The Party Continues – Our Fav Concert Photos!

The party continues! Here’s the promised photo swap of our personal favorite concert pix of Adam. Some of you sent in your favorite photo from the season, and that’s OK, too. I have to say it’s a particularly yummy bunch of photos, but how could it not be?

Above each photo is the name of the person who sent it in along with the concert it’s from, if they told me. All concert photos were taken by the sender, unless otherwise noted.

If you sent in your photo and it’s not here, please resend. If you didn’t send in a photo and still want to, email me at before Sunday night Sept. 20th, I’ll add it. Otherwise, this party will be wrapping up and we’ll be thinking about the next party!

~~Jeanette, Glamb #5

Jeanette – Madison, WI


Kelly (Our own Glambs Leader!)


Lorrin (She calls this one “The Lambert Locomotive”)


shawnassee – Hartford, CT


vistadiva – Wilkes-Barres, PA


Adair – Providence, RI


Marty – Reading, PA (Photo by Veronica John)


Dee – Newark, NJ


Vera – Grand Rapids


Donna – Dallas, TX


Christina – Duluth, GA


Katie – Tampa, FL


TexasWannaHoldEm – Dallas, TX


Dianne – Atlanta, GA (Photographer unknown)


Mary C – From the Finale (We forgive Mary – understandably going to the Finale was the high point of her Adam experience!)


Jane G. – from the Season (and one that’s a favorite of many of us!)


Rezan – From the Season (For many of us Ring of Fire not only defined Adam, but remains our favorite performance!)



  1. Dianne Hill says:

    Oh Jeanette, these are divine. There are few that I had not seen and now have that second to last one as my new background on the desktop. Isn’t he just beautiful. Thanks for doing this. Can never ever get enough of Adam.

  2. cheryl norman says:

    OMG!!! HEAVEN HELP US ALL!!!! Thank you everybody! Awesomeness in pictures! Thank you, God!

    • Lisette here..bless yu Cheryl(hugs for welwishes on earlier thread strut)..plese see note left yu an email if yu like.Hope yu’ve recouping from visites of grandchildren,famille an thos gourmet brekfasts an sleepover.Too longe to post here(see othre page).An thenks lovli Jeanette too for Adam’s beautiful photos..I feele as if was there al one of these concerts..even just in spirite..An know I’l be there for his solotour..god willing! hugs an luv Lisettexoxo

  3. Oh, I’m so glad you got my picture, I thought it didn’t get through…that one picture combines Adam at his most beautiful, with Adam at his most physical, pumping it up….love all the rest of them, too, some I haven’t seen!

  4. We finally get to see his ‘ginger pits’ up close!!

    • I am in lust! lol I love all of these photos and those who took them in person, you lucky gals. Someday I hope to get my own photograph up close, one that I took at one of his solo concerts!

    • cheryl norman says:

      T HERESA,,, really? ‘gingerpits’? Oh, you could have kept that thought to yourself!!! Why? Why did you have to say that?

  5. I’m not quite sure where to place this, but this thread would probably be the most appropriate, as it involves an indelible ‘image’ of Adam, on a page full of indelible images. I’ve been very exhausted lately, since I recently got out and did some outside jobs that really needed doing on my house. When I do one of these big projects, I am usually laid up for days afterward. Today I was still feeling the effects of my overdoing it, and I was so overwhelmed physically that I fell fast asleep for a couple of hours out on my family room couch. I know I’ve mentioned before that I dream very vividly in completely detailed stories in full color, and my dreams are often very spiritual or otherworldly in nature. My dreams are also so realistic and so detailed, that it is very hard to come back to this reality upon waking. Well, today was no exception, and I dreamed the most amazing dream, and I’ve got to share it with all of you:

    In this dream, I was in an old-fashioned restaurant in my home town, which had been refurbished in distressed brick and wood beams (there is such a place in my hometown). My mother and I had gone to lunch at this restaurant with its attractive ambience (which we often did in real life). My mother was seated near the front windows, and I was getting something for her from one of the counters nearer the center of the restaurant. I was very attentively gathering up things to bring to my mother, when I glanced up at the front door, which was made of bevelled glass, and the sunlight was streaming in from the street. Through that dazzling front door came Adam Lambert, fully alive, as tall and as beautiful as we have ever seen him, with his hair casual and tousled, walking straight toward me into the restaurant. He was wearing his lightweight white jacket, his black-on-grey T-shirt, his casual leather pants, and a long chain at his beltline. He was smiling, energetic, and very happy, making funny comments and laughing aloud as he took a few more steps forward. For a few moments, I was absolutely rooted to the spot, and then I somehow gathered some strength. I caught my mother’s eye, nodded at her and then at him to let her know I had seen him. She said, “Who is that?”, and I said aloud, “Mom, that’s Adam Lambert”. Suddenly, two rather small women, one of whom looked like his mother but for some reason I thought was his aunt and then his cousin, came through the door and up behind him, playfully pulling something over his head and laughing, saying they were going to ‘kidnap him’. He threw up his hands and started to answer them laughingly back, when I decided to make the most momentous decision of my life….I suddenly rose from the stool I was leaning on with all my strength, stood up, and strode right toward him until I was directly in front of him, and I said, “I know this is absolutely terrible of me and I can’t believe I am doing this, but would you please sign something for me, would you sign my arm?” I was so overwhelmed with emotion I could hardly get it out, but as soon as he saw my distress, he very graciously bent slightly over me and said, “Of course”, in that sweet way he has. When his relatives saw what he was doing, they graciously disappeared for those few moments, and Adam drew me over to a quiet area where we would be alone. Of all things, I asked him to please sign the inside of my left wrist with his name, and he got out a small plastic template, laid it on my arm, and began to stencil his name on my arm. He said that he did not want to make a mess of his signature so he was going to do it that way. I watched him carefully place the template on my wrist, I felt his hands so soft and warm, and he began to write. Gathering my courage with every fiber of my being I said, “Adam, you are so beautiul, we love you so much”, and I dared to stroke the back of his arm and touch his hand as he finished writing. “That’s allright”, he said, and then he said, “thank you”. Then I looked up at him and took in his whole being, his eyes, his hair, his face, his skin, the white jacket, his boyish sweetness, and I said, “Adam, would you let me hold you?” And he gathered me in his arms and held me very tightly. I could feel the light texture of his jacket with my hands, as I took in every part of him. My face was buried in his chest right below his chin, I felt his arms on either side of me, and his embrace was strong and full of kindness. I was crying through the whole thing, while he was letting me know it was allright. Then, to my total amazement, he was not done yet…he accompanied back over to where I had been trying to get my mother some things, and he was going to help me. As he stood there with me, he picked up something else to sign for me he thought I would like, and again, I ran my hand over the back of his arm, and felt the lightweight, soft fabric of his white jacket. For a few moments, he took my hand in his and held it very tightly, and I couldn’t help it, I threw my arms around him and held him again one more time. He held me for the longest time, it seemed he would never let go, and he acted as though I was the only person in his world, and he was willing to let this moment go on forever, and as I was holding him I woke up, still seeing his image in my mind and smelling his wonderful smell, a smell like no one else I’ve ever known, clean, warm, with the faintest sharpness to it and a scent I couldn’t identify, but wholly Adam……and all the while my mother sat on the other side of the room with her loving presence, happy for me, her 36-year old self glad that she could ‘pull off’ something she knew her daughter would love more than anything else in the world, and then she was gone….I can just see my mother laughing with joy in that other world over my wonderful ‘dream’…and now, I too, have seen and heard and touched and held our Adam…and it was just as real as if it had truly happened, and who’s to say it didn’t?

    (My mother died at the age of 83 on August 13, 2008)

    • Dianne Hill says:

      Wow Lorrin, that is the best dream ever. Your mother sent you an angel in the form of Adam, knowing that is what you wanted. That is just beautiful and I have tears of happiness for you welling in my eyes. Just beautiful, this is going to stay with me for a long, long time. Peace, love and light to you Lorrin.

      Dianne, Glamb #356.

      • Lisette here agan..ah yes Dianne I too beliv in thes thinges having too loss ma beloved mama to I know she’d adore Adam as too I thinq was a message from Lorrin’s mama from heaven..If one belivs in thes..I do so very much..Blessings to yu too Lisettexoxo

      • Omg your dream was beautiful. I have tears in my eyes as I write this. A dream like that about Adam you are not likely to forget. Adam certainly got a great deal of influence on his fans. Lorrin you can certainly put a great dream together on paper. Thank you so much.

    • Lisette here..mabelleamie Lorrin..ah lovli gal..I was visiting othre thread..left yu an Cheryl comment regarding fibromyalgia,illness familles an life(plese to read an p.s thet email if yu like to chat someteme)I also left note on of ma mama who too passe away several yers ago to cancer(thinq we’ here lot of us are very spiritual an deeply conneted to one anothre av to thenk beau Adam for thes very much!!Apres reading toi dreame above..I was so toched by estraordinaire details an how Adam toched yu,along with yur beloved mama who came to yu (in probable her very belle youngre days!)..thes is a signe thet yu were recalling bel memoires of affetion yu had for also thet for beau artiste/an feling a familiaritie with Adam if yu too had known him. yes?! I can totale relate to thes dreame..As once I had a brief romance with a fellow who actual resemble a younge Elvis(an was entertaineur in town) given we colde nevre be togethre due to his touring with companie of his venue here which I will non name(if ever he visites..He still has ma email an possible can log into thes site.(having corresponde still as amies).
      Back to thet dreame Lorrin aw imagaine thet yu were toched an moved by thes connection with I too wolde nevre wish to awaken..Thinq Adam has awakene somthing inside hearte of many gals on our glambs site..An as mentioning he’s aware how gals feel..Even saying in interviews,an thet way he singes an performs is an espression of art.An also when gals espress still how sensual he is in his artistique sense visuale be in clothes,makeup,his danses like best choregrapher somthing thet is very fluide comes second nature.An a voix thet can nevre be duplicated by anothre vocaliste..will be distinctively his style an abilitie to singe any genre..thet’s a gifte from above..So when he signe toi arme an both shared special affetion an embraces thet’s somthing yu’ll trasure always.Blessings to yu alway Lorrin..yu av a very sensitive an caring sure yur famille is blessed to be related to yu!Please see thet last thread middle if yu like! Luv always Lisette..Adam merci pour l’gifte to toche within all our heartes,souls from yur couer d’or! xoxo..J’etaime always Lisettexoxox

      • Hi Lorrin, I also beleive that it is your mother sending you this dream, although not physically present her spirit is with you, I am happy for you.

    • Lorrin, thank you for sharing your vivid and sensuous dream with us!! I also believe that this particular one is a gift from your dear Mother – bless her heart! I can almost smell Adam too based on your description. Thanks for putting YOUR thoughts into MY head! Great way to start my Sunday morning!


      Glamb #20

      • Jane, I also love your choice. There are a few out there where he looks like this and they are all my faves. His eyes seem to be looking into ours, he has that boyish yet sexy demeanour. Love it!! YUM!

        Terry, Vancouver

    • I too dream in great depth and see all the colors and details of everything. I’ve had quite a few dreams of Adam and we are always friends!! What??!!Why wouldn’t he want to be more – I sure want that! LOL!!! Anyway, I am very envious of your dream! I bet you woke up feeling this great connection to Adam and sad that it ended. The dreams I’ve had left me feeling good all day because “i was friends with Adam Lambert” 🙂 I truly believe your mother had a hand in that dream! What a beautiful dream story and I am sure one you will never forget!

      Trisha, Glamb #455

    • Lorrin, Beautiful dream. The spirituality of our Mom’s will be with us forever.

      • I need tissue,handkerchief, whatever just throw it at me!! I was listening to “Dreamed A Dream” when I was reading that! No kidding! TISSUEEEEE!!!

    • Oh My, Lorrin sweetheart! What a wonderful dream! I also love that white jacket on him. And he ‘acted’ just like he does in real life, accommodating and gracious and always says, “thank you” to people when we should be thanking him! Lucky it was simple, yet detailed and not weird as so many dreams can be.

      Terry, hugs

      • Terry, it was as though we were actually there together, and everything about him and our time together was as ‘real’ as anything here on earth. I was as really present to him as he was to me, and everything about him, his skin, the hair on the back of his forearm, his tousled hair, his white jacket, the smell of him, was as real as any person I have ever known. What’s more, he came into that restaurant looking as he loves to look, casual, at ease, free, happy, and very boyish….and as we all know, my favorite ‘look’ on Adam is as a drop-dead, slicked-back rock star…, he chose the way in which he would appear, which was in the guise of a kind, courteous, gentle, and very accessible young man. All of the things he said and did were just as he says and does in real life, and there were many little things he said in the dream which were so completely ‘Adam’, which I can’t quite remember, but I remember thinking in the dream, “This is really Adam, this is just the way we’ve always seen him and loved about him, but he’s even more wonderful than we ever imagined.”

    • Wow Lorrin,
      This is so beautiful! I had tears in my eyes while reading this… Thank you for sharing your dream.

    • Lorrin, get outa here!!!!! As I was reading your post, I went on an emotional roller-coaster! I was holding my breath as Adam approached you, hyperventilating when he took your arm, my nerve ends were wreaking havoc with my body and I was sweating profusely when he looked into your eyes. As I child I used to have sweaty palms when I got excited or nervous – you sent me waaaaaaaaaaaaay back!

      The appearance of your mother in your dream is very deep! Wow, your mother recognises and approves of the meaning that Adam has in your life and there is more … Your relationship with your mother went beyond just being Mom and daughter – a very deep spiritual connection so I agree with Mary C. Being able to smell Adam also indicates how vivid your dream was to heighten your senses to that extent. My take on it is, that for a few precious moments, you lived your dream!!!! An indelible expererience!

      My only criticism is: Nice of you not to mention that somewhere over the rainbow, lives a friend who loooves him just as much and perhaps (you can decide) a couple of others called Glambs who crave his body! Joking!!!!! Wouldn’t it be great if we could record some of our dreams. “A precious experience, to say the least!” Love ya, Lorrin! Mmmmmmmmmwah, Ingrid

    • TexasWannaHold'Em says:

      Lorrin, that was absolutely beautiful! I’m sitting here, drinking my first cup of coffee of the morning, with tears running down my face. Thanks so much for sharing. You know, I really think Adam is that sweet. I think if you could eliminate all of the chaos that surrounds him now, I really think he would be almost that sweet and thoughtful with his admirers. I feel like he really understands and appreciates the love and protection we all feel for him. (Daddy, could you please send Adam to me in a dream tonight? Pretty please with sugar on it????? 🙂

    • Lorrin what a lovely dream. I also had an Adam dream that involved my mother,who has also passed away. It’s odd isn’t it? I believe the Adam in your dream is the way Adam would treat you in that situation,warm and loving. I pray fame does not change him. I hope you are feeling better and wish both of us more beautiful dreams.

  6. Jeanette, thank you for posting all these heavenly photos of Adam, I love them all but the two that really stand out are, Adam Locomotive, and the Jane G close up of that beautiful face and mesmorizing eyes. Just keep them coming, it will keep us from seeking medication from missing Adam. I also watched the Fame video on the ‘Tour vibe recap from Syarcose’, he was at his best, those moves, and the statement, ‘sex with me and I’ll set you free’, that is my most favourite.

    • Lisette here..bonmatin Toni in london..plasur to see yur posts.Agree Adam is tresbeau an everyphoto captures diffarante angles of his symetriqueface,chisele features,crystal bleu eyes,muscular physique an know actual Adam is best meds ..natural one very healing from all thet ailes here.J’adore Syracuse concert videos thinq was some of best vocals an his appearance,make-up,hair coiffure back very much like Elvis,glittere twinkling from his eyes an cheekbones then his voix celestial an very sensual in every chanson..Swept away into moonlit an al ways to Starlit sky!..Alrite am going to slepe now..before I see dawn here in matin whatever parte of monde we’re in! blessings an luv Lisetteoxoxo..J’adore always Adam..angel d’chansons an heartes!xoxo

      • Hi Lisette, hope you are well and nice to hear from you too. Yes, that video is everything, I love the way Adam plays with us in all of his performances, he really takes us on journey with him, it is as if he is directing all those emotions to each one of us individually, never before have I seen a performer do this, he is exceptional.

  7. Yummy, isn’t he just so much fun to look at, listen too, dream about, drool over? Still so amazed at so much beauty in one remarkable man. Will I ever get over this fever?

  8. Thanks for posting these great photos, Jeanette! Glad you used mine (I am Jane G.) even though it wasn’t more recent from one of the shows.

    Here’s what I wrote to Jeanette about why this photo is one of my favourites:
    It’s my screen saver at home and I absolutely LOVE it. He is so BEAUTIFUL here it’s beyond belief. I also think it actually captures both sides of his personality: He looks like a little boy on one hand, but you can see that he’s also got the devil in his eyes (oh yes he does!) He looks like he could break your heart by starting to sing a gorgeous romantic ballad. Yet, he could just as easily break out into a hard-driving rock anthem and start doing unbelievably sexy things with that mike! That’s one of the many things that makes Adam so unique – you never know what he is going to do next and we LOVE being along for the ride no matter what!!!


    Glamb #20

    • Janes416. Wow what a description. Captured to a capital T. Those eyes should be

    • OH YES, he is so unbelievable, I thank my lucky stars for bringing Adam to us, he really rocks my world big time.

    • Dianne Hill says:

      Jane, I used to have this picture, until I lost them all. Thank you for sending it in as it is one of my favourites. I now have it as my screensaver again. The trouble is now every time I try to shut down my computer I am finding it near impossible because I just want to keep looking at Adam and his beautiful eyes. I think I have to get this one in colour and put it up (with all the others – but in a special place) on my wall. Thanks.

      Dianne Glamb #356.

      • What do you mean, you lost it all? What happened??!!

        • Dianne Hill says:

          My computer was running out of space on the hard drive so I bought an external hard drive. I copied and pasted all my pictures of Adam into the external hard drive, then I went and deleted them on the C: Drive and with that ALL my pictures disappeared into cyber space. So lesson learned. DO NOT DELETE ANYTHING until you have CLICKED AND DRAGGED THE FILES TO THE NEW FOLDER. DO NOT COPY AND PASTE. Let that be a lesson to us all. It is something I will never forget. Thank goodness for Lisa (see post above) because she had a whole lot more pictures than I did and she put them all on disk for me and that is where they are staying, on disk. I don’t know why I didn’t think to do that myself, in too much of a hurry I guess. But I will remember in future. Oh yes sirreeee, I will remember.

          • Lisa Imbruglia says:

            Different Lisa, Dianne, but I was glad to have helped…. it truly is a beautiful picture of him… I hadnt seen that one before….

            • Dianne Hill says:

              Hi Lisa, You know, when I was typing that I had a feeling it wasn’t you, but there you go, I wasn’t taking any chances.

      • Dianne! Sorry to hear about losing your Adam pics! Glad you now have your favourite screen saver back though. I have lots more I would be happy to send you if you provide an Email address. Let me know. I rarely shut down my computer BTW – I know it`s a waste of energy, but I want to be able to go and look at Adam`s face whenever I like and can`t be bothered waiting for the computer to warm up!

        Glamb #20

        • Dianne Hill says:

          Thanks Jane, I am always very happy to have more and more and more pictures of Adam. My email address is: Pictures of Adam is one thing I could never pass up. Cheers.

          Dianne Glamb #356.

        • Jane…don’t know how to do a screen saver BUT if you send me”ADAM’S EYES” I will quickly learn…many thanks, Carole I too am addicted.

      • Dianne, depending on your Windows version, if you have a file folder full of Adam pics you can set the screensaver so it shows them randomly, continuously… I have over 400 now and it is such a pleasure to see them come up. I have a 20″ monitor and Windows Vista in a new computer so I am spoiled, the program makes them all different sizes and makes a fancy slide show. I leave it on all day and have set the timing for 2 minutes so screensaver kicks in quickly when I leave the comp.

        • Dianne Hill says:

          Thanks for that info, I will look into that. Mine is a fairly old computer but I do have Windows XP 2003. So I will go and have a little search. Cheers.

  9. Lorrin,

    Your dream left me breathless!! Unforgettable!

  10. Evette #419 says:

    ADAM is as deep as the ocean. His soul comes shining through in every photo. Thanks to everyone who submitted them and for posting them.

  11. OMG,I think Jane G just captured a picture of angel !! Wow!! Vistadiva picture is awesome too!All are awesome but Jane G, gosh ,I need to sit…I am sitting…I need to lay down! OMG!!

    • Now, now AdamAddict, I know how hypnotising Adam’s eyes can be, don’t get carried away. We love to hear him sing, we love to hear him talk, we just love to just look at him, what an effect this man has on us, IT IS WONDERFUL.

      • Yes,yes,Toni,agree with you! I just look at his picture again.Those eyes….those eyes~sigh~ those eyes look like marbles!! I love collect marbles because there are pretty but now I’m sure I will treasure them and take good care of them pretending I’m taking care of ADAM’S BALL….I MEANT ADAM’S EYEBALLS!! 😛

        • We know excactly what you mean AdamAddict, don’t pretend that you made a mistake. You are so funny, you really chear me up.

    • That`s how I feel too looking at this particular picture of Adam! Gazing into those beautiful marble-like eyes – I just feel myself melting each time. I actually touch his hair (love how the blue streak shows up so beautifully in this picture!) and cheeks and I say good night to him each evening before I go to bed. (Just thought I`d share that amongst friends as I know you will all understand!)

      Glamb #20

  12. Jeanette, Thanks for posting all these great pics. Knowing there would be so many gorgeous ones
    of Adam at the Idol Tour Shows, just wanted to send a different one in. Love how you understand
    me too. He was just too cute at that moment. Happy making people Happy.!

    • Love your choice, Mary C! Adam looks so happy but like he also still can`t quite believe that all this is happening to him! From everything I heard he was so patient, calm, friendly and giving of his time with people in the lines. If I had been lucky enough to be that close to him, I would have submitted that pic as my favourite as well!


      • Thanks Jane, there are just tooo many pics to choose from. He did just seemed so caught up in the
        moment there. Only the beginning huh?

  13. Beautiful!

  14. Dear Lorrin, thanks so much for sharing your dream; it made me cry! I am still new to this site, but I am enjoying it so much and feel I am getting to know all you wonderful folks. Your dream reminded me of my Mom who is also passed away. How she would have enjoyed Adam! I took my 24 year old daughter with me to the Baltimore concert – in years to come I hope she will have a special memory of going to see Adam with me when his amazing career was just beginning! I am looking forward to meeting some of you at a future concert. Meanwhile, for all of us, the very sweetest of dreams!

  15. I’ve been an Adam fan the entire season of AI. Would call me daughter at college to stop her studying whenever Adam performed so she could also watch and we could discuss after his performance. She would baulk at me for my obsession but most of the time stop and watch. Afterwards I would gush over his performances and she would listen. During the summer we both went to see him in Dallas. When Adam came on stage (see Donna’s Dallas photo above), it was like a complete sensory overload. His presence and aura were just amazing. Every angle, movement, sound coming from him were just complete perfection—there just aren’t words to describe it. He really looks like he’s not from this world. I’ve never seen anyone so completely gorgeous and talented. Needless to say my daughter was completely bowled over and is now an Adam fan also. Seeing is believing!!!

  16. I hope one day adam will be able to visit this site and read all the posts overflowing with love.I can’t guess how exactly he would react

  17. Jeanette and all the ladies who forwarded the pics, thank you soooooo much! Jane G, your pic is going to be my screen saver!!!!

  18. Dear Shawnassee-Hartford,CT……OMG- Lambert Locomotive HAS to become a poster on the market….make it happen and I will pay a million dollars…Promise!!! Yah, I have dreamy dreams about Adam too but they can’t be printed ANYWHERE!!

  19. OOOPs – I goofed.. I should have been raving to Lorrin about Lambert Locomotive…..Thanks Lorrin for the absolutely beautiful pic…it captures all his energy, passion, fire and talent and isn’t that mostly why we can’t get enough!! (ok- maybe it’s also that little freckle on the lower right side of his lip but who’s quibbling over details)

  20. Jeanette…thanks for posting the pics….I’m still trying to catch up on all the news and views of ADAM. Since I’ve complained enough about this dang computer, I hope you know that it’s not because I haven’t wanted to send you my pics from Grand Rapids….I get only about 20% of the info that you all talk about. Never know from one hour to the next if I’m gonna stay online.

    Also, You are absolutely a wonder for all you do for everyone. ADAM just has to have the pleasure of meeting you because of your dedication to him and to all of us. (oh, and since I recommend that he meets you, I’ll be there for protection….lol…..protecting Adam that is!!!!! 🙂

  21. Glambertgirl1 says:

    Anybody know how to save that last picture so it can be the backdrop for my computer? It’s a great pic.