“The most poised debut from any Idol”

I just loved this phrase written by Adam Graham, Detroit News Pop Music Writer, so I made it the title of this blog post.  It is so true!  I appreciated reading Graham’s fair and balanced assessment of Adam’s upcoming album, and thought you might enjoy it too.  Dana, Glamb #6

What, you expected subtlety?

Adam Lambert’s “For Your Entertainment” is every bit the boffo, glam-rock, disco-pop space oddity you’d expect from the “American Idol” standout. It’s a bold, assured, boot-stomping romp, and it’s so over-the-top it should come packaged in a mirror ball.

For his fans, this won’t come as a surprise. Lambert hit the “American Idol” stage earlier this year like a transplant from the planet Glampire: David Bowie funneled through Edward Cullen. Over the course of the show, he proved to be the most exciting “Idol” contestant in years, with a fearlessness stemming from years of stage experience and a shocking caterwaul that could strip the paint off walls.

He also demonstrated his dexterity across a number of genres, whether vamping through Led Zeppelin’s “Whole Lotta Love” or quietly emoting in a beautiful rendition of Smokey Robinson’s “The Tracks of My Tears.” In what may have been his signature performance, he gave a psycho-sexual, Middle Eastern-influenced reading of Johnny Cash’s “Ring of Fire” that would have had the Man in Black either rolling in his grave or rolling with laughter.

He brings that same go-for-broke spirit to “For Your Entertainment,” which despite sharing a name with a national chain of record stores, proves to be an apropos summation of Lambert’s M.O. “Let me entertain you ’til you scraaaaay-eeeee-aaaaaaayyy-eeeeeee-aaaYYYYYYY-eeeeeee-AAAYYYYMM!” he bellows on the title track, somehow cramming every musical note into one banshee wail.

If the goal is to entertain, he succeeds, as there’s rarely a dull moment on “FYE.” Some moments are less effective than others — “Aftermath” is the kind of “keep pushing on” claptrap every “Idol” album seems to be saddled with, and the album is frontloaded with one too many Gary Glitter clones — but no one can accuse Lambert of holding back.

Credit Team Lambert for pairing him with a host of top-notch, like-minded collaborators, from Lady Gaga (who wrote the daring “Fever”) and Pink (who lent a hand to “Whataya Want from Me”) to the Darkness’ Justin Hawkins (whose proficiency for arena rock cheese is slathered over opener “Music Again”) and interstellar English rockers Muse (lead singer Matthew Bellamy wrote “Soaked”).

A-list hitmakers Dr. Luke (the pulsating title track), Linda Perry (the moody, spacey “A Loaded Smile”) and Max Martin (potential single “If I Had You”) weigh in, as well. And Weezer’s Rivers Cuomo proves an unlikely partner-in-crime on the joyful “Pick U Up,” a bouncy club-rocker with walls of trickling synths laid underneath the fist-pumping chorus.

Lambert is a pot-stirrer — the fetching spaceboy album cover is evidence of that — and the album has an in-your-face, unapologetic sexuality. Plenty can be read into lines such as “Open your mouth and open it wide: Let the freedom begin” (“Strut”). “Fever,” meanwhile, opens with, “there he goes, my baby walks so slow, sexual tic-tac-toe,” which is bound to raise an eyebrow or two from “Idol’s” more conservative fan base.

Lambert’s greatest asset is, of course, his crazy vocal range, which can soar to dizzying heights but easily lends itself to overkill.

On the album, he displays control over his voice that he didn’t on “Idol,” and he doesn’t over-rely on histrionics. He stays reigned in at times (such as on the electronic outer space ballad “Broken Open”) and lets it go when need be.

“FYE” also sparkles with a welcome sense of humor: “My baby clothes made of leather and lace,” Lambert sings amid the wild rumpus of “Sure Fire Winners,” the best and most unhinged of the album’s T. Rex-style glam throwdowns. And he lets out a gleeful laugh at the close of “Pick U Up,” a refreshing reminder that yes, this is all meant to be fun.

It goes without saying that “For Your Entertainment” is the most poised debut from any “Idol” to date. Lambert has a vision and has successfully honed a sound that pays homage to his heroes while carving a niche for himself.

More than anything, “For Your Entertainment” bares the stamp of a born entertainer. So sit back, relax and enjoy the show.

Article Source:  http://www.detnews.com/article/20091113/ENT04/911130457/Review–Adam-Lambert-s–For-Your-Entertainment–glams-it-up-greatly


  1. GLAMB#474kimber says:

    Great read. ADAM is certainly getting the acknowledgement he deserves now. There’s no denying this man his glory and for the rest of the world who don’t agree, because they don’t have the magic in their hearts, piss on’em!!! When this human being has a gift that literally touches human hearts the way he does, there is absolutely no one like ADAM LAMBERT, NO ONE!!! Elvis & MJ didn’t touch me like ADAM did when on AI and still does. ADAM is simply unique.

    • OH kimber , I love that… “magic in their hearts”. Not only do we harbour that magic but Adam does too. That is what a ‘born entertainer’ has to have… a sense of magic onstage!

      Love that article above as well, but of course, we knew all that, right???


    • kimber, well said. Adam has defin. given me the gift of his midas touch and filled my heart with the Magiccccccccccccc. Shake it baby, thrust it! Smile, sing, dance, toss your head back, do the sway, oh do it
      all like you do best Adam.

  2. Dianne Hill says:

    Fantastic review. Can’t wait to hear that gleeful laugh at the end of Pick U Up. This just makes me want that album in my hands RIGHT FUCKING NOW!!! Don’t want to wait any longer, just over a week to go for me, I CANNOT WAIT. It is going to be a very long week. Thank goodness I have next week off work, I don’t think I could cope having to think about work at all.

    • I totally agree!! I’ve always had that magic in my heart — the magic of a child, despite my age (59) — and no one’s let it completely out of the chamber until Adam!! I TOTALLY get him!!1 He is a glorious masterpiece and I’m so glad I’m alive in this age of Adamdom!!!!! GOOOOOOO BEAUTIFUL BOY!!! THE WEEK OF THE ADAM TSUNAMI (FUCK THE STORM!) IS ABOUT TO BEGIN!!!!!

  3. adammlamberttlovee says:

    This article is so right on the mark. Adam Lambert is beautiful in every aspect and I love the way he’s blunt and doesn’t hold back on this album. The songs are great.\
    Even though, I really hope his next single is NOT “If I Had You” personally, he should either got with Sleepwalker or Strut, for me(:
    Adam is fricken amazinggg!!! <3

  4. SO TRUE – SO TRUE !!!!
    This review should be the first of many that will praise Adam. Honestly, he can sing anything and it will be good…The man is in a league of his own. CANNOT WAIT for the CD to come out on my birthday!

    Gina (ginadam)

  5. AMEN Kimber! I agree with you 110%

  6. Gina, that has to be the best birthday present… (except ‘having’ Adam himself !!!!)

    What a wonderful review…but then I never expected that this most beautiful man with the voice of an angel would have anything else but rave reviews.

    Hurry up 23/11.

    Love, Yvonne (Australia)

    • Thanks Ladies…..this is the first birthday in a while that I am actually looking forward to !!!!!
      You all just rock – I love love love this site and hope we can all meet.

      Gina (ginadam)
      **still awaiting that Glamb #

      • Gina, Glamb #552 says:

        *** CORRECTION **** WOOOOOO HOOOOOOOO – I got my Glamb # !!!!!

        Ok – for the first time I am signing as: Glamb #552

        • GLAMB#474kimber says:

          CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!!! Isn’t it a great feeling?! I am so proud of my GLAMB# & to be here w/ all the GLAMBS!!! It is an honor!! Thank you GLAMBS!!!

      • welcome Gina, Here’s to your upcoming birthday!

  7. Wonderful article!The only thing I’m not agree with is that he gave the album a B+, an A would have been better.


  8. Glad to see all these good reviews!! But so disappointed that I haven’t heard him on the radio here in St. Louis yet!! What’s up with that, I wonder???

  9. awwww! how cute!!!!!! i loved it!!!!!! love brandy (USA)

  10. AdamRocks! says:

    Thanks Dana! Great review. . . 8 more day. . . 🙂

    Cindy in MS
    Glamb #37

  11. AdoringAdam says:

    He only gave him a B+ after all that praise?
    Adam’s album is just what this country needs. Great songs and music and of course, Adam’s fantastic voice. Have we ever heard anything quite like it before? People need some fun, especially with the banks and big business screwing us, and the politicians taxing us to death so they can become rich, and a forgotten war that is killing and maiming our young people. Go Adam, we need you!

    • GLAMB#474kimber says:

      You know, ADAM’s fastbeat songs may not be for everyone, I’m sure if he listened to the entirety of “SOAKED” & a couple of other ballads, he very well could’ve given him an “A”.

  12. I think is better to keep politics out.

    • Robi, I think what AA means above, is that all of us are kinda in a ‘recession’ of some sort, whether it be financial, physical or emotional and Adam has come along at just the right time to lift our spirits and give us a focus off ourselves for a while, and that is the ‘magic of Adam”‘!



  13. Great review! Can’t wait till the 23rd……..It’s been such a long time coming!……..WoooooHooooo!!!
    Please Glambs remember to vote for the People’s Choice Awards … ADAM so deserves to win
    ….please show your dedication!………..there’s not long now to go!

  14. Debbie Glam# 2473 says:

    Its kind of like when someone is bragging on your child when I see articles like this, I am so proud of Adam, and instantly love the person who wrote such amazing thing about him! I just smile while reading, but then its not like your child cause u think Adam is just so freakin hot and sexy that u cant stand it and I am 54 yrs old! Not supposed to be in lust with a star like this 🙂 It seems I have just become so overprotective of Adam and if u hear something not favorable about him u just want to hate that person!!!!! Then when I wear my “Glitizen” T-shirt that I love so much and someone from the “Adamhood” notices it u feel an instant bonding with them like they are in your closest “family” and u are now with them in the “Adamfam”ily. He has just added an extra place in my life that feels so peaceful when I go there and listen to and look at pictures of Adam and the bad world just goes away for awhile…….aawww it feels so good!

    • GLAMB#474kimber says:

      It’s amazing to me to see how many of us there are, that are connected to this one man. WE alone are becoming a phenomena. How weird is that? What is it exactly, connecting us to ADAM in this lifetime? Is this how much appeal this man has? How much appeal does any other entertainer have?,( excluding Elvis & Beatles, ) All I know is that I am having the time of my life with the most outrageous & wonderful new friends in the whole wide world, & I mean that literally!!!

  15. GREAT NEWS…. I LOOOOOVEEEE IT… Adam is great.. no doubt about it…

  16. Ohhhhhh the 23rd cant come around fast enough. But I also cant wait for the 22nd either ( AMA’s)
    Great article, love reading what Adams existence means to people.
    He is poise for sure, the best idol to come from AI ever………………….

  17. Is anybody hearing FYE or TFM on the radio? If so, where??

    • Hi…I’m in Vegas and nothing so far….I keep changing stations in anticipation.

      • Carolelee, I read some posts yesterday on a forum connected with amazon I think, and the topic was… where is Adam’s music on the radio? One thing said was that most stations will not play a record until the parent company (Sony) releases it… a legal issue.

    • Dianne Hill says:

      I have heard FYE on one of our radio stations here in Christchurch, New Zealand today. I just couldn’t believe it. It was wonderful even though I didn’t hear the full song, but I have since registered with them online so I can request it, which I did and also TFM. Amazing, incredible, I can’t believe how hearing one song on the radio can make me so happy.

      I also heard Kris’ single on the same station, but that’s okay, I quite like Kris’ single now. But really all I want is to hear Adam, cause I only heard it once and that is not enough. Seeing I am home on holiday this week I will be going back to their site lots and lots to make the request. By the way the name of the radio station is The Edge.

  18. Adam said that the only regret he has it is he didn’ t get to work with redOne producer. Does anyone knows why?They were talking a lot about that at the beginning of the process to make the album.

    • I was wondering about that, too!! It seems like his name was the first one I heard..

      • GLAMB#474kimber says:

        From the Enews interview, ADAM & REDONE seem to hit it off great. I just noticed none of the tracks are w/ RedOne? Is that correct?

  19. …and to think this beautiful soul lived 15 minutes up the freeway from me here in southern California makes me feel even closer to Adam’s magic and his journey through childhood to young man! I love being a part of all of you whose hearts have been captivated by this amazing artist !

  20. A newer video made for us fans,


    • GLAMB#474kimber says:

      Thank you Theresa/Canada. THAT WAS HOT!!! OMG!!! I’m hotn’bothered now. Okay, w/ the cursed song, ADAM makes that song truly what it is. SEXY! I saw Buble preform it on DWTS, & that guy just didn’t do it any justice. Those pics of ADAM & Kris, photochopped of course, were HOT!! I always thought ADAM & Kris were a cute duo, but you know Kris is married. The guy that ADAM was sticking his tongue in near the ear, in the beginning, he had to have been one of the best looking I’ve seen ADAM with. That cheeks & the other little dude , they just aren’t very sexual looking, they may have been raunchy enough for ADAM, but even Kris is a little guy and Kris is goodlooking compared to those other two.Oh well, I’ll leave that alone. The man loves to stick that beautiful tongue everywhere. Even when he sings, it’s everywhere! Probably been to more places than ADAM himself. LOL!! That is a very sexy video, thanks Terry!!!

    • Theresa….thanks for this video. Adam singing “Feeling Good” is just ……heavenly….I have never heard a better rendition of this song !!!! And, I’m ‘feeling good’ watching those pics!!

      Love, Yvonne (Australia)

      • Really?? The studio versions of Adam’s season 8 favs has been on ITunes for months now. They are exquisite – so much more complete and professional than the TV performances. I continue to be surprised that they have not sold more and made it to the charts somewhere. I don’t know why they don’t put them out on a CD – would sell unbelieveably. I guess it would not be fair to other contestants…..WAH!!

  21. adamitisnky says:

    Monday, November 16, 2009

    News FeedComments
    ADAM LAMBERT OFFICIAL UNOFFICIAL SITE: Come inject yourself with a daily doze of ADAM!…

    JUST GIVE ME A PIC LINE OF ADAM!!!!!! Can’t get enough of him!

    AN EPIC TSUNAMI!!!!!!!

  22. Hi Glambs. Awesome video, thanks!! I have not heard any of Adams songs on the radio stations yet!!?? I have called several and requested that they ply FYE, but no one has yet…wonder why?

    Hugs, Nana #1 (Glamb #488)

  23. Another site received this notice:

    “From AO:

    Please only request Adam’s song from your LOCAL stations, and do try to stop short of harassment or the stations may go so far as to blacklist Adam’s music. This is a serious issue, gang, and we’ve had several complaints from stations already today, so please request responsibly! Having said that, we know you mean well and truly appreciate your support.

    RCA Records”


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