The Perils and Pluses of Being an Old(er) Fan

As one of Adam’s old(er) fans, I’m always interested to read the comments of others, who like myself, are a generation (or more) older than Adam.  It’s heartening for me to know I’m not alone in my feelings, and it’s just more proof that Adam’s appeal, like his music, is universal, or as I like to like of it, “inclusive.”  Just as his music embraces many different genres, I feel that his magnetism as an artist and as a person is meant to attract not just the young, hip, and trendy, but all of us.


For some older fans, I’ve heard that Adam reminds them of Elvis, or perhaps that he’s “retro,” a throwback to the glam rockers of decades past.  For me, it isn’t really that – Adam is so unique in my mind that I don’t compare him to anyone else.  He’s simply the most talented singer and dynamic and sexy performer I’ve ever seen and heard.


But I’ve found that being an older fan has its challenges.  We all like to copy the style of those we admire.  So when I look in the mirror at my skin I smile.  Freckles, just like Adam!  Then I realize they’re age spots.  I try to squeeze into skinny jeans and have to admit I’m a few pounds overweight.  I try to put on eyeliner, but it disappears into the wrinkles around my eyes.  But then I see Adam in an interview admit he’d like to lose 15 pounds.  Maybe I don’t have to have a perfect figure!  And in another interview he states that the eyeliner looks best if it’s been slept in – all smudgy.  I feel better!  It doesn’t matter that I can’t apply eyeliner perfectly.


Joking aside, I don’t *really* need Adam’s comments to feel good about myself, but he does remind us not to take ourselves too seriously.  And he reminds us that the “smoke and mirrors” is just that – it’s all in the name of fun, but outward appearance isn’t as important as who we really are inside.


Besides, being an older fan does have its pluses.  When Motown week rolled around, I didn’t have to wiki “Motown” to know what the word meant.  When Frankie Avalon and Thelma Houston came on the show, I didn’t have to ask, “who is THAT?”  When Rat Pack week came, the members of the Rat Pack meant more to me than the fact they were “dead guys.”  My memories of their greatness live in me.  And finally, I’ve been around long enough to really, really appreciate how rare and special Adam’s talent is.


So it’s my opinion that no one should need to apologize or feel embarrassed for being an older fan.  We’re just another of the many demographics of fans united by love for Adam.  I’m 56 years old, by the way, and I know for a fact there are many Adam fans older yet.  If you can relate to this post, please comment.



  1. I am a 63 year old grandmother and I am a huge Adam fan. Yes, I appreciate all he is and his fabulous talent and stage presence and I wish him much success in future years. My kids (in their 30’s) think I’m nuts, but who cares. Thank you Adam….for being the greatest thing that has come along since the Beatles!

    • I’m 59 years old and I am experiencing Adam Lambert withdrawal – I repeatedly watched his performances on-line and couldn’t get thru a performance by any of the other Season 8 Idols. I can not get enough of him and his unique, appealing and diverse style. I “found” uTube and play his downloads/performances non-stop. His AI rendentions — One, Crying, A Change is Coming, Mad World, Satisfaction, etc. , are brilliant! And have you listened to Adam singing The Prayer, a song from Brigadoon and when in Israel? Beautiful! I have even read all the articles about him; check-out May’s issue of Rolling Stone – COUGARS FOR LAMBERT!

    • Humoursly my husband and I are Woodstock survivors…having Janis Joplin as our alarm clock was the best way to start the day…and Adam is pure memory lane for us. Looking forward to his concerts and more memories.

    • buffie21 says:

      well I am a little older so far at 67 on Monday and I love adam Lambert..I call him my “eye candy”..He is the most talented young man I have seen in many years…Well since Elvis slipped on the R&R scene when I was just 17..Not to mention that he is hot, sexy and those eyes…Oh my…There is a precence about him that makes me wish I was his grandma…His smile is awesome…he is awesome and I think we are looking at a star that will be bigger than Elvis…I am so glad that I am able to see it happen and remember it…For now anyway…heheheheh..Best of the world to you honey…remember us all when you get there…cuz we will sure remember you……buffie21

    • Your comments are so true. One of the first things I noticed in all the blogs about Adam when he first appeared on Idol, was older people like myself, were so drawn to him. The guyliner and makeup does remind me of Elvis as he did wear it and it’s that personal magnetism that they both possess that draws the association. Their voices are not the same, but Adam’s voice has that “special something” that you just can’t get enough no matter how much you listen. Other than his looks being really extraordinarily sexy, he uses that “little boy” look at the right moment and none of us can ever resist that. I’m totally sold on Adam.

    • Thank you! I am a 52 year-old teacher of students in grades 3 through 5. I went to work on the day of the AI finale in my ” Lambert is My Idol” t-shirt and black nail polish. My students LOVED it! Adam had me from the minute I saw his elimination round performance of “Satisfaction.” I knew right then that he was no ordinary AI contestant. By the time he sang “Whole Lotta Love” I was addicted. I’ve been a casual viewer of AI for two or three seasons, but have never been as invested in it as this season.

      Everything you say about Adam is spot-on! He’s a performer with universal appeal, and I think that is what he strives for. And he is so genuine and articulate in interviews it’s hard to believe he’s only 27.

      Thanks to for admitting to the eyeliner thing, I’m guilty of that too 🙂 And ain’t it good to feel 17 again!!???

      • I’m a fifth grade teacher also, and my students were cheering for Adam to win. I wore a button pin of Adam. At work there was a group of us for Adam and another for Kris. It was so much fun to talk about the performances the next day, what we liked or didn’t. He either really appealed to someone or they couldn’t get around the guyliner and nail polish, but it was never said that he wasn’t the best performer.

        • lamamasita says:

          I’m a school secretary, and we, too, had the Adam/Kris battle going at school. I bought and passed out Adam buttons for my fan club. The Kris fan club snuck into my car and taped up signs that said Honk if you like Kris on my windows. They also dumped tons of pieces of paper that said I Love Kris on them. I had someone calling them on the phone from my Adam Lambert fan club reminding them to vote many times for Adam. We had so much fun that week. It was torture though to go to school the day after!! I still say Adam is the greatest thing to come along in many, many years!! We all know he should have won!!!!!

          • Retired teacher, 67, here. Funny about bringing AI into the classroom. Or is it? Think of all the future Adam fans growing up now! that is also a demographic he needs, to sell records and concert tickets in the future.

    • Georgianne says:

      Well, I am a 65 year old grandmother of five. My kids think I’m nuts, too! LOL! I love Adam so much as a singer & performer. I wish him much success…which I’m sure he will receive.

      • Michelle Lund says:

        OMG. Thank you all for validating everything I feel about Adam. I am almost 55 and never has anyone so mesmerized me as Adam Lambert. I mean, I used to kiss the TV (b&w by the way) screen when Paul McCartney was on the Ed Sullivan show, but nothing comes close to the way Adam makes us ALL feel. When I’m watching u-tubes of him and his performances, my daughter asks me if I’m watching “Adam porn” again. Is is possible that as part of an older generation, that we are more appreciative of his honesty, humbleness and graciousness (kudos to his parents) than our children. He is the only idol I have seen in 8 seasons that is constantly thanking the band and support team and handles even the most awkward moments with a small and that great laugh. Until now I have wondered if this “Adam addiction” is normal, but now I know — it is the man himself — he is truly the whole package!

        • This very funny, all of loving Adam. I found the comment about Adam Porn, very true. My daughter thinks I am crazy and she calls it Adam stalking. I wish i was close enough to stalk him. I am going to see him in Grand Rapids in Sept., CANNOTwait. I watch his videos over and over, can`t get enough. American Idol will never be the same.

    • I feel the same way. I am 43 and my mother is 65 and we both love adam!!! He is new and fresh!! and he knows who he is and not afraid to be who he is!! We adore his talent and can’t wait to see him in concert! He is the whole package!! ADAM FOREVER!!!

  2. Yes, I can relate – and I have not seen a talent like Adam’s since, Elvis, Michael, Elton – he is going to be a world icon.

    • Ex-Beatlemaniac says:

      I’m 61 – mother of 3 – grandmother of 4. I haven’t seen an artist this exciting since “The Fab Four” came to America in 1964. I was in high school and got to see The Beatles live from the audience of The Ed Sullivan Show. Adam has that same uniqueness, charisma, and talent that just grabs you. I didn’t start screaming like I did for The Beatles but it was kind of in there wanting to come out. So much fun to see it happen again in my lifetime!

      • adamdevotee says:

        you have all of our permission to let that screaming out! i didn’t get that kind of manic screaming and crying when i went to my 1st concert (sean cassidy!) or when i watched old videos of girls at beatles concerts, but u can bet, i’m gonna let out a few cougarific screams the 1st time i see adam perform live!

  3. So I am not the only one! Nice to know. I am also in my fifties and a grandma and I am totally taken by this young man. At first I felt kind of ashamed of myself….what in the world had taken a hold of me. Here I was a grandma and I could not get enough of this unique person. I was sneaking peeks of him on the internet when my husband wasn’t looking…how crazy is that? As time went on and it became quite clear that the hold on me wasn’t sexual, I began to talk about him to everyone I knew. Adam has a wonderful personality and as everyone knows can sing …sing…sing. I think he got me with his humble attitude when the judges would comment on how good he was. I think Adam has the whole package and I am so anxious to see where it takes him.

    • Haha…I too sneak peeks at the internet…download his music off itunes, all when my husband isn’t peeking! I too, am a grandma…almost 50!! Adam is exactly what this world needs!! He has the Charisma, style, vocals, personality, stage presence…like you said “The Total Package”! I can’t wait to see him as a superstar for many generations to come!

    • I am so glad you brought up the fact that your draw to Adam is not sexual. I am 61 years young and the draw is of course his beautiful eyes, clothes, and beautiful voice, but more than that it is him, the way he is. There was an interview with Adam and his mother that showed the respect he has for her and she for him. Then how polite he always was on Idol and all his interviews. He brings a smile to my face when he sings and an OMG when he performs. Thank you Adam for sharing with all of us your fantasically wonderful talent.

  4. Cardinal says:

    I am older than you and I am absolutely smitten with the whole Adam Lambert Experience.
    I find him to be the most talented, dynamic, charismatic, and sex on a stick performer I have witnessed in ages.
    I rewatch AI episodes, I stalk Youtube, I bought my first iPod, and have joined fan sites populated by kids one fourth my age all to keep up with Adam.

    I am half ashamed of myself and 100% delighted that he excites me so much.
    Life is fun when you love the Glittery Alien from the planet Fierce!

    • Grandma3 says:

      I agree one hundred percent. I only hope Adam sneeks a peek at this site to see how much he has excited us.

  5. Im 59 and feel like I’m 17 again! Adam makes me feel great!

    • I’m 62 and Adam makes me feel like 17 again. He is without a doubt the best, but what I like most of all is how humble and sincere he is. Love you Adam, wishing you all the best and please stay as sweet as you are.

  6. Grandma3 says:

    I relate totally to Sue, I am a 58 year old Grandmother of 3 and feel the same need to checkout the internet to see if anything new came up regarding our Adam. As for the comparision of Adam and Elvis, try this, check out Elvis about mid career performing and interviewing. Its not the voice thats the same, its the presences, the love connection between performer and camera. Adam and Elvis have the same feel. (Elvis was good but even he didn’t have the range Adam has.)
    I feel sooooo blessed to be able to watch this young man become a mega star. I just hope he is strong enough to put up with the un music stuff that goes along with being in the public eye constantly. Someone gave Adam the best advice he could ever get – keep your friends and family close, they will help keep you grounded.
    I will keep listening to his CD and getting goose bumps when he hits the highs and will patently wait until his new CD comes out. I hope its soon.
    I wish him the best this world has to offer, he truly has a God given talent.

    • Evelize says:

      I agree with every word. When you referring to comparison of ADAM and ELVIS, I feel the same.
      It is not the vocals but all the rest, including the way his carrer is starting: with all the criticism, the politic and religion things and finaly the charisma, the gourgeousness, the presence on stage, the connection not only with the camera but specially with the audience – how great was ELVIS playing with his fans on the shows.
      I really can see a lot of likeness, but I also know that ADAM is unique as well as ELVIS was.

      • Completely agree, just pray he doesn’t end up like Elvis, he needs to keep good people around him….I’m 56 with kids still at home & one in college…we all appreicate Adam’s talent

  7. johanna says:

    i love u adam!

  8. Evelize says:

    Very good post Jeanette.
    It proves that ADAM can touch everyone, on every age, in every country, all over the world.
    Definitely OUR BOY is THE BEST!

  9. Rhymingrealtor says:

    okay- Im 49 – what the heck am I doing googling Adam all day. NIce to now I am not alone. I not only have to hide from my husband ( not hard he does’nt know what googling means – but I’m sure he’d take ity the wrong way) but my kids….. two boys they just don’t understand me….

  10. Thanks Jeanette…..I thought I was the only one. I like how Adam has fans of all ages!

  11. CatEyes says:

    Ha! I’m “old,” but someone else is still “older” and “oldest!” I’ve been holding at 39 for a few years…and plan to keep it that way. Anyway, music is definitely more about the heart and soul, rather than physical age. And I’d like to think that all of us here are young at heart…and if you didn’t already know that before, maybe Adam helped you find that in yourself.

    • Lisette here agan!
      Agree Cat eyes absolutemente thet non mattre whet yur age be it 30’s as yu are,or a silver haire
      80 yer can feel yonge at hearte ..a joie de vivre as l’francais put it..Adam can bringe out l’gal in even a grandmere.Know thes seeing ma frend Toniette acte silly an giddy laste evening at her pool an put TV on of passe Idol season with Adam,his interviews,etc..An her husband
      remarque guess I’ll leave yu gals to watch ma Espn sportes!Just to say no mattre whet age Adam is truly a rai’ of lit in our troble temes with all l’global financial an world doom an gloom
      thet Cnn shows..We need some joie d’vivre in our life! Thenks agan Jeannette for thes artlicle
      always a lovli place to visite of all Adam’s glams,lambs,angels whoever yu wishe to be!
      Bonwishes et luv,Lisette!!

      • You’ve said it well, Lisette “joie de vivre”… ah, haven’t thought of those words since I left Quebec. It describes well our current state of mind and emotions… and why not? If it makes us happy and isn’t harming anyone????

        As the Americans say, “the pursuit of happiness” is a right, right??? LOL

        So let’s pursue dear Adam as much as we want, and STOP BEING ASHAMED FOLKS!!! It shows we are alive and feeling!!

  12. The Legend says:

    Hi Jeanette…


    I enjoyed reading this post and hope you have enjoyed mine. I am a 55 year old white collar, straight (does it matter) male and was fortunate to watch Elvis on TV and the Beatles first appearance on Ed Sullivan. Both in high school, during college I was the singer and guitarist for a rock and pop band .

    I was fortunate to see the Stones and Led Zeppelin during their first few tours,and sit backstage with Alice Cooper, Kiss, Rod Stewart, Aerosmith etc.

    The 80’S then came along, and though different than 60’s and 70’s rock/pop…I still loved the music and many of those new artists. Then came the 90’s..zzzzzz…the 2000’s…zzzz…and THEN CAME ADAM !!!!!

    Well, point being when I when to his Mt Carmel San Diego concert I don’t remember this type of hysteria about someone since Elvis and the Beatles. As I think of all the singers I’ve heard in 5 decades of music…..Adam’s voice, range, tone, stage presence is right there with the BEST. His ability to take a simple good song and make it into a different GREAT song is unparralled.

    I could write more and more, I know you can also. Bottom line, I made an effort for me and my children to watch Adam that day because I knew I was watching history…the first idol solo concert of Adam Lambert.

    Thank you for this website and your dedication to recording his legacy.

    • marlis hanson says:

      I sooo agree with you on the 60s,70s, and 80s music, which was when I grew up. It was good stuff, and fun. then the 90s and 2000s have been horrible musically! Adam has gotten me interested in pop music again! I am 48, and love Adam, and even better yet–my 80 year old mom loves Adam! She is going to the top ten concert with a bus laod of older women who also love Adam! I just hope he doesn’t go too electronic with his first album. Have you heard his stuff on youtube from prior to AI that was stuff he wrote, and stuff from his band? ewww–not stuff our generations would enjoy.

  13. adamfancajungirl says:

    What a great post,Jeanette! I can relate to everything you wrote. Adam has made me excited about music again. The last time I felt that way was with Elvis and Michael Jackson. I never thought I ever feel that way again, especially at my age. I’m in my mid sixties and am proud to say I’m an Adam Lambert fan.

  14. So, I am probably just a bit younger than Adam’s mother (at 46), but I also count amongst my friends many guys and girls in their mid twenties and thirties. Adam actually has not reminded me of Elvis, but then again, Elvis was the music of MY mother! Adam has seemed to me a unique combination of fabulous singing and interpretive skills with exciting physicality. i really don’t think we have had male performers like him since the eighties.

    One thing that has bonded me with Adam is that he likes so much of the same music I do: danceable pop, funk, some indie rock, as well as driving, sophisticated rock. My ipod already had on it Nikka Costa, Prince, Lady Gaga, Madonna, David Bowie, Led Zeppelin, Justin Timberlake and Beyonce. I look forward to checking out some of Adam’s faves like Muse. But, like “The Legend” writing above I have mostly been a bit uninspired by music these days. In part I fault formulaic radio, the preponderance of MySpace folkie singer-songwriters (who may be good, but don’t get me excited) and my own passivity.

    I love to get down and dirty on the dance floor–even if I don’t get opportunity enough these days. Adam has actually inspired me to seek out more nights on the town with friends–amongst his other inspirations in my life 🙂

    I am REALLY looking forward to his album where these influences come together. I anticipate that Adam’s music is going to be a lot of fun and a great addition to my life!

  15. I am an older fan (44) , Christian Conservative and I find Adam’s voice amazing. I pray he stays grounded and does not allow the pressures of stardom to bring him down. I can’t wait to see him in concert or to buy his Cd’s. Smilebert

  16. AdamRocks! says:

    Thanks so much for your post, Jeanette! I’m 46, and I see myself in all of the above replies. . . Adam has captured me heart and soul.

    • Panseyy says:

      Yes! Loved your post again Jeanette ~ again you expressed so beautifully how I have felt over these months of our journey with Adam. I am a 48 year old, mild mannered nurse, and like AdamRocks!, I see myself reflected in these replies. Somehow, Adam has inspired and excited us, and we have awakened to something so incredibly new and fun. Thanks for the great topic. For me, this is part of exploring life from a new angle, age does provide time for perspective. And from where I sit, there has never been anyone like Adam. I too satisfy myself with his AI music, and look forward to what he brings us in the future. And I cannot wait for the tour!

  17. madworld says:

    OMG, I love this thread. I too am in my fifties and love Adam Lambert. I am so happy to be in good company.

  18. LizzieK says:

    I love this post, and all the responses. I am also in my 50’s and haven’t been so excited by any performers in such a long time..( Pearl Jam, Prince, Bowie, Zeppelin). Adam is unique in that he can appeal to many genres, from classic rock to classical (My Prayer), I wish him all good things and a long and successful career. I know I will be following this young man on his journey. He’s made me appreciate all types of music again..a refresher course, if you will. I’m stoked to see what will be included on his album.

  19. JRZGRL1 says:

    I am a 54 year old board-certified psychiatrist in solo private practice, in a committed relationship with a partner for 23 years (as of April 12), live with her and 4 dogs (we have had as many as 10 dogs). And I have spent the last 3 weeks (since “discovering” Adam on 5/12 – I was a latecomer, do not normally watch American Idol – the only “reality” TV I watch is “Project Runway”) doing not much other than watching videos and posting on various websites. I am head over heels in love. I have had my toenails done in black & am going to do my fingernails tonight (I can get away with it on the weekends). I will be in Charlotte on August 1 and I don’t think I’ll have much of a voice when it’s over. I honestly feel like I have waited my entire life to see Adam. He is absolutely sensational, phenomenal, talented, down-to-earth, smart, funny – I could go on but I won’t. I’m also a singer, have taken lessons for the last 7 years with a wonderful teacher (who is also crazy about Adam) and what Adam does with his voice is amazing. He is my Idol and my hero. I just hope that he is able to keep having as much fun throughout what I’m sure is going to be a spectacular career as he was obviously having when he sang “I Can’t Get No Satisfaction”. What a perfect smile. And yes, thank you for this thread.

  20. Hit my half century mark – and I’m an Adam fan all the way! Madonna was my generation’s big whoo-hoo (though I have fond memories of everything the 70’s had to offer: Elton, Mercury, Bowie). I didn’t clamor to see her (Adams my first ‘want him, gotta have it’ crush) – but I sure wore those lace, fingerless gloves Madonna made famous! Today I’m not able to match the leather or the eyeliner – but I do appreciate every bit of that man’s style! So here’s to all of us – old and young alike: Adam is the lynchpin around which we gather. He says he wants everyone to find reasons in common to get along. I think all he has to do is look in a mirror to find the commonality we already see: Glambs, Lamb Skanks and Glamberts alike – Adam simply rocks!

    • Dont forget ADAMANIACS!!! fans from this page–we are kinda new 🙂

      • I thought Dreamsound had decided on ‘Glambs’? Oh well – we all love Adam (though personally I like ‘Adamaniacs’ better!).

  21. Wow i love that post, it made me feel good even when im in my 20’s….See? Adam is ageless thats the good stuff ppl 🙂 and well thanks to the songs on Idol i know more about those cool bands in the 60,70, and 80s–dont blame me i thougth led zeppelin was a rocker dude until i researched wikipedia but the point is Im glad someone dared to change AI standards and really receive what we as viewers deserve: a magnificent perfomer with a good sense of style and obviously mad vocals 🙂

  22. AdamFan says:

    I too am a 51 year old mother of two, married for 23 years and a registered nurse who has fallen under the spell of ADAM. He is simply mesmerizing. I can’t get enough of watching or listening to him. He is so humble and gracious. OMG can that boy sing. I love his voice and his showmanship. A true “entertainer”. Adam I can’t wait to see you in July in Dallas. I wish you a long happy career. I’ll be buying all of your CD’s and coming to as many concerts as I can.

    Rock On Adam.

  23. PatCanada says:

    Jeanette, I am sure you are much much younger than the fans of Adam at the elderly facility where I used to work! It will be fun if we can have a poll as to the ages of Adam’s fans. From the youngest (15 months old Paisley) to the oldest (80’s grandmas), we are all enjoying Adam’s music. I don’t care if I look silly to others but I consider the Adam phenomenon as a once-in-a lifetime experience and why shouldn’t I relish this moment? For me his music and his insightful interviews have become a source of encouragement and inspiration to carry on during this difficult economic times. Adam has become my hero! And we all need a hero at any age!

  24. Being 52, my family thought that I had gone mad when I would rave on and on about how good Adam is. When it came time for the finale I told everyone that my phones were being turned off and I didn’t want any visitors which copped a bit of ribbing so it’s nice to know I am not alone.

    Adam is like a ray of sunshine in a world that takes itself far too seriously, pure entertainment. He seems to have pushed buttons, both + and -, in a lot of people, myself included. It’s like he has inspired me to remember to give myself permission to be fun and outrageous and most of all passionate which seems to get lost with the getting a good job etc thingy. He has made me question things about my life like why am I not doing the things that really light me up which I am now doing something about so thanks Adam.

    Watching him perform though just makes me feel out and out good. If he ever comes down under to New Zealand I wil be first in line for a ticket. Go Adam and Go Us here for daring to be passionate about him.

  25. SheaGlambert says:

    I am seventeen! Adam just tends to bring out the best in people. I’m in high school. Although I may not be one of the ‘weird kids,’ He makes me feel good about just being myself period. I have more of a ‘weird kid’ personality. Since Adam made it ok, I’m begining to embrace that part of me that I’ve been hiding. THANKS ADAM!

    • Good for you!

      I have a 10 year old son, who is running around with dark nails and I couldn’t dare to stop him. I am a huge fan of ADAM and he makes me wanna do adventures things and live my life outside of this shaped society. He makes me feel I can do and be whatever I want!!!! He gives me hope. I am a 30 year old single mother and totally addicted to this guy. I could only wish my son could turn out to be a man like ADAM, fearless, sweet, daring and comfortable in his own skin and not scared to show it others.

      LOVE YOU ADAM!!! Please make an album soon and tour the world.

  26. I am over 60, whit,e, divorced straight female, and a Christian. And I have never been so excited about any singer/performer until ADAM. Somehow I must have slept through most of the 80’s. Because of Adam I have rediscovered my love for Queen, Aerosmith, U2, Led Zepplen and Guns and Roses. My R&B idol was Elvis mainly because of his charisma, charm and stage presense. I was never a jump & down screaming fan but loved listening to his music and watching him perform. I must admit that Adam has touched me in so many ways that I can’t describe. I love him just the way he is and hope that fame and fortune doesn’t change him. Adam is stragegic, determined and will I am sure make the right business decisions for himself. Maybe we older fans just want to parent him and protect him from harm. I know I do. The best thing we can do for Adam is trust in him and support him 100 percent.
    We love you Adam ,

  27. Adam has made me feel excited about music and interested in older artists as well as current ones…he taught me to ENJOY genres of music I never thought possible…you can see has passion about life in his eyes…he is so positive and supportive of other people…he is confident in himself and what he likes (why not?)….I wish I was more like Adam Lambert !!!! Despite the bashing I get from my family (omg, he’s GAY! gross.) who obviously don’t get it, I am proud to be a total Adam Lambert fan! It’s nice to know other people feel the same way and I’m not just completely obsessive/deranged for loving him as an artist and admiring him as a person. He’s my hero too! I can’t wait until July for the American Idol concert and for his first album! (and the first album I will ever buy)!

    from a previously music-apathetic 19 year old

  28. I’m only 17 but my 60 year old grandmother and my 35 year old mother feel the same way as I do. Adam is the first AI contestant that all three of us Idol fanatics have agreed on. Sometimes I wonder if my grandmother is WORSE than I am (haha). I just wanted to say that Adam not only prevailed to intrance members of three very different generations, but three very different political veiws as well. My grandmother is a staunch conservative who at times is even just alittle bit racist(a fact that I’ve been trying to change for a long time). My mom is an ultra-conservative and ultra-christian. I am a moderate who is leaning on the liberal side(it’s hard to find many true liberals where Iive).

  29. Connie from Chile says:

    Excelent! i love the way Adam touch people with his amaizing voice and charisma…

    I’m so proud to be a “adamaniac” 🙂

  30. awesome!!!!! thats so funny cuz my dad said adam reminds him of Elvis. !!!!!!!!!!GO ADAM!!!!!!!!!

    – MaddieLambert

  31. Courtney says:

    my grandparents love adam!

  32. lauraforlambert says:

    i am 56 (soon to be 57) and it’s been quite some time since I was so excited about a singer as I am about Adam Lambert. I have watched American Idol every year and Adam is by far the best contestant ever. He is totally captivating and he is destined to become a superstar. I cannot wait for his CD.

  33. I’m 40 and he stole my heart! I found myself going on the internet to find clips of him. I accidentally found out that one of my best friends (about 53) was ga-ga over him too… then another common friend (65)and my bosses wife (in her 60’s). Then it was my husband’s sister (45+) and another ex-co worker (50+). Pretty soon I was sending emails to them every couple of days with all of the clips I had found (many of them from this website).

    I have a theory about why he wasn’t “discovered” before Idol. I don’t think he realized that his biggest fans would be women… and he probably had NO idea that many of them would be older women and that they would just LOVE his alternative stuff so much. I WISH I had heard of the Zodiac show before Idol. I hope they put on another show so I can experiance that craziness!

    • Interesting point. I think you may have nailed it, Lila. He sure gets my motor runnin’! Ya know – I used to run with an edgy crowd in my younger days. That – and I was a theatre rat too. Alternative was what I was used to. Adam brings all that back for me. I was just telling a friend that I wish like hell I wasn’t physically challenged (a few really bad accidents left me with a permanent hitch in my get-a-long). I’d grab her, hit the road, and go see Adam in concert (maybe a few times!).

  34. Stephanie says:

    I’m 46 and I’m not dead. 😉 It’s wonderful to feel “alive” again and live through Adam’s energy. Attraction and connecting to a member of the opposite sex, gay or straight, does not have an age limit. There’s plenty of “May/December” relationships out there. There’s nothing wrong with feeling the way you do UNLESS it becomes an obsession. As Adam would say, be comfortable with being yourself. This is what you are feeling and there’s nothing wrong with it. Enjoy ladies! 🙂

  35. Ignite123 says:

    I am 49 years old. I am happily married with two teen daughters. I am in love with Adam’s vocal. What an amazingly beautiful voice. I am so glad my 16 year old has good taste and only likes Adam. I surf the internet for any article, video, MP3 on Adam every day. I have to admit it is so much fun doing it. I feel young again! This is my favorite site because we all adore Adam. I started writing review and comment for him because he is so unique, how can I resist not to share my feeling. Last time I listened to many songs (Michael Jackson, Phil Collins, etc ..) I was around 22. After three decades, Adam re-ignited my music cells and now I never have enough of his songs. I bought the AI Tour tickets to see Adam and can’t wait for his new albums and concerts.

  36. pokergurl says:

    I love Adam and I’m 50 years old. He’s just so sexy, talented, confident and yes, I see him as retro, too. When I was younger alot of the musicians had his look. He has captured a bygone era and I’ll bet it makes a big comeback in part because of him. It brings back memories of my youth, being in my twenties when life was so fun and music was everything to me. He makes me feel like that again when I see him perform. I’m even doing my make up a little bit more dramatic lately.

  37. Stephie says:

    I am 47 years old and Adam is my crack cocaine!
    I should go to rehab ASAP!!!! Help!!~~~~~~~~~~~

    • Oh Stephie:
      I had a good laugh when I read your post. I’ll see you in rehab. I have a major case of GLAMBERTITIS.

      It is so great to read all the responses to this post. I am so proud of my fellow older fans. Jory (2 posts down from this) put it so well. Although the idol song is a bit “wet” as Simon Cowell would say, the title “No Boundaries” really is Adam. He caught us with his voice and showmanship, but when we heard him speak we were captured by his humour, personality, wit, and humility.

      I used to enjoy swimming with my daughter and friends on Tuesday evenings until Adam came along and then it degenerated into a frantic few lengths, out of the pool, and home by 9 pm dripping wet. My daughter thought I was nuts. I am 57 and have gone back to school full time. I’m afraid even my studies have been suffering and I blame it all on Glambertitis.

  38. Stephie says:

    Oh.. one more thing. I am a Korean-Canadian and my Indo-Canadian neighbour also loves Adam!

  39. woow ADAM really did what others couldn’t do .. ADAM’S love gathered all the ages and nationalities , he is a super world wide star – i luv him so much he is the best ever 🙂

  40. I’m 54 and Adam has rocked my world. The End.

  41. Adam Lambert Fan says:

    I can certainly relate — I’m 58 and have never ever enjoyed anyone’s music and performances as much as Adam’s. I just get so much pleasure watching him. I never had an itunes account until Adam showed up and then I downloaded all his songs and performances. Then I had to get an ipod, of course. My 13 year old daughter thinks I’m a little crazy — she’s probably right, but it’s a good kind of crazy. I count the days until I get to see him in concert. And I can’t wait until he tours solo so the entire concert can be devoted to him. I love this guy!

  42. Very well said Jeanette. I am so releived that other fans are referring to their age and not weight. I too am an older fan, Maybe we should be called the Grambert!

  43. It´s great to Know that Im not the only mother of 40´s crazy for Adam….I love his incredibly talent,voice, and sexy man.. My husband gets jealous when I watching Adam´s
    web sites or videos
    I cant stop to see the videos and listen to his music…. A fan from Costa Rica

  44. It’s true, Adam’s the bomb. I’m 48 and can’t get enough of him. After Idol was over I downloaded all his music video and watch them endlessly. I was so surprised to find myself dancing and having such a good time. I haven’t felt like that for a long time. He brought back my love for rock music, I thought those days were long over. Evidently not. He is so charasmatic, he makes everyone believe he is singing to them. That’s what’s magic. The camera loves him and so do we.

  45. Gail Kinzel says:

    I am 59, mother, grandmother, white christian who has fallen hook, line and sinker for Adam and his fabulous voice and stage presence. My friends and kids and grandkids think I’m nuts, but by our age, so what?? They all love Adam too, but not like me!! I’m having the time of my life combing the internet for information, watching his performances a thousand times. My husband loves him almost as much, but not quite. I feel like a kid again, grew up with Zeppelin, Queen, etc. I’ve downloaded every single song on my iPod, including Is Anyone Listening from Ten Commandments, excellent. I listen to Adam’s wonderful voice in my car everywhere I go, can’t get enough of him. My husband and I and 3 friends, our age, are going to concert in August when AI comes to town,. I don’t normally watch AI, but someone talked about Adam, and I was hooked. No more dvr, I was front and center watching live every week, suffering through the commercials. It’s amazing how many of us boomers have come to life through our sweet, wonderful Adam! I can’t wait to get his first cd, it will go platinum I’m sure. One day he will be in the Rock n Roll Hall of Fame.

  46. mishelle says:

    My mother is almost 64. she actually noticed Adam Lambert before i did. One night in the middle of American idol i called her to see what she thought of Adams performance… ” Mom ,what r u doing?” her response. ” I am looking for my pants. Adams performance was so Awesome , he blew my pants off!”” I think that statement pretty much sums up how my mom feels about ADAm. lol. mishelle

  47. Dzinecrazy says:

    I am 43 and my teenage daughters think I have lost my mind! I never really watched AI until this year. I saw Adam in the auditions and thought WOW! What a talented guy!! I followed him week by week and my love for him grew by leaps and bounds. Now I can’t tear myself away from my laptop because I am on pins and needles waiting for the latest news about Adam. He is without a doubt the most gifted singer and soul I have seen in my lifetime. He is caring, creative, compassionate, sexy, inspiring and indeed gifted. He has made me truly “feel” emotions I have stuffed down inside for various reasons. I thank you Adam for showing us to be brave and to be the person we are supposed to be without worrying about other peoples input.

  48. adamcansing says:

    thank you so much for this post and for this website – I’ve been trying for weeks now to put into words and figure out why I am so head over heels over ADAM.- I just want to experience everything about him – he speaks to me – he says above all else – be yourself and celebrate life. So glad to meet all of you – We recognize each other by our black fingernails and toenails – maybe only on weekends…but nevertheless – symbolic of our support for him – and our newly found enjoyment of ourselves

  49. I am 46. One of my greatest joys is listening to live music by artists from the 60’s and 70’s. For the last couple of years I have been repeatedly saying “who will there be left to watch in 10 -15 years?? Am I going to have to give up live concerts all together in my old age?” It is difficult enough to grow old, but not to have the opportunity to get lost in the Stones, or Paul Mcartney, or Peter Paul and Mary, or Elton, or Fleetwood Mac, or Simon and Garfunkel, even Cher or Jimmy Buffet, Meatloaf, Bruce Springstein – seems almost unbearable…

    But now I know exactly where I will be as I grow older… at an Adam Lambert concert, singing and dancing and believing that I am really not that old after all….

  50. my mom and my bestfriend’s mom are big adam fans too! once my friend’s mom even said this: “if i see adam in person, i might die!” hahaha! and my mom got addicted to adam before i did! i wasn’t really into AI season 8, because i hated tatiana, bikini girl and some other people i forgot their names.. but my mom kept on telling me about adam and so, i watched…and AI nights became our bonding times of the week..

  51. KrissieE says:

    I got lucky tripping through channels and landed on Adam singing when he had his hair slicked back and went “what the hell is that”! Paula mentioned she liked the new look so I couldn’t wait until the coming week to check him out again and his look changed again….and again….and again….and I was so sprung. Janis was my idol and I love a good screamer. I use to sing along to all her songs while holding a screwdriver in my hand. I’m 60 in July. I am so in love with my darling Adam. He doesn’t come from here.

  52. lamberghini says:

    I’m 56 and I never expected to be so electrified by a performer–never expected to have a school-girl crush on someone 27, (embarrassing but true), never wanted so many wonderful things for someone I didn’t know. (His insistence on being himself makes me feel I’ve know him forever.) It’s a powerful, otherworldly spell he casts and it is some comfort to know that I’m not the only one who has fallen head over heels in love with him. It is true, the heart never ages.

  53. RockChickDigsAdam says:

    I have been wondering for a long time why Adam “speaks” to so many of us that are a generation (or more) older than him. When I think about his song choices for AI, it is clear his parents really influenced his taste in music (and he has said so, from the Stones being his mother’s favorite group, to his dad being a DJ in college). I grew up on Queen, the Rolling Stones, Led Zeppelin – I much prefer to listen to 70’s rock than anything current! It cracked me up when the judges said “everyone” knows ‘Apologize’ and ‘Heartless’ – I didn’t! I have never listened to Kanye West prior to Idol! Isn’t it funny that the most recent song he sang was for “year of birth?!”

    Of course, Adam can sing anything – I am currently addicted to listening to “I Just Love You” over and over. I can’t wait for his first album to come out and hear what he is going to do with that amazing voice of his!!!!

    • Oh, how I agree with every one of you!! I’m 46, and have not fallen this hard, since Michael Jackson, John Bon Jovi, or Paul Stanley from Kiss!!! But, Adam has them all beat!!!! And as RockChickDigsAdam said about the song on YouTube of Adam singing ” I Just Love You” it is the BOMB!!!! Oh, if you haven’t heard it- YOUMUST!!! Again, Adam shows just how amazing his voice is!!!! We are watching Greatness happen, and it so exciting no matter what age you are!!! This Cougar Loves Adam Forever!!!!

  54. Jeanette no. 2 says:

    Thank you for Jeanette’s posting in the beginning. Coincidentally, I am also Jeanette at the age of 44. I totally agree with all the previous comments of Adam’s fans. Adam is one of the most charismatic people I ever saw on TV. He got the great talent , the look and he seems to have a good head on his shoulders. Even though I am not a Rock song fan, I am totally mesmerized with his interpretations of Mad World and Track of My Tears. I hope he will make an album that contains different musical genres that reaches people of all ages and tastes, not just Rock songs. And be forever grounded just like how he is now.
    As for people whose spouse gets jealous or worry about people thinking you are nuts, don’t worry because you know you have excellent taste!!
    Thank you ADAM for putting smile on our faces by just being ADAM.

    • Lisette here,
      An agree with so many here on thes article..Jeanette(44) in particulare non mattre whet yur age is,or forein origine, we all are so toche by Adam an his superbe artistique talente.Im in ma thirties but have siblings thet are in ther 50s who adore him as much if non more then I an he seeme to be in daily conversationes even from eldre frends of mine qui are 70 plus.I also adore
      particulare two songe yu mentione “Tracks of Ma Tears” an “Mad World” whech shows more gentler an romantique genres..Gathre too as recall ma parentes an sistre who watche all classique tv shows as Ed Sullivan,Variety of thet mode,even American Bandstande whech I av on satelite channels.So when Adam sang above mentione,recall ma der mama who now passe away.An know somehow she’d also adore Adam’s estraordinaire talente an voice.
      An gathre I av been one of l’gals to compare him to Elvis,perhaps in his resemble at ages of his yongre yers in filmes an concert 68 comeback special with l’black when Adam does “Ring of Fire” ther’s a hauntingly similar appearance ther,as if Elvis hed a son can be Adam.But do agree Adam is unique an can singe so many deffarante genres thet Elvis can nevre see singing l’mode of Queen or contemporare styles.Wel anyway Adam an Elvis both had thet same aire d’mystique of being both sensual,yet boyish,innovative trendsetting in style of clothes,hairstyles,an way Elvis too was considre much by conservative people.So Adam
      is changing musique an treachinge even l’conservative of us.Ma elderly frend adores him an her husband too has begane to play Adam’s musique( both are in 70s).It’s also thet Adam has so muche charme,personalitie,an humilitie with his audience,evene tough judge as Simon seeme to have softene thu Idol shows.Thet’s truly marque of a very gifted artiste..He toches somehow within l’hearte an soul of evrione,yonge,olde,children,men,women,etc..
      An I just adore too thet he has a luv for his famille,whech is a blessing as I miss ma parentes with evryday of life..Trasure them always Adam! Thenks Jeannette agan for this article!
      Luv,Lisette(30 something yet feel 20 agan!)

  55. I just turn 45 recently. I am an AI fan since season 1. I do like some of the winners but never bothered to post a comment neither play their songs after the season. I just like the show, that’s it. Then season 8. I notice this young good looking guy during the audition and felt that this is the guy I believe would make a difference. I told my sister that he is the contestant to watch and added that he will make it to the finals. My sister told me, too early to tell. Probably! Then came Hollywood where he sang his version of Cher’s “Believe”. Wow! Great vocals and my sister was speechless. I can’t believe that such disco song can be sung like that.

    I became so hooked with Adam that I never missed a single AI episode. I always look forward to his performances, repeatedly watch it on replays of the show, recorded it, etc. I bother to sign up with Y—T—just to watch his other performances, browse the internet more than ever just to know him, etc. My sister told me that I am sick lol.

    Not only that, I neglected my graduate studies because of him lmao. The positive side is that I maintain my scholarship because of him also. Adam is my inspiration and he is my memory enhancer (I play his songs during my study time). Believe me when I say that when he do his first concert, I will throw my panty on stage hahahaha I don’t care about his sexual orientation. What I see is true talent and that’s what I care about.

  56. VietnamesefanofAdam says:

    I am 58, a grandma, know nothing about American musics and rock legends. One day, I wandered into AI and witnessed Adam Lambert performing Ring Of Fire. From that moment, I have completely fallen under Adam’s spell. I checked out all the original songs that Adam had performed. Now thanks to Adam, I know enough about Queen, Kiss, U2, Led Zeppelin, Johnny Cash, Tears For Fear, whatever…And of course, my daughters think I am crazy, but who cares? I do not hide my love for Adam. I told my oldest daughter that I am going to go see AI concert in San Jose. She wants to go with me. So I have already bought two tickets for the performance on July 12. The original price is 39 dollars, I had to pay 205 dollars for two tickets. That my love for Adam. BTW, my 20 month-old grandson has to watch Adam every morning otherwise he would throw a tantrum. Adam is so perfect in everyway.

  57. I think he is liberating.
    41 years old.

  58. tinyteena1 says:

    Love the group support on this blog-another 50+ gone gaga for Adam. I was going thru the worst year of my life, foreclosure, bankruptcy and some health issue. Very depressed. And then along came Adam—My mood has greatly improved–I keep finding my self singing (His songs ofcourse)and I never was a singer. I’ve been dressing up and doing my make-up and nails. Remembering fondly the “”dress-up”” in college thru the SCA (the king arthur renaissance group) and the sci-fi /horroe film club conventions(no not a trekkie-but loved green alein/vampire customes). So I can relate to Adams love for dressup but still being a normal person 8-5. Love the joy and happiness he brings out in everyone.
    Change is goin’ to come. Lambert for Prez 2012!!

  59. Gran-bert says:

    I was astounded when Adam appeared on the AI stage and placed a permanent grin on my face — one that I haven’t worn since I first saw Tom Jones several decades ago. Not surprisingly, I am a 67-year-old grandmother and not easily swayed by the “next best thing”. But Adam is so real that I can’t seem to remove this grin — nor do I want to! I was truly shocked when my 46-year-old son asked me to play Adam’s first rendition of Mad World over again (I had recorded it on to a DVD) and later told me he could hardly wait to see him in concert! He also made the comment that you know a performance is great when it goes by so fast! Lately, my 19-year-old granddaughter has even caught me reading fan fiction about Adam on the internet! She totally thinks I’ve lost it now that she sees “his eyes” staring back at her on my computer display — something visually fantastic that I ran across on one of his other web-fan sites.

    Considering what I have been privileged to watch in Adam’s outstanding performances on Idol over the past few months — as well as viewing videos of his other live performances on the internet, especially “Brigadoon” — I firmly believe that this incredibly talented and gifted young man will be a blazing star for an insanely long period of time and indeed will be a World Idol!

    • another gran-bert says:

      Hello, fellow gran-bert! I have a question: Where did you find “his eyes” to put on your computer display? I’m desperate for those eyes!

  60. jnellie says:

    I am too young (not often I can say that) to have experienced Beatlemania, but I was around for the Michael Jackson craze 25 years ago. Adam is the first performer that has even come close to having that same affect on me. i went through withdrawal the first couple of weeks after AI, but was able to feed my habit with internet surfing. So, I ask myself what is it that Adam has that makes me, a 45 year old, crush over a 27 year old? Sooo, he can sing. I enjoy a lot of artists’ music , so what is it that Adam has that has me surfing the net for the latest pics, videos and interviews? He has the whole package; an amazing voice (OMG the range – and I LOOOVE the high notes – orgasmic), articulate, witty, humble, confident, sexy. I found out my best friend is also a closet Adam Obsessed Old Timer and we have bought tickets to see the Summer Tour in Vancouver. I’m trying to convince my son to take us to his Gay hotspots after the show ’cause I’m sure Adam will want to check out the Vancouver scene. Wish me luck!!!!

  61. Am in my mid-fifties, and a professional whose CD collection is mostly classical. In my youth, I was prematurely old and listened politely to Simon & Garfunkel, Glenn Gould, Bob Dylan, and the New York Philharmonic instead of the Beatles, Jimi Hendricks, the Stones, Tina Turner, etc. I would never in a million years be caught screaming at a movie/rock star of any stripe and have never posted a star poster in her life. I still don’t scream or post poster. But maybe I’m emotionally working backwards toward my youth a la Benjamin Button?

    I did not even hear of Adam Lambert during the American Idol season. I disapprove of the undue influence of the Fox empire in general and the contracts of 19 Entertainment in particular. I only tuned into Idol on youtube after the big controversy surrounding the final vote. Watching Adam’s performances all in a row blew me away. I’m now chugging Kool-Aid for Adam Lambert.

    Adam Lambert has a magical, appealing personality, a voice that is pure crystal in tone, and the ability to deliver mood and channel a laser beam of emotion.

    The economy, the state of the planet, the ongoing wars, the state of health care, and the illness of a parent have greatly distressed me of late. Therefore, I am thrilled to chance upon a performer who can entertain, charm, surprise, divert, and uplift all at the same time.

  62. Thanks so much for sharing all your glambert experiences. I have absolutely loved reading them and finding that there are so many fans (of all ages) out there like myself. I’m in my late twenties and suffering withdrawls after the final of Idol. Adam absolutely stole the show for me this year and I can’t wait to hear his album! Like Karen (above), I would sure be in line for tickets if Adam comes to New Zealand!!!

    • Yaaay!!! Yet ANOTHER kiwi fan!!!
      (I swear, it’s like half of NZs population has commented on the various Adam blogs)

      Like you, I’m looking forward to Adam appearing here in concert one glorious day, but will start saving my pennies to cross the ditch just in case he only goes as far as Aussie!!!

      • Yep, it would sure be worth it! It might take a while but great things are worth waiting for aren’t they! You’re right – there are a lot of kiwi Glamberts popping up on the net! He sure has a lot of fans here. Thanks for your reply 🙂

  63. I,m a 42 year old mother of 2 beautiful girls, and am crazy about ADAM LAMBERT. I think he is brave and I love his performances especially those where threw caution to the wind and did his thing, e.g. Born to b Wild and Play that Funky music. In fact I love all his performances.
    I’ve been blessed by two very understanding and beautiful daughters who tolerates and bears with me spending so much time downloanding all the info i can about Adam and watching all his performances again and again. His magnetism is surreal and I’m mesmerized by it.
    One of the greatest mother’s day gift (and it was a very pleasant) surprise was when my daughters presented me with a CD of all the songs Adam Lambert performed on AI, and even printed his picture and placed it on the CD. It was the best Mother’s day gift I could have asked for.
    i would like to get a copy of the Entertainemnt Weekly magazine out May 15, 2009 with Adam Lambert on the cover. Can anybody share with me how to order it online.

    • HAPPPY GLAMBERT, you can get the magazine with Adam on front cover by going on Ebay and buying it… There are many people to buy it from.. I had great luck in my order… Good luck

  64. In my early teens, I was president of an Elvis fan club. But that doesn’t capture the depth of my “relationship” with Elvis, which continues to this day. Yes – Adam brings it all back. Now, at 60, I am a public health writer for a multicultural health center with staff from many countries. We are all colors, many accents, where most staff speak a primary language other than English. Let me tell you – WOMEN OF ALL AGES LOVE ADAM. But also WOMEN OF ALL NATIONS & CULTURES LOVE ADAM. We gather in the lunchroom & rave about him. Women from African countries, South American Countries, Puerto Rico, Poland, Cuba, Panama, and others. I’ve made friends with women I barely knew before. Eyes light up and voices become excited and heightened when Adam is the topic (which is often). The consensus among us is that he is “something,” “special,” and “magic.”

  65. jvolz283 says:

    I am 39, and I have a wife and two kids. My whole family and I are huge fans of Adam! He takes me back to when I was in college listening to Sebastian Bach from Skid Row and Axl Rose from Guns ‘n Roses. He reminds my wife of Duran Duran, and my kids just love the way he sings and looks! He is truly a breath of fresh air in a stale world of music!

  66. Since yesterday was my 61st b’day i definitely belong in this group! The thing i love about Adam’s performances – that i’ve been missing since “our day” – is the SINGing …. I know he likes Katy Perry and Lady Gaga et al .. and i appreciate their well-written songs and productions. They are entertaining for sure. But the SINGing isn’t really at the center of what they do ….

    The reason most performers don’t feature the singing is that it’s not where their talent lies. But with Adam ..w ow can he sing. I hope he and his producers will keep that front and center.

  67. Adam is the new King of Rock and Roll! Elvis would be proud!

  68. Ladyhelix says:

    I have always been wildly attracted to confidence, passion, and vibrancy but what really sets Adam apart for me is that he is INTOXICATING – he “enjoys selling his sexuality; [he] looks you in the eye, flirts, and dares you not to flirt back*

    (* Quote from Entertainment Weekly 5/15/09).

    • Heard
      Yes, yes, yes, I remember that quote. It gave me goose bumps as everything ADAM does give me goose bumps…….


  69. I’m 55 years old and serve as a pastor at a small church. I love Adam!!! Not sure what happened. I love all these posts because they help to understand the obsession. I think it is that Adam makes us feel young again. He just is so sexy, entertaining, beautiful and the voice just blows me away. Oh did I mention sexy? He is fun to listen to and exciting to watch. I even rewatch all the interviews. Last big concert I was to was Prince “Purple Rain” and that was some time ago. The last few years I have been listening to mostly public radio when driving. No more, now I have Adam on all the time. (First time I downloaded songs from Itunes and burned a CD). My grown daughters laugh and shake their heads. Only problem is I really don’t have anyone to talk to about all this. (Husband things I’m dingy).

    • DonnaNoble says:

      Ditto to your comments kterp. Adam blew me away from the moment I saw him (Born to Be Wild performance – just happened on AI while channel surfing and he just began singing – amazing or rather Adamazing.) Downloaded songs and videos from iTunes for the first time too. Play them constantly on my computer as have not yet purchased blank CDs to burn. My friends think I’m crazy as does my family. It’s so nice to find others with whom to share my Lambertitis!

  70. Hi Jeanette and all of you other cougars, I’m 58 and I too am totally crazy for this boy. Some family members think that I’ve gone crazy, but if I have it sure feels good. I can’t go a day without listening to Adam’s CDs and watching him on You Tube……just cannot get enough! I’m going to be sitting in the 3rd row at the tour thanks to my daughter…can’t wait. There isn’t anything that I’ve seen him do that I didn’t like. Crawl Through Fire is awesome…wouldn’t you love to see that performance live? The Citizen Vein performances remind me of Jim Morrison who I was crazy about. He was the sexiest man ever, now Adam has taken that title. When Adam sang Change Is Gonna Come, I nearly died, I play that over and over. Never thought I’d hear it sung better than the original and I just love Sam Cooke too!
    I’m so happy to share my feelings with my peers who completely understand.

    • Hey…Love the Jim Morrison comparision. First I’ve heard it..but yeah I so agree. Same kind of sexiness. Beautiful face, vulnerable look….just something soo irresitable. I too listen to music and watch videos everyday. Wish I had tour tickets.

  71. Wholeheartedly agree with all comments and am having bad withdrawal as the season has
    ended. Cannot wait for album wonder when it will be available in South Africa. I cannot
    see AI ever being the same without Adam – what a treat it was to watch – have recorded on
    PVR last 10 episodes and don’t want to clear them even though the disc space is almost
    full. Does anyone know whether the show can be purchased on DVD?

  72. Pauline says:

    WE are 54 and Adam rocks our world! We had a vote for Adam Lambert sign in the back window of our truck, and people thought we were nuts….or they thought our kids did it, we don’t have kids.
    Adam is the best and most versatile singer our generation has ever heard. He is Elvis, Steve Tyler, Same Cooke, Smokey,David Bowie, Evanescence all rolled up in one.

    I was so upset when Adam lost American Idol. My husband said it didn’t matter, and he was right.
    We look so forward to hear & see what Adam does in the future.

    What a nice surprise to see there are so many of us!

  73. mpbnice says:

    Count me in. I’m 59, and I think Adam is incredible. He’s just so much fun to watch perform, his voice is fabulous and he just seems like such a nice kid! I had never bought anything from iTunes, but I downloaded all of his performances. I can’t wait for his first CD to come out.

  74. Iam 44 and i am hooked on Adam. I think he has a lot of older fans because his view on life is the same as ours. As we get older, we start to look at life in a different way, we learn to appreciate everything. If only from my experiences, i now feel better about myself than i ever have, i love my family and family more than i ever have.

    He is so lucky to have found that at such an early age, especially with the way society is now, its all doom and gloom. Such a reshreshing change, to see someone so enthusiastic about life.

  75. When we take the time to seriously look at the world around us we see and feel so many powerful negative forces taking control of so many lives. The bad economy, the terrorism of the last several years, the eco system of the world, the sacrifices being made by our young men to save the US and freedom all over the world, unemployment, families falling apart….the list goes on and on ad infinitum.

    Then someone such as Adam comes along….an Angel. He brings with him not only great talent, but a smile that warms the entire planet and a heart that brings great moments of joy to all who see him or watch him on television or the internet. To me, as ridiculous as it sounds, it feels pretty much like a downright religious moment.

    He is a unique and special human being who has graced our presence at a really down trodden time in so many people’s lives. I not only think he is a fantastically talented person, but he is already an “icon” idolized by the world…even before he has published his first CD. This is an amazing feat to have gone from obscurity to world reknown fame in a matter of a few months.

    We are in the presence of a super human presence….and I hope it remains this way for many years to come. This happens maybe two times in one’s lifetime if you are fortunate!

    Take care,


    • I couldnt of said it better myself Carol. I think you have just said what we have all been thinking. Adam is changing everyones perspective on life. like you said, its all doom and gloom, everyone is negative. i dont even read a newspaper of watch the tv very often, its all negative, who has died, what was are on, its all about distuction. The soap operas are rediculous, what are we teaching our children, is it right to teach them that all they can look forward to is destruction.

      Adam is an Angel, he is giving people something positive to look forward to. I think he is right when he san A Change is Going to Come. People are waking up, the world is not all doom and gloom, there are good things in life as well,.

  76. So glad to hear I’m not the only crazy person around. Just think how Adam has brought all of us into the 21st century…We have learned how to use itunes, youtube, blogs, chat rooms, ipods… now I am tring to figure out how to get an Adam ringtone. Go ADAM. (Just shows old dogs can learn new tricks when properly motivated)

  77. I will be 62 in July 2009, and I, too, am smitten with Adam Lambert, and have bee since I first tuned into AI in March. I was rooting for Lil Rounds, and then I saw Adam sing, and I was hooked. Lil’s songs were disappointing to me because they did’t make the best use of her voice. I jumped wholeheatedly on the Adam train, and couldn’t get off. He really knows how to draw an audience in, and those eyes.
    Not everyone sees his capabilities, but I do. I think the young man is amazing, his talent, looks, charisma, and he has such a great aura about him.
    I pray strength for him to deal with the craziness that comes along with fame that I feel he is certain to have.
    Meanwhile, I have ordered my Adam Lambert shirt, and am waiting impatiently for the Idol Tour to come to Boston so that I can once again behold this magnificent young creature!

  78. My son called me and asked if I was okay when Adam came in second on A1. I told him I am okay because Adamis okay. Same with the people I work with. I guess I am the Adam Lambert resource. I loved the fact that he said he was laughtng all the time inthe AI house. I knew he was gay from the start and to see him happy made me happy. Despite all the crap he must have endured he is happy and looks as each day as an opportunity. How great is that! I work a lot of days and I work hard. For me to be able to come home and listen to his music or watch a video of his makes me feel good. I am 54 but don’t feel it. Embrace your age. Adam is bridging the ages, the gays and straights and the liberals and conservatives. Just by being himself. I love you Adam. Thank you for being you. Peace-love-Adam! You are truly a special angel.

  79. As for being an older fan there are no minuses, only pluses from my viewpoint. I am a fan of may younger singers,you have to stay present and relevant. I’m adding Adam to my list of must see performers who happen to be younger than myself. He is very tantalizing!
    Last year for my 61st birthday, I saw John Mayer at the Comcast Center in MA, one of my all-time favorites, and this year I’m seeing Maxwell at the MGM Grand in Ct, both younger artists.
    Music is universal, and there should be something for everyone, regardless of age, nationality, or creed, and as a music lover I am going to get my share.
    Rock us Adam!

  80. Sure don’t even need to try to say it any better than you guys have already said it. I love seeing myself in all of you as you express the impact of Adam Lambert. Last night about 1 AM, my shepherd who is recovering from surgery settled down next to me as I went back to the beginning of my TIVO list with “This is Black and White.” I finished with Simon’s assertion that Idol found what they wanted in Adam–a “World-wide Star.” Amazing!

    Before Adam, I knew of KISS and Queen and Zepplin, but the only group I’d paid any attention to in the last 35 years is El Divo. My younger sister who still goes to concerts at age 66 is blown away that I’m not “into” music like she is. When listening to music, the only groups I’d recognize would be those like the Beatles and prior to that. I never joined a fan club, or googled a person (unless they were dog trainers like Cesar Millan :-0), but I’ll bet I’ve read 70% (or more–whatever I can find I read) of what is available about Adam.

    On Easter Sunday, the entertainment of the day was showing my 48 year old son and his partner all of the Adam songs I’d saved. Then, I took them up to my computer to hear “Mad World” since we missed it when the show ran over.

    I have to bite my tongue to not bring Adam into every conversation. People are used to my button being pushed about dogs, but now I’ve brought my passion about Adam’s talent into the mix.

    Personally, it is his ability to remain true to himself that I find so appealing. Smoke and mirrors is part of that package. The talent is on a level of its own. As Simon said, “Adam is fearless.” Watching him and listening to him makes me smile! My computer guy is coming over to bring me an Ipod and teach me how to use it. I can’t wait until CDs come out :-).

    At almost 70, I’m blown away that this new door has opened and that Adam’s voice and presence
    has the power to uplift and connect so many of us.


  81. I want to commend the comments of both The Legend and Carol….

    The Legend….you were smart to go to Mt. Carmel, and I believe you are absolutely right. By going there, you saw one of the very first solo concerts of a young man that is not only shockingly talented, but humble, gracious, intelligent, and who is without a doubt going to be our idol for decades. He has won the hearts of millions of people of all ages and lifestyles.

    Carol….some might disagree with you about how his appearance in our lives feels like a religious moment, but not me. For lack of a better or less controversial description, I agree with you. I feel like Adam has “happened” to this world, and me. Oh, I go on with my normal day to day routines of work, family, and whatever, but in the back of my mind, when I am not here looking for more Adam, I am thinking about how he has changed everything. This young guy has a pull that cannot be denied. And he is so genuine in what he gives to us. Although Adam is “angelic”, I pray that he has an angel watching over him to keep him safe from the dangers of this level of celebrity.

    Sign me a 55 year old cougar and forever a fan.

  82. Rayzonn says:

    OMG !! How nice to see I am not the only one!! 59 yr old grandmother here. My friends and i just LOVE Adam…Its all been said in the posts above. Hes one of a kind andthe nicest person. His music takes us to places we havent been in years. I danced with my 9 year old grandson listening to him!!! That with a bad knee that needs surgery!! No one since Elvis has it like Adam…I just cant wait for the AI tour to be over so he can work on an album. I so enjoyed all his songs from the past he brought to life once again. Hes truley moved many people my age…….The word talented doesnt do him justice..He should be discribed as something so much more…Hes unique! I just love what he brings to my life…JOY!

  83. AdamAddict says:

    I’m 32 and seriously mad in love with Adam. My niece(8) and nephew (7)knew that because I can’t stop talking about him. When I said I’m going to marry no one else accept Adam,I think they believe it.LOL!! I told them I know Adam and 1 day I’m going to marry him! They’re like “He knows you?”And I said “Nope,I know him.He doesn’t know me!” LOL!!

  84. AmberGlamb says:

    Hi. I’m 47 yrs old Japanese. I’m so glad to get to know Adam in my life. At first I felt a bit embarassed about my addiction to Adam’s performances, interviews and everything. But I don’t feel like that anymore. Somehow Adam’s personality makes me feel comfortable to be his older fan. I think that Adam says it’s ok, it’s ok to love him 🙂 He loves music lovers like him, doesn’t he? Btw, my American friend set up a fan club in my hometown. I’m the youngest member so far.

  85. I’m 53 and am totally taken by this amazing young man. My sons are his age so it feels a little weird but I think we’ve (us old(er) fans) seen a lot of stars come and go and recognize how special Adam is. He is so magnetic personally and so compelling to watch and listen to. I can hardly wait for his CD to come out and hope to see him in concert someday.

  86. Jane416 says:

    Thanks so much for posting this thread, Jeannette! I also share your feelings of awe and wonderment (and those of everyone here) about our obsession with Adam. I am a 56 year old Canadian woman who is TOTALLY under Adam’s spell. I find myself doing things I have NEVER done before – like buying music from iTunes (I have bought EVERYTHING featuring Adam!), subscribing to Adam-related website newsletters and blog updates, reading everything about him I can on the Internet, listening to his music and watching the videos over and over and over again! I painted my baby finger black for the AI finale as a secret show of support. (I have even ordered a few ADAM T-shirts and a coffee mug!! Good Grief! I have NEVER done that!) Can’t get enough!!!

    Like many here, I am old enough to have witnessed and experienced Beatlemania in the 60s and was lucky enough to see The Fab Four at all three of their Toronto concerts. Adam will become THAT iconic – I have no doubt whatsoever! I was one of those pre-teeners screaming for Paul and have to admit that I am experiencing those same feeling now with Adam – only it’s more mature, thoughtful and grounded – just like him!!

    I knew from the first time that I saw him at the audition on AI that Adam would be someone to watch and he drew me in each and every week. Of course it was his SINGING and musical choices that kept me mesmerized and enthralled. (When he hits those high notes, I just lose it! But I also love when he brings the level way down and you feel like he is looking ONLY at you when he gazes into the camera.) Then, I found myself going crazy for his hot, sexy looks (Those eyes! That smile!), his stage presence, confidence, great sense of fashion and “I’m just being true to myself” attitude.

    But there was so much more! I found myself increasingly attracted to his wonderful PERSONALITY. He always displays such warmth, generosity, kindness, patience. I love his infectious laugh and sense of humour and fun about everything he does. His range of emotions is amazing! I realize that I don’t even KNOW the man but I sure feel like I do – such is the power that he has over me and the impact he is having on all of our lives.

    I can tell this whole thing is other-worldly because it hasn’t slowed down a bit since the end of show. As soon as I wake up, I IMMEDIATELY come to this site to see what has been posted and have to admit when I see my Inbox and that the Email is from ADAM LAMBERT my heart skips a beat (Adam is writing to ME!?) LOL! Oh, man, I’ve got it BAAADDD!!

    So, the age thing is weird – I (like most of us here) am older than Adam’s Mother but it’s not solely a SEXUAL thing … (who am I kidding? Of course he has brought out feelings in that department that I haven’t felt in a long time!) But I also want to PROTECT him and keep his best interests at heart – (Are these motherly feelings then? That’s not quite it either, although I would be SO proud if he were my son! Thanks for doing such a fantastic job, Mrs. Lambert!)

    I’m not going to try to analyze it anymore. The fact that he is attracting people across generations, genders and nationalities says it all – Adam Lambert is ABSOLUTELY FABULOUS and that’s all there is to it! I am THRILLED to have been a witness to his rise to fame. He is destined to be a SUPER star and I can’t WAIT to see what he is going to do next. All I know for sure is that I will be there every step of the way. Thank you, Adam, for bringing all of us such JOY! I wish you peace, happiness, luck and love always!

    • Jane, You said it all so well. I too have tried to analyze it and have come up short . There is an element of animal magnatism that just can’t be described or catagorized. It can’t be rationalized or controlled. Just when I see or hear him, heart beats a little faster, blood pressure rises a few points, stomach feels funny and I feel younger and happier.

    • Couldn’t have said it better myself! He has us all…young and old.

  87. Great article Jeanette. I am a 50 year old that too has been bitten by the Adam Lambert bug. My son keeps teasing me about my obsession. My husband can’t believe how much time I spend on the computer. Adam Lambert is the best thing that has happened in a long time.

  88. to the owner/adam lambert fan of this site and post… do you know if adam lambert reads your website and posts and comments from his major fans? please let us know..
    to the remaining adam lambert fans… here is my 2 cents on this fabulous, fantastic artist of a babe called adam lambert.. i am 48 years old young lady who just absolutely, positively, finds him sexy, gorgeous, and so cool!!! this kid can sing like no other! can entertain like no other! and can appeal to the masses of all ages from 15 months to 100 years old… men and women alike.. woohoo! who else has had this unusual kind of attraction since elvis… no one in my book!! adam lambert, i hope and pray for you peace in your surroundings from all the mania out there to get a piece of you!! i pray for you that your family and close ones find serenity when times get tough from the outside pressures.. godspeed to you!

  89. I’m a 46 year old female. I can totally relate to this. I can’t remember the last time I was crazed about a person like I am for Adam. I think people of a certain age are huge fans of his art (besides his looks and extreme sexiness). We know how long it has been since anyone has shown such beautiful voice, range of talent, display of soul and ability to get a crowd in a frenzy simply by stepping on stage. He does have talent that he has developed, but he also has a quality that a person is just born with…charisma. You can feel it in the audience and because he is so so intense,you can feel it through the tv and computer as well. He just reaches out and grabs you…and that’s it!!! Fan forever. We, who now have figured out youtube, itunes, burning cd’s and the like:) All because of Adam. We in the older fan group know an amazing man when we see one and we are so thrilled to have someone who makes us “feel”. Just when you think there’s nothing to get excited or worked up about anymore, along comes Adam Lambert. His life will never be the same (he might be waking up to that realization now). But even more than being fans of Adam as an artist, we care about him as an individual as well. This is something extra. I like Madonna, but I don’t feel any particular protectiveness about her. I think alot of us feel also kind of like a parent to him, so proud to see him make it and also concerned for his well being because we’ve seen what this kind of fame can result in.
    So, Jeanette, thanks a million for this terrific website and your insightful commentaries. Mush appreciated!

  90. ADAAMMM!!! What can I say!!! I am speechless while trying to make sense of everything that is happening to me and my emotions since ADAM. Is this what ‘they’ call “a star strike?” I guess…. but it feels more than just an admiration of a star. I have so much mixed emotions going trough my mind that I can’t explain. I’ve never experienced this in my 30 years of life. I wanna love him as my lover, sometimes I wanna love him and protect him as my child, he makes me happy and fearless, yet he makes me blue……….
    I can’t stop reading about him, I can’t stop listening to him (every morning I walk few miles just listening to him), I can’t stop thinking about him. Is it good or bad? What is happening to me? Am I falling in love? with a gay guy?, or this is just ‘a star strike?…..Whenever I read positive articles or comments about him, it feels like they are talking about me. It gives me joy and nurtures my heart. I have never left comments on anything I’ve read before, but now I can’t stop writing comments about ADAM and express how I feel about him. I feel like I need to be heard…….

    I have this hole in my heart that only ADAM can fill and I CAN’T GET NO SATISFACTION!!!!!!!

    • Betty, I love your energy… but all I can say is, Take a number with alllllll the rest of us… lol I had to pay my co-workers to listen to me talk about Adam because I needed someone to listen to me talk about him… lol they had hoped that after idol was over that I would shut-up.. Not a chance. we are all addicted for life.. love it and enjoy.

  91. Whole lotta love! says:

    I was hoping I wouldn’t be the only ‘older’ (54) fan at the upcoming Idol tour. I was never one to get too excited at concerts back in the day, but I can’t wait to scream, “Adam, we love you!”

  92. Adamwatcher says:

    I too am glad to see that other “mature” women are enthralled with Adam. I am 52 with two kids and a wonderful husband, but have been dawdling away my free time following Adam on the web. I even have a picture up in my cube at work. There are many other 50 somethings at work that enjoy him, but none quite as obsessed as me. Whenever my teenage son finds me on the web again it is “OMG mom!”. Besides his unbelievable talent and looks, the think that really draws me in is his outlook. He always seems so up and cheerful. I have found my self adopting that attitude, and enjoying life more. Pretty sad that my influence is from someone I will never really meet….but whatever works!

    I have downloaded all his performances and worn the CD out. I must admit he is in my fantasties now and then. Oc course, I much younger in those fantasies! Can’t wait for more material, both visual and music. ADAM ROCKS

  93. I am a 51 year old mother of two, my oldest son is the same age as Adam, but because of Adam I feel like a giddy teenager again. I love the feeling and hope it doesnt go away anytime soon. I will be going to the AI concert to see Adam when it comes here to San Diego in July with my 73 year old mother, my best friend who is 49 and my sister who is 47. We will all be dressing up in our wildest rock and roll gear in support of Adam, age be damned!!!!

  94. Cool Article…I am and old,,,,er fan, almost 59 to be exact, and just love this guy. I have to admit, I am one of the ones that has compared him to Elvis, but only because he has that charisma, that IT
    factor that we find irristable, can’t define it, but we know when we see it!. Elvis had it too, I know that when I watch the “68 Comback Special”, he is raw sexuality.. Anyway,back to Adam, he is just so amazing, so cool, savey with the media, seems so nice… I hope we see and hear all kinds of things from him, I will be in line to buy whatever he puts out, maybe even pre-order if I can. If he goes on Broadway at any time, I think he would be awsome as the Phantom, dark and mysterious, but vulnarable. This little old grandma loves you Adam Lambert!

  95. I’m 44 and a mom of a 14 year daughter who thinks I’m the same age as her and thinks I’m nuts!!! She says I’m horny!!! Well, with Adam how can’t you NOT be horny!!! BTW, my boyfriend thinks I’m totally losing it!!!! I’ve got Adam on my desktop and I am on the laptop every single second of the day watching all his performances, news, gossip, threads, fan sites!!. Am I losing it?? Hell yes, but in a good way!!!

    Go Adam!!!!

    Adam, you are a GOD SEND!!!!

  96. bobkitten says:

    Professional, married, Christian – and have the hots for Adam Lambert. Where did this come from??? My best friend understands, and feels the same way. My poor husband doesn’t get it. My computer desktop has become a shrine to Adam.
    I remember Elvis, and he didn’t do it for me. I remember hearing people who are older (my age now!) talking about sex, and it creeped me out. Now I know that it feels just the same to lust after someone when you’re 55 as it did when you were 15.
    I am looking forward to following Adam’s career!

  97. ebonyandivory says:

    I’m a 66-year-old female,born-again christian, fairly conservative, married, grandma and addicted to Adam. I remember Elvis’ rise and fall (too, too soon). I wasn’t one of those frenzied fans of his but I remember the craziness that he engended in so many. And I recall the absolute aversion that many of the older generation had toward him with his swivel hips (“Elvis the pelvis”) and his music (“sent by the Devil”). Adam’s effect on us reminds me so much of those days. We have those like me who love him and those who hate him. Personally I love all the qualities that the above posts have praised—-his humbleness and politeness, his fantastic talent and voice that can soar and take us along for the ride or lull us into a soft place in our hearts, his physical beauty and masculinity, his little-boy quality that makes us care and want to protect him. At the beginning, I also felt a guiltiness because of my age. I thought that everyone would think I was stupid for having a ‘crush’ on this beautiful young man. In fact, I had all the symptoms of that ‘crush’ and I realized that I was still alive. But now I see that I’m not the only one. I think that this has happened to all us ‘older folk’ because we yearned for a beautiful music in our lives, something to make us feel alive and feel like there’s still pleasure in being alive. Adam has gifted us with that feeling. But he is so multi-talented that his charisma also relates to all generations and genders. Adam, please, please stay true to yourself and your beliefs, stay close to your loving family and fans. I truly want your career to be spectacular. Use your brilliance in choosing great songs. Give us memories.

  98. I think I beat all of you–I’m nearly 70 but I adore Adam. I listen to his music while I’m on the computer and marvel at what he can do with his voice. Amazing the emotion he shows and the notes he hits. And, when I watched IDOL, I loved how he took over the stage. PLEASE, I want an album soon!

  99. mdegraffen says:

    I’m 59, will be 60 in Aug, and I adore Adam. I’ve always been partial to younger men, my boyfriend is 11 years younger. The first time I saw Adam on AI, I was entranced. I was a fan of glam rock the first time around and I love that he brings that element. It’s time to wake people up and get them out of their soft rock comas!

  100. Wow! I love this! Thanks Jeanette for the opportunity to share our love for Adam on this site. I thought I was one of only a few my age(54) who has gone gaga over this incredible guy. I can’y get enough of him…I’m online constantly getting my Adam fix. It just shows how talented and genuine he is that love for him transcends age, gender and music interests. Can’t wait to see him on tour in Aug! My 50 year old sis-in-law is going with me.

  101. songwriter4adam says:

    I am a 50-something year-old totally in love with a 27-year-old named…ADAM LAMBERT. I find it both utterly ridiculous and yet completely glorious. I haven’t been so excited about a performer since the Beatles came to America in 1964. That event was life-changing for me. Somehow Adam as recaptured that excitement for me and so he has, in effect, recaptured the excitement of my youth.

    Yikes, that sounds ponderous! But seriously, I think he’s great. My songwriting partner and I are so inspired we are hard at work on our first song to pitch to Adam. HE INSPIRES ME!

    I just hope and pray that he doesn’t go in the direction of the earlier screaming indie rock he did previously (all dressed up like David Bowie). I also hope and pray he doesn’t go in the direction of the god-awful mushy pop like “No Boundaries” – I defy anyone out there to even hum a few bars, it’s so totally unmemorable. I would also not like to see him go into the pure electronica environment where his voice might be over-processed.

    I am so glad he is going to do different genres and that’s one superstar I would not like to see pigeon-holed.

    We who are a certain age love and I mean absolutely love some of the covers he does. Think of it everyone. So many of the same old songs we’ve heard for decades could be made fresh again by Adam. Jeez, I never even liked Led Zeppelin but I LOVED Adam’s “Whole Lotta Love”.

    As Paula said, Adam is a “Whole Lotta Perfect”. Thank you, Paula! I couldn’t have said it better myself!

  102. Canadian says:

    I’m a celibate male and in my mid-40’s who meditates most mornings. This posting and ALL it’s comments here have been read and thoroughly enjoyed !

    It’s SO therapeutic to come across this thread and feel like it’s okay to say OUT LOUD that Adam Lambert has re-ignited my love of music again ( the only cds I’ve bought in the past decade are by Kate Bush and Little Big Town ). The last time I went to a live concert was in the 90’s ( Tori Amos, Aerosmith and Pink Floyd ).

    I won’t get too “analytical” about why he lifts my / our spirits here but will JUST ENJOY and appreciate the fact that our Adam is actually WILLING to do the job of being a steady inspiration in our lives now …

    He’s filling a deep void that has long needed to be filled …
    he’s like a twin-flamed angel who has volunteered to do a job that no one else was willing or capable to do …

    he’s brave to be himself in a contradictory world that feeds you platitudes to be true to yourself yet dumps B-S on you as soon as you ARE true to yourself.

    People say the Mayan, Vedic and Tibetan calendars end in 2012 and the planet will begin a new cosmic and spiritual cycle afterwards –
    sometimes I speculate Adam is one of many who ( at some level ) incarnated here on this planet to see us through these last dark days of overpopulation and overpollution into a new galactic age where love and light dominate for a change .
    ( Or, at least, he inspires such hope in me I should probably say Instead . )

    LOVE what you’re doing and the way you go about it , Adam Lambert !

  103. I enjoyed and agreed with all the above messages. I am 59, and have always watched American Idol. This is the first year, I got so emotionally involved with Adam Lambert. I spent hours calling in to vote for him and cried when he did not get the title, he so deserved. I have joined fan sites, which Ihave never done before, and read everything that comes along on him. I purchased all his videos, his movie “The Ten Commandments, the Musical” and his songs from itunes. . I have liked some artists in the past, but never any one I became so almost obsessed with. Adam is the “total package” and a delight to watch. I think he has done better than some of the big name singers when he did their songs. Adam is a smart guy, and I think he will take the industry by storm. I expect to see and hear great things from Adam Lambert in all he does. I personally cannot wait until he puts out a cd, and will be in line to get mine.

  104. WindyAdamLambert says:

    Hey! Hi!

    I am 54 years old, I live in Montréal Canada a french city, so pardon me for my bad english.

    Oky about Adam Lambert, jeezzz his so unique, with his amazing , powerfull, rock softly, and same time so tender voice…I really love this young guy’s , I regret to not have a 30 years old and born has a guy lolllllllll joking…because I try to flirt him lolll.

    No seriously, I love his voice, his magnific bleue eyes, his beautiful smile and all the package. He seem so generious, so humble and if he comes in Montréal City for a concert, I will go to see him no matters how much the tickets cost.

    I buy in iTunes all his songs Studio Version and all his video performances, and registerd all his songs in TV to with all juges comments. I go to bed with my MP3 and I sleep with his beautiful songs to ( A Change is Gonna Come) my God! How he sang this song with the bleues with his beautiful voice…for me it is my favorit and( Whole Lotta Love), his so sexy when he sang this song, I see a little bit Elvis but more I see Adam the unique beautiful young guy’s.

    So, we are many to love Adam and appreciat his talent, I think he have all genre of age who love him like Elvis to 7 years old at 90 years old.. I would like his mother , I think I will adopt him loll.

  105. WindyAdamLambert says:

    I would tell I have 54 years old and not I am lollll sorry for my mistakes,

    Jocelyne. B.

  106. FrankInTally says:

    I’m a Vietnam era veteran county music loving country boy and the last person anyone would expect to be an Adam fanatic. My friends and family think I’ve lost my mind. Anyway, nice to see there are a few guys in this group as well. I was beginning to think I was the only one. I think it’s great that a talent like Adam comes along and gives all of us “recycled teenagers” with different backgrounds a common point of agreement.

  107. FrankInTally says:

    I haven’t read all of the comments here but have seen many references to Elvis. While their voices and music are not similar Adam does kind of remind me of a young Elvis in appearance when he combs his hair back. What does remind me of Elvis is that Adam is controversial and has potential to affect music live Elvis did. Those of you who are old enough may remember many parents and especially grandparents thinking Elvis was the devil incarnate. At least it was like that down south. In fact, if you remember, they would not show him from his waist down on the Ed Sullivan show because of the way he would gyrate his hips.

  108. I am like so many of you, an older woman who has become captivated by Adam Lambert. I feel like a teenager in love. I couldn’t wait for AI each week so I filled my time watching his performances over and over again on my DVR and on Utube. I talked non stop about any and all things Adam to my husband, son, friends, nieces, and nephews. Once I unleashed Adam to their eyes they were in admiration as well. I have three great tickets to the July 7th AI Concert and haven’t decided who gets to be the lucky two to join me in witnessing Adam Lambert’s greatness in person. I had never purchased itunes before but did have an ipod that my son had loaded some music onto for me. Because of my obsession with Adam I have learned to get the music myself and believe me I have purchased every song and video available of “MY American IDOL”. I do still go on Utube to hear the music not available elsewhere and just hope that itunes hurries up and gets everything and anything Adam has ever sung so I can buy that too. I have NEVER felt this way about a performer before, even though I am a huge fan of a wide variety of music. Adam has the charisma and vocal talent that will make him an international superstar and possesses the heart & soul of a man who captivates us all. Luckily my husand loves Adam too and totally indulges me in my NEW CRUSH….

  109. So many of us…ahem, older ladies, experiencing the joy we thought we lost in our day to day…remembering the music, the way it was woven into our lives in our younger days. But that something Adam brings is far more than a dance with our youthful exuberance. Yes, he grabs us with those eyes, and yes, those HIPS. But the physical rush is nothing compared with the smile, the demeanor…Adam touches our souls with humility and kindness.

    The most amazing thing is how much hope Adam brings to those who have been suffering and in pain. People struggling with physical disability or illness, others with depression and many, like myself who having experienced loss and trauma, had forgotten how to smile, we all find ourselves smiling again, feeling again, and allowing the pleasure of hearing Adam sing, dance and laugh to help us forget the sorrow and pain in our lives.

    My favorite Adam video is when he is “krumping”. My daughter Ashley was just as crazy and joyful Adam. She “krumped” all the time around the house, often for now reason at all, except she was happy. We lost her nearly two years ago to kidney disease and the despair of losing the funny beautiful girl that made me laugh was the end of the music in our house. When I saw Adam krumping, I had to watch over and over again. And my heart responded, as I realized that experiencing another person’s primal joy is one of life’s greatest blessings. Reading your comments brings tears to my eyes, so happy am I to be apart of the lovefest that is being a fan Adam Lambert.

    So thank you Adam, thank you Adamaniacs, Glamberts, Adam Bombs, all the Adam fans everywhere for sharing your joy so that I could again experience it, and my own.

  110. 6l and smitten. I have trouble concentrating on things in “the real world.” Help.

  111. I am 55 and I love Adam. There would have been no American Idol this year if not for Adam and Allison, love her voice also. My 69 year old best friend Wanda loves him too! GO ADAM!!! Waiting for great things from you Adam!

  112. I have no idea what is with this Adam guy and me, but since day one i felt a connection to this man like never before. Couldn’t wait for Tues. and Wed. and now that he isn’t on those nights anymore, I am sick. And I am older too. I am 61 with two boys. One 25 the other 34. amazing the charisma Adam has and how he can cover all ages with his wonderful soul.

  113. MyBoyAdam says:

    Yep, 49 here. At first I felt like the odd one out being such an ardent fan at my age but soon learned that I’m in good company with others. It’s really neat. We are all having the same sort of experience and what a great place to share.

  114. Hi jeanette!

    I think Adam is much more self-aware than Elvis and (other hugely talented) figures he’s been compared to – and thats what we need these days -and thats one thing that appeals greatly to audiences today because we are all getting a little more self aware!

    I appreciate the insights of older fans because many of them have a depth and complexity to them and they really perceive deeply into Adam’s attraction!

    I’m glad you are running this site!

  115. bluedog says:

    This is a copy of a post I put on the OAL site… just wanted to included it here too!

    An 89 year old Mom’s reaction!

    My folks are the best… I remember them deliberately sitting down and listening to The Beatles, The Rolling Stones, even Janis Joplin & Led Zeppelin… just because they wanted to try and “get” what I was listening to! They loved The Beatles… their lyrics and their music! I was so proud of them… and my friends were much impressed!

    Today, running errands with my Mom… now 89… I asked to her sit in the car with me and listen to Adam’s studio versions of his songs. She has never watched American Idol… never heard him sing. We sat, saying nothing, just letting his music wash over us until the end of “Feelin’ Good” when she touched my arm. I turned to see tears glistening in her eyes & she said, “We must do what we can to help him to be successful and we must do what we can to help him to stay safe!”

    A little astonished I said, “All we can really do is to buy his music and send tons of positive energy his way!” In a determined voice she answered, “Then that’s exactly what we shall do!”

    I am so proud of her and I’m reminded, once again, that something pretty powerful is going on here! Adam sings… and people are touched… and touched deeply. The “Adam Effect” is a very exciting thing to feel and to witness!

  116. The common thread, the thing that we all sense, is a deep appreciation of something that comes along only once in a great while. It moves us, it enriches us, it speaks to our souls. There is nothing greater than to be lifted to a higher place through the sheer enjoyment of a great talent. The fact that Adam’s fans span generations and include people from such varying backgrounds is part of the phenonema. We are, after all is said and done, made of the same fiber and we all know that we are witnessing a star being born. Pretty incredible.

  117. AdamFan52 says:

    I have to laugh at these postings…. I am so “in step” with so many of you!! I have not been this excited about a singer since I was in high school….. many many years ago. He just has that special “it” quality and I wish him absolutely the BEST! I was fortunate enough to see a lot of great concerts in the 60’s and 70’s…. and Adam Lambert gives me the same excited feeling. I am so looking forward to “his” Idol tour and I am taking my 78 yr old mother who is just as excited to go!

    I wish the paparazzi would get a grip and I hope the weird experiences he is having with them doesn’t jade him or make him change his great personality.

  118. Glambert #
    Maria(Heartlion) Buenos Aires, ARG

    I’m 48 yo, and I like music so much because it is as a balsam for my soul, but when I notice the Adam’s presence in american Idol contest it was like a recognition that something else was coming with him, and it was’nt wrong! It was not just the singing issue, was the whole presence!! Since that moment my quiet world becames so atracted to everything coming from Adam. He rocked my world!! And something else…I feel attraction for women, so until now I cannot explain with words what is my fascination about him…I guess I would like to be like him, look like him, be sexy as he is,… hehehe…well anybody can dream…

  119. TerBear11 says:

    A 52yr. old fan here. I hadn’t really spent a whole lot of time involved with AI before this season, a vote here or there, a few songs purchased from iTunes, but this season and Adam Lambert changed everything. I bought all his songs and performances. I spent hours voting. I have spent hours online looking at anything Adam related and listen to him on my iPod everyday. My daughters are in their early 20s and they both think I am crazy. I just look at them and smile. Adam seems to be such a beautiful person inside and out and really touches my heart!

  120. I am lmao as I read all these comments……. I’m soooooo far down the line that I’m afraid no one will ever be reading this unless they are willing to read through 3 hrs of all the top comments.. I too am in my mid 50’s and can’t believe how many of us are in that age bracket.. ( the baby boomers) At age 27, I wonder what Adam would think of so many of us ( older people ) that love the heck out of him.. I laugh at how fun and crazy all of us are in letting Adam become a drug to us with his talent and character and the sweetest smile on earth… If we really are in need of rehab, just think how we could boost this sluggest economy with the construction of hundred of much needed rehab centers !.. There are just too many of us for the ones already in existence. As a person who has never had a drug in her life, I welcome my craving of Adam Lambert.. A big hug to all of you for the fun we all share.. Thank you and Thank you Adam.. We all love you.. So don’t worry about just having fans of our age, the world will grow to love you too.. WE older folks are just smarter than the younger ones.. lol they will follow soon.. Rock on !!

  121. 54 Forever says:

    Adam has captured my attention much the way Johnny Depp has…pure genius…the way they are able to bring such captivating, passionate and sexy characters to the public is such a gift. Adam is a one of a kind vocal performer that is able to draw his audience in with his diverse theatrical ability leaving his fans only one option…to watch him again and again and again…each time hoping to figure out just exactly what it is about his stage presence that brings us back time one more time…just wondering, how many times have you watched Mad World, or anyone of his other performances you searched the internet to find? On another note…one which only those of us in this age group can truly appreciate…I trust your nuturing nature is dying inside watching Adam make some unfortunate and unfair missteps with the the media…we are in it for the long run ladies…we watched him grow up before our eyes on AI…we will now watch him grow up in front of the Mad World of the media. As Barbara Streisand sings “If I could, I would try to shield your innocence from time…I’ve watched you grow so I could let you go…If only we could Adam…we love you and wish you well…continue to stay true to yourself!

  122. it is just ridiculous how much i have in common with so many of you…just turned 56, totally proud of being an adam fan. yes, we are “recycled teenagers”, re-energized and once again passionate about our music. i am not a fan of reality shows but thank god for AI for bringing us a once- in- a- lifetime experience like adam.

    NOW is adam’s time and place and i hope he will be able to handle what fame will throw at him. i am being selfish because i want to enjoy his music for years to come.

    i salute you all (glambs, adamaniacs, skanks, glamberts, etc. etc. etc.) and look forward to many happy hours of sharing this space and all the adamadness. thanks, jeanette.

  123. AllaboutAdam says:

    At 49, I thought I was the oldest female on earth that had such a reaction to Adam…it’s good to know there are others out there that have not only excellent taste in music, but an attraction to this man who has won the hearts of so many who have never even met him…I’m here because from the first time he opened his mouth to sing, I was hooked as you all were… from the first time I heard him speak, getting a glimpse of his heart and soul, I was inspired…I don’t want to miss one moment of history in the making…how often do we get that opportunity? to be completely aware that a legend is in the making and you witnessed it all from the very beginning? … furthermore, as time goes on, and the Idol-mania wears off, and we see more and more of him in various situations, I grow even more impressed with him…when I see him being slandered or harassed, I actually FEEL for him… when I see him being praised, I’m proud of him, because he’s worthy of everything good that comes his way…i believe him when he says he’s an honest person…honesty being #1 if you ask me…it’s this that makes him genuine and easy to love…we’re in for a wonderful journey with Adam… one that will continue to amaze us, bring us to tears, inspire us, and bring out the best in us… THAT is what Adam is all about… and as the future unfolds, he will not disappoint us…I’m sure of it.

  124. Adam Lambert has created a musical bond between me and my 19 year old daughter and my husband!
    It’s amazing that we are all in agreement how great Adam is, but our musical tastes vary greatly otherwise.

  125. Wow!
    I’m cracking up reading all of these posts.
    Long live the “Adamelders!”
    (Adam fans who don’t have a one, two or three before their age, but are diehard anyway.)
    ***You’ll find more of my “Lambertisms” at the end of this post.***
    Recently, I started a blog at the urging of all of my friends, who loved my brief posts about Adam on Twitter and Facebook. So here’s a copy of the first post I wrote, which fits very well into this thread.

    “Lambert Love”
    So sooorrry, myyy haaand iss shaaaking as I tyyype thiiis bloggg…
    It must be withdrawal! You see, I suffer from “Lambertoxication,” the uncontrollable urge to overindulge in anything having to do with American Idol’s, Adam Lambert.
    (I have a hangover right now!)

    Yes, the American Idol finale is over and done with and frontrunner and rock’n roll golden boy (a.k.a. “Rock’n roll God”) Adam Lambert took home the silver after losing the Idol title to underdog and All-American, wholesome crooner Kris Allen.

    The artists split nearly 100 million votes between them with Allen coming out on top. But did he?
    CNN’s Larry King Live, Entertainment Weekly, Rolling Stone, Billboard, MTV, Los Angeles Times, New York Daily News and the New York Times; every media outlet on the planet is covering the finale fallout and Lambert is getting as much, if not more, coverage then Allen, which – while very exciting and well-deserved – is continuing to exacerbate my addiction.

    Yes! I’m a “Glambert,” “Adamsel,” and “Adamsomniac,” to name just a few of my “Lambertisms.” My addiction would not be a big deal if I was a pimple-faced, preteen American Idol groupie. The fact that I am a 39-year-old, professional woman, who – until this year – never watched a season of American Idol in my life, is what makes this very bizarre.

    What do I mean when I say addicted?

    * I planted myself on the sofa every Tuesday and Wednesday night to watch the show live because my TiVo accidentally cut off one of Lambert’s performances when a show ran long.

    * I dialed in Lambert’s voter number at the end of each show for two hours on both my home phone and my cell phone so he wouldn’t land in the bottom three.

    * I’d post Lambert video clips, articles and other links on my Facebook page and I tweeted comments during the live shows. (My Facebook and Twitter friends think I’ve completely lost my mind.)

    * I caved in and signed up on the American Idol web site to get Lambert updates and exclusive info.

    * I went online to the ‘Official Adam Lambert Dictionary’ site to add “Lambertisms” to the growing list. (“Lambertoxication” is one of my originals. See more at the end of this entry.)

    * I went to iTunes and paid $.99 a song to download all of Lambert’s studio singles from the show. (OK, that’s a lie. I didn’t order his version of Black & White by Michael Jackson because I can’t stand Jackson’s music and I couldn’t give in – even for Adam.)

    The truth is I have not been this excited about a rock star since my teenage days when I was obsessed with Duran Duran. (I have @ 100 DD pins that I still own and proudly wear when they come in concert.) In my college years, Trent Reznor and Nine Inch Nails took over my rock repertoire – and my musical heart – and have remained there to this day. (The fact that Lambert has been compared to Reznor has not escaped my attention and only adds to my addiction.)

    So what’s the big deal and why should anyone (I mean – everyone) care about Adam Lambert?
    My answer is simple. When was the last time that a rock star had so much buzz and appealed to every generation across the board? Lambert has been compared to Elvis. He’s also been compared to Jim Morrison, Robert Plant, Steven Tyler, Mick Jagger, Axl Rose and Freddie Mercury, which is why I practically went into convulsions when Lambert performed with Queen during the Idol finale. OH MY GOD!

    OK, it was a duet with Allen, but folks, let’s be serious here, Adam TORE IT UP!
    And then there was Adam’s solo set with KISS. Oh my, convulsions galore!

    I couldn’t help but crack up the day after the finale when my email inbox was inundated with messages from concerned friends who wanted to make sure I hadn’t slit my wrists after the show.
    “Uh, people,” I responded en mass on my networking pages. “Adam sang with KISS and QUEEN! Do you really think I’m that upset that he didn’t win the Idol title? I’m still high from his performances – and I’m also rejoicing at the fact that public radio will not be playing Adam singing that horrid finale anthem, ‘No Boundaries,’ which the Idol winner is required to sing. (So sorry Kris.) It’s all good, people!

    Now, I anxiously await the end of Lambert’s Idol obligations. (The top 10 contestants start their summer tour on July 5. No stop in Denver, of course. Actually, no stop in Colorado at all. Whatever!) I also anxiously await the release of Lambert’s freshman album, which the singer promises will be out before the end of the year. Yippie!

    Meanwhile, I’ll try to kick my addiction – or at least limit my consumption – but, it will be a struggle and I hope all of my family and friends will help me through this difficult time. Oh, who am I kidding? My Lambert stash is well-stocked for quite some time.
    No intervention necessary!

    Besides, the summer reality season started and I have The Bachelorette and So You Think You Can Dance to satisfy my weekly pop culture fix.

    My “Lambertisms”
    Lambertalert – The alarm that goes off right before Adam performs.
    Lamberepublican – Republican Adam fans. (Like me.)
    Adammitt – Like G-D dammit. When something goes wrong on Idol pertaining to Adam. (I.e., when the show ran long and Adam’s performance was cut off for fans who TiVo the show.)
    Adamotion – Emotions felt by Adam fans.
    Adamated – Adam’s animated facial expressions when he performs.
    Adamiffed – How miffed Adam fans felt when he wound up in the bottom three.
    Lambertantrum – The fit Adam fans threw after the American Idol finale.
    Lambertemper – See Lambertantrum.
    Lambertickled – The butterfly feelings in your stomach when Adam performs.
    Lambertoxicated – When Adam just makes you dizzy.
    Adamerriment – The happiness we feel when Adam sings.
    Adamad – Admitting we’ve all lost our minds over Adam.
    Adamaster – Adam’s masterful singing skills.
    Adamarvelous – He’s just marvelous!
    Adamelders – Adam fans who don’t have a one, two or three before their age, but are diehard Adam fans nonetheless, just like the young ones. (I’m 39; almost an elder!)
    Adame – (Like Dame) Mature Adam fans.
    Madam – (See a-dame) Mature Adam fans.
    Adamommy – Moms who love Adam.
    Adamondo – Anything as huge as Adam’s talent.

    • Hey Dahla….oh girl, I hear you on this “Adamania” ( is that a new word for your list?…pretty self-explanatory, dontcha think???…LOL!!!), and my life pretty much parallels yours!!!….Tuesday nights, butt on the sofa, eyes glued to the TV, watching a show I NEVER watched till now, shushing anyone who dared to make a noise when he was on ….and all the while, I am thinking “Am I losing it here, going crazy for this fabulous young man who has such HUGE magnetism and talent, that I am “Adamesmerized” (ooh, another word for the list!!!) every time he sings?”…..
      …..and so here I sit today, absolutely delighted to find sooooo many women in my 50’s age group, who all feel EXACTLY like I do…’s absolutely incredible that his appeal has crossed over to age groups that usually don’t go ga-ga over new artists these days, cos we have left our teen emotions and reactions back in the past…..TILL NOW!!!…..he rejuvenates me with everything he does, he’s exciting, fresh and so “Adamazingly” (#3 word!!!) talented, that you can’t help but watch him and adore him, and to top it all off, he seems like such a lovely boy…..
      ……because of all the bashing he is getting about the gay thing, I think he brings out the momma bear in me as well, protecting her cub from being hurt at all costs…..hey, I was even inspired to fire off a letter to Rolling Stone mag, giving them hell for their focus on him “coming out” and they will have the scoop on it in their next edition….um…..I thought they were a music magazine?…..or has their format changed to be reporting on the gay scene????……c’mon, people, I mean, what’s the important thing here, anyway???…..exactly……HIS MUSIC!!!!……
      ….. so, Jeanette, you are soooooo not alone on this addiction….judging by these responses, you are in TONS of company….and really, when you think about it, what is wrong with it?…..nothing at all, no reason we can’t appreciate talent wrapped up in a gorgeous package…..and I can’t wait to see the different cross-section of fans that will show up at his solo concerts….all us ladies are truly a force to be reckoned with, and I think Adam will be amazed at the number of us in this age group that will be there, supporting him all the way!!!!!

  126. honowoowoo says:

    And here I was thinking that perhaps they should do a study because what the heck was I at age 50 doing … googling his name everyday and watching his pre-idol and AI performances … just seem to never get enough of this talent! Like you, I was finding more and more fans like me “the older” crowd; bought his T-Shirts; declaring MY idol to everyone at work that would listen! I AM NORMAL!! I’m okay!! The grace that this young man showed on finale night was a lesson to me … I was so sad and angry … and here this young man at 27, displayed the maturity and personna of CLASS. Love him, love him, love him … thanks for letting me know that I’m really okay!

  127. It seems like we each thought we were the only older ones secretly obsessed with this amazing man. It feels so good to know we have so many sisters (and brothers) who are equally obsessed. I have to check online each night, no matter how busy I am to see if there is any Adam news. I scan magazine racks hoping for a picture or a mention on a cover. My 14 year old daughter tells me “hands off my future husband, Mom”. I’ve tried to explain to her it’s not the same puppy-love infatuation she’s feeling. I’m a happily married mom of 3. Sure, he’s incredibly gorgeous. Sure, his eyes could melt you. Sure, when those soft lips turn up into a smile it just makes my stomach do flip-flops. Sure, when he wears those tight pants……ahem…never mind. I’m so excited to see the beginning of a career of someone like Adam. Someone who is on his way to becoming a legend. Adam is definitely going places. He has the whole world in front of him and can choose to do whatever will make him happy. I know he will succeed in whatever he chooses.

  128. Good one yet again, Jeanette!!! Yes a lot of us are older women and funny that, teachers also. I think we are the group that never ever left off enjoying pop music (and other genres) since we left our teens. I have never stopped and often watch our Cdn version of MTV just to ‘keep up’ with what the kids are listening to… I do like Katy Perry and Lady Ga ga, new to me till Adam’s AI comment and that show.

    I think we feel rather protective and possessive of him, like a mom or an ‘auntie’ or a teacher would… that does not mean to say we don’t lust after him as well, ha ha!

    Did you notice his mom’s rocker chick outfit on the last night and how she got up and moved to the groove? I read that his dad was a college DJ, he sure comes by his talents and comfort in any musical area honestly.

  129. Kat4Adam says:

    You have all said it so beautifully. I will be 60 next week and I haven’t had this feeling in the pit of my soul since the Beatles. Not even then did I want to hear and read anything and everything about them. I can’t get enough of him.
    I have taped the last 2 weeks performances on my office TV because my husband erased the others.
    He felt that you’ve already seen them. What he doesn’t know is that I have watched them over and over.(just the Adams performances) The finale was with out a doubt the best thing I’ve ever seen on TV let alone AI. AI has never had this much of a following and it’s because of Adam. I would get butterflies when the show would start just wondering what he would sing. He never did disappoint us. He is so polite, kind and has this very special way of just being comfortable, no matter who was in his presence. He knew just what to say to the judges and was silent when he was criticized, taking it all in account. At the end when it got to Paula, he said “hello beautiful”. He knows how to say just the right thing and he’s the only one on the show that did.
    I have said this before but I will say it again. His every best sexual move on the show was at the end of the song “Beth”. He did that raising of the eyebrow and looked right in the camera. SO sexy.
    And his performance with Kiss was fabulous!!! I too will follow him wherever this journey takes him.
    I am getting an I Pod Touch for my “60th” so I could play his music and also watch him. I have two grown sons and Daughter in Laws and one grandson and they would laugh at me (not my grandson Sean) if they knew how Adam has made me feel so alive and excited about each new day. I am looking forward to more songs and when he has a live performance I will be there. I’m not going to the AI tour. Just not interested in ANYONE except Adam! So glad we have this site and others to hear that I am NOT alone….I miss Tuesdays and Weds…

    • honowoowoo says:

      Me too! I asked my 25 year old daughter which Ipod, Iphone thingy would allow me to download his iTunes music and performances. I want to be able to see and hear anything Adam. So, I won’t be waiting for my birthday (August) … 4 more paychecks and I’ll be “gifting” myself! 🙂

  130. ebonyandivory says:

    I know no one will have the patience to read this far in the comments but I have to say that there HAS to be a name for this psychological effect Adam is having on all us older folk. What IS IT?

    As with so many of you , I had never done so many things that I do now–haunting music stores, buying fan mags, buying music from itunes, looking for the next “Rolling Stone ” mag to appear (NEVER read it before), being on computer every chance I get, etc.

    Even Elvis didn’t effect me this way. I was young and didn’t realize how special he was. Now I am able to realize that a person like Adam (or Elvis) doesn’t come along very often. I think that has a lot to do with the fact that we feel a ‘protectiveness’ toward him. We have seen what can happen to the special gift that was Elvis and we don’t want society’s crudeness to kill that fantabulous person named Adam.

    Adam has his own unique style and I’m not saying that he and Elvis are alike I’m using Elvis as an example because I feel that there has never (at least, in my lifetime) been anyone else to compare Adam to.

    Bluedog left comments that really tugged at my heartstrings. I wish that my mother were still alive to hear Adam sing and to see his soul. She would love him too!

    • I don’t know if there is a legitimate term for the psychological effect that Adam is having on us; (although I’m sure it’s coming soon).
      Here are a few of my suggestions:
      Adamotion – Emotions felt by Adam fans.
      Lambertickled – The butterfly feelings in your stomach when Adam performs.
      Lambertoxicated – When Adam just makes you dizzy.
      Adamerriment – The happiness we feel when Adam sings.
      And my favorite: Adamad – Admitting we’ve all lost our minds over Adam.
      – Dahlia

  131. I am 51 years young and below is my response to one of the other articles on Adam.

    A new cocktail has been launched, globally! One which is new, fresh, spicy, deep, unparalleled, gorgeously packaged, tantalizing, organic, orgasmic, intoxicating and definitely addictive! …and the cocktail is … tara … ADAM LAMBERT! Adam, you are a beautiful free spirit! The messages you communicate through song, are powerful, inspiring, thought- provoking … and I get you. I hope you have a world tour in your plans as I would be humbled to see you live. Will probably have to take Rescue Remedy before attending your concert, but I am willing to take the risk.

    Adam’s uniqueness does not only come through in his music but many musicians rely on an image consultant. Adam does not need one. He presents a fresh image that he adapts to the various genres and pulls it off because he dares to go where others fear to tread. The dark nail polish, eyeliner is balanced with a very sensitive, caring spirit and the message I get is , “Do not judge people just because of what you see, because if choose to look deeper, you’ll find the beauty within”. Adam is a deep thinker and challenges those who stereotype and subtly makes them aware of their shallowness (HENCE THEIR DISCOMFORT), although they probably will not admit it. Adam embraces diversity in a most unorthodox way – BRILLIANT! MORE THAN JUST A MUSIC ICON, A CATALYST FOR CHANGE (profoundly perceptive & receptive), whose gift to us emanates from a spirit that is compelling and intense!

  132. It seems alot of you are comparing him to elvis.He has said one of his favorites is David Bowie. If you read books on Bowie.Bowie set himself up in image,s of different direction,s over the year,s. alot of theatric,s.I believe Adam has done alot of studting different individuel,s. just like Bowie.He is a little bit of it all. I believe he also studyied Elvis.I also believe he has his own style made from all the studying of different charactors. Im 57 I listen to him every day. He is great as you all say.He takes us back to 1970.where all this was happening only to disapear over thee year,s. and now it,s back,cant wait for his first him.Can you imagine different charator,s all rolled into one?Amazing.

  133. Hi everyone,

    I’m a 52 year old women and I’m enjoying this conversation! My 87 year old mother loves Adam too! I agree with all the posts, I love Adam’s self-assurance, kindness, physical presence, musical genious….and much, much, more! I also wonder what might be happening at a “vibrational” level through his music to affect us so profoundly. Experiments by Ernst Chladni (1756-1827), a German musician and physicist who is often referred to as the “father of acoustics” demonstrate the relation between sound, vibration, and physical matter. I saw these experiments done last summer when I was in Seattle. You sprinkle sand on an elevated brass plate, then run a violin bow across it. (I forget the details of the expeiment but definitely remember the results.) The vibrations create these amazing patterns with the sand that demonstrate the impact of sound at a physical level. I don’t have a lot of knowledge in this area, so used Wicki to help me get my thoughts out, but seeing the the experiment in person was really amazing. What beautiful patterns is Adams music creating?

    The work of Dr. Masaru Emoto is interesting too. He demonstrates the impact of thoughts, words, and music on water. Do a search and check out some of his photos of water crystals…I bought his books…they are amazing…water exposed to dark thoughts, negative language, and violent music have distorted or no crystal patterns. Water exposed to positive thoughts and language, classical or soothing music (Adam’s amazing vocal qualities???) create these stunningly beautiful crystal patterns….the thinking goes….since we are 98% water….what impact does sound/ positive thinking have on us at a cellular level? I’d love to find a way to do these experiments with Adam’s music and see what crystals are created.

  134. Amen, I thought I was alone and would have to hide in the closet myself. I am 68 and female, and Adam ahs really brought me back to life entertainment wise. I had lost faith, with all the rap and hip-hop, thought I’d never see the day when a performer could excite me again. Adam didn’t appear “safe” to all those voting tweenies, but he will have one heck of a career.

  135. I’m not a full generation older than Adam, but I still consider myself old(er). At 39, I suppose I could have been his babysitter at some point (if not his mother). My love for him is definitely non-sexual; I mean, I think he’s super-sexy, but I’ve never really related to him in that way… Okay, so one thing I keep wondering is: am I going to be obsessed with him FOREVER? Seriously, I feel like my complete and total obsession is almost troubling at this point… Hours searching the internet for pictures and videos when I should be working or paying attention to the *real* people in my life. I don’t get it! I’m really not one to become so starstruck. I mean, on some level my own behavior makes me laugh, but there’s also a sadness to this. As much as I adore him and believe that my life is better for his existence, I also think that this hunger to know more and more about him must have some deeper meaning that I can’t figure out. Does anyone else have this reaction to him? Like joy plus sadness? The source of the joy is obvious – Adam is a magical, precious, beautiful, wonderful creature (tee hee) – but the source of the sadness confuses me. I know I don’t want him sexually, but maybe the sadness comes from knowing that I’ll never get to have him as a friend? Or maybe I’m jealous that he’s so fabulous and I’m so ordinary? I’m a pretty introspective person, and am usually able to figure out WHY I feel the way I do. But Mr. Lambert has me completely stumped. Does anyone else share this sort of reaction to him?

  136. Chelsea says:

    I am 18 and love Adam, but the person who introduced me to him was my dad! He is 51, and is just absolutely in love with Adam, it’s hilarious. Each weekend I came home from college, he and my mom would show me all of his recent performances which they had recorded. So thanks to my dad, I am able to appreciate that complete genius that is Adam Lambert. 😀

  137. So nice to read all this!
    I just turned 40 and I couldn’t get better present than Adam on American Idol.
    I felt odd being addicted to him and I feel so good reading all your posts. He definitely speaks to all ages and breaks all boundaries, and that’s what real art is about. His talent along with his personality and professionalism are addicting in every way.
    I can’t wait for his first concert; for now just waiting fro AI summer tour, the only reason I will be there is Adam.

  138. Sing AHHHHH says:

    I am 30 years old and I absolutely adore Adam. He’s charmed me millions times over when I watched his performances over and over again. Every day is a pleasant surprise for me when I watch his performances (even though it’s the 1000000000000th time I have watched it!) It’s what Ryan says – class act!!!!

  139. I am a huge Adam fan. I’m a 51 year old and I’m also a huge Elvis fan. I haven’t seen anything like Elvis since Adam came along. I just love him.

  140. ebonyandivory says:

    I have just spent an hour writing a comment to Jennie but it didn’t make it. But, Jennie, I do want to say that I can relate to what you said.

    I’m going to boycott those magazine that feed on printing negative news about Adam to show my support and I hope that everyone here will do the same. Maybe if we hurt them in the pocketbooks it will stop their negativity. Please join me.

  141. I’m 67, and frankly I don’t know what age has to do with any of it! He’s an entertainer for gawd’s sake. I’m entertained, end of story. He struck a chord with me. I think he’s massively gifted, and I hope I can stick around another 10 years or so to watch him fly.

    P.S. I was never an Elvis fan.

  142. I’m 47 and loved Adam from his audition, but I also liked Danny and Megan. Adam won me over completely when he sang Black and White…I was awed! Because of Adam, I couldn’t wait each week to watch A.I., which I had not watched since Fantasia won and I haven’t watched anything on TV since the A.I. finale. I love everything about Adam especially his theatrics. I wish A.I. would put out a DVD of all Adam’s performances, judging and interviews.

  143. Lambert Lover says:

    WOW, THANKS FOR STARTING THIS THREAD, IT REALLY STRUCK A NERVE! My 11 year old daughter and I are both fans of Adam, sometimes it makes us closer and sometimes we are at odds like two teenage sisters! We both designed custom made t-shirts of Adam after arguing over who got which picture of Adam on their shirt! My daughter also asked me to teach her how to apply eyeliner and after I taught her, I decided it would be fun to put it on myself, my daughter did not hesitate to let me know how awesome she looked – and how ridiculous I looked. I also agreed to let her put a second piercing in her ear (like Adams), so we went to the mall and I thought it would be fun to have a mother/daughter piercing, but after my daughter had her ear pierced she felt faint so we left. She later told me that she faked being sick, because she didn’t want me looking silly getting my ear pierced, that I was too old! My last attempt was painting our nails black together. I was finally happy, there was something I could get away with. I looked at my freshly painted black nails and was pleased. Unfortunately, later on that night I got a reaction to the nail polish and had to take it all off!

    But even after all my lame attempts (as my daughter so calls it) to recapture my youth, I still have Adam fever in my soul and I will proudly wear my Adam t-shirt and scream at the concert when Adam comes on stage, no matter how silly I may look.

    Oh did I mention, my daughter and I both have matching Adam Lambert pillow cases on our beds!

  144. The Legend says:

    I posted earlier on a historical perspective of Adam, and how we “older” fols appreciate him. Besides his talent, I think we all give “kudos” to ADAM, and Kris, for how they handled their journey together. A short article that talk about that:

  145. First, I just want to thank you all for being here. I feel like I’m at an AA meeting or something (LOL)!! I agree with so many of your comments that I don’t know if I have any words left. I was not going to watch Idol this year because I was just sick of it, I did miss most of the first shows with all the auditions, and then one night I did catch Adam’s audition and I thought…hmmmm, I need to see if that guy makes it through and then maybe I will have to watch one more year. Well, the rest is history. I have never voted on the show until this year, I never blog with people I don’t know until now (I’m even a GLAMB 169 (LOL!!!)), and I’ve never felt so strongly about someone I’ve never met in my entire life (which is 44 years…almost 45 (smile)). I’m also married, although I don’t have any kids I can sure say that I feel like one again! I loved the way he did “Black and White” as well, but the night he did “Ring of Fire” I THOUGHT I WAS GONNA DIE!!! I couldn’t breath, I felt like I was on another planet, and I couldn’t believe this man…on the TV….was making me feel so crazy inside!! Since then, I’m just like the rest of you as I just can’t get enough and sometimes I think I’ll go mad… I have to wonder if he even realizes the impact he has on all of us and so many others? I know it has to come from deep within because there is just no way that part of it can be an act! I used to think Steve Perry (Journey) had the most haunting, beautiful voice and now it’s ADAM FOREVER! And just like the rest of you I feel that he’s soooo much more than an amazing talent…he just seems like such a good soul. I can’t believe how globally loved he is either…what a wonderful thing to be a part of and again, I CANNOT WAIT TO SEE WHAT HE DOES NEXT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  146. Spiceyone says:

    I think Adam appeals to the mom/dad in us. The lover in us and the friend in us. He is all things. He has that kind of magnetism. One minute I am thinking about protecting him and the next minute I wish I had him in my bed. (straight) I know it is weird but I can’t help it. And yes I am married and a grandma to boo.

  147. maryann says:

    I have ADAM LAMBERT in my mind and he wont go away! I am 51 years old and act like a teenager whenever I hear Adam sing. WHY! He is crazily hot and sexy. Somebody commented that we women have been here long enough to know what real talent is.. Adam! She is perfectly right! That is our advantage over young girls now. We know that Adam is it! But most of all, we have the capacity to buy his albums. So we should go full force and buy his debut album with RedOne in it…the album that Adam calls reflects his kind of music. YES, WE SHOULD ALL BUY ADAM’S RECORDS. WE CAN DO THAT!!!

  148. Nice to know that I am NOT the ONLY older fan of Adam Lambert. I am 54 years old and have NOT seen or heard of a singer like this in many many years. Adam is just adorable and what I would give to be say 30 years younger. Hey this young man sure can sing,

    Am looking forward to an Adam album when it comes out. I have the finale of American Idol on tape and watch it all the time, guess if I lived in The United States I would be going to ALL the Idol concerts, maybe one day he will visit the LAND DOWN UNDER.

    • Barb, a good replacement for being at an actual idol concert is downloading the videos. If you notice on the threads entitled IDOL TOUR etc.. there is a thread for Portland, Tacoma and Vancouver. And now one is building up for the California venues. The amateur videos are quite good and you could collect his whole set.

      Someone on this site taught me how… it’s Sothink FLV player and they give you a 30 day free trial. While you are watching Adam on youtube or wherever a little box comes up on the right and you have a choice of downloading or not. Caution! Each video often is larger than 20 Megabytes so it depends on your computer space.

  149. As another ‘young at heart’ fan of Adam Lambert, here is a quick take on the Vancouver tour show last night.
    The crowd was absolutely a mixed group, all ages, singles, and families. When the photos of the top 10 from American Idol, 2009, were streamed across a screen, the reaction was minimal until Adam’s photo appeared, then it was applause and screams.
    A hint of the reaction to come, when after seeing the first 8 fabulous singers, it was Adam’s time on-stage. It’s a wonder the roof didn’t fly off the venue with the volume of the audience’s response.
    With manufactured fog, back visuals, great lighting, a talented band, amazing rock costuming, and the song choices were stellar. Adam didn’t disappoint for a second.
    The show itself was slick, great attention to all the details that constitute a sense of perfection on every level, from lighting, to attire, to theme background visuals for the songs, to the variation in song choices for each of the talented 10 finalists.
    No other performer brought me to my feet as Adam did. I felt truly like it was seeing someone who will in the future have a great influence in the music world. He reminds me of a mix of those who obviously are world icons in the music world, who have influenced his ‘style.’ He is a wonderful mix of Queen, David Bowie, Mick Jagger, and yet has the class and style of a crooner, at times.
    I can see him recording CD’s with a wonderful variation in musical styles, because he can present so many different ‘takes’ on popular music.
    His ‘command’ of the stage is perfection. That I’ve seen before in singers like, Elton John, Jon Bon Jovi, Jagger, Ritchie, etc. Adam is already ‘there,’ unlike the other tour performers, who are obviously experiencing a very new musical experience.
    After all, he’s ‘paid his dues,’ having already worked for 18 years in musicals and doing performances. For this tour, he really is the most prepared for the future musical adventures that await him.
    I look forward to at some time in the future, an ‘Adam Lambert’ concert tour. As with many at the Vancouver, Canada, concert, we’ll all ‘be there’ supporting a most worthwhile new talent in our wonderful world.

    • Wendy–
      Thanks for your fabulous review! Now I can’t wait to see Adam live in August !! (who happens to be on the AI8 tour with those other people…)
      I too am an older fan who can’t get enough Glambert! (is there really ever too much?!)

      I am a “purist” when it comes to certain bands like the Stones, Led Zep, Bon Jovi, Aerosmith, Queen, David Bowie. You just don’t mess with perfection..Then “The Glittering Alien from Planet Fierce!”. comes crashing to earth ….. Adam doing ‘Whole Lotta Love”..WHAT?? Not only that but doing it just as well (better, hotter??) than Robert Plant!! Queen? David Bowie? Honestly is there anything the man can’t sing?!

      I am counting down the days until I see Adam live. 3 shows in one week..I am calling it my “Magical Mystery Adam Tour.” ; >

  150. I am 53 years old, and I don’t care if my 2 teen sons think I am weird or whatever, cos I absolutely ADORE this boy!!!….I watch him, and the years fall away….. I picture myself at the edge of the stage, in my early 20’s, and in seventh heaven cos he is so close……ah, to dream!!!….LOL!!!

  151. The webmaster’s email address is

  152. WOW! I am glad to see that I’m not alone. I am 56, and what a wonderful feeling to feel like your 17 again! I LUV Adam and look forward to seeing him become a huge star. Can’t wait to see him on tour.

  153. I will be 69 on July 25th – I wear an Adam BLACK shirt – going to AI concert and will buy evertthing he records – also have four copies of Rolling Stone with him on the cover – he is a real cure for being older and depressed

  154. Chris / Ohio says:

    I’m a 65 yr old grndmother of 9 and I can’t get enough of Adam. I think he is drop dead darling and that voice……This ole gal is a rock n roll chick…LOL

  155. I just read your post & my heart is having palpitations, Jeannette! Why?? I am NOT a gifted writer & your post contained everything I feel about my Adam obsession. I’m 57 and have been accused by my husband that I act 14. Hmmmm….I don’t think I am. BUT…I am a woman who MUST MUST see Adam’s face every day and listen to his music every day. I grin from ear to ear every day when I listen to his voice. I still get chills when he hits his high notes even though I’ve heard them hundreds of times. I’ve never gone to an American Idol concert but this year, because of Adam, I did. I cried just like when the Beatles came on the Ed Sullivan Show that first time. I am praying he’ll do a solo tour soon after his CD release. I can’t wait to see ALL ADAM. ALL NIGHT! Thank you for writing not only your story surrounding being an older woman fan, but mine as well.

    GaGa4Adam (Victoria)

  156. What a joy to read this website this morning. I am 62 yrs “young”, woodstock era gal and had a severe case of Beatlemania (some of it still remains). From time to time, I too have felt a little silly about my “obsessions” for Adam. But, hey it is what it is. I always joke and say it’s the leather pants that get to me, but in reality there is so very much more about Adam that I just adore. At the very top of my “bucket list” is the chance to meet him. I have been to two of his concerts and will definitely
    go to another one. He’s darling and I can’t get enough of him. I may be old but I’m not hard of hearing or blind.