The Shaun Proulx Show-Adam Lambert Interview Snippet

Friday, June 11th, is the day we get to see the full length video of the snippet I have below. This is just the beginning of an interview from the Shaun Proulx show that airs on Out TV. I have added it to my calendar and I shall let the countdown begin…


video via:outtvnetwork



  1. Thank you yet again Sue! Adam is delightful as usual, i can not wait to see the rest! Hey friends im trying to get in contact with a couple of glambs that i noticed lived in my city. SUSE1701 GLAMB#197 and SANDY (metrogal 44) GLAMB#333 from Riverside California if your out there my email is id love to have some Adam fans nearby!! thanks !

    • lovemyadam says:

      Hi Rema, as you know, you are welcome!! I love that you guys are making friends in your hometowns!! I love it…


      • You really are making that possible Sue! Im dying to find someone in my area, except for this site i have no body to talk to about Adam. If i bring him up i get alot of eye roles. You are so lucky to have your daughter!!! I hope someone nearby contacts me! Luv ya!!

        • lovemyadam says:

          I am glad that I can do that for you guys!!! You always have us to talk to!!
          I am VERY lucky to have my daughter share in this with me, and we are ALL lucky to have Adam…

          Love backatya…


  2. mandytwo says:

    Hi Sue,
    I would love to thank you for this very interesting”snippet” and can’t wait to see the rest. Adam is so interesting in every interview he gives. Saw you and your lovely daughter on Opera and have it saved on my DVR. How wonderful you both must have felt to actually see and touch him. I could see how happy he was too. Love to you and thanks again!!!

    Glamb 616

    • lovemyadam says:

      Hi mandytwo!! I know, it cuts off and I totally want to hear the rest now! Patience is a virtue.
      Awww thank you, we had the time of our lives! He was so genuinely sweet, it was unbelievable… and yes, he had fun too, I hope!!
      Love back at ya…


  3. i see you had a good time u enjoyed ur self u had a ball it’s all about loving what u do have a good one my friend

  4. I’m happy to see Adam here so in control of his life, a take charge person, knowing the chaff from the grain. It’s fortunate that success came to him when he already is a good judge of character, when he already achieved the developmental task of ROLE IDENTITY versus having Role Confusion( from the Psychosocial theory of Erik Erikson), where he already know who he really is and have resolved his conflicts. His next developmental task would be INTIMACY versus ISOLATION, where he is supposed to look for or have a mate or partner, but this is put on hold because of his career. Thus, he has some isolation now privately, but he had achieved INTIMACY with the public and his fans. And achieving this level of INTIMACY with the public is quite a feat for Adam. This is no mean success. It takes all the art in him, … the vibrancy of his personality, …… his sensuality, ….. even his spirituality. So he recharges after his draining performances. But his art had lifted a lot of souls….. a lot of spirits.

  5. Lila - glamb #3 says:

    The interviewer has a slow, whinny bored voice. How in the hell is he a professional interviewer???

  6. maryann says:

    Adam is just fantastic in everything he does!!! Love him…

  7. melinda#482 says:

    Adam is great, This interviewer sucks. Missing the rest of it, won’t bother me.