The Official Lyric Video for Trespassing

The Official Lyric Video for Trespassing was released today. Have you seen it? The colors and the song is familiar but the boots are not. Sadly I don’t think that’s Adam, but it’s still a fun new video!

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  1. I don’t know what the Official part of this video means, but it hardly looks like anything Adam would sign-off on. Does “lyric video” mean no story? Hardly what we’ve come to love from Adam! Yes Lila, the boots looked strange. And did you see the bulky gloves?? Until we get confirmatino from Adam, I’m taking this with a glamgrain of salt!

    • Random Medley says:

      Carol its the Lyric Video. Lots of artists have lyric videos before the “real” video comes out. This one simply has a simple, clever background for the words. This was first put on Adams Vevo page. Plays and likes are important. To bad it wasn’t Adam driving the car.

    • Lila - Glamb #3 says:

      Yeah, Adam did tweet about it and it’s on his official channel. As Random pointed out, a lot of artists do a lyric video when the single comes out but before an official one has been made because lots of time it can be done in house for very cheap and with stock footage from a library or even just extras. I’m sure he’ll be out with a regular video soon!

      • Okay, my bad. I guess this is just 1 more lesson in learning about the industry. I did like the photography, but I was thinking it was an ad for tires! Can’t wait for the official Trespassing video!

  2. I thought Vevo put out a tweet about it yesterday, so I would suspect Adam’s team is involved. Someone put a ton of work into the video and did an excellent job! I actually like the video – there is a bit of intrigue in that the driver is never really seen. Is it Adam?? Look at the hands on the steering wheel… those are not Adam’s hands.

    • Lila - Glamb #3 says:

      For a lyric video it’s actually quite artsy. MUSE just came out with a new album (like three days ago) and the lyric video for their first single (“Madness” which is actually quite amazing) literally just had some of the lyrics in an artistic kind of way, but nothing more. Their regular video came out a couple of weeks later.

  3. cory-coral says:

    THANK YOU………..

  4. Well, I think I’m pretty much with the others who have already commented. Love the song, but kept waiting to see Adam. I will look forward to the regular video also. I agree with the person who said those aren’t Adam’s hands. As for the boots, don’t look like much like what I’m used to seeing him wear, but then again he’s always surprising us. Isn’t he?

  5. I can’t wait to see the actual video with Adam in it! It just isn’t the same without him!