam exudes so much, warmth, kindess and charisma, I don’t know how you guys could even breathe let alone stand there near him.Oh, and that smile!!!.

    Did you get the feeling that Oprah was really into him? How was the rest ot the audience that we couldn’t see, did they appreciate this wonderful darling of a man? What a wonderful experience for you and Jess, something to always treasure.

  64. GLAMB#577ElianeBrasil says:

    Oi/ Hello…. I’m so excited about Adam’s CD. Take a look this site in BRASIL pre order…
    Someone wants to know how it looks like in other countries… thats the same cover, at least….28/january it will be in stores… BUUUUUUT I have mine yet………..BUT (2) I’ll buy another one….Just waiting xoxo

  65. Pictures…Yea! 🙂

    What a nice remembrance of the whole adventure!

    Dana, Glamb #6

  66. Just wanted to say I heard adam’s song whataya want from me for the first time on radio tonight. I was coming from my best friends house and at first I thought I had my cd in (since I play the cd all the time when I am driving). But nope it was the radio station xl 106.7 here in florida. I have been waiting since novembert to hear one of his songs on the radio. Like a dope I sang at the top of my lungs throughout the song and clapped when it was over. its official I am obssessed.

    • KO's smiling says:

      When I heard him on the radio for the first time I reacted in just the same way! Glad you had fun with it!!!

  67. Sooo happy for you to have the “Adam experience” and the best part is that you shared it with your daughter. That random moment will bind you both closer forever.

  68. love2adams says:

    Sue, I absolutely Iove your story but am only disappointed that you have told us so little of your experience !! Is this all you can share with us? Really, NO detail is too small. Please elaborate greatly. please….please….!!!!!

  69. So happy for the two of you to have had such an amazing experience! Your reaction was priceless. But, I think Adam is just as lucky to have been in your presence, and personally be reminded of how much his fans love him.

  70. Sue~ I have chills from head to toe & happy tears streaming down my face for you & your daughter! You are blessed and fate brought you Adam with a little help from Oprah. Congrats! I watched in delight and was amazed how you didn’t lose it. Horray for you, what a wonderful memory!

    • lovemyadam says:

      Awww head to toe chills, really?? Well wipe those tears and celebrate the love we are sharing!! It was amazing…


  71. On Adam’s official forum, we started a thread about you!! It would be great if you two could join the forum and say hi!! We are a big group of people that love to be friends with each other and obsess over adam nonstop. We’re crazy and fun. Like you, we remember the times we voted with 2 phones for 2 hours!!! Exhausting… but well worth it of course.

    I am so happy for you and it was a touching moment when he met you!! =)

    • lovemyadam says:

      Hey guys, I just left a reply to the 1st post that was on that thread!!!

      Thanks for coming over to our site!!! We love Adam here too so you will have to get your friends to join us!!! One can never get enough Adam…

      Thank you for your kind words, they mean the world to me.


  72. Sue, you and your daughter were so cute. How in the world did you keep your cool so well? I think I would have been falling all over myself just trying to speak. You made all of your glamb family proud. I’m so happy for both of you to have gotten this once in a lifetime experience. Oprah seemed to really love him as much as we do. (well almost) Thank you for taking the time to share this with all of us. It makes me feel like we were there with you. Enjoy your memories and you even have it on film!!! Isn’t he just gorgeous?

  73. Dana (dafiki123) says:

    I just came over from the Adam Official forum to read your story. I watched the Oprah Show, and I am sooo happy for you both, Sue and Jessica!
    I don’t know how I would have handled it if I were in your shoes— that is just a very exciting thing to happen!
    I am liking your desciption of Adam as energy, it reminds of me what Abraham-Hicks say that when you allow your natural Source energy to flow, that is when you are a powerful uplifter to all those around you. And you can allow this energy to flow by being in a state of non-resistance (by not thinking thoughts of lack or negativity). When you think negative thoughts of worry or doubt, etc., you pinch off the energy that is natural to you, and this is indicated to you by your negative emotion. I didn’t mean to get sidetracked here, but I’m just saying I agree that Adam radiates this beautiful, positive energy because he is such a loving being who looks for the positive in all people, and who allows the energy to flow through him often, but perhaps most intensely while he is enraptured in his singing. I think that is why many people respond to well to him
    So after saying that, I want to say congratulations to you both for being upto speed with the energy that is Adam! And for being upto speed (not resisting) this incredible manifestation (Oprah spoke of manifesting, too) of meeting Adam and getting such special treatment! You both must have been doing a pretty good job of allowing your energy to flow, too, or else the Law of Attraction (that which is like, unto itself is drawn) would not have matched you up with someone as high-vibrating as Adam (and Oprah)!

    • So excited to see Adam in context with Abraham-Hicks! He is the greatest allower I know! Perfect words you have written here,Dana! It says a whole lot about Sue and Jess that they are a match to that vibration. It’s really cool that so many of us are so attracted to his energy. Says a lot about our own!!

      My friend laughingly named me “Ms. Na’vi Lambert”. I love it!!! Adam, Abraham, and Avatar are my trinity!! Triple A–a tetrahedron of pure love!!

  74. Sue,
    I would have done the same as you! I would have been brought to tears too! He seems like such a good person to be concerned that both of you burst into tears. I know that had to be a once in a lifetime experience you will always remember. Good for you!

  75. Sue….how special for you & Jessica….to be part of Adam’s and Oprah’s world for a moment in time….your “fan love” for him is pretty awesome…it’s fans like you that will keep Adam going strong in the world of music for a looooong time. Although he is amazing , he needs his fans….go girl!

  76. LibraLamb7 says:

    Well, Sue! How ’bout you, girl!

    You & Jess certainly had yourselves a grand & EPIC experience with our ADAM & Oprah! After seeing you both on the show & Adam’s surprise backstage, I had the warmest, HAPPY feelings…as if the love shared between ya’ll & Adam was passing through the TV to all of us at home! I just stood there screaming (to my cats…LOL)…”That’s our SUE!!!! ” My Glamb sista is being hugged by Adam!!! Right there with her gorgeous daughter just as we’d all prayed & dreamed it would happen! To have him singing with you & then TO you!….My heart is overflowing right now. Yea!.The Universe comes through again.

    Thanks for sharing your story here with all of us & bringing us along for this wild & wonderful ride with you. This may be the closest I ever get to being in Adam’s aura…but, ya know…I’ll TAKE IT!!!! Just SO HAPPY for you…Treasure this always…It is SO special.

    Candace#388 in MS

  77. SOmeone please let us know when the re-run will be.

  78. Madam Lamb says:

    *Sigh* I wonder when this Oprah-show will be sendt on Norwegian TV?! We are a bit behind you with her shows. I really adore Adam for all that he is and stands for. If I had a son, I would like him to be like Adam 🙂 Yes, I’m too old to think of him in other ways, but I do adore him like no other guy I know of.

    I’m not visiting this site too often, my computer is slow and the site is pretty heavy to open and navigate on. But when I’m in, I enjoy all the Adam stuff I find here 🙂

    Keep on smiling! 🙂

    Madam Lamb

  79. Thank you for sharing your story. When I heard there was a surprise for a mother-daughter team, I knew it was you and your daughter because I remembered how intrigued that producer was the first time you went to the show (the skype show). I was watching on satellite tv in Puerto Vallarta (couldn’t miss it!)

    I know what you mean about the hug. I’ve been lucky enough to get 2 hugs from Adam – once in Manchester, once at Gridlock. His pictures and videos simply do not do his beauty justice. And that eye contact when he talks to you is mesmerizing (and brain-frying).

    Can you tell us if there was a lot of interview cut for the broadcast (time constraints maybe?) that you saw?

    BTW, someone tweeted that the show will air again tomorow (Monday). I could swear I saw a preview here, too, but my tv guide says otherwise.

    • lovemyadam says:

      Hello there!! I am working on telling some extra stuff… GOOD for you getting 2 hugs, WOW!!! Thats awesome for you… stay tuned…


  80. THAT WAS A-M-A-Z-I-N-G ! ! ! ! ! ! ! SUE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    a dream of a lifetime, indeed!!!!!!!!!

    i am sooooo happy for you and Jess – yeah!


    love ya,


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