The Storm is Coming – Mark Your Calendars!

Did our “Wicked” Adam know way back then that he was brewing such a storm?

First off, this is just a recap, so swallow and don’t spit your coffee. The storm is coming, though – for some time now Adam’s fans have been referring to the impending wave of Adam songs, videos and appearances as the storm of the century. It remains to be seen how the outside world (the people who say “Adam who?”) will be affected by the coming onslaught, but if the thousands of posts, blog comments, and tweets that blazed across the Internet yesterday are any indication, Adam’s fans are about to be blown away.

Since the tour ended, we’ve been in the doldrums, with only a few tantalizing whiffs of news to stir us. The teasing has left us only wanting more, and yesterday we were finally hit by a microburst of Adamness – enough to wake us up, refresh us, and get us moving. But we still want more! We want a spanking storm that will assault us with powerful and amazing sounds we’ve never heard before. We want a whirlwind to grab us like a dance partner, twirl us around, and take us to dizzying heights of rapture we’ve never been to. And when we come back to earth we want to move our feet and shake what the Lord gave us. In the end we want to be left windswept – raw, exposed, sobbing and moaning, but most of all…alive!

Most people want relief from a storm, but not us (Adam’s fans are just a little bit different!) – we want it! It’s on the horizon, and IT’S COMING!!!

Make sure your calendars are marked:

Tuesday, October 13 – Adam will assist in announcing the nominees for the American Music Awards. Will not be televised as far I as know, but bound to show up in photos/videos.

Friday, October 16 – Possible release date of the single Time for Miracles (Amazon is showing both Oct. 16 and Oct. 20 as release dates.)

Tuesday, October 20 – The other possible release date of the single Time for Miracles.

Tuesday, November 10 – Soundtrack for 2012 drops.

Friday, November 13 – The movie 2012 premieres.

Sunday, November 22 – The American Music Awards will air. There is speculation Adam might be present to promote the release of his album.

Tuesday, November 24 – Adam’s CD drops and Adam will appear on TV on GMA.

The above dates are US dates. Still missing, of course, is the drop date (and title) of the single off the CD. It has been confirmed, in case any of you thought otherwise, that TFM will NOT be the CD single. I’m hearing speculation that it could be another couple of weeks before a decision is made on the single. ARRGGGHHHH! We also haven’t heard dates for the Special Edition CD or the TFM music video.

~~Jeanette, Glamb #5


  1. ladyc9543 #481 says:

    Jeanette, you are sooooo right. What a great post…I included my tribute to Adam. Chris, Ohio 481

    Season 8 took our breath away.
    A dynamic energy entered the contest.
    We waited each week in wild anticipation for a new performance.
    We were never disappointed!
    The judges commented on his flawless vocals, originality and charisma.
    Simon christened him an authentic STAR and Randy pronounced him ready, NOW!
    AND HE IS!
    The world has recognized his boundless talent.
    Excellent offers with contracts are everywhere.
    His response to this attention is not arrogance but a splendid aura of gratefulness and love.
    His interviews portray a kindness and sincerity within. That beautiful and warm smile makes him approachable.
    But, when he steps on stage he is transformed into a dynamic, sexy and sometimes outrageous entertainer with fierce eyes and an undulating body.
    We cannot get enough of him…we want more…more…more.
    His fans are vast and loyal. He has memorized all of us and we want to join in his journey because we know

    • Lady c your words take wings!! Ms Glambfingers is rubbing off!!

      Jeanette, I love your second paragraph, it’s you at your author’s best!

      Keep it up , fellow Glambs, you have the words, when many of us don’t but we are all followers and supporters of your gracious and eloquent words!!

      Terry hugs

    • Ladyc, I loved your poem, it is like an extended ‘haiku’ to Adam. I loved your second line where you likened Adam to a ‘dynamic energy entering the contest’. And I especially loved in your second-to-the-last line where you said that Adam ‘has memorized all of us’. That is an especially keen and loving observation, which is very poignant to those of us who love him. Even more than this, you have captured the essence of the ‘warm and approachable’ man who is Adam Lambert. Thank you so much for sharing your Tribute with all of us!

      • AdamAddict says:

        Jane416,U were right.What is important is what you feel inside and express yourself.Because you adore me,Imma gonna try again.So here it goes.The title of my poem is DO YOU KNOW?

        Adam oh Adam!
        Do you know?
        When you smile,we’re smiling,
        When you laugh,we’re laughing,
        Adam oh Adam!
        Do you know?
        When you perform,we’re throwing(bra,boa,dildo etc)
        When you dance,we’re drooling,
        When you tease,we’re giggling, 😛
        Adam oh Adam!
        Do you know?
        When you tweet,we’re replying(even though we know you’re not reading)
        When you’re in youtube,we’re downloading,
        When you’re a coverboy,we’re definetely buying,
        Adam oh Adam!
        Do you know?
        When you sticking your tongue out,Dianne starts hallucinating,
        When you wear tight gold pant,Cheryl collapsing
        When you wear brown zippered pant,Kimber is cumming?

        LOL! So there,what you think?LOL!When it comes to Adam,suddenly I become super talented!Jane 416,imma pretty sure you adore me more now! I’m thinking maybe after this,I’ll compose a song for Adam.And this one…well this is new,it’s….CRAP,so I just give this one to Kanye to rap or something.Haha!Ahh,I am declaring myself,I officially obviously have no life!!! Peace to all,I’m just kidding,no offence!Mwah! <3

        • AdamAddict, you can actually Rap to that, but it has to be recorded with your vocice and post it on YouTube.

          • Emili, I love it!!!! It so reflects us Glambs and is so modern and ‘with it’ as we oldsters say!

            You must send it to Adam via Twitter and put it on youtube with some pics… I can just see you, Dianne and Kimber….. oooh, in my mind.

            Dianne you have made a mark on this site, I just can’t see Adam put out his tongue without thinking of you. Do you have a ‘tongue collection’ yet? If not, I have a few I can send you .

        • AdamAddict says:

          Oops,sorry Lady C, I shouldn’t write this crap under reply.My mistakes.Sorry 🙁 mwah <3


        • Yes, Emili – I abso-$%#@ing-lutely LOVE your poem – it’s so YOU somehow!! 😉 I DO see this as a rap number – it’s got a real beat to it!

          Adam brings out the best in all of us – there is no doubt about that! It’s kind of what happens to the Witches of Eastwick when Darryl the Devil is around! Suddenly, the women are more creative, dynamic, beautiful, sexy and becoming their own best person. Don’t you see that that is what is happening to all of us??? Don’t you all feel we have become better versions of ourselves since Adam has come into our lives?! Look at what is happening to us: We are writing poems, music and books; uploading pictures; making videos and CDs; downloading music; starting websites; organizing events; contributing to more charities, wearing more eyeliner, nail polish and jewellry; glittering up our clothes and accessories; travelling afar to attend concerts. I LOVE how we are all expressing our love and admiration for our Adam and making the world a better place!

          So, yes, dear Emili, I definitely adore you even MORE now! MWAAAHHH!
          Hugs to all my sister and fellow Glambs!

          Glamb #20

          • AdamAddict says:

            Don’t forget,drawing!Yup,I haven’t draw for 3 years and when Adam showed up,I looked for my 2B,4B,6B pencils again.Almost got attack by black widow…maybe not,it’s really thin and small but I freaked out anyway.Spray that crawling thing with Ridsect but NAH,it probabaly enjoyed it.Probably feels like he’s on stage with fog and all!!LOL!!All that for finding my damn ‘tools’ to start drawing again!But I never enjoyed it as much before!! Drawing Adam is so much fun.I guess we need to look who we’re drawing??What so nice drawing family members??Hahaha! I’m evil! LOL 😛

            • You’re right about drawing, Emili! You’ve been holding out on us! Why don’t you send Jeanette some samples – we would love to see them!

              (Spiders are considered lucky in some cultures so look upon your encounter with that “black widow” a good sign! 😉 )



              • AdamAddict says:

                Send to Jeanette?Can I do that? 0_o

                • Why not? Others have submitted their work – this is OUR site, right? Sorry, Jeanette – I don’t want to speak out where I shouldn’t – this is your call, but we have some very talented Glambs here. It might be fun to see how Adam has brought out our creative side and/or re-awakened hidden or past talents in so many of us. What do you think? Is this worthy of a separate post?

                  Glamb #20

                • Dianne Hill says:

                  Yes you can, come on Emili, we are twins remeber, separated at birth, you obviously have the talent for drawing because I certainly don’t and I want to see your drawings. Pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeease.

                  • AdamAddict says:

                    I already email Jeanette asked if I can do that and she said if they’re good as before,she will consider it so I DIDN’T!! LOL! Nah, I just did anyway because I don’t know what modest means!Haha! Please don’t be Simon when you guys judging me.It’s not that good but since you asked me too,so….please be nice 🙂

                    • Dianne Hill says:

                      I bet your drawings are just like you Emili, absolutely wonderful, can’t wait to see them. There will be no Simon antics here, not for you anyway.

          • Hi Jane 416, I saw that film, you are so right, what has Adam done to us, I am not compaining, he is making me feel great, have a lot more friends, feel much more alive. We must get AdamAddict to make a recording of her poem, she will sound great, it must be done by her, she has the right personality.

        • AA, LOL, very good though. Your’re a Poet and Dont Know It!!!!!!!!!

        • Lady C and AdamAddict, you guys are awesome! I continue to be amazed by the talent on this site.

          Lady C, yes Adam is unstoppable and may you sharing your talent remain unstoppable too – BEAUTIFUL & SO ADAM!

          AA, I agree that your lyrics are so you. Let me tell you girlfriend, you are so talented and keep us entertained on this site. MAY THE SHARING OF TALENT ON THIS SITE COME TO A CONTINUATION.

        • Dianne Hill says:

          Oh, Emili, I have tears streaming down my face I am laughing so much. I absolutely love it and am printing it out right now to put up on wall (at home, not here at work). You are just so adorable and yes, we want to see you rapping to this on YouTube, how cool would that be. Come on girl, you know you want to. And see you can write poetry, that is superb.

        • Vicki Geist (MsTxGlamb) says:

          Hey, here’s another line for your poem/rap song,

          Adam, oh Adam!
          Do you know?
          When your’e licking your lips, we’re moving our hips,
          When you’re doing the snake dance, we pee in our pants,
          When you stroke your mic stand, We “want to be” that stand in your hand!!

        • Lisa Imbruglia says:

          I can so see you, Dianne right there. Not just hallucinating but diving right in…. lol…
          I read all this last night NZ time and thought I had made a comment… shows you how tired I was cause I didn’t. I must have replied in my head….lol
          Poetry more real than real.
          Loved both these gems but I must say Adam Addict made me laugh.
          Emili you are a classic.
          Terese there cant be enough pics of Adams tongue to ever satisfy Dianne……

        • MsTxGlamb (Vicki Geist) says:

          Here’s some more lines for your poem/rap song, it goes like this………..

          Adam, oh Adam ! Do you know?
          When you lick your lips…. we’re moving our hips,
          When you do the snake dance……we pee our pants!
          When you sing WOMAN, we sing BABY!
          When you stroke the mic stand, we sing….”

        • GLAMB#474 kimber says:

          Oh great poet, AA, well done! You’ve lifted my ADAMspirits! You are a truly dedicated ADAMfan!

        • AA….That is wonderful! You are super-talented! But don’t give it to Kanye…he’s a jerk!!!! 🙂

          • AdamAddict says:

            I thought it’s a crap,that’s why I want to give it to that jerk.But since you said it’s not crap,then I won’t give to that jerk!LOL! I’ll give to Gokey and let him make a country with it. Haha!! 😛

        • OhSweetOne says:

          Here is my little ditty.

          You’re an ANGEL
          Sent down from above
          To share in our love.

          You’re an angel in the morning
          You’re an angel in the night
          You know how to make everything alright

          Whoa Honey
          Whoa Darlin’
          Whoa Baby

          Can’t you see
          That it’s just ment to be

          You’re our ANGEL


          You’re an ANGEL

          Our one true ANGEL ( Adam Lambert )

      • Lisette here..sending amour an frenship an missing mabelle glambs an Adam..still health issues,companie an lot of pain..See I av miss lot in passe week..Had to stop by despite companie in mattre of heures.Look forward to all above events…an as always Adam is ma favorite vocaliste/artiste/humanitarian..a rai d’lit in ma mattre what I’ll always adore him an so why I hed to send petit note here..Miss daily posts,news,now seeing poems too..argh I am soo out of toche..Despite stil being onehande typist,finde soo difficile to stay away,an even in aching hand,tendons..Adam is also m’angel d’ who heals with his voix angelique,his face an hearte tresbeau..No othre artiste has ever had thes effect on possible will never ever do for all eternitie..j’adore this beau l’homme ..bless with beauty,intelligence,refinement,wit,charm,estraordinaire talents,artistry,sweetness,sensualitie,an those lit bleu azure eyes thet have such an intense kindness,warmth,magnetism,passion,sensitivitie,an infinite amour for all his fans,famille an l’monde now..benedictions to always for all lovli glambs gals an fellows too!..will return hopful to regular post soon..This note took lot of effort an painmeds too..J’etaime Adam..toujoursxoxooxox

        • Take care of yourself, Lisette. So sorry to hear that you are still in pain. I hope that your amour d’ Adam is helping un petit bit and that soon you will be on your pieds once again et back avec les Glambs. S`il tu plait forgive mon Francais terrible mais je wish pour tu bon sante maintenant et always, ma cherie!
          a bientot!

          Glamb #20

    • ninalatina9 says:

      ladyc I like your thinking. You are absolutely right. We do want MORe of him and can’t wait in anticipation….it’s adamgasmic!!

  2. Dianne Hill says:

    Oh my god Jeanette, I have never ever wanted a storm to arrive so badly, cannot wait. The excitement is building so much, I can barely sit still, the waiting is excruciating but I know it is well worth it, I want everything, the thunder, the lightning, the hail and rain and the fierce winds that are going to be sweeping us to heaven right along with Adam. What an amazing time this is. I love this man so much, he has turned my world upside down and I love it.

    Dianne Glamb #356.

  3. Glambertcraze says:

    I love this picture, facial hair and all. and I sooooo looove storms, one of my favorite things.
    The anticiption of the Adam Storm is over whelming. I know it will be worth the wait but come on already, we have been soooo patient.
    Thank you all for being there to talk to about our Adam.

  4. Yep, we ARE a little different, aren’t we? 🙂

    I don’t even want to batten down the hatches. The storm can just hit me straight on!

    Glamb #6

  5. Jeanette oh Jeanette what a wonderful blog!! I can not wait for this storm to hit….I’m running towards it with no protection from it at all!!! LOL Let it hit us head on!!!! Nov. 24th can’t get here soon enough for me!! ladyc9543~LOVE your tribute! 🙂

  6. I agree with you and everyone here, Jeanette!! Bring it on!! I LOVE a good STORM! One of my fondest memories is staying at a Bed & Breakfast on coastal Oregon a few years back. It was December and a number of us had purposely gathered for the weekend to watch the winter storms gathering on the Pacific ocean. The waves and wind were incredible – the sound is something i will never forget. The house shook and the trees bent dangerously in the wind. It was a WONDEROUS experience – all of us hunkered down with hot run toddies and blankets watching the pending storm with only a few candles as our light.

    I am feeling much the same sense of astonishment and wonder with our coming ADAMSTORM! I want to feel its warmth enveloping me as I listen to his glorious voice and get absolutely carried away with the thrill and excitement! It can not come soon enough for me!!!

    Thank you all for sharing this experience with me!

    Glamb #20

  7. cheryl 334 says:

    Any storm Adam brings is a storm I want to be part of. Anything Adam does, is something I want to be part of. Everything Adam sings I will be a part of. Anything and Everything that is Adam I will be a humble part of for any and every thing Adam is love.

  8. OH,JEANETTE, That is such a beautiful picture, who composed this? Your post speaks so well for how we all feel…. Why do I always start with the chills and tears when I hear Adam sing it sure isn’t the norm for me, 1st time with this experience from a singer,,but,,,AAHHhhhhhh ADAM,,
    What a wonderful STORM,,so looking forward to this one..and it will have an everlasting effect on the world. This is what we all have expected and Adam didn’t let us down, nor will he in the future, Adam has put in a long time working on his career and he is prepared to make the right choices, he has built a strong fondation for his career and will build quite a future and he will take us right with him!!!!!!!

    • Hi Lee! I did the picture myself. I wanted something to convey both Adam and a storm. The storm photo was b&w, so the b&w Wicked photo seemed a natural fit. That photo of Adam has always been one of my favorites – like he’s dreaming or wondering about the future. Would love to know what was really going thru his mind back then…little did he know.

      • JEANETTE, You have every right to be very proud of yourself, I bet if you somehow got this picture to Adam, it would become one of his favorites, I know it is mine. I put it in my camera phone, now I have to read the instructions how to get it off my phone and get it on my wall!!!! You are so right about wanting to read his mind, that would be very interesting, wish I was a mentalist!!

        • Guess What, I copied that great picture “STORM” on my CP and then I ordered a 8×10 from Kodak off the Int. along with some 75 other prints 4×6, now I can view the pictures whenever. It really wasn’t that expensive. Now here I am waiting again regarding Adam, they said 1-2 days, won’t hold my breath. I wanted to get a coffee cup with this picture but that was expensive, price wise I think I can get it less expensive around here in the stores..SSSoooo Happy !

      • Here is another picture of Adam Storm.….

        Its called The storm is coming 11.24.09
        Its one of the little pictures on the right side.

        • AdamAddict says:

          I love it.In the video,I can see how he sing his heart out.No wonder I got goosebump.I can feel it.The way he reach the high notes,he shut his eyes and do it….~sigh~ SUPERB! I love Adam <3 🙂

      • Jeannette, you did a beautiful piece of photography/art! I can’t believe that you can do so much for all of us. Thanks so much!

  9. Thanks so much Jeanette for keeping us up to date on the upcoming events with our Adam! And I love the picture! I’m just so enjoying this calm before the storm, the anticipation of what is going to happen, knowing what we know already about Adam and how awesome his is, and waiting for the rest of the world to find out! My son is an art teacher for a middle school (7th, 8th graders). He plays music during his class and he played “Mad World” for the kids. Most of them didn’t know who Adam Lambert was, but they really loved the song. He told them his mother is crazy about Adam! How very very true!!!!

  10. Jeanette !!! beautifully done my sista glamb !! The picture is so perfect and fitting for your well said and very heartfelt words.. Thank you so much for keeping us up to date.. This indeed is just the first clap of thunder in our ADAMSTORM .. The waiting is painful.. 🙂


  11. puteri abdul says:

    wow, like the graphic photo up there ……
    the storm shown is like what is channelling in me while waiting in anticipation for all adam’s latest ……

  12. Here’s a brand new video that will keep you guys hot on a cold Saturday night. Thanks again to the guys in the chatroom, who are always on top of things:

    • Jesus Jeanette, Thanks for the warmness you threw out there this Sat. night. I’d love to be
      loosening up Adams buttons….. Wow, how that vid. starts off with those shimmies and shakes.
      Great post too, you did a fabulous job creating the above photo. What a look he has on his
      face, yeh, “little did he know back then, the storm that was going to enter his life as well”

      All those dates to look forward to, so excited about the single being released (TFM) before
      the debut single, not far away, next week, YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • AdamAddict says:

        I loooooove it.I was smiling for the whole 5:20! All I can see he repeated what he’s doing but still love it and not enough.make it 10 mins!!Grrr!Oh wait,just replay,then I got 10mins.Okay,Imma gonna do that! 🙂

        • Hi Jeanette, and Everyone, I just went over to the video, now 1 1/2 hrs later, I’m back. Whenever
          I go to the video sites I get lost, just can’t get enough of seeing Adam and hearing him. Adam could have gone down many paths, he is multi-talened but I believe his love is with Rock. I just wonder where all the people that were fortunate to hear and see him in his early days “Where are They?” Didn’t they know what was ahead for Adam, it didn’t take us long to realize once he was on AI. I didn’t think I would ever Thank God for AI!!! When you think that we only heard Adam for 1 1/2 mins each Tues., it sure is amazing. To be shut in on a Cruise Ship, with nothing hardly to do, I sure would have been listening and seeing Adam every chance I got!!!!
          I guess that the old saying “ALL GOOD THINGS HAPPEN IN TIME” applies here and thats “OUR ADAM”

  13. Pepper Mill says:

    I am ready for the STORM, but I need VIDEOS. I want to see him. In one of the promotions of Time for Miracles you get to see him for a couple of seconds singing. I really miss not seeing him every week. He is like a drug and I am addicted. Its a nice addiction. I feel blessed I was around to see him. This doesn’t happen very often. I am older and this is the first time somebody came around that I fell for. I also feel blessed this happened when I can google his name all the time to see whats happening. YOUTUBE is fantastic too. I went and saw him on tour and then I saw the tour on YOUTUBE I had no idea what I had missed. HOTTTTT…….PS the picture is GORGEOUS…….just like he is.

    • Pepper Mill, many of the Glambs here are “older” – I myself am 56. Like you, I have not felt this way about a singer/entertainer since my Beatles days! I am still astounded about how Adam makes me feel, how much time I am devoting to him and how he has changed my life! I agree with your comments TOTALLY: “He is like a drug and I am addicted. It’s a nice addiction. I feel blessed I was around to see him. This doesn’t happen very often.”
      Yep, that’s the effect that our Adam has on all of us!

      Glamb #20

  14. Hi. I posted the info for the November 13th AMA press release on the post that just had Paula Abdul in the title. It’s 9:30 AM at the Beverly Hills Hotel.

    There are also seats left for the AMA’s on November 22nd at the Nokia Theater in LA. Prices range from 70 to 305 plus $1000 VIP packages. Since Adam is announcing the nominees, I am guessing he will be at least a presenter and possibly a winner of a “Best New Artist” award or something like that. In any case, I am thinking of going (at the $70 level). If anyone is interested in going with me, please reply to this in the next couple of days.

    I once went to the AMA’s many years ago when I worked at ABC and was lucky enough to see Michael Jackson perform there. It was a great evening.

    • Songwriter, so glad for you to get to go to AMA’s. OMG, best new artist? Adam get ready for your
      acceptance speech. “Best New Artist” my adrenaline is exploding right now.
      He’s got it in a nutshell……..

    • Songwriter, you had to go and do this, right when my pocketbook is already hurting! I think I might like to go, but I’d have to check to make sure I can get Monday off. Can you email me at ?

      • November 22nd is a Sunday. Guests must be seated by 4 PM as the live broadcast starts at 5 PM PST, 8 PM EST.

        • Would fly in on Saturday and fly home on Monday, so I would need to take Monday off.

          • OK, got it, Jeanette. Will e-mail you.

            • AdamAddict says:

              Best new artist?Our Adam?Oh,he better win it.Who else can beat him?It’s so obvious he is the best,duh!! 🙂
              And he said in twitter,he can’t get Kris and Allison’s single out of his mind!That’s so sweet of him.He always say that about his friends,helping them to promote!Such a sweetheart! I already forgot how Kris song sounds like after hear Adam’s! ~nodding~

              • Dianne Hill says:

                I’ve only heard half of Kris’ song, that was enough for me, sorry Kris, perhaps when it is one of your own songs I might listen to more of it, – yeah, maybe, not if Adam has got any songs waiting to be seen and heard though. As far as I am concerned Adam will be the only one I listen to for a very long time. Even Muse might be put on the backburner.

            • I’ll be honest….I’m sooooooo jealous *sniff*…..wish I could go! **screammmmmmmmm**

  15. LambertsLabelle says:

    Holding my breath and listening into the calm before getting hit and blowed away…

  16. Laura Lee says:

    Beep…Beep…Beep……….The International Weather Service has issued an ADAMICANE WARNING in your area for the year 2009. Never has a date in history been so significant. A direct strike of
    Cataclysmic proportion is about to hit on a World Wide scale!!! A Sound Wave of ADAMEPIC magnitude will soon sweep over the entire earth. A change is gonna come….This is just the beginning………We have been warned!!!!!!!!!

  17. KO's smiling says:

    I’m so GLAD to get something new from Adam, and I’ll BUY THE SINGLE and hope it holds me over until his CD comes out… but I’m a bit worried this is not such a good thing. TOO MANY SKEPTICS are saying, “He’s just a karaoke singer, sounds like everyone else…” and this snippet doesn’t show him off in ALL HIS UNIQUE GLORY! The volume and “power-chords” of the background music are too much like No Boundaries and millions of other rock ballads on the radio. HIS ALBUM will be soooooo much better because it will be his style and show off his amazing voice and fun-loving character! 🙂

    • Dianne Hill says:

      You’ve got to be joking, right? Adam and Karoake do not ever, ever, ever belong in the same sentence. Why would you listen to such drivel. He doesn’t sound like everyone else, he only sounds like Adam – KO’s smiling where on earth do you hear such rubbish and wherever it is, you need to stay away from it. AGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGHHHHHH they make me mad. Adam is the most original sounding performer I have heard in a very long time. Karoake – you’ve got to be kidding me!!!!

      • KO's smiling says:

        I know!!! It annoys me to hear them talking bad about our Adam. Those of us who recognized his amazing voice for what it is and researched his other stuff have fallen in love with him. I just hope his album (and the way he promotes it) will wake everyone up and turn many others on to his charm. Too many people just dismiss AI stars, and we need him to have tons of fans (even if they’re not as obsessed as we are) so he will tour solo! His album better be glam-rock / electronica / dance / something we’ve never heard of yet with soaring gorgeous vocals, so all the people who don’t know him and just go against the tide will be forced to change their minds about him and just shut up!! 🙂

        • Dianne, so agree with you , totally! I’ve never heard Adam and the K word together before. Total nonsense. He’s the newest brightest blow your mind away performer thats come along in years……..

          KO’s, Dont worry all those descriptions you mentioned above, he has said himself, his
          album will be all of that, and more…….

          peace and love

          • HI to All,,Mary/ I agree with you & Dianne,,I read this last night what KO posted, it ruined my night, it brought the Mother Bear instincts out in me, I started to respond & then thought better of it because the people that I wanted to talk to wouldn’t be reading these Posts, I get, like all of us here, so frustated when people make such stupid comments about Adam, why can’t they hear that voice of his, are they completely tone deaf…It was God’s choice of what kind of vehicle that brought Adam to us, even it being AI, where else could ADAM reach millions at the same time and he used it to his best advantage, showing us everything he could do…..(even a Tenor in Brigadoon, that I hadn’ heard before last night)
            Mary, love your sign off “peace and love” I’ve got to keep that in my mind!!

            • Lee, thanks for loving my sign off, You can use it too…..

            • KO's smiling says:

              Lee, I’m sorry I ruined your night. 🙁 I’m so embarrassed. Should’ve kept their stupidity to myself.

              I just meant to say that I am glad his record will be more unique than TFM, which Adam didn’t write, and is a different style than his album will be. And, I hope all the fans of AI (who aren’t necessarily fans of Adam’s) out there will accept this new style — even if it doesn’t show off the soulfulness of his voice as much as the Upright songs. I’m looking forward to dancing! 🙂

              Sorry, again, Lee.

  18. Jeanette, I loved your blog post above, very, very well written….your likening all that is happening now with Adam as the coming Storm itself, with the ‘Time For Miracles’ clip being a tantalizing ‘microburst’ which precedes the refereshing Storm to come, those are just the kind of word images I love! Now we are wanting a ‘spanking storm’ as you said above, to pour out all that is Adam on the waiting world… makes me shiver with anticipation, for as Jane said above, ‘she loves a good storm’….well, I was born in the middle of a deluge of rain, and storms have been my favorite kind of weather ever since……I can smell the rain in the air, and sense the change in the atmosphere which so perfectly matches your beautiful photo image above….the air is crackling with electricity, the lightning arcs across the tops of clouds high above, and Adam’s Storm is coming our way…’s not long now, the wind is bending the trees, the first drops are falling, and Adam is coming directly towards us…..the wind is making a crescendo of sound, and the Storm King is almost upon us, his course won’t be diverted, he is ready to blow down the world! We’ll be more than ready!

  19. Can’t wait for the storm to blow me off! 😀

  20. Jeanette great article, yes we are ready for the storm, the bigger the better, we want to be carried away, we want to feel the thumder of Adam’s music. Adam Lambert bring it on, we are waiting with open arms, I want to be completely brain washed by your music.

  21. Evette #419 says:

    Jeanette thanks for putting everything in order for us so we don’t miss a thing. You are the best!

  22. iluvadam4ever says:

    Hi Jeanette:

    This is Sandy (iluvadam4ever) GLAMB #380. I hope you do not mind, but I am submitting this “Adam” article to Rockstar Weekly. Giving credit to you Jeanette GLAMB #5. I was chosen to be their Adam reporter along with 1 other gal who is also from Ohio to report any Adam news or updates to them giving them the initial source from where the news came from. We are knows as Adam’s Tag Team. This will also give us “Glambs International” more exposure. What do you think of that??


    • Wonderful, Sandy! Congratulations on being part of Adam’s Tag Team!!! Yes, it’s wonderful exposure for us, and you have my permission to submit any of my articles. Thanks so much, and please keep us posted on the Adam news with RockStar Weekly.

    • Congrats! Sandy. What an honor: Adam reporter for Rockstar Weekly! Who knows one day,
      you may be interviewing the one and only Adam himself. You know like we see all these other
      people doing?? Ooohhh exciting and when you do, please bring him directly over to where your Glamb sisters and brothers are waiting patiently for his sweet sexy self…………….

    • Dianne Hill says:

      Wow Sandy, that is incredible and so exciting for you. Yes, as the girls said, when you interview him (and I know you will, one day) then bring him on over, we are waiting with open arms for the love of all our lives.

    • Sandy….hey, maybe those shorts made an impression!!!!!! LOL I loved them in Grand Rapids!! 🙂

  23. ninalatina9 says:

    In anticipation of his album—thinking of that song from the Sound of Music—when the world waits and our hearts ache…When we’re feelin’ sad…. we simply remember our favorite guy…..and then we don’t feel….sooooo bad!!

  24. Thx for the warning. I’m prepared for the Adamness The wait is killing me, although good things comes to those who wait.

  25. Btw, the pic looks great. The stillness of the night! Beautiful.

  26. AdamAddict says:

    Oh ladies,get your glasses! This vid is awesome.They show Adam’s tight pants and CLOSE UP!! There’s gold pants,brown zippered pants,red pants,stripes pants and all of them are super tight!!And also snake on the pants!Wow,my nose bleeding,so will you ladies get me tissue while you taking your glasses?And also some slurpee,I need to cool off! 😛
    Adam is super HOT!

    • Emili! Thank you soooo much for that video! Adam is HOT HOT HOT! On the YouTube site, Theresa/Canada left a comment: “I wanna be Adam’s left hand!” Very funny! Please send me a slurpee as well. I need to dump it all over my body as I am on fire! LOL! How does Adam get those pants on? He might be cutting off his blood circulation and should be careful!! Don’t want him to hurt them – I mean – himself! ;-0

      Glamb #20

    • LOL, oh dear! I have to say that the RED HOT CRAZY pants have been a fave of mine for a looooong time now because I love the choreography of the song, as provocative as it is, thanks AA for reminding me :-))

    • AA, THANK YOU FOR THIS SUNDAY NIGHT SPECIAL!!!!!!! OH Adam lay down and let me help you with your jeans now…. This was way better than “its getting hot in here” where the
      jackets come off? Well maybe,, Ok they are both HOT AND SEXY!!!!!! JUST LIKE ADAM!
      OOOHHHHHHH, Adam your Treasure, oh your sexy dance moves and your hand going places that I want MY hand to go…….. Oh, oh, oh, those thrusts, the shirt lift teases,
      ohhhhhh, all those pants, so right you are Emili, you got your nose bleeding, you’re so excited, how about the snot???? I cant cool offf, this was perfect,,,,, zippers, tight pants
      beautiful man, sexy, sexy oh my , oh my…………… HE HAS GOT ITTTTTTTTTTT

      • AdamAddict says:

        Damn,I think I need extra large slurpee for Mary C here!LOL!BTW,the shirt lift in ROF,that wasn’t a tease.He accidentaly lift it,he didn’t even realized it until he went to back stage and someone told him!! Wow,accidentaly SEXY!! I need more accident then.Yippie! 😛

        • AA, no accident?? wow he was so caught up in himself and the song that he showed us his skin. Oh I want caught up in him. Yes, Adam more accidents paleez.

    • Dianne Hill says:

      Okay AdamAddict I have two more favourite parts of Adam now, (not that they weren’t favourites before) his bum and his bulge, OMFG I am super horny after watching that. However, did you see the other one link below (I hope) called Riding Dirty, if that doesn’t work, OMFG (again) there was lots of his tongue in there, I almost passed out watching it. very very sexy.

      • Oh Dianne, first AA with her Sunday night special and now you with this Monday morning
        salute! I just cant stand it, I just am going crazy here. Oh how we all want to be riding
        Adam dirty! At 0.07 oh yes, I pretend that can he is shaking is something else??
        He is a man of Many Colors. Those moves, and his Smile, oh my oh my , lot of tongue
        and all that lip licking, ( my lip licking) oh those lips to sexy to sexy me oh my…………
        I am High for the Day, THANK YOU……………..

        • AdamAddict says:

          Oh wow,Dianne,that was HOT!The starters already make me smile.I looooove the way he get down the stairs in Feeling good!My prince charming….then he skerd us the next day! Ah ha! Then that tongue ~nodding~ I bet you lick many times the screen,Dianne.Is it cristal clear now,the screen??!!LOL! Then the red hot pants…he spread,grab and close! ~gulp~ Nose bleeding again!This is worse.I need my sanitary napkins over here!Haha!But I always love that red pant vid.If I watch that with UK4Adam,we needing a dozen of Kotex!Forget that,just give us tampons to stuck it in our nose!LOL!Make me hot all the time!Waaaargh,I’m super horny again.Now,Imma sure we’re twins,Dianne!Haha!I love this vid,awesome hot!! Here Mary C, 2 tampons for you,seems you also need it!Hahaha! 😛

          • AdamAddict says:

            And the interview after the finale when he been asked,”have U naked together?” Look at his face!Awww,he seemed surprised and shocked then tried to be cool with it.Poor Adam! Super gorgeous that time. <3 Adam!!

          • AA, funny, funny, Spread, Grab and Close?? love it, and those Red Pants.
            Yes, I need 2 extra large tampons. hahahahh.

  27. Yah…I’m excited beyond imagination but the posts and pictures and videos have been so wonderful. I can’t imagine the state I would be in if all we had was DVR recordings of AI to sustain us these last 4 months. Instead, each day I can decide what kind of an ADAMOOD I’m in and choose photos and montage videos to satisfy whatever is itching. I am sure that even after the CD arrives and I have devoured it multiple times, I will be craving more Adam and pawing the ground for what’s next. I just pray it includes SEEING him in Denver on tour since we got rudely missed this summer. Thanks so much Jeanette…you actually DO what we all dream of doing … celebrating and honoring him in words, picture and song. ROCK ON ADAM!!!

  28. Thanks Jeanette for the great article….and that fantastic pic of Adam …. (I saved it as my background wallpaper). What a storm it’s going to be and we can all hang on for the ride! thanks too for keeping us up to date with the next Adam info…’re always on top of things! All of your hard work is very much appreciated!

    Glamb #458

  29. Hey Jeanette,

    just wanted to let you know that ROCKSTARWEEKLY has cited your full article from this page on their website. You have been credited as Jeanette Glamb #5 but I thought it was a bit cheeky of them… Did you know about this?

    • Yes, I knew about this. Sandy submitted the article to them with my permission. She has been assigned as one of two reporters submitting Adam news to them. Her post is a little bit up on this comment thread.

  30. Off topic, but Adam is mentioned in Elle online here under Fashion News and Trends:

    Slip up or are they just saying what we’ve believed all along? It says: “Master the art of androgyny with sparkling surfaces and body-hugging pieces…Channel the ’70s with bright and tight pieces that embrace the androgynous style of icon David Bowie and American Idol winner Adam Lambert”

    • I was waiting to see which designer would pick up on Adam Lambert first, and who would start incorporating Adam’s fashion sense into their own designs, and sure enough, it has begun. Really, Adam could head up his own haute couture house, he’s that talented. Maybe one will organize itself around him and use him as their icon of style..

  31. Oh, sorry Sandy, I just read your post, I must have missed it. Thanks Jeanette, just looking out for you :-))

  32. LibraLamb7 says:

    Don’t know if this is where to put this, but I just found a pic of ADAM in my Sunday Times-Picayune paper out of New Orleans!!!! I only have the paper copy & the T-P website,, hasn’t posted it yet.

    The photo was taken 2 weekends back when Adam was in N.O….Now we know what the event was…Caption under the pic says: “Sheila and Britton Sanderford flank Adam Lambert” (he’s looking GORGEOUS in open collar black shirt with short necklace,center medallion. Hair slicked back, ‘stache & goatee…Beautiful smile!) I’ll try to get the pic to post.

    …OK, here’s the kicker: “‘American Idol’ized Adam Lambert, who sang at a Roosevelt Hotel birthday party for Sheila Sanderford and her pals from coast-to-coast”….!!!!!!!

    WTF!!!!!! How does this chick get ADAM LAMBERT to come to New Orleans to SING AT HER BIRTHDAY PARTY??????????????? Clearly, I do not travel in the “right” circles!

    All I know about the hostess/birthday girl is that she & her husband are or were on the board of Isidore Newman School in N.O. which is an uptown, upper class, private & mostly Jewish school. You don’t have to be Jewish to attend (Eli Manning & his brothers went there). I don’t know what connection Sheila has to Adam, but she must be a real fan! I wonder what he sang! I wonder what he got paid!!!! Surely this was an all expense paid trip for him to perform at a private party. I wonder if he stayed right there in the Roosevelt Hotel…It’s just reopened after being completely done over after Hurricane Katrina…Supposed to be fabulous…I bet the party was in the original “Blue Room”, a cozy venue that has a long history of great entertainers.

    Will try to find out more & get that photo up….Candace#388


    • Candace, thanks for that piece. Cant wait to see the great pic. of Adam. You describe him to be
      lookin oh so handsome!!
      Lucky Birthday girl, she is. Wonder if she is relative or friend of Drake, from NO???
      Whoever she is, Adam singing had to be the best birthday present in the whole world.

    • Candace, I’ll help you out here. Found these pics from above party you described!

      • LibraLamb7 says:

        Thank you for these, Mary C!!! However did you find them? These are add’l pics from that party…and it was a SURPRISE PARTY for her 50th!!! Her husband must be really a sweetie (& LOADED!!!) to arrange this extravaganza with ADAM to suprise her! Can you just imagine if suddenly you found ADAM standing in front of you…SINGING to YOU!!!! They’d have to call 911 & haul me away cuz I’d be in a heap on the floor! Amazing!!!

        Candace in MS

        • AdamAddict says:

          If Adam sings birthday song for me,I will stuck with that age forever!Yup,I’m not celebrating birthday ever again!! 😀

        • Candace, you’re welcome, I googled Adam and Sheila?? google is amazing. You and me both would be flat on the floor. Wow, what a night for her!!!!!! Yeh, her husband must be loaded or knows the right people. Very lucky lady! Her own personal

  33. MsTxGlamb (Vicki Geist) says:

    Plain and simple,******** I LOVE ADAM LAMBERT********NUFF SAID!!!
    Cannot wait for theAdamstorm to hit,,,,,,,I’M READY!!! BRING IT ON!!
    Love you Adam,you amazing hunk of glampire!!!

  34. Hello fellow Glambs, I just pulled this very nice portion of an article about Adam in the TV guide, from the news circulating on Twitter. First of all, it is so gratifying to see the words, ‘Lambert A Runner-Up, Not Anymore!’ plastered across the front of the article…and secondly, it is WONDERFUL to hear Adam say in his own words that his album is ‘dynamic’, and will ‘hopefully’ have people ‘dancing, laughing, and crying sometimes all at once!’ Don’t tell me that Adam Lambert doesn’t know how very much his music and his presence move people to joy, laughter and tears, – he knows it full well. Just these few words from Adam make the anticipation all the more intense for what is to come, and Adam himself says that the anticipation on our part for his album is very exciting to HIM. Here is the link for all of you to see:

    • And here is what we could all go as for Halloween this year, wow! I hadn’t seen this pic of Adam yet, look how BIG he is!

      • Thanks Lorrin, Adam the incredible Hunk!!!!!!!! Oh theres that sexy tongue.
        He twittered, he will be a Glampire for Halloween this year, his favorite holiday……..

      • LibraLamb7 says:

        Bet he’s wearing his platform boots he wore to sing w/KISS on AI!!! He said those were HIS boots!

      • AdamAddict says:

        Adam in green.I think I want to be blue!How you paint your skin?I think I wanna be SMURF this year!!I need wig too,blond!! Hahaha! 😛 What yours?

    • AdamAddict says:

      If “Want” album release the CD,they better don’t put Adam’s picture as cover because that will look stupid.Adam real debut Album will be freaking awesome and theirs will be like…taking the photos from where??!!When Adam how old??!!They should put something simple,maybe a logo,his tattoo or just his eyes,something like that.That’s what I think!

    • Thanks for the link, Lorrin. I don’t agree with the writer’s comment about Is Anybody Listening, however. I LOVE Adam’s voice in that number!! Think I’ll listen to it right NOW as a matter of fact! It might just help a little bit with the waiting!



  36. JoAnne T. says:

    Hi all! Adam is one storm I don’t want to take refuge from, his whole personna is like nectar from the Gods! I love the graphic pic of him, those eyes just draw me in and hold me there. He is just so mesmerizing I could just melt!!! I cannot wait for his cd to drop and then *gasp* the VIDEOS. OMG just the anticipation of what they will be like just makes me buzz with excitement. It has been DECADES since a true talent has came to rock our socks off and I’m so glad it’s someone as deserving as Adam. I remember the first time I saw him at auditions on AI and I thought then this is the one that’s gonna be in the finals, he is AWESOME! My hubby even watched each week and voted right along with me and neither of us EVER voted before. He had me at “I Can Sing” and has not let go. Oh yah, this is gonna be a HUGE storm, a tsunami wave is about to hit and all his fans will be basking in the glow of it. Hopefully this will get “approved” so I can get a glamb # and join the throngs of other Glamb fans!


  37. GLAMB#474 kimber says:

    Jeanette, what an awesome image! And what a powerful storm ADAM is. May everyone on this planet be struck by his bolt of lighting and be absolutely in amazement by his powerful voice, his beauty,the love and kindness he has for his fellow beings.

  38. Here’s a cute pic of Adam in his Mustang………..

    • AdamAddict says:

      Did he get the car yet?

      • AA, yes he was presented with his car couple months ago.
        I’m waiting for him to take me a ride………

        • AdamAddict says:

          Me too soo that means Adam’s driving,I’m on the passenger seat.You at the back.There’s 2 more seats.One besides you and another one is in the hood!hahaha! 🙂

  39. Made me laugh out loud, Jeanette. I was lucky enough to copy MadfWorld with that tounge section, I just turn into mush everytime I play it. I had the horrible thought last nite “what if it wears out” yea gads. I ordered his new CD on Amazon and found out he is No. 1 in presales and No. 1 on Billboard . Watch out world our darling Adam is about to knock your socks off.

  40. glamb# 442 Paula says:

    wow !! jeanette your writing just gets me started..i can’t wait for the storm that is adam.rain on me!!!!


  42. OHMYGOD, Jeanette, the Queen of the Glambs, is joining me at the AMA Awards!!! We are so excited. More to the point, ladies, I predict that Adam will not only present an award, he will SING, and WE will be there. WHEEEEEEE!

    • I am thrilled for both of you, have a fabulous, fabulous time! What are you going to wear? Something glamorous? Will you be taking pictures? Of you two and Adam, hopefully? Anyway, if you will cast your eyes to my post right below this about the famous Mr. Greg Wells of L.A. and our Adam, I think you will find something of much interest.


  43. I found something tonight while scrolling through the Twitter pages. Do you know who Greg Wells is? Songwriter4adam probably knows for sure. I see that he is a Grammy Award-nominated record producer and mixer. He lists himself as being a ‘noisemaker from Los Angeles” on his Twitter page. I just happened to stumble over his name tonight because quite a number of people were Tweeting about the comments he made today on Twitter. I went to his Twitter page, and I see that he is indeed THE Greg Wells, and of course, I am now following him. Well, here is what he had to say about Adam Lambert today and yesterday — “Mr. Lambert in studio today”, and “Mr. Lambert blew my mind today on the microphone”, and “Have. Never. Worked. With. A. Singer. Like. This.” What a fabulous little leak to fall over on my many wanderings in Adam Land. I just thought everyone, and especially you, Songwriter, would enjoy seeing these fantastic words about Adam from a man who knows….adds a little more fuel to the coming ‘Adam Storm’..

    • Just found this whole newsy page from ‘Adam Lambert 24/7’ News page. There are some tidbits, a new piece of ‘Adam Art’, and then some very unusual and interesting photos of Adam in the club days and with a fantastic top hat on, and some odd ‘hand movements’ by this female announcer, you’ll have to see….Adam has the kind of face and stature that can play classical roles, really he has amazing good looks. Here’s the link: – Adam Lambert 24/7 News Page


  45. FRESH NEWS!!