The Six Degrees of Adam Lambert! Get Ready for Fun With 100 Monkeys!

Adam’s New Year’s Eve performance wowed us and made us wish ticket sales for his upcoming tour were tomorrow. Hopefully Adam is getting a chance to take a well-deserved breather from his non-stop schedule that began in 2008 with his first American Idol audition, and ran right up to the New Year’s Eve Gridlock concert. While Adam takes that breather, we may be a little short on web site news, so I’d like to take this time to introduce 100 Monkeys, a band that my BFF web site administrator Lila Hayes has found, and I gladly went with her to discover the magic of their live performances. By no means does this mean I’m abandoning Adam! Just the reverse. He’s always promoting his fellow artists and I’m just following his lead. Besides, I have to have something to keep me occupied while I search for news about Adam to write up for this site and wait patiently for his next appearance!

Introducing 100 Monkeys – they’re a HOT band that is really fresh and fun to see live! They are extremely creative and original.

Here’s what led to Lila’s discovery. (Take notes: it will come in handy when you play Six Degrees at the end of this article!) With early comments made by Idol Judge Randy Jackson about Adam’s crossover to the style of Twilight and Adam’s confirmation on loving the book, Lila checked into the book series. She’s an avid reader and tore through all four books in about a week. Being a savvy internet explorer, she discovered that Jackson Rathbone, who plays Jasper Cullen in Twilight/New Moon is also a member of the band 100 Monkeys. She learned they were playing in West Hollywood at The Viper Room last November 15 and from there it was GO. This is the same Viper Room that Johnny Depp was a part owner of until 2004, and was the scene of many of Hollywood’s juicy and tragic stories. Most notably this was the location where actor River Phoenix collapsed of a drug overdose outside the club and died on Halloween 1993. Being devoted to satisfying our social whims, Lila & I bought tickets ($10 each) and drove 150 miles from San Diego for a little LA shopping and our musical excursion. We later found out that on that same day not 10 miles from us, Adam and his FYE video performers were traipsing through the streets for the video shoot and no one called us!!

Wall across the street from The Viper Room, plastered with posters announcing the upcoming release of Adam’s FYE.

After arriving, we immediately got into the line that was already forming outside. We were about 20 people back. We visited with two very nice women who were from Florida on an extended red-carpet Twilight tour. This was one day before the opening of New Moon and there was a lot going on in Hollywood. While we were waiting in line, Marty Lawson, the very energetic and personable Bananager (dressed in a banana suit!) came out and started interacting with the crowd.

Lila and Marty
Lila & Marty the Bananager

Carol and Marty
Carol & Marty the Bananager

He visited with everyone in line and joked around as only a banana-attired man can. Orson Brawl (aka Dan Graupner) another member of the crew was on hand to document the evening on camera. Lila and I both appear in the following video at :13 (Lila) and :14 (Carol).

When it was time to go in, we entered and went down the pitchblack staircase, groping to hold onto the handrail. We filed into a small dark room with a floor-level stage in the corner and a bar in the back. This was a standing-only venue and Lila and I staked out our space right in front of the stage, about 3 rows back. The room filled with about 150 people, about 90% women aged 21 and up. We were treated to an energetic performance by this five-member band and many in the crowd were singing along with their original material, showing us that we were not the first guests to this party. The group’s onstage cameraderie clearly showed they had spent a lot of time together getting to this point. Part of their signature is to ask the audience to call out suggestions for a song. From all the topics being shouted out, they agree on one and make up a song right on the spot. After the show, I asked the band’s Uncle Larry if they used the same music and just changed the words. He said no, that based on the mood of the band at the moment, they decide on a groove and make up the music and lyrics. On this night, Flying Squirrel became the song.

Another part of their signature is known as Switcharoo, where on almost every song they trade places on stage and play each other’s instruments. Lila and I were amazed at this display of talent. Only “Uncle Larry” Abrahms stayed connected to his bongos and chimes for most of the show, until he took keyboards at the end. But Jackson Rathbone, Ben Johnson, Ben Graupner and Jerad Anderson all showed their versatility trading regularly on lead vocals, lead and bass guitars, keyboards and drums. Ben G and Jackson share most of the vocals with Ben G singing in a rock-style, with Jackson being more of a theatrical singer. Simon would have a heyday with him. Lila and I loved them both!

Jackson Rathbone & 100 Monkeys singing at The Viper Room, 11/15/09.Photobucket

As long-time concert attendees, it was very refreshing to hear how bands sound when they’re in their “break-out” stage. The music and vocals come across more raw and alive. 100 Monkeys write all of their own music and are self-promoted and managed. A lot of their music is very upbeat, but their “lullaby” Keep Awake appealed to both Lila and me. Right now, it’s a free download on their site.  Scroll to the section marked Keep Away and click on Download now. I challenge you to try to keep from singing the chorus later.

The band played for about 60 minutes, and we had such a good time with the whole experience. At the end of their set, Ben G placed his guitar pick on the keyboard, gave it a flick and it flew right down Lila’s top! Since the Viper Room performance, they’ve begun their 100 City Tour. They played in San Diego last week, so Lila and I gladly went again, along with Lila’s husband Jeff. I think he figured it was about time someone checked up on what the two of us are always up to. We knew we had to get Lila’s guitar pick signed!

The San Diego concert was held at the SOMA Sidestage, an old movie theatre next to the Sports Arena, the location of the Idol Tour. At SOMA, the seats had been removed, again giving us a standing-only venue. Much better for providing an up-close, more personal experience. Hint: wear comfortable shoes to these events! We didn’t spend time waiting in line this time. We entered the lobby about 15 minutes prior to the show but still got a great location, this time about 7 rows back but still in the center. By the end of the show, we had worked our way up to the second row! Before the show, Marty the Bananager was working the merchandise booth at the counter selling t-shirts, stickers and their brand new first studio-produced CD, Grape. He immediately gave us hugs, greeting us like long-lost friends. We both purchased the CD and spoke with him about the previous show and what was new with the band. He filled us in and after the show was over, Lila and I went around back hoping to meet up with the band. We got lucky and spoke with all the members of the band. They were so accommodating and anxious to speak with us, posing easily for pictures. They could have easily said no because they were in a rush, loading their instruments into their vans while we talked, so they could get on the road for their next-day’s gig in Arizona. This made me think how established Adam is. Can you imagine him having to do the mundane chores for his appearances, like clean his wardrobe or drive to the site? That’s the beauty of signing with a first-class team like 19 Entertainment!

The first to come out was Jerad, and he very nicely took Lila’s and my Grape CD artwork in for autographs by the entire band. This band is paying its dues. And yes, Ben G gladly signed Lila’s guitar pick. He signed his initials on one side and “Nice Catch” on the other!
Lila Hayes, Ben G and Carol Hagey

San Diego was city #3 on their 100 City Tour. For our fans of this site who are in the desert Southwest/Texas region, please go check this band out! They’re coming your way. They’re heading for Albequerque, NM on January 4th, and into Dallas, Houston and Austin, TX on January 5th, 6th and 7th. You will enjoy yourselves, I promise! They have free appearances at several record stores, and most of their concerts are for all-ages, for a very reasonable admission price. See here for their schedule to find out when they’re coming to you. Subscribe to their site for notices and scheduled appearances. It’s incredibly exhilarating to feel like you’re helping to establish an artist. Remember what we felt like when we thought we “discovered” Adam? I don’t think Adam really needs us to feel like that anymore. But bands like 100 Monkeys sure do!

And if you go to one of their shows, be sure and tell them that Lila and Carol in San Diego sent you!

For a little fun, let’s play The Six Degrees of Adam Lambert. You all know what I’m talking about, right? The game that originated with Kevin Bacon. Take Kevin Bacon and any other Hollywood celebrity, and take six steps to link them. Here’s how it works with Adam and the band 100 Monkeys!

Six Degrees of Adam Lambert & 100 Monkeys

Degree #1: Randy Jackson announcing Adam had an “Edward Cullen/Twilight thing going on” early in the Idol auditions.

Degree #2: Adam dressed like a vampire.

Degree #3: Adam biting Catherine Hardwick’s neck.
Adam Lambert Pictures, Images and Photos

Degree #4: Catherine Hardwick is the Director of Twilight.

Degree #5: Twilight’s Jasper Cullen is played by Jackson Rathbone.
vampire jasper Pictures, Images and Photos

Degree #6: Jackson Rathbone (on keyboards) is a member of 100 Monkeys.


About Carol

I started writing on this site back in May 2009, not knowing what I was in for or where it would take me. I had no idea of the joy and personal satisfaction I'd find here. I never dreamed that I'd get to meet Adam, but that dream came true! The bonus of becoming such great friends with Lila and the other fans is what keeps me going. Music gets me though every day. In addition to Adam, I love Muse, Linkin Park, 80s and finding newer bands and supporting them by attending everything that's within 350 miles. With Adam, the boundaries are farther! Thanks for joining us on this ride! :)


  1. Oooh I’m first. Carol thanks for the heads up on a great new band. I only skimmed through your story b/c I have to go to work, but I will def. take a thorough look when I get home. I thought this would be a good place to post this pic since, as you mentioned, we will be short on Adam viewings for a while. Ladies, and gentlemen, here’s something to keep you going.

    • HI Jackie!

      This photo has flooded the net, esp on twitter… it has created not only excitement but theories about physiology, haha.

      I won’t go there right now. I happen to tweet with the woman who went to the NYE concert and took the photo. I asked her if it was ‘real’ or photoshopped and her reply was that it was definitely real and she didnt have the skills to make any changes.


    • Well Jnellie – THAT was a nice perspective. LLLLLLLLLol

    • Whoa, Adam is defin. in his glory while performing! Can you imagine him in ?

      • Mary C, imagine Adam in what???? Oh, I know those silver pants, right??

        Happy New Year to you all!!

      • Wow Adam is ummmmmmmmmm his “bulge” is out of this world………well almost outta his pants anyway!!!!!!! Come to Momma baby!!!!!!!!!! LOL 😉

  2. adam lambert album its not in the top 100 itunes chart. stupid kris is at #70.he suppose to get newyork rock eve .the funny thing is he poped it,allison rocked it.imagine if adam was there,the dick clark and ryan would fly off the place or exploded.

  3. Has anyone seen this yet —–> Al Gore Blames Adam Lambert For Global Warming

    Pure Hilarity!!! Gotta watch!

  4. how we can push up adam album on itunes.adam song is#63 and dumb kris is#19.before i like kris now after the ama when abc bash adam,kris album sale was down.thanks to adam he get chance to replace adam in big showlike :nyre .hes album sales well now.its not fair to adam at all.i hate him now.all radio and media support him bigway,not support ing adam at all.

    im very scared and nervous about breakout artist ,i think kris will win because after adam ama ,adam lost lots of fan so give kris fan to double vote kris and media and cheating stuff will start again like AI.i realy love to adam or lady gaga win.just finger cross.

    i got info from mjbigblog that kris host some radio staion and hes on site at#7 the single.

  5. kris dont disorve all this,if he has low key voice like chicken.im18 and im realy sad.he get all this stuff like piece of cake because of and media dont support him because his diffrent.

  6. TheFeyNan(Nancy) says:

    Carol, a fabulous article…I could feel myself experiencing it through your eyes. A Grt credit to you…I have chkd, and they will include Mphs. in their 100 city tour. I have a 19 yr old grandaughter, attending college at UOM. I am sure it will be easy to gather a group to go and see them. She like Lila read all the books in a wk. I love all of the adventures you lead us on…Keep on “Rockin’ The Highways & Bi-ways” for us……Happy New Year, everyone….still typying with one hand…hope cast comes off on the morrow….Blessings 2 all…nancy

    • Lila - glamb #3 says:

      I will always link Twilight with Adam… I remember the first time I saw that picture of Adam biting that lady (who ended up being the director of the Twilight movies) and thinking “Who in the heck is that??? Why does she rate a bite on the neck from Adam???” And of course Adam mentioned Twilight in a couple of early interviews especially after Randy mentioned it in his judging. All of this “chatter” made me think I should probably read this “Twilight” thing.

      Of course Adam turned us on to MUSE also… which Carol and I drove to Vegas and saw on Dec 12. That was a wow… wow… WOW experience! Sounds like people here might not want to hear about that though either. Oh well, it was a LOT of fun.

      • love2adams says:

        I would love 2 hear about your Muse adventures. If Adam had had the time and no schedule conflicts I bet he would have loved to have been there. I asked for some Muse cd’s for Christmas and it is all due to Adam and his telling about his admiration of the group. And of course we have Muse to thank for Adam singing Soaked. Adam has really opened up my world this past year in so many positive ways.

        Anyway it is great to see the you BFF’s are having such great adventures. Did you even know each other BA (before Adam)?

        I was a bit perplexed about the Monkeys at first but I really did enjoy the article and thought that it was tied in nicely to Adam. Then I got to the Adambulge photo right below it and now cannot remember much of the Monkeys !! I already had made an 11 x 13 framed glossy of one of the photos at the Gridlock at NYE to hang on my wall at work. Guess I should not even think of taking the Adambulge one anywhere near a place of business !!

        Thank you to all of the authors of this site plus all who write so eloquently of your experiences, including those at Gridlock.

        • Hi love2adams,
          Thanks for your feedback. I’d love to tell you about Muse but I don’t want another bashing! LOL!! If you give me your email address I’ll fill you in.
          No, Lila and I didn’t know each other BA. We met outside the radio station at Adam’s homecoming, and since then we’ve had a blast. We’re going to see Muse again in Phoenix in April. We’re still wating for them to announce an LA/Orange County/San Diego date. Can’t believe they’d skip the SoCal area!
          Glad you’re enjoying this site!

  7. Kris is a nice guy and I’m happy for him. I know that Adam wants to see Kris do well also. However, I hate to see Adam’s amazing music not getting the attention it deserves!!! I have requested his songs on my radio stations in St. Louis, but they still do not seem to be playing them which disturbs me. I have heard Kris’ song LLWD being played a few times. I wish that Adam could some how promote his music in some of these large cities around the US. I believe that a lot of his dance and pop music will be very popular once it gets out there!! His cover for the song Mad World was really loved and some of his songs like Broken Open have the same vib. Hopefully, the new year for Adam will bring a focus to his incredible music!!!

  8. KO's smiling says:

    This sounds like any of a bunch of interactions I’ve had with excellent “underground” bands trying to carve out a scene for themselves. Only difference is, I don’t have a website to exploit to get me an interview with them. Many bands will hang out after their show and meet with you anyway. I’m glad you met an actor from Twilight, but I think this might have been a misuse of your Glamb connections.

  9. I agree with KO – talk about misuse of your Glamb connections. Are you going to do all you can to support Adam? Especially since it seems that Kris is getting more attention now and Adam is pushed to the side. Take a look at the American Idol website. It is all about Kris – not m uch at all about Adam. If we are going to be fans of Adam, then lets act like fans and fully support him and not get side tracked fy underground bands.

    • KO's smiling says:

      I’m glad you agreed with me on this one, Bruce. I was very nervous about my post, but felt someone had to say something. Thanks for not jumping down my throat!

  10. I appreciate you trying to give us “new news”, and that you are trying to help out a new band!

    BUT, this site is for ADAM Lambert, and any kind of promotion of the band should be put onto their website, and maybe if you wanted to, just put a link to their site on this site for people who may want to learn more about 100 Monkeys. JMHO…I’m not trying to offend anyone!

    • Carol, we truly love the work you do for this site, but I’m afraid I agree. Each time Adam mentions a song or group or singer he likes, I immediately search it out. I even bought Muse’s latest album thanks to Adam.

      BUT I do not bring any news of other bands over here, and I wouldnt think of doing so, just like I don’t talk about my private life on here. The only time I would post something is if it related to Adam, his family, his friends or his work.

      Sorry, girl, not this time or this place. But thanks for your efforts.


      • i’m sorry but seriously i don’t get this post at all too, on this site. i would have given my thought earlier but the earlier comments were like enjoying it. Being not the common guest here, i was really hoping someone like theresa/canada would say something about it. Take care of our Adam!

    • I HAPPEN to agree also. I am so tired of all the backlash aimed at Adam for one mistake which in my opinion wasn’t so much of one as it is made out to be by the media and so called exec. Adam deserves to be HEARD DAMMIT AND I WANT HIM TO BE HEARD.

      • Trish, I totally agree with you! Like Lisette said in one of her posts…”petit faux pas” re: AMA flap. Really, in the scheme of things, that’s all it was. LET IT GO!!! We want to hear ADAM, DAMMIT!!!!!

  11. Helen/Canada says:

    Am I on the right site? I thought this was an Adam Lambert fan site!! My mistake?? We should be devoting our time and energy to unite to try to help Adam. Obviously there are forces out there not willing to give Adam a fair chance. That’s all we ask for, no special treatment, just a fair chance. What happened to fair play in America. We should be concentrating as a group on what we can do to overcome this. Write a letter to Rock Star Mag, Rolling Stone,?? Find out why Adam is still not getting the radio play that others are getting. Come on people. If I wanted to read about another band, I would go elsewhere.

    • Helen, I cannot agree with you more. They are playing Kris, and others, but very few are playing Adam’s songs and his are just wonderful. This site should be fully devoted to Adam – just like is fully devoted to him. Who gives this kind of authority and permission to advertise a band? Are they paying for the web space? I am not sure what it will take for us to get more Adam on the radio, but if anyone has any ideas, please let me know.

      • Bruce I have called my local Virgin radio and they ARE playing Adam’s music here in Vancouver.

        I also think I will write a couple of letters via email if possible to the major music magazines including Canads’s Rock Star Weekly which are big Adam supporters and are publishing a lovely magazine for only $12 usd, on their site. It comes out on Feb. 14 Valentines Day and a dollar of their proceeds is going to the fund for Terri, the Glambert woman who was killed, children’s fund. Apparently it is a good quality collection of Adam photos etc..

        Let’s do some research and post a list of the major music magazines and as many of us as wish to can write to them with quesiions regarding why this strange phenomena is happening.

        • Terry, GO GIRL!! I have also been calling Virgin and The Beat is still running that contest with FYE as one of this week’s picks. Of course FYE was the only one that got a “love it” vote from me. Thanks for the heads up on Canada’s Rock Start Weekly. I’ve never heard of it before but will def. look for it now.

      • Bruce,
        Thank you for your comments. I really do consider all the opinions expressed on this site. As to, the site you linked, the most recent news piece was dated 5/20/09 announcing that he won American Idol. I therefore don’t consider it anything to be held up in comparison to.
        I see in later comments that readers would like a listing of music magazines/contacts to write to requesting coverage for Adam. Would you like to help in putting this list together? I know the web site administrators and our readers would appreciate that. In fact, any suggestions for articles is greatly appreciated.

        Thank you for your concern,
        Carol – author

        • Carol please contact me at

          I used to help Jeanette by gleaning and passing on links and info and coming up with thread ideas, behind the scenes. I am still willing to, in fact I contacted both Dana and Dreamsound after Jeanette’s leaving and offered my help. Other than those two we do not have any contact email info.

          Be glad to help but do not want an authorship.


          • Terry and Carol, I am willing to help out like Terry stated in comments. Terry you can give Carol my email address. I would pass Jeanette some news when I could. Thanks!

  12. I agree with the previous 4 posts (Helen, jaberone, Bruce and KO’s smiling)…
    What’s going on here?…. I don’t want to offend anybody but it’s just common sense: we are here to exchange info and our love to Adam Lambert, not some monkeys…. Sorry, I am not interested….

    There are lots of great videos and reviews about Gridlock and Adam’s news all over the world. He is becoming extremely popular in Japan, Philippine, Israel,etc… I would rather talk about it than some 100 monkeys…

    • Don’t forget the devoted Aussie’s…we are promoting ADAM everywhere we go and that includes
      Radio Stations! ADAM IS A WORLDWIDE GEM!!!!!!

      • Sorry, glamaus…..
        I know you are devoted fans!!!!! I mentioned only those countries because recently I’ve read articles how popular Adam is there…. If you have any Adam news in Australia, please share with us!

    • I’m sorry, “I don’t want to offend anybody but” are you the webmaster? Because I was under the understanding that a website is whatever the webmaster wants to put on it – regardless of the focus. There are other fanpages that do this and it is called SHARING new talent. She found new talent that she likes and wanted to share it.

      I would rather read an article about new talent with the potential that I might like, rather than a “forced” article of Adam Lambert written about practically nothing because there isn’t really anything to report. That’s like the New York Times publishing an article about how air is fundamental to human survival. It’s not interesting.

  13. Haha, you guys are cracking me up. Just the sound of the word Monkeys, makes me laugh.
    Bring Adam back………………………………:)

    • AdamAddict says:

      Monkeys should be in Gokey’s sites …if he has one!LOL!!Just kidding,no offense,people!BTW,do you guys know that Gokey just made tattoo?He wrote ‘Sophia” on his shoulder.It actually pretty nice.Who is Sophia?Was she his late wife?Awww!! I thought he quite strong about religion?Can they do that?I mean it’s not a sin for christian?So,anyway,I don’t care,all I want to know when Adam going to make another one?Maybe at his waistline?OMG!!!!!!~drool~ SEXXXXXXXXXXXY!!! p/s:Just don’t write monkey on it,Adam!LMAO 😛

  14. LibraLamb7 says:

    I agree w/previous posts…”connection” of this band w/Adam Lambert is too big of a stretch (and did they all breathe the same L.A. air, too?)…This article does not belong on Adam Lambert fan site…IMHO. Not interested in the least bit, no offense to the author.

  15. It has Adam pictures! Good enough for me! GO ADAM!

  16. GO BACK UP TO “Beauty” comments and go to the youtube site that she has printed, you won’t regret it, it is so great.. we’ll forget about THE MONKEYS and just love our Adam that much more.

    Adam Twittered Sat. that it will be crazy in 2010,, so he has a lot going on this year,,you know Adam,
    he is not going anywhere but to the top,,he will not disappoint us or himself!!!

    Funny, ABC, who got their pants in a twist w/ Adam’s song on AMA,,guess what ABC has on their Soap, One Life to Live, 3 gay men fighting over each other, 2 in bed making love, oohhh and no clothes on,,now how do they justifly that,,,at 2:00 in the afternoon,,,how about the kids and they were off school last week,,I was so mad because they had canceled Adam on NYE,,it really is not funny
    it is maddening!!!

  17. I don’t understand why this page is remotely relevant to Adam – sorry. Might I suggest you ask the fans on the site for ideas for forum discussions? We are a lively bunch here and have lots to say on Adam-centric topics.

  18. adammanfann says:

    Relax people 🙂 I understand that this site is for stuff all about Adam. But jeeeesh! some of you folks are being a little too hard on Carol and site admins! I took it as how it all relates to one another, and them sharing new music for people to explore, just like Adam did with Muse.

    I’m really more surprised at how no one is talking about this

    Looks like the video is gone, but I’m sure it can be found.

    Adam and Tommy? and Tommy is supposed to be “straight”? interesting.

  19. I think some are being unnecessarily critical here. Carol did a nice job of weaving in some Adam-related tidbits while introducing something new. Who says you have to completely read every single article on any given blog? I don’t read every single article in magazines that I subscribe to… If the title, subject matter and intro don’t draw me in, then I look to the next article.

    Exploitation usually involves some sort of profit to be made – and I don’t see how that is the case here at all. Once again, it’s not that deep!

    And I’m tickled by the phrase “Glamb connections.” Really? Well, I guess it is nice to know that people think we actually have connections!

    Dana, Glamb #6

  20. sherry s. says:

    CAROL and the other MODERATORS:
    Please rest assured that we appreciate all the generous and unstinting work you are doing here.

    Let’s help the moderators out with some clever suggestions during the pre-People’s Choice / Academy Awards / Special Idol Appearance slump. There are a lot of creative thinkers here.

    I have an idea I’ve been thinking about. I don’t know how truly effective it would be, but it would be fun. A few months ago, a list was compiled by this site of suggestions for a NAME for Adam’s new cd, then I believe it was sent in to his production company.

    Wouldn’t it be fun to amass a collection of NEW WORDS that we’ve made over the past months incorporating Adam’s name or characteristics, and then send them off to MERRIAN-WEBSTER DICTIONARY. (I’ve looked into it, and this is NOT the way new words are adopted. Researchrers read for as long as five years before they accept new words into the dictionary, but it might give them something to think about. We could point the way. Adam words are not limited to fan sites. They can be found in magazine articles and are all over youtube.)

    In my opinion, the two stand-out words are ADAMGASM and GLAMBULGE.

    If we took action as a group, the authorities just might take note!

    hugs to you all,
    sherry s.

    • sherry s. says:


      • Sherry, if you google you’ll find ‘urban dictionary’. When I see a word or expression I dont recognize I go there and find it 99% of the time. The gossipcandy site has its own dictionary which includes so many words associated with Adam, Kris et al, we must be carefull not to steal their words. At least give them credit for where we first saw them.

        One example is ‘peen’ referring to the obvious. I saw it there first. I didnt use it until recently and not on this site but in personal emails.

        • sherry s. says:

          Terry, I wasn’t thinking in terms of us taking credit for it. I just thought it would be cool to get the attention of the real-deal guys.

          Maybe not the best idea as I read further down. But it’s good to bounce notions off each other to sort out the positives and negatives—so don’t be bashful, if you have a flash of inspiration, to bring it to the fore, guys!

        • Terry, speaking of GC, what does HP and HH stand for when referring to Adam and Kris?

    • Helen/Canada says:

      That’s a great idea Sherry, except that I emailed Fernando months ago about a suggestion for this site. Never got an answer at all. His was the only email I had.

  21. Dianne Hill says:

    I don’t really care about the Monkeys either but I did read the article and also watched the video clip, they are probably very talented, but what I really want to know is:

    WHEN IS ADAM’S VIDEO CLIP FOR WHATAYA WANT FROM ME COMING OUT? It must be soon surely, there hasn’t even been a little sneak peak like we saw with FYE. Where is it, I really want to see it.

  22. I would love to see a list of magazine email addresses and phone numbers so that, as a group, we can communicate our displeasure POLITELY about not seeing ADAM articles/information.
    With all the entertainment magazines “floating” around, there is nothing about ADAM. I’d like to let them know about all the positive things about ADAM….his charity work, how talented he really is rather than constantly bringing up AMA show. There’s nothing about Gridlock…although I’ll bet if there is any article about it…will be PA’s dress falling down or the “kiss”!!!! They need to know what a magnificent performance ADAM put on! As much as I love the Glambulge, hopefully that won’t come up in some magazine so that naysayers can use it against him!!! (I must say….I’d love it to be against me though! lol 🙂 )

    We Glambs have to promote all the positives about ADAM (and keep the Glambulge to ourselves!!)
    to magazines, websites, newspapers, radio and tv stations! GO GLAMBS!!!!

    • sherry s. says:

      Thanks, Jaberone. I hadn’t looked at it that way. Certainly don’t want to give the cynics more ammo.

    • jaberone, I sure hope the newest mags. come out with some NYE pics of Adam.
      LOL about his GB cuming up against you 🙂

  23. I’ve been watching Fox Reality Channel for the past several days/nights. All the auditions, including ADAM’s, have been on, along with the ADAM singing “Satisfaction”, and showing him being told he’s moving through to the next show! He is absolutely adorable to watch.

    AI reruns will be on all this week through Sunday, starting at 8pm and ending at various times (as late as 2AM) later in the night. If everyone gets a chance, watch it…it’s fun to see it again.

    • Adam will be on Fuse Jan 11th at 7 pm.

    • jaberone, I’ve been watching the AI marathons too. Look at Adam and how saweet he acts and looks.
      Just seems like yesterday, when all this started…………….Love looking back at his auditions and love looking forward to everything else 🙂

    • I have been re-watching all the Idol show this week with some of the Twitter fans of Adams.. What fun it has been to re-live all those shows. It was great to see him stripped of makeup and just being his boyish self.. To be able to compare the growth and maturity of Adam from just a year ago was a thrill… What a beautiful experience to see Adam’s video’s from NYE.. The passion and explosive energy that he commands is epic. What a ride he has taken us on this year… What a future of thrills we have to look forward to. Thank God for Adam Lambert.

    • GLAMB#474kimber says:

      you better believe it! I’m dvring it, producing , clipping, taping everything to it!

  24. Carol….I want you to know that I meant no harm or to be hurtful when I mentioned that this is a site for ADAM!

    I really do appreciate all that you do for our site. You’ve had wonderful articles and videos to share with us so that we have great conversation with each other! You have a special talent to open us Glambs up so that we can express our love and support for ADAM. You are one of the reasons that we are a Glamily!

    Love ya!

  25. GO ADAM !!!!

  26. Bonnie Wyneken says:

    Chiming in, this site is for Adam. I get my Adam fix from this to start the day. I’ve got lots of ideas – likes & dislikes too, but I don’t hang ’em here. HEY, ELVIS’ 75th BIRTHDAY IS THIS WEEK!!! That’s more relevant to Adam than this other band.

  27. There is a great deal of news about Adam ,dig deeper.. I’m very annoyed at a promotion of Monkeys..and agree with others who are equally annoyed. Also the negativity is ridiculous. Adam’s album has sold 419,000 copies a great deal more than Kris. The Kris single has been out months longer than Adams,etc. There is no comparison. Did you watch Kris on NYE on TV awful.. and one song. Adam was in a differnt league as a headliner with 10 songs. Is this still an Adam Lambert site? There are many other Adam sites with loads of information about him and they don’t have to fill up their pages with other singers. Please get real people.I will remain on this site, only if it continues to support Adam in every way.

    • Great Melody – you are right on target. Adam’s album was released Nov 22nd – 6 weeks ago!!! So actually it is doing well. The main issue now is to get the radio folks to play his songs, how can we help with that??

      • Hi Bruce .. the 417,000 sales was for 5 weeks and they didn’t add other important sales numbers yet.. Adam is heading for Gold. He needs 500,000 to get a gold record. In the meantime .. this site has really not been keeping up with the latest Adam news, so I hope it doesn’t go under. I realize this is a full time job and I wouldn’t want it.. but if you are going to have this site, you need more reporters leaning what is going on. This was the first site I went on as a Adam fan,but because of the lack of current updates ,I have gone to three other sites that are much more informed. Sorry I’m just saying….

    • melody, thanks for the update, wowow 419,000 copies. SOOOO HAPPYYYYY!

  28. if you want to complain about vh1 to put back fye music video .

    this is the
    please vote on fuse sitefor fye music

  29. vh1 is a joke! I voted over & over for ADAM ! how in the world did Kris get on there ? it was like AI all over again ?? BIG JOKE !!! some body fix it ?I think AI has something to do with it,so there winner does not look so bad , with his first cd !!! cause he might be there winner ? BUT ADAM IS THE SINGER !!!!
    GO ADAM !!!KEEP BUYING HIS MUSIC !! THEY CAN’T STOP HIM !!! IN THE END, IT IS ALL ABOUT THE NUMBERS !!!! ( when I seen what they did,I got out my ice cream,went to itunes and download some more ADAM music !!!! and said ” now take that ” ) and it help me to fill better,lol……GO ADAM !!!!

    • Maryann, way to go……………..chow down some ice cream and get downloading!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Maryann … Way to go girl !!!!! I’m now up to about 8 CD’s and on itunes, I have bought “What Do You Want From Me” at least 12 times.. They will learn not to mess with Adam’s fans !!!

  30. We all voted multiple, multiple times for Adam on VH-1 and he didn’t even make the list. I really think Adam’s name was put on the list to get hits for the end of the year for VH-1. He should have placed at the top or near it. The other consideration is that Adam was in the VEVO promotion. This directly competes with VH1. So, maybe we should stop giving VH1 the hits to their site and promote and listen to VEVO. Maybe I’m off base, but initially this is what I am thinking.

    FYE didn’t get airplay on our local radio station because it was associated with the AMA’s. The DJ said so when he played WWFM. He then said he was surprised that WWFM was really good. Ever since it has gotten some airplay. But that initial out of the gate FYE formed some opinions that slowly are changing. More and more exposure and the Jingle Balls where DJ’s met Adam helped.
    Some good videos have come out of the NYE’s Gridlock, which should gather some interest. Have to believe that the cream always rises to the top no matter how anyone tries to hold him down.

    • cherlyn, the DJ said that huh? What a shame one damm performance has interpreted in so many!
      ITS JUST NOT FAIR! There are quite a lot of people who dont understand the concept of Rock and Roll at times.
      love and peace

  31. What is fuse that Adam is going to be on at 7…..I truly beleive in my heart that Adam will take off here in 2010…His cd has only been out since Nov. and they can promote Kris as much as they want, but he doesn’t hold a candle to Adam’s voice…..I voted lots on vh1 for Adam …maybe we will get a surprise and his new video will be on there before long…Hope…..Don’t care about the 100 monkeys, I just want Adams music….Go Adam

  32. Evette #419 says:

    As ADAM is enjoying some down time, I hope we can find some topics more closely related to him than 100 Monkeys. If i’m not interested I just dont read it, no big deal, BUT I am going to go through SERIOUS ADAM withdrawl if we can’t keep the ideas/topics coming. I’m not sure what radio station I would contact locally to request ADAM’s music. I don’t listen to the radio and I don’t know which would be playing ADAM’s songs. Maybe this is something I can work on while awaiting more ADAM news! ADAM I miss you already!

  33. Oh gosh, Adam makes an ugly vampire. Who’d have thunk it. About 100 Monkeys-they have become good. I had my other ‘crush’ BA (Before Adam) on Rob Pattinson and Jackson Rathbone. I think Jackson’s background is interesting-I think I remember that he was born in China. Anyway, the name of the band is great, I had been disappointed in their music, but, here today, they have become very good. I’m definitely interested to see how they do and I wish them well. Thanks very much for this article and the videos. Happy New Year.
    I wonder what Adam’s Band will be called.

  34. sherry s. says:

    I was just wondering if you’re all aware of what replaced Adam on ABC’s NYE:

    On ABC’s official website, there is a “contact us” link at the bottom for your response—make sure you emphasize the double-standard, blatantly unfair treatment, and request they bring Adam back pronto before you leave their network for good!!!

    • WTF!!!! Was that Marc Anthony??!! Doesn’t J-LO have a husband? OMG!! What a slut!!! I must call ABC and complain. Along with, I’m sure, 1499 other people. LOL!!!! Oh, sure. NO double standard there!!!

  35. Twisted Sister says:

    I really hate to say this but the last thing I thought I was gonna find here is something Twilight related.

  36. Judysdancin Glamb #580 says:

    Hey Every 1,
    About Kris Allen: He is a nice guy with a nice voice…and we all know nice guys finish last!!!! He doesn’t compare to our guy!
    GO ADAM!!!

  37. AdamAddict says:

    Just wondering,Adam’s birthday is coming up!And how is BDay plan?Is it still on?Can we see the video if you are done?Is my picture choosen?LOL!! 😛

    • If you sent a picture/poster, we’re using it! Dana is hard at work putting the finishing touches on it. We’ll post it on the site as soon as it’s ready! 25 days to go for Adam’s birthday!! Woo-hoo!!


  39. I just complained to ABC regarding the male face in J/Lo’s crotch…poor guy. Please everyone take the time to complain and ask for reinstatment of Adam singing TFM at the Oscars…I know it’s not up for an award but it should be….if the squeaking wheel squeaks enough maybe we’ll see a miracle!

  40. Carolelee// I’ll do that, i’ll go to Amazon and buy Adam’s CD again. I would like to keep one, unopened. A very good investment for just $7.99…..

  41. “Keep Awake” will def keep you awake. I dont know what to say other than I liked it!

  42. I hate it that Kris and Allison were able to perform in that show and Adam was left out. Adam would have been super great. I really really pray Adam’s album would soar to the top.

  43. Lisa Imbruglia says:

    Is this still here???? I dont understand. Isn’t this an Adam Lambert fansite???